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Mini Legends
Recruit and Train your very own team of Legends. Take theseLegendsinto the arena to battle other commanders! Mini Legends hasfullMOBA style gameplay with a twist! Your team of Legendswillautomatically fight for you. Buy them powerful items, settheirstrategies and for complete control - Tap on any Legend tobecomethat Legend. Switching between controlling all of yourLegends willallow some players to gain a competitive edge!
Summoner's Companion for LoL 3.43
Headlezz Dev.
Get real-time summoner statistics, match information and achampiondatabase for the popular MOBA League of Legends™. This appis yourbest source if you want to look up a summoner's matchhistory,statistics and rank! Analyze your own gameplay or trackyouropponents to climb the ladder and reach master tier. Want tolearna new champion or find the newest guides? Summoner's CompanionforLoL also includes a champion and item encyclopediawithbuilds,counterpicks and tips to crush your opponents. Features*Match history, ranked statistics and detailed informationaboutevery summoner * Real-time ingame tracker: Spy your enemies! *Freeto play rotation, news and sales (notifications andwidgetsincluded) * Champion guides and counterpicks * Encyclopediawithall champs, items and reforged runes Supported regions: NA,EUW,EUNE, BR, RU, TR, LAS, LAN, OC, KR and JPDisclaimer:---------------- This product is not endorsed, certifiedorotherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc.™ or any ofitsaffiliates.
Legendary Heroes MOBA 3.0.52
Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends. Thegreatestbattle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universes areinvitedto show their power and prove which is the best team.YouTubechannel: MOBA ,ACTIONREAL-TIME STRATEGY For the first time on Android, experienceanAction Real-Time Strategy(Action RTS) game. If you enjoyMOBAgames, you will love Legendary Heroes! INTENSE ACTION ANDTOUCHCONTROLS Quick and intense matches with touch controlstailored forAndroid MOBA experience. HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIALPOWERS 4 uniquespecial abilities per character. KEEP PROGRESSACROSS MATCHES Keepthe leveling progress of each Hero acrossmatches and develop asmany of them as you want. HOURS OF GAME PLAYIN CAMPAIGN MODE 40maps providing unique MOBA challenges for allplayers - beginnersor veterans. PLAY FOR FREE!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Access our sitefor detailed heroesinformation, getting started guide,etc: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FOLLOWUSWebsite: For support,
Crazy Gods: Strategy RPG 5.0.3
Here comes Crazy Gods, the most exciting Strategy RPG! BeholdtheStrongest General from 3 Kingdoms and Mighty Heroes from JourneytoThe West. Assemble your heroes to avenge the God ofUnderworld'swrath. Take part in the most exciting adventure tocrush evilbosses or clash with other players to snatch theirtrophies and bethe champion! Background Story In this universe,things were goingwell and peaceful between Gods of Underworld, Sky,and Earth.Everything changed when God of Underworld was defeatedduring acard game against Sky and Earth Gods. He felt dejected,angry, andhe grew suspicious of them both. As he unleashed hisultimate demonpower, his revenge is unstoppable. Crazy Gods GameFeature ★Uniquegame play, Turn-Based Strategy RPG★ Addictive andUniquecombination of RPG plus Strategy Game! Feel the adventureofJourney to the West and exciting battle of 3 Kingdoms. Thisgamewill test your gaming skill to fight with 7 heroes atonce!★Legendary Heroes from Popular Mythology★ Poweful Swing ofGuan Yufrom 3 Kingdoms, Mighty Stomp of Monkey King from Journey totheWest and Blazing Flames of Na Zha from League of Gods willthrillyou in the most breathtaking battle! Choose yourall-rounderchampions to accompany you in your journey! ★Summon yourheroes forFREE★ Recruit heroes out of 3 realms: human, god, anddemon. Morethan 300 hundred heroes and 3.000 formations. Build yourstrategyand be the strongest! ★Guild for all, all for guild★ Joinor createguild with your friends and be prepared for the massivebattleagainst other guilds. Claim your throne and reward throughfiercebattle! ★Unique Skills Combo with Stunning Animation★Constructyour formation with the best strategy, because a certainpair ofheroes has abilities to unleash ultimate combo skills! Pairyour 3Kingdoms Heroes in unbeatable combos such as Guanyu, Liu BeiandZhang Fei in Peach Garden Combo, along with Lu Bu & DiaoChanin their Lover Combo, Icy Fire Dance. Stunning,jaw-droppinganimated skills will awe you! ★Cute Pet★ Go on anadventurealongside your adorable pet that gladly assists you.Collect andraise your pet! It can help you in battles by unleashinglots ofdifferent supporting skills! ★PvP System★ Challenge and beatyouropponent using the best formation and strategy. Battle your3Kingdoms generals with the gods from League of Gods and Journeytothe West! Reach top rank and rule the Universe! ★World Boss★Once,the Immortal Dragon almost destroyed the universe. Now hemakes hiscomeback! Join forces with thousand player on server todefeat theDragon. Epic loot awaits! ★Features and Events★ Endlessevents arewaiting for you, starting from daily, weekly with massiverewards!Claim free gold, gift pack and other awesome perks in 365days. Youwon't skip a day to play Crazy Gods. Join usonFacebook: * ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analyticstracker, toidentify behavior for specific users. * GET_ACCOUNTS -Needed foranalytics tracker, to identify behavior for specificusers. *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to read credentials &images tosupport multiple accounts login * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -Neededto save credentials & images to support multiple accountslogin* READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.
Legends 1.8.1
Is soccer your life? Would you like to have a player card withyourstatistics so they can follow your evolution from anywhere intheworld? Download Legends and start creating your legend in veryfewsteps, to share experiences, show your talent and, who knows?thatsome scout will notice you and you can become the new star thatallteams want. Also to make a team, connecting withyourcolleagues.Legends is the first global app specializing inyouthsoccer. Quickly and easily you can customize and share yourplayercard in your favorite social network and also interactdirectlywith other users of the app. Matches played, won, goals,assists,steals, stops ... the best photos and videos of yourteam'svictories. Spread your sports career and follow that ofyourfriends and reference players. No other interference,justsoccer.The player card is your profile and it works like asocialnetwork: you can give and receive supports with "likes",commentingand sharing the publications, with total transparency andat anytime. On the back are the statistics that you are updatingaftereach day of the league, so that they can comment on matches,plays,training, details about other teams. To be followed by yourfamilyand friends or, simply, to talk about what you likemost:soccer.Making players shine!
moba legend wallpaper HD 1.0
wallpaper legend yang sangat menarik, design grafisnyasangatkerenwallpaper legend is very interesting, very cool graphicdesign
Heroes Charge 2.1.94
Join with your friends in the best and latest action RPGmultiplayeronline battle arena, HEROES CHARGE! Collect and trainyour heroes,gather your teammates, strengthen your heroes and wipeout the enemyin thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games. Overone hundredquests for you to partake in the story that YOU tell.Which heroeswill you choose? = AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND ADDICTIVEGAME = -Choose between over 50 unique and varied Heroes, frommeleebruisers, agile archers and powerful mages - Fight andexplorethrough the world of Kron, find rare heroes and see if youhave whatit takes to persuade them to join you! - Develop andupgrade yourskills while collecting equipment sets that infuseyour heroes withpower over your foes! - An immersive experiencewith friends or gosolo on your own in numerous battles - Blendcooperation with yourfriends as you battle against competingguilds for elite prizes -Develop team play and strategies to rulethe world of Kron - Buildor join a guild of friends - Fightthrough the PVP Arena for awardsfame! - Collect and develop rareheroes! - Fight against a horde ofenemies in challenging specialevents! NOTICE: Heroes Charge is acompletely free-to-play game,however there are some game items thatcan also be purchased forreal money. If you don’t want to use thisfeature, please disablein-app purchases in your device’s settings.Also under our Terms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be atleast 13 years of age toplay or download Heroes Charge.
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure - Online RPG 4.0.4921
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure takes the best from roleplayinggamesand multiplayer online battle arenas with a good mix ofaction. Showoff your combat skills and cool strategies, build aninvincible heroteam, destroy hordes of enemies in excitingmissions, and join otherguildmasters in a realtime PvP mode—war ofguilds! Download the gamefor free and embark on an epic RPGadventure! Realtime PvP battles!Challenge mobile gamers from allover the world. Crush your enemiesin the battle arena and rise tothe top. Come up with uniqueoffensive and defensive strats foronline PvP battles—powerfulheroes alone will only carry you sofar. Build your own team! Choosefrom over 50 heroes—some of thesemight even remind you of yourfavorite characters from movies,books, and other games. Make abalanced team and upgrade yourheroes' equipment and skills—this iskey to winning online battlesin this brand new RPG. Upgrade yourgear and embark with yourfriends on epic quests. Win awesome dailycontests that will allowyou to upgrade your magic warriors, or joinyour guild in afull-scale battle against a powerful boss. Power upby battlingmonsters or shopping for cool upgrades. Excellentgraphics! Over 60awesome never-before-seen locations, ranging fromthe mysteriouscity of Atlantis to the wintry gnome cliffs. Choosefrom a hugeselection of heroes with a wide array of gorgeouslyrenderedabilities and attacks. Be it cute or strong, there'ssomething herefor everyone! Play the game with your friends forfree! Allyou need is an Internet connection. Invite otherplayers to joinyour clan and trade heroes and items with yourfriends. Chat, shareyour strats, and battle other players in onemobile game. Follow uson: Facebook:
Stardust Battle: Elite 3v3 MOBA Combat Battles
✨Welcome to Stardust Battle! ✨ Fight through the leagues andunlockmodes and heroes as you face off against the deadly gangbosses!FEATURES: * MOBILE ARENA SHOOTER BATTLES: Action packedandbeautiful 3v3 battles! * AWESOME HEROES: Jack the Mecha-Bunny!🤖Mia with her deadly arrows! 🏹 Momo and his...cupcakes. 😅 *EPICSPELLS: FREEZE your enemies with Batuk! Create a GHOST withAkio!Can you dodge Jack's MISSILE ATTACK? * SO MANY MODES:Zombie-War!Essence Hunt! Last Man Standing! Classic Tower DefenceFace Off!... and more to come! * STAR ALLIANCES: Create or join aguild toplay with friends! * CUSTOMISE: Customise your heroes withamazingskins! * STORY: Play through adventure mode and beat thegangbosses! * LEAGUES: Climb the Diamond Leagues for amazing prizesandrespect! You are part of an exciting new kind of game -amultiplayer arena shooter designed specifically foryoursmartphone! Join us in battle against thousands of otherplayersfrom around the world, all in pursuit of the mysteriousanddelicious element known as "Stardust". Recruit your very ownteamfrom Stardust Battle’s roster of incredible spacecreatures,customise your look and fight for your share of theStardust! Youralliance is counting on you! ************* Pleasefollow us onsocial to keep up to date on the latest Don't forget to leave areview onthe store, we want your feedback to keep making StardustBattle abetter experience! Privacy of *************Stardust Battle usesvarious third party services to support yourgaming experience,ranging from advertising to customer support. Inorder for thesecomponents to function correctly, they requirepermission to accessexternal storage. PlayStack respects yourprivacy and will neveraccess, make use of or share your personaldata.
Voices of LoL - Soundboard 2.0.11
Get your favorite champion quotes from the biggest MOBA LeagueofLegends™ in 17 languages! Get to know better the champions youlovewith all the quotes they say during the game in all thedifferentlanguages around the world. Perfectly categorized andsorted voicesso you can quickly find out what triggers thevoice.You can alsoshare the voice with your friends using thebuilt-in share button,and set the sound as your default ringtone,notification and alarmsounds.This soundboard includes over 350.000sounds, with over 200champions and skins, including NPC's andannouncer voices, and allof them available in the followinglanguages:English, Korean,Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German,Spanish (LAN/LAS), Spanish(Spain), Turkish, French, Italian,Hungarian, Polish, Russian,Romanian, Czech, GreekTest your Leagueof Legends knoweldge withthe built-in mini-game. Try to guess themaximum number ofchampions and show your knowledge to the worldwith the onlineranking.This app is not officially endorsed by RiotGames™ and weare not affiliated with them.
7 Paladins NA: 3D RPG x MOBA 1.2.1
◆7 Paladins NORTH AMERICA SERVER◆A RPG x MOBA game with astrikinghero style, amazing skill, and tactical game play!Recruityour bestheroes, explore all places, fight honorably, and defeatyourenemies with strategy!Enter the exciting and colorful world of7Paladins. Build your strongest team with more than hundreds ofcooland cute heroes![Background Story]The universe is full ofinfinitepower! The dark lord is detached from its seal.The 7Paladins thathave once locked the power of the dark lord hasdisappeared fromthe face of the earth. But everyone believes thatthe powers of theseven paladins exist among its descendants.[Mainfeature]◆SPECTACULAR 3D RPG ◆3-D graphics with a detailed characterdesign,armor and weapons!◆ MARVELOUS VISUAL EFFECT ◆Jaw breakingskillanimation! Cast spell or attack your opponent with style.◆STUNNINGHEROES ◆Recruit hundreds of heroes! Knights, Ninja, Mage,Demon andother mysterious secret characters.◆ SIMPLE YET EXCITINGGAME PLAY◆Breathtaking battle! Unleash hero skill with a singletap!◆ TOWERDEFENSE ◆Select and build your strongest tower to defendtheemperor.◆ MOBA MODES ◆Charge with full attack, or wait forthecreep wave in MOBA modes.◆ REAL TIME PVP ◆Duel, Team battle,andGuild War! The most epic battles start here!◆ WORLD BOSS◆Defeatthe strongest Monster with your partner! Do not let the darklordconquer the universe!◆ UNLIMITED FEATURES & EVENTS◆Variousintriguing features will help you fulfill your destiny as7Paladins!Website:*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*READ_PHONE_STATE- For player analysis anddata*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed foranalyticstracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
com.ucool.heroesarena 2.1.28
Lag Free Global 5v5 mobile game. Fast, Fair and Fun! FightforGlory! HEROES ARENA is the newest and best globalmultiplayeronline battle arena game designed specifically formobile, focusedon fair eSports, fun and lag-free! Enjoy massive PVPaction with1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and other multiplayer battle modes for youto join inas players battle to climb rankings to earn glory andawesomeprizes! Choose your favorite hero, team up and communicatewithyour friends for epic partnerships, battle acrossbeautifullyrendered maps through hordes of minions, monsters andguardianturrets to destroy the enemy’s generator and obtainvictory!Download and join HEROES ARENA, Fair eSports! Game Features1. FASTAND FAIR ESPORT: - Lightning quick matchmaking with lowqueue timesand fair gameplay with the emphasis on fast-paced fun. -Never payto win, it’s all about Play to Win! 2. CLASSIC MOBADESIGNED FORMOBILE: - Classic MOBA experience with globalmultiplayer gameplaywith players in your region automaticallyjoining your team. -Simple controls and user interface gets moremoba battle action onyour screen yet gives you full control of yourhero. - Advancedcontrols such as preset before battles your FastBuy equipment,Leader Abilities, Runes and more to give your hero aneven morecompetitive advantage against the other team. - No need toreturnto base to purchase equipment, buy it on the fly right inthemiddle of combat and surprise your enemy with increased power!-Fast and quick auto-translated communication preset noticesletsyour team collaborate and strategize without needing topausebattles to type! - Auto-recorded and saved battles lets youfocusfirst on fighting and then reviewing and sharing your epicwinswith others across your favorite streaming channels. 3. ALLNEWHEROES, ALL NEW ACTION: - Heroes Arena launches with 20gorgeouslydesigned unique heroes with epic special ability andultimateability animations. - Five Hero Special Abilities includinga HeroUltimate as well as three Leader Abilities. - Play acrosssixdistinct hero classes such as Assassin, Mage, Marksman,Support,Tank and Warrior! - Check out the multiple skins too togive yourhero a unique look and edge against the competition. -Monthlyreleases of new heroes and skins will be coming. 4. 24/7CUSTOMERSUPPORT: - Got a problem? We’ve got your back! Reach out toourcustomer support team anytime by sending us a message in-game.Youcan also reach us via email at - Got a suggestionorfeedback? We’d love to hear it! Send your comments to us viaemailat NOTICE: Heroes Arena is a completelyfree-to-playgame, however there are some game items that can alsobe purchasedfor real money. If you don’t want to use this feature,pleasedisable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Alsounder ourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least13 yearsof age to play or download Heroes Arena.
Live Wallpapers of LoL 7.0.8
Your favorite champions and themes of League of Legends™havearrived!Enjoy a huge variety (over 200 wallpapers) from thepopularMOBA in high quality and fully animated!The animationsareextracted from the original game client or made by fans ofthegame. This application allows you to download and set them asyourlive wallpapers.Create lists of wallpapers to changeautomatically,or set a background music to play while the wallpaperis beingshown.From 2014 to 2017 bringing to you thebestanimations!----------------------------------------------------LiveWallpapersof LoL isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflectthe views oropinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involvedin producing ormanaging League of Legends. League of Legends andRiot Games aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games,Inc. League ofLegends © Riot Games, Inc.
Keyboard Mobile Moba Legends 4.a
JakaDev Apps
Keyboard Moblie Moba Legends Keyboard Mobile Legends withRainboweffect featur keyboard Moba: >> Change our androidkeyboardbackground with Mobile legends themes or change with yourphoto.>> fons design keyboard >> full emoji keyboardforMobile legends >> easy to use How to use keyboard emojiMoba:>> Eneble keyboard >> Set input Method >>SelectMoba theme or add your photo. Download Now keyboard forMobileLegends Free Disclaimer : All Images are copyright oftherespective owner.
Planet of Heroes - MOBA 5v5 3.12 B.V.
Welcome to Planet of Heroes 3.0! 3 lanes, big jungle, ganks andhugebosses: all MOBA features in your pocket! Thousands of playersarealready fighting: are you up for the challenge? Brawl in PVPwithfriends, explore challenging missions in the PVE Campaigns,andcompete in worldwide Ranked mode! Fight on the new 5v5 map andenjoythe new expanded camera view, destroy jungle monsters onwindingforest paths and fight mighty bosses — each objective youtakebrings you closer to victory! Remember that your team needstodestroy the enemy base in order to win, not score the mostkills…Though it’ll certainly help ;) Planet of Heroes is aMultiplayerOnline Battle Arena, short MOBA, which combines the bestelementsof RPG and RTS: Exciting champions like paladins andassassinslooking for glory (or die in vain), a map with tacticalobjectives,teamplay for the best strategies and loads of action tobecomelegends in the Ranked mode! Join us as we re-define MOBAintoMust-have Online Battle Action, show your valor and score thatace!
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown againstrealhuman opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose yourfavoriteheroes and build the perfect team with yourcomrades-in-arms!10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning,jungling, towerrushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs andaction games inthe palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!Mobile Legends:Bang Bang, 2017’s brand new mobile eSportsmasterpiece. Shatteryour opponents with the touch of your fingerand claim the crown ofstrongest Challenger! Your phone thirsts forbattle! Features: 1.Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles Real-time 5v5battles against realopponents. Fight over 3 lanes to take theenemy’s tower. 4 jungleareas. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses.Complete reproductions ofclassic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs.Human battles. Atriumphant return to genuine MOBA gameplay. 2. Winwith Teamwork& Strategy Block damage, control the enemy, andheal teammates!Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins,Supports, etc. toanchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes areconstantly beingreleased! 3. Fair Fights, Carry Your Team toVictory Just likeclassic MOBAs, there is no hero training or payingfor stats.Winners and losers are decided based on skill and abilityon thisfair and balanced platform for competitive gaming. Play toWin, notPay to Win. 4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master With avirtualjoystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, 2fingers areall you need to become a master! Autolock and targetsifting allowyou to last hit to your heart’s content. Never miss!And aconvenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the thrillofbattle! 5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute MatchesMatchmakingonly takes 10 seconds, and battles last 10 minutes,glossing overthe quiet early-game leveling up and jumping rightinto intensebattles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming,and morethrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place,at anymoment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, andimmerseyourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition. 6. SmartOffline AIAssistance In most MOBAs, a dropped connection meanshanging yourteam out to dry, but with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’spowerfulreconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be back inthebattle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your character willbecontrolled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4 situation.PLEASENOTE! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is free to download andplay,however some game items can also be purchased for real money.Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,you mustbe at least 12 years of age to play or download MobileLegends:Bang Bang. Contact Us You can get customer serviceassistance viathe [Contact Us] button in the game to help you withany problemsyou may encounter while playing. You can also find uson thefollowing platforms. We welcome all of your Mobile Legends:BangBang thoughts and suggestions: Customer Instagram: @mobilelegendsgameFacebook:
HexChest - Tap&Craft 1.3.2
Collect, forge and open chests with this simulator of theHextechCrafting from the popular MOBA League of LegendsOpen cheststoobtain shards, upgrade them and complete your collection. Youcanalso obtain the wallpapers for every skin and championyouunlock!Manage your resources, upgrade your power and try yourluck,with 30 achievements to obtain.Over 130 champions and 750skins arewaiting. Can you get them all?*Note: This app is notaffiliatedwith Riot Games nor League of Legends. This is asimulator/game andwill NOT provide any content to your League ofLegends account
Slash Arena Online 1.14
Team up and fight for glory in the best free to play PvPmultiplayerexperience on mobile! Competitive team battles, uniqueheroesevolved to the extreme, legendary fantasy brawler actionandstunning 3D graphics – Slash Arena Online gives you everythingyoumight want from the mobile PvP battleground. Glorious mix ofbattlearena action and MOBA will put your champion skills to theultimatetest. Download right now and become the true mobile Legend!The yetunknown battleground awaits you – guide your unique hero tothe topof the world ranking, clash with your friends in the fiercefightto become the arena Legend, lead your team to victory. FeedyoureSports spirit with challenging competition. Never before havetheMOBA and PvP battle arena games been so engaging, beautifulandthrilling! FEATURES: ★ Slash Arena Online takes the onlinePvPaction to the next level! The realms of order and chaosclashtogether in the world of fantasy battlegrounds and engagegamerswith stunning 3D graphics. If you’re looking for legendaryactionand a chance to test your skills in a deadly fight thendownloadSlash Arena and dive into the depth of battle with fiercewarriorsand royal champions to achieve glorious victory! ★ Thebattle arenaand brave heroes are waiting for your choice! Paladin,Necromancer,Skeleton, Mage – unique heroes fit for any playstyle.Everychampion is modeled with attention to the smallest details.Variousbeautiful locations in stunning 3D will immediately catchyour eye!★Simple controls, easy to master! Forget about overloadedMOBAinterface, all you need is a few buttons and your own skills togetto the top of the world ranking and become a Living Legend andaTrue Warrior. Slash your enemies with swords, dodge theirattacks,burst into action and demolish other players with evolvedweapons!★Create a unique Hero and arm him with a unique weapon thatwillbring death and destruction upon other players! Rich anddeepcustomization in keeping with the best traditions of classicMOBAgames will suit all your needs. Unlock over 30 upgrade levelsofweapons and armor for free, just play and win in the PvPbattlesand get your heroes evolved to the max! ★Slash Arena Onlineis afree to play mobile MOBA like experience! Don’t pay to win,it’sall about Play to Win. Choose your champion, brawl your waytovictory on the battlegrounds and evolve your unique Heroes.Unlocknew skills with new levels! ★Choose what Slash Arena onlinemodesuits you best! Online battle “Deathmatch” – a massive fightwithup to 30 players, true survival of the fittest! Online battle“TeamDeathmatch” – struggle between two teams. Test your personalskillsas well as your bond with teammates. Online battles “1x1”,“2x2”,“3x3” – a ranking PvP duel for hardcore warriors of themobilearena. ★Daily challenge for true evolved Heroes and Legends!Put onyour armor, draw your sword, gather your team and dive intoactionor stand as a lone warrior and show other players whatyou’recapable of. Your phone thirsts for battle! ★An online gamewithtrue potential to become an eSports Legend among mobile games!Withevolved matchmaking the battleground will bring you thrillingandfair action every time as well as find other players matchingyourskills and hero level for glorious online PvP battles.★Regularupdates! We work hard on continuous support of Slash ArenaOnlineto release new content on a regular basis. Look forward tomorearmor and weapons, gorgeous locations and unique heroes. ★Findmorefriends with our global community that thrives on the supportofactive players on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook! Slash ArenaOnlineis a free to play online PvP multiplayer action game, but ifyouwish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game itemswithreal money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjustingyourmobile device’s settings. FB:
Wild Clash: Online Battle
Unic Games
Portrait? Landscape? No more problem! Both supported! 3.2.1 -Let'sshoot! Wild Clash is your lite MOBA shooting game on thego.Intense 3 minute combat, awesome PvP battles with realplayersworldwide! Whether you're a master of MOBA gaming or atotalnewbie, Wild Clash will grab you from your first battle!Multiplerules and maps: * Defense mode: 3v3, destroy enemy base! *Gem Grabmode: 3v3, conquer target and grab diamonds! * Soccer mode:3v3,kick the ball, or take enemy down?! * BOSS mode: 5v1, are youtheboss, or the hunter?! * Bowling mode: 10 gamers, throw hugeballs,crazy balls! * Survival mode: 10 gamers, survive to the lastone!Features: * A variety of hero skills: Shot, ThrowGrenades,Whirlwind Assault, Medical Guards, Invisible Mines, LandsMissiles,Bulletproof Shield, Thunder Shock, Laser Sniper ... findyourfavorite. * Hiding in the bush, attack the enemy, is aneffectivetactic! * Collect coins and chips, upgrade and unlock yourheroes.* Join a guild, share experience and battle together withothergamers. * Gain victory stars and climb to top of theleaderboards,prove you’re the real clash master! Invite friends andbattletogether! Shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, punch 'em out and winthevictory stars! Good internet is required to play this game.Anyproblem? Interact with us!Facebook:
The Elder Scrolls: Legends
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is an award-winning free-to-playstrategycard game. Play online card games based on the hit TheElder ScrollsRPG series and prepare your deck for battle! Journeythrough TheElder Scrolls stories, conquer your enemies, and jointhe fun inthis easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down adventure! Startcardcollecting and build your deck, then travel throughMorrowind,battle dragons in Skyrim and venture to the ClockworkCity. TheElder Scrolls adventure keeps on growing. Turn basedstrategy andcard battle games will take you on an epic CCG journeywith TheElder Scrolls: Legends. Download today! THE ELDERS SCROLLS:LEGENDSFEATURES: SINGLE PLAYER GAMES CONTENT - Tactical games andturnbased strategy with single player modes. - Learn the campaignandbasics of Legends with hours of solo gameplay and rewards.-Explore The Elder Scrolls campaigns, from tales of TheDarkBrotherhood to the fabled Clockwork City and more. - Solo Arenatotest your deck-building skills and one-off Puzzle challengestowrack your brain. CARD BATTLE GAMES - A strategy card gameunlikeany other, Legends features a divided battlefield with“lanes” thatallow for flexibility and choice, turning the simpleact of cardplacement into a tactical strategy. - Duel card gamesuse Runes andProphecies to turn any losing battle into a chance fora miraculouscomeback with an additional card draw when you need itmost. CCGPvP COMPETITION - Prepare your duel deck to battle againstotherplayers for ultimate bragging rights and rewards. - Playcardbattle games against friends online - Climb the PvP ladderinonline ranked play and conquer the competitive Arena - Duel intheGauntlet, a global weekend tournament with online cardbattlespitting players from all over the world against each other.CARDCOLLECTING - Level up your cards to strengthen your decksandtailor your play style. - Collect cosmetic card backs anduniquetitles to flaunt your victories and achievements to friendsandfoes alike. ALWAYS UPDATED - In The Elder Scrolls: Legends,there’salways something to look forward to: - New cards added everymonth- Limited time events - Daily and monthly login rewards-Full-fledged expansions - Consistent balance adjustments -Legends’metagame is fresh, interesting, and always updating! -Pastexpansions include: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Heroes ofSkyrim,Return to Clockwork City and Houses of Morrowind. Collectyourcards and prepare for battle in Elder Scrolls: Legends!Downloadnow.
Eternal Arena 1.0.9
NetEase Games
Eternal Arena is a fun, challenging Action-RPG with 90 levelsofcharacter evolution, over 120 multi-tiered solo quests, and45+unique, fantasy heroes to collect, equip, and command. Proveyourstrength, then access Global PvP to team up for epic MOBA warswithplayers across your global region.Compete in casual, custom,orranked 1v1 to 3v3 MOBA battles to challenge the community,climbthe leaderboard, and reap generous rewards. The perfect blendofreal-time multiplayer strategy, furious action, and deepRPGcustomization, Eternal Arena is the game you’ve beenfightingfor!KEY FEATURES- 120 Replayable Quests: Challengingsingle-playermissions featuring a wide variety of activities &goals- 10Multiplayer Modes: Play with or against your friends inDuels,Tournaments, Quick Matches & more- Real-time MOBA Wars:Joinplayers across your region for Casual, Custom & Ranked 1v1upto 3v3 battles- Fast-paced Combat: Responsive, joystickcontrolstrigger furious attacks and dynamic signature moves-DeepAction-RPG: Summon and equip heroes, Forge gear, Craftartifacts,Enhance runes & much more- Expansive Guilds: Build amightyclan through Co-op Guild Wars, Rescue Missions & TeamBossBattlesKEEP IN TOUCH- Twitter:
Beast Brawlers - PvP Arena 1.2.2
PiiK Games
Voted Top 10 Game of 2017 at the Google Play IndieGamesFestivalBrawlers, mount up! Choose your Beast and get readytofight in the ultimate real-time online battle arena. Round upyourfriends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! EachBeastRider controls their own destiny and battles for fans in ahighlycharged Arena - all in 2 minutes! Take part in highlycompetitive,adrenaline fueled Free-For-All and 2v2 battles inspiredby MOBAesports - will you become the star of the Arena?Competeagainstplayers from around the world in five different arena gamemodes:✦Arcane Coliseum: Battle against 3 other teams in an 8-playerTeamDeathmatch! Earn points by destroying crystals while avoidingtoget KOed - all Beast can only be used once! ✦ Emerald Pit:4-playerFree-For-All arena action! Earn fan points by dealingdamage anddefeating other Beasts - points stack up with everyconsecutive KO!✦ Dark Forest: Explore the map to pick up Orbs whilefightingagainst 3 other opponents. Collect the most Orbs in 2minutes towin - but be careful not to get KOed!✦ Ice Cove: Team upwith afriend or fellow Clan members in this 2v2 arena battle! BreaktheIcebergs in the center of the map to find Orbs. Work withyouteammate to collect Orbs while battling against the opposingteam.✦Ring of Fire: Collect orbs that spawn from giant rocksfalling fromthe sky in this dynamic arena - but be careful not toget crushed!Collect the most Orbs in 2 minutes to win.Gamefeatures:REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER ACTIONPrepare for fast-paced &exhilarating2-minute battles with 3 other Beast Riders. Who knowswhat strategythey may bring? Jump into an intense brawl with yourBeasts andout-battle your enemies to showboat and win fans! Earnpromotionsthrough 12 Divisions and unlock new Arenas on your pathto becomethe ultimate champion!COLLECT LEGENDARY BEASTSCollect,build, andtrain your own magnificent collection of Brawlin’ Beaststo take tobattle. Learn each Beast’s strengths and weaknesses andunlock newtalents to craft your unique playstyle. Master theirActive andPassive abilities and choose your Beast carefully as eachbattlerequires a different strategy. Choose from the Dire Hog,LightningSteed, Emerald Dragon, Colossal Spider, Molten Phoenix,and manymore! COMPETE IN SEASONS WITH CLANSForm a Clan with fellowBeastRiders and compete for the top of the Leaderboards! Share tipsandbattle together with fellow Clanmates to earn epic rewardseveryseason!LIMITED TIME TOURNAMENTSCompete for rewards and prizesinspecial limited time tournament events! Each specialtournamentwill have unique sets of rules for players to earn Fameand rank ontop of the leaderboards - who knows what types ofbattles oropponents you will encounter!SIMPLE CONTROLS - DEEPFUNWith itsintuitive and simple controls, players will be in thethick of theaction in seconds! It’s simple to clash with opponents,unleashyour powerful abilities, use magical potions, and pickupgame-changing power-ups. Strike down the leading opponent tobecomea King Slayer, or go on a rampant KO streak to becomeLEGENDARY!Aninternet connection is required to play.PrivacyPolicy you are havinganyissues, please contact us in game by going to Settings >Support
Moba Idle Legend - eSports Tycoon Clicker Game 1.0
Tapps Games
Being addicted to MOBA games can turn you into aneSportslegend!Buff up and dive headfirst into an adventure thatwill takeyou to the top of pro-gaming rankings! Train hard, gankyour rivalsand win every match to become a famous, billionairee-athlete!Don’tbe afraid to jump into battle with the big fish andhone yourgrowing skills - the way to gaming awesomeness is long anddottedwith hilarious defeats, but that’s how you get stronger!Andwhenyou become a champion with tycoon-level earnings fromplayinggames, it will all be worth it.HIGHLIGHTS🎮LIVE the life ofapro-gamer and dive into the exciting world of eSports!Attendevents, invest in an ever growing armory of gaming gear,train hardand win every match!🎮LEVEL UP by performing variousactions andearning experience points! Tap the screen like an idleclickerpro-gamer and watch the explosive progression of youreSportscareer!🎮GO from the base bronze tier leagues all the way totheshining Platinum rank and make your rivals feel ridiculousbeforeyour awesomeness!🎮POWER UP your gaming performance with alegendaryarmory of items that will give you an edge overyourrivals!🎮INTERACT with comments from your growing fanbase astheyget hooked to your MOBA exploits and relish your victories!Letthem lol at your enemies and boost your morale!It doesn’t matterifyou prefer to overwatch tanks with support fire or you’reafrontline aggro giver - if your MOBA skills are sharpened up,youcan be a champion by playing anyway you like!And when youstartmaking your first eSport bucks, don’t forget to invest insomeseriously awesome pro-gaming gear to help you train at thelevel ofthe top players in the scene!But beware: if there’s onething moreaddictive than playing MOBAs, it’s watching yourprogression fromthe base tier leagues to the legendary ranks ofelitee-athletes!Start playing now and get hooked on the sweet tasteofvictory!Please note! This game is free to play, but itcontainsitems that can be purchased for real money. Some featuresandextras mentioned in the description may also have to bepurchasedfor real money.
Pocket Starships - PvP Arena: Space Shooter MMO 1.1.177
Fight in MOBA style Arenas against other Pilots and climb up intheLeague.Explore and conquer the galaxy in a MassiveMultiplayerOnline (MMO) space action for your smartphone, tabletand browser.

• Compete in 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 Arena fights toclimb to the topof the league• Fight with and against thousands ofplayers todominate the Galaxy!• Defeat the terrifying alienfleet.•Experience tactical battles against opponents from all overtheworld. • Create powerful alliances 
• Advanced crafting andupgradesystem for your spaceship.• Global- and alliance live chatsystemsfor a easy communication• True Cross-PlatformTechnology: you like Space MMOs orRPG - thisis your game! A real massive online game with thousandsof players,moving simultaneously in the same galaxy. build your ownspaceship,upgrade your weapons and refine your combat tactics.Prepareyourself together with your friends in a never ending battleforgalaxy supremacyTo play Pocket Starships you need anactiveInternet connection.IMPORTANT: The game is constantlyevolving andgame mechanics are subject to change at any time.OurForum:http://forum.spectaclegames.comFacebook: Game: case ofproblems,contact the support team:
World Of Wizards 1.3.3
GG Games
Love MOBA games? Ready for PvP action? World of Wizards brings youaunique realtime 2v2 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)gameplaywith magic spells, wizards and amazing graphics! Call onyourteammates to join you in the spells of magic! Defeat yourenemies inclassic 2v2 combat in realtime! Engage in wizard wars,lead yourteam, and obtain legendary status in the arena! Jumpright into theaction! Pick up your mobile and get ready to usesome magic! 2v2MOBA realtime battles Clash against other playersand engage in epicwizard wars. World of Wizards brings you amazinggraphics with aunique MOBA gameplay that will leave you in amagical spell.Realtime MOBA Experience Unleash powerful spells ofmagic in thisglorious wizard battle. Use magic potions to boostyour powers andbecome the master of all wizards. Level up and getplenty of rewardsto lead your team to legendary status. MagicalCharacters Freeze andcrush your enemies with the Wizard. Unleashthe power of fire andnature with the Shaman. Assist your allieswith the magical healingpowers of the Priest. Bring destructionwith the foul and dark magicof the Warlock. Or deceive andannihilate your foes with the arcanespells of the Sorcerer. Do youhave the magical touch? In World ofWizards, it’s all about skill.We strive to create the most rivetingand unique gameplay, so youcan turn the tide of battle and vie forglory no matter the odds.Win or lose, every action counts! Quicksetup, easy to start. Noboring tutorial sessions. Do you haveenough valor to take on theWorld of Wizards? Follow us on facebook:
Skyrim Wallpapers 1.0
skyrim wallpapers :Premium wallpapers and backgrounds isacollection of the best the eldêr scrolls Skyrim wallpaper forfansWallpapers , skyrim artwork wallpaper unity HD wallpapersyoursmartphone or tablet. Dragon Skyrim wallpapers have beenpersonallyselected so you have you favorite character in yoursmartphone.skyrim legendary edition wallpaper . This App as issupported allandroid Mobile ... free The Elder Scrolls V wallpaperSkyrim 2018for a HD home screen and to form your phone look cool! !for fanswallpapers Features:-Amazing Fantasy the êlder scrolls vskyrimdragonborn wallpaper has dreamy fantastic and dynamic coolliveeffects. we have a tendency to want you'll fancy this theelderscrolls 5 skyrim wallpaper Wallpapers on your phone.-Allthegesture effects might offer you Associate in Nursing dynamiccoolscreen that you simply can fancy. Get this basement the gameLiveWallpaper new the elder scrolls 3 morrowind Theme unengagedtobeautify your phone. cool the êlder scrolls 4 oblîvionwallpaperbackgrounds & wallpapers . If you're keen on elegantcolourful,please get this basement the game Live Wallpapercurrently.On theAll morrowind wallpaper background, your Samsung orHuawei phoneare going to be shining and good.-amazing the elderskyrim 6wallpaper and wild running Stella and hero effects to formyourphone special.You can realize additional HD SkyrimdragonWallpapers wallpapers as you want.-daily updates .-SupportallMobiles and Tablets What you'll be able to fancy of TheSkyrimwallpapers :Various classes of Live wallpaper might be foundtomeet your beautify desires. More as collection skyrimcharacterwallpaper for all, cool Live wallpaper ar prepared foryou.Supportscompletely different mobile phones of every kind andtypes tosatisfy your want for wild running live wallpaper.Dailyupdateswith new live wallpapers for additional news.***notice :Ideveloped this app as a result of i actually like skyrim .*****All characters, , pictures and computer game content arcopyrightof their several house owners and usage for this newSkyrim If youhave got any concern and/or feel there's directcopyright ortrademark violation that doesn't follow among*** .
Heroes of Skyrealm 1.6.5
Heroes of Skyrealm is a team-based mobile game that combinestheaction of a hack and slash RPG with battle strategy of anRTS.Summon over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilitiesandplay styles. Use powerful attack or support spells, blast yourfoesfrom distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slashyourenemies with massive swords and melee weapons. Action, RPG, orRTS- the choice is yours!KEY FEATURES- Fast-paced, team-based hackandslash action – unlike any other action RPGs, bring three heroestothe fight at the same time!- Co-op Boss Raid – hack and slashwithtwo friends - up to nine Heroes at once, all inreal-time!-Real-time PvP Battle Arena, with proprietarymatchmakingtechnology- RTS gameplay – build your base in the sky,collectresources, scout and conquer enemy territoriesTired of thesame oldstrategy and RPG games? Heroes of Skyrealm is a completelynewexperience that puts you in control, and gives you tons ofgameplayoptions. Are you an RPG fan? Customize your Heroes’ skills,levelup their gear and maximize their stats before battling theenemy.Are you an action junkie? Assemble your Heroes into theperfectteam and hack and slash your way to victory in thisgroundbreakingaction RPG. Do you relish the challenge of RTS orMOBA games? Trythe brand-new Stronghold Mode, where TowerDefensemeets RTSgameplay! Looking for even more action? Crush your Rivalsin thereal-time PvP Battle Arena.**Now available in 6differentlanguages: English, French, German, Portuguese, SpanishandSimplified ChinesePlease select your preferred language attheTitle Screen on the upper left** Like our fan page to keepintouch: 4.6.0 (96319)
Vainglory is an award winning free-to-play cross-platform MOBAwiththe strategic depth and mechanical skill that you’d expect fromaPC title, but playable with your friends anywhere on anydevice.Featuring incredible graphics, precision controls andcompetitivegameplay parity across all platforms, Vainglory lets youparty withyour friends and match up with players around the worldon desktopor mobile! Sound intense? Only if you want it to be. Havefun yourway with casual and competitive experiences ranging from5-minuteBRAWLs to the full 5V5 battle arena experience. Vaingloryis builton the proprietary EVIL cross-platform game engine -offeringbeautiful, smooth graphics, superior performance andunrivaledcontrol accuracy across the widest range of devices. AtSuper EvilMegacorp we believe all gamers deserve to play togetherinbeautiful, responsive and deep AAA experiences, whichevertheirnative platform or control mechanism. By insisting ongameplayparity across billions of mobile phones, PCs,consoles,next-generation hybrid devices and more, we are buildingtoward avision where gamers can play and be competitive withanyone,anywhere. A NEXT GENERATION MOBA: - Unique set of 48+ heroeswithunique combo systems and play styles - Achieve strategicmasterythrough macro play, objectives, team comps, and visioncontrol -Outplay opponents mechanically with playmaker heroes and auniqueadrenaline system, allowing for attack speed bonus fromaccuratestutter steps - Ability overdrive system that providespowerfulbonuses for selected fully maxed abilities - Multiplecompetitivelyviable playstyles for each hero, depending on buildpath andoverdrives - Real line-of-sight Fog of War, 120 FPS support-Objective-rich maps - Free Camera - Last-hitting - Wave Control-Teleports - Active items - Intricate vision system -Originalfantasy characters and storytelling ----------------------"This isone of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile.Vainglory is atotally legit MOBA experience, available any time inthe palm ofyour hand." —IGN “Best Mobile Game” —2016 Global MobileAwards---------------------- Features: == The Next Gen MOBA isnowCross-Platform == Play with anyone, anywhere, on anydevice.Competitive gameplay parity across PC, Mac and mobileplatforms. ==Deep Strategic Battles or Five Minute Brawl Modes==Vaingloryoffers real-time MOBA combat with and against bots or liveplayers.Whether you’re ranking up with your guild or just just havetimefor five minutes of fun, Vainglory has the gameplay style foryou.==MOST POWERFUL ENGINE== Best graphics & highest frameratesacross widest range of devices. == 48+ Playable Heroes&Unlockable skins == Master heroes across a variety of themesandplaystyles. Make unforgettable plays as a high-damage carry.Attackfrom the shadows as a menacing jungler. Soak up damage andsaveyour friends as a front-line captain. However you like toplay,Vainglory has unique, captivating heroes you’ll love — alongwith ahunt for skins you can earn through play without spendinganymoney. == Vibrant Community == Vainglory is a global communityin14 different languages that thrives on the support ofactiveplayers. We are a highly engaged group of gamers who arepassionateabout learning, playing, and mastering Vainglory. Ourcommunity istop five on Discord! ----------------------Twitter:
Dynamons World 1.5.3
Kizi Games
Join the adventure and discover the amazing Dynamons World, lovedbymillions of players!Catch and train the greatest team ofDynamonsand challenge your friends in real-time multiplayer PvPbattles.Explore an open world searching for the rarest andstrongestmonsters, fight tough Captains and prove your skills tobecome THEBEST!★ Get ready for the ultimate Dynamons Experience!★GAMEFEATURES✓ Online Battle Arena - Battle your friends andplayersworldwide in PvP multiplayer battles!✓ Catch and traindozens ofunique Dynamons!✓ Unleash powerful skills and brillianttactics todefeat even the strongest rivals!✓ Travel all the wayfrom DynamonsCamp to the Temple Ruins in an addictive andimmersivestory!Dynamons World is being updated all the time witheven morenew Dynamons, quests, battles and MORE!Coming fromprevious Dynamonsgames? Here’s what to expect:✓ New Online BattleArena - challengeyour friends to 1 on 1 battles✓ Huge new maps,more battles and anamazing and immersive story✓ New Dynamons -discover the newElectricity and Dark Dynamon types!✓ Skill Cards -an all-new battlemechanic for more tactical battles✓ New RareDragon Dynamons tocatch✓ And so much more!COMMUNITYFacebook- - is fun!
Ml Wallpapers for Legends 4.0
Ali Dhari
ML wallpapers is an application which can help you to accesseverywallpapers or images on the game.You can download anychampion’swallpapers you like or photos by using this applicationfor free.1-)🔸 Popular and Rated Wallpapers ML wallpapers presentsyouqualified wallpapers so you dont have to search for wallpapersyoucan find the best ones here. 2-)🔸 HD Wallpapers This apppresentshigh definiton wallpapers and images that you can use anddownloadeasily. 3-)🔸 Easy Transition and Review Feature You caneasily goover every wallpapers without downloading them. 4-)🔸FreeWallpapersand Images ML wallpapers is a free application and itwill staylike this. 5-)🔸Slide Show This app provides you the chanceofviewing wallpapers as a slide
The Julia Minegirl New 1.4
MOBA Studio
This app contains a lot of video collection of The JuliaMinegirlAreyou fan of Julia Minegirl? This app is great for you.Enjoy!Thanks
Iron League - Real-time Global Teamfight 3.4.0
Welcome to the Iron League, a real-time arena teamfight game!*Experience the spectacular global battle with users all aroundtheworld! - Iron League is a real-time MOBA game that supportsvariousmodes such as Quick match, Rank match, and Beginner's game.Graspthe thrill of victory with your strategy and tactics! * MOBAof alower genre barrier with simple and sharp controls! - Anyonecanplay easily with basic attack button and instant skillactivation.The League always welcomes the newcomers! Decide thefate of battlewith your controls and decisions. *10-minute-a-round, quick andshort teamfight! - One round in theLeague ends in about 10minutes. Overwhelm your enemies with shortand breathtaking brawl!* Explore 5 unique arenas with 30+ memorablestar characters! - Towin on 5 different types of arena with uniquestrategic objectives,you need to be creative. Display your prowesswith heroes ofdistinct class roles: range-dealer, tanker,supporter, warriors,and assassins! *Now it’s time to play 3vs3battle! Experienceunique and quick teamfight with 3vs3 teamplay.*Provide aCross-platform service You can play Iron League on otherplatforms,such as steam, facebook gameroom, and etc, besidesmobile. IronLeague awaits your challenge. ■ Naver Cafe Official: ■ YouTube: ■ Facebook: ■ Steam: ■ PLUG:■고객센터
Heroes of Order & Chaos 3.6.3b
Gameloft SE
THE ULTIMATE MOBA FOR MOBILE HAS JUST BEEN REVAMPED, REIMAGINEDANDREINVIGORATED! Team up and fight alongside friends as you planyourstrategy, strengthen your Heroes, and wipe out every tower andbasethat stands between you and victory! Experiencefast-paced,real-time battles through a new user interface thatmakes the gameeasier to handle and more exciting to play. Forcenturies,Sinskaald Rift, a mysterious region of Haradon, has beenthebattleground of immortal warriors known as the Heroes ofOrder& Chaos. Now it's your turn to join their honored ranks asthemost powerful champions in the realm! » AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICHANDADDICTIVE GAME « • Choose from 57 unique and varied Heroes,frommelee bruisers to devastating wizards • Play for free withanever-changing roster of amazing Heroes • Develop your skillsandupgrade equipment to overpower your foes and win victory foryourteam! • Real-time action: Scout out the map and lure opponentsintoan ambush in the fog of war » AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE WITHFRIENDSOR ON YOUR OWN « • Fight solo or in multiplayer mode onthreedistinct maps (3v3, 5v5, and Steampunk 5v5) • Blendscooperationwith buddies and competition against enemies for anaddictiveexperience • Develop teamwork and cunning strategies torule theworld of Haradon • Mastered all the characters? Prove it inFunMode, where anything can happen! » THE WORLD IS WATCHINGINSPECTATOR MODE « • Watch your friends battle it out live•Instantly jump to wherever the action is with the dynamic camera•Display objectives, gold and other info on-screen; perfectforcommentary and analysis videos HOC is free to play, but ifyouwish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game itemswithreal money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjustingyourdevice’s settings. By using this app, you may beofferedadvertising content. You can disable your device’s adidentifierbeing used for interest-based advertising in the settingsmenu ofyour device. Find out more about the game on the officialsite-- our officialsite at Check out thenew blog at Don't forget to follow us onsocial media:Facebook: Instagram: Certainapps allow you topurchase virtual items within the app and maycontain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Battle Arena 11.1
Battle Arena is a fun 1v1 game full of strategy. In thisfightinggame you can battle your friends on the same phone. It's averysimple 1v1 game but it's alot of fun. Unlike other games youdon'tneed any internet, wifi to play. Thanks to Elisha Job Ramosforcreating beautiful graphics.
Pixelfield - Battle Royale FPS 1.4.0
Epic Stars
It’s official: the amazing multiplayer FPS shooter you’vebeendreaming of is real! All of your favourite MOBA genres arecombinedin one perfect PvP game. Battle Royale, Bomb defusal,Deathmatches,Team Battles, Flag Capturing - just pick any anyadventure youlike! Try it once and you won’t ever stop immersinginto the worldof epic fights and thrilling 3D locations ofPixelfield game!Lookwhat’s in store for you!Legendary FPSMultiplayer ModesBattleRoyale: you’re on an island, with a pack ofguns. 8 to 12 playerstry to get in your way, the ultimate survivorgets everything! Willit be you?Spec OP: 1 bomb, 4 teams, 8character classes (fromfearsome tank Armadillo to healer CombatMedic - all sorts for youto choose). Block damage or control theenemy - just don’t forgetabout the bomb! Classic MOBA genresSinglePvP and Team Deathmatch:might is right. Sorry, everyone’s forthemselves now.Pigpocalypse:collect more pixel pigs then yourenemies. Please remember: pigsare not what they seem!TotalDomination: rule over the battlefield,make enemies weep.Storm:strike back, destroy enemy army base andtake over the radio!Raid:three waves of enemies (monsters, robots,zombies!), two differentbosses. Get a chest everytime youwin!Single Player for lone wolves.Three difficulty levels, twodifferent enemy classes and eightfantastic maps! USE BOOSTERS tochange game to your advantage. Jumphigher, run faster, fightharder!SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS by fightingone-on-one without aninternet connection.Pixelfield features:• mosthyped 2017 mode:Battle Royale• over 100 legendary and regular guns• over 60character skins (many can be exported to Minecraft)• over15incredible game maps• atmospheric sound effects and music•chestswith unique weapons and skins• ability to upgrade any gun•regionalserver for comfortable online play
Legendary : Game of Heroes 3.4.5
Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Korelis and battle yourwayto dominance. Fight alongside over 10 million playersworldwide. Goon quests, fight for your guild, collect powerfulcards, and so muchmore. Play today! Features: • Collect and evolvehundreds ofmonsters, each with their own abilities and lore •Magical match 3battles • Fight with friends and share your spoils• Join a guildwith other players and defeat other guilds • Mastermissions andearn special quest rewards Connect with the communityat:
Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports
Watch livestream gaming videos, Esports and any IRL broadcastonyour Android device! Stream your favorite MMO RPG, strategy andFPSgames for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Twitch givesyoulive streaming and gamer chat in the palm of your hand. Livechatas you watch gamers play everything from Overwatch to LeagueofLegends. Watch PUBG showdowns, Minecraft sessions,Hearthstonematchups and stunning FIFA 18 goals. Multiplayer gamesnot yourthing? Livestream any IRL content you can think of, fromart demosto animal videos! Twitch Live Streaming and Gamer Chat:TOP 3FEATURES 1. Watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA18,League of Legends and much more. Stream content from thebiggestMMO RPG, MOBA, strategy and FPS games out there, or settlein fornail-biting Esports tournaments. 2. Live chat during anygaming,Esports and IRL broadcast. Talk Hearthstone strategy withfellowgamers or content yourself with live streaming art demosinsilence. 3. Broadcast your very own gaming content! LivestreamyourOverwatch killstreak on Xbox One, build Minecraft monolithsonNintendo Switch, take down your Fortnite enemies on PS4, orshowoff your Hearthstone cards on PC! Twitch lets you watch gamersplayany single or multiplayer games under the sun. With PUBG, FIFA18,League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite videos on demand, youcanreally let your gaming flag fly. Join live chat to connectwithyour MOBA or MMO RPG community! + Stream interactive livenewsvideos with exclusive content for PS4, Xbox One, NintendoSwitchand PC. + Watch unique programming: livestream anything fromartdemos, to Esports events, to music festivals! + Discovernewmultiplayer games and IRL videos with ease thanks to simpleandintuitive navigation. + Switch to Dark Mode for those latenightviewing and gamer chat sessions. Join the millions of hardcoreandcasual gamers who have found a place to connect over the MOBAorFPS games they love. Take your passion to the next levelwithTwitch! ------ For feedback and assistance, please visitourSupport Center: Please note: Thisappfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement softwarewhichcontributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings.Pleasesee information
World Of Cartoon Robots 1.1.1
World Of Cartoon Robots is a MMO team shooter. Dominate! Fightwithyour friends anywhere, show them who is the king of the arena!Jointhe battle in the online game World Of Cartoon Robots! Avariety ofguns, ammunition and robots - all for your enjoyment! -No donat,no iap for power - only hardcore battles! - Create awesomeclanwith your friends! - Play online: many allies and enemies! -Avariety of maps and arenas - Chat with friends in chat -Nimblefingers: the most skillful player wins! - New content: wearealways adding something new in the game - new weapons, maps,andother features! - Take part in the global opening event andgetmore glory! - Stunning graphics, soft shadows and lusheffectsSubscribe for news andupdates! tips: - The game requires anInternet connection, usewifi for maximum comfort. - Received coins,open robots are storedon your device. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME beforethe update, otherwiseall achievements WILL BE LOST! We wish you apleasant game, andgood luck in arenas of World Of Cartoon Robots !
Onmyoji 1.0.51
NetEase Games
[Feature] -Clash with real players worldwide in strategicturn-basedbattles. -Summon powerful spirits called “shikigami” tofight byyour side. -Customize your shikigami team to become theultimateonmyoji. -Hundreds of shikigami to discover, each withtheir ownunique skills, skins and side stories. -Team-up with yourfriendsand guild mates to battle epic bosses and win awesomerewards!-All-star voice cast, featuring Rie Kugimiya, JunFukuyama, MiyukiSawashiro, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuki Kaji and more!-Breathtakingsoundtrack written by legendary composer ShigeruUmebayashi.[Background] In a time when demons and humanscoexisted… Evilspirits from the underworld have begun a quest forpower, strength,and dominance. The balance between the two worldsis now injeopardy.  Fortunately, there's a group of giftedhumans whocan read the stars and draw amulets. They have the powerto connectthe two worlds, and even tame the spirits. They arewilling to layeverything on the line to maintain peace and orderbetween the twoworlds. They are known as Onmyoji.  The gateto this magicalworld of spirits and beauty will now open for you…[Awards] AppStore 10 Best Apps/Games of the Year Google Play Bestof 2017: MostCompetitive Game Facebook's 2016 Game of the Year:Best Mobile Game200+ million downloads smash hit now availableworldwide! [Followus]OfficialWebsite: https://en.onmyojigame.comFacebook: support, you can submit your questions in-game
Tes Legends Decks 1.6.0
Tes Legends Decks allows the user to have the world of TheElderScrolls Legends always in your hand. Functions: - CompleteDatabasewith all the cards available - Efficient and functionalresearch onthe cards - Explore the best Decks of the community -Deck Builder- Streaming - Night Mode and Light Mode - Zoom to seethe cards inthe best way possible - Account for rating cards andmore - Ratingof the Cards - Collection Manager - Guides andTutorial Theapplication may have bug or errors of any type, pleasereport everyerror or bug to make the app better. If you want totranslate theapp in your language contact me via email. This app isnot relatedto the site
Paradex - Your Companion! 6.0.0
Companion app for Epic's (now dead) MOBA Paragon! Possiblereworkfor any future 'Paragon' Current features include Herodetails, aCard and Gem library and a Chat system. Disclaimer:“Portions ofthe materials used are ®, (tm),(mr), and/or (mc) EpicGames, Inc.,and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc., in theUnited Statesof America and elsewhere. All rights reserved, EpicGames, Inc.This material is not official and is not endorsed byEpic Games,Inc.”
Halcyon Elite Vainglory Stats 1.9.0
Our one stop mobile and web app will connect players so theycananalyze and track stats, compete in drafts, and followtheirVainglory friends. Vainglory is the leading mobile MOBAfeaturinglush graphics, intense gameplay and an ever growingcompetitivescene.***ISSUES & SUPPORT***Some of you might findthat our appresponds with "No Player Was Found...". This is becausethe VG APIis still in its infancy phases and not all data isavailable to us.Please be patient as we fully expect this app to beuseful for youhere soon.For further support on our app please visitour discordchannel for personal help and moreinformation:***Features***=In-depthPlayerStatistics= Halcyon Elite tracks your statistics by career,seasonand by game, so you don’t have to. As the API expands, sowill we.The world of MOBAs and statistics are always evolving andHalcyonElite will be in the forefront of statisticalanalysis.=DetailedGame Analysis= We offer you an ease of access tocomplicated datathat makes game analysis easy for everyone. =KnowYour Role=Halcyon Elite Isolates your performance by role so youcan see whatyou are best at, and what you need to work on.=MultiUser DraftSimulator= Compete in VG drafts with your friends and seewho cancome out on top.=Esports Tracking & Coverage= Trackstatisticsof your favorite pro teams of Vainglory.
Order & Chaos Duels 1.7.5o
Rediscover the Order & Chaos universe in this FREEcollectibletrading card game (TCG) that lets you battle with evilforces inmany adventures or fight against real players forleaderboardsupremacy. The ancient demonic spirit Zepar and hisCorruption havereturned to use the world as their twisted, wickedplayground onceagain. Create your great hero, the Card Dueler, andembody theworld’s only hope! ✔ Nearly 300 gorgeous cards tocollect, with allthe heroic fantasy art style of the Order &Chaos games (MMORPG& MOBA) ✔ Fast & accessible duels on thego withspectacular special magic effects for the cards ✔ Deepcontent& strategy with the game mechanics of a traditionaltradingcard game (TCG) ✔ Epic live and asynchronous onlinemultiplayergames ✔ Quests & adventures to fight against eviland free theworld of Haradon ✔ Optimize your deck for battle insolo &online multiplayer PvP modes Order & Chaos Duels is afreetrading card game (TCG) in a magical fantasy universe thatfeaturesonline mulitplayer battles (PvP). This free multiplayer TCGgamewill allow you to manage your deck, battle with your deck,playgames online and more. Download now for free and get on boardformany exciting multiplayer games (PvP). ---- Visit our officialsiteat Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft. Certain apps allow you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third party site. PrivacyPolicy : Terms of Use: End User License Agreement: "
Battle Bay 4.5.22485
Choose a ship, select your weapons and go to battleagainstopponents around the world. Use team strategy and firepowerto takeyour fleet to the top - it’s sink or win! – Choose your ship–Shooter has a big array of weapons, Speeder is fast andfurious,Enforcer is agile and versatile, Defender is a floatingtank, andFixer keeps friendly teammates floating. Level up yourships formore hit points and power! – Collect weapons – Collect,upgrade andevolve your weapons to gain more firepower. Choose froma hugeselection of destructive, defensive or utility items.Acquirespecial perks to further enhance the power of your gear.Whateverfits your play style and keeps your team from sinking! –Host yourown battles – Host a competition with your friends andguild matesin Custom Battles. Create a lobby and invite up to 10players into2 teams, plus up to 5 spectators. Play your own 5v5tournaments orprove your skills in 1v1 duels. – Join a Guild – Teamup with yourfriends by joining or creating a guild. Guildleaderboards pit yourcrew against other bands of blast-happycaptains. Who will rise tothe top? – Take on quests andachievements – Finish quests to earngold and sugar or go on a guildquest marathon for a chance to earnspectacular loot. Passachievements to earn pearls and powerfulitems. Prove your Infamy bycompeting in ranked two-weektournaments for exclusive rewards! ---Terms of Use: PrivacyPolicy: This game may include: Directlinksto social networking websites that are intended for anaudienceover the age of 13. Direct links to the internet that cantakeplayers away from the game with the potential to browse anywebpage. Advertising of Rovio products and also products fromselectpartners. The option to make in-app purchases. The billpayershould always be consulted beforehand. This application mayrequireinternet connectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmayapply.
Legends Library 1.7.3
This unofficial app compiles all of the game's lore (orLegends)into a searchable database. Read about the Secret World'srichstory, about supernatural places, and creatures and events fromthepoint-of-view of Gaia's Bees and from the sinister dark speakerofthe Dreaming Ones. This is not a game guide. It will not tellyouwere the Legend collectibles are located. Such a feature isbeingconsidered in a future release. In the meantime, thereareexcellent websites already dedicated to such. First andforemost,this app is a tool for lore fans to easily read andgleaninformation about the game world. You may learnsomethingsurprising, sweetling. --- Disclaimer: The Secret Worldand SecretWorld: Legends are registered trademarks of Funcom OsloAS. Theauthor of this app is unaffiliated with Funcom, and this appis notauthorized or endorsed by the company. 1.4.0 B.V.
Enter the world of Juggernaut Wars – the world of blades,sorceryand courage pitted against the malice of otherworldlymonsters andtheir minions; the world where fighting never ceases!Thwart theDevourers’ invasion and save the missing princess Leah!Dozens ofheroes with unique abilities and personalities are on yourside. Itwill take a real master of tactics to assemble a team thatwouldovercome all obstacles, defeat powerful bosses and reach thegrandfinale to shape the destiny of this world! The enemy isguardingthe secrets well, but every victory makes your teamstronger!Upgrade your heroes, collect artefacts, gather newwarriors! Proveyour skills in the campaign as well as other modes –no matterwhat, you’ll never get bored! - Outstanding graphics andspecialeffects! Heroes of Juggernaut crush everything in their wayin mostspectacular battles! - An exciting campaign: unravel theCult ofMasks’ secrets and save the world from the Devourers! - Amultitudeof modes: from arenas to side scenarios and mine assaults,yourheroes will always have work to do! - Limitless combattacticsoptions: use your heroes’ abilities skillfully and win! -Friendsand enemies await you online! Find allies and defeatcompetitors onyour path to the top of the rating!
Seven Paladins SEA: 3D RPG x MOBA Game 1.2.3
◆7 Paladin English Version - South East Asia Server◆A RPG xMOBAgame with a striking hero style, amazing skill, and tacticalgameplay!Recruit your best heroes, explore all places, fighthonorably,and defeat your enemies with strategy!Enter the excitingandcolorful world of 7 Paladins. Build your strongest team withmorethan hundreds of cool and cute heroes![BackgroundStory]Theuniverse is full of infinite power! The dark lord isdetached fromits seal.The 7 Paladins that have once locked thepower of the darklord has disappeared from the face of the earth.But everyonebelieves that the powers of the seven paladins existamong itsdescendants.[Main feature]◆ SPECTACULAR 3D RPG ◆3-Dgraphics with adetailed character design, armor and weapons!◆MARVELOUS VISUALEFFECT ◆Jaw breaking skill animation! Cast spell orattack youropponent with style.◆ STUNNING HEROES ◆Recruit hundredsof heroes!Knights, Ninja, Mage, Demon and other mysterioussecretcharacters.◆ SIMPLE YET EXCITING GAME PLAY ◆Breathtakingbattle!Unleash hero skill with a single tap!◆ TOWER DEFENSE ◆Selectandbuild your strongest tower to defend the emperor.◆ MOBAMODES◆Charge with full attack, or wait for the creep wave inMOBAmodes.◆ REAL TIME PVP ◆Duel, Team battle, and Guild War! Themostepic battles start here!◆ WORLD BOSS ◆Defeat the strongestMonsterwith your partner! Do not let the dark lord conquer theuniverse!◆UNLIMITED FEATURES & EVENTS ◆Various intriguingfeatures willhelp you fulfill your destiny as 7Paladins!Fanpage:*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*READ_PHONE_STATE- For player analysis anddata*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed foranalyticstracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
Primal Legends 18.46.30579-prod+3d5b21c0556a
Assemble an army to fight through the world of Theria andduelplayers in real time!Become Legend!FEATURES- INNOVATIVECOREGAMEPLAYEasy to play, hard to master. Mix between classicmatch-3mechanics and collectible card games. - AN EPICADVENTUREPerseverethrough the trials of Theria in over 300 levels.-COMPETE AGAINSTTHE WORLDDuel players from around the world inreal-time battles.Join the fight, get trophies and win exclusiverewards at the endof every season! - BUILD YOUR ARMYAdapt yourstrategy and build thestrongest army. Collect and evolve yourheroes to unleash theirfull potential!- NEW HEROES IN THETAVERNStay tuned and discoverthe latest heroes and their powers-STUNNING ART STYLE ANDGRAPHICSVisually striking 2D graphicsdesigned for a trulyimmersive mobile experiencePrimal Legends iscompletely freeStrategy game. It is free to download and play butsome game itemsmay be purchased for real money. *Primal Legendsrequires internetconnectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmay apply. JoinPrimal Legends onFacebook you and see you inTheria andin the arena!
7 Paladins Thailand: 3D RPG x MOBA 1.1.6
A RPG x MOBA game with a striking hero style, amazing skill,andtactical game play!Recruit your best heroes, explore allplaces,fight honorably, and defeat your enemies with strategy!Entertheexciting and colorful world of 7 Paladins. Build yourstrongestteam with more than hundreds of cool and cuteheroes![BackgroundStory]The universe is full of infinite power! Thedark lord isdetached from its seal.The 7 Paladins that have oncelocked thepower of the dark lord has disappeared from the face ofthe earth.But everyone believes that the powers of the sevenpaladins existamong its descendants.[Main feature]◆ SPECTACULAR 3DRPG ◆3-Dgraphics with a detailed character design, armor andweapons!◆MARVELOUS VISUAL EFFECT ◆Jaw breaking skill animation!Cast spellor attack your opponent with style.◆ STUNNING HEROES◆Recruithundreds of heroes! Knights, Ninja, Mage, Demon andothermysterious secret characters.◆ SIMPLE YET EXCITING GAMEPLAY◆Breathtaking battle! Unleash hero skill with a single tap!◆TOWERDEFENSE ◆Select and build your strongest tower to defendtheemperor.◆ MOBA MODES ◆Charge with full attack, or wait forthecreep wave in MOBA modes.◆ REAL TIME PVP ◆Duel, Team battle,andGuild War! The most epic battles start here!◆ WORLD BOSS◆Defeatthe strongest Monster with your partner! Do not let the darklordconquer the universe!◆ UNLIMITED FEATURES & EVENTS◆Variousintriguing features will help you fulfill your destiny as7Paladins!Website:*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using differentaccounts*READ_PHONE_STATE- For player analysis anddata*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed foranalyticstracker, to identify behavior for specific users.