Top 49 Games Similar to Color Stars

Bubble Island 2 - Pop Shooter & Puzzle Game 1.61.25
THE BUBBLE SHOOTER WITH BOUNCE, BANG AND POP! From theaward-winningteam that brought you the original smash hit BubbleIsland comesBubble Island 2, a berry-bursting puzzle adventurefest and ballshooter game that’s bigger and better than ever! Useyour skill tosize up the perfect shots and shoot bubbles like acharm. It’s a funand addictive shooting ball game! Experienceadventure and join RicoRaccoon as he races around the world, hoton the tail of the fowlpigeon mastermind, Simon Von Adler! This isa real shooting ball& puzzle game that contains nice graphicsand an adventurestory. Rescue cities from Simon’s evil clutches torestore theirstolen monuments. From Paris to San Francisco, HongKong and Delhi…the world needs your help! You’ll need skill andaccurate shots. Butdon’t worry, Rico’s not alone. There’s a wholecast of crazy palsready to jump into the action, like Mr. Wong,Hong Kong’s residentPanda Berry Master! With awesomenext-generation physics,mind-boggling puzzles and spectacularchain reactions, Bubble Island2 takes your gaming experience tothe next level. 90 million BerryMasters conquered the originalBubble Island. Have YOU got what ittakes to send those pigeonspacking in the amazing Bubble Island 2?It will become addictivefrom the very first bubbles you shoot byusing the cannonballs fromyour cannon. Your ultimate goal is toshoot bubbles and fruits thatmatch the ball color in your cannon.Once you’ve finished somelevels, you can move on to anotheradventure. Play over one hundredpuzzle game levels. All you need isan accurate shot. It’s a uniquebubble shooter game and puzzle funthat won’t leave you bored.*PHYSICS-BASED FUN!* BIG BANG – Pick theright ball color and makeperfect shots to set off awesome,city-shaking chain reactions!RICO RETURNS - Join your favoriteraccoon on a bubble shooteradventure around-the-world tour. Justdon’t call him “Trash Panda!”SKILL SHOTS – With beautifulphysics-based puzzles and hundreds ofmissions to play, there’salways a new way to match and pop! PANDAPALS – The gang’s alwaysgrowing with a crazy new character to meetin every city, fromViolette the Parisian poodle to Raj the Indianelephant! Grab yourround-the-world ticket to FUN! Join Rico andpals in Bubble Island 2and let the berry-bursting action begin!Team up with an all-starcast for a bubble shooter puzzler withunbelievable chainreactions!-------------------------------------------------------------------------BubbleIsland 2 is a physics-based bubble shooter and puzzle gamethat isfree to download and play. However, it also allows you topurchasevirtual items with real money inside the game. You candisablein-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may requireanInternet connection to play Bubble Island 2 and to access itssocialfeatures. Bubble Island 2 may containadvertising.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy:’s 90 million Berry Master fans for a non-stopround-the-worldtour packed with brand new bubble shooter puzzles!Start youradventure journey and shoot the bubbles today!
Extreme Trick Shot 2.24
Extreme Trick Shot - a physics based puzzle game.You have a ballandthere is a box, the rule of this game is simple, throw the ballintothe box in one shot. Game have 150 levels for to beat, try tocometo the end, you will be surprised.
Magnetic balls bubble shoot 1.181
Features: * 4 worlds with different physics, 384 levelswithincreasing difficulty * 16 collection kittens with 80 items forthecollection of which you gain experience * new location"Vacation"(at the end of stage) in which you can help to make thepenguin skiresort * endless game mode with adjustable difficulty(nightmareincluded) * amusing ball physics for different materials*leaderboards * friendly user interface * mode for peoplewithimpaired color vision (in settings top-right button)Gamedescription: There are two game modes — endless modewithadjustable difficulty ("Arcade" button) and campaign mode("Levels"button). Game has four worlds with different physicsanddecorations, which can be switched by the «Realms» button inthemain menu. The gravity in the playing area is upward-directed,andthis is taken into account for geometrical calculations ofwallrebounds and ball drops. In the game you can see the score,timeand number of coins on the left, the players ball queue ontheright and the current ball on the bottom side. You can shoottheball by pressing on the game field. Special balls can be chosenbypressing on the current ball. Second pressing allows to changetheball type. There is advertising in the free version of thegame.Game instructions: Press the screen where you want to shoottheball. The new line appears in the glass after several ballsshot(amount depending on the level). Combine three or more balls inoneline to destroy them. You get coins for each line of four andmoreballs. You can exchange the coins for special balls to useindifficult situations (or just for fun). You can get combo bonusfordestroying of several groups of balls within 1.5 seconds.3-combowill give you a special "mine" ball. If you combine it inline with3 or more balls, you will get an explosion and an extracoin. Youwill get up to 6 coins for 5-combo and higher. Press theball inthe bottom of the screen to select a special ball. Pressagain tochange the ball type. Game supports all Android screensizes(phones and tablets) .
Panda Pop! Bubble Shooter Saga | Blast Bubbles 8.7.100
Enjoy playing free bubble shooters? Get ready to pop bubblesandbeat level after level in Panda Pop - a fun bubble pop gamethatwill challenge you at every turn. Match 3 to pop bubbles ofthesame color and rescue the baby pandas in this addictivebubbleshooter saga! The poor baby pandas are relying on you torescuethem 🥺. Can you complete the challenging levels before yourun outof bubbles? Blast through each challenging puzzle to rescuecutetoon pandas! Start shooting bubbles, complete every level andplayPanda Pop online with your friends! You will spend hours offunmatching lines of the same color and solving our amazing,freebubble shooter puzzles! Challenge yourself to beat your scoreandstay sharp with this free Panda Pop bubble shooting quest. Inthisanimal bubble shooter saga you will have to aim, match, swapandcombine line colors. Connect bubbles as you move from one leveltothe next in this panda bubble blast challenge, with varyinglevelsof difficulty! Pop and blast bubbles, match, connect, swapandcrush lines in this colorful panda match 3 bubble shooter!Combineboosters for even greater effect in this skill drivenbubblepopping game and remember: In this classic bubbleshootingchallenge you will need to think fast! PANDA POP: A freebubbleshooter game by Jam City 🐼 Bubble Shoot Match 3 Puzzle PopGame:Blast bubbles through 3000+ levels of fun challenges 🐼 RescueBabyPandas: The pandas need help! Blast bubble shooter puzzles tosaveour pets! 🐼 Fun Events: Check back often for fun events andfreerewards 🐼 Daily Challenges: Stay sharp and progress throughlevelsdaily 🐼 Combos & Power Ups: Blast bubble shooter skillshots tomaximize combos 🐼 Bubble Popper: Match and connect colorfulbubblesin this puzzle shooting game 🐼 Collect Cute Pets: Rescuetoonpandas in our magic bubble shooter mania Crush, blast andburstpuzzle pieces in this free bubble shooter saga! Improve yourskillswith a free match 3 bubble shooter game and rescue the pandasindanger! Ready to master our panda bubble shooter? LIKE: OnFacebookto get the latest news and rewards! FOLLOW: @playpandapopSUPPORT: Please Note!While PandaPop is free to play and enjoy, some in-game items andfunctions canbe purchased for real money. If you don't want thisoption enabled,please disable in-app
Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Pop 2.8.18
Bubble shooting fun comes with a relaxing farm atmosphereandcheerful farm animals in Farm Bubbles. Narcade, continuously,addsmore amusing and interesting levels to this addictive andrelaxingbubble shooter game. For the ones tired of shooting bubblesthat godown gradually in simple bubble games, this farm themedbubbleshooter game offers different bubble blast missions withpuzzlelevels and even physics based bubble shooter levels. Thereareanimal rescue modes in your bubble pop journeys. Throw bubblestosame color bubble group until you save the chicks. In somelevelsof this bubble game there are bubble spinner circles in themiddleof which a farm animal. The aim is to shoot the bubblesaround thefarm animal and rescue animal from the physics basedbubbletrouble. Besides, there are some bubble blasting missions torescuethe mother chicken stuck in bubbles. Farm Bubbles - BubbleShooteror bubble popper is not only an addictive bubble burst gamebutalso a brain teaser puzzle game. You should shoot bubblescarefullybecause you have limited bubble in your hand. If you want,you canchange the bubble ball on canon with the next one forpopping. Usepower-ups like color ball and fire ball to pop bubbles.When youuse all the moves and need extra moves, there is +5 ballpower-upthat gives you the 5 extra moves to continue blast bubbles. To begood bubbler you should be good at aiming and bubbleblasting inthis bubble shooting puzzle game. Match 3 bubbles andpop!Features: 🐥 Over 1000 LEVELS to pop bubbles more 🐥 HAND-MADELEVELDESIGN 🐥 Various cheerful characters to play with 🐥 Freeaimfeature for bubble shooting accuracy 🐥 Two different colorbubblesin the shooter to switch as you like 🐥 Cute animals torescue 🐥Farm adventure through hundreds of brillant bubble shooterpuzzles🐥 Power-ups such as color ball, fireball, and +5 balls🐥Action-packed gameplay with DIFFERENT MISSIONS: Collect 6Chicks,Save the Farm Animals, Rescue the Animals on the bubblespinner 🐥Boosters to drop all bubbles under its line 🐥 Bubbletroubleswallowing the shooter ball and some other tricks formoreexcitement 🐥 Facebook connection to play with your facebookfriends🐥 Ask and send lives through Facebook Follow us on socialmedia:Facebook:
Bubble Bird Rescue 2.1.8
Play the best bubble puzzle adventure game from the makers ofthesuper hit apps, "Ice Crush" and "Garden Mania"! Shoot bubblesandmatch colors to pop and drop your way to rescue the trappedbabybirds! You’ll be addicted to "Bubble Bird Rescue" from thefirsthit! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Well-designed FREElevels -each with unique challenges and fun puzzles! ★ EASY TOLEARN - hardto master! Can you score 3 stars on every level? ★Score BigBonuses - drop large bunches of bubbles to score sweetbonuses! ★UNLOCK powerful boosts to help with challenging levels! ★Fresh andbeautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics &effects! FREEupdate with more exciting levels and boosts are comingsoon...
Bubble Shooter ™
Download and play the Classic and most addictive Bubble Shooter™game on Google Play - for FREE! Enjoy the top bubble breakeronlinegame and solve all the awesome puzzles. We have designed thisfunshooter game for all you puzzle fans who want to train yourbrain,matching colors and popping bubbles. Get the app NOW, beatlevelsand enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble pop game! Play 3GameModes: * Enjoy Puzzle Mode with over 1800 awesome puzzlelevelsClear the board and advance along the map, win amazingrewards andenjoy fun new elements and features. New boosts,power-ups, dailyrewards, cool bubble elements, and more! * Play theLevels Modewith over 1750 levels! Match 3 bubbles or more to blastand winwith less shots to get more stars. * Enjoy the Classic mode-Simple and Super Fun. Classic mode has 3 Difficulty levels-easy,medium and hard. It will keep you challenged for many hours!GameFeatures: • 3 Fun Game Modes • Addicting gameplay, once youstart –you simply can’t stop playing. • Colorblind mode •Leaderboard,Challenging achievements. • Awesome rewards and coolpuzzles •Exciting features and elements • Choose your aiming methodbetweenLaser, Crosshair or simply Tapping on the screen • Removeadsoption (In-app purchases) • Free to play bubble game How toPlay: *Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthebubbles. * Lift your finger to take a shot. * Match 3 bubblesormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points. * Hitandpop all the colored balls to clear levels. Bubble Shooter ™ isthebest online puzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,nointernet connection is required. Download today, match 3colors,hit balls and win. Beat all the challenges and overcomeobstacles.Join the bubble popping fun now! Warning: This classicgame isseriously fun and super addictive! Personal Note: We are allaboutmaking games that are fun for our users and your ratings willallowus to keep doing that. If you like Bubble Shooter ™ and youenjoyplaying it please find your time to rate it! Thanks :) Makesure tokeep an eye out for cool updates and new levels! Follow usfornews, updates and fun surprises: Visit our Facebookpage: All rights ofBubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Tic Tac Toe Glow
Play Tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. No need waste paper toplaypuzzle games! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Androiddevicefor free. Our new modern version appears in a cool glowdesign. TheAI for this puzzle game is one of the best you will see.It adaptsto your play style and is highly unpredictable. Unlikeother TicTac Toe games on the market you will always find Glow TicTac ToeAI to be fresh and entertaining. If that is not all the AIskillcan be adjusted on the fly in game. So you can crank upthedifficulty while playing or notch it down if you gotcornered.Thispuzzles games is recommended for kids & adultstoo. Features :-- Single and 2 player mode (Computer and human) --3 difficultylevels -- glow effects -- one of the best puzzle gamein the world.
Bubble Shooter 2.2
Classic puzzle game BUBBLE SHOOTER is coming nowSince thebeginningof the arcade machines, this game is the most played ofthe bubbleshooting games.Fun and addictive bubble shootgame!Another classicbubble match-three game Clear all the bubbleson the screen tolevel upBubble Shooter provides fun and addictivegame play,entertainment for the whole family.FEATURES:1. Bubbleshooter - funand challenging levels to challenge your brain2.Coloring bubbles3.Easy to learn, challenging to master!4. Fantasticgraphics, fluentshooting experienceHOW TO PLAY:In the web versionof this game, theuser moves an arrow with the mouse and use it toaim the bubblesfor precise shooting.Bubble Shooter - Download andplay now !
Egg Shoot Dynamite 1
Egg Shooter Dynamite is jungle version of bubble eggshootgame.There are three playing mode (classic, puzzle, time).They aretotally different playing styles.This game is very coolandsuitable for all age.There are two or three difficulty levelsineach playing mode.Launch Dino eggs to solve the puzzle!DownloadtheEgg Shoot to create your own puzzles for play game!EggShootDynamite game Free Download features: - More than 100 levelpuzzle-80+ levels other to complete! And more levels are comingsoon. -Easy and fun to play, challenging to master - Cute dragonpupsboost your points.- Bomb is special ball to help you gethighscore. Features:Awesome including 5 cool animateddinosaurs!4different game modes, ranging from fast action toturn-basedpuzzles. Play in Endless, Time Trial, Stomped, orFossilmodes!Dynamic new musical scoreSave your high scores tocompetewith family and friends!
Bubble Pop Bubble Shooter Pop 4.4.0
Bubble shooting is funnier with cats. Our only concern is tomakeTia happy. You’ll see it is not so easy to satisfy this lovelycat.Uhm, I am not sure whether this cat is really lovely. Maybe itis abit itchy :) Anyway, you can make Tia rejoice with biscuitsandsome toys like clew and balls. Bubble Pop is a fun bubbleshootergame free for adults. Some of the levels are easy to relax,someare difficult to challenge just like brain training puzzlegame.Aim and shoot bubbles! Never get bored thanks to the surprisesandchallenges in this bubble shooter game! This shooting bubblegameoffers many puzzle game modes to avoid being bored.Deliciouscookies, cat food, milk and toys are placed among bubbles.You willpop bubbles in the same color with the bubble on thelauncher. Someobstacles like bubble spinner modes, icy bubbles onyour way makeyou shoot bubbles strategically like in a puzzle game.Don’t worry!We put some surprising bubbles blasting all bubblesunder it! Superpower-ups help you be the favorite playmate of Tia!If you don’twant to see Tia glaring at you, you can use superpower-ups such asmarbles and peg-tops to burst bubbles in differentcolors in onemove. The more stars you collect, the more gifts youwin! Eachbubble popping level you achieved adds star to your starbox andafter 20 stars are collected, gifts like unlimited lives,power-upsand coins are given to you! Some tips to get more fun ofthisbubble game: Shooting bubbles continuously brings more coins.Spendyour coins to use power-ups popping more bubbles in onemove.Bounce the bubbles on the walls to thread through bubblesandobstacles Win gifts with the daily spin wheel. Connect toFacebookto synchronize your progress on all devices Update the gameforfree when new updates are available on the market How toplaybubble games: - Tap the targeted area to launch bubble toblastbubbles - Aim the same color bubbles, you need to match 3 atleastFollow us on socialmedia:
Empire Bubble Shoot 1.0
Battle the empire and win back the cosmos in this newexcitingbubble shooter game, made especially for the puzzlegamesenthusiasts! Start the adventure today, fly to space andexplorehundreds of fun levels filled with awesome challenges andbrainteasers. Play the awesome Empire Bubble Shoot game and enjoythebeautiful graphics and a classic game mode. It’s free to playandincredibly addictive!How to Play:- Drag your finger to movethelaser sight in the direction of the bubbles.- Lift your fingertotake a shot.- Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to popthegroup and clear the board.- See which color you’ll get next soyoucan plan your moves and work out a strategy.- Swap bubbleswithoutlimit, just tap on your bubble to change itscolor.AwesomeFeatures:* Hundreds of levels to beat.* Great boostsand power-ups.* Fun puzzles and challenges.* Colorful bubbles andcool visualeffects. * Classic and popular game mode. * A great wayto passtime.With hundreds of fun levels and interesting puzzlesyou’llnever get bored!Pop bubbles and beat all the challenges inthisincredibly fun bubble shooter game! Join the exciting adventureinspace and experience hours of pure entertainment. There’s notimelimit, so you can play at your own pace, relax and have agreattime. It’s a super fun and easy game for all ages to playandenjoy.Try it out today!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are ownedbyIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - Addictive Game 7.9
Now you will be prepared to receive the best bubble shooteronlinegame in the world. With Panda bubble shooter ball, you canplaywith your friends, play online games any time with all thefriendsin the world and your friends. Join Panda bubble shooter towelcomenew mode: PVP Multiplayer, the world's first panda onlinebubbleshooter game. Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - AddictiveGame: AGreat Puzzle Game By Fun Game For Free on Google Play! Helpthedaddy Panda to rescue the babies Panda from the evil foxes -TheWitch Evil with so many Magic, and Power. Your quest isshootbubble to matching them,and be like a dynamite,blast bubbleswillbeat him to save babies Panda. You must pass thousandchallenginglevels. During journey , Power-ups and boosters willhelp you beatboss easier. You can Match three bubbles to ball themin thismagical shooting adventure. Panda Bubble Shooting is puzzlegamecompletely free to play however some optional in-game itemswillrequire payment or watch video received coinsfree.*********************FEATURES***************************: -Easilyearn coin, watch the video to get 20 coins each time. - Dailygift20 coins receive - 1500+ challenges - Easily controldirectionshoot bubbles - Shop with a lot of Power-ups and boosters- Amazinggraphics,map not in city, cute panda jam ! - Play inwonderfulscene, the most beautiful wonder. - Smooth bubble games -Shareyour high score when online with Facebook Friend . - Reach topofthe world with world ranking system. - Play game anywhereandanytime ! Don't care you have wifi or not because gamedoesn'trequire you always online. You can play it on the street,cookie,in the plane, in the subway, in the car or bus on the road,even ina temple, a school. OK ? Just simply is offline game ! -Game aremade for everybody , all age , boy or girl, children oradult , menor women, under or over 18 age. And now don't wait, thisis reallya special bubble am game, Download Panda Bubble Shooter:Fun GameFor Free - One of the best shoot egg, shoot ball game forfree,Play to fulfill your mania!***********************************NOTE*************************************Wealways update more level in game weekly. Please mind toupdate.************************************CONTACTUS****************************************We always try to perfectour product for our user. We want moreideas from you. Pleasecontact us : Visit our Offical site at:http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebook at: Policy : Top Action Game: Top AdventureGame: Top ArcadeGame: Top PuzzleGame: Top StrategyGame: Top RacingGame: Top SportGame: Top RPGGame: Email contact:onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback:
HEXA : Block Puzzle 5 1.1.1
HEXA:Block Puzzle 5 is a new hexa block puzzle game createdbyPaleblue, the creator of hit app-Block Puzzle 3 :ClassicBrick.Break lines and earn points with Block Puzzle 5. Thisis afull of fun and very exciting classic block puzzlegame.BlockPuzzle 5 : HEXA is the legend of all puzzle games becauseitspopularity is very high. It’ll bring you back to yourchildhood.It's very simple and exciting. Just break as much aspossible linesformed by carefully placed bricks.Have a good timewith brickpuzzle game. Block Puzzle 5 : HEXA will never disappointyou![GameFeatures]►Supports left-hander orright-hander(option)►Mission►Upgrading level system►Supports yourranking,achievement (Google log in)►Supports alltabletdevicesHomepage:
Bubble War 1.0
The bubble kingdom needs your help! Set on an epic journey,fightamong brave warriors and clear the board from all thecoloredbubbles. Join your brothers in arms, and solve incrediblelogicpuzzles to win amazing boosters and power-ups! Play thousandsofchallenging levels, and use powerful boosts to advance.Wehavedesigned this fun war shooter game for all you puzzle fans whowantto train your brain, matching colors and popping bubbles.Downloadfrom Google Play today and enjoy over 1000+ glorious bubblewarlevels, awesome puzzles and boosters.Play & enjoy: •Addictinggameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing•Awesomerewards and cool puzzles that will help you win the war! •Excitingfeatures and elements. • Free to play bubble game.• Plentyofexciting & challenging levels, with more, added all the time.•Cool effects and sounds. • Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlocktheFIREBALL.• Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a BOMB.• Playanytimeand anywhere, no WiFi connection is required! Don’t wait anylongerto join the fun. Bubble War is your next favorite puzzlegame. Getthe app NOW, beat levels and enjoy this addicting bubblepopgame!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon DynamicsLtd.
Bubble Shooter: Jungle Puzzle
Free to download the lovely bubble shooter puzzle game!Challengethese funny levels and explore another world in BubbleShooter:Jungle Puzzle! How to play: - Group 3 or more bubble to pop- Tapscreen to shoot bubbles - Powerful boosters to use -Differentchallenging game modes - Easy to play but hard be master -Competewith the top players Relax and blast away your stressalongsidethose colorful bubbles! Download the Bubble Shooter:Jungle Puzzlein Google Play now! So get ready, take aim and shootbubbles!!
Blossom Bubbles 1.0
Blossom Bubbles is an addicting and fun puzzle game, free toplaystraight on your Android or Tablet device. Spend a relaxing dayatthe lovely flower garden, explore hundreds of beautifullevels,swap the flowers and win! Pop the flowery bubbles and blastyourway through beautiful levels filled with amazing graphics,uniqueitems and splendid boosters. Clear the garden of flowers andbeatthe challenges in this awesome puzzle adventure. BlossomBubbleswill take you into the most wonderful journey! Play now, pop3beautiful flower balls, create amazing combinations and solvethepuzzlers. Smash and pop all bubbles in the super excitingpuzzlegame. Download for free now and unlock hundreds of crushinglevelspacked with awesome boosters and power-ups. It’sextremelyaddictive! Play Blossom Bubbles today!- Earn the Fireballbypopping 7 bubbles in a row. The Fireball will burn up bubblesonthe way. - Earn a Bomb by crushing 10 bubbles or more. TheBombwill take out surrounding bubbles. - Your goal is to match atleast3 bubbles of the same color to pop the combination and cleartheboard. - Drag your finger to move the laser sight in thedirectionof the bubbles and lift your finger to shoot bubbles. -Plenty ofbubble puzzles and challenges to solve. - Plan ahead yourshots.See which color you are getting next and work out a strategytosmash all bubbles using fewer shots. - Win enough points toreachhigh scores and earn 3 stars on every level. - Swappingbubbles isfree, simply tap on the bubble to change its color.-Colorfulgraphics featuring beautiful flowers and brightplants!Don’t waitany longer to start the best bubble poppingexperience! Clear theboard from all the colorful buds and items andwin levels! Reachhigh scores and try to get 3 stars on everyflowery blossom levels.With so many exciting and joyful levels,awesome boosters andbonuses, Blossom Bubbles is a must have foryour Android device.Explore all the beautiful settings and enjoythe serenity ofnature!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyon DynamicsLtd.
PAC-MAN Pop 2.1.6608
PAC-MAN Pop! is the only game that combines addictive match-3bubbleshooting gameplay with the retro arcade world of PAC-MAN.That meansif you want to chomp ghosts, you get to burst theirbubble instead!Collect Fruits? Pop 'em till they drop! Need help?Instead of eatingpower pellet powerups, PAC-MAN is the powerup!Transform PAC-MANinto the ultimate bubble popping machine!Experience this addictivematch-3 puzzle bubble shooter adventurewith an old school classictwist! PAC-MAN STYLE BUBBLE SHOOTING! •Pop a giant Blinky and therest of the Ghost Gang! • Collect allthe fruit before the Ghostssteal your bubble supply • SavePAC-MAN’s bubble trapped pets BOOSTAND POWERUP PAC-MAN! • UniquePowerups transform PAC-MAN intodifferent bubble bursting forms •Use a variety of Boosters to popmore bubbles and faster LOADS OFPUZZLES! • Explore over 14+PAC-WORLDs! • Match your way throughhundreds of bubble blastin'levels PAC-MAN Pop! is FREE TO PLAY butincludes items for purchasewithin the game. PAC-MAN™ POP! & ©2019 BANDAI NAMCOEntertainment Inc. BANDAI NAMCO logo is atrademark of BANDAI NAMCOHoldings Inc. Published by BANDAI NAMCOEntertainment America Inc.
Bubble Shooter Puppy
The best bubble puzzle adventure game! Throw bubbles andmatchcolors to pop and drop your way to victory! Features: - Tapwhereyou want to shoot the bubble. - To group 3 or more bubbles tomakethem burst. - Power Up with Color and Bomb Bubbles! - You’lllovethe Exciting Animations and playful music! Bubble Shooter Puppyiscompletely free, A cute puppy with his adventure through manykindsof interesting levels will make you happy than ever!
Puzzle Master Bubble 1.0
Can you handle the pressure? Puzzle Master Bubble is only forthemost experienced bubble shooter players! Play this amazingfreebubble shooter puzzle game, and combine 3 or more bubbles ofthesame color to overcome the challenges and win rewards. Popthebubbles as quickly as you can, and make sure they don’t reachthered line or your time is up! Download Puzzle Master Bubble todayonyour Android device and play plenty of exciting levels! Formagroup of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them, andclearthe board to win amazing boosters and power ups. Manage yourtimecarefully, and make sure to blast all the bubbles as quickly asyoucan.Puzzle Master Bubble Features:* Match and pop all thecolorfulballs to clear the board and move on to the next awesomelevel. *Clear all the colored bubbles from the board.* Boost yourgamingexperience with awesome power-ups and win levels. * Try tobeat theclock, hurry up and pop all bubbles as fast as you can.*Make surethe balls won’t reach the red line!* Win all the levels bypoppingall the bubbles in limited shots.* Swap bubbles withoutlimit, justtap on your bubble to change its color.· * Win enoughpoints toreach high scores and earn 3 stars on every level.*Coolbackgrounds and effects. * Addictive game mode.* Fun for thewholefamily to play and enjoy!Play this amazing free game todayandenjoy a bubble shooter puzzle game packed with challenginglevelsand exciting missions! Clear all the bubbles as fast as youcan andwin high scores! Experience endless fun for your entirefamily andplay this game TODAY - There is no time to lose!
Bubble Shooter 1.1.29
Play bubble shooter game which is based on an classic game. Wehavedesigned more than 400 level of puzzles in this game. you canenjoyfor a long time. in addition to the classic type of bubbleshootergame. You can collect birds' feathers. There is a dressupsubsystem in the game, Use feathers to buy new clothes anddressthe girl up with modern clothes. The goal of the game is tosavelittle birds by shoot bubbles up. make combinations of 3 ormore tomake them burst.You can change base bubbles or make theminto afireball, then bomb a region. Game Features: 1. 400+ funlevels 2.Earn clothes by puzzle levels 3. Dress up subsystem 4.lots ofboosters to enjoy 5. Free game and offline play Downloadbubbleshooter right now, You are going to love it!
Shoot Bubble Puzzle 2.2
Play the cool Shoot Bubble Puzzle for free! Featuring over800challenging levels wrapped with some amazing boostsandpower-ups!Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color or more topop- Join the fun and smash all bubbles before you run out ofshots!🔥Fireball- pop 7 bubbles in a row and the fireball will burnbubbleson the way!💣 Bomb- drop 10 bubbles or more and the bomb willburstthe surrounding bubbles!Exclusive Bubbles💎 Slime Bubble –Itslipsand spreads, can you do something about it?💎 Stone Bubble –Drop itusing bombs and fire bubbles!💎 Chained bubbles - Break itschainsbefore you can pop it💎 Diamond Bubble – Don’t bother tryingto popit, try to drop itIt’s a great fun game for the whole familytoenjoy– you won’t stop playing!All rights of Bubble Shooter™areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
com.puzzlegamesfree.bubbleshooter 2.6.0
Bubble Shooter is a fun and addictive bubble game. Match and popthesame color bubbles to save fish babies. Clear all the bubbleson thescreen to finish the puzzle level, and try to get threestars oneach puzzle level. Have a try, and you will love thisclassic bubbleshooter game. HOW TO PLAY BUBBLE SHOOTER ->Tapwhere you want thebubble to place. ->Match 3 or more Bubbles tomake them Burst.->Pop all the bubbles to rescue fish babies andtry to get morescores on each puzzle. THE FEATURES OF BUBBLESHOOTER ->Over 300Bubble Puzzles. ->Beautiful graphics.->Cool Sound Effects AndAnimation Effects. ->Free downloadand updates. ->Two PowerfulBoosters. Now, Join the lovelybubble games.
Fruit Shooter 2.0
Play this Fruit Shooter, is FREE, best fun game andAddictiveshooting bubble buster game Fruit Bubble Shooter is themostclassic and amazing fruits shooting bubble buster game,is themostclassic and new bubble pop shooter fruits games 2017. FruitBubbleShooter is a very juicy arcade game with beautiful sceneryandfruits, fruits shooter is a wildly addictive match-3 shootinggame.How to play Bubble Fruit Shooter: 1. Tap where you want thefruitto go. 2. Make combinations of 3 or more fruits that have thesamefruit to make them burst. 2. Group 3 or more fruits to makethempop. 3. Clear all the fruitss on the screen and reachhighscore. 4.Challenge with many levels. Features: - Beautifulthemes. -Day/night effect - Weather: rain. snow effect - Levelswill updatecontinuously - Addictive gameplay with 2 mode. - 2000+challenginglevels - cute pet: panda, squirrel ... Play FruitShooter now !Terms of Use and Fruit Shooter PrivacyPolicy:
Bubble Shooter Holiday 1.1.3
Puzzle Joy
Bubble Shooter Holiday game is an addictive bubble shooter gamewith79+ puzzles, join millions now in the best free bubble poppergameever! Bubble Shooter Holiday is a classic bubble match-threegame.Pop, tap and tilt your way through over 79 addictive bubblepuzzleswith excitement and packed with adventure! Features: - Morethan 79+magic levels to complete! And more levels are coming soon.- Easyand fun to play, challenging to master - Leaderboards towatch yourfriends and competitors in this great Bubbles Shootergame! - 4Special Boosters help you get high score. - Cute dragonpups boostyour points. - Pop bubble with extension line. How toPlay: 1.Tapwhere you want to pop bubble 2.To group 3 or morebubbles to makethem burst 3.Clear all the bubbles on the screen tolevel up,and tryto get 3 stars on each level. 4.Pop bubbles tosave dragon pups astarget in some levels. Tips: Breaking thebubbles continuously canget points as bonus! This free bubbleshooter game is free todownload and also good for family and kids.Bubble Shooter Holidayis completely free to play but some in-gameitems such as extramoves or lives will require payment. Enjoy thisFree Bubble Game! Ifyou have any question or suggestion, pleasesend us Thank you everyone whoplayed BubbleShooter Holiday! Enjoy Bubble Shooter Holiday Game!
Bubble Color Match 1.0
Hit and pop all the colored bubbles in this brand-newexcitingpuzzle adventure, overcome challenging levels, and winamazingprizes! It’s the perfect game to play and enjoy when youhave thetime and you want to clear your mind and relax. FunFeatures:-Hundreds of exciting levels to enjoy, so you don’t haveto worryabout getting bored. - Tons of bubble packed challenges.-Livelygraphics and effects. - Colorful bubbles and settings. -Awesomeboosters that will help you in your bubble matching.- Beatlevelsand advance along the map.Ready to begin? Take aim and popthemall!How to Play:Drag your finger to move the laser aim.Liftyourfinger to shoot bubbles. Pop and smash all the bubbles untilyouclear the board. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles toburstthe group and level up. Swap bubbles without limit.Clearlevels andsolve the bubble puzzles!Earn powerful boosters that willhelp youbeat challenges and complete levels: 💣Drop 10 bubbles in asingleshot to get a bomb that will take out the surroundingbubbles. 🔥Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a fireball that will cutthrough apass. Don’t miss out this crazy bubble popping fun!Compete againstfamily and friends and see who can reach the highestscore and earn3 stars on every level. Play this fun bubble poppinggame and enjoyhundreds of amazing levels filled with cool puzzles,colorfulgraphics and intriguing challenges. Download and share thisfunadventure with family and friends!All rights of Bubble Shooter™areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Block Puzzle 1.2.0
Block Puzzle is a Snow World style block game. Easy toplay,Difficult to master. Block Puzzle is addictive because of thecrusheffects. A lot of snow particles splash when the ice blockbecrushed. More ice blocks, more score. Try it and you will lovetheice blocks. HOW TO PLAY BLOCK PUZZLE -> Drag the ice blockstofill them with one row or one column -> Snow particlessplashwhen when you create full lines on the snow grid -> TheIceBlocks can not be rotated FEATURES OF THE BLOCK PUZZLE->Beautiful snow world scene -> Sweet ice world sounds->Casual game modes and no time limits -> With Beginner'sguide,easy to learn -> Smooth and funny animation ->Completelyfree -> Support leaderboards Please Enjoy this ICEBlock Puzzlegame and you will be hooked!
LINE Puzzle Bobble 4.24.0
Original Bubble game ""PUZZLE BOBBLE"" to debute on LINE!!Thisedistion of the game features both all the classic elementsyouknow and love along with new tricks and gimmicks! LINEPuzzleBobble Features: - Over 1000 stages packed with all kindsofchallenges! - Regular FREE updates with new levels and featurestocome! - Throw bobbles and match three colors to pop and dropyourways to victory! - Save your friends and Chack'n trapped inthebubble! - Unlock and master, Super Bubble, Bubble Plus, BombBubbleBoosts that take your game to a whole new level of strategyandexcitement! - Challenge your friends to compete for high scoresonweekly tournament! - Send Hearts to your friends to help themplaymore and also receive one for yourself in return! Big ""Thankyou""to all the fans and everyone who has played LINE PuzzleBobble!
Buggle 2 - Free Color Match Bubble Shooter Game 1.4.91
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles withyourbubble shooter and pop your way to victory! Your favoritefreebubbleshooter puzzle game Buggle 2 is here! Uh, oh! GreedyQueenBee and her soldier bee army have arrived! The peacefulBubbleIsland of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears are nowindanger! They need YOUR help! Join bubble bear Andrew's questforhoney! The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweethoney,and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends topreventthe tyranny of the Bee Army. Andrew and his friends onlywish forpeace on their island. But they cannot just sit there,waiting forsomeone to stop the Queen bee and her buggy army. Theyare indesperate need of your support! Save them from the evilgreedyQueen bee’s buggy army and bring peace and justice toBubbleisland! Andrew the bubble bear has great bubble shootingskills. Hecan burst many bubbles and defeat the Queen bee’s buggyarmy byusing his secret weapon – the bubble shooter! But he can’tdo italone. Your role is crucial! Use the color match bubbleshooter tohelp Andrew in his resistance against the greedy QueenBee and hersnoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbleswith plentyof special items and shoot that red bubble! Look out forthe helpof Andrew's bear friends, like the polar bear and pandabear!SPECIAL FEATURES of Buggle 2 ▣ Bubble popping, bubbleshootingfever! Buggle 2 is no ordinary bubbleshooter game. Buggle2combines the classic popular bubble shooter arcade puzzle gamewithfun, exciting power up items and various game modes! More than1300levels await! Play NOW and show us your bubble shootingskills.Shoot burst & blast the bubbles! BANG! POP! Join Andrewand hisfriends’ adventure for honey! ▣ Various game boosters andgamemodes to entertain all! Buggle 2 is a bubble shooter gamewithcaptivating challenges! Are you an expert at Bubbleshootergames?Ever wish for a game that’s actually going to challenge you?Noneed to worry. You’ll never stop playing Buggle 2! We updateourlevels on a regular basis and new challenges will alwaysarrive!Join Andrew on his quest to defeat the Queen bee and protecthispeaceful island from the evil Queen bee’s snoopy buggy army.▣Easy, Intuitive controls! Follow the simple steps – Aim, shoot,andpop the bubble! Simple as that! Just use your finger to controltheshooter. Aim the bubble to match the color. Shoot the bubbleandBLAST! The bubbles just popped! The fate of Andrew andBubbleisland of the bears lie right on your fingertips! Soon, thehoneywill be yours! ▣ New game EVENTS and REWARDS Look out foreventsand rewards EXCLUSIVE for our Buggle 2 Facebook Pagefollowers!Participate in these new events and you will gain awesomerewardsthat will help you through your adventure! More events! Morehoney!▣ Invite your friends to play Buggle 2 WITH you Buggle 2 is agamefor everyone! Perfect to play with your friends and family!Sharegifts, request for help, and compete against them! See who’sthebest hand at the bubble shooter! ▣ Colorful and vibrantgraphicswith cute characters! Looking for free bubble pop gameswith richcolors and cute characters? Beautiful bubble whirlgraphics withrich red, blue and purple colors! Check out the eyepopping, bubblepopping Buggle 2 now! Match the bubble colors andmake them burst!Shoot that redbubble and save the cute littlebubble bear Andrewand his friends! Help them in their challengingquest against theQueen bee and her soldiers. ▣ Enjoying Buggle 2?Visit our fan page and look outfor EXCLUSIVEevents for our followers! Don’t forget to leave 5-star★★★★★reviews and tell us what you like about Buggle 2!
Bubble Shooter 1.1.1
Dream Club
Bubble Shooter is the newly invented bubble shooting game! Joinourbrave cat to save cute kitties and his best piggy friend!Totallyfree for download and no Wifi required!★★★★★★★★This is WhyYou WillLike Bubble Shooter: ★★★★★★★★Over 500 levels of excitingpuzzles!Tom is a and his friends are group of cute cats!It istotallyFree!3 different bubble game modes of challenging fun!Funfor allages and gender!No wifi/data needed!Really addicting to playandhelps relaxing your brain and finger!★★★★★★★★★This Bubble GameisVery Easy to Play: ★★★★★★★★★★Press your finger and adjustthedirection to shoot~Release finger, if you hit at bubbles withsamecolor, they will fall!In Classic Mode, shoot down allthebubbles!In Save Kitty Mode, save kitties trapped in thebubbles!InPiggy Rescue Mode, shoot down all the bubbles around thePiggy!Likeour facebook page to receive latest bubblegameupdates: us ifyouhave any questionEmail: today and become the best bubble shooter!
Bubble Shooter Fruits 1.2.4
Bubble Shooter Fruits is Classic casual puzzle game really funtoplay in all time your activity bubble shooter mania.To playthisgame is really simple just Make combinations of 3 or morebubbleswith same color to make them fall down/crush/burst and Clearallthe bubbles to win game. This game have deluxe beautifullcolorbubbles ready to play for you bubbles shooter maniaShootbubbleworlds/Bubble Shooter puzzle adventure is one of the mostpopularfun journey game pop/burst/fall down bubble object game!Anotheroption to play game when you bored. #one of the number 1legendPuzzle deluxe mania game on the world.Shoot/shooter bubbleworldsis journey games. Play for free as you shoot/shooter pokedeluxebeautiful bubbles with journey adventure more than 100 levelandShoot every bubble like a witch trow a spell with their stickmagicwitch and make burst/fall down/crush every deluxe colorfulbubbleas many you can bubbles mania. every deluxe poke color likebluebubble,orange bubbles,green bubble,purple bubble and othermixcolor poke deluxe bubble ready to burst and crush as you can.itgood news for you Bubble Shooter mania journey loversHow ToPlayBall Shooter:- Shoot/poke bubble with tap your screen..anddirected at least 3 bubble to make them burst/crush- Markyourtarget with same color bubble- Bouncing/bounce bubble with TapthePole at right or left side your Phone or tablet- Clear allbubbleto finish level and play another fun bubble puzzle in thisgame-Clear all bubble as fast you can because you have limited timetoburst/crush bubbleFeatures:- Colorful bubble with cool designGUI-Have 8 color bubble like blue,orangelitght,orange,purple,green,mixcolor blue,mix color purple and manymore- Have more than 100 levelready to play and will add moresoonTips to Play :- Bouncing/bouncebubble in this game to makeclear or finish level more faster-Shoot/poke bubble with same colorat least 3 bubble- Shoot bubbleas fast you can like a witch willwars spell to other witch withtheir stick magic witchYou will lovethe fun bubble shoot maniaworlds and burst or crush bubble lines inthis puzzle game withyour hand, your creativity and excitement toshoot/poke bubble willhelp you to finish all lines bubble puzzlemore faster andeasier.Shoot bubble world wars is a wildly addictivebubble linescrush legend puzzle game!Tap on your screen topoke/shoot adjacentbubble to make them crush/destroy, and try toscoring as manypoints as possible!The power of magic witch warsshoot bubble is inyour hands! Shoot bubble and match 3 deluxebubble to walk throughlimited levels in this completely journeyshoot legend bubblepuzzle mania adventure and more than enough todissaapers yourbored time .So let's get started play Shoot bubbleworld wars maniaand start you journey adventure in bubble worldnow!REMEMBER AGAIN!! Burst or crush bubble a group with at least 3the same kind ofdeluxe colorful bubble and shoot or poke bubblelike a witch trow aspell with their stick magic witch and you willget bubble willcrush/burst like bomb!Destroy/crush all targetbubble to level up.Clear all level as fast you canLast tips.Bouncing/bouncing bubblewhen you have a chance to bouncing bubble
Bubble Shooter
Perfect free brain training games – Solve the fun puzzles!Thisawesome game is the top bubble shooting game AND brain gamewithover 300 challenging puzzles to master! Burst bubbles toadvance tothe next level of puzzle games! Bubble Shooter Features:- VeryAddictive! - Very Free! - Innovative touch control -Increasinglevel of challenging. - Awesome musics and sound effectsThe bestbubble puzzle adventure game! Unlock powerful boosts tohelp youpass the most tricky puzzles!
Bubble Shooter Superb
Bubble Shooter Superb is a wonderful bubble shooting game! Cometorescue those panda trapped in forest and explore this wholenewworld! - More than 500 exciting levels - Unbelievablepowerfulboosters - Group same bubbles to collect - Hold and aimbubbles toshoot - Challenge levels as you want - Lovely pandaandwell-designed bubbles - Easy to play but hard to be master Nowyoucan free to download this adorable bubble shooting game inGooglePlay! Play with your family and friends in the BubbleShooterSuperb!
Egg Shoot 5.6
Eco Game
Egg Shoot - This is jungle version of bubble shoot game. Thisgameis very cool and suitable for all age.There are three playingmode(classic, puzzle, time). They are totally different playingstyles.There are two or three difficulty levels in each playingmode 1.Classic modeGet a high score by surviving as long as youcan(endless if possible). Eggs move down continuously from slowtofaster and then crazy faster. Some time new eggs is drop down,ifyou miss hit it. New egg is generated after that. There are alotof bonus types (multiple 2,3,4 times) help you to get bestscore.You can get bonus score too when hit vibrating eggs.2.PuzzleYoucan choose medium level for beginner (58 levels). Orchoosedifficult level (180 levels) for pro shooter. A lot ofdifficultpuzzle levels are waiting you. All these level are nicedesigned soenjoy it before destroy! Obstacle stones can't bedestroyed, becareful with them. Shot smart and accurately toeliminate them bydropping.Challenge you by get all 3 stars allpuzzles. You can skipdifficult puzzle now.3. TimeShoot as fast aspossible to clean alllines of eggs. Time is measured.
Jungle Journey Pop Shooter 1.2
Panda Box
Play the classic and most addictive bubble game for FREE, match3colors and clear levels.Put your strategy skills to thetest!Solvethe fun puzzles and challenges to level up and advancealong themap.pop and explore over hundreds awesome levels filledwithseriously amazing boosts, power-ups and features.Competeagainstfriends and family and see who can reach the highest scoreand get3 stars on every level.Once you start, you will not stopplayingfun and addictive bubble game!
Bouncing Balls 1.4
Play the classic and most fun Bouncing Balls for FREE!BouncingBallsis the BEST matching game! Train your brain and solve allpuzzles inthis awesome Ball Games. How to play this game?1.Tap onthe screento shoot bubble.2.Match 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor topop.3.Clear all bubbles to unlock the next level.ExcitingGameFeatures:★ Easy and fun for all the whole family and all ages★Over300 puzzle levels in Arcade Mode!★ No wifi need, Shootbubbleanytime&anywhere!★ 2 game mode:classic bubble shooter&arcade mode.Let's start shooting bubble and enjoy thebubblepopping fun!
Bubble Shooter - POP 2.2.3035
Bubble Shooter is playful and classic bubble shooter game.HelpFairy Ruby to rescue all lovely kittens trapped bycolorfulbubbles! ♥ Almost 200 bubble blasting puzzles ♥ RESCUEkittens tocrack levels ♥ Travel across amazingly spectacular bubbleblastingworld ♥ Aim, tap, shoot and pop bubbles by using bubbleslingshot ♥Pop strategically and unleash power of bubble boosters(ColorBubble, Bomb, Aiming Line, Fire Bubble, Shield, etc.) ♥ Funbubbleshooter game with FREE updates all the time ♥ Cheerfulandrefreshing background music ♥ Pleasant bubble game forALL:Housewives, Beautiful Girlfriend, Chic Girls, Kids, Elderlyetc. ♥Addictive bubble popping gamplay Bring the #1 bubble shootergamein Google Play to your phone and tablet NOW!
vulcan.pop.bubble 6.0
Welcome to the magical vulcan island! Take a walk throughthebeautiful evergreen forest, relax and enjoy the cool air andthelovely colors of nature. Discover the new addictive bubble gameandmake sure to join the adventure, but don’t delay too much asyouhave a limited number of shots to clear the level and keeptheVolcano from erupting! Use your shots wisely and plan aheadyourevery pop. Pop all the balls until you clear the board inthisbubble popping exciting adventure! Matching at least 3 colorswillburst the bubbles and grant points, try reaching high scores toget3 stars on each level. Earn powerful boosters and power-upsthatwill help you to complete your mission. Solve all thebubblepuzzles, save the mountain and restore balance to thevolcanic fireisland. Play hundreds of free challenging levels andget ready toenjoy beautiful graphics and a smooth gameplay. Popballs away, andsave the island from the volcano’s lava. Thispopping bubbles fungame will give you endless hours of excitement!HOW TO PLAY 🔥 Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of thebubbles. 🔥 Lift your finger to take a shot. 🔥 Match3 bubbles ormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points.🔥 Hit andpop all the colored balls to clear levels. 🔥 Make 7 shotsin a rowto unlock the Lava Fireball. 🔥 Drop 10 bubbles or more tounlockthe explosive Volcanic Bomb. WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS POPSHOOTERGAME: 🔥 Discover hundreds of volcanic fire levels. 🔥 Tap thebubbleto change its color. 🔥 Completely fun and FREE to play! 🔥Trybeating the game before your family and friends. 🔥Addictinggameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing!🔥 Awesomerewards and cool puzzles. 🔥 Exciting features andelements. Specialmulticolor bubbles and solid vulcan rocks bring anew challenge tothe classic bubble shooter gameplay! Competeagainst your friends,and earn amazing power-ups to see who canreach the highest leveland earn more stars. Download for free todayand let the bubble popfun begin! Vulcan Pop Bubble Shooter is thebest online poppingpuzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,no internetconnection is required. Download today, match 3 colors,hit ballsand win. Beat all the challenges and overcome powerfulobstacles.Join the popping bubbles fun now! All rights of BubbleShooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
com.funlab.bubblepoke 2.2
This is a classic Bubble Poke/Pop/Puzzle game with a clearuserinterface. Select 2 or more adjacent bubbles with the samecolorand tap them. The more bubbles you select in a single tap themorepoints you earn. One of the most interesting and fun games.Themost beautiful brain game for those who love difficultgames.Features of Bubble pop/puzzle/poke game: * Play withoutinternet. *Brain teasers and brain games for adults. * Classic,tap-count andcolumn-shift modes. * Undo moves. * Leaderboard andHigh scores. *Online and offline game play. * Three different gamecolor themes.* Bubble pop sound effects. * Fun games and nice games* Offlinegames
Bubble Cat Worlds Cute Pop Shooter 1.0.28
A cute cat's bubble shooter appears! Let's clear the stage andmakethe world! It is also recommended for those who touchbubbleshooters for the first time ★ You can hit the bubble in theplaceyou want! Improved operability! The bubble prediction line islong,so you can hit the bubble with no stress on the targetLet'scapture the stage slowly thinking The exhilaration feelingwhen youturn off the bubble mass becomes addictive! ★ Variousgimmicksappeared Although gimmicks that will interfere with playalsoappear, gimmicks that will help play also appear Especiallypotiongimmicks explode potions that erase the surrounding bubblesThereare powerful Thunder Potion etc that erases one rowhorizontally,and it is pretty refreshing if it can be used well! Itis a pointof capture to play while grasping the position of thehelp gimmick★ Game Rules If you bubble and connect more than threebubbles ofthe same color, the bubble will disappear Since thedirection inwhich the bubble flies is displayed, let's release yourfinger atthe place you want! The bubble will fly in the directionof theprediction line! Let's erase the bubble of the stage quicklyandachieve the clear condition of each stage! ★ Let's make items!Allitems available during the stage are strong You can playwithconfidence because it has a mode that you can get itemsevenwithout charge If you can not clear the stage save the item andtryagain ♪ Because the ranking is also mounted on the stage tomakeitems, I can polish my arms ★ World that will be improvedenough toclear the puzzle stage When you clear the puzzle stage,the worldwill be made more and more The squares are decided foreach stage,and when you get the star 3, the corresponding squareswill be inperfect condition Some decorations that appear byclearing theserial number stage ... .... When you take the star 3in all thecorresponding stages, the world is completed! Let's clearstar 3with as few steps as possible! The number of the worldwillincrease more and more with updates ★ Recommended for peoplelikethis ♪ · Bubble Shooter Game Fans · People looking for puzzlegamesthat you can play without charge · A person who wants tochallengepuzzles with a fond response · People who are looking forapps thatcan be played at skimmer time · Those who love cute cats ·One wholikes a combination of cats and puzzles
Shoot Bubble Deluxe 4.4
This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble bustergame.This deluxe version is the only one that contains both PuzzleMode& Arcade Mode. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles tomakethem burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up. How to play -Don'tuse the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game board whereyouspecifically want the ball. Click the menu key to select levelsandother options. There is no witch craft in this bubble shootergame,just stick to the game with patience. Game Features: 1. PuzzleMode- 300 fun levels of saga puzzles of bubble shoot 2. Arcade Mode-The bubbles will go down gradually so you need to shoot quicklytoavoid death 3. Game Center - You will get 10 points for eachblastof bubbles and can submit the high score to global leaderboard.Notes: The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derivedfromfrozen bubble and the remaining levels are self-created.
Bubble Pop 1.1
- Play addictive bubble pop game for FREE bubble shooter game,match3 balls and clear levels. - Ready? Take Aim, match and Pop,pop, popyour way around the globe with an all-star cast- BubbleShooter is asuper fun, classic bubble breaker game that’s allabout poppingbubbles and solving puzzle levels! Shoot bubbles beatthe challengesand clear bamboo cup and become the bubble shootingchampion. -Download NOW, beat levels and enjoy this amazing andrelaxing bubblepop game! - Play classic match3 games in PlayStore. It is super funand super easy.- Addictive classic gamemode. Match 3 bubbles toblast and clear bamboo cup, complete themissions and win awesomerewards. Drag your finger move to thetarget, aim, and shoot. Shootand pop all the colored bubbles inthis fun free game, tap thebubble also can get points as bonus! -Enjoy this free bubble game –Never get boring time!- Thrillingexperience puzzle game! Pop theballs in this bubble game anddiscover the classic match 3 fluentexperience straight on yourAndroid device! More 400 fun puzzlelevels as this addicting gamegets even new challenging. Play thepopular bubble hit gameanywhere and anytime you want. - Play newgame modes with cutecharacters and Discover the Bubble PoppingGame!- Bubble Shooter isa captivating bubble game with more 400challenging puzzles tomaster level. Break bubbles to advance to thenext amazing puzzlelevel, train your brain and your finger whenplay this bubble game.- Hurry up and connect the bubble blast fun!Careful - once youstart popping bubbles you can’t stop loving thisgame. Features+New game modes and cute characters+ More than 400magic levels tocomplete! And more puzzles are coming soon+ Newelements and newchallenges+ Brand new effects and a beautifulgraphics + Completedaily challenges for special bonuses+ Connect toFacebook tochallenge friends and send gifts!+ Pop obstacles,bubbles andrescue the impossibly adorable Pandas. + Colorblindeveryone canplay super fun matching games for free+ Just need somehelp with atough level? Boosters are there for you when you needthem.+ Pulloff popping streaks loading your slingshot with powerboosters!+ 4Special Boosters help you get high score+ More strategyand morehappy.Our Bubble Shooter provides fun and addictive gameplay,entertainment for all everyone. Get bubble shooter and enjoyasmooth animations, cool gameplay.READY, Take Aim, match andPop,pop, pop bubbles your way!We bring new features and newlevels.Please download it and rating it. We need your supports. Ifourgame isn't good enough, we can change and improve it
Bubble Shooter 1.3.12
Bubble Shooter is the most classic and new bubble shoot games2017.This free version is the only one that contains Puzzle Mode,ArcadeMode.With 1000+ puzzle levels you will never get bored withthisgame.How to Play:1.Tap where you want to shoot bubble2.To group3or more bubbles to make them bust3.Clear all the bubbles onthescreen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on eachlevel.Tips:Breaking the bubbles continuously can get pointsasbonus!Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of sagapuzzles2.Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so youneed toshoot quickly to avoid deathBubble Shooters games free has1000+levels to play, and more free, fun and addictive levels willbeadded to this bubble shooter free download game!Deluxe HDgraphicssuitable for kids, toddlers.You can continue your game tomake surethat you don’t lose any progress. So just sit back, relaxandalongside those colorful bubbles.
Bubble Shooter 1.2.4
Bubble Shooter is Classic casual puzzle game really fun to playinall time your activity bubble shooter mania.To play this gameisreally simple just Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles withsamecolor to make them fall down/crush/burst and Clear all thebubblesto win game. This game have deluxe beautifull color bubblesreadyto play for you bubbles shooter maniaShoot bubbleworlds/BubbleShooter puzzle adventure is one of the most popularfun journeygame pop/burst/fall down bubble object game! Anotheroption to playgame when you bored. #one of the number 1 legendPuzzle deluxemania game on the world.Shoot/shooter bubble worlds isjourneygames. Play for free as you shoot/shooter poke deluxebeautifulbubbles with journey adventure more than 100 level andShoot everybubble like a witch trow a spell with their stick magicwitch andmake burst/fall down/crush every deluxe colorful bubble asmany youcan bubbles mania. every deluxe poke color like bluebubble,orangebubbles,green bubble,purple bubble and other mix colorpoke deluxebubble ready to burst and crush as you can. it good newsfor youBubble Shooter mania journey loversHow To Play:- Shoot/pokebubblewith tap your screen.. and directed at least 3 bubble to makethemburst/crush- Mark your target with same colorbubble-Bouncing/bounce bubble with Tap the Pole at right or leftside yourPhone or tablet- Clear all bubble to finish level and playanotherfun bubble puzzle in this game- Clear all bubble as fast youcanbecause you have limited time to burst/crushbubbleFeatures:-Colorful bubble with cool design GUI- Have 8 colorbubble likeblue,orange litght,orange,purple,green,mix colorblue,mix colorpurple and many more- Have more than 100 level readyto play andwill add more soonTips to Play :- Bouncing/bounce bubblein thisgame to make clear or finish level more faster- Shoot/pokebubblewith same color at least 3 bubble- Shoot bubble as fast youcanlike a witch will wars spell to other witch with their stickmagicwitchYou will love the fun bubble shoot mania worlds and burstorcrush bubble lines in this puzzle game with your hand,yourcreativity and excitement to shoot/poke bubble will help youtofinish all lines bubble puzzle more faster and easier.Shootbubbleworld wars is a wildly addictive bubble lines crush legendpuzzlegame!Tap on your screen to poke/shoot adjacent bubble to makethemcrush/destroy, and try to scoring as many points aspossible!Thepower of magic witch wars shoot bubble is in yourhands! Shootbubble and match 3 deluxe bubble to walk throughlimited levels inthis completely journey shoot legend bubble puzzlemania adventureand more than enough to dissaapers your bored time.So let's getstarted play Shoot bubble world wars mania and startyou journeyadventure in bubble world now!REMEMBER AGAIN !! Burst orcrushbubble a group with at least 3 the same kind of deluxecolorfulbubble and shoot or poke bubble like a witch trow a spellwiththeir stick magic witch and you will get bubble willcrush/burstlike bomb!Destroy/crush all target bubble to level up.Clear alllevel as fast you canLast tips. Bouncing/bouncing bubblewhen youhave a chance to bouncing bubble
Princess Puzzles for Kids 1.2.8
The Princess Puzzles for Kids is a wonderful puzzle game forbothadults and children. Many thoughts were invested to providethiseducational and entertaining app at the same time. The gameoffersseveral key features: ✔ The square pieces of the puzzlechallengethe kid much more than the traditional jigsaw puzzle. Thismodehelps the child to focus on finding the next adjacent smallpieceinstead of focusing on finding piece's location based on itsshape.✔ A limited number of pieces are displayed for selection at atime.We have developed a special smart algorithm which decideswhich ofthe missing pieces to show during the play time.  ✔The gametracks the child's progress, and adjusts the complexity ofthepuzzle accordingly. ✔ The child can select the number ofsmallpieces in the puzzle. 4, 9, 16, 25 and 36 small piecesareavailable (36 pieces available on Tablet only). ✔ A smarthintsystem is developed to decide when the user needs help. Afterapredefined number of multiple successive errors,thepuzzle is displayed in black&white color to help thechildproceeding. The hint disappears after succeeding onepiece.The hint algorithm may also decide to show thehint constantlyin some cases. ✔ A cute interactive chickanimation is displayedevery several puzzles to provide more funwhile playing the game.In this Princess Puzzles for Kids game youcan find awesomepictures from famous fairy tales like Cinderella,Little red ridinghood, Sleeping beauty, Snow White or evenRumpelstiltskin. Pictureslook like they are frozen. We, at ForqanSmart Tech, have alwayssought to provide the best for your childrenthrough applicationsdesigned, and directed each age groupseparately, our belief in thefeature each evolutionary stage passesby your son, but in order tolend life skills and the mentality tolearn and grow and playcorrectly and properly, and to communicatewith his peers and theenvironment surrounding it.
Sudoku 1.5.107
Sudoku (also known as Number Place) is a logically challengingbraingame. Your goal in Sudoku is simple. Make sure each row,eachcolumn, and each 3×3 grid is filled by digits from 1 to 9onlyonce. Solution of each Sudoku board is unique. Try Sudokunumberpuzzle game and join competition in your friends circle! ■ 3levelsof difficulties: Simple, Medium and Hard ■ Almost 100 levelswithcarefully designed number placement ■ Pencil Mark: Draftallpossible digits for any grid ■ Eraser: Erase all digits markedbyusing pencils ■ Hint: Use intelligent hint when having doubtsonfilling grids ■ Automatic Save and Resume ■ Unlimited redo andundofor grids drafted by using Pencil ■ Leaderboard available■Completely FREE ■ Small APK size ■ Available on both mobileandtablet: Play wherever and whenever you want
Bubble Shooter Fairy
Bubble Shooter Fairy is a beautiful and cute bubble shootgames!Various game modes and different targets are ready foryourchallenge! - Tap where you want to shoot bubbles - Group 3 ormorebubbles to bust them - More than thousands levels to play -Usepowerful boosters to help - Aim and shoot wisely will gethigherscore - Challenging and well-designed levels - Play withfriendsaround the world Bubble Shooter Fairy is completely freetodownload and play in Google Play! Start your wonderfuladventureand create a best score!
Magic Bubble Shooter 1.0.1
Are you ready for exciting travelling? The best free bubbleshootinggame is now available on googleplay. Swipe to the stunningworld ofalmost 800 bubble blasting levels. Burst as many bubblesas you canin this bubble shooting puzzle game.Train your brain andget in onthe puzzle game action as you shoot in magicalbubbles.Follow thewitch step to explore this magic world.FEATURESAND TIPS:- Burst allbubbles to get target- Brilliant and brightbubble graphics-Completely FEE to play, challenging to master!-Pop 3 or more samewith minimum shoots to win 3-stars- Magicalbubbles : Rainbowbubble, Fire bubble, Aiming line, shield- Tryyour best to usespecial booster bubbles if you want pass sometricky levels- Near1000 challenging bubble popping levels thathelp to train your brainand fingerEnjoy Our bubble shooter game!The More Play and The MoreExciting! Have fun in thismagicalwrold!--------------------------------------------------------------ForFamilies:Alsoyou can play with your families and friends. Happynew year!
Pet Paradise: Bubble Pop Match
Kizi Games
Match & Pop bubble puzzles in this fun Bubble Shooter!Restoreand decorate a cute island for your dogs and cats in PetParadise,an award-winning bubble pop adventure! Experience a funandaddictive bubble puzzle game where you pop and burst bubblestodecorate and restore the Paradise Islands for your cute pets!Popbubbles, finish puzzle challenges, and collect pet friends! Areyoua bubble genius? Collect friendly unique cat and dog pets whohelpbubble burst through hundreds of puzzle pop levels! The funneverstops! Features: ● IT’S A BUBBLE SHOOTING MASTERPIECE- Matchandpop colorful bubbles through hundreds of fun and challenginglevelsthat increase in difficulty. See if you can beat them all! ●ADOPTPAWESOME PETS - Unlock and collect cute and furry cat &dogfriends! Make sure to feed and play with them daily forhelpfulbonuses! ● RESTORE AND DECORATE ISLANDS - Clear the shrubsandbuild up the beautiful Paradise Islands for your pets to enjoyandcall home! ● BUBBLE BLASTING BOOSTERS - Charge up specialpowersand unlock powerful boosters with your pets to clearchallenginglevels! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT - Use it to share specialmoments withyour friends, ask for lives and save your progress! ●AN EASY GAMEOF STRATEGY - Free and easy to play, but challenginglevels tomaster! —————————————————————————————————————————————————PleaseNote that while Pet Paradise is free to download and play italsoallows you to purr-chase virtual items with real money insidethegame. You can disable in-app purchases in your devices settings.InPet Paradise, an internet connection may be required in ordertoaccess certain features. Pet Paradise may also containadvertising.Facebook - - Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: