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3D Cube Photo Frames
3D cube photo frames maker is 3d art photo frames which givesyouthe 3d look of your photos3D photo frames maker is stylish3dframes maker app.3D Photo Collage Editor you can combineordinaryphotos into fabulous & amazing photo collages. Also yousharethis photo cube creation with your friends or familiesthroughsocial app.3D photo frames maker is good app to attractyourfriends by making beautiful lovable photo 3d cube3D CollageMakeris a simple and easy-to-use app, just select the frame andpictureand get a whole new 3D PictureWant to make 3d photo framesandmemorable by making latest 3d art photo frames makerWould youlikeyour pictures to be appearing in the beautiful cube frameaswallpaper?Decorates your pictures with these 3d you can give your friend a great gift and make themfeelspecial.3D photo frames maker has many 3d frames shapesanddesigns.
Photo Cube Lite Live Wallpaper
This cool Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d cubeshowingpictures and photos from your gallery. This free version nowhasnew extra functionality showcasing features available on thefullversion. Change the picture, try out the photo frames andaddspecial effects. Also new floating panels..Upgrade to thefullversion to show different pictures on each side, and changethesize, position and rotation of the photocube. It also allowssavingmultiple cubes, changing the background and number offloatingpanels, adds many special effects and enables 20 differentphotoframe styles.Once installed, on the home screenchooseMenu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers, then select PhotoCubeLite Live Wallpaper from the list shown. Click on theSettingsbutton to change options on your photo cube, or use theconvenientPhotokube Lite Settings app. Example photos courtesyofphotostock: Cube!
Train your puzzle solving skills!Rotate, spin and solve 3D puzzles-from easy to complicatedOver 30 puzzle shapes in differentsizesincluding:*) Classic Rubik's Cube and Pyramid*) Square-1*)MirrorCube, Ghost Cube*) Mirror Dodecahedron, GhostDodecahedronSimple,intuitive use. Adaptive animation.Full "undo"support.Custom coloradjustment.To control puzzle: touch-and-drag onpuzzle.To rotate:touch-and-drag outside the puzzle.To zoom in/out:2-fingers scale.
Cube Algorithms
An app that helps you learn the rubik's cube algorithmseverywhereyou go!-Realistic 3D graphics and animation-Containsevery F2L, OLLand PLL-Contains every CLL, EG1 and EG2-Containsevery CMLL-You canadd and share your own algorithms-Customize thecolor of the sixsides of the rubik's cube
Rubik's Cube
Rubik Cube 3D helps you learn the beginner's method. Onlyaftermastering this method, one can learn the advanced Friedrichmethodused by speed cubers. This is the only app which teachesbeginnermethod and Fridrich method. With Rubik Cube 3D, you canevencheckpoint the cube and start from any particular state. Thisisparticularly useful if you want to practice specific sequences.Iamconstantly improving the app to make it a one stop solutionforRubik Cube. The context sensitive help follows this methodofsolving:Step 1: The White CrossGet the white cross. This stepisintuitive and can be perfected with practice.Step 2:FirstLayerComplete white layer properly by snapping the cornersintoplaceStep 3: Second LayerUse the F2L Right and F2L Leftalgorithmto solve the second layerStep 4: Yellow Cross (F U R U' R'F')Usethis sequence multiple times until you get a yellow cross. Ateachstage, the cube needs to be oriented properly. At this stagethecontext sensitive help will guide showing how to hold the cubeandthe sequence to perform.Step 5: Proper Yellow Cross (R U R' U RU UR' U)The cross in the previous step might not match with thecentrepieces. Use the above sequence to swap the yellow cornersuntil allthe centres are matched. Again, the context sensitive helpwillguide you.Step 6: Position Corners (U R U' L' U R' U' L)Inthisstep, we need to place the corners in the correctposition,orientation might be wrong. The context sensitive help andthestatus indicator will inform how many corners are placedcorrectlyas well as the sequence to perform.Step 7: Orient Corners(R' D' RD) x 2 or 4This is the final step. Use the contextsensitive helpto solve the cube! :)Credits------------Designed andDeveloped byJayanth GurijalaTested and improved by feedback frompeople allover the worldIcons made by freepik from
Panda Cube Blast
panda cube blastPanda cube is a puzzle match 3 game with newgameplay have fun and beautiful to play.You must help panda matchtwoor more toy blocks of the same color and click on them tomakeburst all this blocks. Clear all block to collect hidden toysfromPanda’s trunk.Beware! Keep in mind that your moves in toy pandaarelimited! How to solve the puzzles will prove your talentedskillsin this super addictive toy block match game. Let's blast thetoyblocks and enjoy this sweet and colorful adventure! Panda isalwayswith you and help find the toy.Discover the world of panda’sblocksto unlock new challenges and combos! Let's do it!
Rubik's Cube OLL/PLL Trainer
Description:Learn the 3x3x3 OLL/PLL step by step easily withtiming,training, OLL/PLL-lists,step-by-step-algorithm-visualization and"Did I do it right?"-layer orientations.With tousands of downloads,daily usages anda very good rating *OLL / PLL Trainer* is highlycustomizable andespecially designed / focused for speedcubers andthose who want toget faster on solving the last layer. It's easy touse forbeginners and also expandable for pro-users, e.g.algorithmrotation, for learning algorithms from differentviews/angles.Inaddition to detailed lists of OLL / PLL algorithmsand manyfeatures for already advanced cubers, OLL / PLL Traineralso offersa variety of easy-to-understand step-by-step tutorialsforbeginners to solve the last layer, in order to become familiarwithOLL / PLL, to start and simply to get involved with.OLL /PLLTrainer simply and slowly helps you to understand and masterthedepth of the OLL/PLL-rabbit-hole.Some user reviews:"... Thankyou,this app makes me easy to learn new algorithms and how tosolverubik's cube easily ... " "... I've been using this app foralittle over a year. I have learned so much about the 3x3. It'ssoeasy to find an algorithm and figure out the solutions ...""...This app is absolutely amazing. Helped so much and is somuchbetter than all the other apps. If I could give it 10 starsIreally would. Unbelievable app ... "Core features:Timer -Training- Learning - Algorithm Search - OLL/PLL Algorithms -Rotation -TutorialsMore features:* Timer-Function and -list to keeptrack ofyour solving times* Inspection timer* Scrambler*Personalstatistics to track you speed improvements*Training-Function totrain your learned OLL/PLL-Layer-Algorithms,including advancedRotation-Mode and a algorithm-questioning-quiz*Start quickly atraining session for only selected categories*Grouped and detailedOLL/PLL-List* Single Algorithm-Information-Sitefor more detailsabout the algorithm like "step-by-step"algorithm-visualization and"Did I do it right ?"-layerorientations* Function to mark analgorithm as learned to keep trackof your personal state and goal*Function to mark a category/analgorithm as a favorite, for quicklygain access to it from themain-page* Unique "Algorithm Rotation",which rotates an algorithmand enables you to learn OLL and PLLfrom different layerangles/positions* Algorithm Keyboard, let'syou add own multiplealgorithms to oll/pll layers* Differentalgorithm notation types,like M' or r R'* Homescreen-Shortcut fora quick access*Functionality to add own algorithms, incl.exporting/printing themto PDF-files.* Colorization of layers for aspecializedrecorgnition* Colorized parentheses for a betterrecognition*Replace pattern for parts of algorithms* Tutorials forbeginners:Last Layer with only three algorithms and2-Look-OLL/PLL*Algorithm-SearchUsed permissions:* INTERNET,ACCESS-NETWORK-STATE,BILLING... used to display commercial bannersand to handle in-apppurchases.* INTERNET, ACCESS-NETWORK-STATE...used to gatherstatistics and send them to Google Analytics(ip-anonymized)(Statistic tracking can be turn off in thesettings.)*INSTALL_SHORTCUT... used to add/install icon to yourhomescreen fora quick access to different areas of oll/plltrainer.*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,.. used toenablewriting to external storages, e.g. sd-card. Originallyneeded forPDF-print-feature* WAKE_LOCK... used to keep the screenalive inseveral parts of the app, like e.g. timer, training-mode.
Missing a dice for tonight's game with family andfriends?Worrynot!Download the app and get started throwing up tosix dice atonce!How does it work?- Click on the screen or shake thephone tothrow- Add more dice by clicking the "+"- Remove a dice byclickingthe "-"- No need to count the eyes together, the sum willbecalculated automatically!
Dice​Shaker 3D
"It's the best dice roller out", "Awesome for an impromptu gameoffarkle", "The most realistic dice roller on Android!",..DiceShakeris a dice roller application with beautiful 3D graphicsandadvanced physics engine. * 1 - 6 dice with total score * rollthedice by shaking the phone or pressing the shake button * lockandrelease dice by touching (for example for playing dice gameslikeYahtzee) * roll individual dice by flicking them * advancedOpenGLES 2.0 3D graphics with custom shaders and dynamic shadows *UsesImmersion’s MOTIV haptic effectsThis version is supported byads.Like it? Get the 0.99€ ad-free DiceShaker 3D Pro version, withmorescreen space for your dice. If you're looking for an advanceddiceroller with more dice types, check out DiceShaker D&Dbyclicking the "View more applications" linkbelow.Requiredpermissions are needed for showing ads. The appcollects anonymousGoogle Analytics usage statistics, which can bedisabled from theapp's preferences.If you have problems orsuggestions, please sende-mail to
Magic Cube Puzzle 3D
Famous puzzle on your phone! Objective is to return each face ofthecube to initial state. It trains logic, concentration andpatience.App features:* All popular cubes available: 2х2х2, 3x3x3,4x4x4,5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7 and 8х8х8* Realistic 3D graphics andanimation*Simple and handy controls* Free cube rotation in allaxis*Achievements and leaderboards. Share your time with wholeworld!*It's FREE!Images from were used.Soundeffectsfrom were used.
Cube Master for Rubik’s Cube
Master the Rubik's Cube. Practice cases from beginner toadvanced,you can directly look at the step-by-step rotation of a 3Dcube foreach case. You can be practiced through a virtual 3D cubewithoutan actual cube. Through the practice mode and timer eachcase byimproving their skills to challenge the speed cubing.-Features*App provides a challenging random cube case at firstlaunched.*Provides from beginners to advanced cases (F2L, PLL, OLL,VHLS).*Each case provide 3D cube play and rewind capabilities.*Each caserecords measurement capabilities.* Available through eachof thecase practice by the 3D virtual cube(Timer supported).*Supportcustom method.- Interface* Rotate the whole cube by draggingthevirtual cube.* Initialize the angle of rotation by double tapthevirtual cube.* Shake the device to initialize the virtualcubeset.* Speed ​​control provides for a virtual cube rotation.*CanOperate virtual cube using the Cube notation.
V-CUBE Meeting 5
"V-CUBE Meeting 5" is V-cube's new high-quality global cloudwebconference service.Over 5000 companies chose V-cube, thecompanyleading the web conference market for 8 years*consecutively.Thisweb conference service focuses on thehigh-quality performance, andstability of audio and videotransmission.* 2014 Video/Web/AudioConference Market Trend ~Audioand video communication moves towardcloud, mobile, services andUC~You can participate to the webconference with your devices using"V-CUBE Meeting 5"application.Advantages:- World's best in classtechnology for audioand video communication/transmission- Highstability, smoothcommunication under poor network environment-Powerful applicationscreen sharing- Well-thought-out intuitive userinterface -Improved features on using mobile devicesFeatures:-Send/receivevideo and audio(VoIP)- Text Chat- View shared PCscreensHow touse:You can join the conference in one of thefollowing ways:-Login with ID and password of "V-CUBE One" cloudservice;- Click onthe URL in invitation email when invited byemail.- Join theconference by entering the PIN codeNotes:*Accountof "V-CUBE One"cloud service is required.*Wi-Fi is recommended forbest quality.*Amonthly unlimited 3G/4G network plan is recommendedif applicationis to be used over 3G/4G network. (Please consultwith your datacarrier for any international or roaming rates.)*This applicationis copyrighted by V-cube, Inc.*V-cube, Inc. is notto be heldresponsible for any incurred charges from thisapplication,unreliable data connection or application performancereasons.
Amazing Cube Lwp Lite
This Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d cubeshowingpictures and photos from your gallery. In this 3D cubelivewallpaper has two cube that is inner cube and outer cube youcanmanually set the images in both cube and different pictures oneachside, and can change the size, position and rotation of the 3dcubeand can add many special effects on cube images, DIY CubeLiveWallpaperIt is the best photo cube live wallpaper, better thanpipand instaFollowing Effects are in this incredible 3D cubeLivewallpaper. 1.Neon Effect2.Gray Effect3.OilEffect4.ReliefEffect5.Sharpen 6.Average Blur Effect 7.PixelateEffect8.OldTV9.Invert Color effect10.Aged Effect11.LightEffect12.HDREffect13.Soft Glow Effect14.Sketch Effect15.GothamEffectAnd manymore effects are coming soon in this beautifulamazing 3D cube livewallpaperChoose the inner cube or outer cube,and apply the specialeffect and see preview.You can rotate cube byswiping through yourhome screens - scene will change its rotationaccording to touches.Choose the best shape and style like heartshape, circle shape,Square ,Hexagon shape and show this wonderful3d cube to yourloveable one. And share this incredible app bywhatsapp, facebookand social sites .Once installed, on the homescreen chooseMenu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers, then selectAmazing CubeLive Wallpaper from the list shown. Click on theSettings button tochange options on your 3D cube, or use theAmazing Cube LiveWallpaper Settings app. Features –1.You canmanually change theboth inner cube and outer cube images from yourgallery 2.You canenabled or disabled the transparency of bothcubes.3.You can evenenable or disabled the rotation of cube.4.Youcan adjust the sizeof the 3D cube.5.You can set any shape and styleon both cube suchas Heart shape, Square ,circle and many more.6.Youcan evenincrease/decrease the speed of vertical and horizontal axisof 3Dcube.7.You can increase or decrease brightness of cube.8.Youcanapply special effect on both cube images and can seepreview.9.Youcan manually set the border of both cube images.10.Youcan enableor disable cube moment.11.Inside setting has previewoption so youcan see instant changes whatever you make in this 3dcube livewallpaper.12.The Most different feature of amazing cubeLWP isusage of battery is like nothing , Yes we have already testedinalmost every device.13.You can change language according toyoufrom app setting. 14. Screenshot feature added15. You cansharescreenshot in social networking like facebook,whatsapp,instagramUse Pro Amazing 3D cube live wallpaper and showyourstatus and standard in front of your friends and family andputyour friends and family pic in this 3D cube , We sure youdefiantlyfeel awesome after use this beautiful app Won't slow yourphonedown at all, and battery use like nothing.In this BeautifulAmazingCube Live Wallpaper has many language you can chooseaccording toyou, and you can also give your opinion to make it inotherlanguage so that we can reach to you and could provide thebatterquality in this LWP. If you give your opinion and suggestion,thenwe will give you to Succession and Credit to mention your namewiththis application. This will very honorable and glorious for us.Andplease support for translation. Mail us in this given Mail
Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchcubeswith the same design they are removed, and you continuematchingtwo cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone, eitherfor pointsor against the clock.It has 6 different game variations,which canbe played in either a cube layout or a sphere layout, witheitherfree or fixed rotation, making for 18 game variations intotal,from relaxed 'play at your own pace' to nail biting againsttheclock game types.It has separate Google Play leaderboards foreachof the 6 different game types, plus a leaderboard of thetopartifact bonus scores and has a rolling display of the weeklybesttime or score for each of the different game types. Competitionisfierce to stay on top each week.Colourful graphics,catchysoundtrack and addictive gameplay make this a fun puzzle gamethatyou keep coming back to time after time.Includes a zoomfunction tomake it easier to play on smaller devices.Artifactcollectionsystem.Upon successful completion of games you have achance togain gold, artifact fragments or wholeartifacts.Collectedartifacts are stored in your artifact compendiumand give a bonusto your score when you match cubes with the samedesign as theartifact. The more your collection grows the greaterthe potentialscore bonus.You can also collect gold and artifactfragments, whichyou can trade for any artifacts you are missingfrom yourcollection. Some artifacts give a greater bonus score thanothers(but have a greater gold and fragments cost), andcollectingmultiples of the same artifact will further increase thebonus itgives.Standard Game---------------------Remove cubes bymatchingpairs of same coloured cubes until there are none left.Earn extrapoints by matching multiple pairs in quick succession. Notimelimit. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts.Timed Game----------------Select pairs ofmatching cubesuntil there are none left. Initially there is a 15minute timelimit in which to finish the cube. The time limitdecreases by 5%every time you successfully complete a game, or itincreases by 5%if you fail to complete the game in time.SpeedCube---------------Afast paced game with a smaller 3x3 cube blockand a 30 second timelimit. How quickly can you clear the cubes,quick thinking and fastreactions will be required to top theleaderboard. Holder of theweekly best score is displayed on mainmenu.CubeBuilder----------------The idea of this game is differentin thatyou start off with just a few cubes and more are added astime goesby. The rate that cubes are added increases as time passesand thegame is over when the block is fully rebuilt. Your goal inthisgame is to keep the block from being completed as long aspossibleand in doing so earn as many points as you can. As in thestandardgame extra points are awarded for matching pairs inquicksuccession. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts.Picture Search-------------------This is amemory versionof the standard game, in which all the designs arehidden and areonly revealed when you click on the cubes. If youselect two cubesthat match they are removed as usual, otherwise thepictures arehidden again. Your score in this game can be increasedbycollecting artifacts.MatchIt!-----------With this version ofthegame you have to find and select two cubes that have thesamedesign as shown at the left of the screen. You have a limitedtimeto find them and if you run out of time you will lose 10% ofyourcurrent score, and you will be presented with another designtofind. You can use the PASS button at the top of the screen toskipany that you are struggling to find without losing any score,butyou only have 5 passes.
Do you have a Rubik's cube 3x3x3 or 2x2x2 that you have wantedtosolve for a long, long, long time?This is your chance: youcansolve the cube following the moves that are shown you in aneasyand clear way. The app allows you to enter the colors of yourowncube, or to solve a random one.Our apps are the result ofthepassion and the quality that we put in our work, that's whyweupdate them often in order to make them even more extraordinary.
Nights at Slender Pizzeria 3D
Cube nightmare continues! And this time your Nights at CubePizzeria3D would be even scarier!Welcome to the Cube nightmareonce more! Nomore angry robot bears, tigers, chickens, bunnies,and foxes - meeteven worse creatures hiding in the shadows!Horrific Slenderman iswaiting for you at the inner court of CubePizza House! His minions– Grey Ones and pixel zombies – roamingfree at the corridors andhallways! Open or close the doors andswitch on the light not to letcube monsters attack you! Use theflashlight to protect yourselffrom the attack! Safeguard yourselfuntil the morning comes withNights at Slender Pizzeria 3D!Faceyour nightmare with Nights atSlender Pizzeria 3D! Spend sevennights at Cube Pizza House hidingfrom angry cube zombies, Grey menand Slenderman himself! No oneknows what these creatures doing inCube Pizzeria at day, but duringthe night they’re awakening andstarts chasing you! Who else couldbe in this nightmare mines? TryNights at Slender Pizzeria 3D game –meet cube zombies, aliens andSlenderman himself, and escape fromthem to survive!Spend sevennights at pizzeria full of scary cubemonsters – gray men, walkingdead and ever Slenderman himself! Use avery limited amount ofelectricity per night to protect yourselffrom zombies attack! Stayin your security office, watch cubecreatures with cameras and tryto survive! When you run out of powerfor the night - all camerasand light are off and cube robots areable to move! Beware of cubecreatures with horrific tentacleswalking in the pizzeria! Escapefrom your nightmare! Face cubemonsters with Nights at SlenderPizzeria 3D!Are you afraid of cubemonsters? Turn on yourflashlight - it will scare away angry cubecreatures that may becreeping at the far end of the hallways!Nevertheless, be careful!If any cube monster has crept too close,it will be the end of yoursecurity guard career… And your life too!Mind your energy bar – ifit ends, your life would end too. Watchthe TV restore energy andcontinue your activities as a securityguard! Enjoy the atmosphereof pixel horror with Nights at SlenderPizzeria 3D!Nights atSlender Pizzeria 3D features:All best featuresfrom other ourgamesAll new cube monsters – zombies, aliens, andSlendermanhimself!New Cube Pizzeria locations to exploreSevennights tosurviveUnusual 3d environmentDon’t let cube undeadmonsters getclose to your security office! Spend seven nights atCube Pizzahouse and stay alive! Finish your work safe after fivescary andhorrible nights with Nights at Slender Pizzeria 3D!Survive being apizzeria night security guard and escape from yournightmare! Theseseven nights are going to be the worst nights inyour life!
Fruit Cubes Puzzle
fruit cubes puzzleFruit Cubes Puzzle is an exciting gameaboutexploding colorful blocks and making crazy matches in a wildworldof amazing characters!- Perfect gaming experience.- Easyandcompletely free game.- Very friendly to ladies.- Play gameanytimeanywhere even there is no internet.- 1300+ levels.- Juicyandcolorful game world.
Dice 3D
Free dice roller app with realistic physics and high quality3Dgraphics. ☆ Main Features:• up to 120 dice with different colorsonthe screen• throw all dice or roll each dieindividually•adjustable dice size • true physics• true 3D animationwith customshaders and highly optimized OpenGL ES2.0 graphics• lockselecteddie in place• tilt / gravity• sound, vibration feedback•rollhistory☆ Roll methods:✔ repeatedly tap the screen✔ tilt /shakeyour phone✔ drag / flick dice individuallyPermissionsused:•VIBRATE lets use vibration feedback when dice collide•INTERNET andACCESS_NETWORK_STATE let us to fetch adverts from theinternet•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE lets to move the app to theexternalstorageThis dice roller app is ad supported.Please email mewithany issues or suggestions
SpeedCube Timer - Rubik Chrono
SpeedCube Timer allows you:-Add your own cubes.-Time any typeofcube (2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, Megaminx, Mirror, RubiksClock,Ghost, Pyraminx, Square-1, Skewb, 6x6x6, 7x7x7)-Share yourpassionabout rubik cubes, thanks to the integratedsocialnetwork-Scrambler based on the WCA official Scrambler(Compatiblewith 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, Megaminx,Pyraminx,Skewb, Square-1, etc)-Complete Statistics-Time and recordall yourcubes.-Check your faster cube.-Historic of all yourtimes.-Averagetimes.-The best speed cube timer.The best chrono forrubiks cubes:2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, Megaminx, Mirror, RubiksClock, Ghost,Pyraminx, Square-1, Skewb, 6x6x6, 7x7x7.-100% Free.
Pop Tap Cube
Your target in the game is to clear the cubes and solve thelevelpuzzle, many boosters will get that will help to to solvethepuzzle.The game is challenging, it look easy at start to helpyoulearn it but afterwards you will have the think hard andconsideryour tactics. HOW TO PLAY:1、just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color to crush.2、Complete the missions andcollectdifferent items to win.3、Your moves are limited so youbetter usethem wisely!Come on! Train your brain with challengingpuzzles andwork out a strategy to overcome the obstacles and reachthe leveltarget!
Solve the most challenging twisty puzzles.With RBKube you canplaythe following puzzles:* Pocket Cube (2x2x2)* Pyraminx*ClassicRubik's Cube (3x3x3)* Square-1 / Super Cubix* Square-2*Rubik'sRevenge / Master Cube (4x4x4)* Professor's Cube (5x5x5)*Megaminx(6 and 12 colors)* Sudoku Cube* Mirror Cubes 2x2x2 and3x3x3*Bandaged Cube* Super square-1 (2 and 4 layers)* Cubes 6x6x6and7x7x7* Skewb Dodecahedron* Pyraminx Crystal* Dodecahedron 2x2x2and3x3x3* Mixup Cubes 3x3x3 and 4x4x4* Latch Cube* Cuboids3x3x1(Floppy Cube), 2x2x3, 2x2x4, 3x3x2 and 3x3x5* Dino Cube*VoidTuttminx* Master Pyraminx* Pyraminx Duo* Pyramorphix* EdgeCube*Axis CubeNot enough?. Well, stay tuned then, more puzzlesarecoming soon!.Some of the features in RBKube: * You canchoosebetween 'practice' mode, and 'competition' mode. Incompetitionmode you have to solve scrambled puzzles beating theclock. *Compare your times against other players world-wide andfeelconstantly challenged with the integrated LeaderboardsandAchievements from Google Games Services. * Choose the cameramodethat best suits you for exploring the puzzles, and turn thepieceseasily with an intuitive and user friendly touch screeninterface.* Change the colors and skins of the puzzles.
Cube Square Pop: Best Game
"Cube Square Pop is probably one of the most fun games onthePlaystore!Blast the squares in this colorful puzzleadventure!Matchtwo or more blocks of the same color to crush.In thelimited numberof steps,Get a high score and then pass theclearanceMatch 5 or 6squares to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 squaresto get a bomb.Match 9squares to earn a color wheel....Special propswill help you beatthe challenges.FeaturesPlenty of levels filledwith thrilling andchallenges.Cool items and toys!Colorful andlively designs.Free toplay and totally addictive!Easy to learn butcan be hard tomasterDownload for free to your android device andexperience hoursof endless fun and entertainment."Cube Square Popis probably oneof the most fun games on the Playstore!Blast thesquares in thiscolorful puzzle adventure!Match two or more blocksof the samecolor to crush.In the limited number of steps, Get ahigh score andthen pass the clearanceMatch 5 or 6 squares to get arocket.Match 7or 8 squares to get a bomb.Match 9 squares to earn acolor wheel....Special props will help you beat thechallenges.FeaturesPlentyof levels filled with thrilling andchallenges.Cool items andtoys!Colorful and lively designs.Free toplay and totallyaddictive!Easy to learn but can be hard tomasterDownload for freeto your android device and experience hoursof endless fun andentertainment.
Cube Blast Mermaid
cube blast mermaidJoin the mermaid party and keep taping toblastYouonly have to tap on two or more toy cubes of the samecolor to havea great blast! The ocean cubes you blast, the betterbooster youwill create! ocean pregnancy mermaid can explode, cutemermaid babyswallows cubes! game featuresover 800 addictingpuzzlelevelseye-catching graphics and cool effectscollect lovableducksand hobbyhorses to help with tricky levelsspectacular rewardsandextra bonuses unlocked after level passed easy and fun to playbutchallenging to fully master numerous boosters along the way tohelp
Marvin The Cube
Meet Marvin, a small cube looking for his place in theUniverse.Helphim with solving encountered puzzles and finding theperfectlook!Enjoy original gameplay, complemented by pleasantmusic andnice graphics.Unleash your inner cube!Marvin The Cubeoffers:*Marvin's unique character* Billions of Marvin's differentlooks*Intriguing story* Over 170 puzzles with varying degreeofdifficulty* The encyclopedia with description of all the tilesyoucan find in the game* Climatic music* Very simplecontrols*AchievementsPromo Movie Music:"Brittle Rille" KevinMacLeod( under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0 License
3D Cube Live Wallpaper
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper3D Cube Live Wallpaper allowed youtoset different pictures on each side of cube from gallery,adddifferent effects and frames.You can also change size, positionandrotation of photo cube. You set Photo cube as live wallpaperlikerotate, move, stand or more. You can set multiple cubes. Youremovethis My Photo 3d cube live wallpaper to long press onthosesettings. You set this to your home screen and give yourscreen tototally different look.3D Cube Live WallpaperFeaturesInclude:=> You can manually change the cube images fromyouralbum/Gallery.=> Many different background areavailable.=>You can set the position of the cube anywhere in thescreen.=>You can change direction of cube rotationangle.(vertical,horizontal as well as random).=> Change livewallpaperbackground easily. we give you cool 3d background for yourlivewallpaper.=> Arrange Speed, rotation and touch all byinsettings.=> Set live wallpaper and enjoy.How to Set thisLiveWallpaper ?Go to Home -> Long Press to go Wallpaper ->LiveWallpaper -> 3D Photo Cube live wallpaper -> SetasWallpaperRate us and give your valuable comment for this awesome3DCube Live Wallpaper to create more cool apps like this.If youfindanything wrong or any copyright things then mail us. We wouldloveto hear everyone.If you like this 3D Cube Live Wallpaper thensharewith your friends and family member.Enjoy
Cube Of Life
Action RPG “Cube Of Life”Depeat enemies by using various weaponsandskills.Find “the Cube of Life” for son’s life.- Upgrade weaponsandskills by using cube.- Can’t continue. Play carefully.- Whenautomode, weapon attacks the nearest target enemy.- Use varioussubweapons.- Map is randomly created.- If boss is defeated,playerhealth is fully restored.- During dash, you can avoidenemy’sattack.Caution!) If game is removed, all of game
CubeX - Rubik's Cube Solver
CubeX is a featured Rubik's Cube solver that is capableofgenerating the shortest possible solution from any validinputstate. Just enter the cube state manually or simply scan usingthecamera and CubeX will guide you through the steps to solveyourcube in minutes!CubeX offers two solving mechanisms. TheFridrichSolver and The Advanced Solver.Fridrich Solver gives youalayer-by-layer solution. This solver is based on thepopularFridrich Method (or CFOP Method) of solving the Cube.AdvancedSolver can generate the shortest possible solution withinseconds.Solutions to any valid state can be generated with lengthsno morethan 20 moves! At its core, the advanced solver isanimplementation of Herbert Kociemba's Two-PhaseAlgorithm.PatternSolver helps you to reach to any valid patternfrom any validpattern on the cube, in shortest possible number ofturns. KeyFeatures:• Get the Shortest Possible Solutions• TwoAdvancedSolving Mechanisms• Pattern Solver• Ability to Add and SaveCustomCube Patterns• Manual and Camera Input • Calibrate andSaveMultiple Cube Color PalettesCubeX is continuouslyunderdevelopment, with more features yet to come. Any feedbackandbug-reports are greatly appreciated. CubeX is free andAdSupported. If you like the product, please support us by buyingthead-free version. Thanks!In future updates:• Support fordifferentcolor schemesKnown Issues:• Camera usage can be messy onsomedevices.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keywords:Rubik's Cube solver, God's Number, Kociemba, Fridrich
Dodge the cubes and get as far as you can!Cubes [Dodge or die] isachallenging and colorful game for everyone. You are running inthemiddle of a field full of cubes and you will have to deciderightor left and if you choose right and fast you'll havenorival.Discover all the game modes and try to complete allthechallenges.Features: ★ Six different game modes and mechanics★Nicecolorful style★ Each mode is infinite★ Challenges andrewards★Designed for mobile and tablet★ Sync between devices★ Noads
Cubes:Procedural Wonders
Cubes is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to formapattern with moving cubes.It is a fun brain game that demandsanintense concentration and requires strong problemsolvingskills.Games features:◉ 2580 levels : proceduralgeneration.◉ 6modes : Classic, Grid, Scattered, Vertical symmetry,Horizontalsymmetry and 180˚ rotation◉ 2 difficulty levels : Easy& Hard◉Color Blind Friendly modeYou can play 120 levels forFREE then youcan unlock the rest of the game with one uniquein-apppurchase.Credits:1) Sound effectsGlass bell : Level upsound:
Cube Shift
Challenge yourself. Get your brain working on !!Arcade stuffTwocubes running parallel you gotta control both at the time goodluckwith itGet it on !!
Learn to Solve Rubik's Cube
This simple app helps you to solve rubiks' cube with eitherthebeginner's method or the most popular speedcubing method,Fridrichmethod (CFOP).Features:- Beginner's method- F2L, OLL andPLLalgorithms- 2 look OLL and 2 look PLL algorithms- Allnotationswith illustrative pictures- A quick description for everystep
Live 3D Deformation Blue Cube Keyboard Theme
Live Blue Cube keyboard theme will make your device lookamazing!Download the Live Blue Cube skin with Live Blue Cubeeffect. LiveBlue Cube only works with TouchPal keyboard installedon yourphone!Live Blue Cube is a fantastic keyboard theme with LiveBlueCube background. This beautiful keyboard is designed for peoplewholike Live Blue Cube. Free download and apply this keyboardthemecalled Live Blue Cube, and Android stylized. Live Blue Cubeisdesigned to give you a faster and smoother mobilekeyboardexperience. Also you can now express your emotions viamessagingapps using the middle finger emoji, taco emoji, hot dogemoji, 100sign emoji and can even send a unicorn face by thiskeyboard!!!Download this Live Blue Cube keyboard theme and typefaster thanever. Your keyboard looks totally luxury with Live BlueCube.Download Live Blue Cube theme and Try it out! Live Blue Cubewilllet a plain keyboard into a beautiful and unique one. LiveBlueCube can be used for different IM applications such asInstagram,Messenger, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite, ES File Explorer FileManager,Facebook Lite and so on, which mean Live Blue Cube can helpyou getmore quickly in these apps.How do I apply for Live BlueCubekeyboard theme?Note: You need to download TouchPalkeyboardfirst.1) Download Live Blue Cube and click the INSTALLbutton.2)Download "TouchPal Keyboard" from the Google Play Store.If youhave already installed "TouchPal keyboard", please clickthe"APPLY" button.3) "keyboard" installed and applied, Live BlueCubewill automatically install on the phone.What is TouchPalEmojiKeyboard?Best Android Emoji Keyboard With BoomText, CuteEmojis,Stickers, Customizable Themes.In 2009, TouchPal Keyboard wontheaward of Mobile Innovation at the GSMA Global Mobile AwardsinBarcelona.Want more themes?Tap 'Theme' icon within theTouchPallogo on the toolbar, tons of fashion hot themes you canfind inTouchPal Store.You can get anime, black, 3d, skull, dragon,gold,cartoon, green, cat, lion, pink, red, purple, love, girl,soccer,wolf, car, neon, white, blue, music, etc. and find allyourfavorite topics in TouchPal Store.We usually update NEWthemesthird a week. Please keep your attention on our TouchPalStorefrequently.Free Features of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard Inputthousandsof Emojis, Dictionaries, GIFs, Emoticons and stickersanywhereconveniently.Customizable keyboard color, wallpaper andlayout asyou like.Colorful themes: 1000+ Colorful Themes availableand DIYyour own theme.Contextual Prediction: Most powerfulerrorcorrection: auto-correct mistyping, spelling errorsandcapitalization automatically. Show emoticons and emojisascandidate.Over 150 languages supported. Text face ( ͡° ͜ʖ͡°),(ʘ‿ʘ) .Set personal photo as keyboard themes.Cloudprediction:Enhance next word prediction and other predictions bycloudcomputing.Multilingual TypingTouchPal Emoji Keyboard supportsover150 languages, including but not limited to English,العربية,Hrvatski, Čeština, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch,Ελληνικά,עִברִית, , Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Malay, Português,Română,Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk, Euskara, বাঙালি, ಕನ್ನಡ,ភាសាខ្មែរ,ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, , Монгол, , தமிழ், తెలుగు,Zulu.Supported deviceTouchPal Emoji Keyboard is compatible withmost Android phones,including but not limited to:Samsung Galaxy S8and S8 Edge, SamsungGalaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A8+ , SamsungGalaxy S7 and S7 Edge;Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei Mate 10,Huawei P9 , Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Honor 8; HTC U11+, HTC U11 Life,HTC Desire 10 Pro;OnePlus5, OnePlus 5T; OPPO Find 9;OPPO F5; XiaomiMax2, Xiaomi 6;Honor 7X, Honor view 10,Honor 9 Lite; Google Pixel,Google Pixel2;LG S6;Follow us:Follow us onTwitter: ourFacebook:
3D Cube live Wallpaper
3D Cube live Wallpaper3D Cube live wallpaper provides thedifferent3D cube live wallpaper. This application allowed you tosetdifferent pictures on each side of cube from gallery, adddifferenteffects and frames. You can also change size, position androtationof photo cube. You set this cube as live wallpaper likerotate,move, stand or more. You can set multiple cubes. You canevenincrease/decrease the speed of rotating cube. You set this toyourhome screen and give your screen to totally unusual look.Alsoshare this wallpaper with your friends or family throughsocialapp.
3D Photo Frame Cube Live Wallpaper
3D Photo Cube Live WallpaperWould you like your pictures tobeappearing in the beautiful cube frame as wallpaper? Thesefantasycubes are ideal for you to frame. Using this app you canmakephotos more beautiful by set as wallpaper by applying animationinit.HD quality hoarding framesPleasant User InterfaceSet cubeaswallpaperscreensaverphoto cube live wallpaperphotocubesettingsphoto cube settings live wallpapersphoto cubelitesettingsphoto cube lite live wallpaperphoto cube litesettingsphotocube wallpaperphoto cube live wallpaperphoto cubelitephoto cubelite live wallpaper full versionphoto cube livewallpaper updates3dlive wallpaper3d wallpaper3d photo cubewallpaper3d photo cube livewallpaper3d photo cube live wallpaperfree3d cube photo livewallpaperfamily photo cube live wallpapermyphoto 3d cube livewallpapermy photo 3d hd live wallpapersmy photo3d wallpapermyphoto 3d live wallpapermy photo live wallpaper 3dcube3d photo livewallpaper hd with backgrounds3d wallpaper live freethat moved withmy photo3d my photo live wallpaper3d my name livephoto andwallpaperHD quality hoarding frames.Set cube frame aswallpaper.Howto Use:-> Also select your own photo as cubebackground.->Select a photo for box from the gallery.->Animation is put intowallpaper photo frames for any picture.->Easy to use.Photo CubeEffects provides the attractive cube livewallpaper.You set photoin the cube and also give your photo todifferent effect.Cube havesix side and each side you set differentphotos from gallery . Youselect side and different side to setdifferent photos. You setthis cube as a live wallpaper like rotate,move.You remove thislive wallpaper to long press on thosesettings.Also share thiswallpaper frame with your friends orfamilies through socialapp.This cool Live Wallpaper features arotating 3d photo cubeshowing pictures and photos from yourgallery.This version now hasnew extra functionality showcasingfeatures like. Change thepicture, try out the photo frames and addspecial effects. Also newfloating panels..In this version cube showdifferent pictures oneach side, and change the size, position androtation of the photocube. It also allows saving multiple cubes,changing the backgroundand number of floating panels, adds manyspecial effects.Onceinstalled, on the home screen chooseMenu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers then select Photo cube FrameLive Wallpaper from thelist shown. Click on the different menu tochange options on yourphoto cube, or use the convenient Photo cube.Enjoy the PhotoCube!Using this application you set your family’sphoto cube frameon your device home screen by crop your family’sphoto withCube.You select your photo from gallery and make yourphoto frameedit with cropping square shape, also you set differentmovementcube effect like move left to right, right to left,up-down, sideby side or more.Photo Frame Live Wallpaper providesthe differentcube live wallpaper.You set your own photo in the cubeand alsogive your photo to different effect.Also you select sideanddifferent side to set different photos.Share this wallpaperwithyour friends or families through social app.Photos flyingacrossyour screen, cubes with pictures from phone gallery (cameraandothers) and pictures from Picasa web collection.It is alivewallpaper, so it should be set up by going to menu thenselect"Wallpaper", then select "Live Wallpapers" then find "PhotoFrameLive Wallpaper" and select it, when touch "Set wallpaper".#1PhotoFrames live Wallpaper app on Android Market over.*Nointernetconnection is required. Simply choose the images fromgallery andchange the background and easily create a original workof art.Anyfeedback is welcome.Create square collages for yourappYou can alsoenhance and crop your image.This app is completelyfree. Sodownload and enhance your creativity by setting livewallpaper.
Cube Square Pop:Funny Game
"Cube Square Pop is probably one of the most fun games onthePlaystore!Blast the squares in this colorful puzzleadventure!Matchtwo or more blocks of the same color to crush.In thelimited numberof steps,Get a high score and then pass theclearanceMatch 5 or 6squares to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 squaresto get a bomb.Match 9squares to earn a color wheel....Special propswill help you beatthe challenges.FeaturesPlenty of levels filledwith thrilling andchallenges.Cool items and toys!Colorful andlively designs.Free toplay and totally addictive!Easy to learn butcan be hard tomasterDownload for free to your android device andexperience hoursof endless fun and entertainment.
Shake Dice 3d
"Real Dice (3d)" it is an excellent dice simulator withtruerealistic 3D animation and physics.features:- up to 5 dice-shakeor tap to roll dice- true 3D realistic animation-configurablecolors- configurable background- Realistic PhysicsHowto roll thedice?-touch the screen-shake the phone, you will noticethat it isas if throwing dice in the real life.
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper
★---------- 3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper ----------★3D PhotoCubeLive Wallpaper provides the different photo cube livewallpaper.You set your own photo in the cube and also give yourphoto todifferent effect.This 3D My Photo Cube live wallpaperfeatures arotating 3d cube showing pictures and photos from yourgallery.3DPhoto Cube Live Wallpaper is the most exciting Livewallpaper andAlways on Photo Cube along with 3D Photo Spheres.3DPhoto Cube livewallpaper provides the different 3D cube livewallpaper. 3D Cubelive wallpaper have six side and each side youset different photosfrom gallery. This 3D My Photo Cube livewallpaper features arotating 3d cube showing pictures and photosfrom yourgallery.Feature of 3D Photo Cube live wallpaper★ Selectdifferentphoto from your gallery album and set it to different sideofcube.★ Change live wallpaper background easily. we give you cool3dbackground for your live wallpaper.★ Arrange Speed, rotationandtouch all by in settings.★ Set live wallpaper andenjoy.Yourratings and comments are appreciating us. So pleaseencourage uswith your suggestions to improvements of this app.
Pharaoh Cube Quest
pharaoh cube questPharaoh cube quest is the best puzzle blastgameon the play store!Join the fun now and match 2 or moreadjacentcubes to complete missions and clear levels. Download forFREE toyour android device and experience hours of endless to play- click on any 2 adjacent cubes ofthesame color to blast.- play through hundreds of colorfullevels.-overcome obstacles and achieve high scores.- clear thechallenges.-complete the mission each new level presents.- makepowerful combosto unlock boosters that will help you blast thecubes.- plan yourmoves and clear the board.- play with friends andfamily forfree!boosters:- match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.-match 7 or 8cubes to get a bomb.- match 9 cubes to earn a colorwheel- combineboosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethe puzzle in notime.
3D Multi Cube Live wallpaper
3D Multi Cube Live wallpaper Make great live wallpaper todisplayyour photos or what you want with an amazing 3D cubes.3DMulti CubeLive wallpaper provides different and amazing 3D cubesfor makinglive wallpaper. Now you can set your favorite photos andimages ineach side of 3D cube.Also you may give different effectsto yourphotos set in each side of cube like blur, black and whiteand greyscale.Change the size, rotation direction and speed of cubeandincrease or decrease image size to fit in cube frames.You cansetthis cube as your device home screens as live wallpaper. At atimeif you wish to set multiple cubes as live wallpaper than it’salsobe possible.You can set the rotating 3D Multi Cube Livewallpaperin background.Features:• It’s completely free and lightweight app•3D background for images• Each side of cube you can setdifferentphoto• For making more attractive add effects to photoslike blur,grey scale and black and white, neon, oil, light etc.•Set your owndirection to rotate cube, control speed of cube andsize• Setmultiple cube as live wallpaper• Easy crop images to setparticularpart of your photo on 3d cube• Share on socialmediaInstruction forUse:• Just install and click start• Select yourcube• Select yourimages from gallery or take with camera• Applyeffects to imagesand set size of pictures • Set as live wall paper•Great!! Allthings you have done
Toy Cubes Fever - Pop Boom
Once you start smashing cubes, you won’t be able to stop!Playforfree this fun and addicting puzzle game and start cruisingcandyblocks! Get this awesome game today for free, crush the cubesandwin! Combine boosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethepuzzle. Follow these Instructions:* Collect toys and win levels.*Clear the board and blast all the cubes. * The more blocks youpop,the more score you will get! * Click on 2 or more fruits ofthesame to blast.* Your purpose is to remove fruits as manyaspossibleGame Features:- Hours of endless cubes-blasting fun!-Funand fairly challenging barriers- Colorful graphics andamazinganimations.- Solve all the puzzles and clear the board. -There arealmost 250 levels in toy pop fever.- With hundreds ofdiversepuzzles, you simply won’t put it down.Don’t miss out thisamazingcube blasting game!Download it now for free! Enjoy therelaxing andcheerfulness in Toy Pop Fever
Touch Cube
Touch Cube app allows you to draw the image in threedimensions.Youcan build buildings, people, plants, furnishings andany otherobjects on which only your imagination will be enough in3d!Simplytouch the sides of the cube to join him another!With thepalette,you can choose any color RGB and even make ittransparent!There arespecial tools of centering figures to makeyour work morecomfortable.You can: save, download and share yourbuildings, or ifyou do not like your creation - clean it.This is afree versionwith ads. It contains all the functionality of thefullversion.Fullversion:
Photo Cube Live Wallpaper
This stunning Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3D photocubeshowing pictures and photos from your albums. Create andcustomisemultiple cubes in your My Cubes gallery, and quickly swapbetweenthem.Specify the exact pictures you want in Single andCustomstyle, or choose Album style and let Photo Cube randomlyupdate thepictures from an SD card album.Easily choose picturesfrom yourphone, or from online galleries like Flickr and Picasa,seeing full3D previews of your choices.Shake your phone to bouncethe cubearound the screen, or to refresh your cube's picture fromthealbum.Quickly change the change the size, position, rotationstyleand speed of your photocube.Select from a wide variety ofbeautifulframes that can be shown around your pictures.Try alittlephoto-editing and add some special effects to your photossuch asblack & white, vintage, vignettes and other funcolourfilters.Choose a background image, background colour andaddtransparency and blur effects.Share your cube creations withotherPhoto Cube users via Bluetooth or Email.Take screenshots ofyourfavourite cubes and share to Facebook, WhatsApp, Email andanywhereelse.Double tap the wallpaper to bring up the Quick SizeandPosition screen, simply drag your photo cube to the requiredsizeand position.Backup your My Cubes gallery to and fromSDcard.Example photos courtesyofphotostock:
Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3
Cube nightmare continues! Welcome to the new chapter of NightsatCube Pizzeria 3D scary game!Beware of angry robot bears,tigers,chickens, bunnies and foxes and even worse creatures hidingin theshadows! Welcome to the Cube nightmare safeguarding yourselfuntilthe morning comes! Open or close the doors and switch on thelightnot to let cube bears, foxes and bunnies attack you! Usetheflashlight to protect yourself from the attack! Enjoytheatmosphere of pixel horror with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D –3!Faceyour nightmare with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3! Spendsevennights at Cube pizzeria hiding from angry cube bears,tigers,chickens, bunnies, and foxes! These robots were made to helpinCube Pizzeria, but during the night ancient evil awakeninginsidetheir bodies, and they become unpredictable and startschasing you!Who else could be in this nightmare mines? Try Nightsat CubePizzeria 3D – 3 game – meet cube bear robots and othercreatures,and escape from them to survive!Are you afraid of cubebears orother monsters? Turn on your flashlight - it will scareaway angrycube creatures that may be creeping at the far end of thehallways!Nevertheless, be careful! If any cube monster has crepttoo close,it will be the end of your security guard career… Andyour lifetoo! Mind your energy bar – if it ends, your life wouldend too.Watch the TV to restore energy and continue your activitiesas asecurity guard!Spend seven nights at pizzeria full of scarycubemonsters - chicken, fox, bunny, bear robots and ever more! Useavery limited amount of electricity per night to protectyourselffrom robots’ attack! Stay in your security office, watchcubecreatures with cameras and try to survive! When you run outofpower for the night - all cameras and light are off and cuberobotsare able to move! Beware of cube bear robots walking inthepizzeria! Escape from your nightmare! Face cube robots withNightsat Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3!Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3features:Allbest features from previous partsUnusual 3denvironmentNew CubePizzeria locations to exploreSeven nights tosurviveCube robotmonsters – chickens, foxes, tigers, bunnies, andbears!Don’t letcube robot monsters get close to your securityoffice! Spend sevennights at Cube Pizzeria and stay alive! Finishyour work safe afterfive scary and horrible nights with Nights atCube Pizzeria 3D – 3!Survive being a pizzeria night security guardand escape from yournightmare! These seven nights are going to bethe worst nights inyour life!
Toy Crush - Cube Mania
Toy Crush-Cube Mania will bring you to the amazing islandsanddiscover treasures! Tap the toy cubes to blast! Based onclassicmatch 3 games, but easier and more fun! Based on our storyfrom PopBlast. This time, Captain Jack will start his adventure toexploreexotic toy islands! Join him to solve puzzles and collecttreasureby participating in cube blast games! In our new story,mermaidappears! Save her by helping her out of the cage!You onlyhave totap on two or more toy cubes of the same color to have agreatblast! The more toy cubes you blast, the better booster youwillcreate! Sea Urchin can explode, cute Whale Baby swallows cubes!Popcubes within limited moves!Explore tropical, icy, toy andvolcanoislands in the ocean! There will be hundreds levels ofpuzzle gamesfor you to discover! Help Jack to collect all thepieces of toytools such as drifting bottle, pirate’s hat andcompass. With thetreasure map, you will be able to find treasuresand use powerfulbooster to defeat pirates! Are you ready for thechallenges?How toplay Toy Crush-Cube Mania:♥ Toy blast: Tap cubesin the same colorto crush them ♥ Collect blasted toy cubes or toysto reach thelevel goals♥ Create powerful boosters to crush cubeseasily♥ Blastdifferent ocean obstacles in different modes of puzzlegamesToyCrush-Cube Mania Features:♥ A beautiful sea world withmagicmermaid, wracked ship, pirate and more!♥ Tap your way outinsteadof switch and swap! It is an unconventional matching puzzlegame!♥With new designed sea animal boosters and sailing tools, youwillbe able to pass the level easier!♥ Lots of fun tasks andlevelgoals such as defeating pirate, saving the mermaid andcollectingtreasures♥ Totally Free for download! No wifi needed!♥Hundredslevels of ocean challenges! We keep updating the game fillyoursailing log!♥ Super addictive game to kill your boringtime!Startyour journey with Captain Jack, pop cubes and solvepuzzles, visitall the islands in this fantasy toy crush world!Tokeep yourselfposted about Toy Crush, please follow our developer'sfacebookpage:
Fidget Cube a spinny fidget
Fidget Cube is an anti stress spinny fidget. Spin the fidgetcubeand play fidget games that will help you increase yourfocusability. Download now for free!- Unlock new cubes (Mario,pokemonand minecraft fidget cubes) - Play with Spinny fidget inClassroom,Cafe and bar backgrounds Inspired by Fidget Cube. FidgetCube is a3D game designed to get real Fidget Cube experience.Spinningfidget cube will unleash SiX brand new spinny fidget cubegame.✓Fidget Dial✓ Fidget Click✓ Fidget Glide✓ Fidget Spin✓ FidgetRoll✓Fidget FlipDon't forget to give your
PrimalCraft Survive with Minecraft Skins Exporter
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you canbuildyour own cube world.*** GAME FEATURES ***• 3DSandboxConstruction;• Free2play game;• RPG Elements;• CubeHouseBuilding;• Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game;• 40+ WorldstoExplore;• Mining Craft & Destroying everything;• Build YourOwnShelter/House/Town/World;• Go Deep into the Mines;•GatherResources to Survive;• Fight The Enemies;•GameAuto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and survivinggamein which you can explore an ancient city, immerse yourself inthecube earth, gather resources, raft blocks, and find food tosurvivein wild animals’ world. Choose your type of the world:-Creative:Try yourself as a builder that creates terrain andshelters.Explore all the beauty of the world. It's the place toimplementyour imagination where nothing limits yourpossibilities.-Survival: It's the way for the brave ruthlessadventurer. There area lot of wild animals which treat you only asfood, so be cautious.You can clone and spawn creatures using eggsin both modes. ***CREATIVE MODE FEATURES ***• Be creative! Set YourImaginationFree;• Endless gameplay;• Explore the blueprint worlds!•Build andcreate awesome buildings and structures!• Compare yourblockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVALMODEFEATURES ***• A great number of different monsters.• AfterGameAwards.• Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS***•Millions of players all around the world;• More than 100 kindsofweapons; • More than 35 maps and locations; •Endlesspossibilities!• 3D game graphics!• Exploration of thesandboxblocky world! • City builder game!Play PrimalCraft Game onyour ownmap! Create different resources, mine or craft new itemsand buildyour own shelter to survive in the nights, stay there andbe safefrom the block monsters: zombies, pumpkin heads andotheraggressive monsters. Save your health and hunt downeatableanimals: cows, horses, pigs, chickens etc. to overcome yourhungermod. PrimalCraft Game allows you to customize your characterbychoosing unique skin Survival Craft World! PrimalCraft is oneofthe best building simulator! Try it now with all your friendsorfamily members and win by creating the best city!ThisPrimalCraftGame gives you opportunity to design your dream blockhouse in 3Denvironment, and build a whole cube town! Everything ispossible onthis Adventure Game! Explore this world and start livingyourdreams and imagination. This is all about PrimalCraft whereallyour city building dreams come true!Please give us 5 starsandleave your reviews, we appreciate your support!DownloadFREEToday!Follow PrimalCrafton:TWITTER: PrimalCraft GameCommunities!FORUM: an official Mojang application. This game is not associatedorconnected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is atrademark ofMojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthe PrimalCraftgame's creator or its licensors.
My Name in 3D Live Wallpaper
Great wallpaper to display your name, names or what you want withanamazing 3D ball effect.Instructions:- Enter the name or namesbyclicking in the main screen (icon upper left) or by choosing"Edittext" in the preferences menu.- Choose your favouritefontselecting "Font type" in the preferences menu.- Change thefontcolor doing double click on the main screen or in thepreferencesmenu.In the preferences menu you can customize theapplication evenmore:- Set the live wallpaper- Edit your name orthe text- Changethe font (Among all the fonts on your phone)-Select the fontcolor- Modify the speed- Resize font- Make bouncingfigure and movefreely around the screen*All the fonts used in theapp are takenfrom the user's smartphone. The app does not containsfonts.
V-CUBE Seminar Mobile
V-CUBE Seminar' application enables participating as an attendeeinweb seminars - or 'webinars' - which V-CUBE INC. is offering.KeyFeatures: -Receive lecturer's video/audio -Show lecturematerials-Send/Receive text messages -Receive 'PC screen sharing'videostream **Important** -This application is for attendees only,anddoesn't include distributing functions. To hold a webinar asalecturer, 'V-CUBE Seminar' ASP service contract is required.-Toattend a lecture, access from the public seminar URL or theprivateURL whithin the invitation mail sent from the host. Notes:*V-cuberecommends WiFi for comfortable use. *V-cube recommends amonthlyunlimited 3G network plan if used over a 3G network.(pleaseconsult with your data carrier for any international orroamingrates) *This application is copyrighted by V-cube, Inc.*V-cube isnot responsible for any incurred charges from thisapplication,unreliable data connection or application performance.
Cube timer
Application cubist measure their times in different categorieswithofficial scramble championships, is a clock made forSpeedcuber.-All the modalities championships (Rubiks cube, 2x2x2,3x3x3, 3x3x3Blindfolded, 3x3x3 Fewest Moves, 3x3x3 With Feet, 3x3x3One-Handed,4x4x4, 4x4x4 Blindfolded, 5x5x5, 5x5x5 Blindfolded,6x6x6, 7x7x7,Rubik's Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1)..-Scrambletaken from official generator championships.- Inspectiontime withalert sound.- Add your categories.- Increase font size ofthescrambler.- Several averages with explanation.- Graphics (alltime,last session, per day, per month, ...)- Time of History.- Addtimemanually.- Sort by date and time- Options: +2s, DNF, delete.-Sharetimes.- Last session.- Screen championships around theworld.-Export / Import all your time.- Languages: English,Spanish,German, French, Italian and Portuguese.- Spacebar toexternalkeyboardsTags: cube, magic, time, magic cube, cube clockcube time,speed, graphic