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10,000+ Latest Rangoli Designs 16.0.1
5000+ Rangoli Designs: Rangoli is an art form native to Nepal,Indiaand Bangladesh. We know that Rangoli designs have beenstarted manycenturies ago. Some references of Rangoli designs arealso availablein our ancient scriptures. The art of Rangoli makinghas beenchanged and re changed over many centuries. Rangoli goesby variousnames in many parts of India like Rangoli, Kolam,muggulu, muggitu,mandana and many more. Rangoli Designs: It'sbelieved that rangolidesigns started many centuries ago. Somerefrences of rangolidesigns are also available in our scriptures.The art of rangoli haschanged and rechanged over many centuries.Rangoli goes by variousnames in many parts of India. In Tamil Naduit's known as Kolam, inAndhra it's known as muggulu, in Karnatakait's known as muggitu, inRajasthan it's known as a mandana and soon. We have some easyindian rangoli designs for beginners.Practice these easy rangolidesigns from the comfort of your homesto impress your in-laws oryour neighbors. If you enter any hinduhouse in India, you are boundto be welcomed by a rangoli designwhich is normally drawn withchalk powder or lime stone powder onthe floor. Traditionally riceflour was used to create rangolidesigns, since it can act as a foodsource for tiny insects andbirds. Easy rangoli designs are used inalmost all kinds of hindureligious occasions, festivals, weddingsand so on. It's believedthat rangolis ward off evil spirits fromhomes. So try one of theseeasy rangoli designs today. rangolidesigns • designs of rangoli •rangoli designs with dots • bestrangoli designs • kolam designs •sankranthi muggulu • simplerangoli • simple kolam • pulli kolam •muggulu designs • mugguludesign • simple rangoli designs • designof rangoli • easy rangolidesigns • free hand rangoli design •latest rangoli designs •rangoli designs for competition • rangolidesigns with flowers •small rangoli design • designs rangoli •rangoli with flowers •simple rangoli designs with dots • Dottedrangoli designs • chukkalamuggulu • dotted rangoli designs book •kolam rangoli designs •kolangal designs • muggulu side designs •pongal kolam designs •rangoli designs for sankranthi • rangoli dotdesigns • rangoli forsankranthi • rangoli kolam book • rangolikolam collections •rangoli kolam design • rangoli kolam designs •sankranthi mugguludesigns • sankranthi rangoli • sankranthirangoli designs •sankranti muggulu • simple dot kolam • simple dotrangoli • simplerangoli designs for beginners • simple rangolikolam Collection ofRangoli Designs for everyday use in the frontyard. These rangolidesigns are simple, easy and doesn't take muchtime to draw. Theycan be drawn with dry flour in the front yard.Children can learndrawing rangoli with simple designs in thiscollection.
Simple Rangoli Designs 1.1.1
Collection of Rangoli Designs for everyday use in the frontyard.These rangoli designs are simple, easy and doesn't take muchtimeto draw. They can be drawn with dry flour in the frontyard.Children can learn drawing rangoli with simple designs inthiscollection.Different types of Rangoli designs like Sikkukolam,Malakala muggulu, Dhanurmasam rangoli, Padi kolam, Margazhikolam,Sankranthi muggulu, Simple free hand rangoli, Rangoli sideborderswith dots, freehand borders are included in thiscollection.Decorate your homes and front yards everyday withdifferent easy todraw rangoli designs in this app.• More than 200Rangoli designsare included in this collection.• Rangoli sideborders alsoavailable in this collection.• Details of Rangolidesigns such asnumber of dots, rows and straight or crossed dotsare given foreach Rangoli.• Favorite designs can be chosen forquick accessafterwards.• Each Rangoli design can be zoomed in bydouble tappingon it.
Easy Rangoli Designs - Images & Videos 4.4
Rangoli Designs : Colorful Images & Videos!! New in version4.0- New Sections Added in same app !!• Mehandi designs• NailArtDesigns• Girls Hair Styles• Boys Hair Styles• Tattoo Designs•HomeDecoration Ideasand many more to come...What Is RangoliDesign?What’s the aim to draw it?The two aims of drawing rangoli:•Beauty•Auspiciousness/SpiritualityWe know that Rangoli designs havebeenstarted many centuries ago. Some references of Rangoli designsarealso available in our ancient scriptures. The art of Rangolimakinghas been changed and re changed over many centuries. Rangoligoesby various names in many parts of India like Rangoli,Kolam,muggulu, muggitu, mandana and many more.Rangoli Designs :ColorfulImages & Videos has handpicked Collection of RangoliDesignsfor everyday use in the front yard. These rangoli designsaresimple, easy and doesn't take much time to draw. They can bedrawnwith dry flour in the front yard. Children can learndrawingrangoli with simple designs in this collection.Decorate yourhomesand front yards everyday with different easy to drawrangolidesigns in this app.This App below Videos also• rangolidesigns•designs of rangoli• rangoli designs with dots• bestrangolidesigns• kolam designs• sankranthi muggulu• simple rangoli•simplekolam• pulli kolam• muggulu designs• muggulu design• simplerangolidesigns• design of rangoli• easy rangoli designs• free handrangolidesign• latest rangoli designs• rangoli designs forcompetition•rangoli designs with flowers• small rangoli design•designsrangoli• rangoli with flowers• simple rangoli designs withdots•Dotted rangoli designs• chukkala muggulu• dotted rangolidesignsbook• kolam rangoli designs• kolangal designs• muggulusidedesigns• pongal kolam designs• rangoli designs forsankranthi•rangoli dot designs• rangoli for sankranthi• rangolikolam book•rangoli kolam collections• rangoli kolam design• rangolikolamdesigns• sankranthi muggulu designs• sankranthi rangoli•sankranthirangoli designs• sankranti muggulu• simple dot kolam•simple dotrangoli• simple rangoli designs for beginners• simplerangolikolam• telugu muggulu• tippudu muggulu• kolam with 5 dots•rangolidesigns with 5 dots• rangoli with dots 5 by 5• 5 pullikolam•latest rangoli designs freehand• simple kolam designs• smallkolamdesigns• muggulu designs latest• rangoli designs with dotsstep bystep• small muggulu designs• rangoli small easy designs•easyrangoli designs with dots• small rangoli kolam• pullikolamdesigns• muggulu designs with dots• rangoli with dots 6 by6•rangoli designs simple• rangoli simple designs• simple andeasyrangoli designs• simple designs of rangoli• simple flowerrangolidesigns• simple rangoli designs for competition• simplerangolidesigns with flowers• simple rangoli kolam collections•muggulubook free download• beautiful rangoli designs• dot rangolidesigns•download rangoli designs• easy rangoli patterns• flowerrangolidesigns• peacock rangoli designs• rangoli designs 2017•rangolidesigns download• rangoli designs easy• rangoli designsflowers•rangoli designs with colours• rangoli easy designs• rangolilatestdesigns• sanskar bharti rangoli designs• unique rangolidesigns•big rangoli designs• easy rangoli designs for beginners•easyrangoli designs for kids• easy rangoli designs with flowers•veryeasy rangoli designsNote: The content provided in this appishosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We donotupload any videos to YouTube or not showing any modifycontent.Please note: Please report to YouTube or email us if anychannel welinked in unauthorized or violating copyrights. This appis justshowing the videos in a more user-friendly way for users.
Rangoli Designs offline 1.7
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Rangoli Designs Offline is mass collection of beautiful alltrendingkolangal photos via this app. This are mostly mixed is an art form from India in which patterns arecreated onthe floor in living rooms or courtyards using materialssuch ascoloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flowerpetals.Rangolipatterns is one of the richest Indian arts. EveryIndian, especiallywomen should know and how to present creativelythe Rangolidecorations ideas. It is usually made during Holi,Diwali(Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. DottedDesignsare passed from one generation to the next, keeping boththe artform and the tradition alive.This Rangoli Design OfflineApp is morerelated to below mention Categorys :- Border Designs-Dots- FreeHand draw Rangoli designs- Alpana- Simple Rangoli-Dotted Rangoli-Colourful Rangoli- Floating Rangoli- Flower petals-Symmetric-Peacock- Sanskar Bharti- Lord Ganesh- Rangoli Designswithout dots-Swastika- Swastika Rangoli Designs- Ugadi Kolam-Outdoor KolamDesigns- Pooja Room- Festival Kolam Designs- PongalKolam Designsand Sankranti Rangoli Patterns- Dussehra andNavratri- PookalamDesigns- Krishna Janmashtami- Independence Dayand Republic Day-Beautiful Kolam- Maha Shivaratri- Rangoli Designsfor Holi- VasantPanchamiHere is the collection of some beautifulrangoli designswhich will definitely impress you to draw in frontof your home assoon as you see it.These are simple designs whichyou can draw invery few minutes and make the place beautiful andattractive.Nowrecently update new collection of Diwali orDeepavali RangoliDesigns and Patterns.Google search Keywords-Creative RangoliDesigns- HD Rangoli Designs- Latest and TrendingRangolis- MostLiked and viewed Rangoli designs
Rangoli Gallery 1.2
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Offline gallery of rangoli kolam designs.We are providing youwiththe facility to download them to your phone.Use our appwhiledecorate your home during any festivals. Features:1) Facilitytosave the images to SD card.3) Share Image using Mail,Bluetooth,facebook, whatsapp, hike, twitter, etc.3) Set image aswallpaper orcontact icon.4) Next, Previous on image swipe.5)Offline galleryimages.6) Gallery view of pictures7) Beautifulanimated slideshowfeature8) Biography feature9) Favorites feature :You can add yourfavorites feature to this list and see slideshow10)Zoomingoption11) Goto to particular picture by numberNote:RequiresInternet access permission to display ads only.Thanks fortryingour applications and giving us your valuable feedback.Pleaseshareyour comments and thoughts to improve this app and addmorefeatures.Reach us at whiteclouds[email protected]://
Rangoli Designs Videos For All 2.4
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Rangoli designs videos features: What Is Rangoli Designvideos?What’s the aim to draw it?The two aims of drawing rangoli:•Beauty•Auspiciousness/SpiritualityThere are many other believes indrawingRangoli designs.Rangoli Designs videos are mostly drawnbyunmarried girls in the month of Margazhi to welcome thegodThirumal and is also known as a sign of good luck.OftentimesRangoli are made on special occasions like Diwali.However, youwill need to have lots of designs and also practice todraw rangolidesigns well. In Rangoli Designs Videos, we have addedlots ofvideos which work as a tutorial for beginners as wellasprofessionals. Our app comes with 1000+ videos which iscompletelyfree. Most of the videos are done by professionals allover India.Some special patterns for Diwali Rangoli like the Diyaalso calledDeep, Ganesha, Lakshmi, flowers or birds of India areexplainedwith the help of videos.The materials that we used in theRangoliDesigns Videos are easily found everywhere. Therefore, thisart canbe done in all homes, rich or poor. Normally the majoringredientsthat we used to make rangoli are - Pise rice solution,dried powdermade from the leaves color, charcoal, burned soil was,woodsawdust, etc...This App below Videos also• rangoli designs•designsof rangoli• rangoli designs with dots• best rangoli designs•kolamdesigns• sankranthi muggulu• simple rangoli• simple kolam•pullikolam• muggulu designs• muggulu design• simple rangolidesigns•design of rangoli• easy rangoli designs• free hand rangolidesign•latest rangoli designs• rangoli designs for competition•rangolidesigns with flowers• small rangoli design• designsrangoli•rangoli with flowers• simple rangoli designs with dots•Dottedrangoli designs• chukkala muggulu• dotted rangoli designsbook•kolam rangoli designs• kolangal designs• muggulu sidedesigns•pongal kolam designs• rangoli designs for sankranthi•rangoli dotdesigns• rangoli for sankranthi• rangoli kolam book•rangoli kolamcollections• rangoli kolam design• rangoli kolamdesigns•sankranthi muggulu designs• sankranthi rangoli• sankranthirangolidesigns• sankranti muggulu• simple dot kolam• simple dotrangoli•simple rangoli designs for beginners• simple rangoli kolam•telugumuggulu• tippudu muggulu• kolam with 5 dots• rangoli designswith 5dots• rangoli with dots 5 by 5• 5 pulli kolam• latestrangolidesigns freehand• simple kolam designs• small kolamdesigns•muggulu designs latest• rangoli designs with dots step bystep•small muggulu designs• rangoli small easy designs• easyrangolidesigns with dots• small rangoli kolam• pulli kolamdesigns•muggulu designs with dots• rangoli with dots 6 by 6•rangolidesigns simple• rangoli simple designs• simple and easyrangolidesigns• simple designs of rangoli• simple flower rangolidesigns•simple rangoli designs for competition• simple rangolidesigns withflowers• simple rangoli kolam collections• muggulu bookfreedownload• beautiful rangoli designs• dot rangoli designs•downloadrangoli designs• easy rangoli patterns• flower rangolidesigns•peacock rangoli designs• rangoli designs 2017• rangolidesignsdownload• rangoli designs easy• rangoli designs flowers•rangolidesigns with colours• rangoli easy designs• rangoli latestdesigns•sanskar bharti rangoli designs• unique rangoli designs• bigrangolidesigns• easy rangoli designs for beginners• easy rangolidesignsfor kids• easy rangoli designs with flowers• very easyrangolidesignsNote: The content provided in this app is hosted byYouTubeand is available in public domain. We do not upload anyvideos toYouTube or not showing any modify content. Please note:Pleasereport to YouTube or email us if any channel we linkedinunauthorized or violating copyrights. This app is just showingthevideos in a more user-friendly way for users.
1000+ Mehndi & Rangoli Designs 1.0
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This is one of the best & latest 1000+ Mehndi andRangolidesigns app. It contains the 1000+ Latest High QualityMehndiDesigns as well as 1000+ Latest High Quality RangoliDesigns.SoThis app is very Smart, Cool & Simple. In this appyou'll getall types of Mehndi and Rangoli Desings. In Mehndisection you'llget Hand Mehndi Designs & Foot MehndiDesigns.Mehndi holds alot of cultural significance in Indiantraditions. Be it weddings,Karva Chauth or other occasions, mehndiplays an important role inall the ceremonies and festivals ofIndia. In todays era ofmodernization, the new styles and designs ofmehndi are coming up,adding glamour and fun to it.Weddings beingthe most important dayin ones life, mehndi has become an ornamentfor the soon to bebrides. There is, in fact, one whole ceremonydedicated to itscelebration popularly known as Mehndi Ceremony orMehndi KiRaat.Besides this, the phrase Haath Peele Karna as oftenheard fromelders of the family is a rasam of mehndi directlysynonymous tomarriage. This significance maybe attributed tosymbolic meaning ofmehndi that is fertility. Mehndi Ceremony isamong the pre weddingrituals in Indian weddings performed a dayprior to the marriage.Just as, Haldi ceremony symbolizescleanliness, mehndi signifiesbeautification. Mehndi-Ki-Raat isusually a private affair withclose relatives, friends and familymembers, celebrated a midst lotof dancing and feasting. This ritualis often combined with Sangeetceremony and so is primarily a womensfunction. The atmosphere isimbued with dholak beats and singing oftraditional songs whilemehndi is applied on brides hands & legsby mehndi experts. Thebrides mehndi interweaves the name of herwould be husband and heis expected to find his name in thepattern.As well as, Rangoli isan art form from India in whichpatterns are created on the floorin living rooms or courtyardsusing materials such as colored rice,dry flour, colored sand orflower petals. It is usually made duringDiwali (Deepawali), Onam,Pongal and other Indian festivals.Designs are passed from onegeneration to the next, keeping boththe art form and the traditionalive.The various names for this artform and similar practicesinclude Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana inRajasthan, Chowkpurana inChhattisgarh, Alpana in West Bengal,Aripana in Bihar, Chowk pujanin Uttar Pradesh, Muggu in AndhraPradesh, Golam kolam or kalam inKerala and others.The purpose ofrangoli is decoration, and it isthought to bring good luck. Designdepictions may also vary as theyreflect traditions, folklore andpractices that are unique to eacharea. It is traditionally done bywomen. Generally, this practice isshowcased during occasions suchas festivals, auspiciousobservances, marriage celebrations andother similar milestones andgatherings.Rangoli designs can besimple geometric shapes, deityimpressions, or flower and petalshapes (appropriate for the givencelebrations), but they can alsobe very elaborate designs craftedby numerous people. The basematerial is usually dry or wet powderedrice or dry flour, to whichsindoor (vermilion), haldi (turmeric)and other natural colours canbe added. Chemical colors are a modernvariation. Other materialsinclude colored sand, red brick powderand even flowers and petals,as in the case of flower rangolis.Sothis powerful app. is veryuseful to every one. So everyone mustdownload this app. and shouldhave to take the benefit.So why areyou waiting... Download andEnjoy it...
Diwali Celebration -Indian Fashion Family Festival 1.8
Diwali is the important festival for Hindus around the world. Itiscelebrated for the return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom,Ayodhya,after the exile of 14 years. People lit the city andwelcomed Rama,Lakshman and Sita by firing crackers.The festivalspirituallysignifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledgeoverignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. So light upyourfestival with this special game "Diwali Celebration".Ondiwalinight,people light up divas or diya(lamp and candles) insideandoutside their homes, and watch fireworks, also enjoy bringingfirecrackers like sparklers, rockets and missiles, parachutes,wheels,pencils, twinkling star and many more.Each level is assignedwithspecial task. Let’s celebrate Diwali in Style. ♥AmazingDiwali greeting cards to make and share with your friendsbywriting their names on it.♥ Do shopping for friends andrelativesand share with them online.♥ People do shopping many itemslikeclothes,jewelry,sweets,crackers and many home appliance .♥DRESS UPin gorgeous ethnic outfits! ♥ STYLE LOOKS withclothes, shoes,accessories and hairstyles!♥ Best rangoli designs of2017.More easyRangoli Designs. Unique game design Explorecolourful rangoliworld.♥ People clean their homes and decorate homewith variety oflighting.♥People Enjoying to blasting variety ofcrackers.♥How canwe celebrate diwali without sweets people buy manydifferent typesof sweets and enjoying with yummy test.♥ The girlwill be acharming princess in the Diwali using make her up with thebestmakeup, spa and salon, choose the dresses from theshopping.♥Decorate the gifts and share with friends and dear oneson thisDiwali.In this game we also teach you why we celebratingdiwali andhow to celebrate diwali and have you know history ofbegincelebrating diwali ?The Diwali festival of light is which fullofdelight.
 This Diwali Game support silent diwali and Ban on saleoffirecrackers in Delhi, NCR to continue till Nov 1.We alsosupportpolutionless diwali and for a green diwali and celebrateanenvironmentally safe diwali.Let us double the charm and fun ofyourDiwali night with Diwali Celebration.This game is suitable forallkind of genres from kids, girls and boys of all ages.

InstallandPlay your new game – Diwali Celebration for free on Androidnow!Download now!Check all our games Facebook page- you all aHappyDiwali.* Game Features- Diwali Celebration- Dipawali-Cracker-indian family - Diwali crackers- Family game- Cracker game-DiwaliDhamaka- Diwali Doom- Diwali Photo frame- Diwali Greetingcard-Diwali Festival Shopping- Diwali pujaHappy Diwali To ALL ....
Pulli Kolam designs with dots tamil app 2017
Pulli Kolam designs include simple , easy patterns withdotsbeginners and kids with steps. It has colourful free handrangolidesigns for festivals - Diwali rangoli, Sankranthimuggulu,Margazhi / Pongal kolam , Onam flowers decoration kolam,GaneshChaturthi , Navarathri, Christmas. We have also givenrangoligallery. In Our we have included PRACTICE BOARD where youcanpractice puli kolam with helpers guide. You can also colorthekolam. We have clearly given how to draw and learn kolamandrangoli easily with step by step procedures. Videos areaslouploaded for beginners with simple and easy kolam. You canshareand save the kolam designs in your device. Features *PuliKolam (New Dots Kolam ) -11 dots kolam -15 dots kolam -19 dotsbirds kolam-21 dots kolam -4 dots kolam -5 dots kolam -6 -dotskolam -7 dotskolam -simple sikku kolam *Festival Kolam *Birds kolam*Flowerkolam *Tulsi maadam kolam *kolam designs with dots tamil app*kolamdesigns with dots tamil app offline *rangoli designs *pullikolamapp *puli kolam designs *pongal kolam *offline kolamdesigns*latest rangoli designs *rangoli designs 2017 *mugguludesings withdots
Finger Mehndi designs 1.2
Mehndi designs are one of the most typical thing in the lineofwomen fashion,without mehndi pattern no one canlookattractive,nowadays fingers mehndi design are most popularadditionin the beauty of girls hands.Beautiful fingers mehndidesigns forhand are very well known in the world.Indian andPakistani Fingermehndi designs are very popular and played a rolein the fashionindustry. A finger mehndi design consisting on new& improvedfinger mehndi designs.Everybody knows that mehndi isnot apermanent way to decorate your skin like permanent tattoos.Thewomen of different countries in specially in middle Asia applieditto their hands and feet to give the lovely look to their beauty.InPakistan henna is mostly used on religious festivals howeverthiswas an old trend and now it is widely used on even asmalloccasion. In foreign countries such as USA and UK peoplecalledthem tattoos but they make them in a permanent way. Somepeoplethink that it is specifically made to make designs on armsand feetbut that’s not true. You can make any tattoo on any part ofyourbody you like because it is universal and in east it isonlyapplied on arms. Newfashionelle is sharing here FingerMehndiDesigns 2017 for brides and new year season of winter. Themakingmehndi style on finger is a art that needs some attention andso onyou can make it like on hand you made. Its easy but you canonlyapply if you already applied on you any long for thumbfinger.Thesedesigns are perfect for girls who are looking formodern designs togear up themselves for upcoming festivals.LatestFinger MehndiDesigns Collection 2017.Mehndi is thought as one ofthe traditionalthing in our culture. Women and girls of present agehave alwaysbeen fascinated by it. Most of our events are incompletewithoutit. Finger Mehndi Designs is an art and Art has nolimits.Webelieve that these beautiful and stylish fingers mehndidesignsstyles can make each and every girl feel a lot elegant ,beautifuland stylish. Our final conclusion, we are proud to saythat thesehenna mehndi styles are very beautiful and girls willdefinitelyapply these henna mehndi designs styles 2017 on theirfingers forcreating their personality a lot of tantalizing.InPakistan, Indiaand Bangladeshi girls would like to apply trendyhenna mehndidesigns styles on special occasions like religiousfestivals ( Eid, Diwali / Deepavali , Wedding , Anniversary , Party, Holi ,Birthday / Janam Din , Karwa Chouth , Sawan , RakshaBandhan ,Teej). Beautiful and stylish fingers mehndi designs stylestakeplays a really vital role in enhancing the sweetness and beautyofgirls.
Easy Rangoli And Mehndi Designs - 2018 1.0
Rangoli is an art form, originating in India in which patternsarecreated on the floor in living rooms or courtyards usingmaterialssuch as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flowerpetals. Itis usually made during Diwali or Tihar (collectivelyknown asDeepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian, Bangladeshi andNepalesefestivals related to Hinduism. Designs are passed fromonegeneration to the next, keeping both the art form and thetraditionalive.The purpose of rangoli is decoration, and it isthought tobring good luck. Design depictions may also vary as theyreflecttraditions, folklore and practices that are unique to eacharea. Itis traditionally done by women. Generally, this practiceisshowcased during occasions such as festivals,auspiciousobservances, marriage celebrations and other similarmilestones andgatherings. In Nepal, Colorful rangoli are made fromdyes and arelit up at night outside peoples homes andbusinesses.Rangolidesigns can be simple geometric shapes, deityimpressions, orflower and petal shapes (appropriate for the givencelebrations),but they can also be very elaborate designs craftedby numerouspeople. The base material is usually dry or wet powderedrice ordry flour, to which sindoor (vermilion), haldi (turmeric)and othernatural colours can be added. Chemical colors are amodernvariation. Other materials include colored sand, red brickpowderand even flowers and petals, as in the case offlowerrangolis.Rangoli art is an adornment or decoration thathasdifferent names in different states of India; for example,Rangoliin Karnataka, Chaookpurna in Chhattisgarh, Mandana inRajasthan,Aripan in Bihar, Alpona in Bengal, Murja in Odisha,Sanskar Bhartiin Maharashtra, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Muggulu inAndhra Pradhesh,Aipan in Kumaon, Golam in Kerala, and Saathiya inGujarat. Not justin names, the designs also vary as per theregion.In middle Indiamainly in Chhattisgarh Rangoli is calledChaook and is generallydrawn at the entrance of a house or anyother building. Dried riceflour or other forms of white dust powderis used for drawingChaooks. Although there are numerous traditionalChaook patterns,many more can be created depending on thecreativity of the personwho draws it. It is considered auspiciousas it signifies showeringof good luck and prosperity on the houseand in the family. InMaharashtra, rangolis are drawn on the doorsof homes so that evilforces attempting to enter are repelled.During the festival ofOnam in Kerala, flowers are laid down foreach of the ten days ofthe celebration, the design growing largerand more complex everyday. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradhesh andKarnataka, the Kolam isdrawn upon the ground or floor daily.Different shapes depending onthe size of it also can be shared.Kumaon's "writing beat 'or in avariety of plotting symbols Thapa,artistic designs, Bellbutoan isused. Alikhthap of society apart -separated by different groups -different icons and art media isused. In Odisha, the Murja is putat the aangan of every home infront of the Tulsi plant called"Tulasi chahura". The Rangolipatterns mostly are dedicated to LordKrishna and Lord Jagannath.The Murja festival is observed duringthe auspicious month ofKartika ending on Kartika Purnima.Mehndi or"Mehendi" is a form ofbody art from Ancient India, in whichdecorative designs are createdon a person's body, using a paste,created from the powdered dryleaves of the henna plant (Lawsoniainermis). Ancient in origin,mehndi is still a popular form of bodyart among the women of theIndian Subcontinent, Africa and theMiddle East.Mehndi is derivedfrom the Sanskrit word mendhikā. Theuse of mehndi and turmeric isdescribed in the earliest Hindu Vedicritual books. It wasoriginally used for only women's palms andsometimes for men, but astime progressed, it was more common formen to wear it.
New Year Rangoli Design : 200+ Creative Rangoli 1.0
Rangoli Design provides amazing Rangoli Design, Lot ofphotos,patterns and designs at a single place.RangoliDesign forDiwali, Wedding, Kolam, Pookalam, Flowers and Manymore.RangoliDesigns videos are mostly drawn by unmarried girls inthe month ofMargazhi to welcome the god Thirumal and is also knownas a sign ofgood luck. Oftentimes Rangoli are made on specialoccasions likeDiwali. Collection of Rangoli Designs foreveryday use in thefront yard. These rangoli designs are simple,easy and doesn't takemuch time to draw. They can be drawn with dryflour in the frontyard. Children can learn drawing rangoli withsimple designs inthis collection.The art of rangoli has changed andrechanged overmany centuries. Rangoli goes by various names in manyparts ofIndia.Get this Diwali rangoli designs free download throughthisapp. This rangoli application latest collection of rangolieasyimage, rangoli border designs, new rangoli ideas, rangolifordiwali, flowers rangoli 2016 and many more.Rangoli is an artformfrom India in which patterns are created on the floor inlivingrooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice,dryflour, colored sand or flower petals. It is usually madeduringDiwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and otherIndianfestivals. People decorate there home with ganpatirangolidesigns and peacock rangoli design on the festival. Newyearrangoli wallpaper & rangoli designs with dots alsoavailable inthis rangoli app.However, you will need to have lots ofdesigns andalso practice to draw rangoli designs well. In RangoliDesignsVideos, we have added lots of videos which work as atutorial forbeginners as well as professionals. Our app comes with1000+ videoswhich is completely free. Easy rangoli designs areused inalmost all kinds of hindu religious occasions, festivals,weddingsand so on. It's believed that rangolis ward off evilspirits fromhomes. So try one of these easy rangoli designstoday.The materialsthat we used in the Rangoli Designs Videos areeasily foundeverywhere. Therefore, this art can be done in allhomes, rich orpoor. This application Contains various kindsCollection ofRangoli Designs for everyday use in the front yard.These rangolidesigns are simple, easy and doesn't take much time todraw. Theycan be drawn with dry flour in the frontyard. Practice theseeasy rangoli designs from the comfort ofyour homes to impress yourin-laws or your neighbors. If you enterany hindu house in India,you are bound to be welcomed by a rangolidesign which is normallydrawn with chalk powder or lime stonepowder on thefloor. Categories : -- Diwali Rangoli Designs-NavratriRangoli Designs- Ganesha Rangoli Designs- National RangoliDesigns-Peacocks Rangoli Designs- Dot RangoliRangoliDesigns Traditionally rice flour was used to createrangolidesigns, since it can act as a food source for tiny insectsandbirds.Thank You!!!
Simple & Easy Rangoli Designs with Dots for Diwali 7.7
Video Collection of How to make Dots Rangoli of Different SizeandShape. Make Dot to Dot Rangoli Videos with Steps forDummies.Awesome Dot Rangoli Big and Small Designs Pattern of LatestTypes.All Dots Rangoli Designs for Diwali Festival. Videos SimpleDotRangoli App 2017.Dots Rangoli Designs Videos in Hindi,English,Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Odia, Urdu, Bengali,Kannada,Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Bangle, Assamese, Haryanvi,Bangla,Nepali, Sindhi, Pakistani, Bhojpuri, Maithili etc. How tomake DotDot Rangoli and Easy Dot Rangoli Designs Book.Collection ofSimpleDotted Rangoli App with Videos 2017. Easy Dot Rangoli withVideosof Various Curve Shapes. Learn Dot Rangoli for DeepawaliandGeometric Dot Rangoli Design Videos. How to do Dot Ki Rangoliofdifferent styles. How to make Rangoli Dot Paper & DotColorRangoli Picture Image.Easy Dot to Dot Rangoli of ComplexandModerate Style. Unique Dots Rangoli for Dhanteras, Lakshmi PujaandNew Year. Make 13 - 7 Interlaced Dots Wali Rangoli andAttractiveDot Rangoli Art Craft Ideas. Kolam Designs with Dots forBeginnersStep Video Free Download.Elephant Dot Rangoli forBeginners &Dot to Dot Rangoli Designs. Birds and Animal DotRangoli MakingVideo Online Offline. Easy Dotted Rangoli Design 2017Diwali. Howto make Dots for Rangoli perfectly. Nice Dot Rangoli ofGods andGoddess.Special Characters Cartoon and Face Emoji Making.BeautifulDot Rangoli Step by Step for Beginners Tips. Dot RangoliwithoutColour to make creative. How to make Perfect Dots in RangoliofCartoon. Old Dot Rangoli Designs 3*3, 4*4, 5*5, 6*6, 8*8etc.MediumDot Rangoli Designs with Colours for Diwali of Cartoon,Ganesha,Ganpati, Laxmi, Radhe Krishna, Mahadev Ji etc. Dot RangoliDesignswith Colours for Competition in School College. Dots RangoliofPeacock and Dove Bird. Dot Rangoli on Paper, Floor and FloatinginWater.Instant Dot Rangoli Borders easy instruction tofollow.Swastik Dot Rangoli and Dot Joining Rangoli how to make.DotRangoli New Designs for Deepavali. Two, Three, Ten, Eight andNineDot Rangoli Diwali Special. Dot Style Rangoli of 9, 10, 12, 13,14and 15.Quick Dot Rangoli for Varamahalakshmi, Dasara, Gowri,GaneshChaturthi, Navratri etc. Rangoli Using Dots & Dot RangoliVideoFull HD. Colourful Dot Rangoli Designs Video and RangoliDotStencil Shapes. Dots Rangoli in Diwali House Decor.DotBasedRangoli and Dot Line Rangoli. Dot Rangoli of FlowersShapes.Rangoli Dot Sheet to make Star Dot Rangoli Step Wise. DotRangoliwith Numbers and Alphabets. Dots of Rangoli Design 7 by 4.Dot BaliRangoli and Dotless Rangoli Pattern. New Dot RangoliTutorial of20, 222, 23, 24 and 25 Dots Rangoli.Only Dots RangoliPatternsVideos and Dots Rangoli Making Ideas. Dot Type Rangoli inKarnatakaand Maharashtrian. No Dots Rangoli and How to make DotRangoliEasy. Mini Dot Rangoli for Festival. 16, 17, 18 and 19 DotsinRangoli Designs.Indian Dots Rangoli for Girls and Ladies to makeathome. Dots Rangoli Tutorial of Lotus, Rose and GalichaPattern.Making Rangoli with Rangoli Dot Paper at Home. Rangoli ofDots withMulti Colour. Modern Dot Rangoli 7 by 7 and 5*3. DotsRangoli NewDesigns Videos.Dots Rangoli Designs Hard and DifficultTypes. 10Dots Rangoli with Colour Combination. Dot Rangoli for NewYear 2017and Large Dots Rangoli. More and Less Dots Rangoli Video.DotsRangoli for Kids and Adults. Videos of Dots Ki RangoliHindimai.Dot Rangoli with Steps 2018 Videos. Dot Rangoli forDiwaliFestival Celebration. Dot Rangoli Kolangal & DotRangoliDesigns for New Year. Tulsi Kyaro Dot Rangoli Design forDiwaliHome Decoration. Vibrant and Floral Dot Rangoli DesignsClips. DotRangoli 21 to 11 and Dot Colour Rangoli.Muggulu DotsRangoli Video& Simple Dot Rangoli Videos 2019. Dot RangoliDesigns forDiwali Festive and How to make Dots Rangoli at Home.Square andCircle Dot Rangoli Step by Step Videos. Dots RangoliVideo andLatest Dots Rangoli Design Ideas.
Simple Mehndi Designs 2018 8
Simple Mehndi Design is a hand-picked collection of new,beautiful,latest, eye-catching and easy to apply offline mehndi(henna)designs and patterns iin HD. Make your weddings,festivals,function, ceremony, celebrations, games, songs, dance andpartiesfun again.These design include designs ranging from simpleArabic,simple Indian, simple Pakistani, bridal, flowers, gola,rose,round, tiki & romantic variations.Ramdan, Eid (Eid ul FitrandEid ul Adha), Shaadi, Baraat, Mehndi, Maaiyon, Holi,Dushera,Rangoli, Rajhastani,Diwali and several other events arewheresimple yet fancy and elegant designs can do wonders amongyourfamily and friends and build you a stylish reputation.Thesesimplecone gloss dezain can be drawn by children, girls, kids,teens,designers, wedding helper and beauty parlours alike on lefthand,right hand, back, palms, foot & fingers on marriage orused forlearning art of designer mehndi course for beginners.Morethan 100of these pretty gallery photos have been selected aftergoingthrough 1000 of pictures and video.These gorgeous mehndi booklikepictures of Henna Tatoo dizain are not CGI rather they arereallife photos of applied mehndi on hands, feet and arms whichmeansthat they can be applied in real life too.These heena designsarevery elegant and simple to apply and can be worked with inmatterof minutes. These are usually applied by females rangingfrombrides (dulhans), saali (sisters of groom), saas (mother ofgroom).These can vary across cultures.Mehandi designs are verypopular inSouth Asian countries of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.Mehendidesigns are also popular in overseas communities living inUnitedStates of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia,Canada,Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar,Oman,Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka,Ireland,Spain, Egypt, Morocco and France to name a few.You canalso:-Savefavourite designs-Set as wallpaper-Share-ZoomApppermission forstorage access is required so you can save the imageson yourmobile. If you do not want to save the images then you candeny thepermission.
Best Mehndi designs 2018 (Offline) 2.5
Sonam Minocha
This app showcases some excellent collection of uniqueMehndidesigns for 2018. Excellent work showing rich Indian culture.Usethis app for any occasion - be it Karwa-chowth, diwali, rakhi,id.Make this app part of all your festivals.There are lotsofattractive hina mehandi designs for hands, arm and feet.AllHDimages are displayed in album with zoom facility such that youcanput them to best use.These are the some of the best designsfromIndia and neighboring Arab countries which are well knownforHina/Mehndi Designs.The design images can be zoomed in and out,andcan also be added to Favorites, Set-as-Wallpaper andPhotoSharing.Wishing you all a Happy Diwali.Features:- Set imageaswallpaper- Share photos- All kind of mobiles andtabletssupportEnjoy mehndi for any season or festival.مجموعة فريدةجدا منالتصاميم Mehandi Prilično jedinstvenu kolekcijunedvosmislenMehandi dizajnaPretty уникална колекция от категоричниMehandiдизайн.的有力Mehandi设计非常独特的收藏。Docela unikátní sbírka důraznýchMehandivzorů.Temmelig enestående samling af eftertrykkeligeMehandidesigns. lookalike tatoveringerMooie unieke collectienadrukkelijkeMehandi ontwerpen. lookalike tatoeagesMelkoainutlaatuinen kokoelmapainokas Mehandi malleja . kaksoisolentotatuoinnitJolie collectionunique de dessins Mehandi emphatiques.Tatouages ​​LookalikeHübscheeinzigartige Sammlung von emphatischenMehandi Designs. LookalikeTattoosભારયુક્ત મહેન્દી ડિઝાઇન સુંદરઅનન્ય સંગ્રહ . હમશકલટેટૂઝBhārayukta mahēndī ḍijhā'ina sundaraanan'ya saṅgraha.Hamaśakala ṭēṭūjhaBailiúchán Pretty uathúil dearaíMehandi emphatic. tattoos lookalikeCollezione abbastanza unica didesign Mehandienfatiche .tatuaggilookalike断固たるMehandiデザインのかなりユニークなコレクション。そっくりの入れ墨강조 Mehandi디자인 의 예쁜독특한 컬렉션 . 닮은 문신Pulchra collection of unique consiliamehandivehementer . lookalike tattoosDość unikalna kolekcjaemfatycznychMehandi wzorów. tatuaże sobowtórBela coleção única demodelos deMehandi enfáticas . tatuagens sósiaColecție destul deunic dedesign Mehandi de întărire . tatuaje sosieДовольноуникальнаяколлекция выразительных Mehandi конструкций .двойниктатуировкиПрилично јединствена збирка недвосмислен Механдидизајна. двојник ТетоважеColección bastante único de diseñosMehandienfáticas . tatuajes lookalikeGanska unik samlingeftertryckligaMehandi mönster . lookalike tatueringarவலுவான Mehandiவடிவமைப்புகளைஅழகான தனிப்பட்ட சேகரிப்புகள் . lookalikeபச்சைகள்เอกลักษณ์ของการออกแบบ สวย Mehandi หนักแน่น รอยสักเหลืองอ๋อยPretty casgliadunigryw o ddyluniadau Mehandi bendant .tat edrych yn debygEmpatikMehandi tasarımları oldukça eşsiz birkoleksiyon . lookalikedövmeler
Mehndi Designs Henna 2018 Kids Tattoo & Nail Arts 1.8
Appy Stations
This Henna Mehndi Designs app contains new and verybeautifularmlets mehndi designs, foot mehndi design, kids mehndidesign,karva chauth vrat mehndi designs and hand designs. This apphavesimple showing mehndi design images. You can get brilliantkidshand mehndi designs nice Ideas about indian Mehndi designs. Youcanset as mehndi wallpaper. Great Eid Mehndi designs are Simpleandeasy to download free. Nail art designs & Tattoo designsforgirls also added in new section.On Karva chauth vrat this appisvery handy to karva chauth mehndi design. Have a look hennakarwachauth mehndi design, mehndi karwa chauth image,karwachauthmehndi, new karva chauth mehndi designs and karwa chauthspecialmehndi design in this app. This Easy Mehndi Designs provideMehndiDesigns 2018 latest for absolutely free. Make your virtualmehndiwallpaper. Trending Mehndi Art app contains virtual and livemehndidesigns. This is a mehndi designs 2018 latest offline appforandroid. Perfect latest Mehndi designs art to look differentinparties, wedding or friends gathering function. This mehndidesigns2017-2018 new app is specially design for wedding mehndidesignimage. Pakistani and Indian girls love these Henna mehndidesignimages. Mehndi designs new app contain easy and simpledesigns ofArab Mehndi Artists for free download. It's other name"mendhika"also derived from the Sanskrit word.This mehndi hennadesigns appcontains creative bridal mehndi designs for hands andfeet in 1000ways. In India and other Asian countries mehndi designgames forgirls are very popular. This app is similar to mehndidesign bookor mehndi book for mehndi bridal design and art class.Get morethan 60 different easy mehndi ready made design image andbe readyfor mahndi fashion of 2018. It is specially adopted inmanyoccasions like Karva chauth, Raksha bandhan, Wedding, Eid etc.Ifyou are searching better mehndi design app for your "mehndikiraat" then this app will definitely help you to make perfectmehndihath(palm). You can also use this app to try virtual photoeditorand paste some mehndi new designs. This app contain mehndiphotoand virtual pictures for try on your hand for practicetutorial.This mehndi aap can work offline too.Armlet and WristMehndi designis a kind of different, which are eye-catching andused in anyseason. Bajubandh designs are typically applied tobrides beforewedding ceremonies and in nowadays it has become afashion forwomen in the area of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan,ArabianPeninsula, Bangladesh, etc. Armlets mehndi designs alsocalledBajuband mehndi designs. Get your simple mehndi designs bookfreedownload app.Note: If you are searching for mehndi song,Mehndisoftware and/or mehndi video, mehndi song and dance, karwachauthwallpaper, karva chauth photo frame, karva chauth vidhi, thenthisapp is not for your use.The people in Mexico, Germany,France,Bangladesh, United States, USA, United Kingdom, Brazil,America,Nepal, Pakistan and the Sri Lanka also use these design ofmehndion palm & foot. We get inspired from different designslikeMoroccan, Pakistani, indo-arbic, Glitter, mughlai, bridalmehendidesigns, Multi Colored designs.Mehndi practiced mainly inAsiancountry like India, Bhutan, Indonesia and Arab also. Mehndiorhenna is use to temporary purpose for skin decoration,popularizedin the Indian festivals such as rakhi or raksha bandhanmehndidesign, Karwa chauth henna design and Indian wedding forbridalhenna designs.Features:Nail art designs & Girls tattooAddedGetoffline mehndi design courseMehndi Designs for Hands alsouseful tocreate Eid mehndi designsKarwachauth, Raksha BandhanmehndidesignMore Indian mehndi designdulhan mehndi designs 2017-2018Pakistani Mehndi design2018 Mehndi designscollectionsaddedPakistani and arbic heart henna designs For bodytattoodesigns get this mehndi bookEasy mehndi design appbutterflymehndidesign
Diwali Crackers & Magic Touch Fireworks 1.4
Nithra Apps
Diwali Crackers app –The best entertaining app for blastingvariouscrackers, as in real time.In this app you can blastvariouscrackers like Sparklers, Chakra or Ground Spinner, FlowerPots,Colour Fountains, Rockets, Atom Bombs or SoundingCrackers,Flashlight Crackers, etc.Diwali is a religious Hindufestival,celebrated as festival of lights by lighting lamps on thehomes,streets, shops, temples, etc. and also bursting ofcrackerseverywhere.While using this app, it will be a mind blowingfeellike blasting cracker in real time. As real time crackersarehazardous to our safety, especially when it comes of kids,thisDiwali Crackers app put back the place oforiginalcrackers.Features:You can blast all types ofVirtualCrackers.Fantabulous Fireworks Simulator with soundeffects.DiwaliCrackers – Completely free app to download.DiwaliCrackers - Veryrealistic Diwali crackers along with Sound.Createdwith realisticand beautiful animated backgroundThe app has threecolorfulcategories:Crackers Burst:In this app you can burst allkinds ofcrackers such flower pot animation ,rocket showersanimation,buchakras animation with virtual cracker sounds HappyDiwali.Burning Narakasuran:In this category, you can killNarakasuranusing bow-arrow and burn him. After burning theNarakasuran, Diwaliwishes are displayed as a sign of Lord KrishnaslayedNarahasuran.Unlimited Backgrounds:In this category, you canburstunlimited crackers by touching anywhere on the screen withcolorfullighting backgrounds.*It's the great time to have fun andtospreading the joy with happiness. Happy Diwali Wishes!!Light alampof love;Blast a chain of sorrow;Shoot a rocket ofprosperity;Fire aflowerpot of happiness; Wish u and yourfamily;SPARKLING DIWALIWISHES
Lakshmi Songs Telugu 1.0
Lakshmi Devi Songs TeluguLakshmi Devi Patalu TeluguVaralakshmiSongsTeluguVaralakshmi VratamVaralakshmi PataluVaralakshmiPaataluDiwaliSongsDiwali FestivalDeepavali SongsDeepavaliFestivalLakshmi DeviPaataluLakshmi Devi PataluLakshmiPaataluLakshmi PataluLakshmiMantraLakshmi Devotional songsLakshmiStuthiLakshmiAstotharamLakshmi StothramAshta Lakshmi StuthiAshtaLakshmiSongsAshta Lakshmi Devotional SongsLakshmiStuthiLakshmiSongsLakshmi Devotional SongsMahaLakshmiStuthiMahaLakshmiSongsMahaLakshmi Devotional SongsMaha LakshmiStuthiMaha LakshmiSongsMaha Lakshmi Devotional SongsVaralakshmiDevotionalSongsTelugu devotional songsTelugu pataluTelugu bhaktipataluTelugusongsSri Maha Lakshmi Songs TeluguLakshmi SongsTeluguDhanyaLakshmi NamoMangala HarathiShree MahaLakshmiSuprabhatamSowbhagyaLakshmi RavammaSri Dhairya LakshmiSri HariNariSri LakshmiPoojakuVani BharatiVaralakshmi DeviRavammaVaralakshmi TalliRavammaVijayalakshmi KaruninchumuVishnuManohariYededuBhuvanalaYereethiPogadedanammaSahasranamamSuprabhatamStothramSahasraNamamDevotionalSongsSongsMantraDevotionalAshtotharamGodBhagavanSriLordTopSongsGoodDevotional SongsMelody SongsMelody Devotional SongsTopDevotionalSongsMain Devotional SongsImportant DevotionalsongsEssentialDevotional songsEssential songsGod SongsBhagavanSongsGod MantraGodSahasranamamGod AshtotharamShatanamavaliGodStothrasGod StothramGodStothraBhagavan MantraBhagavanStothrasBhagavan StothramBhagavanStothraBhajansBhaktiSongsBhaktiDevotional AppBhakti AppGod AppAllGods AppLakshmiAppSri Lakshmi AppMaha Lakshmi AppDevi AppDurgaAppKali AppMaaAppAkshaya Tritiya AppAkshaya Tritiya SongsAkshayaTritiyaMantraAkshaya Tritiya BhajansAkshaya Tritiya Stothram
Mehndi Design Latest 2018 (offline) 2.4
3 Steps
Are you finding best mehndi design? Then Lastest Mehndi designishelpfull for you.Mehndi designs app contain lots of varietiesofdesigner mehndi styles. Mehdin also known as Henna. Girlsareloving mehndi in her hands So we present all type of mehandi.Ifyouare looking for latest hand mehndi designs art to lookdifferentfrom other girls in wedding, parties or friends gatheringfunctionthis mehndi designs free app is just for you. We areprovidingMehndi design wallpaper collection.This mehndi designs2017/ 2018app is specially design for wedding mehndi design image.Pakistaniand Indian girls love these Henna mehndi designs freeimages.Mehndi designs new app contain easy and simple designs ofArabMehndi Artists for free download. Make your virtualmehndiwallpaper. The app conains Easy mehndi design, Mehnditattoo,bridalmehndi designs, Eid Mehndi, Karwachauth, RakshaBandhan mehndidesign, Indian mehndi design, Pakistani Mehndidesign, RajasthaniMehndi design, Arabic Mehndi henna design orarabic hennadesigns,Duhlan Mehndi Design etc.Armlet and WristMehndi design isa kind of different mehndi designs which areeye-catching and usedin any season. This is very popular in southAsian countries.Bajubandh designs are typically applied as dulhanmehndi designs2018 / brides full hand mehndi designs before weddingceremoniesand in nowadays it has become a fashion for women in thearea ofIndia, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Arabian Peninsula,Bangladesh, etc.Armlets mehndi designs app can also called Bajubandmehndi designsapp for download. Bridal mehndi designs for full handand upperhand are the new mehndi designs in our simple mehndidesigns 2016latest collection. This app can learn about how to drawmehndidesigns in hand step by step as simple mehndi designsofIndian.Mehndi is typically applied during special Hinduweddingsand Hindu festivals like KarvaChauth, VatPurnima,Diwali(Deepavali), Bhai Dooj, Teej, Holi, Navratri,MakarSankranti,VasantPanchmi etc. In Hindu festivals, many womenhave Hennaapplied to their hands and feet. It is usually drawn onthe palmsand feet, where the design will be clearest due tocontrast withthe lighter skin on these surfaces, which naturallycontain less ofthe pigment melanin. Henna was originally used as aform ofdecoration mainly for Hindu brides. Muslims of Indiansubcontinentalso apply Mendi during their festivals likeEid-ul-Fitr andEid-ul-Adha.The Diwali mehndi design app alsocontains body artmehndi design.This mehndi henna designs appcontains creativebridal mehndi designs for hands and feet in 1000ways. In India andother Asian countries mehndi design games forgirls are verypopular.It is specially adopted in many occasionslike Wedding,Eid, Karva chauth, Raksha bandhan etc. If you aresearching bettermehndi design app for your "mehndi ki raat" thenthis app willdefinitely help you to make perfect mehndi hath(palm).This app isas simple as mehndi making games. You can also use thisapp to tryvirtual photo editor and paste some mehndi new designs.This appcontain mehndi photo and virtual pictures for try on yourhand forpractice tutorial. This mehndi aap can work offlinetoo.Features1)Facility to save the images to SD card.2) Share Imageto yourfriends using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, hike,twitter,etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or more.4) Next, Previousbutton.5)Offline gallery images.6) Gallery view of pictures7)Zoomingoption: Zoom In, Zoom OutDisclaimer: All logos/images/namesarecopyright of their perspective owners. All the images in thisappare available on public domains. This image is not endorsed byanyof the perspective owners, and the images are used simplyforaesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, andanyrequest to remove one of the images/logos/names will behonored.This application is an unofficial fan based application. Wealwaysrespect your creation.
Rangoli Designs 1.7
Urva Apps
Rangoli Designs application contains Beautiful 500+RangoliCollections. 100% Free and Offline app. - Diwali RangoliDesigns -Navratri Rangoli Designs - Ganesha Rangoli Designs -NationalRangoli Designs - Peacocks Rangoli Designs - Dot RangoliRangoliDesigns
Rangoli Classics 1.1.1
Rangoli is a classic Indian folk art. This app is a collectionofdifferent types of classic Rangoli designs. All Rangoli designsareavailable offline. Rangoli designs are popular with differentnamesin different regions of India. Rangoli is a Hindi word. It isknownas Ranga Valli and Muggu in Telugu, Rangoli inKarnataka,Chaookpurna in Chhattisgarh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Aripanin Bihar,Alpana in Bengal, Sanskar Bharti in Maharashtra, Kolam inTamilNadu, Rangavalli in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, AlikhthapinKumaon, Kalam in Kerala, and Saathiya in Gujarat. Not justinnames, the designs also vary as per the region. Rangoli Designs/Muggulu / Kolangal are usually made during Diwali(Deepawali),Onam, Pongal (Sankranti), Ugadi (New Year), Dussehra(Dasara) andother Indian festivals. • Both plain and coloredrangoli designsare there to make it easy to understand and draw. •Every rangolihas details about number of dots, lines and patterns(straight orcrossed). • Favorite Rangoli designs can be chosenwhich are shownas a separate collection for quick access. • 100Rangoli designsare included in this app in total.
Mehndi Designs – Latest 1.1.0
It is a collection of Latest Mehndi Designs or HennaTattoos.Different kinds of Mehandi Designs for different occasionslikebridal mehndi designs for weddings, sangeet ceremonies,partymehndi designs and simple and modern mehndi designs for normaluseare included in this collection. Mehandi designs fordifferentcultures like indian, pakistani and arabic mehndi designsforfestivals like Eid, Ramadan / Ramzan, Diwali / Deepawali,KarvaChauth, Nav Rathri and Rakhi / Raksha Bandhan are available inthiscollection. New and easy mehndi designs for hands, full hands,feetand legs are there in different categories.• More than 150mehndidesigns in total are included in this collection indifferentcategories.• Designs can be zoomed-in by double tapping onthem. •Favourite mehndis can be selected for quick access later. •Designscan also be shared with friends through various socialnetworks.
Rangoli 1.0
Rangoli Designs for numerous Hindu festivals. This app iscollectionof Diwali Rangoli, Dot Rangoli, Ganesha Rangoli, BengaliRangoli,Lakshmi Pada Rangoli, Hridaya Kamalam Rangoli, SankrantiRangoli,Ratham Rangoli, Lord Shiva Rangoli, Nag Panchami Rangoli,SaraswatiRangoli, Tulasi Rangoli, Navagraha Rangoli and GudiPadwaRangoli.All Rangoli are described with 4 steps to make it easytodraw for all Rangoli lovers. Rangoli is known as Kolam inTamilNadu, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowk Purna in Uttar Pradesh,Alpana inWest Bengal, Aripana in Bihar and Muggu in AndhraPradesh.Onceinstalled App needs no Internet connection.
Diwali Crackers 4.4
Diwali Fireworks - All Types of Diwali FireworkswithSound.Feature:1. All Types of Crackers.2. Fireworks Simulatorwithsound effects.3. Free Full Version.4. Virtual Crackers.
Mehndi Designs fashion 1.1.1
Using this Best Mehndi Designs of all time App we PresentfreeHigh-Definition beautiful Latest Mehndi designs for Attendpartiesyou can ge all types of Latest and Top Designs.Nice wayofPresenting Designs and Sharing option also Available.CategoriesareLike:Mehndi Design for bride, , Eid MEhndi ,Designermehndi,hand,Gujarati,Legs, Incredible Designs, Neck back,Indian,Simpleand Small, Latest Designs,Marathi, Marwari, Modern,Rajashthani,Traditional, Arabic Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi styles andDesign forArm.....Features3. HD Quality designs.4. Easily savedesigns.5.Send designs to your friends.6. Set As Wallpaper.7.Easily Save inyour Sdcard.Adding new Designs for every week.
Chhota Bheem Diwali FireWorks 1.0.1
Enjoy this Diwali with Chhota Bheem by playing withmanymulticolored fireworks on your mobile/tablet.. Burstfirecrackersalong with Bheem, Chutki, Raju and Kalia and watchDiwali videos ofChhota Bheem.Touch or Drag anywhere on the screenand createmultiple designs in the sky with colorful fireworks.
Rangoli Kolangal 2.0.1
Rangolis are traditional form of artwork, decorating Indianhomessince ancient times. They bring out the artistry in everyfamily.They are a sort of paintings, composed of strokes, curvesand loopsdrawn around a grid of dots.Pls let us know your feedback.
Virtual Diwali Laxmi Ganesha 1.2
First of all Happy and Shubh Deepavali to everyone!! May thisDiwalibring peace and prosperity to you are your family.This is aVirtualDiwali Diya Pooja of Lakshmi and Ganesh - Lakshmi Pooja isthe mainevent of the five-day festival Diwali. The pooja isobserved on thethird day of the festival of Diwali which falls onthe dark night ofamavasya. Lighten up Diya with your hands thisDiwali with famousdevotional Aarti bhajan Audio and feel close toLakshmi and Ganeshji. This Virtual Aaarti worship of Ganesh andLakshmi are speciallyfor those who don't have time for daily Aartiat home. Just simplystart the application, lighten up Diya withyour hand and playAarti.This virtual Diwali Diya allows you tointeract with a DiwaliPujan on your Mobile. You can also changethe Audio Aarti music init. Make your this Diwali so colorful andhappy with this specialApp.Download Virtual Aarti App and DiwaliWallpaper and enjoy thisDiwali peacefully with your lovedones.Please leave us feedback,rating and ideas to enhance this appin future.Please note free appsmay contain ad which may support usto generate more free livewallpapers and applications for you.Thank you.
Laxmi Mantra : 3D Book 2.1
Laxmi Aarti:Supremedroids brings you love, light and goodwishesthis Diwali. Experience the joy of performing the ShreeMahaLakshmi Aarti right from your very own phone.Are you far fromyourhome missing the festivities in India this Diwali? Sing thosebluesaway with our new interactive Shree Maha Lakshmi Aarti App.You canperform the Aarti on your phone by taking the Aarti PlatearoundLakshmi Ma with your finger.Maha Lakshmi is the great goddessofwealth. She is the consort of Lord Narayana and revered allacrossIndia especially during the Diwali period. The aspect ofwealth isnot only limited to physical wealth or Dhana which weassociatewith money, coins and gold, but rather it also includes-agricultural wealth, the wealth of children, the wealth ofcourageand valour, the wealth of victory, the wealth of knowledgeand ThisAarti is sung in Hindi and honours all her forms andattributes.Life should not only be about accumulating materialwealth butrather should be about spreading true wealth like love,happinessand good will amongst everyone - that is the true spiritofDiwali.Om Jai Laxmi Mata, Maiya Jai Laxmi Mata,Tumko nis dinsevat,Hari, Vishnu Data.Om JaiLaxmi MataUma Rama Brahmaani, Tum hiJagMata,Surya ChandraMa dhyaavat, Naarad Rishi gaata.Om JaiLaxmiMata.Durga Roop Niranjani, Sukh Sampati DataJo koyeetumkodhyavat,Ridhee Sidhee dhan paataaOm JaiLaxmi Mata.Tumpatalnivasanii, tum hi shubh dataKarma prabhav prakashini, bhavnidhi kitrataOm Jai Laxmi Mata.Jis ghar tum rehtee tab, sab sadgunaaataaSab sambhav ho jaata, man nahin ghabrata.Om Jai LaxmiMataTumbin yagya na hote, vastra na wo pataKhan pan ka vaibhava,Sab tumseaata.Om Jai Laxmi MataShubh gun mandir sundar,Kshirodadhijata,Ratan charurdash tumhin, koi nahi pata,Om Jai LaxmiMataMahaLaxmi ji ki aarti, jo koi nar gataUr anand samata, pap utarjata,OmJai Laxmi MataSupremeDroids wishes all our customers a veryhappyDiwali and Prosperous New Year.
Latest Mehndi Designs 2017 1.0
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What is Mehndi?Mehndi is the art of painting the body inornatedesigns with henna.Associated with transformationandtranscendence, it is a beautiful and mysterious art form thathasbeen used for centuries to heal, to adorn and to bless.A pasteismade from the crushed leaves of the henna plant mixed withothernatural ingredients,such as eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, andblacktea. The paste is applied to the skin, and when removedseveralhours later, it leaves beautiful markings that last from 1to 3weeks.The longevity of a mehndi design depends on manyfactors.Keepin mind that each persons skin takes differently tohenna, as doesthe area of the body you choose to adorn.Beforeapplying the paste,the skin must be free and clear of all otheroils and dirt.Once ThePaste Is On The Skin The Real Work Begins!YOUARE COMMISSIONING THEARTIST TO APPLY YOUR HENNA DESIGN, THEN IT ISUP TO YOU.To Get TheBest Results From Your Henna ExperienceYOU MUSTTAKE CARE FOR THENEXT 24 HOURS.The paste must be allowed to drycompletely (20-30min).The longer the dried paste remains on theskin the longer thedesign will last, recommended time 4-6hours.Remove the paste witha layer of oil, or scratch off withfingers,DO NOT TAKE IT OFF WITHWATER!Avoid water contact for thefirst 24 hrs after the paste isremoved, as the color is stilldeveloping at this time.When thepaste is first removed it willappear orange, it takes 24-48 hrsfor the color to finish darkeningto a deep brown.Preserve andProtect your Design by Applying a Layerof 'Mehndi Maintenance Oil'to your Design Frequently,EspeciallyBEFORE and AFTER WaterContact.Short History of Mehndi:The earliestcosmetic use of henna(lawsonia inermis) was in Egypt, where thepeople would dye theirhair and nails,and a Pharaoh's fingers andtoes would be dippedbefore mummification. Once the henna plant'scooling propertieswere discovered,painting the skin and dying thehair with hennabecame a way for the people in desert climates tocool their bodytemperature.For centuries mehndi has been practicedin Africa,India, Asia, the Middle East, and Central Eurasia forvariousceremonies and celebrations.Today mehndi is still practicedin manydiverse ways, from eccentric body decoration, tohealingceremonies... Mehndi is a Magical Art...Symbols andSymbolismHennadyes the top layer of skin... as the skin replacesitself andexfoliates away, the designs fade.Areas of the body withthickerlayers of skin will last the longest- the hands and feet canlastup to 4 weeks.The arms, ankles, back, and belly can last up to3weeks. And the chest, and face will last a week at most.TheTwoBest Areas of the Body for Mehndi are the Hands and theFeet.Hands~ the most popular and long-lasting area of the body.Palm~ designsinvoke images of opening and offering (usually sun,flower,mandala)Back of hand ~ acts as a shield-closing,defending,clenching-symbolizing protection.According to EasternIndianPalmistryRight hand ~ Male, ProtectiveLeft hand ~Female,ReceptiveFeet ~ the tops stain deeply & arelong-lasting.Thefeet are recognized as a point of divine contact,considered a holyjunction, where Human being and Earth meet.So dueto that reason wehave made this app. In this app contains the 1000+Latest MehndiDesigns. It contains both Hand & Foot MehndiDesigns.Why areyou waiting... Download it fast...
IPL 2018 Profile Picture Maker : IPL Photo Frames 2.0
11th Season Of VIVO IPL 2018The IPL 2018 is upon us and theIndiancricket summer will only get hotter from here. Want tocreateprofile/dp picture for Facebook, WhatsApp or Twittersupportingyour favorite IPL Team.Instantly add your favorite IPLTeam Frameto any of your pictures. Show your love and support foryour IPLteam!! This IPL DP Maker App is sure to get you a lot more"likes"on Instagram. Which allows you to edit your normal pictureinto IPL2018 Support Profile Photo.App Feature:-▶ Choose photo fromGalleryor Camera Option to take selfie with Friends!!▶ Collectionof allIPL 2018 teams photo frames!▶ 50+ different type of frames!▶Addstickers to your creation!▶ Easily “Text Add” to Write OnyourPhoto and pass the Message very fast!▶ Save it or Share!▶ 100%FREEand Easy to Use!HOW TO USE APP ?All you need to do is justdownloadthe app, Select your selfie photo or picture from galleryor take anew selfie with friends, and choose your favorite IPL teamphotoframe, apply filter effects, write custom text in stylishfonts,save in high definition (HD) quality & share with yourfriendsand family on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,SnapChat.....Team Frame:1. Delhi Daredevils2. SunrisersHyderabad3.Kings XI Punjab4. Kolkata Knight Riders5. MumbaiIndians6. RoyalChallengers Bangalore7. Rajasthan Royals8. ChennaiSuper KingsYoucan show your support and love by changing your newprofile pic offacebook and whatsApp with this FREE app IPL 2018photomaker!!Disclaimer: This is not the official app of IPL(IndianPremier League). The purpose of the app is to render the funfilledexperience about the IPL 2018 T20 cricket leaguetournament.▶Support:- [email protected] any kind ofhelp orconfusion, simply write to us, and we would happily resolveyourproblems in a quick friendly manner. Kindly do not leave usanynegative stars, we're here to help. Thanks : )
Mehndi Design Latest 2018 1.0
This mehndi designs 2017/ 2018 app is specially design forweddingmehndi design image. Pakistani and Indian girls love theseHennamehndi designs free images. Mehndi designs new app containeasy andsimple designs of Arab Mehndi Artists for free download.Make yourvirtual mehndi wallpaper. Mehndi is typically appliedduringspecial Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like KarvaChauth,VatPurnima, Diwali(Deepavali), Bhai Dooj, Teej, Holi,Navratri,MakarSankranti, VasantPanchmi etc. In Hindu festivals,many womenhave Henna applied to their hands and feet. It is usuallydrawn onthe palms and feet, where the design will be clearest duetocontrast with the lighter skin on these surfaces, whichnaturallycontain less of the pigment melanin. Henna was originallyused as aform of decoration mainly for Hindu brides. Muslims ofIndiansubcontinent also apply Mendi during their festivalslikeEid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.All types of like Simple MehendiHD,Arabic Mehendi, Easy Mehendi, Pakistani Mehendi, Bridal Mehendiarein our app.If you’re a girl and if you’re ready to goshort,Looking for Best Eid Mehndi Designs then Check out Designs inourapp now.Using this App We Present Free High-DefinitionBeautifulLatest Arabic Mehndi Designs For Attend Parties, WeddingsandFestivals.The Important Features & Categories:• ArabianMehndiDesigns.Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design CollectionsIncludingArab, Irani, Arab Emirates (UAE) Cultures. • IndianMehndiDesigns.Mehndi Designs from different regions of India-Rajasthani, Gujrati, Tamil, Delhi.• PakistaniMehndiDesigns.Pakistani Traditional Designs for Eid, MarriageCeremony.•Feet Mehndi Designs.Simple and Gorgeous Designs, AlsoforBridals. • Bridal's Mehndi Designs.Design to BeautifyatMarriage Ceremony.• Hena Mehndi Collections.Hena Arts, RawDesignCollections.• Alia Khans' Mehndi DesignsPopular MehndiBeautician'sDesigns.• Turkey Mehndi DesignTraditional TurkeyDesigns.• MoroccanMehndi Design.• Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design.•Bengali Mehndi.• TribalTraditions Mehndi Design.• New Year MehndiDesign.• Thirty-FirstParty Mehndi Design.I hope You Guys enjoy alots as our otherapp.Please dont forget to rate and share it willhelp us to sharebest serivce to all.
Eid Mehndi Designs - Arabic, Bridal & Henna 2018 4.4.999
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Easy Mehndi Designs pro application provide Mehndi Designs2018latest book for absolutely free. We collect mehndi designsacrossthe world with all time collection of 2018 & 2018hennadesigns. If you are looking for latest hand mehndi designs arttolook different from other girls in wedding, parties orfriendsgathering function this mehndi designs free app is just foryou.This mehndi designs 2018 new app is specially design forweddingmehndi design image. Pakistani and Indian girls love theseHennamehndi designs free images. Mehndi designs new app containeasy andsimple designs of Arab Mehndi Artists for free download.Make yourvirtual mehndi wallpaper. mehndi designs 2018 latest easyapp isthe amalgamation of virtual and live mehndi designs. This isamehndi designs 2018 latest offline app for android containsmehndidesigns all types offline app.Armlet and Wrist Mehndi designis akind of different mehndi designs which are eye-catching andused inany season. This is very popular in south Asiancountries.Bajubandh designs are typically applied as dulhan mehndidesigns2018 / brides full hand mehndi designs before weddingceremoniesand in nowadays it has become a fashion for women in thearea ofIndia, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Arabian Peninsula,Bangladesh, etc.Armlets mehndi designs app can also called Bajubandmehndi designsapp for download. Bridal mehndi designs for full handand upperhand are the new mehndi designs in our simple mehndidesigns 2018latest collection. This app can learn about how to drawmehndidesigns in hand step by step as simple mehndi designs ofIndian.Beautiful, new and attractive style easy arm mehndi designsarecollected here in this app to be help full for the women andforgirls to find it easily and apply it for festivals.Thismehndihenna designs app contains creative bridal mehndi designs forhandsand feet in 1000 ways. In India and other Asian countriesmehndidesign games for girls are very popular. This app is similartomehndi design book or mehndi book for mehndi bridal design andartclass. Get more than 60 different easy mehndi ready madedesignimage and be ready for mehndi fashion of 2018. It isspeciallyadopted in many occasions like Wedding, Eid 2018, Karvachauth,Raksha bandhan etc. If you are searching better mehndidesign appfor your "mehndi ki raat" then this app will definitelyhelp you tomake perfect mehndi hath(palm). This app is as simple asmehndimaking games. You can also use this app to try virtual photoeditorand paste some mehndi new designs. This app contain mehndiphotoand virtual pictures for try on your hand for practicetutorial.This mehndi aap can work offline too.Features of thisapp:• Easymehndi design app• Simple mehndi designs book• Hennabutterflytattoo• Mehndi tattoo• Mehndi tips• Mehndi Hd images•Mehndi eidsimple design• Raksha Bandhan 2018, Karwachauth mehndidesign•Indian mehndi design• Pakistani Mehndi design• 2018 Mehndidesigncollection• Rajasthani Mehndi design• Arabic Mehndi hennadesign /arabic henna designs• Mehndi arabic designs• Mehndirangolidesign** New version includes **Raksha Bandhan mehndidesigns2018mehndi designs for kids / childrenmehndi designs forlegsmehndidesigns for fingermehndi designs for handsmehndi designsforrosesimple mehndi designs 2018 latest for kidsmehndi designs2018latest for kidsbridal mehndi designs for marriage andmarwarimehndi designsOn the Indian occasion Karva chauth vrat thisapp isvery handy to find Karva chauth vrat mehndi design andmehndidesign 2018 latest. This app is helpful in henna karwachauthmehndi design, mehndi karwa chauth image, karwachauth mehndi,newkarva chauth mehndi designs and karwa chauth special mehndidesignin this app. Note: This app contains karwa chauth wallpapersformehndi, karva chauth photo frame for mehndi, mehndi karvachauthphoto and mehndi design karva chauth vidhi and lots more.
Mehndi Songs & Shadi Dance HOT 1.5
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Pakistani & Indian Weddings are worth watching becauseoftraditional cultural songs, mehndi dance, and shadi mahiye. Ifyouare someone who is looking for best collection of Mehndisongs,Shadi dance performances, and wedding cultural Punjabi songs,theninstall this wedding songs application. In this app, you will:1–Listen hot collection of bollywood and Hollywood songs thatareplayed on different shadi functions2 – Zabardast Bhangra andshadidance performances on top hit bhangra and wedding songs3 –Also,for Baraat functions there is category which featuresrukhsatisongs and other performances that cherish the moments ofBaraat4 –Traditional Punjabi songs called tappay and maahiye inthis app arealso included.This is a perfect Shadi Planner app forthose who arelooking for wedding ideas. This includes now almostevery essentialcollection people for weddings. It includes, Shadisongs, BaraatDance, Wedding Dances, Bhangra and Party songs forMehndi and Shadifunctions. It also includes designs for mehndi,bridal, weddingstage, groom dress. In addition, there is a weddingbook guideincluded. Read the Shadi ki Raat Tohfa Shadi book in theapp toknow the wedding requisites.So install this app and enjoythelovely songs with incredible performances.
Simple Mehndi Designs 1.0
The design of henna especially henna mehndi is not onlyconsideredas part of a cultural culture more than that he is ableto create aspecial attraction for the beauty of a woman.Mehndi isbasically akind of natural dye produced from leaves and stems ofhenna treeuse of henna mehndi material as a dye in the field ofhennapainting has spread in various parts of the worldInwesterncountries too Mehndi used as a base for making tattoo templehennapainting position of the hand when painting hennaHenna simplehandMehndiThis henna motif picture is the simplest mehndi hennathatyou can use to decorate your wrist design henna motif you canuseto decorate thumb and index finger of your hand to lookmoreattractive.henna hand with simple motifIf you want to give alittlefascination to your fingers try to paint a simple hennadrawing forthe hands of this henna motif you can use to decorateone of yourfingers especially at ceremonial events such asengagements andwedding ceremonieshenna for fingersEvery woman wouldwant to be thecenter of attention both when there are birthdayparties and otherceremonial events if you want to look differentinexpensive try toapply simple henna designs for simple hennaflowered hands can be apractical and inexpensive solution for everywoman who want to lookbeautiful and charming and here are someexamples of simple mehndidesign drawings may be useful for you
Beautiful Mehndi Design 1.0
For tattoo enthusiasts, and those who are entering the sanctityofmarriage, getting a tattoo to immortalize your love issimpleromantic. Almost every culture, across the world has theirown setof traditions when it comes to marriages, weddings,andcelebrations. Irish culture holds the Celtic tattooswithsignificant value, which is why they incorporated its meaningintotheir daily lives. As these tattoos have no beginning orend,Celtic loops and knots are the perfect symbol of togethernessandforever.Although, many Irish people choose to weartraditionalrings, the Celtic tattoos have been one way of binding acouple'smarriage, expressing their culture and heritage, andbringing insome kind of creativity to the whole wedding.CelticTattoosAnytraditional wedding has the couple choosing andexchanging weddingrings for the ceremony. To keep the traditionalive but also addingtheir own unique twist to it, some newlywedsare adding that extracreativity to the whole thing. Getting weddingband tattoos inkedon themselves, to show their love for oneanother. Plus, an addedadvantage of getting your wedding ringtattooed on yourself is, youwon't ever lose it.Design IdeasWhen youdecide to spend the rest ofyour life with your true love,everything else seems unimportantsomehow. You wish to display yourlove for him/her and make astatement about it. What could bebigger, louder, and permanentthan a wedding tattoo? When the two ofyou bond on a level where noone can even imagine, it makes yourrelationship stronger thanever. And as a permanent reminder of thatperson, relationship,date, and/or place, you can get matchingtattoos done.Linked Rings- The linking of two wedding bands, onyour ring finger, symbolizesyour eternal and undying love for oneanother. The design showsunity and infinity all mixed in one. Aunion of two souls that cannever break by making the design withendless Celticknots.Name/Initials - One of the most popular kind oftattoo is thename or initials tattoo. The names/initials go on eachother'sbody, exactly on the same spot, and in the same font, size,style,and shape.Wedding Bells - As the wedding bells have alwaysbeenassociated with the end of the wedding ceremony, the tattoowillpreserve your union. You can get the wedding date inked inthemiddle of the bells and enhance it with elegant knotwork.HennaTattoosApart from the Celtic tattoos, another popularculture alsoadopts the heritage of applying tattoos for wedding;India. Unlikeother cultures, weddings in India are held on a grandscale as theyhave to follow a number of rituals, customs, andtraditions. As onethe important rituals for Hindu weddings, thetemporary tattoos,also known as mehndi, are applied on the bride'shands and feet. Itis believed that the henna tattoos signify thestrength of abride's marriage and the love she will receive afterit. The darkerthe color of the tattoo, the stronger and longer themarriage willbe.Design IdeasThe designs and patterns drawn on thehands and feetare very complicated. Although, the placement ofthese temporarytattoos are not specified, as mentioned before, theyare generallyapplied on the hands and feet. Nowadays, apart fromthe bride, therest of the family and friends, and the groom (insome cultures)also get the privilege of applying henna on theirhands. However,only the bride gets the special attention and themost unique,creative, and beautiful designs when it comes toit.Baraat - Inplain English, baraat means the marriage processionwhich comesfrom the groom's house, accompanied by his family andfriends. Thisentire scenario is drawn on one of her arms withintricate designsto match it. The tattoo actually starts at the topof her arm andruns down to her palm.Beautiful Mehndi Design
Indian Doll Diwali Celebration 1.7
Wishing you Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year!DiwaliorDeepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every yearinautumn. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism,itspiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, goodoverevil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope overdespair.Celebratethis Deepavali Festival with Indian Doll and havelots of fun!Bringing you Indian Doll Diwali Celebration as per theusersrecommendation!With lots of unique celebration andpreparationoptions along with Doll makeover, hair spa, nail art,makeup anddress up options!**** Features ***** Beautiful MakeoverGive Doll abeautiful makeover to clean up her face with manyoptions.*Relaxing Hair Spa A royal relaxing hair spa treatment forDoll*Stunning Nail Art Choose beautiful nail color options fromlots ofoptions, use glitter nail paint for fancy look. Apply color/glitter, use pattern / stickers and decorate with diamonds.*RoyalMakeup - Apply beautiful makeup for Diwali day celebration. -Lotsof hair styles to start with. - Change eye lenses to make herlookmore stunning - Choose a eye brow color from options to makeherlook better - Apply the unique eye mascara with differentcoloroptions - Give Indian Girl more stunning look with uniqueeyeshadows and glow - Make her cheeks more charming with uniquecheekglow options - Gopi Doll's makeup would be incompletewithoutattractive lipsticks and lip glow - Accessorize her lookwith lotsof beautiful jewelry like earring, necklace, nose ring,bindi.*Modern Ethnic Dressup - We have specially created uniqueoutfits togive your cute Girl a perfect traditional and charminglook! -Choose a dress for your Indian Girl from bunch of options;you canalso change the dress color by sliding the given coloroption -Accessorize her look with lots of fun jewelry likeearring,necklace, nose ring, waist ring, bindi and much more. -Change thebackground and give a blissful look!* Send Greetings -Prepare abeautiful Greeting card for your near and dear ones. -Send themDeepavali wishes with excellent cards with sharing optionslikewhatsapp, facebook, email and many other sharing options.*LaxmiGanesh Pooja - The celebration of Deepavali festival isincompletewithout Laxmi & Ganesh Pooja. - Worship Laxmiji &Ganeshjiwith plenty of options - Once you have done withpreparation ofpooja, press the next button to go for prayer. - Turnyour Aartidish circular with your finger and enjoy the Aarti/Prayer* DiyaDecoration - Decorate diya’s by your own! - Select diyashape,choose color options choose best pattern from the givenoptions. -Pour oil and lit the diya.* Rangoli Decoration - Choosefrom plentyof rangoli designs. - fill colored sand in rangoli andmake it morebeautiful.* Sweet Dish Decoration - Choose yourfavourite dish todecorate it with sweets snacks and server to theguest. - Choosefrom sweets, dry fruits and snacks* DeepavaliCelebration - ItsDeepavali Day! Yipeee! - After preparing all thethings above let’scelebrate Deepavali festival with cute Girl. -Fire crackers bytapping on them. Tap on Ground Chakkar and FlowerPots and playwith it!Have fun with Diwali Festival with Indian Girlwith lots ofJoys and be safe while firing crackers!Wishing you allHappy, Safeand Beautiful Diwali from Sweet Games LLC Team.
Mehndi Design Ideas 1.0
There are various kinds of mehndi patterns, top three beingIndian,Pakistani, Arabic and African Mehndi designs. All three areverypopular and have their own beauty, in this article we shallbetalking more about Pakistani and Arabic mehndi patterns.Tostartwith, Pakistani designs as the name suggests are more commonto thepeople in the Pakistan. However their popularity is worldwideandthey are known to be very reputed mehndi designs. Though theyarequite similar with the Indian Mehndi Designs they have theirownappeal and significance. Most of the Pakistani mehndi stylesareknown to have very complicated designs as well as patterns.Thedesigns vary as per the celebration, taste andlocation.Mehndiplays a crucial role in a Pakistani marriage and abride isconsidered incomplete without a Mehndi. Brides haveparticularmehndi designs all over their legs, hands feet and arms.Most ofthe times a bride are decorated with mehndi in herwedding(Manyoon).A mehendi pattern might even be utilizedduringcelebrations as they give a very attractive look. Nowadaysthere isa variety of Mehndi styles to choose from for the Mehndilovers.The current trend has also brought in styled mehndipatterns. Thesepatterns are veru popular among the mehndi lovers.Here a patternscatch is created by thin outline and the centralempty part isfilled with dress shining mehndi with mascara.Comingto the Arabicmehndi, these styles are quite popular worldwide. Mostif them aresimple floral motifs worn at hands and feet of women.They usuallyreflect the skills of artists and design individualityof alltraditions around Arabian Peninsula.This kind of mehndipatternsare used to paint temporarily on the hands or feet of thebride.The ingredient used to create mehndi powder is called Henna.Hennais a shrub or a small tree around 2-6 m tall. This hennaispowdered and then mixed with mustard and tea for creating athickpaste. Most of the times the shade is brownish red howeverhennacan also be mixed with more plants for changing theirnaturalcolor. When the paste is used to create a mehndi design, youwouldhave to wait before the mehndi to dry completely. The mehndipasteactually is a dye absorbed by skin, the same stays on the skinforseveral days like a temporary tattoo. Most of the times it isdarkbrown or orange in color. Among the various kinds of mehndidesignsthe Arabic mehndi is known to be the most popular form ofmehndistyles.
Easy Mehndi Ideas 1.0
Manisha Gosar
There are various designs that can be used to draw in hand, somecanbe artistic and others can be very relaxed. Many people arereallyfascinated with this art, so it comes up with many differentkindsof things to draw. Some cool things you can wear can be veryrandomand funny. If you are creative, you can certainly find auniqueidea.If you visit Middle Eastern or South Asian countries,the artof "Mehndi" or henna tattoo is very famous. This artincludesdrawing beautiful and creative designs in the palm of thehand witha mixture of henna and other materials, using "henna pen"or "cone".This color becomes richer for several weeks (due to bodyheat), andthen gradually fades away. In this article you will findsome coolthings to draw, so take a look and choose your favoritedesign fromthe ones mentioned below.FlowersNature has always beentheinspiration for many of the designs drawn, the flowers beingthemost often chosen. Because there are so many types of flowersthatexist in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, theymakebeautiful designs if drawn as single flowers or many together.Themost commonly used flower images are rose, marigold,periwinkle, andothers. The specialty of this design is easy todraw and look goodwhen combined with other designs such as leaves,creeping, orbirds.Animals and BirdsThere are so many small and biganimals thatare so easy to draw in your hands. Animals and birdssuch aselephants, camels, tigers, horses, swallows, peacocks,geese,butterflies, etc. are large structures that must be drawn.The shapeis easy to make and can be designed with a very uniquewith avariety of shades. These animals and birds are a commoninfluence onhenna tattoos because of their distinctive featuresand elegantposture.Names and phrasesIf you like "text display",writing a nameor phrase in your hand can also be a really coolidea. These wordscan be written in different languages ​​as wellas formats to give astylish and elegant look. You can also have itwritten in a uniquestyle (3D letter) or symbol and then add someother designs, asmentioned above to personify it.Another ideaThisis a very randomand fun thing you can get when you get bored.Great things that canbe drawn can; Cartoons, hearts, flags, teddybears, trees, evilskulls, cars, Christmas ornaments, cups andsaucers, stars, moon,clouds, etc. You can add some of your ownideas and make themartistic by combining various other designs..Easy Mehndi IdeasGetthe latest ideas on Easy Mehndi Ideas here!
Mehndi Songs & Dance Videos 2.0
Mehndi Songs & Dance video app is designed for young girlsandboys who want to watch and learn wedding Songs & Dance andareeager to rock the dance floor with bhangra and fun onShadievents.The application features the top watched Pakistani&Indian wedding dance and hindi mehndi songs includingPunjabiBhangra & Bollywood Hindi songs in HD for Shadi, Baraat&Mehndi Functions.Through its beautiful designed interface, youcanchoose to: Listen Popular Mehndi Songs Collection in MP3AudioWatch Top Hit & Best Mehndi Dance Videos  Watch TopDances forBaraat & Walima Functions 2017 Listen PunjabiWedding &Shadi Tappay Moreover, in this application you can:1 -Check latestMehndi Designs 2 - Bridal Dress Designs3 - Groom DressDesigns4 -Wedding Stage Planner Also we have added1 - Shadi Guidethat willenable you to learn the suhaag raat and shadi nights2 -ShadiPredictor to let you know when will you get married i.e. aapkishadi kab ho gi.So download this beautiful collection of 2018ShadiDances & Mehndi Songs and rock weddingparties.Disclaimer:Thedisplayed content in this application is onpublic domain and we donot host or claim right any of the videobeing provided in thisapp. This app is a simple tool to watch thesevideos in an easierway.Do not forget to give your feedback!
4D Diwali Live Wallpaper 3.0
Maa Lakshmi, Maa Saraswati & Ganesh in Diwali PoojanDiwaliLiveWallpaper as well as stand alone app optimize forbatteryconsumption.Please support us by giving positive rating andreview.
Simple Mehndi Design Ideas 1.0
The origin of the art of tattooing can be traced back totheNeolithic times and has been practiced by people across theworldfor centuries. Though it was initially used for spiritualandidentification purposes, this art of tattooing expandeditshorizons and soon became identified as a form of cosmetic.Tattoosare made by injecting ink into the layers of the skin. Mostof themare permanent, but some can be removed fully or partiallythroughlaser treatments. The permanent nature of tattoos wasconsidered adrawback, as a particular tattoo has to be carriedthroughout life.This led to the exploration for temporary tattoos,which can beremoved or which fade away with time. Henna tattooingmet thesestandards and became one of the most popular methods oftattooing.Henna TattooingHenna is a flowering plant, commonly foundin thesemi-arid regions of the world. The leaves of the hennaplant(Lawsonia inermis) contain a red dye molecule called lawsone,whichcan bond with protein. Hence, the paste of these leaves havebeenused by people since time immemorial for dyeing fabricsandcoloring hair, skin and nails. Traditionally, henna was usedtodraw delicate patterns on the hands and feet. Gradually,peoplestarted using henna designs as a replacement forconventionaltattoos. Unlike other types of temporary tattoos, hennatattooscannot be made in a wide range of colors. The latter cancome upwith shades of reds, browns and near blacks. But beware ofsomehenna products, which may contain harmful chemicals. Hence, itisalways better to use natural henna for tattoos and bodyart.Hennatattoos are made of henna paste, which is applied on theskin inthe desired pattern. It is left on the skin for severalhours tofacilitate staining. The stain will last for around twoweeks toone month, depending on the method of application andafter-care.One of the reasons behind the popularity of hennatattoos is itstemporary nature. The tattoo will fade on its own andthere is noneed of adopting tattoo removal. Even if you want toremove thesetattoos, it is very easy, as compared to conventionalones. Youdon't have to sport the same design for a whole lifetime.Anotherreason is the lack of pain associated with theconventionaltattoos, which need needles to etch the design. In caseof hennatattoos, only henna paste is required. Henna TattooDesignsDesignsfor FeetDesigns for HandsOffbeat DesignsZodiacSignDesignsTraditional Henna Tattoo DesignsBasically,traditionaldesigns can be classified into African, Arabic andIndian. Othertypes include the Middle East style, which is inspiredby theArabic style. The Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles areacombination of Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blocksofcolor on the tips of fingers and toes. The North Americanstylemainly deals with geometric floral patterns. Let's look atthebasic types.African henna designs consists of very bold andbigdesigns, made of broad lines. Most of the designsresemblegeometric patterns, which are sometimes made of blackhenna.Arabichenna designs are characterized by floral designs, withthicklines. But as compared to the lines in the African designs,Arabicones are thinner.Indian henna designs usually cover theentirehands, forearms, feet and shins. The designs are intricateandconsist of paisley patterns, thin lines and teardrops. Theseareconsidered the most elaborate and delicate among henna designsandare very popular.Traditional Arabic henna tattoodesignsTraditionalIndian henna tattoo designsTraditional Africanhenna tattoodesignsAll these traditional henna designs areincorporated intothe art of tattooing. From small motifs, elaboratedesigns areetched on the skin. Apart from these designs, there aremany modernones like Celtic designs, which are also in vogue. Asfar as hennatattoo designs are concerned, your imagination is thelimit.Splurge your creativity and create your own designs.
Muggulu Designs Images App 1.1
Durga prasad
Muggulu Designs Images App Most of you may not know what ismuggulu,muggulu is same as rangoli and is known as muggulu inTelugu. It hasmany names all through India, in Tamil its known aspulli designs.Whatever the name you call, all are almost same. Butthe basis maychange a little bit. However, when rangoli or muggulucame to themodern world it has changed a lot. They have introducedcolors andhave changed simple lines to filled shapes and manyother thingshave change but idea and motivation behind is thesame. Its mugguluwhich changed the old look of rangoli and createda twist.Our apphas a great collection of muggulu designs both oldand new. Our appis updated every week with new muggulu designs ofdifferentversions. We also provide videos which will help you toknow how todraw these designs well. With our muggulu designsimages app you canbe a great designer of the mugglu designs. Someof our videos can bemore helpful than any other videos because itdescribes you to drawcorrectly and make it more stylish. We have afaster growingcommunity than any other mobile apps. Our communityhas not only hada mugulu images app but there are a lot morethrough which you canearn a lot of information. You can get allour apps by visiting ourprofile. All our apps are free for all andprovide great support forall.This App below Images also :latestrangoli designs fordiwalirangoli apprangoli app latestcollectionrangoli appdownloadrangoli app offlinerangoli appsrangoli appsrangoli designsoffline apprangoli designs apprangolidesigns ideaslatest rangoliapprangoli muggulumuggulu rangolikolammuggulu designssimple designmuggulurangoli designs muggulumuggulurangoli designschinnamuggulusimple muggulu designslatest mugguludesignsmuggulu designssimplesmall muggulu designsbest mugguludesignsmuggulu smalldesignsmuggulu latest designssimplemuggulumuggulu designslatestmuggulu smalleasy mugguludesignsrangoli muggulu kolamsrangavallimuggulu simplelatestmuggululatest design muggulumuggululatestmuggulu side designskothamuggulu2017 muggululatest mugguludesigns 2017padmam mugguludesignslatest muggulu 2017round mugguludesignsmuggulu rangolitelugusmall muggulusimple flower mugguludesigns15 chukkalamuggulumuggulu 2017muggulu designs bookmuthyalamugguludesignssimple flower mugguludesign muggulu bookeasychukkalamuggulumuggulu book free downloadmuggulu in telugugeethalamugguludesignstelugu muggulu designssmall muggulu designslatesttelugurangoli muggulumuggulu telugutippudu mugguludesignsrangavallimuggulu designsrangoli designs tippudumuggulutelugu muggulumuggulubookdesigns of mugguludesignermuggulumelika muggulu designslatestchukkala mugguluchukkala muggulusimplechukkala muggulu withchukkalusmall design muggulusmallmuggulu with chukkalusimplemuggulu with chukkalusimple chukkalamugguluchukkala muggulumuggulubook with dotschukkala mugguludesignschukkala muggulu smallchinnachukkala muggulusmall chukkalamuggulumuggulu with chukkalusimplechukkala muggulu designsrangolichukkala mugguluchukkala muggulubooktelugu muggulu withchukkalumuggulu chukkaluchinna muggulu withchukkalusmall flowermuggulurangoli designs flowers muggulumugguludesigns withflowersflower design mugguluflower muggulumugguludesignsflowersmuggulu with flowersmuggulu flowerdesignsmelikalamuggulumelikala muggulu bordersmelikala muggulu withdotslatestmelikala muggulusmall melikala muggulusmall melikalamuggulu withdotsmelikala muggulu simplesmall melikala mugguluchikkukolambigchikku kolam for beginnerschikku kolam imageschikkukolamdesignschikku kolam with dotssikku kolam designs withdotssikkukolam border designschikku kolamschikkukolangalchikkumugguluchikku rangoli kolamsimple chikku kolamsmallchikkukolamsikku kolam rangoli
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Rangoli Designs Video Tutorials 1.0
kolangal designs rangoli || muggulu rangoli || kolam mugguludesigns|| muggulu rangoli designsRangoli Art is the traditionalart ofIndia. It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front ofyourhouse brings good luck apart from home decoration purpose.Also invarious festivals like Diwali, Dashahara, Snakranti, GudhiPadva,Ugadi, Ganesh puja, Durga Puja, etc Rangoli is made in frontofhouse and God idols. Also various communities heldRangoliCompetitions during the Festival.Rangoli has various namesand formof arts in different states, like Kolam in Tamil Nadu,Muggu inAndhra Pradesh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowkpurana inChhattisgarh,Alpana in West Bengal, Aripana in Bihar, Chowk pujanin UttarPradesh.Rangoli can be made by various methods like Rangolidesignusing Stencils, Rangoli design with dots, Rangoli withcolours,Rangoli design with Flowers.Border Rangoli design orSimpleFlower/leaf patterns can be considered as Rangoli designsforbeginners. These are very Simple Rangoli designs, even kidscandraw these Rangoli.You can subscribe to my channel to getyoulatest Rangoli designs, Rangoli images and Rangoli videos. I trytomake a beautiful, simple and quick Rangoli design.Please leaveacomment if you like the video or need any help or youhavesuggestions. Please Share this Video to your Friends &FamilyMembersThank you and May God bless you with all the happinessandsuccess in your life.Easy and beautiful rangoli with borderofmulticolored roses | I Rangoli designs by Poonam BorkarInthisvideo, I am showing you how to draw easy and beautiful rangoliwithmulticolored roses. Try it out.Make sure you subscribe tomychannel for more such rangoli designs !Easy peacock featherrangolidesign for diwali | Innovative rangoli designs | SimplekolamdesignsIn this video, I am showing you how to draw easypeacockfeather rangoli design. Try it out. Easy rangoli designs,easykolam, simple muggulu.Make sure you subscribe to my channelformore such rangoli designs !Check out the Latest "RangoliDesigns"for Various Festivals.Special Rangoli Design 12Rangoli is auniqueart work which has been followed in many parts of Indiasinceyears. There are different variety of Rangoli designs that canbefound during festival seasons. Over the years people havefounddifferent methods of creating Rangoli designs. Here we bringyousome unique and easy way of learning Rangoli art. RangoliDesignsby: Manjiri Prabhulkarlatest peacock innovative multicolorrangolidesign || Beautiful kolam designs || simplerangoliSanskarBhartiRangoli is very famous rangoli style in Maharashtra. It isafree-hand rangoli style where designs are drawn either withthreefingers, five fingers (Paach Boti as said in Marathi) orwithfist.Now a days rangolis are drawn using a funnel, aspecialrangoli pen (readily available in Indianmarkets)TraditionallySanskar Bharti Rangoli are round in shape andthe size of rangolidepends upon the number of circles. SanskarBharti Rangolis canalso be rectangular in shape which are calledGalicha (read:Carpet) Easy Rangoli Checks Design Simple steps forbeginners andto the expertsSimple, Easy and Quick Rangoli designwith coloursfor DiwaliHere is a beautiful, simple and quick Rangolidesign forDiwali. Decorate your home with this beautiful Rangoli.Leave us acomment if you need any help with this Rangoli.In thisvideo, I amshowing you how to draw easy and beautiful rangoliwithmulticolored roses. Try it out. Make sure you subscribe tomychannel for more such rangoli designs !4 to 4 dots mugguludesigns|| simple rangoli designs with dots || easy small dotskolamdesignsthis is an 4 to 4 dots muggulu designs || simplerangolidesigns with dots || easy small dots kolam designs
Christmas Greetings 2018 1.4
Happy Diwali or Dipawali,Happy New Year and Happy Christmus arethespecial festival comes every year with lots of joy and blesses.NewYear is the time at which a new year begins and the calendar'syearcount increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event insomemanner.Many people throughout India celebrate Happy New Yearwithloved ones or in large gatherings.happy diwali gif, happydiwalimessages, diwali messages, diwali gif greetings messages,diwaliwishes message in english, happy diwali messages 2018,diwalimessages in english, diwali wishes message, diwali 2018messages,happy diwali 2018 messages, diwali images with messages,diwalimessages in hindi, happy diwali images with messages, happydiwaliwishes messages, happy diwali images and messages, diwalispecialmessages, happy diwali reply message, diwali gif imagesandmessages, happy diwali images messages, happy diwali year gif 2018 images, happy new year 2018 images,newyear gifs wishes 2018 images, new year 2018 wishes images,happynew year 2018 wishes images, new year gif 2018 images withquotes,wish you happy new year 2018 images, new year wishes images2018,new year greetings images 2018, happy new year wishes 2018images,new year 2018 wishes with images, new year greetings 2018images,happy new year 2018 quotes and images, new year 2018 imageswithwishes, new year 2018 images and quotes, happy new year 2018wisheswith images,happy new year images, new year greetings images,happynew year gif wishes images, new year wishes greetings images,newyear wishes images, chinese new year 2018 greetings images,wishyou happy new year images, new year wishes and gif images, newyearmessages and images, happy new year best wishes images, wishuhappy new year greetings message, merrychristmasgreetings message, christmas and new year greetingsmessages, happychristmas message greeting, warm christmas greetingsmessages,christmas gif greeting wishes messages, christmas andhappy newyear greeting messages, christmas day greetings messages,christmasgreetings message to everyone, xmas wishes, xmas wishesmessages,merry xmas wishes, best xmas wishes, xmas wishes forfriends, happyxmas wishes, best xmas wishes messages, happy xmasgif and new yearwishes, beautiful xmas wishes, simple xmas wishes,xmas gif and newyear wishes, xmas wishes messages friends, merryxmas and new yearwishes, best wishes for xmas new year, happy xmasnew year wishes,wish you happy xmasOn these dipawali,new year andchristmasoccasion most people celebrate it by Exchanging messages,greetingcards,gifts through lots of wishes from heart.People ofHindureligion wait very eagerly for this special festival of DiwaliorDipawali. It is the most special and favorite festival ofeveryoneespecially for kids and children of the home.Diwali orDipawali isthe most favorite and famous festival of the India whichis beingcelebrated every year all over the country as well asoutside thecountry.Christmas is the season for kindling the fireofhospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity intheheart.Here We developed this greetings application to targetthosepeople who want to celebrate Dipawali/New Year/ HappyChristmas bysharing Sms/Messages/Quotes tofriends,Familymembers,Relatives,Loved once,life partner etc..ThisGood wishesapplication contain rich set of famousquotes/messages/sms forHappy New Year greetings,Happy Dipawali ordiwali Greetings andworld most favorite Happy Christmas wishes.Greetings 2017application contain- Happy Dipawali/Happy DiwaliGreetings- HappyNew Year Wishes- Happy Christmas Greetings- Top andbestSMS/Message/quotes collection- easy to use feature- Copy andsharefeatureNow why are you wait this is the best application foryou towish your best buddies.Its free of cost.have thousandofsms/Messages/Quotes
Teluginti Muggulu (Latest Rangoli Designs App) 1.2
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Teluginti Muggulu (Latest Rangoli Designs App): Theseadorablemuggulu(Rangoli Designs) have become a part of our culture.Everywife wakes up early in the morning cleans her courtyardanddecorates them with beautiful muggulu(Rangoli). The yardissprinkled with 'kallapi' and with white muggu(Rangolipowder)powder or rice flour, most beautiful Rangoli Designs aredrawn, tosuch house graces Goddess Lakshmi. Sankranti is especiallynoted asa festival of muggulu. With the advent of Dhanur masam(month ofDhanur) every street is covered with beautifully decoratedwithcolourful muggulu. Every courtyard is adored with vibrantmuggulu.These are also called kolam, mandana, Chowkpurana, Alpana,Aripana,Howk pujan, Golam kolam or Rangoli in different languagesandstates of India.Chukkala (Dotted) MugguluMelikela(Curved)MugguluGeetala MugguluRangavallikalu(Rangoli)RadhamMugguluDifferent categories thisapphas:NewYearsankranthisivaratriugadivinayakachavithidasaradiwaligeneralmelikalabeginnersThisApphas below Video types also• rangoli designs• rangoli designswithdots• kolam designs• sankranthi muggulu• simple kolam• Note:Thecontent provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and isavailablein public domain. We do not upload any videos to YouTubeor notshowing any modify content.
10000+ Rangoli Designs HD (Offline) 1.2
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10000+ Rangoli Designs HD (Offline) Largest RangoliDesignsCollections Rangoli Designs It's believed that rangolidesignsstarted many centuries ago. In Tamil Nadu it's known asKolam, inAndhra it's known as Muggulu, in Karnataka it's known asmuggitu,in Rajasthan it's known as a Mandana and so on. We havesome easyindian rangoli designs for beginners. Some refrences ofrangolidesigns are also available in our scriptures. Rangoli goesbyvarious names in many parts of India.Rangoli is the main elementinindian festival of Diwali, Holi, Onam and other festivalsrelatedto Hindu religion. No Diwali is complete without thecolorfulpatterns, specially designed at home floors to celebratethefestival.As the Rangoli contains the different designs andpatternsmade by people themselves at home, so here in RangoliDesigns 2017(Offline) appFeatures:- HD designs of Rangoli- Zoom InFeature-Rate Us Option- More Apps Feature- Sharing App Feature-DownloadRangloli Designs to SD card- Simple NavigationCollection ofRangoliDesigns for everyday use in the front yard. These rangolidesignsare simple, easy and doesn't take much time to draw.Decorate yourhomes and front yards everyday with different easy todraw rangolidesigns in this app.10000+ Creative Rangoli Designsincludesdesigns in 11 different categories.Rangoli is an art formfromIndia in which patterns are created on the floor in livingrooms orcourtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour,coloredsand or flower petals. It is usually made duringDiwali(Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. ThisRangoliDesign Offline App is more related to below mention topics:Rangolidesigns imagesFree Hand Rangoli designs imagesAlpanaRangolidesigns imagesSimple Rangoli designs imagesDotted RangolidesignsimagesRangoli designs images for DiwaliColourful RangolidesignsimagesFloating Rangoli designs imagesFlower petals RangolidesignsimagesSymmetric Rangoli designs imagesPeacock RangolidesignsimagesSmall Rangoli DesignsSanskar Bharti RangoliDesignsLordGanesh Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs EasyRangoliDesigns withoutdotsSwastika Rangoli DesignsIndian RangoliDesignsFestival SpecialRangoli DesignDiwali RangoliDesignsEffortless Salt RangoliDesignEffortless Salt RangoliDesignEasy Rangoli DesignsFloralRangoli DesignsColourful RangoliDesignsFree-Hand RangoliDesignsGanesh Rangoli DesignsPretty RangoliDesignsHD RangoliDesignsAwesome Rangoli DesignsTraditional PookalamRangoliDesignsElegant Pookalam Rangoli DesignsBright PookalamRangoliDesignsCorner Rangoli DesignsRangoli Designs forKidsFreehandRangoli DesignsRangoli Designs for KidsSwastikaRangoliDesignsKolam Designs for UgadiUgadi KolamSimple KolamDesignsDotKolam DesignsKolam Designs and PatternsSmall KolamDesignsSikkuKolam DesignsOutdoor Kolam DesignsNew Year KolamDesignsTop KolamDesignsPeacock Kolam DesignsKolam Designs with FreeHandKolam withFloral PatternPooja Room Kolam DesignFestival KolamDesignsPongalKolam Designs and Sankranti Rangoli PatternsBestRangoli Designsfor Christmas and New Year100+ Diwali RangoliDesignNavratriRangoli DesignsDussehra and NavratriPookalam Designs– FlowerRangoli Designs for Diwali and OnamIndian PatrioticRangoliDesignsRangoli Designs for Krishna JanmashtamiRangoliDesigns forIndependence Day and Republic DayLatest and the BestRangoliDesignsEasy and Simple Indian RangoliLatest Rangoli DesignforCompetitionRangoli Designs for Gudi PadwaBeautiful KolamRangoliDesignsRangoli Designs EasyRangoli Designs with DotsHoliRangoliDesign – Have Fun with ColorsColorful Holi RangoliDesignsMahaShivaratri Rangoli DesignsFlower RangoliRangoli DesignsforHoliVasant Panchami Rangoli Designs3D RangoliDesignsDisclaimer:All images are found in public domain. If youhave any problemskindly contact us on [email protected] we willsolve it asap.
New Simple Mehndi Design 1.0
Manisha Gosar
Mehndi or henna is used for weddings and functions traditionallyinSoutheast Asia as a temporary Henna tattoo and patterns.Hennatattoos are much smaller tattoo design like a heart or a birdinthe arm or shoulder, but traditional Arabic mehndi designsareusually adopted by women at weddings and traditional holidayssuchas the Eids. Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and canbedistinguished by their elaborate designs.In Southeast Asia thereisa separate function called mehndi wedding where there weredances,songs and the bride will be printed with mehndidesigns.Traditional bridal got henna designs on her hands, arms andlegs.The purpose of this design is to make the bride lookbeautiful.There are countless types of designs of really heavy armdesign toa minimum and lower patterned design.The good thing aboutthedesign is that you can make it look good with almost any wayyougo, out of the loop and spun into floral patterns and designingaline of even modest. Sometimes people go to the start of thelittlefinger and work their way to the forearm leaving the restemptyfinger. Some brides prefer small and simple design on theirfeet,while others want to pattern which weigh up to their ankles.It isall about what they want the bride and how creative artistscan.Besides the bride, close friends and relatives are alsoplacingtheir hands with henna designs even though they are usuallynot asheavy as the design of the bride.mehndi designs are also usedbylittle girls in the Eids, Diwalis and traditional functionsaredifferent. Marriage is usually seen with little girls and allwomenwho want to get their hands decorated with different designsontheir hands and arms. There are many catalogs are alsoavailablewith Arabic mehndi designs are the most popular designssuch asflorals and small that people can copy if they prefer.Mehndiartdesign is something that anyone can master with a littlepracticeand can create new designs as they wish. The good thingabout hennadesigns is that anything that will eventually look goodif thedesign complement each other, such as flowers would go wellwithwines such as design while some people prefer a design usually ends in a narrowing pattern along theforearm.So no matter what can be easily used design mehndiopportunity toadd to the beauty of young women.