Top 1 Games Similar to Block Invaders!

Aphelion Run
The year is XXXXYou play the part of a new recruit; a"volunteer"taken by a mysterious corporation, placed aboard a fastmoving shipand sent to the far reaches of our solar system. Yourmission - tonavigate through endless tunnels within planetoids inorder togather as many gems as you can.Collect enough gems and apower-upwill spawn. They're all helpful, don't be afraid ofthem.Ahighscore game with a twist - you can end up with nothing. Ifyoucrash you lose the ship and all the gems within. You only keepyourscore by using your hyperdrive to jump to safety, but it takes10seconds to spool up and your ship is getting faster andfaster...How long can you hold your nerve?This is my first game,createdusing Game Maker: Studio as a hobby project rather than a"serious"attempt at making a game. It is in what I consider afinishedstate, but I do have ideas on how to expand the gamefurther (usingsome sort of progression system, unlockable shipsetc) so this maybe updated in the future.This apps asks for thefollowingpermissions:External storage access: In order tosavehigh-scores.Network access: Because it is ad supported.I amnotcollecting information. I don't want to know what's on yourphone,where you are, what you're shopping for or who you'resexting. I'mdoing this as a hobby, not for business!