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Ambulance Rescue 3D Simulator
Get ready ambulance rescue driver you’re on-duty and thereismassive accident in this ambulance game 2016! Pick the doctortothe injured patients! Hurry up.. it’s a ambulance rescuemission!Rush your ambulance to get to the scene of accident intime. DriveFAST around the city safely and provide first aid .911Alert it'san emergency , turn on the sirens and push the throttle!Look outfor the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic. Lovedones aredepending on you. Be their savior! You must be a fan oftheambulance parking driving games. We assume that you're crazyaboutrescue injured people as well.This ambulance rescue game iswhatyou need! Turn on the sirens and try to become an ambulancedriverin one of the best ambulance simulator 2016 game. There aremanyrescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency allthetime.Ever wondered about the hustle and bustle of emergencymedicalrescue?Ambulance driver job is dangerous so be careful!Dutydriving is not that easy.Play as a rescue ambulance driver andruninto those in need on curvy, hilly roads.You can driving aroundthebig city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and eventhebeach.It's crazy how the city lives - cars are crossing.DriveFAST, yet SAFELY, and use your alert eye to deliver aid. Getinyour ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a citytrafficracer to transfer patients.Race your car through the bigcitytraffic, let doctor rescue injured in accidents and drivethemsafely to the hospital. Life in the city is crazy, watch outforthe people and the traffic.Ambulance Rescue Simulator Game2016features:- Rescue missions as you drive around the city- Full3DCity large environment- Drive Ambulance Vehicles- Simulatordrivingsmooth controls- Realistic ambulance driver missions- Drivethepatients to the hospital- Realistic Animated PassengersNothingisas stimulating as saving a life! Packed with thrillingrescuemissions, time and efficiency is what matters most. Feel thethrillof steering the ambulance bus through beautiful butdangerousmountains! Many different routes across the city andIntelligentHill Traffic system. Start here to learn how to drive anambulancetruck and park it in front of a big city parking 3Dhospital. Showyour massive skills of precision driving and parkingskills whileyou stay stress resistance. You need to avoid differentvehicles,otherwise you would need to start all over again. Take thevictimsto the hospital to make sure they get well bring them fasttohospital. This 3D ambulance driving simulation game is thebestamong the other parking ambulance games!
Army Ambulance Rescue Simulator
Army Ambulance Rescue SimulatorDrive emergency ambulance torescueinjured people.Hello friends! Are you ready to play thisemergencyambulance rescue simulator 2017 game? If yes then you’rein theright direction. We will provide you real rescue 911 servicesondifferent city roads; where accidents will be happened. In thisUSarmy ambulance driving free game, your role as a real on-duty4WDambulance driver to rescue injured citizens on multiple places.Inthese US army emergency ambulance games 2018, you will performyourduty honestly and quickly rescue the injured peoples to givefirstaid treatment. In the past history, you would have played manyUSambulance rescue emergency games but these extreme ambulancedoctorgames 2018 is best for you. You will drive US emergencyambulancefast and on your rescue siren for the road clearance.These US armyambulance emergency doctor games, you know every day alot ofserious road accidents will be occurred; so you will driveyourreal ambulance rescue simulator 3d on city roads armyemergencyrelief and quickly reach your destination to giveemergencytreatment army ambulance emergency relief. Show your bestnewambulance driving skills doctor games for all girls andreachedyour injured patient as soon as possible. I’m sure you willenjoy alot while doctor games for all girls playing these armyambulancerescue games 2017.In this ambulance games: 911 Rescuesimulator 3dgame your duty is to accept paramedic rescue challengesand driveyour ambulance to save injured peoples. We will give yourealisticcrazy rescue 911 helpline number that people used to takeyouremergency ambulances services. These real emergency ambulancegames2018, you will work as an ambulance driver on different cityandother off-road city tracks; where accident will be happen andyouwill reached there to give first aids treatment after thatshiftthem to hospital. In the back, you would have played manyrealambulance doctor games, but these new ambulance rescueemergencygames 2018 is best for you. We will give you multiplethrilling anddifficult army war rescue 911 tasks. These militarywar ambulanceemergency rescue games, we will give you limited timeduration toperform your ambulance duty to rescue harmed peoples inroadaccidents. In this real ambulance rescue simulator games, ifyouwill not reached there in time then mission will be failedandcause death because of your laziness. So quickly rescueyourpatient and drop them on the hospital to save their life inthis911 ambulance rescue simulator 3d free game. These realemergencydoctor games, you will become a new ambulance rescue 1122driver totake doctor along with you and quickly reach your markspotdestination. In this super ambulance rescue driving free game,youwill get bonus coin; when you will finish your task in timealsosafe injured people life. This ambulance rescue driver dutygamegame give you in-app to unlock new levels and to remove ads.Inthisambulance doctor games hospital driving game we will give agoldenopportunity to serve for the humanity to save their lives.Thesereal emergency ambulance games 2018, we will give yourealisticgame play environment with its stunning advanced levelanimations.In this real ambulance driving 2017 game, we will giveyouemergency alertness on all levels; so you will always tofacedifficult challenges on real busy city traffic roads. Theserealnew ambulance doctor games 2017, we give you multiplesirenambulances ranges. These real ambulance emergency games, wewillgive everything in one platform. Come and download thisnewambulance game 2017 game.Army Ambulance Rescue SimulatorFeaturesEasy to handle modern ambulance simulatorReal emergencyrescuemissionsNew ambulance siren HD background soundThis realemergencyrescue simulator 3d game is for all personsEndlessambulance doctorjourneyIts free to play so quickly download these911 rescue dutyambulance games.
Ambulance Police Car Drift Rescue Driving Fun Game
OverviewGet ready to play the virtual drift and rescue familyfungame, in which you can be the hero and rescue injured people asanambulance and at the same time, apprehend criminals in thispolicecar drift survival simulator. There are multiple levelsandmissions for you to train, in this real car parking game, whichyouhave to complete with your craft. There are levels where youonlyplay as a virtual ambulance and save people after a carcrashengine or accident and there are also levels that arecompletelydependent on the virtual police car. To make the gameeven betterfrom family fun time, we have hybrid levels where youfirst play asan ambulance and then the fast police drift car on theoff roadhighway.Play as a Virtual Rescue AmbulancePlay as a herorescueambulance driver and run into injured patients in need on thecityhighway and get help for their survival. When you play astherescue ambulance, you have exploration missions that require youtofind people which are in trouble like they were in an accidentorthere was a car crash engine. As a hero rescue ambulancedriver,you need to show your craft by driving in the snow and beingintotal control on the uphill city highway. The off roadexplorationtasks are time bound so make sure your driving isperfect and youget to the people in time. If you want to go evenfaster, you canswitch on your crazy ambulance siren and the othercars driving inyour way will move out of the way. This is a realcar parking anddriving challenge. It will allow you to drive therescue ambulanceto complete your tasks. Your cars are in perfectcondition so trysome off road stunts as well. Just don't get intoan accident. Youjob is to help people who have had an accident orcar crashengine.Play as a Virtual Police Drift CarThere are levelswhere youhave to play as a police car and drift your way off thesnowy roadand get to your mission location very quickly. Driving apolice caris very different from driving an ambulance. It is acraft that yougain after many days of practice. Drive to the placeswhere you areneeded like accident sites, but make sure you do itquickly andefficiently as you will not have enough time. Just liketheparamedics team, you have to go on an exploration mission tofindthe people who need help and take action. Try stunts likejumpingover things and using NOS to increase your speed. Yourstuntsdriving is the only way that you get to go uphill on the offroadsnow city highway. You have to be very careful for yourownsurvival.Ambulance Police Car Drift Rescue Driving FunGameFeatures- Hybrid driving family fun pack- AmazingExplorationSurvival missions- Real car parking and drivingexperience-Realistic controls and uphill environment- Drive fast onthe Hillycity highway as a hero driver- Crazy Car Crash EngineSimulator-Control the Virtual Hero Police Car and RescueAmbulanceYou havemany missions in the game to be a hero and showothers your drivingcraft and that you can help in other people'ssurvival. Yourmissions include getting injured people to safetyfrom an accidentsite and getting criminals behind bars. There isalso anexploration aspect to this driving simulator. Drive fastbutcarefully on the steep uphill city snow highway.This is therealdeal and by far the most amazing ambulance rescue and policedriftdriving game. If you like to help people and apprehendcriminalsthen this is the right fun game for you. You will keep ondrivingon the uphill city highway for hours in this real carparkinggame.If you like off road, car, bus and train driving games,youwill surely love this driving simulator where you train tobecome abetter driver.Best Off road Ambulance and Police Drift CarRescueSimulator Game & Free To Play.If the game doesn't startup,runs slowly or crashes, please get in touch and we'll do ourbestto help.
Ambulance Rescue Driver Simulator 2K18 🚑
Want to rescue the innocent and injured in an all newambulancerescue driving game? Save those who get into a trafficaccident bytransporting patients to a hospital. Sound the ambulancesirens andbe the best ambulance driver in this rescue game.Nothingis asstimulating as saving a human life. Drive fast! The patientsneedhelp and have to see a doctor, they need urgent medical careinthis ambulance driving simulator 3D game 2018. You have todrivearound the big city and save the injured, weak and sick inthismost anticipated emergency simulator game of 2018. Turnonambulance siren and push the throttle to race fast. Like anurbanambulance driver save the city people who are in need ofmedicalattention ASAP!Be the virtual rescue hero by providing firstaidand driving your ambulance offroad to get to the patient in timetodrop at hospital, in your emergency rescue missions. Realrescuesimulator driving offroad ambulance means you will also havetodrive uphill and save yourself from a crash! You can have morethanone car or bike coming your way so watch out becausepatienttransport is your city hospital duty. This off-roadambulance gamehas no helicopter rescue missions, so city rescue isdone onground. Amazing ambulance doctor game that has no limit onhow manylives you can save!You are needed in this ambulanceemergencyrescue 2018, be a virtual hero and don’t let any patientdie.Respond fast to 1122 or 911 emergency calls in this car rescuegamebecause this is not a training mission. Protect and save peoplewhoget into a crash or accident by providing the best rescuetruckservice in offroad rescue missions. This ambulance 3Dsimulatorgame needs an auto rescue driver with top driving skillsto savelives! Time is of the essence, explore the map and find theinjuredin this emergency medical rescue 2018. Respond toemergencies anddish out aid by driving fast like firefighters dowhen driving afiretruck. Take your rescue squad and save people inthis highpaced driver simulator game. This is not an airplanerescue game,you will be driving on ground so don’t confuse thisgame withairplane rescue games. Enjoy off-road ambulance games.This game isa callout to those who want to save lives by driving anambulancebus! Drive carefully in this ambulance city game 2018 bydrivingand dropping patients at hospital.🚑 Ambulance RescueDriverSimulator 2018 Features: 🚑✓ Multiple rescue missions inmultipleemergency scenarios✓ Easy user interface for easy controlsandnavigation✓ Realistic ambulance simulator game withamazinggraphics✓ Addictive and easy game play so you can save livesasmany as possible✓ Amazing graphics in a big city environmentinthis ambulance doctor game✓ City, offroad, hill climb, curvyroadrealistic environment.
Ambulance rescue simulator 2017 - 911 city driving
Ambulance rescue simulator 2017 is one of the best ambulancegameamong all rescue ambulance driving games. It’s full of actionsandactivities that you need to take on 911 emergency calls fortakingpatients from emergency accident spot to city hospital inminimumtime for saving precious human life. Call a hospital dutydoctor torescue and cure the patients who are injured in seriousemergencyaccidents.Being a part of dedicated ambulance rescue teamyou needto rush to the aid as you are responsible for savingpricelesshuman lives in state of emergency. In ambulance rescuesimulatorgame you have been given the role of a skilled ambulancedriver,keep in mind that seconds count as you make your way throughthetraffic while ambulance driving in the realistic 3Dcityenvironment. Transport the seriously injured people to thehospitalso that hospital duty staff may save precious human lives,makesure your selected route across the huge city must be theshortestand fastest possible one. Your ambulance driving abilitieswill beput to the trial in extreme emergency scenarios. You need toavoidtraffic vehicles on your way to the city hospital to rescueinjuredpatients from emergency accident spot. Turn your 911rescuesimulator emergency sirens on to clears the roads from cars,busesand other traffic vehicles for taking patients to the hospitalfortreatment from the emergency duty doctors.Do you think thatyouhave 911 emergency ambulance rescue driving skills that proveyouto be a real 911 ambulance driver ? If you think you arecapableenough than fasten your seat belt and start drivingrescueambulance to rescue human lives from emergency accidentsspots.Human Lives are at risk so drive with all senses and care butbequick in rescue mission as rescue duty driver. You will have tobea little bit crazy ambulance driver to drive between thesemassivecars around the city like you are racing towards hospital.Anewoffroad mode is also added in this ambulance game. Now you havetobe active offroad ambulance rescue driver, you are alsogivenoff-road rescue missions for saving human lives. Performrescueduty operations dangerous offroad tracks. Tourists are indanger asan accident occurs, so you have to drive safely youroffroadambulance and get the injured people to the offroadhospital. Driveyour city ambulance to help people lying on theedges of offroadtracks. Dial ambulance 911 emergency number if youare in USA,Europe or Canada and call emergency ambulance rescue1122 if youare living in Pakistan. Now you are performing the realambulancerescue driving duty. Human life is too much precious. Itis bestambulance simulator game 2017.Your duty is to pick up theinjuredpeople from emergency and accidental spots and take them tothenearest hospital for medical treatment from the hospitaldutystaff. You need to make ambulance parking perfectly forquickrescue. Features of Ambulance Rescue Simulator 2017 • It’sFREE onGoogle Play Store !• Lots of Challenging Missions• 3Dcityenvironment with realistic graphics • Explore the beautifulopenworld• Realistic Ambulance driving physics• Smooth controls andfungameplay• Realistic intelligent traffic • Experience thesmoothgameplay of this free ambulance driving simulator game•Detailed 3DHD graphics optimized to run smooth on your mobile phoneor tabletdevice• Offline gameplay• Accident scenes in city andoffroad hillyareas• Multiple ambulances• Amusing and realsoundsThis is the gameyou have been waiting for to help the injuredpeople! So… Downloadambulance rescue driver 2017 now and help thepeople by savingtheir lives in emergency situations.We hope youwould like ourAmbulance Rescue simulator game and don’t forget torate us onGoogle play store. Thanks
Ambulance Rescue 911
There has been a massive accident and you’re the on-dutyambulancedriver. You need to get in your ambulance and drive thedoctor tothe injured ones as fast as you can. Rush your ambulancearound thecity to get to the scene of accident in time or you’llfail to savesomeones life. Driving them to safety on the ambulanceandproviding first aid is the best thing you can do to save theminthis state of emergency. Turn on the sirens and pushthethrottle.Features:- 4 Different powerful ambulances with lightsandsiren - Real world 3D environment- Realistic controls-Differentcamera angles that give you more control- Amazingbackground soundto enhance your gaming experience- 20 Challengingcity levels totest driving skills- Mini Map Guide for player,accident andhospital position- Emergency Quick Response- Userfriendlyinterface and free to download.
Ambulance Rescue Fun 3D
Are you interested in playing Ambulance Rescue Simulator Game.ifyes, then your ambulance and drive to rescue people inanemergency. Drive the ambulance for emergency rescue in thecityhighway. you are playing some extreme car parking racing,bikesstunts, bus driving but this is the interesting and populargame ofambulance driving and parking simulator. Prove yourself inthe citytraffic race against clock speed for better techniques andsave thepatient live in the city hospital. Play as a rescueambulancedriver and run into injured patients in need on curvy cityroads.Accident always occurs in our daily life, the earlierambulancedoctor arrives, the more lives we could save. The grandcity isthrill and accident and you have to safely drive the injuredto thenearest hospital. There has been a massive accident andyou’re theon-duty ambulance driver! Get the injured to the doctor.Turn onthe sirens and try to become an ambulance driver in one oftheamazing ambulance driving games. Lots of ChallengingRescueMissions to Test Your Driving Skills.real life situations/challenges before you reach the doctors. difficultparkingsituations to park the ambulance near the big city hospital.Feelyourself a real ambulance parking driver. ambulancerescuesimulation is an amazing car driving games. Shift the patientintoyour amazing ambulance simulator with the help of your teamanddrive to the crazy doctor emergency rescue hospital. drive asfastas you can to transport injured patients to nearest hospital.Drivecarefully on curvy off road and get the patients to doctor asfastas possible. Hurdles and heavy traffic like cars, buses, andothertraffic vehicles on your way so drive carefully. Give firstaid tothe person who can survive, inject them and transfer theother tohospital which is your responsibility. Life is at stake inyourbest city ambulance. Be real ambulance rescue superhero driverandbecome the best city ambulance, driver! Drive the amazingambulancesimulator on the traffic packed roads. Ambulance rescuefull ofactions that you need to take on emergency calls fortakingpatients from emergency spot to hospital in minimum time.Ambulancedriver job on mega city roads is dangerous so be careful!redriving simulation games fun and challenging? AmbulanceCarSimulator puts you in the driver’s seat. The clock is ticking!Getthe best Ambulance Rescue Simulation on mobile now.Experiencethesmooth game play of this free extreme ambulance drivingsimulatorgames. We will provide you rescue van services ondifferent cityroads; where accidents will be happened. as you haveto avoidtraffic on your way to the hospital as ambulance rescuesimulatordriver. Your duty is to pick up the seriously injuredperson inemergency from accidental spots and for medical treatmenttake themto the nearest hospital. your role as a real on-dutyambulancedriver to rescue injured citizens on multiple places.Multiplerescue missions in emergency situations to save lives andyou mustbe in a situation of emergency all the time. You have topark therescue ambulance at parking place for quick rescue service.savethe city patient lives and become a best hero in thisgame.complete all challenging and impossible ambulance van cardrivingsimulator. no need any fast racing speed go in the way andparkingyour ambulance safely in the hospital stand and completeyourambulance rescue duty.How to Play:Tilt or Touch to steerTouchgasbutton to accelerateTouch brake button to slow downFeatures:Tonsofhardcore challenging levelsGreat dynamic game playrace againsttheclock,Improving Your Driving and Parking SkillsI★ If you haveanycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead :★★ For our upcoming games please visit andlikeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or checkouttips:★ PrivacyPolicy:
US Army Ambulance Rescue Game.
DRIVE TO SAVE THE RESIDENTS OF THE AMAZING ARMY AREABecometheambulance Rescue hero of the amazing 4x4 off-road ambulance gamebyplaying US ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE GAME in open world withRescue:This simulation game is the best emergency ambulancesimulationgame .You will not only drive the life saving Ambulancebut alsorace like Crazy driver ambulance in the 2017 challengingmountainridge canyon roads! A lot of Crazy driving skills withRescue Teamare necessary to complete all the timeless challengingmissions ofthis life saving Rescue Army ambulance simulator!Go atludicrousspeeds in health rescue ambulance and it is surely not anillusionthat the army patients are nearly dyeing. You have one Armyjob todo, so do it the best you can! As you provided with armyambulancesiren, become the best ambulance rescue missions parkeryou arerescue Hope that every life threatened dyeing persons wants.Racethrough the mountain ridge canyon roads and Drive ambulance cartosave missile attacked army and combat army commandos throughthetops of the mountains! perform your duty as the ambulancedriverand Drive the ambulance car in the Off-Road army area inemergencysituations also provide emergency treatment and operationsin wayand take the patients to the Hospital in time through drivearmychecks points.US ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE GAME FEATURES:• Full3Dlarge environment• Smooth ambulance with stretcher Controls•Simulator driving smooth controls• Realistic off-Roadgraphics•Engaging ambulance missions• Drive the patients to thehospital•Many different routes across the off-Road• Differentrescuemissions• Help the victims after a car accident• Winching up:useyour ambulance to rescue people
Ambulance Rescue 911
Do you want to be ambulance driver?Get in your ambulance anddriveto rescue people in emergency. Once there, you access thescenedrop casualties to the civilians life and dotheirjob best.ambulance rescue simulation is an amazing rescue gamespotwith very realistic graphics and really simple game-play.3DPoliceCar Driver- Real fast response Ambulances.- Full 3Denvironment.-20 Exciting Levels.- Map for whole City
St John Ambulance First Aid 1.6.8
St John Ambulance is determined that no one should die becausetheyneeded first aid and didn’t get it.This app includes thelatestfirst aid advice and protocols for dealing withemergencysituations. It is simple to follow with illustrated guidesandvoiced instructions.The app doesn’t replace the benefitsoflearning first aid on a St John Ambulance course, nor is it asindepth as a full first aid manual. But when there is anemergency,it will help you to know what to do to in those fewcrucial momentswhen basic knowledge of first aid can make thedifference.Nothingis more tragic than a life lost needlessly. Youcan be thedifference between life and death.Please note: The firstaid adviceis based solely upon UK protocols. Both the UK andEuropeanemergency service numbers are provided.
Ambulance Rescue Simulator 17
You are an ambulance rescue driver. And you are providedwithdifferent rescue missions. You are the best ambulance driverof2017. Fulfill your rescue duty in your areas.This city is inthrilland accident and you have to safely drive your city ambulanceandtake injured people to the nearest hospital. The bestambulancegame of 2017 is here. Use your city ambulance to helppeople. Callambulance 911 if you are in Europe and call ambulance1122 if youare in Pakistan. You are doing the real ambulance rescuedriving.Human life is much precious, so value them. This is goingto be thebest ambulence game of 2017. Prove that you have the bestambulancerescue team in the city. This is your ambolance rescuesimulator 3Dgame.There is a lot city traffic and you have to drivethroughdifferent routes to reach your desired destination. Beatthetraffic rush and prove the public that you are the bestambulancedriver. There are different levels of games and a personcan unlockthem by completing the previous level.Now let's see howgood do youcomplete your city ambulance rescue duty games. Savelives ofpeople with your city ambulance. Take the patients tohospital sofast that people think you fly your rescue ambulanza.But that doesnot mean you have to harm others to save onelife.Ambulance gamesare much fun than any other. Also take anambulance doctor withyou. So that the doctor can check the patientin your emergencyambulence immediately. Play your best with yourambulance simulator3D.Ambulance driving in an urban city is quitedangerous job. Raceyour vehicle through big city traffic and watchout for the carsdriving near you. As an ambulance driver youragility, courage andalertness will determine that whether thedoctor will be able torescue the patient on time or not. You arethe responsible cityambolance rescue driver. Finish your ambulancefree duty first andthen leave for home. Treat the patients in yourambulance with thehelp of your ambulance free doctor. Do not be thecrazy driver ofyour ambulance, you have to save lives. You aredoing a realambulance rescue driving. A little bit similar toambulance parkingsimulator games. This is one of the good games of2017. People aredying of accidents, you have to save them, becauseyou are theemergency ambulance driver. Do the ambulance surgeryifneeded.Leave the ambulance rush behind. This game involvescrashand many severe accidents, one should have good driving skillsandalertness to carefully deliver injured to the nearest hospitalinthe city. This is an urban area game. Player drives theambulance2017 from one certain point to the other and park thevehiclethere. There is an option of emergency sirens in the gameand youswitch them off and on by simply one touch. When patientsareplaced in your ambulance simulator, drive them to thementionedplace.Key Features:• Different model cars• Easy driving•On screensteering• Siren on/off button• Horn play• DirectionguideGameplay:•Acceleration button• Brake/Reverse button• Cameraview changebutton• On-screen steering• Siren on/off button•HornbuttonDownload and play this game and increase your drivingskillsas well as help the needy patients. Ambulance RescueSimulator willbe kept updated and please feel free to rate andcomment about thisapp.
Ambulance Driver 2017-Rescue
There has been emergency in town a massive accident occurredandyou’re on-duty 911 ambulance rescue driver! Being a part ofdevotedambulance emergency team you need to rush to the aid as youareresponsible for saving precious lives. Get the doctor toinjuredpeople. Drive ambulance around the city and get to the sceneofaccident in time. Drive fast n furious yet safely, Turnonambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast. Hurdlesandheavy traffic like cars, buses, and other traffic vehicles onyourway so drive carefully. Drive one the best ambulance rescuedrivinggame of 2017.Ambulance Driver 2017-Rescue simulator full ofactionsthat you need to take on emergency calls for taking patientsfromemergency spot to hospital in minimum time. Ambulance driverjob onmega city roads is dangerous so be careful!In this AmbulanceDriver2017-Rescue simulator game you have been given the role ofaskilled ambulance driver, keep in mind that seconds count asyoumake your way through the traffic in the realistic 3Dcityenvironment. Transport the seriously injured people to thehospitalto save their lives, make sure your selected route acrossthe hugecity must be the shortest and fastest possible one. Yourambulancedriving abilities will be put to the trial. As you need toavoidvehicles on your way to the hospital. Your duty is to pick uptheinjured people from emergency and accidental spots and take themtothe nearest hospital for medical treatment.There are manyrescuemissions and you must be in a state of emergency all thetime. Youneed to park the ambulance at parking area to for quickrescue.Haveyou any skills that prove you to be a real ambulancedriver,precious lives are in your hands. Lives are at stake; it’s arescuemission! so drive with precision and be quick. This ambulancegamehas many rescue missions and you must be in a state ofemergencyall the time. You will have to be a little bit crazydriver todrive between these massive cars around the city as youare racingto the right destination.This is the game you have beenwaiting forto help the injured people! So… Download it now thisambulance gameand help the people by saving their lives.★★★Features of AmbulanceDriver 2017-Rescue ★★★• It’s absolutely FREEon google play store!• Lots of Challenging Rescue Missions• Full 3Dcity environmentwith realistic graphics • Explore the beautifulopen world•Realistic Ambulance driving physics• Smooth controls andfungameplay• Realistic intelligent traffic• Drive the patients tothehospital• Experience the smooth gameplay of this freedrivingsimulator game• Transport the seriously injured people tothehospital• Best Parking game• Door close n open animation•Realisticbus parking and driving controls• Best Parking game•Detailed 3D HDgraphics optimized to run smooth on your mobile phoneor tabletdeviceWe hope you will like our Ambulance Driver2017-Rescue anddon’t forget to rate us on Google Play! Thanks
911 Ambulance Rescue Driver
911 Ambulance Rescue Driver is challenging driving game totransportpeople at city hospital. An accident has been reported onthehighway and you must respond. Use your simple paramedicemergencycar and easy controls to handle the crazy parking freegame to proveand learn the real skills of this ultimate duty citydriving gameplay.Features:- Real Fast Response Ambulances.- 20Exciting Levels.-Full 3D environment.- Map for whole City.- RealLife EmergencySituations.
Offroad Ambulance Emergency Rescue Helicopter Game
Go on amazing virtual off road snow rescue and explorationmissionsthis winter in the mountain ridge canyon and rush to savemanyhelpless injured victims of car crash destruction accidentthatneed your help and make them happy in your emergency ambulanceandyour rescue helicopter plane. There is nothing fake about it.Inthe hilly region, people may fall and get stuck in a snowmountainridge canyon or become victims of an avalanche or carcrashdestruction accident & you are their only hope for rescue.Youare the skilled driver & helicopter plane flightenthusiast,who knows how to drive happy wheels ambulance Uphill andgo Offroadin the city to help the people and patients while havingfun, souse your craft to complete your tasks. You can also helpthem likea boss by flying your helicopter plane to the areas whereyourrescue services are required. This Offroad and flight rescuegameis full of rush adventure and crazy experiences with realphysicsvehicles to thrill drive and fly around twisted turnsandbreathtaking hilly scenes like a boss. Become a part of theoffroad hero rescue squad for this snow ambulance and chopperhillflight rescue in this simulator which has rescue andexplorationmissions in the mountain ridge canyon like no helicopterplane orambulance driving rescue simulator games. You can use yourcraft toshow your hero driving and flight skills in the cityhighway.Thisis an amazing fun game for those who like to drivevehicles uphillin the snow and go Off road for exploration andrescue. Drive theultimate ambulance like a boss and save helplesspeople. This CityHill Climb and Flying Rescue game is a great happywheels drivingand flight simulation experience with beautiful hillsand wonderfulOffroad adventure experiences. The steep mountains andhills keepthe excitement level very high during the simulation gameplay.There is one thing to remember; the people who are stuck inthemountain ridge canyon do not have much time & you have torushto rescue them very quickly. If you fail, keep trying or fakeittill you make it.You may be an amazing hero rescue driver onthecity highway for helping car crash destruction accidentvictims,but driving an ambulance in the hilly/slippery area is nojoke andit can be very dangerous driving a heavy vehicle with happywheelsin the snowy and hilly mountains. Play this awesome hero offroadsimulator game like a boss to get better at driving insuchconditions and use your craft to complete your missions.Therearemany fun levels with many missions to rush to helpless people.Someinvolve driving the ambulance uphill and downhill off roadtorescue people and patients involve flying an amazinghelicopterplane to get to places where the ambulance cannot helpthesuffering animal.Offroad Ambulance Emergency Rescue HelicopterGamefeatures:- Offroad & Uphill driving in a happywheelsambulance- Take an adventure flight in the huge chopper-Amazinggame controls for driving and flying- Dynamic camera anglesfor theambulance and helicopter plane- Huge Offroad and hillyvirtualenvironment- Amazing fun animation of animals getting stuckandrescued- Awesome life like adventure simulatorDownload Now,thisamazing and fun filled rescue adventure simulator game withanamazing driving and flying experience. There is nothing fakeaboutthis game. Drive Offroad in an amazingly realistic ambulancein themountain ridge canyon with happy wheels and fly like a heroin alife-like helicopter. The amazing animations and story willkeepyou captivated in the adventure and you are sure to keepplayingfor hours and hours.This virtual hero adventure off roadcityhighway game is like no other as you play with an ambulance andahelicopter in a combination of driving and flightsimulator.Improve your skill and craft by playing all the levelsandcompleting the virtual missions to rush to save victims of acarcrash destruction accident.
City Ambulance Rescue 2017: Emergency Simulator 3d
Oh ! there is an accident on the road and you are theambulancedriver. your duty is to go to the accident place andrescue theinjured people, give them first aid and take them to thehospitalas soon as possible. There is a hospital nurse with you onthe dutyshe can give the first aid to injured people in thatemergencysituation because there is a bag of paramedic drugs alongwith you.After doing first aid put them onto the stretcher and takethem tothe hospital and operate now hospital if it is necessary.You Knowthat lives are at stake and you are on the ambulance rescuemissionso, rush your ambulance over the city and reach the accidentpoint.You should have to drive fast and drive safely and help thepeoplein this critical situation. Lift the stretcher with too muchcare.Sirens should be (2)turn on. Take care while driving fast ontheroads because there are hurdles, barriers and too much trafficinthe city. If you are a lover of driving and helping peoplethenthis City Ambulance Rescue Mission: Emergency Simulator is thebestDriving game for you in 2017.City Ambulance RescueMission:Emergency Simulator is an ambulance rescue mission in whichyou arethe city driver for this rescue duty. This type doctor andhospitalnurse game is actually to operate now hospital mission withthehigh-quality paramedic drugs and stretcher in thisemergencyhospital van. This city ambulance driving game will be thefavoriteof the lovers and players of driving simulator games.Hospital vanis on the way for the help of the injured people whowaiting forthe quick casualty. There are many rescue missions andtasks inthis City Ambulance Rescue Mission: Emergency Simulatorgame youcan enjoy the two environments one of them is city and thesecondone is off road hill station. At the offroad hill stations,thedriving is very difficult but is very interesting as well.Thisemergency rescue simulator is very wonderful at off-roadambulancesimulation hill. Outclass Features Of City AmbulanceRescue Mission- Engaging driving missions - Many routs towards thehospital forrescue - Direction Map - Easy to drive but difficult tochase -Smooth Control - 3D realistic city Environment - 3DrealisticOffroad Environment - Best sound Quality -AddictiveGamePlay
Flying Drone Ambulance
Do you want to safe people from dilemma and to be a rescuedeft?Then this flying simulator is an excellent choice for you.Getready to rescue people with flying drone simulator where itisdifficult to reach people through road when they needimmediaterelief. It is an astonishing summation of flying dronegames andflying ambulance games. This is an ultimate rescue gamewhere youneed to safe people from trouble by driving a futuristicflyingambulance. So get ready for this thrilling FLYING DRONEAMBULANCE,the king of drone ambulance driving games.Game play ofthis rescuesimulator is fascinating. You need to safe people fromtrouble byproviding them quick relief through your speedy drivingand flightskills where it is not possible to drive on roads becauseof roadblockages or heavy traffic. Now you can probe the world withflyingrescue helicopter car. This is multilevel flying simulation,whereyou can control air ambulance above the road blockages andtrafficareas and pick injured citizens. In this ambulancerescuesimulator, you have to be best pilot to pick the injuredpeople andtake them to the hospitals. You have to be a smart driverof thisfuturistic flying car to run it on the roads or fly it onthe air,the ultimate goal is to reach the victimized place at theearliestto rescue people and take them to the hospital to safepreciouslives. You might have played many flying games to achievedifferenttargets and goals, but you would have never experiencedthisalluring game play in any other drone simulator games andambulancedoctor games.Flying Drone Ambulance Features:• Adventurouson roaddriving and flight experience• Tremendous real flyingambulanceexperience• Idealistic 3d city environment• Ten thrillinglevelswith breath-taking goals• Realistic sound effectsShow offyourrescue ambulance and helicopter driving skills to safepeoplecaught in disasters in this ambulance driving game. Fastenyourseat belt on this flying rescue helicopter car and ready tofacechallenging levels, which will definitely astound you.Certainly,you would have never played such exotic game before inthe categoryof drone ambulance rescue games. Speed up and hold thecontrol ofthis futuristic flying car and reach all those areaswhere it isimpossible to rescue. We assure you that you will have agreatexperience with this flying car game. So download this FLYINGDRONEAMBULANCE, supreme of futuristic games.
Ambulance Drive Simulator: Ambulance Driving Games
Ambulance Drive Simulator: Ambulance Driving Games is bestAmbulancegameAMBULANCE RESCUE TASKSStart this Ambulance Simulationgame andbegin helping injured people in city accident. In thisRescue CityAmbulance Driver: Ambulance Games help others as a realambulancedriver with great 1122 ambulance vehicle. Rescue them inthisemergency time, start your Ambulance simulator, become akindAmbulance Driver and rescue the injured people with great care.Youare rescue driver so given a rescue ambulance van to you.Thisrescue operation is started to help the people injured indifferentaccidents. So drive this rescue ambulance and find to helptheinjured. You must be expert in driving before you drive thisrescueambulance and you should know all the city roads in order todriveambulance game. You must be careful while driving rescueambulance.It is the best ambulance game in all free ambulancegames.SUPERBGAMEPLAYThis Rescue City Ambulance Driver: AmbulanceGames ishighly addictive and challenging. You are an Ambulancedriver, youhave to rush through traffic, speed your AmbulanceSimulator, andreach in time before it’s too late for the injuredpeople. ThisAmbulance Drive Simulator: Ambulance Driving Games ispurely madefor simulation game lovers and challenge acceptingpeople. So takethe ambulance driving challenge and prove yourambulance drivingskills and pass the ambulance parking challenges.This AmbulanceDrive Simulator 3d game is best game to rescue theinjured people.This is the dream of every one to be the driver ofambulance, but Ithink you are lucky that you are ambulance driver,download thisrescue game and get the opportunity of becoming realfast ambulancedriver.RESCUE THE PEOPLE In this Ambulance DriveSimulator:Ambulance Driving Games, we have tried to rescue theAccidentalpeople. So drag and start Ambulance driving and reach theaccidentsite in time so that you can rescue the injured people. Ifyou wantto rescue people, this City Ambulance Drive Simulation:FreeAmbulance Games is a perfect game. So try this City AmbulanceDriveSimulation: Free Ambulance Games, and start AmbulanceDrivingaround the city and Complete this ambulance rescue missions.Try tocomplete all the Ambulance rescue duties and enjoy thisfreeAmbulance Drive Simulator 3d game. This is an ambulancesimulatorof reality, so when you will be playing this game you willfeelthat you are driving high speed ambulance in between cityhighwaytraffic.Speedy Ambulance Rescue Van: Ambulance GamesFeatures:•Lifelike ambulance sound• Intuitive ambulance controls•Multiplerealistic rescue mission• Big city immersive environment•Addictiveand smooth game playHave fun playing this exciting gameoffered byGaming Globe. This Speedy Ambulance Rescue Van: AmbulanceGames isnot only a free game but is also an offline game. Fun islocked inthe install button. Cheers
Ambulance Rescue Simulator 16
BECOME THE BEST AMBULANCE CITY DRIVER EVER!With AmbulanceRescueSimulator 2016 you will learn the ropes of how to be thebestambulance city driver the world has ever seen. Always be alertwhenyou are on duty because an accident can happen anytimeandanywhere. So when an accident has happened somewhere in thebigopen city the whole hospital crew is counting on you as thebestambulance city driver to get the patient as fast as possible tothehospital!AMAZING AMBULANCE SIMULATOR GAME!Stop searching forabetter ambulance simulator game because the best one is rightinfront of you right now! With the amazing big open city graphicsthegame is astonishing to play. Also the controls and the dynamicsarevery well made to give you the best gameplay. The manydifferentlevels in this ambulance driving simulator are challengingbutreally fun. Test your driver skills right now in thisambulancedriving simulator game!Key Features of Ambulance RescueSimulator2016✔ Big open city and rescue simulation game sounds✔Groundbreaking ambulance driving simulator physics✔Adrenaline-filledrescue simulation game excitement✔ Detailed andunique challengesfor the best ambulance city driver ✔ Experiencecutting edge bigopen city graphics✔ Stunning ambulance drivingsimulator dynamics ✔Real rescue simulation game features✔ Morerescue simulation gameslike this ambulance simulator game willfollow shortlyWe hope youwill like this amazing ambulance rescuesimulator and have a nicetime becoming the best ambulance citydriver! And don’t forget torate us on Google Play!*** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER ***We’re on Twitter, Facebook andmore - find us on yourfavorite networks to hear about our newestgames and other newsupdates:▶ Website |▶Facebook |▶ Twitter |▶YouTube |
City Ambulance Robot Transformation Game Training
You must have played a lot of ambulance games or ambulancesimulatorwith best robot games with robot training mission gameshaving mechwarrior robot in the new robot transformation games asbest actiongames or best robot action games. This time of the yearwe arebringing you the future robot battles or mech fighting gameswithcity ambulance rescue duty game element with ambulance rescuebots.The rescue bot games or rescue robot ambulance games has atrainingelement for all the best robot action games with robotsuperheroesin ambulance games, the training of future robot gameswill beconducted on the platform we provide with rescue mobile.The era offlying and shooting robots is over and the monster robotgames aremoving towards the rescue robot survival games. The cityambulancerescue duty game with robot squad or robot wars totransform robotinto fighting machine has ended and the ambulancerescue robot is onthe mission to save the world from robot armies,rescue bots andmech warrior robot in a trained combat actionskills. You must haveplayed a lot of flying robot game buttransforming robot into aambulance rescue bot games after shootand blast evil robots. Inrescue robot ambulance games have tofight the bots but theemergency rescue 911 best robot action gamesor best robot gameswill provide training for robot ambulancedriver. The time forcombat action is over and the best robotfighting games have taken aleap into the survival mode. This isnot like any other airbot orflying robot game and the rules offlying and shooting game in thebest combat action game do notapply here.This robot ambulancesimulator the best robot ambulancegames of the year and providesyou with an opportunity to performsuper robot transformation notlike any other future robot games ormech fighting games and trainfor all the best robot games withwarrior robot. Plan your emergencyrescue 911 not like any othertransforming ambulance games. Be onthe side of super robots rescuebots games of ambulance game withfire rescue, fire brigade andrescue bots in best action games orbest robot action games Givingyou the flexibility of being a saviorin the ambulance rescue botgames or robot transforming gamesemergency rescue 911 trainingwith rescue mobile. The ambulancerobot game or fighting robotambulance games or mech warrior robotgames will push you to theedges of the adrenaline rush and give youa true flavor of amachine build for saving civilians from evilrobots in the trainingrobot simulator or rescue robot survivalgames. This is not likeany robot war mission game training; itgives you a trainingelement for the survival craft. All the mechfighting games need atraining instructor and we are providing youthe same platform sothat you plan and play the ambulance rescuegame in order to betrained for the rescue robot ambulance games andall other robotfighting games available in the genera oftransforming game. Thisbest robot game will train your skills toperform at optimal level.The best 3D models for ambulance simulatorin ambulance transformrobot and rescue bot games on this cityambulance rescue duty withrobotic superheroes powers. Test yourtransforming ambulance robotgames or robot ambulance games andshooting skills in the futurerobot wars. Play the rescue robotsurvival game with this fun toplay robot ambulance gamewith warriorrobot . The ultimate gameplayof the best action games or best robotaction games to fight thecriminals against humanity.Key Features ofthe best robot actiongames or ambulance games Best 3D robottransformation models.Smooth execution of the transformingambulance rescue bot games.Ultimate training emergency rescue 911sound effects. Challengingtraining ambulance game missions. Bestcontrols for the robottransforming games.
Ambulance Rescue Simulator 2018
Zippy Games
Have ever imagined to be a Ambulance Driverandperform breathtaking rescues ? Drive as fast as you can to savethepatients who are in peril and provide them with emergencymedicalservice. The paramedics with you depend on you to transportthem tothe location of the patient so that they can hurry and getthestretcher to transport the injured person to the nearesthospital.This simulator will test your speed and ability and giveyou thesimulation of a urgent situation. Now you have to decidehow to actefficiently in these situations and save a life tobecome the bestambulance driver in the city. Be careful there is alot of trafficin the city, try to avoid the routes that have a lotof trafficbecause every second counts and choose the shortestroute possibleto reach the location on time. Driving a ambulancein the city roadis a very difficult task so be ready for someamazing challenges onthe road. This ambulance simulator will giveyou the realisticexperience of ambulance driving simulator gamesand will take youvery challenging tasks to overcome.So happyrescuing in ambulancerescue simulator 2018.Game Features:1) High Quality 3D graphics2) Smooth and responsive controls3) Exciting levelsPlease send us your valuable suggestions so that we can makethegame better and improve your experience. Thank you!
US Army Ambulance 3D Rescue Game Simulator
This is an amazing new idea Ambulance game – You can freeinstallthis gameThis new army game 2018 teaches how to perform anddriverescue operation duties as an ambulance driver not seen inmuchother real ambulance game. In this game provide an amazingchanceto save your civilians and army heroes who are injured intrainingor fighting on the country front lines. In the warcondition or intraining some army heroes are in injured and badcondition and somesoldiers have killed. Then in this game you areone of the extremeand super city rescue mission ambulance driver tosave the injuredand killed solider from the war zone.
New York City Ambulance Rescue Game
Here could be an emergency in the city a massive accident hasbeenoccurred and you are on heavy duty 911 ambulance rescuedriver!Being a part of rescue ambulance emergency team as youareresponsible for saving precious lives you need to rush to theaid.Bring the doctor to injured persons. Drive rescue ambulanceallaround the city and get to the place of accident on time.Drivefast n furious but safely, turn on sirens of ambulance andpush thelimit to race fast. Heavy traffic and Hurdles like buses,cars andother traffic vehicles on the road so drive carefully.Drive onethe best new york city ambulance rescue game of2017.Ambulancerescue simulator drive game is full of actions thatyou need toreach on emergency places in minimum time for takingpatients fromemergency place to hospital as soon as you could.Ambulance drivingon mega city roads is tough job so be careful!Inthis rescueambulance: road accident simulator game you have beengiven toperform the role as skilful ambulance driver, keep in yourmindthat seconds are counting as you make your way through thetrafficof the realistic city environment. Transfer the seriouslyinjuredhumans to the hospital to save lives of them, make sure therouteacross the huge city your had selected must be the lowtrafficrushed, fastest and shortest possible one. Your realambulancedriving skills will be put to the trial. As you have toavoidtraffic on your way to the hospital as ambulance rescuesimulatordriver. Your duty is to pick up the seriously injuredperson inemergency from accidental spots and for medical treatmenttake themto the nearest hospital. There are different rescuemissions andyou must be in a situation of emergency all the time.You have topark the rescue ambulance at parking place for quickrescueservice.You should have real driving skills that could proveyouare a real ambulance driver, precious lives in your hands. Livesofinjured people are at stake; it is a rescue missions! sodriverescue ambulance with precision and be quick. This 911ambulancerescue game has many rescue missions and you must be in asituationof emergency all the time. You must have to be little bitcrazydriver to drive through these massive cars all around the cityasyou are driving to the right destination.This is the rescue gameinwhich you have been waiting for help to the injuredpeople!★★★Features of Ambulance Rescue Simulator Drive 3D ★★★•ChallengingRescue Missions• HD 3D city environment with realisticgraphics •Explore the beautiful open world• Realistic Ambulancedrivingartificial intelligence• Smooth control• Realisticintelligenttraffic system• Drive the patients to the hospital•Enjoy thesmooth gameplay of this free driving simulator game•Transfer theseriously injured people to the hospital emergency•Best ambulanceParking game• Open and close doors animation•Detailed 3D n HDgraphics optimised to run smooth on your mobilephone or tabletdevice• It’s absolutely FREE on google play store!•Supported forAll Android devices
Drive Ambulance on Snow
Roads closed by snow and a mountain road ambulance is readytopatient recovery!Get ready to enjoy a unique game experiencewithFull HD quality and realistic driving physicsambulance!Gorgeousmodel and ambulance sirens, ambulance lightsambulance with realcreep.General Features* Real ambulance model*Ambulance sirenlights and sirens* Turbo NOS system* Super controls*ProfitableLand weather conditionsFor more you can play bydownloading ourgame drive an ambulance.
Ambulance & Helicopter Heroes
SAVE THE RESIDENTS OF THE AMAZING OPEN WORLD CITYBecome the heroofthe amazing open world city in this hill ridge helicopterandambulance simulator. You will not only fly with the lifesavinghelicopter but also race in the challenging mountain ridgecanyonroads! A lot of driving skills and flying skills arenecessary tocomplete all the timeless challenging missions of thislife savinghelicopter simulator!USE ALL YOUR RACING AND FLYINGSKILLS TOSUCCEEDGet in your life saving ambulance and make sure youget toyour patients in time in this timeless majestic 911 car! Goatludicrous speeds and it is surely not an illusion that thepatientsare nearly dieing. You have one job to do so do it the bestyoucan! Become the best ambulance rescue missions parker thateverylife threatened persons wants. Race through the mountainridgecanyon roads and fly with the ambulance helicopter through thetopsof the mountains!Key Features:✔ Timeless majestic 911 carsimulatorwith race against the clock missions!✔ It is not anillusion! Thepatients are in trouble! Save them!✔ Go at ludicrousspeed with the911 and the flying heli!✔ Save the mountain residentsfrom acatastrophe!✔ More police moto bike simulator games and armydronegames coming soon!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER***We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on yourfavoritenetworks to hear about our newest games and other newsupdates:▶Website |▶ Facebook|▶ Twitter|▶ YouTube |
City Ambulance 2016
This is the first game among our “CITY SERVICES” series. The cityisin distress and it needs your help!! Become the bestambulancerescue simulator 3d driver by saving people’s lives! Beginyourcareer by doing a wonderful job as an ambulance team member.Getinside the city ambulance and start looking for anyinjuredcivilians in the city. You will enjoy this latest amongambulanceto hospital games. Saving lives doesn’t mean that youcan’t enjoydriving an epic ambulance car while working!! Earnrewards andunlock fast ambulance driving vans!!Enjoy real cityambulancedriving in this ambulance rescue simulator 3d to be thedutifulambulance rescue member of the team. Rescue the people inneed andget them to the hospital as quickly as possible to earnachievementcash! You can use those cash rewards to later upgradeyourambulance vehicle from a variety of transportation vans. InCityServices: Paramedics 2016 you will enjoy endless ambulancecarrescue operations. Unlike other ambulance to hospital gamesthisone will take your driving & time management skills to thenextlevel!An ambulance rescue staff needs to get done what is tobedone and really quick. So take control of your vehiclewithrealistic controls to drive to the injured person in timeandtransport them to the hospital! So if you enjoy ambulancerescuedriving 3d games you wouldn’t want to miss out on thisone!!CityServices: Ambulance 2016 Features!- Enjoy FREE ROAM withrealambulance city driving! - ENDLESS levels of ambulancecitysimulator!!- RESCUE people and save lives by taking them tothehospital!- EARN and buy more ambulance vehicles withyourachievement cash! - Realistic 3D City Environment.- MULTICAMERAview.- Intuitive Steering, Drifting Controls &UserInterface.Download City Services: Ambulance 2016 and getyourambulance rescue simulator 3d operation underway!! Thisambulanceto hospital games is the first among “City Services”series gameamong many in the future. So enjoy this ambulance rescuedriving 3dgames by challenging yourself to earn cash rewards andunlock manyextreme ambulance vehicles!!
Ambulance Game
Taxi Games Free presents Ambulance GameYou must be a fan ofthedriving games. We assume that you're crazy about rescueinjuredpeople as well. If so, this ambulance game is what you need!Turnon the sirens and try to become an ambulance driver in one ofthebest 2018 ambulance simulator.Race your car through the bigcitytraffic, let doctor rescue injured in accidents and drivethemsafely to the hospital.Ambulance driver job is dangerous sobecareful! Duty driving is not that easy. Life in the city iscrazy,watch out for the people and the traffic.There are manyrescuemissions and you must be in a state of emergency all thetime. Youcan driving around the big city, suburbs, constructionsites, parksand even the beach. It's crazy how the city lives -people arewalking, cars are crossing. Get in your ambulance, fastenyour seatbelts and become a city traffic racer.Ambulance Gamefeatures:-Full 3D large environment- Simulator driving smoothcontrols-Realistic big city graphics- Engaging ambulance drivermissions-Drive the patients to the hospital- Many different routesacrossthe cityMaster your driving skills in one of the best2018ambulance games!
Ambulance & Helicopter SIM 2
DRIVE AND FLY AROUND AND BECOME THE HERO LIFE SAVERBecome theheroof the amazing open world city in this hill ridge helicopterandinjustice ambulance simulator. You will not only fly with thelifesaving helicopter but also race in the challenging mountainridgecanyon roads! A lot of redemption driving skills andinjusticeflying skills are necessary to complete all the timelessredemptionchallenging missions of this life saving helicoptersimulator!GETINTO YOU AMBULANCE AND HELICOPTER AND SAVE THERESIDENTSGet in yourlife saving ambulance and make sure you get toyour redemptionpatients in time in this timeless majestic 911 car!Go at ludicrousspeeds and it is surely not an illusion that thepatients arenearly dieing. You have one job to do so do it the bestyou can!Become the best ambulance rescue missions parker that everylifethreatened persons wants. Race through the mountain ridgecanyonroads and fly with the helicopter through the tops ofthemountains! Cut the corners and do not cause any collisionoreverything will become an illusion!Key Features:✔ Epichelicopterand 911 car driving collision simulator!✔ Majestic 911car drivingfeatures in this redemption illusion flying sim!✔ Youhave one job;save the residents in this injustice ridge city!✔Become the heroof this amazing open world city!✔ More moto bikeridge climbinggames and supercar police racing games comingsoon!*** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***We’re onTwitter, Facebook andmore - find us on your favorite networks tohear about our newestgames and other news updates:▶ Website |▶Facebook |▶Twitter |▶ YouTube |
Coast Guard : Beach Rescue Games, Summer Lifeguard
Coast Guard : Beach Rescue Games, Summer Lifeguard is anamazingemergency rescue game and you will be an important part ofbeachrescue team in this tropical island games. If you are readyforyour duty! Download this top boat simulator which is full ofuniquemissions. Play this helicopter games show yours drivingskills aswell as help the needy people. Here in this top boatsimulator youare going to drive ambulance, boat and helicopter. Inthis lifeboatsimulator the sandy beaches, busy roads and an opensea all providedifferent experiences to you for enjoyment. In thisbeach bay youare a rescuer whose responsibility is to rescuecitizens by drivingambulance, boat, and helicopter. Ambulancerescue 1122 is dividedin 10 levels. The first task which isassigned to you in thissummer beach adventure is to fasten yourseat belt, drive ambulancepick person and drop him to hospital. Thenext level is to rescue adrowning girl in this summer beach partywith the help of boatriding. There are many people who are in thedeep sea and they needyour help now the task which is assigned toyou in this best boatgames is to save civilian through helicopterfrom drowning in deepsea. As you now that your duty is as saver soyou need to becareful in this ambulance rescue duty. You need todrive ambulanceas fast as you can, pick injured girl and drop herto hospitalemergency. This is the summer season at the beach peopleare inpicnic mood in such situations the accidents rate increasessothere is another accident in this summer beach game. You needtoride at your boat and save the 2 drowning citizens. The nextlevelof this is rescue people games to show some flying skills.Rescuedrowning man through helicopter. Here comes the attack ofsharks inthis lifeguard rescue duty you need to save the innocentpeople. Itis the time to show your driving skill in this lifeboatsimulatordrive fast and reach an accident spot, pick couple ofinjuredpersons and drop them to hospital. There are certain peoplewho arethe top of the building they need help you need to save theminthis best beach games. Coast Guard : Beach Rescue Games,SummerLifeguard Features:★Become the champion!★Smooth controls★Manyhours of free fun of coast guard games★Awesome environments★Highquality sound effects for great driving feeling What youarewaiting for?Download Coast Guard : Beach Rescue Games,SummerLifeguard and enjoy the FREE thrill of beach rescue games. Itismore interesting and more colorful which has lifeguard rescuedutygames for you. Easy game operation will enable you to calmlyfacethe challenges and complete levels of best rescue games.Everythingwill show you a perfect mega gamer.Download this superrescuecreated by Sablo Games and spend fun worth time whileplayingit.About the Sablo Games:Sablo games publish free to playapps forall platforms. Our goal is to produce quality version gamesso thateveryone can enjoy!Do not forget to rate and give feedback.
City Ambulance Driving & Rescue Mission Game 2017
Now you can become the best city ambulance rescue driver gameandsave citizens like a real rescue officer. Make sure you arealertenough to play the game and rescue patients in time. Get readytoexperience the responsibilities of a Real Ambulance driver afteranaccident. You have to drive through the big city andcompletemissions at the same time. So get ready to tackle anaccident inthe city, anytime anywhere.Ambulance Simulator 3d is anamazingambulance driving games 2017 new with a lot of uniquefeatures.Your job is to handle the emergency department and rescueinjuredpatients in time. It’s the perfect blend of high-speeddriving inrealistic emergency situations. You have to save patientswho aresuffering from health hazards, fire injuries, and roadaccidents.The game requires you to play with full concentration andinterestbecause the city is full of emergency incidents. So getready toshow your alertness and courage to tackle these situationsin realtime.If you enjoy playing driving simulator games, thenthisambulance rescue simulator is best for you. You have to playtherole of an ambulance driver, who has to tackle the hustleandbustle of the busy city alone. Complete multiple missionsofambulance doctor games in the realistic 3d environment andmakesure to keep an eye on the running timer. Transport theinjuredpersons through the shortest route, make your way in thetrafficand become the #1 rescue officer. Everyone is counting onyou,fasten your seat belts and get ready to rescue! A realambulancedriver is always on duty, so be quick and don’t let anyonedie!Forget about traffic rules and make your own way through thebusycity traffic. Avoid obstacles and cars on road and reach safelytothe nearest hospital. Another amazing feature of this gameishelicopter missions. You can fly to the accident spot in arescuehelicopter and save the person quickly. So why not give it atry?Go get your own ambulance driver simulator for free!**TimeisRunning Fast! Get into your Ambulance and Save theCity!**Featuresof City Ambulance Driving & Rescue Mission 20173D:- Multipleambulances to drive and rescue injured persons- 10challengingmissions to play- Beautiful 3D city environment &sounds-Realistic emergency situation in this ambulance simulatordrivinggame- Easy to use ambulance driving controls- Rescue choppertosave long distance passengers- Easy map navigationsystem-User-friendly chopper controls- Amazing car & chopperphysicsto enjoy gameplay among the Ambulance gamesSo, why are youstillwaiting? Go ahead and download the game now to test yourambulancedriving skills.
Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D
Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3DIt is a rescue ambulance driver torunand get the injured patients in case of emergency or need oncurvyhilly tracks and curvy city traffic roads. Drive fast, butsafely,and use reckless amazing driving skills to dish out aidafterreaching required destination. Turn on the red ambulancesirens andpush the throttle and accelerator to race fast. On thisfragile andrealistic task, be careful and look out for thehurdles, sharp turnsand on-coming rash traffic cars on busy citytraffic roads. It isPacked with thrilling furious rescue missions,in which time andefficiency is the main thing what matters most inbest simulatorgames. Feel the actual thrill of steering theambulance simulator ofreal life through beautiful yet dangerouscity trafficenvironment.Real City Rescue AmbulanceSimulatorExplore the realhustle and bustle of busy and rash cityand of emergency medicalrescue 911 in it. Race your car orambulance simulator through thebig city extreme traffic, and thenlet doctor rescue 911 injured andhurt in accidents and then drivethem safely and soundly to thenearby hospital. Ambulance drivertask or job is dangerous but yetinteresting and stimulating so bevery careful! the Rescue 911 dutydriving is not so easy in a gamewith realistic effects andcontrols. Life in the city traffic swild and crazy, watch out forthe children, old people and women inheavy traffic and rush andrash traffic. You are a best ambulancecar driver 3D, and only yourkeen and agility, alertness quicknessand courage determination -will tell that - Will the doctors andparamedics may rescue missionand save the patient or not? Like anurban ambulance driver you haveto save the city traffic people inthe rash life who are in need ofmedical attention in the case ofemergency to pass the levelRescue911 Ambulance simulator Drive3DThis ambulance game has ultimateadventure and you must be in astate of quickness and emergency allthe time. You may drivingaround the big city, hilly offroadssuburbs, mountain tracks,construction sites, schools, parks andeven the beach. It's crazyhow the city people live - cars arecrossing, traffic is wild.CityAmbulance Rescue VehicleThere hasbeen a massive and huge accidentand you’re the only one on-duty, asan ambulance driver! Get thedoctor or medic to the injured and hurtas soon as possible! Livesare at stake and may slip with a jerk ofyour hand; it’s a realrescue mission! Ambulance Car RescueMissionLearn the skill of howto drive an 911 ambulance truck ondifferent tracks and indifferent situation, and how to park it infront of a big city carparking 3D hospital or medical response.Help the medic or doctorsby taking them to the patients in realtime. Drive your amazingmonster vehicle in the big real cityambulance simulator to thenearby hospital and show your ultimateskills of precision andaccuracy in driving and super parking gamewhile you have to staystress in resistance of extreme traffic. Thedifferent and modernparking situations are really based on timewith limited situationsand places, you may need to get the hurtpatient to the medic ordoctors in real quick time as fast aspossible. The 911 ambulancesimulator while driving, remain alert,and to drive furious fastthrough the big city ambulancesimulatorRescue 911 Ambulance Driver3D Game Features:Modern QuickAmbulance driver Vehicle with Quickand Realistic PhysicsMultipleand Enough Rescue Missions ofEmergency 911 ambulanceMany BeautifulDifferent Routes throughmountain tracksTime is of the spirit inthese 911 ambulancesimulator , fire truck and police car truckgames. Get ready forsome extreme and ultimate ambulance rescuemissions. Doing some maxspeed driving in this realistic 911ambulance rescue mission gameis stunning and amazing.
City Ambulance Rescue Driver
Relive the adventure to rescue people facing various problemslikeoff road accidents. Try yourself as the rescue worker to drivethecity ambulance. Show your skills as the off road driver andcitydriver. Take ambulance to the spot and pickupcausalities.Transport them to the hospital. Rush your ambulance tosave people.As the ambulance driver your duty begin with pro driverskills withswift turns. Hill climb ambulance driving is not an easytask. Keepan eye on accidents and be ready to report on time. Pickup theemergency patients and take them to the hospital. As anon-dutyambulance you need to reach the emergency spots. Provideyour 911first aid services to the victims. This way you can savecountlesslives. Drive fast but keep the safety in your mind inthisambulance simulator 3d. Drive inside the grand city, takingyoufurther to the hill station and off road mountains. Be anoffroaddrive to save tourist in case of accidents or othermedicalemergencies. Time to show you’re cool in tense situationwhere youneed to rush your ambulance for rescue operations in thisambulancedriving simulator. Be careful with the sharp turns and thetrafficrushing on the roads. A new sort of transport simulatorwhere youneed to transfer patients and accident victims to thehospital orprovide them with on the spot medical first aid. Becomea modernday hero as this is not an impossible but a difficult tasktoperform. Rescue real citizens who are in need of medical aid.Thebetter you play, the more lives you can safe as theambulancerescue driver. Play & Enjoy City Ambulance RescueDriver Sim.GAMEPLAY:Improved driving controlsCity and HillstationenvironmentPlay as the ambulance rescue driverSave realcitizensand complete rescue operations
Fire Truck Emergency Rescue
Fire Truck Emergency Rescue Simulation game!Rescue 911 -EmergencyRescue Center! Driving Fire truck, patrolling big citiesandstreets with keen eyes, responding to emergencies and rushingtorescue sites, Save innocent lives.Do you want to be a fireman?Now,you can! Received emergency calls for people, Leadfirefighters,the first time to reach the rescue scene! The peopleis trapped inthe building, You will become the ultimate savior,eliminate thefire, save people's safety. Here, the fire departmentalso need tohave ambulance, to ensure that the injured were timelyrelief.Rescue is not a simple task, since it is a big city that canhaveall kinds of fires and emergencies. Fire in the hospital,theschool high-rise buildings, the landing gear on the plane, thefirecaused by traffic accidents, crowded, rescue task is ahugechallenge. Take a fire hose, showing the courage of arealemergency firefighter.Driving rescue and emergency vehiclesinurban urban areas! Elimination of the fire is a very urgentevent,to ensure that the direction of the water gun, as well asthestability of water pressure, the fastest speed of fire. Justmakesure you drive carefully, do not touch the mass flow andfixtures,rush to the emergency rescue scene, start rescuemission!Freedownload Fire Truck Emergency Rescue, become a realfireman!FireTruck Features:- fire rescue mission- available to allplayers freeof charge- fire truck, aircraft rescue simulation- Realcityenvironment, real rescue experience- Use water pipes toremovefires and fumes- stunning 3D model- a lot of fire places-Simple,but hard to control- Rescue 911Driving the truck, startingyourrescue mission!
Offroad Ambulance Driver 2017
Do you have the agility, alertness and courage to becomeambulancecar driver on offroad curvy mountains? Join the hospitalparamedicsstaff and rescue injured patients on dangerous steephills. Turn onambulance siren, push race throttle to maximum anduse recklessdriving skills to rescue injured citizens and touristson hillclimb. Do this fragile task carefully and lookout foroncomingtraffic cars. Play Offroad Ambulance Driver 2017 latest3Dsimulator and most anticipated emergency rescuer game. Packedwithcrazy thrilling missions in exciting environment. Steerambulancecar on bumpy terrain and race fast to save human lives.Time is ofthe essence and efficiency matters the most in suchcriticalsituations. Drive fast, yet safely to dish out aid duringinsanescenarios.Race car from big city traffic to the hustle andbustleof tourist attractions on steep mountains. Drive emergencymedicalrescue team to accident spot for delivering first aid topatients.Let doctor rescue injured and drive them safely back tohospital.It’s holiday season due to Christmas and citizens travelto hillstations for fun time. Due to heavy traffic rush and crazydrivingresult in car accidents. Get inside ambulance vehicle anddrive uphill to save victims. Like a real ambulance doctor andrescuedriver, save the city people who need medical attention ASAP!Canyour paramedic rescue team save lives of innocentcivilians,Ambulance rescue driver job is not easy in realisticemergencygame. Human lives are at stake and this tough job requireprodriving ability and quick response. Drive with careavoidinghurdles and turning precisely around sharp turns to becomeultimatetraffic racer.*WEE-HOO WEE-HOO WEE-HOO*This offroadambulancesimulator game has multiple rescue missions in state ofemergency.Far from big city and suburban town, there has been amassive caraccident and you are the only ambulance driver on-duty.Becomefirst emergency responder to reach injured people and drivethem tocity hospital for treatment. Learn how to drive ambulancetruck andtake it up hill for rescuing tourists. Drive above steepand curvymountains and show precision driving skills in thisparking game.Get patients to the hospital doctors within timelimited emergencysituations. Control the ambulance auto ontreacherous terrain andride as fast as possible to make it intime.Offroad AmbulanceRescue Driver 2017 Game Features:Modernambulance vehicle withrealistic physicsDifferent rescue missions inemergency situationsto save livesSmooth vehicle road grip onoff-road bumpytracksSimple and easy controls for seamlessdrivingexperienceMassive off road environment and realisticgraphicsTrickyroutes and dangerous tracks on steep hillyareasSimple, easy andaddictive gameplayTime is very critical inthese ambulance policeand rescue fire truck games. Hit the sirenbutton and get ready forsome offroad ambulance driver missions.Doing some speed driving inthis extreme ambulance rescue game ispretty EPIC.
Ambulance Rescue Simulator 3D
*WEE-OO WEE-OO WEE-OO!*There has been a massive accident andyou’rethe on-duty ambulance driver! Get the injured to the doctorASAP!Lives are at stake; it’s a rescue mission! Rush yourambulancearound the city to get to the scene of accident on time.DriveFAST, yet safely, and provide first aid in the state ofemergency.Turn on the sirens and push the throttle!While drivingfast, lookout for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic.Loved onesare depending on you. Be their savior!Ambulance Simulator3Dfeatures include:• 3 Ambulance vehicles for you to get in anddrivethe on call doctor• 20+ Rescue missions as you drive aroundthecity looking for those in crisis• Realistic city environmentsandsmooth 3D graphics with an addictive and easy gameplay•Simplesimulator controls for seamless driving and maneuvering**Theclockis ticking! Get the #1 Ambulance SIM on Mobile Now! Livesarewaiting!** About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) developsandpublishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolioincludes over 250 mobile gaming titles that, collectively,haveachieved over 350 million downloads. Tapinator is headquarteredinNew York. For more info, visit
Ambulance Rescue Driver 2017
Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run into injured patientsinneed on curvy city roads. Drive fast, yet safely, and userecklessdriving skills to dish out aid. Turn on ambulance sirensand pushthe throttle to race fast. On this fragile task, look outfor thehurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic cars. Packedwiththrilling rescue missions, time and efficiency is what mattersmostin simulator game. Feel the thrill of steering theambulancethrough beautiful yet dangerous city environment. Play themostanticipated emergency simulator game, Ambulance Rescue Driver2017.Nothing is as stimulating as saving a human life!Explore thethehustle and bustle of emergency medical rescue. Race yourcarthrough the big city traffic, let doctor rescue injuredinaccidents and drive them safely to the hospital. Ambulancedriverjob is dangerous so be careful! Rescue duty driving is notthateasy in realistic game. Its An Ambulance Simulator likeneverbefore. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the peopleand theheavy traffic. You are an ambulance car driver, and onlyyouragility, alertness and courage determine - Will the doctorsandparamedics rescue the patient? Like an urban ambulance driversavethe city people who are in need of medical attentionASAP!Thisambulance game has many rescue missions and you must be ina stateof emergency all the time. You can driving around the bigcity,suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. It'scrazyhow the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing.Get inyour ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a citytrafficracer.*WEE-OO WEE-OO WEE-OO!*There has been a massiveaccident andyou’re the on-duty ambulance driver! Get the doctor tothe injuredASAP! Lives are at stake; it’s a rescue mission! Rushyourambulance around the city to get to the scene of accidentintime.Learn how to drive an ambulance truck, and park it in frontofa big city parking 3D hospital. Help the doctors by giving themthepatients in time. Drive your vehicle in the big city tothehospital and show your skills of precision driving and parkinggamewhile you stay stress resistance. The different parkingsituationsare based on time limited situations, you need to get thepatientto the doctors as fast as possible. Need to control theambulance,needs to drive fast through the big city. AmbulanceRescue Driver2017 3D Game Features:Modern ambulance vehicle withrealisticphysicsMultiple rescue missions in emergency situations tosavelivesSimple and easy controls for seamless drivingManydifferentroutes across the cityRealistic big city environment andamazinggraphicsAddictive and easy game playTime is of the essencein theseambulance police and fire truck games. Hit the siren buttonand getready for some extreme ambulance rescue missions. Doing somespeeddriving in this extreme ambulance rescue game is prettyEPIC.BestAmbulance Simulator Game & Free To Play.
Ambulance & Helicopter Heroes 2
Play as a ambulance driver and helicopter pilot! Get totheemergency as quick as possible in Ambulance & HelicopterHeroes2! In this very cool follow up you will have morechallengingrescue games tasks than ever before!Choose yourfavourite ambulancegames vehicle and drive to the emergency, canyou help your patientas quick as possible? If you think driving anambulance is funalready! What about our extremely maneuverableambulancehelicopters. Help the people out of the burning house andfly tothe nearest hospital. Who taught rescue games could be somuch fun!Become an expert in ambulance driving and helicopterflying! Showyour skills of precision driving and flying while youstay stressresistance.Upgrade your beloved vehicles in the hangarto goquicker to the emergency, you can even give your rescuegamesvehicles a different color! How cool is that! If you loveambulancegames and helicopter games then search no longer anddownloadAmbulance & Helicopter Heroes 2 and become arealhero!Ambulance & Helicopter Heroes 2 Key Features:✔Challengingambulance games and helicopter games tasks✔ All kind ofdifferentminigames✔ Upgrade and paint your vehicles to your ownlikings✔Become a real rescue games hero✔ Don’t forget to rate andgive ourrescue games some feedbackWe’re on Twitter, Facebook andmore -find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newestgamesand other news updates:▶ Website |▶Facebook |▶ Twitter|▶ YouTube |
911 Ambulance Doctor
Ambulance Doctor is a very fun hospital simulation game!Curetheinjured person and save their lives!Accident always occurs inourdaily life, the earlier ambulance doctor arrive, the more liveswecould save. Please pack and check the medical tools, and starttocure the patients!Features:☆ Different rescue missions ☆ Tonsofambulance vehicles to choose ☆ Lots of real medicalequipmentPlayAmbulance Doctor for free! Have fun with your familyand friends!
City Ambulance Rescue Duty - Emergency Fast Drive
City Ambulance Rescue Duty is a great game for all those peoplewhowant to help of humans. It has wonderful game view and verynicegraphics. It has fantastic sound. Race your ambulance throughthebig roads. Superb game look. In this fantastic game youhavedifferent camera angles.Different type of vehicles big buseswilltest your driving skills. Drive your ambulance will increaseyourdriving experience. City Ambulance Rescue Duty game hasbeautifulenvironment. You will feel like you are driving ambulancein yourreal life. Always be alert when you are on duty because anaccidentcan happen anytime and anywhere so be an activeambulancedriver.Stop searching for a better ambulance simulatorgame becausethe best one is right in front of you right now soinstall it andplay this game. We can predict you will recommend toyour friendsplay this realistic game.In this game you have anambulance fordriving. At the top side or your mobile device you canseedestination where you have to go for pick the passengerbeforefinish the time. Time will run at the right corner. It has 10levelin each and every level you will feel different tactics ofdrivingpicking and dropping passengers. When you will reachyourdestination your time will start again mini map will guideyouwhere is the next destination. It’s up to you and yourdrivingskills. Ambulance driving is not easy job it’s a dangerouswork todo. But this will make you smart and active driver. Thereare manyrescue missions and you must be ready of emergency allthetime.★★★City Ambulance Rescue Duty Features★★★- Differentroutesacross the city.- Engaging ambulance driver missions.-Simulatordriving.- Smooth control. - It has power steering.-Realistic gamelook.- Realistic graphics.- Stunning cityenvironment.
Hospital Craft: Building Doctor Simulator Games 3D
The city need a bigger and better hospital than the city has nowforthe rescue citizens. Are you ready for the challenging tasks ofthishealthcare institute builder? If yes! Then you can downloadthishospital construction with multiple heavy vehicles drivingtasks. Bea doctor simulator in this best flying helicopter rescueservice.Take the flight of the amazing rescue helicopter and savethe lifeof the people once you are done with the building work.Get ready totake a command of a big construction simulator whichis designed bySablo Games and have unlimited fun! You can testyour skills, becomea professional of doctor games treat patientswith care and makethem healthy and happy again with yourexpertise. The people of thetown are suffering from differentdiseases due to the winterseasons. These units are very short atyour side. The contract isassigned to you to build a surgeryhospital in this healthcareinstitute builder. Your duty is notgoing to end till yet you haveto provide the ambulance service tothe citizens in hospitalchildren. All process of construction infun hospital craft aredivided into 10 levels. The first mission ofit is to place walls ofbuilding hospital. Walls are already placeon loader in verticaldirection in hospital kids games. You have todrive loader to markedarea in baby care construction. Then placethe roof of this buildingwhich is made of steel structure inmedical lab construction. Thenext level of ambulance rescue is toplace lab equipment’s. There isan emergency in the city you haveto drive the ambulance to help thepeople in this hospital games.The next level is to scan the patientwhich is lying on the bed youhave seen many hospital documentary soyou can help them in a verygood manner. There are many patients inone go so you need to builda new floor for them to get themadjusted. The next task is toplace pillars of top floor. Then placemirror of the building withthe help of lift in this enforceemergency. The next level ofhospital baby is to place operationtheater equipment’s. Theconstruction side of operation theater isready. Now you can rescuethe people with the help of ambulance.Drive it in patient scanningand have the feel of a good driver.Then you can drive thehelicopter to rescue the people who are faraway from the hospitalin this patient scanning bed. Hospital Craft:Building DoctorSimulator Games 3D Features:★ Play our rescuepatients for FREE onany Android device★ Buckle up your seat beltand take control ofawesome vehicles★ Many hours of free fun offlying helicopterrescue service★ Enjoy super immersive environmentand realisticsound effects.★ Finish all 10 levels, with differentobjectives andchallenges. ★ Many different routes across the city★Realistic bigcity environment and amazing graphics★ Addictive andeasy game playDownload and play this hospital craft and show yourdriving skillsas well as help the needy patients in hospitalemergency. ThisHospital Craft: Building Doctor Simulator Games 3Dwill be keptupdated and please feel free to rate and comment aboutthis medicallab construction.
911 Emergency Rescue Hero
Become a lifesaver with this epic rescue simulator! Drive withtheambulance near the emergency and bring the wounded people tothehospital. Play 911 Emergency Ambulance Driver, the latest3Dsimulator game to takeoff in ambulance helicopter &helpinjured citizens after natural disaster, the fire truck anddriveto the emergency!★ DRIVE AMBULANCE TO BECOME HERO:Save thepatientin the back of your ambulance. Put on the sirens and rushthroughthe busy traffic to the hospital! Always be alert when youare onduty because an accident can happen anytime and anywhere.Strangeevents are happening around you, first land slidingafterearthquake and then snowstorm. Paramedic team is alert forallemergency situations and to complete operations inchopper.Volunteer for 911 ambulance driving to drive fast andreachaccident spot in no time. Take wounded patient on stretcherforhospital treatment.★ FLY IN A RESCUE HELICOPTER!Take flightandlook on your helicopter simulator radar for mountain fires. Rushtothe scenes and master the emergency situation. Become a realmodernday hero and save people’s lives in this helicopterflightsimulator. At times of real need, take the ambulancehelicopter! Nomore busy traffic when you fly over the realistic 3Dcity! Becomeambulance helicopter pilot and fly over top hills andtallbuildings to monitor damages and rescue injured patient. Becomeareal helicopter pilot and fly the wounded into the hospital.Showoff your real helicopter flying skills in this helicopterflyingsimulator game! Do not crash cars to cause traffic accidentandkeep the lights on to get way in rush hour. City is floodedbedaring enough to take charge of your own apachehelicoptersimulator! The mountain people are in danger because ofmanymountain flood. It’s time for the pilot to perform some highriskmissions and save the mountain people. Are you this skilledpilotwho can do some precision flying in this fire helicoptersimulator?Provide Helicopter Flood Relief to rescue missions andpatrol theflooded areas and by flying the chinook helicopter locatethemissing people, save the citizens in distress and providefloodaffected.★ BECOME A GOOD FIRE FIGHTER AND STEP IN YOURFIRETRUCK!Put on your suit and helmet, and step in your fast truckanddrive to the emergency! You are a born firefighter! Become thebestfirefighter out there and become one of the good guys in ourfiretruck games! Get ready for many hours of truck simulatorchallengesand fun truck missions. Take the seat as the in charge ofthe 911rescue team. Become a real modern day hero and save the dayandtame the burning hot flames before they get out of control.Proofyourself as a worthy and start from the bottom and go upfromthere. Take the seat as the in charge of the 911 team, dofastfirefighter racer driving emergency missions.Features:◆Coolextreme firefighter, Heli animations.◆ Ambulance van withstretcherand a 911 helicopter◆ Realistic auto physics, citytraffic◆ Becomepart of the elite helicopter pilot squad.◆ HDgraphics and realgame play animation.◆ Enjoy your 911 rescue teamwhere ever youlike.
911 Emergency Ambulance Rescue - 2017 Simulator 3D
As you know nothing is better than saving lives of people?So whynotsave patients and people who accidentally got injuredorwounded.Play a role of liberty Ambulance Rescue Officer of NewYorkCity and rescue patients who unfortunately got ill and injuredwithparamedic first aid kit to heal their wounds at spot ofaccident.Some patients might got heart attack, they call 911AmericareAmbulance Service to reach them to get them to hospital inAmericaAmbulance 911. Be liberty ambulance driver of 911 emergencymedicalservice (EMS) USA to get patients in the hospital.AccidentallyChildren may get injury or children become ill so getthem tochildren’s hospital in beautiful 911 emergency medicalservice(EMS) USA hospital wagon. Drive rescue 1122 Van and learnhow muchimportant is to reach on time to provide paramedic firstaid toinjured who got accident. Drive American medical Response(AMR)hospital wagon to rescue people. If you love AeromedevacAirAmbulance service then this patient transport game is foryou.Somebody may call 911 for dog rescue as well. Go for dogrescuewith animal rescue apparatus. Become Emergency medicaltechnician(EMT) and 4x4 automobile ambulare driver of Ambulare 912.If youare a kid and love games for kids let’s learn to driveQuebecparamadics most colorful ambulance 115 and pay tribute to”Edhi”Sir who ran the largest campaign of ambulance service in theworld.Someone call 911 that emergency happens due to disaster.Disastermanagement department call superior air-groung ambulanceservicesrescue 1122 and told that emergency response should befaster. Useyour skills of driving to reach emergency spot as fastas you canin new game 2017 because the lives of people totallydepend on youand do dog rescue as well. This angel medflight airambulance gamebest in new games 2017 for kids gives you realfeeling when anemergency happens and as an EMS USA driver you haveto reach thepoint of incident to rescue people.When someone call911 youremergency response should be quick. People only callEmergencyMedical Response when some incident happens.Features ofCall 911Emergency Ambulance Rescue 2017• Multiple ExcitingRescueMissions.• Eye catching Animations and Graphics.• 3DRealistic CityEnvironment.• Easy Gameplay and Efficient Controls.Bea real Hero.Play a role of Rescuer The Real Hero as Americanambulance driverin 2017 new game.And the best thing in Falk RockyMountain dogrescue 1122 game is it provides a lot of thrill touser. Byrescuing people the user thinks that he is the real hero asrescuerand it increases his mental health and moral. It teachesyouhumanity and importance of time. It increases spirit of humanityinchildren, kids, old and of each age group.In this AirborneairAmerican ambulance game you are going to play a role of4x4American Ambulette hospital wagon driver. As the duty ofTeknacorpUSA driver is not easy because you have to drive fast on ahighwayfull of traffic and also drive with care so that otherpeople onroad do not get hurt by it. EMS USA can receive call forrescue atany time so be alert all the time. There are many rescuemissionsin this adventure game providing a lot of entertainment.You haveto drive Guilford County emergency Americare Hospital wagonin theurban, suburban and rural area of city and pass throughmarkets,schools, colleges, parks etc. Fasten your seat belt, reachpoint ofincident as fast as possible to rescue people inAcadianAmbulance.In short Mercedes-Benz AMG Jambulance RescueSanFrancisco game is best in new games 2017 and provides fullofentertainment, fun, pleasure and thrill.What are you waitingfor?Click on the install button to enjoy the Best Simulation Gameof2017.
Offroad Snow Emergency Rescue
Time to drive the firefighter rescue truck &helicopterambulance to save the peoples at places of fire accidentson thecity roads, residential houses and buildings. Even theambulance isbeen set on fire and you can be the hero to put outfire and savelives. Rush your fire truck towards the accident spotto extinguishthe fire in this 911 rescue truck emergency sim 3d.You need toshow your driving skills in this firefighter truckdrivingsimulator because the lives of many humans are in danger.Drivethrough the offroad snow track and reach the accident spot.Savelives of the people stuck in places because of fire aroundthem.Your ultimate duty is to rescue people in the fire emergencyincity and offroad snow mountain places.Become a realhelicopterpilot and fly the wounded into the hospital. Show offyour realhelicopter flying skills in this helicopter flyingsimulator game!The mountain people are in danger because of manymountaindisaster. It’s time for the pilot to perform some highriskmissions and save the mountain living peoples. Are youskilledpilot who can do some precision flying in this firehelicoptersimulator? Provide your help in helicopter ambulancerescuemissions and patrol the accident areas and by flying thehelicopterlocate the missing people, save the citizens in distressandprovide them help.Drive fire brigade rescue and emergencyvehiclesin urban city & offroad snow mountain tracks.Fireextinguishing can be tricky so make sure you throw the waterwithpressure and keep the direction of the water gun steady. Keepthefire truck emergency siren on and speed away. Rush towardstheemergency scene to save the day and be the superhero fireman.Useyour water gun to put the fire out wisely. It is a big urbancity,there can be various fires and emergency situations. Use thewatergun to put out the fire. The fire brigade department also runsafirst aid unit. Drive the ambulance in the city and reachtheemergency scene quickly to make sure the injured people getmedicalattention. It is an emergency rescue simulation game so youcanthink of yourself as a firefighter hero from city firedepartment.Just make sure you drive carefully and don’t bump intotraffic.Your firefighting truck, ambulance & helicopter areready forfirefighting and rescue duty.Offroad Snow EmergencyRescueFeatures:• Real Firefighter Truck Driving Experience•Extremeambulance Driving adventure• Emergency helicopter PilotRescue& Flying mission• Be a hero of 911 Emergency RescueTeam•Complete all Levels of truck Driving & helicopterflying•Smooth Steering, Brakes of Fire brigade• Advanced &realisticcontrols of Rescue helicopter• Amazing 3D Graphics,Environment& sounds So what are you waiting for? Download the“OffroadSnow Emergency Rescue” Free android 3D Game and enjoytheexperience of real fire brigade truck & helicopterflyingambulance adventures. Your comments & ratings are welcomeandwill help us in creating even better games for you.
Doctor2U- Order Medicines, Consult online,Homecare
Request a DoctorDoctor comes within 60 mins- -licensedandexperienced doctor on-demand, to your home, office orhotel.Requestan AmbulanceOrder an Ambulance to your doorstep,letting you seethe real-time location of your ambulance and makingthe entireprocess convenient and seamless. We’ve partnered withFalck FirstAmbulance, the top ambulance provider in Malaysia, tobring theselife-saving service.Healthcare E-CommerceShop thousandsof productsand manage your orders from anywhere. Browse, shop bydepartment,compare prices, read reviews, share products withfriends, andcheck the status of your orders. With thousands oflistings rangingfrom health & surgical packages to medicaldevices to vitamins& supplements; you will no longer have tophysically purchaseany medical supplies!Keep your medical recordshandyIf you’re a BPpatient you will be able to view your medicalrecords on a safe,secure and easily accessible from anywhere in theworld. You mayview your Lab result and Radiology images on the app.Upload all ofyour health records onto our Medical Records featureon Doctor2U.This will allow you to better manage and store all ofyour healthrecords. Our infrastructures are highly secure and HIPAAcompliantas we leverage on Microsoft's tools to ensure fullencryption yourdataDoctor Video ConsultationWe connect you with aboard-certifieddoctor 24/7/365 at your convenience. Within minutes,a doctor willaccept your request and begin resolving your medicalissues. Withvideo consultation, our doctors can look, listen,examine andengage with you to diagnose your condition and providean effectivetreatment plan. They can also issue prescriptions whenmedicationis required and have it delivered to your doorstep.FreeLiveChatConsult an experienced Doctor, Pharmacist, or Nutritionistathome or on-the-go. You can take photos or upload images to helpthedoctor better understand your condition or inquiries. We knowthatyou may search for answers on Google, now you can ask ourdoctorsany medical questions for FREE.Medication DeliveryGetyourmedicines delivered to your doorstep or pick up at any BP orLovyPharmacy outlet nationwide. We are making it faster and easierthanever to get your medications: just snap a picture ofyourprescription (Rx) to submit to our pharmacists and pay viaDoctor2UApp.☆Transparent payment: Always know the cost of the visitupfront. Never worry about hidden fees. ☆Payment powered byPayPalBraintree & MOLpay: cashless, secured, andconvenient.Doctor2Uis currently available all over Malaysia,Singapore and Philippine,we are available 24 hours, seven days aweek. Try Doctor2U today!
Ambulance Car Simulator 3D
Are you ready to be an ambulance driver? Are drivingsimulationgames fun and challenging? Ambulance Car Simulator putsyou in thedriver’s seat. After all, this virtual city is full ofsick humans.The people may be virtual – but they’re sick. They needto get tothe hospital.A map on the left-hand side shows where theyare. Youmust navigate safely through the 3D city. Avoid hitting carandhuman traffic at all costs! Pick up the sick person, orseveral.Next find the nearest hospital on the map. It’s up to youtransportall safely. A counter shows sick passengers – watch themax! Thetimer is ticking. Watch your fuel and damage. Periodictrips to thegas or repair station will prolong your success as anambulancedriver.This may be a game, but it simulates real worldobstaclesbig-city ambulance drivers face every day.FEATURES-Excellent 3Dgraphics (shadows, ambiance)- Easy to use controls-Huge city withreal-time people and cars city traffic- Differentambulance carupgradesFollow usonFacebook: usonTwitter: usinVkontakte: fun playingAmbulanceCar Simulator 3D!If you have any suggestions or ideas forthe game- contact us please:vladimir.duchenchuk@gmail.comWe aregettinghappier with each of your email message.Please note, that weare noway affiliated with any other simulator games developed byothergame companies.Thanks!
Ambulance Blocky
Welcome to Blocky City!It's full of blocky buildings, roadsandcars. In this episode your craft is an ambulance driver. Runyourambulance around the city on your rescue mission and save livesofthe citizens.Ambulance driver is not an easy craft! You mustbealways in a state of emergency, driving fast but carefullytobecome the best ambulance driver.If you're a fan of blockygames,Ambulance Blocky is for you. Download it now and see foryourself!
Driving Police Car Simulator
Do you like the roaring sounds of emergency cars? Would you liketoraced as an ambulance or the police around the city ?DownloadDriving Police Car Simulator app and make the dreams.Choose anemergency vehicle: an ambulance, police or fire engine.Turn on thesiren and drive along the city streets at a crazy speed.Go wherethe radar points arrows and playing gain the points. Ifyoucompleted one task find out the next. You faster arriveandeliminate the accident give your the more points.Theunpredictability situation, the thrill of the race around thecity,the howling of flashing lights and the thunderous sirenswillplease you and the friends. Arrange the competition who willscoremore points in the shortest time with friends. Pump drivingskillsin an extreme game and have fun together.Attention! DrivingPoliceCar Simulator app is simply the game created for fun.Extremedriving carries no danger to you and others.