Top 50 Apps Similar to MeWe

WiMatch 3.92
WiMatch, Llc
Share content and connect to people you vibe with onWiMatch.-Express yourself with your cover photo - Scrollcountlesspostsfrom other WiMatchers - Repost, share, and reply toposts oruploadGifs with our Gif feature We make it easy for youtodiscovercontent you'll enjoy, whether it's photos, videos,orstatuses.WiMatch chronological home feed, you'll never miss apostfrom yourfamily and friends. Explore your favorite contentonWiMatch.WiMatch is a Caribbean-ownedsocialnetwork.____________________________________________________________WiMatchiscompletely free to use but we do offer subscriptionpackagestofurther develop the platform. If you choose topurchaseWiMatchGeneral, VIP, or VVIP packages, payment will becharged toyourGoogle Play account, and your account will be chargedforrenewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod.Auto-renewalmay be turned off at any time by going toyoursettings in the PlayStore after purchase. CurrentWiMatchsubscription price starts at$9.99 USD/month, 6-month $49.99and12-month $99.99. Prices are inU.S. dollars, may vary incountriesother than the U.S., and aresubject to change withoutnotice. Nocancellation of the currentsubscription is allowed duringtheactive subscription period. Ifyou don’t choose to purchaseWiMatchpackages, you can simplycontinue using WiMatch for free.Like uson Facebook Follow usonInstagram TermsandConditions: 1.7.6
Directly support the creators you love. Control your contentandavoid the algorithms. Built from the ground up to championtheneeds of creators, Locals does not sell your data and creatorshaveunprecedented ownership over theirs. With featureslikelive-streaming with chat, community feeds and posts, andcontentlibraries for video and audio, the Locals app is anall-in-onesolution to interact with the content you love, whiledirectlysupporting the independence of the communities and creatorsyoucare about. Power to the people. Not the platform. On Locals.
With KingsChat, you can send messages, makeHDvoice or video calls and share timeline stories — for FREE!Why you'll love KingsChat:★ NO FEES: KingsChat uses your phone's internet connection(4G/3G/2Gor WiFI) to let you message or call loved ones around theworld atno cost. There are no subscription fees or hidden fees,and withpush notifications, KingsChat is always on andalwaysconnected.★ FREE HD VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: Keep in touch with friendsandfamily both at home and abroad, or hold a business meeting onthego, using KingsChat's crystal-clear call functionality.★ TIMELINES (SOCIAL NETWORK): Share status updates and photosonyour timeline and view stories of those in your network. Youcanlike, share and comment on posts and even follow SuperUseraccountsof celebrities and businesses to stay connected withthem.★ SIMPLE INSTANT MESSAGING: Switch from boring old SMS toKingsChatand start conversations with just the tap of abutton.★ MULTIMEDIA & FILE SHARING: Send videos, images, pings,emojis,location, voice attachments and files to your friends,contacts andgroups.★ GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with up to 100 friends.Addor remove group participants, change group subject and set agroupicon.★ QR CODE: Use your unique QR code as your digital pass foreventshappening around the globe.★ AND MUCH MORE: Offline messages, Message timestamps,Broadcastmessages to many contacts at once, and so much more!We're always excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please email #KeepKinging
JivoChat Live Chat 4.1.4
JivoSite Inc.
JivoChat is a live chat that enables youtotalk to visitors on your website – a cool instrument toincreaseyour online sales! With JivoChat Mobile App you can receivechatsfrom visitors of the website as an agent. To use JivoChat youfirstneed to sign up on and install the code onyourwebsite.
Meetup: Find events near you 4.41.8
Discover the things you love to do and people to do it withbothonline and in person. With over 50 million members, Meetuphelpsyou build a career network, discover a tech community, createapersonal brand, and pursue your passions. Download the Meetupappand host your own events or join one of the 100,000 Meetupeventshappening every week. Discover local and online events •Getmatched with over 330,000 groups based on your interests, fromtechconferences to free yoga and everything in-between • Exploreeventsby category, search by keyword, or see what’s popular in yourarea• Save events you’re interested in and revisit them later •Havediscussions and use direct messaging to stay in touch withthepeople you meet Start a group • Host your own events online andinperson by creating a group on your favorite topic • Watchyourcommunity grow as your group is recommended to interestedpeople •Easily personalize and schedule events on-the-fly, andmanage yourgroup from anywhere • Keep the momentum going betweenevents bysharing photos and using discussions and messaging toconnect withthe people in your group Get in touch with questionsorsuggestions: In order to recommendMeetupevents that are hosted by local groups, we use yourdevice'sprecise location (GPS and network-based).
WOMO-Meet New Friends 1.1.2
Share your moments with people from all over the world,recordlifemoments freely without stress.Let WOMO help you show yourbesttomore people. We are committed to building a realandborderlessfriendship community which you can easy chattingwithpeople fromdifferent countries around the world no matter whereyouare.Features: [Global Soul Game]: Leading interactivetechnologywhichcan quickly help you find friends who have the samehobbies asyou.[Translation]: Powerful real-time translationtechnology, chatwithfriends from different countries borderless.[ColorfulStories]:Record the good moments in your life, share withyourfriends andexperience comfortable emotional communication.[InstantChat]:Chat online and reply in seconds.Make communicationmorelively andinteresting. Download now free and start usingthesefeatures forfree. We appreciate your feedback andsuggestions,please contactus if you have any
Yippi 6.0.2
Toga Limited
Yippi is a social messaging app with a focus on entertainmentandsecurity. It’s fast, simple, secure and free. Share thegreatestmoment of yours to the world in Yippi with our beautycamera, andconnect with new friends on Yippi, which then you canchat withthem! Yippi seamlessly syncs your normal messages andsecretmessages into one application. You can send an unlimitedamount ofmessages, photos, and voice messages.
We3 - Meet new people & make friends, 3 at a Time 5.24.00
We3 is a free mobile app that privately connects you to themostcompatible people around you. By using social science andmachinelearning, we have developed the most sophisticatedcompatibilityalgorithm out there, exclusively to make new friends(no romanticshenanigans). It takes over 150 factors intoconsideration,including personality, interests, worldview, hobbies,values andmuch more. Here's how it works: You start by answeringquestionsabout your yourself. Then, We3 connects you in group chatsof 3incredibly compatible people. You can see all your sharedtraits,mutual interests and common goals. We3 is the bestfriendship app /friend finder because: 1. Your profile is neverpublic – only thoseyou match with can see you. 2. It’s NOT a datingapp – it’sexclusively for friendships. Matches are made in groupsof three,and with users of the same gender (3 guys or 3 gals). 3.Ourmatching algorithm is really smart – it considers over 150factorsand individual characteristics for each Tribe (e.g. you’reanexpat, extraverted, speak Spanish, from Europe, etc). We3 isthesimplest and fastest way for expats to meet friends and makerealfriendships in a city. *Totally FREE (and No Ads)* We3 willnevercharge you to send messages or make you pay to use thefriendfinder. (Premium features will come soon, especially forexpats andothers in a rush to meet friends and build a friendship.)
InterNations 2.35.0
InterNations is the world's largest network for peoplelivingandworking abroad. As a member of our global community,youcannetwork, socialize, and find expat-relevant information—bothonline and face-to-face. InterNations has communities in420citiesaround the world, making it easy for you to meet expatsandglobalminds in your city. Our app will help you to findnewfriends, growyour network, and discover a wide range ofeventswhere you canshare your experiences with like-minded people.Getthe app toaccess the following features: • Connectwithinternational peoplein your city and around the world • Meetotherpeople from yourhome country • Find InterNations OfficialEventsand Activitieshappening near you • Post and receive updateson yourupcomingevents while you're out and about • JoinInterNationsGroupscovering a wide range of hobbies and interests,includingoutdooractivities, sports & fitness, cooking,photography,travel,language & culture, sightseeing, family& kids,singlesmeetups, career & professional networking,and muchmore! •Check your messages on the go • Check outotherInterNationsCommunities when you're traveling • Update youraccountsettingsand edit your profile; add the places you've livedin • Seewhovisited your profile and find members with sharedinterests•Invite your friends to join InterNations At InterNations,wehavetwo types of membership: Basic Membership, which is freeofcharge,and Albatross Membership, which includes all ourpremiumfeaturesfor a small monthly fee. To ensure a qualitynetworkingexperience,only Albatross Membership may be available atthe timeofregistration. There are three subscription optionsavailableforAlbatross Membership: • 3-month Albatross Membership•6-monthAlbatross Membership • 12-month AlbatrossMembershipUponconfirmation of purchase, the according amount willbe chargedtoyour account. Auto renewal subscription terms: If youchoosetosubscribe, your subscription will automatically renew atthe endofyour current subscription period. You will be chargedtheamountthat corresponds to the subscription duration youselecteduponbecoming an Albatross Member. To prevent auto-renewal,youmustdowngrade to Basic Membership via yourInterNationsaccountsettings before the next subscription periodstarts. It isnotpossible to cancel your current subscription duringanactivesubscription period.Privacypolicy: Termsofuse: Wearepresentin 420 cities around the world, including:Amsterdam(Netherlands),Bangalore (India), Bangkok (Thailand),Barcelona(Spain), Brussels(Belgium), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (UAE),Geneva(Switzerland), Ho ChiMinh City (Vietnam), Hong Kong, KualaLumpur(Malaysia), KuwaitCity (Kuwait), London (UK), Manama(Bahrain),Mexico City (Mexico),Munich (Germany), New York (USA),Panama City(Panama), Paris(France), Quito (Ecuador), Riyadh (SaudiArabia),Rome (Italy), SanJosé (Costa Rica), Shanghai (China),Singapore,Sydney (Australia),and Toronto (Canada). Enjoy theinternationalexperience!
fubar 13.37 is the best kept secret on the internet. fubar ismorethana social network, this is a social game. The firstonlinebar, makes talking with people easy and fun. Senddrinkstobreak the ice, Rate profiles, pictures, or likepeople.Everyaction you take will increase your level gettingyoumorevisibility on the site, and get you special abilitiesothersitescharge for. With our app, you will not need to pay totalktopeople, or wait for them to swipe right. You decide who youtalktoand when. What are you waiting for, can you handle the fu?
Whisper 9.44.1
Ever wondered what the people around youarereally thinking?Whisper is an online community where millions of people aroundtheworld share real thoughts, trade advice, and get theinsidescoop.“The experience of spending time on Whisper is unlike anyothermajor social network: It's more raw, more moving...and yes,oftenmore addictive.” - MashableChat directly with other Whisper users - it’s a great way tomeetnew people.Join the 30 million+ people who use Whisper every month; itwillchange the way you see the world.Do you have any questions? Comments? Issues? We would love tohearfrom you!Get in touch with us by email: support@whisper.shxoxo,Team WhisperP.S. We use Facebook Audience Network to deliver interest basedads!Learn more here:
Mohalla - Online Chat Rooms, Watch Together 0.0.94394
Team Mohalla
Meet new people, enjoy public or private chatrooms, watch videosorplay games together and form ever-lasting connections withMohalla– Chat Rooms, Watch Together. Find friends from all over theworld.Do you like to meet new people and talk to strangers tobuildstrong connections? Mohalla app provides you with exclusivepublicand private chat rooms where you can meet people from everynookand corner of the world. Whether you are from India,France,Australia, or America, you can meet people, talk tostrangers andform new social network connections on this app. Enjoycasualchatting, share gossip and never feel alone again! ChatWithStrangers to build everlasting connections. Have fun orbuildserious relations with new people in the public mohallas orprivatechat rooms. Participate in healthy, thought-provoking,andinteresting conversations. Tap into the topics that piqueyourinterest and find a partner or group of people that love totalkabout your topic of interest. You can find your topic ofinterestfrom conversation categories available in the app foryourconvenience. Join Private Chat and enjoy personalconversationswith people you like. Like someone? Befriend them andchat withthem in a private chat room. Simply tap the heart presenton theprofile of the one you like and add them as a friend. Waitfor theresponse and start private chatting the minute someone addsyou asa friend! Fully-Moderated Chat Rooms for your peace ofmind.Worried about abusers? Don’t worry! The Mohalla – Chat Rooms,WatchTogether chat rooms are fully moderated by keen moderatorswhoensure that the conversations stay meaningful and productive.Youcan report anything that you do not like and we will takeactionimmediately. You can also block someone whom you don’tlikeanymore. Grow your Social Network, share interests and dothingstogether. Mohalla is one of the greatest chatting apps as itbringspeople of similar interests together. Out of all thepopularchatting apps, Mohalla is one of those apps that let youwatchvideos with your friends, listen to songs with other people orplaysimple games with your social network. Chat as you dothingstogether on one of the best chatting apps. VIP Experience forVIPusers. Enjoy unlimited, free texting, chatting. We also providetheoption for VIPs, which further enhance your experience atasake-minimum cost. Connect with a suitable match and spendqualitychatting time. Build your personality and customize yourfeed basedon your online encounters and personal interests. The appwill sendyou a notification the minute you have a match so you twocan hitit off and make everlasting memories! Customize your Profileorshare your photos. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on theapp,create a profile, customize the profile picture, add apersonaldescription and start chatting and doing things with peopleyoulike. You can also share your photos on the story wall. Switchtodark mode to save your battery and enjoy thevision-friendlyexperience. Download and use Mohalla – Chat Rooms,Watch Togethertoday!
Get connected.Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way toconnectwith your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – allthrough chat.No phone numbers, just pick a username.• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more• Meet new friends with similar interestsGet on Kik now. Start chatting!
Tumblr – Culture, Art, Chaos
Tumblr, Inc
11-Time Webby Award Winner: Best Community Tumblr. Aneffervescentpocket of pure internet culture. The subtle experience.Anecosystem of posting what you make, sharing what you love,andscrolling through all that lies in between memes, text, music,andtweets. Post pictures of your pet snake, delve into dankmemes,find fellow fans, match your reality to your mood in a GIF.Add toit or simply scroll through and soak it up. Now picture allof theabove, but on the go. That’s what this is. Watch as acommunitygrows around you, led by ideas, aesthetics,initiatives—instead ofindividuals. Come as you are, curl up withwhatever brings you toyour dash in the first place. The rest willlayer up like yourfavorite outfit in fall. Watch as your likes andreblogs fashion afeed that you will love while whatever you’reposting will floatthrough your followers’ feeds. Oh, and thealgorithm? Doesn’t evengo here. Every video you find, every quoteyou reblog, every tagyou curate, every waterfall GIF you secretlygaze at inwonder—that’s all you. You’re the explorer. We’re just amap youall keep on making. Go wherever you want. So. Whether you’reacomplete innocent searching for images of bullet journals bathedinnatural light, or a rookie puppy parent in need of support, oryousuddenly interrupt your knitting blog to satisfy a new urgetocollect marine biology memes that may or may not existyet—you’llfind what you’re looking for. Welcome home. Welcome toweird. Makeit matter.
SafeChat — Secure Chat & Share 0.9.55
SafeChat is a secure & safe social platform run to a highmoralstandard—we put people first. Secure Chat - We haveend-to-endencrypted conversations to protect you. - One to onevideo andaudio call with end-to-end encryption. - Passwordprotectionavailable for every group conversation. - Adding friendseasily bysynchronizing your phone book or scanning QR code. - Werespectyour privacy. Your phone contacts are not stored on ourserver, sothey are safe and known to you alone. - Sending messagesthatinclude photo, audio, video, documents, polls, emoticons,stickers,etc. Social Networking - Share great moments with andconnect withpeople. - Freedom of speech with no censorship. -Create channelsand posts to spread good values. Build a betterworld.
Yavedo 1.42
Indeed, apart from ordinary everyday publications, userdataisconfidential and secure and is not susceptible to anyhacking.Inaddition, chats with friends on Yavedo's Messenger cannotunderanycircumstances be transferred and shared with another userorgroupof users. These discussions cannot also be saved orrecordedin thephone or in a computer. In other words, alldiscussions ontheMessenger remain private and can only be found onYavedo. Alsoitshould be specified, the exchanges (texts, photos,videos,audios)can be deleted at any time (after one month, oneyear, twoyears...) when the user decides and immediately delete,theseexchangesare also deleted from the Messenger of hisinterlocutor.It allowsits user to more easily access its featuresand enjoy itsbenefitswith essence. It guarantees the same treatmentto its userswhetherthey are in the United States of America,Europe, Asia,Africa orAustralia Yavedo has a market which developsonlinecommerce. ItsMarket allows its users to promote theirproducts intheirimmediate surroundings but also to the whole world.By wayofillustration, a hairdresser who announces that hehasahairdressing salon needs to make his salon known not onlyinhisimmediate environment (his neighborhood, his city, hiscountry)butalso to the whole world. App features: • Set how you'refeelingatthe time of your post • Show you're a verified user,disableads,browse users profiles anonymously • See who visitedyourprofile •Create your own community and follow communitiesthatmatter to you• See who is near you • Send virtual gifts tofriends• Set yourown privacy rules • Show where you're posting from•Report postsand users that are abusing you • Voice chat Forhelp:Email us withany questions and suggestions you may you.
Chat online, exciting live interaction, start here! In here,youcanfind friends with similar interests. In here, you canuseyourcharisma to attract more fans. Latemeet functionintroduction:Highquality users: you can find friends you want tochat withatanytime and anywhere, and filter current online usersaccordingtoyour needs, and start chatting with people who youinterestmore.Interesting dynamics: sharing beautiful pictures andshortvideos,experience different life styles. Talented anchors:showyoufantastic talents, changeable style,enthusiasticinteraction.Mobile phone live stream: everyone is astar, turn onmobile livebroadcast, show people what you see atanytime andanywhere, shareyour happiness to people all over theworld. Smartrecommendations:Intelligent recommendations, only showyou the mostactive people,100% accuracy. Private communication:When you findsomeone youinterested in , start from saying hello! Ifyou havequestions orsuggestions about using experience, pleasecontact
Vero - True Social
Ad-free, Algorithm-free Social. From design to functionality,we’reredefining what a social network should be - delivering abetter,truer social experience for everybody. VERO is optimizedforconnection, not addiction, putting you in total control. Freefor alimited time: join as a Founding Member now and yoursubscriptionis free for life.
Beeplink 4.0.9
The app that connects you to people nearby who can help tosolveyourproblems! Discover the people can provide services nearyouincludingMinor Home Repair, Moving Services, FurnitureAssembly& BuildingHelp, Babysitting and much more! Beeplink islike avirtualneighborhood, allowing you to meet kind people whoarenearby who canhelp you out and provide assistance in a varietyoftasks - whereveryou are! There are many apps available thatallowyou to find peoplewho can provide a service or assistance,butBeeplink is different.Instead of working as a directory, theappfocuses on the user’sspecific location, which isconstantlyupdated. "Better a nearbyneighbor than a far-offbrother" :) Idealfor unplanned situationsand emergencies, such asbeing stranded inthe middle of the roadwith a car that won’tstart, losingsomething important in a certainarea, or needingassistance at oddhours. Perfect for people who needassistance thatcomes fromsomewhere close to home such asbabysitters, minorrepairs, helpwith homework, and just aboutanything else you canthink of.There’s no need for professionalexperience, every task isbased onthe situation, location, and yourability to provide helpat thatmoment. How Does It Work? The appworks in a similar way toa pagerdevice and receives alerts in realtime, based on thelocation ofthe user and the personal settingsthat are chosen. Thisincludesareas of practice, areas of interest,skills and talents,etc. Assoon as someone needs your assistance,you will receive amessageand hear a "beep" - Beeplink has sprunginto action! SendingaRequest You can send a request if you needfast service.Simplydescribe the situation, choose a suitable time,and set thepriceyou’re willing to pay. The message will be sent tothe peoplewhoare closest to your geographical location and whohaveindicatedthrough their preferences that they may be suitabletohandle thesituation. Receiving a Request Messages will be senttoyou basedon your areas of interest and your geographic locationinrelationto the person making the request. You can ignore oracceptany newrequest. The requesting party won’t know whetheryoureceived themessage until you accept it. After completing thetask,payment foryour efforts will appear in the "App Wallet". Youcanwithdraw thefunds directly to your Paypal account at anytime.MutualAssistance :) If you like helping people, this appallows youtomake a difference in your local community moreeasily.Effectivelyuse your spare time and make someone’s daybetter. Tocontactus/report a problem: Downloadthe app andstayconnected with your local area!
Sprout Social - Social Media 7.34.0-PLAYSTORE
The perfect companion app for Sprout Social so you can manageyoursocial media anywhere. You must have a Sprout Social account tousethis app. All of your favorite Sprout Social features arenowavailable on the go! Engage with your audience, manageteamworkflow and monitor your brand while on the go. Whether youarebehind the counter helping customers or on the tarmac headed toaconference in Vegas, you will have the power to keep yourbusinesssocial. The Android app will put the power of Sprout Socialin thepalm of your hand, allowing you to: • Manage all of yoursocialfeeds from one intuitive application • Complete Social andBrandmonitoring from anywhere • Send updates to all of yoursocialnetworks on the go • Genius strikes at all hours - schedule,draftor queue messages to send at a later time • View reach, clicksandretweets of sent messages • Assign personal or team tasksforfollow-up Sprout Social is a social media management toolcreatedto help businesses manage their social media effortsmoreeffectively and efficiently. Sprout Social integrates withmultiplesocial networks where consumers are engaging withbusinesses andbrands. When used with your Sprout Social account, itoffers teamor individual engagement and publishing tools within-depthanalytics, brand monitoring, competitive insights andsocial CRMfeatures. Sprout Social is known for its intuitive, easyto use weband mobile platform.
Uhive - A Social Metaverse 0.8.48
UHIVE Limited
Uhive is the social media app you always wished you had! Atthecrossroads of the physical and digital world is the Uhivemetaverse- bringing experiences and content to life like neverbefore.Whether you’re a content creator, an influencer or someonewhosimply enjoys using social media, Uhive has something new foryouto explore and use. Find content rich spaces, and‘neighbourhoods’full of your favourite interests in the Oasis - theworld’s first3D social media content experience. Turn your contentor profileinto an NFT and list it on Uhive’s Marketplace where youcan sellor buy thousands of other user-generated digital assets.ExperienceTRUE freedom of expression and speech withzero-censorship, as welaunch the world’s first social mediadecentralized moderationprotocol - Galileo - that puts youcollectively in charge of theplatform’s content and the volumelevel of everyone’s voice. Whatmakes Uhive different? ◾ Uhiveoperates a decentralized moderationprotocol, meaning - no corporatecensorship! You are in control,we’re a social network built forusers, not corporate bottom lines.◾ Content discovery has neverbeen more immersive, than withUhive’s Oasis. The Oasis is aspace-like 3D interactive map thatlets you discover and explorecontent like never before. ◾ Built-indirect messaging and groupchats, as well as 26 differentcommunities to engage with, meansyou’re always having aninteresting conversation!. ◾ Paid spaces onUhive have thepotential to be some of the most valuable NFTs; theyare unique andthey solely belong to the account holder. They’revirtual realestate, where you can buy additional spaces, or sellyour ownspace/s. A space’s value can be determined by its locationinUhive’s universe, levels of engagement, amount of content,andmore. Create your space now to enjoy instant rewards! Wewelcomeall feedback Like us, follow us, and share your experiencewithUhive ► Twitter - ► Facebook- ► Instagram- You can email us
Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums 8.8.14
Tapatalk Inc.
Tapatalk connects to over 100,000 onlineforumsworldwide. Post easily with unlimited Photo and Videosharing andinstant push notifications. Tapatalk forever change theway youinteract with online forums on mobile.Bonus: Tapatalk works great for RSS / blogs too!Here are some of the top sites available in Tapatalk:MacRumors ForumsVWvortexWatchuseekCruise CriticM3ForumOperation SportsAdventure RiderLXForumsPentax Photography ForumsThePhotoForum.comiMoreBimmerforums.comFocus STCyanogenModArchery TalkApple iPhone ForumAudizineMTBR.comAnandTech ForumsAVForumsReef Aquariums REEF2REEFBigSoccerMobile Phone OS ForumJeep Garage - Jeep ForumRootzWikiHowardForums.comBladeForums.comRCGroups.comEDCForums.comAVSforumKodiGuru GossipIGN BoardsReefCentralNatural MamasSpacetime StudiosGSM-Forum ( gsmhosting )Windows CentralGrasscity ForumRWIE Cigarette ForumSwedespeedGermans ClubWoodyCraftMoDaCoThe Rolex ForumsAudi-Sport.netNotebookReview.comIronMag ForumsPelican Parts ForumsGolfMK6The Outdoors TraderThe Garage JournalCalguns.netSamMobileSmartCanucksThe Two Plus Two ForumsPlex ForumsTZ-UKVW Audi ForumMyBroadbandSinisterlyLinusTechTipsExpedition PortalBimmerfestSA 4x4 Community ForumBushcraft USABadger & BladeDODGE RAM FORUMskyscrapercitySmith & Wesson ForumBigFooty.comHammock ForumsDefensiveCarry.comCrackBerry ForumsCivinfoWaze ForumBMW Forum: BMWLandXiaomi Europe SupportLipstick AlleyThe High RoadThe Hackers ParadisePractical MachinistProfessional MuscleCandlepowerforumsiPhone HacksDetailing WorldBrave Frontier ForumPsych CentralOverclock.net2CoolFishingThe Firing LineGmFullsize.comm4carbine.netAnabolicMinds1911ForumDebate Politics ForumsTHCtalkOPPO ForumsEverything iPhoneAudiokarmaiPad ForumsOpenCarry.orgR3VLimited ForumsUG BodybuildingNASIOCThe Gear PageASUS ForumsThe Shave NookWesteros.orgsvtperformance.comBariatricPalFourtitudeiFansMarket MilitiaFerrariChat.comTenerife ForumDriftworksPowerStrokeArmyTotal War CenterFeed The BeastVaping - XD Gun ForumBaby Bargains & Baby 411!Survivalist BoardsHeliFreak.comPersonality CafeThe Planted ForumsFT86ClubBMW forumsTacoma WorldGM-Trucks.comAlpineZoneMuscle Research ForumsEcoCityCraftAirbrush ForumTech Support GuyVolkswagen Owners ClubJetcareers.comThe Hobby-Machinist.comRTI INDIASuperMoto JunkieEpic Games ForumBRISKODA.netInsanelyMacIndian Real Estate ForumTrouble Free PoolTexasbowhunter.comDigital Photography SchoolBMW 5 Series Owners BoardStudent Doctor NetworkModMyiToyota 4Runner ForumsThe CABEArboristSite.comMustang ForumsJeepsunlimited.comGalaxy S4 ForumsWebDesignForums.netClash of GemStargazers LoungeUK VapersNikonites - Nikon ForumNerdFitness Rebellion HQXBMC HUBGolfMKVPremierReefThe Iron DenPhotography-Forum.orgMultitool.orgPlanet of the VapesCruise AddictsE46FanaticsRCCrawlerSXOC Bulletin BoardS3forums.comFPVLABCNCzone.comVXR onlineSEATCupra.netPakWheels.comCAMARO5Welding WebMighty Car ModsRoadBikeReview.comLifehackerwww.itdunya.comEliteFitnesslegacygt.combabybmw.netFestool Owners GroupHVAC-TalkGameGuardianHead-Fiducati.orgOpenELEC.tvArchery AddixTapatalk is absolutely free, but to support us, you canalsopurchase VIP status that will allow you to view Tapatalk adfree.VIP status is US$0.99 per month subscription, and willauto-renewuntil you elect to cancel. If you are interested inpurchasing VIPstatus, go to Me>Settings, and scroll down toAdvanced Optionsto subscribe.If you purchased the Tapatalk app when we were a paid app, youareeligible for VIP status (and no need to purchase asubscription).Contact us or details.
TeeHub for Twitter & Tumblr 3.3.6
TeeHub is a third-party client for Twitter and Tumblr. You canloginto your Twitter or Tumblr account, seamlessly switch betweenthetwosocial media, and browse the posts you care aboutmoreefficiently.Waterfalls flow Through Teehub, you can browsetheposts and blogsyou follow on Twitter or Tumblr in Waterfallmode.For Twitter youcan even browse only those posts thatcontainmedia. Download imagesand videos Download of pictures andvideosis very convenient here.You can save your favorite picturesandvideos at any time. Afterupgrading to pro, you can alsodownloadall the media of a blogger inbatches. Video browsingBrowse thevideo in full screen on the videopage, withoutinterference fromother content, bringing a moreimmersiveexperience.
Flickr 4.16.3
Flickr, Inc.
Join the largest, most influential community of photographersintheworld. Upload, edit, and share your photos from anydevice,anytime.• Find your inspiration, find your people. Flickr ishometobillions of photos and millions of groupsofpassionatephotographers. • Organization and sharing madesimple.Browse withease, select and organize hundreds of photos withonegesture, andshare in seconds. • Unleash your creativity. Edityourphotos, addfilters, crop images, and more! Flickr has joinedtheSmugMugfamily! Learn more at’recommitted tomaking Flickr a better place to grow, and we’dlike tohear yourfeedback. Let us know yourthoughtshere:
Manyverse 0.2109.4-beta-googlePlay
Andre Staltz
Manyverse is a social network app using the SSBprotocol(SecureScuttlebutt) where you can write posts and sharewithfriendsnearby or over the internet. It's different frommainstreamsocialnetworks because your data is yours, it lives onyour phone,not inthe cloud. So there is no login, no companyholding yourdata, noads, no tracking of your activity, it's justyou and yourfriends!The app is free and open source software, andit willalways remainfree. Features - Write posts (even whenoffline) -Share posts tofriends over the internet or nearby (in thesameWi-Fi or withBluetooth) - Scroll through many conversationswithfriends and addyour own comments - Likes - More features aswedevelop the app!
CitizenChat - Connect, Chat, Short Videos & Images P_2.0.8
Expand your world of possibilities, connect withdifferentpeople,use our translator, post your projects or ideas,find yourjob orbusiness CitizenChat brings you a whole newexperienceofconnecting with friends. Our aim is to create abridgebetweenpeople by erasing the physical boundaries of theworld. Youcan nowinteract not just with your friends, but also withpeoplesituatedacross any place, directly from your mobile device.KEYFEATURES 1.Chats: Communicate with your friends with excitingnewfeaturesnever seen before in an application. Sharepictures,documents,voice notes, video notes, make calls and now youcan alsomake coolacronyms with your friends’ names. We are sureyou’d loveit. 2. InApp Translator: Our unique “In app chattranslator” helpsyou totranslate any messages sent or received inover 100languages. Nowyou don’t have to worry about notunderstanding anymessage thatyou received and the tiring experienceof switching totranslatorapps to get the message translated. We gotyou covered.3. Near Me:This feature helps you to discover peoplenearby to yourlocation.just send out a connect request and getconnectedinstantly. Makingfriends is easy now. 4. GlobalSearch(Citizens):Not just peoplenearby, now you can look for peoplelocated atanywhere in theworld with hobbies similar to yours andspeak yourlanguage. 5.Jobs: Why just stop at only chatting withyour friends?WithCitizenChat you can now search for jobopportunities that meetyourrequirements. Do you have a job tooffer? You can post it forfreeas well. Post the job, talk to theapplicants directly. 6.ProfileInformation: Update your profileinstantly. Showcaseyourachievements and work experience withconfidence. This helpsinpeople know more about you and understandyou in a better way.Youcan also upload images to your workportfolio. 7.VideoIntroduction: A short video about you creates asignificantimpactto the ones watching it. It speaks about yourpersonalityandconfidence. 8. CC Moments: Now share all yourprecious momentswithfriends, create & follow trends across theworld and voiceyouropinion. 9. CC Projects: Share your unique ideasthat you wishtobe implemented, find business partners orprofessionals inourCitizenChat community. 10. CC Statistics: Tracklive dataofvarious global indexes like, current population,births,deaths,social indexes and resoucres indexes. 11. Global& NearMeCompanies: Find companies across the world and nearme,followtheir updates, products, services, offers andjobsinformation. 12.ChatBot: Companies can configure theirownpersonalised chatbot torespond to customers without any hasslesanddelay. Not just these,our CitizenChat is loaded with manyotherexciting features that wewant you to experience and share toyourfriends.
Melo – Online Video Chat& Make Friends 2.2.3
Melo is an 1-on-1 and multiplayer online chat app that allows youtofind someone you like around the world! You can interactwithstrangers through message, voice chat, and video chat. Havemorefun playing little games and joining party! All functionsareprepared for chatting and making friends. Join usnow!……………………………………………………………………………… [1-on-1 Video Chat] Exclusivevideoand voice chat function for you to interact withfriendsface-to-face. And we have real-time translation to helpeliminatelanguage barriers. We also support beauty effects andfilters.[Simple Voice Chat] Voice chat is easy and less pressurefor you toshare your mind with strangers.[Absolute Real People]There is nofake users in Melo. We hope you have better experienceof makingfriends. Girls are passed our profile verification and westrictlyscreen high-quality users. [Search Worldwide Friends]Search fornew friends by locations and different countries, and bythe sameinterests. [Random Match] The most effective way to match.Randomlyvoice match or video match a soulmate, and see how yourdestinyarranges you friends! [Have fun Joining Party Room] JoinLive!Watch live broadcast and chat with at most 5 people at thesametime for free! [Play Small Games] You will have a private spacetotext chat with her. Send her gifts and play Private Truth to gettoknow her better! ……………………………………………………………………………… Check-in dailytoget free coins to experience and also get free coinsbyparticipating in daily tasks! ………………………………………………………………………………Wereview our chatting environment in real time and will bantheaccount and block the users if they violate the community rules.Weaim to give everyone a high-quality community. Welcome toMelo:Official Facebook fanpage:
Serendip - Make New Friends, Meet New People!
Want to make new friends? Meet people nearby anddiscovermeaningfulfriendships with Serendip! Serendip connects youwithnew people,who share and resonate with your core values.Nomindless swiping onfaces. No small talk. Straight tomeaningfulconversation. We’remore than an app: we’re a globalcommunity.Make new friends, meetnew people - download theapptoday!-----------------------------------------------------30,000+peopleintroduced to each other 5,000+ meaningfulconversations In70+countries Finding friends isn’t always easy -so we do some ofthatwork for you. Whether you’re starting a newjob miles awayfrom lovedones, or just looking to meet new people,Serendip canhelp you buildmeaningful lifelong friendships withpeople whoresonate with yourpersonality, values and aspirations.--- WHATOUR COMMUNITY SAYS ---“Ever since I left high school I’dbeensearching for that sense ofbelonging you feel when you’rearoundgenuine friends who just ‘get’you. Serendip helped me findthatagain. I met my best friend on here- it’s great for findingnewfriends who understand you :)” Karl, 23“I’m so grateful tohavefinally found somewhere I can connect withpeople whoactuallyunderstand me. Serendip’s questions &icebreakers makeit somuch easier to begin chatting to new people!”Eva, 25 “Greatway tofind new people you click with, less timemindlesslyswipingthrough faces, more time talking about things thatmatter.Serendipshows you people nearby you’re likely to get on withandit’s sucha fun way to meet new friends.” Cassidy, 21 So, howdoesit work?--- TAKE THE QUIZ --- You’ll start off by completingashortinsight quiz - answering thoughtful questions basedonyourcharacter, core values and aspirations. This will allowyoutoconnect with individuals who resonate with yourpersonality,goalsand values - helping you foster genuinefriendships that gobeyondsmall-talk. --- FIND FRIENDS WHOUNDERSTAND YOU --- Ouradvancedalgorithm will show you people whosevalues align withyours. Wedon’t stop there. Our algorithm ensuresyour new friendslivenearby, to encourage in-person meetups if youget along! ---SKIPTHE SMALL-TALK --- Not one for small-talk? Wantto divestraightinto the exciting stuff? With Serendip you can getstraightintomeaningful conversations with our fun ice-breakersandquestions -starting a friendship has never been so inspiring.Whenyou createyour profile, you’ll choose two“conversation-starters”whichpeople can respond to - so you can divestraight intoconversationsabout things that matter, and areimportant to you.--- OUR MISSION--- Today we are living in the mostconnected timein humanhistory, yet an unprecedented number of usfeel isolated.Betweenwork, family and other responsibilities, weoften forgettheimportance of meaningful friendships. Research showsthathavinguplifting and true friends is the #1 factor indeterminingourhappiness. Science tells us that friendships arefundamental toourmental wellbeing. We strongly believe meeting newpeopleandcreating meaningful connections is what givescolourandinspiration to life. Determined to bring humanitytogether,we’reon a mission to connect kindred spirits! We want tohelp youbuilduplifting, inspiring and lifelong friendships. Join usonourjourney and find your sense of belonging.
GirlsAskGuys - Your Questions, Their Opinions 3.6.8
We are a community of girls and guys offeringdifferentperspectiveson the topics that matter to you. In thiscommunity,you can askquestions and create polls to get opinionsfromthousands of helpfulgirls and guys instantly! Join ourcommunitywho share theirexperiences to help each other see theworldthrough the oppositegender's point of view. You can alsotakerelationship advice fromthe opposite gender such as how tosendflirting text messages toher or how to send flirting textmessagesto him and the communitygives you the most influentialideas aboutthese. Come to GAG to askquestions about any subject,and readtailored and high-qualityanswers that are personalized.Here aresome of the shining topicson GAG: 👧Girl’s Behavior 👦Guy’sBehavior👒Fashion & Beauty🏥Health & Fitness 🛍️Shopping &Gifts📱Technology &Internet By downloading the GirlsAskGuysmobileapp you can; Createa private profile. 🤳 Start a conversationwithsomeone by sending amessage or sharing an opinion privately.✉️Stay anonymous whenasking a question or sharing your opinions onasensitive subject. 🚫Follow other members to createmeaningfulconnections. 🔗 Follow thelive feed and keep yourself upto date 🧳Besides, you can increaseyour Xper level by givinghelpfulopinions. If your opinion isselected as the most helpfulopinion(MHO), you can get additionalXper points. 😎 (To learn moreabout“Xper point” please download theapp.) Every day around theworld,GAG community members are askingand answering thousandsofquestions. It’s entertaining,instructional, and you'llbesurprised how much you learn from otherpeople and even yourself.
Imgur: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos
Imgur is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet,witheverything from funny pics of pets, to funny GIFs from moviesand TVshows, LOL pics, awe-inspiring science facts, puns, comics,and art,upvoted by people like you. Guaranteed to tickle yourfunny bone andmake you LOL your pants off - is that an expression?It is now.Imgur isn’t just the best meme app or GIF viewer on theinternet.It’s home to all the funny photos and viral videos youcould everwant. We have the finest collection of cat videos foundanywhere inthe known galaxy. Memes, glorious memes. Funny memes,vintage memes,trending memes and then just the straight up weirdand wonderfulones - we’ve literally got a meme for every occasion.You like funnycats? We got you, fam. You prefer cute cat pictures?We also gotyou. You like comics about cats? You get the picture.Go ahead, geekout with your pics out. Or was it pics out forHarambe? It’s hard toknow when you’ve communicated purely throughmemes for the past fouryears. Got funny videos on your phone?Perfect, because in agroundbreaking development, the Imgur team isalso pleased toannounce ‘GIFs With Sound’ also known in otherquarters of the webas “video”. Wow, you really got this far? Youdeserve a sweet, sweetprize... go ahead and hit “install”.
GettinLocal 1.11.31
Gettinlocal is your travel guide. GettinLocal is the bestmobileappfor travelers on vacation, a business trip or forlocalssearchingfor new things to discover! The free GettinLocalappprovides accessto top deals that are local to you. Travelersand"STAYCATIONERS"can find Activities, Entertainment, Food,Dining,Shopping, Museums,and much more. If you are planning a trip,NOPROBLEM, you can useGettinLocal's "Where To" feature tovirtuallytransport yourselfinto any city in the USA and search forwhatthat city has to offer.Use it now, and save a deal for yourfuturetrip or send it to afriend. Start having fun! It’s easy to: •BuyTickets to a show oran event • Book reservations at arestaurant,show, or a local tour• Get exclusive discounts on allthings thatyou want to do • Shopfor great deals in-store orpurchase online •Search for Food, NightClubs, Concerts, Sportingevents, and muchmore • Learn more aboutthe 'Where To' feature anddiscoverexclusive deals in an area thatyou are about to explore.Makeevery trip the best when you use theGettinLocal app.HappyTravels!
Tidio 8.16.0
Tidio Ltd.
Tidio live chat app lets you connect with yourcustomersinstantly.Easy to use live chat and chatbots forcustomersatisfaction,increasing sales, generating leads and muchmore!Features: • Talkto your customers wherever you are •QuickResponses - send themduring a conversation in a single click,soyou can spend more timeanswering complex enquiries • Chatbots-generate leads whileyou’re offline using chatbots • LiveVisitorList - list of allvisitors browsing your website • VisitorsDetails- access detailssuch as visitor IP, city, country, devicetype andbrowser • PushNotifications - get notifications about newmessages,even when theapp is closed
Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram
Manage and schedule posts to multiplesocialmedia profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram andmore,all from one app – Hootsuite!Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social network accounts and hasover15 million users. It is the top app for Android to help youmanageyour business on social media.Hootsuite allows you to:* Publish and share photos to all your social networks atonce* Manage multiple social network accounts on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn* Schedule a post to Facebook or a tweet to Twitter to be sent atalater time or day* AutoSchedule messages to automatically post them at the besttimeof day* Monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook* Receive optional notifications when people mention your brandortalk about keywords you follow* Shorten links with and track click-through statreportanalyticsHootsuite for Android complements your account on the Hootsuitewebplatform. You can easily add your social network accounts suchasTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to your Hootsuiteaccountto get started.Simple, efficient, and powerful, Hootsuite for Android allowsyouto:* Tweet from multiple Twitter accounts or schedule tweetsforTwitter accounts.* Post to Facebook Profiles and Pages or scheduleFacebookposts.Get the top app to build your audience, manage Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and LinkedIn from anywhere and tie analyticsback to yourgoals.Sign up for Hootsuite for free: http://hootsuite.comIf you experience any issues or want to give us feedback, tweettous @Hootsuite_Help. We're happy to help!Questions or feedback? @hootsuiteFacebook:
Signal Private Messenger 5.24.17
Millions of people use Signal every day for free andinstantaneouscommunication anywhere in the world. Send and receivehigh-fidelitymessages, participate in HD voice/video calls, andexplore agrowing set of new features that help you stay connected.Signal’sadvanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled,so youcan focus on sharing the moments that matter with the peoplewhomatter to you. • Say anything – State-of-the-artend-to-endencryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol™)keeps yourconversations secure. Privacy isn’t an optional mode —it’s justthe way that Signal works. Every message, every call,every time. •Go fast – Messages are delivered quickly and reliably,even on slownetworks. Signal is optimized to operate in the mostconstrainedenvironment possible. • Feel free – Signal is acompletelyindependent 501c3 nonprofit. Development is supported byusers likeyou. No advertisements. No trackers. No kidding. • Beyourself –You can use your existing phone number and address bookto securelycommunicate with your friends. • Speak up – Whether theyliveacross town or across the ocean, Signal’s enhanced audio andvideoquality will make your friends and family feel closer. •Whisper inthe shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse tosee thelight. • Sound familiar – Choose custom alerts for eachcontact, ordisable noises completely. Simon & Garfunkel wrote ahit songabout it in 1964, and you can experience the sound ofsilencewhenever you want by choosing “None” as your notificationringtone.• Picture this – Use the built-in image editing featuresto sketch,crop, and flip your outgoing photos. There’s even a texttool sothat you can add more words to the 1,000 that your pictureisalready worth. For support, questions, or more information,pleasevisit: Sourcecode: Follow us on Twitter (@signalapp)andInstagram (@signal_app) for all of the latest updatesandannouncements.
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.89.2
Wickr Inc
Privacy made easy with Wickr Me. With Wickr Me, you caninstantlyconnect with your friends 1:1 or in groups - now withfullyencrypted voice calling, voice memos - new additions to thetrustedend-to-end secure sharing of files, images, and videos. Takefullcontrol over who has access to your content and how long itremainsaccessible. Users Trust Wickr Me for Their MostCriticalCommunications: On Privacy & Security: • Every messageisencrypted with a new key using advanced vettedend-to-endencryption. Wickr never has access to your messages oryour contactlist. • No phone number or email address is required toregister onWickr Me. Your address book remains private and is notstored onour servers. • Wickr does not store any metadataassociated withyour communications. • Wickr’s code, policies, andsecuritypractices have been verified by the most respectedsecurityresearch teams in the industry. Learn •Communicate in private groups of up to 10users. • Shredder –Overwrites all deleted Wickr content on yourdevice. OnEphemerality & Crypto Policies: • Open source codefortransparency and audit by the crypto community and open foraudit.• Configurable Expiration Timer – Set the expiration time onallyour messaging content. • Device-to-device encryption -eachmessage, file, and call (each 512 packets) are encrypted with anewkey so it's near impossible to break. • Wickr Messagingprotocolenables strong end-to-end encryption and perfect forwardandbackward secrecy for user content. The source code isavailablehere: ( anddocumentedhere: At Wickr our mission is toprovide asecure communication platform trusted by individuals,teams, andcorporations, across industries, sizes and scale, tomanage theirmost valuable communications. Wickr Me, our free(ad-free) flagshipapp, is the most trusted and secure messengerplatform, powered bythe world’s most advanced multi-layeredencryption and ephemeralitytrusted by millions of users worldwide.For Wickr’s full securecommunications line-up,
Element - Secure Messenger 1.3.3
Element is both a secure messenger and a productivityteamcollaboration app that is ideal for group chats whileremoteworking. This chat app uses end-to-end encryption toprovidepowerful video conferencing, file sharing and voicecalls.Element’s features include: - Advanced online communicationtools -Fully encrypted messages to allow safer corporatecommunication,even for remote workers - Decentralized chat based onthe Matrixopen source framework - File sharing securely withencrypted datawhile managing projects - Video chats with Voice overIP and screensharing - Easy integration with your favourite onlinecollaborationtools, project management tools, VoIP services andother teammessaging apps Element is completely different from othermessagingand collaboration apps. It operates on Matrix, an opennetwork forsecure messaging and decentralized communication. Itallowsself-hosting to give users maximum ownership and control oftheirdata and messages. Privacy and encrypted messaging Elementprotectsyou from unwanted ads, data mining and walled gardens. Italsosecures all your data, one-to-one video and voicecommunicationthrough end-to-end encryption and cross-signed deviceverification.Element gives you control over your privacy whileallowing you tocommunicate securely with anyone on the Matrixnetwork, or otherbusiness collaboration tools by integrating withapps such asSlack. Element can be self-hosted To allow more controlof yoursensitive data and conversations, Element can be self-hostedor youcan choose any Matrix-based host - the standard for opensource,decentralized communication. Element gives you privacy,securitycompliance and integration flexibility. Own your data Youdecidewhere to keep your data and messages. Without the risk ofdatamining or access from third parties. Element puts you incontrol indifferent ways: 1. Get a free account on the matrix.orgpublicserver hosted by the Matrix developers, or choose fromthousands ofpublic servers hosted by volunteers 2. Self-host youraccount byrunning a server on your own IT infrastructure 3. Sign upfor anaccount on a custom server by simply subscribing to theElementMatrix Services hosting platform Open messaging andcollaborationYou can chat with anyone on the Matrix network,whether they’reusing Element, another Matrix app or even if theyare using adifferent messaging app. Super secure Real end-to-endencryption(only those in the conversation can decrypt messages),andcross-signed device verification. Complete communicationandintegration Messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing,screensharing and a whole bunch of integrations, bots and widgets.Buildrooms, communities, stay in touch and get things done. Pickupwhere you left off Stay in touch wherever you are withfullysynchronised message history across all your devices and onthe webat
Clapper: Video, Live Community for Gen X & Y 7.0.2
Welcome to Clapper, one of the fastest-growing socialmediaplatforms focused on promoting real lives around the commonman.You can see the latest trends and people’s real lives astheyunfold, as well as people’s opinions and talents. Our missionis touse technology to empower everyone's life, so that everyonehas theopportunity to show, the channel to speak, and thepossibility tobe seen. No troll, no shadow ban. -Be heard Build upyour ownfollowing and be an opinion leader. Connect with friendsand followthose whose opinions you want to hear. Our “Clapback”feature isunique in that you can simply express your opinion andeasily viewpeople’s opinions with support or opposition. - Be seenClapperuses ‘equal opportunity’ algorithms to show ordinary, real,anddiverse communities of people through the sharing of shortvideosand live streams, Everyone can easily record videos and be apartof the heartbeat of your community. Based on your locationthingsthat are local in your area will be aggregated for you aswell. -Be valued Clapper has Clapper Fam, a new monetizationfeature thatallows creators to capitalize on superfans. Clapperlaunches livestreaming to further increase the timely communicationandinteraction between creators and users, and add more new waysforcreators with a moderate audience to obtain substantialincome.With monetization, Clapper now offers a practical path forcontentcreators to sustain themselves on an ad-free short videoplatform.*What can you expect?* a) Post Video: Short video is thefoundationof Clapper where users can post videos for up to 3minutes and youalso have the option to use our additional featureslike add text,video trimming, music, and other effects. Interact,sing, dance,talk about your day, send messages to friends andfollowers. b)Duet Live: Apart from the solo Live option, duet livefeatureallows you to bring your follower on live and interactinreal-time. c) Radio: Imagine an auditorium but with onlyvocals.This is the audio-only feature that allows you to create aroom ofup to 2000 listeners and up to 20 speakers to 'talk' d)Group:Create a community of your super fans where you can shareinteract1:1 with them. e) Clapper fam: Grow your community byprovidingmonthly tiers for your followers to support. With avariety ofbenefits, you can provide exclusive interactions,activities, andproducts. Download now and discover the heartbeat ofyour localarea and around the world. Website:
LiveMe Pro - Live Stream, Video Chat&Go Live! 4.4.21
LiveMe Team
LiveMe Pro is a popular live streaming social network. It allowsyouto live stream your special moments, watch great live streams,andvideo chat online with people worldwide. Don’t wait - JoinLiveMePro to go live and broadcast your life, get fans, andreceive giftsto be a social media influencer. With 365 daysnonstop brilliantcontent, LiveMe Pro aims to provide you with toptier live streams.# Go Live - Go live with just 1 touch and doanything you like,singing, dancing, eating, traveling, playinggames... - Show yourtalents, get more followers, receive lots ofgifts, and be an idoleasily. # Watch Live - Millions of talentedbroadcasters are here,including passionate dancers and singers,big eaters, comedians andmore, to present you amazing live streamsand live videos. # Live PK- Try Head 2 Head, the PK challenge, tomeet new people or just havefun with your friends. Broadcasterswho get higher points will winthe battle while losers will receivepunishments. # Live Video Chat& Video Call - Invite friends tostart the online video chat. -Create group video chat or videocalls of up to 9 people inMulti-beam mode. # Voice Chat Room -Here you can sing karaoke, talkabout life, and learn foreignlanguages together with your newfriends. - You can also play gamesin the room to break the ice. #Live Game Streaming - Watch gamersplay League of Legends, NBA,Among Us, PUBG, FIFA 2021, and muchmore. # Rich Stickers andFilters - Experience fun face stickersand filters in live. Try outcute kitty face, lovely eyes, crowns,funny rabbit ears and more.Tons of cool filters and stickers arewaiting for your choice. #Connect with Friends - Invite friends onInstagram, Twitter andSnapchat to watch live and share yourspontaneous moments with them!# Create Groups - Create groups tointeract with people who haveshared interests. Join the world’sfavorite live video streaming appand become a star! DownloadLiveMe Pro today and share your moment!Invite friends to join yourlive and enjoy fun time together.
Peanut: Make New Friends & Find Support 5.12.0-b11291
Welcome to Peanut, the app connecting women throughout all stagesofwomanhood. 💌 OUR FEATURES • Meet: Discover women nearby who areat asimilar stage in life • Chat: Talk to your matches via chat orvideocall • Groups: Join groups and find communities withcommoninterests • Share: Ask questions, search advice and sharestoriesacross meaningful topics • Pods: Join live audioconversationshosted by experts Over 2 million women have joinedPeanut toconnect, ask questions and find support. Whether you’renavigatingfertility, pregnancy, motherhood or menopause, the appprovidesaccess to a community who are there to listen, shareinformationand offer valuable advice. Finding friends at a similarstage inlife is easy on Peanut. The app is free to download and useandalways will be! WE’RE SAFETY FIRST Safety is embeddedthroughoutthe Peanut experience to encourage caring, supportiveandpurposeful connections. - All profiles on Peanut are verifiedwithselfie verification - We have a zero tolerance policytowardsabusive behavior of any kind - Sensitive content filtersmaskcontent that may be triggering - Topics put you in control ofthecontent you want to see - Guardian badges are awarded to thosewhohold others accountable THE LOVE IS REAL With over 2M+ womenusingthe app, Peanut has become a coveted destination for womenlookingto find community. ❤️ “It's no longer necessary to feelisolatedduring womanhood — the Peanut app is a reminder thatcommunity ispossible and we don’t have to do it alone." - Sophie ❤️“WithoutPeanut, I wouldn’t have met my best friend. I’ll alwaysrecommendit to anyone looking for friends!” - Lydia ❤️ "Peanut ismyfavorite app. It’s made it so easy to meet friends near me andfindsupport as a first time mama.” - Lauren ❤️ "Having fertilityissuesis lonely and daunting. To find a space where people who arein myboat can meet and support one another is exactly what I need.”-Feluke ❤️ “Peanut is a safe space to talk about everythingfrommenopause and midlife to sex and relationships, it’s animportantreminder that you’re not alone.” - Emmy
Chatous 3.9.88
Castle Global
On Chatous, you can chat with people fromallover the world about the topics you care about. You never knowwhoyou'll meet!The connections you make through Chatous can be rich and real.Stayin touch with the people you enjoy talking to and bring thechatconversation to life through video chat and photosharing.FEATURES:★ Use #hashtags to find and chat with people withsimilarinterests★ Protect your identity through anonymity or by changingyourdisplay name at any time - it can't be searched!★ Use Chatous on your mobile phone or on your desktop★ Video chat and share expiring photos, videos, andaudiomessages!We hope you love using Chatous as much as we do. We’realwayslooking to improve the user experience, and we’d love to hearfromyou with any feedback, questions and concerns.Happychatting!Email us: team@chatous.comLike us on Facebook:
WeChat 8.0.15
"Much better, much more popular, muchmoreuser-friendly” - USA Today"Simple enough that anyone can use it, versatile enoughthateveryone has some use for it" - WiredWeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you toeasilyconnect with family and friends across countries. It'stheall-in-one communications app for text (SMS/MMS), voice andvideocalls, Moments, photo sharing, and games.WHY USE WECHAT:• MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send video, photo, text, andvoicemessages.• GROUP CHAT & CALLS: Create group chats with up to 500peopleand group video calls up to 9 people.• FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality free calls toanywherein the world.• WECHAT OUT CALLS: Make calls to landlines and mobile aroundtheglobe at low rates (in certain regions only).• STICKER GALLERY: Hundreds of free, fun, animated stickerstoexpress your feelings from some of your favorite cartoonsandmovies.• MOMENTS: Share your best moments on your personalphotostream.• BETTER PRIVACY: WeChat gives you the highest level of controloveryour privacy. It's the only messaging app to be certifiedbyTRUSTe.• MEET NEW FRIENDS: Use “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby” and“Shake”to meet others.• REALTIME LOCATION: Instead of having to tell others where youare,just use real-time location sharing.• LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Localized in 20 different languages andcantranslate messages to any language.• AND MORE: Desktop app, custom wallpapers, customnotifications,and Official Accounts.
Zoho Social 5.2.0
Zoho Social - an all-in-one social media managementtoolforbusinesses. Zoho Social helps businesses managemultiplesocialchannels, and grow an active social media presence,fromoneplatform. - Capture your favorite moments, edit yourbestpictures,and instantly publish posts across socialchannelswhileon-the-move - Add posts to a publishing queue, reachout totheright audience at optimal times, and do more,withpowerfulscheduling features - Work on new posts whileyou'redisconnectedfrom the internet. Your saved drafts willbeautomatically syncedonce you are back online - Monitor hashtagsandkeywords, discovernew leads and engage with your audienceinreal-time - Measure yoursocial media performance withinsightsabout every post Ready totake the Zoho Social mobile appfor aspin? Download now! If youhave any questions or comments,pleasewrite to us
AppsMe - Live Streaming & Chat Video 10.83.01
_____(✪ω✪) Addictive Live Streaming App Alert~BewareOfAppsme!(๑´ڡ`๑)_____ Young、Fresh、Happy and full of energeticlivebroadcasting Apps ! Listened,Sharing~AppsMe With You!AppsMecarefully selected the anchor of the high-valuetalentedgirl、giving you the most sincere warm interaction Kindlygentleplayful humorous cute sexy natural,everything you want ishere!Don’t hesitate to download and log in with one finger, soCupid cansee you ! Our awesome features: ★ User-friendly interfaceforanyone to get stared quickly ★ The anchor is superb friendly!Interact naturally as friends ★ One-click full screenlivebroadcast ★ Uploading photo / One click video recording ★Superbnaturally beauty cam function ★ Exclusive quality VVIPservice ★International management, no limit of vision, bring allthe beautyof the world to your eye Interesting Live BroadcastContent: ★Master in folk~amateur singer sing into your heart, ★Gospel offoodies~Food anchor takes you to eat all directions withyour mouth★ Lets go~The handsome guy and sister live tour willbring you fly~★ Say goodbye to fat~The hottest sister teach you todo gym andenjoy a healthy body Green live broadcast, 24 hour patrolto checkviolence, pornography and strictly say NOOfficialWebsite:
Smart Post: Social Media Tool for Instagram 21.21
Increase your productivity by posting media updates tomultipleInstagram, Twitter, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page,FacebookGroup, and LinkedIn accounts in one easy to useapplication. Youcan choose to instantly publish to multipleaccounts or scheduleposts to be sent out at a later time. Startbeing more productivetoday with Smart Post. Easy marketing foranyone! As easy asCreate, Schedule, Publish, and Smart Post costsless than thecompetition. Features: * Schedule Posts to Instagram,Twitter,Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, andLinkedInaccounts for free. * Add unlimited Instagram, Twitter,FacebookProfile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and LinkedInaccounts. *Select up to 10 accounts per post for free. * Attachmedia such asphotos, videos, and GIFs. * Create drafts for later. *Search andpost GIFs directly from GIPHY’s extensive library. * Viewhistoryof past schedule posts and tweets. * Quickly reschedule orrepostprevious posts and tweets. * Instantly publish to one ormoreaccounts. * Stores recent post or tweet times for quick entry.*Suggests best tweet times for Twitter based on user interaction.*View usage statistics. We are here to support you. Reach outviayour preferred method below! Website:https://smartpostapp.comSupport: support@smartpostapp.comTwitter:
XPaging 5.1.18
The XPaging app connects everyone through daily instantmessagingand social media platforms. It is a versatile andaccessibleapplication that brings people with common interests,passions, orgoals together to establish connections, and ultimatelycreatethings that are of greater value to everyone. Plus, it’s timefor atool that would organize team communication and bring it allunderone roof. No matter how old you are, you can easily chatonline,upload personal information, buy and sell products onlinethroughthis app. Everyone can start their business easily bysharing theirbusiness online with XPaging.
Radiate 2.38
Connect with other people around events & communities! Meetnewfriends, ask questions, get hyped, find a date, or anythingelseyou want. Just be polite while you're on here :) Oh, and wehave asweet multi-colored rhino. "One of the primary reasons peoplego tofestivals is for the community, and that’s what Radiateprovides."-Insomniac
Rumble Inc
Are you looking for a new video app? Are you looking foraplacewhere you can grow followers faster, have a searchandrelatedvideos that doesn't preference channels, abilitymonetizeyourvideos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is thenewhomefor everything video. We believe your time investedintoRumble,will greatly exceed the results of our competition.Majorcreatorsare joining daily and hopefully you will be next tojointhe futureof video! Rumble Features: - Livestreaming -Channelcreation -Video hosting - Smooth UI - Video Monetization-Licensing Thankyou for considering Rumble, the future of video!
DatChat: Private & Encrypted Social Network Plus 1.23.0
DatChat is a secure social networking app and private messengerthatgives you the freedom to talk without worry withself-destructing,screenshot protected, encrypted posts andmessages. Text privacywith your social network means control evenafter you hit send orsubmit. Stay safe: DatChat delivers a safespace for private postsand messages with your social network.Social posts are kept secureand out of the wrong hands. Stayprivate and avoid screenshottingwith our proprietaryanti-screenshot protection, and receivenotifications if someonetries. Group message your friends, familyand social network withend-to-end encrypted connection. Safetyfirst: control overconversations even after you hit send. Stayprivate even after theyare sent. Nuke conversations on both thesender and recipientdevices for privacy. Messages can be unsent atany time with easeand vanish without a trace when they reach viewlimits or aremanually destructed. Group messages and chats can becreated whereonly you and the friends you invite to the group canpost, commentand like. Private chat with as many accounts as you’dlike friendsand family. Safe, private messages and pictures areonly visiblewhen logged into that respective account. Privatepictures: onlyyour profile picture is available for anyone to viewon DatChat.Pictures stay private with encryption on a privatecamera rollhidden behind other pictures. Never worry about picturesecurityagain. Download DatChat today to enjoy free, private andsecuremessaging. DATCHAT FEATURES: Secure Chat and Messaging: -Privatechat protects your privacy in online communication -Messages &posts are protected from screenshots with proprietyanti-screenshotprotection - Safety first: Receive notificationswhen someoneattempts to screenshot messages, photos or videos -Privatemessages stay between the sender & intended recipients -theycan’t be forwarded to others - Messages have end-to-endencryptedconnection Control Messages: - Stay safe: control whathappens tomessages after you send them - Nuke messages &completelyeradicate both sides of a conversation, comments &more -Messages and posts are self-destructing for your privacy -Socialposts vanish without a trace when they reach a view limit oraremanually destructed Private Messenger Security: - CreateSocialGroups for only you & your invited friends to post,comment andlike - Multiple accounts for different friends: messagesvisiblewhen logged into that respective account Private Pictures: -Only acover photo can be seen in plain sight - Encryption keepspictureson a private camera roll, hidden behind other picturesDownloadDatChat now & send secure, private messages. _ We nowofferDatChat Pro at three membership tiers: - Monthly: $0.99,renewsevery month - Yearly: $9.99, renews annually - Lifetime:$24.99,one time purchase good for the life of your account DatChatPro isan optional subscription service that unlocks new featuresandremoves existing limitations. Subscriptions are offered onamonthly, yearly and lifetime basis. Monthly subscriptionswillrenew every month for $0.99. Yearly subscriptions willrenewannually for $9.99. A lifetime subscription is a one timepaymentof$24.99 that does not renew and will upgrade your status toProfor the lifetime of your account. Prices may vary by location.Anyportion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeitedwhenthe user purchases a subscription. Subscriptions are chargedtoyour credit card through your iTunes account. Manageyoursubscription in Account Settings after purchase. Monthly andYearlysubscriptions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before theend ofthe current period to prevent an auto renewal. Oncepurchased,refunds will not be given for any unused portion of theterm. Termsof Service: PrivacyPolicy:
BatChat - Encrypted Private Messenger 2.5.3
BatChat is a private & secure messaging appwithend-to-endencryption which provides the highest level ofdatasecurity.Youcan use it FREE to voice or video callfamilies,friends,colleagues anytime and anywhere without worryingaboutdataleakage. Main functions of BatChat Multiple Encryption-Westruggle to keep your data secure. All confidential datayoushareon BatChat, including chats, messages, photos,files,media,groups, etc. is encrypted using double encryption.SecretChats -BatChat lets users delete messages, photos, files frombothof achat permanently. Besides, for people who are interestedinmaximumprivacy, BatChat has a function of “Burn afterreading”.Users canenable it to self-destruct all files, chatsautomaticallyfrom bothparticipating devices. Lock Screen - Betterprotect yourprivacy onBatChat. You can set a lock password forBatChat to helpsecureyour chats. Each time you log in, a passwordis needed.DestroyPassword - Someday you might do not need theBatChat IDanymore forsome reasons. You can quickly destroy it bysetting adestroypassword. Special Function - Function of Read andUnreadstatus. Tosee if a particular message you sent has been readby thereceiverin a chat. Bad or good? It is all up to you. PowerfulGroup- Youcan create group chats for up to 3000 members,sharinglargevideos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP,etc.)without anylimits. Secret Signal - BatChat has Secret Letter.It isfun andsecure that the receiver can only read the messagessent byyouafter inputting the secret letters you set. AnonymousChat-BatChat connects millions of people from all over theworld.Withit, you can have a random chat with strangers casually.Wetakeyour privacy seriously and will never give third partiesaccesstoyour data. Also, we are updating more features of BatChatinorderto better serve users. We're always excited to hear fromyou!Ifyou have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please or follow usonTwitter:
24Ent 1.5.38
24Ent is a free entertainment social media app! Access all themajorentertainment categories under one app. This app displayscontentwith five major interests: Music Sports Lifestyle FashionBeautyBusiness Download today and see how you can connect. It’seasy touse app, keeping in mind everything you need. Explore thelatestmusic and sports news under 24Ent. Here you can postanything youlike and can also Go 24 LIVE, Add the important task,meeting, underthe Engagements section with Date and Time. Theposts can be markedfavorite for quick views. You can mark the postas Spotlight.Spotlights are a great way to show your best, werecommend you tomark some posts as Spotlight. Connect withfriends, share photos andvideos of what you’re up to. Feel freeand share everything fromyour daily life and explore what othersare doing. Follow friendsand watch their Stories to see theirlife’s highlights. You candiscover and watch any category you areinterested in. Follow yourfavorite Music, Sports, Lifestyle,Fashion, Beauty, Business forlive updates. Upload photos andvideos from your photo library andshare them with your followers.Make use of GIFs in your post andalso share your live location.You can add your other Social Mediaaccounts here. Share 24Ent withyour friends via Contacts or anotherway like Facebook, Instagram,Bluetooth, Messages, etc.