Top 24 Games Similar to Lost in Galaxy

Endless Run Magic Stone 2 2.1.3
The warriors are back in Endless RunMagicStone 2, the sequel to Endless Run Magic Stone, a freerunninggame. This time your quest is set in a world of fire andice!Nimus, the evil thief, has returned from the shadows and castastorm across the land. The rolling green hills of Agaromhavebecome a frozen waste and are now home to a clan of frostgoblins.Fight and survive your way through the lava mountains asyou swingacross gaps, avoid lava falls and race to a high score ina newendless runner available only on Google Play!The quest of a warrior has never been easy! You will fightdragons,goblins, knights and more in an epic battle of strength andpower!It is tough, but the best warrior will never stop until thewar hasbeen won!Simple role playing mechanics enhance the gameplay and will keepyouchasing after a new high score. Collect coins and upgradenewweapons and armor to become stronger and unlock new abilitiesandpowerful attacks. Grab your sword, axe or daggers and set out onanepic running adventure packed full of action and fighting.EndlessRun Magic Stone 2 is free to play, so enjoy running and be atruehero!FEATURES:• Free game!• 2 playable characters: Male warrior and female assassin• Level up & collect armor sets, weapons andupgradeabilities• Elemental fantasy worlds of fire and ice• Battle against dragons, goblins, knights, and more• Unique one-touch battle system• Beautiful 3D HD graphics• Heart-pounding battle-theme music• Language versions: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish,Japanese and Chinese
The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Run 1.0.3
It’s a jungle out there, and you haveonejob….RUN.Bring the thrill of Disney's new live-action film The JungleBookto life in this fast-paced parkour style runner. Race throughlush,sweeping jungles as Mowgli while dodging Shere Khan, KingLouie, Kaaand other dangers. Collect honey drops, and unlockupgrades to makeyou run faster and go farther. Can you go thedistance?RUN as Mowgli in this fast-paced action runnerUNLOCK power-ups and upgrades to go faster and fartherDODGE obstacles and fearsome enemiesCOLLECT honey drops as you raceEXPLORE stunning jungle environments inspired by the filmENJOY clips from the live-action filmSWIPE & TAP controlsWatch The Jungle Book, now in theaters!Before you download this experience, please consider thatthisapp contains• social media links to connect with others• advertising for some third parties; including the ability towatchvideos for rewards• as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family ofCompaniesThis game contains Google Play Game Services. If yourmobiledevice has multiple Google Play Game Services profiles, youcanvisit your device settings to designate the account to sync tothisgame.Visit the official The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Run website–© 2016 DisneyPrivacy Policy – http://disneyprivacycenter.comTerms of Use –
Temple Bunny Run AdFree 1.09
Gameplay Studio
This is a 3D running game with a hero of acutebunny! ! !The game graphics are very lovely! ! !The little cute white rabbit needs to run away from the uglygrayrabbit! ! !The little white rabbit will meet lions, hippos, and zebras onitsrunning way! ! !Use your phone to help the little white rabbit run away! ! !Temple Bunny Run is a 3D vertical cartoon running game. Tiltyourphone or your device to control the game! Slide the screenupwardsto jump up! Slide the screen downwards to slide down andavoid theobstacles! Catch the chance to turn right or left! Tryyour best tocollect coins! Use the coins to improve your abilityand buy newcharacters!Features★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Appropriate background music makes you feelmoreimmersive!★★★★★ Numerous power-ups give you more fun!
Scary Temple Maze Run 1.0
badr banouna
Do you love playing funny adventure games?Doyou love playing with lively animated characters? Have youeverplayed global the maze runner game in jungle?If answer to any of these two questions isyes, this free androidappscary Temple maze run adventure will keep you highly amazedwith itsfunny game Runner's World.Unlock the mystery of the scary maze and race to survive inTheScary Temple maze run in jungle arcade game!Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of differentandWACKY obstacles in this crazy new endless running game!
Golden Run 2.0
GOLDEN RUN is coming on Google Play now!!!!!!Golden Warrior came to the temple of Egypt, the land of gold,ofcourse, want to get the gold can‘t be so easy. Because there isaguardian dragon.Slide the screen, jump, slide, turn, get rid ofthedragon.Becareful of the trap.Third-person 3D perspective, simple, exciting, let you putitdown parkour game.Golden Run,Blow-up your holiday!
Parkour City 1.3.2
Smashed Games
►►Parkour City is the first 3D parkour game on Google Play!►►►►Made by people who love to parkour, for the people theloveparkour►►Run, jump over buildings and avoid obstacles!Features:Intuitive and realistic controls!Beautiful graphics!Play levels, or run freely in a city (more levels and mapscomingsoon)Super fun!For support, tweet us @smashedgames! Thanks for playingmygame!
Lost Run 2 1.0
Jack woke up from a dream, finds himselflostin a dream temples.Slide the screen, jumping, sliding, turning, rescue Jack get ridofthis nightmare.Third-person 3D perspective, simple operation, the tension, makeyoulove parkour game.Lost Run 2,Exploded your new year!
喵喵Run 2.1
Webineti Apps
♬【喵王國內的喵喵對話】♬肚兜喵:報告喵國王,發現新土地與大批寶藏 !!國王九藏:快派上所有萌喵全速向前衝!!醫護員銀翼:國王!!請派我一起隨行,才能在第一時間幫助闖關受傷的喵喵。國王九藏:闖關會受傷,表示磨練還不夠!!必須要在喵王國練到等級LV10才能探險喵森!!► 喵森地圖新開啟,大家快勇闖喵之森!!► 新增【踢飛我的好友】功能,把擋在前面的好友踢飛到遠方吧!► 排行榜規則更新,每週一將會重新計算排行榜分數,每隻喵喵都有機會得到第一名喔!► 四月春假期間儲值鑽石加倍送,手腳要快唷!+...............+...............+...............+...............+♥重現九藏喵窩動畫原場景,畫面精緻可愛♥豐富的喵喵角色供玩家選擇♥每隻喵喵都身懷絕技,擁有多變的技巧♥直覺式使用界面,操作簡單易上手《喵喵Run》是一款動作類跑酷遊戲,獨特的地圖冒險模式,玩家們將可與超可愛的萌喵及寵物,一起攜手探索九藏喵王國世界,並在追擊強大的BOSS的過程中,尋找未知的線索,以取得珍貴的寶物。遊戲內並有多隻萌喵角色可以挑選,每隻萌喵都身懷絕技,玩家們可透過跑、跳、滑壘等玩法,來展現角色各項特技,操作簡單、暢快,很容易就可輕鬆上手。不管你是喜歡跑酷的高手,還是被可愛的九藏喵吸引的玩家,都趕快來體驗《喵喵Run》的魅力吧!+...............+...............+...............+...............+對《喵喵Run》有任何使用上的疑問或建議嗎?歡迎來信:請務必註使用手機型號及OS版本,以利快速回應)您的寶貴意見將可協助我們改善與加強,以便回饋更好的應用程式給您:D+...............+...............+...............+...............+《喵喵Run》宣傳影片 跟著九藏喵一起跑酷吧!最新消息都在《喵喵Run》Facabook粉絲團!♬ [Wang meow meowdomesticdialogue] ♬Apron meow: Report meow King, discover new lands and alargenumber of treasures !!Nine Tibetan King: Fast put forward at full speed all theadorablemeow !!Medical staff Silverwing: King !! Please send meaccompanyingtogether to help break through the barrier injured meowfirsttime.Nine Tibetan king: checkpoints will be injured, said thedisciplineis not enough !! must be trained to grade LV10 toadventure in thekingdom meow meow Sen !!► Mori map new open meow, meow we quickly Rebel Mori !!► [new] function kicked my friend to stand in front ofthefriends kicked into the distance it!► Leaderboard Rules updated every Monday will recalculatetheranking scores, each has the opportunity to get first placemeowOh!► April refill Diamond Spring Break redouble delivery, handsandfeet to be fast yo!+ ............... ............... ............... + ++............... +♥ reproduce the nine Tibetan meow nest original animatedscenes,delicate and lovely pictures♥ rich meow roles for players to choose♥ meow each have great talent, with varied skills♥ intuitive user interface, simple and approachableoperation"Meow Run" is an action-parkour game, a unique map adventuremode,players will be with the super cute and adorable pet meow,worktogether to explore the Kingdom of nine Tibetan meow world, andinthe process of chasing the powerful BOSS In looking for cluestothe unknown, to obtain precious treasures.And how the game can pick only adorable meow role, eachequippedwith special skills are adorable meow, players can throughrunning,jumping, sliding base, such as play, to show the role ofthespecial effects, simple, fun, can easily be Easy to use.Whetheryou like parkour master, or be cute meow nine Tibetanattractplayers have quickly come to experience the "meow Run" thecharm ofit!+ ............... ............... ............... + ++............... +On the "meow Run" have any questions or suggestions on the useofit?Please email: sure to note the use of the phone model and OS version, inorderto facilitate quick response)Your comments will help us improve and strengthen in order tobetterapplication back to you: D+ ............... ............... ............... + ++............... +"Meow Run" promotional video along with nine Tibetan meowparkourtogether! news in the "meow Run" Facabook fans!
Ninja Biyu 1.06
Ninja Biyu is not a parkour game though it seems like that.Just run on the roof and kill anyone you meet.But the killing method is special.Make gestures corresponding to the marks on the screen tokeepyourself safe.The longer you run, the harder gesture you have to make.Really a good game to test your reaction speed.Don't you wanna have a try?★Features★★★★★★Delicate scenes★★★★★Easy to control★★★★★Various items★★★★★Challenge your records
Vector Stickman Parkour Hero 1.0
Vector Stickman Parkour HeroVector stick parkour man is an amazing, exciting arcadestylegameused black and white overlays to complement the otherwisemonochrome vector images, while the interesting movingobjectsweredrawn by vector beam.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero : A free runner moving throughthebeams by climbing above the walls, sliding down the beamswiththeirown freedom using incredible techniques like ninja, sportofparkour.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero is affected by the principlesofparkour and vector controllable features.The stick man jumps, runs endlessly, slides through thewalls,endless rush, collect diamond dash through the 8-bitpixelworld.This is a fun, addictive, inspiring, challenging andastoundinglyparkour inspired moving vector game.Simple controls, easy to play, quick to learn, you canperformamazing stunts.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero FeaturesCompete for the best scores, play and run through the vectorwallsthat lets you break free! Try not to be caught by realspeeding oncoming walls!
Long Run Knight in nightmare 0.3.1
Let's run away by manipulating theknightbeingchased!* OperationUp buttonjump, two-step jumpButton above to sliding during rising.Down button:Required when you pass through the lower sliding, ofthefence.Under button, and drop accelerated during the jump.Left and right button:Move to the left and rightAttack button:will attack. Jump, sliding is not possible during the attack.Star button:you will invincible certain period of time.Please compete the score with your friends by all means!* Combined controlMove + Jump to the left and rightMove + sliding to the left and rightMove + attack to the left and rightAttack of jumping* Operations that can not beAttack of sliding duringSliding during the attackJump during the attack* ItemI can get one star in 300 coins.I will be invincible certain time: Star.It is a complex stage and proceed, but please clear it! windup!runningTo defeat the enemy while avoiding obstacles, please startahighscore running away and running!version 360 . LostKnight3D
Reverse Run 1.1
This is a creative, challenging,andaddictivegame with stylish and clean look, an easy-operatingbutdifficultgame.A little guy is running and you must help it switch in fourwaystoavoid obstacles. It moves faster and faster, and just savehimgoas long as you can.How to play:Touch the screen's left side to move the little guy down.Touch the screen's right side to move the little guy up.Quick and continuous clicks are need to help theguyswitchways.This game needs either hand coordination of theplayer.Juniorplayers are easily "GameOver". Remind yourself notthrowthephone.The highest score will upload to thegloballeaderboardautomatically. What are you waiting for! Comeandexperienceit.
Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck 1.0
Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck is agameaboutdaredevil robot parkour jumps from one truck toanother.Get ready for crazy robot parkour jumps in cluster trafficfulloftrucks that drive trow falling obstacles! ClusterTraffic:RobotTruck is for daredevil adrenaline fans. But becareful: trucksblowup if they flip over!Features:Awesome robotCool game mechanicAwesome graphics10 super levelsDownload Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck and play now!
戦国RUN lite ~無料戦国ランニングゲーム 2.0.0
【刺激の無い毎日に刺激的な一本!】痛快!無料で遊べる本格3Dランニングアクションゲーム登場!真田幸村、織田信長、豊臣秀吉、上杉謙信など戦国を代表する天下無双の武将がズラリ!紫式部を始めとした可憐な乙女も続々登場!!遊び方はとっても簡単。上下左右に指をスライドするだけで武将達が走りだすよ!【遊び方】上下左右に指をスライドすれば、武将がその方向に動いてくれるよ。障害物を避けたり・壊したり、無双となって敵を倒したり、小判を集めてスコアを増して天下一を目指そう!Facebookとつなげれば友達と競争もできちゃう!【戦国武将を集めて育てよう】ゲーム内のお題をクリアすると武将を解放できるんだ!新しい武将を手に入れて、育ててどんどんハイスコアを狙おう!【奥義発動】武将それぞれ特別な奥義を持っているよ!個性豊かな奥義を駆使して、自分が使いやすい武将を見つけよう。ダブルタップで発動するよ!【お供に聖獣を】聖獣を連れて走ればスコアにも大きく影響!相性ピッタリの聖獣を手に入れて、一緒に天下一を目指そう!【さまざまなコース】合戦場から城下町、武家屋敷などバリエーションに富んだステージが君を待つ。敵や罠をかいくぐって最高距離を目指してね!■■■ユーザの皆様から以下のような声も頂いております!ありがとうございます!■■■・3Dが綺麗です。 キャラクターが可愛いですね。クエストで歴史検定、クイズとかあると楽しいかも!・横スクロールのランニングゲームに飽きてきた所だったのでおもろい!・簡単操作で楽しい!聖獣はついコンプリートしたくなる!■■■こんな方にオススメ!!■■■・戦国系の武将や乙女が大好き!無双になって戦国を駆け抜けたい!・読売テレビ、シリコンスタジオの作った無料のゲームに興味がある!!さあ、準備ができたら戦国時代へ走り出そう!RUN ラン 乱!*****************************************【アプリ価格】アプリ本体:無料【推奨OSバージョン】Android OS2.3以上※上記端末以外の動作は保障しておりませんので、ご了承ください。*****************************************
Royal Run~ 1.0.1
We present a Really Addictive game to you!!You finally get the chance to save your father's poorkingdom!Who would expect a strange creature dropping coins allalong theroad? Now ride the world's most energetic chariot, graball thecoins you meet, bump into golden items, fight againstdarkness, anddon't forget to avoid dangers!- Tilt to control your royal chariot, simple and ADDICTIVE!- You are not alone! Trigger your LOYAL PIG PARTNER tocollectcoins!- Randomly combine WELL-DESIGNED LANDFORMS every timeyouplay.- FUNNY semi-physics horsecar riding.- UPGRADE your CASTLE! Complete challenging missions andupgradeyour poor castle to the grandest one in this world!- Get extra rewards by finishing daily BINGO!- Relaxing WALK mode, AUTOMATICALLY gains more coins!- Day-Night system, experience the CHARM OFCHANGINGENVIRONMENT!- Costume system, DRESS UP your prince and buy newhorses,chariots.- Various UPGRADES & UTILITIES to help you go further!Royal Run is FREE! Download and save the prince'skingdomnow!
Crazy Run HD 1.0
Crazy Run HD is a funny Parkourgame,runningfast while you dodge those obstacles。The goal is torush asmuchdistance as possible. Don’t forget to collect more coinsFeatures:・HD and Lovely graphic・Experience a super long game time in endless mode・Easy to control,enjoy with every age・Compete with other past masters,create a new recordTip:・Three roles to choose,different roleshasdifferentskill(Double-Jump、slide…),those cute pets also alongwithyou・You can pick up a lot of cool props to help you dashofftodestination・ Daily mission and achievements system will provide youwithrichgolds・The farther you dash, the more golds you get,The golds canbeusedto exchange life heart・lucky draw will give you some surprise