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Hexagon ▶ 1.0.6
K17 Games
Get ready for the legend rebirth. Hexagon is finally here!Hexagonisan abstract strategy board game that involves two player playingona hexagonal grid. The rules are really simple but the strategiesarenot. You will learn the game in a minute but mastering Hexagoncantake a lifetime ☺The object of the game is to make yourpiecesconstitute a majority of the pieces on the board at the endof thegame, by converting as many of your opponent's piecesaspossible.The game inspired by such classics as "Ataxx"and"Hexxagon" will test you tactic skills and entertain you andyourfriends!Features:★Top-notch quality★Amazinggameplay★Minimalisticuser interface★Many boards to play★Strongadjustable AI★ClassicHexxagon game★You can play it with yourfriends...a ton of otherfeatures ☺Hexagon is an abstract strategyboard game that willfascinate you.
Hexasmash Pro - Wrecking Ball Physics Puzzle 1.04
Hexasmash Pro is the full version on Hexasmash, including all180LEVELS.Swing the pendulum and release the wrecking ballwithperfect timing to destroy the hexagonal jewels in as few movesaspossible. Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and themoredifficult green hexagons to unlock bonus levels.Use the objectsineach level together to try and reduce the number of moves youneedto destroy all the hexagons. You'll have to use your brainpower tomake sure you're being as efficient as possible, as well asexperttiming to hit the perfect spot every time.Blast throughwalls,destroy stuff with explosives, knock over crates, crushrocks, rollthe ball and smash glass. You won't be able to putHexasmashdown!Features include:• 180 exciting levels that you canplay againand again to improve your score• 15+ physics objects in arealisticphysics environment• Smash the bonus green Hexa objects tounlockbonus levels• Awesome effects• Beautiful graphics• Ultrasmoothgame play• Easy navigation and menu• Quick restart button oneachlevel• 9 language options• More level packs coming soon• No AdsandNo IAPs.Play it now!Physics objects include:Balls - Rollthem,swing them, blast them across the room!TNT - Use it wisely tosmashglass, fire balls, crush rocks and more.Rocks - Crush themslowlyor blast them with explosives.Moving platforms - You'llneedperfect timing to deal with these!Launchers - Hit the rightspotand see them send objects flying.Glass - Smash the glass toaccessnew parts of the puzzle.Wood and Steel crates - Sometimesthey areon the way, sometimes they come in handy.Blocks and ramps -Rollthe ball any way you like, using the environment.Timebombs -Touchthem and 5 seconds later, Boom!One of the best offlinegames!PlayHexasmash, the most exciting new physics puzzle onAndroid.
Hexagon Cell Connect 1.0.4
Hexagon - Connect Number is a simple, challenging andrelaxingpuzzle. You just connect at least 4 cells with the samenumber tocreate a bigger number. After each round, more randomnumbers wouldappear, increasing the difficulty of game.Hexagon -Connect Numbertakes the best ideas of block games and hex games andturns it intoa total hexa blast. Merging more than four blocks toget morescoresGame Features:+ Free to play+ Have many play mode+Endlesscells + random numbers, making it progressivelydifficult+Challenge your friends with the best highscore+ ColorfulUI, Funsound effects+ Game state saved when interrupted• EASY ANDFUNPLAY- Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay• NO WIFI?NOPROBLEM!- You can play offline in anytime.• NO TIME LIMIT-Enjoygame for any time, anywhere and a short time.SUPPORT UNIVERSALAPP•Enjoy the game with various devices. (PhonesandTablets)************ Download it now ************
Wooden Hexa Puzzle 2.6
OT Apps
The game features a wooden board and tetromino like woodenhexagonpieces. The objective of the game is to form linesdiagonally onthe board using the hexagon pieces while avoidingobstacles.Eachtime you form a line diagonally, the existing blocksdisappear.Thewooden hexagon pieces can be rotated by tapping onthem and can beplaced on the board by dragging them with yourfinger.The obstaclesappear in the form of tree stumps. These stumpsappear at randomtimes during the game and must be placed on theboard as well.Since the stumps serve as obstacles, they prevent youfrom forminglines where they are placed.So how can you continue toform linesin the game while these obstacles continue toappear?Well, alsorandomly, the game provides you with matches whichcome indifferent shapes and sizes. These matches are the only wayto getrid of these tree stumps so you must use the matcheswisely.Whilethe game may seem easy in the beginning, it get's moreand morechallenging as the board fills up. Your goal is to hang inthe gameas long as you can while trying to score high.The gameischallenging, fun and addictive.It takes wooden block puzzles totheextreme with 3 difficulty levels to choose from. These 3difficultylevels are:Easy, which features a grid containing x 217emptyspaces.Medium, which features a grid containing x 127emptyspaces.Hard, which features a grid containing x 61emptyspaces.Have fun playing them all!
3d Hexagon magic Partials 1.1.7
Welcome to get 3d Hexagon magic theme!You can get 3d Hexagonmagictheme from personalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screenandexquisite icon packs! It includes dozens of uniform iconsandwallpaper art, with which you can easily personalize yourdevice.All artistic app icons are to give you a distinctivelystylizedphone for free. It is 3d Hexagon magic theme with 3dHexagon magicscreen wallpaper! Install this 3d Hexagon magic themeright awayand feel your new 3d Hexagon magic live wallpaper.3dHexagon magicis designed especially for launcher users. Long pressto activatethe unique set of live interactive effects of each 3Dtheme. Youwill be amazed by the endless surprises.Features of Free3d HexagonmagicTo use 3d Hexagon magic, there is no need to root.You caneasily protect apps from peepers by hiding them inspecialfolders.3d Hexagon magic has world leading 3D transitioneffects onscreens and folders, elegant and simple in screenswitching screen lock protects your phonefromstrangers.Here comes the new tech dreamy theme! With active3dHexagon magic wallpapers and delicate icons, the theme makesyourphone more attractive.3d Hexagon magic includes 3d Hexagonmagicwallpapers, dreamy lock screen, tech icons, providingactiveexperience and so on.1. dreamy lock screen: once you have setthelock screen, it offers full protection over your privacy,makingyour phone more secure.2. tech icons: decorate every folderandicon well for you, pretty cool and fashionable.3. 3d Hexagonmagicelegant interface: 3D effect weather forecast and dynamic 3Dclock,these stylize your phone as well. 4. Theme Center: You canfind allkinds of free themes in Center, such as the cool skull orlovelycartoon themes, etc. Additionally, you have a list of cool3D,Halloween and Christmas audio themes to choose from.5.WallpaperCenter: There are various HD and dreamy dynamic livewallpapers.6.After installing 3d Hexagon magic theme, you can setup tech dreamytech active keyboard theme, so that your phone willbe totallydressed up.3d Hexagon magic theme supports a variety ofAndroidphone models.3d Hexagon magic Live Wallpapers’ blinkinglights anddynamic effects keep updating continuously over time. Youcanenjoy- Plenty of different active themes. - HD graphics andOpenGL. - Optimized battery use. - More than 99% of the mobilephonedevices that are compatible. - dreamy Wallpaper that supportsthehorizontal screen fully and looks amazing and tech on the tabletaswell as on the phone. Make the most of your phone withdreamywallpapers and advanced features. Enjoy this free andactivedynamic wallpaper!Find 3d Hexagon magic and tech wonders inone ofthe best wallpapers. The fun is worth trying. Downloaddreamywallpaper for free and enjoy the high resolution wallpaperswithsurreal parallax effects from all over the world, improvedtechbeauty. Also, with tech active backgrounds, your Samsung orHuaweiphones will be active and dreamy.Before installing 3dHexagonmagic, you need to install our launcher. Have fun with us!
Square Shape Snap Pic
Square Shape Snap Pic is amazing photo editor for Shape Photo,InstaSquare, Pic Collage , Shape Snap Pic, photo art forInstagram.SquareShape Snap Pic let you cut out your photos withdifferent shapes sothat you can share them on social network.youcan feel how cool itis to share a pic with shape.on Instagram, ithelps you get more"like".Square Shape Snap Pic can help you snaptext with shapeeffects, show artist to Instagram friends andfans.Square Shape SnapPic can quick Insta square you photo with nocrop, with blur andpatterns background, one Tap share toInstagram.Square Shape SnapPic can do collage photos, to recordand share moments for instagramand facebook. Features:~ ShapeInsta Square Snap Pic with shape andframe shape~ Frame shape is ashape collage effects for pic collage~Add different shapes to cutout your photos and make a differentdesign,like circle, triangle,hexagon, rectangle,heart, cross, drop,rhombus and many moreshapes.we have over 20 kinds of shapes,andwill keep update.~ frameshape will provide some effect with shapefor your photo. ~ SquareShape Snap Pic Pic collage module can do1-9 photo collage~ ShapeInsta Square Snap Pic square module canquick insta square for ~choose the backgrounds and colors for yourphotos.~ 30+ filters foryour photos.~ Drag & Drop / Zoom In& Zoom Out /Rotate/Round Corner.~ Share photo on Instagram orother socialnetwork.Enjoy it and please contact us, if you have suggestions or problems:)
Hexic Puzzle: Hexagon Block HD 1.3
Do you love puzzle games? Here comes the perfect game foryou,Hexagon Puzzle Deluxe Block HD. This is a new BLOCK Matchpuzzlegame.Hexagon Puzzle Deluxe Block HD is a very fun andexcitingblock match puzzle game, it makes you keep playing forFREE!HexagonPuzzle Deluxe Block HD is the KING of BRAIN TEASERS!Hexic Puzzleis a tetris style exciting block puzzle game. Easy toplay, andpleasurable game for all ages. This game Ideal for allages, Playeasily and quickly.Move blocks to fill up the square andcollectblock pieces to level up!HOW TO PLAY THIS PUZZLE GAMES:• 360levelsand more coming• Drag the hexagon blocks to move them tothehoneycomb cells• Try to fit them all in the frame• Blocks can'tberotated.• Don't worry! No time limits!No internetconnectionrequired. Play this game offline.- Easy to learn and funto mastergameplay- Soothing sounds and gorgeous visualeffects.HexagonPuzzle Deluxe Block HD is a pefect combinationbetween some puzzlegames such as sodoku, jigsaw, block puzzle,puzzle bobble, hexagonpuzzle and so on. You can play this brainteasers game any time forfree.Enjoy and having fun playing HexagonPuzzle Deluxe BlockHDPlease note that Hexagon Puzzle Deluxe BlockHD not have timelimit, take your time and having fun with thegame.Hexagon PuzzleDeluxe Block HD is a new block game, that is thegame block puzzle,you need to solve the block puzzle games, findthe right solutionfor the puzzle, break the block games within thewooden blockpuzzle, the hexagon block in the wood puzzle, all youneed to do isfinding the right block puzzle solutions, be theexpert, find theandswers to solve the mania block puzzle answers.
Wooden Hexagon Fit: Hexa Block Puzzle 1.1
LHP Studio
Welcome to Wooden Hexagon Fit - one true hexagonpuzzlegame!Inspired by the best of hex puzzle block games, WoodHexagonFit is now qualify as a member of retro games family: itssimple,smart and yet very addictive.The rule is quite simple: allyou haveto is move hexagons to create and destroy all the fulllines inthree directions. Don’t forget to avoid those logic blocksfromfilling the screen, otherwise: game over.HOW TO PLAYBLOCKHEXA?1.Simply tap the hexagon block to move them.2.Try tocompletefull lines to crush hexa blocks.3.No time limits.WHY CHOOSETHISBLOCK HEXA POP?★ Easy to learn and play, and pleasurable gameforall ages!★It is a free game!★ Support leaderboard.★Easy to playandImprove observation.Once you’ve tried, you’ll neverstopped!WoodenHexagon Fit: Hexa Block Puzzle King is a true brainpuzzle game, ifyou ever love Fruit block legend, brick classic orsimilar ones,you will love Wood Hexagon Fit. 1.0.3 is a fun new io game in the hexagon blocks world! Hex.ioisone of the best IO games. Draw hexagon lines to occupy thegreatestarea. This io game is a modern twist of famous hexagongames!Download Free Hex game: Hex online adventure!Capture blocksbyenclosing an area with HEX game.Are you a fun of such gamesassnake online, tanks, agar or any other IO games?Then this iogameis definitely for you!Avoid other hexagon players, capturetheirlands and become the greatest hexar warrior!Meet new spin ofcoolsnake online games, try completely new experience with game. Prove your skills in such games as slithero oroldclassic snake online game.Enjoy playing – best Hexarmodeever. Note: we don’t provide any snake hacks or hexar hacks.Weonly provide new mods for snake like game in hexagonworld.Checkout more of our games: Snake Online, Worm Snake, snakemods etc.
Hexagon Fit - Block Hexa Puzzle & Merge Brick 1.2
LHP Studio
Welcome to the Hexagon Fit - one true hexagon puzzlegame!Inspiredby the best of hex puzzle block games, Hexagon Fit isnow qualifyas a member of retro games family: its simple, smart andyet veryaddictive.The rule is quite simple: all you have to ismovehexagons to create and destroy all the full lines inthreedirections. Don’t forget to avoid those logic blocks fromfillingthe screen, otherwise: game over.The game is shipped with 3modes:-Classic mode: play this brick puzzle legend inspiration inthe mostclassic way!- Bomb mode: this is an amazing mode!Try toclear thebomb before the expired time or it will be blown.- Rotatemode: abrand new mode. Now you can rotate your blocks to have abetterfitting positions.Hexagon Fit is a true brain puzzle game, ifyouever love 2048, 1010 or similar ones, you will love Hexagon Fit.
Hexagon King 1.1.6
Hexagon King is an easy to play but challenging six puzzleactiongame, where you have to tap on blocks to remove them.The goalis tokeep the six hexagon figure on the tower of blocks and not letitfall off for as long as possible.Don't rush, the six blockcaneasily dwindle in any direction, gain momentum and roll downintothe abyss. Although, it might look simple at first, don'tgetyourself fooled and hexagon flip.Score higher, never give upandbecome the King of Six!If you think it is too easy to play,thenwe've got a special treat in store for you. Take the challengeto awhole new level by choosing from the many geometrical figureswehave prepared for you to play with:Circle (Infinite) -mostfrustating and nearly impossible.Octagon (Octa): EightSidesHeptagon (Hepta): Seven SidesHexagon (Hexa): SixSidesPentagon(Penta): Five SidesStar Plus (Cross) We warned you,this isn't yoursix classic game. Try out all of them and let usknow which one isyour favorite and which one you find the mosttricky. Challengeyour friends and see if they can beat your highscore.Careful:addictive six puzzle game!
Geometry Shot - Space Mission 1.3.1
It is a minimal tap tap and bubble shooter game. We invite youtothe best arcade puzzle action!Square is incredible. You canhitthem and the others. Hexagon , pentagon, circle , triangle,threecombo.-How good is your reflexes?-Do you wanna check yourfocusingabilities?-Do you love bubbles?-Do you love shapes?-Do youtrustyour brain?-It's arcade and action puzzle game.-Do youwannacompete with your friends?Match time!Challenge the time.It hassomebig explosionYou can win three stars.We trust you! BreaktheblockFEATURES-> 65 Different Levels -> Simple andfastgameplay-> Different play mechanich-> Colorfulminimalworld-> Join the competition-> ENJOY!HOW TOPLAY?-Focus,-Tapthe screen,-Pop the great shapes ( square ,triangle , circle,hexagon , pentagon )-Be careful, because shooteralwaysrotates.FacebookPage:
Minesweeper at hexagon 1.0
This is an old, classic minesweeper with some peculiarities:*cellsof the field are hexagonal shapes instead of squares like inan oldversion of the game;* Game helper mode, that helps you inno-exitsituations.Minesweeper at hexagon is a single-player videogame.Thegoal is to uncover all cells without mines.Game is playedin twomodes: mine mode, where you can click to open cells, and flagmodewhere you can put flags.FEATURES:- Game helper mode- 3difficultylevels for 7 size of field- Countdown timer from yourbest time-Game pause during a phone call- Offline high score-Autosavefunction (you can interrupt the game anytime and continuelater)-Flag tiles with long click- Switch between mine mode andflag modewith volume button- Nice, clean and easy to useinterfaceEnjoy thisrealization of the classical game 90s.
Hexalt - Tap over it ! 1.2.3
Hexalt is a speed game, complete the maximum hexagons grid inagiven time.To complete a grid each hexagons must be blue. Pressthehexagon to change his color.Pay attention, once hexagons areblueyou can't touch them more, else the game is over.The gameisrewarding assiduous's players, unlock medals to earntimebonus.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gameart: DCA | :Volna | : ReygisGaming|
Rotate Hexagon 1.0
Rotate the Hexagon to get original colourful shape!"RotateHexagon"is a fast paced puzzle game. The game is start with a messyhexagonand your mission is rotate inner hexagon until you get thefinalimage. You can choose direction and one of inner hexagon.Therearetwo play modes: traditional mode and challenge mode.
Trio Axis
HexTetris is an exciting intergalactic mission based onclassictetris.Think fast and connect the hexagons causingmultipleexplosions and gain points to reach frenetic levels!For theboldestadventurers connect 4 or more hexagons and create true"BIGBANG"!What few know and hardly anyone believes is that you canbepart of this squad for free. HOW TO PLAY • Turn the centerhex,spinner, to position the hexagons.• Try matching hexagons ofthesame color.• 3 hexagons of the same color = 3 points• 4 hexagonsofthe same color = 6 points + small present• 5 hexagons of thesamecolor = 9 points + presentation CHARACTERISTICS • EASY TOPLAY-Control everything with just 1 finger.• FUN TO PLAY- Very easyandfun to learn and play.- Dispute with your friends and seewhat'sbest!• WITHOUT WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- You can play offline atanytime.- CONQUEST AND BEST PLAYERS OF Google Play Games.
Red Hexagon 1.1
Noel Loo
Red Hexagon is an extremely simple yet addictive arcade-stylegame.It tests how quickly and accurately you could spot a simpleshapein a crowd. Being easy to pick up yet highly skill-based, thisgameis sure to keep you busy for hours!There is only one objectiveinRed Hexagon: to find the red hexagon before the time runs out.Findthe red hexagon in the crowd to advance to the next level andgainpoints. If you can't find the red hexagon before the time runsoutor you tap the wrong shape, you lose a life. You have 3 lives.Thenumber of shapes increases as the levels go on to keep thegamefast paced and challenging. Last as long as possible to gainthehighest score. Good luck!
Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon
Fun and addictive Jewels Blitz GoldHexagongame!It is easy and fun, but also quite challenging withhexagonstyle.If you really like the Jewels type of game, or also very loveourbefore game Jewels Blitz Gold, then this game is totally foryourchoice.Prepare yourself for this super addictive game: Jewels BlitzGoldHexagon. You can play these jewels everywhere. It’s theperfectbrain training to do, so let’s rock the jewels world!Get ready for non-stop Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon action! Meetthemost entertaining, brain teasing and addictive version ofthehexagon match-3 game!Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon is free game in the genres ofpuzzle,arcade or casual which will present you lots of pleasanthours andunforgettable impressions.-------------------------------HOW TO PLAY:- Tap three or more jewels of the same color.- Use the items in game wisely to earn more score and survivalaslong as you can!- For Nonstop mode: Clear the jewels as more as you can and meetthetarget for each level. More bonuses with more jewels of eachtap.So, try to clear all jewels at the same time, you will getthebiggest bonus.- For Rush mode: You have 60 seconds to clear the jewels as fastaspossible. The more jewels are cleared at the same time, thehigherscore you’ll get.- For Block mode: You have to clear the block as fast as you cantoreach to the next level. You'll get time bonus after reach thenextlevel. Try to survival as long as you can in this mode and earnthescore as more as you can. Let's see how far you can go!-------------------------------FEATURES:- Three Game Modes: Rush, Nonstop and Block.- 6 identical jewels.- Special jewels to clear all the same jewel color.- Game center integration.- Smooth animation.- We 're listening to you.- Nice sound and music.- Auto save game so that you can continue whenever you want.- Beautiful graphics.-------------------------------If you love match-3 games & diamonds & jewels games,youmust try Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon! Have fun and enjoythegame.- PLEASE NOTE:This game is free now and forever. We have added ads to earnsomecents. Please understand this. Thanks for yoursupporting.Best wishes to you.
Hexile 7.0
Jeux Dupont
You have a finger, some free time and you like puzzles.Try Hexile,aconnection game involving hexagons, rotations and dazzlingdrawingsas solutions.Play small games for kids, larger ones whenyou becomeexperts.
Hex Cells Live Wallpaper 1.4
Hexagon wallpapers displays grid with run into colors, shinelivewallpaper.Hexagon live wallpaper with animation, abstract lwpwithtouch and glitter effect.When you touch on the screen, glitterfortiles varies, around the finger appears a halo of theglowingtiles.You can enable or remove the grid for hexagonalcellswallpaper.If the grid is turned off(option "Brght" on max) andturnon shiny(option "Glitter" on max), tiles as sparkling dropswhenyou touch a drops as though are rolling.When the grid isenabled,the lwp like a hive, when you touch the screen of the cellglistenlike tiny mirrors. Hexagon live wallpaper displays hexmosaic withsmooth changes colors.TO USE: home > menu >wallpapers >live wallpapers > Hex Cells
Hexa Block King 1.1.2
Challenge various missions and different levels.[Features]-Variousmissions and modes. (Ice cube elemination, Durable block,Scoreattack, Color matching)- Tons of stages and unique levels- 61celland 91 cell game modes are provided.- Change yourbackgroundgraphics (like Daytime BG to Night time BG).- Easy tolearn, andpleasurable game for all ages (user friendly UX and UI).-MultiplayPvP supported.- 16 language supported.- Leader board,Achievement,Friend invitation supported.- Tablet devicessupported.Homepage:
HexyBall 1.31
- Shoot balls and destroy approaching hexagons- At each levelyou'regaining an extra ball but beware, durability of hexagonsincreasestoo- Gain money and use it to buy new balls- A hugeselection ofballs which have diffrent look, size and speed- Masteryour owntechnique and show off your best score to friendsNo moreboringsquares or triangles, hex is all what you need!HexyBall -Hexy Ballis made in Unity Engine by Polish student.
Connect Cells - Hexa Puzzle
Trung Vu
Connect Cells - Hexa Puzzle is a jigsawpuzzlegame.Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages.Move cell to connect at least 4 cells with the same number tocreatea bigger number. The game finish if the hexagonal cell mapisfull.If you merge some cells, you will get score equal its total.Connect high number cell to get high score.HOW TO PLAY• Drag the cell to move them.• Try to connect cells in the hexagonal cell map• No time limits! Don't worry!FEATURES:• The number in cell: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,512,1024.• hexagonal cell map 6x8 cells• Easy to play but hard to master• Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time.• Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.• You can play offline in anytime.• Share screenshot to your friends.• Support Leaderboard from Google Play Games.Play "Connect Cells - Hexa Puzzle" now, and reach ahighscore!Enjoy!
Hexagonal Hype Hola Theme 6.0.2
Who needs curves when you have edges? Hexagons are makinganentrance!The preview image showcases the overall style, theactualeffect is based on installation.★Notice:This is not astand-aloneapp - You must have "Hola Launcher" touse!DL:★HowtoApply the Theme:1. Download and install this theme; 2. MakesureHola Launcher is open; and3. Go to Personalize, Theme, choosethistheme and apply.★Hola Launcher: Google Play Best of 2015Winner!★Experience a clean, simple launcher with beautifulthemes,wallpapers, and fonts!★ Enjoy hundreds of free high-qualitythemes,wallpapers, and fonts. Updated every Friday! ★ Get 10,000elegant,high-definition icons to set your device apart from therest.★Automatically delight you with a new, free, and gorgeouswallpapereach day & make different day from the one before.★Use HolaShine, a simple swipe from a bottom corner opens a smartmenu ofyour frequently used apps and settings.Visit our Facebooksite: you have any question,pleasecontact us:holalauncher@gmail.comOr visit our official website:
Hexa Blast 2.9
HEXA BLAST Hexa Blast is a game of strategy and spatial ability.Thegame consists in avoiding that the hexagons that appear at thetopof the screen and go down reach the bottom line.Each turn youhaveto throw a ball that bounces and makes contact with as manyhexagonsas possible. Each hexagon has a number that indicates howmany timesit must be hit to destroy it. The hexagons go down onerow eachturn, if you do not destroy them they will come down andyou willhave lost.Although the mechanics of the game are verysimple, thisis very difficult to master, because in each turn youshould lookfor more than three or four rebounds against thehexagons. You haveto make similar bounces to 8pool or billiardspool.When playingwithout a strategy you get scores between 8 and10 points, there isno fun. But if you play it thoroughly you canget scores of morethan 100 points.The Classic / Normal mode recordis at 664 points.It was obtained by a man who lives in HoustonTexas. Accept thechallenge. Could it be that you can beat it?Invite your friends toplay it and they can share their scores bygoogle play games. HOW TOPLAY IT * Hexes will appear, each with anumber that indicates howmany hitsIt needs to be destroyed.*Hexagons with a mark indicatethat they have a chain reaction andhit their adjacent hexagons.*Throw the ball so that it bounces asmuch as possible to destroy asmany hexes in a shot.* If any hexreaches the bottom line, youlose.* But do not confess! A bad throwcan mean your downfall andthe end of the game.* Without timelimits.* Free game withoutinternet or wifi connection* It is oneof the games that do not needmuch space Features * The game hasthree different game modes: TheClassic, Magical and Gravity* Inclassic mode you can only use thebouncing ball and chain reactionhexagon.* In magic mode hexes withpowers will appear. Ghost can gothrough and place the ball in ghostmode without bouncing with theneighbors. Hexagon rocket, freesthree rockets that destroy otherhexagons, dimensional portalhexagon causes the ball to exitthrough the other hexagon that isalso portal.* In gravity mode inaddition to the magic hexagons thegame will have a slight gravitythat will make everything moredifficult.* The game has connectionwith google games to be able tochallenge your friends* Collectcoins during the game that you canspend in the store* In the storeyou can buy models of hexagons,backgrounds, color palettes andball stelae to customize your game.Tips to get good scores * Lookfor the ball to bounce between theupper hexagons and the top ofthe screen.* Take advantage of theangles of the hexagons to hitthe hex twice, hitting the hex below,then the wall and then up.*Enter the ball between the joints of thehexagons or between ahexagon and the wall.For its minimalist style,HEXA BLAST is one ofthe games that do not need much space on yourdevice so you do nothave to uninstall a thousand applications toplay it.It is alsoeasy to play, fast, has colorful graphics,eye-catching soundeffects and an interesting challenge to yourintelligence so youkill time in an entertaining and challengingway.The game isperfect to play in short leisure times: when youwait for theentrance to a meeting, when you are on the bus or thesubway,between class and class. You can also minimize and pauseandcontinue playing when you have free time again.Although thegamehas some mechanics similar to BBTAN, Ballz or Brick Breaker itis aquite different game. Mainly because here the number of ballsisnot increasing and the difficulty is static, it is you againstthegame and against yourself.We are the same creators of RopePirateEscape and Catstronaut.
Hexa 1010 Fill Hexagon Puzzle, Hex Block Blast 3.0
Ready for a completely new hexagon puzzle adventure with 4gamemodes? Go with Hexa 1010, an addicting brain teaser with simpleyetchallenging hexa puzzles designed to train your brain. Pick agamemode, use the 3 different shapes and place them on thehexagonjigsaw puzzle. Can you manage to dominate the leaderboardsin all 4game modes? Immediately start having fun with one of thebest hexablock games! 👆ULTIMATE BRAIN TRAINING Train your braincompletelyfree, fun and challenging hex puzzle game, suitable forthe wholefamily. Develop your logic with this simple game that letsyoucombine puzzle blocks, build and destroy structures bycreatinglines. Enjoy addicting brain training exercises with thepower ofHexa 1010! REQUIERS GOOD STRATEGYDon’t be fooled by itssimplicity.While the concept of Hexa 1010 Fill Hexagon Puzzle isdragging thesmall hexagons, singularly or in groups, onto the mainboard, thestrategy of doing so will be what will challenge you tothefullest.4 GAME MODES:Pick between: relax, bomb, time and hardandenjoy countless hours of challenging and entertaining puzzlehexmobile gaming. Remember, no time limit, no color matching, nomatch3 repetition! Just fill the grid with shapes to form a lineandtrain your brain with Hexa 1010!Hexa 1010 FEATURES:✅ all newhexa1010 challenge✅ vibrant HD graphics✅ sleek polished designandtypography✅ intuitive UI & gameplay✅ 4 game modes✅Globalranking system------------------------------------See why weareone of the best hexa block puzzle games of the year.Get thenewhexa challenge for FREE and top the global hex gamepuzzlerankings!
Hexasmash - Free Wrecking Ball Physics Puzzle 1.07
Hexasmash is an action packed, highly addictive and superfungame.Swing the pendulum and release the wrecking ball withperfecttiming to destroy the hexagonal jewels in as few moves aspossible.Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the moredifficultgreen hexagons to unlock bonus levels.Use the objects ineach leveltogether to try and minimise the number of moves you needtodestroy all the hexagons. You'll have to use your brain powertomake sure you're being as efficient as possible, as well asexperttiming to hit the perfect spot every time.Blast throughwalls,destroy stuff with explosives, knock over crates, crushrocks, rollthe ball and smash glass. You won't be able to putHexasmashdown!Features include:• 60 Free exciting levels. plus 120moreavailable with IAP. • 15+ physics objects in a realisticphysicsenvironment• Bonus green Hexa objects to collect to unlockmorelevels!• Awesome effects• Beautiful graphics• Ultra smoothgameplay• Easy navigation and menu• Quick restart button on eachlevel•9 language options• Google Play Game Services LeaderboardsandachievementsPlay the best new physics puzzle now,Free!Physicsobjects include:Balls - Roll them, swing them, blastthem acrossthe room!TNT - Use it wisely to smash glass, fire balls,crushrocks and more.Rocks - Crush them slowly or blast themwithexplosives.Moving platforms - You'll need perfect timing todealwith these!Launchers - Hit the right spot and see them sendobjectsflying.Glass - Smash the glass to access new parts ofthepuzzle.Wood and Steel crates - Sometimes they are on theway,sometimes they come in handy.Blocks and ramps - Roll the ballanyway you like, using the environment.Timebombs - Touch them and5seconds later, Boom!Hexasmash is brought to you by theindiedevelopers of best physics puzzles Laserbreak, Hexasmash 2 andCELL13.If you like the following games, you'll loveHexasmash!•Wrecking ball games• Explosive games• Physics puzzle•Destructionand bombs• Smashing glass• Bouncing balls• Transportingobjects•Brain games• Great time killer games• Original angry birdsstylegames• Rube Goldberg and Rube's Lab incredible machine typephysicspuzzle games• One of the best offline games
Geometry Solver Pro 1.33
This version is ad free and also contains:- Squarepyramid-Triangular pyramid- Thales' theorem- Truncated cone-Triangularprism- Regular triangular prism- Regular octagon-Regulardodecagon- Hexagonal prism- Hexagonal pyramid- Pentagonalprism-Barrelnot available in standard version.Languages:English,Deutsch, español, français, italiano, polski, português,română,русский, Türkçe, Nederlands, românăNaN Geometry Solver isthe mostadvanced application for solving geometry problems. Thereis acomplete solution delivered for each issue to satisfy everyteacheror student. The application solves every algebraicproblemincluding those with:- fractions- roots- powersyou can alsouseparentheses, decimal numbers and Pi number. An advancedvalidationof data entry allows you to find the errors quickly andcorrectsthem for you immediately. NaN Geometry Solver willcalculate allthe parameters of the figure, if you enter thenecessary data. Theorder of data entry depends on you! - Do youwant to calculate aside of the square? No problem. Nan GeometrySolver will do it foryou.- Do you have an angle and a side of theright triangle?Perfect. Other values can be calculated. None ofyour geometrytasks will be a problem now with NaN Geometry Solver.Thisapplication has very advanced, powerful and easy - to -useinterface. Additionally, it contains all the useful formulaswhichyou will need to solve geometry tasks. But thats not enough!You donot have to figure it out how did you get a result.Thisapplication not only gives you the solution, it also shows youallthe formulas which had been used. Pythagorean Theorem, sinesandcosines are no longer a problem.This application is able todocalculation on the following figures:- square- rectangle-rhombus-parallelogram- triangle- equilateral triangle- righttriangle-isosceles triangle- triangle 30-60-90- Pythagoreantheorem- circle-annulus- trapezoid- right trapezoid- isoscelestrapezoid,- regularhexagon- sphere- cylinder- cone- regulartetrahedron- cube- squareprism- cuboid- square pyramid- triangularpyramid- thales' theorem-ellipse- regular Pentagon- Kite-Triangular prism- trigonometry-regular octagon- regular dodecagon-hexagonal prism- hexagonalpyramid- barrel- You can calculate theinradius and circumradius ona square or an equilateral triangle-Lots of formulas useful insolving tasks.
Hexy - The Hexagon Game 1.0.4
Valcour Games
Tap the Hexagons to rotate them into the right position.Completethe puzzle when all the Curved and/or straight lines areconnected.See how many puzzles you can solve!Play 3 different sizedpuzzles(Small, Medium, and Large) with either Curved Lines,Straight Linesor Both. Once you've played at least one of each typeyou willunlock the Pic Puzzle. Make a puzzle out of any of thephotos onyour Android Device.Keep playing to achieve badges. Howmany canyou collect?Great puzzle game for any age. It really trainsyourbrain and helps keep you sharp!Features:- Small, Medium, Largegamesizes- Pic Puzzle game mode- Curve, Line, and Both puzzletypes-Badge Achievements- Puzzles Completed statistics- SoundEffects
Geometry Solver 1.33
Languages: English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano,polski,português, русский, Türkçe, Nederlands, românăNaN GeometrySolveris the most advanced application for solving geometryproblems.There is a complete solution delivered for each issue tosatisfyevery teacher or student. The application solves everyalgebraicproblem including those with:- fractions- roots- powersyoucan alsouse parentheses, decimal numbers and Pi number. Anadvancedvalidation of data entry allows you to find the errorsquickly andcorrects them for you immediately. NaN Geometry Solverwillcalculate all the parameters of the figure, if you enterthenecessary data. The order of data entry depends on you! - Doyouwant to calculate a side of the square? No problem. NanGeometrySolver will do it for you.- Do you have an angle and a sideof theright triangle? Perfect. Other values can be calculated. Noneofyour geometry tasks will be a problem now with NaN GeometrySolver.This application has very advanced, powerful and easy - to -useinterface. Additionally, it contains all the useful formulaswhichyou will need to solve geometry tasks. But thats not enough!You donot have to figure it out how did you get a result.Thisapplication not only gives you the solution, it also shows youallthe formulas which had been used. Pythagorean Theorem, sinesandcosines are no longer a problem.This application is able todocalculation on the following figures:- square- rectangle-rhombus-parallelogram- triangle- equilateral triangle- righttriangle-isosceles triangle- triangle 30-60-90- circle- annulus-trapezoid-right trapezoid- isosceles trapezoid- Pythagoreantheorem- regularhexagon- sphere- cylinder- cone- regulartetrahedron- cube- squareprism- cuboid- ellipse- regular Pentagon-Kite- trigonometry-inradius and circumradius of cubePro version:-Square pyramid-Triangular pyramid- Triangular prism- Regulartriangular prism-Thales' theorem- Truncated cone- Regular octagon-Regulardodecagon- Hexagonal prism- Hexagonal pyramid- Pentagonalprism-Barrel- You can calculate the inradius and circumradius on asquareor an equilateral triangle- Lots of formulas useful insolvingtasks.Tags: math, school, geometry, task, dexter, calculator
Hexagon Colors 1.5
Hexagon game - connect hexagons from lighter todarkercolors."Hexagon Colors - highly addictive connect-the-dotsstressrelief game.""Relaxing ads-free swiping gamewithhexagons.""Endless hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagonhexagonhexagon hexagon hexagon fun!"★ Ads-free★ Fun swiping game★Fivemodes to master★ 27 achievements to unlock★ Relaxingbackgroundmusic★ Switch colors and choose between 3 board sizes★UsePower-Ups to boost your play★ Relax and run away fromeverydaystress★ Switch color and customize hexagon style★ Free toplay andfree to complete! (It's possible to get "Ruler of theUniverse"achievement without buying anything)★ Great stress reliefswipegameDiscover your inner artist!If your life is all aboutcolors,you'll love 'Hexagon Colors'. All color palettes are handdesignedto test your color skills.Hexagon Colors is a great way torelievestress, relax and add a bit color to our monochromelives.Connectcolors and check how good is your color vision.Shareyour scorewith friends.Relieve stress by connecting hexagons indifferentcolors, and switch between 5 different play modes.Switchbetweencolors depending on your mood.Pick your favorite colorpalette andstart swiping colors,Little Bear Production
Hex Merge 2.4.0
Red Game
Hex Merge, a jigsaw puzzle game. Have a fun time withhexagons!Dragthe hexagon group to the board. Click on the hexagongroup torotate. Connect to three or more the same number ofhexagonaladjacent to merge and upgrade a higher number of squares.1. Simplecontrol and smooth gameplay. 2. Auto restore board:continueplaying when restart the game. 3. Fun music and soundeffects
Hexagon Battery Indicator LWP
Monitor your battery level with thishexagongrid live wallpaper.The number of filled hexagons reflects your battery charge,andtheir color shifts from green to yellow to red.Also the grid will animate when receiving SMS orothernotifications.Highly customizable!🔺 4 hexagon styles🔺 3 drawing patterns🔺 Resizable hexagons grid🔺 You can create your custom color theme🔺 Animation when you receive notifications🔺 Must-have live wallpaper for Neon Genesis Evangelion orNERVthemed stylesIs this wallpaper eating too much RAM? Do you experiencerandomcrashes? Please try using a smaller grid. Fewer hexagons onscreen= fewer memory used.🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹This app is a live wallpaper. Once you download it, it willnotappear in your app drawer.To set it as a wallpaper, long press on your desktop, until themenuappears. Then choose Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers ->HexagonBattery Live Wallpaper -> Set wallpaper.For any problem or question send an email to the developer.
Hex Blocks Puzzle 1.1.2
Sun Temple
When compared to a box or cube, a hexagon adds a new degreeofcomplexity to the mind games! Drag the hex blocks over thehexagonboard to cover it up. Match the whole board and use up allshapesto solve the puzzle. Train your brain as you advance throughthelevels and unlock higher difficulty modes of the game. Youwillneed to solve 5 easy levels to unlock the medium difficulty,and 20medium ones to get to the hard puzzles. The higher thedifficulty,the bigger the hexagon board. Additionally, as youadvance throughmedium or hard mode, the size of the hex blocksdecreases, whichmakes the game even more complex for the mind. Thepuzzles aregenerated by the algorithm giving the player virtuallyunlimitednumber of levels to play in any of the three modes! Beatas manystages as you can to boost your position in the leaderboardsandunlock cool achievements! Train your mind to match the hexagonwithshapes faster to win time based rewards. Get Hex Blocks Puzzlenowto have some fun while improving your brain for free!Keyfeatures:★Unlimited FREE puzzles! ★ Three board sizes★ Use hints toget aidwith harder levels★ Designed for phones and tablets★Supports bothportrait and landscape screen orientations!★Compatible with ARMand x86 devices★ Numerous achievements tounlock★ Make it to thetop of the leaderboards and challenge yourfriends via Google PlayGames★ Improve your mind while having fun!
Diameter of the workpiece 1.2
It will help you calculate the required diameter of theworkpieceout of the circle for making a square or hexagon.
Kent hexagon icon pack Premium 1.2.8
Charmeleo Design
Kent Icon Pack is a mix of hexagonal shape + classic flat design+material-design color + material-design shadowing/Lighting +glareeffect. The icon was meant to give people a supercomfortexperience doing their work with what matters. Unlike thetoday’sflat icon or material based trends, the depth, clarity andthevibrant color from Kent Icon Pack was created to help peoplefindapps they need not only simpler, but also easier throughbeautifuland mesmerizing process.Read thearticlehere inspired by the trend of flat and material design2.16+potrait wallpapers and keep increasing3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192px4.Full vector based icons5. Icon masking for better unthemedicons6.Icon Request7. 100 B&W alternative icons for favoriteapps8.Dynamic Calendar9. Icon view to search your favorite appicons10.folder icons, folder platforms, folder background,dockbackground.11. etcSupport 22 major Launchers:1. Action2.ADW3.Apex4. Atom5. Aviate6. Epic7. GO8. Holo9. Holo HD10.Inspire11.KK12. Mini13. Nova14. Smart15. Solo16. S17. Nemus18.Next19.Nine20. L21. LG22. LucidAnd some of the rest can be appliedwithmanual apply.Note:1. GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking,sogo to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2.Ifyou're not satisfied with the icons, or your favorite appsaren'twell themed just email me or give us a feedback on ourcommunityyou can access the link inside the app.Special Thanks:-DaniMahardika for the dashboard template we modified. Find himhere Ekky Pramana, Patti Bills, AniketKhandekar,and Sikebo Giraz, for sincere supports for us,Charmeleo.Thank you
Hex Puzzle 1.2.0
Hex Puzzle is a very fun puzzle game with full ofchallenging!Dragthe hexagon into the scene, as long as all thesmall hexagonscombining just full of a straight line, you caneliminate!How toplay:1. Drag the hexagon to make a line2. No timelimits3. Createcombos to earn high scoreFree download and enjoythis bestkill-time game! Try to become No.1 on the Leaderboards!
Red hexagon Best Music Theme 1.0.4
This is the "Red hexagon" theme for the Best MusicPlayer.Geometryhas a beauty that inspires one to dream of the idealpurpose,perfection.*** How to Apply this Theme ***1. Open "Redhexagon"player skin after installation2. Click the "Apply theme"buttonThe"Red hexagon" music skin will direct you to download theBest MusicPlayer for free if it is not already installed on yourdevice.Yourcomments and suggestions are appreciated.
Honey Puzzle -HEX Puzzle- 1.0.3
A new puzzle game created by a development company of pitattoserieswhich was downloaded 1 million times in the whole world!Anexcitingpuzzle game using hexagonal blocks!Can you fit all of theblocksinto the honeycomb?Use all of your brain power andskillfully gatherall of the blocks!- The rule is simple.All youhave to do is dragblocks and cram them into the honeycombperfectly!Simple butaddictive! A puzzle where you cram itemsin.-Over 100 stages for youto play.The stages get increasinglyharder as you reach higherlevels.There are also hints for when youget stuck.Clear all of thestage and you are a puzzle master!
Hexa Puzzle Merge 1.3.0
Red Game
Drag the hexagon group to the board. Click on the hexagon grouptorotate. Connect to three or more the same number ofhexagonaladjacent to merge and upgrade a higher number ofsquares.Features:1. Classic Mode: Simple map to obtain bestscore2.Challenge Levels Mode: 100+ different puzzles to solve3.Autorestore board: continue playing when restart the game.
Hex Block Puzzle 1.1
Welcome to Hex Puzzle - Hexagon Block, one of the best brickpuzzlegames. This game is a classic style exciting blocks puzzlegames.If you want to find a free and fun offline game that addictyou,you found it.Hex Puzzle - Hexagon Block has is very easygameplayand pleasurable for all ages. All you have to do is justtap anddrag blocks to fill up the square.When the square is filledfull,you win and level up!How to play Hexagon - Blocks PuzzleHexa:-Drag the blocks to move them.- Try to fit them all in theframe-Blocks can't be rotated.- Use HINT to help you solve thepuzzles-No time limits. You can stay as long as you want.Somehighlightfeatures on Blocks Puzzle Hexagon:- Another type ofclassic blockgame - Cute graphic- Smooth effect for block puzzlegame- Playeasily and quickly.- Hints to help you pass levels inthis hexpuzzle- Daily gift for user- Over 250+ blocks hexa puzzlelevelsare unique and full of fun and amazing challenges- Easy tolearnhard to be master hexagon- NO TIME LIMIT- Enjoy game for anytime,anywhere and a short time.- No need wfi or internetconnection.It’s an offline game- Nice music and sound effect-Suitalbe withall Android deviceHave enjoy the hexa game game don’tforget giveus your rating and comment. 5* rating and good commentis highappreciated ^^.
Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game 15
Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game is beautiful, simpleandaddictive logic game. Easy to play yet challenginggameplay,beautiful puzzle graphics, six sided hexagon and hundredsof levelswill keep you entertained for hours and hours. HexagonFall -Endless Puzzle Game. Don't fall and keep going down: this isthemain goal of this amazing game. In the game you are challengedtostay on the top of the tower of various shaped brick uponwhichrests a hexagon block. The aim is to get the hexagon down thetoweras further as possible. You do this by tapping on the brickstomake them disappear bringing the hexagon down into thespacecleared underneath.It sounds easy, but when the hexagon startstoroll or the tower tilts, and with pressure of high scoresyou’llfind it’s not as easy as you originally thought. If theremoval ofthe blocks topples the tower or the hexagon gainsmomentum androlls off the screen, then the game is over and youhave to startall over again. Easy to play yet challenging gameplaywithbeautiful environment will addict you to this gameimmediately.Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game will have you hookedon gettingas far down the tower as possible for hour and hours.Playing thisgame is simple and fun, but claiming a spot on theleaderboard andoutperforming your friends is challenging andrewarding.KeyFeatures:● Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay.●Challengeyour friend’s high scores, challenge the world.● Fun andengagingexperience.● Beautiful and modern design.● Engaging andaddictive.●Play for a few seconds or many hours anytime andanywhere.● 300levels and six game modes.Discover awesome and superfun in thisaddictive puzzle game ever! Play with the most excitinggame in theworld has ever seen!Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Gameis a brandnew puzzle game with easy to play game concept that canmake youaddicted! But try to prevent calm fall of hexagon. Totallyfree toplay. Pleasurable game for all ages. Build your own strategywiththe exciting game play experience!HOW TO PLAY :• Tapdifferentshape blocks and break it• Move the hexagon down safely,but don'tlet it fall!• Challenge your friend’s high scores,challenge theworld• ACHIEVEMENTS&LEADERBOARD from Google PlayGamesCan youkeep six sided Hexagon on the tower of blocksAre youfond of aminimalist challenging hexagon game, you are on rightgame.Keepyour hexagon block on the tower of bricks. Destroy theblocks underthe Hexagon to increase score. Crush the blocks beneaththe Hexagon(six sided shape) to make the score. Break the blocks ina way thathexagon(sides) does not fall from the tower. If thehexagon fallsfrom the tower, the hexagon will crush and game willover. Game isaddictive and under your control.The Great thingsabout HexagonFall - Endless Puzzle Game game are:Hexagon Fall -Endless PuzzleGame is best offline game, which means you don't needwifi to playit - offline without wifi. Hexagon Fall - EndlessPuzzle Game is aneasy to play but challenging puzzle actiongame.The goal is to keepthe six hexagon figure on the tower ofblocks and not let it falloff for as long as possible.Don't rush,the six sided block caneasily dwindle in any direction, gainmomentum and roll down intothe abyss.Score higher, never give upand become the king ofHexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game!If youthink it is too easy toplay, then we've got a special treat in menufor you. Take thechallenge to a whole new level by choosing fromthe manygeometrical figures we have prepared for you to playwith:Hexagon(Hexa): Six SidesOctagon (Octa): Eight Sides Decagon(Deca): TenSides Try out all of them and let us know which one isyourfavourite and which one you find the most tricky. Challengeyourfriends and see if they can beat your high score. Careful:thisHexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game is very addictive!
Hex Crush : Block Puzzle Games 1.3.6
Welcome to Hex Crush, the simple and fun block puzzle games freeforall, kids and adults. Drag colorful puzzle pieces into puzzleboardto form line and shapes to WIN.Get combosbonusscore by destroying multiple lines hexagonsat the same time!BlockGames Features:- Story modegames with 800 puzzle levels to solve.-Classic mode for endlessquest adventures, NO TIME LIMIT- Norotations on blocks.- Playoffline without WIFI- Amazing block hexagames Props you neverseen- Share to Facebook, lead board to playwith friends- Amazinggame effect like match, blast ...- Hundreds oflevels in 2016 andupdating regularly- Play the hex special levelsto win SurpriseAward! - Six mini games including: Hit it, GoldMiner, Cute Crush(match 3 games), Bubble Shooter etc.Don’t forgetto use the hexflow props:- The bomb will use hexagon force toexplode all thehexagons around it- The key can open a hex box forreward, - Thehammer can destroy a hexagon block, - Magicwand willchange 4 optional blocks into a single super hexagon-Jewels blitzgold hexagon, Candy Hex, mahjong wonders Hex Match arealsoavailable too.This block hexa puzzle game can be playedofflinewithout wifi or without internet on Android free.Enjoy matchandplay with Facebook friends too.Let’s Go Hex Crush, HexPuzzleGames for FREE!
Block Puzzle Magic Strategy Game - Hex and Square 1.7
🔥 #1 Block Puzzle Game - 2018 Best Rated 🔥Do you think you havewhatit takes to beat this MAGIC UNLIMITED brain teaser? Jointhousandsof Hex and Square users worldwide playing this brand-new,incrediblyaddictive block puzzle game – created to be yourultimate top freegame challenge.FUN! Simple & Free. And 100%Relaxing. Thisexcellent block puzzle game was designed tochallenge yourday-to-day brain strategy and give you unlimitedmagic blockbusters.How To Play Hex & Square – Block PuzzleStrategy Game?➜ Chooseto play in a Square or Hexagon➜ Drag anddrop the blocks to placethem in your chosen position➜ Be selectivewith your positioning –strategy is key➜ Place blocks to create afull line ➜ Create combolines for bonus pointsGame Features➜ Easyand fun play➜ Differentshapes and characters ➜ Daily, weekly andall-time leaderboard ➜Stunning graphics and skins available➜ Notime limits➜ Exercise YourMind - this app contains the top brainteasersDownload and play Hexand Square - an innovative blockpuzzle magic strategy game andexperience the best puzzle solverand magic booster. The #1 FreeBlock Puzzle Game - Rated 5 Stars.Top Free Brain Teaser Game inTaiwain, Turkey, US and UK.---BulaMobile are an award-winningmobile game studio, producinghigh-quality free mobile games thatare fun, engaging andaddictive, brain teasers that exercise yourmind.---Love games likeJigsaw Puzzles, Free Puzzle Games, PuzzleGames for Kids, BestPuzzle Games and Block Puzzle? Hex and Squaretakes your freepuzzle games to the next level!Looking for a freepuzzle game onthe way to work? Do you want to continually push yourmind to thenext level?Train your brain for strategic decisions?Hexand Squareis the perfect free puzzle game to help you achieve this.Amulti-color block puzzle game, competing against yourselfandfriends across the world - see how well trained your brain is.
Fill in the hex-sided block 2.3.3
Welcome to the hexagon square to eliminate - one real hexagonpuzzlegame!By the best hexadecimal inspired puzzle pieces game,six sidetype fill the squares to eliminate is now qualify as onemembers ofthe retro game series: it is simple, smart, but veryaddictive.Therule is simple: all you need to do is create anddestroy the hexagonin all three directions. Don't forget to avoidthese logical blocksto fill the screen, otherwise: the game isover.Welcome to thehexagon square to eliminate - one real hexagonpuzzle game!By thebest hexadecimal inspired puzzle pieces game,six side type fill thesquares to eliminate is now qualify as onemembers of the retro gameseries: it is simple, smart, but veryaddictive.The rule is simple:all you need to do is create anddestroy the hexagon in all threedirections. Don't forget to avoidthese logical blocks to fill thescreen, otherwise: the game isover.Type six sides filled squareeliminate for is a real puzzlegames, the if you have love 2048101 0or similar, would you love tofill six edge model eliminate suit isa real puzzle games, the ifyou have love 2048101 0 or similar,you'll love fill squareeliminate six edge type.
Block Puzzle Hexa 1.0.1
This is a new Block puzzle game with new style and new gameplay.Itis a creative from triangle and hexagon to make puzzlegame.“BlockPuzzle Hexa” is a blocks style exciting Triangle-blockpuzzlegame.Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages.Moveblocks tofill up the Hexagon and collect The Hexagonal to levelup!HOW TOPLAY BLOCK PUZZLE• Drag the blocks to move them.• Try tofit themall in the hexagon frame• Blocks can be rotated.• Don'tworry! Notime limits!BLOCK PUZZLE FEATURES- Smooth effect for blockpuzzlegame!- Play easily and quickly.- Full of fun andamazingchallenges!- Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay- Enjoygamefor any time, anywhere and a short time. No time limit!- Youcanplay offline in anytime. No wifi? No problem!- Block puzzlehexawas optimized for android and google play games- Block puzzlehexawas designed for tablets & phones.- Support ACHIEVEMENTS&LEADERBOARD from Google Play Games.BONUS: Make bigger hexagontoget hidden gift. Have fun! :DNOTES• Block! Puzzle Hexa containstheads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.• Block!PuzzleHexa is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items likeADFREE and Coins.
4 Degrees - Swipe Game 1.1.124
Four Degrees or 4 Degrees : Mind Toggling and Endless Swipe Game:)A Triangle,Square,Hexagon,Circle and Other shapes randomlyappearon your screen and you have only have single move, swipe itrightor it will slip away. Be a Swipe Pro or Replay gameIn our daytoday life we have often 'Spare Moments' ranging from a fewsecondsto a few minutes, absolutely nothing can be done insuchsituations. Four Degrees provides a way to utilise these'sparemoments' in just a single swipe :)Not only this it alsoincreaseyour concentration and visual ability to focus and makequick andcorrect decisions.Feel relaxed, confident, energetic aftereverygame.Features of 4 Degrees* A Game for All* Awesome themes*Awesomeshapes* Quick To Play.* Relaxes Your Mind.* EarnAchievements andpoints* Free Music and SFX * Improves concentrationpower and brainability to work* Works offline* Global communityscoresEnjoy 4Degrees a minimal free swipe game.
Hexagon: Block Puzzle Games 1.0
Have you ever played any block games? Well, if not youdefinitelyshould as you are bound to get addicted to our freepuzzle games!Brain games especially block puzzle are always popularas theyeasily entertain and boost your brain activity. So you willneverget bored of puzzle!Hexagon: Block Puzzle Games is one of themostexciting and fun brain games on the market! This is a blockpuzzleor you can also call it thinking blocks. What you need to dois todrag the block and move it to the right place. Try to fitthishexagon block in the frame. And then you have your puzzlesolved.If you don't know where to go in thinking blocks there arehintsfor you, so don't worry!Have hours of fun with new games ofblockpuzzle every day!Thinking blocks can look easy from thefirstglance but wait until you move to the expert level of thesemindgames. That's some good work for your brain. Rock it to get allthebenefits from our stunning block game. Enjoy this puzzle andhavefun! Beautiful graphics with vivid colors will make your mindgameseven more pleasurable. Block games are nicely complementedwithcool sound effects too. Hexagon: Block Puzzle Games is one ofthemost wonderful new games for all age groups!Play free puzzlegamesevery day whenever you need it offline!Our Hexagon: BlockPuzzleGames has such features:Nice and easy interfaceEasy controlof yourblock puzzleMusic, sound on\offColorful theme foreveryhexagonBlock games have 4 levels of difficulty: beginner,advanced,master, expert. Brain games play with hexagon is trulyexciting.Mind games can be difficult but still worth it.Move blocksand winthe game! There's no time limit to play free puzzle games!Lots ofonline puzzles are waiting for you just righthere!DownloadHexagon: Block Puzzle Games right now! This is one ofthe best newgames here!
Hexagon: Puzzle Game 1.1
Here is Hexagon!!! You can play anywhere just by tapping.Itconsists completely of hexagons with toughlabyrinths.Challenging60 levels.Different theme color options.