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Math: Long Division 1.103
The application will teach you how to do a long division.Theapplication is smart: it tries to understand your mistakes andgiveyou appropriate indications. The long division is afundamentalconcept of math. It includes the division of course, butalso themultiplication, the subtraction and the multiplicationtables, allmath operations. Mastering the long division meansmastering allthese technics of math. The application proposes twomodes:training and learning. In learning mode, the applicationshows youhow to do the long division step by step. Each step of themathexercise is explained and detailed. You can choose thenumbers,divisor and dividend, or let the application randomlychoose thedivision to do. In training mode, you do the longdivision step bystep by yourself. The application detects themistakes, such asforgetting the carry. It gives you indications ifyou need allalong math exercises. Several levels are possible formathexercises. The easy level proposes simple numbers, for theearlylearning of division. The following levels proposes more andmoredifficult exercises. One can choose between integer longdivisionor decimal numbers, with or without intermediatesubtraction. Theapplication computes a score from time and mistakesduring thedivision. This gives you motivation to train and let yousee theprogression in the long division. Note: The application usesvocalsynthesis (it speaks) to comment the division duringmathexercises. On some devices, it will propose to you toinstallupgrades of vocal synthesis if you want to get betterdictionquality.
Simple Soroban 2.0.4
This application is a simple Japanese abacus (soroban / そろばん).Ithas a free mode where you can use the abacus freely, andachallenge mode with 4 operations (addition, subtraction, oneandtwo digit multiplication, and division) and 3 difficultylevels(easy, medium, hard) where you must race against the clocktoperform calculations.Contains tutorials for:* basicconcepts*addition* subtraction* one-digit multiplication*two-digitmultiplication* divisionAlso has a custom challenge modewhere youcan set the number of questions, type of questionsanddifficulty.(This is just a hobby project I'm doing for fun.Thisapp is free and doesn't have in-app purchases orads).[PERMISSIONSUSAGE]This is a description of how permissions areused in thisapp.Access Network State / Internet: like most apps andsites, thisapp sends anonymous statistics (Google Analytics) tohelp improvethe app. The user can opt out from the Settingsscreen.Vibrate: Theapplication can vibrate the phone to give userfeedback. This canbe enabled/disabled in the Settings screen.
Division calculator 2.10
Easy to use school calculator. This calculator will help yourwithlong division, long multiplication, addition &subtraction.This cheat calculator can help you with your mathhomework.Application supports division with reminders, longdivision andeven repeating decimals. Features: - Long division -Longmultiplication - Operations history stores up to 1000 entries.Youcan always see yesterday's calculations - Long subtraction -Longaddition
com.heartom.dividir 1.2.6
Tool support for students to learn how to divide Check longdivisionexercises
Long Division Calc 1.2
You're not a disciple of the year? And not even an A student?Andfather and mother scolded you for deuce?Download calculator"LongDivision Calc" and check all arithmetic operations:*Addition*Subtract* Multiplication* Long divisionCalculator teachand checkyour arithmetic calculations.Always check the homework.Helearnedhimself - another show.The game is useful not only forstudents,but also for those who love math and verbal score!Asmartcalculator can add, subtract, multiply and dividebignumbers.School calculator will teach the correct recordingofmultiplication operations and division of multi-digitnumbers.Founda bug? Have a comment or want to make a wish? Pleasecontact us will help us to make thisapp evenbetter.
DivPad - Step by Step Math 5.6.2
Now supporting the complete set of addition,subtraction,multiplication, division and square root. DivPadcomputesarithmetic operations on decimal numbers, providing detailon eachstep, as if done by hand on a blackboard. The procedure canbe'replayed' to review individual steps. Useful for learningandchecking math homework.
Fraction calculator Free 1.7
Fractions calculator perform basic and advanced operationswithfractions. Also shows detailed step-by-step informationaboutfraction calculation procedure. This calculator supportsadding,subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions and returnsananswer as a reduced fraction and a mixed number if it exists.Itcan also convert mixed numbers to fractions and viceversa."Fraction calculator" makes math homework easier. Programmsupportssome advanced features including comparing fractions withdifferentnumerators and denominators. Features: - operationshistory storesup to 1000 entries. You can always see yesterday'scalculations -fractions multiplication - fractions division -comfortablekeyboard - comparing fractions - fractions addition -fractionssubtraction
Elementary Arithmetic 0.11
Elementary Arithmetic is an educational App to develop the skilltoperform the basic arithmetic operations: Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication, and Division.There are short drills of10 or 15operations, grouped by type and level, so the childrenwillpractise according to their knowledge and progression. Aftereachdrill the operations not responded correctly willbehighlighted.The multiplication is organised by the timestables,that could be sorted or unsorted.The main purpose is forchildrento practice simple arithmetic operations to improve theirmentalcalculations.Addition LevelsLevel 0: both summands 5 orlessLevel1: both summands 10 or lessLevel 2: result is 20 orlessLevel 3:both summands 50 or less and one of them is multiple of10Level 4:both summands 50 or less without carryingLevel 5: bothsummands 50or lessLevel 6: both summands 100 or less and one ofthem ismultiple of 10Level 7: both summands 100 or lessLevel 8:result is500 or lessLevel 9: both summands 1000 orlessSubtractionLevelsLevel 0: minuend 5 or lessLevel 1: minuend 10or lessLevel 2:minuend 20 or less without carryingLevel 3: minuend20 or lessLevel4: minuend 50 or less without carryingLevel 5:minuend 50 orlessLevel 6: minuend 100 or lessLevel 7: minuend 1000orlessAddition & Subtraction LevelsCombination of additionandsubtraction levelsMultiplication LevelsTime tables up to 12andcombinedDivision levelsDivision tables up to 12 and combined
com.lookkidsw.KnowAbacus 1.21
Abacus is a wonderful mathematical instrument used forcalculation.This app will help your children learn about Abacus,Numbers,Counting, Addition, and Subtraction. This is the first stepto tapthe unexploited potential in their brain and unleashtheirmathematical capability. Suitable for children age 5 and up,whoknow about numbers and some basic addition and subtraction.*Counting with Abacus * Addition/Subtraction 1 digit*Addition/Subtraction 2 digits * Multiplication 1-2 digits*Division 1-2 digits * Mental math * Review lessons *Unlimitedrandom lessons * Add new colorful abacus * Learning modes*Two-touch or multi-touch abacus * Support languages:English,French, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, andRussian
Fractions Calculator - detailed solution available 2.15
Best and free offline fraction calculator ✌, supportingalsodecimals, percentages, and parentheses that shows adetailedsolution for all calculations. 😊 At school 🏫 or home 🏠 needtosolve simple or complex math fraction problems, convertfractionsinto decimals, or decimals into fractions? - thisfractioncalculator will do it ✅ and will show how it was done 😺Perfect forstudents, parents, teachers, and woodworkers to solve orverifyfraction everyday problems. Features of this fractioncalculatorfree app ➕ ➖ ❌ ➗ 🍉 Supports combining decimal andfractionalnumbers. Automatically reduces fraction result to itssimplestform. 🍇 Converts fractions into decimals and decimalsintofractions. Calculated result is displayed usingfractions.Equivalent value in decimals is also available. 🍌 Shows adetailedsolution, step by step for all fraction problems andcalculations.🍎 A history of previous calculations is available. 🍒Besides basicmath operations such as add, subtract, multiply anddivide;fraction calculator allows calculating percentages forfractions. 🍅Triple keypad available 🍍 Works with big numbers. Nolimits 😋 Wehave made this fraction calculator app available inmultiple colors🌈 for you! © UUCMobile, 2020
Long Division Touch 1.0
Regular Berry
Not everyone learns the same way. If you're having trouble withLongDivision, this math app will give you a visual and physicalway tofinally understand what it's all about.*Aligned with CommonCore6.NS.B.2*Get instant feedback step-by-step*Single digitdivisors,Multiple digit divisors, Remainders -- all covered
Feet & Inches Construction Calculator 6.34
The #1 Feet & Inch Calculator - Twice as fast asthecompetition. Blue = Feet Green = Inches The rest iseasy!Questions? Email - expect a replywithin thehour!
Monster Numbers: Math Games for kids
Math games for kids: Addition, subtraction, mentalarithmetic,division, times tables. Learning games of countingnumbers andsequence for preschoolers. Perfect for the youngchildren too!Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game forlearningmathematics for kids: Preschool skills and Mental mathcalculationsand problem solving for kindergarten, elementaryschool, middleschool and adults of all ages. A fun edutainmentapplication. Run,jump, count, add, substract, multiply (timestables) and divide towin. It's an actual game! More than twomillions of downloads!Highly adaptable edutainment design! It issuitable for all ages!Perfect for the entire family! AGEEDUCATIONAL CONTENT: - Ages: 4-5(Preschool): Children from ages 4and 5 (kindergarten) will findage appropriate games to match theirmaturing level in mathematics:counting coins, logical sequence,number recognition, associationquantity and numbers, sums of setsof coins (easy addition). -Ages: 6-7 (1st and 2nd graders):Children ages 6 and 7 (first gradeand second grade of elementaryschool) practice math activities:logical sequences, additionswithout regrouping, subtractions withcoins and subsequentlysubtraction without regrouping. -Ages 8-9years old (3rd and 4thgraders): From age 8 to 9 (third grade andfourth grade ofelementary school) the math game consists of:mental arithmetic sumsof two-digit numbers, mental mathsubtractions, times tables (learnto multiply), multiplication, andsequences. -Ages: 10- 16 years old(5th and 6th graders): From age10 (fifth and sixth grade ofelementary school and Middle School)the math game consists of:mental arithmetic additions, mental mathsubtractions, times tables,multiplication, division, and morecomplex logical sequences. - Fromages 16 to 100 :)) (SecundarySchool and adults) : the game will bea great challenge for thisage range as well, increasing thedifficulty of the mathematicaloperations and the rest of thelevels. METHODOLOGY Monster Numbersaims to mix fun with learning,therefore, if you use it in schoolwe recommend to let the childplay freely through the differentlevels. The difficulty in the mathfacts, sums, addition andsubtraction, multiplication, division,times tables, sequence andcounting of coins, is adjustedautomatically and depends on theirmistakes and successes. So: don'thelp! Let them learn math in anautonomous way!! Many teachers ofk12 school and parents use oureducational app as a reward forwell-done tasks for their studentsor children. If they havecorrectly completed mandatory work inschool then they are allowedto play our App. REASONS TO PLAY Thebest part is children willengage in learning math withoutrealizing, due to the greatadventure they are experiencing withTob the squirrel. Our squirrelis lost in the world of MonsterNumbers and the children: WILL HAVETO COME TO THE RESCUE!!!! To dothis they must overcome countlessobstacles and try to recoverTob’s spacecraft pieces. They can jump,run, slide, fly, shoot, allwhile doing fun math facts (addition,subtraction, multiply, learnto divide…) that can always be adaptedto your level. They’ll livean exciting adventure all whilelearning. Our videogame can beplayed by boys and girls ages 4 andup (Preschool, 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th graders). Designed byDidactoons, specialists ineducational VideoGames, fashioned bypsychologists andprofessionals with extensive experience in theeducational field.With Monster Numbers your child will learn mathwithout realizingit. You won’t be disappointed!! Keywords:"addition andsubtraction", "sums", "subtractions", "math","mathematics","addition and subtraction for kids", "math for kids","counting","division", "divide"," teach"," learning"," games ","k12 "," timestable "," multiplication"," alphabet "," elementarymathematics ","math facts"," facts "," study ".
Math Tricks 2.30
Antoni Ion
This program is designed for those who want to learninterestingmathematical tricks to speed up the calculating. Thesetricks willhelp solve part of the mathematical problems and tasksmuch fasterthan classical. Will also be helpful to those who wantto honebasics such as the multiplication table. When you learnthesemathematical tricks, you'll be able to show off your skillstofriends and prove to them that you have a talent formathematics.New skills you can use in the store, at school, atcollege, at work- wherever thanks to quick calculation skills cansave a lot ofprecious time. Fun Math Tricks: 1. Addition 2.Subtraction 3.Multiplication table 4. Division 5. Multiply twodigit number by 116. Square numbers ending in 5 7. Multiply by 5 8.Multiply by 9 9.Multiply by 4 10. Dividing by 5 11. Subtractingfrom 1000 12. Toughmultiplication 13. Power of two 14. Addingnumbers close tohundreds 15. Subtracting numbers close to hundreds16. Multiplynumbers between 11 and 19 17. Square numbers between 11and 99 18.Multiply two digit numbers having same tens digit andones digitsadd up to ten 19. Square numbers between 50 and 59 20.Squarenumbers between 40 and 49 21. Multiply two digit numbersediting in1 22. Percent 23. Square numbers between 100 and 109 ...84. n^9Training mode: - 15 levels for every trick - timer 15secondsRating stars: - score > 000 - ★☆☆ - score > 350 - ★★☆- score> 650 - ★★★ This free version of Math Tricks containsthirdparty advertisements. The app uses the following APIsandlibraries: * MPAndroidChart - created by Philipp Jahoda*ColorPIcker - created by Piotr Adamus
Math Land: Addition Games for kids 02.21.009
Math games for kids: addition, subtraction,multiplication,division, negative numbers... With the learninggames of Math Land,kids will learn math while enjoying a realadventure packed withaction and educational arithmetic games. MathLand is aneducational video game for children and adults. With itthey willlearn and obtain reinforcement for the mainmathematicaloperations—sums, subtraction, multiplication, sortingfrom higherto lower, division, and negative numbers. It is not justa mathapp—it's a real educational adventure! GAME PLOT An evilpirate,Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islandsfillingthem with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, findthe gemsand restore the natural order of things. Navigate your shipthroughthe seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglasstodiscover new islands. Solve fun math games to get them:addition,subtraction, numbering, multiplication tables, anddivision. Theislanders need you! EVERY ISLAND IS AN ADVENTURE Havefun with over25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles inorder to get tothe chest that holds the gem. It will be a realadventure—you'llhave to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots,volcanoes withlava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorousplants, etc. Itwill surprise you! EDUCATIONAL CONTENT For childrenaged 5-6: *Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers andamounts (1to 10). * Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 10).* Sortingnumbers from lower to higher (1 to 10). * Reinforcingmentalarithmetic with already learned additions and subtractions.Forchildren aged 7-8: * Learning to add and subtract withlargernumbers and amounts (1 to 20). * Getting started onlearningmultiplication tables (the learning of multiplicationtables willbe done gradually in order to track the children'sprogress). *Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50). *Sorting numbersfrom lower to higher (1 to 50). * Developing mentalarithmetic witheducational games based on addition, subtraction,andmultiplication tables. For children aged 9+ and adults: *Morecomplex additions and subtractions, teaching mental associationofnumbers with different arithmetic strategies (addingandsubtracting). * Reinforcing the learning of allmultiplicationtables (multiplications). * Sorting numbers fromhigher to lowerand vice versa, including negative numbers. *Learning mathematicaloperations with negative numbers. * Mentaldivision. * Developingadvanced mental arithmetic with sums,subtractions,multiplications, and divisions. WE ARE DIDACTOONS Ourdevelopmentstudio, Didactoons, has extensive experience indevelopingeducational apps and games that combine learning and fun.Proof ofthis is the success of our other three apps and their—atthemoment—over three million downloads worldwide: * Buddy School:Aneducational video game packed with fun math activities,puzzles,and games for all ages. * Dino Tim: An educational videogame forlearning shapes, numbers, and getting started on additionandsubtraction. * Monster Numbers: A real educational adventurethatblends pure arcade fun and learning mathematics. So don'tmissit—download the free educational game Math Land! SOCIAL MEDIAWeb: GooglePlus: OVERVIEW Company:DidactoonsEducational video game: Math Land Recommended age:children aged 5+and adults
Math: Long Multiplication 18.0
The application will teach you how to do a long multiplication.Theapplication is smart: it tries to understand your mistakes andgiveyou appropriate indications. The long multiplication isafundamental concept of math. Long multiplication is one ofthebasis of all the skills developed in arithmetics and in mathingeneral. And it makes you learn and consolidatemultiplicationtables. The application proposes two modes: trainingand learning.In learning mode, the application shows you how to dothe longmultiplication step by step. Each step of the math exerciseisexplained and detailed. You can choose the numbers, or lettheapplication randomly choose the long multiplication to do.Intraining mode, you do the long multiplication step by stepbyyourself, and you train multiplication table by the way.Theapplication detects the mistakes, such as forgetting the carry.Itgives you indications if you need all along math exercises.Severallevels are possible for math exercises. The easy levelproposessimple numbers, without carry : you just use multiplicationtables.The following levels proposes more and more difficultexercises, inparticular using the carry. The application computes ascore fromtime and mistakes during the long multiplication. Thisgives youmotivation to train and let you see the progression in thelongmultiplication. Practicing math is important ! Note:Theapplication uses vocal synthesis (it speaks) to comment thelongmultiplication during math exercises. On some devices, itwillpropose to you to install upgrades of vocal synthesis if youwantto get better diction quality.
Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide 7.8
★★★ #1 Math App on Google Play ★★★ ★★★ More than 10Milliondownloads ★★★ Free Math Games for everyone from kids toadults.Best maths practice game to train your brain & isdesigned forall ages including kids, girls and boys, adultsincluding parentsand grandparents. Smallest in size Maths App onGoogle Play !Easiest multiplication and division games withAddition andSubtraction games all in one app. Increase your brainpower with anexcellent educational game for learning mathematicsfor kids andadults of all ages. An xtra math. Languages: English,Spanish,German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Indonesian,Malay& Vietnamese Features : - Addition games: Adding numberswithQuiz and Practice games - Subtraction games: Subtractingnumbers tosolve the equations - Multiplication games:Multiplication tableslearning and duel play mode - Division games:Practice and learnDivision tables - Exponential and square root:counting mathpuzzles for kids and adults - Multiply number game -Math puzzlegames - Maths Times Tables - Math classic 15 Puzzle,Sudoku andmore math exercises for brain - NEW Online Multiplayermath gameEach category has different play modes to improve mathskills -Play, Learn, Quiz, Practice, Duel and Test. Math games canbeEducational Learning for kids or brain training app forAdults.Basic and simple Math Game of addition, subtraction,multiplicationand division with colorful worksheets. Each set ofworksheet showsa score after completion. Mathematical calculationsto play andpractice with simple addition, subtraction,multiplication anddivision. Now download and play for free onandroid ! Improve yourmathematics skills or learn counting numbers.The games are sosimple and easy even the youngest kids can play it.You can name itxtra math as well. Fun addition and subtractiongames withmultiplication tables, designed for all smartphones andtablets, nointernet connection needed. Including Times TablesMultiplicationsand Division. With this educational app, parents,teachers andeducators can help children to learn faster. This MathGenius gameis a fun game designed mainly around the topics ofaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division. xtra mathDownload ourQuick Brain Mathematics game now from Google Play andshare thisamazing game to practice maths & Exercises for thebrain
1st 2nd grade math games for kids 1.6.5
Has Math always bored you or numbers jumbled up in a stateoftopsy-turvy in your head? If “Yes”! Then this 1st Grade 2ndGradeMath Games for Kids is a must-have number games app for you!It’snever too late to learn &practice Maths. Join the fun enroute& train your brain on math playground. This educational1stgrade math games teach kids the art of counting,addition,subtraction, multiplication table, division tables,fraction,number games – all in one app - by using pictures to makeit easyfor kids to understand. Train your brain to take upchallenges,delve into unique & exciting math playground &enhancereflexive skills with this cool Math Games for Kids,includingstep-by-step 1st Grade Math Games & 2nd Grade MathGames! MathPlayground game is really HELPFUL: it develops themental mathskills and promotes brain training. In the game youshould solveaddition and subtraction problems which look like thecubes fallingfrom above the playing field. With each level theproblems becomemore complex and progress in the game depends on howfast and errorfree you can add and subtract! A free learning gameintended toinstruct kids about functions of multiply, numbers,&arithmetic. It includes a few mini number games thatlittlechildren & pre-K kids would love to play, & the moretheydo the better their math abilities will turn into! 1st 2ndgradeMath Games for Kids will support preschoolers, first graderstofigure out how to distinguish numbers & begin preparing with:•Addition • Subtraction • Simple multiply • Multiplication table•Division • Fraction Multiplication Table Learn MultiplicationTablefrom 1 to 10, easy and fun. Times Table Math Games for yourkids.Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles!.Memorizingmultiplication table through the play will be both useful&interesting. Show your children that in a funny mathplayground,you should solve addition, division & multiplyproblems whichlook like cubes falling from above the playing field.Isn’t itcool? :D :P Download our 1st Grade Math Games, 2nd GradeMath Games& certainly fall in love with math!
Mental Calculation 1.5
Outstanding Japanise neurologist, professor RytaKavashima,developed a special system to train intellect for bothchild andadults.Solving simple math tasks mentally everyday willsave yourbrains healthy and fresh!In fact, more than 2 000 000people usethis system everyday.In this app:You can customize:-training time-tasks difficulty- arithmetic operations (addition,difference,division, multiplication)- everyday notificationAndwatch youranalytics (common or for every session separately):- Allsolvedtasks amount- Correct/incorrect solved tasks percent- Yourspeed(tasks pre minute)- Total sessions amount- Total timeincountingTrain your intellect!Train with your family!
Math Games 36
Free math games for everyone. Best math practice. Improveyourmathematics. Categories: Addition SubtractionMultiplicationDivision Exponentiation Square Root Now download andplay for free!It has been designed suitable for both thesmartphones and thetablets. Languages: English, Czech, French,German, Italian,Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
King of Math
★★★ #1 Math App on Google Play ★★★ ★★★ Be KING OF MATH ★★★★★★Secret math formulas ★★★ 100s of challenges await youAddition,Subtraction, Fraction, Equalities, Geometrics, Statistics— it'sall in there. Level up your math-skills now! ★Reviews★ "Thisis oneof the best educational apps out there." — "Anexcellentapp - Editor's Choice" — "Extremelyhot forweeks now" — "Mathematics is far from boring,now" — "learning mathematics is not boring anymore"— "90 of 100 points!" — Categories:✦Addition ✦ Subtraction ✦ Multiplication ✦ Division ✦ Powers&Roots ✦ Average & Median ✦ Equations ✦ Fractions ✦Smallest& Largest Online Community:
Division 4
This app will help the kids to learn how to make divisionswhilethey are having fun. When you start the app you will see thatit isdivided into several parts. In the “Play now” section you willfinda multilevel game in which the child can practice what haslearnedin a fun way. In “The Tables” section, you will find the10divisions tables. You just have to press the button for seeeachone. It also includes a tests section for in which the childwillhave to enter the correct answer and, in that way, hecanassimilate better the knowledge acquired in the previoussection.The interface of this app is made for enjoy the learningphase andit is designed to make navigation intuitive for thechildren canuse it alone and learn at their own pace. The tests aredividedinto three levels: easy level, intermediate and difficultlevel.Each one of them has several questions and your child canknow forhimself immediately if his answers are correct or wrong bypressingthe buttons and, in that way, he will have the opportunitytoentering another number or going to the next question. We hopeyoufind it useful to better learning for their children and toserveas a support for their studies.
Flashcard Math Free 1.2
Master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisiononenumber at a time. Practice using flash cards focusing on auserchosen math operation and number set from 1 to 12. Take timedtestson each number set to prove mastery. Flashcard Math Freeisdesigned to be setup to suit your needs by offering bothflashcards to practice and tests with recorded results!FlashcardMathFree by Energized Software (• PracticeAddition,Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division.• Two SupportedModes:Traditional flashcards and Tests.• Easy to use interface withalarge keypad.• Select 25, 50, 75, or 100 questions.• Selectanumber set from 1-12 to focus on. All questions will involvethisnumber and it will be one of the numbers that make upeveryproblem. The other number in the problem can be customizedbyselecting a range between 0-50 in the settings page.•Flashcardmode features hidden answers navigated via swipe and/ormenus.•Test mode features changeable parameters, including a timelimitand number of questions. Users input answers on a largenumerickeypad. The final test result is displayed with anopportunity toreview all incorrect questions as flash cards. Thelast ten mostrecent results are saved for review. The best resultsfor eachoperation and number set are also saved.• Ad-Supported inmenusonly via banner ads appropriate for all ages.If you have anyissuesor suggestions, please email:
Multiplication Table Kids Math 2.4
This multiplication tables aids learning of boys and girls intheschool period who wish to learn mathematical operations.Taabuuincludes the four mathematical operations: Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division, with estimates of 1 to 10.LEARN IFHAVING FUN Taabuu also offers a game for learningmathematics in apractical and fun way. Test your skills in theoperation you loveor further increase the challenge by answeringthe questions in theFour Operations game with random questions ofwhat has been learnedand you win medal for your result in game.PERFECT FOR YOU, PERFECTFOR YOUR CHILDREN Teach math to theirchildren in your home withthis colorful and fun version of sofamous multiplication tablesfor children. While studying they willlove to play the game of thefour operations. WHAT YOU WILL FIND INTHIS BETA VERSION: - Tabuadawith 4 operations; - A game to practicewhat has been learned; -Exemption internet connection; -Application optimized for alldevices; - Available Language:Portuguese, English "multiplicationtable" and Spanish; -Application clean, colorful, practical, lightand fun; - CompleteTabuada and practices; - Tabuada multiplicationand division - Willmemorize quickly and his memory will be fast;Learning themultiplication table has never been easier.
Math games, Mathematics 5.0.7
Math games Test your mind, skill and speed in the fight withtime.There are mathematical methods in just a 2 - 3 secondsmultiply11*83, 104*108, square 75, take the square root of 4489,divide33126 by 5 and many others. This application - a game and aguidewhich includes the most effective mathematical methods ofmentalarithmetic. Brain games is based on principles ofcognitivepsychology to help you practice different mental skill:memory,attention, speed, reaction, concentration, logic and more.Coolmath Games is a brain-training, where logic & thinking&math meet fun ,enjoyment, amusement and lighthearted pleasure.Inour Cool math Games App We will See How To play together. SoKidswho play our Math Games learn multiplication, fractions,addition,geometry, algebra, problem solving and more! Cool mathgames teachyou multiply, divide, subtract and square at lightningfast speed.Math games is a brain gym to reach their full potential.Increasethe result and feel confident in the standard tests: iqtest, GRE,GMAT, ACT, MCAT, etc. Cool math is rest and training.Spend yourfree time usefully! Good luck! Maths Tricks: - addition(plus); -subtraction (minus); - multiplication (multiplicationgames); -division (inequality); - exponentiation (square, cube); -power oftwo; - square numbers ending in 5; - tough multiplication;- squareroot (root); - percentage (percentage calculator); -multiplicationtable. Math games: - 2 modes and 16 different typesof mathematicaltasks (separate operations, combinations thereof orall at once); -adaptive difficulty progression to ensure yourexperience ischallenging; - rating system of evaluation and graphsof results; -auto update due to which there are new - lessons andexercises; -translated to 7 Languages. Train, play and have fun!Mathematics -it's just! Let's go!
Mental Arithmetic Math Workout 200
FnG Studios
Mental Arithmetic (Math workout) is a free game offeringmentalcalculations to calculate as fast as possible ! The bestbraintraining math workout ! This is a very good training forsimplemathematics, with this free mental arithmetic game, youcancalculate at the speed of a calculator, no operation will stopyou.Math Workout (mental arithmetic) never will be easier aftertrythis game ! It's a perfect math workout game for adults andkids,people who want to learn the basics of math and have fun insametime, there are additions, subtractions,multiplications,divisions, and even square roots. Review yourtables soentertaining ! In multiplayer you can compete againstopponentsfrom around the world, be the fastest ! Features: -ONLINEMULTIPLAYER! (Google Play Game Services) - WORLDONLINELEADERBOARDS/RANKINGS! - Multiple difficulty levels: Easy,Medium,Hard. - GET THE BEST TIME Several series, 10, 20, 50, or attheoption of the user!. - MAKE THE MOST OF CALCULATION IN TIMELIMITSeveral times, 10sec, 20sec, 30sec and 60sec,! - Differenttypes oftests: + - × ÷ √ ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION,DIVISION,ROOT, you can do them all at the same time. - Historylatest scores- Statistics detail of your score based on thedifficulty andselected transactions, and average. - Correctioncalculations andmultiplication tables! - Achievements ! Learn yourmultiplicationtables with fun ! Better than math class ! A completebraintraining game, try mental arithmetic (math workout) and becomethebest ! Challenge your friends or rankings' champions ! Turnyourbrain into a real calculator ;) Mental Arithmetic (mathworkout)send data to our server to identify you on rankings. Freegameoffered by Dr Games.
Math games: arithmetic, times tables, mental math
Math has never been so easy. More than 1 000 0000 of our usershavemastered mental math tricks and times tables using our mathgames.Now is your turn to be a math master! Unique functionality:listen🔈 🎧 math exercises and solve math tasks by voice 🎙️inhands-freemode! Our math trainer app has collected the mosteffective mentalmath tricks. It’s designed as an interactivetutorial with mathgames for your brain, where you get acquaintedwith each mathmethod, and then practice it having different typesof brain mathworkouts and math exercises. Study of mentalarithmetic tricks willbe an exciting brain training math games foryou: solve tasks, getdegrees, win stars and trophies. Theapplication "Math games:arithmetic, times tables, mental math" willbe useful for all: ✓kids - master the basics of arithmetic, learnmultiplication table✓ students - do everyday math practice, preparefor math exercisesor examine ✓ adults - keep their mind and brainin good shape,improve results in iq test, quickly solve logic games🎓 Learning:More than 30 math tricks for all grades: ☆ 1st grademath: additionand subtraction of single digits ☆ 2nd grade math:addition andsubtraction of double digits, multiplication of singledigits(multiplication table) ☆ 3rd grade math: addition andsubtractionof triple digits, multiplication and division of doubledigits ☆4th grade math: multiplication and division of tripledigits,percentages, square root ☆ 5th, 6th, etc. we have mentalmath gamesfor all grades and ages! Math practice is a key forsuccess. 🏁Training: ☆ train quality by passing a fast math workoutto getbachelor's, master's or professor’s degree ☆ train speed bysolving10 math exercises as fast as you can to get copper, silveror goldcup ☆ train complexity by solving as much math tasks as youwantwith configurable complexity ☆ train result by solving as muchmathexercises as you can in 60 seconds (brainstorm) ☆ trainenduranceby solving as much arithmetic tasks as you want withouttime limits☆ work on mistakes ❌ Times tables: ☆ basic times tables2..9 x 2..9☆ advanced times tables 2..19 x 2..19 ☆ fullyconfigurable fastmath workout on complexity 1..999 x 1...999 🎮Online multiplayer: ☆invite friends to play ☆ play mental mathgames with your friendsand random players all over the world Mathcan be fun. What are youwaiting for? Download our free game "Mathgames: arithmetic, timestables, mental math" and discover mathworld today!
Fractions Math 5.1
GK Apps
This free math app is a fractions calculator with variousfunctions:- add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. -convert fractionsin decimals, - simplify fractions - comparefractions - find thelowest common denominator - fraction trainer,to learn fractioncalculations Best mathematical tool for schooland college! If youare a student, it will helps you to learnarithmetics andcalculations with fraction numbers. Note: A commonfraction consistsof an integer numerator, displayed above a line(or before a slashin this app), and a non-zero integerdenominator, displayed below(or after the slash) that line.Numerators and denominators are alsoused in fractions that are notcommon, including compound fractions,complex fractions, and mixednumerals.
SAMD - The 4 operations 2.2
The objective of the game is to eliminate all numbers in thegrid.In each step, click in two numbers following theoperationindicated (subtraction, addition, multiplication ordivision) inorder to obtain the result given.
Multiplication table 1.61
If you want your child to learn the multiplication table byheart,then this app is for you. It will not only learnthemultiplication, and division pair him. In the first stage,youcould choose the initial level of difficulty (given a lot oftimeto think) and specify a multiplier (or range ofmultipliers)andswitch off the division. With the improvement ofskill, you canraise the level and use the division. And to testhimself put thehighest level of complexity) After every exercise,the applicationwill give you the result of the test and list oferrors.
Math games - Brain Training 1.55-free
An efficient educational game for kids. It allows to improvementalcalculation skills easily and quickly. Learn and train: -addition- subtraction - multiplication - division The app comprisesof 10+exciting games. Everyone will find interesting and funnythings todo here. Math games help to develop mental skills, improvememory,focus, and mental speed. Keep your brain fit through regularmathexcercises. Our games are ideal for kids making their firststepsin learning math, as well as for adults who like tosolveinteresting puzzles and problems. Daily exercises are greatfor indeveloping math skills. Your brain will work faster andmoreefficient!
Math: Long Addition 23.0
The application will teach you how to do a long addition.Theapplication is smart: it tries to understand your mistakes andgiveyou appropriate indications. The long addition is afundamentalconcept of math. It is the basis of all the skills inarithmeticsand in math in general. The application proposes twomodes:training and learning. In learning mode, the applicationshows youhow to do the addition step by step. Each step of the mathexerciseis explained and detailed. You can choose the numbers, orlet theapplication randomly choose the addition to do. In trainingmode,you do the long addition step by step by yourself. Theapplicationdetects the mistakes, such as forgetting the carry. Itgives youindications if you need all along math exercises. Severallevelsare possible for math exercises. The easy level proposessimplenumbers, without carry for the early learning of longaddition. Thefollowing levels proposes more and more difficultexercises. It mayhelp dyscalculic people. The application computesa score from timeand mistakes during the long addition. Note: Theapplication usesvocal synthesis (it speaks) to make comment duringmath exercises.On some devices, it will propose to you to installupgrades ofvocal synthesis if you want to get better dictionquality.
com.age.math.appspot 1.0.34
Math is a quiz game that will help you learn everythingaboutMathematics - addition, subtraction, multiplication,division,exponentiation, root, fraction, complex fraction,percentage andmuch more. This quiz game will help you learneverything aboutMathematics in an easy and enjoyable way. 4.0.30
Elementary math operations, addition, subtraction,multiplicationand division. Displays results in tabular form. Showscarries,borrows and crossouts. For elementary school students andtheirparents. This is NOT a calculator. Check your kids homework.NOTE:Add 0s after decimal point to increase precision ofdivisionresults 5 / 2 = 2 remainder 1 5.0 / 2 = 2.5
Math multiplication 1.8
Translated by Google TranslateThis helps in learningthemultiplication tables math operations. Math includes thefourmathematical operations: addition, subtraction,division,multiplication and square root and percentage calculationswith1-100.Math also offers a game for learning themultiplicationtables in a practical and fun way.PERFECT FOR YOU,PERFECT FOR YOURCHILDRENTeach math to their children in your homewith thiscolorful and fun version so famous multiplication tables.Whilestudying they will love playing the game of thefouroperations.WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS BETA VERSION:- Tabuadatoadd, subtract, times and divide.- Table square rootandpercentage.Learning multiplication tables has never been easier.
Math Practice Flash Cards 1419
Math Practice Flash Cards by Studios. Afunmath game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplicationordivision.• Create your own math quiz: Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication, Division.• Card values can range from0-144 and arefully customizable per quiz.• Answer can be MultipleChoice orentered though the Numeric Keypad.• Clean user interface.•Storesthe last time and performance for each quiz. • The lastfastesttime with a perfect score is displayed to help motivatestudentspractice and improve.• Negative answers are allowed.•Students canredo a missed cards until correct.• Parents andeducators canpreset the card decks and limit the number of cardsper practicequiz.• Fun mode and sounds are available to keep earlylearnersentertained while they learn.• Speed mode lets the studentreachthe next question without animations.• Comes preset with 4carddecks.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Grades: PreK-12Name: MathPracticeFlash CardsAd-SupportedPackage:com.teachersparadise.mathpractice
Multiplication games 4
With this app, children can go over the multiplication tableandconsolidate the knowledge acquired at school. The applicationisdivided into two parts: times tables games, exams and Playnowsection. The interface of the app is created for enjoy thelearningphase and it is designed to make navigation intuitive forthechildren can use it alone and learn at their own pace. In thetimestables section you will find the 10 times tables to look upthemand to go learning bit by bit. In the Play now section youwillfind games by levels in order to children can assimilate bettertheknowledge acquired in the previous section. The tests aredividedinto three levels: easy level, intermediate and difficultlevel.Each one consists of a series of questions and your childrencanknow for himself immediately if their answers are correct orwrongby pressing the buttons and, in that way, they will havetheopportunity to change their answers entering another numberorgoing to the next question. We hope you find it useful toimproveyour children’s knowledge and that it serve as a support fortheirstudies.
Math games for second grade 1.0.0
Math games for second grade,Math Games for 1st 2nd 3rd gradeforcalculation addition subtraction multiplication divisionnumbercalculator for calculating early mathematics exerciseswithaccompanying audio is English. For both math andEnglishsimultaneously for both kids. Kids learn math & Englishhow tocalculate the number of English and English vocabulary. If achildcan practice on a regular basis to calculate the number ofbothpositive and listen to English. Children are familiar with andlikethe math and foreign language or English. Think aboutlearningEnglish. And would like to speak English, because webecomefamiliar to him since childhood little fun with learning,trainingand brain training memory training calculations practicingwith apicture of the beautiful and the sound consists of lecturesdevotedto development. children or babies should give himexperience andfamiliar since childhood. Future, he will speakEnglish &English conversation classes Listen to English &exam orpracetice better and faster edge and between thearithmeticcalculator. Invites baby to play the part of mathematicstoday.Suitable for both boys and girls, and every child in fun coolmathfor kids & kindergarten & preschool (math 4 kids).
Math Games 1.5
Math Games - the best math game and math helper for mathpracticeand brain training! The Math Games helps to learnmentalcalculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision.The Math Games fits to adults and kids, school childrenany age andstudents too. The Math Games app is a simple mathlearning game toteach you or your kid to calculate easy anddifficult arithmetictasks in mind. With our math game, you cancoach: - simple additionand subtraction - column addition andsubtraction - times tablesand column multiplication - divisiontables and column division -addition and subtraction of two-digitand three-digit numbers -addition and subtraction up to 10, 100 and1000 - multiplicationand division up to 10, 12, 100 and 1000 TheMath Games is math gamefor adults, students and school agechildren. Do not remember timestables enough? Have difficult to addlarge numbers? Install ourmath learning game Math Games and coachmental arithmetic andmathematics any time you are free. Does yourkid not want to learntimes tables? Bored of addition, subtraction,multiplication ordivision? Set up our math learning game Math Gamesfor him. It'smuch more interesting to learn mathematics and passmath tests on asmartphone or tablet, test own math skills and shareresults toparents or friends. Use our Math Games alone or in pairwith paperand pencil - as you wish. The Math Games is veryeasy-to-use: -Download and install Math Games app from GooglePlay -Open MathGames app - Choose the category of math games: additiongames,subtraction games, multiplication games or division games -Choosethe difficulty level of math game - Check the task, find theresultand type it using keyboard below - Pass all 10 questions - Attheend check the overview and wrong answers - Tap the "Home" buttontostart the test again or switch to another category of mathgamesThe main benefits of our math learning game Math Games: -Allcategories and levels in Math Games are absolutely FREE! -MathGames is very easy to use, fits to adults and kids any age -MathGames contains basic and the most needed arithmetic tasks only- Notime limits in math game - very useful for kids mentalcalculationcoaching - Various difficulty levels for all categoriesof mathgames: addition games, subtraction games, multiplicationgames anddivision games - Ability to check your mathematics skill,shareresults of math tests to social media or a messenger MathGames isperfect math app for everyone who loves educational games,learninggames, brain training games, free math games, math practiceapps,math train apps, mental math games, multiplication games,divisiongames, addition games, subtraction games, brain workouts,mathtricks, math workout, mathematics and arithmetic. Install rightnowthe best math learning game Math Games - for adults and kidsonGoogle Play for FREE! Mathematics is interesting and cool!Enjoyand learn math!
MathsApp - Vedic Math Tricks 1.2.3
Maths App is a FREE vedic math tricks and speed calculationappavailable for Android. Maths App would help you explore, learnandpractice various interesting speed calculation and mathtricks.Switch from your conventional calculation methods to MathsApptechniques, and you would be proud of the pace at which youstartdoing your calculations.WHY USE MATHS APP+ Teaches you mathtricksand techniques that will help you calculate at a pace muchfasterthan conventional methods + Learn maths skills you can useatschool, college, or at work, and save precious time+ Engagesyouwith an exciting, game-based interface+ Especially usefulforstudents going to appear for competitive exams, where speed isofutmost importance+ Helps you memorize useful, must-do mathsstuffsuch as multiplication tables, squares, cubes, square rootsetc.+Vedic maths techniques and speed calculation tricksexplainedthrough embedded YouTube video tutorials+ Analyse yourperformancethrough detailed report cards (having both absolute andrelativeperformance parameters)+ Learn at your own pace, competeagainstyourself, better your timings for each module+ Check how youhavefared through extremely detailed relative performance reports+Keep practising through virtually unlimited testing modules+Compete with your friends, set new records and flaunt yourreportcard STRUCTURE OF THE APPThe app is divided into twomajorsections:1. Know by heart - To learn and practisebasicmultiplication tables, squares, cubes, square roots, cuberoots,indices, reciprocals, percentages etc. Memorizing theseimportantvalues provides you with an edge and makes you super quickwhilecalculating.2. Calculate magically - To learn Vedic Mathstricksthat enable you to calculate much faster, almost in amagicalmanner. Practise these speed calculation methods throughtheendless testing modules until you are absolutely comfortablewitheach one of them.COVERED TOPICS+ Multiplication+Percentages+Reciprocals+ Squaring+ Cubing+ Square roots+ Cuberoots+MiscellaneousTESTING FEATURES Unlimited testing provided inthefollowing four modes:+ Gone in 60 secondsFor the sprinters - Trytoattempt as many questions as you can; you have just one minutetoprove yourself + Super 30 For the conventional test-takers -Relieffor many; gives you a test of thirty questions, to be doneinstipulated time, from the chosen module+ Do it fast! Fortheadventure loving - A test with time restriction forindividualquestions; you miss one, and your game is over+ Go on andon...Forthe marathon runners - Keep practising; you would gettired, theapp wouldnot---------------------------------------------------------Yourfeedback is most welcome! If you have any doubts,questions,concerns, or suggestions, either academic ornon-academic, pleaseemail us
Addition and Subtraction 4
This app is designed to offer a fun and effectivelearningenvironment in which children can learn while they arehaving fun.In the Sums Game section and the Subtraction Game youwill find thedifferent levels at which the game is divided: easylevel,intermediate level and difficult level. In each one of thelevelsyou will find differents games that the child will graduallylearnto add because this app is designed so that pressing on anumberthis is lit in red color if the answer is a mistake and greenifthe answer is correct. When the child does the sum and pressthecorrect number and turns green they just have to press the"next"button to move to the next sum. In this way the child cancompleteall the sums for himself because the app shows him at alltimes ifthe answer was correct or if he made a mistake.
Division(remainder)Calculator 0.6.2
Cc Inc
This is a desktop calculator designed so that the divisionbutton(÷) returns the remainder.(There is no need to bother takingout afunctions calculator just to use the Mod button on afunctionscalculator that has the remainder function!)It can be usedin anysituation when it is necessary to calculate the remainderindivision, such as checking the answers to your child'sarithmeticproblems finding remainders or adjusting the stock ofyourinventory etc. - Comes with a history display that can be usedtodisplay the total of the remainders of the divisions performedsofar.(This can be used when the calculation of the grand totalofthe remainders is required such as when performingstockcalculations etc.)- After using, immediately send data asemail (noneed to re-enter again in PC).- After entering operator,the numberdisplay is cleared (it is easy to understand where youare in yourentry).- Accurate calculation function (calculationmethod designthat stands up even in the financial industry)-ElectronicCalculator widget linked to all calculation processes isprovided.(Unlike other widgets, it is not used when theElectronicCalculator is used,savingenergy.)=============================Example Use: (1)Divisionwithremainders in elementary school arithmetic①Enter → 2345②Push"÷"button.③Enter → 43Calculation Results → 54 remainder23 (2)Whenthere are two pieces of string 100cm long,cut them intopieces of35cm and 45cm respectively.Calculate the number of piecesthat canbe made, and the length of the remaining string.①Enter→ 100②Push"÷" button.③Enter → 35Calculation Results → 2remainder30④Enter→ 100⑤Push "÷" button.⑥Enter → 45CalculationResults → 2 remainder10⑦Push "GT" button.⑧The grand total on theGT(grandtotal) screen:4remainder 40 =============================
Math (Division) Step By Step 3.1.3
NOTE: Try our ad-free version of this app for 2 hours risk-freeat: By Step is an educational app that teaches long divisionstepby step. Unlike most math apps, this app will guide you inaninteractive way to do a multi-digit long division operation. -Nowsupporting 4 operations (division, multiplication, additionandsubtraction) - Partial Quotient (chunking) and GridMultiplication(box) methods are also available. - Now supporting 2notations: 1)dividend on right and divisor on left (mostEnglish-speakingcountries) 2) dividend on left and divisor on right(some Europeancountries) - Now you can show remainder or decimal -Three levelsof difficulties - You can type your own numbers or letthe app pickones for you - Two modes of interaction 1) Multiplechoice optionwhere you have to pick the right answer for the step2) You can goto next, back, first or last step - You can turn on oroff sounds.
Fraction to Decimal 5.2
GK Apps
This free math calculator is able to convert fractions intodecimalnumbers. You can convert common fractions (like 1/2) andmixedfractions (like 2 4/5). The best mathematical tool for schoolandcollege! If you are a student, it will help you to learnarithmeticand division!
Mental Math Master
Fed up with boring math problems like 5+7 or 3×1? You arelookingfor new challenges? Do you like calculation games? MentalMathMaster is exactly what you need! Exercise your brain withcomplexand tricky math problems. Mental Math Master promotes thementalarithmetic and the power of concentration. Try it and youwill see,your brain will thank you. x² √x logb(x) + - × ÷Challengingarithmetics are waiting for you: - Exponentiation -Square root -Logarithm - Addition - Subtraction - Multiplication -Division -Summation - Factorial - Equation Try to reach all levelsto improveyour math skills! How To Play The rules are clear: justtab thecorrect result before the time runs out. If the result iscorrectyou get a point. If not, you lost the round. Try to get 10pointsbefore the time runs out. Master 10 rounds to advance to thenextlevel. The problem gets harder every time by usingdifferentarithmetics. You can stop the time by clicking the stopbutton,only 10 times per level. This game is free and is supportedby ads.If the game is too easy just let us know.( already have a few ideas. We wish youand your brain a lot offun!
Multiplication Memorizer 1.0.21
Multiplication Memorizer helps you memorize the 12 x 12timestables. General Features + Provides interactive lists coveringeachof the 12 multiplication tables. + A practice area toimproveaccuracy. + A timed area to improve speed. + Keeps track ofoverallprogress and best times. + Supports Leaderboards andAchievements.There are five general areas: Times Tables provides astress freelearning environment. It's a modern take onmultiplication flashcards listing all multiplication tables. Thisarea displays theentire multiplication table, a "row" at a time.You can show orhide the answers to any multiplication problem atany time. Thereare no questions, no time limit, no data tracking.Practice iswhere your multiplication memorization is tested.Questions arerandomly generated. It's your job to enter the answerdigit bydigit (there is no multiple choice). The number of correctandincorrect attempts are tracked and saved for eachmultiplicationfact. Incorrect problems are listed at the end ofeach session andyou'll have the option to repeat all the questions,repeat only onthe incorrect attempts, or shuffle the questions alltogether. TimeTrials is where you put all that practice to thetest: How fast canyou answer 12 multiplication questions? Competeagainst yourself orcompare your times with friends and people allover the world withthis multiplication game! Time Records keepstrack of your top 10fastest completion times for eachmultiplication problem setattempted in the Time Trials area.Displays your rank, initials,time, and date for each record. Note:to set a record, you mustanswer 10 of the 12 questions correctly!Data is where you can seehow you're doing for each multiplicationfact. The result for eachfact is displayed as a colored box insidea multiplication chart.The colors range from green to red (withgreen meaning good and redmeaning not-so-good). Pressing a box willshow more details forthat fact: Number Correct, Total Attempts,Percentage, and Grade.Look for more multiplication games andfeatures to be added in thefuture! This is a free-to-download,ad-supported app. Thanks forany support. MATH Domain Development
Basic Math 2.9
Educational math game. Math workout and Math Practice.Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentage, SquareRootCounting Mix calculation, Quick and logical thinking, RaiseyourIQ, sharpen memory, Increase your attention andconcentration,Simple and complex mathematical tasks, Train yourbrain. 100+levels, Random numbers, Each level display differentnumbers onevery restart level. Make mathematics fun and improveyour brainperformance, Spend 5 minutes a day, take the challengeand see theimprovement.
Mental arithmetic. Math kids games 11.6
This app allows to improve mental calculation skills easilyandquickly. Our app are ideal for kids making their first stepsinlearning math, as well as for adults who want to train theirbrain.Keep your brain fit through regular math exercises. Yourbrain willwork faster and more efficiently. Topics: 1. Additionandsubtraction within 10 2. Addition and subtraction within 203.Chains of examples within a 10 4. Addition and subtractionoftwo-digit and one-digit 5. Addition and subtraction of numbers,oneof which is round 6. Addition and subtraction within 1007.Multiplication and division by one number 8. Multiplicationanddivision within 100 9. Addition and subtraction within 1000(roundnumbers) 10. Chains on addition and subtraction within 10011.Multiplication and division within 1000 (round numbers) 12.Chainson multiplication and division within 100 13. Mixed chainswithin100 14. Chains with brackets 15. Negative number 16. Chainswithnegative numbers 17. Comparison of fractions 18. Additionandsubtraction of fractions 19. Multiplication and divisionoffractions
Binary Calculator 5.1
GK Apps
This is a free mathematical calculator, which is able toadd,subtract, multiply and divide numbers in binary format (usedincomputers). Any number can be represented by any sequence ofbits(binary digits), they are commonly written using the symbols 0and1. Best math tool for school and college! If you are a student,itwill helps you to learn arithmetics for computer scienceandelectrical engineering.