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Dragon Fruits: Match 3 Adventure
Free to Play Dragon Fruits: Match 3 Adventure, a delightfullyfunMatch 3 fruit game. Go fast enough and you will enter FrenzyModefor super high scores and exciting action! How to play: - Swipetomatch 3 or more fruits. - Collect the fruits, and completethelevels! - With the colorful and powerful boosters, it is easiertopass a level! Features: - Over 200 special and challenginglevels,you may never get bored - Powerful props will shock you,enjoy thefantastic graphics Simple rules for easy start, but verychallengeto fully master. Many juicy levels waiting for youtochallenge!Google Play can be downloaded for free!
Curse of the Pharaoh - Match 3 11.1338.92
The ultimate match-3 game in an ancient Egypt jewels worldwithaddictive adventures! Curse of the Pharaoh is an excitingadventurematch 3 game with colorful diamonds, jewels and gems thatblastwith crunching effects. Many well designed puzzles are hiddeninthe Egypt wonderland for you. Explore the whole world andunlockall bonus levels around the pyramids in this jewel saga. Canyouwin them all? ★ More than 1000 puzzles to solve ★ Challengingbonuslevels with free rewards ★ Magical boosters to blast yourscore ★Best jewel games online right now ★ Addictive theme andstorylineMatch 3 or more jewels, gems or diamonds in a row to cleartheboard. Create lightning crunching effects when you match 4,andmake matches of 5 to get a huge mega jewel! Colorful stonesthatyou need to combine for higher scores and executive wins.Makecombos of special jewels together and solve the puzzle in yourownway! Can you break the Curse of the Pharaoh? His welldesignedpuzzles are hard to master, but he did make it easy tolearn. Andit’s fun to play too! Get your free bonus every day youplay andstay updated with new levels on a weekly basis! Jewel gamesyou canplay offline? Curse of the Pharaoh is designed to playonline tobenefit from special game features. There’s no time limit,so enjoythe game for hours!
Fruit Bump
Free, fun and challenging fruity match 3 puzzle game from makersofJewel Mash and Jungle Mash! In Fruit Bump you must swipe andpopfruit to achieve challenging yet fun match 3 puzzlegameobjectives. The game develops on the solid action mechanicsofpopular jewel crushing games, but adds a few twists to keepyouplaying. GAME FEATURES - Over 640 match-3 puzzle levels andmoreaction to come - Level map that tracks your progress - Match3fruits or more items - Rich graphics - Combo matching -Specialitems - Fruit cascades - Time trials - Replay all unlockedlevelsfor a better score - Match 3 hints - Dropping fruit - Puzzletiles- Play on tablets and phones - Varied game objectives -High-scoresharing via social network - More content is on the way:newthemes, level designs and chapters! - Optimized for Intelx86mobile devices
Fruits Bomb 7.0.3935
Make juicy lines of 3 or more adorable fruits. Bomb aroundhundredsof uniquely perplexing levels in this amazing puzzleadventure.Immerse yourself into this yummy Fruits Bomb wheregardenstrawberry, green apple, fresh blueberry, juicy orangeanddelicious grapes are everywhere. Bomb your way out and enjoythefun of addictive match 3! Fruits Bomb Features - Popularandaddictive match-3 gameplay - Cute and juicy fruit graphics -Whipyour way through Fruits House, Fruits Castle, Fruits Factory-Break up all breads, chocolate and ice to pass levels - Stock uponchestnuts, mushrooms to bomb through fruity maps - Getsocial!Challenge and compete with your friends inside the gameandget rewarded! All fruits lovers! Download Fruits Bomb andcollectjuicy fruits NOW!!
Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game 1.4.7
Lyoo Match
Welcome to Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game!At fruit garden,youneed to harvest colorful fruits by scape match 3 sameflower.Match3 flower buds of the same colors to make beautifulblossom, andcollect the flowerbeds or fruits before you run out ofmoves!Beatcolorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms inthemansion.Swap 3 or more flower fruits to make the world bloomintospectacular colors. Connect more color bomb to set off agloriouschain-reaction and watch your score grow!Trip a colorfulgarden inthis match 3 game:- There are blueberries, grapes andbananas inthe garden.- There are juices in the barrels, and you getthe fruitjuice in your way.- Adventure in the sweety garden for youis righthere.- Come on in—adventures await you from the moment youwalk inthe door!- Gather every flower and make your way throughgorgeousgarden levels in this colorful adventure game!Build yourdreamgarden for free:* FREE GAME to play: of course, it is freetodownload and start the adventure right now.* OFFLINE game:ofcourse, it runs offline, so you can play anywhere at any time,NOneed Wifi or 4G. The game features:● Exciting match-3 levels:tonsof fun, featuring unique boosters and explosivecombinations!●Boost funny with power-ups● Addictive gameplay: swapand match,restore and decorate the garden, and be part of abreath-takingadventure all at once!● Enjoy 1000+ designed puzzles●Dozens ofin-game characters you can make friends with● Fun gamewith simple,casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challenging tomaster● Anin-game social networkyou can use to keep tabs oneverything● Buildyour own fruits garden● A super addicting gameyoucan even playoffline!Wait for what?Get it for FREE and start youradventure withnew challenges NOW!
Witchdom - Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle 1.6.6
Witchdom – Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle Game: 1Gamez comeswithanother enticing halloween puzzle game Witchdom. Join and Playthisfun filled witch game and experience the magical candyworld.Explore all the fun candy levels and run through youradventurousjourney by completing witch puzzles with your strategicmoves.Match 3, 4 or more similar properties and complete the levelsinthis mysterious world. Create special properties bymakingcombinations of more than 3. These special items help you tofinishthe candy witch puzzles very quickly. Match and play withuniqueproperties like pumpkins, hats, half-moons, pots, witchcandies andmore. Collect various magical powers like the magicskull, powerbroom, monster hand and gas pots by playingstrategically forcombining more than three properties at the sametime. Wheelspinning helps you get lucky power ups to use in thegame play andcomplete the challenging levels. Play like a wizardand stand-upamong the fun halloween witch games match 3 lovers.GAME FEATURES :★ Completely FREE TO PLAY and in-app purchases toget extra powersand moves. ★ 1500+ spectacular unique levels – withand full of funand amazing tasks. ★ Fantastic unmatched graphicsthat you haveunique halloween match 3 puzzle game experience.★Attention-grabbing simulations which will bring you intothemysterious magical witchdom world. ★ Amazing magicalboosters,well-designed power-ups help with the challengingstrategic levels.★ Move and burst as many as matching items todrive to the nextlevel. ★ Connect with your Facebook account tochallenge theadventure journey with your friends. ★ Easy and fun toplay, yetchallenging to fully master: all with strategic matchingandconnecting! No more waiting! – Install now and experiencehalloweengames for girls & candy games like matching 3, 4, 5games.
Farm Harvest 3- Match 3 Game 3.3.1
Tony planted a farm at the foot of Alps,he want to be a toprotecthis farm. all the crops in this beautiful farm is used toprovidedaily needs to the people in the village. Tony’s hardworkingbrought rich fruit and joy to Dearfully Village, and hisfarmbusiness also managed well increasing the family income.However,it didn’t last too long, the bad rabbit Nick came to robtheresults of Tony’s Farm every few days. In order to ensuredailydemand for the people in the village's, please come and helpHeidikeeping the farm away from Nick’s tournament. How to Play:1.collect fruit features to make the fruits a good harvest. 2.cleanthe dirty place of the farm. 3. collect rice straw whichareprovided for cows. 4. find the chicks and bunnies hiding undertheboard. 5. collect fruit and make fruit orders 6. change money byarare gold beans hiding under the mud floor. 7. Nick! Stop!!!Thebad rabbit tournament the vegetables again! Hurry up and stophim!8. become a farm to finish all levels.
Garden Splash 1.8.3122
SPLASH and COLLECT all the garden crops! Garden Splash is anunusualcrops match-3 game with line elimination. Create freshpower-ups,generate powerful combinations to get through hundredsof croplevels. NEW FEATURES ✓ Travel across 3 new maps: HarvestField,Astral Loom and Moonlit Bay ✓ 120 fascinating new levels ✓Yummy butchallenging obstacles: Cookie, Cake, Cage, Jam, Ice etc.✓ Deliciousand classic match-3 gameplay ✓ Connect 3 or more samecrops tosplash ✓ Very adorable and delightful crops design ✓ Themore cropssplashed each time, the more star you will receiveConnect andharvest as many crops as you want and savor the joy oforganic rurallife in Garden Splash!
Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle 5.0.3939
Try to blast as many jewels as you can to get greatexplosion.Compete and share the fun with your family and friends,show yourbest strategic moves to get higher score. Key Ingredients✦ 336 newand sparkling jewel levels in different map scenes: QuartzCanyon,Amethyst Oasis, Jewels Mill, Sapphire Citadel, Gems Isle✦Challenging but fun obstacles: mud, ice cube, crystal, stone,etc.✦ Swap to match 3 or more jewels of the same ✦ Match 4 or moregemsto get special bonus ✦ Use powerful props to enjoy explosivefun ✦Reach various targets to level up ✦ Addictive and everlastingmatch3 gameplay Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventurewithJewels Track!
Cake Crush Match 3 0.04
Smash Media
Fruit cupcakes, fruits and fresh juice, candy jam, fresh cookiesanda funny muffin are waiting for you in Cake crush match 3 matchthreegame!Switch and match Colorful Candy in this lovelydreamworld!Splash the juice candy to feed the cute pets, they aretoo hungryand thursty.So, they needs lots of colored candy to feedthe hungryanimals and break evil spells.Let play all the games ofCake Maniasaga game and have fun on every move of new candy2018.☆☆☆☆☆ Cakecrush match 3 Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆★ New codegameplay 2018 ofCake Mania jelly with over 200+ candy adventurelevels in candygame★ Marvelous game modes including: Spread thecake & Releasethe frozen ice cube★ Smash, match, pop and blastthe cake withspecial bonuses that will help you pass all difficultlevels★ Manyinteresting obstacles (Honey bee, Jam vase, Ice, Key,Cow for Milk,Watermelon Pieces, Yoghurt, Muffin, etc.) skyrocketyour fun!!★ Letus experience the sweet cake delights and sugarsmash, whip your wayto make delicious cake smash!★ BOSS game mode:You may wonder andstay tuned for his disappearance!★ Super powereffects andmagnificent artwork when combine different boosters! *A vivid andaddictive Cake crush match 3 adventure challenged!!☆☆☆☆☆ How toPlay Cake crush match 3 ☆☆☆☆☆★ Match 3 cake to clearthe juice★Match 4 same cookie to create row or column power candyitem★ Match5 or more cookies jam to create a multicolour magiccandy★ Matchcandies in L or a square shape to create a candyHorizontal Flicker★Swap two advance booster to create specialeffects. Come to playthis free puzzle game,experience fruit splashin the fruitwonderland.Come to download CCake crush match 3 forFree Now!
Candy Bears 1.05
Candy Bears - Crush MATCH 3 Gummy candy game ,this yummy gameiscompletely free and has more then 700+ fun match 3 puzzlelevels!For having fun playing Candy Bears you need to match 3 ofthe yummygummy bears by creating lines or rows of the same candycolor , ifyou Match more than 3 you get lightning bonus candy gummybearsthat will crush a full row or line of candies . Start thecandygame and have fun in this sweet jelly adventure, guaranteedtochallenge your mind and satisfy your sweet tooth. Join thegummybears game to become the yummy star of gummy bears world !☆☆☆Features ☆☆☆ ★ Amazing adventures in 700+ free levels ofsweetgummy challenges ★ this gummy bears game provides manydifferenttargets to win: min amount of points, limited time ormoves andmany more! ★ Candy Bears is a fun game, but it is a hardcandy gameto master! ★ Great visual effects and special graphics ★Fun gamemusic and sounds to keep the happiness in gummy bear land !
Chibble -The Best Match 3 Game
Chibble is a fun and addictive matching game for kids andadults.Chibbles are cute and fluffy little aliens from Betelgeusethathave been stranded on Earth. Your challenge is to match 3 ormoreChibbles of the same colour to beam them back home. Earnextrapoints for matching more than 3 Chibbles and for matchingtheelusive Rainbow Chibbles. Sounds easy? It is at first, butwatchout for the stubborn Chibbles who don’t want to leave and thegiantChibbles blocking the path home. Three types of game playareavailable: Classic, Zen and Speed.
Farm Garden Harvest 1.9
Farm Garden Harvest- free match 3, it's a new match3 puzzle game,and you can keep playing for FREE.Farm Garden Harvest - freematch3 is a farm style game, it's not easy, but very funny, if youlikeplay match 3 game, You can try it.Farm Garden HarvestFeatures:PLAYthrough hundreds of candy ice levels filled withcreamy dreamytreats!- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar,free fall andsweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% FarmGarden Harvestfree game to play and enjoy with fall in love★ ★ Howto play FarmGarden Harvest ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3 candy or moresweet candy✔Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to create lightingthunder✔ Crush 5candy frenzy with T or L shape to create bomb✔Crush 5 candy frenzyin a line to create color blossom✔ Combine 2special cakes to makea big surprised yummy blast!✔ Collect candycontain gift time,double scoreFarm Garden Harvest is FREE to playwith FREE updatesincluding new levels, obstacles, treats, and moreevery week!.
New - Bird Mania 1.1.11
Bird Mania is a very addictive free casual game. This gameisdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candy orcookie,Birds Mania gives you a new casual game world, this game canhelpyou to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, alsocoolboosters and crazy explosion!* You also need the birds’sability toblast the forest devils! * Bird Mania can crush the iceand get thefish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is a veryinteresting.*Bird Mania also can help the bear to harvest its fruitor yummynuts!The Bird Mania features:* Over 500 levels, more on theway*Numerous of in-game characters , hope you will love them-Newfeature: Collect candy boom, icy shot (enjoy with Bird Maniafreefall now)- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar, freefalland sweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% Bird ManiaMatch freegame to play and enjoy with fall in loveBird Mania FREEto playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and moreevery week!Match 3 games have never been so sweet! Last butnotleast, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedBirdMania for free! 

Juice Style: Fresh Fruits Match 3 Puzzle Game
Juice Style is match-3 puzzle game with fresh fruits gameplay!Howto play: - Swipe to match 3 or more fruits. - Collect thefruits,and complete the levels! - With the colorful and powerfulboosters,it is easier to try a level! Juicy Style Features: -Colorful andvivid fruits. - A Delicious matching puzzle game withaddictivelevels! - Over 200 levels are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges! - Easy to play interface, Just swap & match.- Playat your own pace. - Games you can play offline. So join it,match 3or more fruits in this game!
Jelly Splash Match 3: Connect Three in a Row 3.40.0
KICK BACK and MATCH WITH A SPLASH! In the mood for somegooeythree-in-a-row relaxing games? Play the Jelly Splash funpuzzlegames! Your favorite match-3 game combined with brainpuzzles!Match 3 or more Jellys in this splashtastic, addictingmatchinggame online! Fall in love with our three in a row freeonlinepuzzle game. If you love fun-filled addictive games, jointhecolorful Jellys and try to match 3 or more of them in a rowordiagonally to form the longest line of Jellys you can. Settleinand relax with one of the most relaxing games of all free gamesonyour device. ADDICTIVE & DELIGHTFUL FREE GAME TO PLAY Ifyoulove to play match 3 games online and puzzle games tickleyourfancy, get ready to experience one of the best 3 in a rowgamesavailable! Defeat the evil Slimes and enjoy aJelly-filledadventure game! You’re sure to get addicted to thisyummy match 3game! What are you waiting for?! Install and play oursplashy,awesome game today! Journey through loads of differentlevels anddozens of different three in a row challenges to freeyour Jellyfriends. But watch out for the Slimes, who’ve taken overJellyLand! This awesome game is waiting for you once you installJellySplash! With loads of fun events, big sales and hugebonuses,you’ll love coming back again and again for some relaxingmatchingfun. ★ADDICTING GAMES WITH JELLYS★ UNLIMITED GAME TIME –Play atyour pace and keep your matching relaxed NEW LEVELS –Constantlyenjoy totally new levels, events, and sales JOLLY JELLYS– Fall inlove with the charming Jellys, each with their owncharacterAMAZING CHALLENGES – Discover dozens of gorgeous worlds,whileovercoming fun obstacles, winning amazing prizes intournaments andracing up a weekly Tower 75 MILLION CAN’T BE WRONG –With over 75million fans, why not get splashing today? Jelly Splashis free todownload and play, but it also allows you to purchasevirtual itemswith real money inside the game. You can disablein-app purchasesin your device’s settings. You may require anInternet connectionto play Jelly Splash and access its socialfeatures. Jelly Splashmay also contain advertising. Download nowand chill out with theJellys in the splashiest match puzzle gameever!-------------------------------------------------------------------------Facebook: Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Farm Harvest 2 3.8.12
Farm Harvest 2- match 3 games, it's a new free match3 puzzlegamecreated by LET'S FUN GAME, and you can keep playing forFREE.FarmHarvest 2 - match 3 games is a farm juice jam heroes stylegames,it's not easy, but very funny, if you like play match 3games, Youcan try it.Hardworking Squirrel owns a beautiful farm andshe hasmanaged it hard in each passing day. As time goes by,she'sstarting to feel anxious about her grown-up vegetables,becauseRabbit Slacker nearby often come to her farm tostealvegetables.Let's help her to protect the farm and drive thethiefaway.CharacteristicsFine images and game effects offarminggame;New upgrade. The playing way of matching andeliminatingyou've never seen before.5 targets, never get bored!800levels andmore, updates will meet your expectation.If you like thisgame,please don't hesitate to follow us and thumbs-up us inFacebook.You'll learn the latest contents, new levels, excitingcompetitionsand other concerning newson
Candy Bug Mania 1.000.18
The happy Candy Bug Mania love spending their days relaxing intheirlush paradise. Tall trees shelter their nests and keep theair freshand clean. But the Bug Mania have other plans for theForest. Jointhe forest animals in their fight to take down theBoss Beaver andhis minions. They will help you blast your waythrough the obstaclesthe Beavers have created for you.Play CandyBug Mania today and makethe Beavers pay!Match 3 Features:◆Exciting match 3 puzzle game playwith hundreds of unique levels◆Amazing power-ups and combos◆Restore the forest and the animalhomes◆ Easy game to learn, yetchallenging to masterExtraFeatures:◆ Cool rewards! ◆ Play offline!◆Support on multipledevices and platforms!Candy Bug Mania : Match 3Game is an easy andfun puzzle match game for the whole family toenjoy! Download forfree today and jump into the match 3 fun!
Fruits Garden Mania 2.7.3189
Here comes the new adorable fruits match-3 game. Swap andmakemouthwatering lines of 3 or more cute cropsies to solve100+amazing puzzles. Plunge into Fruits Garden Mania and stock uponsweet tomatoes, beckoning blueberries, ripe carrots, greenpeppers,violet broccoli and cuteturnips.=========================================== ✦ 144 deliciouslevels- challenging and uniquely fun ✦ March through 3 delightfulmaps- Broccoli Lane, Radish Clouds, Veggie Meadow✦Match 3 or more cropsies to collect appetizing fruits and veggies✦Gather various cropsies to win tasteful levels before you run outofmoves ✦ Powerful boosters, amazing props, interestingobstaclesskyrocket your fun ✦ Cute veggies and adorable cropsiesgraphics ✦Enjoy classic and addictive match-3 gameplay for FREE ✦Easy toplay, hard to master============================================Join Fruits GardenMania now! I want all those cropsies!
Cat Match Story: Fruit City 5.1
1Race Games
Cat Match is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages.The forestholdsmany secrets and mysteries. Help the Cat to escapeInstall thebestmatch-3 puzzle game to your mobile device & start theadventuretoday!Enjoy each and every stage with entertainingchallenges.A gamefor all ages you can play with your friends andfamily.You won’t beable to stop playing the game “cat match”because:● A lot of secretsand mysteries.● Stunning graphics andunique gameplay● Well-lovedmatch-3 puzzle genre.● You won’t bebored during the game!● So manylevels with exciting puzzles●Numerous boosters● FacebookLeaderboards to compete with yourfriends and competitors!●COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY● UNLIMITEDLIVES!● NO TIME LIMIT
Jewels Star 3.33.52
Another classic Match-3 game launch on Android Market.Yourmissionis to win Jewels Star, pass the levels and try to get allstars ineach level.How to play:1: Match 3 or more identicaljewels.2: Matchthe jewels until the board transparency,the Jewelsstar willappear.3: Make the jewels star down to last line to passthelevel.Tips: Eliminate the jewels quickly can getextrascores.Features:- More than 350 levels and 8 pretty scenes inthegame, including starry sky,mountains,snow world and so on.-Match 4jewels can win the jewel's bomb and 1 lighting.- Match 5jewels canwin color-changing jewels and 2 lightings.- Eliminate 20jewelscontinuous can win 1 lighting.- The jeweled bomb caneliminate thejewels around.- The Color-changing jewel can eliminateto any othercolored jewel.- The Timing Jewel can extend the playingtime.- Thelightning Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row.- For thechainedjewel,you can eliminate the jewels around to unlock it.- Forthefrozen jewel,you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.
Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle 1.1
Join this puzzle adventure in the match 3 games to findtheantiquity in the jungle. Let's go with the archaeologisttodiscover the mystery of the wood and rescue the lovely petsthatare kidnaped by monsters, compete and share the fun in thejourneyto your friends, show your best strategic moves to gethigherscore.How to play Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & MatchingPuzzle🐶🐱 Swap or swipe 3 pets in a line to blast them.🐱 Match 4Pets in asquare to make a pet frenzy.🐱 Match 5 Pets to create acolorfulpet.🐱 Connect 2 special pets to create a super specialblast.🐱Collect fruits by moving them to the last row.🐱 This petgames is amatch 3 games free with bonuses. You can get 5 more moveeach levelby watching an ad.Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games &Matching Puzzle 🐶Features: 🐱 Beautiful graphics and effects🐱 Thisis the best match3 puzzle games for free, play online, offline& no internetconnection is required! 🐱 Easy and fun to play,but challenging tomaster: focus on your strategic matching andconnecting!🐱 PetPuzzle is a type of match 3 games free withunlimited lives toplay.🐱 Stay tuned: more levels and cutecharacters surprises are onthe way!🐱 You can chat with otherplayers on game. That's great,right?Pets Puzzle information:🐱 PetPuzzle is a free match 3 puzzlegame with in-app purchasesavailable🐱 This pets legend is aaddictive way, match 3 puzzlegame.🐱 Pet adventure is a pet popmatching games for adults.🐱 Over200 well designed levels and morewill come.Play Pet Puzzle: Match 3Games & Matching Puzzle 🐶today. It's free!
Tropical Treats: Ice Cream Match 3
Welcome to Paradise! Cruise the island in your Ice CreamTrucksolving scrumptiously fun puzzles and setting up new shops togrowyour mouthwatering business. You’ll help Zoey and herspunky,sugared-up pals save the island from Mother Moo – acorporate cowwho’s taken over paradise with her industrial icecream. Defeat herin challenge levels to take over her ice creamshops and thwart hersinister efforts to steal your recipes! It’s upto you to bring thegoodness of homemade ice cream back to theisland! Get the SCOOP onTROPICAL TREATS! • Exciting match-3 levels:enjoy fast-pacedcascades and a sleek match-3 game board •Mischievous cast ofcharacters: hundreds of tropical levels full ofold friends and newcustomers to serve • Take on the boss: take overIce Cream Shopsfrom Mother Moo to restore the island to its formerglory! Only youcan keep the takeover of corporate ice cream at bay!• Powerfulboosters & special items: unlock all your favoriteice creamtruck treats – like Rocket Pops, Snow Cones &explosive RootBeer Floats! • Invite your Facebook friends: sharelives withfriends and race against them for bragging rightsDownload for FREEand prepare yourself for a tantalizing tripthrough paradise!
Relic Match 3: Mystery Society 4.30
The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help again to discover who stolethetreasure of jewels and artifacts in this exciting freematch-3quest game! From the makers of Hidden Object Blackstone andMysterySociety games: Tamalaki presents yet another amazinglyadventurousgame to play online! Enjoy detective adventures, solvepuzzles andrecover artefacts in this Relic Match 3 game. Join anexquisitedetective crew! You start your adventure as a rookie andclimbthrough the ranks to become a top detective! Match-3 ormoreobjects to investigate the crime scene and find the hiddenjewels,complete collections, solve quests, level up and build yourowndetective office. EXPLORE THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF THESECRETSOCIETY Enjoy a rich storyline, thrilling quests andcaptivatingcharacters. Investigate new, exciting locations anddiscoverseveral different game modes. Break crates, pop bubbles,bust locksand unlock more! FIND STOLEN JEWELS Play through severalexcitinglevels, match dozens of objects, use special boosterstoinvestigate the crime scenes, and recover the lost treasures!Find,trade, and collect items to earn amazing rewards. SOLVEPUZZLESWITH YOUR FRIENDS You can compete for the highest score andsendbonuses and boosters to your friends! Can you become thegreatestdetective and put an end to the heists? Play Relic Match-3and findout! Features: • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play!•BEAUTIFUL, HIGH-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS look great on your phoneortablet! • COMPETE for the highest score among your friendsonGoogle Play! • HOURS of entertainment and gameplay! • CONNECTtoFacebook to send bonuses and energy to your friends! VISITUS: WATCHUS: LIKEUS: FOLLOWUS: [email protected]
🚜 Food Truck: Match 3 Game Free 1.2.0
Play the story as a super chef travelling the world in MyFoodTruck. Crush candies, pastries in this match 3 game fever.Connectsame food items in this match 3 mania. Travel across 15dreamdestinations like United States, Italy, France, UnitedKingdom,India, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil,China,Egypt, Dubai, Germany, and Australia to play this free onlinematch3 game. Keep matching delicious items to win over fans fromallaround the world! One of the free truck games to fulfill yourinnerchef's dream.My Food Truck – Match 3 Game brings to you anexcitingjourney across exotic locations around the world. Journeyacross 15countries, mix and match delicious dishes and compete tomake itthe best in the world. Solve match 3 puzzles along the wayand gainfans to increase your popularity in each country! Cookdelicioushamburgers, hotdogs, pastries and Sushi while you explorevariousmain attractions in this exciting match 3 adventure.Run yourveryown fast food restaurant and make your customers happy withthisserving game.Cooking in the Kitchen is a game from Top Girlgamesand one of the cooking games.Master restaurant managementforendless cooking fun in one of the most addicting games around.Playthe ultimate food quiz game and discover foods from all overtheworld.Get ready for food-making fun with Burger Shop. CookChinesefood for the Chinese New Year! Cooking, Food, Making, FoodMaker.Cooking & Design your own Food Truck- all with a funstory! Owna My Restaurant, My Food Cafe Story ☕☕My Food TruckFeatures:*ADDICTIVE MATCH 3 GAME that combines your dream of worldtraveland cooking tasty dishes *TRAVEL THE WORLD and matchdeliciousdishes to make scrumptious combos spread across 375levels. *CHEFYOURSELF! Click a Selfie to become a chef yourself orchoose fromvarious avatars *GAIN POPULARITY by sharing your fancount onsocial media platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterestandgoogle plus. *OWN THEMED FOOD TRUCKS as you progress and traveltomore countries *BECOME FAMOUS by collecting smilies fromhappycustomers to increase your fan base in each country *KNOW FUNFACTSabout landmarks across 15 countries as you travel. *PERFECTcasualgame to play while you wait *VISUALLY APPEALING graphics andyummygameplay *FUN for the whole family!We come to the street andseekfor brand new and interesting things around everywhere, as wellasdelicious street foods!Download My Food Truck Cafe Recipes&Stories and tell your cooking story today!
Superstar Chef - Match 3 Games 103.5
Timuz Games
Superstar Chef takes you to a match 3 games world full ofcookingdelicacies. Join us in solving over 250 mouthwatering levelsofmatch 3 collecting orders, delivering pizzas, clearing platesandcollecting special hats. With a fresh Express Mode, start amatch 3mania games battle to increase your rank, collect therewards andbecome the best Superstar Chef! Make matches of 3 ormore dishes ofthe same type to collect them. Create special foodsby matching 4or 5 items. Traverse through various kitchens to keepexploring thetasty world of match 3 cooking mania puzzles!GameFeatures: * 250gourmet levels with 10+ crazy new uniquefunctionalities.* Earncooking mania stars to show off yoursuccess!* Top the SuperstarChef match3 Leaderboards!* Level up andupgrade player profile toplay tougher levels!* Create fantasticcombos to reach the targetin the least number of moves possible!
Birds Crush Match 3 1.1
Panda Box
birds crush match 3Birds Crush gives you a new casual gameworld,this game can help you to pass time with lovely birds, catsandbears, also cool boosters and crazy explosion!simple, fun,andcasual match 3 gameplay!rescue the birds to earnvaluablerewards!over 560 fun yet challenging levels with more tocome!callon your island friends for amazing boosters to beat eventhe mostchallenging puzzles!explore new islands with unique puzzlesandgame mechanics!check back often for events, free rewards andnewlevels!
Bubble Blend - Match 3 Game 1.8.6
Fun and relaxing match 3 puzzle game: just swipe the board tocreatesequences of 3 or more objects, vertically or horizontally.You cancall it in any way you like - candies, jewels or sweetsweetbubbles. It all works in the game - just match as many as youcan toclear the levels. Game features - Free to play - Bonus forgetting 3stars - Small download - fast track to start playing. -No need forinternet or WiFi connection - you can play offline. -Continuousupdates with more action packed levels.
Harvest Mania - Match 3 Puzzle 1.0.4
Switch and match three or more adorable Crops to make a remove!Alot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!. Pass all the levels with strategic matchingandyou will become the Super Farmer!Harvest Mania is completelyfreeto play but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment.Join the millions who adore the magic ofMatch-3Puzzle. Aim for greatness!Features:● Gather all kinds ofcrop,fruit in the farm or collect soils to win the level before yourunout of moves.● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge tofullymaster.● Take on your friends to compete for the best scoreand seewho can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!●Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels.Harvest Mania How to Play● Switch andmatch 3 ormore super adorable crop/fruit to reach the target.●Unlockpower-ups, collect, run your farm for the preparation oftoughlevels.● Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get.Canyou score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?Follow ustoget news and updatesonfacebook:
Sweet Maker - DIY Match3 Mania 1.6.3
World’s First Match-3 Game with User-Generated Content!World'sFirst Match-3 Game with Moving Platforms Sweet Maker is afollow-upapp to IGG global hits like Castle Clash and Lords Mobilefor 2017.Embark on a journey in the world of Sweet Maker.Exploreuser-generated stages, and even create some of your own! Youarethe Sweet Maker The world's first Match-3 game where youcancreate, play, and share your own custom levels using every typeofCandy available. A Selection of Boosters Combine different typesofCandies and create a variety of Boosters. Strategic use ofBoostersand Items will allow you to clear even the toughest stages!NotJust a Pretty Candy Swipe Butterflies with other Boosters tocreatevariations of Butterflies that are both more powerfulandbeautiful! Now everybody can clear Candies with ease and instyle.All-New Moving Platforms Sweet Maker puts another spin ontheMatch-3 genre with the inclusion of moving platforms. Thesetrickyplatforms move your Candy at the end of each turn sorecognizingtheir movement pattern will be key to clearing stages.Unique BossBattles Battle a variety of Bosses while fending offpeskyGingerbread Men and Cotton Ghosts at the same time! When aBoss ispresent, blockers will land on the stage to impede yourCandyswipes. Do you have what it takes to outwit, outmaneuver,andoutlast the Boss? Travel the World Watch the scenery unfoldbeforeyour very eyes as you progress through the stages. Discoverthelandmarks of Candypolis, and view a different scene witheveryswipe of the finger. Sweet Maker is free to download and play,butin-app purchases are available. OfficialFacebook: OfficialInstagram: OfficialTwitter: Having issues with thegame?Email us at: [email protected]
Sweet Candy Fruit 2019 1.0.10
Sweet Candy Fruit 2019 is an addictive match 3 puzzle game whereyouset off to help a young girl becomes to a bartender so she canserveher lovely guests delicious drinks and lovely candy. MATCH 3PUZZLE- Match the candies of the same color into horizontal andverticallines to make combos of matching 3 or more so you cancreate specialjuices or cream. - Swipe 4 same color deliciouscandies to make apowerful & frenzy candy. - Swipe 5 same colortasty fruits tocreate the remarkable fever booster candy. - Acandy mania boom willbe created from linking fruits like T or Lcharacters. - Combine 2legend candies together to make a superbooster. MANY ADDICTIVELEVELS Over 150 unique levels. Check backoften for free rewards andnew levels. Spin the Daily Booster Wheelfor a delicious prize EASYAND FUN PLAY Easy to play interface,Just swipe & match manydelicious. GAME FOR WOMAN Many sweetestcharacters which woman loveslike : cat, dog, bear, fox... Anddelicious & sweet fruits:strawberry, apple, orange, grapes....Tasty Candies, wrapped andstriped Special Candies, Color Bombs andvarious other magicalboosters to help with challenging levels NOWIFI? NO PROBLEM! Youcan relax with this game offline. PLAY WITHYOUR FRIENDS You canconnect with friend facebook for sharingscores and get lives.CONTAINS THE ADS The game contains the adslike interstitial andvideo. It is free to play, but you canpurchase In-app items like ADFREE and Coins. Sweet Candy Fruit2019 - Match 3 Games 2018 is verypopular match 3 with women, theelderly, children welcome. Handsomeboy and beauty girl also loveit! So let's go to create sweet candyand juice in saga world. Playa new and best free games 2018!
Forest Smash - Match 3 1.6
Are you ready for an amazing adventure at the enchantedforest?Download for free and play the awesome Forest Smash match 3game.It is extremely fun and addictive! Clear your mind andexperiencethis thrilling puzzle game, travel through thousands ofmagicallevels filled with woodland mushrooms, berries, leaves andacornsand solve all the fun challenges. Plan ahead your moves andcollectall the delicious forest berries to win levels. Swap andmatch atleast 3 unique items to remove them and clear the board.Completethe missions and try getting 3 stars on every level. Unlockmagicalpower-ups and other fun surprises to help you get throughhardlevels and challenges. * Plenty of exciting levels toexplore.*Stunning backgrounds.* Move forest items to make matches.* Makeunique combinations to get special power-ups.* Hoursofentertainment! * Try to complete all the challenges before yourunout of moves. As you start a new and exciting level, try tofindthe largest amount of items which combined together willcreategreater effects and will help you reach high scores and earnuniqueboosters.
Hungry Pet Mania - Match 3 to Build a Dog Paradise 1.1.4
Are you a pet maniac? Race to save all of the pets in the bestfreematch 3 game, Hungry Pet Mania! Create a pet paradise where youcanplay with your favorite cute pets anytime you want! Throwfrisbees,balls, bones, and even brush their fur. The cute &hungrybabies can’t wait for your undying puppy love and affection!ThePet Cafe is truly every furry friend’s dream paradise!HOWTOPLAYMatch three pieces of the same type by dragging anddroppingthem into a straight line. You can move pieces across theboardvertically and horizontally. Keep making matches of three in arowor more to collect all the pieces and earn tons of bonuses! Showofyour match 3 skills & save the day for the hungry babies atthepet shelter!Complete all of the goals and score three starsonevery level to earn collectable items and rewards for yourhungrypet babies! Connect to Facebook to save and share yourprogresswith all of your best pet and free match 3 game lovingfriends!SavePets! You know these cute puppies deserve it all! Workhard on yourmatch 3 skills to earn resources and give them theirdream retreat.Buy the cute pets premium pet food, Give themluxurious groomingsessions, and build beautiful obstacles for themto play on! Thepuppies want a pool, and maybe a dock on the lake tosun on. Don’tforget their favorite slide. This is a greatopportunity to designyour dream puppy resort! You’re not justsaving the pets… yourgiving them a life that most other cuteanimals could only dreamof!There are NO LIMITS to this free match 3game! Match delicioussweets, save adorable pets, create a petparadise, feed them petcrackers and receive free power-ups!------Hungry PETS Match 3 FREEGAME SPECIAL FEATURES------NEW! Movekitten sweets and dog treatsin a line to match 3 and create awesomechain reactions! Thisunique game mode will blow your mind! The moreadvanced moves youmake. the more resources you will earn for yourhungry pets. It’saddictive! You’ll soon see why this is a topranked pet puzzlegame!SAVE CUTE PETS AND START A PET CAFEClearlevels to save theadorable pets! Visit the pet cafe to feed thehungry pets andanimal babies and they'll reward you with FREEpower-ups and coinsevery day! The baby pets will soon adore youbecause they know youbring home the bacon - I mean, delicous puppychow!DIVERSE GAMEMODESMilk the cows, help bees collect honey,spread the marmalade,uncover gummy bears... There are tons of free,fun modes to play!There is a mode available for all types of petpuzzlelovers!DOWNLOAD NOW and start saving all of the cute petsandhungry baby animals today! Do you have any suggestions orissues?We would love to hear from you!Contact usat:[email protected]
Forest Mania - Pop & Match Lovely Pets
Forest Mania is a deliciously sweet match-3 casual game. Swap,Swipeand match 3 or more same magic animals to master the fun ofcasualmatch-3 game. Forest Mania Key Magical Spells - Addictiveandirresistible match-3 gameplay - Unlock appetizing anddelightfulforest map - 201 perplexing and puzzling forest levels -Charmingand cute Animals Topped With - Challenging but funobstacles: Rocks,Ice etc. - Wonderful arsenal for props andpower-ups - Enjoy highquality visuals and exciting special effects- Attention: PlayForest Mania could lead to strong desire for cuteanimal! Have awonderful rest. Play awesome Forest Mania filledwith amazingfascination now!
Fruit Fever 1.1.3001
Cosmo Game
Most Juicy Fruit Game!This is a brand new and innovative fruitMatch3 game. Fruit Fever is the best fruit casual game for ALL.There areamazing new fruits, splendid new booster and a relaxingworld toexperience Fruit Fever! - Swap to match 3 or more fruits-Collectrequired number of fruits to complete levels- With the helpallvarious powerful boosters, levels can be passed more easily-Achieve3 stars to top the leaderboard- Tasty and juicy fruitsgraphics-Hundreds of unique puzzles that are full of amazingchallenges!-Easy and fun to play, difficult to fully master- PlayWHENEVER andWHEREVER you want: Can be played even withoutInternet- Crackdelicious Cake, Bread and Chocolate to finish leveltargets- Supersmall APK size (<10MB)Let’s get started forendless fun in FruitFever!
Fruit Candy Bombs:Puzzle Match 3 1.1.2
Super Match 3
Fruit Candy Bombs is a match 3 type game which is full ofsweetfruits candy and amazing fruit bombs.How to Play:- Match 3 ormoresweet fruit candy to score points- Archive the target pointstolevel up- Eliminate the more sweet fruit candy quickly cangetextra scores- Use booster to pass the levels Fruit CandyBombsFeatures:- More than 400 challenge levels- Hundreds of sweetfruitcandy- Powerful booster and amazing combinations- Amazingfruitbombs- Play and enjoy fruit bombs without wifi- 100% FreeWishtoenjoy fruit bombs adventure? Download Fruit Candy Bombs andplaywith your friends. This is your fruit kingdom!Likeus:
Soda 3 1.08
Soda 3 is the Sweetest juice match 3 candy game, fun crushmatch3candy soda game saga, this sweet candy game is completelyfree andhas hundreds of new match 3 sodalicious puzzle levels! Forhavingfun playing Soda you need to match 3 of the sweet candy sodabycreating lines or rows of the same candy color , if you Matchmorethan 3 you get lightning bonus candy that will crush a full roworline of the delicious game board. Come and have fun in thissweetcandy soda match 3 saga, guaranteed to challenge your mindandsatisfy your sweet tooth. Join the candy game to become the kingofsoda match 3 crush kingdom ! ☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆ ★ Amazingadventuresin hundreds of free levels of sweet match 3 challenges ★thedifferent levels of the candy game provides many differenttargetsto win: min amount of points, limited time or moves and manymore!★ Soda is a fun game, but it is a hard puzzle game to crush!★Great visual effects and special graphics ★ Fun game musicandsounds to keep the happiness in the sweet saga!
Match Cooking 3
Have you ever played such amazing match 3 puzzle game? MatchCooking3 is the game which you will be addicted to. Collectvegetables andmeat to make a great dinner with your friends! -More than 200exciting levels - Delicious and well-designedvegetables - Fourkinds of powerful boosters - Match 3 or morevegetables to collect -Interesting music and effect - Use lessmoves to get higher score -Easy to play but hard to be masterDownload the Match Cooking 3 inGoogle Play Store for free! Comeand be a master of chef with yourfriends!
Bejeweled Classic
“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle gameever.”— Games Magazine Discover your perfect match with 6breathtakingmodes in this classic gem-matching game, from thefast-paced,time-based Lightning, to the gem-driven Flushes and FullHouses ofPoker Mode. Create electrifying special gems like Flamegems, Stargems, Hypercubes, and Supernova gems, collect flashyBejeweledbadges and achievements, and soar to dazzling heights inthe GameCenter leaderboards – all while enjoying fantasticRetina-displaygraphics! This is the Bejeweled you’ve loved foryears, and it’sstill delivering amazing high-carat excitement! Thisapp offersin-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing usingyourdevice settings. CLASSIC GEM-MATCHING Play the most popularpuzzlegame of the century with powerful new gems. You’ll findcascades offun as you test your gem-swapping ability! MODES FOREVERY MOODEnjoy the original in Classic, race against time inLightning, digdeep for treasure in Diamond Mine, discover your ownrelaxingretreat in Zen, match gems to save Butterflies from ahungry spiderin Butterfly, keep the cold out in Ice Storm, and maketop handswith gems in Poker. BOOST YOUR WAY TO BIG SCORES Each modehas twoBoosts, one regular and one Super Boost, which help you makeevenmore matches and set even higher scores. Whether it’s pullingallthe Butterflies to the bottom row with Reset in Butterfly modeorshuffling the board in Classic mode, Boosts take your game toawhole new level! PROVE YOUR SKILLS, CLIMB THE RANKS EarnflashyBejeweled badges and Game Center achievements to proveyourmultifaceted skills, and compete against the world and yourfriendsin Game Center leaderboards for the top score! Gloat overyourscores for total matched gems, all-time best moves, and top10personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine. HINTS ON DEMANDCan'tquite spot the next match? Use the "Hint" button for a quicktip.Stars mode will open a separate, free Bejeweled StarsApp.Important Consumer Information. This app requires acceptanceofEA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; includesin-gameadvertising; contains direct links to the Internet andsocialnetworking sites and the Internet intended for an audienceover 13.
Soda Gummy Bears 1.03
Soda Gummy Bears - Crush MATCH 3 Gummy candy game ,this yummygameis completely free and has more then 700+ fun match 3puzzlelevels!For having fun playing Soda Gummy Bears you need tomatch 3of the yummy gummy bears by creating lines or rows of thesamecandy color , if you Match more than 3 soda candies yougetlightning bonus candy gummy bears that will crush a full roworline of candies .Start the candy game and have fun in thissweetjelly adventure, guaranteed to challenge your mind and satisfyyoursweet tooth.Join the Soda gummy bears game to become the yummystarof gummy bears world !☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆★ Amazing adventures in700+free levels of sweet gummy challenges★ the game providesmanydifferent targets to win: min amount of points, limited timeormoves and many more! ★ Soda Gummy Bears is a fun game, but it isahard candy game to master!★ Great visual effects andspecialgraphics★ Fun game music and sounds to keep the happiness ingummybear land !
Cooking Mania 2
Ready to cook the tasty dinner invite your friends to joinin?Cooking Mania 2 is an entirely new match-3 game for you inanytime.You can design your own food menu and collect differentkinds offoods. Cooking Mania 2 Features: - More than 200challenging levels- Swap 3 or more foods together to match -Delicious and variousfoods to discover - Powerful boosters can behelped - The lessmoves you used, the higher score will make - Easyto play but hardto be master Now you can be the best chef ofCooking Mania 2.Download this game in Google Play Store and playwith your friends!
New - Farm Garden 1.000.105
Match 3
MATCH. FARM. SERVE. REPEAT!The creators of the hit game,FarmGarden, present a juicy new match 3 puzzle game with bushelsoffruity challenges! Embark on this fruity adventure today!Matchandcollect tasty candy treats in New - Farm Garden, theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy yoursweet tooth!Simple and fun to play but a challenge tomaster.Features:◆ Brandnew power-ups and ways to play!◆ Farm Gardento concoct sweettreats!◆ Swap and blast your way through everexpanding newworlds!◆ Check back often for events, free rewards andnew levels!◆Free and filled with adventure!New - Farm Garden isFREE to playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles,treats, and moreevery week!.
Fruit Dash 1.08
Match 3 fruits to collect them. Blow up obstacles, such aswoodenboxes and bush leafs to complete the goal. Your goals:* Pickgivennumber of fruits* Splash squares of 3 colors from the dash*Crushwooden boxes, which block your way* Remove bush leafs to freethefruits* Splash all diamonds fall below the board* Match 3 fruitsofthe same color to complete these goals.You can alsocollectpower-ups such as shovels, dynamites, rainbows and frogs bydoingmatches of 3. These power-ups will help you when you startrunningout of moves. When you do big matches, the magic wand willhelp youclear the board.Have fun picking fruits to collect allstars inevery world. You need 150 stars to unlock the next world.The wholestory has 396 levels in 4 worlds of the planet. Match 3fruits forfun!The game is completely free. No option to buyanything. No needto join Facebook or contact your friends.
Cookie Crush Match 3 1.9.5
Time for some candy fun! Play Cookie Crush today and join thesweetjourney anytime and anywhere you want! We have developedthisaddictive matching game for all of you fans of puzzle games whoarelooking for a great way to pass the time. Get the best match 3gamefor FREE and train your brain with thousands of challenginglevelsand brain teasers. Test your color matching skills as you mixandmatch all the sweet cakes and clear levels. Get ready to fallinlove with this sugary adventure! Cookie Crush is a fun match 3gamewhere you can swipe and match tasty candy in thousands ofdeliciouslevels. Take on this exciting adventure, blastmouthwateringdesserts, cookies, and lollipops and discover yummycandy combosand awesome rewards. Looking for a fun and relaxingmatching game?Download the sweetest puzzle game for free and jointhe excitingquest in the land of candies, cookies, cupcakes, andlollipops.Discover new flavors and colors in this addictivematching game!Play online or offline and explore plenty of sugaryworlds filledwith new and cool features and fun surprises. If funonline match 3games tickle your fancy, get ready to experiencehours of candymatching fun! Start crushing the candy today anddiscover sweetlevels and challenges. Join Alex in the incrediblejourney acrossthe sugar land and help her smash candies andcomplete thedifferent missions. Crush and burst all the sweetcandies and winawesome gifts and rewards! SWEET FEATURES * TRAINyour brain withplenty of fun PUZZLES and brain teasers. * Beautifulgraphics andeffects. * Discover yummy candy COMBOS. * Don’t missout the DAILYBONUS - spin the wheel and win great rewards! * CRUSHand popdelicious cookies and jellies. * Enjoy thousands of colorfulLEVELSfilled with jelly treats, chocolate and, jams. * This awesomegameis simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kidstoenjoy! * Enjoy the game with your family and play onlineoroffline- no wifi is needed! * Sweet supply of power-upsandboosters that will help you pass blast through the challengesandreach the level target. * Clear a level with fewer moves to getahigher score. * Free to play and filled with adventure! Get itnow!JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Travel across the cookie wonderland,explorewondrous places and discover thousands of fun levels filledwithsweet desserts, great puzzles, and bonuses. Match andcrushdelicious cookies- it’s easy and fun! Train your brain andtestyour skills as you collect candy drops and clear levels.WINawesome boosts and use them to create great explosions! HOW TOPLAY* Swap and match 3 candies of the same type to smash andwinpoints. * Work your way through increasingly challengingpuzzles. *Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. * Checkback each dayto claim your daily bonus! * Train your brain with thebest onlinematching game. * Combine any 2 boosters to generategreat effectsand beat the level. * Play and explore thousands ofpuzzle levelsfilled with sugar and jam treats. YUMMY CANDY COMBOS!Match 4candies to get a striped treat of the same color and createa lineblast. Match 5 sweets in an L or T shape to get a bomb thatwillexplode all items around it. Match 5 delicious candies in a rowtoget a special colorful rainbow bomb. Get Cookie Crush todayandjoin the SWEET JOURNEY! Play online or offline, nointernetconnection is required. You can restart any level withouthaving towait for lives, as they are unlimited. We would love toget yourfeedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplayevenmore enjoyable and earn your 5-star review. Follow us fornews,updates and fun surprises! Visit our Facebookpage:
Fruit Harvest Funny Match 3 1.2
fruit harvest funny match 3To go on the journey of exploringfruitworld!Have fun discovering the magic land! Unlike most ofthepuzzle games, you can enjoy playing Fruit funny match 3 as longasyou want! No life restrictions! Use booster and magic toolstoblast! Blast more than 3 fruits will create powerful booster,usethem to fruit blast all the challenging obstacles and reachyourgoal.
Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game 3.6.4
From the makers of Chicken Splash 2,Pet Crush & Jelly BubblePopcomes Chicken Splash 3! In order to revenge chicken mother,hatefulowl quietly kidnapped & trapped a few chicken babiesand hidthem in the jungle. Chicken mother is very anxious,immediately ledthe children embarked on a dangerous journey. Onthe way not only torun the hamster, but also continue to store thewinter food. Inorder to avoid the mother's track, the owl alsosent a group ofhamsters to prevent the chicks forward. The bravechicks need toface all the challenges and overcome all thedifficulties. Gamefeatures: • New and improved game modes,Different tricks to bringyou a variety of different conditionschallenge • Hundreds of funlevels, constantly updated to bring youa steady stream of funlevels • Easily sync the game betweendevices when connected to theInternet • Leaderboards to watch yourfriends and competitors! •Special boosters to help you pass thosetricky levels • Free &easy to play, challenging to master! •Available to play on mobileand tablet devices Come and chicksfighting with it. Follow us toget news and updates; fun playing Chicken Splash 3!
Calming Lia - Glamorous Match 3 Adventure 3.161
Mingle Games
Help Bao to calm Lia with her nightmares and save the dream!CalmingLia is a glamorous match 3 adventure game. Travel throughfunworlds, Deep Sea, Spooky Circus and much more in thisglamorousmatch 3 adventure of Lia’s dreams. Slide and match 3 ormore tosave Lia’s dreams! Beat challenging match 3 levels and relaxyourmind. Collect magic charms, beautiful diamonds and shinygold!FEATURES ● 600+ match 3 adventure levels to beat ● Anadventure setin a dreamland of Lia and the brave bear Bao! ●Hand-drawn art andlovely animations! ● Magic box with chances towin goodies! ●Collect unique bonuses! ● Magic charm collection! ●Leaderboards towatch your friends and compete for the best score! ●Play dailygold mine challenge! ● Invite your friends to help you onthisjourney and get your rewards! ● Unlock magic treasure chests asyoutravel through the game! ● Easy to play and challenging tomaster!Play Calming Lia and embark on glamorous match 3 adventuregame! Wevalue your feedback, so let us know if you have any dreamideas forus to implement: Findout moreabout Lia and brave Bao quest at with Lia and brave Bao quest onFacebook Follow Lia and brave BaoonTwitter Follow Lia and braveBaoon Instagram Lia is a completely free-to-play match-3 adventuregame,but some items in the game are offered as in-app purchases.You canturn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchasesin yourdevice’s settings if you choose to.
Juice Jam - Puzzle Game & Free Match 3 Games
MATCH. JUICE. SERVE. REPEAT! Juice Jam- a juicy new match 3puzzlegame with bushels of fruity challenges! Join Kiwi, Mango, andtherest of the Juice Jam gang as you travel through hundreds ofnewworlds. Embark on this fruity adventure today! Features: ◆Hundredsof juicy levels! ◆ Brand new power-ups and ways to play! ◆Jamfruit to concoct sweet treats! ◆ Swap and blast your waythroughever expanding new worlds! ◆ Check back often for events,freerewards and new levels! ◆ Free and filled with adventure! Joinusin Juicetopia as Kiwi and Mango tour whimsical lands servingjuiceto thirsty customers! With a cast of quirky characters, arichlydetailed world and addictive match-3 gameplay, Juice Jam issure tosatisfy! LIKE: LEARN: www.juicejam.comDEVELOPERINFO: Jam City is the leading developer in trulycross-platformsocial gaming! Check out our other free match 3puzzle games!You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through everexpandinglevels and events. Check back often to see all the newcandy, cake,and sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crushthrougheach sweet puzzle. Begin your adventure on this free matchthreepuzzle game today!
Fruits Match 1.5.3160
Get ready to fall in love with this popular fruits puzzle game!Swapand match fruits to win awesome prizes and clear the board.Beginyour adventure today and explore a plenty of exciting anddeliciousworlds and levels. Pay attention with stone andwoodblocks!Fruits Match Game Features:- Enjoy 192 puzzle levels inthisfun addicting game- Group and match 3 fruits of the same typetoblast- Reward players with many achievements- Boost yourexperiencewith potent power-ups- Make sure to keep your eye out forthe newupdates and challenges- Leaderboards in friends circle andtheglobeWhat can we bring to you:☛ Cute and juicy design, Blingblingand sparkling fruits☛ To bring you a happy and relaxingtime☛Compete and share the fun with your family and friends so thatyouwill get more closely☛ Train your brain and yourfingersStartyour way to play this game with millions of otherplayers for FREEnow!!