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Medscape provides fast and accurate clinical answers atthepoint-of-care and is the leading medical resource forphysicians,medical students, nurses, and other healthcareprofessionals. UsingMedscape Consult, physicians can access acommunity of more than250K physicians worldwide to share cases, askquestions, andbenefit from their knowledge and diverse experiences.Discussclinical challenges and crowdsource the answers in a 24/7moderatedenvironment.NEW! Find the lowest drug prices and sharediscountcards with patients. With the Medscape app you can: •Quickly lookup medications and dosages with our Drug Reference Tool• Avoidadverse drug combinations with our Drug Interaction Checker• Findvital information for patient care with evidence-basedDisease& Condition reference • Stay current with the latestmedicalnews and earn CME -- all in one place • Other usefulresourceswithin the app: Step-by-Step Procedural Articles,MedicalCalculators, Pill ID Tool, Image Collections,FormularyInformation, and more! The Medscape app is free. Log-in isrequiredthe first time you use the Medscape app. If you are newtoMedscape, you can register for a free account in the app. Formoreinformation, visit you haveanysuggestions to improve our app or are having usage issues,pleasecontact us through our online help Users with 'rooted' devices andad-blockersoftware installed may experience connectivity errorswhile usingMedscape.Please disable ad-blocker software beforeattempting todownload Medscape's offline Clinical Reference.
Curofy - Discuss Medical Cases
"Curofy a must have app for doctors" - Economic TimesAmong "Top5Android apps for doctors"- Times Of India"Half of Indian medicostouse Curofy by 2018"- PharmaBizCurofy is a medical appexclusivelyfor the doctors. It is a platform for doctors tocollaborate onclinical cases and to stay updated with the latestmedical news andupdates in the industry. It also helps the doctorsto access thelatest journals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. Alsodoctors andstudents alike get to access videos and AMA sessionsfrom eminentdoctors like Dr Najeeb and other eminent doctors intheirfield.Curofy also helps you get the most appropriate medicaljobsthat suits your profile. With 300 cases posted every day,Curofy isthe most engaged platform in the Country. Curofy alsokeeps youupto date with the latest CMEs and events. With doctorsfromhospitals like AIIMS, KMC, CMC etc, it gives the communitythediversity and true spirit of collaborative learning andknowledgeexchange.Curofy Discuss: Discuss real life Clinical caseswithpeers- Discuss Clinical cases with fellow doctors, colleaguesfromall around the country- Get second opinion from industrystalwartsand the best doctors in your specialty- Invite doctors toanswer onposts you think are best suited for the posts - Take partinclinical case discussions based on human anatomy and diseases-Keepenhancing your medical knowledge with daily real life medicalcasediscussion- Get CME updates and coverages- Get access to videosoffamous doctors like Dr. Najeeb and others.Medical News: To keepyouupdated with medical news from Kevin Md, Medscape etc- Keeptrackof the latest news and happenings in the medical world- Thebest ofmedical news curated from top sites like Kevin Md, Medscape,Web Mdand many more- Get medical news from all around the worldrelevantto your preferences everyday- Keep yourself updated withthe latestdisease trends and types from various parts of theworldCurofyGenie : Takes care of all your needs- Genie takes careof all yourprofessional need at one place.- With genie you can getall youneed from loans to medical instruments to the appropriateMedicaljobs for you. Genie has everything- All you need to do is toJustWish !Curofy Journal : Free access to journals- Get journalsfreeof cost specific to your specialty- Get journals from majorplayerslike Elsevier, BMJ and many more Curofy MCQ : High YieldquestionsFor Medical Students- Get your hands on High YieldQuestionsspecifically prepared to kickstart your PG preparation forexamslike JIPMER, NEET, AIIMS , USMLE etc - Flex your brain musclesbytaking part in the MCQs- Stay ahead with your PG, USMLEpreparationwith questions from our in-house doctors- Get in-depthanalysis ofeach question along with their answers.- Students canalso accessexclusive videos lectures of Dr. Najeeb, Dr. SumerSethi, Dr. RohanKhandelwal and many othersCurofy Guidelines : Getaccess tocommunity approved treatment plan- Get the latestguidelines atyour fingertips for you to solve clinical cases anddiagnosingdifficult diseases with ease. - Download them andreference themlaterCurofy is made for the doctors to make your lifea whole loteasier. It is not only an Academic network of doctorsbut alsoproblem solving one Enjoy the curofy experience. Medication Guide
The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills,checkinteractions and set up your own personal medication records.Allmobile-optimized to speed up your browsingexperience.KeyFeaturesMy Med ListAdd your medications to instantlyassemblerelevant medical information in a simple, easy to readpersonalizedformat. Access in-depth consumer information, FDAalerts, druginteractions, plus food, allergy and medicalconditioninteractions. An invaluable tool for medication managementandadherence. Now offers offline support.Complete Drugs A toZlistingsFast search, accurate suggestion engine and themostcomprehensive database of drug information availableonline.PillIdentifierIdentify any meds simply by entering animprint, shape orcolor. Database updated daily.InteractionsCheckerProvides a listof interactions that may occur when differentdrugs are taken atthe same time. Also checks food interactionsautomatically.Q &AAsk a specific question about yourmedication. Search on thousandsof questions and answers.HealthProfessionalsQuick access to allthe tools you know and trust. Manyhelpful tools. Try the SymptomChecker. Lookup specialised databasesfor side effects and dosageinformation. Not quite sure how to spella drug name? Use thephonetic search. PermissionsThe app requiresfull network access togain access to the drug informationdatabase.The apprequires access to "Photos / Media / Files" toallow the app to beinstalled on the SD Card. We do not read yourphotos, media orfiles.Important Notice: You must not rely on thisapplication aloneto remember to take your prescriptions or toreplace medicaladvice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult withyour does not provide medical ortreatmentadvice. Always consult with a physician.Follow us onTwitter@drugscom for tips and updates.About isthe mostpopular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of druginformationonline. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurate andindependentdata on more than 24,000 prescription drugs,over-the-countermedicines & natural products. is amultiple WebbyAward nominee and attracts more than 25 million U.S.visitors permonth (Comscore, June 2016).App SupportIf you have anyfeaturerequests, suggestions or you simply need help, pleasevisit and our responsive supportteamwill prioritize your request.
Your.MD: Health Guide & Symptom Checker
Your.MD gives relevant and trusted health information to helpyoudecide the best next steps to get better and keephealthy.SymptomChecker | Health A-Z | Next Steps | HealthQuizzesFEATURES:• Checksymptoms for you or your loved ones(example: “I have pain aftereating and feel bloated withconstipation”) • Get reminders andfollow up notifications forcertain conditions (example: migraine)•Ask health questions and gettrusted information (example: “I’mworried about insect bites”)•Test your health and knowledge withour quizzes and self-assessmenttests (example: “Calculate yourBMI” or “Depression Test”)• Searchany medical condition in theHealth A-Z (also works offline)• Findthe best healthcare servicesand products checked by us in OneStopHealth™• Track your healthand other key health data every day inthe Health TrackerAIPOWERED• Artificial Intelligence understandsyour situation by whatyou type in the chat window (all data isconfidential)• Suggestshow serious your symptoms are and how soon(if at all) you shouldsee a doctor or seek more urgent care•Provides instant healthinformation on conditions, symptoms, causesand treatments (fromthe UK National Health Service)• Suggeststrusted healthcareservices and products, local to you and relevantto your needsHOWIT HELPS YOU• Your.MD is available 24/7 and alwaysfor free.• Ithelps you get better and stay healthy, and is a greatway to takecontrol of your health• Before seeing a doctor, Your.MDcan providehelpful information• It’s easy and gives you instantresults,saving you worries, time and money on data charges whentrying tofind the same information on search engines• Developed bydoctorsand scientists, Your.MD provides instant health guidance,wheneverand wherever you need it, for free (always)• Itprovidesclinically-assured information from real doctors• What’smore,Your.MD is available to everyoneGET INFO ON:• Headaches,Migraines•Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Constipation• CommonColds, Flu,Fever, Sore Throat• Mental Health Issues, Depression,Anxiety• SkinIrritations & Disorders• Hay Fever•Osteoarthritis• Fibroids•Allergies, Lactose Intolerance• KidneyStones• Alcoholism, LiverDisease• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome• BackPain• Gastroenteritis,Vomiting, Diarrhea• Cystitis• Vaginitis•Agoraphobia• PremenstrualSyndrome• Sinusitis• Claustrophobia•Sexualy Transmitted Infections(STIs)• Urinary ComplaintsCEAccredited• Your.MD is CE accredited,which means that our servicescomply with the safety regulationsand essential requirementsdetailed in the European Medical DeviceDirectives.(*) IMPORTANTNOTICEWe do everything we can to give youthe best possibleinformation but we cannot consider all thefactors that a realdoctor can so you should use this app forinformational purposesonly.Your.MD provides useful healthinformation that has beencalculated by an artificially intelligentsystem, based on theinputs you provided. It is not a substitutefor professional medicaladvice, diagnosis, therapy ortreatment.Before acting on any of theinformation in this app,including referrals to third partyservices, consult with yourdoctor to make sure that it is right foryou. If you think you mayhave a medical emergency, call your doctoror the emergencyservices immediately.Your.MD is not liable for anyend user’sdecision made solely on the information provided by thisservice.Your.MD does not provide medical diagnosis or treatment,but ratherhealth information that enables users to decide onappropriatefurther actions, which must be prescribed byprofessional medicalservices.
24/7 access to health information and decision-supporttools.WebMDhelps you with your decision-making and healthimprovement effortsby providing mobile access 24/7 tomobile-optimized healthinformation and decision-support toolsincluding WebMD’s SymptomChecker, Drugs & Treatments, First AidInformation and LocalHealth Listings. WebMD the App also gives youaccess to first aidinformation without having to be connectedwirelessly – critical ifyou don’t have Internet access in the timeof need. KEY FEATURES•WebMD Symptom Checker – Select the part ofthe body that istroubling you, choose your symptoms, & learnabout potentialconditions or issues.• Medication Reminders – Viewdaily medicationschedules and instructions, pill images with dosageand timinginformation, and receive reminders for when it’s time totake agiven medication. • Conditions – Find medicallyreviewedinformation about Conditions relevant to you & learnmore aboutcauses, treatments, & related symptoms.• Drugs &Treatments– Search our extensive database for information onDrugs,Supplements, & Vitamins. Access content such as Uses,SideEffects, Warnings, and more.• Pill Identification Tool –Identifyyour prescription drugs and over the counter medicines bypillshape, color, & imprint.• First Aid Essentials – Yourhandyguide for medical emergencies. From insect stings to brokenbones,helpful treatment tips are always available, even withoutanInternet connection.• Local Health Listings – Find theclosestphysician, hospital, & pharmacy based on your currentlocationor search by city, state or zip.Personalization:• Createcustomlists of Drugs, Conditions, and Articles• Save customlistssecurely• Review your saved information anytimeandanywhereADDITIONAL FEATURES• Native Voice Search Functionality–Search WebMD with their voice for a condition, drug, treatmentorfirst aid topic.• Maps – View local health listings&individual Physician, Hospital, & Pharmacy locations in amapview.• Get Directions – Enter your primary address once inappsettings and get one click directions.• Email Friends – Sendyourfriends medically reviewed content covering First Aid,Conditions,& Drugs.• Email Me – Quickly send yourself contentwith oneclick. Simply save your email address in app settings.•ContentUpdates – Timely content is updated automatically. ABOUTWebMDWebMDHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider ofhealthinformation services, serving consumers, physicians,healthcareprofessionals, employers, and health plans through ourpublic andprivate online portals, mobile platforms andhealth-focusedpublications. More than 95 million unique visitorsaccess the WebMDHealth Network each month.The WebMD Health Networkincludes WebMDHealth, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth,RxList,, and Medscape Education.SOURCE WebMDHealthCorp.WebMD. Better Information. Better Health.WebMD doesnotprovide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seektheadvice of your physician or other qualified health providerwithany questions you may have regarding a medical condition.Neverdisregard professional medical advice or delay in seekingitbecause of something you have read on the WebMD mobileapplication.
Ada - Your Health Guide
Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care aboutisnot feeling well. Developed by over 100 doctors &scientists,Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from acommon coldto rare diseases.Given a 5-star rating by over 50,000users, Adahelps thousands of people every day to live a healthierlife.HowAda can help you:1. Tell Ada what's troubling you2.Answerpersonalized, simple questions3. Understand what could bewrong4.Get instant information relevant to you• 100% Private –First namesonly and your data is always safe• Share Health Data –Share infoabout your health and activity with your doctor•Personalized –Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and giveshealthinformation specific to you No topic is off the table. AskAdaabout:• Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites• UrinaryComplaints•Sexual Health Problems• Pregnancy-related Problems•InfectiousDiseases• Pediatric Concerns, Children’s Health•NeurologicDisorders• Mental Health Issues• Problems Sleeping•IndigestionProblems• Vomiting, Diarrhea• Flu, Cold, Fever, SoreThroat•Persistent Coughs• Chronic Diseases• Cold Sores• Pink Eye,EyeInfections• Rheumatic DiseasesYou speak, we listen! Yourfeedbackhelps us to improve Ada.Just send an email to
Prognosis : Your Diagnosis
Test your medical decision-making skills in a risk-freeenvironment;assess your clinical knowledge on the go or in yourspare moments;learn about diseases in just a few minutes and applythese skills toyour day-to-day practice! Designed with busyhealthcare providers inmind, Prognosis presents an engaging seriesof clinical scenarioswhich can be played in a few minutes, andserve to hone and expandone’s clinical skills and knowledge. Afterall, practice makesperfect!Each of 1,500+ scenarios encompassing30+ medicalspecialties can be played in minutes, and isaccompanied by aconcise yet comprehensive discussion of thediagnostic reasoning andkey learning points. The cases explored inthis award winning appare based on the actual clinical experiencesof 150+ specialists.They provide extremely useful practicematerial for physicians,medical students, academicians, and thosesitting their professionallicensure examinations alike. Newscenarios are released each week,often in keeping with globalendemic and epidemic trends, to helpyou brush up on the clinicalskills that are the need of the hour!Achievements: - #1 rankedmedical app in the USA - 'Dr House forDoctors' - Discover Magazine- “One of the five best apps fordoctors’ - Royal College ofSurgeons of England (RCSE) - Best HealthApp at the World SummitAwards 2012 User testimonials: - "Worth adownload. In a very shorttime, learned a few new things already." -"A fun way to viewcases. Great for medical students and also nurses- also great forlong time MDs. This is just fun !" - "As anacademic physician thisis a great teaching tool!" For comments,criticisms or to shareideas on new cases, contact us We'dlove to hear fromyou!----------------------------------Noteonpermissions:----------------------------------We use GoogleCloudMessaging (GCM) to send you a notification each week, when anewcase is released.- GCM requires the following permissions:"FINDACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE", "FULL NETWORK ACCESS", "RECEIVE DATAFROMINTERNET", and "PREVENT PHONE FROM SLEEPING".
PlexusMD - no 1 medical news & careers app
[For Doctors only] PlexusMD is the world's largest communityofdoctors where you can read the latest medical news, sharecases,ask questions and find career opportunities. Download the apptoget started. It is completely free. • Always stay up-to-datewiththe latest guidelines, clinical trial outcomes, druglaunches,epidemic alerts and important official announcements•Followleading experts in your specialty and learn from theirexperience •Share your interesting cases with colleagues across theworld, growyour follower base• Ask question pertaining to medicalpractice,clinical cases or medicolegal issues and get otherdoctors'perspectives • Find top doctors in any specialty andconnect withthem • Showcase your profile and let other doctors findyou forreferrals, collaborations and other opportunities• Find andapplyto Doctor Jobs, Medical Courses and Fellowships and registerforupcoming Medical ConferencesThe PlexusMD app helps you get allthekey announcements, news and publications from 500+sourcesincluding Medscape, Medpage, UptoDate, Healio, BMJ, Lancet,NEJM,JAMA, WebMD, top Medical schools including Mayo Clinic,Harvard,Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, AIIMS Delhi,SGPGILucknow, PGI Chandigarh, Government bodies, WHO and otherhealthbodies and associations like FDA, CDC, AHA, ESH, IndianMedicalAssociation, Medical Council of India.Download the app togetstarted. It is completely free.
Medscape MedPulse
Medscape MedPulse is the only medical news app you’ll everneed.Stay informed on the latest medical news withaward-winningjournalism and expert perspectives writtenspecifically forphysicians, medical students and healthcareprofessionals. Read themost essential news across medicine,customize the app by thetopics important to you and keep up withthe medical thoughtleaders you trust.Highlights:• Stay current withbreaking drug anddevice news from the FDA, new practice guidelines,updates onclinical trials and insights from more than 150conferences •Personalize your experience by choosing thespecialties, topics andexperts that are most important to you•Follow what’s trending inmedicine across social media and aroundthe web with our curatedToday on Twitter and Blog feeds • Keep upon vital professional andpractice management information withMedscape’s popular Business ofMedicine contentThe app is availablefor FREE (Log in with yourMedscape username and password. New usersmay register for a freeaccount.)If you have any suggestions toimprove our app or arehaving issues, please contact us through ouronline help center Web SiteMedscapeMedPulse – News &Perspective Support
Medico MCQS and Health Updates
No matter you are Medical or Non-Medical Person,you must havetheknowledge of medical science because it is directly orindirectlyrelated to our health,and all of know Health isWealth.This Appwill provide you Alert about all the Medical Newsand Discoveryhappening around the Globe.Medical News Alert providesyou news andalert about Abortion,AcidReflox/GERD,ADHD/AAD,AidDisasters,Alcohol,Addiction/IllegalDrugs,Allergy and manymore.Disclaimer-Links to the third-Partywebsites are provided forconvenience only.We do not endorse norsupport the content ofthird-party links.We are not responsible forthe content of thethird-party website.Privacy and security policiesmay differ fromthose practised by us.
Medscape CME & Education 1.1.2
The FREE Medscape CME & Education app helpshealthcareprofessionals stay knowledgeable about the latestmedicalinformation while fulfilling continuing education (CME, CE,ABIMMOC) requirements right from their phone or tablet.MedscapeEducation is the leading source for online continuingmedicaleducation, issuing millions of certificates, across30+specialties. Choose from a wide selection of activityformatsacross an assortment of clinical topics, each with a clearpurposeand set of benefits to meet your educational needs.MedscapeEducation (Medscape, LLC) is ACCME-, ANCC-, andACPE-accredited.All of our courses are independently developed by ateam ofscientific directors who work in cooperation with leadingfacultyfrom major academic institutions.Features:CustomizeyourExperience- Choose your content by specialty, topic of interestorformat- Create a customized activity list to follow- Sort bytopic,credit amount and moreCredit Tracker- Personal Credit Trackerletsyou keep track of your activities, credits and certificates.Allcredits, completed or in-progress, are automatically trackedinyour Credit Tracker. You can easily view your progress anywhereatyour convenience. Convenient online/mobile access- TheCreditTracker is synched across all devices to allow you to easilyswitchbetween your computer and mobile device while you work onanactivity. You can also access Medscape CME & Education anytimevia an internet browser at ChooseyourexperienceSelect from a variety of formats—Video,PatientSimulations, Expert Perspectives and more—to meet youreducationneeds and preferences
Journal Club for Android
Internal medicine literature atyourfingertips.ALLHAT, JUPITER, ARDSNet, CLOSURE, WARFASA, FACTT. Let’s faceit:the sea of evidence-based medicine is vast, and wadingthroughstacks and stacks of JAMA, NEJM, and JACC just isn'tfeasible. Whatshould be at the top of the reading list?Powered by Wiki Journal Club, Journal Club for Android focusesonthe top articles in internal medicine and puts landmark trialsatyour fingertips. Written by physicians, these article summariesaredistilled into bite-size morsels that clinicians can digestquickly.Think of it as CliffsNotes for medical research.Journal Club includes many landmark clinical trials publishedinthe past century, focusing on the practice-changing studiesthatinternists and medical subspecialists ought to know handily.Thatmeans we're more likely to cover the 1981 NCDS study ofdialysis inESRD, and less likely to cover your favorite study oflixisenatidein patients with diabetes that's hot off the press.Features:-Simple, intuitive interface-Concise bottom lines-Relevant major points-Links to PubMed and primary literature-Sort trials by name, date, specialty, and disease-Share summaries with colleagues-Integrated search-Favorites
DocCheck Flexikon
One of the largest and most popular communities for medicalandhealth now available on the app store - a comprehensive lexiconandencyclopedia.Practicing physicians, nurses, med students oranyonejust interested can benefit from instant access to a hugelibraryof medical information in this free app.Highlights of theapp:-Search quickly and efficiently for definitions, symptoms,therapiesand much more medical information- Access or browsemedicalknowledge in over 50,000 articles, images and videos-Bookmark,save and access your favourites offline as well- Thecontent isupdated on a regular basis while quality is ensured bypeerreviews- Open medical dictionary for everyone to participate -theknowledge base is growing steadily- Comprehensive visualizationofcontent through 3D models, videos and galleriesAll contentiscross-linked for more in-depth research. Your app forquicklyaccessing medical information from the smartphoneortablet.FEEDBACK:Do you like our app? We look forward toyourfeedback.If you have suggestions for improvements please donothesitate to write an email to Wewillalways come back to you and sort things out. Thanks!Follow usonFacebook:
WebMDRx is the free service that helps you save money onyourprescription medications. With WebMDRx, you can search thepricesof your medications across over 60,000+ pharmaciesnationwide, andknow what you will pay BEFORE you get to thepharmacycounter.WebMDRx finally makes it possible for you to gettheprescriptions you need at the prices you want, everydayandanywhere. Compare costs for your prescription medications withtheWebMDRx Savings Card, and then select the price and pharmacythatare right for you. Key Benefits of WebMDRx:- It’s free to use,andyour WebMDRx Savings Card never expires.Use at over60,000+pharmacies nationwide.- For use by anyone (nocitizenshiprequirements) at pharmacies within the U.S. and PuertoRico, withpotential savings even if you already have insurance.-Nodeductibles, no copays, no fees, no paperwork.- No limitationtohow often you can use your savings card or the number ofpharmaciesyou can use it in.- Share your savings card with yourfamily andfriends.- No personal information is required in order totakeadvantage of WebMDRx savings.- No hassle over lost cards.Generateas many Savings cards as you need at any time.- AccessWebMDRx andyour Savings Card on any device (laptop, tablet, mobileweb, app),anytime.About WebMD:WebMD is the leading provider ofhealthinformation services, serving consumers, physicians,otherhealthcare professionals, employers and health plans. Theonlinehealthcare information, decision-support applicationsandcommunications services that we provide: - Help consumers takeanactive role in managing their health by providingobjectivehealthcare information and lifestyle information. - Makeit easierfor physicians and healthcare professionals to accessclinicalreference sources, stay abreast of the latest clinicalinformation,learn about new treatment options, earn continuingmedicaleducation credits and communicate with peers. - Enableemployersand health plans to provide their employees and planmembers withaccess to personalized health and benefit informationand decisionsupport technology that helps them make informedbenefit, providerand treatment choices.The WebMD Health Networkincludes WebMDHealth, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth,RxList,, and Medscape Education. SOURCE WebMDHealthCorp. WebMD. Better Information. Better Health. WebMD doesnotprovide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seektheadvice of your physician or other qualified health providerwithany questions you may have regarding a medical condition.Neverdisregard professional medical advice or delay in seekingitbecause of something you have read on the WebMD mobileapplication.
Epocrates Plus
One out of two US physicians rely onEpocratesto enable better patient care by delivering the rightinformationwhen it’s needed most.Join over 1 million health care professionals worldwide whouseEpocrates in the moments of care:• Review drug prescribing and safety information for thousandsofbrand, generic, and OTC drugs• Check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions among upto30 drugs at a time• Identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics• Access timely medical news and research information• Find providers for consults and referrals in theProviderDirectory• Select national and regional health care insurance formulariesfordrug coverage information• Perform dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR• New! Coordinate care securely with HIPAA-complianttextmessagingIn addition, disease information, clinical practiceguidelines,alternative medications, lab guides, coding and morecontent isavailable by upgrading to an Epocrates Plussubscription.Disease information, alternative medications, lab guides andmoreclinical tools and content are available by upgrading toanEpocrates Plus subscription.Members with an Epocrates Plus subscription will have accesstopremium content across all Epocrates supported platforms.
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital
Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital Application is a free and providesawide range of Electronic Services to all Dr. Sulaiman AlHabibHospital’s Clients. The Application reflects the medicalgroupfocus on quality services and commitment towards providingpremierhealthcare services and Cutting Edge technology to itsvaluedpatients. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Application supportstheArabic & English Languages and has the followingfeatures:Create medical file online.Online Appointment Booking&rescheduling. Insurance approval status. Find A doctor. Askyourdoctor. Medical prescriptions. Lab results. Hospitalscontactnumbers. Doctor profiles. Hospitals, Pharmacies Locations.LatestJobs. Hospital’s Virtual Tour. Official Social Media. Dr.SulaimanAl-Habib Medical Group is a highly reputable and one of thelargestproviders of comprehensive healthcare services in the MiddleEast.Its continuous success in providing the highest quality ofmedicalcare has set a benchmark in the Arab region, as it iscurrentlyoperating 18 Medical Projects in Saudi Arabia, United ArabEmiratesand Bahrain.
Sexually Transmitted Disease
The app "Sexually Transmitted Diseases has been created forMedicalStudents, Doctors and Public who seeks knowledge aboutSexuallytransmitted diseases. Every effort has been made to provideyoucomplete information about STDs (Sexually transmitteddiseases).The app consists of common 17 Sexually transmitteddiseases andinfection and every disease and infection has beenexplained in thefollowing catogries:● Introduction of diseases●Sign and Symptomsof diseases● Diagnosis and Tests of diseases●Treatment ofdiseases● Complications of diseases● PreventionofdiseasesInformation has been collected for many source sotoprovide you people the very correct and useful information.Hopeso,this app will be more useful for you. If you like it pleaseshareit with your friends and rate us.If there is any errororsuggestion, kindly inform us which will behighlyappreciated.RegardsKMCpesh
Disorder & Diseases Dictionary
Diseases Dictionary Offline is complete OFFLINE and FREEappcontaining list of Medical disorders & diseases thatprovidesall information about symptoms, disorder and treatment andmanymedical terminology.This is a Medical Dictionary hand book canactas a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can also be usedtolook up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medical dictionaryfreedownload is like a FREE Doctor at home for common diseasesandtreatment codes.Optimized for TABLET devices.Diseases Dictionary-Medical App Features:1. Offline – It wok offline, noactiveinternet connection is required;2. Detailed description ofallmajor medical conditions and diseases: - definition;-symptoms;-causes;- risk factors;- complications;- preparing foryourappointment;- tests and diagnosis;- treatments anddrugs;-lifestyle and home remedies3. Easily find needed diseasewithinstant search.4. Favorites list– you are able to bookmarktheDisease item to your favorites list by clicking on the“star”icon.Who can use this dictionary:Healthcareprofessionals,pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medicalstudents,nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants andforstudents who work in clinical practice & dispensary.
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic app connects you to the No. 1 hospital inthenation, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

The MayoClinicapp gives you practical, helpful tools to manage yourhealthon-the-go. The app delivers a daily dose of health newsandpractical advice from top doctors, dietitians, fitness expertsandmore. You can also search for reliable, research-backed answerstoyour questions about diseases, symptoms and healthprocedures.Plus, you can easily request an appointment withworld-classexperts in top-ranked specialties.

If you're already aMayo Clinicpatient, the app puts all of your medical information inyourpocket, so it's easier to track your health, scheduleappointmentsand complete check-in questionnaires at yourconvenience. Whenyou're on-site, the app is your ideal tool. You'llget easy accessto your appointment itinerary, important reminders,campus maps andyour personal medical records.Favorite features:
•Start (or end)your day with must-read news, health insights,fitness videos,recipes and wellness tips.• Search for trustworthyinfo aboutdiseases, symptoms and medical procedures.
• Makeappointments atyour convenience.
• Check your appointmentitinerary.
• View testresults in real time.
• View radiology imagesand exams.• Accessand pay your bills.• Communicate with your careteam in a securemessaging system.• Get Express Care Online withinan hour forcommon ailments that don't require an in-person visit(available inselect regions).
Learn more about the Mayo Clinicapp:
Clinical Treatment - Medical Treatment
Introduction: "Clinical Treatment" Provide you one of thebesteducation about Treatment of Diseases and remained the firstchoiceof Doctors especially House Officers, Medical Officers andTrainingMedical Officers. Features:- Treatment Of Diseases- QuickSearch ofDisease- Aims Of Treatment-General Measures-PharmacologicalTreatment- Criteria for Referral- Doses of Drugs-Route Ofadministration of Drugs- Various Brand Names of Drugs usedinTreatment of DiseasesContents:It covers the Treatment ofDiseasesOf Following systems:-Cardiovascular system-RespiratorySystem-Dermatology -Gynaecology and Obstetrics -Dentistry-UrogenitalSystem -Nervous System -Hepatobiliary System -Poisoning-EndocrineSystem -Hematology -GastroIntestinal System -InfectiousDiseases-Musculoskeletal System-Psychitary -SexuallyTransmittedDiseasesDisclaimer:This application is intended onlyforeducational purposes and should not be considered equivalenttomedical advice. Consult a registered medical doctor in case ofanyhealth issues.BmcAndroLab and Marwatsoft will not responsibleforany harm done or any incorrect decision been taken from the useofthis application.Although, every effort has been made to makethecontent error free but hundred percent accuracy can notbeguaranteed. If someone finds his/her copyrighted contents inthisapplication then please tell in detail about what material hasbeentaken and what should be done with this material along withdetailsof your webpage or source from which it has been taken andyourcopyrights authority over the material. The contents ofthisapplication are subjected to copyright.
Medical Records App
You can use this Android Medical Records App to easily savemedicalrecords, patient history, health information.Features:– Allyourinfo (including medical data) are stored in your device–Usernameand password authentication– Export medical data to ExcelSheet–you can attach documents of any file type (pdf, word ...etc)orcapture it using camera or video recording.– The availabilitytostore patient address: latitude,longitude using maps–Theavailability to launch Google Maps navigation to drive tothepatient stored address starting from your current location–Medicalhistory– Lab Tests module– Radiology module– Appointmentmodule totrack patient appointments – Smart Search by name or ID,you cancapture a photo for your profile– Record video or imagecapture formedical activities, with or instead of writing text.–Smart Searchby name or ID, you can capture a photo for yourprofile– Fullscreenimage slider to browse reports which captured bythe user–Fullscreen video viewer to display Videos taken.– Pick upmedicaldocument stored as Picture or video from Image gallery–Capabilityof adding patient information via the device contactlist; if thepatient info is on the device contacts list– Physicianscan usethis android app as clinic information system or clinicmanagementsystem, Doctor Patient Medical Records, AndroidHealthcaremanagement mobile application, Android Patient MedicalRecords totrack Patient history,Android Electronic medical Records(EMR),Android Electronic Health Records (EHR).– Useful to storethemedical family history of your family members, thus makes iteasyfor your doctor totrack your medical info history
Practo — Doctors, Order Medicines, Consult Online
World's leading healthcare app Practo — your home for health—connects you with everything you need to take care of yourselfandyour loved ones — find great doctors and book instantappointments,chat with them online, order medicines, book labtests, getpersonalised health tips and store all your healthrecordsdigitally so they are always with you. The best way to bookdoctorappointmentsPracto makes finding great doctors andbookingappointments with them super easy. Enter your symptomsandinstantly see a list of verified doctors with detailedinformationincluding their medical qualifications, experience, feesand more.You can also read genuine feedback from patients beforeyou selectthe time that is convenient and book your appointmentwith just acouple of taps. Consult online with a doctorConsult adoctor onlinefor medical advice on Practo app.Solve your medicalproblems quick& easy with online consultation. Chat with adoctor instantlyin a private consultation or ask free healthquestions to doctors,anywhere in India. Get assured responses 24*7to all your medicalquestions from 5000+ verified doctors online.Getexpert advice,health tips for all your health concerns. Getting adoctor’s advicehas never been easier and more accessible.OrdermedicinesonlineOrder medicines online & get them home deliveredacross50+ cities in India. Order for medicines and other healthproductsonline on Practo app. Practo will remember your past ordersandalso enable you to subscribe for your chronic medications soyounever run out of meds again."Set medicine remindersWe’ll remindyouwhen to take your medicines, drink water or take a break fromwork!Medicine reminders are also set automatically if a doctorshares adigital prescription with you.Book Lab Tests OnlineFindingthe bestdiagnostic labs near you is now easy. Find the nearest labsalongwith details like lab timings, reviews, address, contactdetailsand cost of all tests available at the lab. You canevenconveniently book tests & scans of your choice onlineandreceive e-reports by email.Keep your medical recordshandyUploadyour medical records on Practo app to keep them safe,secure andeasily accessible from anywhere in the world. Detaileddigitalmedical records help you in getting a more accuratediagnosis.Learnnew ways to be healthierThousands of health articleson Practo willhelp you get healthier. We also share interestingbits on yourhealth interests to keep the fitness wheelrolling!Search throughthousands of free answers on healthIf youhave a quick doubtrelated to your health then do read through thefree health Q&Aforum that has helpful answers from doctors andhealth experts, forhundreds of conditions.Take control of yourhealth here with allyour doctor appointments, medical records(EMR), medicine remindersand online consultations in one place.Subscribe for relevanthealth articles and get notified.On Practo,you can find and bookonline doctor appointments for: diabetes,psychology,physiotherapy, cancer, gynecology, neurology,dermatology,gastroenterology, dentistry (dental care),orthopaedics,endocrinology, urology, obesity/weight loss,ophthalmology (eyeproblems), ENT care and much more. Practo alsolists specialists inalternative medicine (ayurveda and homeopathyetc.).
WebMD Baby
Over 1.7 million parents have downloaded the WebMD Baby app totracktheir baby’s development and get trusted, physician-approvedadvice.In this single, free app, you’ll have the right resourcesto raiseyour newborn.Five comprehensive tools to keep track ofimportantneeds and stay on schedule:- Breastfeeding,bottle-feeding, andsolid-food trackers – record and review allyour feeding and nursingsessions, including both breast milk andformula. - Sleep tracker:Records not only time of each session,but location such as crib,car seat, stroller, and more.- Diapertracker: Keep track of eachdiaper change -- dry, wet, or both.-Growth tracker: Allows you torecord height, weight, and headcircumference.- Baby Book: Captureyour baby's memories and sharethem with collaborators. (Note:videos cannot be shared or backedup due to file sizes)- The nursingand feeding trackers allow youto schedule reminders and even basethem on previous feedings.-Collaborate with your partner,relatives, or caregiver to keeptrack of all your child’s needs.Tracker updates sync across alldevices.WebMD is like a pediatricianin your pocket with anextensive library of medically-approvedcontent including 400articles, 598 tips, and 70 videos:- Baby &Toddler Care (16categories)- Illness & Emergencies (39categories)- Just forMoms- Just for Dads- Parenting Tips (367)-Baby Week by Week (64content packages)- Ask the Pediatrician (8video Q&A sessionswith a WedMD in-house pediatrician)-Milestones (7 categoriesdivided by age up to 24 months old) -Vaccines (all baby vaccineinfo)- Baby Doctor Visits (11 well visitguides)"It is arguablymore practical and useful than many of theothers combined." --NYTimesWebMD Baby "will significantly lightenup your diaper bag"-- Consumer Reports"New parents can rest easywith this great app"-- Appolicious"I will probably find myselfreading one of thosefeatured articles on one my many sleeplessnights!" -- USATodayAbout WebMDWebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) isthe leadingprovider of health information services, servingconsumers,physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, andhealth plansthrough our public and private online portals, mobileplatforms andhealth-focused publications. More than 95 millionunique visitorsaccess the WebMD Health Network each month.The WebMDHealth Networkincludes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet,emedicineHealth,RxList,, and MedscapeEducation.SOURCE WebMDHealth Corp.WebMD. Better Information. BetterHealth.WebMD does notprovide medical advice, diagnosis ortreatment. Always seek theadvice of your physician or otherqualified health provider withany questions you may have regardinga medical condition. Neverdisregard professional medical advice ordelay in seeking itbecause of something you have read on the WebMDmobile application.
Childhood diseases (Free)
This application dedicated to giving you the bestpossibleinformation to help you make educated decisions on yourhealth careneeds.You will find reliable health information such asdiseasesdescription, it's causes, risk factors, treatmentandcomplications, questions to ask your doctor.Weprovidescientifically accurate information from a familymedicineperspective to improve the health of all individualsandcommunities by:- Empowering patients to make informeddecisionsabout their health and wellness;- Educating parents,caretakers andfamilies to support healthful behaviors, diseaseprevention andeffective management of common diseases;- Providingtools tofacilitate discussions between patients and familydoctors;-Strengthening the relationships between patients and theirfamilydoctors.Features: - a very quick Search for Terms; -completeoffline access, No Internet connection required; - hugedatabase ofTerminologies; - email any of the terms instantly; -unlimited BookMarks; - compatible with all versions of AndroidDevices; - veryefficient, fast and good performance; - automaticfree updateswhenever new terms gets added; - application isdesigned to occupyas much as less memory as possible.Theinformation provided in thisapplication is for general educationalpurposes only. It is notintended to be used as a substitute formedical advice. Anyconcerns or questions you have about your healthor the health ofyour family should be discussed with your doctor.
WebMD Allergy
Based on the allergies you have, the free WebMD Allergy appforAndroid will help you prepare for each day with apersonalizedallergy and weather forecast along with doctor-approvedtips thatcan be customized to your and your family’s specificallergies. Youcan also track how you feel, RECORD symptoms andtreatments, andadd notes through an easy to use allergy tracker.Before yourdoctor appointments, generate reports to share with yourdoctor.TheWebMD Allergy app helps you to control your allergysymptoms byshowing you the allergy levels in your area before youstart yourday. Whenever. Wherever.130 Tips – 193 Articles – 12Videos – 15Slideshows – 36 Quizzes WebMD Allergy is speciallydesigned andcustomized for people with the following allergies: ✓Outdoor/HayFever ✓ Indoor/Year-Round✓ Food✓ Skin ✓ Drug ✓ InsectBites andStings ✓ LatexWebMD Allergy is organized into 4easy-to-usesections: ♦ Allergy Forecast WebMD Allergy deliversup-to-dateallergen levels based on your location. If you’retraveling, youcan look up the allergy forecast for your destinationand savelocations that you frequently visit. Have kids withallergies? Youcan manage each family member’s allergies usingindividualprofiles, too. You can now get proactive with managingyour entirefamily’s allergies from one place, anytime, anywhere! ♦Allergies101 Browse through WebMD Allergy’s rich library ofallergyarticles, slideshows and videos in 7 categories: Outdoor,Indoor,Skin, Drug, Food, Insect Bites and Stings, and Latex. Or youcansearch to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.♦WeatherForecastGet the 3-day weather forecast for your area oranothersaved location.♦ Allergy TrackerTrack how you feel, yourRECORDsymptoms and treatments, and add notes daily. Generate areport youcan share with your doctor.
Calculate by QxMD
From the maker of the apps 'Read', 'The ECG Guide' and 'PediSTAT'comes 'Calculate', a next-generation medical calculatoranddecision support tool, freely available to themedicalcommunity.Also available on the webat tools in GeneralPractice,Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Obstetrics,Nephrology,Hematology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology,Neurology,Neurosurgery, Respirology, and more."We recommend medicalusers trythe free Calculate by QxMD first..."-from iMedicalAppsreview "Thebest free Medical Calculator apps for theiPhone"'Calculate' isfocused on highlighting tools which areactually useful in clinicalpractice and serve to impact diagnosis,treatment or determiningprognosis.Helping you make decisions, notjust calculatenumbers...Features• Developed by a collaboration ofclinicianexperts from diverse backgrounds• Converts recentresearchpublications into practical handheld tools - knowledgetranslationat its best• Automatically adapts to your self-describedclinicalpractice• Unique ‘Question Flow’ technology gets youanswers, fast•Detailed references with Pubmed integration•Comprehensive andinsightful results• Elegant design and intuitiveinterface• SI andConventional unitsMore than 300 unique calculatorsand decisionsupport toolsWhile too extensive to list them all, hereis a smallsampling of included content:Reduce and predictperioperativecomplications• WHO Surgical Safety Checklist•Predictive models forcardiac surgery and coronary angiographyGuidetreatment• Determinecardiovascular risk and guide lipid treatmentusing the Framinghamand Reynolds Risk Scores• Use the CHA2DS2-VAScscore to guidetreatment in atrial fibrillation• Better understandthe risk ofbleeding from anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation•ACS using theTIMI risk score• Burns with rule of 9s and Parklandformula•Hypernatremia (calculate water deficit)Determine Prognosis•Heartfailure• Lymphoma• Myelodysplastic Syndrome•Myeloma•Glomerulonephritis• Hemodialysis• COPD• TIA•PancreatitisCalculate•Ideal body weight, BMI and BSA• Due date andgestational age•Extensive formula used in echocardiogropathy andinvasivehemodynamic monitoring• Kt/V in dialysis patients• eGFRwithCKD-EPI, Cockcroft-Gault and MDRD• A-a gradientClassify•Angina(CCS)• Congestive heart failure (NYHA)Manage• Head, neck,ankle andknee injuries• DVT and PE• Pulmonary nodulesStage• Lungcancer•Renal cell carcinomaUnderstand• TTKG (transtubularpotassiumgradient) in hypokalemia and hyperkalemia•DermatomesDiagnose•Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia• InfectiveEndocarditis• ARDS•Autoimmune HepatitisAnd much more... Want tokeep up with medicalresearch? Get 'Read by QxMD' for Android: medical professionals, QxMD is dedicatedto creating highquality, point-of-care tools for practicing healthcareprofessionals. Recognized as a leading developer of freemedicalsoftware for mobile devices, QxMD develops content incooperationwith expert physicians from their respective fields.
Application DOESN'T REQUIRE Internet connection to work!Healthpediais a collection of information (descriptions, symptomsandtreatments) about illnesses and diseases. Very large database(overone thousand articles) of health information contained inoneapplication. Source of knowledge on coping with healthproblemswithout having to connect to the Internet.The applicationincludesalphabetically sorted list of ailments and diseases, andallows youto browse articles by category. The program includesdescriptionsof diseases and their symptoms, and informationontreatments.Healthpedia does not require any permission and donotuse the Internet.
Stanford Health Care MyHealth
Accessing your personal health information has never beeneasier.The MyHealth mobile app from Stanford Health Care puts allyourhealth information at your fingertips and makes managingyourhealth care simple and quick. For Stanford Health Carepatients,now you can manage your MyHealth account, yourprescriptions, makeappointments and even conduct video visits allfrom your AndroidPhone. With the new Stanford Health Care MyHealthapp you can:•Make appointments• Get test results – your lab resultsareautomatically made available in the palm of your hand•Communicatewith your care team through a secure messaging systemwhere yourinformation is always kept confidential• Have a videovisit withyour doctor through the new ClickWell Care clinic whichgives youthe convenient option of a “virtual” appointment • Manageyourprescriptions and medications• View your health summary• Accessandpay your billsTo use the MyHealth mobile app, you must haveaMyHealth account with Stanford Health Care. If you are acurrentStanford Health Care patient and do not have a MyHealthaccount,you may enroll online at
First Aid Emergency & Home
A comprehensive Medical Health Guide & symptom checkerdesignedto help in Emergency, at Home or Outdoors. Works offline.24/7access to health information.Features:~ Quick first aidlinks~Symptoms checker~ Voice search~ Human body with medicalalgorithms~Lab values and tests~ Ask a free question~ Most of thetopicsinclude natural home remedies
Bundle Breaking News
Bundle is the top–rated news aggregator in Play Store,deliveringall the news stories that matter to you.• All the newsacross theglobe – A selection of over 10,000 news outlets, sources,onlinepublishers, magazines, newspapers, columns and blogs from22countries, available for your personal collection.•Personalizedand unbiased – Follow news stories from the newsoutlets only youdecide. Read the content of publishers you deemobjective and fair.Create and access the collection of yourfavorite and most trustedsources via ‘My Bundle’.• Breaking newsalerts – Get instant pushnotifications for major developing storiesand stay updated. Accessprevious notifications via your‘notifications inbox’.• Browsecontent from various topics – Delveinto 20+ categories anddiscover the most popular stories: Be itwhether business,technology, sports, science, entertainment,opinion, metro,fashion… and more.• Discover local stories – Switchbetween globalnews, and news from the US, the UK, Germany, andTurkey.• Save forlater – Interested in reading an article but shorton time?Bookmark and read when it is convenient!• Daily editorialpicks –Check out ‘Hot Bundle’ for the most inspiring, enlighteningandempowering content.• Photo stories – A constantly updating,curatedcollection of the most beautiful shots in fashion, lifestyleandpress photography.• Enhanced search – Brings you whatever youarelooking for just in moments; scanning all the news,blogs,magazines, articles, titles, columnists and more.• Easy touse,hard to give up – Bundle offers a top-notch user experiencewithits award-winning design and intuitive interface. Pick among3viewing modes: List view, Grid view or Card view. Schedule andrunthe dark theme automatically at night, disable story imageswhenyou’re running low on your data plan. Login with your socialmediaaccounts and sync your saved articles and followedpublishersacross all your devices.Keep in touch: For moreinformation pleasevisit our website: www.bundlenews.coFollow and @bundle_news on TwitterYour opinionisalways welcome, please send your comments and
Appy Geek – Tech news
The #1 tech news app - offering the most comprehensivedailybreaking news coverage from hundreds of licensed & trustednewssources worldwide.Appy Geek delivers breaking tech newsincludingmobile, gadgets, wearables, video games, product info,science,art, and tech culture. “Appy Geek is my favorite technologynewsapp” - New York Times"A nicely designed app, full of content&easy to dive in” - Pocket-Lint• Introducing your personalnewsprofile! Keep track of your activities, discover yourranking,compare it with friends and followers.• Visual: Get thelatestbreaking headlines from your favorite topics in a highlyvisualformat.• Smart: Appy Geek learns as you read, personalizingyournews experience automatically.• In the know: My News Digest isyourdaily news briefing built around YOU.• Complete: We bringyoucomplete articles with full text, photos and videos fromtrustedsources.• Yours: Choose from a wide variety of tech topicsfor acustom home screen and news experience.• In-depth: Explorerelatedtopics via Tag Nav™, our innovative news navigationsystem.•Customizable: Add custom RSS news feeds from yourfavoritewebsites.Featuring the best technology & techculturepublications on the planet, including TechCrunch, CNET,Engadget,The Verge, Vice and many more.Appy Geek is available in 13regionaleditions - USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Russia,LatAm,China, Mexico, Canada, India and International._ _ _ _ _ _ __ _PERSONALIZE > EXPLORE > GET ALERTED > SHARE >RESEARCH> REACT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Your Tech News - Get AppyGeeknow!Facebook - Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
Breaking News Today
Get the latest Breaking News Alerts, latest headlines anddailyarticles dedicated to each country we support.Breaking NewsTodayapp combines hundreds of trusted sources like CNN, NBC, FoxNews,to provide best contents as fast as possible! You can evenfollownews through your favorite topics. Our artificialintelligencealgorithm helps to filter out thousands of articleseveryday inorder to find the ones that are most relevant and fun toread. Youare what you read, that's why we have to be selective.Whenyouinstall the app, it automatically detects your country andoffersall interesting news. You can always follow othercountries.FEATURES Available Topics in the app are (We add newtopicspermanently) : - US News : Find breaking US news, localnews,features and analysis. - UK News : breaking UK news, expertcommentand analysis on the latest UK news, with headlines fromEngland,Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. - Canada News :Canadian newsand top headlines, Live breaking news, national news,and more fromprovinces and territories across Canada. - AustraliaNews :Australia's most trusted sources of local, national and worldnews.- World News : The latest international news, featuring topstoriesfrom around the world and breaking news, as it happens. -WeatherNews : Find the most current and reliable weather forecasts,stormalerts, reports and information. - Business News : News fromtheworld of finance and business. Top stories, news bulletin,Featuresand analysis. - Technology News : The most importanttechnologynews, developments and trends with insightful analysisandcommentary. Coverage includes hardware, software, networking,... -Sports News : Breaking Sports News and Results includingFootball,Tennis and Motorsports.We have other non-English countriestoo,like France News. Your country is not supported and you whichweadd it? please contact us.CHANNEL SHOWCASEBreaking News NOWprovidehigh-profile media publishers to present to you ourfeaturedchannels:• Politics: CNN, Fox News, Politico and more.Readin-depth and avoid get mislead• Food&Recipes: Hand-pickedhighquality contents from Pinterest, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed, NewYorkTimes(NYT) Cooking, allrecipes to inspire you withinteresting,nutritious and healthy recipes• Technology&Science:Geeky newseveryday! Most inspiring ideas and entrepreneurshipstories fromTechCrunch. New hacking idea and gadgets from Engadget.Trendingsoftware from cnet, wired and gizmodo.• Dealnews:SlickDeal,Dealnews and more, best deal everydayThat's not all. Themostexciting part is for you to explore! Customize yourreadingexperience by subscribing to every niche interest youhave!You canalso follow your favorite topics and get daily articlesabout whatyou love from the most trusted news sources such as BBCNews, FoxNews or Huffington Post and hundreds of newspapers andTVChannels.The app contains expert comment and analysis on thelatestnews, with headlines from all over the world.The app is veryeasyto use and you can customize many settings as you want, justgiveit a test and you will see that it deserves to be one of thebestnews apps for android.In the end we thank you for using our appanddon't forget to rate it on Google play.Thank you.
Opinions, Columnists, Articles and News
* More than 1200 newspapers* Nearly 100.000 columnists andauthors*Personalised favourite columnists and their articles*Personalised"News Sources", easy readable "News"* Writing commentsto thearticles* Saving articles to read them later* Day &Nightviewing and reading mode* Readability feature for easyarticlereading* Advanced archive section; Saved, Activity,Read*Categories (where available)* Fast navigation betweennewspapers,authors, news, favourites, archive* Intelligent articleorderalgorithm with social media sharing counts* Multiplecountries;Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia &Herzegovina,Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Greece, France, India,Ireland,Italy, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Netherland, New Zealand,Norway,Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Venezuela,World*Different phone and tablet experiences* Nice and clear,usable,easy to understand interface* Karaoke style "Reading aloud"featurewith play/pause option* Popular columnists and authors* Fastauthorsearch* Ads that never interfere with your readingexperience*Monthly subscription possibility to remove ads*Customisablereading experience; colour, font size, line heights andfont types*Easy access to the different countries and theirnewspapers withina single menuWe believe that when we read andsynthesise oppositeand diverse points of view and opinions, ourintellect and wisdomgrow exponentially and we are empowered tobetter understand eachother—which is the key to creating worldpeace."The only truewisdom is in knowing you know nothing" -SocratesNewspaper examplesin QOSHEThe Atlantic, Omroep West,Solinger Tageblatt, EdmontonJournal, Noticias Fides, BirminghamMail, Foreign Policy, Slate,HuffPost, Nederlands Dagblad,Mathrubhumi English, Washington Post,Dnevnik, Cambio, BirminghamMail Sport, Macleans, NPR, De Telegraaf(DFT), Reuters, The BestNews, Πρώτο Θέμα, The Federalist, NewRepublic, The FinancialExpress, Daily Times, Netzwerk Recherche,PZC, La Tribune, DeccanChronicle, CBC, Watson, New York Post,FlashNews, IndependentJournal Review, Katholiek Nieuwsblad,Fluter, FrankfurterAllgemeine, The Hindu, Inc42, Ottawa Citizen,La Razón, Salon,HuffPost, Gavros, The Argus, The Korea Times,Pakistan Observer, BNDeStem, Cinoche, Toronto Star, profil, FastCompany, Al Monitor, ΤοΚουτί της Πανδώρας, Indian Express,ThinkProgress, The Times,Fortune, Jungfrau Zeitung, Le QuotidienJurassien, Información, TheStreet, Livemint, Handelszeitung, ElConfidencial, Athens Voice,Večer, Cobouw, Express, HNA, GeorgiaStraight, El Deber, Haaretz,Edinburgh Evening News, Bloomberg,, Los Angeles Times,Ottawa Sun, International BusinessTimes, The Telegram, GreaterKashmir, Los Tiempos, Shropshire Star,Ticinonews, Metro,ESPNcricinfo, OE24, PuroMarketing, IKZ, Planet,Financial Times,Winnipeg Sun, Western Journalism, FreiePresse,Daily NHT, 24 heures,Solothurner Zeitung, Calgary Sun, The AsahiShimbun, The DailySignal, Lausitzer Rundschau, La Razón, Dawn,Levante, RTL Nieuws,Juedische Allgemeine, The Daily Caller,Opinión, Le NouvelObservateur, Berliner Morgenpost, ChicagoTribune, MeydanTV, TheTelegraph, Παραπολιτικά, CounterPunch,Oxígeno, HuffPost,,Contra, Advisor, DailyO, Η Αυγή,thestival, The National Interest,La Presse, El Potosí, CNN,iPolitics, hindustantimes, SputnikInternational, Eastern DailyPress, Journal Métro, The Irish News,Les Echos, Azadliq, El País,Unicum, Elsevier, Oltner Tagblatt,Stuttgarter Zeitung, WAZ,MoneySense, Evening Express, Sunday Post,Euro Weekly News, LBC,Dinamani, axar, Nikkei Asian Review, AargauerZeitung...
All Skin Diseases and Treatment- A to Z
All skin diseases,skininfections,skindisorders,treatments,photos,skin guard,skindiagnosis,skin careroutine,healthy skin diet,skin problem,causesand symptoms of skindisease A to Z,face skin problems,face skincare,face care for acneand pimple for oily skin,pediatric diseaseand treatment.Skin careguide for most skin diseases andhomeopathy/skin disorders/skininfections ,skin treatment for skinallergy A to Z, face carebeauty tips for women and face care beautytips for men.Skinproblems treatment.Skin disorders destroy allhumans skin.Some skinconditions are caused by viral diseasesHIV/AIDS and HPV.Get aHIV/AIDS finger Test for your HIV-status.InHIV/AIDS Finger Testblood is taken from your finger for testing.BuyHIV self test kitfor HIV Self Finger Test at home.Face skinproblemsSkin TreatmentApp(Skin allergy and skin itching)Skinproblem app is for treatmentof all diseases of the skin,itchyskin,treatment dictionary for theskin,skin itching diseases andtreatments drugs,diseases andtreatment for skin disease.Treatmentfor skin disease like skinitching,blood disease&pediatricdisease and treatment.(skindiseases and treatment- itchy skinproblem app)Features:Skindisease ,Skin care guide:*All human skindisorders andtreatment*Disease and causes of the skin disease*Isthe diseaseinherited?*Disease condition,disease checker&skinlook ofchildren disease/disorder*Skin disease diagnosis withphoto.*How tocure disease*pediatric dermatology*skin darkspotsremoval*Treatment for skin disease andmedicine.*Preventionmeasures.*Skin Disease Self care.*Antibioticsand infections ofskin*Risk factors and Disease Prediction*Skindiseases of ear noseand throat*Symptoms on human body*Childhooddiseasesoffline*Disease control and prevention*Antibiotics drugsofdiseases*Offline- diseases and treatment drugs-worksoffline.Thisclinical guide for All Skin Diseases and Treatments- AtoZ,infections,skin treatment app from A-Z,skinallergy,skinitching,diseases and treatment drugs.For bettertreatment for skindisease see a skin doctorThis is a free offlineclinical medicaldictionary for disease prediction skin doctor:Areference,clinicalmedicine books and clinical guidelines app forall skin infections,skin conditions,facial skin disorders andfacial skin conditionsand care. App for diagnosis of skin problemsymptoms.Treatments forskin diseases-Pediatric diseaseThis skininfection and diseasetreatment dictionary for skin doctor isfocused on blood diseasetest,skin surgery,skin cancerscanning&Pediatric disease andtreatment including acnetreatment and remedies.(All Skin Diseasesand Treatment- A to Z,Skincancer app)Skin disease and treatmentinclude:-AcneAlopeciaAreataContact DermatitisExtra-mammary Paget’sdiseaseFungalinfection in skinHerpes Simplex- herpesvirustreatmentHidradenitisSuppurativaHirsutismHivesHyperhidrosisImpetigoKeloidtreatmentKeratosispilarisLichen PlanusMelanoma skincancerMelasmatreatmentPsoriasisRosaceaScabiesShinglesvitiligodiseasescure/vitiligo treatment(All Skin Diseases and Treatment- Ato Z)App for facial skin care and conditions,body skintone,Bacterialinfection,fungal infection in skin,skin cancer check.You can spoilbeauty if not self diagnosed .Skin care for skinbeauty- medicalskin disease treatment app.Skin treatment app(tipsfor healthy hairand skin)Skin disease infection app for selfdiagnosis,facial skincare, ,home remedies and natural cures,skinhealth tips,eg.Acne isa skin condition in the human body skinspots.Acne takes away thebeauty of the face and body skinbeauty.Use medicinal drugs,naturalhome remedies,natural curessolutions.Skin infections can bebacterial skin,virusskin,cancerous,blood disease,hormonal,fungal,sunburns,antibodies(vitiligo).Treatments for skin diseasemay requireblood disease test,skin surgery,skin cancer scanninganddetection&brain disease scan.
Renal & Urology News
Renal & Urology News (RUN) is the only medical tabloid forbothpracticing kidney specialists and urologists. With the RUNapp,physicians will have quick and easy access to clinical news,CMEcourses, medical conference highlights, and otherusefulresources.The RUN app will allow you to:• Read the latestclinicalbreakthroughs in nephrology and urology practice• Followlivecoverage of the world’s premier medical conferences such astheAmerican Urological Association, National Kidney Foundation,andthe American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week• Browseourdepartments to find fascinating resources suchasphysician-authored editorials, expert Q&A, andmedicolegalissues, or check out web-exclusive content not found inthe monthlyissue• Access accredited CME courses remotely throughthe myCMEeducation library• Search the user-friendly MPR drugdatabase
Pediatric dosage calculator
💊Pediatric dosage calculator:Quickly find the dosage ofcommonlyused IV and Oral drug for children!Calculate dosage base onbodyweight!The drugs are mostly for emergency, gastrointestinal,upperrespiratory tract infection and antibiotics.💊How to use theapp:1.For known body weight, enter patient's body weight by usingthetext field or using the body weight slider.2. For unknownbodyweight, use the approximate age scale below the slider.3.Choosebetween IV or Oral drug4. Find the drug you are looking forbyscrolling downwards or by the search function.5. Click on theitemto open eMC website, Medscape website or perform aGooglesearch-The drugs are arranged in alphabetical order of thegenericname.-The brand names are local brand names used inHongKong.Dosage Calculator ProOutNOW: in Brand Name in thedatabase:Actrapid/HumulinRAdrenalineAeriusAloxiAmbisomeAmikinAmoxilAmpilinAnectineApresolineAranespAtaraxAtivanAtropenAugmentinAzactamBenadrylBisolvonBricanylBronalBuscopanCeclorCedaxCefotanCerebyxChloralHydrateCiproxinClaforanClexaneCloxacillinCymeveneColomycinDalacinDesferalDexamethasoneDextromethorphanDiazemulDiflucanDilantinDispirinDobutamineDopamineDormicumDuphalacDuricefDuro-TussEcaltaEprexEraxisErythrocinEsmeronFentanylFlagylFlucloxacillinFluifortFortumFungizoneFuradantinGentamicinGlucagenHypokitGravolHidrasecGrifulvinVImodiumInvanzKeflexKefzolKeralarKytrilLasixLincocinLuminalMaxipimeMefoxinMeptinMeronemMorphineMotiliumMucinexNarcanNeosynephrineNexiunNeulinNeupogenNoruronNurofenOmnicefOsmitrolPanadolPavulonPenVPeriactinPethidine/MeperidinePhenergenPiritonPolaramineProcainamideResoniumRedipredRifadinRocephinRomaziconSaizenSeptrinSolucortefSolumedrolSporanoxStemetilSulperazonSupraxTamifluTargocidTazocinTienamTobramycinToradolTrimethoprimUnasynVancocinVantinVentolinVermoxVfendVibramycinXylocaineZaditenZantacZinacefZinnatZofranZoviraxZyvoxListofDrug in Generic Name inthedatabase:AspirinAcyclovirAmikacinAmoxicillinAmoxicillinClavulanateAmphotericinBAmpicillinAmpicillinSulbactamAnidulafunginAtropineAztreonamBromhexineCalciumChlorideCarbocysteineCefaclorCefadroxilCefazolinCefdinirCefepimeCefiximeCefoperazoneSulbactamCefotaximeCefotetanCefoxitinCefpodoximeCeftazidineCeftibutenCeftriaxoneCefuroximeCephalexinChloralHydrateChlorpheniramineCiprofloxacinClindamycinCloxacillinColistimethateCotrimoxazoleCyproheptadineDarbepoetinDeferoxamine/DesferrioxamineDesloratidineDexamethasoneDexchlorpheniramineDextromethorphanDiazepamDimenhydrinateDiphenhydramineDobutamineDomperidoneDopamineDoxycyclineEnoxaparinEpinephrineEpoetinErtapenemErythromycinEsomeprazoleFentanylFilgrastimFlucloxacillinFluconazoleFlumazenilFosphenytoinFurosemide/FrusemideGanciclovirGentamicinGlucoseGlugaconGranisetronGriseofulvinGuaifenesinHeparinHydralazineHydrocortisoneHydroxyzineHyoscineIbuprofenImipenemCilastatinInsulinRegularItraconazoleKetamineKetorolacKetotifenLactuloseLevodropropizineLidocaine/LignocaineLincomycinLinezolidLoperamideLorazepamMannitolMebendazoleMeropenemMethylprednisoloneMetronidazoleMidazolamMorphineNaloxoneNitrofurantoinOndensetronOseltamivirPalonosetronPancuroniumParacetamolPenicillinVPethidine/MeperidinePhenobarbitalPhenylephrinePhenytoinPholcodinePiperacillinTazobactamPolystyreneSulfonatePrednisoloneProcainamideProcaterolProchlorperazinePromethazineRacecadotrilRanitidineRanitidineRifampicin
News Break: Local & Breaking
News Break - A news app powered by Interest Engine to keepyouinformed and focused around your interests!You can use NewsBreakto stay up-to-date on daily breaking news, local headlinesandweather, global events, trending videos, funny GIFs andanythingyou are interested in.News Break provides over 10,000trustedsources, including CNN, NBC, Fox News, BuzzFeed, etc topersonalizeyour own news feed around your interests. All in one& totallyFREE.NEWS BREAK FEATURES: Stay Informed - Never MissBreaking News+ News Break brings you the news on big events likethe HurricaneIrma or local events. + Stay informed on world news,national news,local news, celebrity news and weather news. + You’llalways havetoday’s breaking news delivered directly to your phone.StayFocused – News content tailored to your personal interests +Ourartificial intelligence Interests Engine discovers the bestnewsfor you daily. + Select news about anything from gardeningtocooking with News Break’s premium content. Local Weather &News– Know Ahead of Time + Up-to-date local news, weather reportsandforecast for every city and town. + Find local restaurants,deals,shop openings and more ahead of time from one app. ReadonLockscreen+ Have news delivered directly to you easier &fasterwith the most innovative Flash News feature on News BreakVideo& Gif – Enjoy Watching More Content + Bored of justreading andwant see what viral video is trending? Find it with NewsBreak! +Checkout hot trending videos and watch a video for allyourinterests. Trusted Sources – Only the Best Content for OurReaders+ We’ve reinvented the reading experience and give youcontent ontopics you care about. + Patented news content discoveryengineaggregates content from more than 10,000 trusted sources.Explorebreaking news, viral videos and enjoy a reading experiencefullycustomized to your interests! Subscribe to every nicheinterest youhave and enjoy personalized news from News Break!Download todayand stay informed on world and local news! CHANNELSHOWCASE+ NewsBreak works directly with high-profile mediapublishers to presentto you our featured channels. + Home &Garden: Design, Decor& Shopping tips to make your home better.+ Food & Recipes:Hand-picked high quality content fromPinterest, Allrecipes,Buzzfeed, New York Times(NYT) Cooking andallrecipes. + Technology& Science: Geeky news everyday!Inspiring ideas andentrepreneurship stories from TechCrunch.Hacking news and gadgetsfrom Engadget and trending software fromcnet, wired and gizmodo. +Dealnews: Best deals from dealnews, slickdeals, amazon, eBay andmore Q&A: How do I make my readingexperience morepersonalized? News Break is powered by IP protectedInterestEngine®. Your reading experience is fully tailored to yourpersonalinterests. Just Search and Subscribe to start reading. CanI blockcertain publishers from showing up? You bet! You can alwaysblockwebsites or news sources that you don’t like. For everyarticle,you can find the ‘minus’ sign on the bottom right corner.NOTE: Ifyou are representing a publisher and want to show yourarticles toour fans. Please contact us:
Medical & Surgical Procedure
We bring you common bedside Medical and Surgical procedures inavery simple and easy way. The app is designed for medicalstudentsand doctors. Different Medical procedures and techniqueshas beendescribed. Every effort has been made to make this appexplanatoryand very informative for those seeking knowledge aboutmedical andsurgical procedures. Different procedures given are asfollow:●Lumber Puncture● Urinary Catheterization● Venipuncture●BloodPressure Recording● Nebulization● Tracheotomy●Endoscopy●Intravenous Cannulation● Nasogastric Intubation(GastricLavage)●Tube Thoracostomy● Blood Transfusion● IntramuscularInjection●Subcutaneous Injection● Intra-dermal Injection●Cardio-PulmonaryResuscitation● Central Venous Catheterization●Arterial BloodGases● Venous Cutdown● Suprapubic UrinaryCatheterization● AsciticTap● Pleural Tap or Thoracentesis●Pericardiocentesis●Arthrocentesis● Proctoscopy● Digital RectalExamination● AbscessIncision & Drainage● Appendectomy●Cholecystectomy●ThyroidectomyThese topics has been explained underthe followingtopics● Introduction● Indications● Equipment●Procedure●Contraindications● ComplicationsIf any suggestion orerrors, kindlycontact us. If you like this app, share it with yourfriends andrate us.RegardsKMCpesh
DOCTOR INSTA: Consult Online
Key Notes:★ 5 star ratings by Times Of India, Zee, NDTV andmanyothers★ Get 30% OFF on your 1st e-Consult; 100%SatisfactionGuaranteed★ Get Rs. 200 INSTA CASH on registration★Download Now:Jaane Kab Zarurat Pad Jaye★ Our Doctors are educated& trainedat Top Tier Institutions like: AIIMS, PGIs, Apollo,Fortis, Maxetc.★ No need to waste 3-4 hours of your time by dealingwithParking, Traffic & Waiting in Doctor’s waiting roomDoctorInsta**Phone or Video Visits** along with Chats & Emails allowourBest & Brightest Doctors (Sexologists,Dermatologists,Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Psychologists,Dieticians and otherSpecialists) to provide focused care – withoutyour having to leaveyour home or office. With Video or Phone, ourspecialists canengage with you to diagnose your issues and providean effectivetreatment plan. Your prescription will be available toyou by emailas well as in your account online and in your app.Youcan*Video/Phone/Chat* consult these specialists online at the “Tap”ofyour finger:★ Medical Doctors★ Sexologists★Dermatologists★Diabetes Specialist★ Gynecologists★ Pediatricians★Psychologists★Dieticians★ Other Specialists ► COMMON CONDITIONSTHAT WE TREAT ★Medical/Pediatrics: - Cough/Cold/Flu/Allergies -Sore Throat -Diabetes - Travel - Sports Injuries - Diarrhea &Vomiting - Eyeconditions - Pediatric Triage - Children's growth anddevelopmentconcerns - Others Problems★ Dermatology: - Skin/Dermatology - SkinIssues/Rashes/Pimples - Warts - SkinDiscoloration★ Sexology: -Sexual Disorders/ STDs - UTIs - ErectileDysfunction - PrematureEjaculation★ Gynecology: - Pregnancy -Menstrual Disorders -Urinary Incontinence★ Psychology: - Anxiety,Stress, Depression -Alcohol & Substance Abuse - FamilyConflicts, RelationshipProblems - Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) - Grief, Traumaand Loss - Divorce - Anger management -Chronic pain - Self-esteem- Eating disorders - Impulsivity -Personality disorders -Obsessive-Compulsive disorder (OCD) ★ Diet& Nutrition : -Overweight & Obesity - Fatigue & LowEnergy Levels -Nutrition guidance during Pregnancy - Post Pregnancyweight issues- Weight Loss & Malnutrition - Eating Disorders -SportsNutrition - Medical Conditions (Diabetes, BP, Thyroid etc.)-Pregnancy / Post Pregnancy★ Many Other Specialties►CONNECTINSTANTLY OR SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENTTraditionalmedicalappointments can require long wait times. You could spendhours inurgent care. With Doctor Insta, you can have an onlineconsult withour doctors from the comfort of your home, withouthaving to wait.You can easily book appointments on the same day ornext day withPhysicians, Pediatricians, Psychologists,Dieticians,Gynecologists, Sexologists, Dermatologists,Cardiologists,Neurologists and other specialists in advance.We areavailable24x7x365: Anytime, Anywhere.► ABOUT DOCTOR INSTALearn moreat
Lab Values + Medical Reference
**The lab reference app with by far the most features on theappstore!**Now available for Android!** 3 in 1: Lab Values,Abbv,Prefix/Suffix is the premium resource for allhealthcareprofessionals and students. Inside this one app you’llfind LabReference Values, Medical Abbreviations and MedicalPrefix/Suffix,all at hand and ready to use, anytime, anywhere.You’re a busyhealthcare worker on the go, seeing patients, helpingpeople. Youneed answers and references fast, so you can keep theflow goingand get to as many patients as you can. That’s why youneed 3 in 1Lab Reference on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Thisis reallythree medical apps in one. Lab Reference Values,MedicalAbbreviations, and Medical Prefix and Suffix, are all insidethisamazingly helpful application. Everything you need forfastreference is in here – 265 lab values organized into 16classiccategories as well as 12 common panels categories with linkstoGoogle, Clinilab Navigator, Lab Tests Online, Medline Plus,andWebMD for more information. Thousands of commonlyusedabbreviations. More than 400 prefixes/suffixes with themeaning,origin language, etymology, and examples. Vast resourcesandexamples are right at your fingertips, ready for wheneverorwherever you might need them, as reminders or as aneducationaltool. What separates us from the rest of the Lab Valuesapps? Ourapp is fully customizable. All of the data contained in 3in 1 LabReference if fully editable, so go ahead and customize itto suityour needs or add notes to an entry. Look at theindispensablefeatures you get in 3 in 1 Lab Reference: * Simple andeasy to useinterface * 3 apps in 1 * 265 Lab Reference Values in 16differentcategories * "Common Panels" section to look up labvaluesorganized by commonly ordered lab panels * Labs valuesarepresented in SI or US units * Thousands of medical abbreviations*Over 400 prefixes/suffixes with origin language, etymology,andexamples * Only medical reference app with fully editable data!*Links to important resources including Google, Wikipedia,MedlinePlus, Clinlab Navigator, Lab Tests Online, and WebMD *Recentlyviewed section, Favorites section, and powerful search forfastretrieval of data * The perfect reference tool forhealthcareprofessionals and students Lab Value categories include:* CardiacLabs (12) * Renal Labs (6) * Urinalysis (14) *Electrolytes (19) *Acid/Base Balance (8) * Iron Studies (9) *Pancreatic Disease (5) *Liver Disease (13) * Tumor Markers (9) *Hematology (38) * CSFAnalysis (11) * Lipid Panel (8) * Drug Levels(27) * Toxicology (7)* Endocrine Labs (38) * Immunology Labs (23)Common Lab Panelsinclude: * Acute Viral Hepatitis Panel * ArterialBlood Gas * BasicMetabolic Panel * Coagulation Panel * CompleteBlood Count *Complete Metabolic Panel * CSF Analysis * Iron Studies* LipidPanel * Liver Function Tests * Thyroid Function Panel *UrinalysisInformation included for Lab Values includes: * ReferenceValues(SI and US) * Critical Values * Lab Description *Differentialdiagnosis for elevated values * Differential diagnosisfor lowvalues * Container information * Personal comments *Additionalinformation section with links to Google, ClinilabNavigator, LabTests Online, Web MD, Medline Plus, and Wikipedia *Related Labssection If you are in the healthcare industry, this appis the oneto help you heal others and get through your dayproductively.
SastaSundar - Genuine Medicine App, Doctors Online
SastaSundar digitally provides healthcare and wellness needsthrougha supply chain of wellness products, connecting doctorsandproviding health information and diagnostic services. Themedicineapp aims to resolve one of the biggest problems in Indiabyproviding consistent access to genuine healthcare, productsandservices at affordable prices in a convenient manner.SastaSundaris a complete healthcare solution medicine app thatfacilitatesonline medicine purchase for all medical, health &personalcare needs. The online medicine shop offers genuinemedicines alongwith exclusive products which suit your requirementsbased on yourhealth profile, disease, lifestyle and get theproducts deliveredwith FREE Home Delivery.Sastasundar, onlinepharmacy Indiafacilitates search for generic medicines and theirsubstitute alongwith medicine info, usage and warnings.Availhealthcare servicesand consult a doctor from this unique onlinemedicine purchase app.Get the care you need with our Doctor App,Kolkata, whichfacilitates search and booking of appointments onlinefor doctors.Doctor App aids in appointment of specialist doctorslikegynecologist, dermatologist (skin specialist),gastroenterologist,neurologist, urologist, dentist, cardiologist,eye specialist,general physician, thyroid specialist, orthopedicsurgeon,pediatrician (childspecialist),physiotherapist.Book medical tests at Genu Pathlabs where accuracy is guaranteed.Avail blood test packages like blood group test, TSH, LFT, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar etc. at attractive discounts. Special offersfor Senior citizens anddefence personnel.Gethealthcare services like physiotherapy,nursing, elder care,trained attendant, mother and baby care at thecomfort of yourhome.SastaSundar free Health App – JUST FOR YOUByusing artificialintelligence SastaSundar’s free Health App rendersthe healtharticle & health conditioned products relevant to theusers. Itis a personalized application that works on JUST FORYOUphilosophy. The articles are meant for consumers to readandlisten, available in English, Hindi & Bengali. Shop byhealthor category or brand. Users can use health tools likevaccinationtracker, BMI & pregnancy calculator through thisuniquepharmacy app. Order generic medicines though online medicineshop:In SastaSundar free health App, all orders are accepted&fulfilled by independent licensed chemists subject toverificationby the said chemist.Order OTC Products through onlinemedicineshop: Keeping in mind the customer requirements, the appoffermultiple brands across categories to facilitate the purchaseoffavourite brands. Purchase from a gamut of brands likeGarnier,L'oreal, Himalaya, Nivea, Kelloggs, Horlicks, Complan,Protinex,and many more. Download app to ease patanjali onlineshopping. Buypatanjali products online from SastaSundar healthcareapp, India'strusted online medical store.We have a range ofpatanjali productsand patanjali ayurvedic medicines onlineIndia.Shop by Healththrough pharmacy app: SastaSundar free healthApp offers options toshop products as per health condition like aDiabetic customer getssugar free cookies & chocolates, organicgreen tea &flaxseed, diet snacks & many more products tochoose from.SastaSundar brings to you exclusive range of productsnot availableotherwise keeping your health & well being in mindJUST FORYOU.App features:*Smart Search to browsethroughmedicines/products/categories*Feedback & Review for theapp andproducts*Buy medicine*Manage health details offamilymembers*Manage Order*Re-order genuine medicine in asingleclick*Share it on other social media platforms*In-homehealthcareservices*Doctor app for Online doctorappointment*Products onofferBuy medicines from our e-pharmacy andavail free home deliveryin Kolkata, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.Wewould love to hear from youas your feedback is important to us.Reach us
MSN News - Breaking Headlines
Follow the news you choose!Read the day’s top stories andbreakingnews from the industry’s best sources, hand-picked by oureditors.Plus, easily stay updated on any topic you care about, fromglobalevents to your local news.COMPREHENSIVE CONTENTReadarticlesaggregated from the industry’s best sources and from yourlocalnews, curated by our editors. Explore World, Technology,Politics,Money, Entertainment, Sports, Crime, and Offbeatcategories fromthe New York Times, Wall Street Journal, theGuardian, theWashington Post, BBC, CNN, and more.CUSTOMIZED TOPICSFollow topicsyou care about— like your favorite sports team,celebrity, orgadget. Sign in to save your preferences.BREAKINGNEWSStayup-to-date with breaking news alerts.SHARING STORIESShareyourfavorite articles, videos, and photos with your friendsviaTwitter, Facebook, text, or email.AVAILABLEANYWHEREAutomaticallysync your favorite topics across MSN News onthe web and yourmobile apps for quick access to the news you wantto read.EASYNAVIGATIONSwipe left or right to read the next article.Tap themenu to explore Headlines, My Topics, Local, andVideos.Somefeatures may not be available in all markets.Terms ofUse:
Start living better today with PatientsLikeMe. Connect withacommunity of thousands of users who get what you’re goingthrough,and use the health tracking tools to keep tabs on yoursymptoms andhow you’re feeling, on the go. It’s free,user-friendly, and putsyou in the driver’s seat of managing yourhealth. See how yourhealth is changing over time so that you andyour care team canmake the best choices, together.Connect and takecontrol – fromanywhere- Post updates, add photos and interact withothers on yournews feed- Track your condition and changes insymptoms to spotpatterns over time- Log your daily moods to findout how yourhealth affects the way you’re feeling- Share what’sworking andwhat’s not so that others can learn from yourexperiences- Learnhow others manage their health and see what mightwork for youWhatmembers are saying:“PatientsLikeMe is a place youcan curl up intothe comfort of others who know what you are goingthrough. Theyunderstand.”“I can track my moods and how I’m feelingat any givenpoint in time throughout the day. I just bring it up onmy phoneand enter my information and it’s there, and it’s availableon thewebsite later on.”“I think there’s a huge need for it andthere isnothing out there like it.”
Flash info - Actualités et Météo & Alertes 24h/24
TOUTES LES NEWS ET L'ACTU FRANCE EN DIRECTSuivez touteslesactualités françaises et alertes info locaux en continu etendirect .Avec l’application d’info en continu , Flash info -Alerteinfo & Actualité Locale 24h/24, suivez les infospressfrançaises direct et live sur votre mobile et tablette . Flashinfo- Alerte info & Actualité Locale 24h/24 est uneapplicationd’info et informations gratuites qui vous offre lapossibilité delire les articles d’actu France en direct et continueà partir desmeilleurs sources d’info tels que : Le Monde , 20minutes et leparisien .Toute l'actualité en direct et météo gratuitavec alerteattentat et info actualité avec notification gratuitepour recevoiret lire toutes les actualités gratuites et lesinformations directà partir des meilleurs journaux françaisgratuits APPLICATIOND’INFO DANS TOUS LES DOMAINESDécouvrez lapremière applicationd’informations , actualités gratuites et infoen direct , Flashinfo - Alerte info & Actualité Locale 24h/24 ,simple et riched’infos dans tous les domaines : news gratuit Franceet actupolitique , news attentats et alerte attentat , actu sportetactualités technologique .Toutes les nouvelles de la France,France presse et vidéos sont sur l’appli d’info en continu etenlive , Flash info - Alerte info & Actualité Locale 24h/24.DESSOURCES D’INFO EN CONTINU ET LIVE FIABLESi vous cherchezlesjournaux magazines , Dernières actualités , actualités desjournauxde la France gratuit et Indépendant et actu en vidéo doncnecherchez plus, vous êtes au bon endroit .L’application Flash info-Alerte info & Actualité Locale 24h/24 est un Kiosquequiregroupes les infos en direct et actualités France de touslesjournaux français les plus connus en France tels que :liberation ,le point et lequipe .LA METEO EN FRANCE Recevezgratuitement toutesles prévisions météo et la meilleure info météoen france de votreville directement sur votre mobile grâce notrerubrique Météo .DESMILLIERS D’UTILISATEURS CHAQUE MOISRestezinformé(e) 7 jours sur 7,24h sur 24, des événements marquants del’actualité française etflux d’info gratuit . Des milliersd’utilisateurs ont faitconfiance à notre application.FONCTIONNALITÉS * Gestion dessources : gérez les sources d’info etd’actualités en direct *Gestion des sujets : Suivez Dernièresactualités et Actualitésgratuit dans tous les domaines .* Gestiondes notifications :Recevez les alertes info et alerte attentatgratuitement etimmédiatement . * mode d’affichage avancé* Modenuit* et pleind'autres options .AIDEZ-NOUS A RENDRE L’APPLI ENCOREMEILLEUREMercià tous pour votre soutien et vos commentaires utiles!Nousdéveloppons cette application pour vous et nous nousefforçonsd’améliorer votre expérience utilisateur. Alors n’hésitezpas àpartager vos idées et vos remarques à tout moment. Nousécoutons etrépondons : ALL THE NEWS AND FRANCE NEWSLIVEFollow all local French news and info alerts continuouslyandlive.With the info continuous application, News Flash - Getinfo& Local News 24/24, follow the live French pressinformationand live on your mobile and tablet.News Flash - Get info&Local News 24/24 is a free information application andinformationoffering you the opportunity to read the news itemsFrance live andcontinues from the best sources of information suchas: World , 20minutes and Parisian.All live news and weather withfree attackwarning and info news free notification to receive andread all thefree news and information direct from the best freeFrenchnewspapers APPLICATION INFO IN ALL FIELDS Discover thefirstapplication of information, news and info Free live News Flash-Get info & Local News 24/24, single and rich information inallareas: France free news and political news, news alerts andbombingattacks , sports news and technology news.All the news fromFrance,France Press and videos are on the app info continuouslylive, NewsFlash - Get info & Local News 24/24. SOURCE INFOCONTINUOUSLYAND RELIABLE LIVE If you are looking magazinesnewspapers, LatestNews, News newspaper of France Free andIndependent News and videoso look no further, you are at rightplace.The Flash applicationinfo - Get info & Local News 24/24is a kiosk which groupedinformation and live updates of allFrance's best-known Frenchnewspapers in France such as liberation,point and Skyrock. THEWEATHER IN FRANCE Receive free weatherforecasting and the bestweather in France info of your city righton your mobile throughour section Weather. THOUSANDS OF USERS EVERYMONTH Stay informed(e) 7 days 7, 24 24, of the highlights of theFrench news and freeinformation flow. Thousands of users havetrusted our application.FEATURES  * Management of sources:Manage sources ofinformation and live updates* Managing topics:Follow Latest NewsFree News in all areas.* Managing notifications:Receive alertsfree information and alert and attack immediately.*Advanceddisplay mode* Night Mode* And many more options. HELP USMAKEBETTER STILL APP Thank you all for your support andhelpfulcomments! We develop this application for you and strive toimproveyour user experience. So feel free to share your ideas andcommentsat any time. We listen and respond:
Symptomate Symptom Checker
Symptomate has already provided over 3 000 000 ofhealthcheckups!Symptomate is an innovative symptom checker designedbydoctors that will help you find out more about your symptoms.Justenter basic information about your health complaints andreceive alist of potential diagnoses and a recommendation ofdoctors youshould visit. HOW IT WORKS?Symptomate will ask you a fewcarefullyselected follow-up questions regarding your symptoms. Oursymptomchecker is driven by an advanced artificial intelligencealgorithmwhich uses a broad medical database of over 1000 symptomsand over500 potential conditions. The medical database of symptomsiscarefully created and curated by a team of experiencedphysicians.We are expanding Symptomate's medical knowledge everyday to makeit the smartest and most reliable symptom checker. Youmay help usby installing Symptomate and sharing your feedback withus!Takecare of your health -- keep Symptomate on your phone so itwillalways be there when you need it!KEY FEATURES- Intelligentsymptomcheck designed by doctors- Broad database of more than500conditions and 1000 symptoms- Check if your symptoms areserious-Obtain preliminary information regarding potentialconditions- Geta free Online Checkup Report on your e-mail- Assistyour doctor infinding the right diagnosis... and a lot more!Belowyou can find alist of common symptoms checked with Symptomate:-Headache-Abdominal pain- Back pain- Fever- Nausea- Rash- Cough-Chest pain-Lower back pain- Chronic tiredness- Diarrhea- Memoryproblems-Tootache- Heart races- Fatigue- Depression- Sore throat-Vomiting-Bloating- Weakness- Dizziness- Heartburn- Weight loss-Sweating...and many moreSome common diagnoses include:-Electrolytedisturbances- Migraines- Diabetes- Irritable bowelsyndrome-Infectious diarrhea- Flu- Common cold- Food poisoning-Kidneystones- Tension-type headaches- Premenstrual syndrome-Depressionsyndrome- Asthma... if you are experiencing any symptomstrySymptomate and check what might be the cause!* Legal notice*Online checkups are for informational and educational purposesonlyand should not be treated as a doctor's advice, amedicalconsultation, or a diagnosis.Keywords: symptom checker,symptomcheck, online checkup, virtual diagnosis, doctor,symptoms,conditions, health check, symptom check, diagnose,diagnosis,WebMD, iTriage, Infermedica, disease.
Curis is a Healthcare application, that will allow people tosetreminders for timely intake of their medicine. You can haveonlinelive consultation with a range of certified doctors andgetinstantaneous solutions to any of your health relatedissues.Theapplication is useful for those who are on regularmedications, areextremely busy with their work, or are travellingon regular basisand hence do not get the time to pay personalvisits to thehospital. Our mission at Curis is to help save livesat the end ofthe day. People who cannot afford consultations or arelacking anyresources, can use our application for FREE and getsolutions totheir problems.Whether you're taking medication or knowsomeone whois, you can use Curis to manage hourly, daily, or weeklypilldosages.Curis is perfect for those in charge of theirownmedication schedule but need a reminder for dosages and thecorrectmed to take. Share your personal life problems withoutanyhesitation with our experienced doctors and get online LIVEanswersto your health queries.How does Curis work?With a few simplesteps,you can add a medication, get reminders for taking pills, andhaveonline live consultation with certified doctors.FREECurisFeatures:- Easy to use medication reminder- Live consultationwithexperts- Share your personal life problemswithcounsellors/psychologists/therapist- Get career advise fromourcareer advisers- Registration features automatic backup andrestoreof dataApp Permissions Information:- No permissionsrequired. -Internet connection required for live consultations.
MIMS Philippines - Drug Information, Disease, News
For over 50 years, MIMS has provided trusted and relevantclinicalinformation for over two million healthcare professionalsin Asia.Designed for busy individuals on the go, the MIMS app isaconvenient one-stop clinical reference that provideshealthcareprofessionals with the clinical decision support theyneed at thepoint of care. The MIMS Mobile app for Android™/ IOS™ isavailablefor free.For more information, in our app:Drug Information • Search for drugdosinginformation or specific drug interactions, and find theanswers youneed in seconds with our concise and comprehensive drugdatabase. •Based on locally-approved prescribing information, drugmonographsare written and kept up-to-date by licensedhealthcareprofessionals. Disease & Condition ManagementGuidelines •Voted most valuable online clinical resource by doctorsin Asia.•Review up-to-date disease management guidelines and beassured ofreliable content fully substantiated by validatedreferences andinternationally-recognised researches, to enable youto makebetter-informed prescribing decisions.Medical News &CMEUpdates• Read the latest news available across variousspecialtiesin Asia through our renowned publications (MedicalTribune, JPOG,Oncology Tribune, etc), and keep your knowledge andskills currentwith changes in medicine. Clinical Tools• Access 29clinicalcalculators and scoring tools such as the Body Mass Index(BMI)calculator and drug formulary, to facilitate effectiveclinicaldecision-making and support your practice.• Developed andvalidatedby a specialist team of doctors andpharmacists.Multimedia• TheMIMS award-winning medical multimediaseries is now accessible fromthe app. • Watch insightful videointerviews focusing on treatmentoptions, disease management andlatest updates by experts fromvarious specialties, and upgrade yourmedical knowledge. Community•Network with other healthcareprofessionals, and advance yourprofessional lives through sharingrelevant medical knowledge withone another.For more information,visit have any feedback for us, youare welcome to email us atandroidfeedback@mims.comWe would love tohear from you.