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World of Cubes Survival Craft with Skins Export 2.9
Play Free Online Multiplayer Games, build block world withthousandsof random players or friends worldwide. Play FreeSurvival CraftGames on the infinite randomly generated maps!Explore block worldscreated by others in Multiplayer - Simulator.Upload your own mapsfrom Singleplayer to Online Multiplayerservers to play with others!Build anything and everything fromblocks alone or with other usersworldwide in Online Multiplayer -Simulator. Protect your own onlinebuilding with passwords so thatonly friends and people you know canaccess them! Play SurvivalCraft Games on the infinite maps! Finddifferent resources, minecraft new items and build your own shelterto survive the nights!Watch out monsters: zombies, pumpkin headsand other aggressivemonsters to save your health and hunt downeatable animals: cows,horses, pigs, chickens etc. to overcome yourhunger. Customize yourcharacter by choosing unique skin from 160+available skins forWorld of Cubes Survival Craft Games! Select yourfavorite BlocksTexture Pack: CLASSIC, MEDIEVAL, MODERN orTECHNOLOGY.Features:•Offline Survival Games on the infinite cubeworld with crafting andbuilding, exploration, farming, mobs etc.•Online CreativeMultiplayer or Offline Modes with block building,city building,exploration, multicraft • Built-in chat withmulticolor support•Password protected Parental control for GlobalChat. Disable chatfor younger children. • 1000+ of user createdmaps for explorationin Creative Online Simulator• 160+ skins in 7+themed skin packs:FUTURISTIC, MOSNTERS, CARTOON, SPORT and others•20+ excitedpredefined servers to start playing and exploration • 4+differentBlock Textures Packs to choose from• No subscription oradditionalfees requiredThis is not an official Mojang app. Thissandbox freegames is not associated or connected with Mojang AB anditsMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). Minecraft pe is a trademarkofMojang AB and this sandbox is not endorsed by or affiliatedwiththe creator of Minecraft or its licensers.
Luxurious Pink House. Map for MCPE 43
In this new map for Minecraft you will find yourself in ahugeluxurious pink house. Do you guess, whose is this house?Thendownload our new map for Minecraft for free and visit themostpopular doll all over the world!In this map for MCPE you haveagreat chance to visit the most famous doll all over the world,and,of course, you can’t miss this chance. You will visitincrediblemansion, which is colored in bright pink. Actually thismap forMinecraft is full of pink color, and in real life it wouldbe toomuch, but in this map for MCPE it looks quite harmonic. Thehouseof the famous doll is incredibly large and well-equipped. Youcanvisit numerous huge rooms, living-room, kitchen, cosy terracewithamazing view and many others places. On the backyard there isalarge swimming-pool with high diving tower and cutedeckchairs,located near the water. Also on the territory of thehouse thereare several constructions, where you can find a lot ofinterestingthings. Explore this map for Minecraft solely or playwith yourfriends, in any case, if you download it you will have alot offun.• You can download this map for Minecraft for free.• Inorderto play with this map Minecraft Pocket Edition should beinstalledon your mobile device.DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’tmade orsupported by Mojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Editionareofficial trademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPEmapdon’t cooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres totheterms set up by Mojang AB. More infoat
Exploration Lite Craft 1.0.9
An amazing infinite blocky open world to build, craft andexplore.Exploration Craft lets you be the reality crafting god! Asa minerand adventurer, you need to build constructions out oftexturedcubes in this 3D block world. You may also need to combatagainstevil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined andcrafted inthe daylight. Explore, mine resources, craft tools andweapons,grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magic spells.There areno limits to your creativity and imagination in this liteand proversion of the game! Game Features: - Deep tutorial and tonsof 3Delements - Procedurally generated open world sandboxenvironment -Create your own castles using blocks and otherelements - Train andraise mobs/mounts to help you fight againstmonsters
Pou 1.4.77
Do you have what it takes to take care of your very own alienpet?!Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up whilelevelingup and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits tosatisfy yourunique taste. How will YOU customize your POU? * Feedand take careof Pou, and watch it grow!* Play Games in the GameRoom and collectCoins!* Experiment with Potions at the Lab!*Customize Pou'sappearance!* Try out new Outfits, Hats andEyeglasses!* Customizeeach room's Wallpaper!* Unlock Achievementsand Special items!*Visit and play with your friends!* Talk to Pouand listenback!We're always listening to your suggestions toimprove Pou andadd new stuff! If you have any issue with the game,just contact usand we will help you! (we can't replytocomments)! :)Pou is available in English,French,Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch,Danish,Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Russian,Japanese,Korean, Chinese, Persian and Arabic.
Color by Number - No.Draw 1.3.5
Creative APPS
Colors by Number is the most popular FREE color by number gameforeveryone.There’re tons of interesting pixel arts for you tocolor,and more updated daily; you’ll never run out of coloringmaterials!SUPER EASY GAMEPLAY: Each pixel block has a numberinside. You canjust color by number, and you’ll have a piece ofsuper cool pixelartwork! Colors by Number isn’t just incredibly funto play, italso helps you practice drawing and coloring skills. AndColor byNumber can be really stress relieving. Just relax and enjoyasession of nice and comfy color therapy! No matter what ageyouare, Color by Number can always be the best one for you!Downloadfor FREE now and have fun coloring! Download now and have agreattime coloring!
PrimalCraft: Cubes Craft & Survive Game 4.1.9
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you canbuildyour own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3DSandboxConstruction; • Free2play game; • RPG Elements; • CubeHouseBuilding; • Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; •MULTIPLAYERbeta mode to CHAT with the real people online; • 40+Worlds toExplore; • Mining Craft & Destroying everything; •Build YourOwn Shelter/House/Town/World; • Go Deep into the Mines; •GatherResources to Survive; • Fight The Enemies; • GameAuto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and surviving gamein which youcan explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in thecube earth,gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survivein wildanimals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ► CreativeTryyourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters.Exploreall the beauty of the world. It's the place to implementyourimagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ►SurvivalIt's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are alot ofwild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious.You canclone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. ***CREATIVEMODE FEATURES *** • Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free;•Endless gameplay; • Explore the blueprint worlds! • Buildandcreate awesome buildings and structures! • Compare yourblockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVALMODEFEATURES *** ⇒ A great number of different monsters. ⇒ AfterGameAwards. ⇒ Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS*** ⇒Millions of players all around the world; ⇒ More than 100kinds ofweapons; ⇒ More than 35 maps and locations; ⇒Endlesspossibilities! ⇒ 3D game graphics! ⇒ Exploration of thesandboxblocky world! ⇒ City builder game! In PrimalCraftmultiplayer betamode you could play with real people online: - Gettogether in oneworld to show the most amazing buildings to eachother! - Discussin real chat game features or game quests; - Giveadvises to peopleonline how to build their shelters/houses/towns!Play PrimalCraftGame on your own map! Create different resources,mine, build orcraft new items and build your own shelter to survivein thenights, stay there and be safe from the block monsters:zombies,pumpkin heads and other aggressive monsters. Save yourhealth andhunt down eatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickensetc. toovercome your hunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you tocustomizeyour character by choosing unique skin Survival CraftWorld!PrimalCraft is one of the best building simulator! Try it nowwithall your friends or family members and win by creating thebestcity! This PrimalCraft Game gives opportunity to design adreamblock house in 3D environment, and build a whole cubetown!Everything is possible on this Adventure Game! This is allaboutPrimalCraft where all your city building dreams come true!Pleasegive us 5 stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate yoursupport!Follow PrimalCraft on: TWITTER: Please join PrimalCraftGameCommunities! FORUM:
Exploration DIVERS 10.DIVERSII.19
When you start, you need to wait 30-60 seconds! We present toyourattention the game, Exploration Divers. In this game youareexpecting wonderful 11 worlds full of different mysteriesandadventures. You expect a lot of interesting things. What areyouwaiting for? Such a second game you will not find!
Enjoy the fastest and most complete particle sandbox that alsohasrotation and no adverts. Create anything with 35+differentmaterials in an open environment, play around, drawdifferentdesigns that use the interactions between elements, andwatch theresult. Or just blow everything up! If you would like tohelp addyourlanguage:
Dollhouse Craft 2: Girls Design & Decoration
Design & decorate your doll house! Fashion craft forgirls!Building & crafting in a funny game! Be like aprincess(princess craft) and decorate your own blocky cube castle!Buildcraft & decorate rooms with furniture! House decoration(houseplanner app) taken to the new level! Craft for girls! Dollhouse!Place cute elements to build the best house for dollsever!Interior and exterior design app! exploration of the pixelartgirls world! You can even date boys while designing your owndreamhouse. Invite your High school friends for an epic party andchatwith them! Go shopping with high school friends! Take yourcutelittle pet with you! Or build a shopping center, spa or petshop!Plant flowers and decorate the exterior. Dress up and craftnewpixel glamour clothes! Date craft mode for cool boys and topgirls!Great for Teens too! Chat with blocky cube NPCs. Decoratewallswith paintings and wallpapers! Best pixel art simdollhousedecoration game free with exploration experience! DollhouseInterior design app - for free! Build a princess castle! Driveacar (car craft for girls) ride a train or even buildrestaurant,zoo or a theme park! Bake a sweet strawberry cake in thekitchen!Make friends with Pony or ride an unicorn! Plan, build anddecoratea blocky cube whole house! You can choose from modern housetoprincess room. Become an exterior & interior designerusingthis free game! Decorate your own nail salon or partyhouse!Befriend a cute, small animal - dog, kittie, pony or evenanunicorn! Doll house decoration in a fancy world ready forBuilding& crafting! Craft unique items, explore the world! Be aqueenor princess among dolls! There are many hand-crafted cuteblockycube furniture for you to decorate these rooms how you likeit. Howdo you want to decorate the bathroom, bedroom, garden,kitchen orliving room? It’s up to you! Best Building & craftinggame fortop girls in the world! Dollhouse craft 2 - sim designwithbeautiful pixel art graphics! Colorful adventure to design&decoration world! Fashion, design and creativity! Createanddecorate the dollhouse of your dreams! Interior homedecoration!Fashion dolls need a fancy pixel art house! Build aprincess dollhouse! Apart from building and crafting you can chooseclothes andbe a fashion star have a fancy pet (cat, dog, unicorn),chat anddate cool handsome blocky cube boys! Fall in love andprepare yourown wedding! Play minigames to earn more unique items,challengeand compete friends in the multiplayer mode (soon).Decorate a cutepink living room! Build a theme park or a zoo!Teenage boys andgirls! You should play this! FEATURES: Build anddesign usingblocks Over 300 blocks and elements Completely free!Pre-generateddoll houses (castle, mansion, modern, restaurant) Chatwith NPCsUPCOMING FEATURES: Multiplayer Fashion craft (design) DateCraftSpa salon mode
Theme Park Craft: Build & Ride
Roller Coaster Theme park in a blocky world. Become arollercoastermaster! Build, craft and create thrillingrollercoaster tracks, runyour own theme park and become a realtycoon! Building and craftinggame! Free game for teenage girls andboys! Rollercoasters,carousels, virtual reality rides! Build scarytracks in the rollercoaster simulator sandbox game! Create anytheme: clown or recreatean Orlando theme park! Theme park rider formobile! Use blocks andcraft items to make your park look awesome!Free building andcrafting games bring you Theme Park Craft. Createmedievalbuildings or modern skyscrapers. Creative game for creativegirls!Take your BFF and create a room for them! Another awesomegame!Building, exploration and designing. Design craft and simtycoongame! Craft for teenage girls and boys of any age! Make yourowntheme park with little unicorns (unicorn craft) or pony(ponycraft). Use pre-made elements like tracks, wagons. Set the hotdogor popcorn stands and start the theme park business!Invitefriends, sell tickets - make a business strategy! Createownadventure! Incoming Story mode! Simulator game with alittlebusiness strategy in a sandbox blocky world! Invite yourhighschool friends or create a spot for a perfect date (likecafeteria,little zoo or cinema). Place candy shop and pet mini zoofor theyoungest! Design and decorate the interiors (design craft).Build atiny choo-choo train tracks or massive rollercoaster!Building& crafting game with roller coasters! Ride a princesshorse!Sweet baby girls room decorated with funny cute kittensandstrawberries as a wallpaper. Ultra awesome pink andcolorfulfurniture. Design anything you want! Dragons and monsters!Goodgame for teens and adults as well! Cube sandbox world!Infinitedesign possibilities! Interact with animals - horse, panda,cutecats and other pets! Build simple! Craft whatever you want!PocketEdition game lets you create adventure craft game scenarios.Realchat - date guys! Talking to a real NPC (with chatbot)! Becomeacastle crafter! Crafting for girls and boys! Build yourdreamland!Features: building & crafting using blocks Chat (talkto guysand girls!) Dating (date craft) - meet the love of yourlifeExploration - sandbox world (infinite world) Girls craft mode(cutetextures) Teenage Boy craft mode Train tracks builder Over400blocks, textures and elements Furniture - interior designsimulatorFree game! Upcoming features: Multiplayer Shooting (tanks,gunsetc.) Car racing mode Block world adventure mode
CraftShake - tools simulator 105
This app will simulate one of the tools from Minecraft. You canminewith the tools using your accelerometer(shaking) with yourphone. Wetry to simulate a mining feeling like in sandbox game MC.You canimpress your friends by mining things around you like youwould inMC. What you need to do in order to mine: . Turn yoursound on .Swipe across your screen to change tool . Shake yourphone If youlike it please share it with your friends and don'tforget to ratethe app. In order to unlock next tool you need tomine requiredamount of mc blocks. With these tools from you cansurprise yourfriends at Minecon and have fun time.You can hear thesounds ofdifferent tools when you shake your phone. You can swipeon thescreen to switch through different tools. For now there arepickaxe,axe, shovel, hoe, sword,flint and steel,bow. The game wasonlyinspired by MC and is not made or supported by Mojang.Developingquality apps like requires months of effort anddedication. To keepthe development going and to recover our cost,this app uses ads formonetization.
com.groundhog.mcpemaster 2.2.5
Nimo TV
**Support Minecraft Pocket Edition This app requiresMinecraftPocket Edition. [MCPE master's Key Features] ★FloatingWindow★ √Player: Invincible | Fly | Sprint | Add item(all items inthe waterupdate) √ Game: Change Weather | Time | Mode | Show HP |Mini Map √Item: (TMI) Too many items | Redstone | Mobs √ Rapidbuild: PutLine, Cuboid, Sphere by one click √ Mob: Creeper |Enderman |Silverfish | Ocelot| Ghast |Turtles | parrots | dolphins| tropicalfish ★Import & Download★ Mod | Maps | Textures |Skins | Seeds| Addons All the interesting maps, cool skins, amazingtexture andvaried mods can be applied to MINECRAFT POCKET EDITIONby simplyclick download and apply. ★Addon Download & Import★The newestversion supports download and import of addon. Playerscan nowdownload addon directly from MCPE Master by one click. It isalso aconvenient addon tool to import addon from your phone's file.●MCPE Mods&Addons: -Mod:Weapon Mods | Gun Mods | FurnitureMods| Portal Mods | Animal Mods | Pet Mods | Dragon Mods |RedstoneMods | Pixelmon Mods √More than 2000 models of mod freedownload,compatible with the new version of the game - Addons:city|Building | Mansions | Furnished houses | Buildings | Statues|Aircraft and helicopters | Spaceships | Naval ships Cars | Meansoftransport | Medieval castles | Mechanisms √plug-in library ofmorethan 1,000 works, equipped with a large number of maps,realizingthe true story mode ● MCPE Maps&Seed: √Adventure Maps| ParkourMaps | Minigame Maps | PVP Maps | Horror Maps | RollerCoaster Maps| Hide and Seek Maps | Survival Maps | Redstone Maps |ArchitectureMaps √Village | Island | Mountains | Desert | Caverns |Glacier |Desert Temple | Strongholds | Monster spawners | ForestSkylands |MINI World | And much more Hills, Plants, Houses, Cities,Redstone,Flying Island, Horrors, Escape from Prisons, Cops andBandits. Itis not only a launcher for Minecraft Pocket Edition, butalso anapp for you to download fantastic maps, skins, texturepacks, seedsand mods. There are plenty of maps for MCPE. Playerscan easilydownload adventure maps, PVP maps, minigame maps, etc.MCPE Masterwill update Minecraft maps, skins, texture, seeds andmods everydayso that players can access the newest resources andenjoy playingMinecraft. We will continuously focus on finding outmore resourcespacks. You can even submit your own MCPE maps, skins,texture,seeds or mods to be added to MCPE Master. They can be sentby email(to, or upload via the port in theapp. ●For MC PE skins, there is a function called 3D preview.Thousandsof skins for MCPE are available. You can preview the skinsin 360degree and download for free. ● For MC PE mods, there areplenty ofmods like Polar Bear mod, every kind of gun mods, petmods, TNTmods, dragon mods. If you like MCPE master, check out ournewproduct Multiplayer master for MCPE. With Multiplayer masteryouare able to play online with your friends from worldwide. Wearenot affiliated with Mojang. And it is not an official Mojangapp.The Name, Brand and the Assets are all property of Mojang ABortheir respectful owner. Contactus:Facebook: more videos from Minetubers: ※ AWESOME TOO MANY ITEMSfor0.13.0!!! - Inventory Editor for MCPE - Minecraft PE(PocketEdition) ※ TOOMANYITEMS MOD in 0.13.0!!! - MCPE Master Update - Minecraft PE(PocketEdition) ※ RAPIDBUILDMOD!! - Minecraft Pocket Edition MCPE Master App UPDATE!0.14.3 +(Pocket Edition) MCPEMaster OfficialWebsite:
Exploration Base 2017 1.5
Enjoy a crafting experience like no other, with endless fun inanendless 3D environment. Craft your dream home, everythingispossible on this pro 3d version.Explore this world and startlivingyour dreams and imagination. Choose between flat creativemod,where you can build whatever you desire or terain mod whereyouneed to build along mmountains and lakes, each day is anewchallenge. Build you home during daytime and you will haveashelter at night time. Build a simple house or craft yourdreamcastle – it's all in your hands. Get different blocks andcraftthem to get the desired output. The possibilities areendless.Goonline – connect to a server and play with others. Youcan choose aserver which is on creative mod or one that is onsurvival mod,easily choose one of the list and join of Minetestservers.Connecting is simple and fast. You can even start your ownlocalserver where you can later play with your friends. Enjoyabeautiful 3D game graphics. simple and intuitive userinterface.Choose between starting from scratch and using yourpreiously savedworlds. You can choose between different worlds thatare availableor just create a new one. Scan the environment quicklywith flightmode and with extended range viewing options.If you arelooking fora true adventure you can bet that you will find it inthis game.You can easily gather blocks together so you can buildwhatever youwish. run free as you craft your dreams and make themlook as youpictured them. Start your exploration today! Swim acrossseas ortour the unlimited lands –it's your choice and the optionsareunlimited. Our game is free and we will keep it thatway.Pleaseleave your reviews, we appreciate your support. Thankyou!
Blockman Go: Blocky Mods 1.10.32
Welcome to Blockman GO ! Blockman GO is a free appincludingminigames,chatting and making friends. You can playvarious blockstyle minigames here. Key Features - Various Games:Variousminigames that allow multiple players to play togetherandcontinuously update the games. Users can join the game by asimpletap. - Customizable avatars: The dressing system provides agreatdeal of dressing for the player. Covers various stylesofdecoration, dress up yourself as you want, gorgeous,simple,elegant, lively, or cute. The System also will recommend thebestclothes for you. Quickly join the fashion feast and become themostbrilliant star! - Chat system: Blockman GO provides playerswith arich chat interaction. Connect with your friends onlineusingin-game chat features, private messages, and groups, sharingfunnymoment with them. No more single player in game! - Genderexclusivedecoration: The system provides different decorationsbased on therole sex, and you should pay attention to it before youcreate therole. - Gold Rewards: You will gain gold by playing minigames. Themore scores you achieve, the more rewards you will gain.Gold canbe used to purchase decoration and items. - VIP System: VIPplayersare entitled to many privileges, including 20% discountondecoration, daily gift, more gold and so on. Join Blockman GOandstart Sandbox game exploration tours with players around theworldIf you have any feedback and suggestion, please feel freetocontact us at blockymods@sandboxol.comDiscord: Official website:
Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplestofhomes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative modewithunlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survivalmode,crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.Create,explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devicesorWindows 10. EXPAND YOUR GAME: Marketplace - Discover thelatestcommunity creations in the marketplace! Get unique maps,skins, andtexture packs from your favorite creators. Slash commands- Tweakhow the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs,changethe time of day, and more. Add-Ons - Customize yourexperience evenfurther with free Add-Ons! If you're moretech-inclined, you canmodify data-driven behaviors in the game tocreate new resourcepacks. MULTIPLAYER Realms - Play with up to 10friendscross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms, your ownprivateserver that we host for you. Try a free 30-day trialin-app.Multiplayer - Play with up to 4 friends with a free XboxLiveaccount online. Servers - Join free massive multiplayer serversandplay with thousands of others! Discover giganticcommunity-runworlds, compete in unique mini-games and socialize inlobbies fullof new friends! SUPPORT:https:/// LEARNMORE:https:///
Maps for Minecraft PE 20.5
Over 30,000 different maps for you to play on, includingadventuremaps, minigames, parkour, pixel art and so much more! Mapsaredownloaded and installed automatically so you can play themwithinseconds! Every map has a title, description and screenshot soyouknow what to expect before playing them. Some maps even haveaYouTube video to showcase them. You can even submit your ownmapsto be added to the app. We have tried to provide credit to themapmaker(s) where possible. We recommend you check out themapmaker(s) as they often give you rules, challenges andotherimportant information about each map. This application doesuse theinternet, so please be aware of data usage! This is anunofficialapplication for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is notaffiliated in any way with Mojang AB. TheMinecraft Name, theMinecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are allproperty of MojangAB or their respectful owner. All rightsreserved. In accordancewith
2 Player Games Free 1.8
App Holdings
This is a collection of singleplayer / multiplayer games whichcanbe played by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even as many as 6 players onthesame device (smartphone of tablet). Each of the games hasverysimple rules and is easy to pick up. You don't need wifi ortheinternet because this game is for offline, local multiplayer.Youcan play the games with random people on a dance party, or usethemas icebreaker in awkward situations like your first date. Theappis also ideal for married couples to play together, forbrothersand sisters, kids and parents, and for friends to pass thetime.For some reason, these two player games tend to getverycompetitive and funny. Each of the games is a two player gamewithextra modes for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The more peopleplayingtogether, the more fun! But if you have no one around toplay with,you can also play alone in the 1-player mode to trainyour skillsfor your later victories when you play with yourfriends. We've gotmini-games here with unique rules, but alsore-makes of famousmobile hits. They are all adapted to the crazyrequirement ofletting up to 6 players play on the same screen. Forexample: -multiplayer endless runner - multiplayer birds withflapping wings- platform jumping game - 3-in-a-row with Tic-Tac-Toelike rules -crossing a busy road together - bingo - a strategy gamewhere yousend armies to capture castles (has nasty AI insingle-player) -football / soccer (close to Pong and hockey) - amultiplayerversion of the 1024/2048 puzzle - tapping only your owntiles -balloon popping We regularly add new mini-games. Stay tunedforupdates and recommend this game to your friends! By installingthegame you agree to privacy policy of Google(AdMob): and Unity(UnityAnalytics):
MineBloxia Prison. Map for MCPE 43
In this new map for Minecraft you have to choose a side and becomeafair policeman or dangerous criminal. Call your friends, divideintoteams, download our new map for MCPE for free and just havefun!Thisexciting map for Minecraft is for several players, soobviously callyour friends. You and other players should make achoice and playfor prisoners or for cops. To play for both teamsis ratherinteresting, each team gas its own aims andspecialties,nevertheless, no matter what you choose, you have achance tochange team in new game. So, main aims of prisoners:• Toescapefrom the cell• To free other prisoners• To find a criminalbase• Tocapture a prisonMain aims of cops:• Don’t let prisoners toescape•To arrest escapeesThe rules are quite simple, and althoughthisplotline is quite popular among numerous maps for Minecraft, itisstill very interesting to play. Nobody knows, how the game willendand what situations will players face, everything depends onyouand other players, that’s why in this map for MCPE is usuallyveryunpredictable end. Download our new map for Minecraft forfree,call your friends and have a good time!-You can downloadthisMinecraft map for free.-You will need to install MinecraftPocketEdition on your mobile device for this map.DISCLAIMER: Thismap forMCPE isn’t made or supported by Mojang. Minecraft andMinecraftPocket Edition are official trademarks of Mojang AB. Thedevelopersof this MCPE map don’t cooperate with Mojang. Thisapplicationfully adheres to the terms set up by Mojang AB. Moreinfo at
Builder Craft: House Building & Exploration
Best free crafting game in 2017. Build epic structuresusingblueprints and explore a huge blocky world! Craft your ownhome oreven a city if you dare to dream so big! Fun game for boysandgirls. Build and decorate your own dream house in a beautifulcity.This kind of house building & construction games 3D willblowyour mind! Your creativity will be unstoppable andthepossibilities endless. The whole world will be your ownbuildingsandbox game! There is no need to care about dangerspresent in thesurvival mode when you're doing your craft -exploration. Yourhouse building game won't be suddenly stopped byattacking mobs.Protip: start the exploration in lite way by havinga look aroundthe place you spawn. Later on start crafting andbuilding for free,placing your own structures using craft ideasfrom the blueprints.There is no need for PE, mods or launcher. Thegame features a hugeselection of house blueprints for you to use -and expect updateswith even more! Look around to find blueprintsfor the bestbuilding! Games like this allow you to express yourcreative sidein countless ways. There are tons of craft ideas foryou to test soyou might be asking: how to do them? It's verysimple, you justplace a blueprint and fill it block by block! Getthe best craftinghouse & building ideas here. Download and playthis amazingfree building game - it's like having a whole world tomine andcraft in the pocket! This edition of crafter games featuresminerfun, crafting exploration and lite challenges - storyquests.Crafting and building for boys was never so fun! It's alsoone ofthe craft games for girls, because house building fun isgreat foreverybody! Unleash your creative skills while you mine& craftfor the purposes of modern house building. In thecurrent versionthere is no multiplayer crafting & exploration.Instead of thatyou can enjoy home decoration games with many rooms,for girls andboys! Craft a house of your own. Do you like to playbuilding housegames free and offline? Search no further, as this isthe ultimateconstruction simulator (sim) where you can have yourown house inyour own world! Although interior design simulatormight soundserious - it is great for kids, too, because this housecraftinggame is perfect for all ages! Design your dream home andperfectyour house craft for free. Become an artisan of the block,craftvoxel structures that will amaze and make everybody envious!Waitno longer, download now!
Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale 7.1.4
D-Games Apps
5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars,sniperduels and fun bandits war at every turn! Look sharp, shootingiseverywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discoveralot of interesting missions about gangsters and cops, bangs,mafiaand police. Get ahead of other hunters for coins, weapons andammoyou can find around. Creative ways of fun and action - thatblockcity might need a little destruction to shake things up. We’vemadeeverything for fans of tough 3d battlegrounds - plasmaguns,destroyer, super rifles, a lot of armor types and manyotherexciting things, you should try out! Accomplish impossibleopsgiven by mafia bosses, where critical goals depend totally onyou!Drive awesome cars, parkour and escape from police. Bad guyorhero, adventures are waiting for you. Take your pixel gun and gotothe Block City! Welcome to third person shooter - Block CityWars:⊹ 13 great multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Free PVPFight,Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and Infection Zombiemode.⊹ A vast megalopolis with top high skyscrapers where you arefreeto do whatever you want ⊹ More than 50 means of transport:sportscars, motor-cycles, jet packs, military helicopters andtakns. ⊹Export awesome skins to minecraft from the game. ⊹ Morethan 100weapon units – Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Katana andmanymore! ⊹ Full game stats and daily winners lists. ⊹ More than150000 players online a day. ⊹ A game chat for players tocommunicatewith each others. ⊹ Different gangster jobs in SingleSandbox mode.⊹ Awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.
My Talking Tom
My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game for the whole family.-Players can adopt Tom and take care of him every day, makingsurehe gets enough food and sleep, taking him to the toilet,andkeeping him happy, smiling and laughing. - The game featuresacollection of mini games designed to test skill, reflexesandpuzzle solving ability - puzzle games, action games,adventuregames, and even a sport game. There’s something foreveryone! -Players can compete head-to-head in Goal! or slingshotto survivein Go Up - the challenge never ends! - Tom likes to bepetted andeven spoken to - he repeats everything he hears in hisfunny voice!- Users can collect new clothes for him and newfurniture items forhis house are unlocked. - Everyone can customizeTom in their ownway - an astronaut, a pilot, a superhero… or maybejust somethingcool and casual. - Tom can go on trips to othercountries and buildup an album of photos from his travels! Millionsof people play MyTalking Tom every day, so why not join the fun?And best of all…it’s absolutely FREE! So download now, and startplaying today!This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harborseal indicatesthat Outfit7 Limited has established COPPA-compliantprivacypractices to protect your child’s personal information. Ourapps donot allow younger children to share their information. Thisappcontains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising;-Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;-Personalization of content to encourage users to play theappagain; - YouTube integration to allow users to watch videosofOutfit7's animated characters; - The option to makein-apppurchases; - Items to purchase (available in differentprices)using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress;and -Alternative options to access all functionalities of theappwithout making any in-app purchases using real money. Terms ofuse: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Rest of the world privacypolicy: Customer
Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game 6.8.0d
Gameloft SE
OVER 900 MILLION PLAYERS HAVE FELT THE RUSH. NOW IT’S YOURTURN!Strap on your good shoes 👟 and run with thisaward-winning,fan-favorite arcade runner for kids and adults!!Jump, roll anddodge obstacles while collecting cool costumes forDespicable MeMinions.👕 ❤ FAVORITE MINIONS • Play with despicableMinions likethe fun loving Dave, free hearted Carl, good &reliable Jerry,and casual Mel. 🎩 AMAZING COSTUMES • Collect dozensof good Minioncostumes like the Surfer and Ninja. Each powers-upyour runner inways you’ll love! 🏜 ICONIC LOCATIONS • Run freethrough El Macho’stemple lair, surf up to the Anti-Villain Leagueand feel like kidsagain in Super Silly Fun Land. 🎁 AMAZING REWARDS• Every run canunlock rewards you’ll love and a rush of fun! Don'tForget: MinionRush is the only mobile runner game packed with ALLTHE FAMILY FUNOF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES! 🤗
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 4.40.0
THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN! From the writers of TheSimpsons,comes the city building game that lets you create your ownliving,breathing Springfield! When Homer accidently causes ameltdown thatwipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to clean up hismess… wemean, help him rebuild it! Collect Your Favorite CharactersHelpreunite Homer with his loved ones - Marge, Lisa, Maggie (andevensometimes Bart) – as well as his not so loved ones, likeNedFlanders. Re-populate Springfield with your favoritecharacters,from Barflies (Barney Gumble) to Wise Guys (Fat Tony).Add themall, we won’t judge! Dress your characters to the nineswithoptions like Daredevil Bart or Lizard Queen Lisa, and relivescenesfrom your favorite episodes of The Simpsons! Take Charge ofYourSpringfield Can’t control your own life? Now you can controlthelives of the citizens of Springfield instead! Make Apuworkridiculously long shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, have Moesmuggleillegal animals, or make Homer toil poolside all day… thatlast onemight not be so bad. Build Your Own Springfield ThinkHomerdeserves to live next door to Moe’s? Or the monorail cansurvive afew more sharp twists and turns? Well you can finallymakeSpringfield just the way you want it! Expand your town totheWaterfront, grow its businesses with the glamourous shopsofSpringfield Heights, and enjoy its sights, all with only afewtaps. Experience Unique Simpsons Stories Catch exclusiveanimatedscenes and new hilarious stories from the writers of TheSimpsons.You know they’re good because they write for The Simpsons!TappedOut is the most life-ruiningly fun Simpsons game you canplay!Always Something New for Your Favorite Town Springfieldmightperpetually be on the verge of destruction, buy hey, at leastit’snever boring. Whether it’s Halloween monster invasions,superheroesrun amok, or chaos caused by one of Homer’s “great”ideas, you’vegot never-ending options to tap! **This game downloadsadditionalcontent on first launch that can be up to 1.5GB based ondevice. Werecommend connecting to WIFI the first time you play.This game isalso supported with regularly occurring content updatesthatrequire additional downloads when released. Please be patientwhileit loads (we promise it’s worth the wait).** Visit for assistanceorinquiries. EA may retire online features and services after30days’ notice posted on Information. This app: Requires a persistentInternetconnection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance ofEA’sPrivacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. ; Originmobileservices are included with this Application.See and End User License Agreementfordetails; EA may retire online features and services after 30days’notice posted on; EA may retireonlinefeatures and services after 30-days notice per e-mail(ifavailable) and posted on;Collectsdata though third party ad serving and analytics technology(SeePrivacy & Cookie Policy for details); Contains direct linkstosocial networking sites intended for an audience over 13.
Blockman Multiplayer for Minecraft
Blockman Multiplayer for MCPE is a freeappincluding server, minigames, chatting and making friendsforMinecraft Pocket Edition. Players are able to enjoyMinecraftPocket Edition and Minecraft Minigames with friends allaround theworld.Full of minigames servers for players all aroundtheworld!Features★Minecraft MinigamesBlockman Multiplayer for MCPE offers the most popular minigames onaserver including Survival Game, Sky War, and Build Battle. NomoreIP address and complicated settings, users can join the gameby asimple tap.◆Easy Use: Entering the minigames by a simple tap. Nomoredownloading process and complicated settings in the app.◆New Factors: Massive Resources, varying Roles, andextraordinaryTalent enhance a creative way in the game.◆Popular games: Full of famous Minecraft minigames includingSkywar,Survival Games, Build Battle and so on.◆Amazing Rewards: Full of exciting competitions and rewardsforplayers. Double rewards for winner in server!★ClanThe clan is created by Minecraft players themselves and canbejoined 30 members maximum. There are many creative ways forplayersto enjoy the game with friends. Here, you can find your ownteamand build up a family with players all around the world.◆Region of Clan: Set up your own Clan and achievemorerewards.◆War of Clan: Battling is one of the most exciting way todevelopyour clan. Battling with other clans and achieve the glorywithfriend together!◆Clan development: Developing the Clan and improving yourroles’level, which helps you achieve more values.◆Clan Reward: The stronger, the more properties in the clan. Italsobringing more rewards to members.☆Free ServerCreate and join the server anytime anywhere! People all aroundtheworld can play Minecraft together in Blockman MultiplayerforMCPE☆Floating WindowAfter creating a server, users are able to edit the worldthroughFloating Window. There are many different features includingModesSettings, Time Settings, Disable Items, Chatting, andFriendSystem, which offer more creative ways to players inserver!☆Group SystemPlayers are able to create their own group! Easier to find yourteammember to join the server.☆Gift SystemThere are many different gifts including Christmas Tree, SantaClausand Crystal ball in Blockman. Pick one of it as a gift toyour closefriend!☆Friend SystemFollowing your friend in social system, and sharing funnymomentwith them. No more single player in game!☆Voice ChatTyping too slow in game? We offering voice chat feature to chatwithfriend any time any where.☆Rewards SystemRoles level up, Golden rewards, Game Experience and DailyCheck-in,all of these relate with rewards in Blockman Multiplayerfor MCPE!Joining our community to find out more excited thinginserver.☆Resources ManagementSupporting all kinds of maps and skins. You are able to edit andaddthese things to create your own server.DISCLAIMER-This is a third party App, it is not the gameMinecraftor affiliated with the game and its makers (Mojang orMicrosoft) inanyway.If you have any feedback and suggestion, please feel free tocontactus at , or visit our officialTwitterTwitter/
American Block Sniper Survival 1.65
Aeria Canada
**** INTENSE GAME PLAY **** Launch a fun, fast-paced 3Dmobilegaming experience upon downloading this addictive FPS game.Strikefast and defeat enemies in this combat challenge. Collectammo andHP pickups as you advance. The advantage will decreasethough, asthe number of enemies increases significantly. Thisultimate battleoffers the option to go at it hand-to-hand or with arange of meleeand firearm weapons. The choice is yours. Choose yourdifficulty,earn power-ups by completing quick tasks and unlocklevels on themission map select. **** SNIPER DEFENSE **** Test yourmarksmanshipin this exciting new mode, where you defend your toweragainstwaves of enemies. They will be coming in left, right andcenter andyou will have to spot them quickly and pull the triggerto stopthem all. Features: Pixel cube graphics Multiple levels tounlockand explore Precision aiming Radar map Health meterMultipledifficulty settings Plenty of classic weapons to tryIMPORTANT:Some users are experiencing issues with loading level 7and beyond.This was due to an issue with our server and we havefixed this.Please update to a version 1.64 or higher to avoidhaving thisproblem. Thank you!
School and Neighborhood. Map for MCPE 31a.0
In this new amazing map for Minecraft you will visit brightandcolorful neighborhood, full of incredible well-equipped housesandeven a school. Download our new map for MCPE for free andbecomeone of the citizens of this amazing place!In this new mapforMinecraft you will visit a cosy neighborhood, full ofdifferenthouses, so if you’re looking for a house, you willcertainly likethis map. Beautiful lawns, flourishing gardens, cleanandconvenient roads, and, of course, wonderful houses – all thisiswaiting for you in this map for MCPE. All houses areabsolutelydifferent, so you will see numerous houses of differentcolors,size and, of course, design, so obviously explore all ofthem, eventhough in this map for Minecraft you will find a lot ofthem. Alsoexplore backyards, here you will find swimming pools, insomehouses there are even several of them, also you will findperfectrelax zones and many others things. You can explore thisamazingmap solely or you can call your friends, also this mapforMinecraft may become a perfect platform for different gameswithyour friends. So don’t waste your time, download our new mapforMinecraft for free and explore unusual neighborhood!• Youcandownload this map for Minecraft for free.• In order to playwiththis map Minecraft Pocket Edition should be installed onyourmobile device.DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’t made orsupportedby Mojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition areofficialtrademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE mapdon’tcooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres to thetermsset up by Mojang AB. More info at
My Talking Angela
Talking Angela is a virtual pet with a style the whole familycanenjoy! - Players can bathe her, decorate her home and feedherdelicious food. - Angela has a variety of mini games designedtotest skill, reflexes and puzzle solving ability. - Playerscancollect stylish stickers to collect and swap with other players.-Angela can select unique outfits from a huge selection offashionitems, including dresses, shoes and makeup. A new makeoverwhenevershe wants! - She can even learn cool dance moves to herfavoritesongs. Whether it’s ballet, K-pop or disco - Angela takesto thestage and makes some magic! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND STARTPLAYING MYTALKING ANGELA NOW! MAKE HER A SUPERSTAR! This app isPRIVOcertified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7Limited hasestablished COPPA compliant privacy practices to protectyourchild’s personal information. Our apps do not allowyoungerchildren to share their information. My Talking Angelaoffers usersan exclusive monthly subscription, allowing access toexclusiveadditional gameplay features, as an optional in-apppurchase. TheCaptain Cute monthly subscription – which offers theCaptain Cuteoutfit, the option to resume playing 4x per mini-gamesession, andunlimited energy for playing mini-games – is priced at$4.99 permonth. Payment will be charged to your Google Play accountat theconfirmation of purchase. The subscription automaticallyrenewsevery month unless it is canceled any time before the end ofthecurrent subscription period. When you cancel your subscription,thecancellation will apply from the next subscription periodonwards.You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going toyourGoogle Play Account settings after purchase. Please notethatdeleting the app does not result in cancellation ofyoursubscription. This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7'sproductsand advertising - Links that direct users to other appsandOutfit7's websites - Personalization of content to entice userstoplay the app again - Watching videos of Outfit7'sanimatedcharacters via YouTube integration - Items are availablefordifferent prices in virtual currency, depending on thecurrentlevel reached by the player - Alternative options to accessallfunctionalities of the app without making any in-app purchaseusingreal money (level progress, games, in-game functionalities,ads)Terms of use: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Rest of the world privacypolicy: Customer
Maps for Minecraft PE 1.10
Maps for Minecraft PE allows you to play tons of Minecraft mapsforfree. There are thousands of maps awaiting for you to play!Allmaps are downloaded and installed on your deviceautomatically.Within a few taps you can start Minecraft PocketEdition and enjoythe game! Each Minecraft map has a title and ascreenshot for youbefore you decide to install. You can also: -Search maps by tags.- Search maps by names. - Mark maps as yourfavorites. If youare/know the creators of the maps please let usknow and we willinclude the name of the authors in to Minecraftmaps. To downloadMinecraft maps into your device you need to havean internetconnection. So please be aware of data usage. Maps forMinecraft PEis not developed by Mojang. Minecraft is a trademark ofMojang AB.Please note that we are not affiliated with Mojang AB butwe adhereto the terms set out by Mojang ABat
Extreme Car Driving Simulator 4.18.26
Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator of2014,thanks to its advanced real physics engine Ever wanted to tryasports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel aracingsports car for free! Be a furious racer on a whole city foryou. Noneed to brake because of traffic or racing other rivalvehicles, soyou can perform illegal stunt actions and run fullspeed withoutthe police chasing you! Drifting fast and doingburnouts had neverbeen so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open worldcity! GAMEFEATURES ------------------------------------------ NEW:Mini gamecheckpoint mode. NEW: Drive with traffic !!!!! Full realHUDincluding revs, gear and speed. ABS, TC and ESP simulation. Youcanalso turn them off! Explore a detailed open worldenvironment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car! Accurate physics.Controlyour car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrowsSeveraldifferent cameras.
Broken Screen Prank 6.0.4
Be noted: Broken Screen is just a prank/simulated app used forfun,it simulates the broken screen effect to play with yourfriends. Itwill not harm your phone. Broken Screen Prank is aclassic funnyapp used to prank your friends. When you touch yourphone screen,the app simulates the cracked screen and loud crackingsounds onyour phone. It looks like you use your finger to break andcrackyour phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all yourfriendswill believe that your phone was broken and they will bescared.App Feature: ✔ Realistic crack wallpaper and breaking glasssound.✔ Crack your screen by touching or shaking. ✔ Destroy yourphonescreen by other effects such as fire screen and electricscreen.Recent changes: Enable to remove crack effect by clickthenotification; Support Android SDK Version 25; Improveuserexperience;
modernhouses.minecrafthome.mansionminecraft 1.5.1
Modern houses for mcpe it is - the most detailed andrealisticmodern creations which is being built specifically forMinecraftPocket Edition which lets you live the life of amillionaire inMinecraft. Here you will find: An amazingly detailedcityconsisting of skyscrapers, office buildings, a huge sciencecenter,embassies and a fully working metro system. A Modern hotelwhich isprobably one of the largest hotels ever built in minecraftpe.There are countless of available rooms and several terraceswhichoffers luxurious things like swimming pools, tennis andbasketballcourts . All of it is realistically designed and thismeans that itwill include custom furniture which doesn’t have anyactualfunctions except for just looking realistic. A ModernRedstoneHouse which includes every redstone feature you could wishfor andit also looks very cool! In the basement you will find anarmorstation, a secure safe, a vending machine and a fewothercreations. It’s a really good house to use as a base foryoursurvival world as it includes everything to keep you safefrommonsters during the night and well geared when you go out onyourdaily adventures. On the front side of the house you can accessagarage and there you will find lots of different cars. None ofthemare possible to drive though. But you could use car addons formcpe: Jeeps Addon Mine-Cars Add-on It’s the perfect start out pointifyou want to live as a wealthy miner in the world of Minecraft.Ourfeatures: - one click install - several screenshots foreachminecraft map - regular updates - adventure maps - redstonemaps -creation maps This is an unofficial application forMinecraftPocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in anyway withMojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand andtheMinecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or theirrespectfulowner. All rights reserved. In accordancewith
com.fungames.blockcraft 2.10.19
Do you like building games? Block Craft 3D is a new freecitybuilding game. Download now one of the best simulation gamesof2017! Start building and show the world your constructions.BlockCraft is a free game. Features: • Fun building game: Lotsofdifferent constructions. Build a house, a castle, a mine or evenaspaceship and the Eiffel Tower! • One of the best simulationgames:it's a fun and free simulator game! • Lots of pixels: enjoythespecial pixel graphics. • Free game: play for free! • Chooseyourcharacter • New: adopt and play with animals! It's fun!Highlights:Amazing buildings in 3D Ready? Block? Go! Learn the gamebybuilding your house, a fortress or a mine... Decorate yourbuildingwith your furniture with your own skins! Play now one ofthe bestconstruction games! Lots of Pets and free exploration Playwithpets! Adopt a dog, a cat or even an elephant! Unlike otherblockgames, there are no monsters in Block Craft 3D: you can focusonconstructing the best buildings or exploring the world.Multiplayergame: visit your friends Start the exploration! You canvisit thecity built by your friends (or foes) and help them finishtheirconstruction. Multiplayer is so much fun! Create and sell InBlockCraft, no need for mods, launcher or PE. You can create thecustomblocks, craft special furniture or complete blueprint ofbuilding!And even better: sell those and receive lots of gems! Notsocreative? In Block Craft 3D, no need for maps, just visitthevillage of your friends to get new ideas and follow theblueprintsand guides to easily build fantastic constructions.Review by techwebsite Techtudo: "... Block Craft is a beautiful andfun game.(...) fans will spend hours exploring and having fun in acomplete,free game for mobile phones". Block Craft is one of thebestbuilding games! Try this simulator now and have fun buildingyourcity! Block Craft 3D: Free Building is brought to you by FunGamesfor Free, creator of the 100+ Million downloads games FlightPilotSimulator, Sniper 3D and Sniper Shooter.
com.frojo.moy2 1.96
Frojo Apps
Moy 2 - Virtual Pet Game is one of the best pet games, with over20million downloads! Moy 2 is packed with loads of new ways totakecare of and love your very own virtual pet, Moy 2 is willentertainyou for hours. The game is packed with cool animations andplayfulgraphics! ***FEATURES*** - GARDEN, grow your own plants inthe cutepocket garden! - CUSTOMIZE Moy and dress him in manydifferentlooks! - CURE, be Moy's doctor and treat him from allkinds ofdiseases - WASH, wash Moy's dirty clothes in the funnywashingmachine! - SLEEP, do not forget that Moy gets sleepy! -FEED,whenever Moy is Hungry, feed him! - SING, Moy can sing andtalk! -PLAY, play awesome mini games to earn coins! - SHARE, shareyourown Moy with friends on facebook and other social medias!
Exploration 2018 1.EXPLORATION.2018.005
Fleury Games
Welcome to Exploration 2018With lots of new articlesandpossibilities.New animals and mobs. Rain and snow. Thunder andsunwith moon.Go hunting or fish. Hunger added.And manyotherthings.Discover this beautiful game and these endlessworlds.Enjoy!!!
Sandbox Pixel Coloring 0.3.3
Welcome to the Sandbox Coloring Universe and be ready to becomealover of the coloring of tiny pixel art. Four facts aboutSandbox:- Children feel how light, sweet and funny Sandbox is andthat it'smade just for them. It's like cartoons, but they canparticipate inthe performance, not only to watch. - Parents knowit's a great wayfor the whole family to spend time together. NoAds. Only safe art.- Specialists know Sandbox is a greatopportunity to work on yourchildren's or parents' drawing and motorskills. - Teachers knowSandbox is a great way to teach their kidsor students basic numberrecognition and how to use a legend.Features available for all: -Search whatever you want, fruit, lips,gadgets, cats or maybe easyart. Handy search feature filters allcontent for you. - MagicRound Button helps you to find similar art.Just try it and you'lllove it. - Collections give you anopportunity to organise all yourart in the app. - Free Drawing Modelets you practise drawing pixelart. The best art will be featured.- Turning your photos from thegallery into pixel art. No wordsneeded. - Hints highlight the mostinteresting art especially foryou. Best regards, Sandbox Team[with love]
Exploration 30005.EXPLORATION.010
Start your construction today! Create your infinitefictionalworld!Enjoy this endless paradise.Build, destroy, move,fly, jumpand craft. And all this for free !!!There are over 100differentitems in your inventory to build separate rooms includinga livingroom, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, a private garden, a houseforanimals. Easily place the standard blocks that you want toinstalland use them to build something, you can build everythingyou canimagine.Choose creativity or survival mode, move throughyour worldand make it more remarkable.Move through this endlessworld inflight, save your work, and play again later.Everyone lovesKraftgames, they have become popular all over the world; You canstartwith a few blocks and gradually build an empire.Explore andstartdeveloping your dream. You can use many different items, soyou cancreate your ideal Kingdom. The game is infinite, which makesit sointriguing.★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH 5 STARS★★★★★Forthosewho still see the error at the beginning. Go into the settingsofyour phone. Selects programs and games. Look for ourgame:Exploration Prime. Choose this. Then you can grant permissionstothe game. Then you need to give the game permission to writetoyour storage. After that, the game will work.Enjoy!ThegameExploration Prime is an open source project which is subject totheLGPLv3 license. Before using the code, you must read theentirelicense and agree to it.
Barbie Magical Fashion 2.2
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Barbie™ Magical Fashion, where youcantransform into a princess, mermaid, fairy, hero or a combinationofall four! Design a beautiful outfit, style your hair, andaddglittering accessories and colorful make up! Ready to startyourmagical journey? Anything is possible when you dream bigwithBarbie!FEATURES• Design a variety of hairstyles and add streaksofcolor to her hair• Apply beautiful fairy tale make-up tocompleteyour magical look• Decorate your tiara with glittery gemsandcreate a sparkly necklace• Customize your princess gown andshoes•Add a mermaid tail, fairy wings or hero accessories – you canevencreate unicorns!• Uncover magical gift boxes along the way forfunsurprises• Save your enchanting looks and share them withfamilyand friends• Tablet compatibleABOUT BUDGE STUDIOSBudgeStudiosleads the industry by providing entertaining apps for kidsthroughinnovation and creativity. The company develops andpublishes appsfor smartphones and tablets played by millions ofchildrenworldwide featuring high profile properties. Visitus: Likeus: Follow us: @budgestudios Watchourapp trailers: HAVE QUESTIONS?Wealways welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contactus24/7 at Before you download thisgame,please note that this app is free to play, but additionalcontentmay be available via in-app purchases. It also maycontainadvertising from Budge Studios Inc. regarding other appswepublish, and social media links that are only accessible behindaparental gate. BUDGE STUDIOS is a trademark of BudgeStudiosInc.End User License Agreement:
com.freegamesstudio.thesurvivalhuntergames2 1.66
Aeria Canada
IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing issues restoringin-apppurchases. We are working on fixing the problem. If youencounterany troubles with in-apps, please contact so that we can help you solve yourproblem.Thank you! The game comes fully loaded with amazingfeatures! Ournew game interface is extremely user friendly, andboasts easy toplay touch screen controls that allow you toeffortlessly run,jump, sprint, reload, aim, shoot and more! The newmenu screenincludes map style level select and settings screen.Gain gameinsight in between maps during loading with tip screens,and begineach game with mission style instructions! Before youbegin yourfirst level, you can watch a short video ad in order toearn apower up. You may opt not to watch, but you'll lose out ontheadvantage. As soon as the game begins, a timer will begin tocountdown. If you are able to beat the level quickly enough, youwillearn a permanent weapon, which can be used in all other levels!Ifyou do not beat the clock, you can still advance through thegame,just without the permanent weapon. Fight stronger, moreintelligentenemies, who make this game an intense battle of wit,stealth andskill! Enjoy hand-to-hand combat and precision aiming totake downenemies. Collect your blocky weapons and get ready to aimandshoot!! Features: -User friendly interface with touch padcontrols-Timers -Power-ups -Ammo and weapon collection -Jump, aimand run-Mini-map to spot your dangerous foes -Mission orders-Hand-to-handcombat
Weapons Mod Minecraft Guns 1.4
This Crazy Weapons Mod adds a bunch of crazily weird weaponstoMinecraft Pocket Edition. Some of them include explosivechickens,a laser gun and a kitty bomb. Its by no means realisticbut thatswhat makes the mod unique and fun to use. Although theyare allweird in their own ways each weapon is in some wayquiteuseful.WeaponsIn total there are two types of weapons: meleeandfirearms. Lets have a look at what each weapon cando.CookieMinigun (3200) 2 Cookies + 2 TNT + 3 Iron IngotsFires anexplosivevillager holding a cookie.Crash Sword (3201) 2 Iron Ingots+ 2 TNT+ 1 StickHit a mob or tap on the ground to jump super highand onground impact cause an explosion.Rainbow Shotgun (3202) 2WhiteWool + 2 Blaze Rods + 3 Iron IngotsShoots a white sheep andwhen ithits the ground it generates a tower of wool blocks.FlySword(3203) 2 Iron Ingots + 2 Emeralds + 1 StickCauses the hit mobto bethrown up into the air and then drop down falling to in mostcasesa certain death.Shadow Guardian Launcher (3204) 2 Magma Creams+ 2Coal Blocks + 3 Iron Ingots
Burger 1.0.20
Magma Mobile
A burger-serving game has arrived for your best enjoyment in afreeversion with the Magma Mobile’s touch! You are hired in achainrestaurant to serve clients as quickly as possible to earnmoneyand even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customersandmake a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas.Themore you play, the more ingredients will appear in thefast-foodjoint! Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode tocope with ahigher difficulty each day of the year! Work from MondaytoSaturday and reach your goal to get more money and newingredientsfor the service. Then if you are a great employee, youwill evenunlock a lot of achievements! Time is money! Try your bestin theTime Attack Mode to collect the maximum amount of coinswithin thetime limit! This time management game will definitelyentertain andchallenge you and your family! Game Features - A wholelot ofdifferent ingredients like bread, meat and lettuce - Morethan 300levels and 40 achievements for burger maniacs - Many sidedisheslike ice creams, french fries and muffins - Share yourcreationwith the gallery So come play Burger and become the masterking ofburgers!
Horsecraft: Survival and Crafting Game 1.2.HC.1.1
★★★★★ Welcome to Horsecraft! ★★★★★Are you looking foradventures?Want to ride a horse through the prairie into thesunset? Or do youwant to be able to do magic? Maybe you want tobuild a farm? Allthis and much more can be found in our new gameHorsecraft.Thereare wolves, cats, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs,sheep and muchmore.Find gold, diamonds, stones, raw materials, woodand makewhatever you want, for example Strong Ax, DeadlySword,Lightning-fast Bow, or build something beautiful, e.g. Ahouse, afarm, a village, or even a city.There is much to discoverandexplore. It becomes particularly interesting in survivalmode,where you are on your own and should createeverythingyourself.Let's go. Have a lot of fun. And please do notforget toleave a Comment. Because I'm happy about your opinion andwant tohear from you what you like about my game and what I couldpossiblyimprove.In addition, I would like to ask you, if younaturally havea desire to translate the description of the game toyour ownlanguage without errors and send me this to my email. Thatwould bea big help for me. Many Thanks!!!
com.tntgames.boomcraft 44
BMG Inc.
Enjoy this endless environment today and build all yourperfectbuildings. This game is fun and addictive. You can letyourimagination run free in this spectacular environment. Enjoyvarietyof building blocks, animals and variety of special features.Youcan place different animals, set a bed, a TV and more… If youarelooking for the game to improve our imagination abilities,thismight be the one. Start placing objects and blocks in yourquest tobuild your perfect world. There are no limitations to whatyou canaccomplish, may it be magnificent garden or a sky scraper,and youcan do whatever you desire. Explore the possibilities within thisfun game. When you are tired you can always put your playertosleep or even let him watch TV, it's up to you. This gameisoffered to you for free and we hope that you will like playingit.You can unblock all the blocks by acquiring the necessary amountofpoints. This app is ad supported, to sustain thedevelopmentprocess. You can send us an email for any questions thatrelate tothe game or for any feedback, we will be happy to assistyou asfast as we can. You can also send us pictures of magnificentthingsthat you have built, so we can share them and publish them,withyou permission, so we can inspire other players to achievesimilarachievements. You can start exploring through this worldanddiscover new things and let your mind run free. In fact,thepossibilities for creating different creations are endless. Youcaneven make a zoo with the variety of different animals thatarewithin the game. We thank you for getting our app and foryoursupport. If you enjoyed playing, we value your ratings, whichinturn help us develop more cool games for you guys out there.Youcan choose to leave your review, we will appreciate it. Thisgamehas automatic saving, so you can always continue from whereyouleft off. You can choose to fly, so you can see everythingfromabove and gain another perspective of how things are looking.Youcan choose to build a house, a castle, a theater or even a city–you call the shots in this world. You can make things lookamazing– just spend the proper time until you make them lookexactly howyou picture them to be. This game is suitable for allages and itis both challenging and fun, so you can easily spendhours playingit. Thank you for getting our app. 2.14
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Moy 3 is the perfect game for you if you have been thinkingofgetting your own real pet, packed with loads of new ways totakecare of and love your very own virtual pet. It is packed withcoolanimations and playful graphics! ***FEATURES*** - Aquarium,takecare of cute fish in your own pocket aquarium! - Customize Moyanddress him in many different looks! - Travel, visit otherMoysaround the world and find hidden presents! - Wash, wash Moy'sdirtyclothes in the funny washing machine! - Clean, clean the roomwiththe funny vacuum cleaner whenever it is dirty! - Sleep, donotforget that Moy gets sleepy! - Cooking, be Moys chef and cookhimall kinds of food whenever he is hungry! - Talk, now you cantalkwith moy! - Play, play awesome mini games to earn coins! -Share,share your own Moy with friends on facebook, twitter andothersocial medias!
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• TOP 5 APP • FEATURED AROUND THE WORLD • • DREAM IT. BUILD IT.USEIT. SHARE IT • Craft your own gun and compete against yourfriends,your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual realityshootingcompetition! • INSTANT MULTIPLAYER • With our exclusiveQuick Matchsystem, get placed in a lag-free multiplayer match in 5SECONDS. Nowaiting. No lag. Just play. • JOIN OVER 50 MILLIONGAMERS WORLDWIDE• And find out why Naquatic apps like ShootingShowdown andBasketball Showdown have lit up the top charts and beenfeatured byeveryone from Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN,AppAdvice,and TouchArcade. CALLING ALL SHARPSHOOTERS • Virtualrealitycontrols let you take aim with your device-- how accurateare youreally? • Physics-based shooting challenges withdestructibletargets • Leaderboards to track your improvement •Unlockableblocks and upgrades
Bomber Friends 3.54
Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and funonlinemultiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last tosurvive towin the match! Collect powerups to get more powerfulbombs! Use theexplosive bombs to blast your friends from across themap! Newmultiplayer arena makes playing the online game even betterandmore rewarding! Game Features: - Online multiplayer for2-8players! Challenge your friends or play against randomopponents. -Campaign mode with over 300 levels! Find your waythrough 6different worlds full of devious monsters! - ClassicBomber stylegameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen! -Compete in theonline arenas to reach new heights and unlock newinteresting bombsand powerups! - Collect your own battle deck! -Collect powerupsand watch out for evil curses. - Customize yourcharacter with coolhats, suits, accessories, taunts, and greetings!- Different bombsto blast the enemies to smithereens. - The bestbomber man or womancollects the most in-game medals. - BomberFriends has universalgame controller support! - Includes googleplay achievements. -Supports Android TV! - Lots and lots of new andinteresting gamefeatures in the online arenas for the true bombergamers! Have fun!*Important message: This game includes in-apppurchases. You canset up password protection for in-app purchasesin the settings ofyour Google Play Store app.*
Exploration 10001.Prime.II.003
Start your construction today! Create your own Kingdom inyourworld!Enjoy this endless paradise.Build, destroy, move, fly,jumpand craft. And all this for free !!!There are over 100differentitems in your inventory to build separate rooms includinga livingroom, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, a private garden, a houseforanimals. Easily place the standard blocks that you want toinstalland use them to build something, you can build everythingyou canimagine.Choose creativity or survival mode, move throughyour worldand make it more remarkable.Move through this endlessworld inflight, save your work, and play again later.Everyone lovesKraftgames, they have become popular all over the world; You canstartwith a few blocks and gradually build an empire.Explore andstartdeveloping your dream. You can use many different items, soyou cancreate your ideal Kingdom. The game is infinite, which makesit sointriguing.★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH 5 STARS★★★★★Forthosewho still see the error at the beginning. Go into the settingsofyour phone. Selects programs and games. Look for ourgame:Exploration Prime. Choose this. Then you can grant permissionstothe game. Then you need to give the game permission to writetoyour storage. After that, the game will work.Enjoy!ThegameExploration Prime is an open source project which is subject totheLGPLv3 license. Before using the code, you must read theentirelicense and agree to it. 24.0.7
Hide & Seek Live online hide and seek! Hide and seek gameinwhich you hide and find others lively with many players Becomeanyobject and hide like you are a part of the map from thebeginningBecome a finder (tagger) and find the hidden objects[GameFeatures] - Real-time online multiplayer game - If yourteamsurvives for 200 seconds as the objects, your team win - Ifyourteam finds all hidden objects within 200 seconds, your team win-Level up system - Chat within the room Please send yourinquiriesby e-mail
Skins for Minecraft 1.84
All you need to do is download the app, click yourfavoriteminecraft youtuber's head, then click the button "DownloadSkin".The download is fast, and simple. This app allows you tosearch aminecraft username, or find one by using the popularsection! It'seasy to get your favorite skin! Disclaimer: MCPE SkinStudio is notin any way related to Mojang or Minecraft. This app isNOT endorsedby Mojang, and is unofficial. We are not responsiblefor damagecaused to your device or any skins lost due to this app. 1.11
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Moy Restaurant Chef is the newest Moy game where you learn howtocook cool foods for customers! Moy Restaurant Chef is theperfectfor passing time and it is COMPLETELY FREE! You can set yourownpace and serve your food in a dash or take it slower. Butkeeptrack on the condition of your restaurant, the applianceswillbreak and Moy will get tired! Earn loads of cash and designtherestaurant of your dreams both indoors and outdoors!***FEATURES***- Design your restaurant both indoors and outdoors. -Clean andrepair your restaurant. - Cook loads of different foods. -Care forMoy, Moy gets tired!