Top 49 Games Similar to Anti Gravity Witch

Witch Magic Shooting 1.1
witch magic shootingI bet you will be addictedWitch magicshootingthis is fun and addictive bubble shoot game! Support forbothdevice mobile and tablet!Easy to play, extremely fun, andrequiresno special skills to play. Adventure across a fun gamebubbleworld. There are more than 950 levels of difficulties tochallengeyour brain and dexterity. I bet you will’sfeatures:fantastic eye-catching graphics.multiplelevels withadaptive difficulty according to your progressfriendlyballs tohelp you on the wayopportunity to collect golden coins tobuy moreitems
Treasure Magical Witch 1.1
Treasure Magical WitchJoin and Play this fun filled witch gameandexperience the magical candy world. Explore all the fun levelsandrun through your adventurous journey by completing witchpuzzleswith your strategic moves.Blast and burst magic jewels inthis evilwitch world puzzle! You can achieve great things when yousucceedin all challenging levels during the journey through thewizardworld.features:. easy to learn, hard to master. over 1000excitinglevels with challenging obstacles. colorful and vividgraphics.leaderboards to compete against your friends throughFacebook.seamless synchronization with Facebook. boosters to helpyouthrough tough levels
Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city 1.40
Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm tofairycity and magic township. Build mystery fairy town, a secretcity ofmagic. Craft magic hay and become wizard or witch one day!Inhabitmagic country with your favourite characters: wizards andwitches,dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies anddwarves!Create magical artifacts and help the characters withtheiradventures. Master magic and witchcraft creating your ownstory ina fairy town. Make friends with various magic creatures,wisewizards and naughty witches. The Princess of the Fairylandisenchanted, the citizens grieve and need your help! Where isthePrince who can wake up the sleeping beauty? Nobody but you canhelpthe Prince to break the spell and save the fairy Princess.
Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games 1.7
Do you know how to make your own potion? It’s time for somebrewing,crafting & building in a little alchemy lab! Become awitch - amagic potion maker - and try your luck in one the newestcookinggames!What sorcery is this?!Ever wondered of being analchemist,herbalist or sorcerer’s apprentice? Now you can stopwondering andstart playing Alchemy Craft! It’s one of the newestcooking games,which lets you become a witch - a cooking chef inthe faery kitchensomewhere in the blocky cube fantasyforest!Crafting & buildinga little alchemy labYour crafting& building adventure startssomewhere in the fantasy forest. Asa former sorcerer’s apprentice -now promoted to the witch - you’veto design and build your ownhome. A home for the magic potionmaker! Crafting & building ahome was never so fun! Build acozy witch hut and furnish it withchairs, tables and all thealchemy tools, that your little alchemylab needs towork!Exploration mode - mine resources, craft fromherbs!Noalchemist can work without ingredients! Enter theexploration modeto gather herbs and other resources! Mine silverore from the oldmine and craft make the magic potion of might! Lookfor mandragorato brew the most toxic poison ever! Add a powderedhorn of littleunicorn or claw of little dragon to gain even morepowerful elixir.Travel to different locations and use theexploration mode to makethe best magic potion and reach a new levelof your witchcraft!Only in Alchemy Craft!Trade magic potions forgold!Put your magicelixir on a counter and trade it for gold andgems! Your witch hutcan be visited by great pixel heroes andadventurers! Usuallythey’re on an epic adventure to kill a magicdragon or somethinglike that… Help them by crafting and cookingmagic potion! Make adark elixir - a natural herbal cure for anydisease, or… a lovepotion, which make the mermaid princess fall inlove with a hero!Improve your little alchemy lab!Alchemy Craft letsyou earn gemsand gold coins to improve skills and your littlealchemy lab! Soonyou don’t need any potion brewing guide. Don’t askhow to make apotion and leave this doodle - alchemy books withpowerful brewingrecipes are waiting for you! Unlock them and makepotions that willmake you the most powerful witch in the forest! Noother alchemygames let you experience this! In Alchemy Craftcrafting &building games meet with best features of cookinggames and alchemygames!FEATURES:Crafting & building your ownlittle alchemylab!Exploration mode to gather herbs and mineresources!Combinemagic ingredients and make your own potion like inreal cookinggames!Trade magic potions for gold and gems with pixelheroes andother adventurers!Buy new alchemy books to improve yourskills andyour little alchemy lab.Become the most powerful magicpotion makerin forest!Leave behind any potion brewing guide doodle.AlchemyCraft offers you an ultimate experience of crafting &building,cooking and making magic potions. Just hit the DOWNLOADbutton andenjoy one of the best alchemy games of 2018!
Cooking Witch 3.0.6
Ghost Rabbit
Cooking Witch is a addictive free time-management game wherecookingcan be achieved with magic on the fantasy land! Differentfood willbe cooked in different places in our witch restaurant andbe madewith different cooking methods in different environmentaccompanyingthe witches’ trips. Different food materials are usedto cookfantasy food. We will meet with various customers on thisfantasyland, for example, mage, princess, bard and werewolf, etc.We willalso see magic kitchenware such as fireball, frost,conveying sinkand magic oven. We decorate our restaurant withheart so as toattract more customers. Besides, we also make somemagic food, forexample, roasting dragon’s tails and iceman-eatingoctopus,providing you food charm experiencing in thismagic world.We make out a unique fantasy trip of your pursuing foodin the gameCooking Witch. Go to see what kind of splendidness yourstory willbring! Game Features: 1.Different food 2.Customers withspecialprofessional 3.Taking care of your dreamed restaurant4.Becoming anexcellent chef after being bored of acting as a hero5.Magiccooking experience
witch magic legend 1.3
witch magic legendWitch magic legend is an addictive game. Andourbubble is not just that. It an adventure and amazing withgreatgraphics. Take on this magical witch alone to get thehighestscore! Adventure across a fun game bubble world. Pop, tapand tiltyour way through over hundreds addictive magic puzzles withyourwitch! We would love to get your rating and very happy toreceivefeedback from players around the world in regards to whatcan helpus to improve bubble adventure. * a lot of challengingpuzzleswhich you need to pass with your magic witch.* adventureacross afun game bubble world* an Addictive puzzles magic game,fantasticgraphics, fluent shooting experience!* exquisite gameInterface.*fantastic graphics, fluent shooting experience.* specialboosterbubbles to help you pass those tricky levels.
Witch Magic Crush 1.1
witch magic crushExciting magic objects are waiting to bematched.It is one of the most exciting match 3 games where you willbepuzzled by tons of matching 3 challenges. You need toshowcreativity, strategy and use the right upgrades and hints tofinishall levels. Switch the objects to finally match of the samekindtogether to blast them. Crush all the object to pass the levelandwin the game. But be careful as you will face obstaclesanddifferent challenges. Create combos and blasts by matchingmorethan 3 items in one move. Try to create as many blasts aspossibleto clear the level. Use your powers up and skill carefullyto passeach level.• Completely FREE to play• Beautifully vividHDgraphics• Play and progress with friends• Spectacular booststoblast through challenges• Loads of charming levels• Unlocknewregions and exciting new gameplay
Witch Mix Diamond 1.1
witch mix diamondYou will be amazed with this game. Because thisisthe most preferred genres!The aim is to set up adiamond-adjacentgem so that it becomes a line with 3 or moreelements of the same.In addition, the puzzle game!the most puzzlegame• Over 780spellbinding levels featuring funny characters, cutegraphics andexciting worlds to explore• Easy to learn, fun matchinggamemechanics• Hours of entertaining and challenging casualpuzzlegamesIdeal for fans of mix and match casual puzzle games orforanyone who wants to have fun exploring a fantastic land ofwitches,spells, potions and pumpkins. Get ready for a magicadventure wherethe witches bring the environment to life!
Magical Witches Pop Quest 1.3
Panda Box
magical witches pop questJoin the Witches Pop on a quest to savecatbabiesPut on your best Halloween witch costume and bring yourbubbleblast skills as you join the magical Witches Pop on an epicquestacross the land to save her favourite holiday –Halloween!Blastbubbles in over 800 spooky themed levels. Withchallenging gameplayto suit all ages, you’ll have hours of funpopping bubbles in thisHalloween wonderland. The gameplay is supereasy to understand –just aim and shoot! Match 3 or more of thesame color bubble to popthem and clear them off the board. Matchmore bubbles at the sametime for HUGE score combos!Custom designedartwork and high qualityillustrations will give you an immersiveexperience like no other!Meet interesting characters on your questthrough these spookylands. But will they help you or do they wantto trick you?magicalwitches pop quest• amazing HD graphics andanimations for immersivegameplay• simple to understand controlsand gameplay – just aim andshoot!• match 3 bubbles to pop them.Match more than 3 for hugescore multipliers!• blast bubbles inover 300 spooky levels• embarkon a quest across spooky graveyardsand haunted woods with WitchesPop• challenging gameplay suitablefor all ages• play offline – nointernet needed!You can playmagical witches pop quest wherever youare!
MADOSA 1.0.18
Welcome dark witches & wizards.Make super fantastic magiconyour mobile!Tap the magic circle on the right time tocreatebeautiful magic effects.TAP, TAP, TAP!!Simple, butAddictiveDarkMagic Game, MADOSA by 111% Fantastic Features:● Youcan grow andcombine magic to create even more beautiful effects.●You can usemore than 10 spells.● Easy and fun to play.● ColorfulUI, Fun soundeffects, Attractive particle effects.● Challenge yourfriends withGooglePlay support.● Follow 111% on Facebook to getinfo on hiddenitems and fun news!You can enjoy this simple gamewhen you are inclass, on a bus or subway, on a date, when you eat,and even whenyou dream.
Wicked Witch Gems Mania Legend 1.1
Panda Box
wicked witch gems mania legendBlast and burst magic jewels inthisevil witch world puzzle! You can achieve great things whenyousucceed in all challenging levels during the journey throughthewizard world.Join and Play this fun filled witch gameandexperience the magical candy world. Explore all the fun levelsandrun through your adventurous journey by completing witchpuzzleswith your strategic moves.features:. easy to learn, hard tomaster.colorful and vivid graphics. over 1000 exciting levelswithchallenging obstacles. leaderboards to compete against yourfriendsthrough Facebook. seamless synchronization with Facebook.boostersto help you through tough levels
Witch Legend Pop 1.9.1
witch legend popfun and addictive bubble shoot gameDownload nowandenjoy some bubble blasting magic. Enter the enchantedbubbleforest, advance through the magical trail and complete allthespooky challenges. Play with family and friend and see who isthefirst to reach the highest score and free all the babyowls!WitchLegend Pop, fantastic graphic gameplay about pop bubblematchpuzzle.Burst to the stunning world of almost 1000+ bubbleblastinglevels.Pop as many bubbles as you can in this bubbleshootingpuzzle game.Train your brain and get in on the puzzle gameactionas you shoot in magical bubbles.This amusing bubble shootergame isvery simple and easy to playfeatures:- Amazingly originalbrilliantgraphics- Burst all bubbles to get target- Completely freeto play,challenging to master!- Pop 3 or more same with minimumshoots towin 3 stars- Magical bubbles : Rainbow bubble, Firebubble, Aimingline, shield- 1000+ challenging bubble popping levelsthat help totrain your brain and finger- Drag your finger to movethe laseraiming, and lift it to shoot bubbles.Enjoy Our bubbleshooter game!The More Play and The More Exciting! Download todayand exploreover 1000 spectacular levels filled with excitingboosters andbonuses
Avatar Maker: Witches
So no owl has arrived with a letter about studying at schoolofwitchcraft and wizardry, and you haven't turned into a littlegirlwitch? Never mind: this game has been made just for you!Createyour very own witch; choose a magical dragon as a pet forher...(Why no boys? Because everybody knows it's only girls whocanreally cast spells and tell the future!) The characterconstructorlets you try out loads of different costumes andaccessories:enchanted hats, miraculous dresses, black cats,Halloween pumpkins,magic wands... (It's a real anime dress-upgame!) Use the reviewsto tell us which costumes from your favoritebooks and anime you'vefound hidden in the app. And, of course,don't forget to write ifthere's something else you'd like to seehere! 😍 Emotions forcreating story illustrations and manga 💖Fantasy graphics in thestyle of Japanese culture (anime, as we callit) 😺 A whole host ofanimal familiars! (Cat, owl, bat, EPICPUMPKIN, and the cutestlittle dragons ever) 👍 You can save yourdrawing to your gallerywhen you've finished 👌 Flexible colorsettings for your character:you can make her like an elf princess,or like a dark-skinnedschoolgirl cat 💗 Mystic content (don't forgetto look under thetable when you're creating your character) And, atyour request,we've added even more magic: now you can create yourlittle witchusing a photo from your gallery as the background. Loadany fantasypictures into the maker, to give your creations evenmoreindividuality and charm! Share your characters with yourfriends,and inspire them to create cool fanfics about youradventures inthe magic academy! For example, about how a club ofstarenchantresses resist the mythical forces of evil! 😋 (you canwritein the reviews if you know what we're on about) P.S.Unfortunately,fairytale invisibility cloaks have never been drawn,and are notavailable. We're sorry ._. It's hard to draw somethingyou can'tsee...
Witchcraft School Wallpaper 1.0
Witchcraft School Wallpaper.# Set Wwallpaper images for PortraitandLandscape.# Flip or tap this image to set as WitchcraftSchoolWallpaper for Harry Potter with scroll to left orright.#Witchcraft School Wallpaper for Harry Potter can you save tolocaldirectory.# Choose the best Witchcraft School Wallpaper forHarryPotter and make your wallpaper phone cool.# Scroll top or downandtap left or right to make your screen with WitchcraftSchoolWallpaper for Harry Potter.
White Magic Spells and Rituals 1.04
With this application you will learn how to perform themosteffective White Magic spells and rituals for love,protection,fertility, health, beauty, good luck, work, money,removewitchcraft and more. And what is more important, you will beableto confirm their high effectiveness. With White Magic you cansolveissues of all kinds. You will be able to make all your desirescometrue, and transform negative energy into positive energy.WhiteMagic spells will help you accomplish anything you set out todo.In this app you will find spells and potions to obtainpsychicpowers, foresee the future, to be obeyed, to make someonefall inlove with you, and a lot more. Don’t worry if you believeyou won’tbe able to properly execute these White Magic spells,since theserituals and conjurations are very simple to do, and wedetailstep-by-step all ingredients and instructions to follow.Rememberthat white magic can be used both for good and evil. Itwill allultimately depend on your will and the purpose for whichyou wantto use it. This is why you should be very careful withthesespells, and not use them lightly. Some of the best spells youwillfind in the app are: White magic spells that work Whitemagicspells and potions Incantations Love spells Beauty spellsWealthspells And more... If you liked the application, don’t forgettogive it a 5-star rating for us to continue improving it, so youcanget a better service each day! Thank you! What are youwaitingfor…? Click DOWNLOAD and enjoy the best white magic spellsforfree. The developer of this application shall not be heldliablefor any misuse of this application.
Remove spells and witchcraft 5.0
This app is a very effective tool to remove negative energiessuchas witchcraft or black magic spells using positive spells ofwhitemagic. The goal is to provide a spiritual cleansing to combattheforces of evil and to break curses and enchantments of blackmagicalso known as dark magic. Dark magic uses negativity and envytoperform negative enchantments or curses, for this reason itisimportant to banish or expel negative spells. There’s a total of15rituals or spells white magic very fast and easy to performwithoutany difficulty and effective explained step by step.Following somesimple and quick steps we will try to erase thesenegativesituations that can accompany us because of someenchantment. Allspells in the application are white magic (goodmagic) and arepositive spiritual energies. The design and spells ofthisapplication are registered by the developer and arecopyrighted. Ihope these magic spells protect you and can help youbreak cursesand drive out the dark magic around you. ;-)
Money Spells 1.0
With money spells you can attract money into your life. Withtheseyou get money spells prosperity and tranquility.When thecircle ofwealth and money stops coming breaks, it is not wrong touse spellsto replenish its flow.The can make yourself at home inorder toattract money. The materials used are simple and easytoget.Potions help you begin to see results. Do thesepowerfulrituals, if you do well you will provide success.The worldofmagic, witches, witchcraft is very effective in getting whatyoupropose. Transform your negative energy into positive.Withthisapplication you will find easy and safe androidspells:increasemoneySpell with riceSpell with sugarRitual TrinkafiveSpell withhoneyHechzo to win the lotteryTo attract fortuneSpellStoneSpellwith red bowspell prosperityFind in this spellbook thepotion youneed.White Magic spells will help you achieve what youset yourmind on money, wealth and financialprosperity.Contact:Yourquestions, suggestions and comments arealways welcome. To continueimproving send your message [email protected] before voting inthe negative.We appreciate yoursupport.
Magic City: fairy farm and fairytale country 1.47
Dive into the secret country of magic Smallville! Evolve fairyfarmto fairy city and magic township. Build mystery fairy town,asecret city of magic. Craft magic hay and become wizard orwitchone day! Inhabit magic country with your favouritecharacters:wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves andgoblins,fairies and dwarves! Create magical artifacts and helpthecharacters with their adventures. Master magic andwitchcraftcreating your own story in a fairy town. Make friendswith variousmagic creatures, wise wizards and naughty witches. ThePrincess ofthe Fairyland is enchanted, the citizens grieve and needyour help!Where is the Prince who can wake up the sleeping beauty?Nobody butyou can help the Prince to break the spell and save thefairyPrincess. Group onFacebook:
Mahougen -MagicCircleGenerator 1.3.1
This application helps you to draw Magic CirclecalledMahou-jin(魔法陣) in Japanese.You can draw powerful magic circlewithone finger quickly.It develops the Mahou-jin extremely fastwithits own developed magical auxiliary engine.Even if there isnotenough MP, you can quickly generate spells fightingmonsters.(Thisapplication does not take responsibility at all forthe effect ofthe generated. Please take self responsibility.) ##Features* Drawmandara images.* Share magic formation with friends##Permissions*Internet * for AD
The Magical Typewriter 1.35.6
Harha Studios
A unique open-world wizard simulator with magic, spellsandadventure! The world of The Magical Typewriter is a rich,vibrant,and beautiful place full of adventure and things to do.Manydifferent objects in the world can be interacted withinterestingways. You can cast different spells with magic wand, flywith yourbroomstick, write with the magical typewriter to earncoins andbrew magic potions. In the game story you are a youngwizard orwitch who lives inside a huge magical castle with others.As youmeet different characters and discover new places you soonlearnthat something very dark is happening. A lot of young wizardsandwitches have recently gone missing and nobody knows where!Youradventure takes exciting turns as you find out what hashappenedand as you try to stop the evil forces that are rising fromthedepths of Grim Mountains. So start your adventure in themagicalworld now! • Hours of gameplay • Huge magical world toexpolorewith castle, houses, caves and forests • Move aroundfreelywherever you want • Get your own pet owl • Customize youravatar •Meet characters and creatures like goblins, trolls anddragons •Use your magical skills to solve puzzles • Use a magicwand to castspells • Brew magic potions and use them • Explore themagicalworld inside and outside • Chat with players world wide andwritein the guestbook • Fly on broomstick and broom race withotherplayers • Morph yourself into a cat • Type with themagicaltypewriter for coins and glory • Play piano, chess and muchmore!
Luck Spells 1.0
Is it just bad luck, coincidence, a bad time? Away bad luckwiththese recipes.With spells of luck you can get that fortunewillsmile. With these good luck charms you get reverse thebadluck.When the circle of good luck is broken, it is not wrong tousespells to replenish its flow.The can make yourself at home inorderto attract good luck. The materials used are simple and easytoget.Potions help you begin to see results. Do thesepowerfulrituals, if you do well you will provide success.The worldofmagic, witches, witchcraft is very effective in getting whatyoupropose. Transform your negative energy into positive.Withthisapplication you will find easy and safe android spells:Spelltopass an examLucky in loveLuck in the gameInvesting badluckSpellappleSpell for good luckSpell luck at workSpell withriceSpell withhoneySpell with trefoilSpell saltFind in thisspellbook the potionyou need.White Magic spells will help you getwhat youpropose.Contact:Your questions, suggestions and commentsare alwayswelcome. To continue improving send your [email protected] before voting in the negative.Weappreciateyour support.
Magic Wands: Wizard Spells 4
Talgame ent.
Take test to find which house you belong!Swing your phone tocastthe spell:► Freeze, heal, shoot fire, cast curses and charmswithbeautiful and legendary wands.► Use your wands asFlashlight.Awakentrue wizard in yourself, become the master ofwitchcraft!Collectpotions to unlock new, unique and more powerfulwands andspells.Coming soon - in the upcoming updates:► FightMonsters inthe dungeons► Duel with friends► Design and Craft yourown wand
Witch Magical Diamond 1.1
witch magical diamonda very addictively diamond ultimatearcadematch-3 puzzlewitch magic diamond, a fun and addicting match3puzzle game.Embark on this adventure, explorer thisfantasticmiracle world and become a magical lenend!Test your skillsin thismatch-3 game full of sorceressFor those who like witcheryorwizardry style people, make sure to play this highlyaddictivematch 3 game with amazing graphics!how to play- swap andmatch 3sorceress puzzles in a line to remove them.- lightingeffects caneliminate in one row or column.- combine enchanted itemsinspectacular combos to clear levels in big matches.-connectingitems to destroy weirds.highlights in witch puzzle:* freedailyspin bonus in times limits.* combine items to createmassivemagical explosions and clear levels!* puzzles and game modesas youexplore the land with our new updates!* strategic match,Lessmoves, Higher score, Easy 3-stars!* amazing magical boosterstopower up for Spooktacular levels.* super easy and fun to play,butchallenge to master!* unveiled enhanced items such as magicfire,crystal ball, and magic book when match 3 or more.Solvingthepuzzles presented by the powerful Wizard.Start your adventurewiththis magic style puzzle game to unleash pure magic power!Helpthemagician to weather the storm who is learning to castspellsadvance through magical world.
Witch Magic Spell Diamonds 1.0.1
witch magic spell diamondsJoin and Play this fun filled witchgameand experience the magical diamond world. Explore all thefundiamond levels and run through your adventurous journeybycompleting witch puzzles with your strategic moves.Match 3, 4ormore similar properties and complete the levels in thismysteriousworld. Create special properties by making combinationsof morethan 3. These special items help you to finish the witchdiamondpuzzles very quickly.* Puzzles and game modes as you exploretheland with our new updates!* Strategic match, Less moves,Higherscore, Easy 3-stars!* Amazing magical boosters to power upforSpooktacular levels.* Super easy and fun to play, but challengetomaster! Collect various magical powers by playing strategicallyforcombining more than three properties at the same time.Wheelspinning helps you get lucky power ups to use in the game playandcomplete the challenging levels. Play like a wizard andstand-upamong the fun halloween witch games match 3 lovers.
Witch Blast Legend 1.3
witch blast legendEmbark on this adventure, explorer thisfantasticmiracle world and become a magical lenend!Test your skillsin thismatch-3 game full of sorceressFor those who like witcheryorwizardry style people, make sure to play this highlyaddictivematch 3 game with amazing graphics!how to play- swap andmatch 3sorceress puzzles in a line to remove them.- lightingeffects caneliminate in one row or column.- combine enchanted itemsinspectacular combos to clear levels in big matches.-connectingitems to destroy weirds.highlights in witch puzzle:* freedailyspin bonus in times limits.* combine items to createmassivemagical explosions and clear levels!* fREE Daily Spin Bonusintimes limits.* combine items to create massive magicalexplosionsand clear levels!* beat challenging wolf, Hungry Frog,Spider orothers.* puzzles and game modes as you explore the landwith ournew updates!* strategic match, Less moves, Higher score,Easy3-stars!* amazing magical boosters to power up forSpooktacularlevels.* super easy and fun to play, but challenge tomaster! *super easy and fun to play, but challenge to master!*unveiledenhanced items such as magic fire, crystal ball, and magicbookwhen match 3 or more.
My Magic Shop 1.0
Tapps Games
The existence of secret magic schools, heroic mages and evenevilsorcerers all hinge upon one particular business:magicshops!Become the manager of your very own magic store and bequickas a speed spell to supply every witch and wizard in townwiththeir potions, wands, cauldrons and bewitched trinkets!Everylovecharm, magic class, fortune divination and even the odddoomsdaysuperspell depend on your time-managementskills!MAGICALHIGHLIGHTS✨MANAGE your own Magic Shop and dashthrough 100thrilling and bewitching levels!✨UPGRADE your storewithfantastically whimsical magical appliances to prepareyourwitchcraft items more efficiently and supply more and moreclients!✨WIN awesome daily rewards by spinning the magic rouletteand getmore coins and gems to keep sprucing up yourmagicbusiness!✨TRANSFORM your shop into the most enchanting storeknownby the wizardry and witchcraft community!Where would theteenagewitches and chosen ones of the world be without theirtrustysuppliers of magical goods?You must be fast to tend to theneeds ofevery single client, not only to keep your businesshealthy, butalso because the next celebrity boy wizard might verywell be amongyour patrons!Invest your coins and gems to increaseyour magicshop’s production and slim the chances of missing thenext herocustomer! Just imagine the publicity it’ll bring!Pick upyour wandand open-cesame your magic shop now!(Just beware theeventualshady, noseless customer.)Please note! This game is free toplay,but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.Somefeatures and extras mentioned in the description may also havetobe purchased for real money.
Witch Magical Story 1.2
witch magical storyDash through thousands of enchantedlevelsBlastand burst magic jewels in this evil witch world puzzle!You canachieve great things when you succeed in all challenginglevelsduring the journey through the wizard world. Join and Playthis funfilled witch game and experience the magical candy world.Exploreall the fun levels and run through your adventurous journeybycompleting witch puzzles with your strategic moves. 5starfeatures:. easy to learn, hard to master. colorful andvividgraphics. over 100 exciting levels with challengingobstacles.leaderboards to compete against your friends throughFacebook.seamless synchronization with Facebook. boosters to helpyouthrough tough levels Start brewing now and show your friendsthatyou're the best witch to be found!
Witch Puzzle Diamond Quest 1.5
witch puzzle diamond questIt’s magic and spells timeDo youlikemagic potions beaker and alchemists ? Do you like challenge?It’smagic and spells time. Dash through thousands of enchantedlevels,solve the fun puzzlers and complete all the missions. Withthisgame you can easily improve your brain and intelligence,andconcentration.Fabulous graphics and designs.Thousandsofentertaining match-3 puzzles to enjoy.Free to play, nointernetconnection is required!Hours of entertainment areguaranteed.
Witch Pop - Free Match 1.2
witch pop - free matchReady, aim — pop, beat the evil witch,rescuethe worldA new and exciting bubble puzzle game! Play Free!Embarkon a colorful, bubble shooting adventure with all yourfavoritewicked witch bubble story! Earn rewards, unleash specialmoves, andexpand your collection as you puzzle pop your way tovictory! Matchand pop bubbles through hundreds of fun andchallenging levels inthis Bubble shootingCharge up special powersand unlock boosterswith your pets to clear challenging levels!!Over1000 fun-filledlevels with more to come!
Is the Witch in Love? 4.0.3
Slim Cricket
“Is the Witch in Love?” is a subtle blend of story, gamesandcartoons.Discover --- or rediscover --- “The Witch with No Name”ina new interactive adventure full of (95/100):Whatweliked: the story. Beautiful, vibrant illustrations andanimations.Overall quality of the A cute littlebook/appmashup that will get your kids Using the iPad’s front camera,youcan project your image to the Magic Mirror. It adds a bitofexcitement when younger kids play withtheapp.------------------------ The witch thinks she’s in lovewiththe handsome and famous sorcerer Merlinor. She dreams ofbeinginvited to the big party that he throws every year forHalloween.Despite the advice of her faithful bat-friend, Batina,she decidesto do everything she can to charm Merlinor: change herappearance,swap her old broomstick for a deluxe model and evenlearn goodmanners. But will that be enough to charm Merlinor? Isshe right tochange in order to make him fall for her?Will her truelove be theone we think?To find out, take off for this newadventure and helpout the witch!Your child will be able to read,learn and play allat the same time : * Put a magic puzzle backtogether again*Sharpen his/her sense of observation with a fashiondesigner gamein Lagerspell‘s boutique * Test his/her reflexes as adriver in aFerraci broomstick race* Test his/her memory withMummily Manners’sgame of etiquette* Keep his/her cool in a greatbattle of magicspells* Touching, sliding, shaking and lots of otherways for thechild to take an active part in the story . . . “Is theWitch inLove?” is perfect for children aged 4 to 10. Choose thedifficultylevel of the games based on your child’s age.Use thecamera andgyroscope in a new way!Enjoy this magical experience withyourchild on a tablet or smartphone. There’s a surprise for you attheend of the story . . . Features:* 24 interactive 3D pages* 6games*3 difficulty levels based on age* Available in French andEnglishversions* 30 minutes of family fun* 2 play modes: "Read tome" or"Read by myself"* 4 challenges to complete in order to unlocka'surprise' game* Wonderfully-illustrated with funny andcolorfulcharacters* Reading pleasure improved by the discovery ofnumerousinteractive elements* Original musical score*****Bonus:downloadgames, paper cut-outs and coloring pages from oursite:*****✪-------------------------------------------------------------------✪✪-------------------------------------------------------------------✪*Website:* Facebook:* Twitter :@SlimCricketBook
Love Spells 1.0.2
Powerful love spells to your partner return to your sideandlove.The can do yourself at home for a love or keep yourlovepartner. The materials used are simple and easy to get.Lovepotionshelp you to approach the person you love. Make these spellsof loveand begins to see the results.The world of magic,witches,witchcraft is very effective at finding love.There arespells toget your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, against infidelitytoseduce a woman, get the perfect lover.With this applicationandroidspells find easy and safe:court HimTo return yourloveLemonLovePerfume of loveStone LoveLure with sugarSpell withwaterSpellRejojLure with nail polishSpell with pillowSpellchicleMoorings inthis book of love you need.White Magic spells willhelp you achievewhat you set out in love.Contact:Your questions,suggestions andcomments are always welcome. To continue improvingsend yourmessage to [email protected] before voting in thenegative.Weappreciate your support.
White Magic Spells 1.0
White magic is good magic. With white magic spells andgetbeneficial results Keep far from black magic, badmagic.Youtransform your negative energy into positive, you willattractpeople. White magic is a positive magic.Magic is good orbaddepending on the use you give it. If you make magic withgoodintentions you do white magic.In this application you willfindwhite magic spells to find love, to increase the beauty,moneyspells, spells good luck and protection spells.Theself-confidenceis very attractive to others.The materials used aresimple and easyto get.Potions help you to have beneficial resultsfor you. Makethese spells and start seeing results.With thesespells you willincrease your positive energy.The world of magic,witches,witchcraft is very effective in getting what youpropose.With thisapplication you will find easy and safe androidspells:LovespellsHealth and beauty spellsLuck charmsMoneyspells.ProtectionspellsFind in this spellbook the potion youneed.Contact:Yourquestions, suggestions and comments are alwayswelcome. To continueimproving send your message [email protected] before voting inthe negative.We appreciate yoursupport.
Stickman Wizard 1.1
In Stickman Wizard you must use your magic wand to shootelementalmagic spells at the stickman warriors.Your sorcerer canuse 3 typesof elemental spells: fire, ice and lightning.Each stickwarrior isweak against one element.You must choose the right spellto killeach enemy, or they will walk faster and slay yourmagician!->Cast the fireball to kill wooden stickman.-> Throwthe ice shotto fight the lava stickmen.-> Shoot the thunderspell toelectrocute the water stickman.Only the master sorcererswillunlock all achievements and beat the high scores!Feel free torateus and send your suggestions for next updates!Have a good game!
Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells 1.0
This Witchcraft App offers hundreds of free witchcraft spells,wiccasymbols, correspondences, and many other information aboutWicca andWitchcraft Spells.You'll find over 400 Spells for Love,Money, Job,Binding and many more categories, Just added: Non stopWiccan MusicPlaylist added Bonus: FREE ebook "Letters onDemonology andWitchcraft by Sir Walter Scott" added (HTML format,no readerrequired!)Bonus NEW: Free graphics to use as yourFacebook coverimage (just save them to your phone and upload toyour FBaccount).To use video files:The video content in thisapplication ishosted on YouTube and is available in public domain.We have notuploaded any videos our self. This part of theapplication is justan organized way to browse and view Videos.Youcan watch any videoin full screen mode. Use your device inlandscape orientation andclick the "full screen icon" on the lowerright corner of thevideo.*** Disclaimer **** ebook is out ofcopyright and in publicdomain.* Any content not owned by thisdeveloper belongs to theirrespective owners or uses CreativeCommons Attribution License. *All material in this app shall onlybe used for personal,non-commercial purposes.* The music playlistcontent in thisapplication is hosted on YouTube and is availablein public domain.We have not uploaded any videos our self. Thispart of theapplication is just an organized way to browse and viewVideos.
Halloween Smash 2.0.8
Q&W Studios
As Halloween 2018 is on the road, play Halloween Smashandexperience the new world of a fun-filled match 3puzzle.HalloweenSmash is a very addictive match 3 game! SmashHalloween costumes byyour finger, and enjoy witch splash! HalloweenSmash is a veryaddictive splash and most interesting match-threecasual game inthe google play! This match-3 game is also a brandnew amazingcasual game, completely free!! Objectives differ in overmanylevels. Make matches of 3 or more Halloween icons, createaHalloween blast! or slide combination 3 or more sameHalloweenitems to make a explosions! Starts out simple, but thingsget moreand more interesting and challenging. This witch puzzlematch-3game brew magic potions & charms in an adventure ofsorcery andwitchcraft with amazing graphics that come with aHalloween twist.Swap charming items to match 3 or more and createwaves ofspine-tingling excitement.The items in this matching gamearepumpkins, witch hats, vampire, black spider, ghost, andpoisonedapples. When you match more than 3 of them of the sametype,enhanced items such as Magic Fire, Magic Boom, and MagicExplosionwill be unveiled. Combine them to create massive magicalexplosionsand clear levels! Help the cute little witch who islearning tocast spells advance through her magical world by solvingthepuzzles presented by the powerful Wizard!☆ Play fun Halloweengameswith your social media friends! Join the fun new matching gameallyour friends are playing!☆ Beautiful animation & cutegraphic,travel through the colorful lands of Halloween mania torelax withexciting game-play and amazing level design. ☆ Play thebestHalloween 2018 game for Free, and watch hours fly by!+++Featuresof Halloween Smash +++- 180 fun and challenging levels-Exploremagic worlds with beautiful game backgrounds- Brand newpower-upsand ways to play!- Huge awesome explosions as Halloweenblast tobits, splashing pumpkin goo everywhere!- Make combo,collectbottles with poison, wizard books to complete levels- Magiccharmsboosters: Magic Eye, Halloween Hop, Halloween Boom, and MagicWand-Five game obstacles (Block/Double block, Solid block,Undestroyableblock, Wire Block, Thriving block)- Compete with yourFacebookfriends and show your performance on the level leaderboard-We willadd more levels & update gameplay regularly+++ HOW TOPLAYHalloween Smash? +++- Crush to smash 3 or more Halloweenitems-Smash 4 magic items in a line to create Halloween Boom- Smash5magic items in a line to create Magic Eye- Combine 2specialHalloween magics to make big stunning explosions+++ BOOSTERS+++-Magic Finger: Give +5 extra moves- Halloween Hop: Give +30extraseconds- Halloween Boom: Destroying 1 item on game field-MagicWand: replace the near items color- Halloween Pop: Multi-colorbombon the playing field at the start of the game- HalloweenLine:crush & jam all Halloween costumes on the puzzle row-HalloweenBlast: crush & jam all Halloween costumes both row& line-Magic Eye: Combine it with an item to destroy all itemsof the sametype- Go to Halloween Store to buy boosters*** ImportantTips ***Ifyou run out of moves or time, just click the button whichsays'Watch Video' on the fail screen, then you will get another 5movesor 30 seconds to try pass the level. There is no limit ofviewingvideos and getting bonuses. Also, by watching a short videomessagefrom the Potion Store menu, you can get free potions tobuyboosters. Try these things and you'll get pass those mostdifficultlevels with satisfaction.Play Halloween Smash Match-3Puzzle fornever-ending fun and excitement! Like us on
Magician King : Magic Card 1.3
Fergus Games
Have you ever thought you would become a magician? Have youeverseen someone performing sorcery, black magic with cards?Thefeelingof making others surprised, curious, delighted because thestrangemagic is wonderful and fascinating.The Magician King - MagicCardalso know as magic poker or magic tricks. This is a newwizardrygame and magic tricks for everyone.Magician King - MagicCard 2017will bring you to the real sorcery world, magic mysterywhere youcan conjuring tricks people to admire. They may screamthat you area "lord", "witchcraft" or even "king of magician". Youdo not needto be prepared much more than the android smart phone,sureeveryone is carrying everywhere these indispensable widgets, itismore convenient for you to showcase any magic, sorcery withcardwhen do you want.Magician King - Magic Card 2017 A magicalworld,supernatural world with cards, an extremely attractive game,likeyou are hacking the brains of others.Magician King - MagicCardFEATURES:- Magic Tricks - Game 1: Disappears the otherplayer'schosen card in the 6 cards shown on the screen.- MagicTricks -Game 2: Guess which player will choose which card in thefourcards: A clubs, A diamonds, A spades and A hearts.-Simpleinterface, easy to use.- Specific game play instructions,clear,magic tricks easy to understand.- There are many settingsthatincrease mystery.Maybe you love witchcraft games but when itcomesto Magician King - Magic Card 2017 you will feel acompletelydifferent wizardry world, different magic poker game. Webelieveyou will enjoy and not disappointed by what we have done.Ifyoufeel good and useful, share it with everyone you love, letthemplay magic poker together. And leave positive comments for ustodevelop this magic game even better.Magician King - Magic Card2017is FREE game, but to increase the appeal and mystery,expansionfeatures need to be unlocked with money.Please downloadandexperience this extreme magic game free. Become a greatmagicianright now!!!
Magic drawing 3
Cosmic Mobile
Amazing application for animated drawing. Create nicer yourmobilescreen. Draw something using plain and animated brushes. Thismagicpainter allows you to create fantastic animated drawings orsimpledoodles. Using animated brushes, you can create beautiful,animatedphoto frames. You can save your completed animated drawingsas alive wallpaper and set them on screen of your phone or you cansavepainting as a photo. You can also show off your drawingonFacebook. You can use plain brush, colorful chalk, glitter,goldenbrush and others animated brushes such as: - Shining crystals-Colorful fireworks - Shining diamonds - Diamond hearts -Shininghearts - Flowers changing color - Diamond flowers -Animatedbutterflies - Shining stars - Animated fire flames -Sparklers -Colorful pearls - Glitter hearts - Gold, silver anddiamond brushAnimated brushes have 3 different sizes. You can set 3differentdensity. This allows you to achieve amazing results whiledrawing.You can create great animated drawings or static drawings.Thiscool magic painter will allow you to create a fantasticanimatedlive wallpaper. Write down a name using flowers changingcolor orglitter, draw a rose of crystals, create animated photoframes,whatever you want and when you want. Use your imagination.If youlack a particular brush email us, we'll add it to the magicpainterupdate. View our gallery of drawings, live wallpapers andphotoframes, which will give you an idea of how to draw. In case ofanyproblems with the effect of magic painter, drawingapplication,instead of giving us the negative opinion, please sendus an e-mailand review briefly the problem. It will help us tosolve it in thenext updates of drawing app. Magic painter is freebut contains adsin settings of the wallpaper and inside app.Revenue fromadvertising will help us to create new attractivewallpapers andapplications. All permissions are required only foradvertising andare supported by trusted vendors.
Witch Magical Spell 1.1
witch magical spellExplore all the fun levels and run throughyouradventurous journeyExplore all the fun diamond levels andrunthrough your adventurous journeyIn magic treasure you play asawitch in his shop progressing through level after level ofmagicalgames. Slide a wide array of objects such as potions,witches hats,and clovers into groups of three or more to clear alevel. Once thelevel has been cleared a star will drop into thegame, and you mustget it to the bottom to continue. Be fast,though, because in thisgame, unlike others you are required to dothis before the timeruns out.* puzzles and game modes as youexplore the land with ournew updates!* strategic match, Less moves,higher score, Easy3-stars!* amazing magical boosters to power upfor Spooktacularlevels.* super easy and fun to play, but challengeto master!
{ كتاب السحر الاسود }
{ كتاب السحر الاسود } ممنوع بجميع الدول العربية } {كتاب السحرالاسودممنوع بجميع الدول العربية
Magic Paint Kaleidoscope 1.3.0
Enjoy magic with this kaleidoscope drawing game!A fun, simple,andaddicting art game for all ages to draw kaleidoscopepictures.There are several kaleidoscope modes, many beautifulbrushes, andvarious bright color to use, and the possibilities fordesigns areendless. You can make cool designs that looks likekaleidoscopeswith just a few swipe of your fingers. Each pictureyou make isunique. You can enjoy the beautiful drawings and get asense ofaccomplishment when you replay them like a movie. Notmatter yourage, either kids, or whole family, will find the game isa greatfun way to be relaxed. Of course, a great time pass as well:-)*More than ten beautiful brushes* Eight kaleidoscope modes*Galleryto store kaleidoscope picture and animation* Replaykaleidoscopeanimation as a small film* Undo* Share kaleidoscope viafacebook,twitter, picasa, etc.************** Magic Brush Box************"Magic Brush Box" - advanced version of this game,where you willhave full control of brush style, brush color andkaleidoscopemode.
Witch Magic Match 3 1.5
halloween witch magic matchGreat holiday match 3 for thewholefamily to play and enjoyA great fingertapping match 3experience,for free, and with a small install size.Explore the funandaddictive match 3 game in a spellbinding adventure throughthepuzzle world. Get the pumpkin or skulls in this witchcraftandenjoy the wonderful graphics. It’s highly addictive! Theamazinggraphics take your experience and magical adventure to thenextlevel! Complete all spellbinding challenges in halloweenwitchpuzzle world, create amazing addictive combos when combinespecialmagic items. Activate special boosters to create spectacularcomboswhat creates powerful effects and gains a higher score. -Swap andmatch 3 or more magic items- Collect free prizes everyday-Beatchallenging enemies by matching items next to them- Createpowerfulcombos by matching more than 3 items Become a master wizardbycollecting magical powers to complete the levels rapidly withthemagic match.
Witch Treasure Legend 1.2
Panda Box
witch treasure legendHelp the cute little witch who is learningtocast spells advance through her magical world by solvingthepuzzles presented by the powerful Wizard! Join and Play thisfunfilled witch game and experience the magical candy world.Exploreall the fun levels and run through your adventurous journeybycompleting witch puzzles with your strategic moves.features:.easyto learn, hard to master. colorful and vivid graphics. over1500exciting levels with challenging obstacles. leaderboards tocompeteagainst your friends through Facebook. seamlesssynchronizationwith Facebook. boosters to help you through toughlevels
Scary Witch 2017 1.2
Scary Dudes
Get ready to face this scary witch!! Don’t take her easy… Sheismaster in different types of magic!Play this amazing ScaryWitch2017 game and foil her plans to cast the evil spell.There isahaunted house in suburbs. People have heard scary soundscomingout. You are curious about it. You decide to enter the houseandfind its secrets. Beware!! There's a Scary Witch in the house.Sheloves magic and casts all sort of evil spells. She watch overherhouse all the time and captivate strangers. Make sure you donotget caught and manage to escape her traps and spells.ThisFantasyGame is full of adventures. The Witch loves her hat whichhasmagical powers, Let’s steal it to make her mad. Spoil theWitchCake so that she can’t achieve the results of witchcraft.Whenwitch is outside enter into her house and break her broom sothatshe can’t fly anymore.Ohh, She Got Angry!! She is cooking adeadlypotion which she plans to use against you but you are notafraid,Are You ? Add some vinegar to the potion so that its poweris lostand make the witch even more mad. A Mad Witch Is A BadWitch!!Lookout for her favorite costume and burn it so that shecan’t completethe magical rituals. There is a magical black book inher housewhich keeps all her spells. Steal the book so that shecan’t readthe magic words to summon the evil spirits for her help.Every newlevel is a new mystery, play at your own risk.Scary Witch2017Features:• High Quality 3D Graphics!• Amazing SoundEffects!•Smooth and Easy Controls!• A Radar To Help You Escape andsomeHints!• Addictive game play• Different Rooms and Mysteriestosolve!
Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure 1.0.55
FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS IN MAGICAL LANDS! Start your epicadventurethrough Magical Lands with our new hidden object game!Search forhidden objects scattered throughout each level, collectinterestingand useful items, complete puzzling quests, earn hugerewards, andmeet a variety of fun characters on your hidden objectjourney! FUNHIDDEN OBJECT GAMEPLAY In each level you'll search forhiddenobjects to earn your rewards, complete the level, andprogress tothe next. We've hidden objects by picture, word andshadow to keepgameplay fun and challenging! Zoom in on the scene tohelp findtricky objects, and ask Fiona the helpful fairy for hintsif youget stuck. She knows these Magical Lands better than anybodyand isthere to guide you on your way. MEET WONDERFUL CHARACTERS Asyousearch for hidden objects throughout your adventure,you'llencounter interesting characters who would love to help you!MeetSparkles the lost goat, Fritz the forgetful bird, Haroldthebotanist, and many more! Help them find objects they've lostandreceive special rewards in return. =============== MAINFEATURES:=============== ★ Meet interesting characters and completequests ★Collect hundreds of unique items and get rewards forcompletingcollections ★ Travel through a variety of lands withdifferentthemes ★ Find hidden objects by Picture, Word, and Shadow★ Zoom inon the beautiful HD images to uncover those hard to findobjects! ★Replay levels in harder modes to earn more rewards ★ Gettips fromFiona the Fairy, your witty guide ★ Earn Gold as you playand useit to buy items ★ Collect increasing daily rewards ★ UseSpells torecharge Energy ★ Use Potions for lasting effects thathelp yourprogress ★ Use powerful Rings to help find objects ★Complete dailychallenges from the Treasure Goblin! ★ A free app,and no internetconnection is required to play COLLECT HUNDREDS OFUNIQUE TREASURESGather items on your adventure and add them to yourtreasurecollection. You'll receive a big reward every time youcomplete acollection of five items. Rewards will give you even moreitems toadd to your collection – it's a treasure hunter's dream!USEPOWERFUL MAGIC ARTIFACTS Find mysterious items throughout theworldthat can help you in your hidden objects quest. Use magicrings tohelp find hidden objects, quaff potions to apply temporaryboosts,and use spells to recharge your energy. STUNNING,IMMERSIVEGRAPHICS Each land has a custom illustrated theme. Enjoy ahiddenobjects experience like never before as you immerse yourselfineach one of our diverse, unique lands, each with their owntheme.Which one is your favorite? We can't decide! YOUR JOURNEYACROSSTHE MAGICAL LANDS... Land 1 - Tranquil Gardens Begin yourjourneyin a beautiful land full of relaxing gardens always inbloom. Land2 - Magical Animals Encounter a variety of magicalanimals and helpthem along their paths as you find hidden objects.Land 3 -Enchanted Daydreams What mysteries will be revealed in thisfairytale land? Land 4 - Aquatic Wonderland Meet pirates and ducksinthis wonderful water-themed world! Land 5 - Eternal SpringNewgrowth, flowers, butterflies, and sunshine! But watch out forthereturn of a certain witch... Land 6 - Mystical MoonlightThingsappear different by the light of the Moon! Land 7 - Mysteriesofthe Mist What mysterious mysteries are hidden in the mist?! Land8- Wishful Thinking A dreamy land of beautiful images. MeetFiona'sfairy sisters! Land 9 - Summer Garden Your magicaladventurecontinues in a sumptuous summer Land. Land 10 -Storyteller’sDomain! Complete your final quests in abeautifulstoryteller-inspiredworld!========================================== EXPLORE MAGICALLANDS& FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS - DOWNLOADTODAY!==========================================
Happy Witches 1.99
7art Studio
It is right time to fly high in a festive winter sky onanaerodynamic broom in a company of black cat or wise owl.Feeldelight with free flight by moonlight above a ghost castle orwitchmountains! Free interactive live wallpaper Happy Witchescreated tomake you feel happy every time you see it on your screen.A joyfulnew year party is going to start very soon. Join HappyWitches in afestive Christmas sky! Every broom was thoroughlytested for flightat any distance in any weather conditions and hasmore horse powerthan any sport car. If you want some fun just touchany witch tomake it fly much faster. Feel yourself like a happywitch that hasevery thing she needs and dissolves in unlimitedspace and time ofeternal Universe! Double tap anywhere on freespace of your homescreen to open settings. There you can turn snowon/off, change thenormal speed of the characters and subscribe to7art Studio news ifyou want. In settings you can choose from 3company of witches:Happy Witches, Halloween Witches and ChristmasWitches. There are12 themes (10 are totally free of charge). Eachhappy witch hasit's unique character and magical powers. Try tomake friends withthem and see what happens. Privacy Policy ConsentBy installingthis app you agree to the following privacypolicy:'' Join us onFacebook:
Love Story Games: Romance Mystery 15.1
💖 Ready to cope with incredible magic, time travel and highschoollove of witches and wizards in original love games? Dive intoourdramatic interactive story games rich in "love choices"andshrouded in romantic mystery! Unique 💥 Wizard Love StoryGames:Magic Mystery 💥 is a romantic game that'll enchant you withitsthrilling plot, and you'll have a feeling you're really livingthismagic teenage story through your male character. Download themostaddicting wizard romance story game ever, carefully chooseyourstory line among many unexpected twists and change your futureinthis cute teen love story! You'll get these romanticgamescompletely FREE! ✨💫💥🎇⚡💖⏳💖⚡🎇💥💫✨ Get our "storyline games" to:⚡Enjoy impressive graphics, mysterious characters andsimpletap-based gameplay in a cute otome game with wizards! ⚡Choose thename for your own character! ⚡ Choose your outfit andstyle! ⚡ Makeyour own love life choices and pick your newgirlfriend: a cutemysterious girl or a beautiful passionate one? ⚡Change thestoryline of this "love triangle" romantic game withyourdecisions! ⚡ The best interactive love books to read on the goorin the privacy of your home! ✨💫💥🎇⚡💖⏳💖⚡🎇💥💫✨ ⏳ Wizard LoveStoryGames: Magic Mystery - amazing love triangle games and thecooleststory games for guys ever! ⏳ SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski,Türkçe,Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasaIndonesia,Srpski, Русский, عربى ! ✨💫 The greatest wizard adventureinmysterious "love games"! 💫✨ 💖 Dear fans, join us in thelatestcaptivating "romantic games" shrouded in mystery! Embark onajourney in our visual stories as an ordinary boy and chooseyourown path on the way to becoming one of the most powerfulwizards ofall times! Solve the mystery of a shocking time travelmagic storyand save your loved ones. Only in our free love storygames foradults! The fate of the world is in your hands now, andmagic'sthere to help you! Awesome love games for teens and brandnew"otome games" are here! Download our 💥 "Wizard Love Story"Games:Magic Mystery 💥 right now and live your virtual life inthisawesome "love adventure" story! ✨💫 Choose your high schoollovewisely in our animated romantic games! 💫✨ 💖 You don't needordinarylove triangle "games for girls" anymore! This original highschoolteen love game will leave you breathless! Balance your lovelifewith your secret life of a wizard only in these lovestorysimulation games! Hang around with your school crush, thinktwiceabout who your real friends are and find and defeat the evilthatthreatens to destroy you. But be careful 'cause a wrong choicemayeasily lead you astray! Our virtual love story is suitable bothforboys and for girls. Magic story games, such as thismysteriousadventure, have never been more thrilling! Get 💥 Wizard"Love StoryGames": Magic Mystery 💥 and spend hours playing the bestfree otomegames! ✨💫 Romance games shrouded in mystery! 💫✨ 💖 Do youcrave"teen games" with enough life choices that let you chooseyourstoryline and follow different paths? You'd like to be abletodecide which teenage high school girl you take on a romanticnightout? These magic love story games are so addicting you'llneverstop playing them! Try to separate your secret high schoolromancefrom the double life you will lead as a wizard, or choose tosharethe burden of saving the world with someone. Who should thatbe? Inlove triangle games, it's important to make good decisions.That'swhy our teen love story romance games offer you plenty ofthrillingchoices at crucial moments. Moreover, you'll get the best"magicstory games" for free! Download teenage love story gameswithwizards and have fun solving a real mystery with the help ofagirlfriend of your choice!
Farm Fantasy: Fantastic Day and Happy Magic Beasts 1.27
The magic is in the air! Tending a garden is surely the best waytospend your free time. Live the happy experience of manageyourFantasy Farm! Grow a big variety of the magic crops: ghosthay, mandrake, four leaf clover, Halloween pumpkin,mushrooms…Harvest every day! Pet and take care of the fantasticanimals andbeasts: phoenix, dragons and unicorns. Meet your newneighbors -wizards and witches from near township, like Albus andLina. Andlearn sorcery! In the wonderful workshops You can producepotions,spells and wands. Also make magic clothes and scrolls.Develop yourmine and search for treasures every day! With the helpof thegriffin send orders around the magic world: from thedifferentesenchanted villages to schools of wizardry. Encountercharmedbeasts: make friends with snow yeti and trolls! Enlist yourownfriends to create a network with magic markers. Live yourownadventures: help to the mermaid and discover the mystery oftheflying ship! Dive in the world of wizardry and fantasy! All typeofmonsters will be happy to help you bring your farm to thetop:zombies, ghosts, werewolves, spiders, vampires... Try the2018release from Foranj games, a new farming simulator coming totheUSA. Enlist the support of your family and friends, uncoverthemysteries of the enchanted township and find all thehiddentreasure. Create your own farm story! Join our group onFacebook toshare your funnystories
Amino for Witches & Pagans 1.9.22282
Amino Apps
Pagans and Witches unite! Join the fastest growing community forallthings Pagan and Witchcraft! Get to know like-minded membersandtalk about your beliefs, spells and more! On Pagans andWitchesAmino you can: - CHAT with others like you and make newfriends -DISCOVER and DISCUSS new ideas and thoughts - SHARE yourown artand original creations - LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to ourPagan andWitches catalog - an encyclopedia of all things in thepagan andwitch universe!
Witchcraft, Wicca & Pagan Quiz 1.0
How much do you really know about Witchcraft, Wicca andPaganism?Test your knowledge with our Trivia App!This quiz includesover 300questions from easy to very difficult.Easy to use app!Choosecategory, start playing!If you exit a quiz you can alwaysresumewhere you left off!You can also switch between theTriviacategories.Please note, that internet connection is neededtoplay.To make the app as small as possible (super fast downloadandless space on your device needed) we are hosting all questionsforthis Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan Trivia on our servers.This isaFREE ad-supported application.