Top 4 Games Similar to Home Run Birds Fun

Gobble up all the cookies and ghosts!PAC-MAN keeps busy running and eating in thisaction-filledgame!◆Available free of charge!◆--[Version Update Information]◆Ver. 1.2.0 has been released!-New item added!◆ Ver. 1.1.0 has been released!- How far can you run!? Record challenge mode has been added!- Burn stuff! Turn invisible! New items added!---[Game Description]◆Anyone can play! Just touch and jump!-Touch the screen to jump and eat cookies and ghosts in thissimplegame!◆Comical PAC-MAN and ghost characters keep active!-PAC-MAN and his friends, as well as ghosts and monsters alldisplaya wide range of actions!◆Run through many different stages!-Run through a variety of stages, from PAC-MAN's home in thebigcity, to the ghosts' world underground.-As you progress through the stages, you will be able to jumpreallyhigh off of jump platforms and feel the satisfaction oftaking downmonsters!◆Tackle over 70 missions!-Challenge yourself with many different missions, such as eating300cookies, or jumping 40 times!-Clear them to get exciting presents!◆Try to see how long you can keep running!-If you jump well and eat the ghosts, you can keeprunninglonger!-Keep eating and eating and eating... How long can you keepitup?◆Use lots of power-up items and aim for a new record!-Exchange your accumulated cookies for power-up items!-The various power-ups are fun to watch! You can seePAC-MANtransform, or his friends come to help him!-There are so many useful items to let you jump further, or eatmorecookies and ghosts!◆You can save up to 4 different game files, so the wholefamilycan play!-Save games for friends and family members in differentfiles!-Everyone can share their cookies and items, so work togethertocollect them!-Compete to see who can keep running the longest!◆Connect with PAC-MAN toys!-Users in the USA can enjoy another feature connected withthePAC-MAN toy campaign!-Read the barcode on your PAC-MAN toy with your camera, and youcanrent the item that matches the toys for seven days!-During the rental period, you can obtain the item for half asmanycookies!---PAC-MAN DASH! ™ &©2013 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.[Disclaimer](1) Operation is not supported for the models and OS versionsotherthan those recommended.(2) Depending on your usage, there may be cases where operationisunstable even with the recommended models.(3) Regarding recommended OS versions, although it says[AndroidXXXor later] this does not guarantee that it will supportthe latestversion.[Latest recommended models and other inquiries]*English support onlyFor any inquiries: NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website:
Kungfu Strike War 1.0
Kungfu strike war a nail-biting mix of RPGandclassical Fighting. It is really classic game butaddictivefighting Coin-operated arcade game!It combine the featuresofAction Fighting, Stage Complete and Role Playing Game,togetherhave this exciting action fighting game!Kungfu Fight delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you.Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcadeFTGgame.- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered inastonishinglylifelike detail by anall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitivecontrols,thanks to an all-newfighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.- Journey through six different worlds full of menacing demonsinthis action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.Features:- 60 fps animation and awesome graphics. This is one of thebestlooking beat em up game ever.- 37 challenging stages, 8 themes including 8 intensebossfights- List of different strike moves allows you to set your ownfightingmoves and combos to match your fighting style.- Great old-school art and animations- Intuitive control and user friendly interface- play brutal hand to hand combat.- Easy to control- Varieties of combination attacks.- And thousands of enemies with a various kung fu styles.- combat fightYou enjoy now !
Old Kung Fu Master 1.0
Who said that old men can't fight? He is averyold man, but he is not so weak as it seems to be.In this amazing skill game you will face to manydangerousbaddies.Are you ready to meet them? You would be surprised, when youwillsee your main hero.Take part and enjoy the game!
Stickman Battlefields 2.1.1
Experience ultra realistic and action packedarcadebattlefieldatmosphere in this awesome tactical arcadeshooter.Equip yourfavorite weapons, explosives and gadgets andbattlethrough thesingle player campaign or take part in therealtimesynchronousmultiplayer online mode where you can evenboardvehicles, tanks orattack helicopters to battle your onlineenemyplayers. Play inhighly dynamic landscapes, ranging fromsnowymountains, beautifulbeaches to windy forests. Destroy trees,blowout all the windowsof buildings or use your tank to trampledowneverything rightbefore you parachute behind the enemieslines.FEATURES: - Ultrarealistic and action packed arcadebattlefieldatmosphere - Fastpaced arcade military shooter - StoryMode andsingle playercampaign with more than 100 missions -Realtimesynchronousmultiplayer mode - Bootcamp missions - Variousdifferentlocations(Beach, Forest, Mountain, Snow, Rain, etc…) -Variousweapons likeguns, rifles and snipers - Various explosiveslikegrenades andmines - Various gadgets and equipments likeparachuteand armor -Various vehicles you can control like tanksandhelicopters -Weather system, like rain, snow and wind - Tonsofupgradeableitems and weapons - Integrated leaderboardandachievements tounlock Take a look at the StickmanBattlefieldsTrailer: free topost yourideas, we will try to implement them as soonas possible
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