Top 10 Games Similar to Magic Fortune Ball

The Whisper Challenge 2.0.0
Marco Studios
The Whisper Challenge is the fun game,idealfor parties, dates or sleepovers.The purpose of the game is to guess what the another personissaying while wearing headphones and listening to music.★★ Features ★★✔ Hundreds of phrases✔ Frequently updated with more content✔ Keep track of scores✔ Completely free to play✔ Add in your own phrases✔ Multiple game modesThe Whisper Challenge (also know as Read My Lips) is a great gametoplay at parties.What are you waiting for? Grab some friends and have a game oftheWhisper Challenge!
PJ Design Sleepover Party 1.2
iProm Games
Your fashion boutique is looking toexpand.You’re getting ready for a grand opening for a pajamaboutique!Time to get ready designing your new fashion pajama lineand yournew boutique!There’s silk, lace-trimmed, and floral printed cotton, and more!Youget to decide what you want your pajama fashion line to be foryourfashion boutique as you’re the designer! Put your passionforfashion to work for you, and keep your customers happy! You’llbebusy keeping your designs going, keeping your boutiquerunningsmoothly, and helping your customers!How to Play:• Congrats! You're about to become a fashion boutiqueownerfeaturing your very own designs!• As the designer, you get to pick out the finest fabricsanddesigns to create your high fashion pajama question.• You also need to get your shop ready for the grand opening!• You’ll need to clean up and decorate your display window.• Give yourself a photo shoot wearing your newly designed pajamastouse for your display posters!• You’ll need to keep your storage space clear of mice!• Finally, opening day is here! You’ll need to help all ofyourcustomers check out with all their awesome purchases!• Whew! You made it! Your fashion boutique is a huge success!Are you ready to design fun and fashionable pajamas? Try yourhandright at being a designer with your own fashion boutique!Downloadtoday!Check out our Facebook forMORE! our Twitter: more on our website: https://www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
Winter PJ Party: BFF Sleepover 1.1
iProm Games
Wintertime means staying indoors moreoften,and what’s better than having a slumber sleepover party withall ofyour friends featuring your favorite new winter PJs?Time to invite all of your friends to your winter themedpajamaparty! All of your friends will love being able to show offtheirtrendy winter PJs that they’ve stocked their wardrobe with forthechanging of the season. At the party, you’ll be able to giveyourfriends the feeling of a night out with a fun winter spa.You’llall have spa treatments and a makeover before trying on somefunwinter pajamas until you find the perfect one.How to Play:• Winter time might mean being cooped up inside, but nothingisstopping you from having fun with your BFFs!• A slumber party is just what you need to cheer up!• Invite all of your friends and tell them to bring their PJs• Start the fun of the sleepover with some spa treatments• A sleepover isn’t any fun without giving everyone amakeover• Dress up in the fun winter pajamas• Have a fun time all night long!You and your friends are looking forward to an awesomesleepoverparty this winter. Pull out all of the stops with a funspamakeover for everyone. Download today!Check out our Facebook forMORE! our Twitter: more on our website: https://www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
Would You Rather Kids 1.21
James Loboda
вы бы лучше детиWould You Rather Kids is designed to make the original game tobesimple and pleasant to play. There are hundreds of Would YouRatherquestions included. Future improvements will be implementedasneeded or based on user feedback. This game can be played withthefamily, at a sleepover, at a party, or simply to pass time.TheMultiplayer Mode allows up to 7 friends to play together.Simplychoose the number of players, enter names, then let the appcomparethe answers for you. Enjoy the game, and I look forward tohearingsuggestions about better game play. Thanks! A great game toplayduring the Holidays.POINT OF GAME----------------------------------------------------------------Choose between difficult choices. The game is aboutunderstandingwhy you might choose one option over another, basedoncircumstances. This helps your thinking process, and it givesyousomething to talk about with family and friends.HOW TO PLAY----------------------------------------------------------------*Start Game: Press "Would You Rather" to start game, or simplyswipethe screen.*Goal: Select the answer that you think you would choose if youhadto choose only between two options.*Single Player: Choose & see stats of other users*Multiplayer: Each player is asked the same 5 question. At theend,the answers are compared to see who chose what.GAME FEATURES-----------------------------------------------------------------*skip button (single player) skip any question*skip button (multiplayer) skip a question, but your name willnotbe included in the results*report question*remove question*save question*submit question*swipe "Would You Rather" in single player mode toskipquestion*menu options are now available for quicker access aroundtheapp*over 950 questions*question statisticsREMOVING/REPORTING/SKIPPING QUESTIONS---------------------------------------------------------------------------By pressing "remove" users will not see the current questionagain.By reporting a question, you are sending a message to thedeveloperto review the question.If you feel uncomfortable about the current question, thenskipit or press remove. Skipping the question can be done bypressingthe skip button, or by swiping right to left.REPORTING QUESTIONS-----------------------------------------------------------------I review all reported questions. I will edit or remove aquestiondepending on how severe it is. Additionally, questions thatwerewrongfully reported will not be changed. Please be kindwhenreporting a question. There are hundreds, now going to beintothousands of questions in the game, so it is understandable formeto make a mistake here and there. I work on this app on my own,soI have to review the questions on my own, while also workingonother ways to improve this game and others. I do my best tomakesure all the errors are taken care of. So, every update willreducethe amount of inappropriate/misspelled questions. Thank youforreporting the questions, it really does help me out, becauseyouare helping me find where the errors are located, and also whatyoufeel is inappropriate. So, thank you once more!ADULT VERSION--------------------------Would You Rather AdultsYOU MAY ENJOY---------------------------Never Have I Ever (Kids)Would You For Money KidsIF YOU LIKE THIS APP, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEWYour review helps with the growth of more content, and Iwouldreally appreciate the support.
What Would You Choose? 1.3
Enjoy a classic game of 'Would You Rather(tm)'full of hundreds of questions and statistics to keep track ofyouranswers.What Would You Choose…Be Your Favorite Villain or Your Favorite Hero?Have the Talent to Sing or Dance?Do Your Best Friend’s Laundry or Your Siblings Dishes?With hundreds of questions, this game will keep you busy forhours.For even more fun, gather your family and friends aroundyourdevice and take turns passing it around!This game does not feature any dirty or offensive questions.WhatWould You Choose guarantees an exciting game with newquestionsevery time you play.
Brown Girls Makeup PJ Party 1.3
What makes a girls pajama partyfun?BFFsleepover, pillow fight, songs or movies? Not more thanabeautymakeover, hair styling, makeup salon party games forgirls.You andyour BFFs are going to have a fun free princessslumberparty inthis cool dress up makeup game. Your family is outonvacation& you now have the home all to yourself! Why notthrowa homemakeover party? Invite your friends over for a BFFsleepovergamesnight!So invite your friends, put on your pajama and freedownloadBrownGirls Makeup PJ Party on your Android device. BestfriendsSara, Ife,Kenya and Céline come to your home for amakeover,desire your aid onthis BFF sleepover party. They lovetoexperiment with their hairstyling, use the spa studio and haveabeauty makeover. Choose anAfro style, braids, twists and more!Itsa free makeup salon gamesfor girls. Have a nice pillow fightwithyour friends over the newbeauty makeover games.Let's get the girls ready for the pajama party, startingwitharelaxing spa studio treatment to clear skin before movingontothemakeup salon fx where you can apply lipstick,blush,eyeshadow& fix the eyelashes. Next, step into the dressup roomto pickthe perfect fashion outfit with some extra coolaccessoriestomatch.It's always fun to try on crazy looks at a princessslumberparty.Apply cosmetics in all kinds of colours. Applylipstick,eyeshadowand mascara. The choice is totally up to you!Brown GirlsMakeup PJParty is an epic BFF sleepover games party forgirls andit iscompletely free.*Features of Brown Girls Makeup PJ Party Game*Spa studioBeauty makeoverDress up sectionEveryday bonuses on BFF sleepover & girlspillowfightstimulating games4 beautiful friends to chose fromHairstyling games for girls: Specially for Afro-Caribbeanhairsuchas Afro, braids and bantu knotsUnique game play among Beauty makeup salon fx gamesDownload this princess slumber party games for girls freeonPlaystoreLots of cool fashion clothes such as tracksuits,trainers,slogantees and bandanas.Beautiful African dresses with African head wrapsBeautiful accessories such as jewellery, bags andhairbandstocomplete the lookCute animal friendsDouble the fun of girls pajama party & pillow fight*How to play*Select a friendStart with spa studio fx firstShift to home beauty makeover salon fxSwipe to apply cosmetics and try to stay in the linesFind perfect hair styling for brown girlsUse interactive controls to select itemsChoose a nice dress. We have quite a few amazing dressesinthemakeup salon fx gamesGet everything ready in this awesome free princessslumberpartygames for girlsCollect bonus coins to unlock extra itemsWant more fun for your Princess Slumber party? Wanna spiceupthebff pillow fight night?Hurry up, get your pajama party & download Brown GirlsMakeupPJParty on your Android devices & enjoy our intriguingvirtualspastudio, hair styling & home beauty makeover dress upgamesforgirls only.If you like the Brown Girls Makeup PJ Party Androidgame,pleasetake a moment & rate it. Your honest opinions helpusmakebetter games!
Princess Pyjama Party 5.3
Zync Studio
Hi, it is a wonderful day, a day wherewecanwalk with friends and we can even visit our relativesbutwedecided to organize a party. This party is a pyjama party.Weallknow of what constitutes a party and you definitelyalsoattended aparty and you like it. We want to be a wonderfulpartyand thiswill be if you help us through this game with theprincess.We lovethis game and you will have fun. Through this partygameyou'll beable to prove to everyone that you are a responsiblechildwho mayhold a significant event. Princess is our friend for alongtimeand now we want to make her very happy. This hasinvitedmanyfriends and wants everything to be perfect. You havetopreparedelicious food and do not forget the cake.For the mission to have a happy ending you will have tofollowallinstructions of the game.Pay attention to details.Success!- Nana, Maria and Alex need you;- You have to help them;- Help them to look good;- Wash hair with a shampoo;- Brush their teeth with a special toothpaste;- Rinse hair;- Dry hair with a clean towel;- Apply: contact lenses, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara;- Tailor the most beautiful pyjama;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- The girls are very excited;- You did the most beautiful pijamele;- Now you need to help them choose music;- Prepare muffins;- Use only fresh eggs;- Do not forget creams;- You did a good job.Thank you for help, please come back every daythroughthiscooking game.Have fun!
Who Can't Draw - Party game! 3.7
***Who Can't Draw ALL NEW PACKS! IncludeMarvelSuperheros and Pokémon***Laughter Guaranteed!Who Can’t Draw is a party game for family and friends. JustlikeCharades, Taboo, Guess the word or Heads Up, everyone canplaytogether during a party, gathering or at a dinner table withtheirfamily and friends, however this time we use drawinginstead.Inspired from traditional game like like Chinese Whispers ortheBroken Telephone, we modernize it and create Who Can’t Drawbyallowing user to draw a given word. This drawing will have toberedraw down the line of player and finally, the last playerwillhave to guess the word given. At the end, a result page willshow achain of drawing being drawn by the players. Quite often, itwillturn out exactly different from the first drawing, and thisoftengenerate the most laughter!Who Can’t Draw How to Play- Select between 2-8 Player at the beginning- Choose a word from 9 Different Packs!- Take a Photo to be use to identified your drawing at theresultpage. None will be save by us.- Draw the word and pass the phone to the next player.- Redraw until the last user.- Last user guess the word from the drawing.- See from the result page and vote a player who can’t draw- Share on Facebook or twitter and start next round- At the end of final round, the most vote player who can’tdrawwill have to be the loser. You can suggest a forfeit forhim!Who should download Who Can’t DrawAnyone who love a icebreaking game, a party game where familyandfriends can play together and have fun will find who can’t drawtobe extremely fun!If you love games like Charades, Guess the word, Heads up orTaboo,you’ll love this game!Why we come out with Who Can’t DrawWe believe that there should be more apps to encourage andengageuser to play together with their family and friends. LikeCharades,Heads Up, Taboo or Guess the word, they are the same kindof partygame but it seems to be the only choice. So we decided tocome outa party game from a different angle but still allow familyandfriends to play and have fun together.Disclaimer:Who Can’t Draw - Party Game for family and friends iscompletelydifferent from Taboo, Charades, Heads Up or Guess theword. Theonly similarities is we allow multiple player to playusing asingle device to have fun and laughter.#whocantdrawFor more info:Website: http://onethird.coFacebook: