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Mission IGI Battlefront: Army FPS Shooting game 3D
Get ready for a fun and addictive FPS sniper challenge actiongameto take on the biggest retaliation of all time. This one ofthebest Sniper elite FPS Shooting Games includes all types ofSpecialForces survival warfare of gunnery legends and Army snipershooterscenarios and wipe out Ops missions. In this epic tacticalbattlesimulator use amazing arsenal such as shotguns, rocketlaunchers,hand grenades, ballistic missiles, hand held shotguns andrifles.Our hero is a stealth special ops operative and a US armycommandoswat team specialist fierce battle shooter. In this actionpacked,adventure filled game you will encounter military trainedassassinswho are war specialist and deadly assassins. As a bravearmycommando aim and shoot your way through elite dangerouscommandosin this fun thriller action packed fps game. show yourbattleprowess by becoming the ultimate battle strategist.SPECIALTROOPERSFORCES GROUPIn this one of best combat of sniper shooterwar games,Agent Jason Dash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corpsand aspecial ops trained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle ofthe newera of war of legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got someleadabout a deal of heavy nuclear missile weapons between twoterroristorganizations on an industrial site from their militants’commandand control center. The terrorist red alert threat is on itsway.Gunnery Sergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assignedthewipe out retaliation and terrorist hunting mission to destroythedeal and conquer over all the terrorists and the head ofterroristorganization. Halting the heavy nuclear missile dealbeforecompletion will not be an easy mission in this arena, asthewarrior terrorist organization is very vigilant and will breakanambush onto Marine Corps IGI agency, if its identityiscompromised. There might be an uphill slam battle fromthere.BATTLEIN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAYIn this one of the bestepic games ofshooting, ready your assault gear of sniper shooter tobattle inthe most intense shooting survival showdowns, combatingterroristorganizations in a fast paced FPS exchange, where yourAgent JasonDash, the IGI Commando Marine Corps Sniper is equippedwith a megadamaging sniper rifle and a dexterous shotgun andhandgun for swiftattacks, you also have to take out all the RPGlaunchers. You haveto recover the nuclear missile arsenal fromgoing into the wronghands. Your shooting skills and trooperssurvival instincts will betested in this wipe out retaliation FPSShooter Game.This game isone of the best sniper rifle and militarytroopers Ops strategygame which has lots of ultimate action ofsniper shooting andassassin thrill missions against deadliestmilitants. From sniperwar city to urban army sniper and fury of thesniper in the desertambush, it has many different new scenarios andslam warmissions.One of the Best Army Shooting GamesIn this newsniper gameof legends, play in 5 epic challenging levels, whereyour sniperspy will tasked to crush the terrorist organization’sattempt toaccomplish weapons deal. The progressing danger levelswill phasethe commando sniper of Special Forces with more dauntingtasks,taking on army tanks with RPG bazookas to engaging in afinaleambush battle with the terrorist organization leader of thebiggestand most dangerous militants group, as he attempts to takeyou downwith his massive machine gun in this mastermind militarystrategygame. GAMEPLAY FEATURES Exquisite FPS weaponcontrolsWeaponSwapping Action of SoldiersAmazing, dangerous anddifficult secretagent elite mission first person shooting game7Objective basedlevels Intense smash and shooting action
IGI commando forces elite war
Thats the missions of commandos into mountain hills andcavesmissions of IGI commando , IGI commando equipped withmultipleweapons like as rockets , ak47 , mp5 and many otherssimulation ofguns and practice session included into the mission ofIGI commando, These forces have highly trained by troops ofseniority basedlevels , thats why they become heavy duty commandoand enter intowar zone for mission accomplished. So be ware ofterrorist attackinto mountain island war , because they are also aheavy contractkiller with modern weapons , so are you ready forassassin commandoigi missions ?? Yes i know you are ready So cometo arena and takenew weapons to kill the enemies into the mountainand hills , youare also trained as a ninja warrior fight to withoutwith enemieswithout weapons Enemy Attack Missions Area1 : Snowmountainmission2 : grassy green mountain mission3 : desertmountainmissions4 : under mountain / Cave mission5 : City StreatmissionHow to Play this GameIn Igi Commando forces war usethefollowing tools to survive. 1: pickup the following weapons:SniperRifleak-47MP5Shot GunKATANARambo Knife2 : Use joystick tomove theplayer , and swipe the screen to aim for enemies3 : Keep aneye onRADAR to detect the enemies position.4 : In Igi Commandoforces warUse the Zoom button to aim the enemy from far distance?5: It Usefire button to shoot?6 : Use pickup button to attain theweapons.7: Use Drop button to throw the weapons.8 : Use swipebutton tochange or replace weapons.
IGI 2020- Advanced Action Shooting Game
IGI OPERATION Sniper Legacy-YOU ARE INA new threat as itseemed!Mechanized combat units are invading cities all over theEurope& Africa. Behind this nefarious act there are secretmilitaryorganizations that have kidnapped scientists to use them inthedevelopment of their Atomic technology, which was once secret,andwhich is at the center of their cybernetic increase project.Youhave been hired to repel this invasion, whatever thecost!peoplehave been killed and some of them transferred to thenearby townfor the sake of their lives. There may be some hostagesas well,This is your mission times slightly different than thepreviousones, as you have to move carefully in the city you canfind theenemy at any time.IGI 2018 is a Thrilling ACTION PACKED 3Dshootinggame. Features: • Difficult to master, but easy tounderstand• Agreat FPS games• Primal Target completion • superstunning 3Dgraphics• Over Beautiful Desert environment
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016 1.0
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016Duty IGI Commando Shooting3DCommandois a complete war machine but still modern combat battleweaponsgreat to kill enemy territory.Duty to Stop Terrorist Attackisfront line first person sniper army shooter game againstmostwanted criminals.You must be careful and Kill out allcriminalsbefore they kill you and safe your army personfromthem.Battlefield frontline commando adventure shooter free3Dgame-play. The walking dead triggerwarriors delta forcewithshooter war fighter, droid battle warriors is jigsaw gamearoundthe world. Droid PoliceYou have choice of use more sniperGuns touse in battlefield and kill all your enemies.IGI,Commandogames,igicommando games 2016Features:Semi automatic weapons (M4gun, G3rifle, Ak-47).More Battlefields Levels.Kill all enemy toUnlocknext mission.Real and more battlefield fight against enemyarmy.Itis single player FPS 3D ideas.How To Play::Tap firebuttonto fire the enemy.Sniper zoom in/out to get the targetclose.Shootto target quickly either you could be hurt byopponentbullets.Health bar at top left will show your life line.
IGI Commando Jungle Strike
IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a combination of all the commandoandmission based games, you are going to act like an expert cannon,asniper and a commando at the same time. IGI Commando JungleStrikeis a 3D FPS (First Person Shooting) action game, whichprovides theuser with an extreme action packed game environment andfullthrilling Hi-tech shooting weapons.IGI Commando Jungle StrikeArmycommando warrior completed great modern combat missions asultimatefront line commando military soldier of his Army. Army manneverfear with deadly assault on army warship aircraft carrier,gunshiphelicopter and modern combat tank mission on high mountainssnipershooting area and in desert shooing field even mostdangerousrefugee city SWAT rescue missions. This time commandoassigned hardtarget at high above the mountains. Navy man picks hislong rangesniper gun for long range snipe target, short range gunsandpistol. The most advanced and thrilling Army BattleShootingmission Game is here. Fight with the best armed forces withfull ofheavy weapons and bombs. You have to fight with courage andbraveryand win the battle for your Country. Fight with best weaponsanddefeat all the enemiesbest battle As first line army facingtheenemy commandos, who is the one left in the Heli destruction asthestory goes and isolated near border forces in the deadlyoperation.You are assigned a mission to kill enemies step by stepas perinstructions so wander around the place and find the enemiesone byone and kill them all to complete all levels. You have to getaradio and synchronize it to the head quarter and getinstructionsabout your missions. At the end you will be picked upby your ownarmy crew at the safe place indicated. Kill the enemiesand ambushagainst them before they could kill you. You have the mapandlocations and movement of enemies provided on a radar system.Useyour army skills and kill the enemies wandering across yourway.Encounter the enemies with arms, Ak-47, Snipers, and Shotguns,Minigun, Bazooka and new destructive weapons. You are thebraveAssassin commando and a hope for the nation. Aim perfect toshootthe dead jungle shots of your rival. Accurate and preciseaimpractice will lead to more accuracy and eliminate terrorisminfrontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind; he is theviciousterrorist you are going to swat & kill. Stare down yourriflescope, zoom in to find and identify the target. Take abreath...andpull the trigger to kill your enemies. Prove to be aCommandoadventure assassin in this real war game. Elite sniper andsoldierof fortune, a real contract killer sniper, are the last lineofdefense of Nation against the invaders. As the onlysurvivingcommando of an attack against the terrorists, you must useall ofyour specialized skills to survive the tons of the enemyforces andavenge your fallen soldiers. IGI Commando Jungle Strikeis a decentmix of first-person-shooter and tactical strategy actionand wargame. In the heat of battle, players go throughoutrageousmissions. There’s a ONE MAN ARMY full of relentless andbrutefirepower.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is an Extremechallengingreally bloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassinsniper attackwith fist of fury, huge destruction of army includinggunshiphelicopter gunner and enemy military troops.Last IGICommandoJungle Strike is shooting Free game, that is best battleyearingFight game against enmy, best Battle game is combinedMilitarygame, much military force is there, and military yearn ismuchpossible 1- Realistic Graphics 2- 3D Environment that givesthereal commando feeling 3- First Person Shooting 4- ExcellentcityEnvironment for military attack 5- Realistic effects andnewchallenges to your mission. 6- Outclass sound effects,Backgroundand shooting sounds. 7- Easy and intuitive controls 8-Multipleaddictive levels 9- Use you left and right controls to playthisgame
The Last I.G.I Commando Special Ops
The last IGI commando Special Ops is a free Multiplayer onlineandoffline army shooting and survival game with your strategyandbrain skills.The United States Army Special Forces;colloquiallyknown as special operations force tasked with fiveprimarymissions: unconventional warfare (the original and mostimportantmission of Special Forces), foreign internal defense,specialreconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism. Thefirst twoemphasize language, cultural, and training skills inworking withforeign troops.Very shortly a free multiplayer commandoshootinggame.In the game the commando is the last hope... You areshown asElite commando Special Ops in the game who has beenassigned tocomplete certain tasks. Some time elite commando has towork likean assassin kill the enemies and find the dooms day deviceandswitch it off.Your job is to clean the camp , eliminatetheterrorists. and clear the whole area and switch off doomsdaydevice.You are equipped with assault rifles and snipers. Butforthe very first mission you will have to kill an enemy withaknife.The best shooting game.Enjoyable level and missionsaregreat.Enjoy this commando Special Ops game.Half left side ofyourapple device is for moving the soldier and half right side isforcontrolling the view, to spot the enemy and for clearscenevisualizationYou are well known for your commando duty,nowaccomplish your commando Special Ops duty. This modern army gameisactually a test of your shooting and combat skills. In thismodernarmy game you are provide with modern machine guns and allkind ofRussian and American sniper guns. So take your sniper guns,findyour target enemy and kill them on the spot.Ultimate firstpersonshooter with advance multiple weapons and different battlezones isnow on your smart phones. As an army commando, completechallengingmissions strategically to clear the area from brutalenemies. Gameconsists of different battle areas each with differentscenarios.You are supposed to kill all enemies with powerful anddestructiveguns. Ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.Digitalradar system, which you have, shows the locations andmovements ofenemies. The Last I.G.I is a free first person shootingaction gamethat is all about shooting and survival with yourstrategy.Stunning game graphics and smooth game play will take youto reallife battle zone. If you’ve quick reflexes and excellentaiming andshooting skills then find your way out of enemy’s armyplace. Youare equipped with advanced weapons assault rifles,machine guns andsniper gun. Use these guns to become a assassinshooter. Danger ison every footstep. Thrilling mission based gamewith modern combatzones.If u like igi commando games and u love igistrike andcommando mission games then last igi commando is foryou.Go for itand strike your enemies like a hammer is a gunand strikegame with military strategy missions.Go and choose yourthrillingmissions to play this military commando game.The adventureiseverlasting.Tap the fire button on the right bottom corner toshootand scope is also on the right bottom corner. To crouch taptheleft bottom corner and to run tap the middle bottom button onyourscreen.Mission I.G.I is a go..when you find an enemy, simplyswipeand shoot.Shoot to kill. That's your job as asoldier..Realisticgraphics and weapons are used to simulate reallife scenario. Thegame is the test of your shooting and your combatskills.PleaseNote...This game is free to play..Advertising doappear in thegame..Features.......- Amazing 3Dgraphics.-Multiplayer Online-PlayOffline Levels- Deadly weapons.-Addictive game play.- Thrillingmissions.- Brutal action militarygame.- Efficient weapon controlsand movement.- Smooth game play.-Amazing sound effects.-Challenging levels in different battlefieldenvironments
IGI Commando Warrior Shooter
One person army sniper shooter like as frontline commando warrioratthe military area with high range shooter guns. It is veryfantasticand attractive graphics commando actiongame.groundbreaking,collaboration,crowdAssassins creed gamesniperattack on enemy and kill them and not enter your secret area.freemobile action games,multiplayer shooting games,webagency,webdesign agency,web design agenciesweb developmentagencies,webdeveloper agency,agent , Demolish,commandosniperskillsmercenaries,raining bullets,Become conquer in the warof yourright. Quotes Health,Health Insurance,Health Fund,privatehealthinsurance plans,health insurance quote,familyhealthinsurance,group health insurance,best health insurance,shorttermhealth insurance,travel health insurance,health plans,healthplan,health care plan,medicare health plans,, intenseshootingshowdowns, thrilling 3D shooting game,migrated ,hostages,Addictivegame play car insurance compare,compare carinsurance ,compareinsurance quotes,compare auto insurancecomparelife insurancequotes,auto insurance compare,compare car insurancequoteFist,Unidentified Dead body, Revenge, Love, SET, SETINDIA,Crime Patrol,tv, Sony Entertainment Television, channel, Soap,Serial, ShaktiAnand, Reality,the criminals are with very highexplosion ardicsand high range guns and rocket lunchers and alsotanks and gunshiphelicopter gunner.********How ToPlay***************1::Tauch firebutton and firing on enemy. 2::Tapthe zoom button and zoom theSniper gun in/out to get easily target.3::Digital Radar is used tofind the enemies. 4::Health bar show theheath of your player.Playthis IGI Commando action battlefield Game;download now this ourgame.don’t forget to rate and review us.
IGI Commando: City War 1.3
THE GLOBAL DESTRUCTIONEnemy has taken control of your City andallthe Important Buildings are guarded by the Enemy Soldiers. TheWallOf Berlin is Compromised. Lots of Good Soldiers have fallentoday.Start a CIVIL MUTINY within the city and free your city fromtheEvil Claws Of Enemies. STRATEGIC OPERATION COMMANDTheinnocentpeople have been killed and some are migrated to theneighbor cityfor the sake of their lives. There might be somehostages as well,this times your mission is a bit different fromthe previous ones,as you have to move carefully in the city you canfind enemy at anymoment. A great challenge to kill the bunch ofenemy soldiers withyour amazing commando skills. Escape your cityfrom the enemy andrebuild life in it. Kill the criminal army theguards; bring backthe migrated people escape the hostages. If yousucceed your dutyis done! EPIC CHALLENGING MISSIONS Get into theMost Brutal ArmyAction in history between evil and good on yourandroid mobile andjoin the Clash Of The Tribes And The RoyaleEmpire. Choose betweenPrimal And Secondary weapons wisely andaccording to the enemyincoming wave. Show your fury on your enemiesand eliminate themusing your most furious weapons like Sniper RifleAnd Ak-47 andhighly modern Fire-Power. The Warzone is filled withRussian gangs.So be careful to strike on the enemies. Take coverwhile reloadingyour weapon to avoid their bullets otherwise youwill be dead.SILENT ASSAULT SHOOTING SCENARIOSThe targets areextremelyHigh-Profile, so Change your cover when your cover iscompromised.Don’t let them ESCAPE the war zone. In order tocomplete yourmission you have to kill them all. After the fall ofthe Berlinwall the enemy has taken the Normandy. They are insidethe citywalls. Wage the gorilla tactic fight on them to take backthe city.Choose your primary and secondary weapons according toyourmission. Earn credit by completing the task and upgradeyourweapons to gain more power. You are Pvt. Jason who will notstop atany cost until the enemy is finished. You have been trainedhard inevery style of combat by the military experienced commandos.Useyour commando sniper to defeat the enemies. Make them pay fortheiractions to you and your motherland. THE COMMANDO IN REALACTIONBethe LEGENDARY DEATH SHOOTER and do not pity on them. Takeyour fullRevenge from them and be the most popular avenger for yourcountry.Be the Hero commando of Normandy war and most brutal &trainedarmy sniper by defending your post. Nothing is impossible somakethis mission possible and show your ultra hardcore skills.Startthe sniper war and demolish them with your gun strike bytaking theheadshots to kill them instantly. Push the foz of theenemy todefeat them once and for all. You are igi commando who isready tostrike on the enemies anywhere. Be a desert lone wolf andmake yourstrategy according to the war plan and go rouge againstthem.Commando City War is a thrilling 3D shooting game. Features:•Hardto Master, But easy to Understand• A great FPS game • Completetheprimal objective • Super amazing 3D graphics • ExtremelyBeautifulcity environment • Highly Addictive game play • Free todownload
Commando Sniper killer
Commando Sniper killer is a boarder war shooting game, this fightisbetween two military forces. Both forces fight on the boarder.Oneforce attack on the other force. The enemies force havedifferentbackups on boarder. Firstly patrolling soldiers then anumber ofsolider that behind the hurdles and attack on them.Nextstep is anumber of soldiers in base camp and the the backup ofwatch towers.Download this game and accept challenge of thisinteresting game.Howto play:- Fire button is on the right bottomcorner- Telescope isthe top of the fire button- use telescope andincrease sensitivityas u wishFeature:- Sniper- Enemies- Watchtowers- DesertEnvironment- Boarder Fence- Good graphics- Easy toplay
IGI Commando Sniper Shooter
this is most commando warrior game in this game one man armypersonthat has a sepesific mission and his officer order tocomplete themission.In this game you are a sniper shooter that killtheenemiesand complete the kill the enemy firstlyratherthan thay kill you and your heath is end.this is realcommando wargame and very lightly and very easy to control.this isigigame.shooting games free-Real Environment-3dgame-excellentgraphics-one person shooter-Very Lightly
IGI Commando Army Combat Strike: Free Action Games
Play this IGI Commando Army Combat Strike: Free ActionGamesGetready to clear the area of desert boarder line. This igicommandoarmy combat strike: free action games is a new actionpacked gameon play store. You are a good sniper in the desertenvironment.This is a new first person shooter game with newweapons toeliminate the enemies. In this sniper 3d game you willenjoydifferent battle zones in your android phone. As an expertcommandoclear the battlefield area with your shooting skills. Youhave newlaser equipped weapons like sniper guns, pistols and riflestoclear the criminals. Show your mission making skills and clearthearmy camp quickly. If you get experience of shooting then thisigicommando army combat strike: free action games is best foryou.Your opponents occupies in your military camp on boarder.Youwouldnot be played such type of commando shooter as yet. Your dutyinthis sniper terrorist battle fighting 2018: new games is toshootall your opponents from the army camp. Choppers are includedinthis desert battle to increase your action gaming experience.Youshould eliminate all the enemies with your sniper gunwithinlimited time. If you could not clear all the foes in giventimethen your mission will fail. You should be ready at any timeandany cost. Any time your opponent will attack on you withheavyammunition and weapons. In the history of free games thissniperterrorist battle fighting 2018: new games is going to bestgame foryou. The addictive high quality graphics and modernammunitionswill make thrilling your free time. Your gamingexperience willgive you a benefit to face a war. If you are tiredto playing newgames then this sniper shoot commando adventure army:action gamesis a best game. You have to play a role of commandowith your gun.Your duty is to serve for your country and finish allthe criminalsfrom the military camp. If you need to give your lifefor yourcountry then you should not break. Give your life for yourcountryand win this sniper game. You need to be brave and skillfulin thiscommando adventure. There are many strategic deadly missionsinthis shooter game. This commando military 3d elite forces:shootinggames is one of the best game from commando games2018.Aftercompleting the first day mission you will come to nextchallengingmission. After completing the level you will get manythings tolearn. If you could not complete the level then you willlearn evenmore things to make strategies. Knock solutions proudlypresents anew sniper game for you.Army Soldier Kill Shooter Spy 3D:CommandoGames Features:Multiple camera modesHelicopters to shootyoumodernweapons like gun and pistolExperienced commandos to kickyououtHigh quality graphicsIt’s totally free to play.Have funplayingthis exciting frontline counter military killer: actiongamesoffered by Knock Solutions. This us military desert commandoforce:sniper games is not only a free game but is also an offlinegame.Fun is locked in the install button.
IGI Commando Crawler 2020
Download and Play the. You will fell the real warriorinsideyou.Enjoy all missions. Game Features: • Great combinationofstealth and actionExcellent sound effects Hope you enjoy!
Commando SurgicalStrikeMission 1.2
Try to head shot to kill the enemiesasenemies are very well trained shooter and start sniper 3dshootingon you with heavy weapons right after you open your fire onsome oftheir soldiers. Show yourself immortal and become soldier ofduty.Commando Surgical Strike Mission is an Extreme challengingreallybloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attackwith fistof fury, huge destruction of army including gunshiphelicoptergunner and enemy military troops. Frontline army commandospecialforce personal who is willing to sacrifice his life to savehiscountry from the criminal mafia. Your duty will be to performacovert operation and destroy the enemies’ stronghold in junglesandhideouts. Terrorist are equipped with the latest weapons andwillbe ready to crush you. They are roaming around in the bulletproofcars, helicopters are their 24 hours for theirsurveillance,anti-aircraft, AK47 are the standard weapons they haveand skilledin counter attacks. Feel the spirit of best commandogames ofcentury with this IGI Commando Jungle Strikegame.Commando Surgical Strike Mission game is prepare for PakistanwithIndia, there is border and India is trying to cross toborder,Pakistani commando is ready for attack,Duty commando is oneman andwatching everything, commando of battlefield is ready forattack,Elite Terrorist is coming to us for fighting, Moderncommando iswaiting, IGI commando force is ready for every moment,GeneralRaheel zindabad, Narendra Modi want to fight with Pakistanfor newwar and modern war,desert sniper shooting game is aboutarmycommando shooter performing his duty to compete modern armyofenemies by sniper shooting down their lone marine snipercommando.this is real 3d sniper shooter combat right in the warmdesertwhere enemies commandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka ,rpg ,pistols , chopper , artillery, m16 , us American snipershooter ,tanks , f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters . While our maincommandoarmy forces got defeated in these island desert storm. Ourarmysniper shooter were not trained for these deadly situations.Weneed some elite killer commando to get out of these deadlyearsituation by sniper shooting from hidden places and made this3dsniper desert as island sniper shooting desert.You might have played games like Commando game, Commandoadventure,Sniper killing, Sniper shooting, Commando mission attack,Army baseattack, Military camp invasion, Army cargo, Militarygunship, Warattack game, but this game is one of its kinds. It is acombinationof all the above mentioned games and once you haveinstalled IGICommando Jungle Strike you are going to love this gamebecause itis a whole pack of mission based, heavy gunship, andmilitaryattack base game. The number of ambulation and frontlinecommandois enormous, FPS (First Person Shooting) is the besttechnique usedin this game that means the one shooting the opponentfirst is theone champion in commando action. Bring your innercommando fury on,you are a very loyal and passionate commando, onthe mission tokeep your country and city safe from anti- peace andcriminalminded terrorists.Some trained terrorists across the border have entered yoursoilthrough heavy mountains and dense jungle and they are realthreatto your army base in the area with dense jungle andmountains. Youare the expert of commando operation in suchconditions, Commandois present in Frontline for Great Mission, Youhave to search eachand every terrorist in the area to shoot them tohell before theycould attack you or your brigade in that area.Enemies are aware ofyour expertise and they will target you beforethey could attack onthe base. So be alert with your sharp shootingskills and modernweapon to eliminate them. Ambush and kill theenemies before theykill you. Digital radar system is there whichshows you thelocations and movements of enemies, there is much upsand
IGI Commando Island Warrior 1.0
IGI Commando Island Warrior is nicegame.
Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS 1.0
Forge Studio
Let the Gun fire bullets fly in the sequel to thepopularthird-person shooter, Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS! HeavyWeaponslovers will be happy to see a large arsenal of differentguns andexplosives to use in missions of a commando on mission.Fight bravesoldiers from around the globe on the frenzied deadlybattlegroundsof World War and become Sergeant Wright and experiencea dramatic,life-changing single-player journey, in the aftermath ofthe D-Dayinvasion. Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you preferstealthoperations for secret missions? Choose your role and weaponsinmultiple game modes and show your supremacy. Overwhelmingactionand ranking system wouldn't let you relax. Betrayed and leftfordead on the battlefield, you must build your team ofmercenariesand exact a war of revenge against your enemies.Stepinto theaction of the audio-visual spectacle that is FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS. Lead the Resistance into victory over theevilFaction forces and their brutal killing machines. FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS is simply played offline. Recruit and trainsoldiersand lead the ultimate war team to the battlefield! Maximizeyourfirepower with multiple, upgradable weapon classes includingsniperrifles, assault rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Utilizespecialwar gear on the battlefield such as drones, grenades andRPGs. TAKECONTROL of an elite team of combat soldiers. Upgrade yourweaponsfor each mission. FIGHT alongside your team inhead-to-headbattles. CONQUER rival teams from around the world.Fight forVICTORY and become the best snipest!The “Frontline SniperWarrior -TPS” is our best shooting game aiming to offer you anenjoyabletime while playing the game in realistic third personshootingcombat (TPS) mode against the terrorists. You will join thecountershooting terrorist team, and start challenging missionsagainst theterrorist forces. To succeed the battle againstterrorists, youneed to avoid enemies shooting at you to survive andcomplete themissions. Try to shoot more enemies, especially in timelimitedmissions. Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS is not ordinaryshootinggame and shooting enemies alone is not enough! you need tomakequick tactical decisions, select proper guns and weaponry,dodgeincoming fires, and take countermeasures. Put your shootingskillsand strategic thinking into practice and kill the enemies. Asyouplay, your shooting skills will develop and you will unlocknewcharacters, weapons, boosters such as grenades and artilleries,andother surprises to experience more challenging battles.AIMandSHOOT! Download now for FREE one of the best shooting games!Inthisage of myth, you are the only hope and the best shooter ofthisera. Our defense system is not strong enough to retaliate.It’stime for our heroes to come forward and respond to their callonduty, it’s a call to save their homeland. The enemy has apowerfulrobot army and gigantic gunners. In this combat mission,you needto take their army and high value targets. Download andenjoyFrontline Sniper Warrior - TPS.Aim and Shoot! FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS war is #1 first person shooter game that willblownyou away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS takes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminalEnemiesunderworld. You are a sniper shooter ready to play your partindangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS Street war - Mitch is your prime character inthisone of sniper shooting games. You are the new IGI Commando onthefront line of the battlefield against the most dangerousterroristthreats to the global world order!This is a modern warfought by analone commando used to be a sniper in the mountainsonce. Movethrough the environments in juicy first person missionsand takethe all-important Kill Shots!
IGI Commando War Zone
this is very interesting ,great environment like real and useGUISkin and graet models are use in this game we hope you likethisour game.this commando war zone 3d game is more actiongame.Realenvironment ,one person shooter use in this thisgame youare a shooter with great and long zoom able gun that canshoot theenemy very long distance before that they fire you andkillyou.enemies are stand in every place and you walk very verycarefulthat they can't you shoot and destroy,very lightly gamenicegraphics.your this game you are a great gunsnipershooter.Feature:-Excellent graphics.-Real andniceenvironment.-joystick are include to move left,right,forwardandback.-touch on fire button and fire the enemy.-zoom the gun tousethe zoom button.-you can the enemy on redar system.
IGI Modern SWAT Commando 3D
Get ready to battle in the most intense shootingshowdowns,combating terrorist organizationsin a fast paced FPSexchange,where your IGI Commando is equipped with amega damagingsniperrifle and a dexterous handgun for swift attacks.Terroristshavequite advanced military weapons in this war: unmannedfighter,newrocket launchers, powerful machine guns, and may evenhave begun totake shape of nuclear weaponsSave your country fromthem !!IGIModern SWAT Commando 3D Features:-ExcellentGraphics-Night visionmode-Modern Weapons with uniquefeatures-Smooth aiming and shootingexperience-3 Different Missionsin Realistic environments-Strategicgameplay with realanimations-Full action packed game to savecountry fromTerroristsGrab your sniper rifle and head back out foranother roundof missions.As a professional sniper you need tocomplete moremissions to the best of your ability! Its freeDownload Now..
IGI Commando On Duty:war 3D 1.0
Aim and Shoot! Modern igi Commando on duty game is Street warisfirst person shooter game that will blown you away! Modernigicommando Elite Sniper takes you on a worldwide tour of thecriminalEnemies underworld.your mission is that kill your enemiesthatcaught your army friends and they want to also kill you but yougotheri area and kill all your enemies and safe your army friendsandalso your healthyour friends in iron room locker you unlockthisroom and safe your army friends that is your missionyou facemanyproblems mean your enemy have expert sniper shooter that canshootyou very long have also have long sniper shootergunsthat you can use and kill your enemy and safe yourhealth.graetenvironment and use GUI skin in this game.You are thebest IGICommando on the front line of the battlefield against themostdangerous criminals threats to theglobalworldwide.Features:>BattleField game>Use Gui Skiningame>Fire Button on bottom right of screen.>Zoom buttonisabove Fire Button.>Full functional enemybaseenvironment.>Better battlefield war experience.
IGI Commando City Rescue
YOU ARE THE IGI COMMANDO, ONE MAN ONE WAR.Consider that you aretheIGI Commando and a trained sniper, the IGI agency gotinformationabout the attack of terrorists on a city to killinnocentpeople.Get ready to battle in the most intense shootingshowdowns,combating terrorists, where IGI Commando Sniper isequipped with aM1911,AK47,MP5 and mega damaging sniper rifle totake down enemiesaccurately.Now the mission is start and you arethe top commando inrank, you are being send to the real battlefieldto demolish theenemy and rescue the city. Use your commando sniperskills to pindown the enemies and hit them as hard as youcan.Features:* FPSaction shooting game* 10 thrilling missions* Manyweapons* Smoothcontrol* Good graphics
IGI: War Zone 1.6
Desire PK
You are the army commando sent on averyimportant mission in enemy base which is to kill themall.Use your army training and your ultra commando skills to Flankyourenemies from every side. Don’t let them run away.It is your duty to protect your mother land. So take yourweaponswith you and take the war to their battlegrounds.This is the D-day battlefield. So prepare yourself for anyenemyassault and strike back on them hard.Remember this is your war against terrorism so take your squadandattack on your enemies with full firepower.It’s the final ultimatum to those terrorist. It’s the do ordiesituation right now.Become the legendry commando for your country by fulfillingyourresponsibility.Get into enemy base and follow the mission instructions to getyourtask done with successfully.In first mission you have to infiltrate the enemy base campandclean the area.In the 2nd mission you have to kill every enemy in the base campandthen destroy your target.In 3rd mission you have to find some important documents andescapeon a Jet fighter by destroying the enemy’s base.In 4th mission you have to infiltrate other enemy base onthemountains. And wipe out the area patrolling withenemysoldiers.In 5th mission you have to plant the bombs on the objectives andgetaway from the base before the bombs destroy the base.Good luck soldier.How to Play:Use joy stick to move your soldier.Swipe on the screen to take aim.Tap aim button to aim down your sightTap fire button to fire.Features:The hill environment is very realistic.The enemy base view is very good.A.I applied is very good.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Controls are very simple.Animations are very action base.
IGI Commando:Fury War Action
It it complete full 3D action mission is Thrilling issupersurprise our attacking.The very lone easy brave andpowerfulCommando soldier that is at frontline, they will fight forthehonor of your country freedom.Soldier are brave person theyarefight in the battleground of the world war 2 in is most challenging action navy game where aredifferentmany enemies who is located at different places andpositions likeas warship and helicopter and also in the jungle andalso on are a first person sniper shooter havemanydifferent kinds of guns which shoot for very long distance andkillthe enemies.your mission is to safe your soliders andyourcountryand get your freedom from your enemies.your enemies isverydangerous that they can kill youat very long distance becausetheymany kinds of weapons and long sniper shooter guns.they havebraveand excellent sniper shooter soldiers that remains attentioneverymoment in a day.Military assigned the target to cover theterroristarea and safe all things and project. The name of thecommandos oneis of the warrior fury at front position , second iselite whichlies at the helicopter,third is Assassin sniper which islocated atthe jungle mountain with target rifle gun, It is a FPSgame asWW2.All Guns Auto Reload along walking killer.Easy Controlsand GUImove.Fantastic Environment belong 9APPS.
Sniper Shooting Gun Strike
You are an Military combat Sniper pro operating undercover inaWestern mountain range.As a shooting Marksman your job is tokillthe Enemy Soldiers that are Hunting You down.Base camp is setusethe Army helicopter or Gunboat to Crush the Army enemysor Sneakinto the Military Base With your Sniper Rifle AssasinstyleSniperShooting Gun Strike Game Features- Free to play GunShooter- FightArmy Enemy Soldiers- Awsome Graphics- Helicopter andGunboat-Realistic Military Weapons- Free Roam Gameplay- Easy TouchScreenButtons
IGI Forest Commando Adventure
STRONG STORY >>>>>>We Have Introduce New 3DGameStreath Forest Commando War Have Totally New Idea .Differentmaterials are used.that are Tank Oils , Oldest Buildings,Different Weapons,Different Enemies and First Person. Where weusedthe first person and different enemies. all enemies are liesonland,Buildings and Oil Tanks. there are different materialsareused and Different weapons that are Guns .Army havedifferentwarrior as a frontline commando war, mountains with snipergunshootings:: We have introduce Plus shape way like as Road likeaswarship Battle . my person have move from one side and He sawtheenemies.Enemies only attack when my commando is in 10 mdistanceaway otherwise they not attack Fallennation,Sea,mountain.Each havea changeable.Forest and Fury actionhave the First AttackAssassinates and warrior,heli .last armysniper including gunshiphelicopter war and enemy military troopswar have a largeDetail.Great navy commando Streath ultimateFronlines commandosmilitary soldiers.most user used IGI Havebecause this Game is moreefficient to other Games.freedom is veryimportant to expand herlife shadow fighter,sea,Modern and unkilledenemies that are Gluand Bubblo . Animal is the part of the life ,Lion ,cat ,deerHunting ,wild Hunter,safari,Duck,Real,Russiananimals,americananimals, Australia and other countries.Peoplesplaying more type ofapplications that are Shhoting,loneKiller,Contractkiller,Robocop,Mission Impossible,IronDeath,Zombie,clash war,1965war. and many other peoples like thepuzzle Apps include Candy,Farms,HerosDigger,Alphabetty,Pet,Rescue,BubbleWitch,Diamond,Charm,calaputt,Soda,Xperiatheme Papa and other farmof Pyramid ,In This 3D Game i haveintroduce Differentfunctionality,That are >>>> RadarCircle Where we findthe enemies >>>> Fire Button Playerused the fireButton to kill enemies.>>>> Scope Buttonwhere playerhave Zoom in and Zoom out the Scope and Targettheenemies.>>>> Health Bar This is the life ofPlayer.>>>> Pause Game , Menu Game , Win Game and LoseGame>>>> Joystick is Also used . where Player Have amoveto different location. move to left Right and Down, Up. How ToPlay>>>>> >>>> To Move Commando LeftRight,Up and Down Using Joystick.>>>> kill the enemiesusingFire Button.>>>> To Target The enemies using thescope.>>>> To Find The enemies using Radar.Full GameFeatures>>>> Nexus Sound . >>>> Actionthrillinglikes as Commandos war .>>>> Full thrillingAction Gamewith First Person Game .>>>> Download freeGame likesas IGI First .>>>> Reload Automatic Gun.>>>Wonder Full Sound and Music >>>> DifferentTypesMission each have ChangeableNote : This 3D Game is TottalyFree andIt available To Google Play Store and i have Requested ToAll userThat Give me our Feedback so i have update in next version. Thankyou For All You.Best Luck andEnjoyIt>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jurassic IGI Commando war 1.0
Thank You reading our Story about this Game and Welcome toCommandoarmy.Our Buildings search itself besieged ill bybelligerent atterrorists warship. Now we have Equipped with yourgunner that areweapons.You can take out the waves of deadlyterrorist Gunship thatare descending upon your till peacefulcountry isThrilling is super surprise our attacking .Thevery lone easy braveCommando soldier that is at frontline, theywill fight for thehonor of your country wisdom and The free rebelsthe people worldwar two and covering the battlefield of an intenseshooting war onthe helicopter between the army and boats strangerhaving goodcontrol.