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Wilder Animal Big Hunter - Animals Hunting Bay 1.2.1
Enjoy the biggest unique shooting and hunting “Safari WildHuntingAnimal” 3D game on 2017. Become a deadly sharp hunter; enterto thedark forest to hunt or kill the huge safari animals with testyourbest sniper skills and show your real assassination experience.Inthis modern “Wilder Animal Big Hunter” competition you arewalkingalone in the forest, equipping with unique killing weapons,aimingat the powerful dangerous big animals is around the greenfreshjungle areas. This wonderful simulator is here for yourgreatenjoyment time with Lots of astounding and action levelswithstylized stunning graphics and realistic thrillingenvironments;you can also feel marvelous affective sound of weaponshooting andsafari animals violent in this addictive simulation.The deadlysafari animal’s killer simulation is full action baseaddictinggame and it’s absolutely free. Aim, Shoot and Kill, be theperfecthunter “Deer Wilderness Hunting” game, use your moderndeadlysniper rifles and firearm to take the exciting shot, thiswonderfulsniper weaponries are especially designed for delivered tobesthandgun with a specially controlling zoom, unlimited ammowithpowerful pierce bullets. You are equipped with many weaponslikesniper gunfire. Use suitable handgun according to thesituation.Prove That, You have the best hunter and show sniperabilities toshoot down the safari animals. Some amazing hazardoussafarianimals are spread around the rain forest, destroy thefreshlyplace and killing the other wild animals. In this “AnimalHuntshooting 2017” your mission is walking alone in the greenfreshjungle, equipping with unique killing weapons, aiming atthepowerful dangerous big safari animals is around the greenjungleareas. Dangerous safari animals have many powerful and toolong, sothe mission of the hunter is just about to being. You arerequiredto hit the focus on your target indicate by arrow and donot letthem loss from the scene. Take your sniper rifle and killthem all.Huge animals have strike on forest so be alert, hold yourbreath,aim & fire with unique weapons and ammunition! Frontlineshooter has responsibilities to save the jungle life and warwithanimals. Eliminate them one by one quietly. You need tocompletethe task in the given specific limited time. Kill givenanimals andcollect cash to easily unlock the more missions andpowerful sniperweapons.You will enjoy real 3D environment of forestwith safarianimals hunting. Jungle track is also a wonderfuladventure andkills the dangerous animals. In this game you can alsotest yoursniper shooting skills in safari hunting. You will begivenmultiple time bundle tasks in this shooting mission. This“SafariAnimal Sniper Hunt” game is free to play for smart phoneusers alsoaccessible on Google play store! You can download it andenjoyexecute the greater dinosaurs in multiple difficult levelsi.e.animal hunting game free. As a professional hunter, you arecalledto lose or execute the dinosaur, they are walking on thejungle,find your goal which may available into hidden the forestryas asniper hunter. You will be given a specific time to completeyourmissions of animal hunting game. In this “Wilder Animal BigHunter”game we provided to latest hunting weapons, you can easilyhit thetarget. Features of Animal Hunting Games 2017.• Jungleenvironment• Hunting animal mission• Thrilling game• Fun and joy ofhunt•Realistic sound • Best controls• Single person game playIf youhaveany curry about this game or anything you would like to sharewithus then contact or email us. We are always here to helpyouout.Thank you for your support.
Sniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal Hunting Games 1.0.1
Sniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal Hunting Games is brand newFPSshooting game where thrilling and challenging animal anddeerhunting sniper mission for wild Sniper Hunter Survival willtestyour FPS shooting skills.Animal hunter are you ready for realwildsniper shooting missions in Sniper Hunter Survival FPS:AnimalHunting Games where bear, wolf, crocodile, deer and manyotherjungle animals are running in safari jungle? Hurry up wildsniperhunter as safari animals are running for survival and youshouldnot miss any wild sniper shot. For an wild sniper hunter it’sareal challenge to hunt animals with best sniper strike incovershoot. Start wild sniper survival hunting mission in actionpackedSniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal Hunting Games which isfreehunting games 2018. This is an amazing and addictive freehuntinggames 2018 where sniper shooter play in realistic safarijungleenvironment and perform best wild sniper survival huntershootingmissions. Animal hunter wild safari hunting missions arereallyhard as animal hunter is alone in safari jungle arena whereyouwill do wild animal hunting sniper mission and deer huntwithsniper rifle.In Sniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal HuntingGamesyou will be a real sniper shooter assassin in safari animalhuntingbattle of 2018. For safari hunt in forest hunter came allthe wayon 4x4 jeep. Equipped with the modern sniper rifle you areonchallenging sniper mission in free hunting games 2018. Thisoffroad4x4 jeep ride to forest for Sniper Hunter Survival FPS:AnimalHunting Games gives you an awesome experience of actionshootinggames with real 3d graphics and gameplay of free animalhuntinggames. The deer might be unaware of your presence so hunterdon’tmake any sound and hunt down wild animal and deer in bestpossiblechance. In thrilling wild sniper hunter mission enjoy bestdeerhunting and deer shooting this winter and become best animalhunterSniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal Hunting Games.Wildsurvivalhunter free hunting games require great sniper shootingskillswhich Pro animal sniper shooter have gained from 3Dshootingtraining. Take the best wild sniper hunting and wild animalhuntingsniper shoot. Go on a safari animal hunting mission inshooting foranimals running for their survival. Be sharp in deerhunt becauseone bad shot and deer will vanish away from your eyesin seconds.Don’t under estimate the power of wild animals. Animalhunterremember hunting for food is necessary but hunting forsurvival iscompulsory so use best sniper strike. Download thisamazing freewifi game Sniper Hunter Survival FPS: Animal HuntingGames and geton a wild deer hunting adventure 2018! Be aware ofsurroundings.Don’t fall prey to the wild predators in forest. Makeyou survivalpossible when animal attack and become best animalhunter in freehunting games 2018.Get ready for best sniper games intown SniperHunter Survival FPS: Animal Hunting Games with yoursniper rifle.Enjoy the beautiful forest environment around you.Fulfil your wildsniper survival hunting mission. It’s the best FPSshooting gamesfor those who loves free hunting games and deerhunting games andFPS Shooting games with best HD graphics. Keepyour eyes opensearch out for prey and start wild sniper hunting inbest actiongames 2018. Features:• Modern Fps Shooting Game inSafari Jungle!•Amazing jungle environment in deer hunting games3d!• Sniper DeerHunting Challenging Missions!• Efficient WeaponControl &Zoom!• Test your safari survival shooting skills!•User friendlycontrols and gameplay!• Lots of weapons at yourdisposal!
Archery Wild Animals Hunter 1.3
GunFire Games
Archery simulation game world is now having number onearcheryhunting game. Hunting and shooting with a gun is quitedifferentdoing this with a crossbow. Though it is a primitive andancienthunting way but it is more addictive. Your aim to the targetmustbe more precise, accurate and quick other wise you will losethetarget, or the animal you are trying to hunt , may huntyou.ArcheryWild Animals Hunter is a unique game which employs bowand arrowinstead of using a sniper gun. It may take you some timeto mastershooting with bow and arrow, but when you get used to it,it willbe fun to target, aim and shoot with a crossbow to hit thebull’seye. You have to be a perfect archer to aim at the movingtarget,like an animal moving in a jungle, it might be morethrilling asthe animal will attack you if you fail.The gameplay ofthis bowarrow hunting game is quite interesting. You have to savesome farmanimals like cow, goat and sheep from the attack of wildjungleanimals like bear, boar, fox, wolf, lion and rhino in thefirstlevel while other levels contain merely shooting furiousbeastsfrom the jungle. You have to shoot these wild animals withyourcrossbow and arrow to save yourself. Use your finger to pullarrow,aim and release to shoot wild jungle animals. Play this gameagainand again to be a champion archer.FEATURES - Cool 3Denvironment. -Realistic archery game controls. - Multiple cameraviews. - True tolife graphics. - Simple yet addictivegameplay.PrivacyPolicy:
Forest Deer Hunting 1.7
If you love to play hunting game then get ready to install thisfullof action game. There are number of animals in the deep andgreenforest. Your mission in this game is, you have to take aimand openfire on the target. Modern and latest sniper gun is withyou to huntand shoot deer. There are three animals in the veryfirst level andthen gradually increasing in every level. Therefare multiples goodfeatures in this shooting and action game givenbelow. GameFeatures:- 3D model of animal Sniper gun RealisticEnvironment
Wild Hunter: Classic Deer Hunt 1.0.2
Wild Hunter - Classic Deer Hunt 3D game provides the mostaddictivesniper hunting experience to the hunting lovers. EnjoyandExperience the Real Deer Hunting in the Simple Sniper Shootinggamein the beautiful game environments. Prove yourself as anUltimateDeer Hunter by Hunting the Stags in the stunning 3D realforest andhunting valley environments. Hunt the Stags in the twodifferentexotic environments with completely different game play inWildHunter – Classic Deer Hunt game. Hunt the Deer on Time intheForest Location to test your hunting skills and reflexes andtoearn maximum coins and scores in the game. Hunting Valley givethehunters the opportunity to prove them as a great hunter byhuntingthe maximum stags in the valley without shooting any otheranimalto score the highest in the game and to dominate thegameleaderboard by competing the hunters from all around the world.Besharp, Precise and Quick before the time Runs out in boththelocations.Make high score by shooting stags. Aim and Taketheaccurate shot at the Bucks with the Hunting Sniper. Avoid theshotmiss which will alert the surrounding animals and deer intheenvironment. With the ever incrementing game score board, playthehunting seasons to reach the top of the score leaderboard andtotake your sniper hunting skills to new height. Game featuresofWild Hunter: Classic Deer Hunt are:• Beautiful Forest &HuntingValley Environments• Enjoy the Deer Hunting with TimeChallenge•Simple, Easy & Smooth Game Controls• Multiple HuntingWeapons•Eye Catching & Colorful Game Graphics• Relaxing Gamesounds•And much More …..Like the game and share with others. Let usknowyour suggestions to improve the game. Enjoy Hunting….!!!
Animal Hunting Wild Adventure:hunting game 1.0
Animal Hunting Wild Adventure: hunting animals gamesBestshootinggame where you don’t just go on a killing spree and startrandomlykilling animals. There are targets and also there areanimals whichyou are not allowed to kill. From Hunting the moles,deer to thebears and wolfs, this animal hunting game gives you thebestexperience of precise shooting and sniper skills. Catchelusiveanimals with your sniper bullet and get points for that, bagthemas many as you can. While Face shooting the huge bears, bobcatsandwolves in augmented graphics and best audio compatibility;youwon’t be disappointed with this game. Find the deer hidinginbushes and aim at them while running or get them by surprise.Killthe massive animals before they attack on you. Aim with bothscopeon and without it. Finest action is produced in this gamewhich isthe complete merger of high tech game development bylinking itwith the craze for one of the oldest hobby in this world.We havemerged Hunting game and sniper shooting together to form thebestshoot animal shooting hunter game ever. Start from deer andwolvesand move towards killing huge animals like bears andelephants.Pass each scenario for each animal and unlock new kinds.Difficultylevels in each level are different from others. Followtheinstructions and don’t get run out of time. Shoot as manyanimalsas you can and become an animal shooting veteran as youadvance inthe game. Different set of geographical locations to testthehunter’s resilience in climatic changes where in Arctic regionyouhave to hunt down the huge white bears and the weather ismakingyou senseless, shooting the deer in deserts is melting youmindwith heat. Multiple locations mean different kinds of weathersaswell. There is nothing between your firearms and the wild deerandwolves, every time you open it at them, make it count. Inlimitedtime span of hunting adventure this is the mostimportantthing.Animal Hunting Wild Adventure: hunting animalsgamesFeatures: • Dangerous environment Full of wild animals.•Variety ofAnimals to Kill.• Best 3d Forest, arctic and desertenvironment.•Difficulty Bar for each Animal.• Shooting from avantage point.•Shoot through Tree leaves.• Animal scatteredquickly• Aim atRunning Wild Animals.• Unlimited AmmunitionBonuses.• Immersive 3Dgraphics.How to Play• It’s a first personShooting• Select theanimal you want to shoot first• Start fromdifficulty level one.•Kill all the targeted animals in each levelto move into nextlevel.• Avoid killing friendly animals.• It willfail the mission.•Kill the animals before times up.• Double zoomfor more precision.•Permit yourself to pull the trigger when targetis in range.• Eachanimal can be killed with two bullets atleast.Pick up your snipergun and start bagging the biggest and mostexotic animals in thewildest parts of the globe. Take the challengeand show yourfriends how good, a hunter, you are. The game is freeto play andwithout any exclusives so download this fun pack rightnow andstart your career as a professional hunter.
Wild Hunting Simulator 2017 5
Caution: Great killing ahead! Wild Hunting Simulator 2017 isanincredible shooting game to hunt wild animals in the jungle.Enjoythe latest hunter game with dangerous wild animals to killfrom allover the world.You, as a Hunter need to immerse yourself ina vastjungle environment to kill huge animals, but try to hunt themdownbefore they do so to you. Become an incredible and mostwantedhunter by killing dangerous predators from all over the worldin ahunting safari. Hunt elephent, lions, cheetahs, rhinos andmanymore ferocious animals.In Wild Hunting Simulator 2017 youcanexperience the ultimate shooting from Jeep, enjoy the Jeep viewandbecome wild hunter! While hunting customize all your weaponsbyupgrading scopes, barrels, magazines etc. for the perfectshot.Takedown all the dangerous predators from the jeep roof andtake thehunting safari to the next level. Aim and shoot to kill theanimalsfrom running Jeep and be the best shooter. While playingthisincredible hunting game, you can earn best hunt badges tobecomethe best hunter.This hunting safari is the perfect huntersimulatorfor you to play and it's totally free!Ancient Mode:WildHuntingseason is coming and if you are planing for hunting jungleanimalsthen archery animal hunter game is here for you to improveyourarcher skills and become ultimate archery master. Wildhuntingsimulator 2018 ismost realistic bow shooting game forhuntingbeasts. you can hunt animals by driving Jeep or as a Stoneagearchery hunter in jungle. keep safe distance from the junglebeastsbecause they beware of you when you go near to these animalsandthen they can attack you.Set your aim from cross bow andshootanimals in given time. this is very challenging archerymasterhunting game. For the time being in this archer game you canhuntmany forest animals like rhino,elephent,lion,stag,wolf etc.Huntingwild jungle animals with archery is a fun. take your aim andshootarrows on target to kill and score points. Wild HuntingSimulator2017 is the #1 archery wild hunting game you have everplayed.shoot furious animals kill them and become life time archerymasteranimals hunting and enjoy hunting adventure safariforlifetime.Safari Hunting 3D simulator is an unforgettableadventurefor real guys on the African continent, where you willmeetface toface the four-footed owners of these places and hunt them.Ifyouare a hunter - get your gear and go hunting right now in theluxuryoffroader.In your garage, a 4x4 offroad is waiting for you.Grabyour hunting rifle, jump into the off-road car and get on yourwayto Safari to hunt various animals: rhinoceroses, lions,buffalos,zebras and many other animals indigenous to Africa.WildHuntingSimulator 2017 features:- Hunting animals. Best huntingsimulatorSAFARI 3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautifulgraphics andrealistic scenery.- Realistic animated animals to behunted.-Sounds of Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Besthunter scoretable.Tips for a successful hunt:1. Be careful, wildanimals aredangerous and can attack people.2. For best shootingresults - usethe scope. 3. Do not approach your prey too close -you willfrighten the animal away.4. Having shot the prey, do notforget toload it into your trunk. This way your purse will bereplenished.5.The larger the prey, the more money it will bringyou.6. Use themoney earned to buy new guns that would allow you toget to killanimals more easily.
Wild Sniper Hunter Survival: Free Hunting Games 1.1.2
Blockot Games
If you are looking for the best deer sniper hunter game thenplaythis epic hunting game and hunt down deer, bear, wolf andotherwild animals in snowy jungle. It’s open hunter season infreeonline 3D FPS jungle gameplay. Fight wild African jungleanimalfury & pull trigger to shoot first & finish mission.Choosethe best weapon from hunter’s inventory to survive using yoursuperarmy war commando sniper force hunter skills: MP5, AK47, M4,SRSSniper, M24 Sniper, Exotic Sniper, AK47 Sniper, SVD Sniper. Usethemap to locate where these unique wild forest animals are hidingandhunt them first to survive in this awesome gameplay. Avoidattacksfrom deadly wildlife such as bears or wolves and hunt themin thisfree classic online 3D super cool jungle environment. Firewithsniper or assault rifles to take all rouge beasts andaccomplishmissions after missions successfully. Increase hunterskill levelsby going on a hunting adventure while enjoying thegraphics chosenfor best first person shooting 3D experiencegameplay listening toawesome sound effects. FEATURES - An ultimatehunting action. - 5kinds of wild animals in gameplay: Bear, Boar,Deer, Gorilla, Wolf- Gameplay is simple yet entertaining. -Efficient gun control. -True to life hunting experience. - Highquality cool graphics!Download and Join this High-end, ImmersiveAndroid Game Hunt Today!
Sniper Hunter Safari Survival 1.0.3
Hunt for real animals in hunting safari now! In this escapemissionyou will have to use all your skills for survive in thisjungle!Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills forshooting assniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age,like a realhunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey,and put yourhunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wildanimals. It istime to load out your weapons and get your 5 starshooting fix!Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungle and attacking onanimals byits big punch to survive. Lonely survivals on a wildisland.Utilize Army lone Survivals skills for shooting to surviveandfight against animals and find escape from the hunted Island.Huntdifferent wild animals like Tiger, Heyna, Cheetah, Lion,Lioness,Elephant, Giraffe, Deer-stage, Gorilla, zebra,Elephant,Hippopotamus and Buffalo. Use your sniper gun to shootthem. Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between youand willdangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have toshoot deerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal,hunting theseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survivalisland.Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape.It’s amission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission toescapefrom the dangerous Island to survive and return back homes.Braceyourself for the ultimate Deer hunting experience. Rivalbusinesstycoons conspired to keep you locked up, now it's time totake yourrespect back. You are equipped with a modern deadly sniperrifle tohunt the wild beasts. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooters and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atjungleisland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and bufallo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survivals hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begins with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be asurvivor hero!! Hey commando have you got all skills, armycommandotraining test, power, assault shooting and wilderness toevolve asbrave hunting warriors in this thrilling adventures gamefor a lifeescape mission. Test your sniper skills by choosingtargetscarefully; or go into assault mode as you clear the forestof thewild beasts! Become the best commando on this survivalislands.Trap carnivore and predator animal in jungle sniper. Useall thepossible tools and weapons to defend yourself fromwildernesscreature. Game Features : • 12+ real animals, 6 deadlyweapons andmultiple missions. • Realistic Shootings with Gunseffects,animations and sounds. • HD Jungle Autumnal environment,Efficientgun control and Camera zoom to get accurate shots. •Wilderness ofAssault shooting guns to kill. This is the perfecthuntersimulators for you to play and it's totally free! YourFeedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You!
Sniper Hunt: Safari Survival 1.1
Get ready in this epic escape mission you will have to use allyourskills for survive in this jungle! Shoot at dangerouscrazyanimals. Unleash skills for shooting as sniper shooters. Don'tletthe deer escape. It is time to load out your weapons and getyour 5star shooting fix! Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungleandattacking on animals by its big punch to survive. In this gameyoucan hunt different wild animals like Deer/stage, Gorilla,zebra,Elephant, Crocodile, and Bear. Use your sniper guns to shootthem.Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between youandwilld angry gorilla or other animals. In deer hunting gamesyoujust have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lionandwild animal, hunting these animal can attack on you and cankillyou. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beastinthe jungle and save yourself from their counter attacks inthissurvival islands. Rival business tycoon conspired to keepyoulocked up, now it's time to take your respect back. Even fromoldera soldiers are trained as archer shooters and they alsolearnarchery huntings. All warriors and knights were expert inhuntingthe running animals. Fight with bear & Gorilla in thejungle.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunters that killsthe bigfive of bear, elephant, and crocodile? Go for huntingadventure andsedate angry bear before it attacks and kills you.Test your sniperskills by choosing targets carefully; or go intoassault mode asyou clear the forest of the wild beasts! Survive thejungle, testyour temperament and behold the trophy in JungleSniper. GameFeatures: - 6+ real animals, 3 deadly weapons andmultiplemissions. - Realistic Shootings with Guns effects,animations andsounds. - Efficient gun control and Camera zoom toget accurateshots.
Lion Hunting - 2017 Sniper 3D 1.1
Lion Jungle Sniper Hunt 3D is an incredible shooting game tohuntwild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest hunter gamewithdangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world.AimandShoot! Wild Lion Hunter offers you the unique game-play thatyoucan hunt wild lions in jungle wilderness with realistic graphicsofjungle and life of jungle!Hunting wild jungle animals is freefunwhen one is a professional hunter as an unprofessional willexposehis life in trying to kill energetic creatures.Lion HuntingSniper3D lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals intheworld. With access to powerful guns you will rely on yourmarksmanskills to kill and trap Lions and other animals. Moreover,lionschasing other animals as a prey and hunt them makes the gameevenmore challenging. Do you have what it takes to become ahuntinglegend?Come of age, like a real hunter, improve yourtrackingskills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to thetest inthe hunt of real wild animals. It's Open Season, returntowilderness to hunting jungle animals. Lion Hunting SniperWildSafari 3D Deadly Shores is fun when one is a professionalhunter asan amateur will endanger his life in trying to killfuriousbeasts.Journey to the world’s wildest locations and hunt forrealwild king of Jungle and other animals in Hunting Safari now! Itistime to load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix!Thestaggering Lion Hunting sniper wild Hunter 3D is here. Jointhisjungle hunting adventure. Hunter 3D lets you hunt the biggestandmost dangerous animals in the world.Lion Safari Hunting3Dsimulator is an unforgettable adventure for real hunters, whereyouwill meet face to face with wild animals including Lions,Rhinos,Zebras, Deer, Stags etc and hunt them.If you are a hunter -getyour gear and go hunting right now. Grab your hunting rifle,jumpinto the jungle for animals hunting on your way to Safari tohuntvarious animals in indigenous to Africa.Game Features:-FirstPerson Sniper 3D Shooting- An ultimate hunting action- Gameplay issimple yet entertaining- Well-organized and efficient guncontrol-Over 30 immersive hunting missions to complete- Realistic3Dgraphics and awesome sound effects- Dozens of real worldweaponsand upgradesTips for a successful hunt:1. Be careful, wildanimalsare dangerous and can attack people.2. For best shootingresults -use the scope.3. Do not approach your prey too close - youwillfrighten the animal away.4. Use the money earned from huntingtobuy new guns that would allow you to get to inaccessibleplacesfull of animals.Caution: Great killing ahead! Take down allthedangerous predators from the firepower of your guns and takethehunting to the next level. Aim and shoot to kill the animals andbethe best shooter. While playing this incredible hunting game,youcan earn best hunt badges to become the best hunter.PLEASENOTE:-This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoney forsome extra items, which will charge your Google account.You candisable in-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in thisgame.Thank yourfor playing with us, follow the updates, writereviews and leavecomments!
Hunting Wild Animals Sniper 3D - Wolf Hunter 2018 1.9
Hunting wild animals sniper 3d - wolf hunter 2018 is anamazingsimulation and the development of superb quality junglehuntinggame. This is very impassive wolf hunting in the jungleenvironmentgame, where you can hunt the dangerous wolf who is goingto attackon the farm animal in the beautiful green environment.Hold thebest sniper gun, take the perfect aim and shoot thedangerous wolfhunting rivals and save the farm animals. Get readyfor the greatjourney of the saving farm animals in the forestenvironment. Getyour best sniper shooting weapon and prepare for afast and furiousshooting experience across the jungle. Thisamazingly realisticwolf hunter 2018 simulation game is packed fullof super coolforest environment dangerous wolfs and exciting,dynamic shootingmissions. Finish more and more angry and hungrywolfs be the besthunter of the jungle. Kill the wild wolf for yourfarm animal’ssurvival with no fear otherwise wolves bite youranimals. Enjoy theexperience of shooting wolves until all wolvesare down to make theplace safe for farm animals to dwell andcomplete the mission. Playthis game to become the pro hunter andscary wolf shooter of theworld. Sniper 3d wolf tracking 2018 gameoffers you a great, fungaming experience that will help you tobecome the master of theforest and the best hunter to kill thedangerous wolves. So are youexcited to hunt tracking the clever,sharp and dangerous wolfanimal and hunting a wild wolf life withyour reflexes sharpen anda quick response sniper shooting, thenyou'll be very excited toplay hunting wild wolf animaland 3d. Thestory of the game is basedon the idea that your farm animals likecows, goats and many othersare grazing in in the forest and somehungry and clever wolves haveattacked on them and you are as farmanimals grazer and foresthunter your duty to save the farm animalsfrom the dangerous wolveswith your sniper gun. This is jungleanimal’s wild wolf hunting 3dgame. This game is a real test of yoursniper bestshot, aiming,accuracy and quick response skills. Youhave to be very precise andmake prey of your deadly competitor.Make yourself stable as suddenappearance of the wolf run aim at thechasing farm animal’s wolvesand kill them all as you have limitedtime. If you have craze ofwild animal wolf fighting and huntinggames then it is the bestoption for you as a hunting lover. Huntingthe wild wolf gameacross the different locations in the forest withyour new andlatest sniper weapons. Take your best sniper gun andbuild yourdream to shoot with an unbelievable range of guns. Killmore andmore wolves, and unlock the levels. There are multiplemissions inthe jungle environment the will take you in a realisticshootingdangerous environment where you have to save the farmanimals formthe wolves. Avoid to miss the target, shoot quickly andfinish theeach wolf to prove yourself best hunter. This hunttracking wildanimal’s sniper 3d - wolf hunter 2018 game isaddictive for thelovers of animal hunting games. You can increaseyour huntingabilities through this game with beautiful jungleenvironment, highdefinition 3d graphics, realistic background soundeffects,immersive gameplay physics and easy and smooth control.Feel thehunting craze and try to be one of the best hunter in thejunglesafari hunt stand world. Features: High definition 3dstunninggraphics Multiple amazing and interesting missionsRealistic forestenvironment Smooth and realistic control Differentadvanced weaponsChallenging levels Amazing background sound effectsImmersivegameplay physics
Alligator Survival Hunting 1.0.3
Enjoy this hunting game simulator with deep sea crocodiles tohuntfrom all over the world. You are on a rescue mission tosavecivilians from violent alligators! Welcome to the most excitingseasport adventure. Get ready in this epic escape mission youwillhave to use all your skills for survive at this beach! Angrycrocois crazy and attacking on human by its big punch to survive.Thisis a game for the fishing enthusiasts. Epic croco challengeandexplore the underwater sea life at paradise island. PlayAlligatorshooting with Deep Dive, the amusing water hunter game.Sneakbehind Endless water world in HD quality, Dive into Blue Oceanandplay as hunter. Ocean life is full of amusing inhabitants atyourdisposal like white shark, clownfish and starfish.! Unleashskillsfor shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the crocodileescape. Itis time to load out your weapons and get your 5 starshooting fix!Show marksman aim with silencer weapon, assaultsuppressor riflesand sniper gun. As a skilled sniper, having servedmilitary, youtake out your weapon to save civilians playing atbeach. Show yourbrutal attacking skills to hunt down beast at seaand save yourselffrom their counter attacks in this survivalisland. Rival businesstycoon conspired to keep you locked up, nowit's time to take yourrespect back. Shoot spotlight, pick lock andmove from shadow nearbeach to strike with deadly crocos. Kill alldeadly gators and saveprevious human lives! It’s time todemonstrate your superior skillsand kill maniac alligators. Useweapons like the ShotGun, and theM19. Kill or be killed, be a partof ultimate battle between youand willd angry crocos. Arm yourselfwith shotguns, pistols,assault rifles and the latest military gear.Will you become afamous big-game hunter that kills the big five ofcroco? Go forhunting adventure and sedate angry croco before itattacks andkills you. Test your sniper skills by choosing targetscarefully;or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of thewild beasts!Survive at sea. Be careful of attacks while fishing inParadiseIsland! There are predators in the water and if youaccidentallyshoot them, they will attack you!! Grab your rifle andgo aroundfor catching alligators. Fisherman chase crocodiles.Killer crocoswill kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get readyto Catch themost wanted animal and Become ace shooter enjoyingangling withyour rifle in this fishing season with your mask inlake withseamless cozy water. There is nothing more thrilling thanhuntingcroco with a rifle. Use your gun to hunt them peeking abovewater.Remember blue whale is sea king. Install! Play! And Getyourselfindulge in awesome shooting game you ever played.AlligatorsSurvival Features: ★ HD 3D Graphics depictingOcean/BeachEnvironment. ★ Intuitive FPS - Real life huntexperience. ★Realistic sound effects ★ Best Shooting levels ★ FreeGameplay. Letthe shoot begin!
Safari Deer Hunting Africa 1.16
The most popular and realistic hunting game takes you toextremewilderness environments and most popular game around theworld. Thechallenge has been issued and become a champion in safarideerhunting Africa. So it’s time to reload your rifle and jump intothewilds of jungle, mountain, desert, and snow world. Let’simagineyourself as a hunter and enjoy playing a real time huntinggame.The game is filled with full of action, hunting &shooting.Those who love to be legend hunter will love to kill deerinbeautiful multi environment.This game has 4 type ModeMountain,jungle, desert and snow. Every mode have a more challenge.You willsee the most beautiful sceneries like wildlife, forest,mountain,desert, and snow in this game. The sound of weapons, slowmotionbullet replay and roar of deer make more interest in thisgame. Insnow mode snow have covered the mountain fields, freezingoutthere, this is perfect time for the hunter. Grab yourshootinggears and come out for hint. It’s wild out there withhuntingseason of wildlife animals. Don’t let the deer run away andbe theultimate hunter don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shothimdead. Now is the time to show how well you snipe both of them,shotand kill!. You can choose variety of modern sniper guns andchoosewhich mode you want to play and become a legend hunter.Use ofthisapplication is copy write by SpiritGamesStudio Mobile’s TermsofUse. Collection and use of personal data are subjecttoSpiritGamesStudio Privacy Policy. How to play:• Easy touch anddraggame-play to rotate axis• Camera zoom to get accurate shots•Pressgun button to change sniper gun.• Mission based game playtocomplete missions and select other modes• Shooting accuracyandskillsFeatures of Safari Deer Hunter Africa• Advance sniper gunandother modern sniper guns collection.• Efficient weaponcontrol& zoom• Different multi beautiful environment mountain,jungle,desert, sniper• The natural sounds of deer and bullet • 3Dstunninggraphic and natural jungle sounds• Winter and snowfilledenvironment• Use GPS system to track deer• Slow motionbulletreplay to hunt the deer• No internet required to playthiswonderful game• Small game size and easy to play• Sniper effecttoaim the deer at a distance• Eye catching environmentLike usonfacebook:
Lion Hunter Sniper Safari - Animal Hunting Game 1.3
Lion Hunter Sniper Safari 3D is an incredible hunting game tohuntwild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest shooting gamewithdangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world.LionHunterSniper Safari offers you the unique game-play that you canhuntlions in jungle wilderness with realistic graphics of jungleandlife of jungle. Hunting jungle animals is free fun when one isaprofessional hunter as an unprofessional will expose his lifeintrying to kill energetic creatures.As you know the lion is thekingof jungle and the the lion king is very sharp animal and youalsoknow the running speed of lion is very fast so deal with lioninjungle very carefully because they have ability to attack onyouwhen you want to shot the lion completely set your aim ontargetlion for shot to kill. if you miss the shot then lion runaway orclimb away from targeted position now they try to attack onyoubefore they attack on you shot them otherwise they willkillyou.Just Like a Sniper hunting game, lets you hunt the biggestandmost dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerfulgunsyou will rely on your marksman skills to kill and trap Lionsandother animals. Moreover, lions chasing other animals as a preyandhunt them makes the game even more challenging. Do you have whatittakes to become a hunting legend?Play this animal shootinggame,just like a real lion hunter, improve your hunting skills,stalkyour prey, and put your hunting skills to the test in the huntofreal wild animals. It's Open Season, return to wildernesstohunting jungle animals. Lion Sniper Hunting game is a fun whenoneis a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying to kill furious beasts.In this lion hunting simulator,thereis a valley with surrounded by mountains and rivers. Therearelions roaming around to look for prey. You are a lion hunterwhoshoot and kill lions. You can see around and aim from yoursnipergun to shoot the lion. If your fire is missed, the lion willcometoward you and you can become his prey. You are equippedwithSniper gun and, you have to survive with your accuratefiringtactics.Lion shooting game is an unforgettable adventure forrealhunters, where you will meet face to face with wild animalsandhunt them.If you are an animal hunter - get your gear andgohunting right now. Grab your hunting rifle, jump into thejunglefor animals hunting on your way to Safari to hunt variousanimalsin indigenous to Africa.Lion Hunters are usually equippedwith bestrifles, snipers and other modern weapons with scope. Thehunter inthe jungle has to be active, alert, accurate in aimingandshooting. Lions are wild animals and can attack on the hunter,sohe has to be ready to rescue himself in case of danger andescapeto the safe point.Game Features: • Smooth gameplay. •Fabulousanimations. • Simple controls. • Real 3D graphics andenvironment.• Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.  • FirstPersonSniper 3D Shooting. • An ultimate hunting actions. • Gameplay issimple yet entertaining. • Well-organized and efficientguncontrol. • Realistic Hunting Environments. • Over 30immersivehunting missions to complete. • Dozens of real worldweapons andupgrades. • No connectivity required while playing. •This is veryaddictive, full of fun and enjoyable.Tips for asuccessful hunt:
1.Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and canattack people.
2.Keep your eye on the target. 3. Relax, aim andshoot. 4. Use themoney earned from hunting to buy new guns thatwould allow you toget to inaccessible places full of animals.
5.For best shootingresults - use the scope.
6. Do not approach yourprey too close -you will frighten the animal away.
This is theperfect huntersimulator for you to play and it's totally free! YourFeedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You!
Crossbow Hunter: Wild Animals 1.3
Return to wilderness and prepare for the ultimate animalshuntingchallenge with Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals FPSHuntingSimulator. World’s greatest hunting experience while gettingnewtrophies, taking down wolves, bears and cheetahs. Shoot like apro,develop a steady hand and master your skills to take theperfectshot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them before they get you!Gettheultimate hunting experience with Crossbow Hunting: WildAnimals.Best hunting game on the store! If you got bored with“sniperzombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticatedhuntingentertainment - download Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals!It’sabsolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax whileshootingcrossbow and taking part in crossbow/arbalest hunting trip!Feellike William Tell! Be an arbalest champion! Shooting isconductedat distances from 10 to 100 meters! The goal is to hunttheanimals! While hunting be aware that animals will startle orattackyou when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Animals aresoreal they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies inuniquelocations of USA, Europe, Asia and go to a huntingexpedition! Takedown predators before they get you! Travel acrossthe globe andenjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobilegameplay! Embarkthe animals hunting expedition! It’s open season -join the huntnow! No training needed. Simply release the string ofthe bow. Feelthe Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realisticshooting experience.Simple controls, moving targets, wind factorwill make youaddictedCrossbow Champion: Sport Shooting 3D givesyou:Beautiful 3DenvironmentRealistic crossbow experienceHuntingGame Fun! Over 40levelsVaried difficulty of the gameVaries missionsto train yourskills – hunt beasts, hit many targets at timePowerupsPlaying forFree - no “in app purchases”High scoreDifferentarrows andbowsAchievementsYou can play offline - no internetisneededRealistic shooting mechanicsSimple to play and easy tolearn– just tap and swipe to shoot at the targetFun!How toplay:Simplytap and hold the screen to stretch the crossbow and aim.Releasewhen ready to shoot. Be quick! The crossbow starts shakingwhenaiming for too long! Remember about the wind factor! Thegreaterthe shooting distance, the greater the correction must betaken inheight.When aiming must take into account wind directionand speed,and take correction to compensate for the offset ofarrow. Thecrossbow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focuson aimingthe targets. Aimt through the collimator. Optical sighthas 2xmagnification. Try to win the tournament, beware of thepredators!There are two types of gameplay:Time Attack: Get asmanyhits/points as you can in a limited time.Crossbow HuntingMaster:You get only couple of arrows and have to hunt certainanimals.Precision, focus and skill is required.You can play offline- nointernet is needed (no wifi, LTE)Coming soon:Deluxecrossbowshooting!40 new levelsMultiplayerNew crossbows2 controltypes
Wild Animal Shooting 1.0
Wild Animal Shooting is free fun when one is a professionalhunteras an unprofessional will expose his life in trying tokillenergetic creatures.Wild Animal Shooting is perfect field forthehunter to Hunt in the Forest.Let’s go hunting with WildAnimalShooting. This is an amazing and addictive action andAdventuregame to take you to an ultimate adventure in the mostrealisticenvironmentwith tress, grass, outdoor, mountains etc. bestworldforest places.This is a hunting simulation game whichsimulatesyour hunting skills in a quite realistic environments.There are anumber of wild animals in search of their prey in thejungle. Youhave to select animal from Wolf,Fox, pig ,Birds and Deertohunt.The stunning sound effects, in the gameplay, adds totheexcitement of this 3d shooting game. Become a skilled DeerandAnimal hunter, by playing this 3d Wild Animal Shooting gamewiththrilling actions pack with slow motion of built.It’s huntingtime!and Best huge Wild Animal Shooting in Safari.Aim your scopeandshoot for precise head shot before the furious beasts jump onyouto kill you. Hunt the most dangerous wild animals; wild Fox ,Deerand Wold, Wild PIG , Wild Rabbit and also many WildBirds.WildAnimal Shooting Have many Sniper Shooting Guns SoComplete theLevels and Unlocked your Gun. Each Animal Have Manylevels in thehunting points.Let’s play free Action games withspecial lookinggun. In life looking mode you'll feel that yousimply squaremeasure in real hunt life.Animals feel jungle as theirperfectsanctuary. When someone gets into it they take it as aninvader. Sothe sniper should grasp his sniff and be tolerant.WildAnimalShooting Top Features:★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ FirstPersonShooting Jungle environment Efficient gun control EnemyAI(Artificial Intelligence) 3D Graphics and Sound effects RealTimeJungle Environment Many game play mission with differenttasksHunting animal mission Thrilling game Fun and joy of huntRealisticsound Best controls Action packed missions Realisticassault andkiller rifles Sniper scope views. Use the Army NightView Scope.Real scary jungle and animals sound Quickly downloadthisinteresting game. Real-time wild animal hunter and WildAnimalShooting simulator Realistic Animated Wolf ,Fox ,Rabbit,Pig,Birds, Deer. Amazing Jungle Hunter and Shooting Experience
Ultimate Wild Hippo Hunter:Jungle Survival Sim 1.0.8
Ultimate Wild Hippo Hunter:Jungle Survival SimA biggest waterbeast- angry hunter hippo, the most dangerous animal in theafricanforest running for his survival from large wild beast butall upfrom being hunted too long in shoot competition betweenfierce lionand other safari life animals. Now, in this huntersimulator playas angry rhino hunter and hunting the animals inafrican junglewith this kill animal hunting game. This is anadventure ride of arhino with this hunting games 3d. Survive thewild elements in thisfun, high action ultimate hunting gamessimulator and animal attack3d game. The goal of the game issurvival racing to create beststory hunter game and animal fightinggame which enhance swimmingsurvival skills animal hunting. Erecomes the Rhino who has beenhunted so many times but survived, nowit is not happy and wants tobe in shoot competition with thishunter jump jungle game. EasyAngry hunter! Search for your prey inthe african jungle and huntas a pro in this killer instinctgame.Take gesture control andrhino hunt enemy animals just likeangry bear attack 3d includingother zoo animals are Spinosaurus,Triceratops, cattle dragon,blackpanther,Rhino,run,Raptor,goat,zebra,elephant,fox,Lion andother wildbeast with this shoot competition games. Be an africansafaricreature, fight with lions, killer tigers and other angrywild beatsfor you survival in african jungle in this wild animalhunting. Beatthe Hippo and prove yourself biggest animal in safariforest. Wehope this is soon to be the best story hunter game onthe storejungle simulator. If you ever wondered what it would belike to playa free Hippopotamus Simulator, wildlife games and wildsimulatorgames,this is your chance with the jungle simulator andwild animalhunting game in which we learn about life ofHippopotamus. Downloadthis hunter run jungle free and enjoy beinga hippo villagesimulator!Ultimate Wild Hippo Hunter:JungleSurvival SimFeaturesControl a HUGE 3D Rhinoceros!Combinesrampage withadventureExcellent 3D graphics and fast gameplay
Jungle Safari Animal Hunter 1.0
Hunt or be hunted! return to the wild hunting across the globeinmost visually stunning FPS hunting game on android! The bestWildAnimal Big Hunting game where you don't just go on a killingspreeand start randomly hunting animals. Travel in an epic journeyto ahidden, untouched dangerous jungle to hunt the world mostexoticand ferocious animals. Enjoy the world's wildest locationwith realhunter to get greatest hunting experience in Jungle SafariAnimalHunter Challenge.Hunting the wild animals is real fun whenprohunter endangers his life to hunt the furious beasts.Immerseyourself in diverse jungle environment, take down predatorsbeforeyou become prey. Develop a steady hand, line up your sights,loadup on firepower with destructive weapons to take the perfectshot.Shoot down the over 100 animal species including bears,cheetah,lion and wolves with your powerful arsenal! Hunting deer isjustbeginning. you need to master the shooting skills and anexpertshooter strategy to finish these animals.Jungle SafariAnimalHunter Challenge offers you the exclusive action-packedgame-playthat you can hunt wild beasts not only on foot but also ona fastmoving 4x4 vehicle! Hunt animals in lush and dangerousforestenvironment so real they nearly jump off the screen!Customize yourweapon with magazines, barrels, scopes, stocks andmore, as youperfect your weapons you take hunting to the nextlevel! Dynamicshadows, hi-res textures and realistic animalcharacters allcombine to make this one of the most beautiful animalhunting gameson your mobile device!If you are real hunter and fanof animalhunting games, hunting simulators and FPS games then thisWildAnimal Big Hunting is especially developed for you.It’sopenseason, join the hunt today and enjoy endlesshunting!GameFeatures:● Amazing graphics and prehistoric sceneries ●Actualthrill of cougar hunts and deadly attack● True lifehuntingexperience● Off-road 4x4 jeep driving experience● Smoothweaponscontrol & zoom in/out● Realistic animated animals●Manythrilling missions with different numberofanimals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deer HuntingShootingChallenge does not require any internet connection, you canhavefun in the car, during services in a temple and in thesubway.Thisgame is free to play, but it contains items that can bepurchasedfor real money and may contain third party advertisementsthat mayredirect you to a third-party site.If you like Wild AnimalBigHunting, please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovementof the game.
Jungle Deer Hunter 1.1
★★ Jungle Deer Hunter – Jungle Game ★★ Deer hunter gamesareinteresting jungle games for jungle animal games lovers. Holdyoursniper gun and get ready for sniper shooting mission like arealanimal hunter of jungle animals. Deer games give you a chancetohunt jungle animals like a wild hunter, animal hunter, lionhunteretc. Jungle deer hunter is about to hunt deer with snipershootinggames and archery games experience. Animal hunting gamesand deerhunting games lover will enjoy this first person shootinggame(FPS) sniper shooting game. If you’re a real hunter then trythisexciting FPS safari hunting game. Jungle deer hunter will giveyouopportunity to hunt deer just like lion hunter games, bearhuntergames or dino hunter games. ★★ Jungle Deer Hunter – DeerHunterShooter Game ★★ Jungle deer hunter gives you the bestjunglehunting environment with stunning HD graphics. This snipershootergame required a lot of sniper shooting gun experience fordeerhunter shooter game. Real hunter will enjoy all thethrillinglevels of jungle deer hunter in all deer games they hadplayedbefore. This deer game is very interesting and different gametothe archery games and bow games for all hunting games likebirdshunting games, duck hunting games archery birds hunting games.Deershooter games needs very special sniper shooting techniquestoshoot with sniper gun. Be the best sniper shooter forsnipershooting and hunting game to hunt deer with a single snipershootin this jungle deer hunter. ★★ Jungle Deer Hunter – AnimalHunterGame ★★ This animal hunter game is full of thrilling actionwildhunting skills and the passionate sniper shooting game. Thosewholike to be deadly hunter and loves to hunt deer should playthisjungle deer hunter. Animal hunter games are very famous inshootinggames. One who loves to use sniper guns for snipershootingfulfills their desire in this deer game. Jungle deer hunteris aperfect animal shooting game for animal hunter games players.Youcan use different sniper guns in this animal shooter game.JungleDeer Hunter game provide its best jungle environment andmountainenvironments for animal hunter. ★★ Features of Jungle DeerHunter –Sniper Hunter Safari Game ★★ * Stunning HD graphicsprovided inthis sniper hunter safari.* 15 thrilling levels for deerhuntergames lover to enjoy their sniper shooting experience.*Snowymountains environment for deer hunting in this jungle animalsnipergame.* Variety of sniper shooter guns for hunter shooterjunglegame mission.* Different environments provided for realhunter tohunt wild animals.* Realistic jungle nature sounds amuseyou whileplaying this sniper hunter safari game.* Zoom in for theclear shotto hunt jungle animals.* Different timed levels forhunter shooterto show sniper shooting skills.
Deer Hunt – Animal Survival Safari Hunting 1.0.2
Safari hunting season is back in the shape of Deer HuntingTPSShooter Game with more thrill and challenging expedition.Don'tmiss out your chance to become a real deer huntsman.Youwerestranded on a mysterious jungle, full of wild deers. Dyingofhunger and cold, you have to hunt. You need to do your besttosurvive among hungry wild deers inhabiting the jungle. Dowhateveryou want, but remember - the most important thing is tosurvive.Inthis RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a deerhunterwhose destiny isn't determined yet. How do you see thefuture? It'syour choice! Choose from repository, experiment, pickyour gear,learn some fresh new tactics and explore a massive worldfull ofadventures! Be fast and graceful, strong and shattering,enigmaticand deadly. Enjoy the beauty of a real african animalhunting whichhas been made possible due to moderntechnologies.There's largeamount of weapons and armor in DeerHunter. If you've ever dreamedof having a rare collection ofhunting goods, now's your time! Theworld of a shadows has gotsplendid rewards for the mostadventurous ones! Collect epic gear,combine, equip it with newlethal weapons and perks. Shoot your preywith sniper! Develop asteady hand, clear your sights, and masterthe skills to take theperfect shot. Don’t fall prey to the wildpredators in jungle. Keeplooking for the jungle animal's andsurvive wild animal attack.Huntfor extinct animals in HuntingSafari now! In this escape missionyou will have to use all yourskills for survive in this Africanjungle! Shoot at endangeredanimals. Unleash skills for shooting assniper shooter. Don't letthe deer escape. Come of age, like a realhunter, improve yourshooting skills, stalk your prey, and put yourhunting skills to thetest in the hunt of real wild animals. It istime to load out yourweapons and get your 5 star shooting fix!Lonely survival on a wildisland. Utilize Army lone Survival skillsfor shooting to surviveand fight against animals and escape fromthe hunted Island. Utilizeyour action, fighting and safarishooting skill to escape. Lead asquad of american sniper commandoswho are trained for accurateshooting and combat skills in the mostchallenging game. Braceyourself for the ultimate deer huntingexperience. Use your snipergun to shoot them. Aim and kill theunkilled jungle animals andbecome the best deer hunter and enjoywith jeep engine physics inthis 4x4 dirt track trials forestdriving simulator. With this 4x4bumpy car dare to drive off roadmountain hill jeep in most classichill tops. Game Features : • 6deadly weapons and multiplemissions.• Realistic Shooting with Gunseffects, animations andsounds.• HD Jungle autumnal environment,Efficient gun control andcamera zoom to get accurate shots.•Wilderness of Assault shootingguns to kill.• 4x4 offroad jeepderiving with realistic physics.Thisis the perfect huntersimulator for you to play and it's totallyfree! Your Feedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.Thank You!
Duck Hunting 3D 1.4.3
The hunting fever is at the high so grab the hunting gun and gofora duck hunt.Get ready for duck hunting season! Shoot ducks asmuchyou can with hunting guns in a beautiful environment, mix upofbeautiful jungle birds and duck sounds. Feel like in realisticduckhunting environment. If you are a good shooter and can acceptthechallenge, then here is the perfect situation for you.Duckhunting3D is a first person shooting game with efficient weaponcontroland eye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects. Enjoy duckhuntingwith realistic animations. Duck hunting has two interestingmodes.Unlock second mode of duck hunting 3D and become US Championbywinning duck hunting competitions across all American states.Shareyour feedback with us and let’s make it a better duck huntinggametogether. Follow us on Facebook and twitter to keepyourselfupdated about new version of duck hunting 3D.
Deer Safari Wild Hunting 2018 1.0.7
This winter, deer safari wild hunting 2018 season has morethrilland challenge. Sniper shooter you are not alone in thiswildhunting expedition as wild animals are accompanying you inthewilderness of jungle. Sniper shooter is all set for DeerSafariWild Hunting 2018 where wild animals are roaming freely.DeerSafari Wild Hunting 2018 takes you to a whole new world ofsafarijungle adventure where your search for wild animals begins.If youare a real hunter don’t miss a single shot. Hunt preciselywithbest sniper shooting skills in this Deer Safari Wild Hunting2018.Jungle survival is compulsory, don’t fall prey to wild animalsinanimal hunting games 2018. Deer Safari Wild Hunting 2018 takesyouto a thrilling sniper shooting mission in jungle where you asbestdeer safari shooter will search for exotic animals in bestsafarianimal hunting. The hunting season returns with safari deerhuntingwhere you will go on exotic locations on 4x4 jeep and huntforsurvival. Be a sniper hunter of best safari games! Completewildsafari mission utilizing jungle survival skills. Search fordeer,lions, elephant, and tiger around in 4x4 safari jeep. Don’tfallprey to the wild predators in jungle. Keep looking for thejungleanimals and survive wild animal attack. Winter season hasarrivedand animal shooting simulator mission has becomecomplicatedbecause of increased predator hunger. Don’t loose youraim orthey’ll come to attack you. Hunting survival mission animalsnipergames require great shooting skills which pro animal snipershooterhave gained from 3D sniper. Amazing hunting and shootingisrequired in survival mission Deer Safari Wild Hunting2018.Precisely aim jungle predator to master best animalhuntingsimulator games 2018. Be careful for if you miss a shot,animalattack might decrease your health. Don’t under estimate thepowerof wild animals in this hunting games 2018. Last hope ofsurvivalis to hunt. Hunting for food is necessary but hunting forsurvivalis compulsory. So download this amazing free wifi game DeerSafariWild Hunting 2018 and get on a deer hunting adventure2018!Features: • Real time shooting in animal hunting snipershooter! •Adventurous jungle survival missions in deerhunting games3d! •Best safari games test your shooting and survival skills! •Amazing3d graphics and camera angles! • Improved and user friendlycontroland gameplay! • Lots of weapons at your disposal
Taloor Hunting 1.7.2
Taloor Bird Hunting presents you the most addictive and full offunBird shooting game for android users. You can see and installthisgame on Play store for free! Install, play and enjoy it.TaloorBird is found in the Arid areas like deserts. This birdisconsidered as Royal family Hunting bird because Arab sheikhsarefond of Hunting the Bird of this Family. In Desert hunter gameyouhave to hunt Taloor bird one by one. This Hunting game isarelaxing first person perspective Bird Hunt game. Users canlookaround the map by swiping the screen. There crow and pigeonarealso flying in the air, don't hunt them other wise you willloseyour game. There are deer and other animals in desert onground.Deer hunting in desert or Lion hunting in junlge is notincluded inyour challenging mission. if you want to be a realanimal hunter orreal bird hunter or real birds shooter, you have tobe expertsniper shooter and hunter. You have a Sniper gun and to beveryactive, smart, accurate in aiming and shooting. If you miss tohuntBird in your first try, he will fly away from your eyesight.Youhave to shoot him as early as possible. We hope you like our3DBird Hunt game. There are real 3D Desert graphics intheenvironment of this shooting and hunting game. You have tohuntTaloor Bird to clear the mission in given time, if you fail tohuntthem, then mission will be failed and game over as well. It ismoreinteresting and full of fun game, you will really enjoy to playit.Taloor Bird Hunting FEATURES:- - Radar is available to findbird. -Multiple and addictive missions - No connectivity required -Zoomoption is available - User friendly and easy to play - Real3Dmodels of Bird - Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt - BestSniperShooting Experience in Desert Give Feedbackat:-
Jungle Wild Animal Hunting:FPS Shooting Games 1.0.2
War Of Trend
Enjoy the biggest jungle wild animal hunting: Fps shooting Gamesin2018. Become a crazy wild zoo animal gun hunter; enter to thecityAfrican jungle animal hunting simulation with test your bestrealexpert animal sniper: jungle shooter 3d. In this modernangryanimal hunting challenge sniper 3d competition you arewalkingalone in the city, equipping with 3D village life angryanimalhunting, aiming at the powerful dangerous ultimate mountainsniperanimal shooter. This wonderful modern city runner animalhunting 3Dsimulator is here for your great enjoyment time withhungry wolfanimal sniper hunting graphics and realistic thrillingenvironmentsof expert loin shooter: modern hunting game. you canalso feelmarvelous desert animal hunting ultimate shooting and FPSoffroadanimal wildlife 3D in this forest loin hunter sniper 3Dsimulation.The city animal hunter: gun shooter game simulation isfull actionbase animal safari wild jungle hunting 3D game and it’sabsolutelysafari jungle loin sniper crazy shooting free. Animalsfeel offroadas their perfect angry tiger forest hunting game. Whilefuriousanimal city hunting simulation bear and wolf be aware, theywillbecome alert hearing the sound of bullet fire to snipersurvivalanimal hunting 3D and will attack you that modern animalsniperadventure mission and if you will not hurry the survivorbeast willtake no time to kill you and the game will be over.Whilereal frontline animal sniper: hunting game run way hearing firingsound. Thetarget of real animal sniper battle: hunting game is alittlemountain sniper animal offroad shooter challenge. So useyouroffroad drive animal 3D hunter free to kill these USA cityanimalmodern sniper 3d before they attack or run away. Get Readyfor realforest animal attack hunter: real adventure, you haveentered intothe angry animals FPS shooter 3D, kill the wild animalsdangeroussniper 3D. you are on the mission of angry animals forestshoothunter, keeping in mind you will have to face angry animalshootjeep driving in the forest so it's not so simple to be themodernanimals fast sniper shooting. animals target sniperhuntingsimulation is a complete package of expert gun sniperanimalsshooting. In this animals jungle sniper hunter 2018, youwill facethe most dangerous modern animals survivals sniperattack.huntinggun animal sniper killer adventure is fascinated withbeautifulforest environment. safari animal jungle hunter 3dsimulation isonly as the wild animals city gun shooter 3D fun game.By playingthis animal sniper target master shoot mission 3d youwill able toimprove your shooting skills. Maybe you have playedmany furiousanimals real gun shooter games
Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D 2.7
Its winter season, snow has covered the mountain fields,itsfreezing out there, perfect field for the hunter. Grabyourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey. It’shuntingtime! Deer Hunting - 2015 Sniper 3D will let you hunt deer&lion in the wild jungle on snowy mountain top. 2015 is nearwithChristmas & New Year just around the corner it’s time to beasniper assassin and hunt deer in this sniper shooting game.Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those wholoveto be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wildlion.The angry lion is also among us somewhere in the mountains andifhe gets in your way don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shothimdead. It’s wild out there with hunting season of wildlifeanimals.You will see the most thrilling winter scenarios in thegame – thesound of the weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain&birds. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt yourpreyall alone. Don’t let the deer run away and be the ultimatehunter.Become the modern sniper of this era using best weaponry.Plan yourhunt as if it is a secret assassin mission because this iswhatreal hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in army always comeshandyin hunting. An ex-army men decides to live inside the wildjungle,in search of its PREY. Only an army soldier can survivetheexcessive snow falling. Suddenly you heard the voice of adeer.It’s the voice of your prey! Grab your sniper rifle and let’shuntdown deer in this sniper 3d shooting and hunting game. It’snotonly you and deer out there. You suddenly hear the roar of abeastLION. Now is the time to show how well you snipe both of them.Aim,shot and kill!!! ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • First PersonSniper 3DShooting• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI(ArtificialIntelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Winter& SnowFiled Environment• Real-time Lion & Deer Hunting★★★PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’sprivacy.You can read our privacypolicyhere:★★★ Follow usonFacebook★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Wild Hunt:Sport Hunting Games. Hunter & Shooter 3D 1.318
Time to collect your hunting gear, load a gun, sharpen yoursensesand track wild animals in realistic hunting locations. Becomethereal hunter and answer the call of the wild! Are you ready foranultimate hunting experience? Are you into visiting new andstunninghunting locations and shooting realistic wild animals? Areyoudreaming about trying different modes of hunting games: freehunt,hunting competition, sport hunting campaigns? Are youinterested incompeting with other real hunters, shooters, riflemenin 1v1 PvPonline mode? Are you eager to learn how to load a gun,upgrade yourshotgun, crossbow, bow or rifle, shoot a duck, wolf,grizzly, deeror any other hunter game? WILD HUNT FEATURES: → Huntdeer or othergame: grizzly bear, wolf, duck and more wild animals →Go huntingin the woods, mountains, forests or savanna → Visithunting regionsin Africa, Europe, Australia, America or Asia → Beaware of wind,rain and different types of gear and ammo. It’s themost realistichunting game available! → Hone your hunting skills,compete in 1v1PvP online mode and become the best animal hunter inthe world! →Create a new hunting club or join the existing one.Have a huntingfun with friends and meet fellow hunters from allaround the worldin the exciting hunting club events! Join or createthe HUNTINGCLUBS! Enjoy our brand new feature - hunting clubs!What’s moreexciting than hunting with friends? Join one of thehundredsalready existing hunting clubs or create a new one andinvite yourfellow hunters! Hunt together and compete with otherclubs in atime-limited group events! Animal hunting tournaments&championships - compete now! Climb up the leaderboard andbecomethe renowned animal hunting expert! In Wild Hunt you’ll findplentyof hunting tournaments and championships, where you canparticipatefor free. Hone your hunting skills to perfection as youchallengeother hunters in our PvP online mode and prove you’re thereal deerhunting master! Let the best deer shooter win! Reallocations –real animals Travel to realistic hunting locationsacross allcontinents and hunt real animals that naturally inhibitthoseterritories. Hunt a deer, a fox or a bear in YellowstonePark(USA), pursue a rhinoceros in the Nile (Egypt), entrap a walrusinthe Arctic Ocean (Russia), target a dingo in the AustralianOutbackand much more! Go hunting to the most exotic spots, rightfrom yourmobile device. Deer shooting games just went global! PickyourWeapon Get your favourite gear from free hunting equipment orbuyanew. Choose between rifles, a shotgun or show your archeryskillswith a sport hunting crossbow. Fix and upgrade itregularly,selecting different gear for different locations and eachhuntinggames. Whether you’re a classic bow-and-arrow fan or afirearmfanatic, Wild Hunt has the weapon that will fit your needslike ahunting glove and let you become the apex predator of thehuntinggrounds! Stimulating 3D Graphics What set apart Wild Huntfrom allother action shooting games is enticing 3D graphics. Spyclosely onthe hunted animal through the weapon scope, take aim andcarefullypull the trigger! Watch as the bullet flies in slowmotion, tearsthrough the bushes and hits the target – Bullseye!Developed by thetalented creators of Let’s Fish – one of best &top grossingfishing apps – Wild Hunt is a social action-packedsports game withcaptivating graphics based on real worldwidehunting locations.Step out into the great outdoors, choose yourweapon, take aim& fire! Find new friends, join or create thehunting club andtake part in the exciting events. Deer shootinggames just advancedon the whole new level - finally something thatfeels like it’s2018! Follow us on Facebook Hunt – one of thegreatest mobile hunting games. DOWNLOAD NOWFOR FREE!
Deer Hunting in Hunter Valley 1.7.4
Deer hunting fever is at the high, so it’s time to grab yourhuntinggears for deer shooting in the snow valley. As the seasonis on! sohunt as many moose as you can to become the ultimate deerhunter andget rewards. You can become the ultimate deer hunter toget highestnumber of moose in the limited time. Plan itstrategically withoutalerting the other surrounding barbary stag,otherwise stags will bedisappeared in the beautiful shootingvalley covered in snowfall.Deer Hunting in hunter valley hasfollowing features for elite deerhunter - Multiple waves for mooseshooting - Sniper weapon scopezoom in option - Beautiful wildanimals in the environment - Realtime wild deer hunting animation- Wild and attractive shootingenvironment and graphics - Muchmore… If you like the best deerhunter game, please share withother deer hunting fellows. Shouldyou have any suggestion, pleasefeel free to contact us and let usdevelop better shooting games.Follow us @hawksgames
Hunting Jungle Animals 3.8
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when one is a professionalhunteras an amateur will endanger his life in trying to killfuriousbeasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and snipershootingexperience which you might not been able to get in yourreal life.Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animalscan enjoy realhunting experience by playing this game.You areavatar with aspecial precise sniper gun to shoot furious wildanimals. For thetime being you have three options, you can killbear, stag and wolfbut in next versions you will be able to killfast animals likecougar, bobcat and tiger.Animals feel jungle astheir perfectsanctuary. When someone gets into it they take it asan invader. Sothe sniper should hold his breath and be patient.While hunting bearand wolf be aware, they will become alerthearing the sound ofbullet fire and will attack on you and if youwill not hurry thesurvivor beast will take no time to kill you andthe game will beover.While stag or reindeer run away hearingfiring sound. Thetarget of sniping running animals is a littlechallenging. So useyour army sniper shooting skills to kill theseanimals before theyattack or run away. You have to select oneanimal at a time and thengo into the levels which are five innumber.Get Ready for realjungle hunting sniper mission, you haveentered into the wild forestof Africa, kill the animals or getkilled. you are on the mission ofdeer hunting, keeping in mind youwill have to face wild furiousanimals like lion, cheetah bear inthe forest so it's not so simpleto be the animal hunter. Wildsafari hunting mania is a completepackage of action andentertainment. In this lion animal hunterseason, you will face themost dangerous animals of the jungle. Lionhunt simulator adventureis fascinated with beautiful forestenvironment. Jungle huntingsimulation is only as the fun game toentertain you and to reliefyour tension of hunting animals. Byplaying this archer animalhunting game 3d you will able to improveyour shooting skills. Maybe you have played many sniper shootinggames buts its kind ofunique in nature as you will face the realwild animals in theforest and you will shoot them on the spot otherwise your lifewill be in great trouble.Safari animal huntingsimulation arcade isthe best free game to increase your confidencelevel for facinggiant animals like lion, elephant, and bears. Thisjungle animalhunting game is a complete challenge to your visionaland listeningcapabilities. As you enter in the wildest forest ofthe world, sokeep it in mind a single breathing sound may causeyour death, sokeep your gun loaded and hold it in your hand and hitas fast asyou can while you see any animal and become the realAnimal Killer.Real forest animal hunter game has some instructiontools to learnbefore starting, don’t miss the target and don’t firein thesky.Polar bear animal hunting simulator is a completeadventuregame which will provide you the real experience of bestattacksnipers. Before starting purchase the worlds best guns tohunt andshoot. You are advised to visit the store to purchase theprecisesnipers and hand rifles to kill the wildest and craziestbears andlions. Follow the instructions given in the game play andavoid theroutes that are prohibited and compete for the mission ingiventime.This Hippo animal hunting 3d duty mission requiresyourboosted confidence. Ancient Dino Hunting 2017 will take you the20centuries back when people used to kill the animals with bowandarrows.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shootingactionadventure and Good luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate huntingaction.-Gameplay is simple yet entertaining. - Efficient guncontrol.- Trueto life hunting experience.- High fidelity coolgraphics.
Eagle Hunting 1.4
Want to have some fun hunting eagles? , then better give it atrywith the eagle hunting game app.Eagle hunting is an excitinggamefor hunting game lovers, with some stunning graphics.Refreshyourchildhood memories of using a catapult, and have some unlimitedfunby hunting wild eagles in a forest environment.Play this gametohave a real bird hunting experience. Compete against yourhighestscore by knocking down as many wild eagles as possible.Shoottheangry birds to hunt them down, and have a goodhuntingexperience.Develop your slingshot skills by playing thisbirdhunting game.Become an expert catapult shooter and catapultarcher,by playing this eagle hunter game, bird game and freehunting game,which is one of the best eagle games, bird games,hunting gamesfree, shooter games and catapult games.Have funshooting the wildeagles by using a catapult, in this bird game,free hunting gameand hunting killer game, which is one of the tophunting games,eagle games, bird games, eagle simulator games andhunting gamesfor kids.Make sure you aim properly and hit the targetso that youdo not lose a life, in this bird game, hunting killergame and huntshooter game, which is one of the best hunting gamesoffline, eaglegames, bird games for kids, eagle attack games andeagle huntinggames.Gain a life, by hitting the woodpecker in thisbird game,catapult game and slingshot shooter game, which is one ofthe toprated hunting games, eagle games, bird hunting games free,huntinggames for boys and catapult games.Use the slingshoteffectively, byadjusting its position to the left and right, byplaying thiscatapult game, shooting game and hunting game, which isone of thebest offline hunting games, shoot games, hunting gamesfor free,online shooting games, slingshot games free and catapultgamesfree.Also, make sure you do not shoot the blue jay as you willlosea life in this catapult game, shooting game, hunter shoot gameandhunting game, which is one of the top hunting birds games,onlineshooting games, hunting games for girls, free slingshot gamesandhunting new games.Score as many points as possible by shootingtheeagles in this cata pult game, hunt shooting game, huntershootinggame and hunting game, which is one of the best catapultgames,hunting games for children, online shooting games, slingshotgamesfree and online hunting games.Shoot all the eagles, and becomeacatapult king and sling shot shooter, by playing thiscatapultonline game, catapult app, hunter killer game and hunterbirds,which is one of the top slingshot games free, hunting gamesofbirds, slingshots games, birds hunting games and huntinggamesonline.Make proper use of the three lives that you have got,to geta high score, in this catapult new game, shooting game,huntinggame and hunter game, which is one of the best shootinggames,sling shot games, shooting games free, free shooting gamesandhunting online games.It is time to get this catapult gamedownloador one of the best hunting games free download, on android,forfree.Key features1. Amazing graphics and engaging gameplay.2.Hunteagles using a catapult or slingshot.3. One of the besthuntinggames free, catapult games and free shooting games.4. Realbirdhunting experience.5. One of the top bird games free,catapultshooting games and slingshot games free.Instructions forEagleHunting1. Start off with the eagle hunting game by shootinganeagle with the catapult.2. You can adjust the position oftheslingshot to the left and right of the screen.3. You will begiventhree lives. If you fail to hit an eagle once, then you losealife.4. Hit the woodpecker to gain a life.5. If you hit thebluejay, you will lose a life.Download this bird hunting game forfreeto shoot as many flying birds as possible, and to havesomeunlimited entertainment.
Wild Lion Hunting 3D 1.0
Wild Lion Hunting 3D Wild lion hunting is the new aspect of liontheking of jungle in dangerous jungle.Have you ever wanted to berealLion? Take control of a Lion and dominate the wild world. Playasreal wild Lion and survive in the wildness as long as you can.Startyour own pride of lions, fight for your life against fierceanimalslike elephants, rhino and hippo. Evolve your Lion to be theking thewild world. Stalk and launch yourself at the prey. Showand provethat you are the king of the jungle! Streak across thewildernesslike a mighty lion. The best animal simulator withrealistic animalphysics and Next Gen 3D models.Release your primalintuition andshow your wild side! In this game, you take controlof a furiouslion that pounces and attacks its prey.** SAVE YOURFAMILY PRIDE**It’s your role to survive in this wildlife huntingsimulator andprotect your family cubs. Hunt animals that attackyour cubs. Itmight be a wolf, a crocodile, deer or some angrybear. Protect yourpride of lions and hunt for your prey.** HUNT orGet HUNTED ** Be awild beast and feed your hungry nature. Somewild animals mightresist on your attack and pounce on you, sobeware and go for thekill. Hunting different animals havedifferent scores. As the lionhunts one animal it scores and as itgo on hunting many animals oneafter other in the wild**********Features of Wild Lion hunting3D************-- Grow realpride- Be king of the wildness- A lot ofanimals to fight: rhino,giraffe, elephant, hippo and others- Fastand action packedgameplay - Beautiful dynamic runtime world-Realistic wildness-Have fun playing Wild Lion Simulator!- Greatsounds of animals andmusic- Amazing 3D graphics- Kill your targetto accomplishmissionsThere are different kinds of Lions and Tigersin the world,But, all the Lions and Tigers are dangerous for humansand othersmall animals in the jungle or mountain. The hobby ofhunting Lionshas always been a brave people hobby and game. LionHunters areusually equipped with best rifles, snipers and othermodern weaponswith scope. The hunter in the jungle has to beactive, alert,accurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wildanimals and mayattack on the hunter, so he has to be ready torescue himself incase of danger and escape to the safe point.
Rabbit Hunting Challenge - Sniper Shooting Games 1.4
Let's go for Rabbit Hunting & Shooting in the safariforest.Accept the challenge for hunts in Rabbit Hunting Challenge -SniperShooting Games get ready for real action. It is FPS junglehuntinggame where you have to hunt these tiny rabbits with yourexcellentprofessional shooting skills and enjoy adventuroushunting. Youwill see stunning beautiful environment consists ofgreen safarijungle (forest), where rabbit can hide behid the bushes& canrun away so jungle sniper hunting is going to bedifficult. Youhave to hunt with an eagle eye. If they hide it isdifficult tofind. You will love to play Rabbit Hunting Challenge -SniperShooting Games in 3D stunning environment & enjoyadventureaction hunting target experience. The latest weaponammunitions gunis used for hunting the rabbit. You have to be quickwhile shootingbecause they are very quick in running or they willhide so it isnot easy hunting, every level is hard and difficultfrom the firstso you have to be active & attack your aimwisely. A relaxingfps wild safari jungle animal hunting game. Userscan look at thescreen or move anywhere, where they want. The gamehas twobeautiful modes INFINITE MODE & LEVEL MODE. You have toattack& be a real professional huntsman and sharpshooter. Mainfocusis to hunt the rabbits, if you kill any other animal, you willlosethe game, so you have aim your target wisely, sharply andusingyour army commando skills be the real sniper shooter. When youaregoing to hunt the rabbit as an animal hunter or a commandosniperin the forest be aware of different animals during hunting.Don'tshoot other innocent animals, Rabbit is a sharp animal so setyouraim at target shot to kill sharply be a huntsman, wisely withaneagle eye. If you miss your shot then surly rabbit runs awayorclimb from one place to another tree or hide behind thebushesbecause they are pretty tiny animal the speed of rabbit is sofastshoot before rabbit run away. Difficulty of the game isgraduallyincreasing, clear your level in short time. Hope you'llenjoy thiscrazy, amazing, adventurous & trilling forest gamesfor youngand adults as well.Wild “Rabbits” are a very good sourceof enjoybut to get them one have to “hunt” in “jungle”. The crazytinycreatures can run fast so be calm, silent, active like aCommandoduring hunting because when they have knowledge ofhunter’spresence and they simply run towards their hoods. They alsomakedifferent calls to make other “Rabbits” alert. So get insidethejungle and be carefully be your small mistake make them awayfromyou. This is an adventurous game with most thrilling shootingcausejungle small creatures hunts is not that easy, so don't missyourtarget. Key Features of Rabbit Sniper Target HuntingChallengeShooting - Realistic graphics and sounds. - Easy andeffectivecontrols. - Radar is given to find White rabbits - Latestandaccurate sniper rifle - Realistic 3d model of Rabbit - Real best3denvironment - Multiple mission with awesome featured-User-friendly and smooth game
Deer Hunting Sniper Hunter 2018 1.0
Deer Hunting Sniper Hunter 2018Grab your gun to Hunt Deerwithsniper gun in this 3d game of 2017. This is an amazingandaddictive action pack game to take you to a final adventure inthemost attractive environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountainsetc. Those who love to play hunting games will love thisfirstperson sniper shooting game where you don't have a squad &youneed to do it all alone. Get your gun reloaded, test yoursniperskills and don't let the Whitetail deer escape. Let’s gohunting inthe Deer Hunting Sniper Hunter 2018. Do you trust yoursnipershooting skills? Let’s show how to hunt in this Forest DeerHunter.The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics,sound effect and the environment in this Hunting Games 3d.The deermight be unaware of your presence so take your best shot tobecomethe best huntsman of the jungle animal hunter.White-taledeerhunting is your prime destination this year. If you want thebestandroid game of 2018 then you should go for this Animal Hunter.Ithas all the features and best graphics to entice you intoplayingit more and more. There are many features in this DeerSniperhunting games which will unfold once you will start playingDeerHunting. You can watch tutorial of this game in the veryfirstlevel of this forest deer hunting 2018.Aim and shoot thewildjungle animals and become the best deer hunter this year.Ajungle-like African jungle is here in sniper hunting game inwhichdeers and other wild animals are wondering, you have to find,killand hunt them. Multiples powerful guns and pistols areavailablefor you which have various shooting ranges, you have toselect oneof them according to your own choice and perform deerhunting. Itis very adventurous, thrilling, addictive and riskygame. wildanimals including lions, elephants, wolfs, deers thesafari jungle.There are multiple hunts challenging levels inthisfree deer hunter games. All coming missions are more complexandmore dangerous than previous one. You have to face thesechallengesand clear all levels in this Russian Hunting in Forest.Safarihunter game is very realistic unique and hunting idea. Youwillreally like to play this safari deer hunting challenge 3Dgame.Simple and easy gameplay than other deer hunting games ontheGoogle play store. Everyone can play this deer shootinggameimprove your lion hunting skills by playing this realhuntingchallenge 2017 game.Deer Hunting Sniper HunterFeatures:-FirstPerson Shooting gameEasy touch to controleverythingSmooth gameplay & User friendlyMultiple missions andlevelsavailableBeautiful wild animals in the environmentSet Aim toexacttarget to the animalsUnlimited bullets in the gunsMap isavailableto find targeted animalLimited time for gamedifficultyGiveFeedback at:-
Sniper Duck Hunting: Bird Hunter FPS Shooter Game 1.3
Sniper Duck Hunting: Bird Hunter - FPS Shooter Game - Theduckhunting season is started so get ready to shoot some ducks! Induckhunting real season you are a flying duck hunter. So do youthinkyou are a good hunter of migratory birds or flying birds? Showushow good you are & shoot every duck hunted you see. Thebirdhunting fever is at the high level so grab the birds huntinggun& go for a duck hunt. Get ready for duck hunting snipershootergame! Shoot ducks as much you can with 3D gun in abeautifulenvironment mix up of beautiful jungle birds & ducksounds.Feel like in realistic duck hunting environment. If you area goodbird shooter & play other duck hunting games 2017, soacceptthe challenge, then here is the perfect situation for youtoadventure hunting game free.Features & Objectives ofSniperDuck Hunting Game:- You are equipped with powerful huntingrifles,take the aim & shoot right on the spot.- EfficientWeaponcontrol for real duck hunter- 3D Graphics & soundEffects- Realtime duck hunting with animations- Different birds,crow, eagle,sparrows, ghoose, quail, dove & pheasant flyingbirds are therein the environment for hunting & shooting levels&missions.- Unique gameplay for professinal hunter, girls,boys,kids & anybody can play this duck hunter game free.-Realisticwater fowl hunting environment for bird games.- Huntingbirds withawesome background music.- Get hunting experience &take huntedbirds with you for your meals.- Hunt bird bravelyhunting rifles inhunting sea like a clay hunter- صید بطةEnter abeautiful jungle 3Denvironment, aim precisely & shoot flyingbirds to get the realbird hunting experience. Play bird huntingseason 2017, the newestsniper hunt game to shoot ducks, pigeons,seagulls & many moreflying birds. Bird games provide you somehunting times for eachbirds shooter level. hunting birds havesalient eye & hearings,they can fly away once you shoot gunsounds. So you must be clever& professional hunter don't letbirds fly away, otherwise youwill face more challenge of huntingbirds.Weather keeps changing& birds fly from snowy mountains toAfrican jungles. This timearound the year is bird hunting season.It is a perfect day to huntbirds like vulture, sparrow & blackcrow. Grab your sniperrifle, do camouflage & take position intrees. Keep looking insky for flying birds & aim to shoot atfirst sight. Test yoursharpshooter skills with ultimate birdhunting game. When sky isclear you will see lots of eagles,vultures & pigeons. Take atrip to realistic birds valley toenjoy brilliant shootingmissions.Birds are always migrating fromforest to jungles, desertto mountains, snowy mountains to desertswith changing weathers, soget ready for your bird huntingadventure. Hunt duck is a real FPSshooter game in best birds games.Duck hunting simulator is bestgame on play store like other huntinggames. Bird shoot, duck shootis bit different adventure, becauseducks are flying slowly, so aim& shoot precisely. Bird hunt isalways a tough adventurebecause you must need hunting rifles tohunt the flying ducks. Whenbirds migration starts, bird huntingseason starts, so get readyfor flying bird target killer in thisbest bird shooter game.BirdShooting Free GameHunt diving ducks,canvasback, redhead,bufflehead, lesser scaup, goldeneye, geese,canada goose, snowgoose, ross's goose, brant, white-fronted goose,waterfowl hunting,ruddy duck, american coot, sandhill crane, tundraswan, mute swanducks. Attract the passing by ducks flock with theduck whistle,& on proper time hit the flock to clay hunt themaximum ducksin a single shot fired from the hunting rifle. theduck callingstrategies used by the real professional hunters toattract thewater fowls for hunting.Mallard duck hunting:DifferentDuck TypesIncluding; dabbling ducks, mallard, northern pintail,gadwall,green-winged teal, wood duck, blue-winged teal flying,let's huntducks.
Rabbit Hunting Challenge 1.9.1
Here is first ever Rabbit Hunting or Shooting game forandroidsupported devices on Google Play with real 3D graphics.Acceptchallenge to hunt rabbits in jungle.Rabbit hunting FPS gameishere. This game has very beautiful envirnment which consistofpleasent medows hill and green valley. If you're looking forasniper hunting game on google play store wheremany rabbitgameshere if you need to hunt rabbit then download this rabbitgame.Every level gives you a set of rabbit on different positionforshot or hunt to test your shooting skill. This game has youhavealatest sniper gun for hunt the rabbit. As you know Rabbitsarefound in Japan, Africa, North America, South Asia andSouthAmerica. In North America, more than half the world’sRabbitpopulation lives. Mostly, they like to live in groups,EuropeanRabbit is the best know species live in underground calledrabbitholes.If you love to go for hunting in jungle (Forest), thenweprovide you a best rabbit Hunting challenge 3d game.You haveasniper gun with specific ammunition depending upon the levelbrief.The hunter are always fearless people, here the challenge isbig toshot or kill the deer in limited time. Let's see who comestoachieve the objective and come across all the stages to huntthedeer. You have an inventory of weapons to select as yourchoice.You have to complete your target in specific time to unlocknextlevel. Remember you are acting behave like a army snipershooterfor Deer Wild Animal Hunter this is an a crazy mobile gameonstore. Remember when you are going to hunt the rabbit as ahunteror a army sniper in forest be aware from different animalslikelion, tiger, wolf and many other dangerous and deadly animalduringhunting. rabbit is a very sharp animal so set you sniper gunaim ontarget rabbit shot to kill sharply if you miss your shot thensurlyrabbit run away or climb from one place to another and hidebehindthe bushes because rabbit is very small animal the runningspeed ofrabbit is amazing so shot before running.There isbeautifulrealistic graphics environment in this rabbit huntinggame. Youhave latest model sniper gun with multiple number ofbullets. WhiteRabbit are rounding across the jungle, and some timethey go totheir Rabbit holes to hide themselves. Rabbits are insmall sizethey can be hide in bushes. You have to be quick, smartand verysharp to hunt these rabbits.Now a days hunting season hasarrivedand you will enjoy some FPS deer hunting game in desert isanamazing and addictive action game to take you to anultimateadventure in the most realistic environment with treesandgrass.There are lot of games like deer hunting in jungle onGoogleplay presenting the deer, stag, bear, lion, dinosaurs andmanyother wild animals to hunt and shot them.Animal huntingchallengegame includes multiple missions, you have to pass level tounlocknext mission. Difficulty is gradually increasing, clearyourmissions in limited time. we release update every month but nowwerelease our new top update in 2018. Hope you'll enjoy thiscrazyand amazing forest game for kids and adults as well.FeaturesofRabbit Hunting Challenge:-- Radar is given to find Whiterabbits-Latest and accurate sniper rifle - Realistic 3d model ofRabbit-Real best 3d environment- Multiple mission with awesomefeatured-User friendly and smooth gameHope you'll enjoy this crazyandamazing game for kids and adults as well.If you like thisrealRabbit Hunting Challenge game, please try our other gamesbyclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccountand don’t forget to rate and review.Give us feedbackat:FACEBOOK}}}} foryoursupport and keep playing our games!
Bird Hunting 2.2
Bird Hunting is a shooting game you can shoot as many aspossiblebirds, if you misses to hit bird you will lose one lifemaximum 3life having in this game. You can easily aim birds byusing zoominglenses, try to beat your high score and enjoyhuntingbirds.Features:*Easy to Play*Nice Forest Environment*Goodflyingbirds with nice animationHow to Play:*Aim the birds usingzoominglenses.*Fire the gun when bird comes to exact centreposition ofyour aim.
Wild Hunter 3D 1.0.8
Italy Games
Aim and Shoot! Wild Hunter offers you the unique game-play thatyoucan hunt wild animals not only on foot but also on a fastmovingvehicle!Wild Hunter lets you hunt the biggest and mostdangerousanimals in the world. With access to powerful guns youwill rely onyour marksman skills to kill and trap animals includingZebras,Bears, Cheetahs, Elephants, Lions and even dinosaurs escapedfromparks. Moreover, chasing your targets on a moving truck makesthegame even more challenging. Do you have what it takes to becomeahunting legend?Game Features:- Over 200 immersive huntingmissionsto complete- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome soundeffects-Dozens of real world weapons and upgrades
Animal & Deer Hunter 2018 1.3
Get ready for real modern animal & Deer hunting Jungle animalisthe most thrilling action game category and subcategory inRealAnimal Shooting Games. The best jungle animal hunting gameswhereadventure awaits you to hunt wild animals in a real forest.Ifyou're a person who has the nerve for dangers, then thismountainhunter game is the best animal hunting simulator toexperience wildhunting. Be a professional wild animal hunter inanimal shooting& 3D hunting game to shoot wild animals anddeer, by showingbrave actions to the HUNTER AROUND THE WORLD.Hunting deer in theforest animal & deer shooting game, bewareof furious wildbeasts counter attacks. Unleash your safari hunting,chasing andanimal hunter games skills to target beasts in addictiveforestanimal game. Get ready to put your life in danger to track,huntand shoot lion, deer, horse, pig, goat, wolf and bear in thebesthunter game of 2018 "Animal & Deer hunter 2018. Animal&Deer Hunter 2018 Features: - Addictive Deer hunting game -Animalhunt game with range of animal shooting rifles & guns -Besthunting game with 7 challenging levels - Efficient &accuratecontrols to handle weapons in jungle hunting game -Realistic 3Danimal simulator environment in mountain hunter game -Multipletypes of Animals - Modern and Multiple levels of Weapons -Downloadtop action adventure game - Jungle wild animals & deergame forfree Animal hunt game lets you take part in different wildmissionsto track forest carnivores and predators down by utilizingbountyshooting and wolf hunting talents in the forest animalshootinggame. It’s a free non-stop jungle animal hunting gameoffering areal jungle theme to shoot angry wild animals.Stimulating Animalhunter game gives an excellent chance to huntlarge boar, elephant,bear, lion, wolves and many other animals in3D forest animal gametheme. Be ready. aim. fire whenever you spotanimals in wild huntgame free. Hunting animals will help you earngold in free deerhunting game for boys in 2018, you can unlockpowerful rifles tohunt animals. Don’t let furious animals attack inhunter gameotherwise, hunting animal game will over. So skilled prohunters!Get your weapons prepare for thrilling adventure in bestjungleanimal hunting game.
Jungle Sniper Birds Hunter 1.0
Check our new game for jungle sniper Birds hunter Free availableonGoogle Play! World’s Favorite Hunting Game! Now available freeforAndroid! This Jungle Sniper Birds Hunter 3D game is verythrillingand easy to understand the features of to huntand enterin this dangerous forest with your best sniper shootinggun.Thebirds Hunting Season is started so get ready to shootsomeducks,eagles,birds and safe rabbit from eagle in time inDuckHunting Real Season you are sniper birds shooter use yourbirdshunting skills in this free jungle sniper birds huntergame.Thebird hunting fever is at the high so grab the hunting gunand gofor a birds hunt. Get ready for jungle sniper birdsshootingSeason. In this game there are alot of birds like crappybird,eagles, ducks, crows.Best waterfowl free bird hunting game forkidswith multiple levels and realistic effects and amazingview.Archerybird shooting coming soon.Features:1 Easy to Play2NiceEnvironment3 Good flying birds with nice animation4 HDGraphics5play and enjoy bird hunting.How to Play:* set the sniperandshoot.* play like real bird hunter.* Fire the gun when birdcomesto exact center position of your aim.
Frontier Animals Hunting 2016 1.2.4
Imba Surv
Fight for survival through multiple game modes. Ramp up theactionin boss missions, test your skills in sniper missions andhelpvirus survivors to safety in support missions.Play Jurassiclandwarriors sent to front-line fighters hunters, it will bedifficultfor evil or killer, carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex,Stegosaurus andVelociraptor, Pterosaur. Rush through hunting, withno extremehunting wiped out most of the runner-up demand. The gamehas manyweapons to choose from: Deagle, AWP, AW50, Deagle,AK47,AS50,AS50,M4A1, bombs, medical kit. M4A1, AWP, AW50, bombs,medicalkit. Kill the enemy get gold awards, gold can be used tobuyweapons. This is a real sniper war!Sounds effects and musicwilltake you into the world of the first person shooter. Feel as ifyouare there and experience real combat.Shoot your way throughanimmersive, fully realized 3D civilization complete withfantasticundead animations and graphics. It’s the next level insmartphonefirst person shooters.Game features:- Realistic weatherconditionsand new challenges to your task- Complicated cases, thehijackedbuildings and gauntlet- Intense battle scenes andchallengingtasks- Play Elite SWAT killer to save the world- Eachlevel has adifferent mission accomplished- SWAT forces, elitesnipers, armoredvehicles and more enemies Ratings- CHALLENGESsurvival game and youcapture very thrilling sniper headshot- Gathercomponents to expandyour sniper teamYour feedback and comments onour assessment ofvalue
Black Panther Sniper Shooter 1.0.6
Just start a lifetime hunting as an experienced hunter in theforestwilderness which you might not been able to get in your reallife.You are bejeweled with a precise sniper shooter gun to huntdownwild animals in this Black Panther Sniper Shooter 3D game.Thisgameprovides you a hunting simulation that is completely true tolife!Open and explore a huge 3D world in HD quality inhabited byvarietyof wild animals from black panther, wolves and deer tobears, tigersand cheetah so Set your Scope and Hunt! You areavatar with aspecial precise sniper gun, fully loaded and ready tohunt forfurious wild animals. They all run towards you as soon asyou shootat one wild animal, shoot them before they get you. Shootto Surviveand Kill them all.For the time being you have sixoptions, you cankill bear, stag, wolf, black panther, tiger,cheetah but in nextversions you will be able to kill other beastslike cougar, bobcatand dinosaur.Return to the wilderness of junglein the most stunningFPS hunting simulator on Android! Embark onthe wild animals huntingexpedition of a lifetime to kill theultimate game in Black PantherSniper Shooter 3D. When you kill thedeer, bear, tiger, wolf, blackpanther and cheetah, you mustremember these are 3D models not realanimals.Enjoy real huntingexperience by playing this game but Becareful of these bloodybeasts as they are thirsty for blood, andthey will get a good mealwith your flesh.KEY FEATURES- Exploreexotic jungle locations- Highfidelity HD graphics- Unlimited ammo-Different camera positions:sniper and basic- Simple yetentertaining game play- 10 uniqueshooting levels and differentbeasts to hunt down- Be aware of time
Lion Hunting 1.6
Want to experience the thrill of hunting, the wild lions, inaforest environment? Then lion hunting is the ultimate 3dhuntinggame to do so. Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shootinggame, withamazing 3d graphics and engaging gameplay, wherein youwill have tohunt, the lions, and survive from their attacks. This3d shootinggame consists of two gameplay modes - Hunter mode andsurvive mode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, youhave toinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lions you hunt.Inthe survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will have tosurvivefrom the male lions, wherein the number of seconds, yousurvive,will be considered. Stay alert on the arrival of the wildhungrylions, on the hunt for its prey, in this 3d animal huntinggame.Experience the beautiful scenery with trees alongside, a lake,andmountains, as you play this 3d animal shooting game. Thestunningsound effects, in the gameplay, adds to the excitement ofthis 3dshooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter, by playing this3danimal hunting game. Hunt as many lions as possible, toscorehigher, in this 3d adventure game. Also, survive as longaspossible from the wild lions in this 3d adventure game.Competeagainst your highest score, in order, to score higher inthis 3danimal hunting game. Hunt all the lions and become an expertlionhunter and a sniper hunter, by playing this sniper game, gungameand lion hunt game, which is one of the top gun games,animalgames, sniper games, shooter games, lion games and animalshootinggames. Have fun, shooting and killing, the dangerous lions,in thisgun game, lion shooting game and sniper shoot game, which isone ofthe best shooting games, gun games, animal games, snipergames,lion games and hunt games. Make sure you properly aim,beforeshooting, in this gun game, sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the top gun games, animal games, lion games,snipergames 3d, animal shooting games and lion hunting animalgames.Always be prepared for a sudden attack from the wild lions,in thisgun game and sniper game, which is one of the best animalshootinggames, gun games, lion games, best shooting games, lionhuntinggames and lion shooting games. Experience the amazingsoundeffects, by playing this sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the best shooting games, animal hunting gamesforkids and animal hunting games 3d. Show your skill, bysurvivingfrom the hungry lions, in this sniper shooting game, shootgame andlion hunter game, which is one of the top animal huntinggamesfree, sniper shooting games 3d and good quality sniper games.Killthe lions using a sniper gun and become a sniper shooter,byplaying this lion shooting game and sniper killer shootergame,which is one of the best lion hunting games 3d, shooter games,freeanimal hunting games and animal sniper hunting games. Hunt downandshoot, the flesh hungry lions, in this sniper new game, sniperhuntgame, lion shoot game and sniper latest game, which is one ofthetop animal hunting games with gun, shooter games andanimalshooting games for free. It is time to get this 3d snipergamedownload, lion hunting game download, sniper best game, shootgame,sniper killer 3d game and lion shooter game, on android, forfree.Key features 1. Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survivemode.2. Stunning 3d graphics and amazing sound effects. 3.Addictiveadventure game. 4. Challenging gameplay. Lion hunting isthe best3d animal hunting game. Download this top 3d lion huntinggame andhunt as many lions as possible, all for free. Twitter pageFollowus on Twitter at page Like us onFacebook at
Deer Hunting 2017 Wild Animal Sniper Hunter Game 1.2
Deer Hunting 2017 Wild Mountain Sniper Animal HunterGameBestshooting game where you don’t just go on a killing spreeand startrandomly killing animals. From Hunting the deer to thebears andwolfs, this animal hunting game gives you the bestexperience ofprecise shooting and sniper skills. Catch elusiveanimals with yoursniper bullet and get points for that, bag them asmany as you can.While Face shooting the huge bears, boar and wolvesin augmentedgraphics and best audio compatibility; you won’t bedisappointedwith this game. Find the deer hiding in bushes and aimat themwhile running or get them by surprise. Kill the massiveanimalsbefore they attack on you. Aim with both scope on andwithout it.Finest action is produced in this game which is thecomplete mergerof high tech game development by linking it with thecraze for oneof the oldest hobbies in this world. We have mergedHunting gameand sniper shooting together to form the best shootanimal shootinghunter game ever. Start from deer and wolves andmove towardskilling huge animals like bears and moose and then thechallenge ofhunting down dinosaurs from T-Rex, velociraptor andmore. Pass eachscenario for each animal and unlock new kinds.Difficulty levels ineach level are different from others. Followthe instructions anddon’t get run out of time. Shoot as manyanimals as you can andbecome an animal shooting veteran as youadvance in the game.Different set of geographical locations to testthe hunter’sresilience in climatic changes where in Arctic regionyou have tohunt down the huge grizzly bears and the weather ismaking yousenseless, shooting the deer in green forest is blowingyour mind.Multiple locations mean different kinds of weather aswell. Thereis nothing between your firearms and the wild deer andwolves,every time you open it at them, make it count. In limitedtime spanof hunting adventure this is the most important thing.DeerHunting2017 Wild Mountain Sniper Hunter Game Features: •Dangerousenvironment Full of wild animals.• Variety of Animals toKill.•Best 3d Forest, arctic and desert environment.• DifficultyBar foreach Animal.• Shooting from a vantage point.• Shoot throughTreeleaves.• Animal scattered quickly• Aim at Running WildAnimals.•Unlimited Ammunition Bonuses.• Immersive 3D graphics.Howto Play•It’s a first person Shooting• Select the animal you want toshootfirst• Start from difficulty level one.• Kill all thetargetedanimals in each level to move into next level.• Watch yourtime andshoot accurately or it will fail the mission.• Kill theanimalsbefore times up.• Double zoom for more precision.• Permityourselfto pull the trigger when target is in range.• Each animalcan bekilled with two bullets at least.
Taloor Hunter Birds Hunting 1.0.1
Taloor Hunter 3D game is for those passionate gamers who aregettingtired of typical sniper shooting games and want some newfun andadventure. Increase your hunting fever, get your huntinggun andallow us to take you on birds Hunting 2017 adventure. Enjoythe mostrealistic hunting experience ever. Wild bird Hunting isall aboutprecise shooting, aiming quickly and shooting at theright time.Develop your skills as a bird hunter by shooting downas many birdsas possible in a limited amount of time. Become aTaloor Huntingexpert by playing this great bird shooting game3D.Everybody likesto play jungle hunting and commando shootinggames, that’s why weare presenting you a brand new idea in thecategory of snipershooting games, the desert Taloor Hunting - 3D.Play this desertshooting game adventure while taking perfectkiller head shots ofblack birds which are flying everywhere in thejeep safari jungle.Be a sharp shooter and aim the Taloor birdperfectly. Your accuracymust be very high while hunting the flyingbirds as the accuracy isthe key factor in every bird huntinggames. The sniper huntingsimulator is specially designed to boostyour sniping skills in mostrealistic manner. Feel yourself anelite force commando and be aperfect sniper shooter to hunt downall the taloor in this desertgame. In this top free birds huntinggame you have to be best birdshunter of 2016.There are number ofbirds flying everywhere likeeagle, crow, duck sparrow etc but youhave to hunt only taloor inthis Taloor Hunter game 2017. Somepeople loves deer hunting gamesbut some of them like lion huntingor dino hunting games. This gameis llike duck hunting game youwill enjoy to play this full ofadventure game. You have to be verysharp in this taloor huntingjungle game. Grab your gun for birdshunting season in this newfirst person shooter game.Multiplestypes of deer and other animalsin desert on ground. Deer huntingin desert or Lion hunting injunlge is not included in yourchallenging mission. If you want tobe a real animal hunter or realbird hunter or real birds shooter,you have to be expert snipershooter and hunter. In this taloorhunting 2018 3d game take allbirds down.How to Play Taloor HunterGame:-• Tap the shoot buttonat bottom left corner to perform sniperkiller shots.• Use thesniper telescopic zoom to increase youraiming accuracy.• Completeeach sniper simulation mission to unlockthe next level.• Swipe thedevice screen to find and hunt the taloorin jungle.• Avoid missshots and delay fires.• Kill all birds withingiven time.TaloorHunter Features:-- Hunting birds, Best huntingsimulator SAFARI3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautifulgraphics andrealistic scenery.- Realistic animated birds to behunted.- Soundsof Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Besthunter scoretable.Give your feedbackat:-
Hunting Safari 3D 1.4
Italy Games
Journey to the world’s wildest locations and hunt for realanimalsin Hunting Safari now! It is time to load out your weaponsand getyour 5 star shooting fix!Hunting Safari is the first mobilegamethat offers a trip of big-game hunt not only on foot, but alsoonmoving vehicles and even on motorboats in the water. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitary gearto complete hundreds of hunting missions across theglobe. Will youbecome a famous big-game hunter that kills the bigfive of lion,elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros?GameFeatures:-Commandeer vehicles and motorboats to turn the tide ofhunting- Jawdropping 3D graphics and console quality sound effects-30+ realanimals, 20+ deadly weapons and 100+ missionsNotes: HuntingSafariis a sequel to our last game Wild Hunter but with brandnewanimals, weapons and missions.
Frontline Animal 3D Shooting 1.0
Frontline Animal 3D ShootingFrontline Animal 3D Shooting Game isTopFree Animal Hunting Game on Play Store.In this commando actionwildanimal shooting adventure game you will have to use allyourbattlefield skills to survive in this 3D shooting game. Killthewild animal like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills,stalkyour target, and put your hunting and shooting skills to thetestin the hunt of real wild animals. It is time to load outyourweapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! Deadly animals are inthejungle and they are crazy to attack on you. Utilize yourArmyCommando special shooting skills for fight against animals andfindescape from the hunted Island. Hunt different wild animalslikecougar, lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra,blackpuma, crocodile, dinosaur and buffalo. Angry Gorilla is inthecrazy jungle and attacking on animals by its big punch tosurvive.Utilize Army special combat commando skills for shooting tosurviveand fight against animals and find escape from the huntedIsland.Hunt the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth lookingfor someprey. In this modern sniper shooting game of shark hunting,do notlet blood thirsty sharks closer to you.Utilize your topsniperguns, commando action fighting and shooting skill to escape.Inwild hunter animal modern shooter game it’s a mission ondeadlyshores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerousIsland to survive and return back home. Brace yourself fortheultimate deer hunting experience. Use your combat commandosniperguns to shoot them in frontline animal 3D gun shooting game.Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between you andwildangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have to shootdeerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, killingtheseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survival island.Youareequipped with deadly sniper shooting guns and modern assaultriflesto hunt the wild animals. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atJungleIsland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and buffalo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begin with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be aSurvivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills,Fronline ArmyCommando training test, power, assault shooting andwilderness toevolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrillingadventures gamefor a life escape mission. Test your frontline 3Dsniper skills bychoosing targets carefully; or go into assault modeas you clearthe forest of the wild beasts! Become the best Commandoon thisSurvival Island. Use all the possible tools and weapons todefendyourself from wilderness creature.
Dragon Hunting 1.2
Do you want to become a hunter and saviour, by helping out,someinnocent people? Then dragon hunting is the game you mustbelooking for.Dragon hunting is a very engaging, adventurousandaddictive game, with some amazing graphics and soundeffects.Inthis hunting game, you will have to shoot down thedangerousdragons, to protect the village from gettingdestroyed.Considerthis shooting game as a mission of safeguarding avillage from somelife threatening creatures, which have the abilityto turn even anentire village into ashes.This hunting game presentsyou with someamazing gameplay like never before. Develop yourshooting skills bybecoming a hunter.As the game goes, theexcitement increases due topresence of some mesmerising, shooting,3D fire effects.Enjoy everymoment of this game, by hunting down thedragons, with a beautifulscenery view in the background.Shoot downthe dragons as quickly aspossible as they have the ability to emitfire and can do a lot ofdamage to the village and its people.Thisanimal hunting game alsorequires you to focus hard so as tosuccessfully hunt down thedragons. Become a skilled animal hunter,by playing this 3Dgame.While shooting these dangerous animals, makesure, you reallyaim at them, before pulling the trigger.Theemergence of a goldencoloured dragon at a particular stage, in thegame, adds to theexcitement in this shooting game.Hunting down thisgolden dragonbecomes really important, as it will kill you withoutshowing anykind of mercy.Never give up whatever threat comes yourway, as youhave to complete your mission, by hunting all thedragons, andsaving an entire village.Give yourself, the title of adragonhunter, by playing this adventurous game. Play this game, asmuchas possible, to develop skills as that of a hunter.Become anexpertsniper shooter, by playing this gun game, sniper shootinggame,sniper new game and dragon game for kids, which is one of thebestgun games, sniper games, shooter games and dragon gamesfree.Shootall the dragons and become an expert dragon hunter, inthis dragonshoot game, sniper hunter game, sniper killer game anddragonshooter game, which is one of the top animal games, dragongamesfor kids, animal shooting games and hunt games.Become adragonhunter, by killing the dragons, in this sniper latest game,dragonhunter game and dragon ultimate game, which is one of thebestanimal games, dragon games for kids, animal shooting gamesanddragon games 3d.Use the sniper gun effectively, to shootthedragons, in one of the best hunt games, dragon games 3d,dragongames for free and dragon hunting games.Beware of the fiercegoldendragons, in one of the best hunt games, dragon games 3d,dragonkilling games and free animal hunting games with gun.Whatmakesthis game special, is the animation effects, and is one of thetopanimal hunting games 3d, animal shooting games for free,dragongames for girls and dragon shooting games.Take up the missionofprotecting, the village, from the wild dragons, by playing oneofthe best animal hunting games free, dragon games for boys,dragongame apps and dragon games for children.Have fun shootingthedragons with a sniper gun and become a sniper killer shooter,byplaying this Sniper shoot game, sniper killer 3d game andsniperhunt game, which is one of the best animal shooting games,animalhunting games for kids, sniper shooting games 3d and animalsniperhunting games.Make sure you do not fall short of bullets,whileshooting the dragons, in one of the best dragon games in 3d,sniperhunting games, sniper games 3d and good quality snipergames.Getthis 3d sniper game download and dragon game freedownload, or oneof the best animal games and dragon games for kids,onandroid.Dragon hunting is one of the best shooting games.Downloadthis top shooting game, for free, and experience thethrill, inbecoming a hunter, and hunting dangerous animals.
Real Archery Wild Animal Hunter - Safari Hunting 1.5
The hunting fever is at the high so grab the archery and go forwildanimal shooting. Real archery wild animal hunter - safarihunting isa unique game in which player can shoot beasts with bowand arrowinstead of using a sniper gun. It may take you some timeto mastershooting with archery but when you play it, it will beinterestingto target, aim and shoot with a crossbow to hit forestanimals. Getready for beasts hunting, Kill furious beasts likebeer, wolf,rhino, boar, stag and fox with bow and arrow. Shootwild animals asmuch you can with archery in a beautiful naturalenvironment, mix upof multiple jungle animal sound effects.World’s greatest huntingexperience while attacking and taking downwolves, bears, rhino, foxand boar. Feel like in realisticsatisfying hunting environment. Ifyou got bored with other snipershooting games and need some moreentertainment then here is theperfect situation for you. You canhunt multiple animals whileplaying the game. We here brings to youthe real hunting experienceever with stunning 3D environment.Hunting animals is a passionwhich belongs to royal peoples. Only amature hunter and who takerisk to hunt beasts with courage can facewild animal in junglewhere every step of hunter’s life is indanger. It will make youaddictive though it is difficult and noteasy to kill dangerous forunexperienced person. But you have toshow shooting skills as anexpert professional hunter and proofyourself a best shooter. Youraim to the target must be moreprecise, accurate and quickotherwise they will attack on you andyou will lose.Let’s takeultimate crazy challenges with archery FPShunting simulator. Shootlike a pro show your skills to take theperfect shot. Get thembefore they get you. This game will get youto the very best wildnatural jungle environment. This is a firstperson shooting gamewith efficient control, realistic backgroundsound effects andeye-catching 3D graphics. Enjoy archery shootinganimal withrealistic animations. There are multiple interestinglevels, gamehas different challenging and exciting mission. Tounlock everymission have to complete first one and become championof huntingbeasts with crossbow. It’s absolutely free game that willgive youplenty of fun and excitement while shooting bow and killingwildanimals.Features:Beautiful natural forest environmentin3DRealistic archery and crossbow shooting experienceStunning3DgraphicsMultiple amazing levelsImmersivephysicsgameplayInteresting background sounds effectsEasy andsmoothcontrolDifferent arrows and bowsPRIVACYPOLICY:
Forest Deer Hunting Season 2017 1.4
Here is a real forest deer hunting shooting and huntinggameavailable on play store. If you have been a real animal hunterinthe past then you would be really enjoy to play this actionandhunting game. Forest animal sniper hunter is a free android gameonPlay store, to focus on the most beautiful and addictive hobbyofhunting animals in junlge. If you have ever been a hunter, oryouhave been shooter, it will really relax your mind. Itsreallyawesome desert hunter free game to hunt wilderness deer. Thisdeerhunting game is all about thrill & fun. Deer animal hunteryoumust have good aim and shoot skills while holding your breath.Youhave to do commando action some time hunting birds. Some birdsareflying in this beautiful environment. So dont try to huntflyingduck, crow or eagle otherwise your game will be over. Grabyourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey. It’shuntingtime! Deer hunting 2017 will let you hunt deer & lion inthewild jungle on snowy mountain top. It’s time to be asniperassassin and hunt deer in this sniper shooting game. The gameisfilled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who love to beadeadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wild lion. Theangrylion is also among us somewhere in the mountains and if hegets inyour way don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shot himdead. It’swild out there with hunting season of wildlife animals.There is abeautiful environment in the forest (Jungle). Real 3dmodel oftrees and plants in the environment. You have a gun to huntdeer.Pick and reload your gun, take aim on your target and openfire.Deer is very famous for hunting, arab people and otherfuedelfamilies like to hunt and eat deer. You have a limited timeto huntdeer in desert in first level. You have to unlock mission toenternext level. You know you are in forest where number of wildhuntingdeer and deadly jungle animals are found in abundant. Deerhuntingseason start now a days. It is a really coyote huntingstores. Toopen next level, you have to clear the previous mission.There aredeer running and walking here and there in the beautifulforestenvironment. You have to be very sharp to hunt deer untiltime willbe over. Otherwise time go to end and you will be lost. Ifyou areFPS games fan, then time has come to download and play newdeerhunting game of pro with marvelous game play and splendidgraphicswhich are absolutely incredible and you will surely loveplayingthis first person shooter game. Forest deer huntingfeatures:- -Challenging missions to become a real sniper. - Smoothgame play& friendly GUI - Map is available to find target -Latest andModern gun is with you - Multiple and different missionin the game- Limited time for game difficulty - Real 3d models ofdeer - Soundon and off option in setting - No connectivity requiredwhileplaying - Full of action and realistic thrill ingame