Top 49 Apps Similar to Pitbull HD Wallpaper New 2019

Timestamp Camera Free 1.159
Yubin Chen
Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestampstonew videos. ● Add current time and location when recordingvideosor taking photos, you can change time format or select thelocationaround easily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that canrecordvideo with the time watermark accurate tomillisecond(0.001second). - Support 61 timestamp formats - Supportchange font, fontcolor, font size - Support set timestamp in 7positions: top left,top center, top right, bottom left, bottomcenter, bottom right,center - Support auto add location address andGPS - Support changetimestamp opacity and background - Support addaltitude and speedon camera ● Support display custom text and emojion camera. Forexample, you can input "Good day at the zoo" ●Support display map,you can change the map scale, transparency,size, position ●Support display compass on camera ● Support displaycustom logoimage on camera ● Support record video with or withoutaudio ●Support "Battery saver mode", the brightness of screen willbe0%~100% of normal when turn it on. Support double-tap to turnonthe "Battery saver mode" ● Support turn off the shutter soundwhenshooting ● All of the time effects are real-time and can beusedwhen taking photo or video ● Can change effect, toggle camerawhenrecording ● Support portrait and landscape ● Supportchangeresolution ● Support capture photo when recording ● Supportsavephoto and video to SD card directly, enable it in theadvancesetting If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you canpay forthe pro version from Google Play which costs $4.99. And youonlyneed to pay for once and use it forever. Don't trust anybodythatcharge you outsides the Google Play. Please if you have any problem or suggestions.Thankyou.
DJI Ronin 1.2.4
DJI Ronin App Main Features: Real-time Parameter AdjustmentsSupportfor Bluetooth 4.0 Support for DJI Ronin2 DJI Ronin2Features: GimbalSettings: Motor, SmoothTrack,Remote Control GimbalStatus MonitoringGimbal Advanced Control
[Beauty] Virtual beauty effect would occur to photos and videoswhenthey are taken. You may beautify by manual your eye size,face, noseand other facial organs on the web as if you received amicrocosmetic surgery. [Makeup] You can take nice photos withoutmakeup.You may turn yourself into a beauty expert immediately byselectingvirtual facial makeup such as lip, eyelash and eyeline![2D sticker]Thousands of lively stickers and various styles suchas kitty andlittle ears are updated every day. [Taking GIF videos]You may takeGIF videos and shift your styles at ease. [Tips]•Android versions:Android4.4.4 and later [Contact us] If you haveany questions orcomments, please do not hesitate to contact us.Our engineer willgive you support at working hours. [Privacy Policy] *Read/write andstorage permissions For reading and storingphotos/videos toalbums * Camera permissions Used for turning onthe camera,previewing/taking photos and video recording *Recordingpermissions Used to record audio while recording video *Mobiledevice/phone permissions User's mobilephonestatus (IMEI/IMSI) is collected for useraccountverification and ensuring user account security. It is alsousedfor operational statistics and errors/crash analysis, so wecanbetter improve the app's user experience! Note: When usingAlipayfor services such as"Print mall”(only available in mainlandChina,including Hong Kong and Macau) it will usethe'getLine1Number' method and collect the user's SIMcard datatoensure payment security!
SODA - Natural Beauty Camera 1.9.4
SNOW, Inc.
The selfie camera that everyone's been waiting for.IntroducingSoda, the easy and effortless beauty camera. • Theperfectcombination of filters and makeup Don't worry any more aboutwhichmakeup and filter to use. Capture the most trendy styles withjustone touch. • Beauty effects applied in real time Take theperfectselfie the first time around with no need for further editsApplyblemish-free skin touch-ups and natural beauty effects inrealtime. • A diverse selection of color filters optimized forselfiesTry out the filters that best suit your skin! Capture anarray ofdifferent moods using various selfie filters. • Take yourphotosfrom ordinary to extraordinary using the Portrait effect.Simplytap an area of the photo to adjust its focus and createsomethingmarvelous. • High resolution mode for exceptional selfiesWhat's aselfie camera without the best in image quality? Takeclearerselfies using our high resolution mode. - Face TechnologybySenseTime Image Segmentation & Bokeh Technology byNALBI.IncFamily Apps : B612, Snow, Foodie, Looks [DescriptionofPermissions] CAMERA: Take a picture or video. LOCATION:Recordlocation information in the shooting result. AUDIO: Recordsound ina video. READ EXTERNAL STORAGE : Import and edit photosfromexternal memory. WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Save photos toexternalmemory.
Sprint Complete Storage 1.1.97
The only app with true high resolution, Complete Storage givesyouunlimited* storage space to backup all your photos andvideos**.Organize, sort and share photos with family and friends,and useOptimize to help you find photos you can remove tode-clutter yourgallery and free up space on your device. •Automatic: Backup isseamless any time the app is running with noneed to plug into acomputer • Optimize: De-clutter your gallery andfree up space byeasily by getting rid of photos that are similar,blurry, oldscreenshots, and more. • Explore: Auto organized photosto makeyour search & share experience easy. • Storage:Unlimited*space for all of your photos and videos. • Speed:Lightning fastupload speeds that won’t leave you lagging. •Security: Encryptedwith bank-level security for complete privacy •Restore: Simply tap‘Download’ to restore backed up items to yourdevice. • EditPhotos: Make your photos look great with the edittool. If you needhelp installing the app, call 877-649-0882 Who’sEligible? TheComplete Storage app is available for Android devices.• 5 GBstorage included at no cost—every Sprint customer iseligible. •Sprint Complete customers receive Unlimited storage.ImportantNotes Complete Storage is powered by Asurion. The CompleteStorageapp can only be used on compatible Android devices.*Unlimitedcloud storage available only to Sprint Complete programcustomers.**There may be limitations on the size of each video thatcan bebacked up and secured.
SW360 3.0.17
* Support panoramic IP Camera, 180°360°and 720° super wideviewangle * Support digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom * Easy smart wifi setting*Support log in with Cloud Technology * Support motion alertCloudPush message * Support real time multi-channel live view *Supportsharing function * Support remote playback * Local recordingandplayback * Support two-way audio talk * AP mode, supportusingwithout internet * Support version updating automatically
SELPHY Photo Layout 1.0.0
Canon Inc.
Canon SELPHY Photo Layout is an application that allowsyoutocreate/save layouts of images to be printed withSELPHYusingimages stored on your smartphone or tablet *1.*1:ARM-powereddevices only. [Key Features] - Create image layoutsforSELPHY -Printing with SELPHY (Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY mustbeinstalledseparately) - Save Image Printing History[SupportedProducts] -SELPHY CP900, CP910, CP1200, CP1300 [Systemrequirement[Android4.4/5.0-5.1/6.0/7.0-7.1/8.0-8.1 [SupportedImages] JPEG,PNG[Supported Layouts] - Select & Print - N-upLayout -BookmarkLayout - Shuffle Layout - Combination Layout -LabelLayout[Supported Paper Size] All available SELPHY-specificpapersizesfor purchase *2 - Postcard Size - L (3R)Size - CardSize*2:availability may differ depneding on region. [ImportantNotes] -Ifapplication does not operate properly, try againaftershuttingdown the application. - Features and servicesavailable inthisapplication may differ depending on the model,country orregion,and environment. - Visit your local Canon Webpages formoredetails.
PanoramaCrop for Instagram 1.7.1
Rediscover your panoramas with a swipe Keep your Instagram’sfeedalive with swipeable panoramas! PanoramaCrop easily splitsyourwide photos so you can make the most out of the newInstagram’smulti photo posts. 📸 Show every detail of your panoramaswith aswipe! With PanoramaCrop features you can do it all: • Slicesup to10 pictures with one touch 👈 • Crop, Resize, Rotate and Zoominwith one app ◽◻️⬜ • Ajustable sizes as supported byInstagram(ratios 16:9 - 4:5) ⬛◼️◾ • Preserves photo quality 📷 •Highresolution image support 👌 • Preview your photos and save themtothe gallery ✔️ Swipe to sweep everyone off their feet! ✨ Followuson Instagram @PanoramaCrop and use our hashtag#PanoramaCrop.
In Timestamp Camera Free 1.105
Yubin Chen
It is a special version of "Timestamp Camera" for Instagram, Ithasbeen optimized for Instagram. You can add date and locationtextwatermark to photo and video and share to Instagram, soyourfriends will know when and where it exactly happened. Mainfeatures● Add current time and location when recording orcapturing, youcan change time format or select the location aroundeasily.Timestamp Camera is maybe the only App that can record videowiththe time accurate to second. - Support 20 timestamp format-Support change font, font color, font size - Support settimestampin 6 positions: top left, top center, top right, bottomleft,bottom center, bottom right - Support auto add location. -Supportchange timestamp opacity ● Support display custom text andemoji oncamera. For example, you can input "Good day at the zoo" ●Supportportrait and landscape ● Support change resolution Pleasemail if you have any problem or suggestions.Thankyou.
HUAWEI 3D Live Maker
Only support HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro & PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate20RS. Huawei 3D Live Maker lets you scan objects and bring themtolife with AR. Scanning your object. This feature works bestwithfluffy toys and plastic models. The object should be between15-35cm in length. For best results, scan your object in abright,well-lit area. Bring your model to life with AR. Choose fromarange of actions including jumping, dancing, and even kung fu.
com.meitu.oxygen 2.3.15
Meitu, Inc.
Break through the limitations of smartphone photography andcapturethe delicate texture of your skin. Bring your natural,genuinebeauty to life with O2Cam. Take photos that look flawless ineverydetail. All-new O2 Set and Adjust function Grant your photosahigh-quality, elegant look. ———Take photos that breathe——— #O2SetNoise, smoke & fog, window lights, flares... all elementshelpto create a great atmosphere. Every set comes with tastefulfiltersand makeup looks customized by fashion experts. Every setwill makecreating natural, exquisite photos easier than ever. Justsnap awayand let O2Cam make all your dreams come true. #AdjustDozens ofdelicate yet natural facial adjustments; preserve the lookof theuser's skin in the photo. "Subtle yet detailed adjustmentsmakecustomizing your makeup incredibly easy. " It is you todefinebeauty and delicacy. #Smart AI A brand-new algorithm thathelps toautomatically enhance and adjust photos according totheenvironment they're taken in. Say no to boring selfies thatalllook the same! Customize your very own classy, elegantphotoqualities and make your selfies pop. With O2Cam, yourphotosexpress who you are
VICOOL 2.0.16
The VICOOL App is developed specified for Feiyu VIMBLE2serialhandheld smartphone gimbal. Users can perform variousoperationsvia this app, including: 1, video recording 2, takingphotos 3,camera configuration: white balance, explosure and so on4,zoom inand zoom out 5, face tracing 6, Panorama photos 7, Videoclip andso on. Enjoy your creative life with VICOOL
GoPro 6.1
Tell an epic story in minutes. The GoPro app makes it easytooffload your footage and start creating right away. Capturefromhard-to-reach places by controlling your GoPro from a distanceandcheck out your shots with the app. Get pro-level edits andthatGoPro look for awesome photos and videos. Add game-changingeffectsand music, and share the radness. --- Key Features ---Control yourGoPro from a distance. Frame the perfect shot with livepreview andget full remote control of all camera functions. Easilyadjustsettings, start and stop recording, and more—all from yourphone.Check out your shots. View photos and play back videos. Cliptheparts you like, grab photos from your videos and share. [1]Epicedits—automatically. Kick back as your latest footage moves toyourphone and transforms into a rad video with music and effects.Picka theme, get instant flavor. Amp up the awesome withuniqueeffects, transitions and filters. Share the shot on the spot.Postyour favorite photos and videos anywhere you want. Send it.Live.You can also live stream to Facebook Pages, Profiles andGroups,YouTube and compatible video platforms that support an RTMPURL.[2] Unlimited cloud backup with GoPro PLUS. GoPro PLUSsubscriberscan automatically save every pic and vid to thecloud—all in theiroriginal quality. [3] Access + share fromanywhere. GoPro PLUSsubscribers can access their entire cloudlibrary and share theirfavorite shots anytime, anywhere. [3] Keepyour GoPro up to date.Easily update your camera to get the latestfeatures and bestperformance. [4] --- Camera Compatibility --- •HERO8 • HERO7 •Fusion • HERO6 • HERO (2018) • HERO5 • HERO4 • HEROSession •HERO3+ • HERO3 (requires camera software update, • HERO+ --- System Requirements --- OS 7 orlaterFor full compatibility details, visit ---Footnotes--- [1] Compatible with videos captured in select modesonly. [2]Compatible with HERO7 Black cameras and later. Facebookapp andaccount required. YouTube account required. [3] GoPro PLUSis asubscription service available in select countries. Cancelanytime.GoPro PLUS cloud storage does not support content capturedwithGoPro Fusion. “Automatically” requires the camera to beconnectedto the GoPro app or Wi-Fi. Separate data fees may for info and availability. [4] CompatiblewithHERO8, HERO7, Fusion, HERO6, HERO (2018), HERO5, HERO4,HEROSession, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only. 1.10.14
“Panasonic Image App” is an application that makes it possibletouse your smartphone to remotely control the shooting andplaybackfunctions of a Wi-Fi-compatible digital camera/digitalvideocamera, and to perform upload operations to SNS (SocialNetworkingService) sites. The following major functions areavailable withthis application. ・You can watch the same image as onthe Live Viewscreen of your digital camera/digital video camera onyoursmartphone, and control shooting and other camera operationsaswith a wireless remote controller. (*1) ・You can play backanddelete still pictures and videos recorded using yourdigitalcamera/digital video camera on your smartphone. (*2) (*3)You canalso copy them to your smartphone, and upload them to SNSsites.(*3) ・If your smartphone is equipped with NFC functions, youcanperform the initial Wi-Fi settings and establish aconnectionsimply by touching your digital camera/digital videocamera withyour smartphone. (*4) Additional functions for digitalcameras・This app allows you to implement continuous connection withadigital camera that has Bluetooth function and makeWi-Ficonnections and perform remote operation just with yoursmartphone. It also allows you to apply location information torecordedimages and easily perform automatic transfer of images.(*5)・Ifyour smartphone is equipped with NFC functions, you cantransferrecorded still pictures stored in your digital camera toyoursmartphone simply by touching your digital camera withyoursmartphone. (*4) ・You can make settings to automaticallytransferstill pictures recorded with your digital camera toyoursmartphone. ・You can add location information acquired withyoursmartphone to pictures recorded using your digitalcamera.Additional functions for digital video cameras ・Byinstalling adigital video camera, you can monitor your home whileyou are outby checking the image on your smartphone, and speak tothose athome and take pictures. (*3) (*6) (*7) (*1) With DMC-SZ8 /SZ9 /SZ10 / TZ55 / TZ56 / TZ57 / TZ58 / ZS35 / ZS45, it is notpossibleto remotely record videos from a smartphone. (*2) WithDMC-FT5 /GF6 / LF1 / SZ8 / SZ9 / SZ10 / TS5 / TZ37 / TZ40 / TZ41 /TZ55 /TZ56 / TZ57 / TZ58 / ZS27 / ZS30 / ZS35 / ZS45, it is onlypossibleto play back still pictures. (*3) Not supported onHC-X1000. (*4)This function can only be used with devices thatsupport NFC. (*5)This function can only be used with devices thatsupport Bluetooth4.0 or above (Bluetooth low energy technology).(*6) Not supportedon HX-A100 / A500 / WA30. (*7) Not supported onHX-A1H/A1M.[Compatible Operating Systems]   Android 4.4 - 9 [Notes]・Bluetoothfunction can only be used with smart phones (Android 5.0and above)equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and above (Bluetooth lowenergytechnology). ・The NFC functions can only be used with asmartphonethat is also equipped with NFC functions. ・Be aware thatwhen usingthe location information recording function, continueduse of theGPS function can lead to a dramatic decrease in batterycapacity.・In order to use the SNS upload functions or the CloudSync.Service, you must first obtain a service user ID forPanasonic’sLUMIX CLUB (free of charge). ・For information on usingthis app orcompatible models, visit the following supportpage.・Pleaseunderstand that we will not be able to contact you directlyeven ifyou use the “Email Developer” link. ・The function totransferimages to an AV device can no longer be used. (Version1.10.7 andlater)
B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera
SNOW, Inc.
• Over 1,500 diverse stickers    - Facialrecognitionstickers that can distort your face or turn you into acute animal   - Shiny effects and stylish analog filtersto brightenyour day     - Various drawing effectsthat you candraw as you take a video. • Real-time beauty effects toget theperfect shot at once    - Perfect skin with asingletap     - Find your ideal face shape withaneasy-to-use slider • Immaculate filters to suit your taste  - High quality filters perfect for selfies, food,landscapes,or any occasion    - Quick access to yourfavorite andmost used filters • Easily create high quality musicvideos   - Pair your videos with exciting tunes   - Diverseeffects and playback speeds for more dynamic musicvideos • Meetcute characters that come to life using AR stickers(Augmentedreality features are only available on some devices.) •Take funboomerang videos that play on a loop • Use editing toolsfromgallery to make your existing photos more special • Createcollageswhere you can see all your best moments in one place FaceTechnology by SenseTime Image Segmentation & BokehTechnologyby NALBI.Inc
insFull - big profile photo picture 2.1.0
No password required. No request any token. Full-screen, enlargebiginstagram profile photos. The InsFull allows you to searchpeople byname or username. You can see the full screen view of theprofilephoto. Very high resolution profile photo. insFull does notrequireor request any security information.. If you want todownload &view full screen instagram profile photos of anyoneyou should typea name or username in the input. And search allinstagram usersdatabase. Find it and see & download insta bigprofile photo.Features: • Search • Free • 8x zoom • Highresolution • Profilephoto files will be saved as username.jpg •You can find any profile
1 Hour Photo Prints - CVS, Walmart & Walgreens 1.6.15
MailPix Inc.
Order photo prints from your phone and pickup your prints atover18,000 CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens & DuaneReadelocations. Our easy to use Photo Print App will let youtransformyour memories into stunning prints quickly. In addition toclassicphoto prints in 1 hour, we also offer custom greetingcardprinting. Use your best memories to create stunning printsandcards with ease while enjoying the convenience of same daypickup!Pick up in 1 hour at CVS:4x6 photo prints 5x7 photo prints8x10photo prints6x6 photo prints8x8 photo prints 4x8 photogreetingcardsPick up in 1 hour at Walmart:4x6 photo prints 5x7photo prints8x10 photo prints 4x4 photo prints5x5 photo prints8x8photoprints4x8 photo greeting cardsPick up in 1 hour at Pick up in1hour at Walgreens:4x6 photo prints 5x7 photo prints8x10photoprints 4x4 photo prints8x8 photo printsAre you looking for aquickway to turn your favorite digital images into the bestqualityphoto prints? Download our 1 hour print to CVS Pharmacy,Walmart,Walgreens & Duane Reade app for Phone and Tablet toeasilyupload your favorite photos directly from your mobiledevice.Easily choose your print sizes and quantities and placeyourorder.Easy app download for quick access to print yourphotos.Photo printing service available at over 18,000 CVSPharmacy,Walmart, Walgreens & Duane Reade locations. Printingto 18,000CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens & Duane Reade allowsyou toenjoy your favorite photos with convenience and highquality.Fromwedding pictures to your kids’ first day of school,there arecountless occasions throughout our lives that we hold dearto us.While these treasured moments are fleeting, we are luckyenough tocapture each one with our cameras and smart phones.Instead ofstoring each photo on your phone, computer or hard drive,why notenjoy each cherished memory as high quality photos withbold, richcolors. Use your new photographic prints to fill yourfavoritedecorative frames or add to your scrapbook. Celebrate thebesttimes of your life with beautifully printed pictures andregaleyour friends and family year after year, all with our freephotoapp!Print your photos in about an hour and share with yourfriendsand family.Need your photos in hurry? Maybe you are throwingascrapbooking party after work or you can’t wait to show yourkidsyour recent vacation photos after they get home from school.Youcan place your order in minutes with your phone and spread joytoyour loved ones. Printing your photos same day couldn’t besimpler.Just download the 1 Hour Photo Prints app to your phone,selectyour photos from your photo library and place your order.Then,while you are out running errands, go to your most convenientCVS,Walmart, Walgreens or Duane Reade Store and pick upyourphotos.Custom Photo Cards In A SnapIf you’re looking for aphotogreeting card app, then look no further than 1 Hour Photo.Inaddition to 1 hour photos, we offer 4x8 personalized greetingcardsthat are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Choose photos rightfromyour phone and use them to create photo greeting cardswithpersonality and style. You can even select from differenttemplatesto compliment your pictures and your own personalizedgreeting.When you need to send out custom greeting cards fast, youcan’t gowrong! Place your order in minutes from your Android phoneandchoose your most convenient CVS, Walmart or Walgreen’s orDuaneReade store for 1 hour pick up. By the end of the day, you’llhavestunning photo greeting cards ready to go so you can send themoutto loved ones, no matter the occasion.Upload your images fromyourphone and get started with making your memories come to life.
FreePrints Photobooks – Free book every month 2.3.5
FreePrints Photobooks – fast, convenient and FREE! Everyonelovesphoto books, but making them has always beencumbersome,time-consuming and costly. The FreePrints Photobooks appchangesall that with the fastest, easiest way to create beautifulphotobooks—right on your Android phone or tablet. And best of all,youget one 20-page 5x7 standard softcover photo book every monthforFREE! You pay only a small shipping charge. There are nocatches—nosubscriptions or commitments. Just free photo books.Here’s how itworks. ★ Get one free 5x7 standard softcover coverphoto book everymonth. ★ Optional premium hardcovers in 6x8 and8.5x11.5 are alsoavailable. ★ Start out with 20 pages. Or add morepages for a smalladditional charge. ★ Pay only a small shippingcharge of $7.99. Ourshipping charge never changes, no matter howmany books you order.★ There are no subscriptions or commitments.Create a photo bookwhenever you like. ★ We guarantee 100%satisfaction or your moneyback! It’s beyond easy. ★ Add photos fromjust about anywhere—yourdevice or sources like Facebook, Instagram,Dropbox, Google Photosand previous FreePrints orders. ★ Photo booksarrive on yourdoorstep in just days. ★ You’ll find yourself comingback monthafter month. Now that photo books are free, there’s noreason towait for a special occasion! All FreePrints photobooksfeaturepremium papers, vivid color and long-lasting laminatecovers.Interior pages are printed on acid-free, archival paper withasatin finish that makes photos sharp and vibrant. They’reprintedand bound in the U.S. using the highest quality standards.ABOUTFREEPRINTS: FreePrints Photobooks is a member of thegrowingFreePrints family of mobile apps, each dedicated todesigningpersonalized products quickly, easily and affordably. Thepopularoriginal FreePrints app lets you order 1,000 free 4x6 photoprintseach year, paying only a small shipping charge. We’re gladyou’rehere – and we believe you’ll find our apps, products andservicesto be the very best in the business. We hope you enjoyusingFreePrints Photobooks! Copyright © 2012-2018 PlanetArt, LLC.Allrights reserved. FreePrints, FreePrints Photobooks andtheFreePrints Photobooks logo are trademarks of PlanetArt, LLC.
Flip Image (Crop + Mirror + Rotate) 1.4
- Crop/Rotate pictures on your device - Flip any picture onyourdevice vertically or horizontally - Easy to Edit, Save andSharepictures
Add Watermark on Photos 2.4
Try it for Free! Watermark your photos, right from yourphone.Create and Apply Fully customizable watermarks (We aren'tkidding).Watermark your content to Protect from unauthorized use(Copyright)OR Apply digital signature to create your Brand. Addwatermark onphotos provides a complete watermarking solution righton yourphone FEATURES - Create and Save Watermarks Save yourwatermarks astemplates. Choose from preset templates or use yourown logo. -Batch Processing Watermark hundreds of files at once. -Preview& Adjust Preview Photos before applying Watermarks,ChangePatern, position style on individual photos before processinginbatch. - Custom Text Watermarks Create fully customizedwatermarksin seconds. Edit text, color, font, size, rotation,background andmore. - Watermark Patterns Choose one of ourpre-built pattern toquickly add style to your watermark. - Use YourCompany Logo OrCreate One Watermarks can also be imported in theform of an imagesuch as a company logo - Copyright Symbols Makeyour watermarkofficial with a copyright, trademark or a registeredsymbol. -Pixel-perfect Positioning Position your watermarks withprecision.All photos in batch are updated simultaneously. - FontsGalloreChoose from hundreds of integrated fonts - Automatic TilingForultimate protection, your custom watermarks can beautomaticallytiled across the whole photo. - Cross Pattern Forultimateprotection, your custom watermarks can be crossed withyourwatermark in the middle. - Digital Signature Digitally signyourpictures and create your own brand. Start protecting yourcontenttoday!
Photo Exif Editor - Metadata Editor 2.2.8
Banana Studio
Photo Exif Editor allows you to view, modify and remove theExifdata of your pictures. You can also change the location ofpictureto anywhere. In this case, Photo Exif Editor acts as Photolocationchanger, GPS photo viewer or Photo place editor. Or toremove/stripall Exif tags inside the photos. In this case, PhotoExif Editoracts as Exif remover, or Photo data stripper. With theclear userinterface, Photo Exif Editor is an easy to use tool thathelps youto correct the missing information of your favoritephotos. If youwant to support, consider to get the Pro version withno ads andmore features. NOTICE Android 4.4 (Kitkat) does notallownon-system application to write file to the external sdcard.Pleaseread more at: ToopenCamera, long tap on the Gallery button What is the Exif dataofpicture? • It contains Camera settings, for example,staticinformation such as the camera model and make, andinformation thatvaries with each image such as orientation(rotation), aperture,shutter speed, focal length, metering mode,and ISO speedinformation. • It also includes the GPS ( GlobalPositioningSystem) tag for holding location information where thephoto wastaken. What can Photo Exif Editor do? • Browse and viewExifinformation from Android Gallery or from Photo ExifEditor'sintegrated photo browser. • Add or correct the locationwhere photowas taken using Google Maps. • Batch editing multiplephotos. •Remove all photo information to protect your privacy. •Add,modify, remove EXIF tags: - GPS coordinates/GPS location -Cameramodel - Camera maker - Captured time - Orientation (rotation)-Aperture - Shutter speed - Focal length - ISO speed -Whitebalance. - And much more tags... If you're facing any problem,wantnew feature or have feedback to improve this application,don'thesitate to send it to us via the support email:support@xnano.netPermission explanation: - WiFi Permission: Thisapplicationrequires network connection to load the Map (GoogleMap). -Location permission: This is an optional permission to allowtheMap to identify your current location. For example in the caseofapplication Maps", there is a button on the map, when you tapsonit, the map moves to your current location. On Android6.0(Marshmallow) and above, you can choose to deny thislocationpermission.
FreePrints Photo Tiles 6.0.0
FreePrints Photo Tiles™ – Custom wall art made affordable. Nowit’seasy to get your favorite pictures off of your phone and ontoyourwall. Mix and match as many photo tiles as you like to designacustom collage for any space. FreePrints Photo Tilesarelightweight photo panels that easily stick to walls with noneedfor a hammer and nails. And they unstick just as easily,whichmeans you can move them anywhere you like. FreePrints PhotoTilesare custom manufactured with state-of-the-artdigital printingand a durable patent-pending plastic mountingmade entirely in theUSA. No frame required. And they’re guaranteedfor life! Makingyour FreePrints Photo Tiles is fun, easy andaffordable. Justselect a set of photos from your phone or fromFacebook orInstagram or countless other sources, and you’redone.FreePrints Photo Tiles are one-of-a-kind and bring punchandpersonality to any wall in your home or office. And best ofall,you get a premium photo tile every month for free.Allyou pay is a small shipping charge. Here’s how it works. • Getonefree 8x8-inch premium photo tile every month. • Additional8x8-inchpremium photo tiles are only $9 each. • Order as many asyou like.There’s no minimum order. • Pay only a small shippingcharge of$7.99, no matter how many tiles you order. • There arenosubscriptions or commitments. Add photo tiles to yourcollectionwhenever you like. It’s beyond easy. • Select as manyphotos as youlike. Crop them if you wish. • Your photo tiles willarrive on yourdoorstep in just days. • Each tile comes with foursmall adhesivepads stuck to the back. Easily peel off theprotective film on thefour pads. Then simply press your tile ontothe wall. • You’ll findyourself coming back month after month toadd to your collection.LIFETIME GUARANTEE We know you are going tolove your FreePrintsPhoto Tiles experience. But just in case … Ifwithin the first 30days you are not completely satisfied with yourorder, we will behappy to provide a complete refund. We alsoprovide a lifetimeguarantee against defects. Your FreePrints PhotoTiles will arriveperfect and stay that way.  We guaranteeit or willgladly provide you with a replacement withoutcharge. ABOUTFREEPRINTS FreePrints Photo Tiles is a member of thegrowingFreePrints family of mobile apps, each dedicated todesigningpersonalized products quickly, easily and affordably. Thepopularoriginal FreePrints app lets you order 1,000 free 4x6 photoprintseach year, paying only a small shipping charge.FreePrintsPhotobooks gives you a free photo book every month. AndnowFreePrints Photo Tiles makes wall décor affordable with afreephoto tile every month. We’re glad you’re here – and webelieveyou’ll find our apps, products and services to be the verybest inthe business. We hope you enjoy using FreePrints PhotoTiles!Copyright © 2012-2018 PlanetArt, LLC. All rightsreserved.FreePrints, FreePrints Photo Tiles and the FreePrintsPhoto Tileslogo are trademarks of PlanetArt, LLC.
Timestamp Camera ENT Free 1.152
Yubin Chen
This app can add non-forged date, time, location and GPSwatermarkon photo and video. By getting the current time from thenetwork,the photo and video will still have a real time watermarkeven ifthe user changes the phone time. This app can be used in avarietyof occasions which need real time and location, such as theworkreport of the construction site , traffic accident scene,goodstransfer, private detective work, evidence of borrowed itemsand soon. The main features: ● Add the current date, time, GPSandaddress watermark when taking photo or video. - Supportschangefont, font color, font size. - Supports set timestamp in7positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left,bottomcenter, bottom right,center. - Supports auto add address andGPS. -Supports input and display custom text on camera. - Supportschangeopacity of text and text background. ● Supports import logoimageto display on the camera. Can change the position, size,marginsand transparency of the logo. ● Supports change videoresolution. ●Supports power saving mode of black screen. ● Supportsrecord videowithout audio. ● Can pause and continue recordfragments to onevideo. ● Can toggle camera when recording. ●Supports portrait andlandscape. If you have any questions orsuggestions, please emailto Thank you.
Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera 4.4.2
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful, yet intuitivecameraapp and photo editor. Lightroom empowers you to capture andeditbeautiful images while helping you to become a betterphotographer.With easy-to-use tools like sliders and filters forpictures,Lightroom makes photo editing simple. And you can retouchyourfull-resolution photos anywhere - on mobile, the web, oryourdesktop. Now you can access all your Lightroom presets, andeditsand retouches on one device are automatically appliedeverywhereelse. PRO-LEVEL CAMERA Unlock your phone camera'spotential withunique controls. Choose from exposure, timer, instantpresets andmore. Get more detailed shots with advanced capturemodes such asraw, professional, and HDR. EDIT YOUR PHOTOS ANYWHERECreatepowerful images with one of the world’s most complete andintuitivephoto editing apps. Just tap and drag sliders to improvelight andcolor, apply filters for pictures, and more - wherever youare.Breathe life into your photo effects with theseindustry-leadingtools. Easy-to-use sliders give you completecontrol over the lightand color properties of your photos. Refineand tweak colors onyour photo to make them pop. Crop and Rotatetools let you find thesize and aspect ratio that will frame yourwork just right. Theadvanced picture editor helps you to finessethe details. Takecomplete control of your image by making selectiveadjustments andremoving just about anything from your photo, nomatter how big orsmall, with the Healing Brush. Precisely edit anypart of a photowith your finger or stylus to apply enhancementswith exact detail.Create super clean shots with straight lines byadjusting theperspective of your image with powerful upright,guided upright,and Geometry slider tools. Interactive tutorials:Get inspired andlearn how to use the photo editor to its fullpotential bycompleting step-by-step lessons curated by fellowphotographers.LIGHTROOM PRESETS SIMPLIFY PHOTO EDITING: Fine tuneyour photoediting by using presets - filters for pictures withunlimitedcustomization options. Picture editor presets make everystep inthe adjustment process visible so that you can learn to doityourself. Combine customizable presets to recreate yourfavoritephoto effects time and time again with just one click.Lightroom isa picture editor that enables you to be even morecreative. SMARTORGANIZATION FOR YOUR PHOTOS Save time on organizingso you canfocus on your photography. Adobe Sensei harnesses thepower ofartificial intelligence to automatically tag and organizeyourphotos based on the objects or people that are in them. Aquicksearch for “mountains” or “Maria” will surface all the photoswiththose elements in them. Lightroom photo editor comes equippedwithorganizational tools like ratings and flags so you can markthephotos you like best and create albums with a click.WORRY-FREEADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD STORAGE: The Lightroom image editoris thebest cloud-based service for people who love photography.Back upyour original photos and edits to access them on otherdevices, aswell as through Lightroom on web. Adjust yourfull-resolution shotsand have both your originals and edits backedup to the cloud.Organize with searchable keywords that areautomatically appliedwithout the hassle of tagging. ADVANCED PHOTOSHARING Easily createand share a Group Album where you can inviteothers to contributeto the album and access everyone’s photos in asingle place.Lightroom web galleries enable you to easily showcaseyour photosonline. Photo edits sync seamlessly, so any changes youmake arealways up-to-date *Full raw HDR capture mode is currentlysupportedon devices that contain advanced processing and memorycapabilitiesincluding but not limited to devices such as - SamsungS7, S7 Edge,S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel2 XL, Pixel3, Pixel 3 XL, and OnePlus 5.
Framelapse Pro 4.0
Neximo Labs
A full featured app for creating stunning time-lapse videos onyourAndroid™ device. Record high quality time-lapse clipseffortlesslythanks to the simple, fast and intuitive interface.PROBONUS :- Noads.- Custom frame interval (Speed) ranging from 0.1seconds up to24 hours.- Custom video duration.- Custom self timerfor recordingdelay.- Custom bit rate.- White balance lock.-Exposure Lock.-Wizard mode to set frame interval automatically.-Sleep mode(screen off) while recording which reduces batterydrainsignificantlyFEATURES :- Frame Interval to adjust speed.- Setvideoduration to automatically stop recording.- Inbuilt calculatortoknow recording duration.- Zoom and autofocus options.- Selftimer,white balance, color effects, exposure compensation.- Frontandback camera support.- Video resolution and rotation.- Outputvideois high quality mp4 format and can be played on anydevice.-Instant playback and no rendering time.- Video frame rate.-Storagedirectory.- Displays length of time-lapse video beingrecorded.-Dynamic preview size and no preview cropping.- Inbuiltapp guideand faq.* Support for certain features is determined byyourdevice's camera hardware.(Please note MediaTek devicesnotsupported)Discover beautiful new patterns in everyday eventswhichremain invisible to our eyes. Watch the setting sun in afewseconds or a journey in a minute and prepare to be amazed.Recordamazing time lapse and hyperlapse videos with ease now.Thisis thepaid version of Framelapse. We suggest trying the freeversionfirst. If you enjoy using it, please consider buying proversion tosupport development and get the extra features.Developedby NishantSingh. Thank you for using the application.
Sun Surveyor Lite
Adam Ratana
Sun Surveyor Lite takes the mystery out of the sunrise, sunsetandmagic hours, helping photographers and filmmakers scout thebestlocations, plan effectively, and get the perfect shot.SolarIndustry (PV) Professionals, architects, real estate agents,andgardeners will also find a wealth of empowering,interactivefeatures. The 3D Compass and detailed Ephemeris providea wealth ofinformation about the largest natural light source inthe galaxy: -Predict and plan for the golden hour, blue hour andevery sunrise& sunset - Visualize the sun's path throughout theday orthrough the year Additional features: - Visual time machine -takea quick glance at the light for a day, or dial indesiredcompositions easily - Twilight times - civil,nautical,astronomical - Solstice and Equinox visualization - Sunshadowinformation - calculate the length of shadows cast by objects-Magnetic declination compensation Check out the Full Version ofSunSurveyor for more: - Live Camera View - augmentedrealityprojections of the sun and moon paths; pinpoint the time thesun ormoon will be at a particular location in the sky -Interactive MapView - plan a remote shot or PV array placement,interact with atop-down perspective of sun and moon paths andevents - Street ViewPanoramas - 360 degree spherical panoramas withselected sun, moonand milky way events overlaid, where available -Moon Information:moon position, moonrise, moonset, moon phases,apogee, perigee,distance and a Super Moon finder - Show clients thequality andquantity of seasonal sunlight at a remote location -Understandpotential shade of surroundings and discover anyobstructions -Create images of the summer and winter Solstice &Equinox pathsfor a site - Prepare night photography shots with theMilky Way& star trail features - Offline usage (excludes MapView,Street View) - enter coordinates, save & load locationswith nodata connection or GPS available - Measure distance, anddifferencebetween elevations, and vertical angle differentials withthe Mapview - Import and export Google Earth .kmz/.kml locations
Picture Plus - Text on Photo 2.0.4
Tapping text will bring up the menu. then, ☆ Text - canchangeexisting text ☆ Color - can decorate text with various colors☆Rotate - can rotate text ☆ Size - can change text size ☆ Skew -canskew text ☆ Copy - can copy selected text ☆ Delete - candeletetext ☆ Background - can change the size, rounded corner andangleof the background color ☆ Arrange - can adjust the positionincharacters or arrange text circularly ☆ Space - can adjustthespacing between letters and line space ☆ From Writeverticallyfurthermore, ☆ Arrange - can adjust individual positionsofcharacters ☆ Space - can adjust the spacing between lettersandline space ☆ Write Horizontally returns text to horizontally ☆Youcan enlarge and shrink the image by pinching in and out. ☆Japanesefonts are installed and you can install other fonts. Fromthe appmenu, you can use 「Image Filter」「Rotate image」「Addimage」「Newimage(leave text)」「Preview」「Save file」「Openfile」「Share」「Settings」.About 「Save file」 and 「Open file」, you cansave or open temporaryfile. In 「Settings」, There are (1)SaveFormat, (2)Saved Image Size,(3)Image Picker, (4)Language,(5)Upgrade options. About (2)ORIGINAL is default.If memory erroroccurs, automatically reducethe size to 1/2, 1/3. You can check thesaved size from thepreview. For (5) you will not see ads when youpurchased. ·INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are usedfor networkconnection check, font download, advertisement display.·WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is used for saving images.
PixelLab - Text on pictures
App Holdings
Adding stylish text, 3d text, shapes, stickers and drawing on topofyour picture has never been easier. With a simple andcleaninterface that lets you focus on whatever you're doing, awideselection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than60unique options that you can customize and of courseyourimagination, you'll be able to create stunning graphics andamazeyour friends straight from your phone or tablet. If you wantto seethe app in action, here is a YouTube playlist that containssometutorials: add and customize as much text objects as you want…3D Text:create 3d texts and overlay them on top of your images, orhave themstand on their own in a cool poster… Text effects: makeyour textstand out with dozens of text effects like : Shadow,Inner Shadow,Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3dtext... Text color:Set your text to any fill option you want, beit a simple color, alinear gradient, a radial gradient, or animage texture. Text font:choose from 100+, hand picked fonts. Oruse your own fonts !Stickers: add and customize as much stickers,emojis, shapes, as youwant... Import images: add your own imagesfrom gallery. This couldcome in handy when you have your ownstickers, or you want tocomposite two images... Draw: pick a pensize, a color, then drawanything you want. after that the drawingacts like a shape and youcan resize it, rotate it, add shadow toit... change the background:with the possibility of making it : acolor, a gradient or an image.Save as a project: you can saveanything you do as a project. It'llbe available for use even afterclosing the app! Remove thebackground: be it a green screen, ablue screen or simply a whitebackground behind an object in animage that you found on Googleimages; PixelLab can make ittransparent for you. Edit imageperspective: you can now performperspective editing (warp). Handyfor, replacing a monitor'scontent, changing a road sign's text,adding logos on boxes...Image effects: enhance your pictures' lookby applying some of theavailable effects, which include vignette,stripes, hue,saturation... Export your Image: save or share at anyformat orresolution you want, For easy access you can use the QuickSharebuttons to share the image to social media apps with a clickof abutton (ex : facebook,twitter, instagram...) Create memes:usingthe provided meme preset, you can easily have your memes readyforsharing in matter seconds. Browse quotes and insert anythingyoulike, into what you're making ! If you have a suggestion,aquestion or you want to report a bug please use theprovidedfeedback function or contact me directly via emails...
SNOW, Inc.
Live life according to your tastes. The Foodie camera app istheessential companion for the modern sociable foodie. Discover afunand fast way to spice up the perfect memory of a perfect meal.+Over 30 professional quality live filters Including theYum,Positano, Tropical, Picnic, Sweet, Fresh, BBQ, Romantic,Crispy,and Chewy filter series. + Easy and accurate smart guidefeaturefor taking top-down photos of food Capture the perfectatmosphereand mood when taking food photos from above. + Seasonvideos withtasteful live filters Shoot vivid videos of your diningadventures.+ Edit bland scenes into delectable masterpieces Usediversefilters and detailed edits to give your photos everythingfromadorable charm to film camera warmth. + A timer for capturingtheperfect moment Perfect for taking selfies you'll cherish forlife.+ Mute option Enable the option when taking selfies or photosoffood in quiet restaurants. + Share photos to social networksEasilyshare to Instagram, LINE, Facebook, KakaoTalk, WeChat, VSCO,Weibo,and more! + Affiliated apps In addition to Foodie, try B612andSnow for your other camera needs.
Easy-PhotoPrint Editor 1.3.0
Canon Inc.
Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is an easy-to-use photo print app.Itfeatures many useful templates and a free-layout editor formakingall kinds of prints (photo layouts, cards, collages,calendars,disc labels, photo IDs, business cards, stickers,posters). [Keyfeatures] • Intuitive operation for easy printing ofall kinds ofprints Just select the type of print you want to make,edit anddecorate your photos, and print. • Comes with plentyofready-to-use templates Choose from collages, calendars, andmanyother templates that use multiple photos in addition tophotoprints. • Make original posters for use in stores andothersituations Just add photos and text to the simple postertemplateto create original posters you can use in stores orothersituations. • Easy to create other everyday items The appmakes iteasy to create business cards, photo IDs, stickers, andother itemsyou use every day. • Pattern paper for making originalart worksThe app lets you print pre-designed pattern paper for usein makingpaper items or scrapbooking. • Print disk labels so youcan see ata glance what’s on your disks If your printer supportsprintingdisk labels, you can make original disk labels with justyoursmartphone. • Slate of editing functions to create just theprintyou want Not only can you crop or expand your photos, you canalsoedit and decorate them with colored edges, text, andstamps.[Supported printers] - Canon Inkjet Printers See thefollowingwebsite for supported printers.*Some functions are not supportedwith the imagePROGRAF series[When the app cannot find yourprinter.] Check that your printer isin the supported printers list.The printer must be connected toyour network. Use the "Canon PRINTInkjet/SELPHY" app to connectyour printer to the network.[Supported OS] Android 5.0 and later[Supported medias] - Mediatypes Plain Paper, Photo Paper PlusGlossy II, Photo Paper ProPlatinum, Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss,Photo Paper, Photo Paper Pro,Photo Paper Pro II, Photo Paper PlusGlossy, Photo Paper Pro Luster,Glossy Photo Paper, Matte PhotoPaper, Ink Jet Hagaki, Hagaki, HighResolution Paper, Other PhotoPaper, Photo Paper Pro Platinum N,Hagaki K, Hagaki P, Printabledisc, Printable disc (bleed-proof),Card stock - Media sizes *1Letter 8.5"x11" 22x28cm, A4, 4"x6"10x15cm, 5"x7" 13x18cm, 8"x10"20x25cm, A3, A3+ 13"x19" 33x48cm,10"x12" 25x30cm, 14"x17" 36x43cm,L 89x127mm, 2L 127x178mm ,Hagaki100x148mm , Card 2.17"x3.58"55x91mm,Square 5"x5" 13x13cm, Square4"x4" 10x10cm, Square3.5"x3.5" 9x9cm, Square 12"x12" 30x30cm,7"x10" 18x25cm, 11"x17"28x43cm, Photo Stickers (Variety), PhotoStickers, Photo Stickers(Free Cut), Disc tray *1 There are a kindand size of the paperwhich does not support depending on a printitem.
AngleCam Lite - Angular Camera 5.0
Derekr Corp.
  AngleCam is a scientific camera application combined withGPSinformation (including latitude, longitude, altitude andaccuracy),pitch angles and azimuth angles. In addition, AngleCamcan leave amessage, and put all information together into aphotograph.   Formore information, please refer to the followingdocument. ■ The difference between "AngleCam Lite" and "AngleCam Pro."(1)AngleCam Lite is a free App. AngleCam Pro is a paid App.(2)AngleCam Lite has a "Powered by AngleCam" text (watermark)inphotographs' bottom right corner. (3) AngleCam Pro can use thetextwatermark or the graphic watermark. (4) AngleCam Pro can importauser-defined font file. (5) AngleCam Pro is ad-free.    Attention:If you cannot install this application, it means yourmobile devicedoesn't have an accelerometer sensor or a magnetometersensor. Youmay be interested in another application which is called"NoteCam."However, NoteCam doesn't include pitch angle information,azimuthangle information, and a horizontalline.   ■ If you have a problem with the coordinates (GPS), pleasereadthe instructions below. An App receives the coordinates sentbyAndroid, if □ Unable to capture coordinates: This is a problemwiththe mobile phone, and has nothing to do with the App. □Thepositioning speed is slow: This is also a problem with themobilephone, and it is also related to the positioning method.However,it has nothing to do with the App. □ Cannot catch altitude:This isrelated to the positioning method and has nothing to do withtheApp. Network positioning may not have an altitude value. □Pooraccuracy: This is related to the positioning method and hasnothingto do with the App. Please understand that Androidprovides"accuracy" value because the coordinates are "inaccurate".Largevalues may be normal. ■ There are two positioning method. □Networkpositioning (indoor): A-GPS, the accuracy can be large. Ifthevalue is less than 3000m, the accuracy is normal. □Satellitepositioning (outdoor): Satellite GPS. The accuracy shouldbe small.If the value is less than 300m, the accuracy is normal.For moreinformation, pleaseread
9square for Instagram 4.00.08
9square FOR INSTAGRAM The #1 best free app to crop yourpicturesinto 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5 grids and upload directlytoInstagram. Impress all your Instagram followers withhighresolution grids that you can create from your personalpictures!Gain more followers and attention by having the bestlooking gridson Instagram. MAIN FEATURES: ★ Crop any picture into3x1, 3x2, 3x3,3x4, 3x5 grids ★ High resolution images ★ Post imagesdirectly toInstagram ★ Save to SDCard ★ Very simple and easy to use 1.2.2
In the application you can easily create a video slideshow fromyourphotos, add music from your phone and text (if necessary).Videoscan be published on social networks, sent to a friend orused as avideo screen saver for your channel or group on socialnetworks.Also you can use the finished musical slide show as agift to familyand friends on their Birthday, Wedding Day, WeddingAnniversary,graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year,Christmas or otherholidays. The application "Make a video from aphoto with music"contains many beautiful transitions: the pageturn of the album,cube rotation, mosaic, moving gallery, photoappearance in theheart, change of transparency and others. To avideo slideshow, youcan add music from your phone or tablet orrecord your soundtrack.You can set the time for displaying onephoto and the transitiontime. To your video from photos you canadd an inscription, adjustthe text size, font, color,transparency, position, start and endtime of the display of theinscription. You can swap photos (in the"Photos" menu), as well aschange the type of cropping photo (do notcrop photos, crop to sizevideo, or manually crop). With us make abeautiful video fromphotos easily!
With the ability to see what the naked eye can't, the FLIR ONEandFLIR ONE Pro provides a visual image of minutetemperaturedifferences, giving users the power to see in the dark,observeinvisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures, andseethrough smoke. Its advanced image processing includes FLIRMSX®,which blends the image detail from the color camera withthethermal image to give you the best of both worlds.Therevolutionary OneFit™ adjustable-height connector ensures thatyourFLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro will fit your phone or tablet, evenwhenit’s in a compatible protective case. An improved FLIR ONE appletsyou stream thermal images to your smartwatch for remote viewingandshare images and videos with social media while keeping you uptodate on the latest FLIR ONE tips and tricks. Exploretheneighborhood, solve problems around the house, and see theworldfrom a new perspective with the new and improved FLIR ONE andFLIRONE Pro. Connect with the FLIR ONE For moreinformation on the FLIROne, visit
Open Camera 1.47.2
Mark Harman
Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera appforAndroid phones and tablets. Features: * Option to auto-stabilizesoyour pictures are perfectly level no matter what (seeexampleimage). * Expose your camera's functionality: support forfocusmodes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposurecompensation/lock, face detection, torch, antibanding. *Videorecording (including HD, taking photos while recording video,timelapse). * Handy remote controls: timer (with optionalvoicecountdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay). *Option totake photo remotely by making a noise (e.g., voice,whistle), or byvoice command "cheese". * Configurable volume keys.* Configurableuser interface. * Zoom via multi-touch gesture andsingle-touchcontrol. * Option to lock orientation to portrait orlandscape forphoto or video. Upside-down preview option for usewith attachablelenses. * Choice of save folder (including supportfor StorageAccess Framework). * Disable shutter sound. * Overlay achoice ofgrids and crop guides. * Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging)of photos and videos; for photos this includes compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef). * Apply date andtimestamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos; storedate/timeand location as video subtitles (.SRT). * Yes you can takea selfie(also known as front camera), includes support for "screenflash".* Panorama, including for front camera. * Support for(some)external microphones. * Widget to automatically take a photoafterlaunching. * Support for HDR (with auto-alignment andghostremoval) and Exposure Bracketing. * Support for Camera2 API:manualfocus distance (with optional focus assist); manual ISO;manualexposure time; manual white balance temperature; burst mode;RAW(DNG) files; slow motion video. * Noise reduction (includinglowlight night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes forbetterquality photos. * Options for on-screen histogram, zebrastripes,focus peaking. * Focus bracketing mode. * Support for MiBandSelfie ( Aleh Tsitou ). * Small file size. * Completely free,andno ads in the app (I only run ads on the website). OpenSource.(Some features may not be available on all devices, as theymaydepend on hardware or camera features, the Android version,etc.)Website: Note that it'snotpossible for me to test Open Camera on every Android deviceoutthere, so please test before using Open Camera to photo/videoyourwedding etc :) App icon by Adam Lapinski.
ESTsoft Corp.
Don’t let the sky be the limit. No matter it’s weather, PICNICcantake you to a glorious morning in Santorini or to a dreamysunsetin Paris. The weather determines whether a travel willsucceed ornot. So don’t let the dreadful weather ruin your traveland outdoorphotos. PICNIC’s various photo filter gives the sky acolorfulcloud and background. You can make landscape gorgeous allthe time.Is your boyfriend not so skilled when it comes to takingphotos?Don’t worry, Take a travel with PICNIC. We’ll make it intoanInstagram photo.😉 Everyday isPICNIC!-------------------------------------------------------------[AboutApp Permissions] PICNIC only asks to access to essentialpermissionsfor services. 1. Required permissions - WRITE EXTERNALSTORAGE :Saving photos after shotting or editing - READ EXTERNALSTORAGE : Toopen photos - CAMERA : Taking photos 2. OptionalAccess - ACCESSCOARSE LOCATION & ACCESS FINE LOCATION : Torecord the placewhere the photo wastaken--------------------------------------------------------------Hi,This is PICNIC Team🌈💕 We are looking for some help to translateourdescription in other languages 🙏 Are you a big fan of PICNIC?Areyou interested in translating into other languages? Pleasedon'thesitate, make your mark on our app! PICNIC description&resource : will be applied as soon as it updated. And don'tforgetto leave your names on the bottom of the sheet, because wearegoing to put all the names on 'Special Thanks To' 😍😍 We arelookingforward to lots of participation and interest💕 EverydayisPICNIC!🌈💕 2.18
MVTrail Tech
Photo Watermark is an app for personal use that can adddigitalwatermarks to all your images, photos and pictures withthetransparency you decide. Ideal for users who want tocapture,watermark and share their photographs quickly and easily.With thisapp you can simply create your own watermark. Feature: *Takingpictures with camera * Fonts, color and other effects in textmode* Build-in hundreds of text and png sticker as watermark * Easytomove, rotate, reverse and change transparency of watermark asyouwant. * Clone and edit watermark. * Easy reusing ofrecentwatermark texts * Quick sharing to Instagram, Facebook, emailandmany more The best watermarking app for creating watermarksandwatermarking photos. Brand your images before sharing themonline.Digitally sign your photos/artwork with logo,signature,trademarks, copyright to claim, secure and maintainyourintellectual property and reputation. Adding of timestamp,hashtagsand other properties as text watermark. Originalphotographs arenever altered. It let you create a new photographwith watermark onit. Photo Watermark is easy to use: 1. Select aphoto on which youwant to add watermark. 2. Add signature or textor stickers, phototo create watermark on your photos. 3. Adjustyour watermark onyour photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it.Adjust its opacityprecisely with the slider. 4. Save and sharewatermarked photoswith friends and family. Templates can be createdand saved forfuture use. Tips: Don't delete original images afterwatermarking,because you can't remove watermarks from processedimages.
Photographer's companion
Stef Software
This application will help you to abandon the automatic mode ofyourcameras that does not do everything and control everything.For moreexperienced photographers, it can simplify the settings bydoing thecalculations for you. In any case, it is not a magicapplication tomake beautiful pictures every time, but it willallow you to find abasic setting to refine to get the best pictureyou think. It isaimed at professional or amateur photographers(basic knowledge isrequired) and offers the tools to: - Calculatethealternative/equivalent exposure (manages the ND filter andlongexposures) - Calculate the depth of field, hyperfocalandsimulation of Bokeh - Calculate the field of view - Calculatetheshutter speed to freeze the motion of a subject-Capture/Photograph sunrise/sunset, the golden hours and thebluehours - Get the position of the sun, time of sunrise/sunset,goldenhour, blue time and monthly calendar - Capture/Photograph themoonbased on the phase of the day - Capture/Photographmoonlitlandscapes - Get the position of the moon, the hourofmoonrise/moonset and the monthly calendar - Capture/Photographthestars, the milky way without or with star trails (Simulator)-Capture/Photograph the northern lights - Capture/Photographthelightning and the fireworks - Calculate the best setting for anEV(exposure value) given - Calculate distance or aperture withaflash - Calculate the optimum settings according to the lightingofthe place (Light Meter) - Calculate for the macro photothepossible magnification with a close-up lens or an extension tube-Calculate the print size - Time lapse - Get/Set thecharacteristicsof a camera (sensor size, crop factor, sensorresolution, ISOrange, shutter speed range, circle of confusion) Acountdown isavailable for long exposures. If this app is right foryou, you canswitch to Photographer's Companion Pro (no ads withmore features).Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have ideas forchanges,improvements, any bugs or fortranslations(
Selfie Camera Pro 1.2
Selfie Camera Pro: - Full features & No ads - 30 daysmoneybackguarantee, full refund if not satisfied Selfie Camera isaperfectcamera & a great photo editor, high-resolution HDvideo,createbeautiful animation effects, make a unique video,high-qualityforAndroid phones. This is also one of best photo appinthousandselfies apps, a free picture apps, free cams for youYou cancapturehigh-quality HD images right on your mobile device.It's likeaprofessional digital camara, it's simple, lightweightand easytouse. The Selfie Camera is powerful, full of featuressuitableformobile phones and Android tablets. It includes photoeditingtoolsprofessional, beautiful camera effects with thousandsof vividandcute, free art filters. FEATURES - Best camera app,takephotobeautiful with high-resolution pictures - Clean yourface byaclick, remove all scars - Filter camera, selfie filters:Lotoffilters for pictures and make beauty face, professionalpictures-Customize photo effects cute, fun, easy humor - Photoeditingtools,image app: cut, paste, create photo frames,stickers, effects,...professional - Great beauty tools, makeup,skincorrection:brighten, whiten, clear acne, conceal the face -Advancedred-eyeremoval. - Face detection automatically - Selfiesmartcamera, smiledetection - Best selfie camera & beautycamera -Optional frontcamera or rear camra. - Select scene mode,coloreffect, whitebalance and exposure compensation. - Selfieeditor: addtext oncamera photo, make smooth skin forpicture perfect.-Classification of sticker fun for users, likemotion stickers,smartstickers, emoji faces stickers, photoanimation stickers,musicstickers, etc - Flare effect lens orlaked light effects.-Anti-shake, timer, continuous shooting,focusing focus. -Editphotos taken by other camera apps. - You canset your editedphotoas wallpaper or share your photo on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest, ... - Make a professional pictures& beautyface by alot of camera filters effects - Night camerafeature thatcan stillmake a beauty, professional pictures even innight withdarkenvironment. Selfie light is On/Off automaticallydependingonneeds. - Dual camera: support both front and backkamera, switchbya touch - Auto & manual camera: camera shotsautomatically byatimer or manually take the photo. - Easy to opentakenphoto,gallery right on camera app - HDR camera videorecording:Cameraplus HDR mode, improve images with low cameralight - Cameraappsfor free and has option to upgrade to premiumversion insidetheapp. - Image format for camera png, jpg, ... -Option tosavepicture to SD card, save your phone storage - Ableto storelocationinfo into the taken picture - Take photo bypressing volumebuttons,make it easier to take the selfie. TheSelfie Camera app isfree andworks with Android mobile devices andtablets. It includesall thefunctions of professional phhhoto app.Download the SelfieCameraselfie app, professional camera photo toyour phone, get readytocapture the best moments of your life thatyou do not want tomiss,and let us experience all the greatfeatures from the CameraSelfie.
LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO: Hide Photos & Videos 5.0.6 (Gemini)
Protect your privacy Hide photos & videos with LockMyPix PROinyour private photo & video vault. Encrypt your privatepicturesand videos with the proven military-grade AES CTRencryption.Recommended by CHIP.DE. Stop getting spied - Startprotectingyourself Hide your privates with LockMyPix photo andvideo vault isthe easiest way to gain full control of who seeswhat. Your publicgallery remains available to your friends, familyand coworkers -but your secrets are protected in your private photoand videovault. LockMyPix uses proven AES encryption used bygovernment,military and banks worldwide. Get LockMyPix now toprotect yourprivacy. 🔒 AES CTR encryption 🔑 Login with pin,fingerprint,password or pattern 📷 Hide + encrypt unlimited photos 📹Hide +encrypt unlimited videos ★ The #1 AES vault to keep photosandvideos truly private: · Hide the app icon and makeLockMyPixinvisible · Create encrypted backups · Full SD-Cardsupport(Android 5 and higher) · Fake-Login for "special cases" ·Easy touse & blazing fast ★ Integrated premium featuresFake-Login:Enhance your security. LockMyPix protects you againstpeople whomay force you to open your encrypted images or movies.Use theFake-PIN feature that opens a fake LockMyPix account whereyou canplace other pictures / videos. Nobody knows that you have aanotherLockMyPix vault. Hide the app: Hide the original appicon.LockMyPix will look like another app and only you know thesecret.True Encryption: LockMyPix encrypts your private photos andvideos.Your hidden images and videos are not only hidden, but safe&encrypted with the AES encryption standard to ensure that noonecan get to your private files. No tricks possible. Whatsthedifference to similar apps? Unlike other apps pictures andvideoswill be hidden,but also encrypted with AES. Nobody can accessyourprotected photos and videos without authorization. No tricks -truesecurity. ** Where are the encrypted images stored?LockMyPixstores your private vault on the device memory or theSD-Card. Youcan select your preferred memory. Safe your pictures,movies,videos & vids in your private vault with trueencryption. Startprotecting your privacy today. Suggestions orassistance? Justreach out to us: ★ LockMyPixis recommendedby CHIP.DE and
Text on the picture 2.0 1.3.7
Our features: You can fill text with color, gradient or textureAddvertical text, arc text Move text, rotate text Fill backgroundwithcolor, texture or gradient You can change a transparencyandindents of background Add a shadow of the text, a stroke textLoadyour font, change size Your picture with text you can publishinsocial networks (instagram, facebook etc.), share, send tofriends.You can make congratulations with Valentine's Day, HappyNew Year,Merry Christmas, Mother's Day.
Write Nepali Text On Photo 9.0
फोटोमा नेपाली लेख्नुहोस् You can Write Nepali Shayari, Your Nameonphoto in Nepali, Nepali Poetry, Nepali Suvichar, NepaliGazal,Nepali Jokes, Nepali Poem and Messages easily with the helpofNepali keyboard on your selected photo from gallery orcamera.Write Nepali Text On Photo give opportunity to write Nepalilovepoetry, Nepali poems, Nepali gazals and Nepali shayari on photobyNepali typing on photo app.also you can select best quotesfromdifferent categories of quotes like friends quotes,attitudequotes, inspirational quotes, love quotes Nepalilanguageand set on your photo. Writing Nepali poetry on photo,motivationalquotes in Nepali, inspirational quotes in Nepali,Nepali status,love quotes in Nepali, Nepali quotes on life,inspirationalthoughts in Nepali, motivational thoughts in Nepali,inspirationallove quotes on your favorite photo using Write NepaliText On PhotoApp . Write Nepali Text On Photo helps to add yourfeelings forevery upcoming festivals like Losar, Fagu Purnima,Budhha Jayanti,Holi, Diwali, Karva chauth,Buddha Purnima, Eid,Janmashtami,Christmas, Pateti, New Year, Navratri, Muharram,Pongal, Vaisakhi,Vaisakhadi, Bahag Bihu, Cheti Chand, Gudi Padava,Onam, GaneshChaturthi etc. and send greetings to your friend andfamily bywrite status in Nepali, write Nepali poetry or Nepali texton yourfavorite photo using Nepali keyboard. Write Nepali Text OnPhoto isphoto editor app to create your own Greeting card,AnniversaryInvitation card, Birthday Invitation card, MarriageInvitation cardBaby Shower Invitation Card, Engagement Invitationcard, Lovecards, Valentine’s day card, Party invitation Card,ReceptionInvitation Card by write text on photo in Nepali and sendbestwishes to your friend and family. Photo Par Nepali Likhe is useforwrite status, show your love to your special one, showfriendshipwith best friends and show respect for your family towrite aboutthem on photo and represent your feeling. Write youremotions inyour favorite Nepali language on your photos orbackgrounds andshare your photo with Nepali text with your friendsand family viasocial media. How To Use: • Select photo from galleryor camera onwhich you can write in Nepali. • Using Nepali Keyboardyou canwrite Nepali text on your photo also set text color and fonttomake your text more effective. • Move, drag and rotate textonphoto, if you need edit text then click on edit option on textandalso change text color as per your choice. • Zoom In, Zoom Outtextwith just select and drag your finger on photo. •SelectFriendship, Hard Work, Life, Rain, Trust. Anniversary,Attitude,Sad, Birthday, Romantic, Love and many different categoryof quotesto make your photo more special. • Select Add Text optionto addyour own text using Nepali keyboard or english keyboard onyourfavorite photo. • Select HD Background and also select colorforyour choice and write Nepali text on photo. • Save yourgeneratedphoto and share with your friend and family via WhatsApp,Facebooketc. Write Nepali Text On Photo Features: • Best Nepalitextwriting on photo app. • Write Nepali poetry, gazal, poem,shayariusing Nepali keyboard. • Best Quotes Collection • HDbackground. •Select photo from gallery or camera. • Createinvitation andgreeting cards. • Send best wishes. • Share yourphoto with friendand family via WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
com.infinityapps007.locationonphoto 2.5
 Have you ever forgotten a place in a picture ? Have youeverforgotten a person in a picture? Geotagging app Date TimeCameralongitude n latitude location on photo picture timestampcamerabest geotagging app can solve this problem , its helps toputlatitude n longitude even you can put notes time on picture .  Geotagging app Date Time Camera longitude n latitude locationonphoto picture stamp camera is a gps camera with longitudeandlatitude app combined with GPS information (includinglatitude,longitude, altitude and accuracy), time, and comments. Itcan leavea message, and put all information together into aphotograph. Whenyou browse the photos/picture, you can quickly knowtheir latitude, longitude and their further information.  Geotagging app DateTimestamp Camera longitude n latitude hasfollowing features : *Pin Date Time Camera latitude n longitude,Notes , Time etc onpicture * Best Geotagging App Date TimestampCamera * No otherwatermark on saved Picture * Different options insettings * addgeotag to picture * location stamp on picture * gpscamera withlongitude and latitude is used for location on picture
The Wireless Mobile Utility connects your smart device toNikondigital cameras wirelessly (via Wi-Fi), letting youdownloadphotos, take pictures remotely, and share them hassle-freeviae-mail or upload to social networking sites. •PrincipalFeatures-View the scene through the camera lens live in the appwindow.-Establish a wireless connection and take pictures with thecameraor remotely from the Android device (see note). -Downloadnewpictures automatically. -View existing pictures remotelyanddownload selected photos. -Pass photos to other apps via theOS"Share" intent and share them hassle-free. -Add location datafromthe smart device to pictures during upload. -Control opticalzoomon COOLPIX cameras (see note). -Control the overall brightnessofpictures during shooting (see note). -Use the camera toselectpictures for download before connecting (see note). -If boththecamera and smart device support NFC, touching the device tothecamera automatically launches the app for a hassle-freeconnection(see note). -Take pictures with the self-timer.-Synchronize thecamera clock with the smart device. •Cautions -Cannot be operatedwith a SnapBridge-compatible camera. -Note: Thefeatures availablevary with the camera. See the camera manual orthe link below fordetails. -The app may not recognize photos takenwith non-supportedcameras. -The app can not be used for remotemovie recording. Itcan be used to download movies from compatiblecameras (COOLPIXS6900 and S3700 excluded) but not to play themback. -The photo andmovie portions of Motion Snapshots are treatedas separate files.-Only one camera can be connected at a time.-Enable NFC on thesmart device before using it to launch the appand connect to thecamera. -Performance varies with network andlocal conditions. -Theapp may not function as expected wheninstalled on devices thathave not been tested and approved for use.-A display with aresolution of at least 800 by 480 pixels (WVGA) isrequired.•User's Manual For more information, see the app manual,which canbe downloaded from the followingURL: •Terms of Use Before usingtheapp, download and read the End User License Agreement, availableatthe following URL: Cameras as of December 2016 Requires a camera withbuilt-inwireless LAN or support for the WU-1a/b wireless mobileadapter.The S800c and S810c are not supported. D610, D600, D750,D7200,D7100, D3300, D3200, D5500, D5300, D5200, Df  Nikon 1V3, V2,J5, J4, J3, S2, S1, AW1  COOLPIX S7000, S6900, S6800,S6600,S6500, S9900(s), S9700(s), S9600, S9500, S5300, S5200, S3700,L840,P520, P330, P7800, P900(s), P610(s), P600, P530, P340, COOLPIXA,AW130(s), AW120(s), AW110, AW110s, •Smart DeviceSystemRequirements Android 5.0 or later, 6.0 or later, 7.0 orlater, 8.0or later, 9.0 A smart device with support for GPS. Thereis noguarantee that this app will run on all Android devices.•TrademarkInformation Android, Google Play, and their logos aretrademarks orregistered trademarks of Google Inc. All othertradenames mentionedin this document are the trademarks orregistered trademarks oftheir respective holders.
Huji Cam 2.2
Manhole, Inc.
DISCLAIMER NOTICE: HUJI Cam IS PROVIDED AS MANHOLE'S OWNPRODUCT.THIS APP IS NOT THE OFFICIAL APP OF FUJIFILM OR ANY OTHERS.MANHOLEHAS MADE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE NOT TO INFRINGE OTHER'SCOPYRIGHTSOR TRADEMARKS.HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious asthefeelings of analog film with old memories.Camera makers ofeveryera always tried to capture the best moments and such aneffortcontinued back in 1998 as well, whereby our memoriesbecameclearer.HUJI Cam has the effort of those days to leavepreciousmoments as vivid and vibrant photographs.- How to runthrough timeon SNS : #HUJI Take a picture having a feeling justlike the year1998 with HUJI Cam.- How-ToPhoto developing starts assoon astaken. Be aware that developing only occurs while the appisrunning in foreground. The results can be seen by tapping theLabbutton.Go to the SNS of HUJI for details. You can visit viatheSettings page in the app.- When HUJI does not work1. OpenSettingsapp and tap Applications then tap HUJI.2. Turn off thecameraaccess in Permissions menu.3. Open HUJI App again and tapthe"Resolve Problems" button on the bottom of the camerapermissionnotice.
Crop Image - Rotate image and Flip image 1.9.2
Crop Images or photos. Crop Image App, is an easy to useapplicationfor cropping your photos. You can also rotate or flipimages too.Free scale cropping You can enable or disable freescale croppingCircular overlay This feature dont crop photos incircular shape,but shows the overlay. Aspect ratios Crop images indifferent aspectratios Also crop in square shape 16:9 / 9:16 3:4 /4:3 1:1 CustomAspect Ratio Share and delete cropped images fromthe app itself.You can share the image direct from gallery.
Silent Camera [High Quality]
Introducing the best silent camera! Without shutter sounds,photoscan be taken in complete silence! It's also No.1 among manysilentcameras for it's high quality images! Let's take highqualitypictures with silent camera! When you take a photo withyoursmartphone, have you had any situations like these? "I want totakepictures of my baby while he's sleeping, but the shuttersoundwould wake him/her up . . " "I want to take pictures of mypets'natural expressions, but the shutter sound would startlethem.. . ." "I want to take pictures of the blackboard, but theshutter soundin a quiet classroom would be a little loud. . . " Soplease usethis high-quality silent camera! You won't bother anyonearound yousince the shutter sound can't be heard. You can takehigh-qualityphotos in any situations such as the cute sleeping faceof yourbaby, natural behaviors of your pets and the writings ontheblackboard! Create the best memories by shooting manyhigh-qualityphotos with a silent camera! ----- Main Features -----(1).High-quality (2). High-speed continuous shooting (3).Timershooting (4). Zoom (5). Auto focus / manual focus (6).SceneSelection (7). White balance (8). Color effect (9).Compositionguide (10). Touch Shutter (11). Geo-Tag (12). Image SizeSelection(13). Volume Key Shutter (14). Photo Editor & DramaticFilter----- Please give feedback ----- We ask for your feedbacktoimprove the quality and performance of this app. If youencounterany problems, please fill out your smartphone name andAndroidversion and report it to "". Thank you foryourcooperation. ----- Description of access privileges ----- Wewillnever make use of your information other than for thefollowingpurposes. [Location information] Only used to record thelocationinformation (geotag) of the photograph. The default settingis OFF.[Image / Media / File] Used to store captured images onthesmartphone or SD card. [Camera] For using the smartphone'scamerafunction.
With Postcards, you can send real physical postcards to everyoneinthe world, directly to the recipient's mailbox! Download theapptoday and surprise someone you love. As simple as this: • Selectapicture from your photo album or take a new photo with the camera•Be creative and design the front of the card with custom textsandemojis • Write a personal greeting on the back with the helpofstylish fonts and colours • Pay by credit card or Swish •PostNordSweden will print and send the postcard to the recipientyou havechosen • If you send your postcard within Sweden before16.00Central European Time on a weekday, the card will arrive thenextweekday. To addresses outside of Sweden, it will take a fewdayslonger depending on the recipient’s country. • The samepostageapplies to all countries: A6, A5 och A51 costs 19:- SEK andA4costs 29:- SEK PostNord Sverige AB (Sweden Post corporateidentitynumber 556711-5695) is the responsible publisher of thePostcardsservice. Post Denmark is acting as an agent for PostNordSverigeAB. If you have questions regarding this app pleasecontactPostNord Customer Service by PostNord
Bokeh Camera Effects 5.0
Pavaha Lab
Bokeh Camera Effects is a wonderful app that you can chooseyourfavorite bokeh and blend effect to your photo. There arefourfunction for you: romantic sky / tender night / dream world/favorite text. All of them are amazing. Bokeh Effects orBokehFilter app helps to create beautiful Bokeh Image or BokehHDWallpaper. This Bokeh Camera app supports bokeh filters andphotofilters. We can overlay photos using this Bokeh Camera Effect.Blurand Bokeh is a amazing app to make your photos moreattractive.This bokeh photography also has image filters to makebokeh imageseven more beautiful. This Bokeh Camera FX is best knownas HeartBokeh or Bokeh Overlay. Bokeh Camera Effects app is yourultimateblur effect app. Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or youdon'tneed be a professional photographer to make a DSLR StyleBlurBackground effect on your Photo.  DSLR Bokeh Camera apphaslots of photo blurring, bokeh tools. Using Bokeh Effects Camerayoucan easily make your own Bokeh Background. It has manual andBokehPhoto Effects. Use your finger and touch on unwanted part ofyourphoto that you want to blur and keep your special part focusedon.This Bokeh Photo Editor has Bokeh Filter and manual pointblurfilter effects options. Choose picture from gallery or takepicturefrom Bokeh Selfie Camera get lights bokeh effects, takesincrediblepictures with this Bokeh Editor with effects. Easy to useanddirect, without complicated menus. This is the easiest andpowerfulphoto camera with bokeh effects you can download. Applycool lightseffect instantly with this awesome Bokeh App. In thisapp make yourphoto more beautiful by using lots of lights effectsand give astylish and more beautiful look by adding color lightseffects.Bokeh Kamera effects contains lots of colorful lighteffects,awesome effects, Bokeh Photo Frames and many more. Applyyourfavorite lights effects on your photo and share your friendsandfamily easily. Bokeh Camera Effects features: - Pick imagefromGallery or take from camera. - Editing photo with bokeheffects. -Add different bokeh & light effects to your photo. -There are50 Bokeh effects to apply on your photo like bokeh lights,heartfilter, blurred lights, bokeh hearts, Bokeh Lens. - There are23+Image Effects to apply on your photo like overlay photos. -Applydifferent photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Black andWhite,Grunge, Drama , Analog filters and Glow effects. - Adjustimagefreely with advanced photo editing tool: Brightness, Sharpness,Contrast, Vignette, Exposure, Saturation, Shadows,Highlights,Temperature. - Amazing stickers to apply on yourphotos.  -Add different text on your images and create textmemes as well andchange thickness, color, font, opacity of theadded text on BokehPicture. - Share photo on social network. - Setimage as BokehWallpaper instantly. Enjoy it and please contact usby, if you have suggestions or problems!