Top 4 Apps Similar to Playas para perros

Radio La Voz De AIIECH 1.0.4
Radio La Voz De AIIECH de Riobamba Ecuador presenta laaplicaciónoficial Gratis para smartphone y tablets con sistemaoperativoAndroid . Es recomendable usar en wifi para escuchar deformailimitada o también puede usar esta aplicación con el plan dedatosde su operadora celular. Aplicación desarrollada porGrupoMakroDigital - El Mayor Proveedor de Servicios StreamingAudio& Video en el Ecuador.
Control Ganadero 44.0.1
WHAT'S NEW New app version which is used by thousandsofpropertiesin order to optimize the integral management ofcattlefarming.Control Ganadero presents a wide solution, whichimprovesthecontrol and report of your properties, from asmartphone.Afterfive years of experience, again an internationalgroupofconsultants, vets, engineers and livestock producers haveupdatedatool that allows the user to store the resume of eachanimaltospeed up its administration, synchronizingweb,cloudandsmartphone. Control Ganadero App allows you to takeamoreprofessional approach on your farm or farms withthefollowingfeatures: - Centralize the information of every animalona singleplatform - Meat or milk production and sales monitoring.-Reminderof purchases and tasks to be done through an alertsystem:weightrecords, disinfect stables, change bandages... -Distributerolesamong users: manager, employee and vet. - Integratesacalendar:visits, sales, fairs... - Generate reports and graphs.
Barfastic - BARF Diet for dogs, cats and ferrets 1.2
Barfastic is an Android application created for help peopletofeedtheir pets following the BARF Diet (BiologicallyAppropriateRawFood). Fortunately, there are more and more owners ofdogs,catsand ferrets who choose to feed their animals onnaturaldiets,having complete control over what they eat. However,it isquitecommon to have doubts as to the proper amountsandproportions.This application allows you to manage all yourpets,and advisesyou a detailed menu based on the species, age,weightand otherparameters. It is a BARF calculator to obtaintheorientativeamount of food that your dogs, cats or ferretsshouldtake. Inaddition, it includes a complete directory ofsuitablefoods for araw diet, classified by family, with photos ofeach foodso thatyou can identify them when you go to buy from themarket.Features:- Manage all the animals of the family, whetherdogs, catsorferrets. The data remains stored on your device for youtoconsultwhenever you want. - Obtain the recommended amount offoodbased onthe species, weight, condition and activity. - Consultatany timethe calculations made in an intuitive interactivetable,filter bythe type of food. - Update or delete the data ofyouranimals whenyou consider it. - The application takes intoaccountspecialcases, such as sterilization, work or sportdogs,greyhounds,outside cats, etc. - Find out which foods areacceptedin a rawnatural diet, classified by family and with photosof eachone. -Intuitive navigation and use, following thedesignstandardsrecommended by Google. This application has beencreatedto helppeople interested in a truly natural and adequatefood fortheiranimals. In this way, you can improve the health ofyour dog,cator ferret through healthy nutrition. Therecommendedcalculationshave been prepared by experts in animalnutrition.Barfastic is inconstant development, and suggestions arewelcome.You can leaveyour ideas and feature requestat
NaturaList 0.173
This app allows you to easily and quickly record all ofyourbirdobservations as well as several other taxonomicgroups(mammals,reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies,etc...) inEuropeand worldwide. The system is able to synchronizerecords withlocalplatforms if available (forexample,,,,,,see full list ingeneral terms). This wayyou only need one app torecord all of yournature observations,wherever you are on the move.An offlinemapping tool is providedto allow recording even whenthere are nomobile networksavailable. The app also allows you tosee allrecently recordedobservations in your vicinity (onlineonly).NaturaList isrecommended by the EBCC (European Bird CensusCouncil)for use withthe EBBA2 (European Breeding Bird Atlas 2)project.