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Geneva Bible 1599 5.1.0
Geneva Bible 1599 Geneva Bible was the most widely readandinfluential English Bible of the sixteenth andseventeenthcenturies. A superb translation, it was the product ofthe bestProtestant scholars of the day. The Geneva Bible is one ofthe mosthistorically significant translations of the Bible intoEnglish,preceding the King James translation by 51 years. It wastheprimary Bible of 16th century Protestantism and was the Bibleusedby William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, John Knox, John Donne,andJohn Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress. Translation LikemostEnglish translations of the time, the Geneva Bible wastranslatedfrom scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament andthe HebrewScriptures that comprise the Christian Old Testament. TheEnglishrendering was substantially based on the earliertranslations byWilliam Tyndale and Myles Coverdale (more than 80percent of thelanguage in the Genevan Bible is from Tyndale).However, the GenevaBible was the first English version in which allof the OldTestament was translated directly from the Hebrew ComparetheGeneva Bible with the King James The two versions are verysimilarto each other. Examination of the differences shows thattheearlier Geneva version is often more direct and modern instylethan the later King James, e.g. “and the moon was likeblood”(Geneva) versus “and the moon became as blood” (King James)“as afig tree casteth her green figs” (Geneva) versus “even as afigtree casteth her untimely figs” (King James)
Geneva Study Bible 1.0.1
Geneva Study Bible & KJV BibleOriginally printed in1560,believers can read the Scripture along with studyassistanceunashamedly rooted in the theology of Calvin, Luther,Zwingli, andother Reformation leaders. The first Geneva Bibleopened the pagesof Scripture to readers in the vernacular of theday and providedhelpful notes to assist the laity in understandingits message.
Bíblia King James Atualizada - Pão da Vida 2.3.2
Bíblia Sagrada Offline (não precisa de internet) na versãoKingJames Atualizada em português (KJA), gratuita e sempropagandas!Com as seguintes funcionalidades: - Totalmente Offline(funcionasem internet) - Títulos e subtítulos nos versículos -Salve umalista de versículos favoritos - Divisão histórica doslivros porcores: Pentateuco, Históricos, Poéticos, ProfetasMaiores, ProfetasMenores, Evangelhos, Histórico, Cartas de Paulo,Cartas Gerais,Profético. - Listagem de livros com 3 opções deexibição: quadroabreviações, lista de nomes e ordem alfabética -Copiar versículos- Compartilhar versículos - Funciona em celular etablet - Opçãopara aumentar e diminuir o tamanho da fonte dosversículos - Opçãode modo noturno para leitura - Busca por palavraschave - Opção decontinuar lendo de onde parou - Tela de leitura semantém sempreativa Uso da tradução da Bíblia King James Atualizada(KJA) sobautorização da Sociedade Bíblica Ibero-Americana do Brasil&Abba Press © 2001 – Exclusivamente para este app semfinslucrativos – Adquira versões impressas da Caso encontre algum problema, seja no textoouno aplicativo, nos avise que analisaremos e corrigiremos.Parasaber mais sobre este projeto,acesse: - Bíblia Pão da Vida OfflineHolyBible (no need for internet) in the King James Version, freeandwithout advertisements! With the following functionalities: -FullyOffline (works without internet) - Titles and subtitles inverses -Save a list of favorite verses - Historical division ofbooks bycolor: Pentateuch, Histories, Poetics, Major Prophets,MinorProphets, Gospels, Historical, Paul's Letters, GeneralLetters,Prophetic. - Book listing with 3 display options:frameabbreviations, list of names and alphabetical order - Copyverses -Share verses - Works on mobile and tablet - Option toincrease anddecrease the font size of the verses - Night modeoption forreading - Search by keywords - Option to continue readingwhere youleft off - Reading screen remains always active Use of theKingJames Bible (KJA) translation by permission of theIbero-AmericanBible Society of Brazil & Abba Press © 2001 -Exclusively forthis non-profit app - Purchase printed versions ofKJA If you encounter any problems, either inthe textor in the application, let us know and we will review andcorrectthem. To learn more about this project, goto: - Bible Bread of Life
Geneva Bible 6.6
1. Click on chapter name. It will show popup screen to selectbookand chapter. 2. Swipe left and right to go to previous chapterandnext chapter. 3. Scroll up and down to see all verses inparticularchapter. 4. Click on each verse to bookmart, highlight,Crossreference, underline. 5. We will be able to see three buttonsintop of screen. One for sharing verse, copying verses,fontsettings. Feel free to use it. 6. You can create stories topreachyour word by linking verses in bible. 7. Share verses withimagebackgrounds. 8. Sorry for the ads due to maintenance cost. Butyoucan buy out easily its very cheap. We will give even serverspaceto store your bookmarks. 9. You can see nearby churcheswhichdisplays all churches nearby. 10. Autoscrolling can beeasilyenabled by clicking floating button. Can be adjusted easilyfromfont settings. 11. Paragraph style is available. Give a try.12.Daily reminders to resume your bible readings. Hope you get mostofthe features. Please like us in play store Features: It's free.Verses can be shared on image, Colored bookmarks. Can find nearbychurch locations. Dark and Night theme Support. Adjustablefontsize. Less size. Full Screen Internet and location servicesareused only for locating near by churches. Feel free to shareyoursuggestions to improve quality of Application. THANK YOU.
Calvin's Bible Commentaries 11.0
Igor Apps
John Calvin's Commentary on the BibleA classic commentary on theOldand New Testaments, complete and unabridged. Written in aclear,lucid style, it combines a profound reverence for the Biblewith arare objectivity in its exegesis.One of the most influentialbiblescholars of all time, John Calvin, although controversial, isaforce to be reckoned with. His commentaries reflect anincrediblecommand of the Scriptures, as he sought to integrate theentiretyof its teaching by combining a solid exegetical method withapastoral insight that is often neglected incommentariestoday.Calvin strikes a balance between passion andrestraint, ofteninfusing his writing with a distinct quality ofcontrolledintensity. Scholars now recognize Calvin as above allelse ateacher. He sought to open the Word of God in scripture tothecommon people from whom, he believed, the Bible had beenwithheldby the scholastics, monks and priests of the Roman church.Byrecapturing scripture's simple, genuine and natural sense,Calvinreturned scripture to its rightful place in the church. Hissoleobject as a teacher was "to lay down a pathway to the readingofsacred Scripture for the simple and uneducated." JohnCalvin(Middle French: Jean Cauvin; 10 July 1509 -- 27 May 1564) wasaninfluential French theologian and pastor during theProtestantReformation. He was a principal figure in the developmentof thesystem of Christian theology later called Calvinism.Originallytrained as a humanist lawyer, he broke from the RomanCatholicChurch around 1530. After religious tensions provoked aviolentuprising against Protestants in France, Calvin fled toBasel,Switzerland, where in 1536 he published the first edition ofhisseminal work Institutes of the Christian Religion.Calvin wasatireless polemic and apologetic writer who generatedmuchcontroversy. He also exchanged cordial and supportive letterswithmany reformers including Philipp Melanchthon andHeinrichBullinger. In addition to the Institutes, he wrotecommentaries onmost books of the Bible as well as theologicaltreatises andconfessional documents, and he regularly gave sermonsthroughoutthe week in Geneva. Calvin was influenced by theAugustiniantradition, which led him to expound the doctrine ofpredestinationand the absolute sovereignty of God insalvation.Calvin's writingand preachings provided the seeds for thebranch of theology thatbears his name. The Presbyterian and otherReformed churches, whichlook to Calvin as a chief expositor oftheir beliefs, have spreadthroughout the world. Calvin's thoughtexerted considerableinfluence over major religious figures andentire religiousmovements, such as Puritanism, and some politicalhistorians haveargued that his ideas have contributed to the riseof capitalism,individualism, and representative democracy in theWest.
1599 Geneva Bible Study 1.2
All but forgotten today, the GenevaBiblewasthe most widely read and influential English Bible of the16thand17th centuries.A superb translation, it was the product ofthebestProtestant scholars of the day and became the Bible ofchoiceformany of the greatest writers and thinkers of that time.Men suchasWilliam Shakespeare, John Bunyan, and John Milton usedtheGenevaBible in their writings.The Geneva Bible is unique among all other Bibles. It wasthefirstBible to use chapters and numbered verses and becamethemostpopular version of its time because of itsextensivemarginalnotes. These notes, written by Reformationleadersincluding JohnCalvin and others, were intended to helpexplain andinterpret theScriptures for the average reader.The Geneva Bible is regarded as history's first study Bible.
Geneva Bible 1599 Version Free 1.0
Enjoy the Geneva Bible 1599 Version Freeapknowon your device!
1599 Geneva Bible GNV 1.0
All but forgotten today, the Geneva Bible was the most widelyreadand influential English Bible of the 16th and 17th centuries.Itwas one of the Bibles taken to America on the Mayflower.Mary IwasQueen of England and Ireland from 1553 until her death in 1558.Herexecutions of Protestants caused her opponents to give herthesobriquet "Bloody Mary." It was her persecution that causedtheMarian Exile which drove 800 English scholars to theEuropeancontinent, where a number of them gathered in Geneva,Switzerland.There a team of scholars led by William Whittingham,and assistedby Miles Coverdale, Christopher Goodman, Anthony Gilby,John Knox,and Thomas Sampson, produced The Geneva Bible, based onGreek andHebrew manuscripts and a revision of William Tyndale'sNewTestament, which first appeared in 1526. The Geneva BibleNewTestament was published in 1557, with the complete Bibleappearingin 1560.A superb translation, it was the product of thebestProtestant scholars of the day and became the Bible of choiceformany of the greatest writers and thinkers of that time. Men suchasWilliam Shakespeare, John Bunyan, and John Milton used theGenevaBible in their writings.The Geneva Bible is unique among allotherBibles. It was the first Bible to use chapters and numberedversesand became the most popular version of its time because ofitsextensive marginal notes. These notes, written byReformationleaders including John Calvin and others, were intendedto helpexplain and interpret the Scriptures for the averagereader.Withits variety of scriptural study guides and aids—whichincludedcross-reference verse citations, introductions to each bookof theBible, maps, tables, woodcut illustrations, indexes, andotherfeatures—the Geneva Bible is regarded as history's firststudyBible.In 2006 was released a version of the 1599 Geneva Biblewithmodern spellings as part of its 1599 Geneva Biblerestorationproject. The original cross references were retained aswell as thestudy notes by the Protestant Reformation leaders. Inaddition, theOld English glossary was included in the updatedversion.
Thompson Chain Reference 1.0.3
The heart of the ThompsonChain-Referencesystem is Thompson's "chain topics". The systemincorporates over4,000 such chains.You can add to favorites most liked bible words, copy all andanypart of the text, share the text, look bible verses (KJV)byclicking on them, increase/decrease font size. I hope you findthisstudy bible tool convenient and useful for studyingtheScripture.If you are annoyed about ads - try paid version "ThompsonChainReference Bible" which you find in my apps.
1599 Geneva Bible 1.2
All but forgotten today, the Geneva Biblewasthe most widely read and influential English Bible of the 16thand17th centuries.A superb translation, it was the product of thebestProtestant scholars of the day and became the Bible of choiceformany of the greatest writers and thinkers of that time. Men suchasWilliam Shakespeare, John Bunyan, and John Milton used theGenevaBible in their writings.The Geneva Bible is unique among all other Bibles. It was thefirstBible to use chapters and numbered verses and became themostpopular version of its time because of its extensivemarginalnotes. These notes, written by Reformation leadersincluding JohnCalvin and others, were intended to help explain andinterpret theScriptures for the average reader.The Geneva Bible is regarded as history's first study Bible.
Geneva Bible 1599 1.0
Was developed especially for readers whowantatranslation that accurately expresses the full meaningoftheoriginal text in a style that is clear and easytounderstand.Ideal for individual study, teaching, and ministrywork,thistrusted edition of the Holy Bible will enhance yourtimeexploringthe beauty and meaning of God’s Word.
The Founders Bible 1.7.2
“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.Itis wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – JohnAdamsTHE HISTORY YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TAUGHTThe Founders’ BibleDigitalApp is not only a robust Bible study app with multipleBibletranslations available it also the history that you havenever beentaught in school; that was sadly, intentionally removed.It is alsosome of the most inspiring truth that will shed asignificant amountof light and wisdom on the major issues facingus today, and what wecan and must do. What we have included in TheFounders’ BibleDigital App (Free Version) is what we believe aresome of the “bestof the best” articles, the most relevant, theessentials list, anemergency action pack of what you need to know!… about the country,how it was meant to work, the history thatbrought us here, thepurpose and passion behind it all, theincredible power of God’sWord and how it has shaped this nationmore than anything else.MODERN DAY GENEVA BIBLEWith over 1000+pages of culturally relevantarticles, insightful Biblicalcommentary, and some of the mostinspiring history, The Founders’Bible tells the epic saga of ourtrue, forgotten history and thedeep spiritual heritage behind thefounding of America. Thesubjects covered by the articles insertedthroughout help to askand answer some of the most importantquestions today, wrestlingwith the most relevant issues facing ourculture, providing insightfrom those who helped architect thefoundations of this greatnation, as well as apply timeless truthand wisdom from theScripture. For many, The Founder’ Bible could belikened to “amodern day Geneva Bible for this generation.” It isyour history,foundations of government, and the Bible allintegrated into oneamazing resource. SIGNATURE HISTORIANTheFounders’ Bible issignature historian David Barton’s mostsignificant life’s work. Heis one of the premiere constitutionalhistorians of our day with aprivate library containing over 100,000original source documentsfrom the Founding Era, one of the largestprivate collections inthe nation. His exhaustive research hasrendered him an expert inhistorical and constitutional issues,serving as a consultant tostate and federal legislators,participating in several cases atthe Supreme Court, involved in thedevelopment of theHistory/Social Studies standards for numerousstates, and helpingto produce history textbooks now used in schoolsacross the nation.David is listed by Time Magazine as one of, “The25 MostInfluential Evangelicals in America.” Accordingly, he hasbeendescribed as “America’s historian.” ARTWORK IN FULLILLUSTRATIONMODEIf a picture can say a thousand words, the artworkthroughoutspeaks volumes—allowing the history and content to cometo lifeconveying a sense of the look and feel, the emotions oftheunfolding drama. Each one of the articles has beenbeautifullydesigned throughout, featuring original artwork bymasterillustrator and oil painter, C. Michael Dudash, along withhundredsof other historical paintings and sketches. OFFLINE BIBLESTUDYReadand study whether you’re connected or not. Your library,notes,highlights and all of the app features are stored on yourdevice sothat you have full functionality when you are offline orinairplane mode. CLOUD SYNCSync your Bible studyresources,highlights, notes, etc. between all your devices.SIDE-BY-SIDESTUDYThe split window feature allows you to create yourowncustomized parallel Bible for translation comparison or to havetheArticles in one pane and the Bible in the other forquickreference. IMMERSIVE BIBLE STUDYThe app comes pre-loaded withanextensive library of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries andmanyother useful Bible Study resources.
Reformed Faith Confession 1.3
[Reformed Faith Confession] ( English +Korean)1. The Heidelberg Catechism (1563)2. The Belgic Confession (1561)3. The canons of Dordt (1619)4. The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647)5. The Westminster Shorter Catechism (1647)6. The Westminster Larger Catechism (1647)7. Catechism of The Church of Geneva (1541)8. Der Heidelber Catechismus (1563)
1599 Geneva Bible 1.0
All but forgotten today, the GenevaBiblewasthe most widely read and influential English Bible of the16thand17th centuries. It was one of the Bibles taken to AmericaontheMayflower.
Bíblia Sagrada Offline: Compartilhe versículos
A Bíblia Sagrada Offline foi projetada para ser fácil de usar,levee linda. Aqui estão algumas características que farão você amar❤️este app: ✡ Não precisa de internet para funcionar. ✡ Naveguedeforma eficiente entre os livros e os capítulos da bíblia. ✡ Váparao capítulo seguinte ou anterior com apenas um toque. ✡Pesquisetermos na Bíblia Sagrada ou apenas em um livro específico.✡Compartilhe seus versículos favoritos da Bíblia em suasredessociais. ✡ Destaque seus versículos bíblicos favoritosusandocolores lindas. ✡ Adicione comentários sobre versículosbíblicos. ✡Leia seus comentários de versículos diretamente na telaprincipal.Instale a Bíblia Sagrada Offline agora e comece a serabençoado!The Offline Holy Bible is designed to be easy to use,lightweight,and beautiful. Here are some features that will makeyou love thisapp: ✡ Does not need internet to work. EficienteNavigateefficiently between books and bible chapters. ✡ Go to thenext orprevious chapter with just one touch. Termos Search forterms inthe Holy Bible or just a specific book. ✡ Share yourfavorite Bibleverses on your social networks. ✡ Highlight yourfavorite Bibleverses using beautiful colors. Comentários Addcomments on Bibleverses. ✡ Read your verse comments directly fromthe main screen.Install the Holy Bible Offline now and start beingblessed!
wiktoria.goroch.bible_kjva.AOUSFCKLLRSGYXYC 5.5.5
Igor Apps
Bible King James Version with Apocrypha Book of Enoch, JasherandJubilees are not in Apocrypha so they are seperated in the TableofContents and in the Search. Also they are not in Reading PlanandDaily Verses. You can remove thesebooks:Menu->Settings->switch off "Show Enoch/Jasher/Jubilees"DailyVerse (Daily Psalm, Daily Gospel - you can make your ownDailyVerse), Reading Plan (canonical) - read Bible in one Year,180Days, 90 Days, Audio Bible (TTS feature) and many othersfunctions.The King James Version (KJV), commonly known as theAuthorizedVersion (AV) or King James Bible (KJB), is an Englishtranslationof the Christian Bible for the Church of England begunin 1604 andcompleted in 1611. First printed by the King's PrinterRobertBarker, this was the third translation into English to beapprovedby the English Church authorities. James gave thetranslatorsinstructions intended to guarantee that the new versionwouldconform to the ecclesiology and reflect the episcopalstructure ofthe Church of England and its belief in an ordainedclergy. Thetranslation was done by 47 scholars, all of whom weremembers ofthe Church of England. In common with most othertranslations ofthe period, the New Testament was translated fromGreek, the OldTestament was translated from Hebrew text, while theApocrypha weretranslated from the Greek and Latin. The Biblicalapocrypha (fromthe Greek word ἀπόκρυφος, apókruphos, meaning"hidden") denotes thecollection of ancient books found, in someeditions of the Bible,in a separate section between the Old and NewTestaments or as anappendix after the New Testament. Although theterm apocrypha hadbeen in use since the 5th century, it was inLuther's Bible of 1534that the Apocrypha was first published as aseparateintertestamental section. Luther was making a polemicalpoint aboutthe canonicity of these books. As an authority for thisdivision,he cited St. Jerome, who in the early 5th centurydistinguished theHebrew and Greek Old Testaments, stating thatbooks not found inthe Hebrew were not received as canonical.Although his statementwas controversial in his day, Jerome waslater titled a Doctor ofthe Church and his authority was also citedin the Anglicanstatement in 1571 of the Thirty-Nine Articles. KingJames VersionThe English-language King James Version (KJV) of 1611followed thelead of the Luther Bible in using an inter-testamentalsectionlabelled "Books called Apocrypha", or just "Apocrypha" attherunning page header. The KJV followed the Geneva Bible of1560almost exactly (variations are marked below). The sectioncontainsthe following: - 1 Esdras (Vulgate 3 Esdras) - 2 Esdras(Vulgate 4Esdras) - Tobit - Judith ("Judeth" in Geneva) - Rest ofEsther(Vulgate Esther 10:4-16:24) - Wisdom - Ecclesiasticus (alsoknownas Sirach) - Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremy ("Jeremiah"inGeneva) (all part of Vulgate Baruch) - Song of the ThreeChildren(Vulgate Daniel 3:24-90) - Story of Susanna (Vulgate Daniel13) -The Idol Bel and the Dragon (Vulgate Daniel 14) - PrayerofManasses (follows 2 Chronicles in Geneva) - 1 Maccabees -2Maccabees Included in this list are those books of theClementineVulgate that were not in Luther's canon. These are thebooks mostfrequently referred to by the casual appellation "theApocrypha".These same books are also listed in Article VI of theThirty-NineArticles of the Church of England. Despite being placedin theApocrypha, in the table of lessons at the front of someprintingsof the King James Bible, these books are included underthe OldTestament.
Geneva Bible 1599-Free Reading 1.0
The Geneva Bible is one of themosthistoricallysignificant translations of the Bible intoEnglish.This version of the Bible is significant because, fortheveryfirst time, a mechanically printed, mass-produced Biblewasmadeavailable directly to the general public which came withavarietyof scriptural study guides and aids (collectivelycalledanapparatus), which included verse citations that allow thereadertocross-reference one verse with numerous relevant verses intherestof the Bible, introductions to each book of the Biblethatacted tosummarize all of the material that each book wouldcover,maps,tables, woodcut illustrations, indices, as well asotherincludedfeatures — all of which would eventually lead tothereputation ofthe Geneva Bible as history's very first
by.nsource.prj_bible_ost 1.6
nSource Lab
Jean-Frédéric Osterwald (or Ostervald) (25 November 1663 – April14,1747), Swiss Protestant pastor, was born at Neuchâtel in 1663in apatrician family, a son of the Reformed pastor JohannRudolfOstervald. He was educated at Zürich and at Saumur (wherehegraduated), studied theology at Orléans under Claude Pajon,atParis under Jean Claude and at Geneva under Louis Tronchin, andwasordained to the ministry in his native place in 1683.Ostervald'sFrench Bible, a revision of the French translation, inparticular,was long well known and much valued in Britain. Benefitsofapplication: - The application works without an internetconnection(offline); - Ability to search; - Ability to increase /decreasethe font; - Ability to create an unlimited number of tabsto aparticular verse, one of the books; - If you are interested intheallocation of poems you can copy or send a message; - Abilitytoscroll through the volume buttons. Our team is not in place,andaims to expand its functional applications. User guide: Eachmenuitem is a separate book, and each separate page in one of thebooksis the head. Place the cursor instead of the chapter numberandenter the chapter number. Thus, you will not have to scroll allthechapters, selecting interesting.
by.nsource.prj_bibbia_riv 1.8
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La versione Nuova Riveduta della Bibbia è la versione piùutilizzataitaliana della Bibbia tra i cristiani evangelici eprotestanti. E'stato pubblicato nel 1994 dalla Società Biblica diGinevra (GinevraSocietà Biblica) ed è una versione rivista delBibbia Riverduta(riveduta della Bibbia), prodotto da GiovanniLuzzi nel 1920 che, èuna versione riveduta della traduzioneitaliana fatta da GiovanniDiodati nel 17 ° secolo. Una dellecaratteristiche più importanti diquesta Bibbia italiana è il fattoche accompagna l'evoluzione dellalingua italiana. Facilità distudiare la Bibbia con la nostraapplicazione è realizzata inpresenza dei seguenti elementi: -L'applicazione funziona senza unaconnessione internet(disconnesso); - Possibilità di ricerca -Possibilità di aumentare /diminuire il carattere; - Possibilità dicreare un numero illimitatodi schede per un particolare verso, unodei libri; - Se sieteinteressati nella ripartizione delle poesie èpossibile copiare oinviare un messaggio; - Possibilità di scorrereattraverso ipulsanti del volume. La nostra squadra non è a posto,e si proponedi ampliare le funzionalità delle loro applicazioni.Guida utente:Ogni voce di menu è un libro separata e ogni paginaseparata in unodei libri è la testa. Posizionare il cursore alposto del numero delcapitolo e inserire il numero del capitolo.Quindi, non sarànecessario scorrere tutti i capitoli, la selezioneinteressante. TheNew Revised Standard Version of the Bible is themost widely usedItalian version of the Bible among evangelical andProtestantChristians. E 'was published in 1994 by the Geneva BibleSociety(Geneva Bible Society) and is a revised version of theBibleRiverduta (Revised Bible), produced by Giovanni Luzzi in1920, is arevised version of Italian translation by King James in17thcentury. One of the most important features of this ItalianBible isthe fact that accompanied the evolution of the Italianlanguage.Easy to study the Bible with our application is made inthe presenceof the following elements: - The application workswithout aninternet connection (disconnected); - Possibility tosearch -Ability to increase / decrease the font; - Ability tocreate anunlimited number of cards for a particular verse, one ofthe books;- If you are interested in the allocation of the poemsyou can copyor send a message; - Ability to scroll through thevolume buttons.Our team is not in place, and aims to expand theirapplicationscapabilities. User's Guide: Each menu item is aseparate and eachseparate page book in one of the books is thehead. Place the cursorinstead of the number of the chapter andenter the chapter number.So, you will not have to scroll all thechapters, the interestingselection.
1599 Geneva Study Bible 1.0
All but forgotten today, the GenevaBiblewasthe most widely read and influential English Bible of the16thand17th centuries.A superb translation, it was the product ofthebestProtestant scholars of the day and became the Bible ofchoiceformany of the greatest writers and thinkers of that time.Men suchasWilliam Shakespeare, John Bunyan, and John Milton usedtheGenevaBible in their writings.The Geneva Bible is unique among all other Bibles. It wasthefirstBible to use chapters and numbered verses and becamethemostpopular version of its time because of itsextensivemarginalnotes. These notes, written by Reformationleadersincluding JohnCalvin and others, were intended to helpexplain andinterpret theScriptures for the average reader.The Geneva Bible is regarded as history's first study Bible.Enjoy 1599 Geneva Study Bible app for free!!!
1611 King James Bible - Original Bible 5.7.0
Igor Apps
This is the original 1611 King James Bible with ApocryphaNointernet connection needed. Bible Reading Plan, DailyVerses,Notifications, Notes, Bookmarks and more! The King JamesBible isthe most printed book in the history of the world. Anyso-called“1611” King James Version you buy today at the localChristianBookstore is absolutely NOT the 1611. .. it is the 1769BaskervilleBirmingham revision, even though it admits that nowhere,and mayeven say “1611” in the front… it’s just not true. Prepare tobeshocked! The spellings have been revised, and some wordschanged,in almost every printing done since 1769, and fourteenentire booksplus extra prefatory features have been removed fromalmost everyprinting done since 1885! The 1611 King James Bible waswriten morethan four hundred years ago when the English languagewasdifferent. The original 1611 A.D. text, written in EarlyModernEnglish, shows the language in closer association with itsLatinroots. Spelling was in Jacobean style which was notentirelystandardized, but could be read phonetically. The originaltypefacewas in Gothic style. Although both the typestyle and theolderlanguage may be considered difficult to read by some 21stCenturyEnglish readers, the King James Version is recognized andrespectedfor its beauty, cadence, and poetic feel. Englishspellingdifferences in John 3:16 - U = V (Example: loued = loved;gauve =gave) - y with 'e' above it was used as represent the'thorn'character, which means 'the') - nn (Sonne = Son) Otherspellingdifferences - V = U (Example: vnto = unto | See John 1:11)- VV = W(Example: svvord = sword) [The V was called a 'U', this iswhy westill call a W a 'double U'] - I = J (Example: Iesus = Jesus| SeeJohn 1:17) - Long "s" letters look similar to "f" letters(Noticethe 'Old Testament' type example on the right) Please note:we willnot be able to save your current settings. Your bookmarks,font andothers will not be saved. If it is very important to you,pleaseconsider this before updating this app. We are strongly inneed ofyour reviews grading this update. We want to hear about themanychanges we have made and your satisfaction with them!
Study Bible 4.2.3
The offline and free Bible Study App includes access to theoriginaltext in hebrew and greek for each downloaded translation.For eachoriginal text word, search all occurrences of this word inthebible. This gives you a concordance. Look for the sources ofwordsand see how a greek or hebrew word is composed or derivedfrom. Doan 'intelligent' cloze test for each chapter of the bible,thatreally verifies how you observed the bible text.You candownloaddifferent translations in english or german and comparethem for abible passage to get different impressions from thebible text.Thebible app is 100% offline usable. All translationsas well as theoriginal text support will be downloaded to on avers in the reading view to see the original textwords, encoded bythe numbers of the theologian Strong. Click onlinks of the sourcessection of a word to see how a word iscomposed or derived from.Click on the description of a word to seehow the scripture usesthis word in all passages containingit.There are differentcommentaries available. The archaic Genevatranslation has adetailed commentary inside. German translations'Elberfelder' alsohave commenaries.Word Search:- Search terms areseparated by spacecharacter- search for basic forms (the basicform of 'fed' or'feeds' is 'feed')- to have a fast search let thefirst search termbe the least frequent word- the search for veryfrequent words like'god' or 'jesus' will take a relative longtimeAvailableTranslations:English:- Updated King James Version(UKJV)- GenevaBibel (Commentary within)- Jubilee 2000- WorldEnglish Bible -British Edition (WEB; Some Verses missing)German:-Schlachter 2000(Inapp Purchase, Commentary within)- Jantzen NewTestament-Elberfelder 1905
Библия синодальный перевод 1.6
SmartBible - Библия для AndroidИнструкция поустановкеПрограммапозволяет эффективно изучать Библию.Модулипортированы из программыЦитата из Библии и приведены в удобнуюформу навигацииОперативноможно переключиться между современнымпереводом РоссийскогоБиблейского общества и синодальным переводом19 века.Если и этогонедостаточно, можно посмотреть разные переводыкаждого слова спервоначального языка, а глубже понять смысл каждогоотрывка,прочитав комментарии и посмотреть отрывки схожие позначению(параллельные места)Встроенная "Симфония" позволит быстронайтиинтересующее вас слово и места в Библии, гдеоноупотребляется.Программа позволяет осуществлять быстрый переходкинтересующему отрывку с помощью встроенногонавигатора.Развернутаясистема толькование БиблииСимфония (доступчерез панель алфавита напервой странице)Современный и синодальныйпереводы Библии(переключение происходит по нажатию номерастиха)Номера Стронга (подстрочный перевод - возможность узнатьперевод словапервоисточника - осуществляется путем перехода поссылкам на словахв синодальном переводе (некоторые окончанияссылаются на временнуюформу))Толковая Библия - КомментарииЖеневской Библии (можнопосмотреть в современном переводе по нажатиюзнака">")Параллельные места (можно посмотреть в современномпереводепо нажатию знака "=")Предисловие к книгам (можно посмотретьвсовременном переводе по нажатию знака "(i)" в первой главекаждойкниги)Комментарии Баркли на послание апостолов и Евангелие, атакжекомментарии Лопухина на Ветхий Завет (просмотр осуществляетсяпонажатию на занчок "b" около каждого стиха всовременномпереводе)Удобная навигацияПодробный разборЕвангелиеИндуктивное идедуктивное изучениеПрограмма будет полезнане зависимо от тогокакая у вас вера: православная, католическая,протестантская,иудейская или даже мусульманская - Коран говорит чтоИса (Иисус)был послан для подтверждения Еврейская Тора и он принесвам Энджиль( Евангелие ) - что есть ходан и норан (руководство исвет) Сура5:46В этой программе нет модуля на церковнословянскомязыкеМожносказать что это и детская Библии тоже. Я соему 5 летнемусыну читаюи он все понимает. Единственное, конечно, надо быть втеме своскресной школы или личного примера христианина, любящегоСловоБога))SmartBible - Bible for AndroidInstallation manualTheprogramallows you to effectively study the Bible.Ported from theprogrammodules quote from the Bible and given in a convenient formofnavigationYou can quickly switch between a modern translationofthe Russian Bible Society and the King James Version of the19thcentury.If that's not enough, you can see differenttranslations ofeach word with the original language, and a deeperunderstanding ofthe meaning of each passage, read the comments andsee the passagesare similar in value (parallels)Built-in "Symphony"allows you toquickly find the word and places in the Bible where itis used.Theprogram allows you to quickly navigate to the passage ofinterestwith the integrated browser.Deployed systemtolkovanieBibleSymphony (accessible through the panel on the firstpage ofthe alphabet)Modern and KJV (switching is done by pressingversenumber)Strong Rooms (subscript translation - translation oftheword opportunity to learn first-hand - carried out byfollowinglinks on the words in the King James Version (some referto thetemporary closure form))Explanatory Bible - Comments GenevaBible(you can see in modern translation by pressing thesign">")Parallel passages (you can see in modern translationbypressing the "=" sign)Foreword to the book (you can see inmoderntranslation by pressing the mark "(i)" in the first chapterof eachbook)Barkley comments on the message of the Apostles andtheGospel, as well as commentaries on the Old TestamentLopuchin(viewing is done by pressing on zanchok "b" about eachverse inmodern translation)Easy navigationDetailed analysis oftheGospelInductive and deductive studyThe program will be usefulnomatter what your faith: Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jewishoreven Muslim - Quran says that Isa (Jesus) was sent to confirmtheJewish Torah and he brought you Endzhil (Gospel) - that thereHodanand Nora (guidance and light) Sura 5:46In this program, thereis nomodule on tserkovnoslovyanskom languageWe can say that this istheBible and children too. I soemu 5 year old son to read andheunderstands everything. Only, of course, must be subject totheSunday school or personal example of a Christian who lovesGod'sWord))
The Reformation Study Bible 5.2.4
The Reformation Study Bible, General EditorDr.R.C. Sproul, is a tremendous resource created by more thanfiftyscholars and featuring more than 20,000 study notes on Bibleversesand terms. Additional study notes include introductions tothe sevengroups of biblical books, book introductions withoutlines, and 96notes on central doctrines of Scripture. Thisversion also includesthe entire text of the English StandardVersion (ESV) Bible. Theentire resource is stored right on yourphone for instant accesswithout a network connection.The Reformation Study Bible is built on the advancedAcroBiblesoftware for Android. AcroBible offers may powerfulfeaturesincluding:* Fast keyword, phrase, and wildcard search* Highlight verses in multiple colors* Personalize verses with your own notes* Free translations: KJV, ASV, WEB, YLT, Darby, RVA, LSG, ThaiKJV,AA (optional downloads)* Free commentaries: Matthew Henry's ConciseCommentary,Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary, Scofield Notes(optionaldownloads)* Free devotionals: Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Daily Lightonthe Daily Path (optional downloads)* Free study tools: Easton's Bible Dictionary, KJV withStrong'snumbers, Greek NT, Thompson Topics, Treasury of ScriptureKnowledge(optional downloads)* Web backup of notes and highlighting* Direct, two-way Web synchronization* Split screen view* Verse taggingWeb Backup:When you synchronize your notes and highlighting with ourfreeon-line Bible, your uploaded data serves as a backup copy. Ifyourdevice is damaged, lost or you buy a new one then you caneasilydownload all your notes and highlighting from the on-linecopy.Two-way Synchronization:Using two-way synchronization, you can create your notesandhighlighting on your phone or from your desktop and have theminboth places regardless of how you created them. Whether you areathome entering notes with the convenience of a desktop computerorat church jotting down sermon notes, synchronization deliversyourpersonal data where ever you need it.Our free on-line Bible application ( access to your notes and highlighting from thedesktop. TheiBibleSpace site also offers other free tools such asa devotional,commentary, and a personal journal.Requires 4MB of additional storage on memory card.