Top 48 Apps Similar to Junk Cleaner - Memory Booster

Junk Cleaner
A light and powerful tool Junk Cleaner is designed forremovingjunk, reclaiming space and optimizing the performance onyourAndroid phone. With this app user can speed RAM, remove andcleanjunk files and app cache, made your device running smoothlyjustlike a new one.Junk CleanRemove unnecessary apps’ caches whichslowdown your device;Clean up the storage by deleting junk filestofree your memory spaceThis feature can also be helpful forsavingbatteryMemory BoostFree up the memory with a singlestep,accelerate the speed when running.Optimize your batteryperformancewith memory boost.Most of Android users suffered fromthe phonelagging and insufficient memory when they using theirphone, if youare looking for a cleaner for your phone, Junk Cleanerwill be yourbest choice. Free to try it now!
Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleanerandbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space withsimply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed& getmore space on phone! ★Ads-free Subscription - Get a 3-dayno adstrial for FREE! - Remove all ads and enjoy the premiumexperience.Power Clean phone cleaner main features 🚀 Speed phonecleaner forAndroid – integrates advanced junk cleaner engine &super fastcleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleaner and booster – 1 tap boost&auto clean phone memory and storage space; 🗑 Clear cache junkonPhone – system cache cleaner and clean cache creek app junk;🕵🏻Residual storage cleaner – detect & auto clean residual filebydeleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advanced memory cleaner (Power boost)–cleaning junk files & optimize storage in depth. How doesPowerClean help to clean my phone? ☑ Clean apps unwanted – thecleanerbatch uninstall apps of less usage & auto clean theirresidualfiles; ☑ One tap phone cleaner – easy-to-use cachecleaner,residual file cleaner, memory cleaner, etc.; ☑ Memorystoragecleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Android device &clearspace; ☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, AD cache &cleanapps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APK cleaner – clean uptheuninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junk photo clean up – 1tapto scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos on your device;☑Notification clean – move & storage wanted app notificationtoa clear notification bar. ☑ Residual file cleaner app – autocleanresidual junk from deleted apps; How does Power Cleanprofessionalcleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tap boost forslow phone –fast clean phone junk & speed up phone with onetap; ⬆ StorageCleaner – optimizer for phone memory space &effective memorycleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner & RAMbooster to clean phoneRAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost –advanced phone speed boostthat clean phone junk thoroughly. PowerClean antivirus booster andcleaner 🛡 Antivirus for android phonesfree that clean phone virus;🛡 Virus scanner - virus detector toscan virus in depth; 🛡 viruscleaner - clean virus effectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7virus protection - virus cleaner toprotect against virus all thetime. Power Clean phone cleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 Appmanager for Android with phone app cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lockpro: app lock with password and gesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠CPU monitor & CPU cooler for android thatstops overheatingapps & settings; 🛠 Within the cleaner, PowerBattery saver thatoptimize power consumption & batterycharging. Power Cleanphone cleaner Facebook Clean phonecleanerGoogle+ App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean iscommitted tofighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy
Top Cleaner - Powerful Cleaner & Max Booster v2.2.3
TC Team
Top Cleaner is a free light, easy, fast and powerful phonecleanerapplication. Getting the cleaner, booster, battery saver,CPUcooler and AppLock together, Top Cleaner can keep yourAndroiddevices in a good condition all day along, meeting yourdifferentneeds for a phone cleaner application. Feature List 🍃CleanJunkFiles🍃 Top Cleaner's powerful cleaning function can find anddeleteall the junk files like cache files, temp files, emptyfolders,social app junks, app leftovers and similar images. Withone tap,you can give your device a complete clean up to free upmore spaceand solve the lagging problem. 🚀Speed Up Phone🚀 TopCleaner canreduce the RAM usage by turning off the programs runningin thebackground with one click. It's helpful for improving thephonespeed, giving you a better browsing and gaming experience.🔋SaveBattery life🔋 Top Cleaner can reduce the battery draineffectivelyby hibernating the programs running in the background,thusextending standby time and increase battery life. 🔒APPLock🔒Protect your privacy and usage information by setting adigitalpassword for your social, communications and other software;❄️CPUCooler❄️ Solve the heat up problem of your Android deviceswith onetap. Other Features ✔️ Notification clean: One-click toclear thenotifications; ✔️ Duplicate files clean: Identify andcleanduplicate files in your device; ✔️Large files clean: cleanfilesmore than 10M; ….. Try Top Cleaner now for free! 😜 If you likethisapplication, remember to give us a five-star review. If youhaveany comments and suggestions, please leave us a message oremailus. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for yourattention. 💓Contact us: Facebookpage:
DU Cleaner – Memory cleaner & clean phone cache 1.6.3
Free—clean up system trash files (caches), extend SD cardstorage,and solve your lack of disk space. Plus free Speed BoosterforAndroid Phones. Have you ever encountered the followingproblems?1. System garbage causes the phone to run slowly and appgarbageeats up your internal storage. 2. No more space is availablefornew photos or apps. 3. Your phone is running crazily slow.Allthese situations need a clean-up tool, such as a phonebooster,junk remover, etc. Highlights of DU Cleaner (Boost &ClearCache): ► Ultra-small size Making it much smaller than similarappson Google Play. ► Extremely focused Performs the mostcomprehensivetrash-cleaning to save you more phone space; ►Intelligent analysisUsing our new intelligent analysis engine, DUCleaner (Boost &Clear Cache) deletes what you want to remove,leaves what you thinkis useful, and never loses your good memories.Features of DUCleaner (Boost & Clear Cache): ► Clean Up &Junk FileCleaning The junk-creating behavior of millions of appshas beenanalyzed so that DU Cleaner (Boost & Clear Cache)canefficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files)withperfect accuracy. Delete cache and residual files toreclaimstorage, boost speed, and improve the performance of yourdeviceand SD card. ► Memory Boost Boost your games and apps, freeupmemory (RAM), speed up your device, and save more battery.Our1-Tap Boost features make it easy to optimize directly fromyourhomescreen. ► Useless APKs Find and delete useless APKs onyourphone to free up more storage space. ► Residual Files Clearupresidual data from previously uninstalled applications. TheWorld'sMost Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, andtrash-cleaningapp; DU Cleaner & Speed Booster is a FREE appthat can helpclean redundant apps and files, free up storage space,clean upyour RAM, and speed up your Android device. Help fightagainstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing a safermobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that some adsmight bemalicious promotions from unknown channels. If you comeacross oneof these ads, you can help us take them down. Please sendthe linkand screenshots of the ad to Weappreciateyour kind help.
Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)
Trusted by 230 million users, DU Speed Booster & Cleanercanclean cache and junk file, boost your phone to make phonefaster,making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, DU SpeedBooster& Cleaner Total keeps your Android device safe, clean,and fastto be always just like ”New”. DU Speed Booster &Cleaner is theonly all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner andantivirus app thatoptimizes your background apps, memory space andjunk(cache) files.While keeping your device safe from virus andtrojan, that cansecure your private data with the AppLock function.DU SpeedBooster(Antivirus & Junk Cleaner)Highlights: ► PhoneBoost& Memory Boost - The best phone speed booster Clean upmemory(RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundantbackgroundtasks. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speedingup yourandroid device. We also have phone booster shortcut,One-Tap Boostdirectly from your home screen makes it easy tooptimize. ► JunkFile Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master,space saver Freeup space and improve the performance byintelligently scan the junkfiles. Such as residual files, cache,temp files, obsolete apks andother big files. ► Security &Antivirus Scan installed apps,memory card content, and new appsautomatically. DU Speed Booster& Antivirus latest protectiontechnologies against viruses,adware, malware, trojan and more. ►Network Boost One-tapcomprehensively detects network status,including Wi-Fi security,download speed, upload speed, networkingdevices. Close backgroundnetwork-occupied applications, to ensurethat the using apps is ina better network condition. ► CPU Cooler -Detect and clean appsthat cause overheating Continuous monitoringtemperature changes,detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acooling progress,effectively reduce the phone temperature.By memoryboost, it cancool down Android device as fast as possible. ► AppsManager - Scanand clean redundant APK files Smart Task Managertransfer apps,games or files, move to SD card easily withoutscrolling from onescreen to another one! App Manager for movinginternal storage appsto external SD card will give you a lot offree space on yourtablet or smart phone. ► AppLock - Guarding yourprivacy is easierthan ever The fastest & safest applock forandroid in theworld; Security tool, easy to reset password. Preventothers fromaccessing your important private apps such as Facebook,Instagram,SMS, Gallery and so on. ► Smart Charge Display chargestatus inreal time, accurately estimating remaining charge time.Displaynotifications on the screensaver to never miss friends'messages. ►DU Swipe Help users quickly switch applications andsystemsettings! Find us online: Facebook: DUSpeed Booster & Cleaneris right here to deal with all issuesthat slow down your Androiddevice performance! DU speed Booster ishere to help you to Cleanand Speed Up android device, androidsystem or in one touchoptimize all files on your tablet orsmartphone! It will help youmaster and optimize your backgroundapps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, as well asinspect appspermissions and secure your phone from viruses. Helpfight againstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing asafer mobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that someads/redirectedpages might be malicious promotion from unknownchannels. If youcome across one of these ads, you can help us totake them down.Please send us the link and screenshots of these We appreciate your kindly help. Ourappuses Accessibility services under certain condition toenableadvanced functions and improve your experience.
Let's Clean - Free Phone booster & Optimizer
First of all, thanks a lot! We are happy that you are here toknowabout us! Let’s Clean is a Android Cleaner & Optimizer,solveyour problems on your Android device, such as, “Not enoughstorageto save pictures or videos; Annoying crash; OverloadedRAM;Overheat CPU, Battery use out too fast”... With us, we cansolveall your troubles by our useful functions like: cleaningjunk,optimizing memory and protection forbattery.------------------------------------------ Our mainfunctions are:► Clean and clear junk Free up your device storagespace bycleaning cache and other types of junk file. Remove junkfast in asecure way. Let you get more space to save images andanything youlike. ► Optimize RAM Memory Cleaner and RAM boosterspeed up yourandroid phone and optimize your device performance. ►CPU CoolerLet’s Clean help you monitor CPU temperature and help youcool downthe temperature for your Android device by killing appsoverload inbackground. ► Notification for your Android phone ordevicecondition Allow the notification, we’ll inform you how yourphonecondition are, to help it always works in a perfect condition.Helpyou know your phone condition, protect your phone! ► BatterySaverHibernate useless apps to save power! Protect your battery,extendwork time! Enhance the functionality of the intelligent dataWewill obtain the installed app(s) list to fully supportfunctionssuch as Junk Clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler and BatterySaver, toenhance the junk files and ram junk recognitioncapability. Policy:
Smart Cleaner : Junk Clean + Task Killer & Booster 1.0.26
Smart Cleaner is the latest phoneperformanceboosting & junk cleaning app that will keep yourphone runningsmoothly!Keep your phone clean and fast:► JUNK CLEANSmartly detect useless files, and 1-tap to free up morestoragesafely► PHONE BOOSTForce stop background running apps and auto-launched apps tomakeyour phone faster► CPU COOLERDetect and kill apps that cause CPU overheating to improvephoneperformance► BOOSTER & CLEAN SHORTCUTA single touch to speed up your device from your home screen.Download Smart Cleaner now for raising performance andbetterspeeds.If you have any question about Smart Cleaner, please mail
Deep Cleaner Pro - Booster & Clean 1.3.1
GGB Group
Need more storage?Want higher performance?Are there many junkfilesin your phone?Is your battery draining faster thanbefore?★★★★TryDeepCleaner!★★★★------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DeepCleanerPro is the smallest phone cleaner, junk file cleaner,memorybooster, battery Saver and app manager for your Androidphones ortablet. Deep Cleaner Pro (junk cleaner & MemoryBoost)Highlights:★ Junk File & Cache CleanAnalyze all of yourapps,detect junk including cache, residual files, temp files.Cleancachejunk with one tap, free up space and boost phone speed. DeepCleaneris really clean android master .★ Memory BoosterFree up thememorywith a single step, accelerate the speed whenrunning.Optimize yourbattery performance with memory boost.Most ofAndroid users sufferedfrom the phone lagging and insufficientmemory when they using theirphone, if you are looking for acleaner for your phone, Deep Cleanerwill be your best choice. Freeto try it now!★ Battery SaverThisjunk-file cleaner providesreal-time memory and battery monitor.Thephone boost force-closethe unnecessary background apps to savebattery power and extendbattery life.★ APP ManagerHelp you findrarely used apps, makebackups and uninstall apps to save morespace.Other Highlights:★WiFi Speed TestAccurate network speedtest.★ CPU Cooler Cool downtemperature and reduce CPU usage. Saveyour mobile battery.★ LowerBattery Reminder★ Recent
Super Fast Cleaner - Boost & Clean 3.4.1
Super Fast Cleaner is a light-weight Android optimization tool,wecan speed up your phone by phone boost, clean junk files tosavememory space for you, CPU Cooler can cool down CPU of yourphone,Super Fast Cleaner also have so many useful functions toboost upand optimize your phone, like notification cleaner, appmanager,app lock and so on.Super Fast Cleaner Highlights:- PhoneBoostCleanunnecessary apps running in background to free up memory,boost andspeed up your Android device.- Junk CleanSuper FastCleaner isclean master. Analyze all of your apps, detect junk(systemcache/app cache/uninstalled app residue/ Ad cache...) topreventyour phone from running slowly or lagging.- NotificationCleanerThere are always many annoying notifications when we use thephone.Super Fast Cleaner helps to gather all the uselessnotifications tomake them quiet and clean, phone being moreefficient. - AppManagerRemove apps you don’t use to save morespace, andboost/speed up your phone.- App LockUse the App Lockfunction toprotect your privacy with lock pattern.- CPU Cooler Cooldown CPUand reduce CPU usage. Save your battery power. - AutoBoostAutospeed up your phone in smart way- FloatingWindowReal-timemonitoring memory usage, provide a shortcut to speedup your devicewith only one-tap. How does Super Fast Cleaner helpyou to speed upor optimize your phone?Phone Boost- Free up RAM,boost and speed upyour Android phoneSuper Fast Cleaner can boostand speed up yourAndroid phone, optimize games’ and apps’performances, and give youa faster and speedier experience byfreeing up RAM.Super FastCleaner provides shortcuts in desktop andnotification toolbar asextra entrances.Junk Clean- Super cleanermaster, clean spaceSuperFast Cleaner frees up storage completelyand optimizes performanceby removing junk files (system cache/appcache/uninstalled appresidue/...) to prevent your phone fromrunning slowly orlagging.Super Fast Cleaner cleans and frees up thestorage andreleases more space for users. You will enjoy a fasterand speedierphone by just one click. Super Fast Cleaner can also beused toclean junk files from social apps such asFacebook,Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. With thisprofessionalcleaner, you can free up much more space from all appseasily andsafely without worrying about deleting wrong files.CPUCooler-Apace cool down CPU temperatureSuper Fast Cleaner helps youmonitordevice temperature and smartly stop battery draining appswhichcause overheat to cool down your Android phone and to extendthebattery life as well! App Manager- Remove apps you don’tuseSuperFast Cleaner could help you uninstall apps, view apps infoor findrarely-used apps. Thus you can save more space, andboost/speed upyour phone.App Lock- Additional protection for yourprivacySuperFast Cleaner helps you protect your privacy. Using AppLockfunction of Super Fast Cleaner to protect your privacy withlockpattern. App Lock helps you lock private apps such as:Facebook,Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Using AppLock to lockcontact so that nobody can see the content in thelocked appswithout a password.Super Fast Cleaner, always keeps yourmobilephone running as fast as a new one!CommunicatewithusFacebook:
WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner
WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner is a light Androidoptimizationapp,trusted by so many users over the world. WE canspeed up yourphone by phone boost, clean junk files to save memoryspace foryou, CPU Cooler can cool down for your CPU, WE Cleaneralso have somany useful functions to boost up and optimize yourphone, like appmanager, app lock and so on. WE Cleaner - Booster& CleanerHighlights: - Phone Boost By clean unnecessary appsrunning inbackground to free up memory, boost and speed up yourAndroidphone. - Junk Files WE Cleaner is clean master. Analyze allof yourapps, detect junk (system cache/app cache/uninstalledappresidue/...) to prevent your phone from running slowly orlagging.- Auto Boost Auto free up memory to speed. - FloatingWindow Smartmemory, real-time memory usage date; Speed up yourdevice, improvethe performance of your phone in a single tap. - AppManager Removeapps you don’t use. Thus you can save more space, andboost/speedup your phone. - App Lock Use the App Lock function toprotect yourprivacy with a PIN or lock pattern. - CPU Cooler Cooldowntemperature and reduce CPU usage. Save your mobile battery.Howdoes WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner help you to speed upandoptimize your phone? Phone Boost- Free up RAM, boost and speedupyour Android phone WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner can boostandspeed up your Android phone, optimize games’ andapps’performances, and give you a faster and speedierexperience byfreeing up RAM. WE Cleaner provides shortcuts indesktop andnotification toolbar as extra entrances. Junk Clean-Super cleanermaster, clean space WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleanerfrees upstorage completely and optimizes performance by removingjunk files(system cache/app cache/uninstalled app residue/...) topreventyour phone from running slowly or lagging. WE Cleaner cleansandfrees up the storage and releases more space forusers. Youwill enjoy a faster and speedier phone by just oneclick. WECleaner can also be used to clean junk files from socialapps suchas Facebook, Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.With thisprofessional cleaner, you can free up much more space fromall appseasily and safely without worrying about deleting wrongfiles. CPUCooler- Apace cool down CPU temperature WE Cleaner helpsyoumonitor device temperature and smartly stop battery drainingappswhich cause overheat to cool down your Android phone and toextendthe battery life as well! App Manager- Remove apps you don’tuse WECleaner - Booster & Cleaner could help you uninstallapps, viewapps info or find rarely-used apps. Thus you can savemore space,and boost/speed up your phone. App Lock- Additionalprotection foryour privacy WE Cleaner - Booster & Cleaner helpsyou protectyour privacy. Using App Lock function of WE Cleaner toprotect yourprivacy with lock pattern. App Lock helps you lockprivate appssuch as: Facebook, Twitter,Messenger, WhatsApp,Instagram,etc. Using App Lock to lock contact so that nobody cansee thecontent in the locked apps without a password. WE Cleaner -Booster& Cleaner, always keeps your mobile phone running asfast as anew one! Communicate with us onFacebook:
Clean Fast - Cleaner & Booster | Fastest Optimizer 6.0.0
Clean Fast - Cleaner & Booster is the fast tool to cleanalltypes of junk files (Residual junk files, system junk, cachejunk,log files, temporary files). Master in free up phone storagespaceand cleaning Ram. Increase more speed with advance taskmanager forsuper fast and optimum performance.✔✔ Now your Androidwill be Fast, Clean , Cool and Safe using ' Clean Fast - Cleaner 'which is aPowerful & Max Speed Accelerator and Battery lifeSaver. Italso Cool down the temperature of Battery and CPU of yourAndroidphone.Clean Fast (Speed Optimizer, Garbage Remover and PowerSaver)best features for performance :✔ JUNK FILE RemovalClearcache,cleanup junk files to free up storage. junk removal is noweasy.✔SPEED BOOST Phone is laggy or slow? Improve speed - boostmobile& refresh your Android, stop running apps, free up RAMwithpowerful tool. Use phone widget to gain super speed directlyfromhome screen.✔ BATTERY SAVER Stop background running apps tosavepower, extend battery life & cooler also cool downbatterywithin battery saving.✔ CPU COOLERCool down your androidphone CPUcheck temperature & memory usage. best device cooler.Work veryfast & efficiently. Stop running processes and let theCPUrelax for an instance.✔ TASK MANAGER Kill running apps: masterinincrease more speed to provide you super fast performance.✔FULLSCANComplete device scan with just one tap. This includesRamCleaning, Garbage Files Cleaning, CPU Cooling andBatteryoptimizations.✔ SHARE APPS / GAMESWant to transfer heavyfiles, doit offline with CF.★ Battery - Help you to know currentstatusincluding voltage, health and temperature. ★ PhoneInformation -Get information on storage usage, ram usage, batterytemperature,wifi signals and much more. ★ Quick Smart Option - UseSmart optionin the app to setup your phone for optimization! ★ APPMANAGER -Now uninstall unwanted apps quickly.★ Friendly Widgets -Usefriendly widgets to clear cache, speed up phone and checkbatterystatus directly from your home screen.Clean Fast - Cleaner&Booster | Fastest Optimizer is compatible with most androidphonesand systems. including but not limited to all devices fromSamsung,Huawei, Sony , Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo and more.
Force Cleaner and Booster Pro 2.2.6
🚀🚀🚀Install Force Cleaner & Boosternowto clean your phone and make it faster!🚀🚀🚀Force Cleaner & Booster will help you to free up storage,boostRAM and disable unnecessary apps running in background.Steps you need to do:1. Install Force Cleaner & Booster2. Clean your phone3. Boost system4. Enjoy smooth browsing and gaming experience!Key Features:✔️ Memory BoosterClean background tasks, free up phone memory (RAM).Boost the speed of your device, optimize games andappsperformance.✔️ Junk File CleanerAnalyze all of your apps, detect junk including cache,residual,temporary files.Clean cache junk with one tap, free up space and boostphone'sspeed.Install now and enjoy for FREE!
Aurora Cleaner – Super Clean & Phone Booster 1.13.8
Aurora Cleaner-Super Clean & Booster App, 🏆 TOP Androidphonecleaner & booster with junk files cleaner, RAM/memorycleaner,speed booster, CPU cooler and battery saver. Enjoy the bestspeedcleaner booster to clean and speed up yourphone!AuroraCleaner-Super Clean & Booster App Highlights:🔥Phone Cleaner& Booster: 1 tap to boost and clean phone memoryand storagespace🚀Phone Cleaner for Android: free up storage spaceby removingjunk, residual and cache files with super fastcleaners♛AdvancedMemory Cleaner: clean junk files and optimizestorage in depth❉CPUCooler: Cool down temperature to stop phonefrom overheating✄AppUninstaller: integrated with fastest andsimplest uninstaller toolto clean up storage and free up morespaces🔋1 Tap Battery Saver:power are up to 60% and extend batterylifeHas your phone becomelaggy and lock of space? AuroraCleaner-Super Clean & Boosteris cleaner, always keep yourAndroid device running like new!AuroraCleaner-Super Clean &Booster Key Functions:☑Junk FileCleanerFree up space and boostphone speed by intelligentlyscanning junk files, residuals, uselessAPK files and app cachefrom social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook,Instagram and Snapchatetc. that slow down your phone. Clean onlywith 1 tap!☑MemoryStorage CleanerPhone memory cleaner boost Androiddevice &clear space. Help clean the useless photos, music,documents andunnecessary files and rare use apps to free up spaceand speed upyour device.☑Phone BoosterWith 1 tap boost, the Androidacceleratorwill make your phone faster by 60%!By phone booster,this free RAMbooster will clean unnecessary background runningprocesses andauto start apps to more free memory and make yourphone run faster.The one-tap booster optimizer make it run fasterby 60% on homescreen!☑CPU CoolerDynamically analyses CPU usage,detectsoverheating apps, and close them to cool down phonetemperatureimmediately!☑Smart Charge Display charging left time inreal-timeand prevent battery from overchargingAny question, pleasecontactus via:
Speed Cleaner-Faster Cleaner & Junk Cache Removed 1.1.0
Speed Cleaner, the best optimization tool with space cleaner,ithelps keep your phone clean and safe . It is acleanerapp that will help you reclaim storage space on your Androiddeviceby cleaning junk, removing residual files &optimizingmemory.Speed cleaner master free download and masterCleaner profree! Clean much Ads、junk app ! Speed Clean is a mastercleaner !This cool excellent app is awesome to junks ! InstallSpeed Cleanerapp which you could love .Make your phone systemupdate later nolonger caton! Speed Cleaner, the world's leadingcyber securitysoftware provider, now sweeps your memory cache andstorage cleanof residual and junk files to remove clutter from yourAndroiddevice and help speed up performance. Speed Clean , theworld'sleading space cleaner app on Google Play. Like masters:MasterCleaner,KleenMaster,Klimaster,ccmaster,Clinemaster,Clinermaster!MasterCleanerboost and applock Master Cleaner! SPEED CLEANER FEATURES&CAPABILITIES  ① Clean and clear cache ② Identify andremovejunk, APK, and residual files ③ Optimize memory space ④ Getrid ofbloatware Although we don’t have battery energy saving andscanvirus manage , Junk Cleaner and Boost Moble must do best !SpeedCleaner Key Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Withourprofessional cleaner, you can also free up much space fromcleaningcache data from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger,WhatsApp,Gmail, Instagram without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles.Speed Cleaner's JUNK CLEANER engine which is ranked #1 ! Junkfilecleaner 2017,2018,2019 like piriform ccleaner! Updatesavailablefor my apps in my phone and then deep clean junkfiles!👑 Cache Cleaner ◦ Helps clean residual cache systemfilesoften left by uninstalled apps to free up Android phone ortabletdisk space . Our app maintenance successfully , not fail.👑 Junk Remover ◦ Storage cleaner helps analyze, cleanupandsafely remove the junk files that take up your memory andstoragespace . Erase junk 、 get rid of trash、remove apps . Mastercleanapp: If you want to uninstall app,we will helpyouautomatically!Master Cleaner uninstall,stayinstall!👑 Residual File Remover ◦ Delete cache and residualfiles tofree up phone, tablet and SD card storage space. Helpscleanresidual cache system files often left by uninstalled apps tofreeup Android phone or tablet disk space.(E.g: Facebook messenger)◦The junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzedsothat Speed Cleaner can intelligently and efficiently hone in onitstargets (cache and residual files) with amazingaccuracy.👑 Memory Optimizer ◦ Perform a clean sweep removal ofjunkfiles that waste memory space and compromise deviceperformance. ◦Speed Cleaner is a junk remover for your cache andtemporary files,and even lets you identify and remove apps yourarely use – helpingto reduce clutter and reclaiming memory tostore new apps, photosand videos. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE PHONECLEANBOOSTER!Onetap Booster &System Cleaner!1Tap Boosterhelps speed up phone by freeing upRAM. Sped up your phoneefficiency like a booster !Useful、powerful、reliable、effective SpeedCleaner app will be foundby user . Make apps download faster. Trashfolder will be scan bysuperb cooler clean app . Although we don’thave battery energysaving and scan virus manage , we gig more junk. Boost mobile mustdo best ! Boost Mobile’s speed is like the speedof a cheetahrunning ! The speed is like acelerar cellular! 🎮 GameMaster WithGame Master, you can accelerate loading speed of games.👉【LIKE USand STAY CONNECTED】👈 Please suggest what do we need to donext ? Weneed to improve our usage . We hope to be given moreusefulsuggestions . Battery energy saving andscanvirus manage which are still in development! Antivirus forandroidphones free 2018 new top will be published!Booster virusfree!privacypolicy:
Hi Speed Booster, Junk & Cache Cleaner 1.1.15
Hi Speed Booster (Cleaner) is efficient to boost (clean)phonememory, junk files, and app cache, and keep phone runningfast. Itis so smart making the boost effect more durable thanothers; andits installation package size is only 1 MB. It is reallya SuperCleaner and Booster for your phone. Super Booster Feature HiSpeedBooster (clean and boost) free up memory (RAM), speed upyourdevice and save more battery. More important, it forces tostopapps without root permission, and make the boost effectlasting.Junk & Cache Cleaner Find and clean junk files and appcache,make your phone more storage space. 1 Tap Boost 1 tap boosticon ofHi Speed Booster (Cleaner) can be listed on phone desktop,you canboost your phone with 1 tap. Memory Usage High NotificationWhenyour phone memory usage is high, Hi Speed Booster (clean andboost)will notify you to boost your phone with one tap. White ListDon'tworry that Hi Speed Booster will shut down the apps you wanttokeep alive. You can add them to the white list, so theywillignored when boosting. Power Saver By boosting and shuttingdownpower-hungry apps, Phone Battery Life will also be prolonged.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Speed Clean 1.0.21
⚡Memory Clean Booster that waste lots of power in 1tap.⚡"SpeedClean" is the smallest phone cleaner, memory booster,game booster,junk file cleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster,battery optimizerand app manager for your Android phones or tablet.The Fastestclean booster★ Speed Clean optimizer cleans up memory.★If yourBattery is Draining Quicker, your Device Become Laggy,Freezes Allthe Time, Your device overheats and needs to cool down?and itOverheats when Running Apps. it’s Time to Take Care of ItBefore itTurns into a Turtle Phone! Restore your Device’s HealthwithFastest Memory Booster Cleaner for Free NOW!!! Speed Clean istheFastest Booster you need!★ Boost your games and apps, FreeupMemory ★If you’re tired of watching how your tablet orsmartphonegets slower every day, and you don’t know anything aboutclearingcache, clear search history, erase history, delete cookies,orregistry cleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings afastsolution to your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymoreabouthow to clear cache or how to speed up Android phone making thelongand tedious process of free memory RAM deleting everythinggoingstep by step; our app will take care of everything, makingallmemory clean steps required to bring back the speed of yourdeviceas when it was brand new or even better than when you turn itonfor the first time! Other booster apps just clean the cachéoftemporary files; this improves your phone but not at themaximumspeed as making a deep cleaning! Be aware of otherspeedboosterfree applications that only have virus and make theproblem worst;try our "Speed Clean" and begin to enjoy thebenefits! ★ Effective,Easy, Simple. Best Cleaners. ★Easy to use,without complicatedterms and different screens to activate a widevariety offunctions. Thanks to the integration of a user friendlyandintuitive interface, thinking in people that are not aware ofallthose tricky terms, we made it really simple. Just tap thecleanbutton and that’s it! Our master cleaning app will get the jobdonewithout needing to wait for centuries or clicking ondifferentdialog screens. The junk filter will remember the behaviorofcertain processes and it will block them automatically withaperfect accuracy. Keep safe your files stored, block themfromintruders and damaging virus. Backup and Restore Features arealsoincluded.No More Waste of Time and Battery Because Your PhoneisRunning Slow! Make a Phone Faster has Arrived to Android!DownloadFast Memory Booster Cleaner Available Now!Provide realprotectionto your phone avoiding a frequent overheating that couldharm orcause internal damage to your device. Extend your batterylifemaking apps not being used to hibernate reducing the resourcesusedon your device. Lots of temporary files, history log, are themaincause of a phone running slow. Delete cleaner all thejunk-creatingapps temporal files to speed up your device and makeit save morebattery. Did you know that having a phone running slowalso causeswifi signal reception to be bad? This app will help as awifibooster and even game boost! Stop the annoying auto startingappsthat are running without you even notice but wasting memoryandenergy. Interesting right? Try now the #1 all in one phoneboosterand cleaner app! "Speed Clean" Features: 🚀 1 Tap Boost makeit easyto optimize directly.🚀 Speed up your devices and releasememory.🚀Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient withlowmemory.🚀 Advanced Monitoring System.🚀 Totally free from Adsandclutter.⚡An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster forTabletsand All Android Devices is Here! Download NOW for FREE"SpeedClean" Limited Time Only!!!⚡🌟 Enjoy the New Speed CleanMaster #1Phone Cleaner for FREE!! Download Fastest Memory BoosterCleanerNOW!! 🌟
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Memory Clean 1.1.26
Do you always ask, "oh, is there an smart android app to cleanmyphone"? Smart Cleaner is a fast, light, and trustedandroidoptimizer, the cleaner master cleaning of your androidphones. Youcan use it as junk file cleaner, speed booster, memorybooster,battery saver, game booster, CPU cooler, cache cleaner,trashcleaner, and app manager. Smart Cleaner, the faster speedboosterand junk cleaner, is just the super app you need to solvethefollowing problems thoroughly: When your phone is always laggedandfreezes all the time. When your phone overheats and needs tocooldown. When your phone or tablet battery is draining fasterthanever. When your phone or tablet has become lack of space toinstallnew apps or take more photos. Smart Cleaner is the smallestcleaneron market; and it is the fastest phone booster which canboost thephone speed by up to 60% with a thorough memory trashclear, andmake the speed up effect last longer; Also, it safelycleans junkfiles, apk files, cache files to increase availablespace. It issuper booster and cleaner to master your phone!! Usethis cleaningapp to clean up android phone memory and junk. SmartCleaner issuper cleaner, smart manager, use it as android phonecleaner,clean master for android, memory cache cleaner, rambooster, speedbooster, history cleaner, ram cleaner, phone booster,and so on;also it has battery charger feature to monitor andacceleratebattery charging. The battery indicator is to tell youbatterystatus and battery percentage. You can also use power cleanfeatureto kill battery drain apps to last battery life. Powerbatterysaver and battery doctor. ★ Memory Boost Boost your gamesand apps,free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save morebattery.Our 1 Tap Boost and Game Boost features make it easy tooptimizedirectly from your home screen. Highlights of Memory Boost:√Thorough Memory Boost - Power Clean Smart Cleaner forces stopappsto improve performance more than 60% like rooted phones!!!Afterthorough memory boost, the apps will hibernate after thememory(RAM) clear and boost, and the stubborn apps are stopped torestartslinkingly. Your phone will be faster like "NEW", andbatterysaved. √ 1 Tap Boost For easy to use, 1 tap boost shortcutiscreated on your home screen. You are convenient to speed upyourphone with 1 tap. Also, when your phone memory (RAM) usage ishigh,you are notified to speed up your phone with one tap. ★ JunkFileCleaner You may find your phone or tablet is lack of space totakephotos and install apps, and this may cause device slow;SmartCleaner can help to clean cache, trash, apk, downloadfolders,browser history, and residual junk files to reclaimstorage. It issmall yet powerful cleaner master and space saver tofree up spaceand boost phone speed with 1 tap. ★ CPU Cooler Theapps runningfrom background make phone overheat. Just simply cooldown yourdevice by Phone cooler, it finds and stops apps using yourCPU moreand causing phone to overheat. Also, by memory boost, itcan coolapps for android. You can use phone cooler feature to docpubooster or you can tap 1 tap boost shortcut to cool downyourphone. ★ Game Booster Before you launch games, use theSmartCleaner for a Thorough Memory Boost, or one tap boost toreleasememory, it will improve your game speeds by 30%+!! ★ BatterySaverWhen your battery is draining faster than ever, and thepowerbecome low quickly, that should be caused by backgroundauto-startapps. Just open Smart Cleaner to boost and clean thesepower hungryapps, they will be hibernated and the phone batterypower is saved.Save power now!! Don't hesitate to get the phonecleaner, booster,optimizer, and power saver to clear trash or RAM,and make yourphone or tablet as a new one! It is 100% Free andgreen!! SmartCleaner uses accessibility services to improve memoryclean featureif you want.
Solo Cleaner - Speed Booster 3.3.5
★ A Highly convenient "1 Tap Booster" app that not only cleansandboosts your phone up to 60%, but can also reduce CPU,Batteryconsumption and safely clean junk files to increase moreavailablespace.Main Features Highlights :► Speed Booster• 1 TapBooster willprotect your phone from speed lagging or app crashingwith easy. •1 Tap Booster will boost your phone speed up to 60%.►Junk &Cache Cleaner• Cache Junk - Remove any interfering filesthat slowdevice speed and RAM usage• Memory Junk - Clean you phonein secondfor any memory Junk files. • Temp Files - Remove residuetemp filesthat you longer need.► CPU Cooler• Clean and cool downyour CPUtemperature with single tap.►Game Booster • Effective Gameboostmodule with 1 tap optimization along with pre-selection foranygames. ► RAM & Memory Booster• Boost your phone by freeingupRAM and fix abnormal app behaviors with 1-tap.► DuplicatePhotoAnalyzer • Scan your phone for any duplicate photos and deletethemwith a single click.► Storage Manager• Scan your phone foranyApps, Pics, Music, Videos and Big files and remove or analyzethemwith a single click.►Battery Saver • Smart Locker: Smartlockerhelp conserve battery power by unwanted apps and lowering CPUusage• Background Apps: Analyze background app activities thatcouldhamper performance and cause issues such as slowdowns andcrashes.Other Features►App Lock: Simple "Pattern Based" app lockfeature►Notification Manager: Block any apps and notifications thathamperyour work and cause device slowdowns.►App Manager: Uninstallappssafely If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach usatour Facebook page: Oremailus at: soloappsteam@gmail.comOfficialWebsite:http://www.newborntown.comNotice:This app usesAccessibilityservices.Why we need:1.When you use power Mode inBoost function orScanning deep junk in JUNK Clean 2. If you want touse this twofunction , you may need open the Accessibility servicespermissionmanually3. This two function need the permission to stopauto startapp to enhance your boost and clean4. And we not collectany ofyour personal information
Super Boost Cleaner 1.0.6
"Super Boost Cleaner"The smallest phone cleaner, ram booster, game booster, junkfilecleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster, battery optimizer andappmanager for your Android phones or tablet. Best New keep yourphoneFaster App!Your device has become laggy and freezes all the time?Your battery has started draining quicker than ever?Your device overheats and needs to cool down?Your game freezes and drives you crazy?Super Boost Cleaner is the perfect solution to all thoseproblems.It is the only phone booster you need!Boost your games and appsIf you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphonegetsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearingcache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, orregistrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fastsolutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore abouthow toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the longandtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything goingstepby step!Our app will take care of everythingMaking all memory clean steps required to bring back the speedofyour device as when it was brand new or even better than whenyouturn it on for the first time! Other booster apps just cleanthecaché of temporary files; this improves your phone but not atthemaximum speed as making a deep cleaning! Be aware ofotherspeedbooster free applications that only have virus and maketheproblem worst; try our Speed Cleaner and begin to enjoythebenefits!Clean apps in One tap.If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your Device BecomeLaggy,Freezes All the Time and it Overheats when Running Apps; it’sTimeto Take Care of It Before it Turns into a Turtle Phone!Restoreyour Device’s Health with Speed Cleaner for FreeNOW!!!Easy to UseEasy to use, without complicated terms and different screenstoactivate a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integrationofa user friendly and intuitive interface, thinking in peoplethatare not aware of all those tricky terms, we made it reallysimple.Just tap the clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaningappwill get the job done without needing to wait for centuriesorclicking on different dialog screens.Highlights:One Tap Boost to optimize directly from your homescreen.A single touch to speed up your devices.Extremely Powerful Tool.Colourful and Friendly User Interface.Fast, compact and efficient with low memory.Low Space Needed to Install.Advanced Monitoring System.You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.Totally free from Ads and clutter.An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster for Tablets andAllAndroid Devices is Here! Download NOW for FREE
Cleaner Pro(Clean Boost Free) 1.240
Pro Freeware
Keep your Android phone clean, safe and fast by usingCleanerpro!With 20+ features inside: remove junk, boost memory,speed-upgame, reclaim space, manage auto-runs, monitor thetemperature ofCPU and Battery, detect similar photos and optimizethe big photo.Now you can become the Master of your own device withthe ultimatecleaning app for your Android!When you use,it maycontain ads,please understand us.With Cleaner pro, you can keepyour Androidphones always running like new:*• One tap to boost yourAndroidphone's performance.• Clean the cache of 5,000+ APPs andjunk filesto recover storage space.• Kill background tasks to freeup systemRAM and extend battery life.• Manage/uninstall all of yourAPPs andAPK files.• Speed up your mobile games for better gameexperience.•Monitor the temperature of your device and cool down itas youwant.• Manage the service, event and auto-runs of yourandroidsystem.• Detect and clean the similar photos to free morespace.KEYFEATURES:• One-tap Boost - Convenient & Effective:Check &Clean up & Speed up & Optimize your Androiddevice forbetter performance with just a simple tap.• App Manager -Organized& Orderly: Uninstall unwanted Apps & Remove unusedAPKs tofree up the storage space; Easy to move Apps to SD card andmoveApps to phone internal storage.• Memory Boost - Fast&Responsive: Kill your undesirable background running tasksandrelease RAM to speed up your Android device and extendbatterylife.• Junk File Cleaner - Clean & Refreshing: Eliminatehordesof junk files that riddle your device by quickly emptyingcache andresidual files to release valuable storage space and topreventslowdowns.• Privacy Manager - Secure & Safe: Managethepermissions of all of your APPs and allow you to remove themall;Enable or disable your start-up APPs and services on yourphones;Automatically erase your secure data that left on theclipboard.•Similar Photo Cleaner - Detect the similar photo in yourdevice andremain the unique one to free up more space.Supplementaryprivacyprovision:Cleaner Pro newly adds to get mobile phonestate,callsand contacts authority.It is mainly through the contactlist foryou to identify all the numbers, and block known spam callsand thenumbers that you do not want to answer. The app will neveruploadand store your contacts and your call history.
Clean Booster+, Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster 1.2.6
Are your suffering from lag and freeze of your device? Isyourdevice always running out of space? Your device overheats andneedsto cool down? Is your battery power draining faster thanbefore? Ifso, Clean Booster+ is just the most trusted and safeAndroidoptimizer for you. Clean Booster+ is a fast, small, smart,safeAndroid phone optimizer, which you can use as speedbooster,memory(RAM) booster, junk file cleaner, cache cleaner,trashcleaner, battery saver, cpu cooler, game booster, fastcharger, andapp manager. Clean Booster+ Highlights: Phone Memory& SpeedBoost The one-tap boost feature is listed on phonedesktop, whichmakes you speed up your phone very conveniently withonly 1 tap.When you want to boost your phone as efficient as rootedphones,just use "Super Boost+" feature. "Super Boost+" willhibernate theapps and they can't restart again, even if thestubborn apps. Phonewill be faster by 80%, and the battery powerwill be saved. Junkfile & Cache Cleaner By clearing junk files,residual files,and cache to free up storage, your Android devicewill be boostedand performance is improved. It also reminds you toclean apks onyour phone to free up more storage space after apkinstalling.Clean Boost+ keeps your phone clean and fast. CPU CoolerWhen yourphone overheats, and CPU is too hot to run fast, just cooldownyour phone with CPU Cooler or "Super Boost+" of Clean Booster+.CPUCooler will detect and clean apps that cause overheating.GameBooster Clean Booster+ can help you to play games moresmoothly.Just use "Super Boost+" or 1-tap boost feature beforeplaying thegame. Also, when you put games into game booster folder,thebooster will clean memory automatically before launchinggames.Battery & Power Saver When your battery power drainingfasterthan before, that should be caused by the power-hungry appsrunningin the background, just use Clean Booster+ to hibernate theapps,then the time duration of battery power will be last longerthan20%+. Fast Charger Clean Booster+ helps you to monitor thechargestatus of your phone when charging, protects your phonetoovercharge, and makes charging faster. Come on! Don't hesitatetoget the super cleaner and booster to clear trash or memory,andspeed up your phone or tablet! It is 100% free and green tomasteryour clean and boost work!! This app uses Accessibilityservices.
Clean Boost-Junk Cleaner,Memory Booster,App Lock 4.0.rel.67
Clean Boost, the better optimization tool with space cleaner andrambooster, it helps keep your phone clean and make it speed.CleanBoost also added the Battery Saver feature, which helps yousavebattery power and extend battery life. Has received more than15,000five-star reviews ★★★★★ Clean Boost Key Functions:Highlights:
 ✔Space Saving: Feature rich but only 3.XMB in size
 ✔Simple:Intuitive UI embracing Material Design, very easy to useandnavigate
 ✔ Effective: Quite helpful to free up space,improvespeed, protect privacy 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) CleanBoosthelps free up your storage space by removing junk, residualandcache files which slows down your phone. With ourprofessionalcleaner, you can also free up much more space fromcleaning cachedata from social apps such as WhatsApp, withoutworrying aboutdeleting the wrong files. 
🚀 BOOST MOBILE Speed upphone by freeingup RAM. Reduce overall power consumption. 🔋 BATTERYSAVER CleanBoost helps to save battery power and extend batterylife. 🌟 APPLOCK Keeps your app privacy safe with an AppLock PIN orpattern. 🌟APP MANAGER
 Batch Installer & Uninstaller: Uninstallunwantedapps Package Manager: Scan and clean redundant APK files.🔥NOTIFICATION MANAGER It helps everyone to managenotificationsintelligently and intuitively. You could decide whichappnotifications you would like to show or ignore. In this way,youcan keep phone notification bar in a cleaner and tidy status.🔥SIMILAR PHOTO CLEANER Clean Boost can scan the similar photos,findout the best one to delete similar photos to free up morestorage.🔥 WHATSAPP CLEANER Clean Booster can scan whatsapp, findout thevideo,audio,voice,image and many of kinds doc. for whatsapp,tofree up more storage. 🌟 DEVICE INFO CPU, memory (RAM), GPU,camera,storage, ROM, battery and more than 30 device information.
Drop usemail to for any suggestions,feedback ortranslation help.
Super Cleaner - RAM Booster 2.1.62
Super Cleaner is a fast phone cleaner to master your phone.Thepowerful tool is a RAM cleaner, Speed Booster, Battery Saver,GameBooster, Phone Cooler, Cache Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, and junkfileremover. It can clean and boost your phone very fast. It'ssmallwith installation package size only 1 MB; and it is reallysmart toboost memory and clean junk & cache faster than others,andmake the phone speed up effect last longer. Super CleanerPro(clean & boost) also helps to cool down CPU and yourwholedevice, and stop other apps to drain battery. It is reallySuperCleaner (clean master), Super Booster (boost master), and allinone light app. Oh, is there an super clean android app to cleanmyandroid phone? Super Cleaner is the best choice, the cleanermastercleaning of your android phones. This cleaning app is toclean upandroid phone RAM and cache. It is really a smart manager,used asandroid phone cleaner, memory cleaner, clean master forandroidphone, cache cleaner, speed booster, history cleaner, ramcleaner,phone booster, ram booster, and so on; also it has batterychargerfeature to monitor and speed up phone battery charging. Thebatteryindicator is to indicate the battery percentage and batterystatus.You can also use power clean feature to kill batterydraining appsto save battery power for postponing battery life.Yeah, your greatbattery doctor and power battery saver; also it isphone cooler tocool apps for android. You can use phone coolerfeature to do phonebooster or you can tap one tap boost shortcutfor many times tocool down your phone. Highlights of Super CleanerPro: Clean memoryand Super Booster One Tap Boost (just 1tap) CPUCooler Game BoosterBattery Saver Memory Usage High NotificationClean memory and SuperBooster Super Cleaner Pro (clean and boost)can find all apps usinghigh memory and force stop them without rootpermission. When youfind your phone is lag, just use super cleanerfeature to speed upby stopping the apps running in the background,and these apps willhibernate after clean and boost. Then your phonewill be fast, alsothe phone battery can last longer. One Tap Boost(just 1tap) Onetap boost icon of Super Clean is listed on phonedesktop, whichmakes you very convenient to boost your phone with 1tap. Bytapping more times of the 1 tap boost icon, the phone speedisimproved tremendously. CPU Cooler Do you find your phone isalwayshot? Just simply use CPU Cooler feature to cool down yourdevice,and it will clean unnecessary apps running in thebackground. GameBooster Automatically improve your game speed by30%+ whenlaunching games. Battery Saver Are you worried about yourphonebattery draining too fast due to auto-start apps? Afterboostingand cleaning these power-hungry apps draining your batteryby SuperCleaner Pro (clean and boost), the apps will hibernate andthephone battery life will last longer. Memory Usage HighNotificationWhen your phone memory usage is high, Super Clean willnotify youto boost your phone with one tap. Super Cleaner usesaccessibilityservice to improve clean memory feature. Super Cleaneris 100% FREEandroid phone cleaner, fast booster, optimizer, andpower saver. Goand install the cleaner to make your phone superclean as a newone!
Cleaner 2018 New 360 1.5
Is Your phone becoming slow and lag due to many junk files inyourphone?Is Your Phone battery draining faster?Cleaner 2018 new360, areliable memory & speed booster, Android optimizer, andbatterysaver, helps you clean junk file, boost mobile phone, andextendbattery life.Cleaner 2018 new 360 is a small, fast, andsmartAndroid device cleaner and performance booster. featuring ajunkcleaner, memory booster, device optimizer, app manager. Withthisapp you can free up storage, boost RAM, remove ordisableunnecessary Apps, boost games and get your mobile runninglike newagain. Highlights of Cleaner 2018 new 360★ Phone SpeedBoosterThebest phone speed boosterClean up memory (RAM) andoptimize phonespeed by removing redundant background tasks. Stopstealthy runningapps, Aims to speeding up your android device. Wealso have phonebooster shortcut, One-Tap Boost directly from yourhome screenmakes it easy to optimize.★ Cache CleanSmall yetpowerful cleanermaster, space saverFree up space and improve theperformance byintelligently scan the junk files. Such as residualfiles, cache,temp files, obsolete apks and other big files.★Battery SaverThisjunk-file cleaner provides real-time memory andbattery monitor.The phone boost force-close the unnecessarybackground apps to savebattery power and extend battery life.★Phone Cool DownDetect andclean apps that cause overheating. Byphone boost and clean, thisphone booster cool down mobile inseconds.★ Root FreeEven withoutroot access, this speed booster forAndroid can boost phone andclean cache effectively andefficiently.★Reclaim Storage Space●Streamline your Androidsmartphone or tablet● Quickly and easilyuninstall multiple unwantedapplications● Free up valuable storagespace on your device★Powerful APP MANAGERManage, Disable orUninstall apps
Smart Manager 1.0.12
Smart Manager: Battery Saver is a Free and attractivePower-SavingApplication . it will enhance and extend your phone'sbattery lifeto watch funny Video,film,dramas, listen audio and muchmore.Withhis Smart Manager you can stop battery draining and lowerbatteryand energy consumption.It has also a quick charging featureevenwith your regular phone charger. The mobile hanging problemwill beresolved by more cleaning of RAM Like a RAM booster.Forunderstanding Check your Ram status before/after clean RAM.Asmartmanager is the best Ram cleaner tool to optimize RAMperformance,accelerate, RAM Clean cache, clean up memory, killbackgroundapplication completely and thoroughly. The most trustedand safeAndroid app is a speed booster, battery saver. AndroidSmartmanager helps accelerate Ram and clean up cache files. Thesmartmanager also provides real-time protection and secures privatedatawith app lock function. Smart Manager is a Battery Managingandfast charging app that allow you to reduce the usage of yourphoneenergy and ensure battery durability. Duplicate Files FixerandRemover : Duplicate Files Fixer finds and removes duplicatefilesfrom your Android device so that you can recover additionalstoragespace without much do. Moreover, similar photo cleaner thelatestfeature added to the application will remove similar picturestoo.Junk File Cleaning : Junk File cleaner helps to delete cachefiles,residual junk files, ad junk and obsolete apks to reclaimstorage.Improve the performance of your device. Phone Booster :Boost yourgames and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up yourdevice and savemore battery. Let your device no more leggy andfreezes all thetime. Battery Saver : Battery Saver help to analyzebattery statusand Close background running apps to save power. WithBatterySaver, you can stop apps that waste lots of power and extendyourbattery life in 1 tap.Permission:android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE : By thispermissionour Smart Manager will Optimize battery of yourphone,Boost yourphone and Increase battery life. Smart Manager willNever share ,Collect or pass your personal Information to thirdparty. SmartManager: Battery Saver Features: * Cleans Ram withunwanted filesand data * Detects and deletes all types of duplicatefiles *Simple and easy to use user interface * Android SmartManager *Extends Battery Life * JUNK CLEANER * Battery Optimization* SmartBattery Draining Detection * Quick Charging Feature *Ensurebattery durability * RAM Cleaner * Keep your data safe andStorageoptimization
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean 1.8.10
Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface, The Cleaneristhe same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love,nowwith a detailed dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overviewofyour phone's health. Speed up your phone or tablet with thememorycleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batchuninstallunneeded or potentially malicious apps with the appmanager, andprotect your privacy with the included app lockfunction. You canalso make your games run faster and improve theirperformance withthe Game Booster. Best of all, The Cleaner is asalways as easy touse as it is beautifully designed, all in alightweight app thatwon't hog your Android's memory, so cleaningyour RAM and phonestorage is easy and fast. MEMORY OPTIMIZER Freeup memory and boostyour device's speed with a simple tap STORAGECLEANER Clean upstorage by deleting junk files such as cache andAPK files APPMANAGER Batch uninstall apps and identify apps withunnecessarypermissions GAME BOOSTER Speed up your games and improvetheirperformance APP LOCKER Protect your privacy by locking yourappswith a PIN SCHEDULED REMINDERS Never forget to clean yourdevice sothat it's always running optimally The Cleaner is free, sotry ittoday to speed up your Android! And please leave us a rating!
Cleaner - Junk Clean, Phone Booster & CPU Cooler 1.2.6
Small, Smart & Fast Cleaner App!Phone Cleaner for Android isafree app cleaner that can help you clean junks &cache,redundant apps & files, clean residuals, free upspace,optimize phone performance and phone clean with the powerfulsupercleaner, junk cleaner system cleaner and phoneoptimizerapp.Highlights of Phone Cleaner:☞Junk Cleaner: Cleanresidual files& junks to reclaim your storage space☞CacheCleaner: Cleancache and speed up your Android devices☞FilesCleaner: Cleanresidual data from previously uninstalledapplications☞SystemCleaner: Clean system junks & cache tooptimize phoneperformance☞App Cleaner: Find and delete useless apkson yourdevice to free up more storage space☞Phone Booster: Killredundantbackground tasks, free up RAM and boost memory. Optimizeyour phonefor best performance☞Game Booster: Boost your gamespeed,experience and smooth game play without lagging☞BatteryClean:Boost and stop auto-start apps to free more space☞SmartReminder:Phone Cleaner will remind you of the residual junk ofappsuninstall or useless apks after successfully installation, soyoucan free up more storage space☞Battery Saver: Cool downCPUtemperature and extend battery life of your phonePhone CleanerMainFeatures:★Accelerate & Optimize OverallPerformanceOne-tapcleaner to clean and optimize your phone memory,making your phonefunction in better performance. Phone Cleaner hasprofessionallydesigned for cleaning junks, speeding up phone andkillingbackground processes. You will enjoy a more smoothexperience aftera boost by our superior cleaner & optimizerapp★Clean JunkFiles -One-tap clean: Clean app types of junks likephoto junk,system junk, residual files, cache junk, advertisementjunk, videojunk, clean useless apk files, & clean running appsto optimizeand speed up your phone RAM and free up storagespace-Deep clean:Clean deep system junks, downloaded files, bigfiles and thumbnailfiles and the auto-start apps to better boostphone performance andmake it running like it’s newagain-Notification cleaner: Cleanunnecessary and annoyingnotifications on your notification bar tomake it simpler.Notification cleaner will stop your phone fromslowing down by messynotifications★Boost Speed & Cool DownCPUBoost apps that arerunning in the background and clean up yourRAM to boost your devicewith 1 tap. Phone Cleaner alsocontinuously monitor temperaturechanges, detect apps highlyconsuming CPU and start a cooling downprocesses, effectivelyreduce the phone temperature as well asextend battery life★GameBoosterAfter memory boost, the acceleratorwill make phone fasterby 60%. The game experience will be better.Say goodbye toslowdown★Duplicate Photo CleanerDuplicate photos ondevices arelikely to take storage space on your Android devices.With PhoneCleaner duplicate photo cleaner, you can easily deleteduplicatephotos, and it will save the best photos for you.PhoneCleaner usesAccessibility Services.Why do you have to enableAccessibilityServices permission?1.This permission is necessarilyimportant forDeep Clean & RAM Booster function2.Deep Clean canstopauto-start apps while RAM Booster can remove more junks3.Thesetwofunction need the Accessibility Services
Super Cache Cleaner - RAM Clean Booster Cleaner
Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer, best junk&cache cleaner, Android optimizer, RAM cleaner, speed booster,appmanager, CPU cooler and game booster, is the newest cleaner appforAndroid device. Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizercanboost the speed your device by 60%. With this powerful cleanerapp,you can free up storage space, clean junks, clean RAM,removeresidual files, uninstall useless apps and save batterylife.Whatcan Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer do foryourdevice?All-in-one android cleaner & booster can cleanjunkfiles, clean RAM & cache, boost phone speed, cool downyourphone, save batter life and manage apps.PowerfulClean-Cleaner,Booster & Optimizer Highlights:🚀PhoneBooster-Keep Your DeviceRunning Smooth & Fast:Powerful Cleancan intelligently closebackground processes and unnecessary apps,stop stealthy runningapps and disable auto-start apps. Free up RAMand speed up yourphone.🚀Junk Cleaner-Clean Junks & Cache toSave Space:Cleanwith only one tap, free up space and boost phonespeed.PowerfulClean smartly detect and scan junk files on yourdevice includingsystem cache, residual files, advertisement junks,photo junks,video junks and useless APK files. It helps you free upstoragespace and optimize Android phoneperformance.🚀CPUCooler-Effectively Cool Down Phone TemperatureCPUCooler monitorsCPU temperature and detects apps that are drainingtoo much batterypower or overheating. By killing heavy resourceconsuming apps, youcan reduce CPU usage and efficiently cool downphone temperatureand extend phone service.🚀App Manager-AppUninstaller & APKManagerApp Manager helps you find rare usedapps and allows you touninstall apps in one click with no rootpermission required fromAndroid system. It also helps you to manageAPK files.🚀NotificationCleaner-Block All UnnecessaryNotificationsPowerful Clean helps togather all useless and annoyingnotifications to make them quiteand clean, phone being moreefficient.*Powerful Cleaner usesAccessibility Service to deep cleanbattery-draining processes andstop background running apps to savebattery power.Let us know ifyou have any
Cleaner Phone: clean ram & junk cleaner & booster 9.0.2
Phone Cleaner is the Best Phone accelerator as it Remove junkfiles,Clean ram, Speed up your Phone & Boost theirperformance. SuperFast Cleaning to free up space. Make your phonefaster than ever. ★How does Phone Cleaner speed up your device? ✔Remove junk files& residual files ✔ Clean and Clear cache& RAM memory ✔Clean up storage & Optimize memory space ✔Boost performance,Memory Booster ■ Cleaner Phone Features :--------------------------★ Cache Files Cleaner Clean residualcache system & app filesoften left by uninstalled apps to freeup android phone or tabletdisk space. ★ Junk Cleaner Analyze anddelete junk files & cachefiles that take up your memory andstorage space. ★ Storage CleanerSuper Fast Cleaning to free upspace for Speed up your Phone andboost their performance. ★ PhoneBooster clean RAM, clean backgroundtasks, notification toolbar& desktop shortcut. ★ Memory manager/ Delete Apps CleanerPhone helps you manage installed apps, you cansimply uninstall ordelete apps you don't want. ★ Cleaner Phone runin the backgroundand it has more options. Cleaner Phone compatiblewith all Androiddevice, including but not limited to all devicesfrom Samsung,Huawei, Sony, LG, TCL, Nexus, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo,... ■ PhoneCleaner : clean ram & junk cleanerFAQ----------------------------------------------- Question: Howtocontact us? Please email me if there are any questions or issues.
Clean Fairy- Free Cleaner & Speed Booster 1.1.0
Clean fairy, with the powerful cleaner and booster engine, canclearup all kinds of junk files and magically boost your phonelike a newone. All of them just need 1-tap. Clean Fairy(Cleaner& Booster)Highlights:   ► Junk Clean Can’t tell thedifference between residual junk, cache junk and Adjunk? CleanFairy is here to help you. It can effectively scan allkinds ofphone files and safely clear up the junk ones. Phonestorage can begreatly released with one tap. ► App Lock Frightenedabout your boyfriend or girlfriend snooping on yourmessaging andsocial apps? Want to hide your gallery photos fromyour parents orfriends? Lock them all right now with our AppLock.► MemoryBoost   Apps auto start without yourpermission? Phonealways being dragged down by background tasks?Clean Fairy can helpyou deal with stubborn function and apps thatcan’t be stopped,keeping your phone fast as a new one.►  CPU Cooler Clean Fairy can stop the backgroundtasks and apps that bring aboutoverheat. It can help cool downyour phone temperature with only1-tap. Thumb Up onFacebook: If you are forced ortricked tobe here by malicious means, please report There will be ad content shown incertainscenes in our app. For more details,visit:
Booster - Master Speed Cleaner 1.0.3
Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - is a super easy AndroidSpeedBooster & Phone Cleaner. With this app, you can boostyourphone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phone andsavebattery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (SpeedBooster),Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and GooglePlaySearch History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, andAppManager to manage installed/pre-installed apps. This SpeedBoostercan boost up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoythisbeautifully designed app, it's super easy!FEATURES★ 1.SPEEDBOOSTERCleans up Memory & Junk files to boost your phoneinaverage of 60-80% faster. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button toboostyour phone and it can even save battery! Indicates yourmemoryspeed with percentage.★ 2. GAME BOOSTERBy finishing unrelatedapps& processes for playing game, your phone will be optimizedforyour gameplay. By average we are able to boost your game by20%!★3. JUNK/CACHE CLEANERApps will clean up your junk and cachefilesfor better phone performance & disk space!★ 4. SEARCHHISTORYCLEANERClean up your Google Play Search History &Browserhistory! Downloaded files manager included as we ll todeleteobsolete files.★ 5. CALL & SMS CLEANERClean up anydesired Call& SMS history one by one, or delete all of theCall/SMS/Texthistory in one-tap★ 6. APP MANAGERManageyourinstalled/pre-installed apps with very easy app manager.★ 7.GAMEBOOSTER WIDGETAccess your game booster function from homescreenwidget.7-in-1 application! Includes Speed Booster, GameBooster,Junk/Cache Cleaner, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMSTextCleaner, App Manager, and Game Booster Widget! Speed Booster-Master Cleaner - will be perfect for every day use and boostupyour phone & save battery!
Boost Cleaner 1.0.38
"Boost Cleaner" is the smallest phone cleaner, ram booster,gamebooster, junk file cleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster,batteryoptimizer and app manager for your Android phones ortablet.★ Stopapps that waste lots of power in 1 tap. ★🐢 If yourBattery isDraining Quicker, your Device Become Laggy, Freezes Allthe Timeand it Overheats when Running Apps; it’s Time to Take Careof ItBefore it Turns into a Turtle Phone! Restore your Device’sHealthwith "Boost Cleaner" for Free NOW!!! 🐢★ NO.1 optimization appinthe world. ★Your device has become laggy and freezes allthetime?Your battery has started draining quicker thanever?Yourdevice overheats and needs to cool down?"Boost Cleaner" istheBoost Cleaner you need!No More Waste of Time and BatteryBecauseYour Phone is Running Slow! Make a Phone Faster has ArrivedtoAndroid! Download Boost Cleaner Available Now!★ Easy to Use★Easyto use, without complicated terms and different screens toactivatea wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integration of auserfriendly and intuitive interface, thinking in people that arenotaware of all those tricky terms, we made it really simple. Justtapthe clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaning app willgetthe job done without needing to wait for centuries or clickingondifferent dialog screens."Boost Cleaner" is the smallestphonecleaner on market. With the advanced process monitoringtechniqueit can intelligently clean background processes, stopstealthyrunning apps. It can boost the speed of your phone by up to60percent.★ Boost your games and apps, free up memory ★Ifyou’retired of watching how your tablet or smartphone gets slowereveryday, and you don’t know anything about clearing cache, clearsearchhistory, erase history, delete cookies, or registry cleanerterms,this is the perfect app that brings a fast solution to yourslowphone. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how to clearcache orhow to speed up Android phone making the long and tediousprocessof free memory RAM deleting everything going step by step;our appwill take care of everything, making all memory cleanstepsrequired to bring back the speed of your device as when itwasbrand new or even better than when you turn it on for thefirsttime! Other booster apps just clean the cache of temporaryfiles;this improves your phone but not at the maximum speed asmaking adeep cleaning! Be aware of other speed booster freeapplicationsthat only have virus and make the problem worst; tryour "BoostCleaner" and begin to enjoy the benefits! "BoostCleaner"Highlights: 🚀 1 Tap Boost make it easy to optimize directlyfromyour homescreen.🚀 A single touch to speed up your devicesandrelease memory.🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Colourful andFriendlyUser Interface.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient with lowmemory andCPU usage.🚀 Low Space Needed to Install.🚀 AdvancedMonitoringSystem.🚀 You can add frequently-used apps to yourwhitelist.🚀Totally free from Ads and clutter.Monitor your System🔧Check theusage of your CPU🔧 Keep track of your RAM and internalstoragespace🔧 Check out your battery levels and temperature⚡ AnInnovativeMemory Cleaner and Boost Cleaner for Tablets and AllAndroidDevices is Here! Download NOW for FREE "Boost Cleaner"Limited TimeOnly!!! ⚡Enjoy the New Boost Cleaner #1 Phone Cleanerfor FREE!!Download Fastest Memory Booster Cleaner NOW!!
Speed Boost Mobile - Speed Booster & Junk Cleaner 3.8
Speed Boost Mobile is a light Speed Booster and Junk Cleanerforyour android phone. It can boost the speed of your phone by upto60%, and safely clean junk files to increase available space inonetap even on non-root devices. Speed Boost Mobile (SpeedBooster& Junk Cleaner) key Features(TOTALLY FREE): ★ One-tapBoostMobile One-tap boost feature of Speed Boost Mobile can helpboostyour phone by freeing up phone’s RAM(Memory), clean junk filesjustwith one tap. ★ Junk Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleanermaster,space saver  With expert cleaning engine, junk cleanercandetect and clean junk files including cache files, residualfiles,temp files and obsolete apks to free up storage.  Boostsspeedand improve the performance of your phone.  ★ PhoneSpeedBooster - Memory Boost With the advanced processmonitoringtechnique, Speed Boost Mobile can intelligently cleanbackgroundtasks, stop stealthy running apps and disable stealthyauto-startapps. ★【New】Game Booster Speed Boost Mobile is also agame booster,it can help you kill background processes and free upmore memoryspace to boost your games’ loading speed. Let you have abettergaming experience. ★【New】App Lock With App Lock, you canusepattern to lock your sensitive apps such as Facebook,Gmail,Instagram, Gallery and other important apps to keep yourprivacydata safe. ★【New】Notification Cleaner Notification Cleanercangather and hide all the useless notifications from Androidstatusbar to make your device quiet and clean. The junknotificationswill displayed in one place and you can check themlater. You canalso choose to block notifications only for somecertain apps. ★Root Free Boost mobile and clean junk files with noneed for root.Contact If you have any question about Speed MobileBoost, feelfree to mail us. Speed Boost Mobile uses accessibilityservicesunder certain condition to enable advanced functions andimproveyour experience.
Fast Cleaner and Speed Booster 1.10
Clean Faster & Speed Booster isthebestphone booster and battery saver ." Clean Faster & Speed Booster " is the bestphonecleaner,memory cleaner, game booster, junk file remover ,trashcleaner,memory booster, battery optimizer and saver ,Internetbooster andapp manager for your Android mobile or tablet oranyAndoirddevices . This is the Fastest clean booster andsaver.**** How Clean Faster & Speed Booster cleans up memory ?Keep it simple , if your Battery is Draining Quickly ,yourphoneBecome so slow and Freezes all day, Your mobilesuperheatsandneeds to get cold ? and againd your device OverheatswhenRunningApplications .So , it’s Time to Take Care of yourdeviceBefore itturns into a dead phone ! download battery saver forFreeNOW CleanFaster & Speed Booster is the Fastest Booster&batteryoptimizer you need!****Enjoy with your games and apps , Free up Memory ?Your tablet or phone gets slower every time , and you havenoideaabout clearing cache, erase search history, removehistoryordelete cookies, this app is what you looking for it givesafastsolution to your daed phone. with one touch it clear cache,speedup Android phone , make free memory RAM , delete history,cacheand cookies ....Battery saver will take care of your Android device , itwillmakeyour phone clean .Sadly ; other Speed Clean apps just remove the cacheoftemporaryfiles; but that is not enough ! Also be aware ofotherSpeed Cleanfree app that only have virus and make theproblemworst.**** Battery saver , Battery doctor , Speed booster cleaner .Very simple to use, Just with one touch , Just press thecleanbuttonand that’s all !The Clean Faster & Speed Booster will get the job done inafewseconds and without needing to wait for centuries.Downloadbatterysaver Now For Free!Our Speed Booster and Battery saver gives a real protectiontoyourdevice averting a frequent superheating that causeinternaldamageto your phone.Also prolong your battery life with our Battery saver ." Clean Faster & Speed Booster " Features :* One Touch and make it simple to boost optimize directly.* Boost your phones and tablet and free memory.* Best Powerful Tool.* Speed , solid and powerful with low memory RAM .* Advanced Supervising System.* Best Battery saver and Fast Cleaner .Clean Faster & Speed Booster is for Phones , TabletsandAllAndroid Devices And IT IS FREE ! Download NOW for FREE"CleanFaster & Speed Booster "The best Phone Cleaner for FREE!!Please contact us if you have any suggestion or problems
Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) 1.0.8
🚀🚀🚀"Speed Cleaner (Boost&Clean)”🚀🚀🚀The smallest phone cleaner, ram booster, game booster, junkfilecleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster, battery optimizer andappmanager for your Android phones or tablet. Best New keep yourphoneFaster App!☝️ Your device has become laggy and freezes all the time?☝️ Your battery has started draining quicker than ever?☝️ Your device overheats and needs to cool down?☝️ Your game freezes and drives you crazy?👍 Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the perfect solution toallthose problems. It is the only phone booster you need!⚡NO.1 optimization app in the world⚡Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the world's smallestandfastest Booster, able to boost your phone with just ONE tap.Withthe advanced process monitoring technique it canintelligentlyclean background processes, stop stealthy runningapps. It canboost the speed of your phone by up to 60percent!⚡Boost your games and apps⚡If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphonegetsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearingcache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, orregistrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fastsolutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore abouthow toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the longandtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything goingstepby step!⚡Our app will take care of everything⚡Making all memory clean steps required to bring back the speedofyour device as when it was brand new or even better than whenyouturn it on for the first time! Other booster apps just cleanthecaché of temporary files; this improves your phone but not atthemaximum speed as making a deep cleaning! Be aware ofotherspeedbooster free applications that only have virus and maketheproblem worst; try our Speed Cleaner and begin to enjoythebenefits!⚡Stop apps in 1 tap.⚡If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your Device BecomeLaggy,Freezes All the Time and it Overheats when Running Apps; it’sTimeto Take Care of It Before it Turns into a Turtle Phone!Restoreyour Device’s Health with Speed Cleaner for FreeNOW!!!⚡Easy to Use⚡Easy to use, without complicated terms and different screenstoactivate a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integrationofa user friendly and intuitive interface, thinking in peoplethatare not aware of all those tricky terms, we made it reallysimple.Just tap the clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaningappwill get the job done without needing to wait for centuriesorclicking on different dialog screens.Highlights:🚀 1 Tap Boost to optimize directly from your homescreen.🚀 A single touch to speed up your devices.🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Colourful and Friendly User Interface.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient with low memory.🚀 Low Space Needed to Install.🚀 Advanced Monitoring System.🚀 You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.🚀 Totally free from Ads and clutter.An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster for Tablets andAllAndroid Devices is Here! Download NOW for FREE
com.hyperspeed.rocketclean 1.7.0
Hyper Speed.
Super Phone Cleaner (Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Applock),theprofessional phone cleaner for Android with junk cleaner,antiviruscleaner, mobile phone cleaner and App Lock. Make yourphone cleanerand safer. Highlights Lighter - Much smallerinstallation packageand run fast. Lower power consumption - Satisfythe most basicoperations. Handy - Simple interface and easy touse.Multi-Functional - Core functions are complete to meet basicneeds.Key Features ✔️Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junk filesincludingsystem and app caches. Clean junk files in ONE TAP!✔️Security& Antivirus: Virus removal for Android with viruscleaner.✔️AppLock: Lock up your private apps with app lock free.JunkCleaner – Lite & powerful phone cleaner Super Phone Cleanercanclean up the phone and improve phone performance by scanningandremoving junk. With read/write external storage permissions,ourprogram are allowed to scan and delete junk files stored on yourSDcard. Free Antivirus Master - professional antivirus forAndroidProfessional virus cleaner powered by top antivirus andmobilesecurity, provides all time virus protection. Super VirusCleaner,a powerful antivirus software with virus scans, virusremover,offers you the professional antivirus for Android to ensureyourmobile security. Applock - Lock your sensitive apps SuperPhoneCleaner provide easy-to-use Applock for privacy protection.SuperPhone Cleaner provide PIN, Pattern lock, and users couldchoosedifferent lock styles with preference, locking the importantapps.With Applock, never worry about someone reads private data inyourapps. Find Out Intruder Want to find out who tries to snoop onyourprivate apps?With camera permission, Super Phone Cleanerwillsecretly take a photo of someone unlocking apps with thewrongpassword. The photo will be shown only to you to catch thecuriousone! Organize Notifications – Hide useless notificationsSuperPhone Cleaner can put notifications in App Organizer forAndroid.No more unwanted notifications and never miss an importantmessageagain. Call Blocker & Assistant Customize the numbers onyourblacklist and block unwanted calls. With Call, Contact andReadPhone State permissions, Super Phone Cleaner provide powerfulcallassistance. Better User Experience As the professionalantivirus,junk cleaner, phone cleaner, Super Phone Cleaner providesmoreaccurate, localized services with location, coarse location andgetaccounts permissions, which serves the goal to improve theuserexperience. …… As an Android cleaner & antivirus app,SuperPhone Cleaner clean junk files, clear cache, anti virus, lockyourimportant apps for security guard. Super Phone Cleaner -Antivirus,Applock, a light Android phone cleaner, a handy andprofessionalcleaner! Time to get a reliable optimizer (cleaner& antivirus)- Super Phone Cleaner. Let us know if you have anysuggestions.Feedback address: 2.13.1
The NO.1 fastest optimization app in theworld. your phone become laggy and lack ofspace? GO Speed is thespeed booster & junk cleaner you need! GOSpeed is the smallestphone cleaner on market. It can boost thespeed of your phone by upto 60%, and safely clean junk files toincrease available space.With the advanced process monitoringtechnique it can intelligentlyclean background processes, stopstealthy running apps and disablestealthy auto-start apps even onnon-root devices. (Android 4.1+)If you are forced or tricked to behere by malicious means, pleasereport to GO Speed (speed booster& junkcleaner) Highlights: ★ BlackHole Speed Booster Have youever boostedagain and again with no effect? GO Speed BlackHoleBooster, unlikeany other boosters, stops the toughest auto-startapps, 50% moreeffective than most boosters on market. ★AppLock Gotprying eyes(from your friends or family) now and then? Choose anyapp that youwant to lock, including WhatsApp, Contacts andFacebook Messenger,protecting your privacy utterly. ★Pre-installed App TerminatorPre-installed apps are there all thetime, occupying space, slowingdown your device but you just cannotdelete them? For the very firsttime, you can get rid of them withjust one tap, using GO SpeedPre-installed App Terminator (Android4.1 and plus needed). ★ JunkFile Cleaner Free up space and improvethe performance byintelligently scan the junk files. Such asresidual files, cache,temp files, obsolete apks and other bigfiles. ★ APP Manager Helpyou find rarely used apps, make backupsand uninstall apps to savemore space. ★ Smart On-screen WidgetTired of an annoying floatingwindow? The unique Floating widget isunnoticeable but reliable,guarding your phone at runtime andlaunch the junk cleaner in onetouch. GO Speed (speed booster &junk cleaner) Features: MemoryBoost - The best phone speed boosterClean background tasks, free upphone memory. Boost the speed ofyour phone by 60%, optimize gamesand apps performance. Auto-startManager - Keep your phone runningsmooth & fast Forbid unwantedapps from auto-starting, boost upyour phone and keep it runningsmooth (Root needed) Junk Cleaner -Small yet powerful cleanermaster, space saver Analyze all of yourapps, detect junk includingcache, residual files, temp files. Cleancache junk with one tap,free up space and boost phone speed.Storage Cleaner - Deeply cleanyour phone Help clean up the needlessphotos, music, documents andapps to free up space and speed up yourdevice. Floating Widget -Your phone speed assistant Know yourmemory status in realtime.Boost up your phone anytime with a singledrag. Smooth boostinganimation design - Boosting your phone can beso much fun.Notification Toggle - Speed up your mobile life Accessyour mostfrequently used phone features in just one place. Yourmobile lifeis never so speeded up. Pre-installed App Terminator -Make phonefaster than brand new Intelligently distinguishuselesspre-installed apps from important system services. One-tapdisablethe useless ones to make your phone even faster than brandnew.There will be ad content shown in certain scenes in our app.Formore details, visit Thisappuses Accessibility services,for all people can use the appmorecommodiously,and maximizing the performance,such as boostingandcleaning automatically. Contact us: Communicate with usonFacebook: ourcommunity: GO Speed is 100% FREE and 100% GREEN.This 5MBtiny speed booster & junk cleaner will guard yourphone and makeit faster than new!
Fast Cleaner - Speed Booster & Cleaner 3.1.5
Main Features ★ Cache Cleaner ★ Speed Booster ★ Memory Booster ★CPUCooler ★Battery Saver Boost ★Safe Browser ★GameAcceleration★Advanced Cleaning ★ Cache Cleaner With perfectaccuracy, thiscache cleaner can detect and clean cache junks, adsfiles, obsoletetrash, memory cache and other junk file to reclaimstorage. ★ SpeedBooster With one-tap boost, this Androidaccelerator makes phonefaster. This speed booster and cleaner makesyour Android phonesreborn with better user experience. ★ MemoryBooster By cleanunnecessary apps running in background, this speedbooster frees upmemory (RAM), and save more battery. Even better,the durable boosteffect keeps your phone run in super faster speed.★ CPU CoolerDetect and clean apps that cause overheating. In onetap memoryboost, cool down mobile in seconds. ★Battery Saver BoostTurn offbackend-running apps with one click, save the battery costandextend battery’s usage time. This feature needs to read theappsthat are running at backend and may need access to therelevantpermission. ★Safe Browser Browse webpages and deletehistory withone click. Surf the internet without leaving any“clue”. ★GameAcceleration Create a game-only folder forconveniently search andinitiate games. Clean off internal memoryeverytime before start agame for game acceleration. This featureneeds to read the appsthat are running at backend installed appsand may need access tothe relevant permissions. ★Advanced CleaningHelp you find moreuseless files, files need more storage room andother useless mediafiles. After your confirmation, this featurecould eliminate allthose files by a single click. This feature mayneed to read theexternal storage and files types on it.
Fast Cleaner - Free Up Space, Boost RAM 1.4.3
Booster Team
Free up storage and optimize performance by removing old junkfilesand clutter such as useless APKs, residual file and systemcache,cleaning out the download folder, and more. Highlights ofFastCleaner: ☆ Simple & effective Just one-tap the clean buttonandthat's it! Fast Cleaner will get the job done. ☆ ExtremelyfocusedPerforms the most comprehensive trash-cleaning to save youmorephone space. Features of Fast Cleaner: ★ Junk File CleanerAnalyzeall of your apps, detect junk including cache, residualfiles, tempfiles. Clean cache junk with one tap, free up space andboost phonespeed. ★ Useless APK Files Find and delete useless APKfiles onyour phone to save more storage space. ★ Residual FilesClear upresidual files from previously uninstalled applications. ★MemoryBoost Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speedupyour device, and save more battery. Fast Cleaner is 100% FREE!
Cleaner 2018 Pro 2.0
Cleaner 2018 Pro It is designedtoincreasebattery life with smart power saving modes. It clearsthejunk dataand unwanted background running processes whichmakesphone fast.With temperature control you can initiate coolingeffectaswell.features cleaner 2018:* junk cleaner one tap clean:- clear junk data.- residual files.- temporary files.- release cache memory.- Clean all types of junk files (photo junk, video junk,systemjunk,advertisement junk, and cache junk) to free upstoragespace.* CPU Cooler one tap clean:- heat controller.- kill junk apps.- achieve optimum temp.- cooling effect.* Battery Saver:- save battery power by enabling ultra-fast & extrememodesavepower modes.* Charge Booster:- Achieve Optimum cleaning by freeing up ram.- memory and killing unwanted background running processes.
Phone Cleaner Speed Up Booster & Memory Optimizer 1.1.9
Phone Cleaner - Top cleaner memory booster clear cache cleanalljunk in phone app. Our phone booster speed up and cleaner isalsothe optimal solution to speed up phone performance and boostgameperformance, you can play game comfortably without lagFunctions ofapp to clean phone memory: Memory booster RAMoptimizer: ◾ Scanunnecessary running applications, clean RAM memoryfast◾ Integratelong click feature for more options to clear phonememory andincrease free space Power booster: ◾ Stop applicationsrunningunderground, contribute to save battery and extent batterylifeJunk cleaner: ◾ Analyze the size of junk files in cacheandavailable apk files◾ Clear cache in system memory◾ Clean junkfilesand boost my speed Call & SMS manager: ◾ Review history ofcalland message◾ Clean call log, delete messages History cleaner:◾Delete downloaded files◾ Setting for some services anddeletebrowsing data. Just use and explore!◾ Clear clipboard dataAppmanager: ◾ Manage apps, give lists of the available applicationsinthe machine, downloaded applications and size of eachapplication◾Scan available apk files in the phone, choose toinstall or deletethose apk files.◾ Enable, disable availableapplications in themachine or uninstall the downloaded applicationGame booster andcleaner: ◾ Boost game for playing without lag◾Speed up downloadedapplications on phone, contribute to phonefaster speed IP locationchanger ◾ Change IP and VPN to 20 countriesQuiet notifications: ◾Hide notifications of applications andaggregate them in a singlenotification Highlights of app for memorycleaner and speed boosterfor tablet: ➡ Integrate 8 features in 1RAM and junk files andcatch phone memory cleaner application➡Support 2 shortcuts formemory booster and cleaner and speed up gameplay, optimize theprocess of space cleaner+ battery saver gameboost speed up withjust one touch➡ Clean memory cleaner and deletespace for 3seconds➡ Access quickly in the notification bar➡ Smallcapacity,easy to download clear cache and clear data app➡ Simpleoperation,easy to use clear space on phone and remove junk files➡VPN privateinternet access➡ Free phone cleaner and optimizerappYour phone isvery slow in the in app to speed up things optimizeclean out junkfiles. You want to delete memory and download a lotof favoritestuff for your phone. So what should you do? Clean phonemakefaster, free up memory space so that you can continue to savenewapplications and files. You also do not need to worry abouttimefor that process because our clean cache app will help youwithspeed booster and cleaner pro, you can boost memory and deletejunkfiles in just 3 seconds.Playing game and watching moviesmoothly,surfing web rapidly... that's what the user want fromtheir phone.But it is quite difficult for phones that have been inuse for along time. Do not worry! Our RAM cleaner speed boosterapplicationwill turn the impossible into a possible. Just one touchtooptimize phone, your phone will run as fast as the first timeofuse. If you are wondering how to clear search history, ourclearmemory app can help you. Clean booster apps will navigate tohelpyou delete search history easily. Do not hesitate anymore,downloadour phone optimizer and cleaner application now to cleancallhistory and space cleaner boost and clean. An app cachecleaner1-tap clean with those utilities is not far away because wealwaysstrive to provide you with the best clean space app. Hopeyoualways like that. If you have any feedback about delete cachefileapp, please comment below. We always keep track of yourfeedback toimprove and create better clear junk files app. Do notforget torate 5* for clear RAM and running apps to support thedeveloper!Note: This app uses Accessibility services
Deep Cleaner – Boost & Clean 1.3.2
GGB Group
Need more storage?Want higher performance?Are there many junkfilesin your phone?Is your battery draining faster thanbefore?★★★★TryDeepCleaner!★★★★------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DeepCleaneris the smallest phone cleaner, junk file cleaner, memorybooster,battery Saver and app manager for your Android phones ortablet.Deep Cleaner (junk cleaner & Memory Boost) Highlights:★JunkFile & Cache CleanAnalyze all of your apps, detectjunkincluding cache, residual files, temp files.Clean cache junkwithone tap, free up space and boost phone speed. Deep Cleanerisreally clean android master .★ Memory Booster Free up thememorywith a single step, accelerate the speed when running.Optimizeyour battery performance with memory boost. Most of Androiduserssuffered from the phone lagging and insufficient memory whentheyusing their phone, if you are looking for a cleaner for yourphone,Deep Cleaner will be your best choice. Free to try it now!★BatterySaver This junk-file cleaner provides real-time memory andbatterymonitor. The phone boost force-close the unnecessarybackgroundapps to save battery power and extend battery life.★ APPManagerHelp you find rarely used apps, make backups and uninstallapps tosave more space.Other Highlights:★ WiFi Speed Test Accuratenetworkspeed test.★ CPU Cooler Cool down temperature and reduce CPUusage.Save your mobile battery.★ Lower Battery Reminder★ RecentCallManagerContact us:Communicate with usonFacebook:
Super Cleaner - Cache Clean, Delete Photos, Cooler 1.1.0
The android garbage cleanup applications # 1, junk filescleaner,speed up phone to run faster, phone cleaner and optimizerwithcooler, increase memory to make phone run faster andsmoother.Super Cleaner helps to clean junk files, boost cleaner forandroid,cache cleaner, speed up phone performance and cool yourphone down,boosters for android ram booster and memory cleaner toimprove yourphone's performance! . Features of the Super Cleaner:phonecooling, application management or phone acceleration, smartmemorymanagement are integrated. Cleaner and booster for android,phonebooster speed up and cleaner. Functions of Super Cleaner -Speed​Booster ►Cache and Junk CleanerYour phone after a period ofuseoften appears redundant files that increase the memory of thephonemakes your phone slow and jerky. With optimizer mastercleanersoftware for android will help you sweep the garbage anddeletejunk files quickly, clean all cache files, clean junk filesandboost my speed. ►Speed ​​Up Your Phone Utilizing thespecialcleaning technology of Super Cleaner - Boost & Clean,superclean master android phone boost mode can clean up thebackgroundprocess, manage applications and turn off autostartapplications tofree up memory space. It speeds up the speed of thephone, and canextend battery life, memory booster and cleaner.►Manageapplications Helps you manage installed applications onyourdevice. Especially with the ability to categorize thenativeapplication and installed user applications, as well as givetipson uninstalling and closing with the application is not oftenusedto increase the phone memory. ►Cooling Master Phone Cooler Withitsaccelerator and cpu cooler master phone cooler, it controlsCPUtemperature and checks for hot applications,automaticallydetecting hot applications with special algorithms forefficientcooler for android, phone cooler for android. ►ManageStorageSpaceThe smart memory manager will help you browse: images,videos,music, documents, etc. To increase internal storage space,deletestorage space it will help you to delete duplicate files,duplicatephoto delete, delete watched videos, delete useless apkfiles.Cleanmaster storage space, clear up phone space and storage.Storagespace running out then clean storage free up storage spaceonphone. Highlights of Super Cleaner - Beautiful anduser-friendlyinterface- Free up RAM and memory cleaner and speedbooster.- Bestcleaning app for android, best cache and junk cleanerfor android-Compact software installation package is only about4Mb.- Memoryand storage space cleaner, phone memory cleaner-Displays real-timecharging status.- Phone memory and cache cleaner,phone cleaner andbooster and phone booster and cleaner.- Cleanermemory boosterclear cache clean all junk in phone app- Similarphoto remover,duplicate photo remover from gallery with deletesimilar photosapp- Help to clean my android, clean up my phone-Space cleaner forandroid, space cleaner boost and clean- Freestorage space clean upauto scan help to extra storage space forandroid.- Auto cacheclean- Clean phone memory and storage space,trash cleaner- Cooldown phone temperature for android, coolermaster cool down phonewhen the device overheats- Battery optimizerfor android, batterysaver.- Free junk file cleaner for android,junk file cleaner forandroid mobile.- Manage applications touninstall unneededapplications.- One tap boost to optimizer forandroid, phonestorage cleaner, ram cleaner speed booster- Free(with ads) Wealways strive to develop and perfect new features forSuperCleaner. Please help us by commenting and commenting ontheproduct. Do not forget to rate 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to support us !!
Turbo Booster - Cache Cleaner & Cleaner Master 2.7.7
As a powerful speed cleaner pro, phone speed booster, cleanermasterand CPU cooler, Turbo Booster, clean Junk Master PhoneBooster 2018, is the best junk & speed clean master pro toclean junk andcaches, remove residual files, boost mobile and stopoverheatingapps. Download Turbo Booster, the super speed cleanermaster andclean master pro, for free on Google play. It worksLikemasters:Clean Master, Kleen Master, Klimaster,ccmaster,Clinemaster, Clinermaster, Super Speed Cleaner,CCleaner!Cleanmaster boost and applock clean master!► Want a junkcleaner &space cleaner & phone cleaner & faster cleaner& superspeed cleaner? ► Want a speed booster & phonebooster &game booster & memory booster & cleaningbooster?► Want aCPU cooler & CPU monitor & coolermaster?Turbo Booster, asa master cleaner and power cleaner, is theworld's leading spaceand memory cleaner app on Google play. Ithelps to clean and clearcache, junk and residual files, make yourphone faster with justone-tap. Clean much Ads, junk app ! TurboBooster is a clean master!Highlighted Features:🔥 Identify andremove junk, APK, and residualfiles🔥 Clean and clear cache🔥 free upmemory space and optimizestorage space🔥 Get rid of bloatware🔥Lighter, faster, and smoother🔥 Boost you phone, make phone faster,boost mobile and avoid phonelagging🔥 Set lock for apps and protectyour privacy and enjoyappLock feature🔥 Monitor and cool down phonetemperature inseconds, CPU coolerAlthough we don’t have batteryenergy saving,scan virus manage and antivirus, Junk Cleaner andBoost Mobile mustdo best ! Key Functions: 🌟JUNK CLEANER(JUNKFILES)With TurboBooster, a super speed cleaner and clean master,you can free upmuch more space, and clean cache data from commonapps such asTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, Messenger, Imo video callschat,WhatsApp, Gmail and Instagram by junk cleaner withoutworryingabout deleting the wrong are free of worriesabout cachesresidual files and junk. it can clean and clear cachesand removeall kinds of junk files and frees up storage space.🎯CacheCleanerTurbo Booster - Speed Cleaner helps clean residualcache andsystem files often left by uninstalled apps to free upmemory spaceand phone storage space.🎯 Junk RemoverScan and removejunk filesincluding system and app caches. Clean and clear junk andfree upRAM. Erase junk, get rid of trash, remove apps, cleanermaster app.Clean junks left by other apps, such as Twitter,Facebook,Messenger, Youtube and Instagram.🎯 Residual FileRemoverScan,analyze, clean and remove cache and residual files tofree upphone, tablet and SD card storage space.🎯 MemoryOptimizerTurboBooster, as a super speed cleaner, can clean andclear junk filesthat waste memory space and compromise deviceperformance inseconds. Optimize your mobile memory in super speed.Reduce clutterand reclaiming memory to store new photos, videos andapps.🎯 GameMasterWith Game Master, you can accelerate loading speedof games.🌟SPEED BOOSTING ( SPEED BOOSTER )Turbo Booster, a superspeedcleaner helps your phone away from lagging. It frees up RAM,closesapps running in the background, cleaning up memory (RAM) andthusboosts mobile phone, boost up speed. Tap boost button to makeyourphone faster and smoother immediately.🌟 CPU COOLING(PHONECOOLING)Turbo Booster detects and closes overheating apps tocooldown phone temperature. It keeps monitoring temperature changesanddetecting apps highly consuming CPU all the time. Oncethetemperature is unusually high, it starts to cool down thephonetemperature effectively.As developers, we’ve kept improvingour APPto a better one all the time, and we attach great importancetoyour feedback. So If you have any questions or suggestions,pleasefeel free to contact us via
Super Cleaner Expert 1.6.8
Pata Lab
Junk Remove Master is a powerful booster that can clean upyourmemory and stop background tasks to free up CPU.Junk RemoveMaster& Memory optimizer is the power cleaner, smart speedboosterthat optimizes your background apps, memory storage, junkfiles& battery power, making phones run like they're brand newallthe time.Memory Boost- Powerful phone speed booster Frees upmemoryby killing background processes and tasks, speeding up yourphoneso you can say goodbye to lag. Check phone temperature andCPUcooler to cool down the phone temperature.Intelligently savesyourdevice’s power by knowing when to automatically trigger JunkRemoveMaster & Memory optimizer feature and make your phonestay withdurable power and never overheated.One-tap Boost★Boostyour phoneat any time with just one tap. Improving your phone’sperformancehas never been so easy! Stop applications causing CPUoverheatingand make phone cooler.Super Cleaner - RAM Booster, free&powerful phone optimizer with Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster,andApplication Manager. Getting laggy all the time with yourAndroidphone? Time to get a reliable optimizer (cleaner &booster) -Super Cleaner - RAM Booster.Junk Cleaner: Intelligentlyscan andremove junk files including system and app caches, uselessapp,residual files etc. Clean junk files, free up storage spaceandboost phone speed in ONE TAP! Phone Booster: Remove backgroundappsin one tap to free up storage space on phone and speedupphoneSuper Cleaner is 100% free cleaner and booster foryourandroid smartphone, use this app and make your smartphonefasterthan ever!
Owl Cleaner-Cache Cleaner&Cleaner Master 2.0.9
As a powerful speed cleaner pro, phone speed booster, cleanermasterand CPU cooler, Owl Cleaner is the best junk & speedcleanmaster pro to clean junk and caches, remove residual files,boostmobile and stop overheating apps. Download Owl Cleaner, thesuperspeed cleaner master and clean master pro, for free on GooglePlay.Owl Cleaner, as a clean master, super speed cleaner pro is afreebut powerful junk and cache cleaner, super speed booster andCPUcooler for Android phone.It helps clean junk and caches,removeresidual files, boost mobile phone and stop overheatingapps.Download Owl Cleaner, the super speed cleaner master, onGoogleplay for free.What Owl Cleaner can do for you:🌟 Junk cleaner&clean master Pro & super speed cleaner - Clean and clearcacheand junk for other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,Messenger,WhatsApp, Gmail and Instagram and so on, on Androidphone.🌟 Mobilephone booster & speed booster & game booster- Make yourphone faster and smoother.🌟 CPU cooler & CPU monitor- Cooldown phone temperature and stop overheatingapps.HighlightedCCleaner Master Free:🔥 Clean and clear cache🔥Identify and removejunk, APK, and residual files🔥 Identify unknownnumbers inreal-time🔥 free up memory space and optimize storagespace🔥Lighter, faster, and smoother 🔥 Boost you phone, keepphonerunning faster, boost mobile and avoid phone lagging🔥 Monitorandcool down phone temperature in seconds, CPU coolerKeyFunctions:🏆CLEANING Junk & Cache & Residual FilesAs a phonecleaner,clean master pro and power cleaner, Owl Cleaner helpsclearresidual files, junk and app caches which occupy yourphone’sstorage. It is very convenient to free up storage space andkeepyour phone clean with just one-tap.🍀 Cache CleanerOwl cleaner-speed cleaner & clean master free, helps clean residualcacheand system files often left by uninstalled apps to free upmemoryspace and phone storage space.🍀 Junk RemoverScan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches. Clean and clear junkandfree up RAM. Erase junk, get rid of trash, remove apps,cleanermaster app. Clean junks left by other apps, such asTwitter,Facebook, Messenger,Instagram Apus booster and Youtube.🍀ResidualFile RemoverScan, analyze, clean and remove cache andresidualfiles to free up phone, tablet and SD card storage space.🍀MemoryOptimizerOwl cleaner, as a super speed cleaner, can get ridofbloatware, clean and clear junk files that waste memory spaceandcompromise device performance in seconds. Optimize yourmobilememory in super speed. Reduce clutter and reclaiming memorytostore new photos, videos and apps.🏆 BOOSTING SPEEDOwl Cleaner, asamobile phone booster like Apus Booster and speed booster, is alsoagreat mobile phone booster. It helps optimize memory, free upRAMand speed up your phone by closing apps running inthebackground. 🏆 CPU COOLINGOwl Cleaner works on preventingyourphone from overheating. It keeps monitoring temperature changesallthe time. And when CPU is overheated, you can cool downphonetemperature by tapping CPU Cooling button. The apps resultedinoverheating would be closed immediately.Your feedback is ofgreatimportance and will be highly valued. If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, please do not hesitate to contact
Cleaner - Boost & Optimize
Cleaner - Boost & Optimize is a powerful Android speedbooster& junk cleaner. Functions includes memory booster,junkcleaner, game booster, search history & phone call/smshistorycleaner, app manager, and mute notification manager (Android4.4and up). Cleaner - Boost & Optimize is powerfulall-in-onecleaner to help your Android’s junk clean-up &optimization.Use this Cleaner to speed up your device, clean upyour device, andeven save battery!* FEATURES *1. Memory Booster(Speed Booster& Optimizer)- Kills unnecessary apps/processeswhen your deviceis slow, low on memory. Memory booster will speedup your Androidin one-tap, cool down your phone when CPUoverheating, and evensave your phone from battery draining. Itfunctions as same as taskkiller.- Using Memory Booster will alsosave your battery power.2.Junk Cleaner (Cache Cleaner)- Remove oldjunk chache files such assystem cache trash & residual files,saves GB of space!- Justone tap to clean up junk files &optimize your phone for betterperformance!- Using Junk Cleaner willalso save your batterypower.3. Game Booster (Game Optimizer) - ByAllocating RAM to yourgame, Game Booster will boost memory &speed boost your phoneengine for the best game play experience. Usethis function whenphone is lagging or freezes frequently uponplaying game.- Speedsup device by an average of 20%(in-house-research)4. Call LogHistory & SMS History Cleaner-Protect your privacy by removingany unwanted call log cache history& SMS / Text History one byone. - Select all to apply historycleaner to all of your calllogs.5. Search & Browser HistoryCleanerSecures your privacy byerasing Google play store searchcache history, default browsersearch history, clipboard history& downloaded files.6. GameBooster WidgetAn widget dedicated toplay games with Game Booster!Speeds up your device for optimalgameplay experience.7. AppManager (Uninstaller)- Batch uninstallunused / unwanted apps tofree up your storage space & Disablepre-installed apps!- Alsofunctions as APK Manager/Cleaner.8. BlockNotificationsTired ofgetting too much notifications but lazy to setnotifications mutedone by one? This powerful function, BlockNotifications Cleaneraggregates all of your notifications in oneplace at your pulldownmenu, and let's you check whenever you wantto check them.Cleaner -Boost & Optimize Development Master Teamis dedicated to makeyour Android life better! Give us your feedbackanytime
Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master 1.3.7
Super Phone Cleaner is an android mobile phone cache cleaner,speedbooster and memory booster. Arming with CPU cooler, Phonecleanercan optimize the phone with the help of battery saver,supercleaner and power clean. Fast RAM cleaner, junk cleaner masterandpowerful app cache cleaner can improve your phone. RAM boosterandjunk notification cleaner also make their contributioninoptimizing the phone. Phone Cleaner is all in one cleanandroidmaster and phone booster toolbox. Do you want a supercleaner torelease phone space? Do you want a super cleaner tohibernate powerdraining apps? Do you want to cool down your phone?How to clean myandroid phone? How can I clean my phone junk more?Do you hate thenoisy junk notifications? Phone Cleaner = CacheCleaner + SpeedBooster + Junk Cleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver+ JunkNotification Cleaner + RAM Cleaner + Space Cleaner + AppCleaner +Residual File Cleaner Install this super android cleaner,the allin one toolbox, Android Optimizer, and Android Master now tocleanand boost your android phone. You won't ask how to clean myandroidphone any more. ✔ App Cache Cleaner: clean uselessapplicationcache files. ✔ Junk Cleaner Master: powerful junkcleaner. ✔ SpeedBooster: phone booster and RAM cleaner to speed upyour androidphone. ✔ Memory Booster: release memory and boostphone. ✔ PowerClean Battery Saver: power cleaner kills batterydraining apps tosave power. ✔ CPU Cooler: cool down phone CPUtemperature. ✔Notification Cleaner: mute and clean the unwantednotifications ifnecessary. ✔ 1 tap boost: boost phone by one tap. ★App CacheCleaner Help to analyze apps in android phone, and cleanuselessapplication cache files safely. This fast powerful cachecleanerhelps to release more space. ★ Junk Cleaner Master JunkCleanerhelps to analyze all the log temporary and history AD files,andthen recommend to clean those useless residual junk filestorelease more storage of mobile phone. Also, clean apk filesafterapp is installed to release space. ★ Speed Booster Killbackgroundapps to release memory, and speed up your android phone,boostingthe phone effectively. Window cleaner is to remove popupson phonewindow. Go to boost mobile phone now! ★ Power Clean(Battery Saver)Kill battery draining apps to save power by 1 tap.When your phonepower is low, Phone Cleaner will remind you to savebattery bycleaning apps. ★ CPU Cooler CPU Cooler can cool down yourandroidphone CPU temperature with one tap. ★ Notification CleanerToo manynoisy and useless notifications? Use this super cleaner tomute andclean the unwanted notifications if necessary. Thejunknotification cleaner will gather junk notifications into onewindowso that you can clean them if needed. ★ 1 tap boost Thissuper fastcleaner helps to create 1 tap boost, and you can boostphone by onetap easily. The superb Phone Cleaner is 100% FREEandroid cleanermaster and optimizer, you can handle all yourandroid phoneoptimization by this super clean app. Install thisandroid cleanerto master clean of your android phone as a new one!