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PDF Scanner: Document scanner + OCR Free 2.1.9
PDF Scanner is a new PDF scanner appforAndroid. Use PDF Scanner app to convert your paper’s copyintodigital PDF document. Using our document scanner app youcanconvert images to premium quality PDF and upload scanneddocumentsto cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google drive,Evernote,etc. with no limits and absolutely free!What makes our PDF Scanner app different from others? It is:1) Fully functional: no limits on number of document scans,pages,no watermarks on images and produced PDF documents, allfunctionsin PDF Scanner app available and free to use.2) Free OCR (100 languages supported). OCR (opticalcharacterrecognition) technology is used to extract text fromimages. In PDFScanner app all OCR processing is performed locally,withoutnetwork connection.3) Signature tool: In PDF Scanner app you can add signature orsealto scanned documents; select signature from a file or simplydrawit on a screen. Add text, annotation to the document usingTexttool of PDF Scanner. Clean unwanted parts with Eraser tool,andhighlight important elements using Marker tool of PDFScanner4) Import multiple images or PDF files using built-infilebrowser.5) Save PDF document scans to where you wish!6) PDF to JPG PDF Scanner converter allows you to extract pagesfromPDF document and convert them to JPG images.7) Aspect ratio control feature. You can shrink/stretch imageasnecessary.Scan documents with your phone camera, edit image, sign,recognizetext with OCR, convert to multipage PDF, save, print orshare viaappropriate app using our Document Scanner!Features of PDF Scanner:Document Scan+ OCR:* Convert your docs into PDF format.Use our PDF Scanner to scan all kinds of paper documents,rangingfrom receipts, notes, invoices, business cards tocontracts,whiteboard discussions, certificates, etc.* Text recognition, free OCR. Built-In OCR system:Built-in free OCR system to recognize and extract text fromimages.All OCR processing is performed locally right on user’sdevice. Youcan share recognized from OCR system text to anyapp.* Advanced document scans EditingPDF Scanner app is not just a document scanner but also adigitalform filling app. You can add signature or seal to thescanneddocument: select signature from a file or simply draw it onascreen. Add text, annotation to the scanned document usingPDFScanner Text tool. Clean unwanted parts with Eraser toolofdocument scanner, as well as highlight important elementsusingDocument Scanner Marker tool.* Efficient image processingSmart doc detection algorithm, free OCR textrecognition,perspective correction, rectangular trim, aspect ratioadjustment,image enhancing controls etc. This makes documentscanning processboth easy and efficient!* PDF to JPG converterOur document scanner is able to extract pages from PDF documentsandconvert them to high-quality JPG images. Just select PDF fileforimport using document scanner browser. Images can be editedinsidethe PDF Scanner and converted back to PDF, ifnecessary.*PrintThere is a function to print out scanned document straight fromyourdevice. Click on Share button and select A Printer. GoogleCloudPrint account is required.*Share PDF/JPEG FilesUse document scanner for convert images to premium quality PDFandUpload scanned documents to cloud storage services: Dropbox,Googledocs, evernote, use mail services, Bluetooth or Facebook,Twitter,Skype, etc. with no limits and absolutely free.
Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scans
Now convert your smart phone into a minipocketscanner and enjoy the high quality image in your devicewithin justone touch with the best ever scanning mobile appClear Scanner:Free PDF Scans. Clear Scanner lets youquickly scan any kind ofdocuments in your office, images, bills,receipts, books, magazines,class notes and anything that needs tobe there in your devicewithin no time. This is the fastest meansto get the scanneddocument in the highest quality and convert itimmediately into PDFor JPEG format so that you can share thescanned document, image,books, bills, important notes or any kindof paper that you canthink of.“Clear Scanner” is a must for every person be it a schoolstudent,college student, business person or any other person. Theapp letsyou scan your photographs and documents in high qualitywhich makesit easy for the person to read the texts present. Theappautomatically detects the corner of the file that you want toscanfor better quality along with you can also crop the part ofthedocument that you want to scan. This is really cool featureandgives the liberty of choice to the user. Apart from this, therearemany auto correcting features that the app provides likeadjustingthe brightness, removing shadows and straightening theimage forthe better and good quality result.Get the faster processing speed for scanning your documentwithClear Scanner and share the files immediately over mail,Dropbox,OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote and other toenjoy thejoy of scanning. Clear Scanner allows the user to convertthescanned document to JPEG format or PDF format. You can evenprintthe scanned document or image over Cloud Print. The app alsooffersvarious professional editing features even after saving theimagesalong with various multiple filters. You can also save theimageusing an appropriate name and reorder the scanned files thatmakesit easier for the user to find the file, document, image, orotherscanned notes. You can choose to email a specific document oranentire folder with faster processing speed.***********************APP FEATURES***********************✓ Automatic document edge detection and perspectivecorrection✓ Extremely Fast Processing✓ Professional quality results with multiple filter options:photo,document, clear, colour or black & white✓ Flexible editing, able to edit file after save✓ Folders and subfolders, You can easily manage your filesandfolders, in order to organise your documents better.✓ Document naming, storage inside the app and search✓ Adding or Deleting one page or the whole document✓ Page reordering after adding or deleting✓ Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)✓ Email specific pages or whole document✓ Print PDF file via Cloud Print✓ Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps such as Dropbox,OneDrive,SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. to send toclouds✓ Tiny app size.Clear Scanner is the best scanning app with hassle free workthatsaves a huge amount of both time and money. So get thisamazingfree mini pocket scanner app now in your smartphones and getthescanning done from any part of the world and send the scannedimageto any person at any location.************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Clear Scanner:FreePDF Scans” app better and more useful for you. We needyourconstant support to get going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scans” app, do not forget to rate usonplay store.
CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator
The world’s No. 1 mobile document scanningandsharing app with over 100 million installs in more than200countries and regions.* Over 50,000 new registrations per day* CamScanner, 50 Best Apps, 2013 Edition – TIME* Top Developer – Google Play StoreCamScanner helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate onvariouscontents across smartphones, tablets and computers.Features:*Mobile ScannerUse your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices,whiteboarddiscussions, business cards, certificates, etc.*Optimize Scan QualitySmart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphicslookclear and sharp*Quick SearchBy entering any keyword, you’ll see a list of docs with the wordintheir titles, notes or images (Registrants only)*Extract Texts from ImageOCR (optical character recognition) extracts texts insidesinglepage for further editing or .txt sharing. (Licensedonly)*Share PDF/JPEG FilesEasily share docs in PDF or JPEG format with others viasocialmedia, email attachment or sending the doc link*Print & FaxInstantly print out docs in CamScanner with nearby printer;directlyfax docs to over 30 countries right from the app*CollaborationInvite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans inagroup. (Registrants only)*Advanced EditingMaking annotations or adding customized watermark on docs aremadeavailable for you*Secure Important DocsSet passcode for viewing important docs; meanwhile, when sendingdoclink, you can set password to protect it*Sync across PlatformsSign up to sync documents on the go. Just sign in to anysmartphone,tablet or computer (visit you ownand you canview, edit and share any document. (Registrantsonly)Premium Subscription Features ($ 4.99/month or $49.99/year):1. Edit OCR results and notes of the entire doc, exporting as.txtfile2. Create Doc Collage for multiple pages3. Add 10G cloud space4. Add 40 extra collaborators5. Send doc link with password protection and expiration date6. Auto upload docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox , EvernoteandOneDrive7. Batch download PDF files in web app ( Every benefit registrants enjoys9. Everything paid app offersPlease note the subscription is automatically renewed at the endofthe period unless you choose to cancel the subscription.CamScanner users scan and manage* Bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card…* Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter…* Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article…* Credential, Certificate, Identity Documents…3rd Party Cloud Storage Services Supported:-Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDriveThe free version is an ad-supported version and scanneddocumentsare generated are with watermark; Invite 10 collaboratorsperdocument at most.We’d love to hear your feedback: asupport@intsig.comFollow us on Twitter: @CamScannerLike us on Facebook: CamScannerFollow us on Google+: CamScanner
Genius Scan - PDF Scanner
Genius Scan enables you to quicklyscandocuments on the go and export your scans as JPEG orPDFwith multiple pagesGenius Scan has more than 20 million users and has wonseveralproductivity app prizes and awards!Genius Scan+ integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote or anyothercloud service app installed on your Android phone to let youexportyour scans wherever you want.The Genius Scan scanner technology includes smart pagedetection,perspective correction, image post-processing. Typically,when youtake a photo of a picture, you are not perfectly alignedand thelight is not perfect. Genius Scan takes care of that foryou.KEY FEATURES•  Save time with our powerful scanning technology:   - Automatic, real-time, document detection andperspectivecorrection   - Magic mode to snap the photos hand-free   - Batch mode to scan several pages in a row•  Amazing quality:   - Enhance the scans with color orblack-and-whitepost-processing   - Edit your scans long after scanning your documents•  Stay organized:   - Send the scans as JPEG or PDF by email or FTP   - Export documents to any app supporting JPEG or PDF files   - Create PDF documents with multiple scans   - Smart Document Names: name your documents accordingtocustomized patterns   - Tag your documents to quickly find themUSAGE EXAMPLES•  To quickly scan a form you just printed when you don’t haveascanner•  At the university, to take a picture of a whiteboard•  On the road, to archive receipts•  To collect customer paperwork on the go•  To make a copy when you have no copier available•  To archive handwritten notes or share them with colleagues•  Save the perfect recipe after cooking•  Save handwritten memos, or book pages for future reference•  Share a good restaurant menu on TwitterPRIVACY•  Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to athird-partyserver•  We are asking some permissions: the network access lets yousendyour scans to the cloud; the location permissions allows youtoautomatically name your documents based on the currentlocation.With Android 6 and further, we ask these permissions asneeded inthe app, but we cannot do that for lower versions.GET IN TOUCHShould you have any questions or feedback, please let us We respond to every emailandwe definitely love your input to improve Genius Scanfurther!Follow us on:•  Google Plus:•  Twitter:•  Facebook: more:
Smart Doc Scanner: Free PDF Scanner App
Smart Doc Scanner turns your phone intoanintelligent scanner which will allow you to digitize yourdocumentswith just a few taps. No matter if you need to sendreceipts,invoices or other documents and articles this app willallow you todo it easily and quickly.Smart Doc Scanner comes with an intuitive and top of thelineinterface, rapid image processing and intelligent contrastmodes tobring you the best image capture available.MAJOR ADVANTAGES • Intuitive and flexible interface allows users to processimageswith just a few taps; • The best edge detection in the market to easily set the framesofyour documents in real-time; • Ability to set advanced camera settings and complete outputPDFfile customization; • Support for Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to convertfromimage to text in more than 40 languages; • Save document to .DOC format; • Smart Zoom feature for fast and convenient viewing ofprocesseddocuments;TOP-NOTCH SCANNING FEATURES - turn your phone into amobilescanner with a variety of features for the best scanning andimageprocessing. • Modern and user friendly interface that allows the user todorapid scanning; • Intelligent detection of your documents’ frame inrealtime; • Batch-scanning mode for multi-page documents; • Cropping and zooming features to better set scanned pages; • Ability to capture images in both landscape andportraitmodes; • Advanced scene and focusing technologies forclearerimages; • Intelligently detects and preserves the pictures whileenhancingthe text areas with Smart Doc Scanner’s top of the lineMagic modefilter.IMPORT OF IMAGES FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES – easily addexternalimages and import them into scanned PDFs. • Seamless integration with File Commander for easy and fastfileimport and export; • Ability to save all shots as image files; • Support for all popular image formats – JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIFFandWEBP; • Easily import images from internal and external devicestorageand convert them to PDF format; • Intelligent integration with DropBox, Google Drive andothercloud storage options;DOCUMENT EXPORT AND PDF CUSTOMIZATION – Use thepowerfulimage processing features of this app to get the bestPDFscan. • Enhanced document digitization by using top of the lineOpticalCharacter Recognition(OCR); • OCR Support for multi-page documents; • Spell checking and text correction of OCR results; • Keep your data safe with automatic backup and restore fromcloudaccounts such as Google Drive; • Ability to set page size, such as A4, letter and more; • Set a page thumbnail as a cover page for your document; • Custom PDF creation - copy, move, add or delete pages fromyourdocuments; • Extract a page from your document and save it as aseparateimage; • Ability to set custom document properties such asresolution,margins, formats, etc. for the entire document or for asinglepage;MANAGE AND SHARE PDFS WITH JUST A TAP – easily shareyourPDFs. • Print the document via any network and cloud printers; • Set Favorite locations for easy access to your docs; • Easily sort your documents by name, size, pagenumber,etc.; • Ability to search for a document by name and content; • Easily share your documents via your email, cloudstorage,Bluetooth, Wi-fi Direct and Social Networks;
Document Scanner - PDF Creator
CV Infotech
Sometimes in a single day you needyourdifferent documents scanned multiple times. In that situationifeverything is planned you will definitely not suffer more. Butifthe need to scan that document arises one by one it will beadisaster for sure.To rescue you from that situation CV Infotech brings you aportableDoc Scanner. This Doc scanner you let you scan yourdocumentsanytime anywhere.There are some additional features as well in the app whichmakesyour document after scanning more professional and good tolookat.Let's take a tour of that attractive features::* Scan your document.* Enhance the scan quality automatically/Manually.* Enhancement includes smart cropping and many more.* Optimize your PDF into modes like B/W, Lighten, Coloranddark.* Turn scans into clear and and sharp PDF.* Arrange your doc in folder and sub folders.* Share PDF/JPEG files.* Print and fax the scanned doc directly from the app.* Upload doc’s to the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.* Scan QR Code/Bar-code.* Create QR Code.* Share scanned QR Code.* Turns your old documents into a clear and sharp one byremovingthe noise.* Can create PDF in different sizes from A1 to A-6 andlikePostcard, letter ,Note etc.Help us to Translate the appYour help with translation will be really appreciated.TranslationURL: at a glance :- Best Document Scanner - It has all of the features that ascannershould have.- Portable Document Scanner - By having this document scannerinyour phone, you can save your time and efforts by quicklyscanninganything on the fly.- Paper Scanner - The app offers third partycloudstorage(Drive,Photos) where you can scan papers and save oncloudstorage.- Best Document Scanner Lite - Scans are saved to your deviceinimage or PDF format.- PDF Document Scanner - Scans PDF with edge detectionfeatureadditionally.- All type of Doc Scan - Scan in color, Grey, Sky Blue.- Easy Scanner - Scan and Instant print out documents in anysizelike A1, A2,A3,A4… etc.- Portable Scanner - The Doc scanner once installed can turneverysmartphone into a portable scanners.- PDF Creator - Convert scanned images to the best qualityPDFfile.- QR Code Scanner - This app also have QR CodeScannerfeature.- Bar-code Scanner - Another great feature Bar-code scanner isalsointegrated in this app.- OCR Text Recognition (Upcoming Feature in Next Update) - TheOCRText Recognition let you recognize text from images then edittextsor share text to other apps.- High Quality Scans - The scan quality is of no match, You justgetyour documents digitally original.- Images to PDF Converter - You can select some image fromImageGallery and convert it into a PDF file as document.- Cam Scanner - Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboardandproduce it exactly same with the help of Doc Scanner at homeevenif you're offline. No internet required for the apptofunction.- Remove grain/noise from old document/picture - Remove Noisefromold image Using various advanced filter techniques and make itmoreclear and sharp than before.- Flashlight - This scanner app also have Flash light featurethathelps you in taking scans in low-light environment.- A+ Document Scanner - This App is rated A+ by users baseduponmultiple ratings and reviews.
Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) Lite 3.4.38
Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) is a newbusinesstool exclusively for your Android device!Extremely useful mobile tool gives users the power to scan anytypeof document, transform it into PDF format and share it rightfromyour device.With MDScan users are free to scan any type of document,rangingfrom receipts to text pages and almost everything inbetween, onthe go anywhere and anytime.A perfect companion for busy users, MDScan allows anyonetotransform everything from invoices to whiteboards andclassesnotes, magazine articles and more into a PDF format in ordertoeasily export them, share and e-mail it to others, or for anyotherreason they can come up with. MDScan automatically detectsborders,corrects distortion, and equalizes brightness to createclear,legible documents at a very high speed for yourconvenience.Going above and beyond other mobile scanning solutions MDScanoffersBatch shooting mode for a super fast scanning so users caneasilyscan within seconds multiple pages and save scanned filesfor batchprocessing later.The app shines in terms of uploading as well as alldocumentconversion is performed locally right on user's device.This meansthat you can upload documents to cloud storage services,includingDropbox, Google Docs, or, email services, orFacebook andTwitter that is guaranteed to go off quickly, without ahitch, andwithout risk of any potentially sensitive informationbecomingcompromised.Simply put there's enough for you to worry about without havingtogo out of your way to scan and convert files into PDFs shouldtheneed arise, and now with MDScan its one worry you won't everhaveagain.★★★★★Main advantages and benefits========================★ Transform any image into PDF format.★ Automatic, high quality document edge detection andperspectivecorrection.★ Manual free Advanced image processing to enhance poorqualityimages and documents.★ Quickly scan and manage multi-page documents on the go★ Scan, upload or send any document quickly, includingreceipts,news and magazine articles, invoices, coupons, posters andmuchmore★ Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibilityandsharingNOTE: MDScan Free version in comparison with the Full versioncomeswith advertisements, all results are watermarked, up to 4pages canbe scanned in batch mode.Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and send yoursuggestionsor questions to our support email. We try to do our bestto answerto your comments as soon as possible.This software is registered by Russian Federal InstituteOfIndustrial Property # 2013619506
TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF 1.5.1
Piksoft Inc.
Over three million users chose TurboScan!Thankyou for your support! • TurboScan turns your phone intoafull-featured and powerful multipage scanner fordocuments,receipts, notes, whiteboards, photos, or other everydaytext. WithTurboScan, you can quickly scan your documents in highquality andstore or send them as multipage PDF or JPEG files.Note! You can scan and send up to three multipage documentswiththis free version.TurboScan uses advanced fast algorithms to accuratelydetectdocument edges, straighten the documents (correctperspective),eliminate shadows and set a perfect contrast - blackonwhite.TurboScan boasts a powerful yet easy to use interface. Getinstantone-tap brightness, rotation and color controls all ononescreen!TurboScan also offers SureScan, our proprietary scanningmodefor sharper scans (especially useful in low-lightconditions.)SureScan requires taking three pictures of the samedocument withthe phone camera.TurboScan's handy "Email to myself" feature lets yousenddocuments to a predefined address, or even upload them toonlinestorage sites like Dropbox, with a single tap.All processing happens on your phone, and the confidentialityofyour data is never compromised (no Internetconnectionneeded.)TurboScan features:• Automatic document edge detection and perspectivecorrection• SureScan mode for very sharp scans• Ultra-fast processing (under 3 seconds per page)• Document naming, storage inside the app and search• Multipage editing: add, reorder, and delete pages• Copy pages between stored scans• “Email to myself” feature for quick emails• Email document as PDF, JPEG or PNG, or save to camera roll• Arrange multiple receipts or business cards on a PDF page• Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropbox app(orEvernote, GoogleDrive, OneDrive app, etc) to send to clouds, orfaxapps• Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps• Instant one-tap brightness, rotation, and color controls• Compact attachments with adjustable sizeTips on scanning• Make sure your document is flat and well lit.• For best edge detection, include some margin around yourdocumentwhile shooting.• Use flash in low light conditions, but avoid glare withglossydocuments.• If your flash over-saturates images or makes them blurry,pleasechange the flash option in app SettingsWe're constantly improving TurboScan, and we value ourcustomers'opinions and feedback. If you want to send us yourfeedback or havea problem with our software, please contact before submitting a comment tothestore.
Office Lens
Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” intheU.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play! Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboardsanddocuments readable. You can use Office Lens to convert imagestoPDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,  OneDrive,oryour local device.   GET ORGANIZED  Scan and upload all your notes, receipts, and documents.Increaseyour productivity by eliminating time spent looking fordocumentsor business cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picturefor later.Whether you're using it for business or education, OfficeLens willhelp you save and share your documents in OneNote andOneDrive soyou can all work together. PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK  Increase productivity in your business by using Office Lenstocapture and share ideas. Capture the whiteboard at the end of the meeting and keepthoseaction items on track. Share OneNote meeting notes withyourco-workers.Keep your business networking contacts handy. Scan businesscards,and save the information to your contact list and OneNote.Thisworks best with English, German, Spanish and SimplifiedChinese.More languages coming soon.Scan printed documents and save them in Word and OneNote so youcanedit and annotate them later.Never lose another receipt. Scan them into OneNote and useitspowerful search to find them quickly. PRODUCTIVITY AT SCHOOL Office Lens is like a scanner in your pocket that allows you toscanand share classroom handouts and notes into OneNoteandOneDrive. Scan the teacher's handouts and annotate them in WordandOneNote.Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to referencelater,even if you're offline.Keep class notes and your own research organized. OneNote'ssearchallows you to find everything for the test quickly. For latest news and tips follow Office Lens on twitter  By installing the app, you agree to these terms andconditions:
Convert JPG to PDF & Scanner 7.0
Are you Tired of printing pictures ordocumentsThen scaning Them then sending them via Mail ?Then our app is made for You !JPG to PDF or Print to PDF Converter works both as pictureScannerto pdf and photo editor so you can edit and scan all kindofdocuments then send them via : E-mail , Gmail, whatsapp ,MMS,Dropbox, Google drive docs, evernote, Wifi direct, BluetoothorFacebook, Twitter, Skype and more, it can also read and previewpdffiles.*** All our features are 100% FREEOur print to pdf for android app is designed to change allyourprinted documents or photos to pdfsOur Document scanner for Android can also Edit your documentsandpictures and transforme and Sort them to scaned pdf orWord.Utility :- Create PDF from Scans and photos on your Phone made easy byjusthaving our app and chosing the documents that you want toconvertthen Share it with friends or Work.- Our Scans are using profesional filters that makes pdf lookslikeit was converted with a real Scanner machine or Faxmachine.- Cloud print to pdf- Scan documents to email in pdf forms- Convert your Images to PDFs online for free!- Convert your docs into PDF format- Send your printed documents to your : contacts, agenda, friendsonfacebook or whatsapp or any social media app with oneclick- You can resize your JPG pictures and resize it, choose themarginsheight and weight.- The best app for transforming any image to word or pdf andstoreit in dropbox.- Take picture of any official form like ID or official documentorschool documents or resume ( cv ), bills, invoices, messages,webpages and send them VIA Mail or Gmail.- Changing the color of pictures before converting theme topdfdocument.- Change rotation of all kinds of generated documentsandphotos- Change page Size Scan to PDF Converter Free- Change Grayscal to photo to pdf converter and editor- Scan documents with your phone camera convert it , edit imagewithOCR, , save, print or share via appropriate app using ourDocumentScanner !- Create and generate multipage PDF pages- Convert Between Various Formats, Select Image ResizePresets,Apply Effects.- Fast image generate application and PDF converter- Manage generated pdf or images ( share images or sharedocuments,rename it )How it works :- Take picture of the documents that you want to convertorsend- Choose the picture ( PNG, JPEG, XPS , TIFF , JFIF, GIF ) orthedocument that you want to convert or send as pdf- Resize it + Apply Effects + Change rotation- Validate- Send it via : Email, Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook and more
Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite
Work from anywhere: View, edit, andcreateMicrosoft® Office files & view Adobe PDF® files on yourAndroidsmartphone and/or tablet with the original & #1 sellingmobileOffice suite of all time.Docs To Go 4.0 contains best-in-class document viewing &editingat no charge. Options for connecting to multiple cloudstorageaccounts, desktop file sync, and opening password-protectedfilesare available via in-app purchase.THE DATAVIZ® ADVANTAGE• Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader indevelopingmobile Office & productivity solutions for Android,iOS, andmore.• Documents To Go, now in its 15th year, is currently preloadedonmillions of devices around the world and has been downloadedover40 million times on Android.• InTact Technology™ retains original document formatting ofeditedfiles.• No account sign-up necessary to get started in creating filesandthe freedom to save files where you choose!• All your files in one app - no need to downloadseparatecomponents or cloud service/drive apps.• Multiple file save & synchronization options – Save &syncdirectly to your Android device, desktop & laptop viaUSB*, andto various cloud services*.• Technical support is available via email & via ourrobustknowledgebase at in v4.0:• Editing is now free for new users and existing Docs To Go‘ViewerEdition’ users.• App redesign – Modernized user interface includes a refinedfileexplorer and easy access to extensive editing &formattingoptions without sacrificing valuable screen realestate.• Cloud services support* – View, edit, save, and sync withmultiplecloud services: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive.• Android v. 7 (Nougat) OS compatible.OVERALL SUITE FEATURES:• Includes both Android smartphone & tablet versions inonedownload.• View, edit, and create MS Office files (97-2016).• View PDF files.• Save changes directly to your device, memory card, multiplecloudservices*, or to your Windows computer with ourdesktop/laptopapplication*.• Send & receive supported email attachments using Gmail oryourfavorite email app.• File sorting manager (sort your file list by Name, Modified,Size,etc.).• Localized in English, French, German, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish,Japanese,Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Polish, Czech.WORD TO GO FEATURES:• Format font type, size, color, bold, italics, underline,andhighlight text• High fidelity viewing for embedded graphics, tables,bookmarks,comments, footnotes/endnotes, text boxes, table ofcontents, andhyperlinks• Change paragraph alignment• Edit bullets & numbering• Find & replace• View Tracked Changes• Word count• Open password protected Word 97-2016 files*SHEET TO GO FEATURES:• Freeze panes• Sort• Auto-fit• Extensive cell, number, and sheet formatting options• 111 functions supported• Insert, delete, resize, hide/unhide rows & columns• Rename, insert, and delete worksheets• Find/find next• View charts• Open password protected Excel 97-2016 files*SLIDESHOW TO GO FEATURES:• Effortlessly “flick” through slides• Rehearse timing• View speaker notes• Sort and edit slides, including promote/demote bullets• Open password protected PowerPoint 97-2016 files*PDF TO GO FEATURES:• High-fidelity viewing of PDF files with page view, wordwrap,auto-rotate, bookmarks, search, and select/copy textoptions• Pinch-to-zoom to desired PDF page size/width• Open password-protected PDFs**Select features only available via in-app purchase in Docs ToGo,such as file access via cloud services, desktop sync(Windowsonly), and password-protected file support.
PDF to Word 1.1
PDF Converter to Word, Easilyandquickly convert PDFs from anywhere on your device in PDFtoWord.You can even convert PDF to Word from Android Device.PDF Converter FreeConvert PDF to Doc, PPT to PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to Doc, XLStoPDF, XLS to Doc...Convert PDF to Word (Convert PDF to DOC and DOCX) quicklyandeditable! Convert pdf to editable word file.Offline PDF Format now is very popular because ofitsconvenience as small size, high compatibility with themanydevices, include font, and prevent from copying andediting.PDF to Word Document allows users to convert their text, formsandtables in documents to editable Microsoft Word. Picture toPDFConverter is not running on your device, so it will not betheburden of your device resources or will drain its battery.PDF Converter (doc ppt xls txt word png jpg wps..) -PDFReader & PDF Editor.PDF Word Processor You can convert files from your phone,orfiles from your favorite cloud services directly within ourapp.Easy to use app, and amazing conversion quality makes this apptheultimate converter for your phone.PDF Converter to Jpg makes the following conversions:Word to PDF, Word to TXT, PowerPoint to PDF, PPT to TXT, PDF toDoc,PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to XLS, PDF to TXT, XLS to PDF, XLS toTXT,TXT to PDF, TXT to Word, JPG To PDF, JPG to PNG, JPG to PPT,PNG toPDF, PNG to PPT, PNG to JPG, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG PPT toJPG, PPTto PNG- Text Recognition & Document TranslatorUse the direct function to share your documents with theCameraTranslator Scanner application, in this way you can recognizethetext of the documents or translate the text to any language intheworld.Feature :* No limits on file size or number of converted files* PDF to Word Converter* The layout, formatting, tables, images and text exactly astheoriginal.* Completely free, ads are quite small and friendly, no effecttouser.* Interface of app is very professionally designed, beautifulandeasy to use.* Text recognition accuracy to 95%.* Allows user to specify the language of the source PDF documenttoimprove of text recognitions.* File Word after complete conversion can edit, copy, updateasnormal.* Support pdf to doc converter and docx file format which arethemost popular.* Word to PDF Converter* Convert PDF to word documents, txt, wordx, xls, ....* Convert word to pdf.* Images to PDF Converter* PowerPoint to PDF Converter* Excellent PDF to Word conversion quality* Scanned and complex PDFs can be converted as well* Industry-leading OCR technologyHow to Convert?Upload your PDF file.Choose the file format you want to convert it to from thedropdownmenu below.Choose any of the optional settings that suit your needs.Click on "Convert from PDF".
Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner
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Scanbot is the best document to PDF scannerappand very easy to use. Already 7 million people on Android andiOSuse Scanbot to scan their documents, receipts, whiteboards, QRcodesor bar codes. The scanner app already won numerous awardsandachieves a satisfaction rating of 98%.HOW IT WORKSSimply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document andScanbotwill automatically scan it. The scanner app will then cropthedocument and optimize the colors. Save your scan as PDF or JPGwithone tap.FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS- PDF documents and JPG- QR Code scanning- Bar Code scanning- Multi-Page scans- Automatic upload- Editing and annotations- OCR text recognition- Full-text searchTHE BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERScanbot scans everything from business cards to whiteboards.Whenyou scan a document, Scanbot makes hundreds of decisions tocapturethe document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it andapplythe filter.SCAN QR CODESInstantly scan QR codes to save a business card, show alocation,open a website or connect to a WiFi network.SUPPORTED CLOUD SERVICES- Dropbox- Google Drive- OneDrive- Box- Evernote- Shoeboxed- Yandex Disk- WebDAV- MagentaCloud- Amazon Cloud Drive- Slack- TodoistWORK WITH DOCUMENTSEasily work with your PDFs after you have scanned them.Highlighttext, add notes, draw on the scanned pages or add yoursignature.Scanbot features all annotation tools you need to edityour scans.Existing scans can also be easily modified and correctedby moving,deleting or adding pages.EDUCATIONScanbot is the perfect tool to manage all your documents inschoolor university. Learn all about ithere: IN TOUCHScanbot has a 98% satisfaction rating for its support. Wereallylove to hear from you. So if you have any questions orfeedbackplease contact us directly in the app (Settings, scrolldown andtap on Support) or via We will get backto youas fast as possible.Plus us on Google+: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: more: https://scanbot.ioPERMISSIONSScanbot (optionally) uses permissions for your calendar andlocationto provide you with intelligent names like „Scan from»PlanningMeeting« at »Tech Advisory Partners Office«“.Please note that we need access to your contact details torestoreprevious purchases.More details on our FAQ page and in ourprivacypolicy
Mobile Doc Scanner 3 + OCR
If you are not completely satisfied withourapp - for any reason - just send us your order number andwecompletely refund your order.Extremely useful mobile tool gives users the power to scan anytypeof document, transform it into PDF format and share it rightfromyour device.With MDScan users are free to scan any type of document,rangingfrom receipts to text pages and almost everything inbetween, onthe go anywhere and anytime.A perfect companion for busy users, MDScan allows anyonetotransform everything from invoices to whiteboards andclassesnotes, magazine articles and more into a PDF format in ordertoeasily export them, share and e-mail it to others, or for anyotherreason they can come up with. MDScan automatically detectsborders,corrects distortion, and equalizes brightness to createclear,legible documents at a very high speed for yourconvenience.Going above and beyond other mobile scanning solutions MDScanoffersBatch shooting mode for a super fast scanning so users caneasilyscan within seconds multiple pages and save scanned filesfor batchprocessing later.The app shines in terms of uploading as well as alldocumentconversion is performed locally right on user's device.This meansthat you can upload documents to cloud storage services,includingDropbox, Google Docs, or, email services, orFacebook andTwitter that is guaranteed to go off quickly, without ahitch, andwithout risk of any potentially sensitive informationbecomingcompromised.Simply put there's enough for you to worry about without havingtogo out of your way to scan and convert files into PDFs shouldtheneed arise, and now with MDScan its one worry you won't everhaveagain.★★★★★Main advantages and benefits========================★ Transform any image into PDF format.★ Automatic, high quality document edge detection andperspectivecorrection.★ Manual free Advanced image processing to enhance poorqualityimages and documents.★ Quickly scan and manage multi-page documents on the go★ Scan, upload or send any document quickly, includingreceipts,news and magazine articles, invoices, coupons, posters andmuchmore★ Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibilityandsharingDon’t hesitate to contact us at any time and send yoursuggestionsor questions to our support email. We try to do our bestto answerto your comments as soon as possible.This software is registered by Russian Federal InstituteOfIndustrial Property # 2013619506
SmartOffice - View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs 3.0.14
NEW DESIGN! SmartOffice has been redesignedtoprovide a more intuitive, easy-to-use product. With a sleeknewuser interface inspired by the familiar UI of a desktopOfficedocument, the new SmartOffice delivers an even betteruserexperience for today’s mobile world.FULL-FEATURED MOBILE OFFICE DOCUMENT PRODUCTIVITY SUITESmartOffice is designed to meet the needs of today's mobileworld.Users can view, edit, create, present and share MS Officequalitydocuments directly on or from their mobile devices. Oursmall filesize and screen display that adapts to fit yoursmartphone ortablet make SmartOffice the perfect match for today’son-the-goworld.THE POWER TO WORK IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS• DOCUMENTS: Create new documents using blank orpre-designedtemplates. Edit existing MS Office documents on youriPhone oriPad.• PRESENTATIONS: View, edit your presentations on yourmobiledevice, then deliver it as a slideshow on your device or viaaprojector.• SPREADSHEETS: Review/edit budgets, expense reports and morewhileon the go.∗ PDF FILES: View and annotate PDF documents. ConvertOfficedocuments to PDF directly on your mobile device.∗ PRINT: Wirelessly print to thousands of supported printers.COMMON FEATURES ACROSS ALL FORMATS• View, Edit, Create, Share, Save MS Office documents swiftlyandsecurely.• Editing: copy, cut, paste, undo and redo.• Character formatting: bold, italics, underline; font style,size,color & highlight.• Documents may be saved in original file format or convertedtoPDFs.• Screen display adapts to fit smartphone or tablet screenandsupports multi-touch gestures.• All file formats include templates to aid newdocumentcreation.• Password Protection support (Office files) – Open, view, editandre-save encrypted Office documents on your device.• Cloud support – Open and save documents to the cloudwitheffortless synchronization with Box, Dropbox andGoogleDrive.WORD• Paragraph formatting: indent, alignment, bullets, numbering• Insert images, shapes, and graphics• Support for tables, shapes, charts (display)• Reflow mode for easier reading on small devicePOWERPOINT• Comprehensive text, paragraph, content formatting• Shapes, images, textbox editing• Insert images, shapes, and graphics• Slide management and reordering• Slide transition support• Slideshow: present directly from mobile device or throughaprojectorSPREADSHEETS• Cell formatting options: cell size and alignments,cell/column/rowinserts and removal• Multiple cell types: numeric, date, time, currency,fraction,percentage, scientific & more• Multiple worksheet support; add/delete sheets• Chart display and wide range of formulaePDF, IMAGE FILES & PRINTING• View, annotate, highlight and share PDF documents• Convert, export, save Office documents to PDF format• View and insert major image types (JPG, PNG, GIF)• Wireless printing supports thousands of printersFILE FORMATS• Microsoft Office: all versions since 1997: Word, PowerPointandExcel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 - doc, docx,xls,xlsx, ppt, pptx (view & edit)• PDF Viewer, PDF Reader, Save as PDF• JPEG, PNG, GIF,TIFF, BMP images (view); HWP (view)• Vector WMF and EMF diagrams (view)LANGUAGES – over 35 supported∗ Application localized for: Chinese (Simplified),Chinese(Traditional), English, Japanese, French, German, Italian,Korean,Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil),Russian,Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Hebrew, Dutch andTurkish.∗ View documents in the following languages: Arabic,Azerbaijani,Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech,Danish, Dutch,English, Faroese, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese,Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil),Russian, ScotsGaelic, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish(Mexico),Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Yiddish.
PDF Reader - Scan、Edit & Share
Kdan PDF Reader, one of the most downloadedPDFreader apps on Google Play, enables you to read, annotate,scan, andconvert PDF documents on smartphones, tablets, and evenon PC/Mac.With PDF Reader, you can easily markup PDFs withhighlights andhandwritings, scan any document to PDFs, convertfiles to or fromPDFs, back up and share files with your friends,classmates andcolleagues via email and cloud storage services(share via Android).PDF Reader is the best choice for you to workwith PDFs anytime,anywhere.AWARDS AND RECOGNITION- BEST APPS of 2016 on Google Play store- Best PDF Reader Apps 2017 on tom's guide- Best PDF Readers For Windows, Mac, Android & iOS onPDF2Goblog- Top 5 Free PDF Editor apps for Android to Edit PDF FilesonTechnOrangeKEY FEATURESFILE MANAGER & VIEWER MODE• Fast and stable rendering performance• Horizontal/ Vertical scrolling mode• Open password-protected Adobe PDF files• Jump to Page/Text Search• Bookmark/Outline/Thumbnail listPDF ANNOTATIONS & MARKUPS• Highlight, underline, and strikethrough• Color and opacity adjustment supported• Freehand writing - draw and add personal signatures onAdobePDFs• Simply tap and hold on the button, you will see a pop-up menutoset up the color / style / opacity / brush size.OTHER ESSENTIALS• Highlight all inserted hyperlinks in PDFs• Clipboard supportedFILE TRANSFER & BACKUP• Access and import PDF files from the local folders• Export/Back up PDF files via the sharing feature• Export via emailDOCUMENT SCANNER• Import images using built-in Camera and from Gallery• Support continuous scan & image adjustments• Add magnifier when adjusting edges• Export scanned images as PDFs• Support batch processing that lets you automatically processaseries of images.PREMIUM PDF FEATURES (SUBSCRIPTION OPTION)• Full access of PDF Reader all versions, including mobileanddesktop apps• Convert and fax documents online• Smart crop• Night reading modePDF Reader supports 11 languages, including English,TraditionalChinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German,Spanish,French, Portuguese, Russian and Korean**Updates will be provided as we continue to research anddevelopthe features that users want in PDF Reader.WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!Follow us on Twitter: @kdanpdfreaderFollow us on Facebook: PDF ReaderFollow us on Instagram: @kdan_mobileCAN WE GIVE A HAND?Got a question? Contact us at or checkouthttps//
iScanner: PDF Scanner App Free 1.6
iScanner is a handy scanner app that willturnyour Android device into powerful mobile scanner. Easily scan,saveand share any document in PDF or JPEG format.Our scanner app will become the indispensable tool in your daytoday life. Scan anything you need including receipts,documents,paper notes, fax papers, book and store your scans asmultipage PDFor JPEG files.Save even more time with e-sign to add a signature to yourdocumentswith just a few taps.Take this portable document scanner anywhere you go for yourdailybusiness needs. It doesn't require an Internet connection asallscans are stored locally on your device. And if you need toprotectyour valuable scans, you can setup a password for the wholeapp orlock particular folders or documents.Say goodbye to huge office scanners and get this ultra fastpdfscanner app now!iScanner app main features:Advanced PDF Scanner app:- Scan to high quality PDF or JPEG- Save scans in grayscale, black and white or color- Automatic shutter and border detection for anyscannableobject- Advanced pic processing with enhancement and colorcorrection,noise removing, automatic perspective correction andmore- Choose between low, medium and HD scan quality- Multipage scanning - scan as many pages as you like- Batch processing modeDocument Editor:- E-sign any document by adding your signature to scans withintheapp- Cut, copy or paste pages from and to iScannerFile Manager:- Full featured file manager with folders, drag & dropanddocument editing- Protect your documents by locking folders and scanswithpassword- Sort documents by time, date or name- Choose between table and collection view modesDocument Sharing Tools:- Share your scans via email- Easy print your scans with any Wi-Fi printer- Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services likeDropbox,Evernote or Google Drive- Save scans to GalleryFor any questions or inquiries please use our customer supportformat
OpenDocument Reader 2.16
View and modify OpenDocuments on the gousingOpenDocument Reader!OpenDocument Reader allows you to read your ODF(OpenDocumentFormat) documents wherever you are. In the bus on yourway toschool? No problem! With OpenDocument Reader you can readandsearch through your documents in a very clean and simple way.Isthere just one last typo left to fix in your document? Itnowsupports modification of documents too! Fast, simple andwellintegrated.You can start reading your documents from within otherapps.Supported apps include...- GMail- Google Drive- Dropbox- lots of other apps“ODF” is the format used by office suites like OpenOfficeandLibreOffice. Text documents (.odt), as well as spreadsheets(.ods)and also presentations (.odp) are supported, includingsupport forcomplex formatting and embedded images. Graphs are noproblemeither. If you want to secure your data you can evenopenpassword-protected documents.This app is open-source. We are not affiliated withOpenOffice,LibreOffice or similar.In order to buy ourselves some food, ads are shown while usingthisapp. Bearing with them is highly appreciated!
Camera Scanner Image Scanner
Camera Scanner turns your mobile intoanincredible scanner.Use your Camera as a high definitionscanner.Take a picture of any paper documents and digitize it.Easily sharethe scanned documents via Email, Cloud Print, fax orupload them toCloud storage.Features* Fast Document scanning* Auto photo enhancing* Smart cropping* Share scanned file with people nearby
Smart Lens - OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader
Smart Lens - Text Scanner OCR helpyoueasy to convert image to text: scan and translate document,scanand detect phone number, email, website url, business card,etc…with very high accuracy in few seconds !!!Now combined with QR code and barcode scanner, Smart Lens isuniquereader app you need for your daily work.Smart Lens - OCR text scanner saves time and providesconveniencefor users by allowing them to take photos of textinstead oftranscribing it.Try to copy by typing a long number, a complex url, or acontactwith a lot of information? Sounds out of date! Now you haveSmartLens - Text Scanner.Try to translate a foreign language document such asChinese,Japanese, Portuguese... by typing each word on GoogleTranslate?Seem impossible! But It's so easy if you have Smart Lens- TextScanner OCR.With Smart Lens - Text Scanner, all information presented bytextare easy to be collected. It can immediately make a call withaphone number, send a SMS, access some one ‘s Facebook page, openawebsite url, send an email or even create a complete contactforyou...All you need is open Smart Lens - Text Scanner and take apicture,then you can interact with desired information easily andneverlose your searched data with history feature supported.⭕ Note: Handwritten text will not work.💠 Current supported features of Smart Lens - Text Scanner OCR,QRcode reader:◼ Quality: High speed ORC Text Recognition withhighestaccuracy.◼ Supported 56 languages: (Afrikaans (Afrikaans), العربية(Arabic),অসমীয়া (Assamese), azərbaycan dili (Azerbaijani),Беларуская(Belarusian), বাংলা (Bengali), български език(Bulgarian), Català(Catalan; Valencian), 中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语, 漢語(Chinese), hrvatski(Croatian), česky, čeština (Czech), dansk(Danish), Nederlands,Vlaams (Dutch), English (English), eesti,eesti keel (Estonian),Filipino (Filipino), suomi, suomen kieli(Finnish), français,langue française (French), Deutsch (German),Ελληνικά (Greek,Modern), עברית (Hebrew (modern)), हिन्दी, हिंदी(Hindi), Magyar(Hungarian), Íslenska (Icelandic), Bahasa Indonesia(Indonesian),Italiano (Italian), 日本語 (にほんご/にっぽんご) (Japanese), Қазақтілі(Kazakh), 한국어 (韓國語), 조선말 (朝鮮語) (Korean), кыргыз тили(Kirghiz,Kyrgyz), latviešu valoda (Latvian), lietuvių kalba(Lithuanian),македонски јазик (Macedonian), मराठी (Marathi(Marāṭhī)), монгол(Mongolian), नेपाली (Nepali), Norsk (Norwegian),پښتو (Pashto,Pushto), فارسی (Persian), polski (Polish), Português(Portuguese),română (Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan), русский язык(Russian),संस्कृतम् (Sanskrit (Saṁskṛta)), српски језик (Serbian),slovenčina(Slovak), slovenščina (Slovene), español, castellano(Spanish;Castilian), svenska (Swedish), தமிழ் (Tamil), ไทย (Thai),Türkçe(Turkish), українська (Ukrainian), اردو (Urdu), zbek,Ўзбек,أۇزبېك‎ (Uzbek), Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese))◼ Offline mode supports 18 Latin based languages butmostlyEnglish.◼ Barcode format supported: QR_CODE, CODE_128, CODE_39,CODE_93,CODABAR, DATA_MATRIX, EAN_13, EAN_8, ITF, UPC_A, UPC_E,PDF417,AZTEC.◼ QR code supported: Text, Contact, Email, Phone, Product, SMS,URL,Wifi, Geo, Calendar Event.◼ Scan and translate text to over 100 languages (byGoogletranslate)◼ Gallery albums supported: be able to select images fromgallery(or share images from anywhere to Smart Lens)◼ Easy to crop (select a part of image containingdesiredtext)◼ Easy to interact with each recognized word on image◼ Offline mode supported - do not require aninternetconnection🔸 Operations can be performed on recognized text:◼ Make a call, send email, send message, open website url,...◼ Translate text (Google Translate)◼ Create a complete contact◼ Save to Google Drive◼ Share on Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Messenger,…◼ Remember all searched histories with both image andrecognizedinformation🏴 Upcoming features◼ Better UI, UX and performance◼ Cloud backup
PDF Converter
Convert your documents to PDF, andPDFdocuments to Word, Excel, JPG, and more, right on yourAndroiddevice. Conversions are accurate and very fast, layoutispreserved, and best-on-market OCR engines will take care ofyourscanned files. Easy to use app, and amazing conversionqualitymakes this app the ultimate converter for your phone. Youcanconvert files from your phone, or files from your favoritecloudservices directly within our app. Files are being converted byourpowerful servers, and after conversion is done, resultisdownloaded to your device and files are being deleted fromourservers. This also means the app won't burden your processororRAM, nor it will drain your battery.• No limit on file size, or number of converted files• Conversions are fast and accurate• Scanned and complex documents are converted as well• Convert your files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDriveandmore• Document scanner with optimized scan quality• Scan your documents and convert them to PDF, text, WordorExcel• Many formats are supportedSupported conversion types:- PDF to Word- PDF to Excel- PDF to PowerPoint- PDF to Image- PDF to AutoCad- Scan to PDF- Scan to Text- Scan to Word- Scan to Excel- PDF to Text- Publisher to PDF- XPS to PDF- Word to PDF- Excel to PDF- PowerPoint to PDF- Text to PDF- Log to PDF- RTF to PDF- JPG/JPEG to PDF- BMP to PDF- PNG to PDF- GIF to PDF- TIF/ TIFF to PDF- OpenOffice Writer ODT to PDF- OpenOffice Impress ODP to PDF- OpenOffice Calc ODS to PDF- MHT/MHTML to PDF
Text Scanner [OCR] 3.4.3
This is the best Text Scanner [OCR] !Highest Speed & Highest Qualityin All Android Apps!You can convert an image to text.When you access the URL or phone number written in magazinesorbrochures,it's really hard to input the URL or phone number bythekeyboard.So please use Text Scanner [OCR]!Because it automatically recognize the characters fromanimage,it's possible to access to the URL or phonenumberimmediately!When you record the memo written on the blackboard orwhiteboard,it's very troublesome to transcript it by the keyboard.But you can do it very easily by Text Scanner [OCR]!It's possible to record contents immediately![Features of text scanner[OCR]]● World highest speed reading● World highest accuracy reading● Support photos of your album● Support more than 50 languages● Support handwriting● Recognized text, it is possible to perform thefollowingoperation    - URL access    - Telephone call    - Copy to clipboard    - Send e-mail    - Save to Google Drive    - Save to Google Keep    - Share on Google+    - Share on Google Hangouts- etc...[Permission of the Text Scanner [OCR]]Use only "Camera" permission.
Transflo Mobile lets you receive andmanageloads, scan and send documents, track hours of service,electronicsignatures, access settlement statements, communicatewithdispatch, and more from your mobile device. Whether you’re inorout of the cab, Transflo Mobile helps you stay organizedandproductive.Communications:Get instant access to load information with the ability to acceptordecline right on your mobile device. With a simple swipe, youcanalso provide fleet managers, carriers, and brokers withreal-timeload status updates from anywhere. Chat with dispatch andengage intwo-way communication.Paperwork:With the industry’s premier document management platform,TransfloMobile lets you transmit delivery information fromanywhere. Simplyscan and send trip documents using this app. Thehigh-qualityimages are then routed straight into carrier workflowsto compressbilling timeframes so you get paid faster.Maps:A multilayered map allows you to view accurate route maps,approvedfuel networks, and live weather reports. The map alsoprovides youwith exact trailer locations using satellitepositioning.Integrations:Transflo Mobile integrates directly with leading TMSsystems,allowing carriers to send available loads directly to yourmobiledevice. Transflo has also partnered with other industryleadersincluding Geotab, Pilot Flying J, and CAT Scale, tointegrateelectronic logs, card-less fueling, truck scale services,and muchmore.Benefits• Track hours of service with the new Transflo ELD• Manage loads from anywhere• Two-way communications with carriers and brokers• Access to payroll and settlement statement information• Scan documents and doc type multiple documents and images• Crop, rotate, lighten, darken, and compress images toimprovequality• View approved routing, fuel networks, and trailer locations• Card-less fueling, fuel lane wait-times, and more with themyPilotapp integration• Weight and truck scale services provided by CAT Scale• View nearby Transflo Express truck stop scanning locations• Handle accident and OS&D reports• View live weather reports• Electronic signatures• No-hassle auto updates• Training and company update videos• In-app tips on how to scan and send documents• And much moreImportant NotesYour fleet or broker must be authorized to use this TransfloMobileapp for you to access these features. To register, you willneed aFleet or Broker ID. A Fleet ID can be obtained from yourdrivermanager or office personnel. Carriers will be provided withaBroker ID from an authorized broker or Pegasus TransTech.Phone RequirementsThe following requirements are set to ensure high qualitydocumentsubmission to your fleet.• Android 4.1 or higher• 8MP camera with auto-focus and flashTransflo Mobile+ reports accident & claims submissionlocation,document scan submission location and load pickup anddeliverylocations. Continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcandramatically decrease battery life.©2017 Pegasus TransTech, LLC. All rights reserved. Transflo andtheTransflo logo are trademarks of Pegasus TransTech, LLC.Otherthird-party trademarks belong to their respectiveowners.Keywords:Marketing URL: email/ Phone:Transflo Supportsupport@transflo.com1-813-386-2327
Download our app to scan, save & shareyournotes, sketches, drawings, and other documents. You can exportthedocuments to PDF or JPEG files.• Notebloc® is a free scanner app supporting unlimitedusage,developed by a notebook company in Barcelona.• You can scan ANY type of notes, paper documents,drawings,sketches or images.• The app will automatically detect the corners and correcttheperspective of the image. Making it appear as if it was takenwitha 90 degrees angle.• Any shadows or similar will disappear.• You can crop a document or image directly inside the app.• Documents can be classified in folders and/or shared throughemail/ Whatsapp / Dropbox etc.When used in conjunction with our Notebloc® notebooks, yougetoptimal results. The gridlines and background of our paperwillmagically disappear.About Notebloc®:Notebloc is the brand of notebooks of the 21st century. Allourproducts are designed for those who write and draw on adailybasis. Therefore Notebloc notebooks are printed with ouruniqueinverted grid and they are all compatible with our app, whichletsyou scan and digitize your sketches, drawings and notes,transformthem to PDF or JPG with a simple click, share them onlineandaccess them from any device and from anywhere. This willallgreatly expand the horizon of your notebook and get yourNoteblocexperience beyond what you could imagine.With the Notebloc® app:- You can transform our inverted grid into a white background:Theinverted grid of Notebloc is an excellent, creative andfunctionalsupport that will help you in your writing and drawingprocesses,but our application will eliminate the grid when youdigitize yourNotebloc. We know that this is going to make you feelmorecomfortable for editing your content, tweak or re-read itfromelectronic devices. Use the app and see for yourself!- We correct the perspective of your captured piece ofpaper:Notebloc geometrically fits your photos (see example above),makingthat the image on the screen completely straight, as if youhadtaken the picture in a perfect 90 degree angle.- We eliminate any trace of shade in your photos: Imagine youcouldhave the perfect light intensity to digitize your notes inanycircumstance, time and place. That may seem impossible, butwiththe Notebloc app your digitized notes will look perfect,clean,without any imperfection due to light and shadow. In yourdigitalimage you will only get what you've written or drawn onacompletely white background.Within the application you can:- Create documents and save them as PDF or JPG.- Share documents online: e-mail, instant messaging,socialnetworks, etc.- Rename documents.- Classify documents by date of creation or edition.- Choose in what size of PDF you want to keep your notes.- Digitize images / other documents that you may want to savealongwith your Notebloc notes.- Add, copy and order pages within the same document.- Create folders to better organize your files.------------------What is the inverted grid paper by Notebloc®?As the name suggests, it is a grid, but printed in reverse. Weknowthat the lines are suitable as support for writing,drawing,sketching, etc. But we also know that gridlines may not besuitablefor a final result of a piece of work. Gridlines arefine... Butwhat happens when you finished your notes or sketchesand you nolonger need this great support? Well, the lines are stillthere andmay interrupt the text, drawing or diagram. With Notebloc®this issolved. The pale tinted background of our sheets improvesthecontrast between the ink and the paper. Your notes andsketcheswill stand our more than in any traditional graph paper,and itwill be more comfortable for you to review and revise yournotes.And when digitized with our app, the gridlines willcompletelydisappear. Try our notebooks and experience the conceptyourself:you will wonder why you didn’t know about usearlier!
Image To Text Converter & Camera Scanner To PDF 1.0.8
Gayle Billick
Scan picture to PDF with incredible speed!!Invoices, contracts, books or anything are easily scanned withthephoto to word document converter application.This is a FREE camera to PDF scanner & converterapplicationthat is suitable for everyone, such as students,businessmen,journalists, etc. This camera scanner image scannerapplicationwill help users scan image convert to text and storeimportantdocuments on the phone through high-quality PDF. Yourphone willturn into a image to PDF converter & scanner.How the photo to text scanner & converter work:• Capture: scan document to PDF with precision.• Extend: 1 Touch to scan photo to text or select a photo fromyourcamera roll. Easily preview, rearrange, crop, rotate,andedit• Reuse: Auto-detect text, save in PDF format to usecontentrepeatedly.MAIN FEATURES of image scanner to PDF app:✔ Image to text convert or JPG to PDF, JPEG to PDFCapture a sharp image or choose a photo in the gallery forpictureto text converter & scanner. After a few seconds ofpicture toPDF converter, this picture scanner apps for freesuccessfully scanphoto to PDF to you.✔ Correct the viewpoint of an image.Cut the image and Correct the viewpoint of an image. You will haveaneat and intuitive text. Is this feature of camera scannerfordocuments app simple and easy?✔ Edit extracted text.You can edit directly into this text. To help you work with thebesttext, image to word document converter app provide you withtools:search, copy, and delete text.✔ Save text in PDF format:The PDF format is the best way for you to store your content.Evenlengthy legal documents become manageable, as you searchtext,highlight key sections, and add notes in app to scancameraPDF.✔ Share picture to words with the world with app to scan picturetowordWith our JPG to PDF converter app to scan document to word, youcaneasily share text with friends via Drive, Email orsocialnetworking. Share to connect with the world today with textscannerfrom image app.✔ Support multiple languages in photo to PDF file converter&scanner appThis application will support the identification of more than20different languages in scan PDF to word converter appNote: This picture to word converter app can notreceivehandwriting. The text will be recognized best inclearpicture.Download the document scanner and editor app immediatelytocomfortably scan image to PDF. If you have any questions aboutthecamera scanner to PDF and JPEG to PDF converter application,pleasecomment below or email the developer. Sincerely thank you anddonot forget to rate 5 * photo scanner image to PDF appsforfree.
Polaris Office - Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF 7.3.20
Already 70 Million Users Across The World,Getthe Latest Android Office App For Free.Experience New All-in-One Complete Office Suite compatible withMSWord, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. "Editors' Choice","2015Best App", and "Top Developer"awarded by Google Play.■ Features ■• Supported File Formats : DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX,PPS,PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT and PDF.• Supporting 18 global languages including English, French,Arabic,Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, etc• Polaris Drive is a default cloud but also available othercloudservice such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.Compact - Only 50 MB Size. Just one application enoughforall different type of documents.• You can open, edit and save all type of office files such asword,excel and powerpoint by one android office appinstalled.• Experience your first mobile presentation in slide with penandpointer features.Compatible - Fully Compatible with Microsoft Office,PDFReader & Converter.• Open all file formats such as Microsoft Word, MicrosoftExcel,Spreadsheet, Microsoft PowerPoint, Slide, and GoogleDocs.• View PDFs right from your Android phone and save as PDF filesfromother type of documents.Creative - Improve your skill, enhance your creativitywithhandwriting input.• Draw and edit your idea with your own hands. Let you writeonscreen as though you were writing on actual paper.• Directly, take pictures from camera to documents or insertvideoclips from your Android phone.Connect - Quick and Easy Access for Anytime, Anywhere andAnydevice.• Across all devices like Desktop, Tablet and Android phone,Keepyour all documents always up-to-date in sync via Polaris Driveorother cloud service.• Powerful search function will save your time to expand yoursearchterms not just filename.Collaborate - Writing notes directly with your handsthensharing your idea easily.• Just simply sharing the link of documents with our cloudstoragevia SMS, email, Facebook and other channels.• Leave your comments right away even PDF files and inviteyourcolleagues to in-app communication to discuss revisionbeforeprinting it out.[Payment plan and auto-subscription]• Polaris Office is free all-in-one office suite but somefeaturescan be limited by your cloud usage or your subscriptionoption.Generally, you can use more features with reasonable price,pleasecheck details on• You can upgrade to the Smart Plan ($3.99/month &$39.99/year)or the Pro Plan ($5.99/month & $59.99/year) to taketheadvantage of even more premium functions. (The price is based onUSdollar. The actual price may differ depending on currency ofeachcountries.)• You can remove advertisement by purchasing Remove Adfor$2.99.• Recurring payments and plan subscriptions areautomaticallyprocessed. Your subscription will automaticallyrenew.• If you would like to stop your subscription, please cancelyoursubscription any time within 24 hours before the next renewaldate.Subscription cancellation is available within the Google PlayStoreapp details page or Google Wallet.([Information about permission]• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : This permission is needed when redingadocument saved in Android SD card.• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : This permission is needed when editingadocument saved in Android SD card or moving a document inotherstorage to SD card.• GET_ACCOUNTS :This permission is needed when registeringPolarisOffice more easily and quickly if various accounts areconnected inAndroid device.[Note]• Official Site :• YouTube :• Support : [Application] - [Settings] - [Customer Support]or[Official Site] – [Support]• Privacy & Terms :
Docufy - PDF Scanner App
Docufy scanner app is a powerfuldocumentscanner app with over million installs. It’s your businesspartnerto digitize all your important documents.★ Recommended by CES Mobile Apps Showdown – ‘AndroidMobileScanner’★ People’s Choice Award – ‘The Document scanner app’★ SAP’s Pick ‘Top Android Mobile Scanner App’★ Scan to FaxAre you looking for a receipt, Photo or a Documentscannerapp?Are you looking for a mobile scanner app?Use “Docufy” as an ultimate scanner app to scan, enhance,fax,convert files into PDF file, convert jpeg to a pdf file,addannotations, sync and file your prescriptions, invoices,contracts,bank statements, whiteboards and much more. Gainaccessibility tothem from anywhere and at any time.Make it your photo and document scanner on the go.A better interface, greater functionality, and fewer limitationsarewhat Docufy App offers for an unrivaled document scanningexperiencethan any other scanner app you tried before.Key Features:☆ Document Scanner App• App camera customized for scanning• High-quality scans• Batch scan mode for multi-page scanning• Auto image resize☆ Image Enhancement• Auto-detection of scan edges• Auto-cropping under batch scan mode• Full control of brightness, contrast and details• Smart “image resize” according to the screen resolution☆ Sync to Google Drive and Dropbox• Safe backup of all documents and receipts onGoogleDrive/Dropbox• Overcome space limitations• Use the android document scanner app to convert to PDF fileformatand sync documents across devices.• PDF download to SD card☆ Convert to PDF File• Convert files to PDF• Image resize option• Export PDF to SD card “PDF download”• Manage the settings of your PDF file and password-protectit• Include notes and annotations as you convert to PDF file☆ OCR Scanner• Search through and process text within scanned documents• Recognize amounts in your receipts and easily calculateyourexpenditure• A trusted document scanner app☆ User-friendly interface• Clean• Intuitive• Grid, List and Starred View☆ Document Management• A multi-level filing system document scanner app• Add annotations to your scans and convert to pdf• Sharing scans in either images or PDFs via email, Cloud,Evernote,Skype, PDF download and many other sharing channels• Practical receipt scanner, Document scanner, PDR Scanner andphotoscanner app.• Image resize based on the mobile screen size☆ What’s More?• Import from gallery• PDF download• Limit sync to WiFi only if preferred• Optimized for tablet users• Send faxWhat are ‘App Permissions’?• Create/ Use Accounts and System Tools: For sync accounts• Network Access: Needed to sync your documents, photos andreceiptsto cloud storage• Camera/ Hardware Control: We have a great custom camerathatallows you to take pictures of multiple documents in onego.• Manage internal storage: This is how we save yourdocuments.Remove ads for only $4.99-lifetime payment.Docufy is the smart PDF scanner app that you can use a PDFscanner,photo Scanner and fax app that you can use on the go. It isthereceipt scanner for those who handle many receipts. Convertfilesto pdf and use it as a professional PDF scanner app.Use the fax feature to send a fax to any country withveryaffordable ratesIt helps you scan files and convert to PDF, and keep yourlifepaperless and easier to manage.We would love to hear from our users. If you have anyfeedback,suggestion that will help us become the best PDFscanner appand the best fax app please email
Fast scanner - scan files and photos 1.0.1
fast Scanner is a tiny scanner appthatwillturn your device into a portable file scanner, Withfastscanner,you can scan pdf files, photos and more …What files and docs you scan with rbgaming fast scanner:You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports …, yousaveyourfiles as pdf or photos. you can also share files viabluetoothorthe web with your team. and you can print fileswithprinterssupporting bluetooth connexion ...Put fast scanner in your pocket now !! and turn your phoneintoaportable scanner. and scan everything from images to filestodocs...You can share your scanned files via :- Email.- Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box.- Wifi directly to your computer.- Send fax from phone."fast scanner - document scanner" features :Fast Files ProcessingAutomatic document edge detectionFile Perspective correctionEdit your docs filesManage your files with folders and subfolders, in ordertoorganiseyour documents better.Use fast scanner in office, school, home … anywhere you want.Scan in colors, black & white or grayscale.Quick search and sort scans files by date or titleSet page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)Print PDF file via Cloud Print, bluetooth print, wifi print.Small app, which make it a tiny scanner, and extremely fastandeasydealing with documents.All features are available for free, no purchases features.We are continuously working in fast scanner app, addingmorefeaturesand improving the user experience, If you counteranyissues, pleasecontact us.