Top 14 Apps Similar to Live Karbala

Imam Hussein TV 1.0
I Shia Dev
Imam Hussein TV channel aims toenlightenhumanity with the guidance of Imam Hussein (a.s) and theassistanceof our master Imam Zaman (a.j) by which both areprotected by AllahAlmighty. The launch of this blessed channeltakes on theresponsibility of preaching and spreading the teachingsofAhlulBayt (a.s) and manifesting the great rituals of ImamHussein(a.s), making it an international pulpit in deliveringIslam'soriginal call to each and every country.
Bohra Central 1.19
Bohra Central App is designed for DawoodiBohraMumineen worldwide.iPhone / iPad app link : : (i) Shehrulla Duas (pdf) (ii) Miqaats (iii)SalaatTimings (iv) Library (Audio) : Quran, Namaaz Duas, YaSayyadaShohadayi, Fulkul Hussain, Marasiya, Qasaid, Madeh, Iltija(vi)Library (PDF) Text Library, Audio Library for Quran, NamaazDuas,Ya Sayyada Shohadayi, Fulkul Hussain, Marasiya, Qasaid,Madeh,Iltija. Mansak of Mecca,Umra, Medina. Please provide yourfeedbackto support@saifysolutions.orgtomake Bohra Cenral better for benefit of Mumineen. Khuda ta Aala,AqaMoula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Moula TUS ni umr shareefneBa-Salamat Ta-roze qayamat daraz ane daraz kare...Ameen
Real Tasbih 1.0
A Tasbih app with Real Tasbih experience. Real feel withmovingtasbih and vibration. Visually rich interface which showsyoucount, tasbih words and when you have completed the tasbih.Optionto enable or disable the vibration. Tasbih (Arabic: تسبيح‎)is aform of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances ofshortsentences glorifying God, in Islam. Tasbih is used to keeptrack ofcounting the recitation.
شبكة شبير 1.0
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيموالصلاة والسلام على محمد وآله الطاهرينشبكة شبير عليه السلام المرئيةاحدى الشبكات الرائدة والمميزة في الوسط الشيعيوالتي لاقت اقبال ورواج من قبل المستخدمينصمم هذا التطبيق الغير رسمي لبقيك على اخر مستجدات الشبكة- يمكنك من خلال هذا التطبيق1- متابعة اخبار شبكة الموقع و المستجدات2- متابعة صفحة الفيس بوك التابعة للشبكة3- متابعة قناة اليوتيوب التابعة لشبكة شبيروستم بإذن الله اضافة عناويين و مواضيع جديدة في النسخالقادمةولملاحظاتكم ومقترحاتكم الرجاء مراسلتنا على البريد
shaidaeshabbir 3.0.1
It can be proudly said herethatGuroh-e-Shaida-e-Shabbir(a.s) holds not only a prominentpositionrather a central place. In certain Majalis ----- gatheringtocommemorate the Great Tragedy of Karbala ------ we have toreciteMarsiya and Salutations (Ziyarat) to Imam Hussain​(a.s) &hisFaithful Companions just so that the Mother of Imam Hussain(a.s)is content. The greatest wish & the most coveted treasureforGuroh-e-Shaida-e-Shabbir(a.s) is to please Bibi Fatima(sa).HenceGuroh-e-Shaida-e-Shabbir(a.s) never differentiated betweenPersian& Urdu Nauhas rather gave preference to Lamentationsofferinghelp to the Oppressed ! Guroh-e-Shaida-e-Shabbir(a.s) neverfocusedon worldly gain in lieu of their services and took care tosee thatevery congregation is Majlis of Imam Hussain(a.s)! Thepopularityof Guroh-e-Shaida-e-Shabbir(a.s) is an award due to theirsincerityand the strength of their character. In the present eraofuncertainty, such groups who perform Ma’atam areprovidingtrainingto youngsters so that the Institute of Azadaricontinueswithout any break and is thus offered as a coveted awardto thecoming generations.We reserve all the rights of this app.
Poona Jamaat, AET 1.3
Description - The app has been developed bytheIT Committee of Pune, AET - Burhani Mohalla for informationsharingbetween community membersFeatures listed below1. Option to select your Markaz so you get your markazspecificmessages2. Receive Notifications about various events3. List of Mumineen Doctors4. Miqaat List with PDF download5. Hijri CalendarMore features will be added shortly.
FMB Burhani Mohallah Pune
This app is free to download. The contentofthis app would not be understood by any non communitymember.Features:1. Secured Login.2. FMB/Burhani Mohalla Jamaat ANNOUNCEMENTS.3. Change in Thaali, Miqaat, and other NOTIFICATIONS/Alerts.4. FMB MENU CALENDAR arranged according to Hijri months.5. Change Thaali Options to SKIP or DECREASE your Thaali.6. Feedback and feature to upload and suggest New Recipes.7. Today's SADAQAH Feature.8. IMAGES posted according to Miqaat or General Informative.9. Short Downloadable VIDEOS(Informative) uploaded.Developed by:YH Technologies, Pune.For any further support/ feedback/ suggestions, email us