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Super Backup & Restore
The fastest data backup and restore tool on Android phones! Youcanbackup applications, contacts, text messages, callhistory,bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or GoogleDrive Youcan share installation APK file to your friends by onetap. Youwill never lose your data again! ★Important Notice #1 Ifyou intendto do a factory reset on the phone, please make suredefault backupfolder is in your external SD card before doing it.If not, pleasecopy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" bydefault) toyour external SD card ★Important Notice #2 Since AndroidM 6.0,access bookmarks from 3rd party application is disabled, soSuperBackup cannot backup and restore bookmarks. ★Important Notice#3 Ifyou schedule automatic backups, and you use some apps such asTaskKiller or Memory Clear, please make sure you had add SuperBackupinto their White List or Ignore list. Otherwise Super Backupcannot run in background, and automatic backups will notwork.★Important Notice #4 When you finished the SMS restoreprocess, butthe messages were not displayed in your default SMSapp, please tryto reboot your device. Features: - Backup apps to SDcard - Backupdownload links for installed apps on Google Play -Backup &restore app's data(need root) - Batch restore apps fromSD card(need root) - One tap to share APK files - Backup Contacts&SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card-Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks&Calendars from SD card - Can select SMS conversations tobackup -Schedule automatic backups - Auto-upload scheduled backupfiles toyour Google Drive or Gmail - Can download backup files fromGoogleDrive - User can change backup folder path in Settings - CanbackupContact's group and picture properties - Call Recorder:Supportbackup your voice call recording. It can perfectly recordthe phonecall voices to mp3 files. Record both sides voice clearly!AboutPermissions: READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOURTEXTMESSAGES (SMS OR MMS) These permissions are used to backup&restore your SMS READ YOUR CONTACTS/MODIFY YOUR CONTACTSThesepermissions are used to backup & restore your ContactsWRITEWEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY/READ YOUR WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORYThesepermissions are used to backup & restore your BookmarksREADCALENDAR EVENTS PLUS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION/ADD ORMODIFYCALENDAR EVENTS AND SEND EMAIL TO GUESTS WITHOUT OWNERS'KNOWLEDGEThese permissions are used to backup & restore yourCalendarsREAD CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOG These permissions are used tobackup& restore your Call logs RECORD_AUDIO These permissionsareused to recording your voice call Translations: - Italian-Thanksto Emmanuel Avetta - Portuguese - Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta-Korean - Thanks to 장승훈 - Hungarian - Thanks to Balu & HevesiJ.- Turkish - Thanks to Fatih Fırıncı - Arabic - Thanks to FalconEye- Polish - Thanks to Alvin Świtała - Russian - Thanks toСергейПриклонский, Mikhail Medvedev - Ukrainian - Thanks toMikhailMedvedev - Czech - Thanks to Renek
DiskDigger photo recovery 1.0-2019-09-29
DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost photos and images fromyourmemory card or internal memory. No rooting necessary!* Whetheryouaccidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memorycard,DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find yourlostpictures and let you restore them. You can upload yourrecoveredfiles directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them viaemail. Theapp also allows you to save the files to a differentlocal folder onyour device. * If your device is not rooted, theapp will perform a"limited" scan for your deleted photos bysearching your cache andthumbnails. * If your device is rooted,the app will search all ofyour device's memory for any trace ofphotos, as well as videos! *After the scan is complete, tap the"Clean up" button to permanentlydelete any items that you nolonger need (currently an experimentalfeature, available only inthe Basic Scan). * You can also use the"Wipe free space" option toerase the remaining free space on yourdevice, so that any deletedfiles can no longer be recoverable. Forcomplete instructions,please see Ifyou need to recovermore types of files besides photos and videos,try DiskDigger Pro!
App Backup & Restore - Easiest backup tool 1.5.9
Apex Apps
✰✰ Sponsored & Authorized by Apex Apps ✰✰ Best AppBackupRestore Tool - Backup your apps to SD card or RAM or clouddrive.FREE UP your device storage! Faster & Smaller. Super ApkBackupRestore Tool - Simple Transfer : Apk Extractor & ApkEditor& Apk Installer & Apk sharer ! App Backup &Restore isa Small, Simple, Easy backup tool developed by Trust Lab,who aimsto develop useful Tool & Productivity apps for Androiddevices.What can you do with App Backup & Restore? - BulkBack-up &Restore apps that are not used frequently to save morespace .It isa appsaver and APK backup assistant. - Auto Back-up& Restoremulti-versions to avoid unnecessary or dissatisfiedupdates. -Batch Back-up & receive & Restore your apps toenhance datasecurity. - Customize Back-up & Restore apps tocreate your ownlocal appstore and transfer & share apps toothers. Highlightsof App Backup & Restore ◈ Apk Extractor -Extract &Retrieve apk files and export as duplicates. ◈ ApkEditor -Downgrade app versions if you dislike updated ones. ◈ ApkInstaller- Receive & Restore & Recover apks after factorresettingor in a new device. ◈ Apk Assistant - Create your ownlocalPlaystore by backing app up. ◈ Apk List Refresher - Autorefreshyou app list. ◈ Apk Sharer - Migrate & Send apps todifferentdevices. Receive apps from other devices while traffic islimitedor the network is not in good condition. Features · BackupRestoreto Local by default · Easy Backup & Restore to externalSD card· Super Backup & Restore to Cloud drive · Simple Backup&Restore to Cloud drive to keep multiple version · Scan apk&files on your device · Auto backing app up with notifications·Easy Backup apps without closing them · Show & Backup&Restore system apps · Schedule auto backup · Auto Listrefresher ·Show backups’ size & time & version & name ·Protectbackup & restore against deletion · Bulk & Batchbackuprestore, send receive, upload download · Upload &Download appsto at Google Drive, Dropbox, etc · Send & Share& Receivebackups through Email or other channels · Overwrite& Downgrade& Backup old versions · Manage apps byinstalled/archived ·Sort installed & archived by name, date,size · Show Local& SD card storage usage · Hypershell speed ·Cache Cleaner& App List Refresh Manager · Scan virus/malwarefor mobilesecurity · Touch & Hold apps to check details · Sharemarketlinks and see detailed information about the app · Searchapps inPlaystore · Options to change daily schedule, disableautomaticschedule. · Types of app & apk supported includingGame, Tool,Social Media etc. · App Restore & PhoneRecovery,Samsung/Xiaomi/Lenovo/Motorola backup supported Notice: 1-AppBackup & Restore CANNOT backup/restore data or settingsofapps, it only backup/restore apk files. 2- App Backup &Restoreis a APK, Game Extractor that can only restore apk filesthat havebeen backed up BEFORE. 3- If you want to auto backup apps,pleaseopen our app before updating apps. 4- Please backup apps toSD cardor cloud before factor resetting, or backups will be removeddue tosystem restriction. 5- For some devices, our app backup toolcannotsupport SAF permission so it cannot switch to SD card. Pleasetrywith Backup Restore - Apk Extractor. Requested Permissions: -READSD CARD to modify or delete the contents of your SD card -READPHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY to enable auto backup Like usonFacebook: Join our Google+Community: Contact us:
Backup & Restore 6.7.8
App Backup Restore use accessibility services to improveautouninstall feature in some devices. Auto Backup, Restore,Transferyour Apps and Personal data for FREE. App Backup Restore –Transferis a simple apk assistant. App Backup Restore – TransferCANNOTback up or restore your apps’data, it’s a apk assistant thatcanback-up apk files only. Upload & Download backups toGoogleDrive . Never lose your data again! App Backup Restore -Transfercan Backup & Restore apk files of apps that are notfrequentlyused to save storage of phone. Easiest Backup &Restore multiversions to avoid unnecessary updates.Backup &Restore Personaldata for safety. iCloud Backup & Restore fordata security.Transfer & Share APK files between Androiddevices. ★ Editor'sChoice No.1 in "10 best Android back up apps backupAndroid,save storage of phone !” - Android Authority No.1EasyBackup & Restore apk assistant in “10 Best Android BackupApkassistant” - Tom’s Guide ◈ Local / Cloud Backup & Restore ✓APKbackup & restoare ✓ Call logs backup & restore ◈Transfer& Share in Seconds ✓ APK send & receive ✓ Call logssend& receive ◈ Features • Batch backup, restore, transfer,share •Batch Backup & Restore to internal storage of phone bydefault• Batch Backup & Restore to SD card or USB • Upload&Download to/from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. • Easiest Backup&Restore apks, personal data • Auto Backup & Send files tothethird party platforms • Extract & Retrieve APK files •Transfer& Share Backups • Overwrite, downgrade app versions •Autoapp-backup tool at all times • Set auto backup list to back upapksautomatically • Transfer & Share by buildingprivateWifi-hotspot • Wireless Transfer & Share with dizzyingspeed •Auto backup & update with notifications • GoogleDriveupload/download with notifications • Easiest backup &restoresystem applications • Scan APK files stored in your phone •Scanvirus for more protection • Touch & Hold app to checkdetails •Manage apps by installed, archived, Drive • Apk assistantto sortapps by name, date, size • Show backups’ size & time&version • Show used & total system & file storage •Recoverphone after factory resetting, Samsung, MicroMax, etc.supported •All types of app supported including Game, Tool, SocialMedia etc.Notice: App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT back-up,restore,transfer data or settings of apps, it only batch backup&restore apk files to save storage of phone. App Backup Restore-Transfer can only restore app files that have been backedupBEFORE. App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT auto back uppersonaldata, auto back-up apks only. App Backup Restore -Transafer canonly auto back-up to RAM & SD card, auto backup tocloud CANNOTbe achieved . Please back up to sd card or cloud beforefactoryreset, or all backups will be deleted due to systemrestriction.For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserved thepermission to writein SD card. It is now granted only to Google andcellphonemanufactures. Requested Permissions: READWIFI/BLUETOOTH/GPS toenable transfer & share feature REQUESTCERTAIN PRIVACYPERMISSIONS to enable virus scan & Google Driveback-up Like uson Facebook: Join our Google+Community: Contact us if you want to helpmaking the appinto your language:
Gallery 3.10
SB studio
Gallery - Phone Storage App Beautiful 3D gallery withlatestgraphics instead of old one. Use special gallery colorgallery appfor photos, hot videos, movie collections gallery is smart gallery, format galleries, collectionGallery withthis android gallery google play store Arrange order ofgalleryitems based on your selection. QuickPic gallery collectionfor fastuser interface. Gallery download free app is thewell-designedgallery replacement for the built-in phone gallery appfor tami a1.Special animated gallery look. Smart Gallery PhotoViewer, GalleryVideo Viewer. Enjoy with unlimited gallery video andimages forshow your friends and others. Gallery for SD card androidphone appSpecial Gallery collections of your smart phone. You canshare yourpictures to social networks like Facebook, whatsapp,twitter etc.Configurable thumbnail size/colors photo. gallery formo g4automatically backed organized. Its great galleria,photographygalleries, dato, sb & photo album app for yourmobile. it isthe gallery pro app. it is the gallery new version2019 Phone .beautiful hot collection of gallery of smart phone, itschangingmarshmallow gallery, lollipop gallery, gallery for Nougat,galleryfor Orea and have new one below class features. gallery formo g5plus Animated Effects with photo, My Roll Gallery effects onphoto.important gallery backup is necessary for phone. KeyFeaturesSpecial Features - Create an photo albums in gallery pro. -CreateAlbums and choose best photos of yours into secret folder. -SelfieCamera photo albums gallery hd. - Crop photo view. - galleryyouvideo and pics - Custom Effects on photo & background. -Slideshow animation with unlimited photo pics of secret gallery forminie4 plus. - Set as Wallpaper. - Open photo with preferable apps.-Use as photo app inbuild function. - Show photo details. -gallery3d can Change Theme color from setting. - Beauty CameraEffects onfavorite gallery images. - Create effects like photofilter effectsbased on device. - gallery mot app Multi selection ofmove &copy paste files. - Customize Background Color. - galleryable toselect image from outside gallery. - rotate image. - galleryzoom -gallery calculator for photos and videos. - open gallerycameraapp. - gallery editors choice free app 1) Video Player WithGalleryapps - Supported all video formats and you can say like flvvideoplayer, mp4 video player, avi video player etc. - BestGalleryvideo player. - Easy to handle any videos. - HD video Playerwithbeautiful looks. - Smooth gallery user interface. 2) Photos -ableto show unlimited video grid. - zoom in and zoom out photofilters.- Edit or rename as default gallery photo. - Rotatephotobackgrounds. - Share to social networks from gallery. - SortbyOption. Sort by Name, Sorting by Date, Size wiseSorting,Ascending/Descending Sorting photo grid. - Fast refreshgallerycollections. - Professional gallery looks. 3) Gallery Lock-Gallery Lock for security. - Go to Setting & Create PINalongwith security question. - Make you photos and videoscollectionsprivate by using lock for gallery. - Lock seems likeuser can hideprivate photos like girl friend photos, hot photos,naughty photos,dirty photos, secret photos. so 'Gallery' app is thestrictlyconfidential, top secret, hidden application. - CreateSecurityquestion and use it if forgot password. - Modern galleryapp lock.- Gallery Photo Vault Added: Hide Media now. - You need tocreateSecurity Question & Password for Vault fromSetting/VaultButton. Note:Security Question & Password are bothseparate forVault & Gallery Application Lock Note : SD cardoperationsupported from lollipop and above android versions. Tags :Gallery2019, Gallery pro, Gallery lock, Gallery vault, Galleryprivate,Foto Gallery
Gallery is an excellent, feature-rich app for organizingyourphotos. Password-protect your photos, organize them, displaythemslide-show style, share photos via email or social networks. itissmart gallery, format galleries, collection Gallery withthisandroid Gallery. Its pixel gallery, gallery no ads &smartfotos app. Its great galleria, photography galleries, quickphoto,dato, sb & photo album app for your mobile. it is thegallerypro app. Default Gallery is used hiding beautifullyphotograph.This is offline gallery app. open gallery & my rollphotos.This is the photos gallery doctor. Gallery app provide photobackupusing photo bucket in drives. Photos spaces app. Gallery isreally"Great FOTO Gallery" app. We bring you the best in classfeaturesto edit, add special effects, and stickers. Gallery makessharingpictures a pleasure while viewing slide shows with commentsfromfriends and family. Spend less time managing and more timeenjoyingpictures. With HD Gallery you will be able to displayimages tofill your entire screen. ■ Event Album : Create andorganizealbums, and choose your preferred design With "Gallery",you canfreely create albums, and add photos and videos. ■ Originaldatawon't be modified. With "Gallery"(Photos), when you importphotosor videos from the Camera Roll, it saves the original,unmodifieddata. ■ Secure data set up The photos and movies takenfrom yourcamera roll are saved using original data. Time stamp andlocationinformation included in Exif data along with the originalfile nameare available. In addition, data imported into the appwill beautomatically backed up online using Google Cloud! ■ PinProtection: There is a section in gallery for private photos whichis numericpin protected. user can hide private photos like girlfriendphotos, hot photos, naughty photos, dirty photos, secretphotos. so'Gallery' app is the strictly confidential, top secret,hiddenapplication. ■ "Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos andGalleryVault is gallery locker that is absolutely neededforprotection of personal privacy of gallery lockappsdownload. Gallery Vault can hide its app images andkeepyour privacy absolutely safe. Hide Picture and Hide Videoappto protect your privacy in hidden Gallery! ■ Gallery Prosmoothuser experience is optimized for large screens and multiplefingergestures work like work gallery as fasterefficiencyslideshow. ■ Photo viewer & photo slideshow effectslikeDefault, Alpha, Rotate, 3D, Cube, Flip, Accordion, ZoomFade,Fade,ZoomCenter, ZoomStack, Stack, Depth, Zoom, InRightDown,InRightUp,SlowBackground ■ Photo Slide Show : Turn your AndroidPhone into aslide show viewer that automatically rotates throughall thepictures within a gallery. You can change the intervaltiming,sequencing, and how the image is displayed (fill screen oruniform)in Galleries settings. Photo Editor - Rotate, Crop,Effects,Brightness etc Online Backup - Google Cloud upload &sharePhotos, Videos - Import from Camera Roll - Save to Camera Roll-Move to different Album - Copy to different Album - Notes, Tags-Search - Slideshow - Send by email - Message support - PostonFacebook - Post on Twitter - Post on Flickr Albums Set -Createalbum in album Albums - Create, edit or delete - Customizelistingorder - Grouping albums by album set This is the Fast, lightandmodern gallery with special animated gallery looks for Galerie is also called as "Quick Gallery". Download thisFreePhotos(Galerie Alben) android app & enjoy it! Tags :GalleryPro, Gallery Lock, Gallery Vault, Gallery Private, PhotoAdda,gallery doctor, my roll, download free gallery, galery,potos,images, smart gallery, gallery no ads, X gallery
File Manager 2.3.0
File Manager + is easy and powerful file explorer forAndroiddevices. It’s free, fast and full-featured. Because of itssimpleUI, it’s extremely easy to use. With File Manager +, you caneasilymanage your files and folders on your device,NAS(Network-attachedstorage), and cloud storages. What’s more, youcan find how manyfiles & apps you have on your device at aglance immediatelyafter opening File manager +. It supports everyfile managementactions (open, search, navigate directory, copy andpaste, cut,delete, rename, compress, decompress, transfer,download, bookmark,and organize). File Manager Plus supports mediafiles and majorfile formats including apk. Major locations andfunctions of FileManager Plus are as following: • Main Storage / SDcard / USB OTG :You can manage all files and folders on both yourinternal storageand external storage. • Downloads / Images / Audio/ Videos /Documents / New files : Your files and folders areautomaticallysorted by their file types and characteristics so thatyou caneasily find exactly the file you are looking for. • Apps :You cansee and manage all applications installed on your localdevice. •Cloud / Remote : You can access your cloud storage andalsoremote/shared storage like NAS and FTP server. (Cloudstorage:Google Drive™, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Yandex) • Accessfrom PC: You can access your android device storage from PC tomanagefiles on your local android device using FTP(FileTransferProtocol). • Storage analysis : You can analyze localstorages toclean up useless files. You can find out which filestake up themost space. • Internal image viewer / Internal musicplayer/Internal text editor : You can choose to use built-inutilities forfaster and better performance.
ES File Explorer File Manager
ES Global
Free, Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily withESFile Explorer (File Manager)! ES File Explorer (File Manager) isafull-featured file (Images, Music, Movies, Documents, app)managerfor both local and networked use! With over 500 millionusersworldwide, ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps manage yourandroidphone and files efficiently and effectively and share fileswithoutdata cost. File Manager and Folder Manager – Powerful toolsputdesktop-grade features in your pocket  • Sender: Transferapps,images, music, movies, documents, without using mobile dataandcables. Support same Wi-Fi mode & auto-created hotspot.  •FileManager: Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, rename,andcompress operations  • Built-in viewers and players forvariousfile types: click to play music/videos, check image(s)anddocument(s)  • Built-in ZIP and RAR support: allows you tocompressand decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and createencrypted(AES 256 bit) ZIP files Remote File Access – Get to yourfiles fromanywhere  • Cloud Storage: Supports Dropbox,,Sugarsync,Google Drive, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex andmore cloudsplatforms  • Remote File Manager: When this feature isenabled, youcan manage files on your phone from your computer  •Functions asan FTP and WebDAV client: Manage files on FTP, FTPS,SFTP, andWebDAV servers just like you manage files on your SD card • Accessyour home PC: Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMBFiletransfer and File Explorer  • Root Explorer: The ultimate setoffile management tools for root users. Provides access to theentirefile system and all data directories, and allows the user tochangepermissions.  • Bluetooth file browser: You can copy andpastefiles between Bluetooth-ready devices. ES File Explorer(FileManager) supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices andtransferringfiles between Bluetooth devices  • Wi-Fi File transfer:Use your PCto wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP Libraryand Other –Find any and every file in seconds  • App Manager:Categorize,uninstall, back up, and create shortcuts to your apps  •Noteeditor: support syntax highlight for 30 languages (Java,XML,Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc).  • SD CardAnalyst:Analyze for App Associate Folder & Large Files &RecentlyCreated Files & Redundancy Files & Duplicate Filesto helpsave space; Detect Sensitive Permission & App Cache&Memory Usage to know your apps better  • Kill tasks with asingleclick, increase memory and speed up your device: Includes asimplewidget that stays on your home screen to let you know yourcurrentRAM situation and automatically kill tasks, with an ignorelist toignore the applications you want to keep running. The TaskManagermodule is required for this feature.  • Cache CleanerandAuto-start Manager: Delete junk files that take up valuablestoragespace. The Task Manager module is required for this feature.  •Real-time Observer:help load recently added files in library80%faster ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps you handle allyourfiles whether they are stored in your device's memory,microSDcard, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.Bydefault, ESFile Explorer (File Manager) allows you to copy, move,rename,delete or share files to and from any of your storages. Italsolets you browse and access your files by category.
SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore is a simple Android app that backs upandrestores your phone's SMS and MMS messages and call logs.Note:This app can only restore messages and call logs that werebackedup by it before they were deleted. Advanced messaging (RCS)is notsupported. For questions or issues please visit our FAQat: APP FEATURES: - Backup SMS(text)messages, MMS and call logs in XML format. - Local devicebackupwith options to automatically upload to Google Drive, DropboxandOneDrive - Choose a recurring scheduled time toautomaticallybackup - Option to select which conversations tobackup or restore- View and drill into your local and cloud backups- Search yourbackups - Restore/transfer backup to another phone.Backup formatis independent of the Android version so the messagesand logs canbe easily transferred from one phone to another,irrespective ofthe version. - Fast Transfer between 2 phones overWiFi direct -Ability to restore all messages or only selectedconversations. -Free up space on your phone. Delete all SMSmessages or call logson the Phone. - Email a backup file. - The XMLbackup can beconverted to other formats, and can also be viewed ona computer.Notes: - Tested on Android 5.0 and higher - App onlyrestoresbackups made by this app - Please start the app at leastonce afterupdates so that the scheduled backups start working. -Backup iscreated locally on the phone by default, but you have theoption toupload to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Email. Youareresponsible for backup files. At no time are the files sent tothedeveloper. - If you intend to do a factory reset on thephone,please make sure you save/email a copy of the backup outsidethephone before doing it. - If you have performed the Restore andthemessages don't appear in your messaging app then: - Openyourmessaging app and disable SMS from Settings. - Exit the app -Openthe app again and enable SMS from Settings. This App needsaccessto the following: * Your messages: Backup and Restoremessages.Receive SMS permission needed to properly handle messagesreceivedwhile the app is the default messaging app. * Your CallsandContact information: Backup and Restore Call Logs. * Storage:Tocreate the Backup file on the SD card. * Network viewandcommunication: Allows the app to connect to wifi for backup *Yoursocial information: To display and store the contact names intheBackup file. * Run at start-up: Start scheduled Backups. *PreventPhone from Sleeping: To prevent the phone from goingtosleep/suspended state while a Backup or Restore operation isinprogress. * Test access to Protected Storage: To create theBackupfile on the SD card. * Account Information: To authenticatewithGoogle Drive and Gmail for cloud uploads SyncTech Pty Ltd hastakenover the development and maintenance of SMS Backup &Restore.Please send any enquiries to orvisit
G Cloud Backup
Genie9 LTD
G Cloud Backup for Android *** Try our new FREE ZoolzIntelligentApp - Backup / Restore your entire Android device - TryFacialRecognition for FREE - Start with 7 GB and daily 50 MB bonus*** ●A Free Android Backup App that is simple and safe toprotectnever-ending contacts, messages, photos, videos, music,documents,call logs, files and more to a secure cloud location ●Easilymigrate to different devices and extend your storage bysavingeverything in the cloud ● Organize your memories in atimeline andgo back in time to view your first recorded video, acall from ayear ago, and even today's photos ● Share your past andpresentwith ease Recommended by Android central “The app itself issoincredibly simple to use, with a very simple user interface.But,you'd be foolish to let that temper opinions. G Cloud Backuphas apretty extensive featurelist.”“You won't find many other backup solutions as complete andadroitas G CloudBackup.” that this app requires the privileges to backup andrestoreyour SMS, call logs, system settings, calendar and tolocate yourlost device, we do not erase your data off your phone,send messagesor locate your device without your consent. Disablingthese optionswill also disable the use of its privilege, pleasereview our dataprivacy for more info. FEATURES: ✮✮New: Memories:Your lifepreserved, go back in time to calls from a year, viewvideos and allother data from the Memories tab✮✮ ► Auto BackupMessages (SMS),contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos(at fullresolution), videos, music and more ►Backup Camera,Whatsapp, viberphotos and videos ► Start with 1 GB free and earnup to 10 GB easily► Automatic upload when WiFi is available andplugged in ► Accessyour messages, call logs, download contacts,share music, videos andview photos from the web: ► Protect theApp with a passcode ►Protect more than one device ► Secure datatransfer (Secure SocketLayer) and storing (256-AES) on Amazon AWS ►Easily move to newdevices and preserve everything ► One tap sign upwith Email,Google+ or Facebook ► No rooting or specialconfiguration required► Backup External SD cards ► Restore/migrateto a new device with atap ► Backs up every version of all files ►Advanced options tochange daily schedule, disable automaticschedule, upload over 3G,and more HOW TO BACKUP ANDROID PHONES 1-Download G Cloud for FREE2- Create an account 3- Select what tobackup HOW TORESTORE/REPLACE ANDROID PHONES 1- Download G Cloud forFREE 2- Login to your account 3- G Cloud will detect is this is anew phoneand will move all your memories to the new phone If youhave anyquestions or inquires please contact:support@gcloudbackup.comBefore submitting a comment, we will getback to you ASAP Thank you:) ✮✮ Protect your apps settings, gamelevels, app customizations,and more with G Cloud Apps Backup. FORROOTED DEVICES ONLY. Toactivate, please open G Cloud> and go tothe Store. ✮✮ ✮✮NEWFREE: G Cloud Backup for iOS✮✮ ● Migratecontacts, photos, videos,and calendar from Android phones toiPhones and vise versa ●Protect all your Android phones, tablets,iPhone, and iPad under asingle account ● Free up space from youriPhone and iPad Downloadit freetoday!✮✮NEWFREE APP: G Lock - Hide Photos & Videos✮✮ Download ourlatestFREE App, Protect all your private media and hide them frompryingeyes with G Lock. G Lock keeps all your private photos andvideossecure under multiple layers ofsecurity.
com.alensw.PicFolder 5.0.0
Fast, light and modern! Loved by over 10 million users, withanoverall rating of 4.6, QuickPic is ideally the bestalternativegallery app designed for managing your beloved photos.It’ssignificantly smaller than other gallery apps, but packs morepowerthan any of them. ◆ Reviews ANDROIDPIT: One of the bestfreeAndroid apps of 2015 UltraLinx: Arguably the best gallery appforAndroid Life Hacker: QuickPic is our favorite galleryreplacement ◆Features Material Design: Colorful themes and moderndesign,transparent layered and immersive user interface. Fast:Quick applaunching, view thousands of your photos instantly.QuickPic'ssmooth user experience is optimized for large screens andmultiplefinger gestures, and contains no ads or extra permissions.Privacy:Easily hide or exclude your private photos and videos fromallgallery apps and protect them with a password. Management:Powerfulfile management features, including sort, rename, createnewfolders, moving/copying data and more. CM Cloud: Offeringspeedyback up and restoration, as well as password protection.Yourphotos will be stored on industry leading Amazon S3 servers tohelpyou preserve all your precious memories securely. ◆ OtherFunctions> HD Quality: View thousands of your photos instantlyin a highquality slideshow > Customize Photos: Internal pictureeditorwhich allows you to rotate, shrink, crop, and set as yourwallpaperwith the best quality. > Storage Support: Supportsmultipleonline album services, including Picasa, Google Drive,Dropbox,Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, Yandex, 500px, OwnCloud,Samba andmore. You can even auto back up your photos to yourspecified cloudor computer. > Multiple Media Support: QuickPic’ssupportedimage and video formats are jpg, jpeg, jps, png, gif, bmp,wbmp,mpo, webp, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, avi, mp4, mkv, mov, m4v, mpeg,asf,divx, flv, k3g, mpg, m2ts, mts, rm, rmvb, skm, ts, wmv,webm.(Note: Some file types might not be supported on certaindevices) ◆Tips 1) Due to the restrictions of Android 4.4, non-stockapps areunable to modify files within an external SD Card.Unfortunately wecannot bypass this restriction. 2) Clean your appdata orre-install QuickPic to clear your password. ◆ Keep in touch♥Translationvolunteers: ♥Google+ BetaCommunity: ♥ FacebookCommunity:
com.ninexgen.explorer 2.1.5
☆ Access system files ☆ Ultimate explorer for root devices ☆Fast,small size, basic and easy to use file manager ☆ Perfectformanaging sd card and internal storage files ☆ Custom yourfolder,wallpaper ☆ Save favorite files, folders ☆ Create shortcutson homescreen ☆ Smart changing paths
Google Photos
Google LLC
Google Photos is the home for all your photos andvideos,automatically organized and easy to share. - “The bestphotoproduct on Earth” – The Verge - “Google Photos is yournewessential picture app” – Wired The official Google Photos appismade for the way you take photos today and includesessentialfeatures like shared albums, automatic creations and anadvancedediting suite. You won’t have to worry about storage eitheras youcan choose to automatically back up all your photos andvideos forfree in high quality. You can then access them from anyconnecteddevice and on With the official app,you get:FREE HIGH QUALITY STORAGE: Back up unlimited photos andvideos forfree for up to 16 megapixels and 1080p HD and access themfrom anydevice and – your photos are safe,secure, andprivate to you. FREE UP SPACE: Never worry about runningout ofspace on your phone again. Photos that are safely backed upcan beremoved from your device's storage in just a tap. SMARTAUTOMATICALBUMS: Automatically get a new album with just your bestshotsafter an event or trip, then invite others to add theirphotos.AUTOMATIC CREATIONS: Bring photos to life withautomaticallycreated movies, collages, animations, panoramas, andmore from yourphotos. Or easily create them yourself. ADVANCEDEDITING SUITE:Transform photos with a tap. Use intuitive andpowerful photoediting tools to apply content-aware filters, adjustlighting, andmore. SHARING SUGGESTIONS: With smart sharingsuggestions, givingyour friends the photos you took of them ispainless. And they canadd their photos, too, so you’ll finally getthe photos you’reactually in. FAST AND POWERFUL SEARCH: Your photosare nowsearchable by the people, places and things in them — notaggingrequired. LIVE ALBUMS: Select the people and pets you wantto seeand Google Photos will automatically add photos of them asyou takethem, no manual updates needed.* PHOTO BOOKS: Create aphoto bookin just minutes from your phone or computer. You can alsoseesuggested photo books based on your best shots from a triporperiod of time.* GOOGLE LENS: Search the hard-to-describe andgetstuff done, right from a photo. Copy and translate text,identifyplants and animals, add events to your calendar, findproductsonline, and more. SEND PHOTOS IN SECONDS: Instantly sharephotoswith any contact, email, or phone number. SHARED LIBRARIES:Grant atrusted person access to all of your photos. You can alsoupgradestorage for your Google Account, used for Original Qualityphotosand videos by subscribing to Google One. Subscriptions startat$1.99/month for 100 GB in the US. Pricing and availability canvaryby region. - Google One Terms ofService: - One GooglePricing: For additional helpvisit *Face grouping, live albumsandphoto books are not available in all countries.
Files To SD Card 1.679
Regular use of Files To SD Card gives you one-click free spaceonyour internal memory. You can quickly move or backup yourphotos,videos or downloads from your device to SD card. This appFiles ToSD Card is used to quickly move, copy or backup files frominternalmemory to your phone's SD card. With this program, you canfree upwith one click your device internal memory or backup yourfiles tothe SD card. ✔️ Free up space by moving your files(documents,downloads, photos, videos and other) to SD Card ✔️ Backup yourdata to SD card ✔️ Save time, fast and easy usage ✔️Selectspecific files by file extensions ✔️ Notification of newfiles viaNotification If you want to protect your files, regularlycopy yourfiles to SD card and you will always have up-to-date backup ofyour files from internal memory to SD card. When you copyfilesrepeatedly, existing files on the SD card areautomaticallyskipped. Just select files you want to move or copy(back up),click a big button and that’s all, fast and easy. You canalsoselect specific files to move / copy by file extension and moveorbackup your files faster. App displays large preview of fileswithmore details which appear after a long touch of the selectedfileWith the new function "Notification", you will never forgettoclean up the internal memory regularly for proper operation ofyourphone. Just select how often you´d like to displaynotifications ofnew files on your phone. App is especially usefulfor devices withlow internal memory capacity, which does not allowthe phone tostore the captured content directly on the SD card, orfor userswho want to quickly and easily back up files to SD card.Alsosuitable for Android Go. Recommended devices: Vodafone SmartPrime6, Lenovo A2010 LTE, Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE,SonyXperia M4, Nokia One. The first time you use it and every timethedevice is restarted, you need to set access rights to the SDcard.
Fully Featured File Management Tool! Developed by the CleanMasterteam Highlights of CM FILE MANAGER ☆ Fully featured:Cut,copy,paste, delete, compress, decompress, search and more. ☆Cloudsupport:Switch between local and cloud files - supportsDropbox,Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more. ☆ Wi-Fi Filetransfer:Useyour PC to wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP.☆ Superconvenient:View files by type (image, audio, video,recent,download etc.), use a widget to access folders in one tapfrom thehomescreen. ☆ Multiple protocols: Supports file transfersusingFTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and LAN/SMB, stream mediafromLAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading. --Supportedlanguages English, Arabic, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish,French,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Hebrew,Finnish,Hindi, Croatian and Serbian
An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storageorfrom external storage, and restore them to your gallery. Ifyoucome to a situation where you just deleted all of your imagesbymistake, and tried a lot of apps to recover them withoutanyresult, then you are at the right place. This app will solvethisproblem for you. It will scan all your phone storage lookingfordeleted photos and list them in an easy manner that will helpyouto restore them back to your phone storage. HOW TO USE:Afterinstalling and opening the application, it will start scanningyourphone directories and sub directories looking for deleted orerasedpictures and add them to its list. This operation can consumetimedepending on your storage size and your phone’s performance.Justafter that a new interface with deleted photos previews willshowup, all photo are divided by folders. You can choose eachoneseparately and start looking inside it and restore your imagesfromthere. To avoid confusion this is not recycle bin, it canrestoreeven if they are deleted before installing it. And also itcan showsome non-deleted images from you gallery. FEATURES: 1 -Scan bothall storage including SD Card. 2 - Nice UI Design. 3 –Fast,Performance, 4 – No ROOT. 5 - Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png.
GM Files 2.0.18
The File Manager has been designed to give android users afree,unlimited and ad-free experience. File Manager categorizesfilesfor you with its smart feature. Easily access photos, videos,musicand other files on the phone. Cloud Storing(Supportsmultipleaccounts) Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Yandex Disk,Box andFacebook Support the cloud storage system and allow you toaccessyour cloud accounts through a single application. MediaAnalysisTool File Manager will analyze internal memory and sd cardand findunused, repetitive and large files for you. Easily TransferwithWifi File Transfer: Easily access your PC using WiFi withFileManager and transfer files from computer to phone ortablet.Support multi-file transfer cloud, sd card or internalmemory ofall your devices with Sandanywere. Application Manager:View allapplications installed on your device with File Manager andremove,backup or share them with friends. Extra space With OTG-SDCardSupport Compress(zip) and decompress(zip, rar) files andfolderswith File Manager. Move compress files between sd card andinternalstorage. Enlarge space using OTG support. Basic FileOperationsEasily do things like Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete,Move toRecycle, Hide and more in sd card, internal memory, andcloud. WithFTP, SFTP, FTPS support, manage your files withoutneeding a PC.Internal Gallery Feature There is an internal galleryin FileManager. That supports many file formats and play gif files.Setphotos as wallpaper or make a WhatsApp profile photo. Set MP3sasringtone and alarm sound. User Friendly Interface: Easy to useand7 different theme features, choose the design thatsuits.Multi-language support Supports 18 languages. Turkish,Arabic,Azerbaijani, German, English, Spanish, French,Croatian,Italian,Georgian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian,Albanian, Russian,Urdu, Uzbek Translation Help Support us fortranslation at
Photo,Video Locker-Calculator 20.0
Calculator is the Vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, HideVideosand Lock Apps without anyone knowing as gallery lockinstalled inyour phone looks as just a regular calculator.Yourfiles will besecretly stored in vault and can only be viewed aftera Numeric PINis entered on calculator panel of this app.Also thisPhoto,VideoLocker can be used as regular calculator for dailyuse.How to use✔Hide Pictures and Videos : Click on Plus Button atthe bottom ofmain screen and then select media from gallery andclick lockbutton to hide into Photo,Video Locker-Calculator app.✔Lock Apps:Go to App Lock tab on main screen and Lock your Apps byselectingthem to keep safe from others.✔ Intruder Selfie: Enablingintruderselfie lets you capture intruder's photo and show them whenyouentering into smart hidden calculator.✔ Fake Cover: you canenableadvanced security where you can set fake cover of Force closeofapplications which are locked and only you know trick to openyourapp lock interface.✔ Finger print app lock: you can enableyourfingerprint for locked apps to open it without also used for your smart hide calculator.✔ Wi-fisecurity: nowyou can have control over your switched like wifi andBluetooth byour strong app lock security.Features:• AccessPhoto,Video Lockerby typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of thisapp.• Lock appsusing Classic PIN pad.• Support all Picture formatsin gallery locklike GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.• Backup PATTERN UNLOCK.•Beautiful Themesfor calculator and app lock screen.• Easy toManage, Delete,Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.• AmazingInbuilt Imageviewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffleoption.• Supportsapp protection to prevent Calculator from beinguninstalled bystrangers.“This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.” Youcan activate device Administrator permission forthis app toprevent accidentally Uninstallation of app and avoidloss yourdata.• Powerful and Instant Lock Apps system to keep safeyourprivate media.• Finger Print unlock for both calculator andapplock for supported devices.• Intruder Selfie. Instantselfiecaptured when someone tried wrong password on your app lock.•FakeApp lock cover. Enable double security or fake screen over yourapplock. you can set force close app screen for locked apps.• youcanlock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of applock.•Disappears from recent apps list.• Dark Mode feature helpstosecretly open personal photo,video locker during nightwithoutanyone knowing.• Latest Material Design with easy touseinterface.This app uses Accessibility Service.USEFUL TIPS :✔ForgetPassword? Recover Password by your registered e-mail id andregainaccess to the app.✔ Change PIN? Go to Settings tab and clickonChange Password.✔ Unlock Media? After you Hide pictures andVideosfrom this gallery lock, use unlock button in this app tounhidemedia whenever needed.✔ Advance Protection? Turn “ON”appprotection option from settings after you Hide pictures andVideosto keep safe without losing it.✔ Relax and View Images?UseSlideShow option and set slide interval from settings.✔Beautify?Use Theme icon to change color of Lock Screen so you don’tgetbored.FAQ: Q: Forgot my password. How to Reset?A: Enter 8888numberin Calculator and press EQUAL(=) button. password recoveryscreenwill open.Q: I uninstalled app and my locked photos gone. CanIrecover?A: No you can not. once you uninstalled appwithoutrestoring files back to your gallery, you will lose lockedfilesforever. re installing can not recover those deletedfiles.AnySuggestion or Feedback?email:
Moments by Facebook
Moments is going away soon and will be removed from GooglePlay.Here's a bit more about the app: Moments instantly organizesthephotos and videos on your phone by time, location and the peopleinthem. It helps you create photo albums that you can share withyourfriends and family, so you can privately collect all the photosandvideos you'll want to look back on.
Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone 1.0.273162057
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Files by Google is a file management app that helps you: ✨ Freeupspace with cleaning recommendations 🔍 Find files faster withsearchand simple browsing ↔️ Share files offline with others, fastandwithout data ☁️ Back up files to the cloud to save you spaceondevice FREE UP MORE SPACE In just a few taps, you can free upspacemore quickly and easily than ever: Delete old photos and memesfromchat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clearyourcache and more. CHECK YOUR STORAGE Use Files to see how muchfreespace is left on your phone and SD card. Easily transfer filestoan SD card to free up your phone’s storage, right from the app.Oruse the integrated file cleaner to get more space on the phone.BEIN CONTROL You will always know what you’re deleting, we don’thidebehind complicated terms and phrases. Select only what you wanttoremove and keep the rest. It’s your photos, your videos, yourfilesso you are in charge. BOOST PHONE PERFORMANCE Use Files tokeepenough of memory, so that your phone keeps on runningsmooth.Regularly, you get a prompt to remove junk or temporaryfiles whichhelps you get more storage immediately. SMARTRECOMMENDATIONS Gethelpful suggestions of files to erase before yourun out of space.The recommendation from Files app get smarter themore you use it.FIND FILES FASTER Save time looking for photos,videos, anddocuments on your phone. Files uses filters rather thanfolders soyour stuff is organized more intuitively. Files by Googleis thefile manager and storage browser that helps you find whatyou’relooking for fast. EASILY MANAGE FILES Search for your filesorsimply navigate to them through categories and filters.View,delete, move, rename or share any files. Sort them by filesize tounderstand what’s taking space. Browse all the GIFs yourhave. Findand share that video you downloaded last week. All ofthis with fewtaps. SHARE FILES OFFLINE Share your pictures, videos,documents,or apps with others nearby who also have the app. Withfast speedup to 480 Mbps, it’s fast, free, and it works without theinternet,so it doesn’t cost mobile data. Just pair up your phonewith anyonenearby who has Files app. ENCRYPTED FILE SHARING Files’sofflinefile sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing amoresecure file transfer. Files app uses Bluetooth to set upencryptedand direct fast wifi connection, so that you can transferapp APKor large files in seconds, send videos or pictures to yourfriends.Safe and secure. BACKUP FILES TO THE CLOUD If you want tokeep afile forever, select it from the Files menu and back it uptoGoogle Drive or any other cloud storage app. Save themforeverwithout taking space in your phone. BACKUP FILES TO THE SDCARD Ifyou run out of storage on your phone, simply transfer largefilesor videos to your SD card if you have one. With a few clicks,youcan clean up your phone and fully use the SD card. That leavesyourinternal storage free and your phone faster. EFFICIENT,EFFECTIVESTORAGE MANAGEMENT Files app takes less than 10MB ofstorage onyour phone. And there’s no malware or bloatware to affectyourphone’s performance. THREE-IN-ONE TOOL APP While taking verylittlestorage on your device, Files does three things in one: 1)Free upspace - Clean junk files and cache, boost your mobile phoneortablet as you clean up the phone memory and optimizeyoursmartphone performance. 2) Find files fast - Browse yourstorageand find everything fast without being expert in filemanagement.3) Share files - Send pictures, share videos, transferlarge filesor app apks. All of this with super fast speed with rateup to 480Mbps over an encrypted direct wifi network.
Restore Image (Super Easy) 8.10
Image restoration!I want to return the erased images again!Ihaveerased the image in mistake!Why don't you try to use thisapp?Youmay be able to restore the erased photo and picture!*Billingin-appis only the function to delete ads!*You can use all thefunctionsin free!*There is no limit of the function at all eventhough youuse in free!A special featureSuper easy image datarecovery!Neednot the knowledge!Need not the PC!Need notrooting!Need not Backupdata!You can restore found imagecertainly!You can also restorebefore installation image!You canrestore the image from the Deviceor from the SD card!Corresponds tojpg and png!Free tool!How touse1. Select folder2. Select theimages3. Tap the start button torestoreThat's all!Q & AQ. Theimage is small and rough.Therough image is what was saved as asmall image for thumbnail byother app, and this app extract andrestore.You can change thesetting not to display smallimages.Please use the “Enlarge &Correct Image” app when youwant the small image to enlarge andcorrect.Q. What is thedifference of the “image that can berestored” and the “image thatcan't be found”?The image that hadbeen saved for a long time isprobably restored.The image that wasdeleted as soon as saved islikely notImage restoration!f youdeleted the cache or have acleaner app which delete the cache, thedata which restore inoriginal will be deleted. So there is fewimages which can berestored.Plagiarism are strictly prohibited!
Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos 2.3.2
Calculator+ Vault for photo, The best calculator photo vault,hideyour photo, security the hide private photos Calculator+ Vaultforphoto is a photo hide app that lets you hide yourpictures,Calculator+ Vault for photo looks like a beautifulcalculator, andworks very well, but have a secret photo vaultbehind it. all hidephotos will be encrypted, uninstall the app willnot delete thepassword, or remove the photos. Calculator+ Vault forphotoFeatures ► Hide private photos under the calculator ► Welldesignedcalculator, you can calculate with it very well. so, no onewilldoubt it. [Well designed calculator] Calculator+ Vault forphotofirst is a well designed calculator, All the calculatorfunctionsare correct. [Hide Photo] Some pictures are not suitablefor yourpersonal album, Calculator+ Vault for photo can hide it foryou.[Encrytped photo] All hidden pictures are encrypted, So, evenifothers find the file, there is no way to view the photos[Smallsize] The app size of Calculator+ Vault for photo is verysmall, itwill not take up a lot of your mobile phone space
Photo Recovery Deleted Photos & Restore Images 6.0
Loosli Zilue
Have you ever lost any photos of your family or friends ? Haveyoufound yourself been in trouble to find best photo recovery apptorescue lost images ? Don't worry at all, Photo RecoveryDeletedPhotos & Restore Images with recycle bin is free datarecoveryapp for you! Photo recovery deleted images app attempts torecoverall deleted photos, hidden photos, pictures and undeleteimages onyour android phone. Restore photos is best data recoveryforandroid no root which work with sd card or storage mediainandroid. The deleted photo recovery from gallery displayimagesthat it finds and allows you to recover all of them.Recoverdeleted photos is completely to download which works wellforpicture and file recovery. Undeleted photo can help yourecoverdeleted photos from sd cards, memory cards... Mini photorecoveryis easy to use data recovery tool app. It's specializedforsnapchat recovery deleted photos, pictures and restoreimages.Photo recovery tool ( recuperar fotos borradas ) can quicklyandsafely recover lost/deleted photos in android phone.Theprofessional photo recovery app can recover lost photos fromlost,damaged in seconds! Lost your Photos ? Trust #1 Photo recoveryappon Play store. Important benefits of the photo recovery apparedescribed below to help you recover your deleted photosfromrecycle bin free. Key features: - Scan internal and externalmemoryquickly - Restore deleted photos ( recuperar fotos ) - Bestdatarecovery from sd card - Recover photos from memory cards,allinternal & external media - Quickly recovers lost ordeletedphotos file - Supports lost or deleted photo recovery ofmore than50+ file type - Recover photos lost due to format orcorrupt ofstorage media - Reinstates deleted photos - Recoverphotos fromAndroid phone - Recover my deleted picture & videofiles - Diskdigger photo recovery with easy deleted photo restorefeature -Picture Recovery after accidental deletion of the photo -Restoreaccidentally deleted pictures - Fast, Reliable, Best quality- Noneed to root the phone - It's free Let's download PhotoRecoveryDeleted Photos now with free android recycle bin features.Recoverydeleted photos will automatic scan and display all yournewlydeleted data images, allowing you to undelete picturesandinstantly restore images to your android phone. You can keepyourpersonal photos safe! App snapchat recovery photo is simplebutmore useful. Just open Photo recovery deleted photos app andscanrecycle bin, choose deleted photo to retores and click undelete-it will instantly reappear on your device gallery. We willupdatefunction to backup all deleted photo, pictures, videos,documentfiles and more on future! If you have problem or anyquestiosn,feel free to contact us !
Samsung My Files
[Introducing My Files] "My Files" manages all the files onyoursmartphone, just like a file explorer on your computer. Youcanalso manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives and files inthecloud storage connected with your smartphone at the sametime.Download and experience "My Files" now. [New features in MyFiles]1. Free up storage space easily by tapping the "StorageAnalysis"button on the main screen. 2. You can hide any unusedstorage spacefrom the main screen via the "Edit My Files home". 3.You can viewlong file names without ellipses using the "Listview"button. [Keyfeatures] - Browse and manage files stored on yoursmartphone, SDcard, or USB drive conveniently. .Users can createfolders; move,copy, share, compress, and decompress files; and viewfile details.- Try our user-friendly features. .The Recent Fileslist: Files theuser has downloaded, run, and/or opened .TheCategories list: Typesof files, including downloaded, document,image, audio, video, andinstallation files (.APK) .Folder and fileshortcuts: Show on thedevice home screen and the My Files mainscreen .Provides afunction used to analyze and free up storagespace. - Enjoy ourconvenient Cloud services. .Samsung Cloud Drive.Google Drive.OneDrive ※ Supported features may be differentdepending onmodels.
DigDeep Image Recovery
A powerful Recovery tool that Search your internal storage andSDcard for deleted images and recover them again easily. Sometimesithappens when you delete accidently a photo from your phone,andstart looking for a good tool that can restore it for you canbringyou a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to doisthe download this app and let it Scan all your phone’s internalandexternal memory. HOW TO USE : It is easy, just launch the app.Aloading screen will show up. Just be patient and wait untilitscans all folders and files for erased photos. It may take awhiledepending on how large your memory is. After searching iscomplet ,it will show a new screen with folders, each foldercontainspictures from a specific location. check them one by onelookingfor you photos, each folder contains a list of images insideit.Check images you want to restore and when you finish doing thathitrestore button to recover them. Now a dialog will show uptellingyou in wich folder to find recovered images. You can eitherbrowsethis folder or browse the gallery where you can find them aswell.FEATURES : 1 - Scan both internal and external memory ( SDCard ).2 - Nice UI Design and Easy to use. 3 – Fast, Reliable,Bestquality. 4 – No need to root the phone. 5 - Restore allimagestypes: jpg,jpeg,png. N.B : This app may show some pictureseven ifthey are not deleted yet. That because there is alreadyanoccurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by thisapp.Just keep looking and you will find photos you are lookingfor.This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone app that canrecoverpictures even ones that have been deleted before the appwasinstalled.
Smart Tutor for SAMSUNG Mobile 1.5 (build 241)
Description Smart Tutor is an easy, quick and safe meansofconsulting for Android™ smart phone and tablet series. It canbeused to diagnose your device remotely in order to optimizedeviceperformance and give functional advice. Diagnoses can berequestedfor the following: • Data transfer, backup and restore •Newfeatures advice • Software update check • Accountsettings(Samsung/Google™/email/etc.) How to get started 1. Downloadthe"Smart Tutor" from Google play store and install on ourAndroiddevice. * From Galaxy S5, please download Smart Tutor viatheGalaxy Essential widget (this features may differ by regionornations.) 2. Make a phone call to the SAMSUNG Contact center.Afteragreeing "Terms and Conditions", the phone number of contactcenterwill be displayed.(Because it is depending on country) 3.Enter the6 digits connection code given by a tech expert. 4. Onceconnected,a tech expert will diagnose your mobile. 5. If you wanttoterminate "Smart Tutor", please tap "Disconnect" menu. Benefit•Safety & Reliable Don't worry about exposing ourprivateinformation."Smart Tutor" restricts a tech expert fromaccessingapplications with customer's private information such asGallery,Message, e-mail and other throughout special features. •Convenient& Easy Provide remote support from our Android devicequicklyand easily if we can use 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. • Features ScreenShare /Chat / Screen Lock / Application Lock Requirement & Note1."Smart Tutor" works with Android OS(Above Android 2.3.6) 2."GoogleExperience Device" is not supported such as "Galaxy Nexus"3.Connection in 3G/4G Network will be chargeable according toyournetwork data fee agreement with your operator/Telecom. Beforetheconnection, ensure to check Wi-Fi availability for free support
GM Gallery GO 1.0.12
• Fast download GM Gallery GO is downloaded faster because itissmallest and need less storage space. • Does not use mobile dataGMGallery GO does not back up your media, your media is only keptinyour device, so features that use mobile data have beenminimized.• You can hide your media You can safely keep the mediayou want tohide from the curious eyes by throwing them in theSecret Cabinet.• Works on many Android phones Whether it's old ornew, you can useit on almost any Android phone. • Optimized forAndroid Oreo (*) GMGallery GO is designed with the basic needs ofyour users in mind.You can email us the features you want to be inFull version andyou can contribute to the improvement. Every ideais welcome,please share your ideas with
Photo Gallery & Album 2.3.7
Photo Gallery & Album is designed for managing your photoandalbums, the fast, lightweight and private Galleryprotectionfeatures making it the best alternative Android galleryapp. PhotoGallery can easily hide and encrypt your photos andvideos, keepyour privacy absolutely safe. It is a perfect Galleryand photoalbum for you. Quick app launching, view thousands of yourphotosand videos instantly. Photo Gallery & Album has utilizedalladvantage of your phone or tablet. Key Features: ORGANIZEYOURGALLERY Quick start, view photos and videos instantly.-Automatically organize your photos by time, albums - HD previewandSlideshow play pictures - Create new album - Set privacyalbum,encrypt your photos - Move photos - Copy photos - Sharephotos tosocial network - Picture details - Rename - Delete - Setwallpaper- Set as favorite - Viewing high definition photos PROTECTYOURPRIVACY Easily hide or exclude your private photos and videosfromall gallery and protect them with a password. Move photosandvideos you want to keep secret to the privacy album. Thehiddenphotos and videos won't be visible in the system gallery andallother apps. - Hide or unhide photos and videos. - Set passwordforyour private photos and videos - Gallery lock Easy Photo Collage-Multi Collage templates. EASY PHOTO EDITING - Powerfulphotoediting - Crop, Rotate, Flip - Quick adjust, adjust colors-Exclusive filters, - Doodle and more. Photo Gallery &HidePictures set photo management, photo editing and Gallery albuminone, it will perfect fit your needs. -------------FAQ-------------- How to recover the hidden files when the gallerynotworking properly or forget the password. Following steps mayhelpyou solve the recovery problem. 1) Uninstall Photo Gallery&Album 2) Download Photo Gallery & Album and install. 3) Gotoset a New Password. 4) The hidden files will be recoveredinprivacy album.
com.photorecoveryshop.v2015 4.2
1. Scan deleted and lost pictures and video in android devices.2.Select and restore erased image and movie. The World'sleadingimage reconstruction technology, have achieved a photorecoveryrate of over 92%. More photos, Higher quality, Morememories.Features: * No rooting necessary, high quality to undeletefile. *Free download, scan and preview. * Find and save photofrominternal storage, external memory and memory card of phone. *Fileformat: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, 3GP, MP4. *Supportsdevices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, ZTE, LG,Lenovo,Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, Meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.
CLONEit - Batch Copy All Data 2.1.48_ww
CLONEit can backup and transfer 12 types of mobile data fromonephone to another in two easy steps, without the need for acable, acomputer or network. [12 types of mobile data can betransferred]Including contacts, messages (SMS, MMS), call logs,applications,APP data, all types of files in SD card (pictures,videos, music),calendar, system settings (Wi-Fi account passwords,browserbookmarks), etc. [Extremely fast] The best transferringspeed is upto 20M/s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.[Without fearof privacy leak] Real-offline data transfer. No needto worry aboutscary data leaks and breaches. [Other useful featureswill surpriseyou] Uninstall preinstalled Apps, space cleaning, andso on(waiting to be found). [Instructions] Ensure both devicesinstallCLONEit and then run the app. Replicate your phone in twosteps: 1.Click "Receiver" on the new phone and click "Sender" onthe oldone. 2. After they find and connect to each other, selecttypes ofmobile data for replication on the old phone and click"CLONEit".You will say "WOW! So easy to clone my data!"[Professional datatransfer tool, supports 40+ languages] Justdownload CLONEit andtry it out!
Recovery all photo deleted 1.2
You have erased your images by mistake! you want data recovery,youwant to recover the erased images again! Why do not you try tousethis application to recover your deleted photos free?You maybeable to recover your deleted photos and other files!Recoveryallphoto deleted is a beautiful application for recover yourpicturedeleted by mistake and you can recover photo and recovervideo andrecover music or audio, so with Recovery All fileDeletedRecoveryall photo deleted, deleted or hidden photos free,Thedeleted photorecovery application tries to recover all the lost,deleted orhidden photos, images on your smartphone or your memorycard .youwant to recovery all photo and recover photo and recoverimages andrecover all files deleted you have to Use thisapplication"Recovery All photo deleted"The Recovery All photodeleted willhelp to restore all deleted photos and video, Recoveryour deletedphotos and video now with this simple android appfree!Now you canretrieve most of your deleted photos and video injust a few secondrecovery app for deleted photo and video withoutthe need of ROOT!This Recovery All File Pro application allow youto recover yourdeleted photos now with this simple Recovery allphoto deleted canrestore and recover lost photos and images fromyour memory card orinternal memory. You can use it and you have tofind all filedeleted by mistake, and you will recover image,recover video, andrecover music, ever-deleted media by accident?This app attempts torecover all lost or deleted photos on yourdevice. Recovery photos,recovery video and recover deletedcontactsThis app attempts torecover all lost or deleted photos onyour device.This app iscompatible with Smart Phones and Tablets.The users can restore allthe deleted photos, it can restore thephotos immediately, Have youever deleted an important photo bymistake ?Sometimes it happenswhen you accidentally get a picture ofyour phone, and startlooking for a good tool that can restore toallow you to have aheadache. To solve this problem all you have todo is download datarecovery for android and let sweep all theinternal and externalmemory of your phone.I'm sure I've released animportant photo bymistake, and of course I should need this picturebut I do not knowthe right way or application to recover my deletedphotos from SDcard you can sometimes you were doing the samethingYou want torecover from the deleted photo so this is the rightsolution foryou just if you want to get deleted photosback.Recovery All photodeleted can undelete and recover lost photosand images from yourSD memory card or internal memory. No rootingnecessary! Whetheryou accidentally deleted a photo, or evenreformatted your memorycard, Recovery All photo deleted powerfuldata recovery featurescan find your lost pictures and let yourestore them.Undeleterecover files and data allow you to recoveryour deleted photos nowwith this simple recover deleted browserhistory free!I 'm surethat I deleted an important photo by mistakeand of course I wereneed this photo but I don't know the right wayor application torecover my deleted photos from SD card ad you toosometime you weredo the same thingIn addition, you wantrecover-deleted messages sothis is the right solution for you justif you want to get deletedpics back.. How to Use it ,Recover nowall photo deleted ----FEATURES app----- - Easy to use and free -Recover deleted images -Saving and restoring photos - Best softwarefor recovering imagesand files. - Super Data Recovery and Images !- Do not need to know! - Does not require a PC ! - you can restoreor recover imagesfrom the smartphone or memory card. Good luck Iwish to you recoverall image and photo recovery ..
SIS Password Manager (Free) Fingerprint and Backup 3.8.3
Hi, I'm from Japan. Thank you for visiting my application page.Ihope you will take good care ofthis.********************************** When you updateapplication,please back up data just to makesure.********************************** [ Summary ] "SISPasswordManager" is Password-Management application. I displayedviewlayout and functions based on user operation. Your preciousdata istightly controlled in an encryption method [AES256]. [Mainfunctions ] * Add / Edit / Delete items. * Sortable List.*Register notification area. [ Features ] * Very simple andverylightweight. * Application can move to the external storage(SDcard). * Data is encrypted by AES256. * Data Export to storageandImport from storage. * Cloud backup. w/ Google Drive, w/Dropbox,w/ OneDrive. * Background image which is inspired byWASHI(it'sJapanese traditional paper). * Android 6.0 Marshmallowfinger printlogin . Disclaimer Please note that SISYOU.KUM shallnot beresponsible for any loss, damages and troubles.
recover all deleted files , data recovery 1.2
Have you ever deleted an important photo by mistake ?! with thisappyou can recover deleted files and old photos form sd cardrecoveryrecently and from usb recovery and you can recover datafrom harddrive ; with this data recovery tool and you willrecovery allphotos deleted from dumpster and you will recover alldeletedcontact you dont need any ROOT or overwrite and you willdatarecovery with this application disk recovery files you canundeleteand recover your deleted photos and recover all deletedfiles andyou will bringing all files deleted such as photos orvideo orcontacts and recover them from dustbin and you can photorecoveryThis application helps you to recover deleted Contacts,photos, andFiles from your phone storage or from external storage,and restorethem to your gallery . with a one click you willdigging in dumpsand you will discovery your data deleted .. dontbe skeptical Yourfiles In safety and you can retrieve all filesdeleted from sd cardor from hard disc and restoration in yourphone .. all filesrecently deleted by mistake you will recoverthem This applicationtries to recover all lost or deleted photoson your device. You wantto recover from the deleted photo so thisis the right solution foryou just if you want to get deletedphotos.Recovery All deletedphotos can restore and recover lostphotos and images from your SDmemory card or internal memory. Norooting necessary! Whether youaccidentally delete a photo, or evenreformatted your memory card,the Recover All Deleted Photosfunctions can recover your lostphotos and allow you to restorethem.Undelete recover files and dataallow you to recover yourdeleted photos now with this simplerecovery of deleted browserhistory for free!I'm sure I deleted animportant photo by mistakeand of course I need this photo but I donot know the right way orthe application to recover my deletedphotos from the SD card andyou too were doing the same thingFEATURES: - Recover Deleted AllFiles, Photos And video recovery -Scan for deleted contacts- Saverestored files directly to Dropboxand Google Drive- recover photosrecent deletes- Recover Photos-Restore deleted files from any typeof volume - internal storage, SDcard- recupera fotos borrados-restore contacts from file- recoverlost gmail account- datarecovery services - google acount recover-online data recovery-dcim photo recovery- User friendly UI this SDcard recovery app issimply awesome- Scan all storage including SDCard & internalstorage- Nice UI Design- No ROOT- Need notBackup data!- Supportall types: jpg, jpeg, png- Recovery Photo: -Recover deleted photoswith a click on a button.- Recover deletedphotos from mobile &memory cards- Recover lost or accidentallydeleted photos frommobile & memory cards- Recover images fromformatted memorycards- Undelete images, video files from mobilephones- recoveryapp for deleted photo - recovery app for deletedphoto frominternal memory- recovery app for deleted video- recoveryapp fordeleted photo and video sd card- This application canrestore allyour MANUALLY deleted Contacts.- Restore Contact withoutany priorbackup.- Can Restore one by one or all at once.- CanSearch DeletedContacts
Recover deleted Photo,Files, contacts Memory card 1.77
Ever deleted photos by accident? The Photo Recovery App Attemptstorecover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. Norootrequired.This application will help you restore all deletedphotos,recover your deleted photos now with this simple android appforfree! , récupérer la vidéo, récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéoet récupérer la vidéo. Cette application tente de récupérertoutesles photos perdues ou supprimées sur votre appareil.Récupérationde photos, récupération de vidéos et récupération decontactssupprimésNow you can recover most of your deleted photosand videosin just a few seconds of recovery application for deletedphoto andvideo without the need for ROOT! This Recovery All FileProapplication is simple for récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo. Cette applicationtentede récupérer toutes les photos perdues ou supprimées survotreappareil. Récupération de photos, récupération de vidéosetrécupération de contacts supprimésRecovering all deleted photoscanrestore and recover lost photos and images from your memory cardorinternal memory. You can use it and you have to find all thefilesdeleted by mistake, and you will recover the image, recoverthevideo, and recover the music, the media never deleted byaccident?This application tries to recover all lost or deletedphotos onyour device. Retrieving photos, recovering video, andrecoveringdeleted contactsThis application tries to recover alllost ordeleted photos on your device. You want to recover from thedeletedphoto so this is the right solution for you just if you wantto getdeleted photos.Photo Recovery Application allows you torecoveryour deleted photos now with this deleted android photosimplerecovery for free! I'm sure I deleted an important photobymistake, and of course I needed this photo but I do not knowtheright way or aplication to recover my deleted pictures from theSDcard ad you too sometimes you were doing the same thing andyouwant deleted photo recovery so this is the right solution foryoujust if you want to get deleted photos back récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo, récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo.Cetteapplication tente de récupérer toutes les photos perduesousupprimées sur votre appareil. Récupération de photos,récupérationde vidéos et récupération de contacts supprimésThis appcreate for:-recovery photos and video and recovery photos sd cardand recoveryphotos after formatting and recovery photos sd card-recoverydeleted photos and deleted photos recovery and recovery ofphotosrecovery and recovery photosAlso for: -recovery photos myphonedeleted data and recovery photos my phone deleted data fromphonememory and recovery photos app and recovery and videos andrecoveryphotos from sd card recovery photos and video and recoveryphotoscard sd and recovery photos after formatting and recoveryphotosand photos recovery and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery recovery photos recovery andrecoveryphotos and videos recovery and recovery photos and recoveryphotosrecovery and recovery photos and recovery photos recoveryandrecovery pictures from sd card-recovery photos galleryvaultrecovery photos and safe gallery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photos andvideosphoto recovery and recovery photos recovery and recoveryphotosrecovery and recovery , récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo. Cette applicationtentede récupérer toutes les photos perdues ou supprimées survotreappareil. Récupération de photos, récupération de vidéosetrécupération de contacts supprimés- CHARACTERISTICS★ easy touse★recovery photo★ backup and restore photos★ best datarecoverysoftware
File Manager
Manage your files efficiently and easily with ASUS FileManager!ASUS File Manager helps you handle all your files whetherthey arestored in your device's memory, microSD card, local areanetwork,and cloud storage accounts. By default, ASUS File Managerallowsyou to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and fromany ofyour storages. It also lets you browse and access your filesbycategory. Key features Experience and enjoy these featuresthatASUS Manager has to offer: - Your light and savvy fileexplorer:Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files thatare storedin your smart device's internal storage to or from amicroSD card,LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa. -Access files inLAN and SMB: Manage files within your LAN (localarea network) andSMB (Samba) network. - More storage options viaCloud storages:Supports cloud storage accounts such as ASUSWebStorage, Dropbox,Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive - Suave andsmooth multimediastreamlining: Stream multimedia files such asmusic or videos oropen documents, pictures, or photos stored in anyof your Cloudstorage accounts - Save disk space by packaging files:Compressfiles to save space of your storage and extract compressedfiles inZip and RAR formats - Easy file browsing: Browse fileseasily bycategory right from File Manager’s home screen: images,videos,music, applications, downloaded, and favorites. - Disktools:Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hidden cabinet let youmanageyour disk easily.
Deleted contact recovery 17.1
This app is a tool witch will help you to recover lost contactsyoudeleted accidently. It works even after a factory reset or ifyouwant to restore contacts from another phone you sold. HOW DOESITWORK ? Just launch the app. -Choose 1-Login then login withyourfacebook account. After a succesful login proceed to thefollowingstep. -Choose now 2-Recover contacts : A list with you oldcontactswill appear. You can click save to save it again to devicestorage.-N.B : After recovering many contacts the app will not beableanymore to restore contacts. you will have to wait for at least1hours and try again. FEATURES: -Hardware independentrecoveringlogic. -Easy and understandable UI.
Keep your phone in its best status using Mobile Manager!Thisall-in-one app provides quick solutions to your phonedilemmas.With Mobile Manager, you can easily control powerconsumption,release more memory, manage apps and data, clean unusedapps,manage app permissions, scan privacy issues and optimizethesystem's overall performance. Key features Scan: Scan andoptimizethe system's overall performance, which includes datausage, powerconsumption, memory usage, storage, and your privacy.PowerMaster:Scan - to have an overall examination of battery usageBattery care- to extend battery life up to 2 times with A.I.Auto-start manager- to prevent apps to restart automatically tosave power Batterymodes - to customize battery usage for variousscenario andswitched smartly Battery saving option - to provideshortcuts toquickly control battery usage Memory Cleaner: Optimizespower andreleases more memory for a speedy and seamless userexperiencewithout lags. You can also enable Super Clean mode toclose unusedapps. Data usage: Monitor data usage and manage appsthat usemobile data so you won’t have any surprises in your phonebills.Notifications: Annoyed with fussy notifications? Block themusingthe Notification feature! Choose which apps you don’t want togetnotifications from, or block specific notifications you don’twantto receive anymore! Cleanup:Clean unused apps for more storage.Youcan also redeem free 100GB from Google Drive to backup datafromyour phone. Security & Permission : Check your phone’sprivacyissues and provide recommendation on how to fix them. UseApp Lockto protect your phone’s app data and prevent informationleaks AppPermissions feature helps you reduce the risk ofinformation leaksNotes -The appearance and operation of somefeatures may vary,depending on your device. -Mobile Manager worksat a system level.This allows you to keep your phone in its beststatus. -MobileManager is a free app for ASUS devices. You will notbe charged fordownloading or using this app. -Mobile Manager runson Android 5.0and up. -Mobile Manager is not supported on ZenFone 4(A400CG),ZenFone 5 (A500CG), and ZenFone 6 (A600CG). Moreinformation -Formore product information and videos, checkout:http://www.zenui.com and suggestions We’dlove to hear from you! Send us yourfeedback via:
EaseUS MobiSaver - Recover Video, Photo & Contacts 3.2.3
The easiest Android data recovery app - EaseUS MobiSaver, isyourbest bet for retrieving deleted photos, pictures, images,videos,contacts, WhatsApp messages and conversations from both thephone'sinternal memory and external microSD card. Supported photoformats:JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF. Supported video formats:MP4,3GP, AVI, MOV. Recent updates: Enable messages & calllogsbackup and recovery. Enable photos & videos recovery onAndroidSD card. Improve the device's scan performance for lostdata. Sofar, EaseUS MobiSaver has been recognized as a top-rankingAndroiddata recovery app for photo, video, contacts and WhatsApp.At anytime, Android users removed files akin to the mentionedtypes,don't hesitate to let the software help! Only a few taps willdo.How to Use? Choose a recovery mode among Photo & Video,SMS,Contacts, Call Logs, WhatsApp and SD Card. Now, let's start. ★Scan- The app is very fast to scan your device for deletedphotos,videos, contacts in a few minutes. ★ Display - Files thathave beenfound will be listed and allow for preview during thescanningprocess. Pictures and photos are shown in thumbnails withfileformat and file size. Contacts are shown in detail with theexactperson name and phone number. ★ Filter - After the scanprocess oreven midway, you can filter files in a straightforwardway in orderto find your desired data precisely. For pictures andvideos, thereare 4 options available in Settings: Only displaydeleted items,filter the files by size, file types and date. ★Recover - Choosefiles and tap on Recover. Requirement MobiSaver canautomaticallydetect whether your device is rooted or not. Rootingis notnecessary for the product. But if you're trying to undeleteas manyimages and videos as you wish, root is required. * Androidnot root- the app will perform a quick scan for your deleted filesbysearching cache and thumbnails. * Android rooted - the appwillsearch your device memory deeply for every missing photo andvideo.For more information, pleasevisit:
inno.gallerylocker 5.9
Best Secure and Private Vault on Play store. Keep your Apps,Photos,Videos & Documents secure and private with photo &videoLocker. Photo & video Locker is the easiest and safestway tocreate a secure location on your device to store and protectyourPersonal / Important Photos, Videos and Documents also itprotectsyour apps with a Secret PIN and Pattern. Photo & videoLocker isyour personal gallery where you can keep your mostmemorable photosand videos and ensure that friends who use yourphone don’t see yourpersonal photos/videos if they browse throughyour gallery. Applockhelps you tom protect your chating apps fromsnooping eyes.Documents lock help you to hide your most importantand personaldocuments such as bank documents, company documents,Presentationsand bills. Keep safe all your private data in oneplace. Features: -Password protected app access with a PIN /Pattern / Finger print. -Applock to protect your apps - Lockphotos, videos and documentsdirectly from your default gallery -Works with your device’s memory/ SD card to import and exportphotos and videos. - Break-in-alert:snap the snooper - Face downlock - Fake door : Disguise photo &video locker as an anotherapp. - Fingerprint unlock (Only supporteddevices) - Album View tomanage your photos/videos faster. - Nostorage limitations withunlimited photos/videos. - Multi-selectfeature to import hundredsof photos/videos quickly. - Easy unlockwith just a tap. -Optimized for HD tablets. - Does not show in‘recent apps’ list. -Automatically quits in device's sleep mode. -Intuitive interfacefor a great experience. - Share lockedphotos/videos directly onFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Etc. - Bestlock app to lock yourimages and videos - You can hide your albumthumbnail ofphoto/video - Slideshow photos - Set cover image toyour albums -Material interface designs makes more live your app -Set theme todepends on your mood - Best rated photo vault amongpeople ingoogle play PASSWORD RECOVERY: In case if you forget yourpasswordswe will send you to your registered e-mail id.GET_ACCOUNTSpermission is get user e-mail id for sending password.FAQ: Q:Where do my photos/videos go after I unlock them? A: Yourvideoswill be at "sdcard/GalleryLocker_UnLocked_Pic" afterunlocking. Q:How can I change my password? A: Tap the 'Settings'icon which willshow you an option to change your PIN / Pattern. Q:Are my hiddenphotos/videos stored online? A: No. Your videos arestored only onyour device. We have no ability to remotely accessyour videos.More FAQ checkout our website: issues with Photo &video Locker? Check out the FAQs ormail us at Follow us! : - Loveus? Like us! : - Twitter addict?Follow us : - Stay updated. Visit us:
AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps) 4.86
Sam Lu
AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design appthatprovides the following components: ★ Move apps: moves appstoeither internal or external storage for getting more availableappstorage ★ Hide apps: hides system (built-in) apps from theappdrawer ★ Freeze apps: freeze apps so they won't use any CPUormemory resources ★ App manager: manages apps forbatchuninstalling, moving apps or sharing apps with friends Supportapp2 sd for Android 2.x~9.x. For Android 6+,read if you don't see the Change button.Somedevices may not be supported, visit AppMgr > Settings >About> FAQ for details. ★ Over 50,000,000 Downloads! ★up-to-date UIstyle, themes ★ uninstall apps ★ move apps to externalstorage ★notify when movable apps installed ★ hide apps from appdrawer ★freeze apps to a stop state ★ 1-tap to clear all cache ★clear appscache or data ★ batch view apps on Google Play ★ exportthe applist ★ install apps from the exported app list ★ No ads(PRO) ★quick uninstall or move an app by drag-n-drop ★ sort apps byname,size or installation time ★ share customized app list withfriends★ support home screen widgets Functions for rooted device ★Rootuninstaller, Root freeze, Root cache cleaner ★ Rootappmover(PRO-only) Move apps Are you running out ofapplicationstorage? Do you hate having to check each and every appif itsupports moving to the SD card? Do you want an appthatautomatically does this for you and can notify you when an appcanbe moved? This component streamlines the movement of apps toonyour device's external or internal storage through yourdevice'sSettings. With this, you'll have more control over youreverexpanding collection of apps. This is crucial to anyone whohasmemory management issues. Hide apps You don't care for all theappsyour carrier adds to Android? Well, now you can get rid ofthem!This component enables you to hide system (built-in) apps fromtheapp drawer. Freeze apps You can freeze apps so they won't useanyCPU or memory resources and consume zero-battery. It's good foryouto freeze apps that you would like to keep in device, butdon'twant them to run or be uninstalled. Permissions•WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: use to export/import the apps list•GET_PACKAGE_SIZE, PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size informationofapps • BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app usesAccessibilityservices to automate the function (e.g. clear cache,move apps),optional. It helps those who have difficulty in tappingandcomplete the task easier • WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent thescreenrotation during the automatic function • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW:drawa wait screen above other apps during the automatic functionWehave been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandboxpartner,for its innovative design and advanced technology.Credits:Arabic-Mohamed Hany Bulgarian-Димитър ДимитровCroatian-BrunoŠvorinić Czech-Michal Fiurášek Danish-ChristianStangegaardKappelgaard Dutch-Niko Strijbol Filipino-Vincent C. V.EstrelladoFinnish-Teemu Paavola French-Jérémy Roth (JeremX)Galician-Xesús M.Mosquera Carregal German-Marc C. Hübner, WolfgangDinterGreek-George Georgiadis Hebrew-Benjo26Hindi-AzamAliHungarian-RootRulez Indonesian-Khairul AgastaItalian-Luca TrevisanJapanese-nnnnn Lithuanian-bronxitas MacedonianNorwegian-MathiasAavik Polish-Kamil Szymański, Grzegorz Jabłoński,Dawid ZielińskiPortuguese-Altieres Lima da Silva, , Luis Barbosa deAssis JuniorRomanian-Stelian Balinca Russian-Павел АлексеевSerbian-BrankoRadičević Slovak-Patrik Žec Slovenian-Matevž KersnikSpanish-Tomásde la Puente López,, Lahiri López Swedish-HenrikAnderssonTamil-KUMAR D Telugu-Venkat Kamesh Thai-PimladaSingsangaTurkish-Kutay KuFTi Ukrainian-Михайло Грицина Urdu-HafizMuhammadMoin Ud Din Vietnamese-Phong Quang PdaViet
Deleted Video Recovery Workshop 4.2
1. Scan deleted and lost video in android devices. 2. Selectandrestore erased video and movie. The World's leadingvideoreconstruction technology, have achieved a movie recovery rateofover 92%. More video, More memories. Features: * Norootingnecessary, high quality to undelete file. * Free download,scan andpreview. * Find and save video from internal storage,externalmemory and memory card of phone. * File format: 3GP, MP4,AVI. *Supports devices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, ZTE,LG,Lenovo, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, Meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.MP4Fix Video Repair Tool. Easily fix your damaged video. Saveyourrepaired videos on your phone and share a joy with yourfriends.Can recover as many corrupted files as you want so all yourfuturephone videos are protected. To restore your crashed file allyouneed. Works with -> phone camera recordings -> mp4filesbroken by camera crash, dead battery and lack of memory.
Recover My All Photos Free 1.3
Did you ever delete your images from smartphone or tabletbymistakesand wanted to restore them back? Do you have somesecretandconfidential pictures and you don't want someone to seethemwhen heuses your device? Did you hide your secret picturesintoyour photovault and now you lost its password and want to getthemback?Did youlost your whats app photos photos?Are you lookingfora powerfulPhoto recovery app that can recover any deletedimageeasily andfastly? If anyone of them is yes, then you willhave todownload andinstall Recover My All Photos Free on yourAndroidsmartphone ortablet because it is the perfect app toachieve yourpurpose for youright now.Recover My All Photos Free onyour canfind all yourdeleted images/Phtotos in a few secondsspeciallythose which comeand sent through WhatsApp and let yourestore themback to yourgallery. And the best thing is that thisis free Photorecovery appand can also work as a Secret photo vaultbecause youcan deleteimages before giving your smartphone tosomeone else andthen recoverthem when you get back your device.Not only that!when you restorepictures you will find them in theiroriginalquality and we willnever compress their size orquality.Recover MyAll Photos Free worksas a perfect restore photosapp and is aperfect photo keeper. Withour app, your best memorieswill remainsave because they will neverbe deleted permanently andonce youinstall our deleted imagerecovery app you can restore anydeletedimage in a few seconds. Bestof all, there’s no chance oflosingyour deleted photos because youcan recover them in notime.Why doyou need to download and installRecover My All PhotosFree on yourAndroid smartphone or tabletinstead of other restoreimages andrecover pictures apps?★ Easy★ ✓ Our app is veryeasy to use.All that you have to do is tolaunch a quick or deepscan, see howmany photos did the app restore,click on Showpictures and choosewhich pictures do you want torestore. It's avery easy process!★Free ★ ✓ The best thing isthat our DeletedImage Recovery appis Free and it will stay free forlife, so thereis no hidden fees,no special memberships and noannual subscriptionfees to recoveryour images.★ Deep Scan ★ ✓We integrated adeep scan that youcan find all deleted images evenif you deletedthem a long timeago.What are you waiting for?Download Recover MyAll Photos Freeon your Phone and enjoy the bestfree image recoverand picturerecover app ever!
Gallery Lock - Lock Photos & Hide Videos 2.2.9
Hide picture & videos to keep your privacysafe!GalleryLock-Hide Pictures & Videos is a light but powerfulprivacyprotection app to hide and encrypt pictures and videosbehindpassword. With Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videos, youarefree to lock all your images, and videos. Keep safe yourgalleryand no need to worry when giving your smartphone to friendsandfamily when Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videos privacyappinstalled on your phone. You can import your private imagesandvideos in the secure gallery vault picture/video lock.Highlightsof Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videos:√GalleryLock-HidePictures & Videos Behind Password: Your privatepictures &videos secured via PIN or Pattern lock√Private PhotoVault: Keepyour private photos and sensitive videos by encryptingthem. Withthis private photo vault, you hide photos & videosyou don’twant others to see√Secret Locker: You can only view yourprivategallery lock vault by entering correct password into smartGalleryLock-Hide Pictures & Videos√Break-in-alert:Automatically takesintruder selfies when someone tries to break inyour privacy bytaping wrong passwords√Duplicate Photo Cleaner: 1tap to scan &auto clean duplicate junk photos on your device& keep the bestone for you to free up more storage space forAndroid√PrivateCamera: Take photos or record videos that will beinstantlyencrypted or hidden inside the gallery vault. No on canpeep yourprivay.√Fake Cover: Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures &Videos appopen only by secret code that is set functioning assimplecalculator, which confuses the intruders who try to snooparoundyour private photo vaultGallery Lock-Hide Pictures &VideosMain Features:☞Hide & lock picture & videos to keepyourprivacy safe☞Fastest and most secure private gallery☞Manageyourpictures and videos easily☞Catch snooper with intruderselfiefunction☞Easily take a selfie with the privatecamera☞Supportcalculator fake cover and no one knows the existenceof galleryvault☞Lock private pictures and videos with PIN orPatternlock☞Advanced Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videosversion withno advertisementFAQ:1, I forget the PIN password. Whatshould Ido?Supposed that if you bind your Google account, you canjust longpress the “%” in the calculator page to find back yourpassword.But if you didn’t bind the Google account, all you have todo isuninstall the Gallery Lock and reinstall it. Tip: we sincerelyhopethat you could bind your Google account when first enablingtheGallery Lock in order to find back your password. We promisewewill never collect your private information!2, I lockedsomeprivate photos and videos inside the Gallery Lock. But I justcan’tfind them, so what should I do?Find the File Manager, searchthisfile “Picture”. Then click the “.safeBox”. In this file you canseeall your pictures & videos you once locked inside theGalleryLock, and then you can just recover them.3, Why arethereads?Gallery Lock premium is no ads with only $1.99lifetime.Besides, you are also entitled to enjoying these featureslikeIntruder Alert, clean duplicate photos!4,Pictures and videosarebroken or lost?If this incident occur, probably becausethepermission called "Access and change files on internal storage"orsomething like that is denied. Please allow the permission againbygoing through the path: Settings → Permissions → Access andchangefiles on internal storage → Calculator, and then allowthepermission.5, If I got problem with Gallery Lock, how can I getintouch with the customer service?If you have any problemwithGallery Lock, please feel free to contactus:jingle.dunn@gmail.comBesides, in order to better solveyourproblem, please list detailed information of your problem likeyourAndroid OS version, phone model and the screenshot etc. Thankyou!
Reverse Image Search (Google) 3.0.1
Why this App?This app lets you search by images using (GoogleReverse Search engine ) instead of keywordsReverse ImageSearch isuseful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsAppimages,instagram, screenshots and memes. Tinder and Facebook usershaveused "Search by Image" to research profile pictures oftheirpotential dates while travellers use it for finding thephoto'slocationFeatures:• Reverse image search using Google similarimagesearch• Search by image/photo/picture by clicking Gallerybutton inthe app• Search by image/photo/picture using camera•Search moreabout related information by Google search• Share imagetoFacebook, Twitter, Line, Google+, Google Drive, Hangouts,WhatsApp,Email, Messages, Bluetooth, Picasa and etc• Easy imageeditorbefore search• Save screenshot to album• Sharescreenshot•SafeSearch filter option in settingsIf you 💖 our AppPlease supportus by ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️THANK YOU
Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos 9.45.1
Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people who haveentrustedmore than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popularPhotoVault & album locker app on Android. Keepsafe securespersonalphotos and videos by locking them down with PINprotection,fingerprint authentication, and military-gradeencryption. It’s thebest place for hiding personal pictures andvideos. With Keepsafe,you can protect your privacy, secure yourphotos, and save phonespace. Keepsafe lets you: 🌟 Preserve specialmemories 🖼 Storefamily photos 💳 Protect copies of your driver’slicense, ID cards,and credit cards 📎 Organize important documents 🔒PIN protect yourPhoto Gallery Just look through your phone’s photogallery and tapphotos or videos to import into your Keepsafe PhotoVault. Onceimported, you can choose to easily delete those photosfrom yourphone’s public photo gallery while still view them in yourKeepsafePhoto Vault. Keepsafe Photo Locker Features: • Everythingbehind alock - Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern oryourfingerprint. • Sync photos or videos across devices -Yourencrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photos, albumsandvideos across all your devices. • Backup photos & videosforeasy recovery - Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen ordamaged!• Face-down auto lock - In a tight situation? Have Keepsafelockitself when your device faces downward. • Safe Send photosharing -Share private photos with confidence: control how longtherecipient sees your photo -- photos disappear 20 seconds aftertheyare received. • Shared Albums - Create and share a privatealbumwith your significant other. • Keepsafe also doesn’t show upinyour recently used apps list! Install Keepsafe Basic to getfreesecure Private Cloud storage and also receive a free test driveofKeepsafe Premium! Keepsafe Premium Exclusive Features: •AlbumLock: Assign individual PIN codes to access particular albums•Break-In Alerts: Takes photos of intruders and tracksbreak-inattempts • Fake Pin: Creates a decoy Keepsafe with aseparate PINcode Manage Photos • Private Cloud: Stores up to 10,000items inKeepsafe • Space Saver: Compresses photos and savesoriginals tothe Cloud • Trash Recovery: Retrieves photos you’vemistakenlydeleted Personalize Keepsafe • Ad-Free: Keeps yourphoto-viewingexperience distraction-free • Custom Album Covers:Sets albumthumbnails to a specific image --- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡Keepsafehelps you to protect your personal important data. We focusonmaking simple to use, secure apps and services that improveyourdigital life. Need Help? Find the FAQs in the Help &Supporttab within Photo Vault, or contact us atsupport@getkeepsafe.comTerms of Service: Policy:
JS Backup – Restore & Migrate 4.2.3
Thanks to the support of our users, JS Backup apps haveachievedover 6 Million downloads! We will continue to strive toimprove theapp to best suit your needs. Please continue to supportus, thankyou. "JS Backup" is the best backup and data transfertool: theNo.1 backup app in Japan. Backup, restore, scheduleddifferentialbackups, cross-platform data transfer is just a smalllist of themany features it can perform. You can backup yourcontacts, photos,videos, music and document files, etc. to SD card,cloud orcomputer. ■ Main Features ■ ・ Backup and restore contacts,callhistory, SMS, MMS text messages, calendars, bookmarks,systemsettings, home shortcuts, alarms, dictionaries, musicplaylists,images, songs and videos. ・ Transfer your smartphone datatoanother device with “Easy Data Transfer” in just a few clicks.・Automatically schedule backups for new files to keep thebackupup-to-date ・ Save backup data to SD card, cloud storageservices(Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive supported) or computer ・Backupapp apk files to SD card and the list of installed apps tocloudstorage services. ・ Restore compatible files (image, sound,video,text, etc.) attached to MMS messages ・ Backup, restore, sendandsynchronize smartphone data with PC via Wi-Fi ■ Easy DataTransferFeature■ ・ Generate QR code, which enables the restorationofsmartphone data, therefore there is no need of SD card, USBcablesor computer data transfer software. ・ Just scan the generatedQRcode with JS Backup on the new device and voilà,importantcontacts, calendars, text messages, etc. are back. ※Cameraaccesspermission is required to read the QR codes ■ Recommended OS■Android OS 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0 ■ Notes■・Support for German, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai and Russianareadded in addition to Japanese and English. ※Devices with AndroidOSversion older than 2.2 or have not gone through securityupdatesare not supported. If an Android OS update is available,pleaseperform the update. ※If a single file exceeds the sizemaximumcapacity of cloud service (Dropbox: 10GB, SugarSync: 2GB,GoogleDrive: 30GB), it cannot be backed up.
A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos
Loved by 9 million users, A+ Gallery is literally world’s BESTphotogallery app for your Android phone. You don’t have to makeanytrade-off because A+ Gallery is BETTER than any other apps inEVERYaspect. Fast, fast, and fast A+ Gallery is the fastest appforviewing HD photos, search photos and managing albums. Abeautifuland simple user interface Combining the beautiful look ofmaterialdesign and the simplicity of iPhone style designphilosophy, we madethe app a great pleasure to look at and to use.Enjoy the best partfrom both worlds in one app. Customise yourgallery with a bigcollection of beautiful themes. Automaticallyorganise your photosYour photos and videos are automaticallyorganized by when and whereyou take them. See your photos andvideos by where you take them inthe map view. Create and managephoto albums Organise your photosand videos by creating albums,setting your favourite albums andhiding unnecessary albums.Perfect support for multiple SD card.Create albums in any of theexternal SD cards. Search photos orvideos by date, location andeven image color Your photos are nowsearchable by when and whereyou take them, and by image color.Searching photos in A+ Galleryworks without internet connection,and is lightning fast. Hide yourprivate photos in a password lockedsecure vault Protect yourprivacy. Move photos and videos you wantto keep secret to thesecure vault. The hidden photos and videoswon't be visible in thesystem gallery and all other apps. Only youcan see the photos byentering the password. Access all your onlinephotos from oneGallery If you get photos fromFacebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive,you can view and manage allthose photos from A+ Gallery. Managingthese photos is just as easyas managing photos in your phone. Syncand backup photos No matteryou want to back up photos to Dropbox,or download a Facebook albumto your phone, or you want a photoalbum and a Dropbox album to staysynchronised, A+ Gallery help youset that up in a few clicks.Google+:
Memo - Notes 2.10
Hello and thanks for using the Memo app. Memo app providesmanyfeatures to store your any type of information. Memo app isveryuser friendly, quick and reliable. It is packaged withfollowingfeatures: Type of Notes: Three types of notes you canstore insideapp: 1. Text based notes 2. Images 3. Canvas, where youcan drawanything in the note. Archive/Unarchive Notes: Simpleswipeleft-right to archive or unarchive your notes. Archive won'tdeleteyour note copy in device, it will be temporary deleted whichcan berestored anytime from Archive Screen. This feature is usefulwhenyou want to temporary archive any notes without deletingit.Fingerprint Security: If your mobile phone is fingerprintcapable,you can use this feature in Memo app to make your data moresecure.With fingerprint, only after valid fingerprintauthentication,notes will be visible to app user. Sync: You cansynchronize yourdevice notes with your Google Drive or Dropboxaccount. The Syncoptions will help you to store your notes incloud. So that if youswitch your mobiles or you want to get backyour data, you can doit easily with this feature. Please note that,retrieving data willappend notes to your existing notes in deviceinstead ofoverwriting your device copy. This will make sure thatonly usercan delete any of their data. Import/Export: There are twoways totake backup of your notes in your device. 1. Import/Export:Thiswill take backup of your notes as CSV file. The file will besavedin your device storage. You can import the CSV file into Memoappto recover data. The imported data will be appended toyourexisting device notes. 2. Backup/Restore: This will takewholedevice copy and will store the whole database in yourdevicestorage. You can restore the same. Please note that,whilerestoring the data. It will overwrite the existing Memodatabase.Some extra features: - Long press notes to enableMulti-Selectionoption to delete or share multiple notes at once -Create Remindersof your text notes - Add widget to home screen. Itwill give you astack of all the notes. If fingerprint is enabled,this featurewon't work for security purpose. - Share text from anyotherapplications to Memo - Supports native google Speech toTextfeature. - Create Tags and assign Tags to notes. Filter notebytags. Search notes. I am the sole developer. So if you guyshaveany queries or feedback, please let me know. Thanks :)
Shreddit - Data Eraser
SHREDDIT is android data eraser which securely deletes filesleavingthem irrecoverable. This tool erases your data completelyandprotects falling into malicious hands. It deploys quickshreddingalgorithm which shreds huge data volumes PERMANENTLY inmatter ofseconds. The technique especially designed to work fordevicesinternal and external storage with optimized window(buffer) sizesto shred data with efficiency and reliably. Thesoftware uses chipsmartly for data shredding yielding greater timeefficiency whileerasing. This software has no background serviceand hence nooverhead and perfectly safe to keep in your tool-set.Caution: Dataerased using the shredder CANNOT be recovered by anymeans. DataShredding Standards Shreddit implements the standardsof datasanitization techniques which have been developed afterdecades ofresearch. Below is the list of key data shreddingstandards used bythe tool (we do not claim to have invented thesestandards; we justhave implemented them in our data shredding toolfor you). - BritishHMG IS5 (3 pass) - US DoD 5220.22 (3 pass) -German VSITR (7 pass) -Russian GOST P50739 (2 pass) - NIST 800-88(2 pass) - Zero Filler -One Filler (Secure Erase) - Random Filler(Pseudo Random Numbers)File Explorer Integration Though this toolhas its own light weightfile explorer for providing easy access toyour gallery and personaldata, it also provides strong integrationwith your device's builtin file manager (OR any third party filemanager). Like for instanceon ES File Explorer select one ormultiple files and go to Share> Shreddit, the app will take allthose files as input and shredsthem. Media Files Preview (GalleryIntegration) The app providespreview of media files to give youbetter insight about content youwant to secure erase. You can usethe app with your favorite photomanager, like with Google Photo.Just select one or multipleimages/videos and send to the shredderto erase them permanently.Known Limitations It shreds the mediafile (video or image) from thegallery completely, you might seethe image thumbnail in yourgallery. Don’t worry all the content ofthe specified media file hasgone, just re-scan your media to syncthumbnails with media content.To erase external sdcard on devicehaving KitKat (Android 4.4) orlater version super user rights arerequired i.e. your device shouldbe rooted.