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10 the Puzzle 1.0.8
This puzzle makes you smarter.The rule is very simple. Youmustpuzzle it to 10, using all block.A puzzle game that is simplebutsomehow makes you trapped. Play and train yourmathematiclability.This puzzle makes you smarter.The rule issimple. You mustpuzzle it to 10,using all block.There are 7 levelsof difficulty inall. Amazingly, there are 300 different stage.Includes supportfunctions such as hints.Let's train your brain with10 the puzzle!
Route - slide puzzle game 2.1.5
With 20 difficulty levels and a total of 2,000 stages, you'refreeto challenge your mind as much as you want.* Outline *This isacompletely free brain-training puzzle game that people of allagescan enjoy.Try to move the blocks so that you can cleareachstage.There's no time limit, so you can enjoy the game in yourfreetime at your own pace.* Rules *The blocks have pieces of apathdrawn on them. To clear each stage, move the blocks to completeapath from the starting area to the goal.Additionally, eachstagecontains three stars. As you get used to the game, try tobuildyour path so that you can gather all of the stars.* How toPlay *Tomove a block, simply swipe up, down, left or right.* Hints*A hintbutton will be displayed on the game screen.There are nolimits tohow many times the hint button can be used, and using thehintbutton is always free.* Stages *The game includes 20difficultylevels and a total of 2,000 stages.As you proceed throughthelevels and stages, the difficulty will also increase.Inthebeginning, stages can be cleared in very few movements. However,asyou proceed through the levels and stages, you will alsofindstages that require dozens of block movements tocomplete.Alwayspay attention.* About Route *Route is anevolutionary step in thedevelopment of the sliding block puzzlegenre, which peoplecommonly associate with the standard 15-piecesliding puzzle andthe "Dad Puzzle" that first appeared in the early20th century.Thewell-known sliding block puzzle is a game that usesthe concept ofparity to foster mathematical thinking.It's said thatmathematicalthinking helps prevent senility, improves efficiencyand has otherbenefits as well.Don't miss this opportunity to killtime bystimulating your mind with a completely free braintraininggame.You might just get addicted.
Move the Block : Slide Puzzle 1.3.44
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age! "Move the Block:Slide Puzzle" is a simple and addictive sliding block puzzlegame.Perfectly solve stages without using hints and get 3 stars andasuper crown! HOW TO PLAY • Need to move the red block to theexit.• Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side •Verticalblocks can be moved up and down FEATURES • Hundreds oflevels •Established a hint system helping you to solve puzzles •Reset/Undobuttons to help you figure out each puzzle • Smooth anddelicateanimation • Great sound effects • Try to enjoy the "Movethe Block: Slide Puzzle" using various devices and screen sizes(Phones andTablets). NOTES • "Move the Block : Slide Puzzle"contains the adslike banner, interstitial, video and house ads. •"Move the Block :Slide Puzzle" is free to play, but you canpurchase In-app itemslike AD FREE and Hints. E-MAIL •[email protected] HOMEPAGE•• Contact us if youhave anyquestions, ideas for improvements or experience any bugswhenplaying the game: he[email protected] Enjoy "Move the Block :SlidePuzzle" App Permissions [Required Permissions] - none[OptionalPermissions] - none [Permission setting and withdrawalmethod] -Android 6.0+: Device Settings> ApplicationManagement> SelectApp> Revoke Access - Under Android 6.0:Can revoke access bydeleting application Thank you.
Slide Puzzle Free 2.01
Alan Haden
The classic 15 tile slide puzzle.This version allows the coloursofthe tiles to be changed and even the layout.Try to solve thepuzzleas quickly as possible and keep track in the High Scorestable. Ortry to complete in the least number of moves.
Unblock the Orb : Sliding Puzzle Game 1.9
Little Orb lost its way back to home Can you find the way toitshome by solving amazing sliding maze puzzles? Come around let'sdothis. Rescue the most thrilling sci-fi Ball This is asimpleaddictive unblock puzzle game, Most popular brain-teasinggameavailable in play store!. You'll find it the best time killeronyour phone! Enjoy Your time with sci-fi Ball. Enjoy and havefun!keep you playing it! Keep Rolling the Ball! Move the blockswithyour finger to create a path for moving the Orb to the redGOALblock. But riveted blocks can't be moved. Are you ready toplay?Download and start solving puzzles now! FEATURES • BRANDNEWSLIDING PUZZLE GAME - Sci-Fi Theme - More themes yet to come.•SLIDING PUZZLE - An essential is for the adult to kids of allages.• NUMBER OF INTERESTING LEVELS - You can enjoy the gameenough. •NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! - youcan play this game offline. • USEFUL IN-GAMEFUNCTIONS: - RESTART:Just restart a level quickly. - UNDO: Have amistake? Don't worry,just put it back. - HINTS: It's a good friend.Of course, it may bewrong. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support bothPHONES & TABLETS. - Support both ARM andx86 DEVICES. - SupportGOOGLE+ recommendation. NOTES • Unblock theOrb - slide puzzlecontains the ads like banner, interstitial,rewarded-video ads. •This app requires following permissions. -Modify or delete thecontents of your SD card & Read thecontents of your SD cardE-MAIL • [email protected]• on FACEBOOK • Let'sUNBLOCKTHE ORB. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE
Make your own customized slide puzzle with letters, numbers,colors,shapes and photos. You can use custom pictures fromyourphone/tablet, use the camera, or fetch any photo from theInternet.With an internal library of photos, you can store youirown photosas favorites. A few photo samples are included for you tostartplaying immediately. A slide puzzle is one were the aim is tosortthe given pieces, using a blank slot for movement. A detaileddemoof how to solve the puzzle is provided.The complexity increasesasyou play. For example, you could easily create a series ofslidepuzzles with your childs favorite cartoon characters, superheroesor animals. For yourself, you could try a few wallpapersoflandscapes or celebrities. Good candidate pictures for highergridsizes, ideally should not have large areas that look the same.Youcould still use any photo, thanks to the optional numberlabelingof the photos. Other features:★ 8 (3x3), 15 (4x4), 24(5x5), 35(6x6) and 48 (7x7) block boards★ Supports Numbers,Alphabet,Photos, Colors and Shapes★ Pick photos from anywhereincluding theWeb & camera★ Multiple screen layouts and themes★Scoreboardand resume after exit features★ Guaranteed solution forallpuzzles★ Supports multi-block, touch moves ★ Allows changingmodeduring a game (eg. alphabet to number)★ Lightweight &supportsSD Card install★ Minimal device permissionsSlider puzzleshelp toimprove the thinking power, agility, hand-eye coordinationandpatience.
Fifteen v10 10.0
Fifteen - a puzzle that is 15 square knuckles with numbers from 1to15. All knuckles are enclosed in a 4x4 square (the side ofthesquare is four times longer than the knuckles). Thus, whenyouplace the knuckles in the square, there is one empty spaceaboutthe size of one knuckle that can be used to move the knuckles.Thegoal of the game is to arrange the placement of numbers byplacingthem in ascending order from left to right and top tobottom,starting with the knuckles with the number 1 in the upperleftcorner and ending with the empty space in the lower rightcorner.You can choose the background of the game and the color oftheknuckles. You can share your game result through socialnetworks,email, etc. Play with your friends, relatives,co-workers,acquaintances, etc. Mix the knuckles in places and askothers toassemble them. Good luck !!!
Puzzle 15 9.0.3
The classic game for those who want to pass the time and totrainbrains.
Puzzle - Puppies 1.21
Tile puzzle – Puppies A large Photo group of Sweet and CuteLittlePuppies. FEATURES: - This game contain Multi levels : - 3 * 3- 4 *4 - 5 * 5 - 6 * 6 - 7 * 7 - 8 * 8 - You can move any Slice Tomakethe whole picture. - Simple and intuitive - Improvethinkingabilities - Saves all photo in progress so you can play onseveralphoto at the same time - We all can enjoy it. just assemblethephoto and have fun.
Rolling Puzzle ball 1.0
Welcome to a brand new mind puzzle game of 2018. Mao Apps SimStudioproudly presents an amazing puzzle game. Do you like thegame classas below? Catch The Jerry has all the sections.-Slidejoy PuzzlesUse your brain to make the puzzle logic.- PuzzleGames solve puzzleto Catch Jerry.- Sliding Puzzles The alteringlogic games won’t letyou get bored at any moment.- Twisty PuzzlesThe tremendous puzzleroller cat and mouse.- Brain Teasers sharpenyour mind by completingdifferent - Challenging Levels There is atimer clock.- PhysicsPuzzler with high IQ level Physics-basedpuzzle game.- Match 3,4 or5 Puzzles Easy to match, hard tomaster.- Active mind PracticesTrain you brain to accomplished.-Family Puzzle Games Find out, whothe best man with high IQ level.-Maze Puzzle Games Sharpen yourmind by completing differentchallenging levels. - Hexa PuzzlesHundreds of mind bobbling jigsawmissions are waiting for you. -Challenging Puzzles Entertain youduring your free time.Feel free,keep you playing itThe controls ofmind logic game are also veryeasy. Just tap and drag to move yourtile to next position accordingto your mind logic. After allsettled, the cat will catch the mousepoint and logical mind puzzlewill be solved. FEATURES • SLIDINGPUZZLE players of every age canplay jigsaw game with an ease.• EASYCONTROL Smooth and easy toplay• NO LIMITATIONS Enjoy at your owntime and pace.• NO PROBLEMSPuzzles you can solve offline.• MOREVARIETIES Arcade, Time Trialsmode to challenge & Classic modeto qualify.• TONS OF LEVELSYou can enjoy the different modes andhundreds of missions• RESTARTHave a Miscalculation? Don't worry,just restart• HINTS Hints areavailable to solve the puzzles•OPTIMIZED Support both PHONES &TABLETS
Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles - Free Puzzle Games 10.0.8
Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the best puzzle games foralljigsaw puzzles lovers This hd photo puzzle game will giveyoupleasant minutes of relax and antistress time. Welcome tojigsawworld! Improve your puzzle solving skills and have great timewiththis excellent jigsaw puzzle games for adults and kids. Ourfreelearning games will definitely make your day! You will betotallysurprised by huge puzzle collection. Colorful and brightjigsawpuzzles will strike your imagination. Do puzzle in a newway!Advanced puzzle layout and involving gameplay will help youtorelax after a hard-working day. Jigsaw puzzle games is thebestfree hobby for adults and for kids. Take part in specialpuzzlegames, make photo puzzles using camera and share jigsawpuzzleswith your friends. PUZZLE GAMES FEATURES • Process of doingpuzzlenever was more comfortable with advanced layout: dodifferentpuzzle segments, zoom and move layout; • Feel excitementof gettingreward for completing puzzle; • Win prizes in holidayTournamentsand Weekly Gold Rush; • Choose number of pieces that youlike: themore pieces you choose, the bigger reward you get; •Rotatingpuzzle pieces will become a great challenge for jigsawguru; •Create original photo puzzles from your own images in ourphotopuzzle game; • Share your images on social networks withsharingfeature; • Do new daily jigsaw puzzles for free in DailyPuzzleSection; • Do different jigsaw puzzles at the same time: allofyour progress will be saved. 
 RICH PUZZLE COLLECTION Weresearchedon lots of popular jigsaw puzzle games for adults andcollectedonly best free jigsaw puzzles: • Nature jigsaw puzzles:Lake,River, Ocean, Forest, Flowers, Tropics, Waterfalls,UnderwaterWorld, Rainbow, Landscape, Mountain, Beach; • Animalsjigsawpuzzles: Cat, Dog, Birds, Kittens, Horses, Puppies,Insects,Butterfly, Pony, Rabbit, Unicorn, Zoo, Fish, Frog; •Travellingjigsaw puzzles: USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, England, NewZealand,Australia, Asia, India, New York, Miami, California,Russia, China,Japan; • Food jigsaw puzzles: Candy, Sweet, Cake andPie, WorldCuisine, Chocolate, Jelly, Cookies, Pizza, Fast food,Burger, Fruitand fruits; • Holiday jigsaw puzzles: Thanksgiving,Halloween,Christmas, New Year, Easter and others; • Season jigsawpuzzles:Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall online jigsaw puzzles. GOODFOR BRAINThe puzzle games are excellent brain teasers. Working onpuzzlesand solving them provides us with very many helpfulbenefits. Dailyjigsaw makes us alert, increases our concentration,imagination,memory, attention, patience and expands our creativity.On theother hand, looking at hd pictures constantly helps uspracticevisualisation, which is again good for brain and mentalactivity.It also affects our physical health by lowering our breathrate,reducing heart rate and blood pressure too. That’s why brainteasergames, especially brain teaser games for adults and for kids,is avery popular hobby nowadays. BEST FREE PUZZLE GAMES FORFAMILY  Become puzzle guru with our cool puzzle games! If youarelooking for jigsaw games free for family, these jigsaw gamesiswhat you need. Hd images and beautiful pictures are blendedintoone fun game for kids and adults. These great learning gamesandbrain train – matching game will exercise your kids mind. Ifyouhad enough of word search, crosswords, brain teasers, puzzletiles,matching games, these super simple addicting games will trainyourbrain like never before! Learn faster, remember more, improveyourmemory, speed up your brain and concentration skills.Stillthinking? Just puzzle it and you will not be able to stop!Join uson Facebook:
Animals Tile Puzzle ♥ 2.5
Animals Cartoon Tile Puzzle How to play? * Choose animalcartoonimage. * Drag and drop the tile of the image to the correctplace.* Do that until you build the original image. Features: *Threelevels of difficulty. * Designed for all android devices. *Amazinguser interfaces. * Update the images weekly. ✿ We hadexcluded allsensitive ads such as (Dating, Drugs & Supplements,Politics,References to Sex & Sexuality, Religion, Social CasinoGamesand Black Magic, Astrology & Esoteric). Licence:Thisapplication does not violate the copyright and does not claimtoit. most of the images are collected under If you feel that we violate your copyrightpleasecontact us directly. UKULELE - Royalty Free Music fromBensoundMost of sound tracks for Kevin MacLeod ( Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0License Try the game forfree.Thanks.
Dream Puzzle: Unblock the Road 1.1.8
Here comes a simple yet mind-bending sliding puzzle game.You’veseen the video – now the lives of those lost Dream Faeriesare inyour hands.Enjoy more than 1,000 hand-crafted slide puzzlesas youcollect magical cards to uncover the hidden facts inhouseholdfairy tales. Achieve more stars to unlock new fairystories.If youlike game genres below, you will definitely love ourgame! •Sliding puzzle game. Just move and move! • Maze Puzzle. HelpDreamFaeries to escape from the maze! • Match-3 Puzzle game. Easytostart but hard to master. • Exam Prep & Tutoring. Trainyourbrain. • Friends Puzzle Game. Play it with your friends! Enjoythefun together!Features: - Over 1000 challenging slide puzzles!Enjoythe game enough! - 13 Dream Faeries to choose: Stalker,Torturer,Firog, Souleater and more- No wifi? It’s not a problem!This is agame you can play offline.- Daily FREE bonus and gifts. -Collectstory cards and dream shards to uncover hidden mysteries infairytales- Elegant soundtrack and fantastic artworks Relaxing andeasyto pick up, you'll soon find yourself deep in contemplationtoperfect each puzzle.Follow our Facebook fan-page formoreinformation and keep up to date with all the latest aboutDreamPuzzle: Unblock the Road. We are looking forward to seeingyourcomments andmessages!Facebook:
Shin Slider Puzzle Chan Games 1.0
Are you a big fan of Crayon Shin-Chan from movies, cartoon, filmsortv shows? If so, you will love this brand new Slider ShinChanpuzzle game!Shin Chan Puzzle is an easy, very funnyandentertaining game. It´s a free game, consisting in movingthepieces to the correct square in order to assemble the picture.Thepieces con be moved to the square next to them, that means youcanonly move a piece to an empty square. To move a piece, onlyslideit towards the empty square. The sliding puzzle is aclassicalpuzzle game for any ages, enjoyed by children and adults.Resolvethe puzzle choosing a ShinChan fantastic photos which areincludedin the game.This game is totally free and is available inthefollowing languages: EnglishWhen you exit a game, the state ofthepuzzle will be automatically saved. So you can continuewheneveryou want. Make up different challenges to unblockachievements andobtain trophies. You like games like puzzles andability games?Then you will like the Sliding Shin Chan Puzzle. Playand enjoy atthe same time you are doing brain training andimproving yourintelligence. This popular game is also known as 15puzzle, slidepuzzle, sliding puzzle, sliding block puzzle, slidingtile puzzle,the 15, fifteen puzzle, gem puzzle, the magic puzzlesquare, bosspuzzle, game of fifteen, mystic square. Hardcorepuzzle.The gameworks perfectly on tablets and mobile phones.Benefits SlidingPuzzle Games: - Training of visual memory- Increaseof short termmemory- Concentration improvement- Development ofcognitiveskillsIf something doesn´t work or if you want to let usknow yoursuggestions, please write us an e-mail.
2048 1.6.8
2048 game - a simple logically, but difficult to passpuzzlerepresenting a something between "Fifteen" and the game "Fivein arow". Help you relax and have fun.The playing field is asquare4x4. You need to move and join the numbers to get to the"2048"tile (you can proceed further).Has a bright attractivegraphics andanimation.Optimized for Android.Train, play and havefun!• Thisapplication is a complete analog paid application "2048Pro",except for the presence of advertising.
Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2 1.2.29
Roll The Ball: slide puzzle 2 is a simple addictive unblockpuzzlegame, it makes you keep playing for FREE! Do you like thegamegenres as below? Great! Roll the Ball 2 has all the elements.;) •Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with you family. •MazePuzzles, Find the exit! • Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move!•Puzzle Games, Thought-provoking fun. • Brain Teasers,Testyourself. Exercise your brain. • Escape Games, Can you getout?Let's go. • Hidden Object Games, Find the hidden path. •PhysicsPuzzler, Physics-based gaming. • Match-3 Puzzle, Easy tolearn buthard to master. • Retro Games, Revisit the classics • ExamPrep& Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train you brain toactivemind. HOW TO PLAY • MOVE the balls with your finger. • BUILDthepath for moving the ball to the red GOAL. • USE the SPECIALtiles.• GET three stars. FEATURES • MAZE PUZZLE: Find the path. •SLIDINGPUZZLE: An essential is for the adult to kids of all ages. •TONSOF EPIC LEVELS: You can enjoy the game enough. • NO TIMELIMIT:Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Games you canplayoffline. • MORE VARIATIONS: Moving, Rotation mode tochallenge& Star mode to relax. • USEFUL IN-GAME FUNCTIONS: -RESTART:Just restart a level quickly. - HINTS : It's a good friend.Ofcourse, it may be wrong. • GET DAILY BONUS & GIFTS: TheSantamay give gifts to you. Check a message box often. • ANNOYINGADS?NO PROBLEM! Buy AD FREE(USD 1.99) or Participate in adsimprovementprogram by in-game Email. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID &GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support both PHONES & TABLETS. - Supportboth ARM &x86 DEVICES. - LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS fromGoogle PlayGames. - CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress is being savedonline withGoogle Play. You can sync your game progress betweendevices,phones & tablets, using the same Google Play Account.It's mayrequired to sign in Google+. It's support game progressonly, nothints, not auto-save. Be careful, if you tap the "Save" or"Load"button, it will works at once. UP-TO-COMING WITH GOOGLE PLAYGAMES& GOOGLE+ - CLOUD SAVE, LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTSfromGoogle Play Games. - RECOMMEND TO GOOGLE+ FRIENDS -MULTIPLAYERGAME, QUEST, GIFTS - APP INVITE, APP INDEXING NOTES •Roll the Ballcontains the ads like banner, interstitial, video andhouse ads. •Roll the Ball sells In-app products like AD FREE, Hintsand levelpackages. E-MAIL • [email protected] HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • Let'sROLLTHE BALL. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE. lol
Tile Puzzle Nature 1.34
Tamco Apps
Tile Puzzle Nature is a free puzzle game which includes acollectionof beautiful Nature and Landscape photos. Game features:- Flexibleand easy interface to use. - Six of different difficultylevels. - Alot of beautiful and high-quality photos. - Autosavefunction. - Notime limits. - Possibility to view the full photo tohelp solve thepuzzle. - The ability to share the game with yourfriends. - Allphotos are available for free to play. - Suitablefor the wholefamily. We hope that this game will improve yoursense of enjoymentand relaxation.
Block Puzzle 1 1.2.4
Block Puzzle is a simple puzzle game of matching andeliminatinghorizontal and/or vertical lines. Drag the newlygenerated blocksand match horizontal and/or vertical lines so thatthe screen doesnot get filled up with blocks. Log in via GooglePlay to competewith friends or top rankers around the world.Challenge the simplebut in-depth puzzles to become the world's bestplayer.
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle 1.7.50
Roll the Ball® will stay classy, yet challenging. Are you readytoroll? 🎱ROLL THE BALL-SLIDE PUZZLE FEATURES🎱 ●Athought-provoking'roll a ball' game to sharpen your brain! ●FREE TOPLAY game withsimple premises, yet with challenging to masterlevels! ●AnImpressive number of puzzles to solve with over 3,000+LEVELS! ●Nopenalties & No time limit! You can enjoy the classicpuzzle atyour own pace! ●Bonus rewards & hints are available todoublethe excitement! 🎱HOW TO PLAY🎱 ►Move the blocks with yourfingertipto create an optimal path for your ball to roll to thefinish line!►Aim to reach for the perfect 3-star rating on eachlevel to set anew record! -Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle is availableon mobilephones & tablet PCs. -Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzlecontains adsvarying from banners, interstitials, videos to houseads. -Roll theBall-Slide Puzzle is free to play, however, you maypurchase in-appitems, such as Ad-free & coins. We value yourfeedback! Pleasecontact us at [email protected] for any questionsor suggestionsVisit Bitmango to check out more of our projects! our Facebook to enrich your gamingexperience! Let's get readyto rollsome balls!
Jewel Match King: Quest 2.3.30
New and improved match-3 game Jewel Match King: Quest iscoming!Jewel Match King: Quest is amazing match-3 puzzle game, itmakesyou keep playing for FREE! Rescue a jewel fairy with wizardAnniefrom witches! HOW TO PLAY • Swap and Match 3 or more jewels ofthesame! • Complete the level! • Remove the jewels as much as youcan!• To get a special jewel! • Helpful magical boosters to winjewelstars. • Achieve 3 stars to get more coins! • Get a high scorewithboosters! FEATURES • 3 MATCH PUZZLE - A Delicious matchingpuzzlegame with cute characters & addictive levels! • TONS OFUNIQUELEVELS - Over 200 puzzles are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges! • EASY AND FUN PLAY - Easy to play interface,Just swap& match. • NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. -Play inanytime and anywhere! • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! - Games you canplayoffline. NOTES • Jewel Match King: Quest contains the adslikebanner, interstitial, video and house ads. • Jewel MatchKing:Quest is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items likeADFREE and Coins SUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP • Enjoy the game withvariousdevices. (Phones and Tablets) E-MAIL • [email protected]• on FACEBOOK • [Required Permissions] - none [Optional Permissions]-Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission tosavegame data [Permission setting and withdrawal method] -Android6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> SelectApp>Revoke Access - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access bydeletingapplication Thanks for playing!
1010! Block Puzzle Game 66
1010! is an addicting brain teaser with simple yet challenginggamesdesigned to train your brain. Challenge your puzzle gameskills withthis exciting skill game that will keep you entertainedfor hours.Train your brain and develop your logic with this simplegame thatlets you combine puzzle blocks, build and destroystructures bycreating lines and test your logic with friends.Enjoy addictingbrain training exercises with the power of 1010!1010! Features:Connect Shapes, No Matter Where You Are − Connectpuzzle blocks inaddicting matching games. Start and stop any time,no matter whereyou go. − 1010! is the perfect challenge for ashort period ofrefreshing brain training on the bus, at school orin the office. −Connect shapes together with addicting, simple tolearn brain teasergameplay. Combine Puzzle Blocks in AddictiveGames − Combine puzzleblocks in order to build and destroy fulllines both vertically andhorizontally. − Combine blocks in thisaddicting challenge that willput your logic skills to the test.Don't let the shapes fill thegrid! − Match shapes to form colorfullines in addictive puzzlegames. No time limit, no color matching,no match 3 repetition! Justfill the grid with shapes to form aline and train your brain with1010! Use of this application isgoverned by Zynga’s Terms ofService, found
Block Puzzle & Conquer 14
- hundreds of levels, only one correct solution - get relax orraceagainst the clock - addictive, easy and logical -infinitechallenge This free tangram inspired puzzle sensation isthe gametaking Google Play by storm. Newly updated with morefeatures andlevels, it's now even more fun! Drag the differentblocks intoplace to match the puzzle. It’s easy to learn and free!Puzzleblocks cannot be rotated, and each level has only onecorrectsolution. Think of it like a math problem! Connect theblockswithout any spaces left! Think you can handle our braintease? Giveit a try! This game is guaranteed to get you addicted!Differentfrom maze and riddle like games, Block Puzzle is anaddictive, easyand logical game. Free and available for people ofall ages, fromyoung kids to adults. With an infinity amount of waysto patternthe square, this game is guaranteed to get you thinking.Perfectfor kids to develop their brain and learn some criticalproblemsolving skills. Ranging from math skills to overalllogicdevelopment, we pride ourselves on providing entertainmentandeducation to young kids. The puzzels are classic tangram ortilematch with endless ways to pattern and connect the blocks. Withoursettings you can be casual and complete the brain teaser atyourleisure, or time yourself if it becomes too easy! Blitzthroughendless levels of logic puzzels, making sure to connect orpatternthe jigsaw correctly. AMAZING VALUE — Over 100,000 FREEpuzzles totrain your brain — 3 difficulty levels: start easy, learnand workyour way up or jump right in with a challenge — Perfect foradultsand kids! INFINITE CHALLENGE — Go against the clock to solveasmany puzzles as you can in a limited time. Enjoy new puzzleseachtime for an infinite amount of fun! — Endless game featureallowsyou to play unlimited, server-generated puzzles in normalmode aswell as timed. Play for infinity and beyond! PUZZLE ANDCONQUER —Challenge and connect with friends on Google Play Games —Win morethan 25 achievements as you accomplish greater challenges
Baby Animals Jigsaw Puzzles 2.0.19
Jigsaw puzzles free games for adults and kids are aconstantlyupdated puzzle game including a large number of freeimages. If youlike jigsaw puzzles, logic games and picture puzzles,you will findjigsaw puzzles no less interesting. Both adults andkids will enjoypiecing together jigsaw puzzles. You can play thisamusing gamejigsaw puzzles on your phone as well as on your tablet.Byinstalling our free Jigsaw Puzzles game, you will get access tothefollowing features: - free daily puzzle (double the award); -piecetogether your favorite photos or any gallery images free ofcharge;- all incomplete games jigsaw puzzles are saved andremainavailable to you at any time; - from 9 to 64 jigsaw puzzlepieces;- turning on/off piece rotation for advanced players - noInternetconnection required.
Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles 1.0.7
Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. From thecreatorof the #1 hit puzzle game, Brain It On! ◆ Dozens of brainbustingphysics puzzles, with more being added all the time ◆Multiple waysto solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?◆ Compete onthe leaderboards for the fastest time or best solutionIf you enjoybrain games, have a knack for following the laws ofphysics, andenjoy making things shatter, then this puzzle game isfor you. It'seasy to learn but hard to master and will get youthinking outsidethe box in no time! Draw a dot, draw a line, drawwhatever you needto solve the puzzle and shatter the shapes.Gravity is on yourside, or is it? If you like Shatterbrain, pleaserate it and leavea comment. Your support is greatly appreciated. Ifyou don't likesomething, please email me [email protected] I want tohear your feedback and commentsso I can improve Shatterbrain andturn it into a smash hit. Lookingfor more great physics puzzlegames, try my other game Brain It On!,which was selected forGoogle Play Editor's Choice, it willdefinitely give you somethingto scratch your brain about. You canfind me on Twitter [email protected], or on Facebookat, or mywebsite: I hope you enjoy Shatterbrain!
Open Puzzle Box 1.0.8
A new puzzle game that you've neverexperiencedbeforehasbeenreleased. This puzzle mechanics are simple,butuniqueenoughtocapture your interest.Game rules aresimple.Usetouch,drag,anddual-touch functions to solvepuzzlesoflockedmysteriousboxes.Opening boxes may sound simple, butcangetverytricky. Totriumph, you'll have to think outside thebox.Takeonthechallenge now: an endless series ofmysteryboxesawaitsyou.▶Features ◀# A wide selection ofstagesthatarecontinuouslyupdated# Simple game rulesthateveryonecanimmediately grasp# Avariety of puzzles andtricksthatrequireunique thinking#Multiple difficulty levels#Intuitive UIandsimplecontrols#Various stage objectives that exciteandchallengeyou▶Developers◀Website:http://mgameday.comTwitter:▶Questions?TechnicalIssues? Emailus!◀[email protected]
Dino Puzzle - Dinosaur Games for Kids and Toddlers 2.0.9
Tiltan Games
Play 24 Lovely puzzles for kids and toddlers with Dinosaur themeandcreate your own puzzles too! Meet Dino, our lovely dinosaur! AMusthave for every kid who loves Dinosaurs! Develop your childmind,spatial skills, self- esteem, sagacity and memory skills.DinoPuzzle is a great puzzle game for kids and toddlers Explorethrough24 predefined puzzles! Create your own puzzles!Infinitepossibilities! Select the level of difficulty fit for yourkids!Aimed for kids the ages 1-8 Your kids will just lovethesewonderfully drawn dino puzzles and will improve theirspatialskills while having fun! Our educational games arespecificallytailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage themto learnfrom each activity. We specialise in fun educational games.What'sin the game? * 24 Predefined Puzzles, from 6 pieces for thefirstpuzzle up to 16 pieces for the last ones. Each puzzle in thegameis unique * Create your very own puzzles - Draw and Paintactivity* Four different activities - Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratch Card,ShufflePuzzle, Colour Card. * Record your voice and have it played* Widerange of difficulty levels - from 2 pieces for starters to30pieces for preschool kids and first graders! * Funny andLovableanimals, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics * Easy tolearn andcontrol, even for small kids * Interactive animals soundeffects,Positive and pleasant feedback. * Multiple side games forinbetween puzzle solving - pop balloons, bubbles and more. *Controlpuzzle settings, game music, and sound effects from thesettingsmenu * Positive and pleasant feedback for each action yourkidmakes - sounds and effects * Fun and engaging pieces,eithercomplete shape pieces or traditional looking puzzle pieces *Largepieces, easy for children to pick and move * Increasingdifficultylevel as your kid advances from puzzle to puzzle * Childsafebuttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pagesNote,this is the lite version. The first 3 puzzles are open forfree. Ifyou like this game and would like to unlock the rest oftheactivities, you can unlock the complete game with a singlein-apppurchase. Thanks for your support! What makes our games work?*Educational games for young children is our focus. Our kids'ideasare behind many of our games and they are our first happyplayersfor every game we make. * In Tiltan Games, we know thateducatingchildren can be fun! We aim to give children just theright balancebetween education and fun * Our games are easy tograsp and controlon one hand but challenging enough to provide asignificantlearning experience. What will my kids learn? Dinopuzzles aims tohelp build kids shape and pattern recognition, finemotor skills,cognitive skills and visual spatial skills. Have Fun!Tiltan Games
Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle 1.6.4
Bouland Games
Rube's Lab is a physics puzzle game with an amazinginteractiveworld.Venture into the world where you`ll need to saveRube's Labfrom the wiles of Dr. Evil using logic and imagination.Items,objects, mechanisms, chain reactions... Solve puzzlesthroughavailable tools in limited timeframe. You can ask Rube forhelpthough.Do you enjoy classic logic games? Then here is one youwerelooking for.FAST AND SIMPLE STARTStart the game and you'll gotallthe necessary progress-based tips along theway.INTUITIVECONTROLSThe interface is simple and convenient. Justuse yourtouch.REALISTIC PHYSICSThe game is designed in a 2D worldwithaccurate and realistic physics.NICE GRAPHICSReally enjoyableandlovely arts.GREAT VARIETY OF LEVELSEncounter dozens ofdifferentpuzzles and rewards.BROAD INVENTORY OF TOOLS A wide rangeof toolsat your disposal to solve challenging tasks.COOLMUSICRhythmicmusic that instantly immerses you into thegame`satmosphere.HINTSYou will be able to seek help from Rube. Hewillrequire some crystals though.Rube's Lab is a logicpuzzleaccessible for all ages, easy-to-learn and control. Vividgraphicsand addictive gameplay contribute to quick relaxation andbrightemotions both for children and adults. Moreover, the gamedevelopslogical thinking and imagination.The app participates inDesignedfor kids and/or families program on Google Play.
SpongeBob & Friends: Puzzle Game 1.2.97
SpongeBob & Friends: Puzzle Game is a challenging logic gameforkids and / or teenagers of all ages, ideal for theirchildrenbecause they will exercise their brain, imagination andcreativitywhile having fun, completing the best SpongeBoby puzzle.Have funwith your family or with your friend with Peppa's puzzles.Completethe levels and feel strong like a king of puzzle. PuzzleCartoon HDis a perfect logic game, with wonderful content for allcartoonfans. Simply drag the piece to the right place and drop it,it'ssimple and easy Bob. Absolute fun for all ages, what do youexpectto try? totally free!✔️ How is the game played?● SelectPlaybackicon ► (play)● Select level 1 to start playback.● Move andslidepuzzle pieces to the right place.● 44 levels tocomplete✔️Characteristics of the game● Improve memory and mentalabilities ofchildren● Each piece is a unique puzzle design● Musicis warm andpleasing to the ears● I shared the app with yourFacebook friends●Send invitations to play your friends viaFacebook● Designed forphones and tablets● Incredible userinterfaces● High DefinitionImages● No need to pay to unlock levelsor premium version✔️NEWSMore than 50 drawings to assemble in thisversion, and you canalso download the version of the coloring book:where you will findthe same cartoons, a spongebob and his friendsof dragon ball,minion and the beloved peppa They are the friends ofspongebob!Download Puzzle xxx SpongeBob & Friends: Puzzle Gamefor freeand make sure your kids enjoy playing, and you can restwhile yourkid is having fun.✔ The best puzzle for children andteens✔ Enjoyyour cartoons, what character would you like to add?✔For anyinconvenience, you can leave us your comment, we alsoconsider youropinion and qualification, help us to continueimproving. We arealways attentive to the needs of theuser.➡➡
Fill Wooden Block: Wood Puzzle Classic Brick Game 2.0.1
LHP Studio
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. Fill Wooden Blockisa simple and addictive block puzzle game. Train your brainanddevelop your logic with this simple game that lets youcombinepuzzle blocks, build and destroy structures by creatinglines andtest your logic with friends. No time limit, no colormatching!Just fill the grid with shapes to form a line and trainyour brainnow! if you like puzzle game, Fill Wooden Block: PuzzleMania isyour best choose. HOW TO PLAY 1: Drag blocks to fill up theframe.2: Blocks cannot be rotated. 3: No time limit! FEATURES 1:Simplerules and Easy control. 2: Various stages. 3: Smooth anddelicateanimation. 4: Easy to play and pleasurable game for allage. It'ssuper fun, be the master of logic. Fill Wood Block Puzzlecan helpyou train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. Ifyouever love hexagon puzzle, hexa fit, unroll & unblock gameorsimilar ones, you will love this game. This puzzle game is forkidsand adult of all ages, play by yourself or challenge yourbuddiesto compare your moves. Line up and have fun with your buddy.
Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle 1.8.5
Ever played a numbers' puzzle game that is so simple to playyetalmost impossible to win? Join the numbers and get to the 9tile!Tap or swipe to move selected tile. When three tiles with thesamenumber touch, they merge into one. Try to the 9 tile, and reachahigh score! Meet the Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle, a puzzlegamethat will challenge your mind and sharpen your logicalthinkingwhile you slowly fall for its addiction. Start on a 5x5board withonly 2 numbers' blocks and slide incoming numbers in sucha way togroup 3 or more. This increases the block number and theultimategoal is to reach a 9. Much more difficult than it sounds!If youlike number puzzles, you'll love the Impossible Nine: 2048Puzzletoo. The only downside is that you'll get addicted toreaching ahigh score, but your brain will love you for it.Impossible Nine:2048 Puzzle TOP features: 🔸 Re-imagined 2048Gameplay. InImpossible Nine the goal is very simple, combine 3 ormore blockswith the same digit to increase it by +1. Even if lowernumbers areeasy, reaching 9 will require incredible logical andstrategicthinking. 🔹 Different game modes. Start playing in regularmode andtry to reach 8 or even the impossible 9 to unlock DailyChallengesor the Zabaron mode. 🔸 Simple and fun design. 2048 Puzzlewill getaddictive and hook you for hours, but it was designed insuch a wayso that it doesn't tire your eyes. Its design isbeautifullycrafted to help you focus on the gameplay. 🔹 Easy toplay but hardto master 🔸 Strengthen your logical and strategicthinking whilehaving fun. If you like to play brain games, you willabsolutelylove Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle too. It is so simple toplay thatit’s not only for adult, teenagers, but also for kids. Arethereany tips and tricks to get higher score in Impossible Nine :2048Puzzle? 🔹 Don’t give up! Keep trying. 2048 Puzzle is not aneasygame though it appears to be so.
Unblock Ball Puzzle 1.11
Simple but difficult high level brain game of maze escapeCompletework of slide puzzle that more than one hundred millionusers haveplayed [What is unblock ball puzzle?] _version 1. Newlyreleasedvery simple addictive casual hit game It is a simple butdifficultbrain game that a puzzle user must try. Unblock ballpuzzle isnever easy, as it is delicately made. [And Two Game]_version 2. Doyou know "UnblockBar" Game? This app is two Game.-> "UnblockBall" and "Unblock Bar" [The followings are good. ^^]◆ Infinitelevels of maze type slide puzzle ◆ Absolutely free, lowcapacity,No Wi-fi game ◆ Many levels made with a lot of efforts ◆Simplehandling, fast start, simple design ◆ Variety of mazes forstrongconcentration [Very simple game method!] Move the puzzle toreleasethe balls. You can’t move the pieces that have screws!-Add"UnblockBar" Game. (_version2 update 2018.01.26)
Block Puzzle New 4.2
Dream Apps.
Block Puzzle 2018 is a free 1010 classic legend game totally.TheBlock Puzzle Online 1010 Free Games Puzzledom is awonderfulstimulating block puzzle for Android.Block Puzzle New istheaddictive puzzle game that started it all, embracing ouruniversaldesire to create order out of chaos. Block Puzzle New isatile-matching puzzle video game. Block Puzzle is fantasypuzzlegame to play airplane mode game. Block Puzzle isfantasypuzzle."Wood Block Puzzle” is a classic block game. Easyrule forWood Block Puzzle but unlimited fun in Gem Puzzle Game!Enjoy theworld's most beloved puzzle game for FREE! Easy to play,andpleasurable game for all ages. Drag shapes to fill in theblank.HOWTO PLAY • Block puzzle blast Sliding Puzzles, Just moveand move!•Block puzzle classic legend Puzzle Games,Thought-provokingaddictive games fun.• Block puzzle dash Drag theblocks to movethem.• Block puzzle extreme Smooth and delicateanimation• Blockpuzzle forest Try to fit them all row or Column•Wood Block PuzzleNewBlocks can't be rotated.• Block puzzle jewelDon't worry! Notime limits!• Block puzzle new Simple and AddictivePuzzle Game•Block puzzle wood is wood block puzzle islashblockbuster Game•block tower is free play gamesFEATURES- Blockpuzzle new switchgame to place colors blocks in flow- Block puzzlegame is blockpuzzle jewel is a tile-matching puzzle video game-Play easily andquickly. All puzzle games is fun puzzle games butBlock Puzzle Newis puzzledom- Fun, colorful and engaging graphics-Wood BlockPuzzle New gratis games- No time limit! A fun andrelaxing puzzlegame.- Three game modes, Block Classic Mode, BlockBomb, and BlockPlus- Retro Games, Revisit the classics- Smootheffect for Woodblock puzzle game!- Adventure awaits! Crunch,Swap,jam the WoodBlock Puzzle Game !- Challenge your friend’s highscores, challengethe worldDISCOVER NEW WAYS TO PLAY• EARN, COLLECT,AND SHARE BlockPuzzleEverything in Brain It On! Free Puzzle Game isfree, you canchoose to buy puzzle packs games to play for free•Maze PuzzleGames, Escape the maze.Put your foot down and raceacross a seriesof roller-coaster like mountain tracks, you willalways have freshchallenges and new trophies to win.• BrainTeasers, Test yourself.Exercise your brain.low Free gameplay rangesfrom simple andrelaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywherein between.•Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard tomaster.Connect with yourfriends and brag about high scores on thenewsfeed and more.Legendary Block Puzzle is block classic legend,classic blocks,free block puzzle game where the player's goal is toplace blocksto create and destroy lines on screen both Horizontallyandvertically.Wood Block puzzle star is like Gem Puzzle Gameofflineone has game play very simple but addictive games: justdrag, dropand fill up all the grid.Block Puzzle Jewel newest gameischallenging, exciting, and even infuriating, at times. Likeallgreat puzzles, crosswords puzzles, jigsaw, Block Puzzle! willkeepyou entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engagedforhours of fun. Amazing block puzzle a sequel the best and juicyGame“Wood Block Puzzle”. Physics Puzzler, Physics-based gaming.slidepuzzle is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game, keep youplayingit! Block Puzzle Classic 2018 is a wood style block game.Easy toplay, Difficult to master. More wood blocks, more score. Tryit andyou will love this block puzzle game.Block Puzzle 2018 ispuzzlegames store to drop blocks in order to create and destroyfulllines on the screen both vertically and horizontally.I trustyouwill love it, download now!
Gears logic puzzles 1.135
Sergey Tropin
The rules are easy, just move the light gears and connect themwiththe red gears so that everything rotates. You will need yourwisdomand imagination. Logical puzzle game about the mechanics ofgears.Features: * Thousands of engaging levels. * Free play, playat anyplace at any time. * Suitable for all ages. For adults andkids. *Get extremely fun and entertaining mechanic(engineer)experience bygears. * Simple rules, good gameplay. You will findaddiction. *There is a button to save battery power. * Educationalgame. *Non-stop play with level skip. * Physics Puzzler,Physics-basedgaming. * No time limit. * No WIFI? Games you can playoffline. *Annoying ads? No problem! Buy AD FREE. * HINTS : It's agoodfriend. * Email help. Blow your stress away! Discover tonsoflevels or create your own level. Relax. Enjoy!
15 puzzle 1.9
Classical 15 puzzle.It's a good way to train your brain, memory,andattention a little.- Interface language: EnglishFeatures:-simpleand convenient interface;- five game levels (from 3x3 to7x7);- gametimer and saving the best result;- move counter;-uploading yourpictures;- leaderboards (Google Play Game);-achievements (GooglePlay Game).
Puzzle - kittens 1.22
Game Tile Puzzle - kittens is a Free game for train yourbrain,imagination and creativity while having fun. Increasedyourintelligence easier than ever With Free game Puzzle - kittensinthis puzzle You can know a lot About Kittens and it containsphotosAbout Siamese cat , Persian cat, American Shorthair, Siberiancatand a lot more. WHY USE this game ? - Free game - 6difficultylevels - Simple and intuitive - Suitable for all ages -Improvethinking abilities - Easy to play move any Slice To make thewholepicture. - You can See the photo During play . - Saves allphoto inprogress so you can play on several photo at the same time-perfect choice to warm-up your mind and Increase yourIntelligencein Entertaining and fun way. - More than 100 Cute imagehave funWith Free game Tile Puzzle - Kittens .
The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles 1.2.5
Looking for a brain quest for kids free? Solve puzzles, openroomsin these brain games for kids games for girls: easy riddlesforkids logic games with object finder!🌟You found brain quest forkidsfor free and mystery games for kids! Try this room escapepuzzlegames for free! Complete missions from Grandpus and exploreeveryroom in Tom Thomas house in brain games for kids of 10 years!Basedon The Fixies cartoon!Think hard over brain puzzle gamesforchildren, fix attentively all items and make an investigationtosucceed in find objects game.🔎There are two types of gameplayinkids logic games: detective games for kids and complete brainquestfor kids for free (logic kids development). In the «quest»mode youwill get missions and brain puzzle games for childrenfromGrandpus. To succeed you will need to complete a chain ofactionsin children games for 10 years free like find objects game,putthem into right places. Develop logic kids in quest games forgirlsto make things work, objects find and other.There is so muchnewfor kids to learn about the world around so we can name thisappeducational games for preschoolers!🌍 Play thoughtfully and youwillbe able to tell how a metal detector works and where to useascrewdriver! This is what you learn in brain games for kids of10years.Game features:🔹 Three room escape puzzle games🔹 Roomescapepuzzle games🔹 Educational games for preschoolers🔹 Riddlesgames forkids (kids riddles)🔹 Four detective games for kidsfreeEducation isvery important for kids! Smart games for brain kidscan makeeducational process very funny! That's why we make notonlyinteresting but also educational games for preschoolers andkids.Riddles games for kids has difficulty levels so even thelittleones can play with Grandpus by their side having tips forthem. Inthis quest games for girls you will explore all the cornersof thehouse, feed the fish and fix the remote control. The gamewill beinteresting for those who love mystery games for kids androomescape games. Looking for a brain quest for kids free?Solvepuzzles, open rooms in these brain games for kids games forgirls:easy riddles for kids logic games with object finder!If youarelooking for object finding games or riddle games free thanyoushould try our room escape puzzle games - kids games kids gamesforall ages!About DevGame Studio:We develop and publisheducationaland fun games for children free (kids game for 2 3 yearchild andolder). Our educational games for kids kindergarten arefull ofbeautiful and colorful graphics, interactive games andinterestingcharacters. More of our educational object find andchildren gamesfor 10 years free on our Google Playpage:📩Ifyouhave any questions about smart games for brain kids we arewaitingfor your letters: [email protected]:
Sliding Puzzle Cartoon&Animals 4.3.3
Spend time in this amazing sliding puzzle game and solve 36puzzles.You can share your score with friends on Google Play,Facebook, orschool. Use high resolution images of cartoons andanimals. How toplay -------------------------------- To solve thepuzzle, you mustmove the blocks and place them in the correctorder. To do this, youcan move the photos one by one to an emptyblock until all theblocks are sorted in the correct order. You canmove one or morepieces at a time to fill an empty block.  Youmay need to movealready aligned pieces to be able to "jump" one ofthe followingblocks. If you do, remember the route and reorder itback to itsoriginal location. Using hints:------------------------- With thehint option, all blocks aredisplayed in order. This allows you toplan your move better :)When you finish we will be ready with moreversions so back to us:) This app is powered by Katkuti LTD.
Heart Box - Physics Puzzles 0.2.20
Professor Rat created Robby but gave him a weak battery, whichiswhy our hero has to constantly recharge and participate incrazyexperiments. Take the robot through all the experimentalpuzzlerooms of Professor Rat to release him from the charger!Features: ▶Over 180 levels for your brain! ▶ 4 funny game modes ▶20 physicalobjects ▶ Level editor & levels collection ▶ Tons ofskins forrobot! ▶ Realistic physics ▶ High-quality graphics ▶ A lotofcartoons! ▶ Game achievements & leaderboards FollowUs:Facebook: Google+: YouTubechannel: Ourwebsite:
Fifteen Puzzle X 0.57
Fun logic game for free! 15 puzzle game like no other. Try our15number puzzle and you will never want to try any other puzzlegame.It’s fun, addictive and great for fun on the go. One of themostimpressive classic puzzle games! The 15 slide puzzleoffersunbelievable gaming experience!"Fifteen Puzzle X brings meanold-school gaming experience" - Editor's PickfromAppEggs.comPOPULAR & ULTRA-ENTERTAININGThe 15 Puzzle(alsocalled Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle or Puzzle Boss, Game ofFifteen,Mystic Square and many others) is the classic slidingpuzzle thatconsists of a frame of numbered square tiles in randomorder withone tile missing. We recreated this popular 15 piecepuzzle andincluded tons of different features so users can enjoytheir gamingeven much more.DIFFERENT THEMES AND SIZESWe have theclassic woodtheme, but if you want something more extravagant andexciting, wealso have marble and plastic themes. On top of thatthis slidepuzzle features 3 multiple sized grids with 4x4, 5x5,6x6. Showthat you can master the game by completing the 15 numberorder inleast moves and shortest amounts of time.FIFTEEN PUZZLE XFEATURES:• Simple & intuitive slide puzzle gameplay •Themes:wood/marble/plastic • Multiple Size: 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 •MultipleSymbols to reorder: Numbers, Letters,RomanNumbers………………………………………………………………………………………………………….The best 15puzzleonline experience!Can you be fast and strategic in thisslidingnumber puzzler?Try it for free now!Now you can choose if youwantto move tiles using swipe or tap using the option in themenu.Checkour blog:
Connect Lovely Animals 1.8
✌ Connect Lovely Animals is a puzzle game. The game includes somanylovely animals. This game is made similar to a PC game.Thehighlight is that you only need to play with one handwithoutpanning across the screen ✌ How to play Connect LovelyAnimals: ★You have to find all animals in the pair on the screenbefore timeruns out. ★ More levels, more difficult. ★ You have twotypes ofhelp: pair search and position swap. ✌ Features of ConnectLovelyAnimals: ★ Many of cute animal, lovely animal ★Supportmulti-screen for android devices ★ So much of levels ★Suggest thepair of animal when playing ★ Suggest the reload matrixof animalswhen playing ★ Highlight suggest pair animals ★ Reloadthe level tofind pair animals Take funny time by playing ConnectLovelyAnimals!
Block Puzzle 1.1.101
Play the world famous Block Puzzle game. Swipe controls andtheinnovative new game mode.Move blocks to fill up all gridsandcollect block pieces to level up! Block Puzzle is recommendedbothfor kids and adults.Features:✓ Smooth effect, delicateanimation✓Over 400+ free puzzles✓ Play anytime, anywhere and ashort time✓Support all tablet devices✓ Family game: Enjoy the gamewith yourfamily.✓ Brain mode, makes you think harder and more fun.
Fun with Physics Experiments Puzzle Game 1.44
Learn the laws of physics while playing with this fun puzzlegame!The Incredible Physics Experiments is new 2d puzzle game fromthecreators of the Quiz of Knowledge game. It contains 64 puzzlestosolve that will make you think and wonder about the laws ofphysicsthat make this possible. Learn while playing! ActionReaction ispresent in this 2d room puzzle game. * High-qualitygraphics andfull tablet support * 25 different interactive objects* 64 levels(we will add more often) * Star System * Realisticphysics for eachobject * Pause - Start * Realistic sound effects *Supports threelanguages: English, Spanish, and Greek (If you wouldlike to seethe app translated in your language and can help, sendus an email)Thanks for playing The Incredible Physics Experiments,Have fun!
Slidey: Block Puzzle 2.2.19
WELCOME TO SLIDEY! THE LATEST, MOST FUN PUZZLE ADVENTURE! Wegiveyou SLIDEY, the ultimate Puzzle game with unique gameplayandendless fun! The Slidey puzzle is simple: move blockshorizontallyto create and clear full lines. Slidey is free to playand easy tolearn. Join the wildest adventure of your life and havea blast!FEATURES: ● A new type of brain training puzzle, entertainyourbrain for minutes or hours ● Endless challenge, you canplayforever yet you'll still find something undiscovered ●EarnExperience as you play. Rank up your cute shaman and get accesstoexciting shaman masks and gifts ● An engaging originalsoundtrackwith custom made sound effects ● Free to play! EnjoyingSlidey?Learn more about the game!Facebook: Questions? Contact our techSupport bysending an email to [email protected]
Lazors 2.4.2
Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more thanahundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hardchallenges.+280 levels+ Intuitive gameplay+ Hint systemMove blocks,reflect thelaser, hit all targets!
Fill - one-line puzzle game 4.3.1
Sharpen your mind with a connect-the-block-style one-linebraintraining puzzle game. A simple but addictive one-line puzzlegamethat’s completely free to play. Your brain becomes more activethemore you play. During your commute, before you sleep…enjoydowntime with brain training. The rules are extremely simple.Justfill in all of the blocks using only one line. Use hintsforpuzzles that are too hard to solve. Hints are also free, ofcourse.4 levels of difficulty. A whopping 2,000 puzzles. Don’t gettoocozy—the puzzles get harder as you go along. One-line puzzlesaremathematical problems with origins in the early 18th century.Firstposed in Königsberg, the original puzzle revolved around thetown’sPregel River. Mathematical thinking is said to increaseworkefficiency and prevent aging. Whether math is your bane oryourforte, be sure to give this game a try. You’re sure to gethookedon these puzzles!
Bird Jigsaw Puzzles 1.0.5
Cool Games
Jigsaw puzzles free games for adults and kids are aconstantlyupdated puzzle game including a large number of freeimages. If youlike jigsaw puzzles, logic games and picture puzzles,you will findjigsaw puzzles no less interesting. Both adults andkids will enjoypiecing together jigsaw puzzles. You can play thisamusing gamejigsaw puzzles on your phone as well as on yourtablet.Byinstalling our free Jigsaw Puzzles game, you will getaccess to thefollowing features:- piece together your favoritephotos or anygallery images free of charge;- saving any image tothe gallery;-all incomplete games jigsaw puzzles are saved andremain availableto you at any time;- from 4 to 400 jigsaw puzzlepieces;- turningon/off piece rotation for advanced players-function of zoomingin/out, moving the field, and blocking thescreen;- no Internetconnection required.
Trigon : Triangle Block Puzzle Game 1.9.2
IEC Corp
Trigon is a very fun and exciting classic block match puzzlegame.Trigon gameplay is simple - on a hexagon board, droptriangleblocks of different shapes in order to create and destroyfulllines on the screen both vertically and horizontally.Clearmultiple lines at a time to get diamonds. Combine ,connectanddestroy puzzle block shapes! You can challenge yourselfbycompeting with your friends, getting high score and sharing itwiththe world.Combine, connect and match blocks in thisaddictingchallenge that will put your logic skills to the test.This KING ofBRAIN TEASERS will train your brain, help you developlogic andmental capacity. Don't let the shapes fill the hexa grid!Check outspecial themes to make your game experience endlesslyexciting! Agreat casual puzzle game that you can not stop playingonce youstarted the game. Enjoy this free block puzzle mania withno timelimits. ▶ KEY FEATURE ✴ BLOCK MATCH PUZZLE Merge, match,stacktriangle block in a column or row in a hexagon grid. Playeasilyand quickly. ✴ LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL THEMES Try your best to earnasmany diamonds as possible to unlock new beautiful themes. Youcannever stop loving this puzzle game! ✴ INSTANT SAVE! Always savethegame when you quit or turn off your phone. ✴ ENERGYSAVINGOptimized engine for energy saving. Play without wastingenergy.Enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. ✴ STUNNING GRAPHICS -Funsounds and gorgeous visual effects. ▶IEC Corporation: - Like usonfacebook: - Supportemail:[email protected] - For business inquiries: [email protected]
Block Puzzle 1.0
Block Puzzle 2017 is a simple and easy to play block puzzlegame!Youonly need drag the blocks and fill up all grids. It is soclassicand simple! Once you start, you will be more like thisgame.How toplay?• Tap block to move them.• Try to suit all in therow orcolumn.• Blocks can't be rotated.• There is no mobile blockend ofthe gameFeatures:• Free game• Support leaderboard• Two gamemode •Easy to play and Improve observation
Tents and Trees Puzzles 1.3.3
Frozax Games
Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game!Numbersaround the grid tell you how many tents must be placed oneach rowand column. Be careful, tents can't touch each other.Solvealllevels with logic only: no random moves!FEATURES:- Hundredsoflevels- New exclusive levels every day- No rush: play at yourownpace, start a level and complete it later- Unlimited free hints-Nowifi? you can play offline- Multiple grid sizes forvarieddifficulty- Ability to zoom in and move the grid forsmallerdevices- Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phoneortabletFollow us to get newsandupdates:[email protected]