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Mandala Coloring Pages
100 Mandala coloring pages for adults andkids.Both easy and complex mandala's for everyone.Become relaxed and zen!Tip: Use a large screen with high resolution for thebestresults.Tip: Use a tablet pen for filling small areasThis app offers:* 100 Mandala's* Easy to play* Share your artwork* Save and load your work* Undo buttonHave fun and a creative moment!
Color Memo (Simon) 1.2
Do you remember those nice electronicgamesback in the 80's? "Color Memo" is a really great retro-stylegame*where you have to repeat a sequence of tones and lights. Thefasteryou tap the right buttons the more points you´ll get. If youknow"simon says" or "senso" you´ll love "Color Memo"!_______________________________________________________________"Color Memo" is not endorsed by or affiliated with MiltonBradley'sSimon game.
Magic Doodle 1.2.0
Come to paint amazing drawing just likeamagic! The BEST doodle game to entertain kids or relax adultsforhealing mood.★★★★★ Great! I get angry a lot and this app calms medown:)★★★★★ This is amazing my baby cousin thinks she's an artist★★★★★ Relaxing and fun! I find it easy and fun to create thedesignsas I'm listening to music or just waiting forappointments.★★★★★ Endless fun! Rainbow lines have entrapped my life! My soulhasbeen colored by neon lights! This app is absolutelycaptivating.:-D★★★★★ AWESOME! This game is fun for people of all ages, worksgreaton this phone, and is great for me because I want to be abletomake pretty pictures and I have no art skill at all.★★★★★ Cool creativity app! Not only does my 3 year oldgrandsoncompletely enjoy this app, I can spend hours messing aroundandmaking pretty pictures.★★★★★ It's a very amusing and fun game, speaking as a teenager.Myolder sister (22) also loves it, and so do younger kids.Everybodydoes,no matter what age are they. Recommended!* 14 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, watercolor,rainbow,etc.* 9 kinds of kaleidoscope drawing modes* Amazing "Video" mode to replay your painting like a movie.* Intuitive color picker. Also support random color forendlessbright colors.* Share your kaleidoscope painting via facebook, instagram,twitter,email, etc.The game is pretty fun, simple, and addicting for all ages.Thepossibilities for magic is endless. You can make cool designsthatlooks like kaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of yourfingers.Each picture you make is unique.Not matter your age, you will find the game is a great fun waytoget relaxed.
Coloring Book for Kids: Animal 2.1.2
The BEST android animal coloring book for kids! The BESTbrushpainting experience on coloring page comparing to othercoloringgames! - Coloring book and drawing pad 2-in-1. - 120+pictures forlovely and cute animals. - more than 10 beautifulbrushes,including glow, neon, water-color, crayon, rainbow - easycolorpicker - pinch to zoom in/out to paint in small space - inkdropper- "video" mode to replay the coloring like a small film. -built-ingallery to store both coloring picture and coloringanimation. -undo/redo Boys and girls, come and help! One day, wevisited theHappy Zoo and took lots of pictures: hedgehog waseatingwatermelon, small rodents was blowing dandelion, little catrollingin the flowers, small zebra playing in the river, cutekangaroopicking apples....and there're baby tiger and baby bear....Thepictures are so lovely and fun. However, the little rabbitwho'retaking pictures accidentally broke the camera, and all photoslostthe color! She cried so sadly. Would you like help littlerabbit topaint the photos with beautiful colors, so that the HappyZoo canhave colorful happiness again? There're 120 lovely photoswaitingfor your help. You can use 9 kinds of cute brushes to paintthem,feeling just like paint on realistic paper. ------- * Allthepictures in this game are created by Doodle Joy Studio, andalltheir copyright belong to Doodle Joy Studio.
Coloring Magic - Color & Draw 1.4.0
The BEST kids coloring book on Google Play.60+brushes to paint on coloring pages like on real paper. Mostuniquecoloring fun for kids!- Coloring book and drawing pad 2-in-1.- 120+ pictures of various kinds.- various brushes, including dry brush, water-color, crayon,pen,rainbow, glow neon.- easy color picker- pinch to zoom in/out to paint in small space- ink dropper- "movie" mode to replay the coloring like a small film.- show or hide menu by tapping the right-bottom button- built-in gallery to store both coloring picture andcoloringanimation.- undo/redoThis is Volume 1 of the "Coloring Book" series by DoodleJoyStudio, who is developer of the beloved drawing game "KidsDoodle".This game has 120+ pictures of various kinds ( princess,boys,cars, airplanes, flowers, animals, dinosaurs, Christmasetc).-------* All the pictures in this game are created by Doodle JoyStudio,and all their copyright belong to Doodle Joy Studio.
Pattern & Design Coloring Book 1.4
Do you remember the peace and relaxationyoufelt when coloring as a child? Why can't you have a coloringbookas an adult, too?Go back to childhood and get lost in your creativity!In Pattern & Design Coloring Book, open a world ofsecretgardens to draw and color until your heart's content!Sitting for hours at the doctor's office? Let's color!Long day at work? Grab this coloring book!When you're finished coloring each piece, you can even share itonsocial media or use it as wallpaper!Product Features:- Secret garden themed adult coloring book- Easy to use controls- Beautiful exotic patterns- Share on social media or save for wallpaper.- Great way to reduce stress, relax, and clear your mind.Check out App Labs other Adult Coloring Books for more fun!
Color Kaleidoscope 3.7
NGB dev
Play amazing Color Kaleidoscope! Draw amazing pictures withthiskaleidoscope! Create funny images in 4 different modes;Normal,Neon, Emboss and Blur. Choose from different brush effects,strokewidths and colours to create impressive paintings! Combineeffectsand brushes! UP TO 22 EFFECTS AVAILABLE! *** Flash brushes(Uniquefeature) *** Undo / Redo *** UP TO 22 EFFECTS AVAILABLE! ***Saveyour paintings to the SD card Our Facebookpage: If you haveanyquestions, please email
Princess Coloring Book & Drawing Pad 2.1.2
Beautiful, stylish and lovely princess coloring book for girls,150+beautiful princess coloring pages for girls and allprincesseslovers! No paid content, all for FREE! 💚💗💛💘💜💝💓💞💟💕💖💙 ⭐PrincessColoring Book is the best girl coloring book with 150+amazingprincesses coloring pages! ⭐ Princess Coloring Book is notonly acool coloring book, but also an awesome drawing pad for girlstofreely draw, paint and doodle on princess pages. It’s a greatwayto unleash their art imagination. It’s different than otherbynumber coloring books. ⭐ Princess Coloring Book has 7amazingbrushes for coloring, drawing and doodle. The brushesincludesneon, glow, rainbow, crayon, diamond necklace, chalk, etc.⭐Princess Coloring Book can playback your coloring artworksanddrawing processes like a video clip. It brings you lots of funtosee how a beautiful pictures is composed step by step byyourself.⭐ Princess Coloring Book includes 150+ coloring pages forgirls tocoloring. You can find here various princess, fairy,mermaidcoloring pages and many others! ⭐ Princess Coloring Bookhasbuilt-in gallery to save not only the coloring artworks, butalsothe coloring processes. You can playback your coloringprocesseslike animation clip anytime you want. ⭐Princess ColoringBooksupports intuitive pinch gesture to zoom into any detailtocoloring. Enjoy all beautiful princess coloring pages inPrincessColoring Book which are absolutely free: 💝 Modern andstylishprincess coloring pages 💝 Beautiful girls playing withpetscoloring pages 💝 Anime princess coloring pages for kids 💝Kawaiidoll coloring pages 💝 Little princess coloring books 💝Beautifulprincess dress coloring pages 💝 Beautiful fairy coloringpages 💝Stylish princess accessories coloring pages 💝 Modernbeautiful girlcoloring book Features of Princess Coloring Book:⭐150+ amazingprincess coloring pages for girls ⭐7 cool brushes todraw, paintand doodle on coloring pages. A creative way to decorateprincesscoloring pages to be more beautiful. ⭐60+ beautiful andcutetexture textiles for princesses coloring page ⭐Pinch to zoom inandzoom out for coloring small details of princess coloringpage.⭐Movie mode to playback coloring page like animation clip.⭐Shareyour princesses coloring page with your friends andsocialnetworks. Come enjoy the fantastic, beloved and fun coloringappfor princesses! This app is more than a common coloring game.It'salso a paint and doodle pad that girl can draw any oftheirimagination they love. With the amazing princesses coloringpagesand beautiful brushes, girls are guaranteed lots of fun tofreetheir endless imagination with princesses! 💖Download ourcoloringgame for girls and enjoy the charm of princesses! ------- *All thepictures in this game are created by Doodle Joy Studio, andalltheir copyright belong to Doodle Joy Studio.
Coloring Book 2 (lite)
Now you can have 600+ free coloring pagesrightin your pocket.With the recent update it has over 600 images - a really largesetof coloring pages to play with!This is a major rewrite of Coloring Book app for kids. Great onatablet and phone alike. With various images - you will surelyfindsomething adequate for your needs. Now you will always have abunchof coloring pages for your kid to color. And with the builtinexport option (email, Facebook and other social media sitesyouhave installed on your device) you can easily reach yourfriendsand relatives. Send a birthday, name day, Easter orChristmas cardto your distant relatives.Your kid will have lots of fun for hours!You can have some coloring fun with your toddler. You can alsomakea coloring contest with your kids, the use cases are endless-surely you will find one that suits your needs. Also teensandadults can find it interesting - and share their workwithfriends.Lots of pictures to choose from:* 400+ colouring pages available from various categories* Animals, Airplanes, Cars, Nature, People, Valentines Day,StainedGlass Pictures and more.* You can color a fairy here and a princess or anewborndragonConfigurable Interface:* ZOOM function to color tiny details. Can be disabled if youfindit confusing for your kid.* UNDO function to make sure you can always revert changes youhavemade.* Advanced COLOR PICKER will allow you to select just therightcolor. Click "new" to select the new color or "old" to keepusingthe old one. Also - a separate color picker with a setofpredefined colors if that is what you prefer.* You can EXPORT the image, share it with others via mail orotherapplication installed on your phone (e.g. Picassa, FaceBook,anyapp that accepts images via standard Android "shareimage"function").If you like it, consider purchasing an ads freeversion.Thanks!All the images are free for private use, if you want to use themforany commercial purpose please check with me first.NEW FEATURE (August 2013):Coloring Book will be shown as an application that can acceptaphoto from your Photo Gallery (so called "Share" Intent). Itwillalso work for email attachments and other pictures in yourdevice.- you have unlimited coloring pages now.Draw something on a piece of paper, make a photo of it, downloadanimage from internet, draw a coloring page for your kid inyourfavorite image editor and send it to your Coloring Book.Unleashyour creativity and have fun!This feature is still in experimental phase - I will be glad ifyoucould drop me a note how you see it working on your devices.Youmay need to crop the image before sending.