Top 3 Games Similar to SHARK ADVENTURE

Shark Attack 1.56
Tap Pocket
Take control of the killer shark of the seas and feastonscaredhumans! The beach is full of innocent people. Attackthemwhen theyare unaware and watch out for other hungry sharks.Swipeyourfinger on screen to move your Shark. Make your Sharkstrongerandbigger by eating the most people as well as othersharks. Rulethesea by controlling the hungriest Shark! Features: -Free to play-Easy to play - Fantasy game environment - DynamicCamera angle-Smooth controls - Stunning 3D visuals and graphics
Baby Shark Adventure 17
Baby Shark of 2.5 billion views in YouTube! William, a friend ofthebaby shark Brooklyn, suddenly disappeared. Help BrooklynfindWilliam. How to Play - Tap the left and right sides of thescreento move Baby shark correctly. Avoid obstacles and eat StarBubbles.Features - Over 200 different stages - Over 20 differentworlds -Stories included on various stages - Score competition withfriendsNotices -Permission required to access your device's appforchecking version status. -This game contains thirdpartyadvertisements.Please see our privacy policy foradditionalinformation. -This game is free to play, but you canchoose to payreal money for some extra items. *It's a game not onlyforchildren, but for all ages. *This game can be a littledifficultfor children to play. If the player is a child and it isdifficultto play games, please help him or her. *** Produced byPinkfong,the official creator of global hit Baby Sharkbehind#BabySharkChallenge - Developerhomepage: - PrivacyPolicy: - Termsof Use:
Shark World 12.31
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Shark World where you can have differentoceansharkspecies, build underwater home, and build yourunderwatersharkworld. Explore the mysterious world of underwateranimals.Collectexciting sea sharks like hammerhead shark, Angelsharksandprehistoric ones like Megalodon. Feed, breed and Battlewithyoursea monsters. Features - Free to play! -Underwaterenvironment. -Park building sim game. - A wide range ofexcitingsharks. - A widevariety of exciting sea Shark to breed. -Fight inunderwaterbattle arena. -Make your own team of Sharks andtake themtobattle! -Various battle stages where your sharks cancompeteforprizes. - The whole island is open for you! -Evolve yourSharkintoepic form and explore an exciting fun world!-Customelementalhabitats for each type of Sharks. -The Decor areaisfilled withstylish and attractive decorations. - Acrossbreedingmechanism,which brings out surprisingly realisticresults! - Manageyourwater world as you would in real life- thisincludes feedingyourshark, and arranging food resources.