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Real Craps 2.51
FREE to play! No registration required!FREEchips daily.Experience 3D casino Craps physics based dice throwing onyourmobile tablet and phone! Our dice engine is physicallysimulatedusing the NVidia PhysX engine. Dice rolls are notinfluenced by ourprogramming in any way. Each throw is trulyrandom.Guest Accounts!Try it! No registration required. Quick and easy. Access RealCrapsfrom a single device.Register for a Pro account to use the same account onalldevices. Pro accounts receive 1000 FREE chips when activatedandFREE chips daily.New Bet UI!Play in landscape mode. See the entire table at once. Zoom totablesurface for easy chip placement on small screens or touchquicklyto place bets. Portrait view is available with the press ofabutton. Toss your chips on the table. Consult the bet displaytolear how to play and see estimated payouts.Roll the Dice!Use the roll button to randomize your throw and keep them onthetable. Each roll is different. Or swipe your finger to roll ityourway. Follow the action with the animated dice camera.New Payout Camera!See your bets pay with our animated payout camera. Winningandlosing bets are clearly marked and animated.New Fast Forward Feature!Touch screen to fast forwad through the game. Play faster! Touchthescreen to speed up the action.In-Game LeaderboardClimb to the top of the in-game leader board where the top100players are displayed. Watch your rank increase until you makethelist. Our leaderboard is monitored and cheaters are removed.More Realistic Rules and GameplayMany adjustments have been made to more accurately simulaterealcasino rules.Like us on Facebook at Requirements:- Requires internet connection to play.- Designed for the following HD resolutions: 1200x1920,1080x1920,800x1280, 720x1280- Graphics quality is set to low by default. It can be changedtohigh quality in the account setup menu.Note: No real world money or any other real world goodsand/orservices can be won in Real Craps the game. Real Craps thegameuses virtual units called "chips" to play the game. Youcanpurchase additional chips on the "Buy Chips" screen. Thesechipsbought or won cannot be changed back to real money and cashedout,transferred, redeemed or collected in any other way or changedbackto any other real world goods and/or services. Once purchasedorwon, the credits can only be used to play Real Craps thegame.