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Four In A Row - Classic Board Games
Connect 4 pieces of your colour in alinebefore your opponent. The popular game is now in your handseverytime you can spare a moment for a challenge or a bit ofrelax.Excellent for testing your skills or teaching strategy tokids.Play multiplayer with a friend or try to beat ourwell-trainedvirtual players and see your improvements game bygame.A classic! Start playing now for free! :)Follow us:TWITTER @outofthebitFACEBOOK/outofthebit
Four In A Row
Thanks for download Four in a Row .Four in a Row is to make alineof 4 tiles before your opponent , you can pull the linevertically,horizontally or diagonally .There are 2 modes of gameone againstthe cpu and the other against a friend , you canconcentrate anduse all your wits and skill to win the opponent atdifferent levelsof difficulty ( easy, normal and hard) .This gameis ideal forchildren and adults it serves to speed up your memoryandconcentration as it is a puzzle style game and puzzle .Enjoywithyour family or friends in this classic that never goes outoffashion and now totally free.The game will absorb like aspongebecause its artificial intelligence is very neat and ishighquality .Thanks to my friends and especially my friend Bobforgraphics designed to be the success of the year.Do not forgettoinvite your friends through Facebook if you enjoyed the game.
4 in a Row (Four in a Line)
Thanks for downloading "4 in a Row" also known as "Four inaLine".

Four in a row is free!

Spend unforgettable momentsplayingthis fun puzzle game

.The matches are fast y funny. Veryrealisticgame.You can play with another person or against theArtificialIntelligence module(Ai).
The Ai of this game is notpredictable asin other games.


This game is atwo-player game inwhich each one chooses a different color for yourchips and byshifts launches one at a time in a panel of 7 columns x6rows.

The chips piling up in his column. The objective of thegameis to connect pieces of the same color forming a linehorizontally,vertically or diagonally before your opponentdoes.

Players startplaying in rotating shifts.

Upcomingimprovements: Onlinegame

Four in a row in4languages:

4 in a row - Online
Four in a row is a funny, strategic game that is easy to learn.Findyourself an equal opponent and challenge him or play againstyoursmartphone!Get 4 of your pieces in a row and beat your friendsorthe computer.The computer can be adjusted in 6 levelsofdifficulty.No equally strong opponent around you? Challengeanother player in a real-time online match!Train your skills andyourstrategic thinking. This classic game is foreveryone:children,adults, ... the whole family!★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★- An excellent 2player game- Challenge friends and show them thatyou are the best-Play against the computer and beat him on everylevel- Play online-Claim achievementsFull version only:- Choose whostarts- Morecolors★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★Ready?Play Four in a rownow on yourandroid smartphone or tablet!
4 in a Row
The popular all-time classic “4 in a Row” in the to-go edition asafree app for your smart phone. Play against your friends, beatthecomputer or look for opponents from around the world to see whohasthe better tactics or strategy to win the game. In “4 in a Row”theplayers take turns dropping colored discs into a grid. The aimofthe game is to connect a row of four of one’s own colour,eithervertically, horizontally ordiagonally.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Play againstthecomputer:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With the localsingle-playermode you can improve your “4 in a Row” skills. Playagainst thecomputer, who tries to figure out your tactics andstrategy inthree levels ofdifficulty.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Local gameagainstfriends:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Play “4 in a Row” on onedeviceagainst your friend. Similar rules of the game as in thelocalsingle-player mode. However you don’t play against thecomputer, butagainst each other on only one device and take turnsdropping thediscs to get four discs in one row. The better tacticsand strategywill show who is better and lead toawin!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Play againstinternationalusers:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Look for “4 in a Row”opponentsworldwide. The all-time classic “4 in a Row” isavailableinternationally and you can play online against gamersfrom aroundthe world. A flag shows you where your opponent comesfrom. As soonas your opponent has installed the free app, the gamescanbegin.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Furtherdetails:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-If you win against your onlineopponent in the online multiplayermode, the corresponding pointswill be credited to your account.- Ifyou win against a veryskilled “4 in a Row” opponent in the onlinemultiplayer mode, youwill receive more points for your win and willbe credited to youraccount.- The more points you gain whilstplaying “4 in a Row”, thehigher you will rise in the ranking list.-Create your onlinefriends list to invite your friends at any timeto a match of “4 ina Row” for free.- Talk to your opponentsworldwide with theintegrated chat function.- The all-time classic“4 in a Row” isavailable worldwide as a free app. You can thereforeplay onlineagainst international opponents. How good are yourtactics, are youbetter at logical reasoning than your opponent?Will you be firstin connecting a row?We hope you like our free “4in a Row” app! Wewould appreciate feedback (even if it’s critical)on ourinternational online strategy game for free. Simply send us amailto the noted support address. Enjoy and don’t forget four in arow!
4 in a row
Welcome to the classic 4 IN A ROW!Who has not played thispopulargame in his childhood?The objective of the game is toconnect 4tiles of your color on the same line (vertical, horizontalordiagonal).The chips or discs always fall from top to bottom asaresult of the force of gravity.Touch on a column to drop thetileof your color.NEW: Now available a puzzles module. Resolve allthelevels and nobody will beat you.GAME MODESThere are threegamemodes:- "One player": You will play against the AI(ArtificialIntelligence). There are 10 levels of difficulty. Willyou be ableto connect a 4-in-a-row against the most "intelligent"robot?- "Twoplayers": The classic duel in which each player isplaying by turnstheir color chips. The first one that connects 4 inline wins.-"Puzzles": 300 hand-made unique puzzles to train yourskills.【HIGHLIGHTS 】 ✔ Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitableforchildren and adults.✔ Full game is free, with very few ads (noadswhile playing)✔ Exercise your brain and relax!✔ Beautifulandsimple user interface (portrait and landscape)✔ Compatible withalldevices including tablets✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled)andimages in HD✔ Includes 10 AI strength levels✔ Nointrusivepermissions✔ 300 puzzles.【 CUSTOMIZATION 】You cancustomize somefeatures of the game (from the settings option):*Play or mute thesounds.* Change the color theme (light, dark andblue)* Change thestyle of the board and the discs.* Language.*Deviceorientation.Just one more thing...ENJOY!!!--------------------Anysuggestion or bug report is welcome.Please, before writing a badreview contact us by email
4 in a Row Multiplayer
Play "4 in a Row" against the computer or friends from all overtheworld!"4 in a Row" is one of the most popular strategy games intheworld, this app gives you three differentgamemodes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Details~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"4ina Row" is a game classic for two players. Goal of the game istoline up four discs of your color to a horizontal, verticalordiagonal line. Alternating, you and your opponent drop discsintothe grid and try to complete a line of four discs againstthecomputer, friends or strangers from all over the world!We'vepackedthe beloved strategy and tactics game in a free app, whichfeaturesthree game modes:- Singleplayer: Play alone on one deviceagainstthe computer Here you can learn "4 in a Row" or train yourstrategyand tactics. Three difficulties help you in doing so.-LocalMultiplayer: Singleplayer rules apply. The game is played ononemobile device. Try to beat a friend with logic by tapping onthecolumns and connecting four of your discs in one line.-OnlineMultiplayer: Play the classic against "4 in a Row" playersall overthe world. Play on more than one device, given youropponent alsohas the freeapp.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moredetails~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Theonline multiplayer mode hassome great features for you:- Everyonline victory earns youpoints.- If you win an online game of "4 ina Row" against anopponent, who has accumulated a lot of points,you'll get anaccordingly higher score.- The higher you score ingames of "4 in aRow", the higher you climb on the leaderboards.-You can startchats to talk with people all over the world, analyzeyour moves orjust chitchat.- An online friend list makes itpossible to inviteyour friends to a round of "4 in a Row" withoutcharge.- Our free"4 in a Row" app is available worldwide. You canplay againstopponents all over the world online to show your logicsand tacticsskills, by connecting your 21 discs to a line of fourbefore youropponent.- You can always see which country youropponent is from.-We hope you like our free "4 in a Row"! And we'realways happyabout feedback (also critical) on our free onlinestrategy game.Just send an email to our support address. Have funplaying "4 in aRow"!
Four In A Line Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★Four In A Line Free (also knownasConnect 4 and Four in a Row) is the classic travel game, whereyouhave to find those elusive 4 pieces in a row, eithervertically,horizontally or diagonally, before your opponent does.Beware! Intrying to create your own line of 4 you may accidentallygive youropponent one! This universally popular casual game isbuilt withthe same high quality as the rest of our games.(alsoknown asConnect 4 and Four in a Row) Featuring: - 10 difficultylevels,from Beginner to Expert- Achievements and Leaderboards(viaGoogle+) - Android 2.2+ only- 2 player hot-seat- 4 Four In ALinePiece Sets and Boards- User stats against each level- Undo&Hints- Designed for both Tablet and Phone This free versionissupported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity,andtherefore subsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.
4 in a Row Connect Multiplayer
Come and try the new 4 in a Row (connect in a row 4 discs)onAndroid. With 4 modes you can :- Play alone against averyintelligent AI- With a second humain player on the samescreen-Connect a second humain over the bluetooth- Connect onlineagainstplayers from around the world, fast multiplayer games!Fourin a Row(also known as Connect 4, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four andFour ina Line) is a two-player connection game in which the playersfirstchoose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs fromthetop into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid.Thepieces fall straight down, occupying the next availablespacewithin the column. The objective of the game is to be thefirst toform a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four ofone's owndiscs. Connect 4 is a solved game. The first player canalways winby playing the right moves.
Classic 4
This app in wooden design includes the famous board games: NineManMorris, Checkers, Reversie and Four in a Line that everyoneshouldhave played in his childhood. Within the online multiplayeryou canplay the four games “Nine Man Morris”, “Checkers”,“Reversie” and“Four in a Line“ with your friends and competeagainst each other.You also can prove your skills against randomplayers all over theworld. You have the choice between thefollowing board games: *Nine Man MorrisIn the first phase ninepieces are alternately seton the board on empty points, which canbe moved in the secondphase. If a player is able to place or movethree of his pieces oncontiguous points in a straight line,vertically or horizontally,he has formed a mill and may remove oneof his opponent's piecesfrom the board.The user can only removepieces which are not in amill.If you only have 3 stones left thanyou can jump freely withthem on any point on the board. The playerwho takes away allstones except 2 of the opponents wins the gameNine Man Morris. *CheckersEveryone moves with one of his stonesdiagonally forward.Jump over and collecting opposing pieces isduty. If you arrive theother side, then your stone will be tunedinto a king. The King canmove freely on the diagonal. The playerwho has collected all theopponent's pieces wins the game Checkers.* ReversiePlayers puttheir stones alternately. All opponent'spieces between the newstone und your old stones will be changedinto yours. The playerwith the most stones at the end wins the gameReversie. * Four in aLinePlayers put their stones alternately frombottom up. The playerwho gets four stones in a row wins the gameFour in a Line. We hopeyou enjoy our 4 classic board games.We wouldbe glad to receiveyour feedback about our free online strategygames.We wish you alot of fun with a game of “Nine Man Morris”,“Checkers”, “Reversie”and “Four in a Line“.
4 in a row king
two users the piece to drop one by one on the game 7x6fieldsboardfirst straight line for to connect with fourpieceswins(horizontal, vertical, diagonal)[features]- provide avarietyof convenience features for users- 6 step of thesingle-playerdifficulty level configuration- 2p: enjoy easy andfast withfriends- multiplayer support: you can compete with otherplayer byonline- achievements and leaderboard support- tabletdevicessupportHomepage:
Connect For Emoji
Connect 4! Emoji (also known as Captain's Mistress, Four Up,PlotFour, Find Four, Fourplay, Four in a Row, Four in a LineandGravitrips (in Soviet Union)) is a two-player connection gameinwhich the players first choose a color and then take turnsdroppingcolored discs from the top into a seven-column, six-rowverticallysuspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupyingthe nextavailable space within the column. The objective of thegame is tobe the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonalline offour of one's own discs. Connect Four is a solved game. Thefirstplayer can always win by playing the right moves.Connect 4!Emojiis a 4 in a row emoji game. It is also called as Matching4emoji.ぼーどげーむ. 4 em linha. fyra i rad. fire på stribe. fyra irad.draughts hd."Connect 4! Emoji of your checkers in a rowwhilepreventing your opponent from doing the same."Playing thegameConnect four!Before the game begins, each player chooses a setofcheckers (brightly colored disks) and sets them aside. Thegamepieces come in two forms: regular checkers with holes in thecenterof them and "blockers" which are two discs joined in thecenter bya small bar. The gameboard is seven spaces wide, sixspaces high,and two spaces deep and sits upright so that pieces canbe droppedthrough openings in the top.As each player takes a turn,he or shechooses which type of checker to use and places it in theopeningat the top. The game piece will then slide straight downuntil itreaches the first unoccupied space within thatcolumn.Connect fouremoji game StrategyDuring each move, a playerdecides at whatlocation to place a checker. Each choice should bebased on tryingto line up one's own checkers while at the same timetrying toprevent opponents from lining up their checkers first.Along withregular checkers that take up a single slot on eitherside of thedouble grid, each player has two blockers which take upboth sidesat once. Because the blocker is connected by a rigid bar,it willstop at the higher open slot between the two sides. Thiscanpotentially take multiple slots of a single column on one sideofthe board out of play for all players even though theyremainunoccupied by game pieces.Winning the game Connect 4!emojiThe gameis won by the first player who lines up four of his orher checkersin any direction: horizontally, vertically, ordiagonally. Checkerscan weave back and forth between the two gridsas well whichincreases the number of ways to place four in arowkeywords :connect 4! emoji, 4 in a row emoji, connect emojigame, FamilyGame, Connect for emoji
Dr. Gomoku
You can enjoy real-time online Gomoku over the world.Gomoku isanabstract strategy board game.Also called Gobang or Five in aRow,it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and whitestones)on a go board. however, because once placed, pieces are notmovedor removed from the board, gomoku may also be played as apaper andpencil game. This game is known in several countriesunderdifferent names.Black plays first, and players alternate inplacinga stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winneris thefirst player to get an unbroken row of five stoneshorizontally,vertically, or diagonally.Dr. Gomoku follows theofficial Renjurule.SUD Inc.
4 in a row
4 in a row is a simple but challenging puzzle game. The goal istoconnect a line of four horizontal,vertical,or diagonal discsbeforeyour opponent does. With this 4 in a Line game, you can playwith afriend who sits next to you or play against your phone.Connect 4pawns to win.The artificial intelligence embeded in thegame allowsa player to play a very easy mode but also much harderandchallenging modes.Will you be able to beat the most difficultleveldesigned ?
Vier Gewinnt X - 4 Gewinnt
Sie können 4 Gewinnt mit der Familie genießen oder inverschiedenenSchwierigkeitsstufen gegen den Computer spielen.Vergleichen Sie inden Weltweiten High-Scores Ihre Spielkünste mitden Leistungenanderer Spieler weltweit!Bereit?Tippen Sie eine paltean, um Ihrenersten Stein in diese zu werfen!Viel Glück!^__-Sieerhalten auchErfahrungspunkte indem Sie gegen Computer gewinnen (+1für Einfach,+3 für Medium, +5 für Schwer, und +7 fürExperte).Unterstütze dasSpielen von Online-Spielen mit Tausendenvon Spielern!VergleichenSie in den Weltweiten High-Scores IhreSpielkünste mit denLeistungen anderer Spieler weltweit!Features:*Rückgängig-Funktion*Automatisches Speichern, wenn Sie die Anwendungbeenden * Auf Zeitbasierendes Spiel* Online spielen* GroßartigeGrafik und aufregendeSoundeffekte* Herausragender Antrieb mitkünstlicher Intelligenzmit konfigurierbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad*Drehung des Spielbrett imZweispieler-ModusVier gewinnt (englisch:Connect Four) ist einZweipersonen-Strategiespiel mit dem Ziel, alsErster vier dereigenen Spielsteine in eine Linie zu bringen.You canenjoy Connect4 with the family or play in different difficultylevels againstthe computer.Compare the Global high scores yourgaming skills withthe performance of other playersworldwide!Ready?Tap on a palte tothrow your first stone in thisone!Good luck! ^ __-You also getexperience points by winningagainst computer (+1 for single, +3for medium +5 for heavy and +7for expert).Support playing onlinegames with thousands ofplayers!Compare the Global high scores yourgaming skills with theperformance of other playersworldwide!features:* Undo function*Automatic save when you quitthe application* Based on Time game*Play online* Great graphicsand exciting sound effects* Outstandingdrive with artificialintelligence with configurable difficulty*Rotation of the gameboard in two-player modeFour wins (English:Connect Four) is atwo-person strategy game with the goal ofbringing the first fourof his own pieces in a line.
Four In A Line
Four In A Line is a two-player game in which the playersfirstchoose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs fromthetop into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid.Thepieces fall straight down, occupying the next availablespacewithin the column. The object of the game is to get four ofone'sown discs of the same color next to each othervertically,horizontally, or diagonally before youropponent.Features:- SinglePlayer vs. CPU- 10 difficulty levels- TwoPlayers- Undo function-Sounds and Vibrations- Beautiful graphicswith 7 inch and 10 inchtablet support- Support for slower and lowresolution phones-Multilanguage (English - default, Italian,Slovenian and Croatian +more to come)Ideal to play on the beach inthe summer - so try itout.
Four In A Line
Four in a Line game is classic puzzle game also known as Four inarow and offers: ✓ 4 different game levels ✓ 2 playersgame(multiplayer) ✓ game statisticsThe Four in a Line istwo-playergame in which players take turns dropping discs from thetop into a7 column, 6 row grid. The pieces fall down, occupying thenextavailable space within the column. The objective of the game istoconnect four discs next to each other vertically, horizontally,ordiagonally before your opponent.Get the Four in a Line game nowandlet the fun begins!
Gomoku Online – Classic Gobang, Five in a row Game
This is a black and white Gobang world, yin and yang changes,lifeand death between one inch, who can see through the survivalsecretof Go-moku? The magic of Gomoku game is to turn thecriss-crossinto a straight line, to find the decisive five-in-a-rowin thecomplex chessboard. As the world's oldest chess, Gobangdeluxecombines the wisdom of predecessors and the innovation offuturegenerations, the most unpredictable Tic-Tac-Toe world, themostamazing brain teaser of Gobang classic game! Are you ready togetthrough the Connect Five challenge?How to play Gomoku:Blackplaysfirst, and players alternate in placing a stone of their coloronan empty intersection. The winner is the first player to getanunbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically,ordiagonally. Like any abstract strategy board game withsimplerules, good offeense-defense balance is the key towin.GoMokufeatures:★Simple & elegant interface, classicGobangchessboard★Well designed gomoku, practice from easytodifficult★Online reality chess versus, real-time fightwithmaster★Strong AI system, help you step from newbietoexpert★Massive functions to win: re-play, undo, resort,etc★Amazinggameplay shows the charm of Five In a Row★Funnychess-playing helpyou to learn rules quickly★Daily tasks can obtainabundantunexpected rewards★Playing gomoku anytime, anywhere, withfriends4play modes of Five-Stones:Online battle: Rookie field,high-levelfield and friends battle 3 kinds of online Gomoku gamemodes tochoose, random match the player, form a Connect 5 team withyourfriends or family, use your wisdom and master skills to claimthego moku king.AI mode: Renju support human-Battle, simulatingreal5-in-a-Row gaming experience. Fingertips moving instantly takeyouinto a Nought&Crosses world, Super intelligent AI will helpyoustep from newbie to XOXO master.Local mode: Face tofacecompetition, mind and mind collision, heart andheartcommunication. A woderful way to bond with your friendsorfamily.Endgame mode: A variety of classic Gobang endgames,whichare derived from traditional oriental game. You can breakthroughthe mystery endgame levels. The classic brain and chess gamemaychallenge the extremity of your IQ.This is a fingertip Tic TacToebattle, a brain fight of all top-level Five-In-Line lovers,onlythe most brilliant players can cut through all the thorns oftheexciting Make-Five journey. Every move in this Piskvorky paperandpencil game can be a classic can also become a stain, eachstepwill decide win or lose. Spanning thousands of years,Gobangclassic logic game leaves us the most classic gameplay, themostsimple but beautiful wisdom, easy to learn but hard to master.Wiseand brave as you, do you dare to meet the challenge?
4 in a Row
The best 4 in a Row app for Android!Download 4 in a Row Jogatinanowand discover what everybody already knows: the Jogatina qualityisunmatched.You deserve to have more fun! And the best part is:IT’SFREE!Accept the challenge, download now.★ ★ ★ ★ ★- Play WITHNOLIMITS! You can Play as many times as you want.- 4difficultylevels.- PLAY WITH FRIEND: play together with anotherperson andsee who is the best!- Undo button★ ★ ★ ★ ★Install 4 in aRowJogatina now on your iPhone or Android!Try to put four chips inarow, and prevent your opponent from doing the same. It maysoundeasy, but this game requires concentration and a lotofstrategy.Play now!
Four in a Row
This game is a classy Four in a Row game which is one of themostpopular paper games!1 or 2 players, beat your friends or fortheultimate test, beat the computer and four in a row right intheirface!Computer Difficulty – Play against computer with Easy,Medium,and Hard difficulty.There are English and TurkishlanguagesoptionsThe best looking Four in a Row game out there –downloadtoday!
Four in a Row Puzzles
Think you know how to play four in a line? This feature packedgamewill squeeze your brain for hours thanks to 400+ uniquepuzzlesthat will teach you the strategy no matter your initialskilllevel, different rulesets and board sizes, onlinemultiplayer,tough artificial intelligence and cool themes.Play soloor with afriend, in a phone or a tablet, in the board you like mostfromplastic to wood and colored pencils. MyBackup Prointegrationsupport to save and restore game state.Already a Pro inthe game?Welcome aboard! Switch to the hard AI level and get readyfor realbrain action in a solitaire fashion. Or try theskill-basedmatchmaking for intense games online.This is thegravitational fourin a row where discs fall from the top and youhave to connect 4chips in a line. Should you be looking for a threein a line (akaTic Tac Toe), five in a line (aka Gomoku) ornon-gravitationalconnect four, try Lines & Puzzlesinstead: comment if you like this game and/or email me if thereisanything wrong to fix it. Thanks!P.S: In-app purchases arenot,it’s just one and optional to remove the few ads and unlock allthepuzzles. No lives, credits, pay-to-win schemes or similar, playasmuch as you want!
2 Player Games Collection
Play Nine Men's Morris, Connect 4, Battleship, Chess,TicTacToe,Reversi and Checkers versus your friends, all in oneapp!Play thoseseven classic board games via Bluetooth, Wifi oragainst each otheron one device.Or try your luck against thecomputer players!Nowwith leaderboards and achievements!And ofcourse, all for free!
Dots and Boxes - Classic Strategy Board Games
Link the dots, close more squares than your opponent and be firstinthe Global High-Score, among thousands of players worldwide.Fromthe creators of Four In A Row, another classic! Have yourskillschanged since you were in school? ^__^Challenge a friendnext to youor find an opponent online. Or try to beat one of ourwell-trainedvirtual players ;) DOTS AND BOXES - CLASSIC BOARDGAMES iscompletely Free. If you love games like Chess, Checkers,Backgammonand other challenging pastimes of strategy andintelligence, youwill love Dots and Boxes. Play ‘solo’ or againsta real opponentusing either our local or online multiplayer mode;play with afriend on the same device or find an opponent fromanywhere in theworld. DOTS AND BOXES - CLASSIC BOARD GAMES willchallenge youaccording to your abilities, with 3 difficultylevels, and it’s easyto get: tap on the dots to draw lines andclose squares. You’re thewinner if you got more squares than youropponent when there's nomore lines to trace.Can you think of abetter brain training?Keyfeatures: - Choose between 3 modes ofdifficulty- Play against realhumans online (multiplayer)!-Challenge your friends on the samedevice (2 players mode)- Climbthe high score- Collect Game Centerachievements- Enjoy hours offun with colourful themes- Easy to get,hard to master- Fun for allagesStart closing your boxes now!Free!Thanks for playing!FOLLOWUSFacebook/outofthebit@outofthebit
Chess Free
Are you tired of playing chess games that look like theyweredesigned for a Commodore 64 instead of today's smartphones?We'vegot the antidote for you. Chess Free is the best looking chessgameavailable for Android, and best of all - it's free! ChessFreesupports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so you canplayagainst friends or test your skills against a challengingcomputeropponent. Chess Free offers a host of exciting features,including:* Great graphics and exciting sound effects *Configurable playernames and score tracking * Outstanding AI enginewith configurabledifficulty level * Board rotation for two playergames * Undofunction * Automatic save when you get a phone call orexit theapplication Chess Free is supported by unobtrusivebanneradvertising.
Casual 4 - Casual Arena
The four in a line game is a very simple board game that consistsinplacing four pieces of the same color consecutively, what isalsoknown as getting 4 in a line. Casual Arena offers youthepossibility to play this online game for free with otherplayersthrough Android mobile and tablet, iPhone, iPad and throughwebbrowser. Just like the rest of the games on the page, it’s freetoplay Casual 4, but there’s also the possibility to buy a fewextrasif you wish, like the VIP status or some designs.This gameissuitable for both beginners and expert Casual 4 players.Challengeall your friends to see who’s the best or practice in thetrainingmode playing against the machine (AI).Other Casual 4highlights:•Make a customized avatar with exclusive designs andstand out fromall the other players.• Enjoy the best graphics andhigh qualitysound.• In case you lose a match, you can ask for arematch withjust one click.• Chat with your opponent or with otherplayersthrough private and public chat.• Multiplayer: add otherusers toyour friends list or challenge other players of the CasualArena’sCasual Four.• Practice in training matches playing againstthemachine.• Choose exclusive designs to customize each match.•Levelsystem: accumulate played matches to level up and also go upin theranking.If you want to know the rules of the game Casual 4,you canread them on the following page: findCasual 4 translated to English, French, Spanish andPortuguese.TheCasual Arena’s four in a row game is available for PCand for iOSand Android tablets / phones. If you want to play on PC,you can doit through here: fun withourmultiplayer Casual 4 is free, you just have to download itandstart to PLAY. We’ll be waiting for you!More gameson:
Target 4
Connect 4 Emoji (also known as Captain's Mistress, Four Up,PlotFour, Find Four, Four play, Four in a Row, Four in a LineandGravitrips (in Soviet Union)) is a two-player connection gameinwhich the players first choose a color and then take turnsdroppingcolored discs from the top into a seven-column, six-rowverticallysuspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupyingthe nextavailable space within the column. The objective of thegame is tobe the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonalline offour of one's own discs. Connect Four is a solved game. Thefirstplayer can always win by playing the right moves. There is aflowof emoji from top to bottom. its like dots connect. Emoji Witch4and emoji Diamond Digger Game. emoji run 4 & Bouncingit.GameRulesThe rules are quite simple, which is a reason forthepopularity of this game. At first each player chooses acolor,commonly these are yellow or red, and receives a small amountofdiscs in this color. The game is played with a seven-columnandsix-row grid, which is arranged upright. The number of columnsmaybe changed from six to ten, creating a greater variety of thegame,but the number of rows is usually seven. Alternately eachplayerputs a disc in one row. The disc falls down straight and willonlybe stopped by another piece. The aim is to be the first of thetwoplayers to connect four discs of the same colorvertically,horizontally or diagonally. Connecting five or sixinstead of fourpieces in a row is a different version of this gameand is playedwith a bigger grid. If each cell of the grid is filledand noplayer has already connected four discs, the game ends drawn,so noplayer wins.It is unusual but possible to play this game as afourplayer game, adding the colors blue and green. The rules remainthesame. One round will take approximately 1 up to 10minutes,depending on the skill and experience of each player.4Emoji Poolis a 4 in a row emoji game.ぼーどげーむ. 4 em linha. fyra irad. fire påstribe. fyra i rad. draughts hd."Connect 4 Emoji ofyour checkersin a row while preventing your opponent from doingthesame."Playing the game Connect fourBefore the game begins,eachplayer chooses a set of checkers (brightly colored disks) andsetsthem aside. The game pieces come in two forms: regularcheckerswith holes in the center of them and "blockers" which aretwo discsjoined in the center by a small bar. The gameboard isseven spaceswide, six spaces high, and two spaces deep and sitsupright so thatpieces can be dropped through openings in the top.Aseach playertakes a turn, he or she chooses which type of checker touse andplaces it in the opening at the top. Connect four emojigameStrategyDuring each move, a player decides at what locationtoplace a checker. Each choice should be based on trying to lineupone's own checkers while at the same time trying topreventopponents from lining up their checkers first. Along withregularcheckers that take up a single slot on either side of thedoublegrid, each player has two blockers which take up both sidesatonce. Because the blocker is connected by a rigid bar, it willstopat the higher open slot between the two sides. This canpotentiallytake multiple slots of a single column on one side ofthe board outof play for all players even though they remainunoccupied by gamepieces.Winning the game Connect 4 emojiThe gameis won by the firstplayer who lines up four of his or her checkersin any direction:horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Checkerscan weave backand forth between the two grids as well whichincreases the numberof ways to place four in a rowkeywords : 4 in arow, connect emojigame, Family Game, Connect Classical Game, EmojiMonopoly, FunskoolConnect game, Connect 4, Matching 4
Connect 4
This is a board game oriented to connect things in row. Youmustconnect 4 bugs in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line fortoget win. Connect 4 bugs is based in the classical game 4 in arow(Captain Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four,Fourplay).However, we add different modes to unlock the cells,severalchallenges and achievements. In other words, we have updatedtheclassic 4 in a row with a fun look and responsive designedforAndroid that will keep you playing for hours.✓ Challenges:Puzzlesof connect 4 for training)✓ Opponent Robotic: Four differentmodes✓Opponent Human (Two players in same mobile, can play 4differentmodes)
Connect4 is a free classic puzzle game also known as "noughtsandcrosses or sometimes X and O".Our free Connect4 game offers:✓1different game levels (game difficulties)✓ 2 playersgame(multiplayer)✓ different themes (game skins)✓ gamestatisticsTheConnect4 game is a game for two players, called "X"and "O", whotake turns marking the spaces in a 6×7 grid. The playerwhosucceeded in placing three respective marks in ahorizontal,vertical, or diagonal row wins the game. The Connect4 isa greatway to pass your free time whether you're standing in a lineorspending time with your kids. Stop wasting paper and savetrees.Because of the simplicity of Connect4, it is often used asapedagogical tool for teaching the concepts of goodsportsmanshipand the branch of artificial intelligence.Startplaying Free TicTac Toe game on your Android device.Get FreeConnect4 now and letthe fun begins!
Connect 4 Online - Play four in a row
A fast and modern version of the classic board game withuserfriendly & simple graphics. The perfect game if you havesometime over, and it's free!Play online:- Find match vsrandomopponent (matchmaking)- Play with friends! Invitefeatureincluded.- Chat with your friends/opponents- Rankingsystem.Playlocal:- Play multiplayer against a friend.- Play againstthecomputer AI (3 different difficulty levels)- Rematch system:savescores and see how many times you manage to win. Custom skins:-Usethe skin of your choice in profile page- Your custom discsareavailable in both online and single player(computer)modeExperience:- Every game grants you experience,winning givesthe most- Earn rewards as your experience getshigherHow toplay:Just tap the row you want to play in. Be the firstto get fourin a row (4 in a straight line) by dropping your discsto thebottom of the columns! You can get four in a linebothhorizontally, vertically and diagonally to win. This is a gameoftactics and strategy, a game for all ages, both kids andadults.Supported for both phones and tablets. Challenge yourfriends andplay today!This game is also known as Four in a Row,Four Up, Fourin a Line, Plot Four & Find Four.Any feedback isappreciated!:)
Cubic 4 (Connect Four)
Cubic 4 is like your traditional game of Connect Four... butthenit's not. Cubic 4 takes the fun into a whole newdimension!Proveyour skills on a simplistic but yet beautifullycrafted 3D grid.Connect four points on the grid in any way you liketo win thegame.Challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode. Playagainstother users online. Demonstrate that you have truly masteredCubic4.Are YOU going to make it into the list of the top50players?These three modes are available:- play locally againsttheAI- play locally against a friend on the same device- playagainstyour friends and other users online
4 in a Row
Have fun playing with Tim and his friends!They love to jump.Youraim is to unite 4 of their teammates before youropponent.Bindingcan be either vertical, horizontal ordiagonal.Remember to connect4, and be careful: if you play with theWildcard, it can betrayyou!Can you help them? They have faith inyou!***Includes MemoryGame: Find the Couples***MORE THAN 30SKINSChoose the skin that youlike![+] 1 WILDCARDChoose to play withthe Wildcard. It can helpboth you and your opponent, depending onwhere it fall.[+] 2 GAMEMODESYou can choose to play against Androidor against a friend (noonline option)[+] 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELSYou canplay in easy, mediumor difficult.[+] 4 BACKGROUND COLORS Choosefrom four differentbackgrounds: blue, pink, yellor or white.We hopeyou enjoy playing4 in a Row and remember to rate us.Send in yourthoughts, concerns,suggestions or ideas to love honestfeedback and constructive criticism.This game alsoperhaps know as"Connect 4" or "4 in a line".What makes it uniqueand different isthat it is played with beautiful square charactersinstead ofcircular chips.We hope you have fun! =)
Four In A Line
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★ Same as our "Four In A LineFree",but without Ads! (also known as Connect 4 and Four in aRow)Featuring: - 10 difficulty levels, from Beginner toExpert-Achievements and Leaderboards (via Google+) - Android 2.2+only- 2player hot-seat- 4 Four In A Line Piece Sets and Boards-User statsagainst each level- Undo & Hints- Designed for bothTablet andPhone
Five in a Row – Gomoku
Ease to use, no confusing options to select from make this thebest100% free five in the row game for Android!Gomoku or Caro isanaddictive modern version of Tic Tac Toe or Knots and Crossesgame.These type of free strategy games or four in a row free gamesorfour in line or four in a row multiplayer games are good waytoimprove your mental skills.These type of Five in row or fourinline games or four in a row online games are also great way topassthe time, whether you're standing in line or spending time withthekids. Get five in a row now and let thefunbegin!************************APPFEATURES************************-Easy five in a line game to play.A good option to choose out ofthose all 5 in a row or 4 in a row 2or 4 in a row online or 4 in arow multiplayer or 4 in a line freeboard games available.- Noconfusing options to select from in thisfive in line game.- 5 inrow supports one player and two playergameplay, so you can playagainst another human or against yourdevice.- In this free kiddiepuzzle game, there is artificialIntelligence for one player modeand an engine that ensures yourdevice won't keep making the samemoves over and over again.- 3difficulty levels (easy, medium andhard) to choose from in thismodern version of Tic Tac Toe game.- 4board sizes: 10*10, 15*15,19*19, 24*24.- In this modern version ofzero cross game, you canzoom in or zoom out the board.- This freestrategy game has Undo andReset options. - If you won the hardlevel, you would be the one ofthe best player of Five in aRow!************************SAYHELLO************************We areconstantly working hard onmaking the “Five in a Row – Gomoku” gamebetter and moreentertaining for you. We need your constant supportto get going.Please feel free to email us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems orif you just want to say hello. Wewould love to hear from you. Ifyou have enjoyed any feature of the“Five in a Row – Gomoku” game,do not forget to rate us on playstore.
Chess Free
Chess is a free board game for 2 players. Playing on a squareboardwhich made of 64 smaller squares and eight squares on eachside.Player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights,twobishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the gameisfor each player to try and checkmate the king of theopponent.Checkmate is a threat (check) to the opposing king. Touchthescreen, move and drop the pieces, checkmate, win!This chessgamehas powerful chess AI engine, super chess tutor, amusingchallengemode, increase your ranking and become a master ofchess.Features:-6 difficulty levels (Practice -> Expert), easierfor thebeginners, become a chess pro in this top free chess app!-Endingstages and ending challenges: the free chess board gameappprovides different unique play modes, allows you tochoosedifferent chess programs, develop your skills from 0 tochessmaster.- Chess tutor, learn chess and strategy, improve yourchessskill also help you avoid simple mistakes- Intelligenthintsanalyze every move- Update the endgame of chess everyday-Dailychallenge- Various 3D themes for free- Free chess app for kidsandadults- Design for both tablet and mobile Your like strategygameand learn chess? Download the top free chess game app now!Enjoyyour chess time.
4 in a Row: Connect!
"4 in a Row: Connect!" is a classic Connect Fourgame.Thisuniversally popular puzzle game is also known as 4 in aRow, 4 in aLine, 4 Up, Captain's Mistress, Plot Four, Find 4 orFour Up.It's asimple but challenging game to pass the time andexercise yourbrain playing against a human or AI opponent.The goalof 4 in a Rowis to connect 4 of your own discs of the same color ina lineeither vertically, horizontally, or diagonally beforeyouropponent.Players take turns dropping colored discs from thetopinto a vertical grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupyingthenext available space within the column.Connect Four lets youplaywith 5 difficulty levels of computer AI.The Easy level isprettysimple but the Expert mode is extremely challenging and hardtobeat!4 in a Row also provides a Player vs. Player mode.Challengeyour friends in multiple games and see who's thechampion!GameFeatures:- 5 different difficulty levels, fromBeginner to Expert-Player vs. Player mode- Multiple discs andbackground colors-Simple and intuitive touchscreen interface-Superb Graphics- Userstats against each difficulty level- Designedfor both Phone andTabletWhat are you waiting for?Download this funcasual game, useryour mind and challenge your friends.Connect 4discs in a row andwin!
Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer
Can you beat the 😈Droid ? Do you think you can outsmart the bestAIin this game ? Yes , then go on and show your intelligence .Wanttooutplay your real opponents? play multiplayer mode and be thesmartone . Tic Tac Toe is all in one game with :✔️ Single playeragainstmobile with multiple difficulty levels .✔️ Multiplayer onsamedevice.✔️ Multiplayer using Bluetooth (players can chatwhileplaying with cool emoji's).✔️ 3x3( 3 in a row ) withthreedifficulty levels.✔️ 5x5( 5 in a row ) with advanceddifficultylevel.Tic Tac Toe is a multiplayer game and it is playedwith twoopponents , one with X and other with O. The player whosucceed'sto put three X or three O in a row is the winner.You canplay tictac toe single player against 😈Droid . Beating 😈Droid in5x5 is achallenging task . You can play tic tac toe multiplayerwith yourfriends,colleagues and family members on single device orplayusing Bluetooth on two different devices . Funny 😋emoji's takethejoy of playing multiplayer to next level .So get Tic TacToeMultiplayer for free and enjoy your pass time.⚫️Checkoutmultiplayer game play:⚫️ Can youbeatthe 😈Droid:⚫️ Visitourfacebook page:
SOS Masters
SOS Masters is a classical SOS game that will take you toyourchildhood with the beautiful atmosphere. We guarantee that youwillhave fun while playing SOS Masters against 5 detailed AIlevels(Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Master) or your friendsinmultiplayer mode.*** Google Play Games Connection* Submityourscore to global leaderboard.* Compare your rank with yourfriends.*Unlock challenging achievements.* Reach to new levels andbecome a"Master" SOS gamer.* Play against thousands of worldwideplayers.*Invite your friends and challenge them.*** Online Mode*You canplay online by connecting your google account.* "Play Now"optionprovides you a random opponent to play.* You can inviteyourfriends via "Invite" option in Online menu.* You can also playwithnearby people using "Invite" option via finding overbluetooth.*You can check receiving game invitations on"Invitations" part.*You can share the game on Facebook, WhatsAppvia "Share" option.***Features* Advanced Artificial Intelligence* 5Difficulty Levels(Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Master)* Highplayability* Welldesigned graphics (Both for tablets and phones)*Multiplayer mode*Settings screen (color & name changefeatures)* Nice sounds*Unlimited hours of fun for free.*** GameRules & Objective- Sosis a turn based board game played by twoplayers in a 2D grid.-Players apply moves by putting one of "S" or"O" letters on anavailable box.- Turns changed consecutively.- If aplayer makes anSOS sequence as vertical, horizontal or diagonalhe/she gets 1points and makes another move.- The game is over whenall boxes arefilled.- The player who has biggest score wins thegame.If youencounter a problem or if you have a suggestion pleasesend usanemail.gasostech@gmail.comFacebookpage:!!!Keywords: sos, sos game, tic tac toe, sos multiplayer.
Tic Tac Toe - Classic Strategy Games
The most easy, fun and stylish Tic Tac Toesofar! Put your finger on the board! Download it now!It'sfree!What you get:- Quick matches- Play against real people! Online multiplayer or on the samedevice(2 players mode)- Relax on your own playing single player- Easy to get: just tap and play- Loads of super fun Game Center achievements- Colourful themes- Superb for all age- Kids will love it!Get 3 of your symbol on a vertical, horizontal or diagonallinebefore your opponent and win. The matches are really quickandeasy, perfect for your commuting or while you wait.Tic Tac Toe is another classic for your iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch,from the creators of Four in a Row and Dots and Boxes.Challenge a friend next to you on the same device or findanopponent online (multiplayer). Or try and beat ourwell-trainedvirtual player (single mode against thecomputer).Tic Tac Toe is completely free. If you love games likeChess,Checkers, Dots and Boxes and Four in a Row and other funpastimes,you will love TicTacToe.Download it now and start playing immediately.Thanks for playing!FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL
Connect 4 1.5
Sam Baird
Original soundtrack and beautiful graphics. Play the classicConnectFour game against a friend or the computer (easy,medium,hard).Connect 4 is a game where you must be the first playerto getfour of your colored markers in a row (eitherhorizontally,vertically or diagonally).For other great games by SamBaird, checkout Strategy (Stratego), Just Risk It (Risk), and LogJam (RushHour).
Tic Tac Toe Free
Stop wasting paper! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on yourAndroiddevice for free. Tic Tac Toe Free is the best-selling mobileTicTac Toe game of all-time. "Tic Tac Toe Free remains one of thetopfree apps on iTunes because you get exactly what you paid for -aclassic game of Tic Tac Toe."-Appolicious Review (5 / 5bars)TicTac Toe Free supports one player and two player gameplay,so youcan play against another human or against your Androiddevice. TheAI for one player mode includes three difficulty levels,so you canplay against a computer player that matches your skilllevel. Amove randomization engine ensures that your device won'tkeepmaking the same moves over and over again. Tic Tac Toe Freeoffersa host of exciting features, including: * Great graphicsandexciting sound effects * Configurable player names andscoretracking * Undo function * Automatic save when you get a phonecallor exit the application Tic Tac Toe Free is supportedbyunobtrusive banner advertising.Tic Tac Toe is a great way topassthe time, whether you're standing in line or spending time withthekids. Get Tic Tac Toe Free now and let the fun begin!
Mills – play for free
The Mills board game by LITE Games: play the popular game Millwithonline multiplayer options for free on Android devices. Millsis ahugely popular game throughout the world, characterized by thefactit is so easy to learn – and it’s even older than chess.Nowadaysthe game that's also well known as Nine Men's Morris, TheMillGame, or Cowboy Checkers is a national pastime in manycountries.The aim of the game is to hit as many enemy stones aspossible byforming so-called Mills (3 stones in a row). However,you can alsoblock your opponent by cleverly moving your own stonesaround,rendering them unable to make a move.If you think thatyou're amaster of strategy: try to win against the strongestplayers of theLITE Games community. 😉Features◎ Completely free andin English 🇺🇸🇬🇧◎ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆◎ Climb to the top ofthe onlinehighscore leaderboard 🔝◎ 👤 Single player and multiplayer👥◎ Can beplayed online and offline 🆚◎ Customizable rules to suityourindividual needs ☑️The mobile Mills board game is offered inhighquality localization in the following languages: English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish,Turkish,Russian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.Mills is arealclassic travel game and offers a strategic challenge forbeginnersas well as experienced veterans.Join in and get yourself atop spotin the Mills player community best players will beproudly displayed each weekon here to find out aboutourother free Android games: http://www.lite.gamesOr give us yourAppfeedback heresupport@lite.gamesThanks for playing!
Play Connect 4 (Four in a line), Five in a row and Reversi(a.k.aO*****o) !We love board games, do you? If so, then this is agamefor you!Boardfeud offers you to play classic board games suchasFive in a Row, Reversi and Connect Four.Challenge your friendsorlet Boardfeud match you against random players around theworld.Ifyou like to compete you can choose to play ranked games andfightfor the top spot in the world ranking list.During a game youcanchat with your opponent to either do some trash talking orjustthank them for a good game!You can also follow your ownprogressionby looking at the game statistics for all yourplayedgames.Features:- Play Five in a Row- Play Connect four-PlayReversi (a.k.a O*****o)- Play with friends- Play withrandomopponents, ranked or unranked games- World ranking list- Gameplaystatistics- In-game chat- Friends list- Notification when it'syourturn to make a move- Log in with Facebook- Invite yourFacebookfriends to playTo get the latest news of Boardfeud, followus onTwitter andFacebook.Twitter:
Tic Tac Toe Game Free
Are you looking for free brain games for kids and adults? TicTacToe Game Free is a mobile and tablet version of one of theoldestand most popular strategy games, if you are a lover of logicgamesthis is the right Android game app for you!Challenge yourselfandfriends with this top Android strategy game app today.Withdifferent skill levels and multiplayer option this logic gameforkids and adult that can be played as easy entertainingpastimegames or addictive brain training games. Download the beststrategygame online now; have fun in the same time as you exerciseyourmind and logical reasoning with this free Android game!Tic TacToeGame Rules:Player take turns in placing Xs and Os (or otherthemesymbols) on the playing board until the game is over.The gameisover when either one of the players has three in a row, inanydirection of the playing board, or when the 3×3 playing boardisfull. The player who first gets 3 in a row wins the game. Iftheplaying board is full (all nine squares) and there is stillnowinner, it will result in a draw game.With this app you canplaytic tac toe against your Android or tic tac toe multiplayeragainstfamily and friends. Basically the simple game rules are thesameregardless if you play tic tac toe 2 player or 1 player.AndroidTicTac Toe Game Features• 1 Player against Android or 2 Player(tictac toe multiplayer) with same device• Skill levels: Easy,Medium,Hard or Expert• Resettable statistics and score tracking•Multipletic tac toe themes for android to choose from• Auto savewhen youget an interruption on the phone or exit theapplicationPlay mindgames and get some brain training:People havealways beeninterested to challenge the mind with mind games andexercise thebrain with brain training games. Our brain is a muscleand justlike every other muscle it needs exercise to develop andkeep fit;download this top Android game if you want to get somebraintraining and play fun brain games for kids and adults!ThisAndroidgame is a mobile and tablet version of one of the oldest andmostfamous classic strategy games. Tic tac toe originates from agamecalled Terni Lapilli that was played in the time of theRomanEmpire, now days it is played all over the world and alsoknown asNoughts and Crosses or Xs and Os. The different names ofthe gameoriginate from a more recent time; the first written textthatrefers to the name "Noughts and Crosses" appeared in the year1864and the name "Tick Tack Toe" twenty years later. This is asimplegame that usually is played with a pencil on paper, but therearealso many options to play tic tac toe online today.If tic tactoegames are played perfectly by both players they will alwaysresultin a draw, your main tic tac toe strategy should be not tomake anymistakes!Do you enjoy to play classic strategy games and tosolvelogic puzzles? Then the Android tic tac toe app is the perfectmindgame app for you!Download Tic Tac Toe Free Android appnow,challenge yourself and friends with this mind training game orjustplay pastime games!
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe is the new style Tic Tac Toe game. It'seasyto play and totally free.Tic Tac Toe is a great way to passyourfree time. This puzzle games is recommended for kids &adultstoo.Features:✓ Levels: stage mode to unlock✓Singleplayer:challenge the computer✓ Multiplayer: play withfriends✓ Connectfour mode, gomoko mode and classic modeHave funplaying Tic TacToe!
"Great game, and great selection of cards.""Fun to play online,loveall the different regional cards from Italy."You are just onetouchaway from a spectacular Italian card game! Have HOURS OF FUNandchallenge with Scopa, also multiplayer online.And... IT'SFREE!!!!Get it now and discover how entertaining a card game canbe! Collectthe cards from the table and, if you grab the last one,shout“Scopa!”, nice and loud! What you get with Scopa:- Invite afriendto play or find an opponent online (multiplayer) - Chooseyourlevel: 3 difficulty modes against the computer (A.I.artificialintelligence)- Play both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAITorientation- Chooseyour deck: Scopa got all the original Italianregional decks(Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine, Piemontesi,Triestine and more),in high resolution that will look astonishingon your phone andtablet Android. Or you can play with the classicPoker cards!- Bepart of the Global High-Score (Leaderboard):there’s one for eachdifficulty level- Enjoy the fun challenges andbadges to collect-Play with Accuse (Declarations) and up to 21points or 31, 41 or 51and choose among many other options(Rebello, Napola, Scopad'Assi).Scopa was among the first games tomake it to the GooglePlay Store and it's been collecting 5 starsin every Country, withkind comments like these:"Excellent game.Thoroughly enjoyable andeasy to play. AI opponents are good butnot unbeatable.""Perfect,great fun great graphics . Thank you dev.Please don't change!""Anenjoyable SCOPA game with a challengingcomputer opponent.".Get itnow for free!And do not miss on ourBriscola and Tressette to have acomplete classic card game suit onyour phone and tabletAndroid! @outofthebit
Tic-Triple Cross MEG lite.2017
Combining the strategy of Chess, the relaxing play and vibesoffTic-Tac-Toe, the social aspects of Connect 4, (Triple Cross Meg)isan exciting addition to the stagnant board game market.Thebrainchild of Manchester based Game designer M.Roberts,TripleCross Meg as released on Google Play Stores and is a clevertwiston all four games.Triple Cross Meg pits players in a battle ofwitsand strategy to see who can create three lines from any angleonthe Triple Cross Grid to “Meg” a player. The winner is the bestofthree matches and is the perfect game for fans of Chess / Connect4/ Tic Tac Toe and Checkers.The free version of Triple CrossMegfeatures an open game mode where you can play your friendslocally,and there’s also a tournament mode where it’s best-of-threegames.In the Full Download Version of the game the tournament stagearebest out of 3 games 5 games and 13 games. Triple Cross Meg issetto launch on Google Play Store in both free and paid versions.ButTriple Cross Meg is just the start, the next version which addsanew clever spin with the addition of the boost grid which willberevealed soon...