Top 49 Games Similar to Crazy Colors

Crash Pollito 1.2.42
Roosty and Gus have always wanted to fly and what a better choicetodo it than a radio flyer without tires and a big horse kick, howfarcan you reach in the addictive Crash Pollito?Fly through theairpicking all the items to accelerate, bounce, refill yourturbine'sfuel and more.Try to grab the special powers to go overlongdistances in short time.Earn coins by making bigger scoresandaccomplishing the achievements.Change your ship and yourcostumes,nothing has more style than a pair of sun glasses andflying in aUFO.Change the special powers that appear in the stageacquiringothers that go over longer distances.Equip some uniqueitems thataccelerate more or give you more energy.***Cell phoneswith limitedhardware may not be able to run the game or experiencesome issuesand/or a bad performance while running it, I apology forthosecases, I make everything I can but I'm only oneprogrammer/designer:)
Johnny's Island 1.0.5
Just a simple time-waster game. Some minimal resourcemanagementlike catching fish, collecting water, and collecting logsfor araft. Goal is to get off the island as quickly as you can in30turns/days. There's also a survival mode. Survival mode worksalittle bit different where you try to last as long as you canonthe island.This game is currently only available in Englishandsomewhat unfinishedNote from developer:I'll be adding more tothegame in future revisions so please be kind when ratingandreviewing. Suggestions always welcome. Thanks.
Toytopia 1.2.2
The target brick is lockedHP is determinedMana is fullCountdown5,4, 3, 2, 1Now launch the balls!Enjoy traveling with Danae andherfriends in the wonderful toy world!Features:-Free and easytoplay-Spellbinding new game mode-Decorate your house togetrewards-Dozens of toys you can make friends with themHavefunplaying Toytopia!If you would like to interact with friends, orifyou have any suggestions or questions, please go to ourfanpage↓
Circus 1.2
There are five regular stages of differing tasks that are tobecompleted. Grabbing money bags, performing dangeroustricks,avoiding enemies, completing stages, etc., earns you points.Afterthe fifth stage is completed, the game starts over again butwith afaster pace and more difficult (but exactly the same in termsoftask to be completed) levels.Stage 1: Ride on a lion andjumpthrough flaming ringsStage 2: Tightrope walking whilst jumpingovermonkeysStage 3: Jump from ball to ballStage 4: Ride a horseandjump over trampolines and wallsStage 5: RapezeYou alsoracesagainst time. Bonus points are awarded according to thetimeremaining, but running out of time will cost the playeralife.There is also a "B" mode, in which all the levels arerepeatedwith added difficulty. Have fun !
Pet Blast 1.0.1
Lyoo Match
Just amazing simple tap gameplay!Trust me, this game is so cuteanddelightful that you will not stop playing!Master blastingcurrentsof pet cubes to enhance your matching strategyPop cute petblock tobalst them! The ultimate matching puzzle game!Blast yourwaythrough hundreds of amazing levels in this amazing puzzle game.◆Collect and break colorful cubes.◆ Stunning graphics with ahighlypolished interface.◆ Complete tons of challenging levels andunlocknew item!◆ Tap groups of at least 2-like-colored blockstoeliminate them!◆ Fun and easy game to learn, yet arewardingchallenge to master.How to Play:- Tap on 2 or moreadjacent cubesof the same to Blast.- The more blocks you pop, themore score youwill get! - With limited moves,So you have to thinkcarefully.-Make special combinations to unlock awesome boosters.
Bubble Shooter Bomb 1.3.3035
Welcome to this wonderful bubble shooter world! Plan your everyshotcarefully to save lovely baby penguins, destroy all thebubbles byusing the minimal shots. The uniquely challengingobstacles willstop your footsteps, while there are still many proswould help you.What are you waiting for? Join NOW!Game features-Over 200well-designed levels to challenge- Different maps withdifferentgame play- Completely free and fun to play How toplay-Tap relaxedand target cautiously-Match more than 3 bubbles torescue babypenguins-Special boosters and functions let you takecare of everystep, such as: Aiming line, Color bubble, gift box,bomb and firebubble, etc.-Collect enough penguins to complete themission
Little Tailor 3 - Animal Mania 1.5.3181
Kiwi Go
Clothes shop for jungle animals is open. Monkey, rabbit, deerandpanda are waiting for making beautiful clothes. Talk toyourclients, understand their requirements and then designspecialclothes for them. Draw your design on the cloth, cut theclothesand sew them by using sewing machine. Decorate yourmasterpiecewith colorful accessories. Experience the fun ofmanaging your ownclothes shop. Features: *Different animals as yourcustomer:rabbit, deer, panda, monkey and sheep*Tons of colorfulcloths andstyles to choose from*Experience the fun of designing andmakingclothes*Follow the instruction and you can be atailormaster*Decorate your shop in the way you like Want to be agreattailor and make beautiful clothes for animals? Come todownloadthis game!
Golden Bubble Shooter 1.0
Are you ready to begin playing? Take aim, hit and blast allthebubbles!The instructions are simple: match, shoot and pop allthebubbles and rescue the hidden treasure. Download GoldenBubbleShooter for free to your Android device and start popping allthesecolorful bubbles! It’s a super fun bubble shooter game forthewhole family to play and enjoy. Playing our game is easy,justfollow these instructions: Drag your finger to move thelaseraiming and lift it to shoot bubbles. You have to match atleast 3bubbles of the same color or more to pop the group and winpoints.Aim and pop bubbles to free the lost treasure, and winlevels.Remember: the fewer shots you use to complete a level, thehigherscore you’ll get. So warm up your fingers and start workingonthose matching skills!Features: - Thousands of excitinglevelspacked with fun challenges.- Colorful graphics and visualeffects.-rescue the hidden treasure by freeing it from its bubblecage!-Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection required.- Easytoplay but can be challenging to master.- Amazing power-ups thatwillhelp you complete missions and pop your way to victory.- Easytolearn, share the bubble popping awesomeness with friends!Enjoythis fun online board game designed to keep your brain sharpandactive. Shoot and pop all the bubbles in this colorfuladventureand enjoy thousands of awesome puzzle levels, amazingboosts,power-ups, and features.
Taming a stray cat 1.2.5
A stray cat is sweet and adorable but totally picky, so anylittlething can cause her to run away. (;◔д◔)【For example】She issittingnearby. Try to stroke?→Got attacked, even only trying to rubherbelly.→Running away.Getting a toy for you! Let's play. →Seemssheis not interested.. →Running away.Then, how can we move up toahigher level? 【How to】1. To have more intimacy, give hervariousfood.2. Get golds by making events success.. If you failtoachieve, a serious matter happened to you.. …(´;ω;`)3. Use goldstoupgrade cat foods and unlock the new event on the shop. Howaboutfinding a new cat food or a new event? (*´>д<)4. Issherunning away? Don’t be disappointed, new game will becoming!Besides, you are becoming proficient! A new adventure startsforyou.developer : joonyeon Kim designer : gyusuk Jang
Color AA 1.0
MIA Game
Color AA is simple game, you just need tap and tap on screentoplay. With one tap on screen a PIN will be put out and pin to abigball in center. With each screen you have amount pin need to pinonball.*** You will be winner with conditions: All pin put in aball.Not any a pin impinge together. Not any more, it is veryeasycondition, right? Not easy like you think. With new colorballs, itget more interesting. It is easy to play but make you willbe crazyto done on high level.Try it now!
Witch Magic Shooting 1.1
witch magic shootingI bet you will be addictedWitch magicshootingthis is fun and addictive bubble shoot game! Support forbothdevice mobile and tablet!Easy to play, extremely fun, andrequiresno special skills to play. Adventure across a fun gamebubbleworld. There are more than 950 levels of difficulties tochallengeyour brain and dexterity. I bet you will’sfeatures:fantastic eye-catching graphics.multiplelevels withadaptive difficulty according to your progressfriendlyballs tohelp you on the wayopportunity to collect golden coins tobuy moreitems
Send Fake Messages - Simulator 1.1.4
With this application you can fool your family simulatingaconversation by sending prank/ fake SMS messagesHow ItWorks:1.Click Start Fake Messages2. Set Name, telephone,photography andmessages3. Fool your friends !!!Why use our appcalled Send FakeMessages - Simulator?- Send Fake Messages -Simulator is free. Itwill always be free.- Save your SMSconversations so you can usethem again
Garden Harvest 1.3.4
A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!Switch and match three or more adorable Cropstomake a harvest!Features:1. Easy and fun to play, but a challengetofully master.2. Gather all kinds of crop, fruit in the farmorcollect soils to win the level before you run out ofmoves.3.Amazing 240 levels of fruit match and mouthwateringpuzzles4.Unlock more levels and adventures with yourachievements.Pass allthe levels with strategic matching and youwill become the gardenhero!
Puzzle for Mickey & Minnie Free 1.00
Jigsaw puzzle is a Mickey minnie photo puzzle game. Jigsawrequiresthe assembly of photo pieces. Relieve stress, relax thebrain,indulge and share the fun with your friends and familyplayingJigsaw.Enter the world of Baby Mickey My best friend, Eachrelaxingpuzzle presents a beautiful, different scene, drawn byaprofessional artist Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and a uniquerewardwhen the puzzle is over.Jigsaw Features- Play by movingthecharacters, change the dimensions.- Completely free game-Receive areward by fulfilling the performance objectives- Play withyour ownpace: Adjust the difficulty you want- Beautiful images indifferentthemes: mickey, mouse minnie.- Easy to play, hard tomaster- Nicefor everyone: Child, Adult, Girl, Boy, Woman.- Playwhenever andwherever you want: WIFI is not a mustDownload the mostbeautifulapp and join for my best friend mickey and minnie.
Fruit Slice Deluxe 1.1.2
wu suxue
Fruit Slice Deluxe is a classic cutting fruit game,welcome tocutthe sweet and delicious fruit.As so on you complete the levelfindmore fun and interest in the game and lot of more.It iscompletelyfree game for everybody.various colors of fruit juicesplash intothe air, or splash into the wall, bringing excitingperspectivesfor the players to experience. How To Play:Hold thefinger in yourhand and sweep it in the air toward the fruit to cutand got score.When you cut a bomb ,you will lost your score, andenjoy especialeffect. Do not need to be hurry if you miss thechance do try againand sweep it with good angle and got theexpertise and lot more.Keep in control to your mind and not to be apanic if you loss tryit again and again. Features:- various colorsof sweet fruit.- Coolscenes and wonderful music.- Be good exercisethe brain's ability.
Bubble Shooter Splash 1.2.3029
Do you get bored of plain and mindless bubbles games? Well it'stimeto get excited with Bubble Shooter- the best bubble puzzlesoutthere! Now tap on where you specifically want the ball andmatch 3meets bubble burst in this legendaryworld!Features:-Objectivesdiffer in more than 200 amazinglevels-Aim and tap to shootbubbles-Pop bubbles strategically tomake more combos andpower-ups-Save all the lovely chickens tolevel up-Exquisite gameinterface-Super small size bubblegame-Applicable for any ages toplay at anywhere and anytimeKeephaving fun by downloading BubbleShooter in Google Store for FREEnow!!!
Find The Cat 2 1.0
A cat is hidden in each of the photos imported into this app.theimages can be zoomed, there is a real cat on each of theimages.Have fun with Find the cat.the game of hidden cats and easyto playjust zoom in and search and find the hidden cats on eachimage ofthe app. there are in this app are very fun cats.
Secret High School 5 - The Pool Party 1.1
“My name is Ashley Collins. I am pretty, I am rich, I think I amthemodern version of princess —— I have it all!To be frank, I amnot a“good girl”. I used to have a huge crush on my BFF’sboyfriend andthey broke up because of me. I am a little upset, butI think it'snot my fault.I can never imagine that one day my lifewould changelike this. Sometimes I think it is retribution. Whathappened to me?It’s all because I went to a pool party thatday……And this was whathappened that day...”You play the coolestnew vampire girl in thisgame.You can write the story of these highschool sweethearts withmysterious secrets.Features:-Get ready forsummer pool party! -Giveyourself a head to toe makeover, DIYlipstick and eyeshadow.-Choosefrom tons of stylish makeupitems.-Sunshine! Swimwear! Icy drinks!Set Up the most gorgeouspool party!-Fix your car problem!-I can'tswim! Help! Help! Help!What just happened? Am I dying? But I amnot, right?-You areturning into a vampire!And so much more arewaiting for you to findout at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL!Wanna have morefun? We would love tohear from you!Find us on Facebookat about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
Bubble Santa Pop 1.2.3107
Spend your holiday playing this awesome bubble puzzle game andenjoyhundreds of joyful levels wrapped with amazing boosts andpower-ups.Join Santa on his magical journey. Put presents underthe Christmastree, drink a cup of hot chocolate and help Santa topop all thebubbles! Features:- Drag your finger to move thelaser sight,lift it to pop bubbles- Create group of 3 or morebubbles that havethe same color to pop bubbles- Swap bubbleswithout limit and planyour shots ahead- Pop as many bubbles as youcan to unlock thepowerful boosters- Clear all the bubbles on thescreen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level-Applicable for any ages toplay at anywhere and anytime Hurry upand join the bubble poppingChristmas blast! Download todayand get your favorite holidaygame for FREE now!!!
Kindergarten Cleaning - House Cleaning 1.0.1
Make yourself useful in this virtual kinder garden and trytoembrace the possibility where you have to maintain the goodspiritand the good look of the whole place. We all know the way achildbehaves, now imagine how it should look a place where a dozenofkids are playing and having fun. Actually, you do not havetoimagine that because this cleaning game gives you thepossibilityto see that. You are about to take care of a kindergarden whereeverything is a mess, but your job will be to make itall nice andshiny again. First, you will need to handle the diningroom andthere is a lot of garbage spread all over the place. Takeit andput it in the can, next comes the part where you fix thebrokenthings and replace the ones that are not looking good. Washthewindow arrange the misplaced things and make sure there is nospotof dust in there. Do the same in the playing room and try tofollowthe given instructions to be able to reach the final stage.Thegarden cleaning has some common steps like picking up thegarbageor fixing the things around, but each part has someparticularitiesyou need to take care of. Clean the walls of thehouse, wash thealley and get that swing fixed. Once you are donewith this finalchallenge your kinder garden is ready to work on itsproper terms.Have fun and try to learn something from this amazingexperience.Noneed to think about them too much because we havealreadyhighlighted the features for you in this special sectionbelow:-Free and really easy to play because of the guidance alongthegame- Interesting gameplay and story- Cool experience to gain -Newabilities to develop and the possibility to learn how akindergarden works- Simply tasks to execute and nice feedback- Beagardener, a cleaner and a good housekeeper too- Get to knowtheappropriate procedure for a cleaned house- Many tools to useandeducational activities to join- Cheerful background soundsalongwith a nice interface
Love Detector Face Test 4.9
This is the best free Love detector photo love test prankappavailable because you can control the results (secretly) andittalks too!A great free, fake photo scanner simulator app whereyoucan prank your family and friends from the makers of NaughtyorNice Photo Scanner, Hot O Meter Free & Call SantaVoicemail.Howthe love calculator game works:- Choose an existingphoto of yourcrush or any boy, girl, man or woman from your albumor take a newphoto of your crush or someone you'd like to date orare dating.-Press start and Love Detector scanner scans over yourphoto thencalculates the result!- Press the 'spanner' button togive youcontrol of the calculator result to prank your friendsandfamily!Find usonFacebook [email protected]* Couple picture image courtesyofPhotostock / ** This free lovecalculatorgame is for entertainment purposes only and although itmay looklike a real photo scanner it contains no actual photoscanningcapabilities and is a fake, joke app. It is also not apolygraphfinger scanner *
Sports car wash 2.0.6
Feel the speed and get your sports car ready for the actionwiththis sports car wash game. Get your race car ready to racetheprofessionals on the track. Here you can choose your car, washit,fix it, change the tires, check the motor, and accessorize ittomake it stand out as you drive pass the roaring crowd. Don’tbelate for the track again. Get your car up and running with thiscarwash game!Features: • Select the fabulous sports car you wanttowash. • Wash your car to make it clean ready for the races. •Fixthe windscreen, cracks, and scrapes for a new finish. • Changethetires ready for driving and improved traction. • Check the motortomake sure it is running in fine form. • Accessorize your sportscarto give it a new and unique look.
DropeeE 4.3
2 years from notification ReacheeE sale .... The latest seriesisfinally here! ! Do you have that they played this game? Justdropit proceeds Dropping by mistake, it is head over heels inthevalley bottom There is no doubt that you shout Innovation"A"unintentionally! ■ How to play ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ◇ go Press recommended. ◇ I release in atimelymanner. ◇ DropeeE. That's it! It is very simple, anyone canplay 1world ranking Aim.
Princess Beauty Spa 1.0.1
bweb media
The princess needs to relax at the spa and this is where youcomeinto action. Give her massage with wax and cream. Apply allkind ofrelaxing cream on her face and rinse off between eachtreatment.Finally, play with make-up and dress her up!
Play Room 1.2.0
Play Room is a first-person free-play game; you can do whateveryouwant. There are no rules and no health. Do you want to gopopendless bubbles with a laser? Go to the bubble room.Do you wanttomake objects float off the ground without gravity? Usetheanti-grav gun. Do you want to launch fireworks? Take theRubberball gun to the firework room and hit as many as you can!Hereare alist of the fun weapons you can play with:Rubber BallGunAnti-gravGunGravity GunSingularity Gun (yes you can make blackholes)BlasterGunTractor BeamRepulser BeamCutting BeamPopperGunFirework GunHavefun!*Note: To get more ammo click the Wildcard(W) button and watcha short game ad. Then select the ammo pack youwant.
AA Angry - Crazy Bird 1.5
Jose Games
AA is a simple game on mobile with gameplay crazy.AA Angry isusingbasic color to make the gameplay and it will be bester to helpuserplay in long time.AA is easy to play and interesting ingameplay,this game have a addictive and funny with a Circle andColor balls.The game make by crazy circle and ball its very basicbut too hardto winner.Have a request for you in each scene is shootall theball into the circle center, is it easy? Remember the circlealwaysmake you surprise because it will abruptly diverted when itmoving.It will make your become crazy. How to play + Tap on a halfbelowscreen to shoot a ball. + Shoot all the balls to center circleyouwill win. + Do not let any balls collide together. + Thatall!Youcan click on title to open input popup level and input levelyouwant play again.Thank you for play AA Crazy game! If anyidealplease send to us to improve our game.
Sandra Learns House-craft 3.0
bweb media
Let yourself learn new and exciting skills around the home forwhenyou move out with this learning game. Here you will learn twonewand important skills, washing and cooking. First you can cookacake ready for eating by choosing and mixing theingredientstogether ready for baking. Once the cooking is done youcan thenmove on to washing the clothes by loading the washingmachine,adding the soap powder and hanging them out to dry. Letyourself beready for the big world with this washing and cookinggame.Features – Cooking Learn new cooking skills by creating ayummycake from real ingredients. Mix your ingredients together tomakeyour cake mixture. Bake your cake and decorate it ready foreatingby you, your parents and your friends. Features – ClothesWashingLearn new skills by learning how to wash the clothesproperly. Loadthe washing machine and add the soap power ready forwashing. Watchthe clothes go round and round before hanging themout to dry onhangers.
Cake Legend 1.2.3163
Got a sweet tooth? The latest and exciting cake matching game isinyour hand now. You can have all kinds of cakes and candies thatyouwant. Swap and crush you way through fantastic cake world,collectfruit tarts and cup cakes for the preparation of trickylevels. Theamazingly palatable puzzle adventure is here to satisfyyour sweettooth!Features:;- Never-ending fun with 240 uniquelevels- Welldesigned UI and cool animation effects- Swap and groupat least 3identical cakes to blast- Match 4 or 5 cakes to get magiccombos-Super small size to download- Completely free to play -Specialrewards and updates come out all the timeTake it now andenjoy thisdelicious sweet game with your friends!
Dominoes 2 -New 2.0.1
Do you like dominoes? Then this game is for you!The game ofdominoesis one of the most played games in the world.Dominoes:Play it forFree is an app for Dominoes fans! With it, you can haveendless funwhenever and wherever you want.Dominoes game withattractivegraphics and customizable rules.
Sweet Candy Mania 1.2.3029
Sweet candy is everywhere! This is a very cool and exciting match3game, try your best to link as many identical candies as you cantomake great combos, you will get special candies and lotsofbonuses. Explore the new world of incredibleflavors.Features:-Play with 144 levels of candy collectingcraziness-Travel throughfour fantastic maps: Sweet valley,Chocolate cottage, Sugarshellbakery and Marshmallow cloud- Collectice cream cakes to help youpass the level easily- Gather all candyelements before you run outof moves- Free to play with uniquelyawesome obstacles and props-Easy to start, just swap & match-Stunning graphics with ahighly polished interfaceJoin the fun day!
Talking Cat & Dog 5.2.0
Just talk to the Talking Cat & Dog. The cute kitten answerswithher funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Witha lotof exciting inside games with many levels to play! Spend sometimewith these two little friends and their great play activities.Thiscat is Babsy's favorite cat!If you like Talking Animals gamesliketalking cat or talking dog, funny games, talking games orcatsimulator games then you will love my Talking Cat & Dog! Tryitout!★★★ Features: ★★★✔ Talking Animals Game: Talking cat with dog-talking kitten - talking kitty✔ Talking game - Talking Pets-Virtual Pet - Funny Games✔ High quality 3D graphics✔Voiceinteraction✔ Leo & Lea's Kitty Piano✔ Pets animations:meows,barks, dance, etc.✔ Cat games freeIf you like themes like dogandcat run simulator, take care of a cat, cats games in general.Thisapp is like gold for you. You will love it!Talking Cat &Doghas many funny games waiting for you.Talking Cat & Dog isafree pet app and one of the best Talking Animals games -downloadthe funny cat game now and just talk funny stuff and enjoyit! Ifyou like Talking Cat & Dog then please rate it with 5stars!Thank you!This game is specially made for teenagers andadults ofall ages!
Farm Splash 1.0.3122
Cosmo Game
Get ready for a super-duper fresh garden farm match 3 game!Twist3or more juicy crops to score and please yourself in wondrousFarmSplalsh.How to Play∷ Twist 3 or more crops into delicious linestocollect∷ The more fruits connected, the higher points you’llget!∷Collect required number of fruits to pass levels before runout ofmoves∷ Beat tough levels by using boosters andpower-upssmartlyFarm Splash New Features∷ Discover 200 new amazinglevels.Never get bored!∷ Never ending fun for ALL∷ Super small APKsize(<10MB)∷ Lovely and cute fruit design∷ Fun and easy tolearn,but a rewarding challenge to fully master∷ Playing addictivefruitygarden match 3 game for FREEDownload now! Juicy newadventures arewaiting for you in Farm Splash!
Talking Babsy Baby Xmas Games 1.0
Talk to Babsy the talking baby. She answers with her funny voiceandreacts to what you say or your touch. Babsy is a little girlgettingready to celebrate her first Christmas. As every kid shestill needsa lot of loving care. Spend some time with her, dressher up, dance,jump, play the piano and have a lot of fun. You willalso have theopportunity to play with a lot of exciting minigames!★★★ Features:★★★✔ High quality 3D graphics✔ Cool voiceinteraction✔ Baby Piano✔Many different animations✔ Gets angry,cries, smiles, laughs, etc.✔Fun for the whole familyExtra contentand games:★ Kids paint: Superentertaining tool to try and draw apicture with your fingertip.There are also a lot of predefinedcartoon pictures that can becolored such as a wonderful princess,animals, cars, fast rocketsand many more. Discover the artist inyou!★ Sliding puzzle: Touchand slide the pieces of the puzzlewhere they belong to recreate theoriginal image.★ Pairs: Find thesame looking images on the boardand train your memory with thiscool match-2 game. ★ Robot shooter:Shoot the lumberjack robotsdown with the different color bubbles ★Fruit Match: Matchup(slide) at least 3 same looking fruits in a rowto remove themfrom the grid.★ Many other funny games are waitingfor you Enjoyhours of fun and laughter with this free virtual babyapp!
Bubble Shooter Break 1.6.3035
Bubble Shooter is coming along with new designed play mode,thereare over 500 amazing levels to beat. Drag your finger to movethelaser to the direction. Be cautious! you can tap the bubbletochange its color. Come and give it a shot, you will findendlessfun!Features;- Unlock different powerful boosters to helpyou passthe tricky levels- Exquisite game interface- Completelyfree toplay at anywhere and anytime- Match at least 3 bubbles tocreatesupercharged matches- With uniquely challenging obstabcles-Verysmall game sizeGet poppin' on your Android phone or tablettoday!
Fashion studio designer 1.0.6
Let your fashion designer come alive and create your veryownoutfit. Here you can choose the style you like, take yourclient’smeasurements, cut out the fabric you need, before sewing italltogether. Choose the perfect design colors to complement theirlookbefore giving them a complete makeover. Perfect for any dayout,make an outfit that will impress with this fashion designergame.Features * Choose the style of clothing that you want todesign. *Measure your client’s body to get the right size for theclothing.* Draw and cut out the right measurements in the fabricready forsewing. * Sew all your different pieces of fabric to makeeachlayer of clothing.* Place the clothes together and iron thembeforemixing and matching a new colored outfit. * Accessorize yournewlook by having a makeover and adding some bling.
The Blue Alliance 4.3.1
The Blue Alliance is a tool to help FIRST Robotics teams scoutfor,compete at, and relive competitions.This app is the easiest waytoaccess all the great content on http://www.thebluealliance.comonyour Android device. You can keep up to date with live events,seewhat teams are competing when, or look back at the vast archiveofhistorical match data and videos. The Blue Alliance Android appisthe perfect companion for anybody looking to have the most uptodate information about FRC competitions.Are you a developer?Checkout the source on GitHub and startcontributingtoday! edge updates? Join our beta community and opt-in totheprogram to help us testnewfeatures!
Bubble Shooter Love
Bubble Shooter Lovely is the best game for you inValentine'sDay!Clear all the bubbles to get the bonus gifts inbubble world!-Sweet and charming bubble designed- Hundreds ofchallenging levels-Match same bubbles together to burst- Unlimitedlives to play game-Different boosters to use for free- Compete withtop players aroundworld- Keep adding more new levels to playBubbleShooter Lovely isthe perfect game for you! Download in Google Playand enjoy thefun!
Snake Screen Prank 2.0
Prank Group
Snake Screen Prank is a very interesting prank app.It simulatesasnake that appears on your phone screen.At this point youcanreturn to the main phone interface, the snake will still appear,itis very surprising.Disclaimer:Snake Screen Prank Just a prankapp,no real snake appears.
Hijab Make Up Salon 1.2.2
Be creative and be inspired with Hijab Make Up Salon, this gamewilllet you choose from variety of beautifully and distinctlydesignedhijabs, and you will also get a handful choices of makeups, rangingfrom eyeshadow, lipsticks, to mascara. Be even morecreative withhuge selection of colors for your hijabs, andcosmetics.This game isa great choice for anyone who interested inmake up and hijab, andthis game can even be used as a referencefor you to apply real makeups. This app can also be used as yourhijab tutorial.Features- 10beautiful and unique hijab, each can bemodified with selectableprimary and secondary colors.- Change skinbrightness with ease.-Huge selection of colors for eye contactlenses, lipstick, andeyeshadow and more.- 4 selectable charmingmascara option foreyelashes.- 6 different eyebrows to choosefrom.- 3 Eyeshadow style,with editable primary and secondarycolors.- Mix two color gradientfor the background.- Save yourdesign and share it with your friend,or you can even use it asyour profile pictures in social media.
Lie Detector Prank 1.0.5
If you are looking for a fun lie detector app then you have cometothe right place. You are just going to love this simulator!Thislying scanner is just the perfect tool to prank your friendsandfamily.Polygraph! A device for determining a lie or thetruth.Makefun of your friends, have a joke with child or prankothers.It’sthe most popular lie detector simulator app.Let’s playwith yourfriends now!Example:1. Ask friends a question, and thenput thefinger on the screen.2. During the simulation scan a finger,theperson answer your question.3. After that, we get the result:Trueor False.The result is just a joke, don't take it tooseriously~Just have fun!
Crazy AA 1.0
GoldApp. Ltd.
This is the newest version - color and 3D EFFECT"Crazy AA" isfunnymobile action game. This game screen is simple, a rotationball inthe center, some radiant balls (like needles) surroundingit,players need to launch radiant ball to the rotation ball onebyone, but must not touch others. As the game going, the needleswillbe more and more, the rotation ball may be quickly or slowly,thisgame become harder.And it has lots of levels. From the musicpointof view, it sounds comfortable and pleased, as the mostfunnymobile game for andriod, you will be relaxed, you should notmissit.Thank you all for download Crazy AA. Please don't forget toletus know what you think about the game.
Walk In The Park - Baby Games 4.8.1
Hi, we all like walks and games, the most beautiful rides arewhatwe do in the park with our friends or family. Most often wechooseto go to parks around the house. The parks are beautiful,there wecan play and at the same time we can breathe a very cleanair. Doyou like to go to the park and play with your friends?Certainlyyou like this and that's why we prepared a wonderful gamefor kids.With this game you'll be able to care for babies to help achild tofeel very well in the park. This game for girls is exactlywhat youneed to relax. With this game you'll be able to create anewfriend.Please follow all instructions of this kids game.Goodluck!-At the beginning of the game you will meet Raeyln;- She iswaitingfor you to help her to play;- We need to fulfill alldesires;-First time girl wants to play in the slide;- You have tohelp her;-Then she will want to give in the swing;- Next, she willwant totest each device in the park;- She is a very active girl andyouhave to keep up with her;- The girl is transpired and you willhaveto clean her with a clean towel;- Help her to find suitableforms;-Finally you will have to give her some ice cream;- The girlis veryhappy;- You are a great friend.Thank you for what you didtoday,please come back daily to help us through this game.Have fun!
First Day at School 6.5
Titan Media
Hi, we are happy because you have chosen to visit us right nowwhenwe need help from a friend. Surely you remember the first dayofschool, you know how excited you were and how you were happythatfinally you'll be able to make you many friends. Today, inthiskids game you will meet Sofia, she is preparing for the firstdayof school and desperately needs you. We are sure that you can beagood friend and will help her with everything she needs. Thisfirstday of school game is very nice, you'll have fun and you willdo avery good thing for our little girl. We're sure that you're agoodkid and you'll be able to make friends through this gameforgirls.Sofia is happy because she will become your friend andwantsto meet you as soon as possible.If you want everything to comeoutas we planned you will have to pay attention to every detailofthis game.Follow all instructions of this game.Good luck!- Inthebeginning you will know our daughter;- Sofia is very beautifulandvery quiet, you will love to be her girlfriend;- Sofia sleeps,youhave to wake up;- Turn on the light;- Arrange bed;- Help hertobrush the teeth;- Rinse with warm water;- Clean water with acleantowel;- You need to prepare breakfast;- Sofia wants toeatchocolate donuts;- Give her some water;- Choose the mostbeautifuldress;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- HelpSofia toprepare her school things;- Sofia is ready to go toschool;- Thegirl arrived at school;- Help her to participate inschoolactivities;- Learned the alphabet;- You did a good job,you're agreat friend.Thank you for help, please come back dailythroughthis game.Have fun!
Jewels Crush Legend 1.12
Bubble Team
The new match 3 puzzle game from makers of hit app,JewelsCrushLegend!Jewels Crush Saga is the most popularJewelspop/breaking/buster game! Another classic gems match-threegame. #1Puzzle game on the world.Play for free as you match anddetonate asmany gems as you can. Destroy a group with at least 12the samekind of gems,you will get a bomb! Bombs will destroysurroundinggems.Destroy the target gems to level up.You will lovethe fun,creativity and excitement of this great casual game.Anyquestionsor advise, please send us e-mail. have fun!
DietBet - Weight Loss Games 1.2.14
Perfect for anyone who needs some extra motivation to loseweight,DietBet is the fun way to get fit—and get PAID to do it.It’sunlikeany other diet program, and it works: 96% of players loseweight,and winners take home an average of $58! Not to toot our ownhorn,but one player even said, "This app is the key to weightloss!”Theidea is simple: bet on yourself to lose weight with agroup ofother players. If you meet your weight loss goal by the endof thegame, you split the pot with the other players. Boom! Youjust mademoney getting healthy.You can choose between twogametypes:**Kickstarter: Lose 4% of your weight in4weeks**Transformer: Lose 10% of your weight in 6 monthsWeverifyweight with photos, algorithmic auditing, and a team ofamazingReferees who individually review each weigh-in Speaking ofourRefs, they’re also on call 24/7 to help with any questionorconcern. Whether you join a game led by another DietBet playerorchoose a celebrity-hosted game (inspiring fitness-minded folklikeJillian Michaels and Chris & Heidi Powell), you’llexperiencethe unparalleled support of the DietBet community.Because playerscompete against the scale, not each other, you’ll becheered on byyour game-mates. As one player put it: “So encouragingand united!Woot!”**Featured in: The Huffington Post, ABC News, CBSNews, ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, The Mercury News, Los AngelesTimes, TheWall Street Journal & The New York Times**EnjoyDietBetwherever you go with our app! APP FEATURES • Readinspiringupdates, photos, tips, and encouragement from your gamehost andother players • Easily post your own updates—brag about thesliceof pizza you just turned down, share a great smoothie recipe,orupload a sweaty post-gym selfie! • Read and sendmotivatingmessages • Easily submit weigh-ins • Check yourweight-lossstandings against other players • Find and join gameswith ouruser-friendly game directory • Check your Point balance andcashout in one click • Import weight and other health stats fromAppleHealthkit with seamless integration “I love this app! Dietingis sodifficult when you feel like you’re the only one doing it.…Whoeverthought up this idea, you’re a GENIUS!” “I love themotivation Iget from DietBet! It helps push me to lose weightbecause I reallydon’t wanna lose my money!” “Dietbet is fantastic,you bet onyourself each challenge to make the goal.” “I finallyfound a groupand an app that will motivate me to lose weight. Loseweight andget paid for it. I’m in.” “I’ve had a lot of success onmy fitnessjourney by putting up $$ to lose weight. The community ofsupportis amazing!” “This app is a great and fun way to earn moneywhileshedding those pounds.” “Everything about this app is awesome!Andit completely helps motivate you to lose weight.Highlyrecommended!”
Jungle Marble- Zumu Epic 1.6
Timi Studio
Marble Blast - Zumu Epic is a easy zuma style game.Chains ofcoloredmarbles are walking on the way to the hole.Your goal is toeliminateall the marbles before they fall into the hole.You'll gethigherscore if you make more combos.Don't let the ball chain reachthe endof the path.Fire colored balls as fast as you can!it'smoreinteresting and simple than Egypt Legend!How to play:1.Tapthescreen where you want to shoot.2.Match 3 or more same colormarblesto eliminate them.3.Create Combos to cause chain reactionand earnmore scores.4.Clear out the entire chain.Features:1.Veryeasy toplay but hard to perfect.2.25 challenginglevels.3.Thrillingancient egypt and mystical jungle.4.AttractiveProps:Fire,Lightningand Multi-Colored balls.5.Beautiful bubbleblast.Zumu Epic brings afresh new experience unlike other ballpuzzle games! Let's beginthe fantastic adventure on the marbleland!
HexShaders 1.2
This is a live wallpaper. The application contains someshaders.Youcan choose a program and set up some settings.Thanks forshadersources to ShaderToy.
Muzei Live Wallpaper
Muzei is a live wallpaper that gentlyrefreshesyour home screen each day with famous works of art. Italso recedesinto the background, blurring and dimming artwork tokeep your iconsand widgets in the spotlight. Simply double touchthe wallpaper oropen the Muzei app to enjoy and explore theartwork in its fullglory.Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from yourowngallery or other apps to use on your home screen. To keepyourwallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through your favoritephotosevery few hours.Finally, Muzei is developer-friendly. All the code is availableat and Muzei even offers a simple API thatallowsyou to build your own wallpaper source. For API details,visit you use a third party wallpaper source, you must disableBatteryOptimizations on that app to allow it to continue to loadartwork.An updated API is in development to remove thisrequirement.·····Muzei now includes a watch face for Android Wear, so you canseeyour latest wallpaper right on your wrist!·····Made in New York by Roman Nurik. Muzei is a transliteration oftheRussian word музей, which means “museum.”Featured artwork in Muzei is curated daily by our small staffandmade possible thanks to and its contributors.Many thanks to Ian Lake for the watch face, and the manyothercontributors that help make Muzei possible.
Good Morning Images 8.0
Pugazhendi E
Good Morning WishesSpread the rays of hope with everysunriseAfterall, every morning is a beautiful celebration ofopportunities thatlife has to offer. Go on, take the first step bysharing your goodwishes to your friends and acquaintances. Have agreat day. Godblesses you every day with a gift of pleasantmorning, from awithering darkness, with full strength to make thedreams of yourlast night come true. Set every morning with apromise by yourwishes and share them by giving wings of effort toyour dreams andlife will be bliss.Make your choice of chasing yourdesire andhappily greet people with a stray of thoughts. Wish youand yourfriends a good day all set for you to learn, think,accomplish andsucceed!This good morning app consists of thefollowing collectionof Images1. Good Morning 2. Good MorningImages3. Good MorningWallpapers4. Happy Morning Images5. GoodMorning Wishes6. GoodMorning Pictures7. Good Morning 20178. GoodMorning GreetingsImages9. Image SMS10. Daily Wish Images, etc, …