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Oi WiFi
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’tstopgrowing.Who can have access?Premium Access: If you are anOiCustomer with an eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a passyouwill be able to access the network withoutadditionalpublicity.(*Eligible plans: postpaid Customers, broadbandcustomer,Oi Controle customers and prepaid customers withactivecredits)Access with publicity: If you are not an Oi customeror donot have one of the eligible plans you will be able to connecttoOi WiFi on your device with additional publicity, while youareconnected. Remember joining the “access with publicity” optionsoyou can navigate. Is free, is for everyone.The App:The Oi WiFiappis an essential tool for those who want to stay connected.Downloadthe app and it will do all the work. After validating youraccessat the first time, the app will detect the Oi WiFi network ontherange of your smartphone and will connect you automatically. Itisalso possible to check the closest hotspots on the map or tosearchfor a location. New functionalities and evolutions havebeenincorporated, turning everything easier. And new featuresarecoming!New look: We want to stimulate interaction. The powerofconnecting people is one of the missions of Oi WiFi. Webelievethat connection + interaction bring newpossibilities.Intelligentlogin: Insert your phone number and theapp does the rest. Youdon’t remember your CPF/ID number during yourlogin? We send you aSMS.Forgot your password? Recover it using theapp.Facebook login:Associate your Facebook account once and yournext accesses will bedone in a simple way, without having to loginon the portal orremember your password. P.S.: We never postanything on yourtimeline ;)Ongoing evaluation: We want to know youropinion toimprove our services. You may receive a request throughanotification to evaluate us. Compliments, Suggestions andCriticsare always welcome to improve our product. We will also keepan eyeon the Google Play reviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
Who Use My WiFi - Network Scanner
Your Wireless network is slowly and you believe someone isconnectedto your Wi-Fi and using the internet without yourknowledge. What doyou do in such situations? If you are lookingfor the fastest,smartest and easiest way to control and monitorthe number of usersconnected to your WiFi network and getinformation about theconnected devices, you’ve come to the rightplace.This applicationwill help you solved that.✔ Features• Scansall WiFi network devicesin seconds• Check who on my wifi / Detectwifi thief• Router Admin: or or, etc• Router PasswordList• Gives you ip, type of that device•Vendor address database tofind which vendor's device is connected•One-Click Quick Scan• GotoAdmin Router to lock strange deviceconnected to WiFi network•Rename device to save & mark yourfamily device✔ Pleaseunderstand that application is a free app andcontains ads tosupport develop cost.✔ If you want the app supportyour language,please help us translate from English to yourlanguage by access thelink below. Thank you!✔Please contact for any issues you mayhave; and rate Us a 5stars if you found this app useful. Thankyou!
Who Use My WiFi? 📱 Network Tool
My wireless network is slow and I believe someone is connected tomyWi-Fi and using the internet without my knowledge. What do youdo insuch situations? If you are looking for the fastest, smartestandeasiest way to control and monitor the number of usersconnected toyour WiFi network and get information about theconnected devices,you’ve come to the right place.Who Use My WiFicomes with a cleanand neat design, and the interface is souser-friendly that doesn’ttake a genius to track the connectedusers and devices to yourwireless network. It’s fast, smart andreliable.Who Use My WiFi,shows some information about the currentnetwork, like Speed andName, and it also lets you know about thedevices connected to yourwireless network. So, you can easily findout who is using yourinternet and what their devices are.So, ifyour wireless network ison a limited plan and you believe someoneis sending and receivingdata without your permission, install thisWi-Fi monitor app forfree and look for the suspicious devicesconnected to your WiFi.WhoUse My WiFi Main Features at a Glance:•Clean and neat design withfresh and intuitive interface• Fastestand Smartest way to trackconnected devices• Learn more about yourcurrent network: Speed,Name and …• Learn more about connecteddevices• Port Scanning(coming soon)• Wake-on-LAN (coming soon)•Troubleshoot your Internetconnection (coming soon)• It’s fast,smart and reliable• VendorAddress Database• Useful for anyone•Less Ads• Free• light weight(3.83 MB)Scan your WiFi network inseconds.languages:- English-French- Arabic- Italian (coming soon)-Catalan (coming soon)-Russian (coming soon)- Spanish - PortugueseDownload Who Use My WiFifor free and let us know about any bugs,questions, feature requestsor any✩✩✩✩✩ Rate Us 5 Stars ifyou foundthis app useful ✩✩✩✩✩whos on my networkhow to tell ifsomeone isusing your wifiwho is on my wifi downloadhow to see whois on yourwifihow to know if someone is using your wifihow to seewho isusing my wifihow to check if someone is using my wifiwifiusercheckerwho is on my wifi fullcheck wifi userwho is on mywifiultimatehow to check who is using your wifiwho in my wifihowtocheck wifi userswho is on my wifimy wifiwhos on my wifiwho isusingmy wifihow to check who is using my wifiwhoisonmywifiwho usesmywifiwifi thief finder
Wifi Inspector
Do you want to know if someone is connected to your wirelessnetworkwithout your permission? Your connection is slow and yoususpectthat someone are stealing your wifi? Are you afraid thattheneighbor may have access to your personal data? Wifi Inspectoris asimple tool to see all the devices connected to our network(bothwired and wifi, whether consoles, TVs, pcs, tablets, phonesetc...), giving relevant data such as IP address, manufacturer,devicename and MacAddress.Wifi Inspector also allows to save alist ofknown devices with custom name and find intruders in lessthan 30seconds. This makes it easier for us and you will not needto gochecking the data whenever we make a scan.All this in a clearandsimple design that allows us to see that our personal data aresafein a few seconds.No doubt, Wifi Inspector ALWAYS find ALLconnecteddevices!! More than 455,000 active installationsdemonstrate theirreliability!!We continue working to improve WifiInspector and wegreatly appreciate that you share your opinionswhether positive ornegative. We have almost no reports of problemsin the poor ratings(only one star with no comment) This makesdifficult that we canimprove the application. Please if you haveany problems /suggestions do not hesitate to send it to us, inyour comment orwith email, and we will try to fix it.languages-Spanish- English-Italian- Catalan- Russian - French- PortugueseFora betterexperience we recommend Android 4.0 or more
WiFi Tool
The best WiFi Tool for Android!This App turns your device intoapowerfull WiFi Analyzer.PLEASE NOTE: On some devices theAPPrequires the location service in order to see WLAN Networks. Ifyoudont see any networks please try to turn this service on.TheAndroid API requires that the APP uses this permission, if youwantyou can check it on the official Google DeveloperDocumentation: Interface- time based channel interference analysis-discoverany WiFi signal around you- filter, sort and groupavailablenetworks- switch between different networks instantly-detailedinformation about specific WiFi access points - find lessusedchannel for your own router - monitor your network usage- darkandlight theme- no Ads
wifi analyzer free
WiFi Analyzer free is the best wifi analyzer for android andthemost popular wifi map for free Wi-Fi analyzer application..itgives you the ability to Connect to WiFi passwords forFREEinternet access all over the world.WiFi finder tool-WiFiAnalyserallows to Optimize your WiFi network via WiFi Analyzer proandexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels for yourwirelessrouter and wireless signals around youYou have additionalfeaturesfor WiFi finder:- Share WiFi hotspots with your socialnetworksfriends - Update obsolete passwords - Add updates WiFihotspots andpasswords- allows you to find a better positioning foryour Wi-Fireceiver- gives you detailed information about eachdetected Wi-Fisignal- Marshmallow devices may need to turn on thelocationservice- Analyze WiFi networks to rate channels-Application wifianalyser supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.- Wifi Analyzerrecommends theperfect and best channel for new AP- Shows all routerAccess Pointsin range to you,channel they are on, MAC address, anddBm signalstrength.WiFiAnalyzer tool is not a phishing or WiFipasswordhacking tool.keeping connected is free: - Find the placeyou aretraveling to - View and scroll the detail of map around -That's okthe app can work there without the Internet- WiFi hotspotAnalyzerwill examinate and optimize your wifi via wifi boosterTheWiFiAnalyzer has 4 screens:Gauge, Channel, Graph, List.thewifianalyser design for Android smartphone and Android tablet forfree.
WiFi Connection Manager
WiFi Connection Manager is the best Wi-Fi scanner, managerandconnector on android.Help us with the translation projecton the change of Google Play Mobile Ads policy, devicesbeforeAndroid 2.3 are no longer be supported.Legacy devices candownloadthe appfrom: (Access Points) SSID with special characters, such asChinese,Japanese, Korean, Greeks, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese,UNICODE andso on.2. Display saved network password. (require deviceto berooted)3. Fix device Wi-Fi problems.4. Instant connect.Oncesearched, once start connecting. Way faster than thesystembuild-in Wi-Fi scanner.5. Static IP settings support. Autoswitchbetween different AP.6. Switch between available networks,solvingthe network conflict problem.7. Add/Connect to certainhidden SSIDnetwork (depends on device and network conditions).8.Manual addnetwork, with special support for EAP/LEAP encryptednetwork.9.Pause scan, convenient to browse many results.10. Moredetailnetwork information, network bandwidth, channel andnetworktype.11. Auto detect Web Authentication.12. Backup/Restoresavednetworks.13. Add/Share Wi-Fi network with QR code.14.Arrangenetwork connecting priority.15. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)supportfor Android 4.0 or above devices.16. Automatical switchbetweensaved networks when signal is not ideal.17. Wi-Fi tether(Wi-FiHotspot) support.About the required permissions: Camera isforadding Wi-Fi network via QR code. Phone and Internet is fortheAdMob plug-in made by Google. Storage is for backup andrestoresaved network.
Wifi WPS Unlocker
This application recover the default WPS PIN.You can connecttowireless networks which have enable the protocolWPS.Theapplication was developed for educational purposes.Inthisapplication you can check if your router is vulnerable ornot.ifyou realize someone has security problem you mustinformimmediately.I am not responsible for the misuse that can begiven.
Wifi Hotspot Free - SsWifi
SSWIFI - share and share wifi Internet If you want otherdevicesconnected to your wireless station can access the Internet,themandatory mobile phone you have to connect to the Internet - via3G/ 4G (or 2G, GPRS) before using this application.How to use?1,Turnon internet connection (3G/4G, ...) if you want to shareinternetfor other devices.2, Enter the name of WIFI hotspot3, Enterthepassword - need greater than 8 characters.4, Press START tostartshare wifi, press STOP to stop.Other features: Press theLISTDEVICE to see which devices are connected to your computer. Ifyouhave ROOT, you can install automatically turns 3G whenpressingSTART in the installation directory of theapplication.NOTE: Youwill take charge of mobile data chargesprescribed by a 3G or 4Gtelecommunications network when turned on.Thank you for using wifibroadcast applications, we hope you will besatisfied with thisapp!
With this application you can immediately detect and displayfreewireless networks in your environment with a singleclick.Theapplication allows you direct access to the wirelesssettings ofyour smartphone so you can connect immediately with thefreewireless network you want.It also allows you to display allthenetworks of your surroundings with the SSID, encryption typeandaccess point MAC.This application does not allow hackingwirelessnetworks or generate any key or password.It containsadvertisingapplications that may be of interest.
wifi booster (joker)
Wifi Booster (joker) is the best tool to analyze and accelerateyourwifi connetion. Wifi Booster restarts your wireless connection, andthen seeks to reconnect without problems.--- Features ---📡Adjustchannel WiFi connection faster wireless Internet.🔬 DNSCachecleaning for increased Internet speed.🌎 Optimization3G/4G/Wificonnections.💎 Improved pre buffering video on YouTube orothervideo sites like Vimeo, Netflix, DailyMotion...💾 Reduce thetotalsystem memory📲 Depending on the phone, it will improvesignalreception.😻 No needrootrequired--------------------------------------------------------------------------------WifiManagereasy connect automatically detects analyzer and wificonnect tofree, public or not properly secured finder Wi-Finetworks withrepeater internet access.Provides fix IP address andgraphs for LinkSpeed Signal Strength of your analyzerSignal-to-Noise Ratio and WiFi connection FREE Android app thatcan help find anywhereeasyconnect and manage your hotspot WiFiconnect vpn aroundyou.application would meet user expectations asa basic WiFI connectextender Scanner analyzer with no unlockeradditional explorerhardware required.🔎 Anywhere Scan your wirelessnetwork foravailable repeater access points.📬 Send to more thanone device atthe same time.📱 Android all version and Mobile Tabletsupport.🎥 Wlanand scanner Signal Strength with detailed list ofavailable.📎Analyze function: DNS resolving, overlapping, latency,signal powerand so on.📊 Recommends you best channel for new signalAP.📋 Manualadd signal , with special support for EAP/leap unlockerencryptedpassword.🔨 Add/connect to certain hidden ssid findernetwork(depends on device and network conditions).
WiFi Password Hacker prank
you can show your friends that Wifi Password hacker is aapplicationsimulator that help you hack password of a wifinetwork. WiFiPassword Hacker is unlocker wifi . It can pretendhacking intosecured wifi network using WEP, WPA2 or AES encryptionand so on. Itjust presents a fancy animations and nothing else. Soit is notharmful to the network. You can trick your friends thatyou can hackWEP password , WPA2 Password and AES password also .It makes youlook like a proficient hacker and a technical genius.This is a verydelightful prank to play on your friends. This appwill work likeWEP password generator and will show you some fakepassword of awifi around you. You can pretend that you just hackwifi and got afree wifi on your phone . This wifi hacking accessis just for prankit will just show you list of wifi networksaround you and pretendto be hacking WEP, WPA2 or AES.You can useit to trick your friendsthat you can hack into their private wifinetwork. Just run thistool in their house, the wifi scanner willdetect all the wifihotspot no matter whether the signal is good ornot. And then selecttheir wireless wifi id. Fake password will bedisplayed, but theywill think that you have just broken into theirnetwork! Watch thereaction on their scared face and have a lot offun.Disclaimer :This app does not generate any real wifi passwordby hacking anywifi network it only generate fake wifi password forfun and prankwith friends can show your friends that WifiPasswordhacker is a application simulator that help you hackpassword of awifi network. WiFi Password Hacker is unlocker wifi .It can pretendhacking into secured wifi network using WEP, WPA2 orAES encryptionand so on. It just presents a fancy animations andnothing else. Soit is not harmful to the network. You can trickyour friends thatyou can hack WEP password , WPA2 Password and AESpassword also . Itmakes you look like a proficient hacker and atechnical genius. Thisis a very delightful prank to play on yourfriends. This app willwork like WEP password generator and willshow you some fakepassword of a wifi around you. You can pretendthat you just hackwifi and got a free wifi on your phone . Thiswifi hacking access isjust for prank it will just show you list ofwifi networks aroundyou and pretend to be hacking WEP, WPA2 orAES.You can use it totrick your friends that you can hack intotheir private wifinetwork. Just run this tool in their house, thewifi scanner willdetect all the wifi hotspot no matter whether thesignal is good ornot. And then select their wireless wifi id andhackear wifi. Fakepassword will be displayed, but they will thinkthat you have justbroken into their network! Watch the reaction ontheir scared faceand have a lot of to hack wifi Disclaimer: This app doesnot generate any real wifi password by hacking anywifi network itonly generate fake wifi password for fun and prankwith friendsonly.
WiFi Analyzer
The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on theAndroidMarket!Are you ready to discover your Wifi?Optimize wifiwith themost intuitive WiFi analyzer tool on the GooglePlay!Increase thenetwork performance via analyzing and monitoringyour wifinetwork!Highlighted features:* Find who uses your Wifi!Detect allconnected network devices, scan your wireless network*2.4 and 5GHz support* Check wifi security problems* Analyze signalstrengthand latency (ping)* detect crowded channels, verify DNSworking*Detailed information about your network and your accesspointincluding the vendor of the Access Point, frequency, channelwidth,security level and DHCP info, BSSID (router MAC address).*Openrouter settings* Recommendation for the best channel*Checkwireless networks easily on several charts* Export result *Wifianalytics* Wifi network type: WEP, WPA, WPA2Dark or Light themearealso availableAvailable filters: SSID, wifi band,overlappingchannelsThis wifi tool app monitors and analyzes yournetwork andwarns you if there are problems.For beginners: easy tounderstand,you don't need to be an IT expert. You can detect theproblemswithout knowing how the RSSI, link speed work or what theymean.♛This is a free, ad-supported application. Donation willremoveads.You can donate by buying the WiFi Network Analyzer Pro -make adonation from the application or visit the Google Play siteof WiFiNetwork AnalyzerPro: 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable locationservice(Settings>Location) or the app won't work properly. Thisis notrequired for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0(without itthe app won't see the networks).
Wifi Search Free Open
Find quickly and immediately all the wireless open networkswithoutpassword and free where you can connect from your smartphone.Withthis application does not you'll have to search among thehundredsof nearby wireless networks those to which you can connectwithoutpassword. With just a click you can see it and connectfree.Also,you can see in detail the network parameters you choose.If,moreover, that open wireless network is yours, the applicationwillallow you to generate a strong password and PIN WPS if youdecideto block potential hackers attacks.The application will allowyou,too, see the rest of available wireless networks, with allpossibleavailable data, such as the SSID, MAC, encryption (WEP,WPA, WPA2 /WPS), frequency, signal strength wifi received and thechannel onwhich you are working.It contains advertising fromotherapplications that may be of interest.
This application allows you to create a random passwordthatprotects your wireless network.EncryptionType:64-bitWPA.64/128/152/256 bit WEP.WPA2 160/256/504 bits.Protectyournetwork to browse quietly.
WPS Connect 1.3.6
With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which haveWPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version4.1.2of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I amnotresponsible for any misuse.Released under license CC BY-NC-ND4.0: isfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to adefault PIN.Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilitiesin thisaspect. With this application you can check if your routerisvulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs,aswell as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) orStefanViehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- SamsungGalaxyS3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that itserves theapplication.
Network Analyzer
Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect variousissueson remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools itprovides. Itis equipped with a high-performance wifi devicediscovery tool,including all the LAN device's addresses,manufacturers and names.Further, Network Analyzer containsstandard net diagnostic toolssuch as ping, traceroute, portscanner, DNS lookup, and whois.Finally, it shows all neighbouringwi-fi networks together withadditional details such as signalstrength, encryption and routermanufacturer to help discoveringthe best channel for a wirelessrouter. Everything works with bothIPv4 and IPv6.Wifi signal meter:-Both graphical and textualrepresentation showing network channelsand signal strengths- Wifinetwork type (WEP, WPA, WPA2)- Wifiencryption (AES, TKIP)- BSSID(router MAC address), manufacturer,WPS support- Bandwidth (Android6 and newer only)LAN scanner:- Fastand reliable detection of allnetwork devices- Vendor name, IP, andMAC addresses of alldiscovered devices - NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour),LLMNR, and DNS namewhere available - Pingability test of discovereddevices- Detectionof IPv6 availabilityPing & traceroute:- Roundtrip delayincluding IP address and hostname for every network node-Supportof both for IPv4 and IPv6 (selectable)Port scanner:- Fast,adaptivealgorithm for scanning the most common ports or userspecified portranges - Detection of closed, firewalled, and openports -Description of the known open port services Whois: - Whoisofdomains, IP addresses and AS numbers - Support of both for IPv4andIPv6 (selectable)DNS lookup:- Functionality similar to nslookupordig - Support for A, AAAA, SOA, PTR, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SPF,SRVrecords - Support of both for IPv4 and IPv6(selectable)Networkinformation:- Default gateway, external IP (v4and v6), DNS server- Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID,IP address, HTTPproxy, subnet mask , signal strength, etc.- Cell(3G, LTE) networkinformation such as IP address, signal strength,network provider,MCC, MNC, etc.More- Full support of IPv6- Detailedhelp- Regularupdates, support page
WiFi Monitor - analyzer of Wi-Fi networks
WiFi Monitor is a powerful network analyzer that helps you towatchthe state of WiFi networks by gathering data aboutitsparameters."Network scanning" section performs search ofdevicesconnected to WiFi network and shows this data asalist."Connection" tab displays information about connectedWiFinetwork:• network identifier and BSSID• routermanufacturer•connection speed• signal strength• frequency andchannel number•security options• MAC and IP address• subnet mask,default gatewayand DNS address."Networks" tab allows comparison ofall availableWiFi networks by the following parameters: networktype,manufacturer, signal level, security protocol. Access pointsof thesame network can be grouped together."Channels" tabdisplaysnetwork signals depending on its frequencies. The spectraofsignals with similar frequencies can overlap and affect thequalityof a WiFi connection."Strength" chart helps to comparesignallevels of visible WiFi networks and check itschangedynamics."Speed" chart displays the real amount oftransmitted andreceiveddata.
WiFi Warden ( WPS Connect )
By using this app, you can see frequency, channel,modemmanufacturer, encryption, security,distance to the router,power,name and Mac address of wireless access points aroundyou andshow some information about connected devices to yournetwork. In aword, this app is a WiFi analyzer with extra features.With theability to test WPS vulnerability and connect with WPS (Noneed toroot on android 5 and later , need root on android 4.4andearlier)A major security flaw was revealed in December 2011thataffects wireless routers with the WPS PIN feature, whichmostrecent models have enabled by default. The flaw allows aremoteattacker to recover the WPS PIN . Boost your router securitywiththis app !Other features: Password maker (create strongpasswords), Password recovery (see saved WiFi passwords - requiresroot),WiFi channel scanner, Router's serial number receiver(requiresroot), WiFi increase security guideline.+ All Features:-Connectwith WPS Default Pin Generator (At least 15 PINs displayed)-WiFianalyzer (channel, Distance to the router, routermanufacturer,encryption...)- Connection using passphrase- Passwordmaker (Createstrong passwords)- Password recovery (See saved WiFipasswords -requires root)- Port Scanner- WiFi channel scanner -Show connecteddevices to your network (Show name, mac, vendor, IP,count)- WiFiincreased security guidelines.+ Requirements:*Connection using WPSneeds root on android 4.4 and earlier. no needroot on android 5and later.* Password recovery needs root on allandroid versions.*In some devices you need to install BusyBox.ThisApp Works onAndroid 4.0 And Later.+ Notice:* Connection using WPSdoesn't workat all routers, but Connection using passphrase worksfine.*Pleasedon't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If i find new WPSPIN, I willPut it in the future versions. if your router PIN is notavailablein the app, just look for it on your productlabel.Currentlyincreased security guideline only available for Asus, TP-Link ,D-Link and Zyxel routers.Distance to the router iscalculated basedon a Free-space path loss formula. This number isapproximate.*In-app purchases it's only for removing ads, The appdoes not sellanything. All features are available for free.* Someof the toolsof this application (Specially WPS Connection) has beendevelopedfor Testing and Educational purposes. Use it at your ownrisk. Thedeveloper of this app will not accept anyresponsibility.If youwant to report a bug, a suggestion or have anycomment feel free tocontact me by email.
WiFi Automatic
This simple app can help you increasethestandby time of your device: WiFi Automaticautomaticallydisable your WiFi radio when you don't need it andthereby lowersthe battery consumption.You can also specify to automatically turn on WiFi again, ifyouturn on your device or when you enter a specifiedlocation(requires a cell radio and therefore does not work onWiFi-onlytablets!). Also, the app can regularly scan for availablenetworksto connect to and re-disable WiFi if no suitable network isfound.This way, you are always connected to your WiFi network whenusingthe device.WiFi Automatic is opensource: WiFi connection generally uses less power than a mobiledataconnection, so on your phone, it makes sense to keep the WiFiradioactive, whenever a WiFi network is in range--------------------Permissions:RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - is required to start the service againwhenrebooting your deviceThe following permissions are required to observe and changetheWiFi state:CHANGE_WIFI_STATEACCESS_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_WIFI_STATEThe following permissions are required to the "turn on WiFiwhenentering these locations" feature:INTERNETWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONBILLING
Network Scanner
Network scanner help you find out which devices are connectedtoyour WiFi.What is the use for scan IP allocation and port ? ●Arethere suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues withinthenetwork. ● Assist in understanding the use of your network.●Generate report for result. ● Auto save the result of scan.●Backup/Restore result to your own web storage. ● Tools for WakeonLAN ( WoL ), PING, Traceroute. ● Your personal handy WiFinetworktool.
WPS Wifi Checker Pro
With this application you can check the security of yourWi-Finetworks by testing the WPS protocol of your routers astheirdefault configuration is the main vulnerability of thesenetworks.Router manufacturers usually have the WPS protocolactivated bydefault and depending on the model and manufacturer,the WPS keysby default are known and easily exploitable.If you wantto add asecurity layer to your Wi-Fi network, I recommend thatyoudeactivate the WPS protocol of your router or at least changethedefault PIN.this app does not show the wifi password, but oncetheconnection is obtained, the wifi password is stored andencryptedin your device.
Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer will provide useful information about wirelesssignalsaround you. App supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.- Helps to findoptimalplacement for wifi receivers- Wifi Analyzer provides youinformationindividualy on wifi channels- Shows signal strength inhistorygraph- Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for newAP-Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz - only Android6+)-Wifi Heat Map - let you create heat map of wifi signalqualityaround youVersion of Wifi Analyzer without ads is availableat: (Marshmallow) requires LOCATION permission and locationenabled -the reasons explained on the 6+ possibly without needofLOCATION: made on older SDK could work in compatibility mode)
NETGEAR WiFi Analytics
How strong is your WiFi signal? You can use the NETGEARWiFiAnalytics app to get advanced analytics that help you optimizeyourexisting or newly extended WiFi network. Check your networkstatus,WiFi signal strength, identify crowded WiFi channels, findclearchannels with less interference and much more with theWiFiAnalytics app from NETGEAR.
All Router Admin - Setup WiFi Password
No need for laptop or computerEasily access your router settingsandcontrol your wifi network with this App. It’s easy, convenientandversatile tool helping any Android user to manage their routerfromtheir smartphone. It’s great analysis tool to help youbetterunderstand your router and your internet settings.What canyou doas a router administrator?- Router password change;- Checkyourdefault gateway;- Change WiFi password;- Block strangerperson;-Parent control.(*) Note: All functions will depend on yourrouterdevice--------------Get it for FREE now! And don't forget togiveus 5* if you like the application. Thank you!
WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor
WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor from ManageEngine effectivelymonitorsthe signal strength, channel graph, and channelinterference of allthe available WiFi networks. · Use the WiFimonitor to detect slowWiFi networks, identify channel interferenceand poor signalstrength.· Enjoy the smart WiFi analyzer with noads.· Use the WiFiscanner in the app to scan for all the WiFinetworks in theenvironment.· Survey the signal strengths of theWiFi networksusing the WiFi surveyor mode of the app. Export theheatmap reportand signal strength report of the survey result fromthe app. GETIN TOUCH*******************Got any feedback orquestions? Get intouch with us
WiFi Password Hacker simulator
you can show your friends that Wifi Password hacker is aapplicationsimulator that help you hack password of a wifinetwork. WiFiPassword Hacker is unlocker wifi . It can pretendhacking intosecured wifi network using WEP, WPA2 or AES encryptionand so on. Itjust presents a fancy animations and nothing else. Soit is notharmful to the network. You can trick your friends thatyou can hackWEP password , WPA2 Password and AES password also .It makes youlook like a proficient hacker and a technical genius.This is a verydelightful prank to play on your friends. This appwill work likeWEP password generator and will show you some fakepassword of awifi around you. You can pretend that you just hackwifi and got afree wifi on your phone . This wifi hacking accessis just for prankit will just show you list of wifi networksaround you and pretendto be hacking WEP, WPA2 or AES.You can useit to trick your friendsthat you can hack into their private wifinetwork. Just run thistool in their house, the wifi scanner willdetect all the wifihotspot no matter whether the signal is good ornot. And then selecttheir wireless wifi id. Fake password will bedisplayed, but theywill think that you have just broken into theirnetwork! Watch thereaction on their scared face and have a lot offun.Disclaimer :This app does not generate any real wifi passwordby hacking anywifi network it only generate fake wifi password forfun and prankwith friends can show your friends that WifiPasswordhacker is a application simulator that help you hackpassword of awifi network. WiFi Password Hacker is unlocker wifi .It can pretendhacking into secured wifi network using WEP, WPA2 orAES encryptionand so on. It just presents a fancy animations andnothing else. Soit is not harmful to the network. You can trickyour friends thatyou can hack WEP password , WPA2 Password and AESpassword also . Itmakes you look like a proficient hacker and atechnical genius. Thisis a very delightful prank to play on yourfriends. This app willwork like WEP password generator and willshow you some fakepassword of a wifi around you. You can pretendthat you just hackwifi and got a free wifi on your phone . Thiswifi hacking access isjust for prank it will just show you list ofwifi networks aroundyou and pretend to be hacking WEP, WPA2 orAES.You can use it totrick your friends that you can hack intotheir private wifinetwork. Just run this tool in their house, thewifi scanner willdetect all the wifi hotspot no matter whether thesignal is good ornot. And then select their wireless wifi id andhackear wifi. Fakepassword will be displayed, but they will thinkthat you have justbroken into their network! Watch the reaction ontheir scared faceand have a lot of to hack wifi Disclaimer: This app doesnot generate any real wifi password by hacking anywifi network itonly generate fake wifi password for fun and prankwith friendsonly.
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed TestBest freewifinetwork manager have a function free wifi analyzer manager appforandroid phone. Free wifi ethernet bandwidth speed checker easytouse freewifi connect. Free WiFi auto connect with no root,withoutdata or internet connection network. Be able to pick a freewifibooster connect download upload speed booster by checksignalinterference strength graph. Wifi Free Connection Everywherewithyou free wi-fi connect internet enables any android smart phonetosearch for open WiFi network wi fi the one thatautomaticallyconnect to wifi easy n fast. Free wi-fi finder appwill findhotspot wifi connectors open connect network and free autoconnectfaster, find access manage connection networks master. wifimapscanner available for free wifi wlan connect open networkmasterfree wifi anywhere, anytime, everywhere, on the go for youandeveryone forever, connect to WiFi passwords for FREEinternetaccess free zone connect free open wifi nopassword.SPEEDTEST &Internet Speed Booster optimizes yourInternet acceleratorconnection !Check Wifi Internet Speed BoosterTest can testingspeed for cellular, WiFi hotspots, GPRS, 2G, 3G,4G, 5G, LTE, DSLand ADSL modem with just one tap boost speed,accurate report,tests WiFi autoconnect speed in seconds fast masterversion islite. Wifi Connection FEATURE - Search WiFi connect SSIDname. andshow Password for easy viewing and sharing with others-Auto switchbetween different AP.- Static IP settings support.- Scanyourwireless network for access points.- Sort WiFi hotspot by nameorlevel.- Show the wifi signal strength in history graph.- FastFreewireless or AP Scanner.- easy for 1 tab Turn on and turn offWiFiConnect.- hold text for Copy WiFi Password toClipboard.-Automatically login to AP around you , including securehotspots.-Switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal.-FreeAnalyze function : , overlapping, latency.DNS resolving,WPS-Support for Android 4.0 or above devices. and Tablet support.-WifiBooster function 1 click for Booster you signal.Speed TestFEATURE- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping.- tests downloadspeed(downlink).- tests upload speed (uplink).- History Recordofresults speed test show time ping upload download speed.-SupportsMBPS/KBPS.- show IP address display.- Easily share yourresults.-Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fastnetworkconnections.- Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cellspeedtests.**Please note this Free WiFi Connect InternetConnection& Speed Test Checker app is not a wifi passwordhacker or WIFIBooster Signal. only tools for finder show youavailable networksif there is any. It doesn't connection to securednetwork. It takescare of only open networks in your area.
Master Wifi Key
Master WiFi key recovery is the best app to recover the everlostpassword of the WiFi networks that you have connected at leastonceto your device...* You need root to use this application ifyourphone is not rooted...** You need to have connected to thenetworkin the past.** This app cannot "hack" into anunknown/newnetwork.** This application will help you recover thepassword of awireless network you have connected to with yourdevice in thepast...INSTRUCTIONS:It is very simple to use, you justhave tofollow these simple steps...* First you have to install thisapp inyour android device..Now open it and click the startbutton...*Click on the recover key button you will get a list ofwificonnections with thier password...* Click on the password tocopyit...* If your device is not rooted you have to root itfirst...*If your device is already rooted you don't have to rootitagain...* You must have to connected to the network in thepastwith this device.* This is not a hacking App,This is legal andwifipassword remember application.* This app cannot hackintounknown/new network.* I cannot help you with getting root.*Thisapp can turn on your WiFi.* It does not crack the network,MasterWiFi key app only use the MAC/SSID to deduce thepassword...*Master key password recovery app simply read passwordsfrom deviceitself...NOTE:This application does not use or share anykind ofuser personal information with any third party...ThisApplicationneeds root to work...This is a very simple app with userfriendlyinterface...Thanks for using...
Wifi password all in one contains all the applications toprotectyou from hackers and crackers.Includes four functions- Viewthelist of WiFi networks available in your area- Generate apasswordweb, wpa and wpa2 for your wifi router- See the signal andall theinformation about your wifiOptimized for mobilesandtablets.Compatible with Android 8.0 and more.
Wifi Booster - Wifi enhancer
Wifi Booster is best app for analyzer and boost yourconnectionspeed.After you tap on a network, WiFi analyzer willinspect evenmore details about it!Strength of network signal isshown in easyreadable circle progress, titled with percentage valueof strength.In detail scan of wireless network you can also seesignal strengthin decibel-milliwatts (dBm).There is also a signalschart, whichhelps you to inspect all signal strengths in one view.If you wantto analyze just some of them, you can hide the unwantednetworkswith button below the chart. Chart also supports userinteraction,so you can easily zoom in or out and move acrosschart'saxis.FEATURE* Adjust channel WiFi connection fasterwirelessInternet.* DNS Cache cleaning for increased Internetspeed.*Optimization 3G/4G/Wifi connections.* Improved pre bufferingvideoon YouTube or other video sites like Vimeo, Netflix,DailyMotionetc.* Reduce the total system memory.* Depending on thephone, itwill improve signal reception.* No needrootrequired.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------WifiManagereasy connect automatically detects analyzer and wificonnect tofree, public or not properly secured finder Wi-Finetworks withrepeater internet access.Provides fix IP address andgraphs for LinkSpeed Signal Strength of your analyzerSignal-to-Noise Ratio and WiFi connection FREE Android app thatcan help find anywhereeasyconnect and manage your hotspot WiFiconnect vpn aroundyou.Application would meet user expectations asa basic WiFI connectextender Scanner analyzer with no unlockeradditional explorerhardware required.- Anywhere Scan your wirelessnetwork foravailable repeater access points.- Send to more thanone device atthe same time.- Android all version and Mobile Tabletsupport.- Wlanand scanner Signal Strength with detailed list ofavailable.-Analyze function: DNS resolving, overlapping, latency,signal powerand so on.- Recommends you best channel for new signalAP.- Manualadd signal , with special support for EAP/leap unlockerencryptedpassword.- Add/connect to certain hidden ssid findernetwork(depends on device andnetworkconditions).*********************************************************Emailanyissues or questions you may have or contact our on:-Google+
Connection Stabilizer Booster
Connection Stabilizer Booster is the best mobile dataconnectionstabilizer, reconnector and booster for 2G GPRS, EDGE,HSPA 3G, 4GLTE and WiFi wireless networks. If you are havingtrouble with yourcellular data connection, this is the app foryou.Loaded with lotsof powerful features, this app delivers astable mobile internetconnectivity. ★★★ Active Keep Alive ★★★Doesyour wireless carrierdisconnects your 2G, 3G or 4G data connectionafter a certainperiod of inactivity? Or is there no data transfereven whenconnection is live? Active Keep Alive along with Reset onFailurekeeps your connection alive in such cases and also helps inkeepingthe traffic flowing between your phone and your ISP'sservers. Italso optimizes TCP/IP parameters if required, to giveyou the bestpossible internet experience. The network assigns ahigher priorityto your device and this results in significantimprovement innetwork performance, especially if resources on thenetwork areunder strain. ★★★ Active Reconnect ★★★Does your deviceoften losedata signal and is unable to reconnect even thoughnetwork isavailable? Do you miss out important chats, IMs andemails untilyou turn data connection on and off, maybe multipletimes to getreconnected? That is a known issue that affects manypeople. It canbe caused by handset or carrier issues.ActiveReconnectautomatically reconnects your 2G GPRS, 3G or 4G LTEinternetconnection as soon as it gets disconnected and thus keepsthe dataconnection active at all times.When activated, thisfeatureactively monitors and immediately re-establishesdroppedconnections, using muscle if required. This is particularlyusefulif android's built in system fails to connect you to thenetwork.The monitoring process does not cause any load on yourdevice'sresources as it is intelligently invoked onlywhenrequired.Reconnection needs root access on android 5+ due tonewaccess restrictions imposed by Google. ★★★ Force Connect★★★Usestricks and tweaks to establish internet connection andattainsconnectivity even on congested networks. ✔ Highlycustomizabledesign.✔ This app can fix 3G and 4G LTE internetconnectionproblems on T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T,Telkomsel,MetroPCS, DoCoMo, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance JIO or anyothertroublesome carrier!✔ This ad supported app is availablecompletelyfree of charge unlike other ineffective low quality paidapps. PROTIPS:→ If you are experiencing difficulty inestablishingconnection to the internet over the mobile network,just press theForce Connect button on the dashboard to try forcingthe connectionfor once.→ If you are facing automatic disconnectionproblem thenactivate the Active Reconnect module. It willautomatically detectconnection drops and actively reconnect theconnection, using forceconnect if required. → If your carrierdisconnects you from thenetwork following a particular period ofinactivity, activate theActive Keep Alive module. You can adjustthe ping interval from theActive Keep Alive settings to be justlower than your network'sinactivity timeout period.→ If you arefacing any other problemwith you connection, like no data beingtransmitted even whenconnected, you can just activate the ActiveKeep Alive with defaultsettings. Its pinging action is known towork wonders and solve orreduce the intensity of many congestionrelated network issues. Itcan also detect and reset frozenconnections. ☆ Please don't useplay store's feedback system forsupport. In case of issues or forany question or suggestion pleasecontact us directly via e-mail.German Translation by MokkamiIMPORTANT INFORMATION:→ When ActiveReconnect is enabled, you cannotturn off the mobile dataconnection directly from your device.Todisconnect, press the datasetting ON OFF button on the app'sdashboard or deactivate ActiveReconnect before turning off mobiledata from android settings.
Real Wifi Password Pro 2018 Prank
Real Wifi Password Pro 2018 PrankHacker No Root prank is anawesomeand fun Joke tool ever seen to simulate a network hacking orWi-Fihotspot. Hack Wifi Password 2018 prank is not a true wifihacker,just for tricking your friends and others. Only wifi andfree wifithat could be used by the user can connect.It is not awifi hacker,it'a free wifi app sharing! And not just a wifi hacker,this is anawesome Wifi Password Recovery tool and Wifi RouterScanner, wifilocation finder on map, hacker free wifi password andnot a jokeand real keywords, automatic wifi connection, wifinetwork speedtest, wifi password map and hotspots analyzer, wifipassword-foreasy wireless internet access.Hack Wifi Password 2018Prank is areally amazing and fun tool to simulate wireless networkhacking orWi-Fi hotspots. Wifi Password Hacker prank is not a truewifihacker, just joking. Only wifi and free wifi that can be usedbyusers can connect.It is not wifi hackers, it'a free wifiappsharing !Get free WiFi hotspots all around you, press connectedtoWiFi hotspot connection.WiFi will be safe and fast. wifipasswordviewer, wifi usage, wifi stabilizer, wifi qr code scanner,wifipassword hacker, free wifi free app free juegos sinconexioninternet, Hack Wifi Password 2018 Prank, fun game that doesnotneed password Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is stored on our servers owned byotherusers. Free WiFi Password hacker No Root prank app helps youtorequest free information wifi explorer, wifi scanner,,wifianalyzer, wifi signal, wifi speed test, wifi strengthindicatorFreeWifi booster for android, search for wifi routerpassword, wifispeed tester, wifi signal strength meter, wifiwireless signalstrength explorer, wifi scanner, wifi unlockerpassword hacker.TheHack Wifi Password 2018 Prank application willhelp you stay awayfrom unsafe network and Wi-Fi hotspot securitywhen you are in anunfamiliar environment. Free wifi simulator couldalso increase theincrease of wifi booster, use of wifi data meter,wifi dumper, freewifi hotspot, hacker wifi hacker, wifi wifi maker,wifi wifi maker,Wifi No root, new prank wifi prank hacker password2018Free WifiPassword Hacker Key advantages (Prank):wifi passwordhackersimulatorFree wifi password hacker simulatorThis applicationcannot solve the unknown network, not the Wi-Fi passwordcracker.NoteWiFi Master Key Simulator, WiFi Password RecoverySimulator,Network MonitorWifi Master Key for freeOn days, weeks,monthsshowing data usageCopy WiFi Password to Clipboardhack wifi2018hackwifi 2019hack wifi 2020Real wifi password hacker simulatorMorefeatures:Real Password GeneratorScans all available hotspotsandfree wifi as wellAdvance wifi scannerThis is free wifi andsecureWi-Fi applications. Best wifi master keyfantasticgraphicsfree wificonnection simulatorShow available wifi networksin the rangeShowwifi signal strengthHacking like HackingactuallyWi-Fi and freeWi-Fi is available on Wi-Fi Password. Allshared Wi-Fi passwordsare not revealed to ensure reliable Wi-Fisecurity andservices.important of Real Wifi Password Hacker 2018 -Prank:1.Thisis Free WiFi Password Hacker Prank App to Have fun withyourfriends and family. Looks like a hacker. Make your friendsstupidYou are a hacker and will hack wifi. This app will show youallavailable wifi networks.2. New Hack Wifi Password 2018 Prank isajoke app not changing your Device Software or hardware, nothackingwifi passwords, just with your app handbook can make yourfriendsjoke with Show You working with Our WiFi Password SimulationDoesnot bolster any of the items and Apps recorded beforehand.3.HackerWifi Password 2018 Prank is a pure joke app, which means theapp isnot really or faster than your Internet access, be that as itmay,it just gives the figment for usage and this is the primaryreasonfor the don"t forget to rate it for more prankappslike password wifi scan thank you !!
WiFi Doctor-Detect & Boost
WiFi Doctor is a powerful, simple and free tool designed tomonitorWiFi status and protect your Internet activates. It can scanalldevices connected to your personal WiFi hotspot, and speedupnetwork connection by closing apps running inbackground.Features:★WiFi Security CheckCheck whether the WiFiyou’re connected to issafe. Protect your personal privacy andproperty.★ Boost WiFiSpeedDetect and stop apps that are secretlyusing WiFi or cellulardata in the background, boost your phone ,making sure you alwayshave maximum WiFi speed.★ WiFi MonitorScanall devices connected toyour personal WiFi hotspot, includingAndroid Phones,iPhones/iPads, PCs. Show details of all connecteddevices, so youcan find out who are consuming your WiFi and slowingdown itsspeed. ★ Super BoostSome apps automatically re-launchthemselves inthe background without authorization. Super Boostfeature can stopthem from re-launching by using the accessibilityfeature, so theseapps will be completely closed and will neverautomatically launchthemselves again.The features listed above areavailable forfree.Please contact us if you haveany questions orsuggestions.
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPSprotocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network usingan 8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it.This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels.Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password isunknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common.Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key.For pin connection you need tobe ROOT user inless than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions. Theadvantage of beingROOT is that you can show network password if thepin connection issuccessful we will, otherwise you will connect tothe network butcannot show it. Each feature will be enabled ordisabled dependingon the situation of each terminal.NOTICE: Not allnetworks arevulnerable and that the network appears as such doesnot guarantee100% that it is, several companies have updatedfirmware of theirrouters to correct the fault.TRY IT ON YOURNETWORK AND IF YOU AREVULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS andchange password for astrong and personalized.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLEFOR ANY MISUSE,INTRUSION INTO FOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BYLAW.From Android 6(Marshmallow) it is necessary to grant locationpermissions. It isa new requirement added by Google in thisversion. Moreinformationin: use encryption and do not show real passwords, theyshow along series of hexadecimal digits. Look for information ontheinternet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pinconnection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat). It'sa problem with LG's own software.Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation.Send anyproposal,failure or comment,thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, StefanViehböck, JustinOberdorf, Kcdtv, Patcher, Coeman76, Craig,Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb,David Jenne, Alessandro Arias.
WiFi Analyzer - Network Analyzer
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyser by examiningWiFinetworks and test wifi signal.WiFi Analyser - Network AnalyzercanOptimize WiFi Channel and is best WiFi Channel Scanner andWiFiChannel Analyzer.WiFi Analyser - Network Analyzer can tell youwifisignal strength and see witch wifi signal is better likewifisignal strength meter.WiFi Analyzer shows the Wi-Fi channelsaroundyou. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for yourwirelessrouter.WiFi Analyzer can help you diagnose various problemsin yourwifi network setup, Internet connectivity, and also detectvariousissues on remote servers.WiFi Analyzer is a powerfulnetworkanalyzer that helps you to watch the state of WiFi networksbygathering data about its parameters.WiFi Analyzer showsallneighbouring wi-fi networks together with additional detailssuchas signal strength, encryption and router manufacturer tohelpdiscovering the best channel for a wireless router.Everythingworks with both IPv4 and IPv6.With WiFi analyzer App Wecan Scanall available wireless networks in range and shows youinformationabout them, such as:- WiFi Test Signal And Speed-Network SSID- MACaddress of access point- NetworkFrequency(2.5Ghz/5GHz)- WiFiNetwork security- Vendor name of WiFiDevice- Graph of SignalStrength Vs. Channel Graph- Shows Bestchannels of Connected WiFi-Channel Rating And Much More.✩✩Rate Us 5Stars if you found thisapp useful, and the following you cando✩✩find wifi signalsourceWifi analyzerOptimize Wifi Network andSignal Strengthtestwifi signalWiFi Analyze and WiFi BoostOptimizeWiFi ChannelOptimizewifi signalWiFi Channel Scanner and WiFiChannel AnalyzerTest wifisignal strengthCheck wifi signalfind aless crowded channelnetworkanalyzercheck wifi channelsWifi signalmeterWifi signal Strengthmetercheck wifi signal strengthShows theWi-Fi channels aroundyouMeasure signal strengthtest wifistrengthtest wificonnectiondetect wifi signalwifi signalboosterMonitor strength ofnearby wifi networksfind optimalplacement for wifi receiverShowssignal strengthwifi test signal andspeedWiFi Analyzer is designedto use as few permissions aspossible. It asks for just enough toperform the analysis.Application Requires only WiFi AccessPermission and you can be sureit does not send any personal/deviceinformation to any other sourceand it does not receive anyinformation from other sources.
AOSS lets you easily connect your Android device to yourAirStationwith secure Wi-Fi.This app easily and securely connectsyourAndroid device to a Buffalo AirStation wireless router usingWi-Fi.Follow the instructions and press the AOSS button ontheAirStation. All security (encryption) settings areconfiguredautomatically.Note:If your Android device has Wi-Ficalling (somecarrier models such as T-Mobile, Orange UK, etc.),turn it offduring AOSS setup.Android 6.0 or later requirespermission toaccess location services. Follow the instructions forthesetting.This app does not collect location data.If a devicerunningAndroid 6.0 or later displays the NO_PACKET_SEQ error,disable thedevice's mobile data and try again. Enable mobile dataafter thedevice successfully connects to theAirStation.Troubleshooting: Ifan error occurs, try the actionsbelow.- Restart the Androiddevice.- Restart the AirStation.- Exitall other runningapplications.- Move the device closer to theAirStation and try thesetup procedure again.- Change the wirelesschannel of theAirStation.- If your AirStation is dual-band [2.4 GHz(11g) and 5GHz (11a)], switch to 2.4 GHz (11g).- If other apps thatcontrolthe Wi-Fi connection are installed, try exiting oruninstallingthem. Examples: Wi-Fi Manager app, Wi-Fi Calling app,etc.- Ifother Wi-Fi network settings are already stored, deleteanyunnecessary settings.Tested Versions:Android 2.1(Eclair)Android2.2 (Froyo)Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)Android 3.0 /3.1 / 3.2(Honeycomb)Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)Android 4.1 /4.2 / 4.3(Jelly Bean)Android 4.4 (KitKat)Android 5.0/5.1(Lollipop)Android6.0 (Marshmallow)Android 7.0 / 7.1 (Nougat)Android 8.0 / 8.1(Oreo)Tested Devices:- Nexus 5- Nexus 5X- Nexus 6-Nexus 6P- Nexus7 (2013)- Nexus 9Compatible AirStations (AccessPoints):Any thatinclude AOSS (AirStation One-touch SecureSystem)Not compatiblewith the AirStations models below.-WAPM-APG300N- WAPM-AG300N-WHR-AMPGAOSS is a trademark of BuffaloInc.
Free Wifi Password Secure
The most important security for Wifi access point is password ifthepassword is large and secure then it will be very difficult tohackwifi.Wifi password secure is the best security tool for yourwifirouter because it generates random, secure and largepasswords. Thisapp gives you every information about your wificonnectionWith thisapp you can check Who is connected to myWifi.Get every informationabout your IP address for example:external IP, local IP, Gateway,longitude and latitude, etc...ScanWifi network list around by youand get every information on thatnetwork listCheck the signalstrength of networks around by youThisapp do not crack any kind ofwifi password developer will not beresponsible for any kind odmisuse of this app.
Free WiFi Internet - Data Usage Monitor
Free WiFi Internet connect WiFi and share WiFi easily, with justoneclick. All WiFi password are shared by users, and theavailabilitywill be automatically detected by WiFi Pass Key.Scanand search freewifi around you, connect wifi hotspot easily withonly one click.WiFi connection will be safety and quickly. WiFiPass Key helps youinquire wifi password stored on our server thoseshared wifi byother users.Free internet WiFi Hotspot search freeWiFi hotspotaround you, one click connect to WiFi hotspot, withoutknowing wifipassword. Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly."WiFiPassword" helps you inquire Wi-Fi password stored onour server andwifi password shared by other users.Internet SpeedMeter displaysyour internet speed in status bar and shows theamount of data usedin notification pane. This helps you to monitornetwork connectionanytime while using your device.Free WiFi forInternet also providesa complete WiFi solution including featureslike: ■ Free sharedaccess to Internet without the WiFi password.Passwords areprotected for the privacy and security of those whoshare.■ DataTracker: Monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, androaming■Discover and Tests Download speed, Upload speed, Pingspeed(downlink in uplink).■ Upload and Download Speed: Option toshowupload and download speed in separate notifications.■Automaticaccess to open WiFi hotspots.■ WiFi You is not a signalbooster butwill improve the quality and stability of theseconnections.■ ShowWiFi connected signal strength graph check bestsignal or opensignal.■ You can also hide the notification whenconnection is idlefor specified amount of time.■ Data UsageMonitor helps you toaccurately measure your daily data traffic,and analyze the data ina way easy to understand.Data Usage MonitorApp saving mobile andWifi data is easy and reliable. It’s a mobiledata manager that willhelp you monitor, save, and gain control ofyour data. Throughtracking and controlling app data usage, yousave more data and getthe most out of your phone.★ Free WiFi forInternet premiumFeatures: - Free WiFi Connect Internet ConnectionEverywhere- MyData Manager - Data Usage- Internet Speed Meter-Smart Share wifipassword safely- Network Scanner- WiFi access-Mobile data-saving-Free Mobile Wifi- Free Wireless Internet- WifiAnywhere- WifiInternet- Wifi Hotspot- Free wifi Connect- Get FreeWifi- Free WifiPass- My Data Manager- Data Meter- How to CheckData Usage onMobile- Free Data App- Free WiFi for Internet Nopassword needed-Data Usage Monitor- Mobile Data Usage- UnlimitedTethering- DataSpeed App- Data Monitor App- Wifi Limited- WifiUsage Monitor- DataUsage App- Data On Off- Display NetworkSpeedDisclaimer :Free WiFifor Internet is not a hacking tool. Itdoes not assist in unlockingpasswords of WiFi hotspots that arenot shared by the users. Hackingis illegal. Feedbacks andSuggestionsIf you enjoy using Free Wifi& Data Usage MonitorApp, would you mind taking a moment to rateit? It won’t take morethan a minute. Thanks for your support!
WIFI MAP- Passwords & Places
WIFI MAP- Passwords & Places prank app is a wonderfulprankapplication that simulate breaking into secured wirelessnetworksprotected by passwords WPA, WPA2 or AES encryption, withthis WiFiMaster Key, you can deceived all your friends and familybecausethis amazing tool has an wireless network scanner "thewifiscanner" that will detect key, and hacking and analysisanimationfor the wifi security. After the hack program hascompleted, theapplication will creates a fake password. Which willmake All yourfriends and family will be impressed that you canbreak their WiFihotspot easily and get wifi free.with this app.Youcan hack wifiand Amaze all people and make them think you are areal hacker andgenius penetrate. WiFi Master Key is a very niceprank to play withpeople that you love. Enjoy it!How to use:WIFIMAP- Passwords &Places tool has an wireless network scanner(the wifi scanner) thatwill detect all the wifi hotspots in range,with either good or badsignal. The detected wireless networks aredisplayed in a list ofwifi network identifiers.Choose the ID of oneof the wifi networksfrom this list. After a simulation of hacking afake generatedpassword will be displayed, as if the target networkwas brokeninto. See how amazed your friends are by your hackertalent andenjoy!DISCLAIMER:Once again, as stated above, pleaseremember thatthis app is not an actual hacker tool. Displayedpasswords arerandomly generated. To really hack into networks isillegal andimmoral.If you like this app, rate us and perhaps writeus a fewlines. Your feedback will be much appreciated.
WiFi File Transfer - FTP
WiFi File Transfer is easiest and quickest file sharingapplication,supporting multiple files sharing with multipledevicessimultaneously.WiFi File Transfer Application providessolution forthe android users who want to connect their mobilewith PC withoutconnecting a data cable or wire. WiFi File SharingApp provides theconnectivity of mobile device with PC throughWi-Fi. User can copy,paste, and delete files from phone byconnecting it with Computer.Webelieve the greatest sharing isamong WiFi buddies - family,friends, co-workers, Relatives, whoare already on the same localnetwork.WiFi File Transfer help youto manager your important filesin your Phone on the computer overwireless connection. No USB cableneeded.Advanced FEATURES:• Uploador download multiple files atonce• Delete, rename, copy, zip filesusing the built-in filemanager interface• Password authentication•Shortcuts to photo,video and music directories• Autostart servicewhen connected tohome network• Provides access to external SDcards and USB storagedevices• Works while the device is in hotspotmodeHow to used WiFiFile Transfer:1.) Your Phone (Device) andcomputer connect in thesame WiFi network;2.) Start WiFi FileTransfer by press "StartService" button;3.) Copy and paste the URLnoticed into your FTPClient or Windows file explorer4.) Then youscan and manager filesin your Phone on your computer.Enjoy theWiFi File Transfer which isavailable free of cost for androidusers. Feel free to comment andyour review on the WiFi DataTransfer Application.
Wifi Password 2018 Generator
Wifi Password 2018 Generator is a free app that will help youtoincrease your wireless router network security generating foryourandom alphanumeric passwords.After this you just have to copyitand set it to your router.Notice this is NOT a hacking app tostealthird people wifi passwords.Why it works? because as longeranddifficult is a wifi password harder to hack with a bruteforceattack.Also contains a function to check the wpa wps orwepsecurity of your actual passwords the results could begood,regular or dangerous. If you like this app please leave acommentor a rating thank you!
Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert
Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert has been called one of themostimpressive router network utilities on google play store. Thiswifianalyzer has many IP tools for monitoring your home oroffice'snetwork such as signal info, wireless speed/strength, andmappingyour network wired or wireless devices on a graph! This appis amust-have for a wide range of users from beginners toITspecialists and skilled network administrators. Wifi security isagrowing concern and with this app you will be able to monitoryourwifi and keep hackers away. Key functions:This is the ONLY freeappon google play store that will map your entire network inagraphical display!• Network Discover Tab:1) Displays IPaddresses2)MAC addresses3) Vendor names 4) Wireless access points(WAP, AP)5)Customize images/icons and edit display names.6) Ping,Port Scan,Block user from wifi • Wifi Strength Tab: 1) DisplaysWifi signalstrength and wifi speed! 2) Test internet connections 3)DisplayPublic IP address 4) Encryption, Frequency, MAC address,DHCP, andDHCP lease• Access Point Scan Tab:-Displays all routerAccessPoints in range of you, their MAC addresses, channel they areon,and their dBm signal strength.• Access Point GraphsTab:-Displaysthe current channel your router is operating on anddisplays howmany neighbors are on the same channel. On the channelrating page,it will rate which channel will be your best option toset yourWi-Fi to for speed and reliability.• ConnectionsTab:-Displays ALLconnections that are currently connected throughyour device. Itdisplays established foreign connections, listeningIP interfaces,and closed connections. Each established IP ischecked against 35blacklist databases to determine if the IPs aretrusted or knownthreats! Blacklist IPs can cause your internetspeeds to be slowertoo.• Block Device on Network Tab:Block willbring you to yourdevices web interface so you can log in andblacklist unwanted MACaddress to the router's MAC address filterlist to block devicesfrom using the network. • IP Tools Options 1.DNS lookup2. Whoisdata 3. Ping4. Port scan5. Blacklist IP checker7.Traceroute8) MACaddress lookup9) Wifi passwords //8718c45572
Wifi Password Hacker Prank
Wifi Password Hacker is a powerful and funny tool tosimulatehacking any wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot. And it's notjust anwifi hacker, it is an useful Wifi Password Recovery Tool andWifiRouter Scanner.★Wifi Password Hacker★It is a prank functionthatsimulates to hack any wifi network. It scans the networksaroundyou and you choose one Wifi to hack. The break animation issorealistic and it show the Wifi passwords.★WifiPasswordRecovery★This is an useful function for you to read allthepasswords of the saved networks in your Android phone.Youwillnever forget the passwords of your networks. PS. Thisfunctionrequires ROOT Permission.★Wifi Router Scan★With the wifirouterscanning function, you can easily find all the devices whichareconnecting to your router. You Wifi Router will be withinyourcontrol.
WiFi HaCker Simulator 2017
WiFi Hacker Simulator App is a joke application that givestheimpression that you can hack a Wi-Fi network. This jokeapplicationcreates the illusion that it can hack secure wirelessnetworksprotected by WEP, AES or WPA2. It does not actually harm orbreaksin wireless networks. But it is an awesome tool to impressyourfriends and with whom you can have fun. It makes you look likeacompetent pirate and a technical genius. This is a verycharmingfarce to play on your friends.How to use it:This tool hasawireless network scanner (the wireless scanner) that can detectallwifi hotspots in the range, with good or bad signal. Thedetectedwireless networks are displayed in a list of WiFinetworkidentifiers.Select the ID of one of the wireless networks inthislist. After a simulated hacking of a generated fake passwordwillbe displayed, as if the target network has been burglarized.Seehow your friends are surprised by your hacker talentandenjoy!DISCLAIMER:Once again, as stated above, please rememberthatthis app is not a real pirate tool. Displayed passwordsaregenerated randomly. To truly hack into networks is illegalandimmoral.If you like this app, we evaluate and maybe write us afewlines. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
Free Wifi Connect Network Wifi Map & Share Hotspot
Turns your android phone into a wifi connector Manager toConnectthe Internet!!Connect for Find, connect, manage wirelessnetworks.monitoring network tools and network analyzer signalstrength dbmto Improve signal connection quality with a graphicalchannelradar. Discover open networks around you.Shows the Wi-Fichannelsaround you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel foryourwireless router. monitors the signal strength, channel, andchannelinterference of all the available wifi network analyzer.Connect toWiFi passwords (wifi with no passwords protect) for FREEinternetaccess all over the world! and wifi network connectfullspeedFEATURE■ Automatically join finder free wireless andsharepublic and private wifi network analyzer.■ The search list isjustaround the wifi connection.■ Optimize Tablet & Mobilesupport.■Sort by name or wifi signal strength.■ Connect to all freeWi-Fihotspot or access point.■ Show SSID , BSSID.■ Scan yourwirelessnetwork for available access points.■ Signal level historygraph ofavailable networks■ Turn on/off connection radar manager ifyouwant to reset your device.Wifi Free Connection Anywhere is thebestfree Wi-Fi scanner, manager. When you look at current freewificonnection, you will see some of the information mentionedabove,but also IP address of your device, MAC address, and linkspeednetwork.Introducing SPEEDTEST !Internet Speed Test can testspeedfor WiFi, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL, and ADSL.With just one tapyou cannow speed check, the internet speed meter, with the mostaccuratereport, tests WiFi speed in seconds! It supports speed testof WiFihotspots and GPRS (2G, 3G,4G). With free WiFi speed testandinternet speed test that makes you get test results fast,thismaster version is lite.! FEATURE■ Discover your Download,Upload,and Ping.■ Tests download speed (downlink).■ tests uploadspeed(uplink).■ Test the ping speed of WiFi hotspots on DSL, ADSL,cablewifi connections.■ History Record of results speed test showtimeping upload download speed. Keep track of your tests inyourpersonal results. This includes download and upload speed,ping.■Supports MBPS/KBPS.■ show IP address display.■ Easily shareyourresults.■ Help make finding free wifi hotspot portable whichone isbetter testing with fast network wifi connection.■ Compareyourdifferent GPRS, 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE cell speed tests.WifiFreeConnection Everywhere with you free wi-fi connect internetenablesany android smart phone to search for open WiFi network wifi theone that automatically connect to free wifi easy. Free wi-fifinderapp will find hotspot wifi connectors open connect networkand freeauto connect, find access manage connection networksmaster. freewifi scanner available for free wifi wlan connect opennetworkmaster free wifi anywhere, anytime, everywhere, on the gofor you ,connect to Free no WiFi passwords (open or public wifi)for FREEinternet access free zone connect free open wifi nopasswordprotect , It doesn't connect to the secured network.If youhaveunlimited mobile data network you can save data usage ofyourfamily or favorite friend by this app and it easily to use.Nowavailable free wifi hotspot app for android. This function beableto broadcast Wifi HotSpot network by your personal mobile phonetoPersonal Computer, Notebook, Laptop or any other deviceoperatingsystem are able to receive wifi signal.Best free wifinetworkmanager have a function free wifi manager app for androidphone.Free wifi ethernet bandwidth speed checker easy to usefreewificonnect. Free WiFi auto connect with no root, without dataorinternet connection network. Be able to pick a free wificonnectdownload upload speed by check signal interferencestrengthgraph.NOTE: This application is not tools for Wifi HackerOr WifiPassword Hacker.
Control your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi products, including Velop,fromanywhere. Tap into your Wi-Fi: check connected devices, setupguest access, or keep your kids off social networking siteswhenthey should be doing homework.New app adds support for Velop,amodular system of tri-band connection points that provideseamless,full-strength Wi-Fi for the whole family.Key Features:•RemoteAccess – Access and manage your Wi-Fi from anywhere.•Dashboard –Quickly view the status of your Wi-Fi.• Guest Access –Protect yourinformation by giving friends and family internet-onlyaccess on aseparate guest network.• Device Prioritization - Decidewhichdevices get Wi-Fi priority for less lag and buffering.•ParentalControls - Create a safe internet experience for your kids– evenif they’re home and you’re not. Restrict access to certainwebsitesor block specific devices from accessing theinternet.SystemRequirements:• The Linksys app works with Velopsystems and LinksysSmart Wi-Fi routers. To view the full list ofsupportedrouters,visit:•Useraccounts are created in the app orat Simply associate your accountwithyour Wi-Fi to log in from your devices.• Compatible withAndroid4.0.3 and greaterOur new Velop product line features asetupexperience that uses Bluetooth. In Android 6 and higher, appsmustrequest location permissions to use Bluetooth. We don't collectoruse any location information in our app.For additional help,visitour support site at
Anyfi - Free P2P WiFi
WiFi mesh network of smartphonesHow to use 1. Run the Anyfi app onadevice connected to WiFi. 2. Run the Anyfi app on 1 or moredevicesnot connect to WiFi. Make sure WiFi is enabled on thesedevices(Airplane mode is fine).3. Watch as the devicesconnect. How itworks Anyfi shares WiFi connections amongdevices so that evendevices out-of-range can connect. The userdevice automaticallyconnects to nearby hotspots created by otherdevices, and shares itsown connection with others to create a WiFimesh network ofsmartphones.  RequirementsAnyfi only runs whenthe WiFi is onand the VPN access permission is granted. To seeresults, you musthave 2 or more devices running Anyfi in thenetwork.-----------------------------If you are a mobiledeveloper, networkoperator, venue, or municipality looking tocreate asoftware-defined, high-performance WiFi Wide Area Network,we offeran SDK for just that :) Pleasereachout. ----------------------------- ★★ ★ Feedback? Suggestions?★ Email us ★ Do you like Anyfi? Follow us:★