Top 5 Games Similar to Penguin Run Slip Away 🐧★★★

Super Penguin World 1.0
Do not miss out Best Android SuperPenguinWorldtoday. Retro gameplay comes with modern user interfaceinSuperPenguin World.This game is so simple, easy and super entertaining with morethan80challenging levels, mutiple backgrounds likebeautifulislandadventures, underwater, castle dungeon, andwell-designedlevelssuitable even for girls and kids!Run, Jump, Swim, Ride with the penguin, defeat all enemyandrescueother penguin villagers fast!Super Penguin World is extremely fun, addictive that willkeepyourentertained for hours!### RUN with top speed by pressing button A### JUMP the penguin by pressing button B### SWIM underwater, beware of octopus and piranha!### BONUS stage to collect more coin### EXPLORE the dungeon and find all secret treasure boxes!### COLLECT 3 stars for all levels### UNLOCK levels by using coins### RAGE penguin to shoot snowball by pressing button Aanddestroyall the incoming enemies!### FREE to play, speed up modern systemJoin the top Super Penguin World club withouronlineleaderboard!DOWNLOAD and try now!
ski ice club Penguin jungle
How To Play:★ The ice skater Penguin need to eat the eatableitems:● yellow Coins ● colored sugar candy ● chocolate cake★ avoidandjump the bad items: ● wicked octopus ● angry Halloween gourds●Magic mixing bowl ● Villain spiderThe forward directioniscontrolled by leaning the device to right or left.release thegasto increasethespeed.------------------------------------Features:★ Easy andfunto play★ Free Download★ speed paced gaming with tilt controls★goodand amazing graphics------------------------------------Enjoyitand challenge your friends with your best score!Stay tuned formoreAPPsTHANK YOU...
Super Stray Pig 1.0.0
Do not miss out Best Super Pig World today. Retro gameplaycomeswith modern user interface in Super Pig World.This game issosimple, easy and super entertaining with more than 80challenginglevels, multiple backgrounds like beautiful islandadventures,underwater, castle dungeon, and well-designed levelssuitable evenfor girls and kids!Run, Jump, Swim, Ride with the Pig,defeat allenemy and rescue other Pig villagers fast!Super Stray PigWorld isextremely fun, addictive that will keep your entertainedforhours!### RUN with top speed by pressing button A### JUMPthepenguin by pressing button B### SWIM underwater, beware ofoctopusand piranha!### BONUS stage to collect more coin### EXPLOREthedungeon and find all secret treasure boxes!### COLLECT 3 starsforall levels### UNLOCK levels by using coins### RAGE Pig toshootsnowball by pressing button A and destroy all theincomingenemies!### FREE to play, speed up modern systemJoin thetop SuperPig World club with our online leaderboard!DOWNLOAD andtry now!
Jelly Fish 1.0.0
You are a lonely jellyfish, trapped inthedeepocean and you have to find your way out of darknessbyswirlingright and left. So, do you think you’ve got what ittakesto slipaway and escape from the dangerous traps and obstacles?Youhavejust one life, so you need to be extremely carefulwhenrunning awayfrom the rocks, lasers, bombs, cutting sharpstonesand more.The gameplay is as simple as tapping the left side of thescreentoswirl left and the right side to swirl right. As youtapthescreen, the jellyfish keeps moving forward and your objectiveistomake sure it never hits the walls and passes throughdifferentanddangerous traps on the way. So you basically need torun awayinthis endless adventure game, challenge yourself bycollectingasmany gems as you can and beating your own high score aswellasyour friends.Run Away comes with a super clean and neat design andgraphics,andthanks to the surrounding mysterious music andrealisticsoundeffects, you’ll literally feel yourself drawn in tothe oceananddesperately looking for a way out.The jellyfish can be easily controlled and you’ll get usedtothegameplay after a few tries. As you move forward andpassdifferentchallenges, more difficult puzzles will come on yourwayand youhave to be both precise and fast to overcome suchobstacles.Andnote that, sometimes you just need to stay steady andwait forachance to pass the obstacles. So, it’s not easy to runawayandslip to escape from the ocean.Run Away: Slip to Escape Main Features at a Glance:• User friendly interface with clean graphics• Absolutely fantastic music and sound effects• Easy to learn one-touch gameplay, but hard to master• Collect coins• Challenge your friends in the leaderboard• Choose different characters (Unlock them)• Fun for all ages• Free to playRun Away is an endless running game which can easily fillyoursparetime and it’s so addictive that you won’t feel the time.Youjusthave to slip to escape from the dark ocean by swirlingthejellyfishto left and right. In your terrifying journey, you gettocollectgems which can be used to unlock more jellyfishcharacters.Theleaderboard feature, let’s you challenge and playwith yourfriendsto see who’s got the best scores.So, download the “Run Away: Slip to Escape” for free and findouthowfar you can get the jellyfish in the dark oceanwithouthittinganything on the road. Don’t forget to play it withthe musicOn,Because it’s far more thrilling and exciting.Please stay in touch and let us know about any bugs,featurerequestsand suggestions. Your ideas and feedback are usedtoimprove thegame. Stay tuned for more challenges, characters andofcourse moreexcitement.** Have fun trying to slip away from the dark anddangerousocean**
Flying Penguins Game in The sky
The Penguin is trying to escape by flying in the sky thedangerousworld in Antarctica.A Very fun ice flying game where youdrive thepenguin forward and fly in different ways while collectingas manycoins as possible.Join the adventure for free today! Run,jump andfly as crazy as you can, and try to avoid obstacles.Facetheunknown dangers and fear! What is waiting for them?start to flyandwrite your own legend!Tilt and swipe at your device to makeCaptain321 penguins run, fly, slide and glide his way across allthecontinents to escape his persistent pursuer. Canyourlightning-fast reflexes help Captain penguin island escapethebear? Find out in this action-packed running game!Anengagingscoring system that ensures you’ll keep coming back forhilarioussound effects and a bumping sound track!Fun and ColorfulGraphics,innovative tilt physics gameplay, adorablecharactersRealisticparticle effects like snow and water drop on thescreen!FlyingPenguin incredibly dead simple gameplay and highlyaddictive.Cutegraphics optimized for hi-res display such as SamsungGalaxyNoteSimple, interesting and fun for kids and theirparentsJump andfly your way through Skies, push your skills to thelimit as youjump and fly through Skies.How high can you fly?Take tothe skiesas Long as you Can and try New Fun of flying By CollectingTheCoins.Flying Penguin with a Jetpack is a funny game uniqueandaddictive, you will start off with machine jetpack penguinislandsophisticated legendary for helping children 321 penguins inthesnow mountain, in each challenge you'll collect coins andcompletemissions to save the child be my penguin as much aspossible! do itcarefully and collect as much as much of hisscore.Move thepenguins from the ledge position to the parachutesfor exploringit! Whenever the parachute is burst you will get 10points.Stay aslong as possible in the sky without falling into theledge! Actquickly and fly from the parachute to the next tap on theleft orright side of the screen where you want to direct thePenguin.Thisgame is suitable for all ages! Kids will love thegameplay, whileadults will love the competition to collect thepoints and themorbid sense of achievement when getting a highscore.Easy to learnand morbidly entertainingRun, fly your wayacross Penguin'sdelightful world, collecting fishes on the way andthey're manymonsters on the way.Please be careful.Yes, we presentyou FlyingPenguin HD 2017, Make flys and keep surviving fromhazards. If yourPenguin left behind you'll lose a life. In oneround you will get 3lives. Keep surviving as long as you can andbeat your high scoreand your friend's high score. It gets fasterwith time.Penguingames, Flying Flying Penguin and The Crazy penguinisland games:Are you looking for a game light and amusing.FlyingPenguin Gamebased solely on your fly by flying from misleadinganother tocollect cash. The winner is the combining of the maximumamount ofpoints. You can share the results of the game withyourfriends.Make the Flying Penguin and flap its wings to fly onthewild continent of Antarctica.Collect all reward coins but bewareofthe cliff, slippery and solid rock obstacle!fly, glide, run,slideand fly through Antarctic space.If you like tiny wings youwilllove this cool game.Customize and personalize your penguin tobe ascool as you want! Try out the ninja costume, the futuristicwhenpenguins attack helmet, or a cute kitten outfit. Mix and matchthearctic penguin to make it exactly how you want it.The Penguinwouldlike to collect more fish. But there are many hindrances; icecube,snowball, Seal, etc. Please help the when penguins attackbyrunning and flying.Would you like to join him to start theexcitingadventure in snow? Let's fly And Run! Good luck!