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Star Walk 2 Free - Identify Stars in the Sky Map
Star Walk 2 Free - Identify Stars in the Sky Map is agreatastronomy guide to explore the starry sky day and night, findandobserve planets, asteroids, comets, ISS, Hubble SpaceTelescope,constellations, stars and other celestial bodies in realtime inthe sky above you. All you need to do is to point yourdevice tothe sky. Explore the deep sky!Objects and astronomicalevents tolearn in this app: - Stars and constellations of the nightsky;-Solar system bodies (solar system planets, the Sun, the Moon,dwarfplanets, asteroids, comets);- Deep Space objects(nebulae,galaxies, star clusters);*- Satellites;- Meteor showers,equinoxes,conjunctions, full/new Moon and etc. Star Walk 2 Free -IdentifyStars in the Sky Map is a perfect planets, stars andconstellationsfinder which can be used by both adults and children,spaceamateurs and serious stargazers to learn astronomy bythemselves.It is also a great educational tool for teachers to useduring thenatural science lessons. This free version contains ads.You canremove ads through In-App purchases.If you’ve ever said toyourself“I’d like to learn the constellations” or wondered “Is thata staror a planet?”, Star Walk 2 Free is the astronomy app you’vebeenlooking for.Main features:★ Interactive astronomicaltelescopeshows a starry sky map on your screen in whateverdirection you arepointing the device.* To navigate, you pan yourview on screen byswiping in any direction, zoom out by pinching thescreen, or zoomin by stretching it. ★ Learn a lot about the Solarsystem, comets,asteroids, spacecraft, nebulas, identify stars andconstellations.Search and find any celestial bodies following aspecial pointer onthe map of the sky. Watch planets, satellites,sun, moon live onthe stellar map!★ Touching a clock-face icon atthe upper-rightcorner of the screen allows you select any date andtime and letsyou go forward or backward in time and watch the nightsky in fastmotion.★ Try the augmented reality view. Orient yourdevice towardthe sky and the app activates your camera so you cansee chartedobjects appear superimposed on live sky objects. ★Except forcelestial bodies, find and study the deep-sky objects,satellites,meteor showers and other astronomical events, extensiveinformationabout the Solar system.**★ Get a deeper understanding oftheconstellation`s scale and place in the sky. Enjoyobservingwonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upsidedown, readtheir stories.**★ A slider at the left-hand edge of thescreen letsyou see the sky at different wavelengths. See objectsthat are onlyvisible at radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet,X-ray, orgamma-ray frequencies.★ The night-mode will make skygazing atnight time more comfortable. Star Walk 2 is a great app tolearnastronomy.*The Star Spotter feature won't work for the devicesthatare not equipped with the gyroscope and compass.Star Walk 2Free -Identify Stars in the Sky Map is an impressively goodlookingastronomy app for stargazing at any time and place. It istheall-new version of the previous Star Walk. This new version hasare-designed interface with the look and feel of eachelementbeautifully crafted and drawing you into the inner workingsof theapp.One of the best astronomy applications!Explore space andnightsky with us - get this free planetarium now!** AvailablethroughIn-App purchases.
Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets System
An awesome 3D model of our Solar system foryouto explore space! Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3Dis atime-sensitive space simulator showing the real orbits, order,scaleand motion of the Sun, allowing you to explore all the 8planets inreal time, more than 20 moons, dwarfs, asteroids,comets, 9 Earthsatellites, 9 dwarf planets and more than 50 stars.You can find andexplore any celestial body with this amazing solarsystem app!***BEST OF 2016***The Lite version of the well-known space simulator isabsolutelyfree, ad-supported and very small in size but containsall the mainfeatures and objects of our Solar system.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED!The app works perfectly without Internet connection (exceptforgallery and Wikipedia).Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universewiththis awesome 3d model of our Solar system!Main Features:💫 Space simulator: realistic space view with real-timepositions,order, size, the inner structure of Solar system planetsand moons,their orbits, stars, comets, satellites and othercelestialbodies.💫 Every planet and the celestial body has an extensiveinformation:size, mass, orbital velocity, exploratory missions, thethicknessof structural layers, and photo gallery with real photostaken bytelescopes or NASA spacecraft during the spacemissions.💫 Orrery Mode on/off - to see the schematic or realistic sizesanddistances between the space objects.💫 Anaglyph 3D on/off - if you have anaglyph 3D glasses youcanchoose this option to navigate through the universe and enjoythebeauty of space.💫 Zoom-in to see objects in close up and Zoom-out to seetheposition of our Solar system in Galaxy.💫 3D models of spacecraft in the application are based onscientificdata collected by ESA and NASA spacecraft andground-basedtelescopes.The best encyclopedia of the Solar system!This is a great planetarium 3D app for the space explorers. Itworksgreat for both kids and adults. Kids love learning aboutspace, andthe amazing graphics and information provided in thisspacesimulator make it engaging and captivating. Kids will alsoenjoy"travel" through space to get an up-close view of theplanets,moons, and stars. In fact, adults may not be able to putthis appdown either!This space simulator is excellent for teachers to useforinstruction, and it is a great resource for students toexploreplanets and space as they learn more about the universe welive in.With Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3D you don'tneed atelescope to see the planets for real.This 3D model of our solar system is a must-have for allspaceenthusiasts! Explore space with Solar Walk Lite!Main Objects to explore:Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus, Neptune.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa,Io,Hyperion, Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus,Mimas,Oberon, Titania, Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda, Triton, Larissa,Proteus,Nereid, CharonDwarfs and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea,Sedna,Eris, ErosComets: Hale-Bopp, Borrelly, Halley’sComet,Ikeya-ZhangSatellites: SEASAT, ERBS, Hubble SpaceTelescope,International Space Station (ISS), Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku,Daichi,CORONAS-PhotonStars: Sun, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel Kentaurus.Get this amazing free app now and explore space with us!
Astronomy for Kids 🚀 Space Game by Star Walk 2
Don’t miss your fascinating journeythroughspace! Get Space for Kids 🚀 Astronomy Game by Star Walk2and start exploring the solar system, planets andstars,constellations and any other interesting celestialbody.Solar system for kids offers a lot of great features:PLAY astronomical game and LEARN about oursolarsystemLISTEN to interesting astronomy factsVISIT planets and stars, comets and any othercelestialbodyWATCH funny educational movies about spaceTEST your knowledge with short quizzesWIN or improve your resultHAVE FUN and learn astronomy!Wonderful astronomy app for kids includes:⭐ Encyclopedia of the solar system⭐ Constellations, planets and stars⭐ Educational movies⭐ Solar system for kids⭐ Exciting astronomical game⭐ Self-check tests⭐ Hubble Space Telescope⭐ And a lot of other interesting things from the worldofastronomyLet's go!🚀
Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D
Meet this awesome 3D model of our solar system to explorespace,spacecraft, and planets in real time without visiting arealplanetarium. Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3Disa digital guide of our solar system and a great alternative totheold paper atlases for exploring the universe and learningaboutspace exploration.Explore planets and space in the finestdetailswith encyclopedia of the solar system 🌏 🌕 🚀With thisinteractiveplanetarium 3D you can travel to the outer space,explore planetsin real time, watch satellites, comets and any othercelestialbody, get acquainted with the outstanding space missionsandspectacular 3D models of spacecraft, study celestial eventcalendarwith various astronomical events, learn interestingastronomyfacts. This solar system app is great for both adults andkids👪With Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D youwillget a visual representation of our solar system andspaceexploration! Main features:✭Planetarium - 3D model of oursolarsystem✭The app is a spectacular 3D model of our solarsystemshowing planets in real time, stars, moons, satellites,asteroids,comets, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies. Allcelestialbodies are represented in their correct positions in realtime.General and detailed information, inner structure andvariousastronomy facts are provided in an understandable way.✭3Dmodels ofspacecraft & Space exploration✭Solar Walk 2 Freeintroduces youto the history of space exploration and theoutstanding spacemissions in the finest details. Only with SolarWalk 2 you will beable to see highly-elaborated, realistic 3Dmodels of spaceships,satellites and interplanetary stations in realaction. You will seewhere they started, track the real trajectoryof their flight path,watch gravitational maneuvers, view realpictures made during themission.*✭Astronomical calendar✭Use theastronomical calendar thatincludes various celestial events (solareclipse, lunar eclipse,the moon phases), and other astronomicalevents related to spaceexploration (the launching of satellites,the first landing on themoon, etc). Observe the universe in realtime or select any dateand time and see what happens.*✭Visualeffects✭Solar systemsimulator. Stunning graphics and visuals willamaze you with thebeauty and realness! The textures are reproducedperfectly for youto experience the aesthetic pleasure!✭Spacesimulation3D✭Navigation is extremely convenient - you can observeany planetat the desired angle and visual effects and shadows addto thesensation of the cosmic atmosphere.Interactive spaceencyclopediaSolar Walk 2 Free will satisfy the thirst for knowledgeof allspace lovers!* Available with In-App Purchases. In-AppPurchaseswill not remove ads from the app.
Asteroid Alert
This is a scientific application that simulates the solarsystemdynamics using the information provided by the NASA NEOProgram.The Near Earth objects and objects close to other planetswill bereported in real time. The advanced graphical interfaceallows youto monitor the orbits of celestial bodies as a functionof theelapsed time.X rays and protons emitted by Sun are alsonotified tohave a complete view of the dangers from space.Features● Userfriendly graphical interface● Notification ofnear-Earth objects●Notifications of high level emissions comingfrom the sun (X rayand protons).● Notification of objects close toother planets● Newsfor asteroids● Detailed information of eachevent (Size, Velocity,Distance)● Link to targets of space missions●Customizable filters●NEO database updated every day● Cometsdatabase updated every day●Sound notificationsFor practicalreasons● The maximum resolution isachieved for asteroids that areless than 0.1 AU from the planets.The application photographs thesituation on the current date andsimulates events that will occurin the future or have occurred inthe past.● The number of asteroidsplotted in the asteroid belt isonly a fraction of the real number.●The asteroids not yet includedin the NASA NEO database may not benotified.● X rays and protonslevels are processed and savedcontinuously. The solar activityindicated as a significant event,has been inferred through theStatistical analysis of about 6 monthsof data sampling. Theprediction will be improved with theincreasing of dataamount.Space is our next frontier. All scientificprojects willneed your support!
Solar Walk Free - Stars and Planets System 3D
Solar Walk is an impressive wealth of information about ourSolarsystem, planets and stars presented as an amazing 3D modelthat canbe rotated and zoomed easily. It is a new highly attractiveandengaging way to view the whole Solar system and learn a lotofinteresting astronomy facts about it. Solar Walk is aplanetarium3D in your device. Start your fascinating journeythrough therealms of space and explore the universe we live in.Learnastronomy with the encyclopedia of the Solar system SolarWalk!***Over 6 million users!****** National Parenting PublicationsAwards(NAPPA) - GOLD winner in the Educational Tools for ParentsandChildren category! ****** A Parents’ Choice Gold AwardWinner***Observe Solar system, explore celestial objects in realtime,watch solar movies, become a real universe explorer withthisplanetarium app 3D.With astronomy app Solar Walk you will beableto:► Turn into an astronomer and explore satellites,asteroids,dwarfs, comets, stars, etc. Choose any celestial body andreaddetailed information about it. Enjoy gorgeous graphics andvisualswhile navigating the universe!► Travel in time with solarsystemsimulator and see what the universe looked like at acertainperiod. ► Find an exciting view of the Milky Way Galaxy andotherfascinating things in the encyclopedia of the solar system3D.►Watch a collection of educational movies to learnaboutspace-related topics including Earth's moon phases, Earth'scycles,tidal phenomena, and zodiacal constellations.*► Enjoyplanetarium3D with the help of special glasses and activating theanaglyphmode.► Make virtual flights from one space object orcelestial bodyto another.► Share interesting screenshots of thisapp with yourfriends.Try all features of this spacesimulator!*Available throughIn-App Purchases. In-App Purchases willnot remove ads from theapp.Solar Walk is a great educational tool,orrery 3D appropriatefor both adults and children. The amount ofinformation users canlearn about astronomy, satellites and anyother celestial body inthis planetarium 3D is impressive.Information is detailed andanimated video clips make learning oursolar system even moreengaging!Our entire universe and Solar systemcan be exploredthrough this excellent astronomy app!
Navigate the vast and deep space across the universe as our'BLU'traverses across perilous asteroids, comets, Planets,Blackholes,and wormholes from outer space.
Star Walk 2 - Sky Guide: View Stars Day and Night
Star Walk 2 is an impressively good looking app forastronomystargazing at any time and place, observing planets,constellationsand stars in real time. Identify stars in the nightsky maplive!Star Walk 2 - Sky Guide: View Stars Day and Night is aperfectconstellations, stars and planets finder which can be usedby bothadults and children, space amateurs and serious stargazersto learnastronomy by themselves. It is also a great educationaltool forteachers to use during the natural science lessons. Mainfeatures:★This astronomical telescope shows sky map on your screeninwhatever direction you are pointing the device.* To navigate,youpan your view on screen by swiping in any direction, zoom outbypinching the screen or zoom in by stretching it.★ Try theaugmentedreality view. Orient your device toward the sky and thisastronomyapp activates your camera so you can see charted objectsappearsuperimposed on live sky objects. ★ Learn a lot about theSolarsystem, comets, asteroids, spacecraft and nebulas, identify inrealtime. Search and find any celestial body following aspecialpointer on the celestial map of the sky. Enjoy skyobservation!★Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`sscale and placein the night sky map. Enjoy observing wonderful 3Dmodels ofconstellations, turn them upside down, read theirstories.**★Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner ofthe screenallows you select any date and time and lets you goforward orbackward in time and watch the night sky in fast motion.★Exceptfor celestial bodies, find and study the deep-skyobjects,satellites, meteor showers, extensive information aboutSolarsystem.**★ A slider at the left-hand edge of the screen letsyousee the sky at different wavelengths. See objects that areonlyvisible at radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray,orgamma-ray frequencies.★ The night-mode of theastronomicaltelescope will make sky observation at night time morecomfortable.Find constellations and stars day and night!If you’veever said toyourself “I’d like to learn constellations and identifystars inthe sky” or wondered “Is that a star or a planet?”, StarWalk 2 isthe app you’ve been looking for to learn astronomy,explore spaceand map of the sky in real time.*The Star Spotterfeature won'twork for the devices that are not equipped with thegyroscope andcompass.Celestial body list to view:Stars: Sirius,Canopus, AlphaCentauri, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, Rigel, Spica,Castor.Planets:Sun, Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune,Pluto.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede,Europa, Io,Hyperion, Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione.Dwarf planets andasteroids:Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, Eris, ErosComets:Hale-Bopp,Borrelly, Halley’s Comet, Ikeya-ZhangTrack meteorshowers:Perseids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids, Ursids,etc.LearnConstellations: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer,Capricornus,Cassiopeia, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpius, Ursa Major,etc.Man-mademissions & satellites: Curiosity, Luna 17, Apollo11, Apollo17, SEASAT, ERBS, ISS.Get this constellationsfindernow!**Available through In-App purchases
Satellite Tracker 🛰 Find Satellites in the Sky
Ever wanted to observe the InternationalSpaceStation crossing your sky or find out where the ISS andotherman-made satellites are right now? With SatelliteTrackerapp you can easily find out where any satellite can beseen fromdifferent locations in the world and get pass predictionsfor theirpasses. This app was made specifically for easy andcomfortablereal-time satellite tracking.From the developers of famous astronomical app StarWalk,winner of the Apple Design Award 2010, loved by more than10million users around the world.This new Satellite Tracker app stands out amongothersatellite applications with its stunning visuals, attractiveandeasy-to-use interface.Main features:★ Simple satellite tracker in real time★ The most outstanding satellites with interesting facts★ Satellite flyby timer★ Pass predictions★ Hand-picked passes★ Location choice★ Satellites view in real time in the sky★ Fly-with-satellite view★ Satellite orbit over the EarthThis satellite tracking app includes: ISS, ADEOS II, Ajisai,Akari,ALOS, Aqua, Envisat, ERBS, Genesis I, Genesis II, HubbleSpaceTelescope, Resurs - DK No.1, Seasat, Suzaku, Tiangong -1.Where is the ISS right now? Can it be seen from the Earth? - Gettheanswers to this questions with Satellite Tracker app.How to use this satellite viewer?Select any satellite from the list and see its current locationinthe sky in real time or track satellite live orbiting theEarth.Don’t miss the satellites as they pass over your location -useflyby timer and see how much time left before the nextflybyof ISS or other satellite.Get precise predictions when a visible satellite will beinthe sky above your location. The alert will let you know thatinfew minutes the ISS or other satellite will start moving acrossthesky, open the app and see the direction where to look. The listofpasses lets you set any alert (one or more) that you’d liketowitness.Choose fly-with-satellite view and enjoy the 3D image ofthesatellite flying over the Earth with the real speed andlocation.While flying explore the detailed 3D model of thesatellite.Want to find the satellite in the sky in real timebyyourself? Follow the special pointer and see the light oftheflying satellite over your location.Choose either to determine your location automatically orsetit manually from the list. Your location is marked with a pinonEarth so you can see where you are in relation to themovingsatellite.If you are a lover of science or astronomy, you will have greatfuntracking satellites with this app. This is also a greatactivityfor kids.✨Get this Satellite Tracker app right now and discover newdepthsof space!✨
Solar Walk: Explore the Universe in Planetarium 3D
Solar Walk: Explore the Universe in Planetarium 3D is an amazing3Dmodel of our Solar system bringing the universe to the palm ofyourhand and allowing you to explore planets, satellites,moons,comets, 3D models of spacecraft and other space objectsanytime andanywhere and learn a lot about space exploration.ObserveSolarsystem with planetarium app 3D on your device!Startyourfascinating journey through the realms of space and exploretheuniverse we live in. Learn astronomy facts with aninteractiveencyclopedia of the Solar system Solar Walk!*** Over 6millionusers!****** National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)- GOLDwinner in the Educational Tools for Parents and Childrencategory!****** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner ***Amazinginteractiveencyclopedia of the Solar system! Find out astronomyfacts, exploreplanets and moons in real time, watch educationalmovies, turn upand down the 3D models of spacecraft, become a realuniverseexplorer with this planetarium app 3D. Space exploration inyourdevice!With this planet viewer you will be able to:► Turn intoanastronomer and explore satellites, asteroids, dwarfs,comets,stars, 3D models of spacecraft, etc. Choose any celestialbody andread detailed information and astronomy facts about it.Enjoygorgeous graphics and visuals while navigating through theSolarsystem 3D!► Travel in time and see what the universe like atacertain period. Solar Walk is an excellent planet viewer forallspace lovers!► Find an exciting view of the Milky Way Galaxyandother fascinating things in the encyclopedia of the Solarsystem3D. Solar Walk is your telescope to see planets in real timeandany other celestial body without visiting the planetarium.►Watch acollection of educational movies and learn interestingastronomyfacts about space-related topics including Earth's moonphases,Earth's cycles, tidal phenomena, and zodiacalconstellations.*►Enjoy planetarium 3D in real time with the help ofspecial glassesand activating the anaglyph mode. Space explorationisentertaining!► Make virtual flights from one space objectorcelestial body to another with this orrery 3D.► Shareinterestingscreenshots of this app with your friends.► Choose theview mode toexplore the interactive encyclopedia of the Solarsystem 3Dcomfortable for you (orrery/true-to-scale).Try allfeatures of thisgreat orrery 3D & planet viewer!*Availablethrough In-AppPurchases.Solar Walk is a great educational tool,orrery 3D,appropriate for both adults and children. The amount ofinformationand astronomy facts users can learn about planets andmoons,satellites and any other celestial body in this planetarium3D isimpressive. Information is detailed, animated videos andwonderful3D models of spacecraft make learning even moreengaging!Our entireuniverse can be explored through this excellentspace simulator!
Mobile Observatory - Astronomy
Wolfgang Zima
Mobile Observatory is the perfect toolforanybody interested in the sky's wonders, from the occasionalskygazer to the passionate amateur astronomer.*** SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21, 2017 in the US ****** This app tells you your local eclipse conditions ***Do you want to know if the next lunar eclipse is visible fromyourlocation or when the next bright comet is visible? Would youliketo be notified by your smart phone next time, Jupiter and theMoonmeet in the sky? Do you want to know what the blazing brightobjectin the evening sky is? Do you want to be always up-to-datewhichcelestial events that are visible from your location? Thenthis appis a must-have for you!Mobile Observatory does not only include a live, zoomable skymapwhich tells you what sky object you are looking at but providesyouwith loads of detailed extra information on stars, planets,deepsky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar andsolareclipses as well as detailed ephemeris of all included skyobjectsand an interactive top-down view of the Solar System. Allthat injust one app!Main Features- Zoomable sky map showing stars, planets, asteroids, andmore(above and below the horizon)- Interactive top-down view of the Solar System- Live mode (point device on sky and get information on whatyousee)- Calendar showing detailed descriptions of celestial events- Push celestial events to your phone's calendar and set areminderalarm- Rise, set, and transit times for any object- Position of any object in the sky (altitude and direction)- Twilight times, length of day- Bright Star Catalog (~9000 stars) with detailed information- More than 400 000 additional stars from the PPM StarCatalog(Android 3.1 or higher required)- 2500 selected NGC objects (galaxies, clusters, ...)- Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete with images- Caldwell Catalog (110 objects) complete with images- Hidden Treasures Catalog (109 objects) complete with images- Meteor streams (begin, maximum, hourly rate, ...)- Lunar and solar eclipses information- Lunar librations, ascending node, maximum declination- Bright comets (automatically selected according to thedate)- Dwarf planets: The five known dwarf planets- Minor planets: bright, near Earth, trans-Neptune (more than10000in the database)- Update database online: download up-to-date orbital elementsofcomets and minor planets- Moon phases, the apparent view of the sun and planets- Current image of the Sun and sunspot number- Automatically generated visibility report for any object- Simulation of light pollution- Intuitive User Interface: quickly find what you arelookingfor- Widget with rise & set times of the Sun and Moon- Maintain your favorite locations in a list- Automatic location determination from the mobile networkorGPS- Select a location from a built-in database or online viaGoogleMaps- 400 observatory locations- Choose any time and date- Detailed ephemeris, visibility information of all objects- Dates of conjunctions between any object with planets ortheMoon- 3D-view of the Moon and the planets- Accurate calculations for dates between 1900 and 2100
Homebound starts simply. TAP to fly to the next planet. As youcleareach level, roving asteroids and exploding planets makingthingsmore challenging.HOP as quickly as you can!DODGE theoncomingasteroids and GET OFF rotating planets before theyexplode!Collectas many stars as you can to clear each level to getto the top ofthe leaderboard!Help Roho, the alien find his wayback home. NewHomeBound features: * Easy and fun to play, yetchallenging tomaster.* Hop on to the orbits of planets that rotateand avoid thosethat explode. * Find creative ways to escape theasteroids that candestroy Roho's spaceship* Collect sparklingstars as you move fromone rotating planet to another!* Discover anew path to the homeplanet every time you play!* Re-try each levelto get the highestscore!Home Bound is completely free to play,with no purchaseneeded. A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohas playedHomeBound!Credits Sound Effects:Bomb by MikeKoenighttp://soundbible.comLicensed under Creative Commons:ByAttribution 3.0Music: "Vanes" by KevinMacLeod( under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0"Cipher" by Kevin MacLeod ( Commons: ByAttribution3.0"LightlessDawn" byKevin MacLeod ( under CreativeCommons: ByAttribution 3.0
Cosmos Live Wallpaper
Are you truly amazed with cosmos? Discover the wonders of thecosmoswith “Cosmos Live Wallpaper”! Start an intergalactic journeyyouwill never forget! Our cosmos is an exciting place. The SolarSystemis full of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, minor planets,andmany other exciting objects. See the full moon pictures andstars inthe sky as background image or as screen saver. ☆CosmosLiveWallpaper☆ invites you to take a virtual tour of the SolarSystem.Explore the Sun, the planets, the moons, asteroids, andcomets. Theuniverse is a strange place filled with amazing andfascinatingobjects. Discover all 9 planets with these awesomebackgrounds andspace photos! Set Venus pictures, Mercury pictures,Jupiter picturesor Neptune pictures as free wallpaper or screensaver. Our SolarSystem also contains comets, moons, dust, gas andsome minorplanets. Enjoy the best “space wallpaper” for yourmobile!Download☆Cosmos Live Wallpaper☆ and explore the universeand undiscoveredgalaxy with these magical universe pictures! Findout all aboutspace planets, astronauts, comet, meteor andmeteorite with theseawesome “space pictures”. Here you can findbeautiful “cosmoswallpaper”! Get closer to the shooting starsflying across the skywith this new “live wallpaper”! These “spacewallpapers” will letyou see the stars and comets flying across thesky! Get this freeapp for Android™ and enjoy the best spaceimages! *Android™ is atrademark of Google Inc.
Space Carrot Bunny
The space is a dangerous place and even more when there's agiantcomet in your tail!!Get ready and charge the Space CarrotRocket toblast your way dodging meteor rocks and getting planet toplanetsaving your buddies in the way.Don`t get caught and get thehigherscore. Invite and compete with your friends.Features* Thespace isa forever-changing environment* Observe the orbits of theplanetsto make a perfect landing* There's a lot of bunnies torescue!*Endless Thrilling-action mode!
Solar Walk 2 - Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration
We cannot send you up to space but we can put space on the palmofyour hand!Meet Solar Walk 2, an awe-inspiring 3D model of ourSolarsystem standing out among others with its beauty andvastopportunities.Interactive planetarium 3D in your device.Explorespace anytime and anywhere with our wonderful encyclopediaof theSolar system.Main features include:SPACE EXPLORATION&SPACECRAFT 3D- Models of spacecraft 3D and man-made satellitesinreal action- The history of space exploration - extended infoaboutspace missions- Interesting facts and real pictures takenduringspace missions- Stunning visual effects and beautifulhigh-qualitygraphicsASTRONOMICAL CALENDAR- Various celestial events(solar andlunar eclipse, the moon phases, etc.)- Astronomicalevents relatedto the history of space exploration (the launching ofsatellites,the first landing on the moon, etc.)PLANETARIUM3D-Three-dimensional model of our Solar system and spacecraft3D-Universe simulation to explore space in detail- All spaceobjectsin real time and correct positions- Interactive encyclopediaof theSolar system - plenty of information- Articles from theWikipedia-Different view modes of planetarium 3D(orrery/true-to-scale)TRAVELTHROUGH SPACE- Space exploration: easynavigation between spaceobjects- Intuitive and easy-to-useinterface- Travel in time tostudy celestial events of differentperiods- The time machineallowing to choose the date and track themotion of celestialbodiesWhether you are a child or an adult, anexperiencedastronomer or a beginner, you will enjoy exploring thevastexpanses of our universe with this encyclopedia of the Solarsystemand planetarium 3D.Explore space with Solar Walk 2!P.S.-Don’tforget to give your feedback - we appreciate it ;)
One Minute Solar
Space. Universe. Planets orbit and collide, asteroids scatterandfind their orbit. What am I getting at? It is the game.Maingoal:place planets in orbits so they don’t encounter. Points aregivenfor every full circle around the Sun and can be spent to placenewplanets in orbits.
Star Chart
Used by over 30 million people world-wide,StarChart provides a magical star gazing experience like noother.*****You can now have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Lookthroughthe eyes of your Android device to see a virtual window intothewhole visible universe.All you have to do is point your Android deviceº at the sky andStarChart will tell you exactly what you are looking at.Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe,andall of the latest high tech functionality, Star Chart calculates–in real time - the current location of every star andplanetvisible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are;even inbroad daylight!Want to know what that bright star is called? Point your deviceatit – you might just find out it’s a planet!Want to know what the night sky looks like to people on theotherside of the earth? Well just point your device down!Want to know where your star sign is in the sky? Star Chartwilltell you all this and more.Star Chart's features include:- Just point and view. No need to scroll around the screen tofindout what you are looking at*.- Alternatively, look around the sky using finger gestures –perfectfor armchair astronomers!- Voice Control: Explore the solar system with commands like:"Flyme to the Moon" / "Go to Saturn" / "Tour Mars" / "LookatAndromeda" / "Where is the Cigar Galaxy?"[English only]- Supports dynamic device orientation viewing. Allows you toviewthe night sky whilst holding your Android device atanyangle.- Accurately depicts all the visible stars of the northernandsouthern hemispheres - a total of over 120,000 stars!- Fly to and explore all the planets of the solar system,theirmoons and the sun all rendered in beautiful 3D with state oftheart visual effects.- Displays all 88 constellations, with constellation imagerybasedon the beautiful artwork by 17th century astronomerJohannesHevelius.- Includes entire Messier catalogue of exotic deepskyobjects.- Using the powerful Time Shift feature allows you to shift upto10,000 years forward or backward in time.- Tap on anything in the sky and get the facts on what youarelooking at, including distance and brightness.- Very powerful zoom function, lets you view the sky inextradetail, using intuitive finger gestures.- Fully configurable. Star Chart displays only the sky objectsthatyou are interested in.- Allows you to view the sky underneath the horizon. So now youcansee where the sun is, even at night!- Manually set your location to find out what the sky lookslikefrom anywhere in the world.- Full search featureSo point your Android device at the sky and see what'soutthere!------------Star Chart is published by Escape Velocity Ltd and developedbyEscapist Games Ltd. We update Star Chart regularly, so pleasesendus your feedback and feature thanks for all your feedback so far!Like us on Facebook: Star Chart on Twitter: StarChartAppº Augmented Reality (AR) mode only available if your devicesupportsit, as this feature requires a built-in compass. Manualscrolling issupported on all other devices.* Star Chart does not require internet access for normalusage.Internet access is only required initially to verify thelicenseand subsequently when accessing the support page andexternallinks.
Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map
Vito Technology
Star Walk - Constellations andStars:NightSky Map is an app for astronomy stargazing andfinding planets,constellations and stars in real time on the nightsky map. One ofthe best astronomical apps to identify and viewstars day andnight.Learn astronomy and explore the stars with Star Walk-Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map!Use your device and point in any direction to discover thelocationand in-depth information about constellations and stars,planets,satellites and any celestial body. You will never againwonder whatthat bright orange star or that fuzzy little cloud inthat tinycorner of the night sky is!✦✦✦NO ADS AND IN-APP PURCHASES✦✦✦Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map isaperfect educational tool to learn astronomy for students andspaceenthusiasts of all ages. It can be used by teachers ofscienceduring the lesson, by students for preparing projectsaboutdifferent space phenomena, by parents to introduce theirchildrento the basics of astronomy and by anyone interested inspace,astronomy, stars, planets, constellations and other nightskyobjects.Star Walk is your interactive sky guide to the constellation,planetand star sky maps.Stargazer live app - Main features:✦ You’re essentially presented with a sky map of the variousobjectsin the night sky when you open up the app. Learnconstellations,planets and stars names, choose any to get anextensive information(general info, gallery, wikipedia articles,astronomy facts).✦ Star & planet location app. Move your device around, andthisastronomy app will calculate the device’s orientation and alsoyourGPS location, so it will provide you with an accuratepresentationof the arrangement of constellations and stars,planets, comets,dwarf planets, spacecraft and any other celestialbody in the nightsky map.✦ Astronomical calendar of this stargazing app containsvariousastronomical events (meteor shower, solar eclipse, lunareclipse,full moon, new moon, etc), choose any and get adeeperunderstanding of different celestial phenomena.✦ Use Time Machine to explore the sky map of tomorrow or yearsago.To do this tap the clock icon in the top left corner and slidetheright edge dial down for the past and up for the future positionofconstellations and stars.✦ Night mode bathes the interface in a red glow in order to makethesky observation more comfortable for your eyes.✦ This night sky viewer allows you to change the colour ofthedisplay to represent various kinds of radiation: gamma,X-Ray,visible spectrum, Infrared, and Radio, etc.✦ With an augmented reality feature you can merge live footagefromyour camera with the app’s presentation of the night sky.✦ Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Mapalsogives astronomy facts and daily stats like sunrise andsunset,visible planets, moon phases and much more.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED, so, wherever you are, youcanenjoy this star, planet and constellation finder app!Things to view in this astronomy stargazing app:Stars: Sun, Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus,Vega,Capella, Rigel, Spica, Castor, etc.Planets: Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus,NeptuneDwarf planets and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea,Sedna,Eris, ErosComets: Borrelly, Halley, Swift-Tuttle,Churyumov-Gerasimenko,etc.Track meteor showers: Perseids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids,Ursids,etc.Constellations: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer,Capricornus,Cassiopeia, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpius,Ursa Major,etc.Satellites: Hubble, SEASAT, ERBS, ISS, Aqua, Envisat,Suzaku,Daichi, Ajisai, Genesis, etc.Moon phasesLocate and track the ISS
Tap the screen and collect as many stars as possible.How manystarsyou can collect?
ग्रहों के प्रभाव और उपाय
ग्रहों के प्रभाव और उपाय
Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Become a Space Explorer ⭐️
Can such a complex discipline as astronomy be simple andexcitingfor kids? Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Become a Space Explorer ⭐️ wascreatedfor parents to explain the basics of astronomy to theircuriouskids in an interesting and accessible form. Kids will learna lotof new facts, meet planets, comets, constellations and muchmore.Is there life on Mars? Why is the sun hot? Why is Ursa Majorcalledso? Learn astronomy with Star Walk Kids and get theanswers!Explore space, constellations and planetary system withyourchildren anytime and anywhere.✶✶✶Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Become aSpaceExplorer ⭐️ is fully translated into English, does not containAdsand In-app purchases✶✶✶Encyclopedia of the solar system for kids-main features:⭐️ Star Walk Kids as well as its adult version-famous application Star Walk, can be used as a telescope tofindand see the planets and constellations for real, observingtheircorrect positions.⭐️ All kids love cartoons! There is aspacecinema in the astronomy app with a collection of fascinatingandinformative cartoons about space. Explore the wonders oftheuniverse with videos about Polaris, Ursa Major, the HubbleSpaceTelescope and a black hole.⭐️ Using the time machine, childrencannot only view the objects of the sky in real time, but alsoturnback time! Our app lets your children explore the starsandconstellations in different periods. ⭐️ Kids will be abletoexplore space, find different celestial bodies following aspecialpointer and learn a lot of new just by tapping the screen.Forexample, listen to the interesting facts.⭐️ With this amazingapplittle space lovers will learn planets, see the HubbleSpaceTelescope, find out interesting facts, learn how to determinethecardinal directions with the Polar Star and muchmore.⭐️Encyclopedia of the solar system for kids allows them totake aquiz to check the knowledge acquired during playing withthiseducational game. It is very short and inspiring and shows howmuchthe child learned.Explore space with fun!Make a colorful anduniquejourney through the outer space with this awesomeencyclopedia ofthe solar system.Show your kids how fascinating itis to explorethe stars and constellations with spaceencyclopedia!The perfectapp for introducing kids to astronomy!
Save the Comet - Gravity Run
In this game you can not control yourself, but you will controlyourenemies to beat them!Save the Comet is a space themed gamethatbrings together gravity, physics and endless runner elementsall into one arcade-style time killer! Your main goal is to orbittheplanets, discover the galaxy and find the end of the universe!To dothat, you will have to destroy planets, crush meteors, bendspacetime and manipulate the gravity all around the galaxy! Didyou everthought our galaxy is just not big enough for you? Or haveyou everfelt like you want to leave this world behind? Well, justplay SaveThe Comet and fly through galaxy, orbit planets and havea lot offun!What do they say about us?"The game is prettyentertaining…Unique controls, innovative implementation of an oldformat… "-IndieGame Mag.If you’re into endless runners, this is agood one.-AndroidAuthority 8/10What to do• Smash, Pull and Strikethe Comet out ofdanger • Explore the galaxy dragging huge planetsaround• Discoverdifferent celestial objects• Crush Meteors withthe mighty finger ofyours• Survive the legendary Meteor Shower•Tinder up the Comet withStardust• Absorb planets until no Stardustis left• Surf throughdifferent Nebula's• Make tons of Combo. Comeon make it rain!• Orbitthe planets!Key Features• Find out thesecret of the Comet!• MeetAliens and control them!• Control theuniverse! Planets, meteors,asteroids!• Only thing you can notcontrol is your main character!•Gravity and Physics basedgame-play! • Customization availabilityfor all celestial objects•Bend space and time!"...very differentfrom what we see on PlayStore. Personally I will return on… when Ihave time."-AndroGamesFR"Let me say that people are in for achallenging fun game thatwill provide hours ofentertainment."-Geeksmith Productions"Anexcellent game that is alot of fun on smart phones and tabletsalike, Save the Cometrequires quick thinking and a little strategyin order to keepbeating those high scores."-Android Headlines"Allin all, it’s animpressive game. Very addictive once themeteorites, diamond planetsand power-ups come into play." -AlphaBeta GamersUse of gravity andPhysics are very important rosetta ofthe game. You can use gravityto navigate around the space, orbitthe planets or just to reachsome very nice pickups which you needto obtain by spending somestardust. This is a unique usage of thegravity and Physics in sucha high paced game! You will also find alot of meteors to crush allover the galaxy, tons of asteroids todemolish and again sweetgravity to avoid the mighty hyper-nova!You'll face all kinds ofdangers of space, Rosetta, and need to getrid of them! Save TheComet also contains well crafted space themedmusic to complete therosetta atmosphere. It is highly recommendedto play the game withyour headphones on! So you can get to feelthe atmosphere of eachand every nebula you will discover! Also itis great to hear soundof Rosetta while orbiting theplanetsOrbiting planets are easierthan it rosetta. You just haveto fly near them and they willautomatically grab and pull theComet. There are 4 differentNebula's to discover in Save theComet. Go discover them!1 - OrionNebula2 - Eagle Nebula3 - SoulNebula4 - Omega NebulaGood with spacerelated terms? Then thecombos are just for you! Reach to Apogee,Perigree, Star Party, BigBang and Spacetacular combos!Release yourchains, explore theuniverse, get all the Stardust, Save theComet!Site :http://www.savethecomet.comSupport :support@mogamecha.comFacebook:!Stocks stock images used innewHalloween icon:
Amazing Touch Sun And Grass
Amazing sunshine with touch.Flying seed,sound,touch,sunshine canseton or off.Also can load your phone`s photo for bacground.Touse:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
Let's go to the Pluto, avoiding rocks and getting stars!
TV Milagre
A palavra de Deus onde você estiverThe word of God wherever you are
Calculate your age in the other planets
calculate my age__________________________________Do you knowhowold you are in days? hours ? Minutes ? Seconds?Do you know howoldyou would have been if you had lived on another planet, suchasJupiter?If you want to know all this, just enter your date ofbirthfor the day, month, year and go.You can find out and calculateyourreal life and many details about it quickly and easily andwithoutfree internet internet you can convert your age to all theplanetsin the solar system with great accuracy and in simple stepsand ina fast way.__________________________________Applicationfeatures:❥Calculate real life in years, months, days, minutes,seconds andmilliseconds with the click of a button❥ Calculate andknow thedate of your next birthday on the earth and the rest of theplanetsin the solar system (such as : Mars, Jupiter, Mercury,Venus,Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune)❥ Small and fastapplication❥Available in most languages of the world❥ Theapplication includesan explanation of the calculation method andthe operation of thecalculator withintheapplication__________________________________keyword :agecalculator , calculate age , planets , solar system , how oldareyou Please update the application periodically, if you haveanyproblems contact the developer :
--Early Development Demo, expect changes and improvements--Exploreasurreal space setting with an unique control scheme.-Useyourfingertips as the wings of your ship.-Explore the rock guzzler,anasteroid mining station.-Collect everything to complete thedemoand get access to exclusive content for the final version.
Comet Book
The Comet Book app clearly shows when Comets can be viewed andinwhich direction. The direction and elevation of a Comet canchangenoticeably in a day due to its fast apparent motion. The moonand abright planet may be convenient as a guide to find the cometthoughthey have large apparent motion, too.This app determineswhereComet is in the sky when it becomes visible at your observingsite.You can easily start your observation of a Comet by usingCometBook as a guide to the direction and elevation of the comet.Inaddition, the new “3D Solar System seen from Space” mode allowsyouto view the motion of Comets and planets turning around thesun.Please take a look the comet’s movement around our solarsystem.
Color Comets
SAVE THE WORLD FROM THE INCOMING COMETSColored space rocksapproachthe earth and you must protect us from them! Use therockets todestroy the comets of the same color.DON'T LET THEMDESTROY YOURSHIELDEach comet that hits your shield sightly weakensit. A fewhits and the game is over!COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDSEachcometyou destroy will give you a few stars.Get many of them so yourstarcan reach higher than your friends'!
Collect all the stars and Rise(if you can!). This is my first appasa developer, please rate and comment.
Star Hunter
Touch to jump and catch stars. This game is enjoyable and hard.
Pod is a tiny rocket who can't fly strait because it's new tothespace. It has to reach to the space station to join it'sfriendsbefore it's too late. But league of creepy of planet areblockingits way. Your job is to dodge, dodge and dodge.There are 3rules,when you are crossing the planetsDon't hit the planetsStaywith inthe screenDon't blink your eyesCollect and spend gems tocross moreplanets Features:Free to playSimple single tapcontrolShare yourplanet score with your friendsCompete with otherand beat theirplanet scoreFree gems Like us at Facebook- River sandgames andstay informed about our new gamesandupdates
Avoid rocks, planets and stars from outer space moving both leftorright. Be careful, because it is not easy at all.- Touch thelefthalf-screen to move to the left or the right half-screen tomove tothe right.- 3 difficulty levels, 4 clasifications(Beginner,Advanced, Expert and Master).Will you become a Master?
KP2 Report
KP Square is aware of the connections amongtheEarth, its surrounding space and our solar system, and thushasdeveloped this KP2 report platform to promote acollaborativeeffort for such data collection and sharing. Yourvaluable reportswill be used by others around the world to capturehow Global,Space Weather and our Solar system incidents occurinsynchroneity.Features:- Share your observations about interesting incidents on theEarth,Sun and Solar System- See incident trends through report analytics- Forecast incident trends based on Planetary index
✨Zodiac Signs and 3D Models of Constellations✨
What sign of zodiac were you bornin?Interested in astronomy or astrology? Like watching night skyfullof constellations and stars? With the help of this littleastronomyapp you’ll discover the dates of the twelve Zodiac Signsandobserve amazing 3D models of constellations, look at themfromaside, rotate in different directions, zoom in and out andcheckthem out on the night sky.12 Zodiac Signs:✨ Aries✨ Taurus✨ Gemini✨ Cancer✨ Leo✨ Virgo✨ Libra✨ Scorpio✨ Sagittarius✨ Capricorn✨ Aquarius✨ PiscesEven if you are not an astronomy lover, you will definitelyenjoycontemplating zodiac constellations in this astronomy appbecausethey are really breathtaking. Stunning graphics and visualeffectsof our 3D models of constellations will blow you away.See for yourself!By the way, did you now that...The zodiac, the 12 signs listed in a horoscope, is closely tiedtohow the Earth moves through the heavens. The signs are derivedfromthe constellations that mark out the path on which the sunappearsto travel over the course of a year. You might think thatdates ina horoscope correspond to when the sun passes througheachconstellation. But they don’t, much of the time becauseastrologyand astronomy are different systems.Please note that this astronomy app includes only 12constellations,all 88 constellations can be found in Star Walk2 Night SkyGuide:Stars & Planets Finder, which is one ofthe mostpopular apps for stargazing. If you love exploring thestars and thenight sky above, then this is a must-have astronomyapp for yourarsenal.Your feedback on our astronomy app would begreatlyappreciated.Enjoy!
Connected Earth
Planet Earth is connected by many ways. Experienceconnectednessfrom a global perspective. Overlay roads, railways,navigablerivers, ship lanes and flight routes to find out how wemovethrough the globe. Blend the internet connection layer to seethesubmarine cables and how the populated areas of the worldinteractwith each other.Raise awareness of the amazing planet welive on.Be part of the growing number of global conscious people intheworld.
Crazy Comets
Help the Crazy Comets™ defend the universe from Space EmperorColinand his evil minions in this endless galactic spacerumble.Collectpower-ups, defeat colossal bosses, survive the deadlycosmicelements and battle the relentless galactic invaders tobecome theultimate comet champion.Smash enemies off the screen anduselasers, fireballs, space lighting, forcefields, meteors,ghosts,invisibility and more to destroy wave after wave ofotherworldlybaddies.Play and earn Star Coins to spend in the CometStore tocollect over 25 unique Crazy Comets. Keep an eye out forthe latestupdates including new characters, fun features and awhole lotmore!Message for parents, this game includes:• Flashingimages.•Direct links to the internet that can take players awayfrom thegame with the potential to browse any page.• Advertising ofSanxionDigital products and also products from selected partners.•Theoption to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should alwaysbeconsulted beforehand.Developed by Day Bros.Music by ElectricCafe( by Sanxion Digital Ltd.CrazyCometsand the Crazy Comet characters are Trademarks of SanxionDigitalLtd. © Sanxion Digital Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Planet Finder
Planet Finder is an Astronomy Compass providing quick orientationofvisible planets in your night sky.You'llget:·  Astronomycompass displaying the positions of theplanets, the Sun, the Moonand Pluto· Astronomy compass with the 10brightest and the 10closest stars·  Real timeinformation about the planetsand stars·  3D display ofMercury, Venus, Moon , Mars,Uranus, Neptune andPluto·  3D display of most SolarSystemsatellitesExtremely easy! Just launch the application toobtain aninstant overview of the planets surrounding you. You're inthemiddle of the screen, on Earth, and the planets are beingdisplayedaround you. If a planet is above the Compass Ring andishighlighted, it's visible. If the planet is below the CompassRing,towards the center of the Earth, it is shadowed and belowyourhorizon. Navigate to the stars just be touching thespaceship.Witha simple screen touch you switch to a text viewlisting allplanetary positions. (Direction, altitude and the phaseof theinner Terrestrial planets and the Moon)Hit the 3D Planet iconfor adetailed 3D view of planet/moon texture.(The paid version,PlanetFinder +, comes with an advanced Augmented Reality Camera:Justpoint your phone to the sky and Planet Finder + willinstantlyswitch to Augmented Reality Mode. Spot planets and starsthroughyour mobile camera, take a snapshot and share via facebook,email,twitter or MMS!Interact with the Augmented Reality Viewbyactivating its Player. Play, pause, rewind and fast forwardtheSolar System. This will render the trajectories of the planetsandthe moons of Jupiter and Saturn.)If you have a new smart phone,itmost likely has a Gyroscope Sensor. Planet Finder uses thissensorin combination with your accelerometer and magnetometer. Thismeansthat Planet Finder quickly responds to your movementsproviding astable image and accurate readings.The application canbe installedon your phone SD card in order to save phonestorage.(open settings-> programs -> manage programs ->PlanetFinder+ -> moveto sd)
Comet is an employee transportation tool which provides safeandsecure rides for employees. It includes an integratedin-vehicleandroid solution enabled with GPS for real-time vehicletrackingand employee safety.We are changing the way you move aroundin yourcity with a transparent and compliant process to allemployees.Keyfeatures include:Providing a safe and securetravel.Secure loginaccess for each individual.Point to pointtracking.Escorts for ladyemployee.Panic alarm in case ofemergency.SOS Option.Employeepickup/drop time in tripsheet.
AstroSight - Learn astronomy
This application has the best collection of amazing andstrangeastronomy facts, cosmology facts and space facts related toeachaspect of our Universe. From Stars, Planets, Asteroids,Comets|,Sun> and the Moon to Dark Matter and Dark Energy, wehavecovered each topic. Learn about the origin and evolution oftheUniverse, how the stars and planets form, how telescopes workandmuch much more. All the content is provided in the form ofsimpleand short facts. You can also read detailed explanation ofeachastronomy fact. A must have app for all astronomy loversandchildren preparing for science quizzes, this app willcertainlymake you fall in love with astronomy and cosmology. Youcan addselected astronomy facts to your favorites and rate themtoo. Youcan also share these astronomy facts with your family andfriends.We have made the User interface simple and easy touse.AstroSightcontains facts about Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Asteroids, Black holes,Comets, Eclipse,Galaxies, Meteors, Moon, Stars, Sun, Telescope,Dark Energy, DarkMatter, Constellations, The Big Bang, NASA,Exoplanets, NeutronStars, Quasars, Brown Dwarfs and much muchmore.This app alsoincludes some handy and fun calculators. Usingthe weightcalculator, you can find your weight on other celestialbodies.Using the age calculator, you can find your age on otherplanets.The time dilation calculator, lorentz contractioncalculator andthe mass-energy calculator will help you in solvingandunderstanding the concept and problems of the theoryofrelativity.We want to make astronomy easy and fun for everyonewithshort and concise astronomy facts. These astronomy facts willnotonly keep you engaged and interested in astronomy but also helpyoubetter remember and understand the origin and evolution oftheUniverse. We hope you will enjoy this app and give us your ♥andsupport.
Solar System Explorer 3D
Soar into space and explore dozens of planets, moons andasteroidson an exciting journey through our solar system. Highdefinitiongraphics and atmospheric music will make you feel likeyou arethere!Features:★ HD graphics and awesome music and soundeffects★Easy to use and intuitive controls★ Detailed informationabout theplaces you visit★ Images based on real photos taken bytelescopesor NASA spacecraft★ Ideal educational introduction forkids★ Anatmospheric experience in the vacuum of space!Easy to usecontrolsmake navigation a breeze. A simple tap will send yousoaring intothe outer reaches of deep space. Another tap willreturn you safelyhome to Earth.There’s lots to see and do. Inaddition to beautifulgraphics, Solar System Explorer also includesa great deal ofinformation about the planetary systems you’llvisit. Learning hasnever been so enjoyable!With the new free-flightoption, you cantake direct control and fly the spaceship yourselfand become thepilot. Accompanied by a rumbling engine, you’ll beswooping throughthe asteroid belt, diving through the gas giantSaturn’s rings andsurfing the upper atmosphere of planets. It’s thenext best thingto a space walk!The 3D models in this app are basedon photos takenby NASA spacecraft and ground based telescopes.Because some of themoons around the gas giants have only beenvisited once or twice,we may have partially complete images.Missing surface detail forthese objects is estimated from what canbe seen.In this solarsystem simulator you can explore the brilliantblue-green Uranus,knocked onto its side by a massive collision.Visit theproto-planet Ceres which makes up one third of the mass oftheasteroid belt. Marvel at Neptune's moon Triton which orbits intheopposite direction to Proteus. Take in the sights of theJupiter'sheavily scarred moon Callisto, its surface pockmarked bycountlessimpact craters.Places to visit in this solar systemorrery:The Sun,otherwise known as SolPlanets: Mercury, Venus,Earth, MarsGasgiant: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NeptuneMoons: Luna,Deimos andPhobos, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Mimas, Tethys,Enceladus,Dione, Rhea, Titan, Iapetus, Miranda, Umbriel, Ariel,Oberon,Titania, Triton, Proteus, CharonDwarf: Ceres, Vesta andPlutoAlso,catch up to NASA's Voyager spacecraft on its lonelyjourney intothe cosmosThis is the 3D simulator for pocketastronomers! Downloadthe old Solar Explorer Lite versionat
Float is an exciting endless runner game in which you travelthroughthe universe! Collect coins, gather science points andupgrade yourspace capsule to get safe through comet storms anddebris. Float'ssimple and understandable gameplay is the perfectgame for shorttravel times and breaks.
Star Chart Infinite
Used by over 30 million people world-wide, Star Chart providesamagical star gazing experience like no other.*****Thispremiumversion of the best selling astronomy and star gazing appincludesall the in-app upgrades from Star Chart in one neatpackage!You cannow have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Lookthrough theeyes of your Android device to see a virtual window intothe wholevisible universe.All you have to do is point your Androiddeviceºat the sky and Star Chart Infinite will tell you exactlywhat youare looking at.Using state of the art GPS technology, anaccurate3D universe, and all of the latest high tech functionality,StarChart Infinite calculates – in real time - the current locationofevery star and planet visible from Earth and shows youpreciselywhere they are; even in broad daylight!Want to know whatthatbright star is called? Point your device at it – you mightjustfind out it’s a planet!Want to know what the night sky looksliketo people on the other side of the earth? Well just pointyourdevice down!Want to know where your star sign is in the sky?StarChart Infinite will tell you all this and more.Star ChartInfiniteincludes:- Just point and view. No need to scroll aroundthe screento find out what you are looking at. *- Displays all theplanets ofthe solar system, plus the sun and the moon. - All88constellations, with constellation imagery based on thebeautifulartwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.-Accuratelydepicts all the visible stars of the northern andsouthernhemispheres - a total of over 125,000 stars!- IncludesCharlesMessier's entire catalogue of 110 exotic deep skyobjects.-Includes the time and location of all the major meteorshowers-Includes the position of all the major satellites ofEarthincluding Hubble & the ISS- Includes a set of extendedsolarsystem objects made up of moons, dwarf planets andlargeasteroids.- Tap on anything in the sky and get the facts onwhatyou are looking at, including distance and brightness.-Verypowerful zoom function, lets you view the sky in extradetail,using intuitive finger gestures.- Fully configurable. StarChartInfinite displays only the sky objects that you are interestedin.-Manually set your location to find out what the sky looks likefromanywhere in the world.So point your Android device at the skyandsee what's out there!------------ Star Chart Infinite ispublishedby Escape Velocity Ltd and developed by Escapist GamesLtd. Weupdate Star Chart regularly, so please send us your feedbackandfeature requests to And thanks forallyour feedback so far! Like us Follow Star Chart onTwitter:StarChartAppFor help with Star Chart please visit ourºAugmentedReality (AR) mode requires a built-in compass.* Star Chartrequiresinternet access when accessing our support page.
DSO Planner Pro (Astronomy)
DSO Planner is an astronomy observation planning tool withexcellentstar charting capabilities made by active and experiencedamateurobservers with a passion for visual observations. It haslargeintegrated deep sky objects databases and provides anopportunity tocreate any number of user own object databases. DSOPlanner boaststhe largest star catalog among all Android astronomyapplications(USNO UCAC4, 113 mn stars). The application excels atcreatingobservation plans on the fly, has powerful note takingcapabilities,PushTo and GoTo support and night (red) mode.Beforeinstallationplease make sure that you have at least 2 GB of freespace on yourinternal SD card to download application databases!(Note: due toGoogle Play rules this data cannot be moved to yourexternal SD card- you must have 2 GB free on your internal SDcard!)+ Star catalogs.USNO UCAC4 (full star coverage to 16m, 113mn stars), Tycho-2 (2.5mn stars), Yale bright star catalog (9 000stars)+ Deep skycatalogs. NgcIc (12 000 objects including Messier,Caldwell andHerschel 400 objects), SAC (Saguaro Astronomy Clubdatabase, 10 000objects), UGC (13 000 objects), Lynds dark andbright nebula (3 000objects), Barnard dark nebula (350 objects),SH2 (300 objects), PK(1 500 planetary nebula), Abell cluster ofgalaxies (2 700 objects),Hickson Compact Group (100 objects), PGC(1 600 000 galaxies)+Double Star catalog. Brightest Double Stars(2 300 stars),Washington Double Star Catalog (120 000 stars),double stars fromYale catalog. Info Panel with PA and separationfor each component.+Comet support. Orbital elements of around 700observable cometscould be automatically updated via internet+Minor planet support.Database of 10 000 brightest minor planets+Famous Steve GottliebNotes attached to NGCIC objects+ Customcatalogs. Unlimitedcapability to create fully searchable owncatalogs+ Cross-matchnames database. Search objects by less commonnames+ DSS imagerysupport. Download DSS images of any sky portioninto offline cacheand overlay it on the star chart+ Offlineimages. Integrated set ofimages of most NgcIc objects, opportunityto add own images whencreating custom catalogs+ Nebula contours.Contours of famousnebulae+ Object contours. Ellipse in realdimension and orientation+Night mode. Fully red screen with redkeyboard and menus+ PushTo fordobsonian mounts with settingcircles. Level your dobsonian mountand perform one star alignment.The app will automaticallyrecalculate az/alt numbers to easilyhunt the object+ GoTo for Meadeand Celestron controllers withbluetooth dongle+ Unique visibilitytool. Only objects that arevisible with selected equipment in thecurrent sky conditions couldbe shown on the Star Chart (for objectsfrom NGCIC/SAC/PGCcatalogs)+ Planning tool. Filter any objectsdatabase by observerlocation, sky condition, astronomicalequipment, time range ofobservation and object features (type,dimension, magnitude,minimal altitude, visibility and other fieldsof own customcatalogs). Remove duplicate objects when searching inintersectingdatabases. Create up to 4 observation lists. Easilytrack observedand remaining to be observed objects with note takingtool+ Importtool. Import observation lists in Sky Safari and SkyTools format.Use pre-compiled Night Sky Observer Guide observationlists.+ Notetaking. Take text and/or audio notes+ Observing places.GPS, manualcoordinates, custom lists. Database with 24 000 citiesworldwide+Equipment. Keep track of all your telescopes andeyepieces. Usethem for object visibility calculation and starcharting. Use 500popular eyepieces database+ Twilight calculator.Calculation of thefull darkness for a current night and for a monthahead.+ 2 visualthemes (bright and dark)+ Powerfulshare/export/import capabilities(of databases, observation lists,notes)Disclaimer