Top 49 Games Similar to Snake Battle Royale

Snake Slither Crawl : Crawl Snake Worms 2018 1.2
An addictive snake crawl game!Snake Slither Crawl : CrawlSnakeWorms 2018 is an addictive leisure free mobile game. There aremanysnakes, modern and classic snikes too, If others run intoyourtail, Than they will explode. If your worm head touchesanotherworms body, Than you will be die and become the light dots.So youhave a flighting chance, even if you're a little serpent!,try tomake themselves into the largest and longest worm.SnakeSlitherCrawl is a fully skill adventure game.Give your snake newfeatureslive for long time as long as possible.Try your best tobecome thebiggest and longest snake. Focus on the light dots alongthe way,use your enough length to trap them in circles, when youarestrongest ,use your enough length to trap them in circles. Wanttosurvive longer?You need to develop a slither strategy toattackother worms, when others touch your body, they will explodeanddie, you can eat their body or focus on the light along the way,toincrease my own strength.Snake slither crawl Features:- Slidethemobile snake game- free to all players- Many worms canchoose-classic snake- Intuitive screen operation- There arestrategiccrawl routes- become the largest worm- Share Snake OnlineIO withyour friends- snake crawl game - Play anytime, anywhere -online oroffline-Slither worms anywhere you like-More snakes tochooseBesneaky in front of larger serpents to defeat them! - Worm Battle 5.0
This is definitely an exciting snake game. Have you been tiredoftedious games that slither without any purpose and onlyeatingmakes the worm longer in slitherio game? Here, in this game,skillsare required and also recommended to get your enemies down.Youhave a chance to win even if you're tiny while you areequippedwith CANNON or SNEAK. You can defeat a much larger player,nomatter how small you are! That's definitely a differentexperiencewith snake vs block. Develop your skills, try to surviveand becomethe biggest one in this sanke battle.
3D Snake . io 2.5
Timuz Games
Play against real people from around the world! Can you becomethelongest slither snake? The larger snakes move slowly and aremoredifficult to turn and maneuver. If you are small then you havetomove carefully as the bigger ones are waiting for theopportunityto trap and eat you up! Slither left or right to consumedots, asyou wriggle fast, you get more stronger. The trick is touse theaccelerator key that can make it easier to win. 1. Consumeas muchfood as possible to grow longer 2. Play offline in singleplayeragainst AI when offline or Multiplayer online 3. No Lag.Noperformance issues 4. You can control the slithering easily
insatiable io snakes 1.3.1
insatiable is new worm io game on large land with manystrategies.Eat others and the things on land to make yourinsatiable snakebigger and bigger.Attack with your horn to eatother insatiablecreaturesClues:- You can only bite the things (partof others’body) that are smaller than your head.- When you attackyou loseyour mass- You can attack towards the tail of others’ wormandstart eating from thereDirectives:- Slither your snake tomove,-Press attack button and speed up towards others’ tailbyslithering.- Bite any part of other snake to make others’taillifeless- Eat the mass of tail that you make lifeless.Trytosurvive as much as you can in this game and havethebiggest slither.No Lag and no performance problem. Smoothgameplaywith this Insatiable IO game.You can play everywhere (nomatteronline or offline).Your reviews are valuable for us in ordertoimprove and update insatiable .io snakes gameWe are eager toreplyyour reviews and develop your wishes.Have Fun!insatiable iogame
Snake Slither Crawl 1.0.2
An addictive snake crawl game!Snake slither crawl is anadventurecrawl snake game that combines classic snake play , butgives itnew features. Here, you as a snake, as long as possible tolive fora long time, try to make themselves into the largest andlongestworm.Fun snake game that keeps you crawling with yourworms.Simple, easy to operate, glide left or right, but as long asanerror occurs, it is enough to make a huge snake change what isnot,and lead to the end of the game, even the smallest snake,willcause you fatal hurt.Want to survive longer? You need todevelop aslither strategy to attack other worms, when others touchyourbody, they will explode, you can eat their body or focus onthelight along the way, to increase my own strength.Snakeslithercrawl Features:- free to all players- Slide the mobile snakegame-Many worms can choose- Intuitive screen operation- classicsnake-There are strategic crawl routes- Share Snake Online IO withyourfriends- become the largest worm- Play anytime, anywhere -onlineor offline- snake crawl game Snake Line Arena 1.3
Clown Games
Snix io merges line of the best io games and the classic snakegame!Crawl into the unique io concept by Clown Games now!MAKE THELONGESTSNAKE LINE EVER! Slide around and collect points to growyour tail.LONGER IS FASTER! Develop your skills to survive whenyou arelonger. Winning has never been so easy. Are you ready forachallenge in Snix. io? TANGLE YOUR TAIL! Develop strategieswiththe tails. If other snakes run into your tail, they willexplode.Then, you can collect their remaining to become thelongest.BEWARETHE HEAD! Heading into others’ tail makes you dead.FUN IO GAMEWITH EASY CONTROL! Tap the arrow or touch anywhere onscreen.UNLOCKSKINS! IO game objectives with skin rewards are therefor you toachieve! Unlock amazing skins to customize your snakeline. Thecreator of popular io games presents Snixio Snake LinesArena foryour whole family now. Play when you are online andoffline. game is still in development. New arenas arecoming soon! Wewill listen you to improve our game! Please send usanyfeedback:
Snake on a String 1.4.2
Get ready for the ultimate snake game! More than 200challenginglevels! Plenty of snakes to unlock, all with uniquelooks andproperties! Which snake is your favorite - the fastest,thesmallest, or the luckiest? Try the Bunny snake, the Ninja snake,orwhy not the Zombie snake!Are you ready for a challenge? Canyoufinish the levels fast enough to collect the gold stars? Goodluck- you're gonna need it!
Slither 1.1
Here is the snake world. Each snake is very greedy. You willcontrola snake to eat all the food on the map. But your snake headcan nothit someone else's snake, or you will die, then someoneelse's snakecan eat your body. The same snake heads of others hityour body, thesame will die.The trick is to use the acceleratorkey. Can make youeasier to win. Rely on your operation to reversethe situation.Goodluck!Feature- No Lag in playing slither snake.iogame.- Play nowslither for new addictive action game withgrow your snakebig and long.- While playing slither game if yoursnake’s headtouches another snake, your snake will explode andstart overagain.- Your goal is become the biggest and longestsnake to anotherplayer.
Snake Dash Blocks 1.1.9
Snake as a ball to dash block bricksControl the snake flexibletoslide and avoid!Break as many bricks as possible to gethighestscoresSwipe your finger to move left or right to avoidhittingballs, if the snake balls is shorter than strength of block,youwill die. try you best to eat more ball blocks to get highersnake.It’s easy-to-play, but difficult to get high score. Amazinggamechallenges where you can challenge your family and friends andbeatthem, they will get higher scores and always try to beat youagain.How To Play- Eat the balls on the road to increase snakelength.- Ablock you destroy will increase score by one.- Touch yourfinger onscreen and swipe to left or right to move slither snake.-Avoidhigh strength block then your length otherwise slither snakewilldie in Snake dash block.Snake Dash Block Features:- Free toplaysnake slither game- Endless game mode, unlimited play times-Simpleswipe control- Challenge yourself to the highest record.-There aredifferent theme snakes in the game to switch, will bringadifferent game experience.More functions are comingsoon.Downloadfor free today, enjoy Snake Dash Block with yourfriends now!
Play against other people online! Canyoubecome the longest slither?If your head touches another player, you will explode and thenit'sgame over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode,andyou can eat their remains!In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny. Youcanswerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, nomatterhow big you are!Download now and start slithering! Good luck!
Cobra Snake attack on Phone Prank 1.0
Enjoy pranking your friends with Cobra Snake attack Prankcreatingawesome Snake photos. Cobra snake attack on Screen displayancrawling and hissing snake on the screen, it is the most funnyandscary snake game free in Android. Cobra Snake attack on PhonePrankspecially designed for who love wild Cobra snake wallpaper,Pythonsnake, green snake, Indian cobra snake, horror snake, vipersnake,dangerous snake, wild jungle. Download Cobra snake attack inphonenow and have a lot of fun teasing your friends!
Snake Off - More Play,More Fun
Snake Off is an upgrade of the classic original snake! Brandnewgameplay is waiting for you! This super fun casual gamerequiresspeed and strategy! In Snake Off, players start off with ashortsnake. Play well to grow the snake and achieve domination! Seeifyou can top the Leaderboards! Gameplay 1. Use the joystick tomoveyour snake and grow longer by eating the colorful dots on themap.2. Be careful! When the head of your snake touches anothersnake,it will die and leave behind dots. 3. Hold the speed-upbutton forbetter positioning to make other players run into yoursnake. Eattheir corpses to grow longer! 4. Each game takes lessthan 5minutes! Battle for the longest snake with your friends!VersionFeatures 1. Choose between "Five Minute Mode" or "EndlessMode" andcompete with friends. 2. Players can check the top playersof theday and challenge them! If you like Snake Off, pleaserecommend itto your friends! Suggestions and feedback are alwayswelcome!
Retro Snake 1.3.3
Try this retro-style snake game on your mobile device!From theoldclassic snake game that everyone remembers, with some newuniquefeatures :★ Customizable inputs : Choose between swipe, touchorDPADs to change direction.★ Challenge yourself with three levelsofdifficulty.★ Retro-inspired minimalist graphics.★ Keep yourhighscores safe with the auto-save after each game.★Onlineleaderboards and achievements.★ Choose between a selection of6different color themes.★ Full optimized so you don't have toworryabout your battery.★ Almost non-existent loading times.★Playwithout interruptions from pesky ads.★ Memory friendly withitsvery small app size.★ No internet connection required to play.
Classic Snake 1.0.3
Classic snake is an addictive new mobile game!A single mistakeisenough to make a giant worm turn into nothing and lead to thegameover, even against the smallest slither, granting this latterachance of becoming stronger fast without effort.The mostexcitedsnake worm game, eat dots or dying opponents to become thebiggestsnake! Don't let your head touches another player, whenothers runinto you, they will explode, and you can eat their dots.There aremany snakes, to be careful, ever against the smallestsnake,granting this latter a chance of becoming stronger andfasterwithout effort. Note that it's possible to cross ways withyou ownbody, without punishments. Classic Snake Features:-Freetoplay-Classic snake -More slither skins- Eat luminous dots asmuchas - Intuitive touch screen controls-Beautiful background-To bethebiggest snakes-Enjoyable timeBe the strongest snake
Snake Vs Worm IO 1.1
Rcom Studio
an twisty worm game which allow you to slither with yourfriends.Here you are a worm who is getting bigger while crawling ontheroad and eating light agar dots. The goal is to keep yourslitherreptile as long as possible alive. Slither worm is a mainhero inthe game. You can choose the strategy you like the most:attackother worms or build up your power peacefully. Become askilledSnake io and slither to kill your enemies. Focus on thesnake meatalong the way, and eat as many as possible to becomebiggersnake.In Slither Snake, you have a chance to win even ifyou'retiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player todefeatthem, no matter how big you are!You can play snake gameoffline andonline as well. Sneak, crawl and win!Slither offline modispresented as single player mode, while snake online –asmultiplayer. You can change the worm skin by choosing the oneyoulike the most!Snake Off game gives you lots of fun! Meet withyourfriends and try to become the largest snake ever!Please note,we DONOT provide any Slither hacks and cheats as well as snakecheats!Worm Game Features:- Play Slither snake and worm. It’s likeagar,but more cute.- No Lags. Really. - Play offline in singleplayeragainst AI when offline or Multiplayer online.- Controlyourslithering easily!- Download and Play Crawl Pro snake gamefree!-Snake Online is completely Free app- Слизарио game online!-SnakeWorm Skins, Emoji Skins, Paper,Block Skins and More Skins.-Coolmobile IO game with great user experienceMeet new .IO games:coolIO mode. Slither and crawl io!
Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online 1.0.0
Play against other people online! Can you become thebiggestsnake?Watch out - if your head touches another snake, youwillexplode and then it's game over. But if you get other snakes toruninto YOU, then THEY will explode and you can eattheirremains!Unlike other games, you have a fighting chance evenifyou're tiny! If you're a nimble navigator, you can swerve infrontof a much larger snake to defeat them - no matter what sizeyouare!The biggest snake of the day gets to set a victory messagethatthe ENTIRE WORLD will see!Tips:- You can only bite the things(partof others’ body) that are larger than you.- When you attackyoulose your mass- You can attack towards the tail of others’snakeand start eating from thereHOW TO PLAY:- Eat little colordots-Avoid other worms- Slither your snake to move,- Press attackbuttonand speed up towards others’ tail.- Try to slither aroundenemiesand became the biggest worm possible- Bite any part of othersnaketo make others’ tail lifeless- Eat the mass of tail that youmakelifeless.No Lag and no performance problem. Smooth game playwiththis snake IO game. You can play everywhere (no matter onlineoroffline).Play against other people online! Can you becomethebiggest snake?Have fun!
Snake VS Space 1.08
Netbu Medya
- Use your snake to cross the obstacles and try to score as highaspossible.- Experience the taste of unlimited play with theclassicgame.- Test your abilities by overcoming challenges.-Compete forthe highest score with your friends on Facebook.How toplay?Collect the stars Choose the smallest number when you break uptheblocks.Good Luck
Snake Wallpapers 1.0
Wallpapers with pictures of snakes. The snake is mysteriousandclever reptile. snake fascinates and frightens. Wallpaper withtheimage of a snake specifically for your phone or tablet. Youwillremain satisfied with setting the wallpaper with the imageitselfof the snake.
Snake Crazy - Don't Stop Crawl 1.0.0
Play against other people online! Can you become thebiggestsnake?Watch out - if your head touches another snake, youwillexplode and then it's game over. But if you get other snakes toruninto YOU, then THEY will explode and you can eattheirremains!Unlike other games, you have a fighting chance evenifyou're tiny! If you're a nimble navigator, you can swerve infrontof a much larger snake to defeat them - no matter what sizeyouare!The biggest snake of the day gets to set a victory messagethatthe ENTIRE WORLD will see!Tips:- You can only bite the things(partof others’ body) that are larger than you.- When you attackyoulose your mass- You can attack towards the tail of others’snakeand start eating from thereHOW TO PLAY:- Eat little colordots-Avoid other worms- Slither your snake to move,- Press attackbuttonand speed up towards others’ tail.- Try to slither aroundenemiesand became the biggest worm possible- Bite any part of othersnaketo make others’ tail lifeless- Eat the mass of tail that youmakelifeless.No Lag and no performance problem. Smooth gameplaywiththis worm IO game.You can play everywhere (no matter onlineoroffline).Play against other people online! Can you becomethebiggest snake?Have fun!
Snake IO Slither Worm 1.9
Slither Snake IO – cool mobile game where snakes are the mainwormheroes. It’s far from classic snake experience, it’s anadventurearcade game, the main aim is to choose your favoriteslither skinand play with crawling snake IO trying to become thelongest wormIO player. Snake Online mobile is a perfect mix ofarcade snakegame with adventure slither worm crawling mode. Weprovide you theability to play with your slither friends inmultiplayer snakeonline IO mode as well as in single player usingsnake offlineslither mode. There are multiple Slithero challenges:a few slithermods are available for you: timed snake game, infiniteandchallenge worm mode. What are the main features of our snakecrawlgame? Well, we consider it as a great crawl snake mode. Youcanhave fun with other players, or even defeat strong AIsnakes.Attack other worms and eat light dots left. Share MobileSnake IOSlither Online game with your friends, earn gold and buynew sneakskins. You can download this cool snake game completelyfree! Thisis one of the best slither mods ever! We don’t allowslither hacksor snake cheats! Become Crawl Pro player and enjoyСлизарио online!
Snake.Bot 1.5
Download this FREE game now to start playing!Join the fun byplayingagainst other snakes offline! Can you beat your own scoreand becomethe longest snake in the game?If your head touchesanother snake,you will die. But if another snake run into yoursnake, then they’lldie and you can eat their remains to grow yourown snake!Join thefun with these great new features:- Pause Button- Mute button -Beautiful 3D graphics - Amazing physics andrealistic movements- Funsound effects and cool beats while playingthe game!- Enjoy the foodcount!Stayconnected!Facebook:
Snake VS Block 1.26
Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break thebricks.Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additionalballs andmake the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but veryhard toreach high scores! Game Features: - Free to play - Endlessgameplay- Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends with thebesthighscore
Slither Snake Game 1.2
Slither Snake Game IO is an addictive snake game which allow youtoslither and crawl with your friends. Here you are a worm whoisgetting bigger while crawling and eating light dots ordefeatingother snakes. The main idea is to keep your slitheringreptile aslong as possible alive. Worm io is a main hero in thegame. You canchoose the strategy you like the most with your SnakeOnline:attack other worms or build up your power peacefully.Slithermobile game for snake funs!You can play snake game offlineandonline as well. Sneak, crawl and win!Snake offline mod ispresentedas single player mode, while snake online – asmultiplayer. SnakeOff game gives you lots of fun! Meet with yourfriends and try tobecome the largest snake ever!You can change theworm skin bychoosing the one you like!Get to top of leaderboard ofbest snakeplayersCool Snake online game:Snake online mode – tryityourselfBest slither mods ever!Become a cell in the SlitheriomodsworldSlithering with favorite snake onlineShare Snake onlineIOwith your friendsComplete different challenges withsnakeonlinePlease note, we DO NOT provide any worm hacks and cheatsaswell as snake cheats! Snake Crawl Worm Game Features:-Slithersnake and worm.- No Lags. Really. It’s like agar, but morecute.-Play offline in single player against AI when offlineorMultiplayer online.- Control your slithering easily!- DownloadandPlay Crawl Game free!- Snake Online is completely Free- SnakeWormSkins, Emoji Skins and More Skins.- Cool mobile IO game withgreatuser experienceThis is fun IO mode of famous IO games.Slithero andcrawl - is our motto!
Slither Snake IO 2018 1.2
Slither Snake IO 2018 is a fun snake game which allow you tocrawlwith your slither worm. *This is an adventure slither wormgames,where you play as a worm who is growing while crawling andeatinglight dots or defeating other snakes. The main goal of Slitheis tokeep your slithering worm alive as long as possible. Snake iois amain hero in the game. *You can choose the strategy you likethemost with your Snake Online: attack other worms or build upyourpower peacefully. Play snake game offline and online aswell.Crawl, sneak, and win with its best slithero mod!Slithermobilegame for snake funs!SnakeIO offline mod is presented assingleplayer mode, while snake online – as multiplayerSnake.ioofflinegame gives you lots of fun! Share slither game with yourfriendsand try to become the largest snake ever!
Battle Snake Worm Bot IO 1.0.0
No Lag! No performance issues on any device! Easy Control!Thissnakegame is an addictive new mobile game that combines theclassic gameof snake with elements. In this game you are a snakeinstead of ablob and the goal is become the biggest and longestsnake reptile inthe game.Your goal is become the biggest andlongest snake in theworld. If your head touches another player,you will explode andthen it's game over. But if others run intoYOU, then THEY willexplode, and you can eat their remains!Using aboost button can makesnake to run faster but running fast willreduce the length ofsnake. Become a skilled Snake, crawl andattack (slith) to kill yourenemies. Focus on the snake meat alongthe way, and eat as many aspossible to become bigger snake. InSnake game, you have a chance towin even if you're tiny. You canswerve in front of a much largerplayer to defeat them, no matterhow big you are!Develop yourskills, try to survive and eatsnakesGame Features : ★ No Lag! ★Internet connection is notneeded, play wherever, you are offline oronline. ★ Fully optimizedgameplay with mobile controls ★ Strategicalpha online multiplayergame play ★ Easy to learn, intuitive touchscreen controls ★ FREEto play game ★ Many snake skin for youcustomize MLG Edition 2.0
Move a snake around a dark space, eat mass, defeat and consumeotherplayers to grow the biggest and longest in the game. If theplayer'ssnake's head collides into a part of another snake, theplayer losesthe game and must start over. The defeated avatar'sbody turns intobright, shining dots for other players to consume.The player canactivate "boost mode", which causes the avatar tospeed up. Feelfree to view and use many skins for your venom suchas: bird, pig,cat, doodle, minion, pipe, tube, belt, tank,knuckles and very morememes and popular skins. Make your worm bemost powerful in helixworld. Don't jump too high when you activateboost mode, becauseother players can easily beat you slither. Bigthanks to all playerswhich helps optimise and improve our games.Good luck and have afun!
Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro 2.0.4
HALA Games
Classic Snake game is very famous in many years, especiallyinfeature phones. The Snake original was invented many yearsago(1974) by a Russian developer and then become most playedarcadegame on mobile in decades. It is alsocalled"yılan","ثعبان","เกมงู","스네이크","مار","スネーク","贪吃蛇","Rắnsănmồi","Змейка Классическая" in many languages. 1110i is my very1stmobile phone and in my mind. From 1997 to 2006 and manyyearslater, I and my generation were crazy by playing Snake Xenziaonthat dumb phone 1110i. That time, Snake Xenzia Classic was likeastorm that infuse a new wave in our high school. Everyone whohavea 1110i played Snake Xenzia, they compared score, they try tobreakthe record, and they have fun. Snake Xenzia is a great memoryofour life, for rewind purpose. One day, I and my friendsgathered,talked about mobile game and of course, Snake Xenzia on1110i istop of mind. So, I decided to remake Snake Xenzia Rewindtocelebrate our rewind youth with the very 1st mobilegameexperience. Like we played on feature phone, Snake XenziaRewind -the Snake retro version that has an antique screen withphysicskeyboard, LED screen display and the same gameplay (playingwith2468 buttons) . The difference between the old Snake XenziaandSnake Retro Classic is now you're playing on a touch-screen.Inthis new version 2.0 of Snake 2K Classic, we add 8 bitsound,ranking, setting option to remove Ads and especially the Boxmodebeside Classic mode. The other mode: Rails, Mills,Apartment,Tunnel only integrated in Pro version of Snake 97 Classicretrophone. Let’s experience the past in the present with SnakeRetroRewind Best Regards from Vietnam, HALA team, What’s new? Now,youare world ranked. You have sound and 2 modes to play! FollowSnake97 Retro fanpage on Thank you very much!
Snake Game 2.3
Feeling nostalgic for retro games? Download Snake Game, afunclassic game and dive into the memories of bygone times andsimpleaddictive games! ADDICTING GAMES ARE GETTING SMALLER! Whenwas thelast time you played a classic snake game? Wanna give it atryagain? This fun game takes you back to the time when coolgameswere simple, yet addictive. So, if you are a fan of retrogames orjust in search of a simple game to keep the clock ticking,get thisfree Snake Game and enjoy! SNAKE GAME - FEATURES: 🐍4WORLDS:Classic Snake, Retro Snake, Snake on Steroids, and SnakeMaster 🐍3WAYS TO PLAY 🐍Rewind the snake option 🐍Various boosters tohelp youprogress How long can you last before your tail becomesyourdinner? Take the challenge and eat all those apples! Test allthesnake games within the game and join our hall of fame by beingoneof the longest lasting players. Ready? Go for it! Classicretrogames have never been more fun! Download Snake Game and addthissimple game to the list of the cool games you have recentlyplayed.RETRO GAMES ARE IN so do not hesitate to join the craze!This freegame is an intellectual property of PeakselGames –copyright 2017.
Hydra Snake City Attack 1.0
Tap 2 Sim
Mighty strong, most vicious and huge reptile creature hydramonstersnake with multiple heads has overwhelmed the city. The mostknownpoisonous snakes, king cobra snake and sea serpent snake! Playandfight like a deadly monster brutal in hydra snake attacksimulator.Create city rampage, havoc and chaos! Get ready to fightagainstthe mankind for hunger and survival. Snake attack games wereneverbeen such thrilling. Hunt humans with snake survival andsnakechase 3d simulator. Be the most fearful creature with firepowerlike a real hydra snake. Beware from the citizens attacks andhuntthem before they kill you. Play the snake rampage game withHydraSnake City Attack Simulator! Ultimate rampage story of seamonsterin city.Hydra snake aka sea serpent monster snake is worstandcruel creature. Complete different flight and battling missionsin3d urban town, destroy villages and castles, kill differentbeastsand survive as a hydra. It’s time to forget anaconda cityattackand anaconda snake games or king cobra survival simulator andplaythe latest snake survival game.You need to beware from humanswithweapons and police. They are waiting when you become recklesstokill you without any sign of mercy! Stay alerted all thetimebecause they have snake sniping shooting guns to kill you.Comefrom depth of the deadly ocean and start eating beachpeople.Slither around the city blocks to find a new prey foryourpoisonous snake!✽✽✽ Features of Snake Rampage ✽✽✽✸ Fantasticbeastsurvival simulator. ✸ Deadly attacks and epic city snakebattlescenarios.✸ Survive in the city, hunt & eat people &createdestruction.✸ Dual swords hero and cops will try to kill you!Makethem dead.✸ Wide range of hunting missions againstcruelrivals.Gain as much power as you can and destroy all yourenemieswith your hydra snake’s inner fury. Download now Hydra SnakeCityAttack and trample the whole city with the power of yourmonstersnake.
Furious Snake Simulator 🐍 1.0
Tap 2 Sim
Become a vicious python or wild anaconda in angry snake gamesandslay your victims. Slither through the lush green rainforestandmake your prey the victim of your snake bite with angrysnakeattack 3d. In snake simulator new games free 3d be a giantblackmamba snake and attack with poisonous teeth and hunt downjunglepredators. Anaconda, cobra and python are known as dangerousanddeadly snakes and off course black mamba too. You are playingarealistic wild snake simulator with the blend of angry snakeattack3d. In angry snake games for your ultimate hunting use yourrazorsharp teeth, swift speed, and hypnotic look to hunt down tastypreyand fight dangerous rainforest and ultimate savanna jungleanimals.Join epic battle of survival with this FURIOUS SNAKESIMULATOR!Ultimate among anaconda games free in forest. In thishydra snakeattack simulator 3d game explore the lush green junglewhich isfilled with wild, ferocious animals and insects. There are4playable wild snakes like deadly anaconda, wild python, angryblackmamba and the king of snakes Cobra available to choosefrom.Experience the thrill of defeating and devouring enemiesandcritics. Start epic battle and Attack on wild jungleanimalscheetah, jaguar, hyena lion, gazelle, elephant etc. Fightagainstferocious animals and slither through a massive open worldforestenvironment with wild snake games as hydra snake. Get readytoStalk and make a deadly snake bite. You might get into afightagainst a mighty giant anaconda or a big cobra in this battleofsurvival and hunger with hydra snake simulator. You have totrapyour prey and destroy them with your deadly venom in anacondagamesfree in forest with your wild snake. Feel the power of attackof aruthless forest animal and make other wild animals your preyinthis snake simulator. Live near swamp, slither around thebigjungle, search your favorite prey and attack as a wild anacondaorpython to hunt down other animals. Hunt down & fightagainstthe largest collection of wild animals as your foes.FEATURES OFFURIOUS SNAKE SIMULATOR 3D! 🐍 Deadly attacks and epicbattlescenarios in multiple snake quests.🐍 Kill and attack yourtargetwith Wild snake games.🐍 4 Playable snakes available to choosefrom.🐍 Amazing open world environment and 3D HD graphics🐍 Survivein thebig wild jungle, eat and hunt animals.Your Suggestions&Feedback are high value for us
slither 1.0
slither is a new io game on large land with manystrategies.Slither your snake, eat others and get bigger andbigger.Try tosurvive as much as you can in this slither worm.ioand have thebiggest slithering snake.How to:★ Slither your worm ★Eat the masson land ★ Eat the mass of others after kill them★ Tokill them,force them to hit your body.Gameplay:★ No lag &smooth gameplay★Optimized duel joystick input.★ Fantastic boostersfor yourinsatiable snakes★ Slither up the leaderboardNo Lag andnoperformance problem. Smooth gameplay with this InsatiableIOgame.You can play everywhere (no matter online oroffline).Yourreviews are valuable for us in order to improve andupdate slitherworm .io gameWe are eager to reply your reviews anddevelop yourwishes.Have Fun!slither worm io game
Slither Snake 1.5
Feng Mobile
Slither and eat to grow longer. Can you become the longestplayer?Your goal is become the biggest and longest snake in theworld.Using a boost button (the lower right corner of the screen)canmake snake to run faster but running fast will reduce the lengthofsnake. Slither to kill your enemies. Focus on the snake meatalongthe way, and eat as many as possible to become bigger snake.So,what are you waiting for? Develop your skills, try to surviveandeat snakes HOW TO PLAY: - Dont touch worms body.
 - Explosethesnakes and eat their romains to be large.
 - Eject mass toextraspeed with the right down Button Game Features: -You canplaywithout internet connection - Controls with Joystick -Variousskins.
Snake Crawl: Online Snake game 1.0
CHT Studios
This is the best snake online game in mobile!!!You likeplayingsnake game, but you can't slither snake with friends orselect aserver you like.No game on the store can help you exceptthisone!Great Features:• Can start with a big snake in offlinemode.•Support 2 snake io leaderboards: Online and Offline againstA.I.•FREE to play game• Fully optimized gameplay withmobilecontrolsSome gaming experiences when playing snake game (wormgame/slither snake game):• When you see the food, just curledaround itas quickly as possible to avoid being robbed others.• Youcan huntby curled around the smaller snake. But bewarethose"opportunities" can do so with both you and your prey.•Usewell-timed acceleration, it makes solid shortening. Sometimesyoucan not control the speed, crashing into another snake!• Whenthelarger snakes move slower and more difficult to wriggle. If youarea small snake, calmly waiting for the opportunity to wriggleorlarge solid block head.• When you go big, focus huntinglargebatches.• Do not be impatient, let snake grows slowly!Wish youhavefun moments of slithering snake!
Snake & Ladder - Board Games
Keong Games
The most popular board game Snake and ladderison digital now. It's more fun and addictive. You can play withyourfriends or family in your free time.NEW: MULTIPLAYER BLUETOOTH!Now, you can playing with your family and friends better. Youcanuse bluetooth feature to playing together. More Fun,MoreFlexible!Features:- You may play against CPU (AI)- or play with your friends of your relatives.- Player can be up to 4 players- Funny animation and voice for each player- Support tablet or smartphone- NEW THEME: OM TELOLET OMTHEME LIST- Flat Design- Halloween- Digital Startup- Om Telolet Om- Lunar / Imlek- ValentineHomepage: those host or room master: Please be patient while waitingforall players to join before playing.
Snake On Screen Hissing Joke App 1.9.5
This is a snake on screen funny joke and you are about to haveasnake hissing on screen. You will scream with a 3D snake onscreen.What's more interesting than a snake crawling on screen. Themovingsnake on screen will be the scariest and funny joke in 2017thatyou give to your friends. Snake on screen prank - snake inphonefunny joke Here we will show you some tricks to prank yourbuddiesby adding live snake walking on screen now: 1. Download aFreesnake on screen 3d.2. Start and set the appearance time ofsnake onhome screen, eg 10 seconds3. Give the phone to a friend.The snakeon screen scary joke is ready.4. Wait 10 seconds and showsnake onscreen.nhộn MAIN FEATURES of the snake on the screen app: ✔Greatvirtual reality animation with live sound✔ Schedule for snakeonthe phone screen to pop up anytime on phone✔ Turn on / offsnakerunning on screen easily✔ Does not consume battery powereventhough the snake walks on phone✔ Snake on screen hissing jokeisFREEA snake moving on screen with a hissing sound wouldbesomething that you did not expect yesterday. There isanotherunexpected thing of snake screen prank app that we give you.Itdoesn't matter what you are doing, if you are browsingtheInternet, playing a game or writing an email, a snake onmobilescreen will always be visible. There is still a snake onphonescreen until you click on the icon of snake of screen inthenotification bar or disable snake screen game.Note, it is notareal snake on the screen. There is no snake run on screen.Youdon’t have live snake on screen acctualy. And it is not bigsnakeon screen or snake walk on screen for real. We are notresponsiblefor any damages about snake and phone or snake on screenlive. Youcan make snake on phone screen prank as your livingreptile now bydownloading this snake prank app to your phone. Setup a schedulefor the snake on your screen and have fun with yourfriends! Joinsnake on screen and snake game.If you have anyquestions about thesnake on screen joke, please comment below oremail the developer.Do not forget to rate 5 * for snake in phonescreen!
🐍 Jungle Snake Survival Run - Serpent Animal Race 1.6.2
The Snake Queen is the most powerful wild anaconda serpentcreatureof the jungle. Gorgeous, clever and visually unique, thequeen ofthe snakes is a fantastic animal ... She likes to slither,crawland be watched by other snakes and animals.But she needs tobecareful, because the jungle is full of surprises. There aremanyobstacles to overcome and all kinds of dangers. Crawl theSnakeQueen through the jungle in this amazing survival race!Crawlcleverly and find your way out quickly… Lead the snake throughtheobstacles in an infinite survival race animal run. Your missionisto find the best paths of the jungle for the Snake Queen soshedoesn‘t get hurt. But pay attention! This animal run in thejungleis full of surprises, animals and hurdles. You will only winthissurvival race, if you are a clever strategist withgoodreflexes!The serpent is one of the oldest and mostwidespreadmythological symbols. Snakes and serpents represent bothgood andevil and have always been associated with some of theoldestrituals known to mankind.In ancient mythology snakes were asourceof wisdom.In these survival games you will have to prove thewisdomof the Snake Queen, the smartest animal, on a survival racethroughthe jungle, a place the snakes made their home.Crawl withwisdomthrough the jungle and aim for the highest score in thisanimalrun. If you get hit by objects in this survival race, thesnakeloses it‘s health and will eventually die.SURVIVAL SERPENTRACINGGAMES - FREE ANIMAL RUNIn this funny serpent crawl game youwill bea snake fighting for your survival. You will crawl fasterandfaster and get more and more accurate, because it also takesveryprecise movements to succeed in this addictive survivalrace.Butdon‘t worry! You know the jungle like the back of yourhand! Makeuse of your snake‘s wisdom to win the survival race andreach thehighest score in this animal run!Learn to crawl faster andcompetein funny snake races with your friends. Enjoy thisaddictiveserpent crawl game for FREE!By installing this app youagree to thefollowing privacypolicy:
Slither Crash Block 1.0.1
Slither Block crash is a fully skill based adventure snakegameever. Swipe your finger, let snake of balls to crash theblockbricks. Get the blocks as many as you can, challenge thehighestscores in the endless game. Feed your snake with the numberblock,got the strength of balls, but hard to get high scores inthewell-designed game. Classic and challenge levels to choose.everylevel have different level aims. such as, Get a snake of 30balls,break 3 block of 10 or more, travel 100m, only one ball,slither90m in less than 20 seconds.Now let's drive into thegame,challenge the best slither block game! Features:.Free toplayslither block crash.Endless and challenge level tochoose.Differentlevel aims to play with your snake balls.Get 30balls of aims.Feedas strength as you can.Challenge the highestscores .One morechance to revive Download for free today, enjoyblock crash withyour friends now!
Slither Snake VS Ball Brick 1.9
Slide your finger to guide a snake composed of balls and breakthebricks.Try to break as many bricks as possibleGet extra ballstomake the largest snake ever!The game is easy to use, but itisdifficult to achieve high scores Oh!Features:- Free games- Thegamehas no end time- Simple sliding control- Challenge your friendwiththe highest score 3.1.1
Drive your worm in massively multiplayer online game! Eatsweets,donuts and cakes to grow faster.Cut off other players bylettingthem crash heads into your worm's body.Play with others alloverthe world.
Snake Screen Terrible Joke 1.12
Snake screen with you friends, your loved ones, make a terriblejoketo the family!Make a professional joke on the other sideplannedwith the aim of being ridiculous or annoying.Thisapplication is asimulated snake application.How can you scare ordeceive?1. Installa free snake screen on your Tablet Phone.2.Press the Start button3.Then the snakes will appear on thescreen.4. Everything is ready forthe joke!Attention!If the personyou joke is snake phobia, be verycareful to watch out.Do not scarethe victim too much :)You cancontact us about application [email protected]:Thisapplication is intended for jokeand does not leave a trace on thephone logs.
Brick Game 19.1.0
Brick Game is the compilation of the best games from themostpopular console of the 1990s. Do you feel tired of withcomplicatedand difficult games? Did you miss the favorite classicgames? Let'splay this game to feel nostalgic! Game features: • 19games in 1 •Many level and speed • 10 different classic themes • 8bits sound •Share high score with your friends, family via socialapps • Submitscore to leaderboard Game list: A - Brick PuzzleClassic: Move androtate the falling blocks. Lines are cleared whenthey are filledwith blocks and have no empty spaces B - TankClassic: Move tankand shoot bullet to kill enemy. The speed andintelligence of theenemy will increase after each level C - RacingClassic: Move racerleft right to avoid enemy, the speed will beincrease after eachlevel D - Snake Classic: Move the snake to avoidobstacles and eatmore foods to grow in size E - Supplement ShootingClassic: Movethe gun platform, shoot block to the sky to fill thefallingblocks. When the blocks are filled, they will collapseupwards F -Shooting Players Classic: Move the gun platform, shootto destroythe falling blocks before they touch the ground G - BrickBreakerClassic: Smash a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncingball witha paddle H - Frog Across River Classic: Control playermove andjump to avoid all obstacles I - Match Three Classic: Changeblocksof different shapes to match given blocks falling down J -BrickPuzzle Classic II : After brick fall down, all bricks willmoveright 1 unit K - Brick Puzzle Classic III : After brick falldown,all bricks will invisible L - Brick Puzzle Classic IV : Aftersomebricks fall down, all bricks will move up 1 unit M - BrickPuzzleClassic V : Instead rotate brick, in this mode the brick canbeexchange to other shapes N - Brick Puzzle Classic VI : Thereverseof original version through vertical axis O - Racing ClassicII:Control the racer avoid all obstacles on the road. The speedwillbe increase after each level P - Ping Pong Classic: Controlthepaddle to hit a ball back and forth and compete against withacomputer-controlled opponent. The aim is reach ten points,pointsare earned when opponent fails to return the ball to theplayer. Q- Racing Classic III: Control racer avoid enemy in 3 lanesroad,the speed will be increase after each level R - Snake ClassicII:Move the snake to avoid obstacles, through 4 holes and eatmorefoods to grow in size S - Brick Puzzle Classic VII: With bombandsingle brick, the game will be exciting
Solitaire 1.29.3179
Noodle Games
Still searching for free ♣solitaire games? Play the #1♣SolitaireClassic Free Cards Game on Android and Google Play! Bringback oldmemories of the classic windows ♣solitaire! Solitaire, alsoknownas Patience Solitaire and Klondike solitaire, is a classicandchallenging card game in the world. Our version of Solitaireisfree and is the most popular card game in the play store.Downloadnow to play the best solitaire classic card game onAndroid! Trainyour brain with this challenging Solitaire gamesSolitaire Klondikeis a fun, challenging and addictive brain gamesimilar to theclassic card games, spider solitaire and PatienceSolitaire. Playthis challenging games and unlock new solitairedaily challenge!Solve the daily challenge to win crown and trophy.The morechallenges you complete, the more scores, crowns andtrophiesyou’ll earn. Become the KING of your Klondike Solitairegame! Howto play this free solitaire games Just single tap and dropto movethe card, arrange cards in the order of KING to ACE and inblackand red, use the shortest time and moves get the highestscores. Sosimple and addicting! Enjoy the free tasty solitairegames Makeyour own Klondike Solitaire game unique and exclusive!You canchange the game's appearance to suit your own taste, choosethecrisp and beautiful card sets and background. MoreSolitaireKlondike Features: ♠ Unlimited free undo & free hints♥Klondike (Patience) Solitaire Draw 1 card ♠ Klondike(Patience)Solitaire Draw 3 cards ♥ Auto complete for solved game ♠StandardKlondike Solitaire scoring : Keep your scores rolling over♥ Lefthanded mode ♠ Tablet support ♥ Portrait or landscape Notes: •Thisfree solitaire game contains ads If you love SolitaireClassic,Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, tripeaks solitaire,PyramidSolitaire or any other free solitaire card games, don't missout onthe best free solitaire for your Android! Stick to theclassics& test your patience!
Liquid Snake VS Solid Bricks 2.2
Liquid Snake is on the run, but there are a lot of obstacles inhisway!Help him reach freedom, destroy the bricks on his way andpickup health boosts on the way.Game Features:* Free to play!*Endlessgameplay!* Responsive swipe control!Brought to you byPinka!Followus to get news andupdates:Facebook: to report an issue? Contact [email protected] 📧
Blocky Snakes - Classic Snake Runner 1.4
Why did the snake cross the road?Wait, that's anotherstory...Butnow, get ready to hop into the world of the BLOCKYSNAKES!A funny,challenging 3D game, where you can relive yourmemories with aclassic hit!Slither through your way in a maze ofobstacles!Eatfruits and frogs to be the biggest snake and gain morescore!Dashthrough breakable blocks, deactivate traps!Collect coinsand playwith the Snake Crane to win new characters!-FEATURES--Lovelylowpoly - blocky styled 3D graphics- Endless labyrinth -blocks toslither through- 21 snakes you can collect- 6 map themes-Three funand challenging Game Mode: Runner, Crazy, SoccerAND MORETOCOME!-GAMEPLAY-- Touch to Turn or Dash for faster movement-EatFruits and Frogs- Catch Butterflies- Pick up Powerup Items-Kickthe ball like a champion- Avoid obstacles- Dash throughBlocks-Deactivate traps- Collect Coins- Win NewSnakes-FOLLOWUS-
Snake WWWE 7.1.1
Ocean Dr Apps
Simplest game ever you just have to save yourself from explodeandgrow bigger. Try not to touch your head with other players.Themore your eat the more you get bigger and longer.!! - Snake Game 1.2.2
Do you like snakes? It's cool if you don't because these snakesareno threat to you - other players, on the other hand. Enjoy atwiston an old classic with! Like the classic game Snakethatgraced ancient cell phones and computers for decades, Eatglowingorbs and grow in! this is a multiplayer game thatlets youbecome a black insatiable snake, or choose other skins.When youslithering across orbs, you will grow longer and wider.This crawlslithering snake battle game is part of .io games family.How toplay: Controlling your worm in Slink io is simple, as yourcrawl isentirely controlled using the mouse. The worm willcontinuouslyslithering in the direction of your mouse pointer, soturning yourcrawl worm is as simple as moving your finger skillserve as aquick speed boost, allowing you to get out of the way ofenemyworms quickly. Slink io features cartoonish graphics and notext,sound, or music, making this a safe game for both school andwork.By sharing the game on social media, you can get moreenemies.Slink io Tips & Tricks: • Go fast to the center of themap andsteal food from enemies. • Cross the path of biggerslitheringsnakes to get them to run into your body. • Trap otherplayers bycircling them. Enjoy and good luck to achieve results ontheleaderboard.
Crawl Worms - Slither Snake IO Venom Attack Game 2.1.9
Join The Crawl Worms: Slither Snake IO Venom Attack Game InTheirBiggest Adventure Yet! Crawl Worm Snake fighting Game IO is afunsnake game which allow you to crawl with your slither worm.Anaddictive new venom angry crashy rush mobile game that combinestheclassic of snake battle game with elements. In this game you areaslither snake fighting crawl worms instead of a blob and thegoalis become the biggest and longest worm in the worm io game.Asingle mistake is enough to make a giant glowworm turn intonothingand lead to the game over, even against the smallestsnakeio,granting this latter a chance of becoming stronger fastwithouteffort. Focus on the light dots along the way, forget abouttheothers except when you’ve got enough length to trap themincircles. Note that it’s possible to cross ways with your ownbody,without punishments. Fully skill based venom adventure crawlsnakewwe game ever. sneak and get sneaky, become the biggestglowworm,eat light dots and keep your slither wwe game reptilealive as longas you can. Now you can play the game even if you areoffline, orin multiplayer mode when you are connected to theinternet. You area little, other glow worms vs block are crawlingaround looking forfood to eat to get longer too. If your worm headtouches anotherglow worms' body, you will explode and it's gameover. But if youget other slither vs block off run into your tail,then they willexplode and you can eat their light dots to growfast! So, you havea fighting chance even if you're a littleserpent! Be sneaky infront of larger serpents to defeat them! GameFeatures: ★ No Lag.No performance issues on any device. ★ Playoffline in singleplayer against AI when offline or Multiplayeronline. ★ Fullyoptimised gameplay with an on-screen joystick tocontrol yourslithering. ★ Strategic alpha online multiplayergameplay mode. ★Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls. ★Download CrawlioGame - It's FREE to play. ★ Slither Mods, Skins,Worm mods Skins,Emoji Skins, Anime Skins, Venom Angry, Country FlagSkins and MoreSkins. ★ With over 2 million downloads, Game RulesAre Very Simple:◆ Eat glow light dots to grow and stay alive aslong as you can. ◆Don't run into other players or the map edges,you can run onlyinto your own body tail. ◆ Avoid the map margins oryou willexplode. ◆ Slide in front of other snakes vs blocks to killthemand finally eat their light dots. ◆ Tap the eject mass buttonforthe high speed boost when you need some extra slithering speed.Ifyou have any problem installing the game, please report to us.Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
Slither Worm Snake 5.0
Slither Worm Snake Game IO is a fun snake game which allow youtocrawl with your slither worm. This is an adventure slitherwormgames, where you play as a worm who is growing while crawlingandeating light dots or defeating other snakes. The main goalofSlithe is to keep your slithering worm alive as long aspossible.Worm io is a main hero in the game. You can choose thestrategy youlike the most with your Snake Online: attack otherworms or buildup your power peacefully. Play snake game offline andonline aswell. Crawl, sneak, and win with its best slitheromod!Slithermobile game for snake funs!Snake offline mod ispresented as singleplayer mode, while snake online – asmultiplayer. Snake Off gamegives you lots of fun! Share slithergame with your friends and tryto become the largest snakeever!There are lots of snake skins tochoose from.Leaderboard ofbest snake players is also availableCoolSnake online game:Snakeonline mode – try it yourselfBest slithermods ever!Become a cell inthe Slither snake io modsworldSlithering with favorite snakeonline. Slitherplus!Share Snakeonline IO with your friendsCompletedifferent challenges with snakeonlinePlease note, we DO NOT provideany worm hacks and cheats aswell as snake cheats! Snake Crawl WormGame Features:- Play Slithersnake and worm. It’s like agar, butmore cute.- No Lags. Really. -Play offline in single player againstAI when offline orMultiplayer online.- Control your slitheringeasily!- Download andPlay Crawl Pro snake game free!- Snake Onlineis completely Freeapp- Слизарио game online!- Snake Worm Skins,Emoji Skins and MoreSkins.- Cool mobile IO game with great userexperienceMeet new IOgames: cool IO mode. Slithero and crawl io!
Wild Anaconda Snake Attack 3D 3.2
Kooky Games
Play as a wild and angry anaconda snake on your smart phone,slayyour victim, look and attack your favorite prey in thisanacondasnake games and anaconda games 3d with the blend of wildsnakes wargame. This newest wild anaconda attack game 3d will putyou incontrol of this deadly beast. In this anaconda games 3d youare abig giant anaconda snake, slither and crawl your way throughthemarsh while you attack on your prey. This venomous predatorishungry and also looking for his survival in the big 3D city.Huntother animals like big crocodile, the Delicious Deer, andthemighty horse and pig with latest angry anaconda games 2017 withtheblend of 3d angry anaconda attack. Snakes games io wereneveramazing before. There are human hunters looking to attackonanaconda snake with their heavy steel rods, sharp swords andbigsticks in this snake’s war. Try this ultimate and newest wildandWILD ANACONDA SNAKE ATTACK 3D 2017GAMEPLAY OF ANACONDA SNAKE3DSIMULATOR!Your battle of survival and war with other animalsandhumans has just begun. Feel the adventure pack thrill ofpowerfulanaconda, slither towards your prey silently and attackfrom behindand destroy your prey as big killer snake the ultimatescoundrel ofthe jungle. With this anaconda simulator game all youhave to do islook for your meal in shape of jungle animals and atthe same timesurvive against the human who are frightened and wantsto kill youin this brutal war with your angry anaconda games withthe twist ofanaconda attack 3d and anaconda game simulator. Thisrealisticsnake game io is ready to run on your smart device.FEATURES OFANGRY WILD ANACONDA SNAKE ATTACK 2017- 10 ultimateattack andsurvival missions in anaconda games.- Realistic anacondasnakeanimation and beautiful 3D town environment.- AnimalSimulation atits best with awesome attacking features. - Realisticswamp andslithering of anaconda with smooth controls. It’s time tobecome adeadliest python and start the battle of survival in waterandtown. Attack your prey from behind for your hunger must bequenchedin newest anaconda games and angry anaconda games 2017withrealistic 3D effects. Download now WILD ANACONDA SNAKE ATTACK2017and start the war against animals and humans and also fightforyour survival!