Top 49 Apps Similar to CSR Asia Summit 2018

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO Pro
ES Global
ES File Explorer (File Manager) PRO version will continue toprovideyou high quality and good service as alwaysWith ES FileExplorer(File Manager) PRO version you can:√ Remove Ad an Ad freeversion√More to customize updated color panel and more startpageoptions√More to expect ES File Explorer (File Manager) teamwillkeep improving the app and strive to keep it the #1 mostpowerfulfile manager for android. √more theme options FollowingGooglematerial design and more theme options coming soonWith ES,you canaccess your FTP server, Wi-Fi file transfer, Bluetoothfiletransfer and connect your chromecast device easily.Highlightsof ESFile Explorer (File Manager) PRO:★ File Manager: Easily listanykind of file, libraries for all Music, Picture, and Videofiles.Connect file on PC, Mac, Linux Server, Phone, Tablet, Clouds★ FileTransfer: Transfer file from PC to Mobile, Mobile to Mobile,Mobileto PC★ Cloud Management: ES supports Dropbox,,Sugarsync,Google Drive, OneDrive-SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex andmany otherclouds platforms.★ SD card analyst: with ES you cananalyze your SDcard usage and manage files as needed according totheresultsFeatures and Benefits of ES File Explorer(FileManager):►File Manager: Access to your Phone SD card, ExternalSDcard and Phone Internal Storage, Manage your files just like youdoon your desktop or laptop using Multiple Select,Cut/Copy/Paste,Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send,Hide, CreateShortcut, and Bookmark ►App Manager: Categorize,uninstall, backup, create shortcuts to your apps and delete APKfiles►Remote FileManager: When this feature is enabled, you canmanage files on yourphone from your PC, tablet, Mac, LinuxServer►Archive manager:Allows you to compress and decompress ZIPfiles, unpack RAR files,7z files, and create encrypted (AES 256bit) ZIP files►Built-inviewers and players for various file types:Including photos,music, and videos; supports third-partyapplications such as QuickOffice for efficient and betterproductivity►Shows thumbnails: ForAPKs and images►Text viewers andeditors►Access your home PC:Through your smartphone via WiFi withSMB►Functions as an FTP andWebDAV client: Manage files on FTP,FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV serversjust like you manage files on your SDcard►Bluetooth file browser:You can copy and paste files betweenBluetooth-ready devices. ESFile Explorer (File Manager) supportsOBEX FTP for browsing devicesand transferring files betweenBluetooth devices►Kill tasks with asingle click, increase memoryand speed up your device: Includes asimple widget that stays onyour home screen to let you know yourcurrent RAM status andautomatically kill tasks, with an ignorelist for the applicationsyou want to keep running. The TaskManager module is required forthis feature.►Cache Cleaner andAuto-start Manager: Delete junkfiles that take up valuable storagespace. The Task Manager moduleis required for this feature.►RootExplorer: The ultimate set offile management tools for root users.Provides access to the entirefile system and all data directories,and allows the user to changepermissions.►Supports MultipleLanguages: English, Russian,Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish,German, Italian, Czech,Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan,Turkish, Lithuanian,Portuguese and many more...AdditionalInformation: 1. Please contactus by email: [email protected];2. find us on Facebook at:,3.find us on Google+ at: For videos about ESFile Explorer onYouTube, visit:
The Orbi App from NETGEAR makes it easy to set up and get morefromyour Orbi WiFi system. You can quickly install your WiFi injust afew steps. A dashboard provides easy access to additionalappfeatures: • Remote Management. Manage your router andconnecteddevices from anywhere with Internet access • Network Map.Easilyview the status of your Orbi router and satellites • SmartParentalControls. Manage content & time online with Circle®withDisney. • Internet Speed Check. Test the broadband speeds fromyourservice provider. • Pause Internet. Pause the Internet onanyconnected device. • Traffic Meter. Supervise Internet trafficusageby day, week, month, and more • Guest Network. Set up a guestWiFinetwork to keep your main network private and secure • andmore!For more information about your Orbi WiFi System,visit
HotSchedules 4.96.0-1233
​HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee schedulingappbecause it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage yourscheduleand communicate with your team. Team members love itbecause theycan swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click.Work-lifebalance is easily managed with automatic shift pick upswhen youwant more hours and time off requests for when you don’t.Calendarsync and notifications keep your Schedules and therosterautomatically updated to your phone with anymanager-approvedchanges. Managers appreciate the 75% time savingswhen buildingschedules and one-click approvals for shift changes.The ability tomonitor business performance with sales and laborsnapshots fromanywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And mostimportantly,staying connected with broadcast and one-to-onemessaging makes fora happy and productive team culture. NOTE: TheHotSchedulesapplication REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user accountthrough youremployer. Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365
Planning Center Services
You must already have an account with Planning Center to usethisapp. To sign up for an account subscription, haveyourorganization's administrator go to Center Services: ====== Planning Center Services isanonline scheduling and worship planning application to keepyourstaff and volunteers connected. With our native Android app,youget an optimized Planning Center Services experience whereveryouare! You can manage your schedule, accept or declinerequests,blockout dates, or upload your profile picture. Musicianscan usethe built-in media player or attachments section to accessandrehearse their music. Schedulers can add users to schedules,checkfor conflicts, and email their teams at any time. Easily addto,reorder, and edit your plans. Plan pages and your personalschedulewill live update to show you the latest information.
Xfinity xFi
The Xfinity xFi app will change the way you WiFi with a wholenewway to personalize and control your home network. With xFi, youcanset up your home WiFi and be online in minutes, find yourWiFipassword, know who’s online, troubleshoot issues, and evenpauseWiFi access during dinner time. Xfinity xFi is available toXfinityInternet customers with a compatible Xfinity Gateway. KeyFeatures:• Simple, easy setup of your Xfinity Internet service andhome WiFi– no Comcast technician required. • View and change yourWiFi nameand password. • See what devices are connected to yourhome networkand give them nicknames for easy reference. • Createprofiles soyou can assign devices to your family members. • Setparentalcontrols and bedtime schedules so your kids see the rightcontentand sleep when they should. • Pause WiFi access for anydevice orprofile. • Troubleshoot issues on your own without callingcustomerservice. • Manage advanced network settings to customizeyour homenetwork. • Add xFi Pods to help eliminate deadspots formoreconsistent, reliable WiFi coverage throughout yourhome.Requirements: • Xfinity Internet subscription with an xFiWirelessGateway or xFi Advanced Gateway • Xfinity username andpassword GetHelp Signing In: • Create an Xfinity username • Look up your existing • Reset your​
Nighthawk (formerly Up)
The Nighthawk App (formerly NETGEAR Up app) makes it easy to setupand get more from your WiFi. You can quickly install your WiFiinjust a few steps. A dashboard provides easy access toadditionalkey app features: • Remote Management. Manage your routerandconnected devices from anywhere with Internet access. •SmartParental Controls. Easily manage content & time onlinewithCircle® with Disney. • Internet Speed Check. Test thebroadbandspeeds from your service provider. • Pause Internet. PausetheInternet on any connected device. • Traffic Meter.SuperviseInternet traffic usage by day, week, month, and more •GuestNetwork. Set up a guest WiFi network to keep your mainnetworkprivate and secure • and more! For more information aboutyourrouter, visit
Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed toreducebusywork, bring your files together in one central place,andsafely sync them across all your devices—so you can accessthemanytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even topeoplewho don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the docscanner,shared folders, offline access, and more, makecollaborating withothers’ simple.Features: • Work on files withothers through sharedfolders • Use the document scanner to turnreceipts, whiteboards,and notes into PDFs • Comment on files toshare feedback with yourteam • Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel,and PowerPoint filesWe'dlove to hear from you! Join the Dropboxcommunity:www.dropboxforum.comTerms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Microsoft Outlook 2.2.260
Meet Outlook for Android, the app that helps millions ofusersconnect all their email accounts, calendars and files inoneconvenient spot. Newly redesigned, Outlook for Android lets youdomore from one powerful inbox. See what matters most first withtheFocused inbox that keeps the important messages on top.Switchbetween your emails and calendar to schedule your nextmeeting orshare your availability with just a few taps. Or grab adocumentfrom your Files list and attach it to an email seamlessly.Witheverything you need only a tap away, managing your busy days isnoweasier than ever. Outlook for Android works withMicrosoftExchange, Office 365,, Gmail and YahooMail.------------------------------ Here’s what you’ll loveaboutOutlook for Android: • Seamless inbox management with afocusedinbox that displays your most important messages first,swipegestures and smart filters. • Easy access to calendar andfilesright from your inbox. • Features to work on the go, likeWord,Excel and PowerPoint integrations.
Your Hour - phone addiction tracker and controller 1.6.93
Mindefy Labs
At times, do you feel that you are getting more & moreaddictedto your smartphone and not able to stay FOCUSED? You wakeup withyour phone by your side and sleep with it next to you.Probably,your phone is your companion throughout the day at alltimes. Butis this PHONE ADDICTION affecting your personal &professionallife lately? Are there some Apps which take toll ofyour productivetime & you feel like losing Control? Then wehave got a SmartDigital Solution to your problem of mobileaddiction! Your Hour appgives you a variety of fun anduser-friendly features that can helpyou track and manage your phoneusage and also know the Category ofPhone Addict that you are! Keyfeatures of the Your Hour App: ★ TheDashboard: Your gateway to yourday! The dashboard of YourHourprovides you all the essentialinformation you need to know aboutyour day long phone usage. Theapp keeps a track on your "TotalScreen ON Time" & "Total PhoneUnlock Count" and thereby, givesa comparative infograph of yourpast 7-day activity. You can evenset a maximum Overall Usage Time& Unlock Counts and once youreach nearby this limit thedashboard changes color. Also, Mr. Slowawaits for you on thisboard! ★ The Goal Spots: Know Your Level ofAddiction! Using thedata of your phone usage for past 7 days,YourHour app defines theCategory of Phone Addict that youcurrently are from the listed fivecategories vis-a-vis Craver,Habitual, Dependent, Obsessed andAddicted. ★ The "Clock Timer":See your time slip by! Your Hour appcomes with a Floating "ClockTimer" which is one of our helpers toget you out of youraddiction. It appears on all your apps so thatyou can see foryourself the time slipping by. Henceforth, everytime you launchthe app, we show you a nicely designed ticking"Clock Timer" nextto it. You are free to drag and drop it whereveryou want. You canenable or disable it from apps. And it would evenchange color fromGreen to Amber to Red, as you reach near your SetUsage Limit. Wedon't block your app notifications or calls likeother apps becausewe want YOU to be the best judge of YOUR time. Sowe keep you awareat every possible juncture. ★ Tap That App: Justtap it! Here youcan see the apps that you have been using all theday long &the time you’ve spent on them, out of your Set UsageLimit. Tap theapp to view the App’s Lifeline. Here you can alsocustomise yourusage limit on individual apps in Set the Limitoption. ★ What’sBeen Cooking: Your Phone’s Daily Routine! TheTimeline is asequential diary of *What's Been Cooking* the wholeday round. Itgoes on recording the time you launched an app, thetime you spentthere, the apps you switched over, etc. In short, itis the *WHAT,WHEN and HOW MUCH* of all your apps. However, if youremain fixedto your goal, and keep that screen away for more than10 minutes,that time will be your *HAPPY TIME*! ★ The Reports: WeRemind you!Your Hour app provides its users Daily and Weekly reportcards fortheir app usage. The Daily usage report reviews the usageonindividual apps, with app run-time and app launch count foreachapp separately through a consolidated report notificationshowingthe Top 5 Most Used Apps of the Day. The Weekly usage reportwillsummarize the last 7 days phone usage & unlock count foryou.The user can also see how much time he has spent on individualapps& launch count for each day throughout the week. ★ TheWidget:Your Hour On Screen! YourHour also provides the user toplace theapp’s widget on the home screen so that the user can viewtheirusage time, unlock count & set target limit without havingtolaunch the app or even unlock their phone! We would love tohearfrom you about the features you like the most & otherfeaturesyou want in the future. Your suggestions mean a lot coz wearestriving hard to make you live A Healthy Digital Life! StaySmart& Stay Healthy!
MyCamu - Students & Parents 3.36
[IMPORTANT NOTE: This app is meant for the parents/studentsofInstitutes that use Camu platform. If you are not sure, pleasegetin touch with your educational Institute.] MyCamu appprovidesmobile access to the student & parent portal of Camuplatform -some of the features mentioned below. 1. AttendanceNotifications2. Access to Timetable 3. Reminders 4. Assignments 5.OnlineAssessments 6. Exam Schedules 7. Exam Results and Reportcards 8.Billing and payment and more.. If you need any support orhave anissue, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator
The world’s No. 1 mobile document scanning and sharing app!*Installed on over 350 million devices in over 200 countriesaroundthe world * Over 100,000 new registrations per day *CamScanner, 50Best Apps, 2013 Edition – TIME * Top Developer –Google Play Store* “The application employs its own image croppingand enhancingalgorithm that leads to clearer images.” – *“CamScanner may just be the best deal for scanningdocuments onyour phone.” – CamScanner helps you scan,store, sync andcollaborate on various contents across smartphones,iPads, tabletsand computers. Features: *Quickly Digitize DocumentJust use yourphone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paperdocuments:receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions,business cards,certificates, etc. *Optimize Scan Quality Smartcropping and autoenhancing ensures the texts and graphics inscanned documents areclear and sharp with premium colors andresolutions. *Extract Textsfrom Image OCR (optical characterrecognition) feature recognizestexts in document images and extractthem from images for latersearching, editing or sharing. (Premiumonly) *Share PDF/JPEG FilesEasily share documents in PDF or JPEGformat with friends viavarious ways: post on social media, sendattachment or documentdownload link through email. *AirPrint &Fax DocumentsInstantly print out any documents in CamScanner withnearby printervia AirPrint; directly select document and fax toover 30 countriesfrom the app. *Advanced Document Editing Makeannotations ondocuments with a full set of editing tools. Alsoadding customizedwatermarks are made available to mark your owndocuments. *QuickSearch When you have plenty of documents, you canuse Tags tocategorize and easily find them. In addition, OCR forSearch helpsyou find texts inside image and notes. Just enter onekeyword, youcan quickly find the document you want. (Registrantsonly) *SecureImportant Documents If you want to protectconfidential contents,you can set passcode for viewing importantdocuments; also, whilesending document download link, you can setpassword to protectothers from seeing it. *Sync across PlatformsSign up to syncdocuments on the go. Just sign in to any smartphone,tablet orcomputer (visit ) and you can view,edit andshare any document. (Registrants only) PremiumSubscriptionService: 1. Edit OCR results and export as txt file 2.Batchdownload PDF files in web app 3. Share secured documentdownlinkwith others 4. Add extra 40 to the maximum number ofcollaborators5. Add 10G cloud space 6. Everything benefitregistrants enjoys 7.Everything paid app offers Payment models forPremium subscription:-$ 4.99/month -$ 49.99/year Please note thesubscription isautomatically renewed at the end of the periodunless you choose tocancel the subscription. CamScanner users scanand manage * Bill,Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card… *Whiteboard, Memo,Script, Letter… * Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book,Article… *Credential, Certificate, Identity Documents… 3rd PartyCloudStorage Services Supported:, Google Drive,Evernote,Dropbox, The free version is an ad-supported version andscanneddocuments are generated are with watermark, plus a limit of30pages of adding annotations; Uploading to Evernote/OneDrive isonlyavailable for 7 days; Invite 10 collaborators per document atmost.Permission Overview: 1. Storage: CamScanner needs permissiontostore docs in your phone. 2. Camera: CamScanner needs permissiontouse camera to scan docs. 3. Phone: In order to bindPremiummembership to your device or to ensure normal use withoutlogin,CamScanner needs to get your device ID. Check out otherINTSIG’sproducts: CamCard - Business Card Reader We’d love to hearyourfeedback: [email protected] Follow us on Twitter:@CamScannerLike us on Facebook: CamScanner Follow us on Google+:CamScanner
HP Smart (Printer Remote) 6.0.119
HP Inc.
Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere!HPSmart makes printing easier than ever and puts the tools youneedin the palm of yourhand:·         Set up andmanageyour HP printer directly from theapp·         Viewprinterstatus and send prints on thego·         Print, copy,scanand share documents and images directly from your mobiledevice·         Use yourmobiledevice’s camera to create high-quality scans,thenpreview/edit/save them as PDFs andJPEGs·         Ordersuppliesand get support straight from the app HP Smart is formerlyknown asHP All-in-One Printer Remote. For a full list ofsupportedprinters,visit: HPSmart functionality requires you to have either internetorcellular service.
L'Bel Conmigo 1.2.4
If you're a beauty consultant LBel (CR, MX, PA and PR) this appwillallow you to manage your business from the palm of your hand,at anytime and place.
Můj T-Mobile Business 3.1.13
Můj T-Mobile Business is primarily used for managing accountsofT-Mobile business customers with a framework contract.Forcustomers without a framework contract we introduced anewapplication Můj T-Mobile application. At the moment,customerswithout a framework contract have the option to use MyT-Mobile andMy T-Mobile Business simultaneously. In Můj T-Mobileyou will seehow much data you have left and you top up with oneclick. You willsafely pay your bill or recharge your credit. Everymonth you cancompete for great prizes. And don‘t worry, theapplication is freeand doesn‘t use your data, even abroad. Newversion brings a wholenew design, adjusted also for latestsmartphones. Switching usersdirectly in a quick overview so you canmanage all your numbersquickly and easily. You can also name allyour numbers. Here aresome other features: - Better work in theBilling section anddirect download of invoice in PDF - For Twistcustomers info on therecharge bonus directly in a quick overview -Actual spending and VAT - Smart widgets includingActual spending
Abu Dhabi Police 3.2.3
Abu Dhabi Police application provides services for the publicuserscontaining: - Traffic profile - Traffic tickets - Reservedplates -Registered plates - Traffic updates - Police stationlocations -Emergency calls - Abu Dhabi police news - Contact socialpolice -And other helpful functions
Toggl: Work Hours & Timesheet Time Tracker 1.7.1
Toggl tries to answer one simple question: Do you know how muchyourtime is worth? With this simple time tracking app you'll beable tostart tracking and managing your work hours with just oneclick -really, filling timesheets has never been closer to fun.See whereare you spending your work hours on and use that data togo throughyour timesheet and break down your hours by projects,clients andtasks - find out what’s making you money, and what’sholding youback. We also have you covered across all of yourdevices! Starttracking your hours in a browser, then stop it lateron your phone -all of your tracked time is safely synced betweenyour phone,desktop, web & a browser extension (if you wantmore of apomodoro timer experience). Toggl's time-saving features:◼ ReportsSee how you spend your time with daily, weekly or monthlyreportsand graphs. Look them in the app or export them to sendthat data toyour clients (or to analyze it further with throughbusinessintelligence and see to where your hours are going). ◼SuggestionsBased on your habits and previous time entries, the appwill giveyou suggestions of what you could track. It gets smarterthe moreyou use it! ◼ Shortcuts By using @ and #, you can quicklyaddprojects and tags to customize your time entries and get backtowork right away! ◼ Customize your time entries withprojects,clients and tags Organize and add more details to yourtime entriesby adding projects, clients and tags. Clearly see whereyour workhours go and adjust your precious time & routinesaccordingly.◼ Manual Mode Want more control? Add and edit all ofyour timemanually and make sure that every second of your time isaccountedfor. This feature is optional and it's accessible from theSettingsmenu. ◼ Sync As mentioned, your time is safe with us -phone,desktop or web, your time is seamlessly synced and keptbetween allof your devices. ◽But what if I'm offline? No problem!You canstill track your time through the app, and once you're backonline,it will sync with your account (and the rest of yourdevices) -your time (and money!) is not going anywhere. ◽Is the appfree?Yes, Toggl app is completely free for you to use. Not onlythat,there are no ads at all - ever! ◽Can I send you some feedback?Youbetcha (and we'd love to hear from you)! You can send usfeedbackdirectly from the app - look for the 'Submit Feedback' intheSettings menu. Alternatively, you can contact our [email protected] Yep, that's Toggl - a time tracking appsosimple that you'll actually use it and get stuff done! Seewhereyour time goes, focus on important tasks and boostyourproductivity. Whether you are at an office, in commute, stuckon aspace mission to Mars or just want to see how much timeyou'rewasting on projects that aren't bringing you money - trackyourtime anywhere you go. The all-new Toggl for Android: yournewpocket-sized time tracking assistant!
SoCatch 1.9.20180824
SoCatch is a new version of iWatch DVR which is a H.264+H.265DVRremote viewer. It can be viewed in non-landscape or landscapemodeafter filling in IP, port, username, and password. Features: -Liveview - Time search and play - Event search and play - PTZcontrol -Relay control - Backup files to device - Zoom View
Okta Verify 4.4.0
Okta Inc.
Okta Verify generates a one time pass-code used for signingintoOkta when extra verification is required.
SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables screens,windows,and data to be shared easily. Share between a PC and aGalaxysmartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone.Youcansee exactly the same screen displayed on your smartphone ortableton the other device. Then drag and drop files, type textmessageson your keyboard, and much more.■ Instructions1. InstallSideSyncon your PC and your Android device.- PC: SideSync ispre-installed( Run the softwareon your PCand your Android device.3. Connect your Android device toyour PCwith a USB cable or connect the devices to the sameWi-Finetwork.4. If you previously used SideSync with your PC anddeviceconnected to the same Wi-Fi network, SideSync willautomaticallyreconnect using the same settings for addedconvenience.*) Pleaserefer to SideSync Help for more details.■Features1. Mobile PhoneScreen Sharing- You can use Screen Sharingto mirror the screen ofyour Samsung Android device on your PCscreen. You can also controlyour Android device from your PC.-Easily navigate to the desiredscreen by using Favourites on theDashboard.2. Keyboard & MouseSharing- In Keyboard & MouseSharing Mode, you can use yourAndroid device as your PC monitor andcontrol the device easilyusing the PC's keyboard and mouse. Tryusing your device and PC atthe same time.3. Helpful Features- Youcan receive your device'snotifications on the Dashboard inreal-time.- You can easily shareURL(Note 2, S3, S4)s betweentdevice using the Internet sharingfeature, and open them on your PCor your device.- You canseamlessly transfer music or video playbackfrom your device toyour PC.■ Supported PCs- All PCs (OS: WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)■Supported Android Devices- All Samsung Androiddevices with asupported OS (Galaxy smartphones, tablets)· SupportedAndroid OS:KitKat and above■ Supported Models- Mobile phonesrunning AndroidKitKat or higher, and are model S3 or later(excluding some modelsin certain regions) are supported. Somefeatures may be unavailabledepending on the device.- Tabletsrunning Android KitKat or highercan be connected to a mobile phone.Connecting tablets to a PC issupported from Android Lollipoponward.■ Restrictions- Somefeatures may not function properly onthe Note 2 NE6 version.Please upgrade your device to the latestversion before usingSideSync. You can check your device's softwareversion by checkingthe last 3 digits of the build number inSettings > More >About device.- Drag & drop file movingis not supported formodels released prior to Galaxy Note 3 (Note 2,S3, S4).- Certainfeatures, such as the smart phone's NFC andsensors, may notfunction identically on mirrored tablets or PCs.■PermissionsThefollowing permissions are required to use SideSync.You can useSideSync without allowing optionalpermission.[Requiredpermissions]- Phone : Read phone status throughCall forwarding-Microphone : Directly call through Call forwarding-Contacts : Findaccounts on the device during Call forwarding- SMS :Read and sendtext messages- Storage : Read and send thecontents[Optionalpermission]- Camera : Scan QR code
TruGreen 2.2.0
TruGreen LLC
Manage all your lawn care needs on the go with the TruGreenmobileapp. You’ll be able to access, update, and provide feedbackon allof your TruGreen lawn services in one convenient place – nomorephone calls needed! Real-time notifications will keep youinformedof your specialist’s ETA before they arrive, and theirprogressafter the visit. To sign up, you’ll need your TruGreenaccountnumber from a previous bill or email communication. Accountsummary• View your lawn programs • Access account history, servicedates,and tickets • Provide feedback on the visit • Getnotifications onyour specialist’s progress & track their ETAAdd a service •Browse and purchase services to complement yourcurrent plan(s)Billing • Add a new credit card or ACH account • Payyour bills •Sign up for EasyPay or PrePay billing and save • Viewpast paymentsUpdate Your Profile • Update your preferred emailaddress and phonenumbers • Manage communication preferences –switch to email ortext service notifications • View PDFs ofdocuments regarding yourTruGreen services Contact us • Call or chatto get support from arepresentative
OnShift Mobile 156.0
OnShift Inc
The OnShift Mobile app has a whole new look! We've streamlinedthedesign to make it easier than ever for employees to managetheirschedules and help schedulers log call-offs on-the-go.OnShiftCustomers: Manage your schedule anytime, anywhere withOnShift’seasy-to-use mobile app. Employees: Access and manage yourscheduleanytime. * View your schedule anytime, anywhere * Receiveand replyto messages & open shift notifications * Requestshifts,fill-ins & time off * Set communication preferences *Viewreward and performance history (OnShift Engage CustomersOnly)Schedulers: Quickly manage call-offs on-the-go! * Remove andlogcalled-off employees * Send messages to available andqualifiedstaff * Contact staff members directly using the app’sEmployeeDirectory NOTE: The OnShift mobile app is available to allOnShiftcustomers. Please contact [email protected] with anyquestions.
Scrum Poker Cards (Agile) 2.6.2
Poker planning is a powerful tool, to make faster and moreaccurateestimations and most important of all, to make it fun! Thisapp(among several other apps) can be used in scrum pokerplanningsessions anywhere. Meeting rooms, living rooms, kitchens,trains,ships, under water, outer space, etc. It includes thenumberedcards along with infinity and the coffee cup card. Withthebuilt-in Scrum Baseline, you may always have a baseline foryourstories ready at your fingertips for your future votingsessions.Features: * Built-in card decks: *** Standard *** T-Shirt***Fibonacci *** Risk Poker Planning * Simple, fast and naturaldesign* Customisable card colors * Shake to reveal * Baselines*Beautiful animations * Keeps the screen on when cards areondisplay * Supports high-end as well as low-end phones * Madewith10% more love than the next leading brand Note: It isstronglysuggested not to use this app while riding a bike ordriving amotorized vehicle! Your rates and comments are appreciated:) Thankyou for your feedback. We value every piece of feedback wereceive.We may not respond individually to everyone, but we willuse yourcomments as we strive to improve your experience. ^_^ Thankyou allfor making this the #1 app for Scrum Poker planning ^_^FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQ): Q - How often do we receiveupdates with newfeatures/improvements? A - Almost once every month(or two). Unlessa new feature takes way more time to be ready. Q -Why once a month(or two)? A - Making updates requires time andresource (money). Wesave up money every month or two and spend itall for you, in onehour (or two), so you can be more productiveduring your meetings.Q - Why do you show Ads? A - To be able togenerate revenue(money), and spend it all in a day or to, toimprove the app foryou, in best possible way. Q - Can I hide theAds? A - Yes!Although we wouldn't recommend it. You can head overto theSettings page and uncheck the item for showing the ads. Q - Ihidthe Ads two days ago, but they are shown again. Why? A -InSettings page, you can choose to hide the ads temporarily. Q -CanI pay for the app, to have it without the Ads? A - Yes, as soonaswe have it ready for you, you can use in-app purchase todisablethe ads. Q - What about custom card decks? A - We will makeithappen for you Q - Can we request new features or improvementsorreport bugs or even talk to you for any other reason? A - Yes!Youcan! Our email is here at the bottom of the page. We would lovetokeep hearing from you.
Steroid Launcher
Unleash the power of Steroid - A must have multi utility,in-builtapp integration launcher that removes the hassle ofdownloadingmultiple apps. A simple right swipe of the home screenlets you -access Trending News, Games, Videos, Music, Deals, liveCricketscores and much more.Some of the standout featuresare:Around(Right swipe on home screen): • Trending Videos and Music•Breaking News • Instant Games (no need to download) • LiveCricketscores • Latest Deals • Personalized News in "My News"section •Train ticket PNR and Train Running status • Mobile, DTHand DataCards recharge • Flight TicketsAndroid Nougat styled AppDrawer •Simple swipe up from bottom, opens the AppDrawerCustomizationoptions • Icon size and home screen layoutcustomization • Dockcustomization • Google search bar style • AppLock •GesturesControl Pad (for easy one-handed access to allimportantshortcuts): • Long press on the home screen to see ControlPad •Easy access to all shortcuts in control panel such as, Wifi,Mobiledata, Flight Mode, Bluetooth etc. • Music controls • Oneclickaccess to Tools such as Torch, Clock, Calendar etc.
BlackBerry Launcher
If you don't have a BlackBerry device: You can use this app onyourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, youcancontinue using the app for free, with some ads. To remove adsandunlock access to more apps, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ fromtheapp. BlackBerry Launcher requires BlackBerry Hub+ Services App.Ifyou have a BlackBerry device: BlackBerry smartphones poweredbyAndroid get the app for free. Turn multi-step actions likesendingan email or calling a friend into a one-click task.BlackBerryLauncher lets you organize apps, widgets and shortcutsoncustomized home screen panels for instant access. •BlackBerry®Pop-Up Widgets allow you to view any application widgetby simplyswiping up or down across the icon on your home screen,giving youfast access to the information you need, when you need it• Addshortcuts to the home screen to make adding contacts, notes,tasks,and calendar events quick and easy • Create custom shortcutsforSpeed Dial, Google Maps Directions, Drive Scan and more •UseBluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless network toggle shortcuts toconservebattery and data usage • Customize the look and feel ofyour deviceusing custom icon packs, wallpapers, and ringtones •Change thegrid layout of your home screen panels • Hide individualapps fromthe home screen and the all apps screen • Use appshortcuts fromyour home screen (Android 7.1 and later) • Fullysupports Androidfor Work deployment • Part of BlackBerry Hub+
Movie ratings for Netflix - Flutter 0.3.6
Flutter is a smart app that helps you decide what to watchonNetflix and Prime Video! It shows movie ratings on yourscreenmaking sure that you don't even have to search for it.It'scompletely ad-free and promotion-free. Accessibilityservicesdisclaimer This app uses Accessibility services. Flutterusesaccessibility services to retrieve and read the window contenttoobtain name of the movies when you're using supportedstreamingapps. Once the title is obtained, the app will show itsIMDb ratingon your screen. What does Flutter do? Some of the videostreamingapps do not show you ratings of the title that you want tosee, beit a movie, a documentary or a TV show. The change inNetflixrating system caused an uproar in the online community. Whenyouwant to find out if a movie is good or bad before watching itonyour streaming services, you would probably search it on GoogleorImdb to find the ratings and reviews. Flutter makes yourlifeeasier by showing you the movie ratings directly on yourscreenwithout typing a single letter. Flutter also offers a supportforText to speech and speaks out the movie rating which is veryusefulfor someone with disabilities. Is that all Flutter does? Thatisthe primary functionality of the app. But it has much moretooffer. Flutter provides an in-built search to find new movies,TVshows to watch. You can create your own collections based onyourpersonal choices, browse your history and keep a list ofeverythingthat you like. Keep up with the latest version to get thenewfeatures. How does Flutter work? Flutter is smart andlightweight(just over 2MB in size). It uses Android's accessibilityfeature toget movie names from streaming apps. It looks up themovie on theinternet, gets basic details and accurate ratings, andshows youthe ratings on your phone instantly without any hassles.Wheneveryou open a page of a movie or a TV show, you'll see theratings onthe bottom-right side of your screen. This movie ratingapp doesn'task for your contacts or personal details, bother youwith pushnotifications. It’s active only when you're browsing thecontent onvideo streaming apps and it will sleep peacefully therest of thetime to save as much battery as possible. How to make itwork?Flutter is brilliant but you're in charge! You need toenableFlutter's accessibility in Accessibility settings on yourphone.But there's an easier way. Open the app, click the button anditwill open up settings for you. Enable it. Sit back, relax andenjoywatching your movies! Apps that Flutter supports? - Netflix,PrimeVideo and Google Play Movies & TV for the worldwideaudience. -BBC iPlayer for UK users. - Hotstar, Jio TV and JioCinema for ourIndian users. - Support for other popular streamingapps comingsoon! What’s the future of Flutter? - Support forAndroid TV! -Support for more streaming apps - so that whatever youuse, Flutterwill be there to help you out with movie ratings! - Wewant Flutterto be your go-to pal for anything related to movies,documentariesand TV shows from ratings to recommendations.Concerns? Fluttermight not have accurate ratings for recentlyreleased movies and tvshows. The app does not support all thelanguages so it may notshow ratings for some of the titles. Flutteris not endorsed by oraffiliated with, or anyother streamingwebsites. For any concerns, queries, or feedback,write to us [email protected]
MeisterTask: Task and Project Management for Teams 1.9.4
MeisterTask lets you create visual, Kanban-style projectboards,invite your team members and collaborate with them inreal-time.The dashboard offers a quick overview of all your activeprojects,open tasks and notifications from your team members.MeisterTask’sproject boards are completely customizable, so you canadapt themto perfectly fit your team’s needs. Section actions letyouautomate your workflow to ensure you work consistently and getmoredone together. MeisterTask for Android is the free companionapp toMeisterTask’s online version and ensures you stay on top ofyourto-dos no matter where you are! FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: - Createanunlimited number of projects and invite others to collaboratewithyou - Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks -Notificationskeep you up to date on what’s happening in your team -Real-timecommunication across all devices - Activity stream inprojects andtasks - Commenting and liking on tasks - Time trackingwitheditable time slips PRO FEATURES: - Create project groups -Uploadcustom background images for dashboard and projects -Automate yourworkflow with Section Actions - Statistics &Reports ADDITIONALPRO FEATURES IN THE WEB VERSION: - Unlimitedintegrations withother tools you use NOTE: Requires a free accountregistration.
Jabra Sound+
Jabra Sound+ app The Jabra Sound+ app is the perfect companionforyour Jabra headphones – adding extra features and enabling youtopersonalize the way you use your Jabra headphones. JabraSound+currently supports Jabra Elite 65t, Elite Active 65t, Elite45e andElite 65e.   An app experience that’s made for you
Today weuse our headphones more than ever, and in verydifferentenvironments – at work, on the train, working out,walking,driving, and more. To perform optimally, your headset mayneeddifferent settings activated for each of thesesituations. For this purpose, we created “Moments” –predefined configurationsto suit different moments of your day. Allthe Moments arecustomisable to cover your unique preferences, andwith futureupdates, the app will continue to evolve and constantlydeliver newfeatures that will enhance your experience.  Chooseyour favourite voice assistant – Google or AmazonAlexa*
With a single touch instantly access your phone’s voiceassistant,directly from your headphones.   Personalize yourmusic
Customize your sound with the music equalizer. Choose apredefinedsetting or fine-tune your audio using the 5-bandequalizer.  ANC for blocking ambient noise 
With ANC (ActiveNoiseCancellation) you can reduce the amount of disruptive noiseyouhear from your surroundings. It’s perfect for when you wanttoblock out the world around you.**   Hear the world aroundyouAdjust how much of the outside world you’d like to hear whenusingyour headphones. Our HearThrough feature is perfect for whenyou’dlike to be more aware of what’s happening around you. Soundscapes – sounds with a purpose 
Choose differentSoundscapesto help you relax, focus, mask outside noise, and more. Superior call experience 
Modify your call settings tosuityour preferences. Use Sidetone to adjust how much of your ownvoiceyou want to experience on a call. Use the Call equalizer totweakwhat you hear from the other caller.   Battery status
Trackyour headphone’s battery status with a simple, visualindicator inthe app.   Wireless updates 
Always keep yourheadphonesupdated with the wireless update feature – no need toplug yourheadphones into your computer.   Activity tracking
Track youractivity progress (only available for the Jabra EliteActive 65t).  2-year warranty 
Register your headphones usingthe JabraSound+ app to activate your 2-year warranty against damagefromwater and dust.   App languages supported 
English,German,French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(simplified),Chinese (traditional).   *  Amazonregistration required.**  Certain features, such as ANC andHearThrough areheadphone dependent.  
ZenWatch Manager
*ZenWatch Manager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatchonly.*ZenWatchManager enables seamless integration between yoursmartphone andASUS ZenWatch, and unlocks the full features of yourASUS ZenWatch.ZenWatch Manager lets you customize the watch face ofyour ASUSZenWatch and enables these exclusive features: Cover toMute,Unlock My Phone (for Android™ 4.3 and Android 4.4 only), FindMyPhone, and sending preset messages during emergencysituations—allon your ASUS ZenWatch. With ZenWatch Manager andother Android Wearcompatible ASUS wearable applications, you cantake advantage of avariety of different functions. ZenWatch Managerallows you tounlock your smartphone or tablet without having totype your PIN orpassword, and warn you when you get out of range ofyour phone andrisk leaving it behind. It also comes with usefultools such as aflashlight and compass. Android is a trademark ofGoogleInc.Android Wear FAQWhat you can do with Android WearforiPhone?!category-topic/android-wear/SoLvptptLwwReviewsASUS'stylishZenWatch is all about security, remote controlandwellness•Time-Honored Craftsmanship,SmartCustomization• ASightto Behold• MeettheZenWatch 3•TimeIsMoney• ZenWatchManagerTutorial Video•WatchFaces TutorialVideo•Customize your watch face to include information such asstepcounts, calories burned, weather conditions, missedcallnotifications, battery levels, and additional time zones.•Addemergency information to easily and quickly send a presetmessagefrom ASUS ZenWatch during an emergency situation.•ConfigureUnlockmy phone to let ASUS ZenWatch automatically unlock your phoneortablet without the need for password entry. Your devicesremainprotected and accessible using a PIN code.•You can useZenWatchManager to set your ASUS ZenWatch to light up and vibratewhen youtry to locate it using your paired smartphone. •Togetherwith theASUS Remote Link app, you can turn your ASUS ZenWatch intoa remotecontrol and time manager for presentations usingMicrosoft®Windows.•Using the ZenWatch Remote Camera app, you canuse ASUSZenWatch as the viewfinder for your smartphone's camera,allowingyou to open up new photographic opportunities and takephotos fromcreative angles.•Using the ZenWatch Wellness app, youcan fullymonitor your activity level and heart rate to keep ahealthy andbalanced lifestyle. Important reminders•Download AndroidWear appfirst before you download and install ZenWatchManager.•ZenWatchManager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatchonly.Privacy policy• Useof BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permissionFor Android4.3 and 4.4 devices,ZenWatch Manager requires being the DeviceAdministrator to providethe “Unlock my phone” feature and so needsthe BIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission.For full information about ASUSprivacy policy,pleasevisit
SGWorkPass 1.0.5
SGWorkPass is a free mobile app to check the validity of workpasses/ long term passes issued by the Singapore Ministry ofManpower(MOM). A must have app for all employers, foreignemployees, agentsor anyone who wishes to verify if a work pass /long term pass cardissued by MOM is valid. You will need aSingapore mobile number fora one-time registration in order tostart using the app. Scan it tocheck it A work pass / long termpass may be cancelled before itexpires as employment / stay statuscan change over time. When thishappens, the pass holder is notallowed to continue working /staying in Singapore. Simply launchthe SGWorkPass app to scan theQR code of a work pass / long termpass card and you can verify itsvalidity instantly. No QR Code? Noproblem! If the work pass / longterm pass card doesn’t have a QRcode, you can verify it using theunique Card Serial Number printedon the card.
mParivahan 2.0.15
Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobilebasedapplication. This app empowers citizen with instant accesstovarious information, services and utilities related totheTransport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizenandtransparency in the system.It is a genuine government app forallIndia RTO vehicle registration number search. It providescompleteinformation about a car like -- Owner Name- Registrationdate-Registering Authority- Make Model- Fuel Type- Vehicle Age-Vehicleclass- Insurance Validity - Fitness ValidityAll theseinformationwill be displayed in details. The main benefits of thisapp are -1.Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicleby justentering the registration number.2. Verify your carregistrationdetails.3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle.4.If you wantto buy a second hand car you can verify the age andregistrationdetails.Along with above features, you can also verifyDL detailsand create virtual DL and RCin this app.Highlights:Virtual RC/DL,Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RCsearch, Road OffenceReporting, Road Accident Reporting, TransportNotification to thecitizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. CompleteTransport Officerelated services will also be facilitated soon..
Blue Mail - Email & Calendar App - Mailbox
BlueMail is a free, beautifully designed, universal emailapp,capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accountsfromvarious providers, allowing for smart push notifications andgroupemailing while enabling personalization across multipleemailaccounts. BlueMail is the perfect replacement for your stockemailapp. With a powerful unified accounts experience packaged inanintuitive and easy to use design, Blue Mail provides a topnotchemail service. ALL YOUR EMAILS IN ONE PLACE ● Multipleproviders -Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, Alto, iCloudand Office365 ● Support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS,365) AutoConfiguration ● Sync multiple mailboxes from all yourproviders ina Unified Interface ● Instant Push Mail for the widestrange ofproviders (IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, etc.) ENHANCEDFEATURES ●SMARTEST MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS - Quiet Hours, CustomSounds,Vibrate, LED Light, Snooze Alerts and other preferences pereach ofyour accounts ● GROUP MAIL - Define & Share Groups toquicklysend and receive emails ● BEAUTIFUL DARK THEME - withautomaticswitch between day & night modes ● RICH TEXT SIGNATURE- Easilyconfigure text styles and add your logo ● ANDROID WEAR -Receiveand act on notification right from your watch ● MOBILEPRINTING –Integrated with any printer supported by Android such asselectplugins ● DYNAMIC SMART CONVERSATIONS – Makes emailconvenient andeasy ● CONFIGURABLE MENUS – Customize your swipe menuand emailview actions with what matters to you the most ● APP ICONUNREADBADGE – See if you have a new email in your inbox directlyfromyour home screen ● DAYS TO SYNC - Customized for offline use●SCROLLABLE AND UNREAD WIDGETS - Access your emails at aglanceGETTING STUFF DONE ● SET EMAILS TO LATER - Quickly markemails tobe handled later and set reminders so you do not miss them365 daysa year ● MARK EMAILS AS DONE - When you finish handling anemail,you can just mark it as done to get it out of the waywithouthaving to delete it or reach Zero Inbox by using smartfilters ●QUICK FILTERS - Easily filter emails by unread/starredVISUALLYAPPEALING ● SENDER'S IMAGE - Your friends and contactsphotos tohelp you process your incoming mail faster ● SERVICESLOGOS -Easily recognize popular services from their icons ● UNREADCOUNT -On your App icon (for supported devices) or a 1x1 unreadwidget forany account including Unified Inbox! ● COLOR CODING -Makes it allsimple PRIVATE AND SECURED ● INDUSTRY LEADINGENCRYPTION - Yourdata is always encrypted to protect all your emailcommunicationsand information secured. Blue uses leading industryprotocols tosecure and protect your data. ● LOCK SCREEN - You canset a timedlock screen to protect your private emails We ♥ gettingyourfeedback! Please email us: [email protected] Special thankstoeveryone who rates us 5 stars and provides a warm feedback. It'ssoencouraging for the team! For news, please follow us onTwitter& Facebook:
Trello, Inc.
Trello gives you perspective over all your projects, at work andathome. Whether it's managing a team, writing an epic screenplay,orjust making a grocery list, Trello is your sidekick forgettingthings done and staying organized. With Trello you can: •Createboards to organize anything you're working on. • Use themsolo orinvite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate. •Customizeworkflows for different projects • Add checklists of"To-Dos" oncards • Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers • Commenton itemswith your friends • Attach files from Google Drive andDropbox •Upload photos and videos • Reply to comments from AndroidWear •Display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar Power-Up •Workoffline and boards will sync automatically when reconnectedTrellois free to use forever. "Trello is one of those few appsthatactually balances both a simple, elegant user interfaceandpowerful, flexible features." - Lifehacker
Microsoft Translator 3.2.318i c1880fee
Microsoft Translator is a free, personal translation app for60+languages, to translate text, voice, conversations, cameraphotosand screenshots. You can also download languages forofflinetranslation for free to use when you travel. • Texttranslationinto over 60 languages*, for online and offline use •Cameratranslation to translate text within photos and screenshots •Voicetranslation to translate speech, and a split-screen mode fortwoparticipants having a bilingual conversation •Multi-personconversation translation - connect your devices andhave in-personconversations with up to 100 people across multiplelanguages •Phrasebooks for verified translations and pronunciationguides tohelp you learn important phrases in foreign languages whenyoutravel • Look up alternate translations and meanings of a wordtofind the best translation to express yourself • Downloadlanguagesfor offline use for when you travel without an internetconnection• Hear your translated phrase out loud to help you learnhow to saythe translation • View transliterations (pronunciationguides) tohelp you pronounce the translation (includes Pinyinsupport forChinese) • Share your translations with other apps • Pinand saveyour most frequent translations for later • Translate textin otherapps through context menu translation • Speak to yourAndroid Wearsmart watch to get an instant translation •Automatically synctranslations between your phone and Android Wearsmart watchTranslator supports the following languages:  Afrikaans,Arabic,Bangla, Bosnian (Latin), Bulgarian, Cantonese(Traditional),Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),Croatian,Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fijian, Filipino,Finnish,French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, HmongDaw,Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Kiswahili,Klingon, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay,Maltese,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Quer'etaro Otomi,Romanian,Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish, Swedish, Tahitian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tongan,Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, and Yucatec Maya.MicrosoftTranslator is powered by cutting-edge technology used byOffice,Bing, Skype, Internet Explorer as well as by partners suchasTwitter, Yelp, eBay, WeChat and more.  *Some features arenotavailable in all languages. // Request for User Permissions//[Optional access] 1. Camera Purpose: to take pictures forimagetranslations, and to scan QR codes when joining aconversation. 2.Microphone Purpose: to translate speech. 3.Photos/Media/FilesPurpose: to open photos from the device, forimage translation. 4.Storage Purpose: to open photos from thedevice, for imagetranslation, and to save downloaded offlinelanguage packs.
State Farm® Pocket Estimate
Accidents can be overwhelming and takingtimeout of your day to get a repair estimate can betime-consuming.State Farm® now has a better way that makes it easyto get yourrepair estimate so you can get back on the road.With the State Farm® Pocket Estimate app and the passcodeweprovide, you can obtain a repair estimate on your phone. Bestofall, you don’t have to miss work, wait for someone to come toyourhome, or take your vehicle into a repair shop.Using an intuitive 3D interface, you can recreate the damage toyourvehicle with a few simple touches to show where the repairsareneeded. You can also take photos of your vehicle with ourunique andeasy-to-use photo guides.Your personalized State Farm® estimate will be created fromtheinformation you provide and it will be sent directly to yourappfor your review.Let State Farm® get you back on the road with the State Farm®PocketEstimate app.
Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner 16.0.11029.20036
Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” in the U.S. and Puerto RicobyGoogle Play!   Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes picturesofwhiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lenstoconvert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and savetoOneNote,  OneDrive, or your local device.     GET ORGANIZED  Scanand upload all your notes, receipts, and documents. Increaseyourproductivity by eliminating time spent looking for documentsorbusiness cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picture forlater.Whether you're using it for business or education, OfficeLens willhelp you save and share your documents in OneNote andOneDrive soyou can all work together.   PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK  Increaseproductivity in your business by using Office Lens tocapture andshare ideas.  Capture the whiteboard at the end of themeeting andkeep those action items on track. Share OneNote meetingnotes withyour co-workers. Keep your business networking contactshandy. Scanbusiness cards, and save the information to your contactlist andOneNote. This works best with English, German, SpanishandSimplified Chinese. More languages coming soon. Scanprinteddocuments and save them in Word and OneNote so you can editandannotate them later. Never lose another receipt. Scan themintoOneNote and use its powerful search to find them quickly. PRODUCTIVITY AT SCHOOL  Office Lens is like a scanner inyourpocket that allows you to scan and share classroom handoutsandnotes into OneNote and OneDrive.  Scan the teacher's handoutsandannotate them in Word and OneNote. Take a picture of thewhiteboardor blackboard to reference later, even if you're offline.Keepclass notes and your own research organized. OneNote'ssearchallows you to find everything for the test quickly.   Forlatestnews and tips follow Office Lens ontwitter    By installing the app,youagree to these terms and conditions:
Mobitel Selfcare 2.0.1
The all new and enhanced Mobitel Self Care App offering theluxuryto control all Mobitel services conveniently. The app isdesignedto deliver ultimate control to the user with power packedfeaturesincluding: - Interactive dashboards with usage statistics -Onetouch activation for add-on plans - Conveniently add or removeyourdigital services - Manage all Roaming and data Roaming services-Gives full Control of Mobile connection with payment optionsandmany more Download the Mobitel Self Care free applicationtoexperience the comfort of managing all your Mobitelconnectionswhich furthermore allows functioning in all threelanguages.
Write on PDF
Write on PDF is a convenient PDF annotatorforyou.You can take notes by your own handwriting with a variety of Penandtools.• Features :- List of all PDF files in your device- Save a PDF file with your text and drawing content- Share a PDF file- PDF viewer• The following permissions are required for the app service.Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the serviceisturned on, but not allowed.[Required permissions]- Storage: To access the PDF files stored on your phone.- Contacts: To access the PDF filse stored on Google Drive.[Optional permissions]- Location: To provide location information when accessing linksinPDF files.• Support for following devices :[Phone]Galaxy Note5, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note3,GalaxyNote3 Neo,Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, GalaxyS6Edge+,Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Mini, Galaxy S4, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A9Pro,Galaxy-A9,Galaxy A3, Galaxy A3(2016),Galaxy A5, Galaxy A5(2016), GalaxyA7,Galaxy A7(2016),Galaxy J, Galaxy J2, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3(2016), Galaxy J5,GalaxyJ5(2016), Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7(2016),Galaxy On5, Galaxy On7, Galaxy Mega2, Galaxy Alpha, GalaxyGrandPrime, Galaxy Grand Max,Galaxy J5 Prime, Galaxy J7 Prime, Galaxy On7(2016),GalaxyA8(2016)[Tablet]Galaxy Tab S 8.4 / 10.5, Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 / 9.7,Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Galaxy Note 10.1,Galaxy Tab A 8.0, Galaxy Tab A 9.7,Galaxy Tab4 7.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 / 10.1, Galaxy Tab4 Active,Galaxy Tab E 8.0 / 9.6, Galaxy E5, Galaxy E7, Galaxy View
Express Plus Centrelink 3.6.0
The Express Plus Centrelink mobile app makes it easier for you todoyour Centrelink business online. To use the app you need amyGovaccount linked to your Centrelink online account. With ExpressPlusCentrelink you can do most of the things you do in yourCentrelinkonline account. No need to visit an office or phone us!You can: •view and update your personal details, including studydetails •report your employment income • view and update yourfamily incomeestimate and payment choices • check your payments •uploaddocuments to Centrelink • view your Child Care Subsidydetails •apply for or pay back an advance payment • track theprogress of arange of online claims • view your Centrelink letters• view andsave your Centrelink appointments in your personalcalendar and setreminders. • view digital copies of your Centrelinkconcession orhealth card cards If you use a BasicsCard or yourpayments areincome managed, you can manage your own money, see youravailablebalance and view recent transactions on your BasicsCard.To sign into the app, use your myGov sign in details and create amyGov PIN.You’ll then use your myGov PIN to sign in to your app infuture. Ifyou need help to create a myGov account, or to linkCentrelink, goto If you need helpto use theapp, go to
Jira Cloud 17.0.219
The Jira Cloud app lets teams who use Jira Software, JiraServiceDesk, and Jira Core collaborate and give updates fromanywhere. •Quickly respond to project updates and importantconversations •Create and edit tasks, tickets, and bugs • Trackkanban boards andagile projects on the go • Manage projects fromyour fingertips •Check your Jira Service Desk queues, and reply tocustomers JiraSoftware is the leading task manager and bug trackerthat helpsagile teams with their project management. Jira ServiceDesk is anITSM-certified help desk that helps your team give greatserviceand support for your projects. Learn more about the Jirafamily onthe Atlassian website. Feedback? Shake your device withthe appopen to message the product team. We want to hear from you!TheAtlassian Software LicenseAgreement( Terms ofService(,asapplicable, governs the use of this app. If you have anyquestionsabout the app or the Atlassian customer agreements aboveplease goto to find outhow bestto reach us.
lifebox 4.0.9
Live,collect and remember your memories. Seize the day now!Don’twant to see “Your storage is full” warning? lifebox is perfectforyou. From now on, you can collect and find your photos,videos,contacts, and other documents wherever you are. And alsolifeboxrecognizes your memories, and groups the faces and theobjects tohelp you save your time. Open space for new memories! Youcan freeup space for your memories with backing up your photoswithlifebox. 5GB free storage is waiting for you in lifebox! Herearethe things you can do with lifebox: • Your photos and videoswillbe automatically saved to lifebox once taken, • Just bytapping"free up space" button you can free upspace to collect morephotosand videos. • With face/image recognition feature,lifeboxrecognizes people, objects and places in your photos andgroup themeasily while saving your time. • You can easily back upand restoreyour phone contacts with lifebox. • You can edit yourphotos withfilters, effects and frames, also make them funnier withcaps andstickers • You can view your files and photos in lifeboxwithout‘the need to download them’. • You can access all your filesinlifebox via smart phone, tablet, Apple TV, TV+ and computer. •Youcan make entertaining videos from your photos stored in lifeboxandeasily share them with the people you love. • You cancategorizeyour files so you can access them much more easily. •Back up yourphotos you have shared on Facebook and Instagram via"Facebook andInstagram" transfer. • You can access safer to yourlifebox whetherusing touch id, face id or your passcode • You caneasily print outyour files and decorate your living space with yourmemories. • Youcan submit your suggestions and complaints through“Reach Us”section in the lifebox app.
SecureW2 JoinNow 3.11.4
The SecureW2 JoinNow App is used by your organization to allowusersto securely configure & connect Android devices totheirorganization’s secure/encrypted Wireless network. This ensuresthatyour device trusts only legitimate networks that are providedbyyour institution. Running the app is necessary only ONCEandeliminates the need for users to manually configure &connecttheir Android device for network connectivity. During theone-timeprocess, the App 1: CONFIGURES (downloads the Wi-Fisettings configstored by the organization and installs it in thedevice) 2:CONNECTS the device to secure Wi-Fi. PLEASE NOTE 1.Google’s policyfor Android devices (not the JoinNow App) is thereason you arerequired to set a screen PIN lock after configuringyour wirelesssettings to connect to secure networks. If you disableyour PINafter configuring your device, you will likelyexperienceconnectivity or security issues with your network. 2. Ifyourdevice runs on Android 8 and above, in order tomaintainconnectivity to your organization’s network, it isrecommended tokeep the App installed after setup. If you no longerwant toconnect to your organization’s network you can delete theApp. Tolearn more about SecureW2: Formoreinformation on the JoinNow MultiOSApp: To view our PrivacyPolicy,pleasevisit
Expo 2.9.2
Expo Project
Quickly get and use apps that are specially made forExpo.Developers: Start writing rich experiences with just yourAndroiddevice and your computer. Expo is a developer tool forcreatingexperiences with JavaScript and React Native. Bring yourprojectsto life with interactive gestures and graphics, and try outReactNative. To learn more visit
Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR 18.12.11
The free Adobe Scan app turns your device into a powerfulportablePDF scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR). Usethismobile document scanner to turn anything — receipts,notes,documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards — into anAdobe PDFwith content you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan.HOW ITWORKS: With the Adobe Scan document scanner app, you canmakeanything scannable. Use the PDF scanner to quickly create aphotoor PDF scan. • CAPTURE. Scan anything with precision withthismobile PDF scanner app. Advanced image technologyautomaticallydetects borders, sharpens scanned content, andrecognizes text(OCR). • ENHANCE. Touch up scans or photos from yourcamera roll.Whether it’s a PDF or photo scan, you can preview,reorder, crop,rotate, and adjust color. • REUSE. Turn your photoscan into ahigh-quality Adobe PDF that unlocks content throughautomated textrecognition (OCR). You can reuse content from eachPDF scan thanksto OCR. WHAT CAN ADOBE SCAN DO FOR YOU? The AdobeScan documentscanner is so easy and powerful to use, you’ll say,“This is thefree PDF scanner for me.” • SCAN ANYTHING, ANYWHERE,ANYTIME.Capture forms, receipts, notes, and business cards withthis mobilePDF scanner. The Adobe Scan scanner app even lets youscanmulti-page documents and save with a single tap. • RECYCLECONTENT.The Adobe Scan PDF scanner makes any content scannableandreusable. Free, built-in optical character recognition (OCR)letsyou reuse scanned content by creating a high-quality PDF thatyoucan work with in Adobe Acrobat Reader. • QUICKLY FIND DOCUMENTSINPHOTOS. This powerful scanner app automatically finds documentsandreceipts in your photos and turns them into PDF scans, so youdon'thave to. Automatic OCR turns text into content you can editandreuse. • SAVE BUSINESS CARDS TO CONTACTS. Scan business cardsandAdobe Scan turns into a fast business card scanner andreader.Contact information will be automatically extracted so youcanquickly add to your device contacts — no typing needed. • GETMOREDONE ON THE GO. Save each PDF scan to Adobe Document Cloudforinstant access and sharing. Even lengthy legal documentsbecomemanageable and scannable with the Adobe Scan scanner app,whichlets you search, select, and copy text. You can also open aPDFscan in Acrobat Reader to highlight key sections and addcomments.• GET CONNECTED. The Adobe Scan document scanner connectsyou tothe world’s best document services that let you do even morewithyour PDFs. Edit PDF and photo scans, convert to MicrosoftOffice,fill and sign, and send for tracked signatures. Terms&Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by theAdobeGeneral Terms of Use ( theAdobe Privacy Policy(
Trying to track your online orders from China and elsewhere? Tryoutnew 17TRACK! Track over 220 carriers for free and withoutads.17TRACK is the official app of, which is thelargestglobal-based package tracking platform. It supports over 170postalcarriers (e.g. China Post, China EMS, etc.) and many majorexpresscourier. Also the most popular cross-border eCommercelogisticsproviders are supported. Before downloading the app, youcan tryout its features on the browser version --- www.17track.netMainfeatures: * Track multiple carriers and several numbers*Notification when status changes * Pull-to-refresh alltrackingnumbers * Auto-detect shipping carrier * Copy and sharetrackinglinks & results easily * Auto-filter numbers from anytext *Rename an item or add a nickname * Barcode and QR codescanner *Multiple languages interfaces * Translation widget formultiplelanguage * Custom widget for home screen * Landscape screenlayoutfor tablets * Get alerted when status changes *Cloud-basedsynchronization between any devices * User center andlogin accountand more… If you are shopping worldwide, then"17TRACK" is AMust-Have App. Download 17TRACK for keeping track ofeverything youbuy online, it isn't just global but galaxy wide.Now, gettingstarted and eliminate your frustration. For suggestionsor ifyou're having a usage problem, please email [email protected] For tracking related inquiries, pleaseemailus at [email protected]
MyHyundai with Blue Link 4.0.9
The MyHyundai app makes getting information about yourHyundaivehicle easier than ever. The MyHyundai app allows you toconnectto your Blue Link enabled car from your phone. Blue Linktechnologyenables and empowers you while you are on the go, givingyou accessto your Blue Link features in your office, at home, orjust aboutanywhere. Access the app with your ID,password andPIN to take advantage of Blue Link’s remote features.An activeBlue Link subscription is required to use Blue Linkfeatures in theapp. To renew or upgrade to either Remote orGuidance, please An active Remote Package (R)or Guidance Package (G)subscription is required to access selectfeatures. With theMyHyundai app you can: • Remotely start yourvehicle (R) • Remotelyunlock or lock the door (R) • Remotelyactivate the horn and lights(R) • Search and send Points ofInterest to your vehicle (G) •Access saved POI History (G) • Make aCar Care service appointment• Access Blue Link Customer Care • Findyour Car (R) • Accessmaintenance information and other convenientfeatures. • VehicleStatus (if equipped) ***Select 2015 and NewerModels *** • Fourwidgets for Remote Features, Parking Meter, POIsearch, and AE EVvehicle MyHyundai app also supports Android WearSmartwatchfeatures. Use voice command or Smartwatch menu to accessselectfeatures. With the Hyundai Blue Link Android Wear App youcan: •Remotely start your vehicle (R) • Remotely unlock or lock thedoor(R) • Remotely activate the horn and lights (R) • Car Finder(R) •Call Blue Link (Smartphone) • Call Roadside (Smartphone)*Note:Active Blue Link subscription and Blue Link equipped vehiclewithcapabilities required. For technical For Blue
My A1 1.1.98
A1 Bulgaria
My A1 - manage your telecom services on the go with A1Bulgariamobile application. My A1 is the self-service app of A1Bulgariathat helps you manage your mobile and fix services freely,easilyand securely using your mobile phone. Follow your currentbill andthe remaining usage for minutes, MB and SMS Check anddownload yourinvoices Pay online via debit/credit card View and addadd-ons andadditional packages with TV channels, minutes, MB andSMS that areavailable for your tariff plan Top-up credit for A1prepaid servicevia your invoice Search information and find thenearest A1 storeActivate/deactivate roaming service, check andchange your roamingtariff plan and additional package, manage yourDRT limit Reviewthe offers in our e-shop and A1 club Add and manageall yourservices via My A1 profile using your security code Shareyourfeedback about our services, network and customer service Checkthenetwork status at your address, district or city Andmoreadditional options My A1 is the first mobile applicationfortelecom services on the Bulgarian market. It is available forA1customers using postpaid, prepaid or business plan. Itsupportsautomatic recognition of the mobile number or you can enterinto MyA1 profile if you want to manage all your services from asingleplace. My A1 has two language versions - Bulgarian andEnglish. Youcan use the app via mobile or Wi-Fi network, both onsmartphonesand tablets with Android. The traffic used by theapplication ischarged as per your tariff plan. In case you continuewith theinstallation or update of the application, you agree withtheGeneral Terms and Conditions published here.
Smart Selangor Parking 2.7
SSP convenience for the public in Selangor. In just 2 stepsaway,you've paid your parking anytime, anywhere or for hassle free,youcan easily pay your parking summons anytime you like.Reloadthrough in-application secure banking or credit card and youcanstart paying parking or summons at the convenience of yourfingertip. Features at a glance: - Multiple councils support:currentlyhave only MBPJ enabled due to agreement issues and onlyenabled forPJU5 area as a pilot run. In future we will enableMPSepang (MajlisPerbandaran Sepang), MBSA (Majlis Bandaraya ShahAlam), MPAJ(Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya, MPS (Majlis PerbandaranSelayang)and MPKj (Majlis Perbandaran Kajang) - 3 languages support- BahasaMalaysia, English and Chinese - 2-step payment - selectvehiclenumber, select duration and select your parking location -Runningtimer on remaining time - Alert when parking time almostexpires -Digital receipt stores online and can be emailed whenevernecessary- Credit reload from application directly - Store multiplevehiclesfor convenience - Ability to pay multiple vehicles at thesame time- Will not accidentally pay for parking during non-paymenthours orholidays - Direct purchase monthly passes up to 6 months -Compoundpayment by scanning the bar code, entering compound numberor yourvehicle number - Transfer credits to your friends - Checkyourlocation and warn you when you don't pay at the right councils-Able to pay 2 hours before parking validity window starts(i.ebeginning at 6am but timer starts counting at 8am)
My BASE 1.13.1
Telenet Group
Monitor, manage and control your BASE call plan with MyBASE.Simple, quick and practical, this application enables you toaccessthe following services : - You can add options to yourmonthly planand remove them whenever you want - You can find thenearest shopFix2Go to repair your smartphone, tablet or smart watch- View yourusage (mobile Internet / minutes / texts / credit) - Payyourinvoice or pay for other BASE numbers and see your invoicehistory- Top up for yourself or for other BASE numbers -Possibility torequest a third party to top up your call value -Find a BASE pointof sale through an advanced shop locator - Send toand receivemessages from the BASE contact center - Possibility toopt-in fore-invoice - Set thresholds to get notified when yourcredit dropsbelow a certain point Terms & Conditions: The MyBASEapplication is only available for all active BASE customersviaBASE’s EDGE, 3G and 4G mobile networks or by WiFi. Use oftheapplication is free. The price of the data usage linkedtodownloading and using the app depends on your call plan.
mydlink 1.5.4
Important Notes • The new mydlink app supports advancedfeaturessuch as Cloud Recording and Automation on new mydlinkdevicesreleased in 2018 (DCS-2802KT, DCS-8000LH, DCS-8100LH,DCS-8010LH,DCS-8300LH, DCS-8525LH, DCS-8600LH, DSP-W115,DSP-W245,DCS-P6000LH, DSP-P113). • Older D-Link cameras (DCS-xxxLandDCS-xxxxL) can still be used with the new mydlink app, butadvancedfunctionality such as Cloud Recording and Automation willnot besupported. • The new mydlink app does not support mydlink™Homedevices (DCS-935LH, DCS-8200LH, DCS-8330LH, DSP-W110,DSP-W215,DCH-S150, DCH-S160, DCH-S220, DCH-G020, DCH-Z110,DCH-Z120). • Thenew mydlink app does not support setup and controlof D-Link Wi-Firouter devices. To install and control thesedevices, follow theaccompanying instructions on the routerpackaging and manual • Thenew mydlink app currently does notsupport DCS-2136L, DCS-6004L,DCS-6005L. Staying in touch with whatmatters most at home, hasnever been simpler. With the new mydlinkapp, smart home control isnow Smarter, Simpler, and MoreCompatible. You can view your homein real-time, be alerted andrecord video when motion or sound isdetected, turn applianceson/off, as well as set schedules andautomations to make your lifeeasier. All from the convenience ofyour smartphone or tablet. YourHome, Only Smarter NEVER MISS AMOMENT WITH CLOUD RECORDING • Savemotion and sound-triggered videofootage to the cloud, and watch itanywhere, anytime • Find anyclip you want by filtering yourrecordings by Event Type, Date,Device, and Location WORKS WITH THEGOOGLE ASSISTANT, ALEXA, &IFTTT • Got your hands full? Let yourvoice do the heavy-liftingwith the Google Assistant and AmazonAlexa. You can bring uplive-views from a camera on your Chromecastand Echo Show, or turnyour lights, fans, and other appliances on oroff with the power ofyour voice • Need help staying on top ofthings? There’s an IFTTTApplet for that. With support for IFTTT,you can automaticallyreceive emails when a camera detects motion orsound, or createdinteraction with compatible 3rd party devices. SEEHOW MUCHELECTRICITY YOUR APPLIANCE IS USING • Monitor applianceenergyusage with automated alerts to your mobile device •Automaticallyturn off devices that exceed set power limits FORGOTTO SWITCH OFFTHE CURLING IRON AND THE LIGHTS? • Switch multipleappliances on oroff with One Tap, whether you are at home or away •6 customizablescenes for common household routines SET IT ANDFORGET IT WITHSCHEDULING • Wake up to freshly-brewed coffee everymorning • Walkinto your brightly-lit home every evening after workNEED MULTIPLECAMERA-VIEWS AT A GLANCE? • We’ve got you covered withMultiview.Now you can view multiple cameras’ feeds at the same time• Get aquick overview of what’s happening around the house If youareexperiencing issues, contact [email protected]