Top 4 Games Similar to Nickey Mouse : Cheese lover

Dino Dance
When Prowl is happy it will dance for you. Keep the youngT-Rexhappy and see it dance or it will sit down bored!Completethesequences in the allotted time by tapping the buttonscorrespondingto the arrows to gain Happiness.....or lose it ifyoufail.Happiness slowly decrease over time too, so you have tokeepyour fingers tapping to continue seeing Prowl dance!Beware ofthered arrows in a sequence, they mean that you have to taptheOPPOSITE direction button. They increase the challenge, butalsothe fun! Red arrows are not present at the easiest levelofdifficulty so you have time to get used to the gameplaybeforetrying the more challenging levels.With nearly infinitepossiblesequence combinations, each round will feeldifferent.Playing athigher levels of difficulty will increase yourscore up to 4Xcompared to the easiest....the higher the risks, thehigher theprofits.Nice and fun 3d Graphics.5 different landscapesto dance in(more to come in future updates).25+ different danceanimationsincluding the famous Gangnam Style!! (more to come infutureupdates).3 levels of difficulty.7 differentbackgroundmusic.Customize your personal T-Rex with:-12 differentskins tochoose from.- 6 different eyes colours2 different GUIlayouts3different dance styles: Standard, Hip Hop orMixedONLINELEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Compete online with yourfriends,and people all over the world, and see if you can be thebestDinoDancer. Try to unlock all the 20 different achievements(and ichallenge you to do so....some of them are REALLY hard)
Run mouse for cheese 1.0
Run mouse for cheese , jump and fly awaytofreedom by avoiding many obstacles. super mouse adventureuniversecomes with several levels of fun for the entire family.Enjoy thisgame with your loved ones. It is a fun family game. Helpmouse runthrough the jungle , across the lake, Rain Forest.mouse universe is similar to other jumping, arcade games onlymorefun. There are definitely other mouse run games out there, butthisone is more fun and more addicting. There is not apocalypsesimplycheese mouse run dashing no skater or skating to end of thelevels.No fights, simply running and jumping. This is protagonistmousecharacter cartoon Game.Run mouse for cheese has the most dynamic character withawesomelooking mouse pink colors and through the levels . Help run,Jumpand fly through all the levels.If you are into Running games or Racing games this is the bestapp.The cheese universe world provides an awesome view anytime youwantto play. Help pink color mouse attack and complete the levelsthatare better than cartoon Puzzles.New levels including Forest where run mouse rider through thejunglelevels.*** Features ***+ 3 different levels (easy, normal, hard)+ 100 great and challenging levels+ awesome 2D graphics+ great music and sounds+ spirit of old school classic platformers+ unique and easy gameplay+ share your score in facebook+ game is free+ fun and addictive game play the whole family can enjoy!+ compatible with all Android devices.Enjoy the Run mouse for cheese game & do leave a feedbackthatwill help us improve...!
Fertie Mouse - Cheese Quest 1.2.0
The Idea Oak
Everything is ready for the greatest cheese party ever. Butthere'sone extra cheese lover in the house: Fertie Mouse! StopFertieMouse before all the cheese is lost!Click on a drawer beforeFertieMouse jumps out and eats the cheese.But don't be tooquick.Sometimes drawer may open without Fertie Mouse and closingtheempty drawer makes your score decrease.Fertie Mouse learns fastandthe speed increases when it gets more hungry.Save the cheeseandlet the party begin!The best mouse stoppers will get to thegloballeaderboard!Fertie Mouse is free and funny game forAndroiddevices. It's for kids and adults. It's for everyone wholoves ordoesn't love mice or cheese :)Check out our Facebook pagehere:
Cats' Tales: The Great Harvest 1.0.0
Increase your score by collecting as many treats as you can!Playthegame with 6 different modes - from easy 2 tracks to 4 trackswithspiky objects and bonuses!On collecting 1000 points in eachmodeyou'll see a bonus movie (unlike in the original consolegame).