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Chocolate Games For Kids free 1.1
On Happy Days
Yum...Yum...YumDive into amazing world of Chocolate. You little chocolateloverwillhave an awesome and Sweet time with Chocolates.OnHappyDaysbringsyou another Surprise....Chocolate Games For Kidsfree !!The game is matching game for kids of ages 4 and up. Thekidswillbe excited to see different chocolates The Chocolate gamewillbe funto play as it’s has time challenge. It has 7Chocolatespictures.The Chocolate game is a timed matching game. First levelofthegame is 100 seconds and each level after that is 10secondsless,so the kids can improve and do better each level. Thereareonly 7different chocolates, so your little chocolate lover cantaketimeto see, identify each chocolate color, which adds moreinteresttothe chocolate app.One more totally special thing of Chocolates games forkidsisthat makes it even cooler than just matching. Youwillhearadorable game background music. Kids must find theChocolateiconsthat link for their matching Chocolates!! Match thepairofchocolates of same type. Once they do make a linkedmatch,theChocolate game app shows them the link.This amazing feature and matching, adds educational bonusandalsopromotes:- Fine motor skills.- Hand eye coordination.- Early math concepts.- Color recognition and vocabulary.- Memory and recognition skills.How to PlayThe objective of the game is to finish matchingallchocolateicons before time ends.1. Select a Chocolate icon.2. Select another matching Chocolate icon from the board.Youmustpick matching pairs that are not diagonally touching, butnexttoeach other or on top of each other. The matching iconsshould beableto form a link or straight line and not a diagonalline. Thisis agood way to introduce kids the concept of maths andabove,below, up,down etc. Once a match is made, the game will showyouthe link orline in green.3. Kids can also use the help if you are not surewhatpossiblematched are. They get the help only 3 times untilgameover.They can also click the ‘Refresh’ button if stuck, 3 timesduringtheplay. After clicking refresh, it will rearrange the gameiconssothat it is easier to find matches.The Chocolate Games For Kids free is an addictive matchgame.Havea lovely time playing with candies. Let your kids havefunlearningwith OnHappyDays apps.