Top 22 Games Similar to Freddy Jump Lite

Sonic 4 Episode II LITE 2.7
Take Sonic and Tails for a spin in this Lite version of SonicTheHedgehog™ 4 Episode II!The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return ofabeloved side kick and fan-favorite villains!Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returnedtoform a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this newevil,Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him savetheday! Now joined by Tails, race across four brand new Zones andtakedown fearsome new badniks with deadly combination moves inorder toput an end to this dastardly duo’s plans!New and ImprovedEpisode II features an all-new engine; bringing you gameplaywithupdated physics and Zones in stunning HD graphics.Collaborative PlayTeam up with a friend via Bluetooth and take control of SonicandTails as they battle against Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic!Lock-on with Episode MetalUsers who own both Episodes I & II will unlock anexclusivescenario featuring Metal Sonic! Explore four Acts acrossfourreworked Zones from Episode I and experience the story ofMetalSonic's revival after his defeat in Sonic CD!
Horror Craft : 5 nights Free ...1
Best Sand App
Horror craft includes animatronics fromfnafand survival craft.Stay alive five nights at original story of Freddy.Dou you want break the spell? All you need is stay alivefivenights. If Freddy do it, he will be able come back tohisworld.But it's not easy to do it, because everynight Freddy willbeattacked by different monsters:★ Ghost - fast, could find one's way to your shelter.★ Ninja - quiet and invisible, could kill you and you'll notnoticeit.★ Spider - reticent and wily. Jumps everytime and couldpoisonyou.★ Zombie - the heart goes to the hill when you hear his groan.When the sun is rised, you could go to explore thisvoxelworld.How to play:Build a shelter with different blocks.Find rare resources like diamonds, ore, obsidian, goldandother.Craft weapon and armor.Win your enemies.Features of the game:- Beautiful Halloween monsters and texutres.- Voxel world- Survival- Hunger- Nightfall and sunrise- Creative and Story mode.
Prize Claw 2
PRIZE CLAW 2 is the mostexcitingprize-grabbing arcade game ever!Features Include:- Awesome powers and effects, including lightning, explosions,andtornadoes!- Thousands of unique Claws with special abilities!- Tons of adorable, charming prizes waiting for you to collectthemall!- A huge world to explore filled with unique and exciting PrizeClawmachines!- Beautiful HD Graphics!- Limitless missions for you to complete!- Fine-tuned physics for a classic arcade experience!- Spin the Prize Wheel for a chance at winning bonuses, prizes,andthe JACKPOT!- Mystery capsules containing bonuses, boosts, and more!- Magnetize your claw and grab a bundle of prizes with asinglegrab!- Discover rare prizes such as dragons and unicorns!- Much more to come!From the makers of the Coin Dozer franchise. Don't forget tocheckour newest game, Coin Dozer: Pirates!So what are you waiting for?Download Prize Claw 2 for free and start grabbing!
✩Crossy Creeper: Marvel Island vs (Online Mode)✩
Marvel Island was a peaceful and magicplacewhere pixel animals, superheros, fantasy characters andmonsterslive together. However, one day, the volcano, placed nearto theroad, exploded an some of them become Road Creepers.Thesecharacters, damned by the wash, acquired the power ofmakingexplode whatever...or whoever. Now, they want to get thecontrol ofMarvel Island!!The funniest endless racing game, with crossy retro style!Join to the exploration in Marvel Island...and dodge all the Road Creepers for the survival!BE PART OF MORE THAN 4 MILLONS PEOPLE who have already doneanendless exploration in Marvel Island!Download now this arcade racing game to find your favouritepets,superheros and characters and escape from the Road Creeperswho aretrying to dominate this pixel fantasy world.◈NEW: Play ONLINE now!◈★ 2 arcade escape challenge options: racing battle orsurvivalbattle...with endless rematch posibilities to playonline!★ Play online...your friends will see your skins! Plan yourstrategyto defend your hopper hero!★ Rankings by trophy. Beat records with the help of theSmashyCatapults! This escape adventure game would never be thesamewithout them!FEATURES:★ 137 pixel fantasy superheros to unlock. Use weapons, powersofcharacters and Smashy Catapults in your strategy tobattleenemies!★ Do exploration of 12 pixel terrains! New: Happy City,ApocalypticTown, Crowded Stadium, Endless Castle.★ Now, almost all the skins have special abilities. Use themtobattle Creepers!★ Challenge by exploration in this retrostyleadventure game and run for the survival! Escape with yourhopperskins!★ Stunning retro style graphics!★ Completely FREE!An arcade racing game, an endless crossy style battle forthesurvival and an exploration in an amazing fantasy world.Are you the best when you play online? Something to improve inthisarcade adventure game? Tell us all your opinions!
Psych 0.1
"This insane indie dodge ‘em up will blowyourmind." - Super Game Droid"Psych is an entertaining fast paced challenge that will keepyoucoming back thanks to some neat and challenging twists." -Apple 'n'Apps----- Description-----Psych is a minimalist, short-sessioned,psychedelicexperience.Your goal is simple: Avoid colliding with any blackobstacles.Sounds easy? Just wait until the first psych effects startkickingin.Features:– Endless challenge– 7 unique, psychedelic effects– Unlimited colour variations due to randomly changingRGBvalues– Simple one-touch controls– Minimalist, clean art style– Online Highscore– Achievements– Facebook and Twitter integration----- Best Player Reviews -----"Devs can stop writing new games, porting old ones, andshouldjust focus on productivity apps from now on. The mobiledeviceneeds no other game. This is the one." - ShuggaHi"This game is the perfect balance between hard and fun.Itrequires speed but is forgiving enough to allow mistakes." -Batmanvs Freddy"I love this game. I haven't played any app-game like thisandits amazing" - DE BAD DONKEY"Holy it's amazing but it made me rage...oh and I think mybrainbroke" - The funnest game ever
Craftball mine Freddy skins 1.0
Whether long ago you were inFreddie'spizzeria?Plunge into the mystical atmosphere of Fnaf. Pixel Bearswaitsforyou! Set new skins for mc pe and you will go toafascinatingadventure on a survival!*** NEW SKINS ***The fan of games in a genre a horror? A new image Freddywaitsforyou! Plunge into the world of fear and madness with thebestskins aminecraft in a pizzeria of animatronics.*** FASCINATING GAMEPLAY ***Simple management without mods! Try to hold ananimatronicsandscore points! Your survival depends only on you!Train 5 nightsandget to a top of players!*** NEW OPPORTUNITIES ***▀▄ Catch animatronics▀▄ Avoid a bomb in the form of an iridescent cube▀▄ Craft the dexterity and attentiveness▀▄ Travel between portals a minecraft and manage to surviveinourgame▀▄ Share the results with friends in social networksOffer the ideas a minecraft for our new games incomments!Goodluck!This is an unofficial free fan/parody mine app.
Flickin' Freddy 1.0.2
Keep Freddy alive as long as you can!FLICK Freddy to soar and fly from platform to platform andavoidthe lava.Collect points and more flicks from every landing.The longer you live, the faster you go!That's it! Simple to learn, challenging to survive!So keep Freddy, the little green monster, alive andflickaway!
Falling Freddy 1.0
Mister Retro
Falling Freddy has a problem and needs your help! Guide Freddy(orFreda) as they fall through the air. Touch the screen on theleftor right to guide them through the gaps. Use inertia toswingthrough gaps and bounce of the edge of the screen to getacross tothe other side quicker. In a dilemma? Slide your finger upto bringout their parachute - but they can only hold it for so longso useit wisely. Addictive gameplay! Own your device by settingthehighest score - then go and own your friends device by settingthehighest score on theirs! This game is safe for all agesandcontains no adverts.
Slender Man Rise Again (Free) 1.9.23
This is Slender Man Rise Again (Free)!This game is free but it contains adsTry to get 8 pages before Slender gets you.There are two playable levels: "Field" and "Village"Thank you all for your high ratings and nice reviews!Enjoy!This is Slender ManRiseAgain (Free)!This game is free but it contains adsTry to get 8 pages before Slender gets you.There are two playable levels, "Field" and "Village"Thank you all for your high ratings and nice reviews!Enjoy!