Top 48 Apps Similar to Snake Battle Royale-SURVIVALchenqiuAction - Worm Battle 4.8
This is definitely an exciting snake game.Haveyou been tired of tedious games that slither without anypurpose andonly eating makes the worm longer in slitheriogame?Here, in this game, skills are required and also recommended togetyour enemies down. You have a chance to win even if you'retinywhile you are equipped with CANNON or SNEAK. You can defeat amuchlarger player, no matter how small you are! That's definitelyadifferent experience with snake vs block.Develop your skills, try to survive and become the biggest oneinthis sanke battle.
Snake Towers 1.2
Set Snail
On top of the tallest towers in theuniverselives a snake like creature. Endlessly wandering around,lookingfor shiny objects and upgrades, in order to prolong hisshortexistence.Slither from tower to tower looking for gold pieces that makeyourtail grow. Find rare gems and upgrades to help you on yourjourney.But beware of the cursed towers, they will challenge youwithreversed controls or shaking grounds, just to name a few.Game features- Easy to learn- Explore endless towers and learn as you go- Unlock skins for your Snake, that you can mix together asyouplease- 200+ different rooms, such as: Puzzle rooms, upgrade roomsandcursed rooms!
Snake Poke.IO 1.3
Snake Pokeball IO world! Meet yourfavoriteVenom snake games with best poke and pokeball skins.Would you like to see your beloved epic pokeballs? EnjoyplayingSnake game!It’s an amazing poke skins for snake game. Welcome to newsnakemod!Here you will meet most famous creatures you love so much:funnyPikachu, fast squirtle, cute bulbasaur.Art pokeball skins, Chibi art pokeballsCool Snake online game: Snake online mod – play to become a cellinthe Crawl io Snake mods world. Enjoy playing with favoritewormonline.Don’t be a slowpoke – download snake game now! It’s Free!Try cool IO Poke skin and play with nice worm io reptile. ShareHeroIO Snake online game with poke universe funs. Moreover, youcan playwith this amazing worm io online: beat your friends onsnake arenaand enjoy best super worm skins!Similar to classic Snake it is an art adventure game inpokeballanime world.
Snakes And Apples 1.0.11
Magma Mobile
Snakes & Apples is a free thinking gameforchildren and adults alike, where the goal is to guide the snaketoeat all the apples in their correct order. But don't be deceivedbythis seemingly easy mission ! While eating the apples, thesnakemust also slither through every open space on the board.Will you be able to navigate the snake through thedifferentobstacles presented in front of you ?With the help of underground passages, extra bonus points andlotsof objects, we think you can succeed !This game is not only fun to play on your own but you can nowinviteyour friends and family to play along with you.This game offers hours of fun and over hundreds of levels. Soletthe snake and apple mission begin !Optimized for phones and tablets
Retro Snake 1.3.3
Try this retro-style snake game on yourmobiledevice!From the old classic snake game that everyone remembers, withsomenew unique features :★ Customizable inputs : Choose between swipe, touch or DPADstochange direction.★ Challenge yourself with three levels of difficulty.★ Retro-inspired minimalist graphics.★ Keep your high scores safe with the auto-save aftereachgame.★ Online leaderboards and achievements.★ Choose between a selection of 6 different color themes.★ Full optimized so you don't have to worry aboutyourbattery.★ Almost non-existent loading times.★ Play without interruptions from pesky ads.★ Memory friendly with its very small app size.★ No internet connection required to play.
Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro 2.0.2
HALA Games
Classic Snake game is very famous inmanyyears, especially in feature phones. The Snake originalwasinvented many years ago (1974) by a Russian developer andthenbecome most played arcade game on mobile in decades. It isalsocalled "yılan","ثعبان","เกมงู","스네이크","مار","スネーク","贪吃蛇","Rắnsănmồi","Змейка Классическая" in many languages.Nokia 1110i is my very 1st mobile phone and in my mind, it isthemost successful feature phone of Nokia. From 1997 to 2006 andmanyyears later, I and my generation were crazy by playingSnakeXenzia on dumb phone Nokia 1110i.That time, Snake Xenzia Classic was like a storm thatinfusea new wave in our high school. Everyone who have a Nokia1110iplayed Snake Xenzia, they compared score, they try to breaktherecord, and they have fun. Snake Xenzia is a great memory ofourlife, for rewind purpose.One day, I and my friends gathered, talked about mobile game andofcourse, Snake Xenzia on Nokia 1110i is top of mind. So, Idecidedto remake Snake Classic Retro to celebrate our rewind youthwiththe very 1st mobile game experience.Like we played on Nokia, Snake Xenzia Rewind - theSnakeclassic retro version that has an antique screen withphysicskeyboard, LED screen display and the same gameplay(playingwith 2468 buttons) . The difference between the old SnakeXenziaand Snake Retro Classic is now you're playing onatouch-screen.In this new version 2.0 of Snake 2K Classic, we add 8 bitsound,ranking, setting option to remove Ads and especially the Boxmodebeside Classic mode. The other mode: Rails, Mills,Apartment,Tunnel only integrated in Pro version of Snake 97 Classicretrophone.Let’s experience the past in the present with SnakeRetroRewindBest Regards from Vietnam,HALA team,What’s new?Now, you are world ranked. You have sound and 2 modes toplay!Follow Snake 97 Retro fanpageon you very much !
Snake VS Block 1.19
Swipe your finger to guide a snake of ballsandbreak the bricks.Try to break as many bricks as possible.Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!Game Features:- Free to play- Endless gameplay- Simple swipe control- Challenge your friends with the best highscore
Slither vs Blocks 13
JT Lab
To play Slither vs Blocks Swipeyourfinger to move left or right on screen to move slither.Slither Snake eat balls to get longer. Hit the blocks as manyaspossible to get high score in Slither vs Bricks.Take care for hitting balls, Slither Snake will die ifitsshorter than strength of block. To make your game interestingfirsteat balls to avoid die. See How long you survive in SlithervsBlocks.Amazing game for Challenge your friends and family to beatyourscore, they will love to score high and always try to beat youinSlither vs Block.Be worlds top scorer with leaderboard in Slither Snake vsBlock.Achieve as many achievements you can and show your talentandprogress to the world by playing addictive slithersnakegame.HOW TO PLAY- Touch your Finger on screen and swipe to left or right tomoveslither snake.- Eat the balls on the road to increase snake length.- A block you destroy will increase score by one.- Avoid high strength block then your length otherwise slithersnakewill die in Slither vs Blocks game.- Take every super power to get more score in Leaderbord.Game Power- Added new Booster powers like Magnet, Shield, 2x speedandBomb.- Magnet pull all the ballz to slither snake in Balls vsBlocksGame.- Shield prevent life loss of slither from high strengthblockonce.- Bomb break all the blocks once in a game.- 2X Speed increase speed of Slither and also prevent life lossofslither from all blocks.Game Features:- Free to play ballz vs blocks game.- Endless game play.- Smooth game control.- Challenge your friends.Arcade game mode:- In this 2018 we Added new Arcade game mode in snake 2018,JustPlay and rank up your game.- Complete number of mission and upgrade your Slither Vs Blockgamerank in leaderbord and achive new target.- Complete daily mission to get more coin.- Get your daily reward to get more coin.- Purchase new power and complete difficult mission and upgradeyourslither rank.Share and Enjoy Playing Snake VS Block game.
Snake vs Block Original 1.8.0
Bug Box Games
Control your snake collecting balls and makeaslong as possibleTry to destroy the tiles to get more score, but keep in mindthatonly destroy brick with lower value.Become the best player with your snake!- Easy to play and enjoy!!!- Simple and fun!!!- Post score in to world rank!!!- More challenge- Very smooth Snake Line Arena 1.2.2
Clown Games
Snix io merges line of the best io gamesandthe classic snake game! Crawl into the unique io concept byClownGames now!MAKE THE LONGEST SNAKE LINE EVER! Slide around and collect pointstogrow your tail.LONGER IS FASTER! Develop your skills to survive when youarelonger. Winning has never been so easy. Are you ready forachallenge in Snix. io?TANGLE YOUR TAIL! Develop strategies with the tails. If othersnakesrun into your tail, they will explode. Then, you can collecttheirremaining to become the longest.BEWARE THE HEAD! Heading into others’ tail makes you dead.FUN IO GAME WITH EASY CONTROL! Tap the arrow or touch anywhereonscreen.UNLOCK SKINS! IO game objectives with skin rewards are there foryouto achieve! Unlock amazing skins to customize your snakeline.The creator of popular io games presents Snixio Snake LinesArenafor your whole family now. Play when you are onlineandoffline.Snix .io game is still in development. New arenas arecomingsoon!We will listen you to improve our game! Please send usanyfeedback:
Snaky Snake 0.22.1
Nicoplv Games
3D remake of the famous Snake aroundasphere!Use your finger to guide Snaky and his friends around a lotofdifferent planets! Try to eat as many foods as possible andmakethe biggest snake ever!■ Several CharactersCollect many characters already available and all the othersthatwill arrive gradually.■ Various UniversesDiscover dozens of nano-planets with unique atmospheres andcolorfuldesigns.■ Special PowersUse the special powers of certain characters to alter theuniverseor the time and reaching high scores.■ Challenge your FriendsCompare your scores on leaderboards and try to defeatyourfriends!■ Free To PlaySnaky Snake is free and all its content is unlockablebyplaying.
Slither Snake 1.3
Feng Mobile
Slither and eat to grow longer. Can youbecomethe longest player?Your goal is become the biggest and longest snake in theworld.Ifyour head touches another player, you will explode and thenit'sgame over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode,andyou can eat their remains!Using a boost button (the lower right corner of the screen) canmakesnake to run faster but running fast will reduce the lengthofsnake. Become a skilled Snake io and slither to kill yourenemies.Focus on the snake meat along the way, and eat as many aspossibleto become bigger snake.In Slither Snake, you have a chanceto wineven if you're tiny. You can swerve in front of a muchlargerplayer to defeat them, no matter how big you are!So, what are you waiting for?Develop your skills, try to survive and eat snakesHOW TO PLAY:- Dont touch worms body.
- Explose the snakes and eat their romains to be large.
- Eject mass to extra speed with the right down ButtonGame Features:-You can play without internet connection- Controls with Joystick
- Various skins.
Grow your snake by slithering aroundspacecollecting dots placed throughout the game or interceptinganddevouring other snakes. Avoid other players attempting to dothesame. Compete with other players to become the longest snake intheuniverse! Orborous is a new game inspired by Nebulousandslither.ioFeatures:☆ Find Groups, Play With Friends, and Join a Clan!☆ Over 325 skins with unique ways to unlock them andmorecoming!☆ Online Multiplayer☆ Offline Single-player☆ FFA, Timed FFA, FFA Classic, Teams, Timed Teams, Capture theFlag,Survival, Soccer and Domination Modes!☆ XP, Achievements, and Stats!☆ Clan System with Clan Wars!☆ If you are feeling competitive try the Arenas!☆ Space or Grid Theme☆ Multiple Control Schemes☆ Global Leader Boards☆ Use plasma earned in Orborous in our other game, Nebulous,andvice versa!Controls:☆ Touch the control pad to move☆ Speed Button - Move faster at the cost of some of yourmass.☆ Eject Button - Ejects some of your mass in yourcurrentdirection.Tips:☆ If you are clever with the speed boost you can gain abigadvantage.☆ Eject mass into a black hole to move it☆ Black holes will consume your snake until they fill up. Findoutwhat happens then :)Multiplayer Connection Tips:☆ For multiplayer you need at least a 3G cellular connection orhighquality Wi-Fi☆ Select the nearest server☆ Try several different internet connections (if available) andmakesure no one else is using your internet connection☆ Close applications in the background that might use theinternetor slow down your deviceNew features and improvements coming soon.
Classic Snake 1.0.3
Classic snake is an addictivenewmobilegame!A single mistake is enough to make a giant worm turn intonothingandlead to the game over, even against the smallestslither,grantingthis latter a chance of becoming stronger fastwithouteffort.The most excited snake worm game, eat dots or dyingopponentstobecome the biggest snake! Don't let your headtouchesanotherplayer, when others run into you, they will explode,and youcaneat their dots.There are many snakes, to be careful, ever againstthesmallestsnake, granting this latter a chance of becomingstrongerandfaster without effort. Note that it's possible to crosswayswithyou own body, without punishments.Classic Snake Features:-Free to play-Classic snake-More slither skins- Eat luminous dots as much as- Intuitive touch screen controls-Beautiful background-To be the biggest snakes-Enjoyable timeBe the strongest snake
Snake Crash 1.28.3028
*** BRAND NEW UNIQUE 1 vs 1 Battle Modejustreleased in game!More than 1 million downloads, Snake Crash is the mostpopularcasual arcade game in the world. Amazing game modes forchallengeyour friends and family, play brand new unique 1 vs 1battle modeand beat the score!***HOW TO PLAY***Swipe your finger to move on screen, let snake of balls slideandbreak bricks. Be careful about the strength of blocks, eatcoinsand balls to feed your snake.***CASUAL BALL GAME SNAKE CRASH KEY FEATURES**** Free to play snake slither game, slide your snake and brickallblocks!* New 1 vs 1 battle mode: snake vs competitor, it's new andhavegreat fun!* EXTREME mode: break bricks without strength limit* CHALLENGE mode: 30 stages available* Special objects added: magnet, bomb…become crazy snake* Snake classic mode: endless game mode, unlimited play times* One more chance to revive* Clean and simple graphics* Support both mobiles and tablets* Global leaderboardsThis snake game is one of the best casual game in the market. It'sacombination of shooting games and brick block games. The snakeonscreen will slide faster and faster,If you are looking for casual arcade games such as brickblockgames, slither games, puzzle games, brick puzzle block,bouncingballs, you must download and try Snake Crash!Download for free today, enjoy free game Snake Crash withyourfriends now!
Snake Wallpapers 1.0
Wallpapers with pictures of snakes. Thesnakeis mysterious and clever reptile. snake fascinates andfrightens.Wallpaper with the image of a snake specifically for yourphone ortablet. You will remain satisfied with setting thewallpaper withthe image itself of the snake.
Snake Evolution - Mutant Serpent Game 1.0
Tapps Games
Yes, snakes are venomous, slitheringandhissing creatures that love to dance the Mambo, but if you wanttotake over the world, you’ve gotta side with them.Create new mutant serpent species by entangling different snakesandstart scheming your viperous total domination plot rightaway!Just be prepared for lots of hissy fits.SNAKE FEATURES🐍Pantheon: a new place for supreme beings to look down on usmortalsand laugh at our misery🐍Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to steal thespotlightfrom the snakes.HOW TO PLAY🐍Drag and drop similar snakes to create newmysteriouscreatures🐍Use snake eggs to earn coins, buy new creatures and make evenmoremoney🐍Alternatively, fiercely tap a snake to make coins pop fromtheireggsHIGHLIGHTS🐍Different stages and many snake species to discover🐍A mind-blowing story with viperous twists!🐍The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution and incrementalclickergames🐍Doodle-like illustrations🐍Open ended gameplay: enjoy the freedom!🐍No snakes were harmed in the making of this game,onlydevelopersSnake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE!Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchased forrealmoney.
Snake Smash 1.0.3
Welcome to this multicoloured obstacleworld!Just slide your way forward, but don’t get too comfortable.Blocksand balls of many values and colours will turn up in yourpath andchallenge your smooth orientation skills. It’s not justleft andright, your snake can go in any direction you want inthisuniverse. Even though you have a lot of freedom to move around,youstill need to make sure your snake doesn’t eat its owntail!Increase your multiplier by smashing blocks in quick succession,butdon’t get carried away! They may be fun and colourful to smash,butthey can still defeat you. Crash into a block with a highervaluethan your snake’s length and the game’s over! Your snake willwarpfrom one edge of the screen to the other. Gathering orangeballsgets you points to customize your snake, while others get youextralength.This is easy to play at first and it gets more and morechallengingas your snake grows. Just stay focused and move yourfinger acrossthe screen to make sure you survive and smash your wayto thehighest score!How to play:• Move your finger on the screen in any direction to guidethesnake• Smash into the balls that are the same colour as your snaketogain extra length• Hit the orange balls for points• Avoid the coloured blocks with higher numbers thanyoursnake• Smash into the yellow blocks that bring you high scores untilthetimer is through• Aim for the smallest numbered block if there is no otherwayaround• Avoid twisting the snake into itselfGame features:• 21 skins for your snake• 9 special challenges• Multidirectional gameplay• Fun and colourful minimalist design• Dynamic landscape• Cute sound effects• Available in offline mode
Crazy Snake Worm IO 1.4
Crazy Snake Worm is an addictive wormgamewhich allow you to slither with your friends. Here you are awormwho is getting bigger while crawling and eating light dots.Thegoal is to keep your slither reptile as long as possiblealive.Slither worm is a main hero in the game. You can choosethestrategy you like the most: attack other worms or build upyourpower peacefully.You can play snake game offline and online as well. Sneak, crawlandwin!Slither offline mod is presented as single player mode, whilesnakeonline – as multiplayer.You can change the worm skin by choosing the one you likethemost!Snake Off game gives you lots of fun! Meet with your friends andtryto become the largest snake ever!Please note, we DO NOT provide any Slither hacks and cheats aswellas snake cheats!Worm Game Features:- No Lags. Really.- Play offline in single player against AI when offlineorMultiplayer online.- Control your slithering easily!- Download and Play Crawl Game for free!.- Slither Worm Skins, Emoji Skins and More Skins.- Cool mobile IO game with great user expirience
Snake Online Slither 1.2
Slithero Snake Worm IO is a fun snakegamewhich allow you to crawl with your slither worm.This is an adventure slither worm games, where you play as awormwho is growing while crawling and eating light dots ordefeatingother snakes. The main goal of Slithe is to keep yourslitheringworm alive as long as possible. Worm io is a main hero inthe game.You can choose the strategy you like the most with yourSnakeOnline: attack other worms or build up your powerpeacefully.Play snake game offline and online as well. Crawl, sneak, andwinwith its best slithero mod!Slither mobile game for snake funs!Snake offline mod is presented as single player mode, whilesnakeonline – as multiplayer.Snake Off game gives you lots of fun! Share slither game withyourfriends and try to become the largest snake ever!There are lots of snake skins to choose from.Leaderboard of best snake players is also availableCool Snake online game:Snake online mode – try it yourselfBest slither mods ever!Become a cell in the Slitherio mods worldSlithering with favorite snake online. Slitherplus!Share Snake online IO with your friendsComplete different challenges with snake onlinePlease note, we DO NOT provide any worm hacks and cheats as wellassnake cheats!Snake Crawl Worm Game Features:- Play Slither snake and worm. It’s like agar, but more cute.- No Lags. Really.- Play offline in single player against AI when offlineorMultiplayer online.- Control your slithering easily!- Download and Play Crawl Pro snake game free!- Snake Online is completely Free app- Слизарио game online!- Snake Worm Skins, Emoji Skins and More Skins.- Cool mobile IO game with great user experienceMeet new IO games: cool IO mode. Slithero and crawl io!