Top 48 Games Similar to Fruit Link 2016

Escape Fruit Kitchens
Escape from a lovely kitchen!The popular FUNKYLAND game ofescapingto the patio by collecting fruit is now available as anApp!It hasthe same charming and healing atmosphere as "CandyRooms", thesister game.Solve the mysteries in the fruit-themedkitchen toescape.How to Play:- Just tap- Tap the [+] button in theupperright hand corner to display the settings screen.GameFeatures:-Beautiful graphics!- Easy and fun, even for those notkeen onescape games!- Perfect game length to kill time!- You canenjoyeach charming fruit-themed kitchen!- Enjoy teatime on agorgeouspatio after escaping!The Save Function:Cleared rooms willbe savedin the list so you can play them anytime.In the case thatclearedrooms have not been saved in the list, please check yourdevicesettings as there may not be enough storage space.The listofkitchens:No.01 Strawberry RedNo.02 Green appleNo.03NavelOrangeNo.04 Lemon YellowNo.05 Peach PinkNo.06 BlueberryVioletNo.07Apple mangoNo.08 Kiwi GreenNo.09 Grapefruit YellowNo.10GrapePurpleNo.11 Pineapple YellowNo.12 Cacao BrownNo.13 CherryPinkNo.14Muscat GreenNo.15 Apricot OrangeNo.16 Banana YellowNo.17PruneVioletNo.18 Pomegranate RedNo.19 Lime GreenNo.20 ChinesequinceYellowNo.21 Chocolate vine VioletNo.22 RaspberryRedNo.23Watermelon GreenNo.24 Papaya YellowNo.25 Melon GreenNo.26FigPurpleNo.27 Apple Red
Heart Star
Pocket Gamer Silver Award"A bright and smart platformer with alotgoing for it"– Pocket Gamer, 8/10Heart Star is an adorablepuzzleplatformer where you guide two little friends through twoparallelworlds. Swap between the worlds to solve unique puzzles.Overcomeall obstacles with the power of teamwork!Game Features:-Uniqueworld swapping gameplay!- 50 levels of mind bendingpuzzles!-Cutting edge retro pixel graphics!- Catchy and cuteretrosoundtrack!
Berry Blast
Berry Blast: A fun fruit themed match game!The farmers losttheirberries and fruits. The are now distributed all over the placeandit's up to you to clear up the mess by forming chains of fruitsofthe same type. This game has 215 exciting levels of 4 types, andavariety of boosters that make the gameplay even moreinteresting.In some levels you'll need to achieve a certain score.In othersyou'll have to collect mushrooms. A bit later in the gameyou'llalso meet levels where you have to clear some ugly slime ordestroysome flower pots. Hours of fun guaranteed!Berry Blastfeatures:- 4different level types: achieve a certain score, collectmushrooms,clear all slime, and destroy flowerpots- Match 5 types offruit:Strawberry, raspberry, melon, lemon and plum- Soundeffects,boosters, fun animations- Google Games achievements and seeyourgoogle games friends on the level map- Progress is syncedacrossmultiple devices through cloud sync if you log in withGoogle+.Somatch the fruits and win!
Stealth - hardcore action
Stealth - is your second name. The game in which you need tothinkhere and now. Each delay can cost you a level failure.Onlymeaningful actions, quick and sharp movements will help you togetto the end of the level. Hide or eliminate enemies usingsoundbombs, rescue hostages, this and much more interesting awaityou inthe minimalist Stealth world.Main Features:100 unique levelsNotstep by step StealthAdditional objects in the gameThe abilitytoeliminate enemiesEnjoyable graphicsLots of options forlevelpassingIf you do not understand how to receive training, watchthevideo before yourate!
Fruit Candy Magic
Blast fruit candy in magic world with young witch Emily! Youwilllearn to use magic spells to blast candies, create powerfulmagicboost, and have an adventure in this sweet mysteriousworld!Unlikemost of the puzzle games, you can enjoy playing FruitCandy as longas you want! No life restrictions! Wield your wand toconnectfruits together! You will be able to blast 3 or more fruitsin thesame color, the more fruits you connect, the more powerfulboosteryou will create! By completing more levels, you will be abletounlock new tools and obstacles! Are you ready to solve allthepuzzles?Pass through portal, open your spell books, destroyevilcrystal and release bats! Have fun discovering themagicland!✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。Fruit Candy-MagicFeatures:✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧★ Unique connect 3 puzzle withdeliciousFruit Candy Magic!★ Totally free for download! Nowifi/networkneeded!★ Unlimited life for you to enjoy this gameunstop!★ Magicworld theme with cute & spooky graphics★ Hundredlevels of funcandy swap challenges and this game keeps updatingmore! ★ Abundantselection of colorful fruits/candies and amazingcollision/bounceeffects. Every move of smashing and switching areso satisfying!★Different game modes make this game very addicting★Use magic toolsto solve difficult puzzles or obstacles!★ Dailyrewards and giftsare available!Download Fruit Candy-Magic for freeand start toburst fruits with magic in this addictive game! It is aworld withmagic that you won’t stop playing!Follow our Facebookdeveloperpage to receive newest update info and shareyourideas! us if youhaveany question:Email:
Farm Bubble Breaker
Love challenging strategy puzzle games? Test your ability to gettheright target in this farm theme based bubble breaker game.“FarmBubble Breaker” is fun and the most addictive bubble poppinggameyou will ever play!Step into the delicious and juicy land ofFruitsand Vegetables in the farm to enjoy the unlimited fun withanawesome bubble breaker game. In this farming game you willfindinteresting and addictive match 2 puzzles that will keepentertainyou for hours. Match 2 colored balls of the same color tocompletethe levels with highest score possible. The game containsover2500+ levels. Each level is super exciting with lots ofchallengingtwists and turns. Play the delicious and juicy game toenjoy theunlimited fun.Whether you an expert gamer or just abeginner, youwill find levels with different difficulty. This is auniquestrategy bubble popper game where you employ realistic ballphysicswith the farm theme.The game is a perfect blend of funandexcitement. It is free to play, download now to get started.Buildyour highscore and challenge your friends to beat the highscore.
Candy Bug Match 3
Candy Bug Match 3 game will take you to a new level of fun andwilltotally change your mind about bugs! Used to be scared ofbugs?Forget all about it because you’re gonna’ love our superawesomeforest bugs who look like sparkly precious gems.Come visittheirhidden magical place, travel through the woods, see themagnificentwaterfall and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds ofnature. Playtoday and explore thousands of amazing levels filledwith ladybugs,butterflies, bumblebees and shiny beetles * Swap andmove forestbugs to burst and win points* Match at least 3 items ofthe sametype to pop the combination and clear the board * Winawesomebonuses and rewards that will help you advance through themagicalmap * Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevel*Collect gems and win levels!* Complete the missions set atthebeginning of each level Candy Bug Match 3 is an easy and funpuzzlematch game for the whole family to enjoy! Download for freetodayand jump into the match 3 fun!
Fruits Mania
Here comes the most adorable and challenging fruit casualgame.There are plenty of fresh peaches, yummy blueberries, sweetapplesand juicy grapes waiting for your exploration. Travel acrossthegarden islands on a mission to collect all the juicyfruits!GameFeatures:- Over 200 levels of wonderful andmouth-watering puzzlegame- Match 3 or more fruits to collectappetizing fruits andveggies- Watch out for purple jellies- Gathervarious fruits to wintasteful levels before you run out of moves-Powerful boosters,amazing props and unique obstacles skyrocket yourfun- Enjoyclassic and addictive match 3 gameplay for FREESweetenyour freetime and have fun with amazing Fruits Mania!
Candy Bomb
Blast candies in Candy bomb! Simply match 3 or more candies inthesame color to collect them! Start your journey to the Candyworldand enjoy all the tasty sweet treat! We have the best Candiesinthe world!There are so many tasty ways to enjoy this candygame,but It is all about happiness and sweetness! You can findcakes,candies and different jellies at our candy world! As atourist ofour tasty candy world, your missions include unwrappingcandiesfrom the plastic wrap, picking out gummy bears from pilesofcandies, and delivering Chiffon cakes to the bottom to serve!Usetools such as candy hammer, jelly bomb to reach your goal!Yourwill receive cupcakes and gift bags as reward! Remember, whenyousee a cup cake, eat the icing and cream on thetopfirst!✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。Candy Bomb-Match 3 puzzleFeatures:✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。★ Unique match 3 puzzle with deliciousbouncyJelly and Candies★ Best graphic and motion among all thesimilarcandy game! Every move of smashing and switching aresosatisfying!★ Hundred levels of fun challenges and this gamekeepsupdating more! ★ Abundant selection of colorfuljellies/candies andamazing collision/bounce effects ★ Various levelcompletion goalsand challenging obstacles★ New way to earn magictools which canhelp you pass levels easier★ Totally free fordownload! Nowifi/network needed!★ Daily sign in bonus and gift bagsarewaitingStart your sweetest adventure in Candy World withCandybomb!Follow our Facebook developer page to receive newestupdateinfo and shareyourideas! us if youhaveany question:Email:
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter is an Addictive Game. try to get 3 stars oneachlevel. It is more Simple and Amazing!These cute little doggiesneedto be rescued.They are trapped by colorful bubbles. Shoot andmatchbubbles of the same to release them.Download bubble shooterandspread the fun by now!How to play:--> Shoot and Match 3 ormorebubbles of the same to burst--> Drag Your Finger can MovetheLaser in the Direction!--> Match and blast bubbles to savebabydogs!Features:--> New levels will be added.--> To KilltheBoring Time!--> Share with Your Friends!-->Beautifulgraphics and cool animations. you simply can’t stopplaying.-->Get Relaxation and Happiness!--> The levels willget hardergradually and you’ll never get bored.--> Free to playbubblegame! Get ready for the most exciting Bubble shooter of alltime,play and enjoy! Let's play it! and share the fun!
Knots - Puzzle
'Creativity is just connecting things'- SteveJobs.COLORFUL,CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE! One of the best connectingDOTS puzzle gameavailable on Google Play!The Goal is to draw andconnect the colorstill the entire board is covered with beautifulcolored lines. Thechallenge increases gradually with harder levels& new twistslike cross-paths and multi-color paths.DownloadKNOTS completelyFree. Enjoy this new fun & logic game. - PLAYWITHFRIENDSPlaying with Friends is always FUN: Login withFacebook& challenge your friends straight from the game inEasy,Medium, Hard & Extreme modes- THRILLING LEVELSKNOTSfeaturesover a 1,000 elegantly designed levels which people of allages canenjoy for FREE- DAILY CHALLENGESExciting NEW challenges areofferedDAILY. Try to solve these in the shortest possible time. Seewhereyou stand in rankings against your friends and globally-FEATURES•Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game• Over 1000InterestingLevels available & more coming soon• Check-in everyday to earnmore DAILY REWARDS• Send GIFTS to you friends to helpthem solvedifficult levels.• Use "Hints" to solve a difficultlevel. EachHint connects two matching colors.• Use "Pauses" to stopthe timewhile completing a level• Music adds fun in the wholegamingexperience. So let's smile & celebrate the colors of lifewithKNOTS- JOIN US ONFACEBOOK US ONTWITTER FOLLOW USONINSTAGRAM DON’T FORGETTORATE USSend us your suggestions and feedback as we arealwayslooking to add new levels and features!Enjoy KNOTS TEAM
Fruit Boom
Tap on 2 or more delicious fruits of the same. Make juicyfruitsbooming in 100+ uniquely puzzling levels. Join purelyorganicjourney which is full of wonderful twists in FruitBoom!Fruit BoomFeaturesSuper simple and easy to play: Just TapCuteand juicy fruitgraphicsWalk your way through Watermelon Trail,Tangerine Cave,Yummy GulfStock up on all rainbow candies, deliciouscake, starcoin and chocolate virus etc.144 astonishing fruitlevelsTap 2 ormore same fruits to boomDozens of powerful andinterestingboostersAll fruits lovers! Download Fruit Boom and enjoythebooming fun of one tap gameplay!
Farm Garden Mania
Farm Garden Mania is a deliciously fresh new farm match-3game.Collect fresh vegetables and harvest deliciouswatermelon,mushroom, banana, pea, eggplant and radish in FarmGarden Mania.Farm Garden Mania Features· Fascinating new farmgarden scenes:Harvest Field, Astral Loom and Moonlit Bay· Addictiveandinteresting match-3 gameplay· Over 140 awesome levels· Easytoplay, challenging but rewarding to fully master· Perfectsyncbetween mobile phone and tablet· Super small game size (LESSthan15MB) that guarantees smooth gaming experience· Join and sharethefun with friends via online leaderboard· Amazing andmouth-wateringobstacles(cake, cookie, jam, ice, etc.) that soar upyour funHow toPlay Farm Garden Mania· Swap and swipe freshvegetables and fruits·Switch and match 3 or more tasty crops·Collect vegetables andfruits strategically by using fewer moves towin toughlevelsDownload Farm Garden Mania for FREE now!
Fruit Frolic - Match 3
Very sweet and delicious match 3 puzzle game, it makes youkeepplaying for FREE completely!Swipe to match 3 or morefruits,Collect them, and complete the levels!New fruits, more funand moreexciting boosters are waiting for your exploration!Over500challenging and interesting levels!How to Play:1、Swipe to match3or more fruits.2、Collect the fruits, and complete thelevels.3、Withpowerful boosters, it is easier to pass through alevel.
Toy Cubes Fever - Pop Boom
Once you start smashing cubes, you won’t be able to stop!Playforfree this fun and addicting puzzle game and start cruisingcandyblocks! Get this awesome game today for free, crush the cubesandwin! Combine boosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethepuzzle. Follow these Instructions:* Collect toys and win levels.*Clear the board and blast all the cubes. * The more blocks youpop,the more score you will get! * Click on 2 or more fruits ofthesame to blast.* Your purpose is to remove fruits as manyaspossibleGame Features:- Hours of endless cubes-blasting fun!-Funand fairly challenging barriers- Colorful graphics andamazinganimations.- Solve all the puzzles and clear the board. -There arealmost 250 levels in toy pop fever.- With hundreds ofdiversepuzzles, you simply won’t put it down.Don’t miss out thisamazingcube blasting game!Download it now for free! Enjoy therelaxing andcheerfulness in Toy Pop Fever
Fruit Crush - Funny Garden
🍎 Fruit Crush - Funny Garden - connect lines of fruit tocompetechallenging levels in this puzzle adventure. Get ready tobeintroduced to a wonderful garden🍉🍉🍉 Game Features: 🍉🍉🍉🍋Addictiveand interesting match-3 gameplay🍋 More than 110+Well-designedlevels - each one is unique and full of fun🍋Innovative game modeswith Eye-catching graphics and enchantinganimations.🍋 Free levelsand game modes will be added regularly!🍋Amazing and mouth-wateringobstacles: ice, stone, monster...🍋 Easyand fun to pick up, yetchallenging to fully master!🍋 extra movesand special power-ups tohelp with those challenging levels!🍋 freshand beautiful style,stuning effect, fruit splash and character🍋fruit mania free toplay - new levels, obstacles, boosters, farmmatch and more! willbe updated regularly!🍉🍉🍉How to play fruitgames:🍉🍉🍉🍒 Farm match:Link three same fruit pop or more to blastthem out.🍒 Create fruitflow and combos when you match more thanthree fruit deluxe tocrush them at one move.🍒 Think strategicallyhow you can beat thefruit games level requirement within limitedmoves or times.🍒 Afteryou fulfill all the requirements in a fruitgarden game level, youcan move on to the next level. 🍒 Move on toanother part of gardenand unlock more location the more you play.🍒Finish the level withthe least move possible to get higher scoresand more fruit popstars.🍒 Play amazing fruit games with tasty fruitgarden in funnyfarm.🍅 Fall in love with this sweet new match 3fruit link, fruitconnect! In funny farm. This game is a revolutionof 3 fruit linkwith creative combo-missions levels, fantasticadventure, andsurely bring new experiences to fruit connect fans! 🍅In thisautumn season, bring the fruit crush sweet to your home.With fruitsplash - Play and enjoy yourself in the world of fruitmania -fruit games ! Fruit garden is built up with full of funnyfarmproperties. Explore funny farm escape challenging fruit gamesworldand win spectacular prizes! 🍅 Funny garden - funny farmhavewonderful sweet boosters to help you finish the level and clearawhole fruit flow to bring down the fruit smash.It's easy togetmillions of bonus from daily events in fruit garden - fruitmania.Those are a great help in difficult farm match!!Immerseyourselfinto this fruit splash where garden strawberry, greenapple, freshblueberry, juicy orange, fruit pop and delicious grapesareeverywhere.🍅Crush the fruit deluxe by your finger, and enjoyfruitsplash !🍅 Are you ready for the relax journey and discoverFunnyGarden? Fruit Link - Funny Garden now, you'll be addicted fromthevery first hit!
Yummy Fruit Match 3
It’s the ultimate fruit matching fun!Use your skills to match 3ormore sweet fruit of the same color and watch them blast!Playtheawesome Yummy Fruit Match 3 game and discover a basket fulloffresh goods, colorful graphics, and unique boosts. Startyourexciting adventure now and work your way through thousandsofaddictive levels, collecting fruit and solving all thechallenges.NEVER-ENDING FUN!* Match the fruit and win points.* Swapand linkthe sweet fruit in this relaxing and fun puzzle game. *Clear theboard and level up.* Complete the missions and solve thefun match3 puzzles.* Use powerful boosts and blast through thelevels! *Play through thousands of levels and collect splendidrewards. *Boost your matching skills! * Create combos to generatemassiveexplosions.* Train your brain and your fingers, and beat allthechallenges. AWESOME COMBOS!Create special combinations toblastthrough the different challenges. • Swap and link 3 fruit tocreatea line blast and remove them from the board.• Match 4deliciousfruit to get a striped item of the same color to clear anentireline of items. • Match 5 fresh goods in an L or T shape toget abomb that will explode all items around it.• Match 5 fruit ina rowto get a special colorful rainbow bomb. • Connect 2 specialbooststo create an even greater explosion!
Fruit Yummy
Swipe the juicy fruits to match 3 in a line, raw or slant tomakethem splash, powerful boosters at each level to help youwin.Getready to blast!Game Features:- 240 well designed levels-Shuffleand create sets of three or more than three fruits topop-up- Breakup the stones, chocolates and ice cubes to level up-Stock upon cakes and breads for the preparation of trickylevels- 4fruits blast will get a magic fruit in return- Situated inafantasy world of juicy yummy fruits- Available for free toallandroid devicesBomb your way out and enjoy the fun ofaddictiveFruit Yummy!
Find The Difference 37
Look at two pictures and try to spot 10 differences - like ahiddenobjects, but instead of items you should finddifferences.Lots oflevels and ability to download new.Fascinating,fun and very simplegameplay will not let you get bored in one ofthe best puzzlegames.
Quiz CS:GO players
Test your knowledge in the CS:GO eSportsOur quiz is:Interesting!Thegame has more than 200 questions about cs:go pro players.Competewith your friends and players from all over the worldonleaderboards. Сollect achievements in GooglePlayGames.Informative! After each level you will findinterestingadditional information about this question.The game hasstatistics!Demonstrate your knowledge to friends.Get access toadditional gamemodes:1) “Yes or no”: A simple game with yes\noanswers. You loseall of your points for wrong answer;2) “Timechallenge”: A game inwhich you need to answer the questions asquickly as possible;3)“Find the pairs”: A game mode, where you haveto match up theimages with the correct words.Enjoy!
Supernova Bubble Shooter
Supernova bubble shooter lets you play and enjoy the classicbubbleshooter game with a new twist making it even more addictiveandfun. In Supernova bubble shooter you need to save the planetfromfalling stars by shooting them down by destroying all thebubbles.With hundreds of different levels, each with a uniquepuzzle, thisbubble shooter game will have spending hours of yourtime every daybecause it’s just that fun! We want you to have funno matter whereyou are which is why unlike other developers wedon’t need you tobe connected to the internet all the time to playour excitingbubble shooter game. With realistic physics and moderngraphics,this is a family-friendly game that everyone can play with3 funand unique modes. ★ Classic ModeGet ready, take aim and shoottomatch 3 balls to make them pop. While it does sound simple,youwill need a strategy to solve these classic puzzles. Asyouprogress, the matching the right color balls will startbecomingharder as you face different challenges and puzzles in thissuperfun free game. ★ Arcade ModeEnjoy shooting down approachingstarsin the retro-themed mode. Swipe your finger across the screenandshoot matching color bubble to pop as many pairs of balls youcanto advance levels, face more challenges and have fun! ★ PuzzleModeChallenge yourself in the puzzle mode with hundreds of funpuzzlesto master. Memorize patterns, use your brain and test yourmatchingskills to advance in this addictive casual bubbleshootinggame.Features:★ Match 3 Bubble Shooter Game.★ 3 GameModes:Classic, Puzzle, Arcade.★ 10000+ Levels.★ Realistic GamePhysics.★No Internet Is Required.★ Light Game.Warning:We just wantyou toknow that this game is seriously fun and super addictive! Youwillget hooked. So what are you waiting for? Download this freegamenow and start shooting the stars to save Earth frombeingannihilated!
Bunny Bubble
bunny bubblePlay amazing Bubble Blast for freeEasy and fungameplay- tap where you want to shoot bubbles, make clever matchesanddefeat the obstacles and bosses to finish the level! HOW TOPLAY•Tap where you want to throw!• Match 3 or more bubbles of thesamecolor to pop!• Special boosters & bubbles to help youpassthose tricky levels.• Pop all bubbles with minimum shoots towinhigher scores• Don't worry! No time limits!Download BubbleBlastand spread the fun!
∞ Infinity Loop
Simple, relaxing, endless game. People love it!∞ Infinity Loopisthe most trending game in 2017. It can be considered a puzzlegameabout creating intricate looping patterns or just theapplicationof using a simple concept: "connecting multiple things"and makefun out of it.Some people say this game is a good puzzlegame butwith a great zen mode. The goal is to clear your mind,remove thestress from your daily life without any pressure ortension tosolve the levels. If you are looking for a stress reliefor arelaxing game type, enjoy the loop!FAQHow to PlayInfinityLoop?Connect all the lines and corners to make perfectconnections.It is like killing the chaos and reaching perfection.Watch thevideo to overview how it works. Check on youtube as wellwhereseveral people post the solutions. Nonetheless, we suggest youtotry to find yourself how the game works and what are yousupposedto do.How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode?The goal of thedark modeis to make disconnections, breaking it all and not leavinga singlepiece connected.How many levels the game has?Infinite.Howcan Isave my game progress?Make sure you connect the app withGooglePlay Games on the settings panel (the button is in the bottomofthe gameplay). This way your progress won't be lost. If youfacefurther issues reach us by e-mail.Do I need to pay anything toplayInfinity Loop?No. The original game is 100% free. There is noneedto pay anything for the original game. The game is freeforunlimited levels. Only if you opt for the secondary game,called"black mode", you may need to pay a coffee for it after level100.Idon't feel the game is challenging. Why?The challenge for uswouldbe making the game with increasing difficulty after a certainlevelwhile at the same time relaxing and allowing infinity levels.Sohow could level 100.000 be more difficult than level 10.000? Itishard. So as we cannot have the best in all worlds, we have optedtomake it relaxing for now. Note: This game is also availableonAndroid Wear and Android Watches. And it's very fun aswell!Conceptand Development: Jonas Lekevicius, BalysValentukevicius & theWebAvenue LTD TeamDesign & LogoCopyright: Alice Gmyrko &the WebAvenue LTD Team
Fruits Epic
It is a fun puzzle game with lot of cool and challenging levels.Inan epic journey of fruits, one panda gave a puzzle tomonkey.Monkey was very hungry and it loved bananas, to get thebananas,the monkey need to solve all the puzzles to eat thebananas. Helpthe monkey to solve the puzzles and have fun.How ToPlay:- Linkmore than 3 fruits to score and solve the puzzles- Don'tlink 2fruits, it will reduce your score- Smash the fruits in thegiventime and reach the target- Fruits Link can be extended left,right,up, down and diagonal as well- Use Special Powers toscoremoreFeatures:* Link more 5 fruits to gain additional 100points andmore than 8 fruits to gain additional 200 points* Use thepower upsto score more* Rich Graphics* Challenging Levels* StarRewards*Time ChallengeTry out the game and Have Fun...andEnjoy...!Startplaying Fruits Epic game and have fun in thejungle..!Please dorate and review us. If you have any suggestionsor complaints,kindly mail us to
Offline Bubbles
Play online or offline - anytime you want as no WiFi connectionisrequired!Offline Bubbles is the best game to play when you wanttorelax and pass the time.Get this fun game for FREE and have ablastshooting and smashing all the colored bubbles.Over 1000awesomelevels are waiting for you, so play now and explore all thegreatfeatures this game has to offer. This classic bubble poppingpuzzlefeatures highly addicting gameplay, cool boosts, and effects.Thepowerful Fireball and Bomb boosters will help you blastthroughchallenging levels, pop bubbles and reach the target!OfflineBubbles is a super fun board game that will keep you busyforhours! Why You’ll Like It* 1000 Challenging puzzle levelsfilledwith colorful bubbles. * Pop all bubbles to win levels. *Swapbubbles for free and work out a strategy to beat allthechallenges!* Amazing boosts and power-ups that will help youblastthrough the levels. * Addictive game mode. How to Play* Tap onthescreen to drag the laser aim. * Lift your finger to take a shot*Clear the board by matching 3 bubbles of the same color. *Popgroups of bubbles and win points. * Complete levels andadvancealong the map. There is no time limit so you can play atyour ownpace. * Earn amazing power-ups by making 7 shots in a roworpopping more than 10 bubbles in a single shot. * Playeverywhere,anywhere and as much as you want. No internet connectionisrequired. Share the bubble fun with friends and see who can getthehighest score!PLAY & ENJOY!
4 Pics 1 Word Answers
4 Pics 1 Word answers, cheats, and hints will show you how tobeatall levels and letters of the game for iPhone, iPod, iPad,andAndroid. Guess the word that the 4 pictures represent in the2,000+puzzles of this game by LOTUM GmbH. If you are stuck on alevel,use these 4 Pics 1 Word cheats to help you beat the app!
Sweet Fruit Candy
Sweet fruit candy is one of the best match-3 games! Theclassicelimination game, the new play new game props!Start yourbrain toplay this game with millions of others players. There areall kindsof surprises in the exploring the candy world.Sweet fruitcandy isvery popular with women, the elderly, children welcome.Handsomeboy and beauty girl also love it!Sweet fruit candyfeatures:- Morethan 1,500 levels, there is a huge challenge.- Newelimination ofplay.- Many sweet candy & delicious fruit &Hateful thief.-Free props, no purchased.- Play anytime, anywhere,no network canplay!- Completely free to play- The perfect gamingexperience, funindex is very, very high!- Easy and fun to play,challengemastery!What can we bring to you?☛ To bring you a happyhappy andinteresting time.☛ To help you pass the boring time☛ Trainyourbrain and your fingers☛ Experience anunprecedentedstraightforward.☛ So that you and your friends moreclosely.SweetFruit Candy is now the most popular casual puzzlegame.Suitable forall countries and all languages.If you or yourfamily is a fan ofcandy puzzle games then sweet fruit candy issuitable for you.Ibelieve you will love it!What are you waitingfor? Download it nowand play with you friends!Enjoy this deliciousand addictive puzzlesweet game!
Find Differences 200 levels
Find Differences 200 levels is a classic and favorite puzzle gameofmillion peoples around the world.Description:1) 200 levels2) Notimelimit!3) At each level you can use 2 hints!4) To play inthehorizontal and vertical position of the screen.5) For smallscreensor not very acute vision - zoom function will help you.6)HighQuality pictures!7) Designed for phones and tablets!8) Simpleandintuitive interface.This is puzzle game known as “Findthedifference”, “Difference game”, or “Spot the difference” whereyouhave to find ten differences between 2 pictures. If you getstuck,there is two hints to help you!You gonna love this game ifyou likegames like find the difference and hidden objects series.
Boo! (a factory balls halloween)
In each level the goal is to make a pumpkin just like the one inthebottom right corner.You do this by dipping your pumpkin inthepaints and by wearing attributes to mask certain parts ofthepumpkin.16 levels of puzzles based on my Factory Ballsapp.Havefun!Bart Bonte
Halloween Magic Match 3
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with a HalloweenMagicMatch 3!Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levels andenjoyhours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game! DOWNLOADFORFREE and challenge your brain now!Match 3 games have never beensofun: help the cute little Witch advance through this new puzzlegameby solving puzzles presented by the powerful Wizard! Get readyandjoin millions of boys, girls and adults in this brand newmatch-3puzzle game!Halloween Magic Match 3 is FREE to play withFREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats, and moreeveryweek!JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE- Match your way through themagicworld of Witch Puzzle- Match enchanted items from Halloweensuch asskulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples to clear the board-SpecialLevels: super hard puzzles, great for brain training-CompletelyFREE to playConnect social and play with friend, helpthem, sendthem more live or send request to them. With everyfriend youinvited, you will receive an certain coin, play withfriend, morefun, and more exciting.Thank you for downloading ourHalloween MagicMatch 3 game and scoring a lot of stars in ourgame. And we suggestwe develop in the next version.
Temple Egypt Bubble
temple egypt bubblePlay over 800 fun levels to beat inthemysterious lost temple. Match at least three colors to burstchainsof bubbles. Earn special power-ups and solve the puzzle ofthe losttemple. If you are a mad gamer looking to test your speedofthought, play the best puzzle game and get ready to beat allthechallenges! * Match 3 colors to pop.* Clear the bubbles andwinlevels.* Hurry up and pop all bubbles as quickly as youcan.*Remember: Shots are limited, so use them wisely.* Explorehundredsof challenging levels.* Swap bubbles without limit, justtap onyour bubble to change its color.* Try to get 3 stars on everylevelby reaching high scores.
Sokoban Original & Extra: Free
Implementation of the classic puzzle game Sokoban. The goal istopush boxes to the storage locations to solve thepuzzle.Features:-Free- More than 650 levels, including the originallevels and fanmade levels- New levels added periodically- Differentdifficultiesand sizes, from very easy to very hard- Cleaninterface- Landscapeand Portrait support- Designed for tablets andphones- Unlimitedundo- Virtual gamepad or swipe controlsApppermission:We do nothave access to your media files. It is just arequirement for Adsto work properly.Help us make a better Sokoban.If you find bugs orhave suggestions, please contact usatorangevoidgames@gmail.comPlayer character from Old SchoolModernpack. [Copyright](C) Jason PerryMusic from Light-hearted RPGVendorSoundtrack Bundle. Composed by Dmitry Jbanov
Marble Epic
Marble Epic is the most addictive epic puzzle game!In ancientEgypt,you're going to explore and unearth the legendary pyramids.Free toexperience a epic adventure!Endless ChallengeMarble Epichas 120challenging levels. Including epic adventure maps,challengingsurvival maps, and much more!Classic Gameplay Firecolored balls tomake groups of three or more before the balls onthe bar reach theskull. Interesting Game Mode You will meet a bigboss in somelevels. Collect coins, finish time-limit task in somelevels.Considerate Game MechanicWe design an extra set of the fulllevelsin consideration of the color blind people. Thanks everygameplayers. Any suggest is welcome!
Zumu Game
For the legendary treasure, you have to pass over six secretscenesin adventure mode.The idea comes from the passion bubbleshootergame. This Zumu Game is easy to play, but trulyaddictive!Completeall the levels in challenge mode, and try to getthree stars ineach level.How to play:1. Control zuman shooting gameto matchthree or more marble colored balls.2. Tap on thetransmitter canswapping the current ball and the next ball.3. Blastyour scorewith power-ups and combos. Zumu Game features:★ More than300levels with hundred delicious fresh fun shooter game★Challengelevels to revenge your talent★ Many secret maps to makethe gamemore addictive.★ Marble games is a free, action puzzle gameplayfor all ages★ Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you cangotfrom game.★ No need to have Wi-Fi, but you can update allnewfeatures when connecting with the internet.★ Sharing ton offunthis marble adventure journey with your friend throughconnectingyour Facebook accountWe believe that any bravest fans ofZumu Gamecan succeed in this legend blast craziness!Now you canexplore theamazing island Zumu Game on your cutie device.Thanksevery gameplayers! Any suggestion is, enjoy your game skills inthiszuman puzzle adventure!
Garden Crush Match 3
Enjoy Summer Time: Match and collect 3 or more fruits inGardenCrush. Exquisite pictures and Kinds of sweet fruits aredesignedfor you carefully. Join and share the fun with your friendsinFruit Garden! Welcome to garden crush Scapes!GardenCrushFeatures:❤ Journey through almost 500 enchanting levels.Updatescome out all the time!❤ This is a completely free game, nolifelimited. You can play Fruit Garden endless.❤ Enjoy thesesweetfruits, fruit juice, fruit platter. You can get fun andknowledge.❤Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-upsto helpwith those challenging levels!How to play fruit garden crushmatch3:• Swap to match 3 or more same fruits in farm garden.•Matchfruit juice, fruit platter to get power-ups and win.•Collectfruits, and complete the game targets mania!• Enjoy othervariousmissions!Garden Crush Mania is free to play, though somein-gameitems can also be purchased for real money.
HELP THE BUG - Physics Puzzle
Help the Bug to Find her lost Children In achallengingphysics-based puzzleComplete tricky missions pass thelevelscan yousolve all the levels???Key features: - 100 uniquelevel- Brainteasing game- Innovative physics gameplay- Adorablecharacter-Constant free updates with new levelsHelp me improve theGame.Contact Me at
Juice Cubes
Pack your bags and take a vacay right in the palm of your handinJuice Cubes! Join Pippin island hopping in this juicyPUZZLEadventure through a tropical paradise! Connect three or morejuicycubes to create cascades of epic explosions! Create boostersandfruity bombs to climb your way to the top of thescoreboards!Surpass friends as you slice your way through 700levels andexplore new islands full of magic and adorable cubecharacters!Blast into space or jump aboard pirate ships as weekendevents giveout fresh and fruity prizes! With new levels just added,you’llenjoy beautiful backgrounds as you rise to the challenge!Downloadand join the millions that have found a special place forthesecrazy cubes today. Juice Cubes includes:✮Match 3 or more cubestocreate crazy combos and banana blast! (Literally bananas!)It'sjust the right balance of difficulty!✮Connect to Facebookandcompete against your friends!✮Over 700 fresh, fruity, andfreelevels with wonderful artwork, animation, and graphics! ✮Evenmorecute and crazy characters than ever before! LIKE & FOLLOWJUICECUBES Juice CubesFacebook: CubesTwitter: SUPPORT Having problems?Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you!Visit for FAQs, or emailusat: PrivacyPolicy: Juice Cubes is completelyfreematch 3 game to play with some in-app purchases. If you don’twantto use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. Pleasenotethat Juice Cubes makes use of your device's external storagetosave game data and cache.
100 Doors Pyramid
You have discovered a map to untold treasures hidden away inanancient pyramid. Lead your team of archaeologists into itsdepths,but beware... Legend goes that the Pharaoh was jealous forhistreasure and protects it to this day... Reach the treasureandescape with your life, or face certain doom!
Treasure Hunt Cleopatra
Join Cleopatra for the best puzzle & start winning pyramidsoftreasure!Start your diamonds and jewels ancient treasurecrushstory now! Enjoy a variety of mysterious levels; each levelhas adifferent and dedicated set of game rules such as limitedmoves,time and much more!Match 3 or more jewels and earnincrediblelightnings to crush stunning ancient totems atrophies.TopFeatures:- This diamonds Cleopatra game is completelyfree!- Thegame becomes more mysterious and addictive as you go on.-When youare stuck, wait for a hint to help you.- Easy to play butachallenge to master!- Designed for all ages.- Amazingspecialeffects.- Beautiful golden totems, jewels and Egyptiantrophiesvisuals
Matchsticks ~ Free Puzzle Game
Keep your mind active with this classic matches game!The rulesaresimple: you must create triangles, squares or fix simpleequationsby adding, moving or removing matches.Hundreds ofchallenginglevels are waiting for you. Play now!
Golden Bubble Shooter
Are you ready to begin playing? Take aim, hit and blast allthebubbles!The instructions are simple: match, shoot and pop allthebubbles and rescue the hidden treasure. Download GoldenBubbleShooter for free to your Android device and start popping allthesecolorful bubbles! It’s a super fun bubble shooter game forthewhole family to play and enjoy. Playing our game is easy,justfollow these instructions: Drag your finger to move thelaseraiming and lift it to shoot bubbles. You have to match atleast 3bubbles of the same color or more to pop the group and winpoints.Aim and pop bubbles to free the lost treasure, and winlevels.Remember: the fewer shots you use to complete a level, thehigherscore you’ll get. So warm up your fingers and start workingonthose matching skills!Features: - Thousands of excitinglevelspacked with fun challenges.- Colorful graphics and visualeffects.-rescue the hidden treasure by freeing it from its bubblecage!-Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection required.- Easytoplay but can be challenging to master.- Amazing power-ups thatwillhelp you complete missions and pop your way to victory.- Easytolearn, share the bubble popping awesomeness with friends!Enjoythis fun online board game designed to keep your brain sharpandactive. Shoot and pop all the bubbles in this colorfuladventureand enjoy thousands of awesome puzzle levels, amazingboosts,power-ups, and features.
Upgrade the game 2
Upgrade the game 2 is a game where your objective is to upgradethegame from something poor to a beautiful game, You will needtoeliminate enemies in space in order to get coins andbuyupgrades.You can upgrade everything that you can imagine!thegraphics, sounds, menus, animations, skills, space, bombs...ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!.In space, you will defeat differentenemieswith bombs and "The Laser" which has many types ofammunition. Onevery planet enemies will have different stats whichmake the gamemore different and funny.Your own phone will be thereto explaineverything and give us a fun and humorous touch.An epicsequelafter the success of Upgrade the game . Here comes Upgradethe game2!Upgrade the game 2 FEATURES:-The bombs fall where you putyourfinger-More than 20 skills to level up to help us in thefight-Morethan 200 dynamic levels with different mechanical -Morethan 42different upgrades with more than 4 levels -15 Planets toexplorewith different properties-3D Models can be viewed from theshopMadein OpenGL ES and Java by AdrianParienteCarracedowww.suduck.com,upgrade, game, space, bomb,Upgrade the game 2Englishtranslationcorrected by Damien "Nirahiel" Ansart
Fruit Candy Blast
Play candy swap and switch fruit candy to make a match! A groupofcute Jelly Monsters live in a fruit candy world. Join BlueFruit,Red candy, Green gummy and Purple Jelly to solve fruitypuzzles!Unlimited life!To go on the journey of exploring candyworld, jellymonsters need your help! Unwrap & Collect fruitcandies forthem, save blue fruit monster from pile of candies orfind the pathfor red candy monster! Delicious Puddings, tasty honeydrinks, pinkcandies are waiting for you along the way!Use boosterand magictools to blast! Blast more than 3 fruit candies willcreatepowerful booster, use them to fruit blast all thechallengingobstacles and reach your goal. ✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。 FruitCandy BlastFeatures: ✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。★ Unique match 3 puzzle withdeliciousFruit Candy swap!★ Totally free for download! Nowifi/networkneeded!★ Unlimited life for you to enjoy this gameunstop!★ Makefriends with 4 cute jelly monsters and you need tohelp each otherto pass the level!★ Best graphic and motion amongall the similarcandy game! Every move of smashing and switching aresosatisfying!★ Hundred levels of fun candy swap challenges andthisgame keeps updating more! ★ Abundant selection ofcolorfuljellies/candies and amazing collision/bounce effects ★Differentgame modes make this game very addicting★ Use magic toolsto solvedifficult puzzles or obstacles!★ Daily rewards and giftsareavailable!Download Fruit Candy Blast for free and start toplaycandy swap this addictive game! You probably won’t be able tostopin this fruit candy world!Follow our Facebook developer pagetoreceive newest update info and shareyourideas! us if youhaveany question:Email:
Alien Zone Plus
[Game Intro] Space station under invasion, city on the vergeofplague, even the whole world, is moving towards devastation.Youare the Savior! [Exquisite 3D Graphics] Real-time light,shadow,lambency and depth effect... Enable you to experience a 3Dnext-genconsole game on mobile platforms. 22completely differentstages,i.e. 22 distinctive scenes Ensures a breath of fresh aireveryminute in the game Romantic park, perilous factory,trap-filledpower station, besieged lab… Are you ready to set off?[ExtremelyExciting Battles] Are you fed up with fighting againstonly one orseveral monsters at a time? Here's your chance to sweepaway anenemy swarm A wide variety of traps that make your everymove fullof suspense You have to break through waves of monstersand becomethe true Savior! [Perfect Combination of ARPG and ShooterGames] Isit an ARPG? No, it is a shooter game Is it a shooter game?It is anAPRG with character levels, equipment, perks and treasurehuntsystems. [Unique Game Systems] * Character Level: Characterswilllevel up by means of defeating monsters and completing quests.*Perks System: Characters are endowed with multiple perks andcanenjoy different gameplays. * Random Equipment System: Thegameoffers millions of equipment like Diablo, in this way youcanchoose your own game mode according to your preference. To beaniron warrior or bloodthirsty killer, or both of them? You calltheshots on your battlefield! * Random Monsters: Differentmonsterswill randomly show up in different places, spices up yourgameplay* Package System: You will get various help and fantasticpackagesat a specific level, times and stages.
Dark Reaper Shoots!
SummerTimeStudio Vol.9!The Japanese/Okinawan tablet andmobiledevice developer would like to present to you a 3rd person360degree shooting game, “Dark Reaper Shoots!”. This game featuresthecute reaper with the dream of one day becoming an angel.Travelthrough 7 worlds with a total of 100 stages, more than10,000different kinds of possible character customization, and anumberof perks for you to learn and discover.You can battle enemieswithbeautiful graphics side-by-side with your trustyfriend,GowGow.-Description-Assistive Game Play:We have includedauto-aimand other assistive features to help you get used to thegame evenif action games are not your thing.To attack it is easy astappingan icon on a screen. Literally. Engaging:This game features7worlds and 100 stages each with its very own set of graphicsandfeatures starting from hell to heaven.Customization:Morethan10,000 character customization possibilities are possiblewithinthe game. Equipment include Masks, Robes, Blades, andHandles(which also changes GowGow’s appearance!). GowGow:GowGow isa bravepartner who fights along your side. As your charactergetsstronger, GowGow also gets stronger! Best part about it is, itisinvincible.Skills:Over 50 different perks are obtainable withinthegame.Equipment:Equipment can be made by using “souls” orbycollecting “materials” that are dropped by your enemiesinbattle.Hints:-Run around the stage and find vantagepoints.-UseGowGow’s attacks to your advantage.Compatible for:GalaxyS2 andAboveAndroid 4.2 and Above
100 Floors - Can you escape?
100 Floors Updated! Come continue the fun with us.A big thankstoall the users who have stuck with us! We have included alittlesurprise for those who can beat the game! Enjoy!Are you thekeymaster? The key master has given you a Master Key! Use it tounlockthe doors and pass any level, but remember you onlyhaveone!Challenge yourself and see if you can make it to the TOP!Canyou escape? Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzle!Escapethe room!100 levels of puzzles are waiting to be solved! 100Rooms,100 Doors, 100 Floors!Features:-Addicting mini puzzlesandbrainteasers!-Complete utilization of your Androidphonefeatures!-Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors,doors, androoms!-Constant updates of New Floors, New Doors, NewRooms!-It's100% FREE!Make sure to contact us if you have good ideasfor newFloors, Doors, and Rooms! :)How to Play:- Unlock the door toget tothe next level.- To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipetheon-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.- You canpickcertain items up and use them from your inventory.- Floor 1:tapthe green elevator button to open the door. Tap the greenarrowbehind the door to go to the next floor.- Floor 2: swipethetrashcan to move it aside and tap the green arrow button behindit.Tap the button in your inventory and tap the grayed out arrowabovethe red arrow. Tap the green button once it is placed to openthedoor.- Floor 4: What is the opposite motion of pinching?Enjoytherest of the game!The ultimate room escape, can you escape theroompuzzle game!
Toy Cubes - Pop Block Boom
Sart the game on the lowest level.Once you start, you'llbehooked.Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.extremelylovely and colorfulJust tap to play, show your reactionspeed andeliminate skills!Tap on 5 more blocks to generate a newitem whichhas a special blast skill![HOW TO PLAY]- Pop more than 2of thesame cubes to crush!- Tap 5 or 6 cubes to get a butterfly.-Match 7or 8 cubes to get a cakes.- Match 9 cubes to earn a colorflowers-Tap to Blasting, keep tapping to Win the Level!- Completethemissions each new level presents and clear levels.ToyCubesFeatures * Your moves are limited so you better use themwisely!*Plenty of levels filled with thrilling puzzles andchallenges.*Reach high scores and beat the goals in this freeonline puzzlegame.* Butterfly, cakes and color flowers will helpyou beat thechallenges. * As you play the game levels will go up,but you needto start at a low level to help you practice.Donothesitate!Download for FREE to your android device andexperiencehours of endless fun and entertainment.
Cake Jam
Cake Jam is a very addictive connect lines puzzlegame!Connectcolorful lines of fruit to solve compelling levels inthis puzzleadventure! The new sweets, new bloom, more divine, morecombinedstar and challenging game modes filled with purple sugarcookie jamfruit! Destroying cookie by your finger, and enjoy theexplosionsmania!Rules or gameplay is absolutely simple to suiteveryone'staste:- Cake Jam More than 100 level, there is a bigchallenge.-Elimination New play.- Many sugary sweets and deliciousfruit andhate thieves.- Props free, no purchase.- Play anytime,anywhere, nonetwork can play!- Completely free to play- The perfectgamingexperience, fun index is very, very high!- Easy and fun toplay,challenging to master!- Exciting lighting effects whileplayingincluding blast mania, lighting splash- Match 3 and popcolorful-The Color-changing cake jam Blast! can eliminate anyothercolored.Cake Jam now the most popular puzzle gamecasual.Suitablefor all countries and all languages.If you or yourfamily are fansof puzzle games then cookie cake jam is suitable foryou.I believeyou will love it!What are you waiting for? DownloadCake Jam nowand play with your friends!Enjoy this delicious sweetpuzzle gameand addictive! saga! Enjoy! Frenzy! Crazy! Plash!