Top 49 Games Similar to Police vs Mercenary Thugs

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter 1.0.3
SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter is a brand new action shootinggame.In the war game, you can get all kinds of light weapons!Accept thecall of duty, pick up your arms and fight alongside yourfriends!The war game is a completely action-type army shooter.Attack withpowerful guns and grenades, attack enemies in excitingbattles, anddemonstrate outstanding combat skills in the actiongame to becomea hero on the battlefield. Complete one after anotheraction, asyou complete the mission, the difficulty of the game willgraduallyincrease. Aim as much as possible, shoot, get morepoints.Realistic game details and 3D visual graphics and differentgamedifficulty, bring you the perfect shooting fun. Join the teamtocomplete your mission! Defending the country and safeguardingthepeople are the responsibility of each of our soldiers! SWATCounterTerrorist Shooter Features: - First person shooter -High-quality3D graphics - Real battlefield environment - A varietyof advancedweapons for fighting AK47, MP5, P90, M4A1, AWP, M249,AUG, DEAGLE -Accurate aiming to make you a better shot - Shockingmusic andsound effects - Simple and smooth control
SWAT Sniper Army Mission 1.2
SWAT Sniper Army Mission is a FPS action class shootingwargame.Armed with a sniper weapon to become a deadlykiller,long-range weapons can cause fatal damage to the enemy.Thisis themost thrilling first-person shooter game. There are themostadvanced military equipment. With other elite specialpolicesnipers, infiltrating the evil group to eliminate thenotoriousterrorists.You are a well-trained elite sniper, acceptingsecretmissions, and eliminating terrorists. In the world ofsnipers,experience the fun of shooting, zoom in, aim, kill. Holdyourbreath, pull the trigger, and let the bullets destroyallenemies!The game in this real life in the 3D graphics andsoundenvironment gives an exciting experience to complete thismission.Use your limited ammunition to wisely kill every enemy.shoot tosave your ammunition. The enemy does not know your presenceinorder to put your first shot, but at the moment you shoot,yourgunfire will attract the attention of the enemy. There is nowayback to go. So after the start of the fight, make sure yourownsafety. Good luck to complete this task.Game features:- AmazingFPSWar Experience- real shooting and sniper effects-high-qualityhigh-definition screen gives you a crazy shootingfeeling- avariety of high-quality weapons for you to choose,armedyourselfTrain your skills. To find, aim and shoot. Become atruesniper hero!
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shooter 2018 1.5
Blockot Games
Get ready to be an incredible superhero selected for a specialopsmission by the navy army. Put an end to terrorist's evil plansinthis Free 3D FPS action gun shooting game. Counter TerroristSWATShooter is a free 3D military army action game full of gunshootingexplosive missions. You are a trained modern commandoshooter andyou are being sent on a mission to kill terrorists inthe battlezone. Terrorist teams have been spreading terrorism forquite sometime now and it's time to pay back in this breathtakingmodern waraction game. Terrorists have been destroying the peace ofthiscountry for a long time and you as a last commando hero needstoput this to an end. USA Army military has launched a specialopsmission against terrorists and you are selected for thisshootermission to kill the terrorist. Military force has selectedthebravest warriors for this mission of heroes to attackterroristcamps. Army is providing you with modern weapons &superweapons to combat the enemy & win this war. Use thevariousmodern weapons & military guns provided by military armytostrike hard & eliminate the terrorists. Counter theenemyattacks to increase your chances of survival & success.You areknown as the finest army sniper rifle shooter withbrilliantsurvival skills, having the experience of modern weapons& gunsin various combats, battles, missions & war. Militaryarmy hasonce again chosen you for a special ops mission. Terroristswill beready to counter attack & strike back so be alert allthe time.Villain enemy is equipped with weapons & guns likesniper rifleguns, pistol & machine guns but what they lack arethe skillsyou have. Destroy the enemy defense & eliminate alltheterrorists to prove that you are the only true war hero. Thebestrifleman & sniper rifle gun shooter of the military army.Thereare rebel camps in the outskirts of the battlefield whichneeds tobe destroyed as well. You have to stop the revolt which hasbeeninitiated by super villains and terrorists of Army. Swat teamandnaval army will also join army group in this battlefieldmission.You all have to work together to counter the terroriststrike.Training of army to prepare for future war is very toughwhich notonly made you a fittest good soldier but also taught youhow todestroy your enemy, how to do stealth killing and attackterroristbases in commando missions. Global terrorist have puteveryone interror and exploding all the bridges and roads to stopthe army toreach warriors battlefield. Special forces are alsogoing to jointhis commando combat shoot. Go to the shooting arenawith specialoperations forces and launch an assault on theterrorists in thewar of resistance. Terrorists have madeheartbreaking storiesagainst humanity and they are expecting anassault from the trainedarmy assassin forces to end this blood& chaos. Watch out forrifle man and shooting assassin hiding inthe shadow. You can seetheir shadow and eliminate them with sniper.Shots for militaryshooter, fight to survive in this shooter battle.This is a newmodern warfare, take out the refuge and dispatch themto the nearfacility. Expect army base attack and get ready troopersfor armysniper combat. If you are a fan of counter terrorist gamesthenplay this commando counter terrorist strike game. FeaturesofCounter Terrorist SWAT Shooter: - A lot of gun shootingactionfilled mission - Plenty of guns to choose from - Challenging&addictive gameplay - 3D immersive environment - Top-notchsoundeffects
Counter Terrorist Commando War - SWAT Army Strike 1.0.2
Counter Terrorist Commando War - SWAT Army Strike, is fullySWATaction packed game. Town is facing threats from terroristsandanarchist. Grand intelligence operation is being operatedacrossthe town to find out terrorist hideouts. Anit-terroristdepartmentsreport a suspected area in the city where suspects arehiding andplanning to execute their next attacks. You are one ofthe trainedSWAT Forces officer, your duty is to kill all thesuspects by acounter terrorist strike on urgent basis. Play as ahighly trainedcommando in this anti-terrorist operation. This isCounterTerrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shooting game inwhichyou will play as a commando fps to shoot terrorists. Thiswholegame is about counter terrorist attacks, deadly missionsandcounter strike on terrorists. Play as a SWAT commando,counterterrorist shooter in this combat action game againstterroristduring the anti-terrorist operations and strikes, you havetoprotect the city as a SWAT officer, and shoot all the terroristtodeath cruelly. Terrorist has occupied some high strategiclocationsand they are planning deadly terrorist attack there, youareassigned on a special anti-terrorist mission by army headquarterSWAT operation special forces. This is the time to put acounterattack on the terrorist and kill them all in as you seethem. Ifyou miss to shoot any terrorist then you would bedefinitely deadin counter terrorist attackThese terrorists arehighly experiencedin deadly shooting and know all commando actionand war gamestactics. Aim precisely, move forward like a legend, befast nfurious, you are an anti-terrorist commando. Counter attacklikeaction movie hero. Shoot all the terrorists, its modern warefare.Use latest weapons like machine gun, rifle, ak-47, Sniper etc.toshoot all the enemies.This game is very addictive andchallenging,you will be definitely hooked up in this war game.Shoot all theTerrorist let them shout. Hit them hard with snipergun bulletslike hitman. Make perfect sniper shots. These terroristsact likecontract killers, take strict action, kill shot bravoshooting man.Ranger bots ready to fight against you. Earn Cash andbuy newweapons during war, fight against modern war bots, fightagainstmodern army for next mission. Features of Counter Terrorist2017 -Sniper Gun strike • Great controls• Multiple challengingmissions•Variety of dangerous Weapons• Realistic desert environmentand HDgraphics.• Amazing Sound and voice.• no#1 FPS (FirstPersonshooter) game for sniper shooting lovers.• Target therobotcommandos with your favorite gun• Best shooting gameplay•Offlinegamplay• Auto shoot featureDon’t waste your time, justdownloadCounter Terrorist 2017 - Sniper Gun strike game offeredby3coderbrain studio and enjoy the adventure of shootingenemyterrorists and complete the challenging missions in minimumtime.And don’t forget to leave your valuable comments on store.
Blocky San Andreas SWAT Police 2 1.6
Get ready to arrest the bad guys in this blocky policesimulatorArrest all the villains! This police simulator game isfull ofawesome cop missions in the popular Blocky San Andreas.Duelagainst ruthless super villains and earn your squad badges.Moveyourself freely across the big free roaming city map. Canyouarrest them all?! blocky city needs help!Give the super villainsagreat homecoming in San Andreas prison! Battle against the badguysand make Blocky city safe again. Drive the criminals to SanAndreasprison with your police car! Put them behind the prisonbars! Agood police car is needed!As a cop it is your task to arrestallthe criminals. But you can not do this without a good policecar.In Blocky San Andreas SWAT Police 2 you can collect up to8different police cars.These police cars range from sportspolicecars, off-road police vehicles and even a SWAT cop van.KeyFeatures:✔ Amazing police simulator game✔ Up to 8 differentpolicecars!✔ Complete all the nerve wrecking police cardrivingmissions!✔ Amazing blocky and craft graphics for theperfectgameplay!✔ More blocky fire man rescue and police simulatorgamescoming soon!
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shoot 1.4
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shoot is a FPS action shooting game, whichisfilled with various difficult military action missions. You areawell-trained modern commando striker, you are carrying out amissionto kill terrorists on the battlefield. Terrorists havebeendangerous to the safety of the city, and now it is time tofightback. Terrorists have long been destroying the peace of theworld,and you as a hero of the commando, must complete the mission.Themilitary has launched a campaign against terrorists, and youhavebeen chosen to take part in this mission. The army providesyouwith modern weapons and super weapons to fight the enemy andwinthis war. Using the various weapons and guns provided by thearmyto fight terrorists. Focus your attention and increase yourchancesof survival and success. You are called the best fighter.You haveexcellent fighting skills and shooting skills. Has theexperienceof modern weapons and guns in various fighting, fighting,missionand war. The terrorists will be ready to attack, so bevigilant.Terrorists are equipped with weapons guns such as sniperrifles,pistols and machine guns, but they lack the skills youhave.Destroy the enemy defense, kill all the terrorists, prove thatyouare the only true war hero. The best shooter of the army.CounterTerrorist SWAT Shoot Features: - first person shooter game-Complex scenes, lifelike buildings - a variety of close andlongdistance weapons - Exciting fighting environment - Realcombateffect - Challenging missions - Simple and smooth operation-addictive game
Anti Terrorist SWAT Team FPS 1.0.4
Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS is a game trying to portray a storyofan army commando whose mission was to save his nation from alltheevil eyes. Our mission is to take all those responsibilitieswhichare used to be fulfilled by a commando hero. It makes you feellikea sniper. Fight with enemies as the mighty Warrior, crush themwiththe Gunner Shots and rain down fire upon them as the Hellfire,orcharge them down as the imposing Gunner Combatant. Thegamefeatures multiple interesting levels with immersiveenvironmentsand landscapes. The game uses latest 3D developmenttechnologies toprovide you the best gaming experience on mobiledevices. The mainpart of this game is that this game is an actionpacked frontlinewar game. Shoot and kill your enemies with moderntechniques of2017. This simulator is full of exciting levels. It ishavingmultiple levels. And in order to get into the next level youhaveto fulfill the task before specific time duration given ineverystage. And every stage itself is having some tasks fullofexcitement. Fight like a commando and make your fellows safefrombeing killed and extreme fear. If you survive till end thanyouwill be given more rewards and bonus counts after you try torunfrom this evil mania. Download this Anti-Terrorist SWAT TeamFPSnow and start your exciting journey to win all themissions.Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as youfight acritical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim tocausedestruction as a terrorist.Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS isashooting where you will fight in with your enemies in everystage.Futuristic environment of this game will take you to the realworldof warfare. This game will make you remember yourchildhoodmemories of playing an action packed fighting simulator.It’s afree game with a bunch of missions. We wish you once again tohavea great time. The main thing about this game is that it’s freeofcost you just have to download it by a single tap. Come! Let’shavea battle with enemies. Let’s start this game. Key featuresforAnti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS : • Stunning & High Quality3DGraphics • Amazing 3D indoor environment • Easy and fun to play•Interesting Game Play • Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics•Multiple challenging levels
Are you the officer we are looking for? In 3D SWAT PoliceMobileCorps you will be joining the SWAT Mobile Corps. It’s yourjob inthis police simulator games to chase and catch all thedangerouscriminals in this city. Can you keep the citizens save ofall thedangerous criminals? Show us what you got SWAT policegamesofficer! Unlimited police simulator missions! Drive throughthestreets and you will find mission spots. Drive in on andthemission will begin. In this SWAT police simulator games youcanchase criminals who are fleeing in cars and on foot! Or findhiddenpackages and transport criminals! It’s all up to you policegamesofficer! Unlock amazing SWAT cars! In our simulator you canunlockamazing fast cars with unique features. Customize the cars toyourlikings and you will be chasing the dangerous criminals instyle!Go Go Go officer it’s time to catch some very dangerouscriminals!3D SWAT Police Mobile Corps - Police Simulator GamesFeatures : -Join our special SWAT simulator squad!- Unlimitedpolice gamesmissions!- Unlock all kind of amazing fast police gamesvehicles!-Don’t forget to give feedback and rate our amazinggame!Facebook - -
Blocky San Andreas SWAT Police 1.4
GET READY FOR THE BAD GUYS IN THIS EPIC BLOCKY COP SIMULATORCaptureand chase the super villains till the sun goes down and themoongoes up! This police car simulator game is full of awesomepolicecar missions which take place in the popular San Andreasridge. Duelagainst the ruthless super villains and earn yourpolice squadbadges asap. SAN ANDREAS NEEDS TO BE GREAT AND SAVEAGAIN Duelagainst the various super villains and make theinjustice city safeagain by defeating the injustice criminals inThis is for the honorof the majestic ridge city and drive theinjustice criminals awayfrom this majestic ridge city with yourpolice car driving squad!Key Features: ✔ Amazing ridge crimesimulator in San Andreas ✔ Drivethe ruthless super villains awayfrom the town! ✔ Complete all thenerve wrecking police car drivingmissions! ✔ Amazing blocky andcraft graphics for the perfectgameplay! ✔ More blocky fire manrescue and craft city buildergames coming soon!
SWAT Shooter Killer 1.0.5
SWAT Shooter Killer is the most challenging and adventure FPSSniperShooting game. The terrorists occupied the desert town.Theywantonlooting, sabotage, kidnapping ordinary people.Town People'slivesare in danger. Snipers and special talks family has been inplace,SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, this is themomentof your bravery!You are a special training SWAT, skilled inusingall kinds of snipers, machine guns, and other weapons; Youweredispatched to rescue people trapped in the desert town,fightagainstterrorists; The task is very arduous, keep calm,hold yourbreath,pull the trigger, shooting.CHALLENGING ADVENTURE FPSSHOOTING TOTERRORISTS* Rich weapons, snipers, assault rifles,pistols, help youcomplete a variety of missions!* Different tasklevels, difficultydifferent, make you feel passion and thrillingshooting* Realisticpicture of the game, immersive experience inthe desert town.*Ranking system, and other various title, Primary,Senior, Advanced,Elite Killer.Features Of SWAT Shooter Killer:-First Person ShootSniper Game-Realistic scenes,all kinds ofcharacters,richweapons.experience an extraordinary journeykillings.-The shock ofthe game sound effects, bring you differentawesome shootingexperience. Shot, headshot,sniping,explosions-Easy Play, CompletelyFree, play Happy.-As long as youwork hard, get more rewards, usethese rewards to unlock moreadvanced weapons and clips.Forterrorists and criminals withoutmercy and hesitate to take up armsto come play SWAT ShooterKiller, save the world, maintaining peace!
Indian Army Counter Terrorist Strike 1.0.2
Game Mobbi
Modern FPS Shooting Games Fans, Welcome to Indian ArmyCounterTerrorist Strike, SWAT Commando SWAT action game. The cityisfacing threats from some terrorists. Intelligence operationisbeing operated across the city to find out terrorist hideouts.CIDdepartments reports a suspect building in the city wheresuspectsare hiding and planning their next attacks. You are atrained SWATSpecial Forces agent, your job is to eliminate thesuspects by acounter terrorist strike right now. A highly trainedcommando willaccompany you during first anti-terrorist operation.It is aCounter Terrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shootinggame inwhich a commando fps shoot terrorists, A 3D counterterroristshooting simulation game. The game is about counterterroristmissions, counter strike on enemies to destroy enemies andkill allterrorist through counter attack with rapid shootingmachine guns,hand grenades and other weapons.As a SWAT commando,counterterrorist shooter with a soldier support in combat actionagainstterrorist during the anti-terrorist operation, your job istoprotect the city, and shoot all the terrorist to deathbrutally.Terrorist has occupied some high strategic game buildingsand theyare planning terrorist attack there, you are assigned on aspecialanti-terrorist mission by army head quarter specialoperationforces. .Game Features:Realistic 3D simulation andchallengingmissions to accomplishMulti Weapon game Realistic combatactionEnemies’ destruction with hand grenadesHealth andWeaponspickupsHealth BarSmooth ControlAddictive game play andenvironment.
Elite SWAT - counter terrorist game 211
Online Multiplayer PvP Battle Mode is provided!! SWAT Team gottheintelligence that terrorists are planning a huge strike onlands..As an elite shooter, you are firstly assigned thiscounterterrorist mission under the critical situation. Terroristsareanti-government and anti-sociaty group. How will you defeat theminthis counter-terrorist war? Regard this game an action game,butalso take it as a strategy game! It needs you to make decisionandthen action! Elite S.W.A.T, are you ready to fight? We mustsuccessand protect these innocent citizens You should be morecarefulbecause those terrorists are trained and specialized, theyare alsoequipped with powerful weapons. They kidnapped innocentcitizens,threaten the safety of this city! These innocent citizensneedSWAT’S rescue! Protection Duty of motherlands calls foryouraction! Combating these evil groups and keep the securityofsocial. Game Features - Ultra realistic graphics and epic effects-Custom-designed puzzles and missions - 2 control mode:automaticstrike and manual strike - Distinctive Gameplay: thirdpersonshooter game - Tons of lethal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS -Mapsspecifically covers different locations: Big City, MistyFrost,Harbor, Secret Lab Instructions for shooters CUSTOMIZEDWEAPONS& ARMORS: - WEAPONS include shotguns, sniper rifles,grenade,rocket launchers, flamethrowers - Various outpost guns:DESSERTEAGLE, AK47, P90, M134, SMAW-D83mm and etc - Guns’attributesdiffers in damage, defense, healthy point, fire rate andclip size- ARMARS include shoes, pants, helmets, armors, gloves andso on.TIPS FOR Elite Shooter - Stay calm and be well equipped -Claimdaily rewards and win mission trophies - Use powerful weaponstocounter attack terrorists - Offline game, some additionalfunctionsmay need network 【Feedback and ideas】 Elite SWAT is freefor you toplay, but there are in-game goods for you to purchase.Enjoy thisElite SWAT - counter terrorist game! Counter attackterroristshardly and never be afraid! Survive in this counterterrorist game!Or be an elite outpost! If you love our game: EliteSWAT - counterterrorist game, please share with your friends andplay together!Have fun together! If you have any suggestions,please feel free tocontact us via email: [email protected], Or joinour shooting fansclub onFacebook:
Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime War 1.1
Game Identity
Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime WarWelcome totheworld police car driving game. Your duty driver as a policeofficeris to keep the city roads a safe place by chasing down themostwanted criminals and street robbers. They will try to outrunyourpolice car chase by driving at high speed and making sharpturns onthe Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime War is afree 3Dpolice racing games. Action in which you have to chase andsmashsports cars. Be the police duty driver that will save the dayandarrest all lawbreakers.The theme of this game is to chasecityrobbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Yourdutyas a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Showthecriminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grandrobberymission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super hero copandshow the criminals what you have gained in police games. Thewholecity is in fear, robbers are high professionals and theyareexecuting a robbery without any fear of grand chase of police.Youare a undercover police officer who can bring peace back tothegrand city. Use your crazy Highway police car lights and policecarsounds and force the lawbreakers to stop by smashing roadsintotheir cars. Racing against Street racer will make you feel theheatof a real hero cop car driver that want to perform his duty asbestas he can. You are free to explore the city in search of badguysto track down and eliminate.Become a policeman, hop into thecarand chase criminals with great firepower!Get ready to playpolicecar chase game for future police agent cops shooting insurvivalcommando police game having qualities of hot policepursuits.Haywood police have survival superhero mission of drivingchasepolice for police pursuits cars. Be the real police hero bypolicechasing games in police racing car pursuit with back supportofhelicopter chase on above target criminal. Drive fast as muchasyou want police car chaser with full protocol entry. Flyingwheelpolice will also help you in airline police mode by copsandrobbers fight and chase real cop chase game. Police escapefromchor police chase is not easy. You have to go away from carescapeby driving police car simulator 2018. Miami mafia are presentinyour city and creating trouble for war crime chase. Catchmafiagangster in your area and also drug dealer by teasinginnocence.Crime lords and drug lords are spreading everywhere butyou have tobe confident and ready for notorious crime chase in thispolicethief chase. Enjoy police car parking and also catch thethief withcriminal police car race. Not even single criminal willrun frompolice car patrolling in city of police cars with circuscarracing. Drive through breathtaking environments and obstaclestoescape from police cars. Complete gangster escape missionsfrompolice car chase before they caught you again. Like anotoriouscriminal, escape from police car racer by safe driving incops androbbers sim. Tackle 4 motor vehicles to take over a bigcity andoutrun the cops in police moto game. Driving auto cars,evadingcops after the bank robbery, racing through destructiveobstaclesand dangerous roads! Have enough guts to raise the top ofcriminalpiles in crazy police sports car escape plan game? Takecontrol ofthe revved-up engine and fire up the nitro boost to racein theunderworld mafia driving game. Drive fast to get prisonescapedfrom police car chase and ultimately become real mobster ofsincity. Be an international criminal speeding away from crimepatrolsquad in the latest car escape game.Miami Police Highway CarChaseCity Hot Crime War Features:🚓 Huge selection of policevehicles🚓Real sound effects of police car siren.🚓 Chanllage missionofpolice car game.🚓 Extreme highway pursuit stunt car driving🚓Driveon the streets of the city while chasing thieves🚓 Real copsvsthieves challenge.🚓 Realistic car driving and chasing simulator
Police Car Gangster Chase - Vegas Crime Escape Sim 1.3
Get ready for new Vegas Criminal mafia escape mission vs Policecarchase in the Vegas city. Police car game is very dangerous offroadcar metropolis and jeep driving. You will can enjoy alldriving.Your duty do not end just capturing that gangsters mafiarather youhave to transfer them to police station. This is not aneasy job toperform and you have to play with multiple dangers whileperformingthese duties. But, as a good police commandos officer youhave todo this with extreme care and responsibility. You are mainsourceof SWAT police force to solve this criminal case. You have todrivepolice car and race through narrow streets of city while thiswildcrime chase car against the gods gangsters mafia. This is ablendof police crime games and police truck games. You can takethis asa police vs car thief mafia car simulator game. You have tohit andsmash criminals’ car with your police car games andtruck.Experience the best collective package of police chase gamesthethief and in car racing cop chase simulator games with anamazingcar driving simulator on highway-Getaway chase.While racingwithcriminals you have to very careful and try not to collideandwreckage with other hurdles and buildings. This will decreaseyourlife. In this beautiful grand city robbery environment you canearnmoney from successful Police chase and from that amount youcanunlock other racing car pursuit and trucks. The car drivingissuper realistic, Police cars have a great sense of weightandmomentum on them makes do drifts in this SWAT police cardriftingsimulator 3D game 2018. It contains many helpful guides andtips& tricks for this amazing Vegas Gangster Mafia Sim.Thissimulator is full of exciting levels. Its Simple user interfaceandeasy navigation of this Gangster Vegas guide make youexperiencethe smoothest game play without any difficulties on eachstages ormissions. Help president limo rescue in severalmissions.Enjoyeverything Vegas has to offer, from shooting up rivalgangs andstealing cars to race down the strip, bank robberymaster,helicopter shooting, Police chase games, Real us Policegame,Robber Chase, to pushing your luck at the casino andcustomizingyour threads. You can even take off into the sky as youexploreevery inch of this criminal paradise. A great variety ofammunitionand weapons! gangster Gods mafia Car theft! Start playinganultimate action packed criminal game in a criminal mode likeamafia hero. Us Police Chase, shoot and kill your enemies tobecomean underworld don. Go back into the lifestyle of a realpolice bikegangster chase to bring back the terror.Key Features ofPolice CarGangster Chase - Vegas Crime Escape simulator 2018:•Amazing Vegascriminal car driving chase city story.• Realisticenvironment ofthe Vegas mafia city game.• Smooth and easy control.•Latest modelsof Us Police game and Police Jeep.
Police Car Gangster Escape Sim 1.0.4
Let’s get ready to chase down the gangsters in your city. PoliceCarGangster Escape Sim is a thrilling police car racing andactiongame. In this action packed game you have to be a cop whoischasing and killing mafia members in a big city. Your duty istokeep city safe from all kind of criminals. For this purpose,youhave been given high speed police cars. Group of gangstershaveentered in the town and playing havoc with lives and belongingsofinnocent citizens. You have to chase down all of them and trytocontrol crime level. In this lawlessness anddeterioratedconditions, you have been appointed as police agent inthe area.It’s a great opportunity for you to become a realchampion, bykilling all those gangsters and criminals. This sim 3Dis a comboof action and racing. First you have to drive a policecar, reachat a specific location and have encounter with criminals.Shootthem all as a sniper. You also have to transfer prisoners fromonelocation to other. As a police officer this is a test for you.Youhave to show your shooting skills and survive at any cost. Keepinmind that you are doing a splendid job, and you have tofulfillyour duty at any cost. This is an amazing Police cargangsterescape sim game, please download this free game and feellike areal police man. Key Features: • Big vice city environment •Racingand chasing scenes • FPS Sniper shooting • HD graphicsandrealistic sounds • Variety of police cars with smoothcontrolsEnjoy this action packed game and give us your valuablefeedback [email protected]
Stealth Agent Gangster Mission 1.0.1
Are you ready for unlimited adventures to play like a topsecretagent of US secret service in this mafia gangster shootoutmissiongame, taking responsibility to arrest Vegas city museumrobberycriminals? The main objective is to locate the crime scenein carand shootout all jail escaped prisoners who trying tostealprecious and ancient treasures. Drive like professional TAXIdriverbut act like a swat police force secret agent to chasetheprisoners & arrest them within time limit. The criminals areinmuseum and you need to chase or shoot down them to rescuemuseumhostages. Are you ready to join the US secret service? Gamewillgive you some missions to see if you are good enough to takepartof crime vendetta. Proving you the most customized vintageclassiccar. The criminals are out there in the museum. Your duty istolockdown against downtown mafia gods while they will trytocriminal escape and stealth but you have to arrest them orkillthem all to release hostages. An exciting gameplay, shootcriminalsand rescue hostages. A lot of tasks on your way whilechasing thegangster squad. Beware!! It’s a public place, robberswill try toescape from museum building hiding themselves behind thehumanshields but you have to make sure you don’t hit anycitizen.Becomethe real army secret agent and chase the gangsters.All themissions contains stunning and challenging game-play filledwithextreme city car driving like chasing, drifting &ultimatestunts adventure. We are sure you will enjoy this cool andrealsecret agent mafia arrest action 3D game. Enjoy the bestPolicesecret agent mafia gods escape mission game that includesspeeddriving, parking, drifting, and chasing the Vegas cityrobbers.Secret agent is now all set to drive & arrest therobbers. Soyou are going be a real SWAT secret agent in thisamazing shooting,parking simulator & action game.First time inVegas citytraffic you are driving classic car and chasing thecriminal gangs.Enjoy super car drive as fast as you like, but drivecarefully toavoid hitting downtown city traffic and road sides.Complete thegangsters hard time criminal escape mission objectivesagainstmuseum robbers to unlock the next levels. Police officertaskincluding driving, chasing & heavy assault gun shooting,eachlevel of game will give you the different mission of drivingandshooting. Different tactics to complete the tasks or unlockthenext missions. Driving & shooting game play is veryaddictive.You have to chase & museum robbery gangsters, withassaultrifle & sniper guns. Just drive your public transportercarthrough the downtown city traffic and reach the crime scenetorescue museum hostages & ancient treasures. StealthAgentGangster Mission Game Features: • Secret Agent City CarDriving& assault shooting against mafia criminals• Highlychallengingstealth games mission for real secret agent spy• Realtime stealthand sniper shooting game play• Extreme car DrivingStunts withsniper shooting challenges• A Complete US CityEnvironment toExplore• Chase and Arrest Museum Robbery Criminals tokill &Lockup into the Jail• Driving Fun with secret agentstealth missionDuty Adventures• Multiple Camera Modes to EnhanceGameplayExperience So what are you waiting for? Download the“Stealth AgentGangster Mission” 3D Action Game and enjoy theexperience of realsecret service agent adventures stealth &assault shootingmissions.
City of Crime Police shoot out 1.1
THE CITY IS ON THE VERGE OF A CRIMINAL TURNING POINT, THESTREETSARE BEING PLAGUED WITH VIOLENCEThis is a true to lifepolicesimulator game that asks you to make the time not tochasecriminals but to take them out. While you are on your policedutyyou need to equip your cop police officer with all kind ofweapons.Having the right tools for the job by purchasing newweapons in thestore makes missions easier. Keep a vigilant eye outfor thesuspicious activity, gangsters will try everything to takeyou outas well.BE A REAL POLICE ENFORCER IN A TRUE POLICE GAME Workyourway through the massive amount of missions in this newestactioncrime packed game. As you are earning money during your copduty,you are able to buy the best weapons available. Be theprotectorthat this city needs, make sure the criminal threat doesnot outrunyou. Go beyond the call of duty and protect the innocenceon thestreet. EXPECT TROUBLE AROUND EVERY CONNERWith a board amountoflevels in this police simulator game campaign you can expectallkind of troubles. Making this the ultimate crime fightingchallengeon mobile. Can you catch the perps, and put a stop totheir reignof terror. We wish you all the best rookie, as you willgo head onwith the most meanest criminals you ever saw.- Careermode with alarge amount of levels- Patrol, explore and fightagainstgangsters- A cool and realistic emergency simulationgame-Excellent graphics and animations- Lots of dramaticemergencies-Can be hard to get to grips with at firstIf you're afan of policegames and shows you will for sure like this newestpolice game fromvascogames.Facebook - -
Police Truck Gangster Chase 1.0.6
Zing Mine Games Craft brings a new adventure in your life as acop,Police Truck Gangster Chase will give you a chance to performyourduties as a police squad member. Some criminals have escapedfromthe jail and you have to bring them back. This is a completejailbreak mission which you have to foil by performing your duties.Youhave to chase them in your police car and can shoot if thiscasehappens. This is a complete gang of thief and criminals and tosavecity from their wrath, you have to eradicate them as a goodpoliceofficer. You have modern GPRS system in your car from whereyou cantrace them easily. You have to hit their car multiple timesto getit exploded. You will can enjoy all driving, action andsimulationin this one game. Your duty do not end just capturingthatgangsters rather you have to transfer them to police stationinyour custody. This is not an easy job to perform and you havetoplay with multiple dangers while performing these duties. But, asagood police officer you have to do this with extreme careandresponsibility. You are main source of police to solvethiscriminal case. You have to race through narrow streets ofcitywhile this wild crime chase. This is a blend of police crimegamesand police truck games. You can take this as a police vsthiefgame. You have to hit and smash criminals’ car with yourtruck.Experience the best collective package of police car gamesand incar racing games with an amazing car driving simulator.Whileracing with criminals you have to very careful and try nottocollide with other hurdles and buildings. This will decreaseyourlife. In this beautiful city environment you can earn moneyfromsuccessful chase and from that amount you can unlock other carsandtrucks. The driving is super realistic, cars have a great senseofweight and momentum on them makes do drifts in this policecardrifting 3D game. So, what you are waiting for? Download thisfreegame in your smart phones and start playing this actionpackedsimulation game. Key Features: • Thrill of driving, chasingandarresting the criminals • Multiple police cars and trucks •Smoothvehicle controls • Realistic police siren sounds and HDgraphics •Realistic city traffic physics and car damage system •10challenging levels Enjoy this amazing racing and parking gameandgive us your valuable feedback at [email protected] .
Miami Police Crime Simulator 1.6
Miami Police Crime Simulator brings you the story of Miamicrime& police shooting in Miami gangster city for the fans oftheMiami crime games. Get ready to fight the real gangster intheMiami city of crime police games. Gangster crime simulator hasitsown set of challenges & police missions in the madgangstercity unseen in police crime games. Combination of Miamicrime incrime city games & action scenes from Miami city gamesadd thisMiami police simulator into the finest of Miami shootinggames. Nocriminal story is complete without crime police chase socrime citysimulator you will find all the interesting elements ofpoliceshooting games from duty cops, police car driving, criminalchase& police vs gangster missions from best crime games. It’stimeto catch the Gangstar of the underworld and put an end tothereigns of Miami crime lord. Enjoy the police chase to put an endtoMaimi crime in gangstar town by busting the criminals. Beingthepoliceman of the city you are assigned a top secret missiontocapture and imprison the real gangsters in this crimesimulator,all these interesting feature adds the flavor of Miamigangstergames to it. An ultimate gaming experiences to enjoyfeatures ofsome Miami crime games & to hunt for Real gangsteras city copin mad gangster city. Become a gangstar in Miamisimulator to takethe gangster revenge. Embark on an extremethrilling adventureabout police shooting car games in a gangstercity to lead themafia of gangster crime games. Crime policesimulator is anultimate fun experience to cater the lovers of verybest crimepolice games & Miami shooting in deadly crime citygames is theessence of Miami Police Crime Simulator which add thisinto thecategory of best gangster games. Enjoy the Miami crime andpolicechase real gangster of this Miami criminal game. Therealisticphysics & smooth controls for guns are far better thananyother police shooting games. Interesting animations andcityenvironment to control Maimi crime as a police cop withcomplexshooting action and criminal planning mission in crimesimulatorwill make you forget about other Miami gangster games.Miami PoliceCrime Simulator offers a complete fun package of manyMiami crimegames, with all the thrill of criminal driving in Miamicity ingangster crime games in order to take revenge from thegangstar andeliminate the real gansta crime. Have fun with policecar chase andpolice shooting at crime city simulator. Be the Copthat fightsagainst maimi crime to indulge yourself in Miamishooting. Downloadnow! Features:Interesting animation from policecrime gamesHighlydetailed models of police cars much better thanbest crimegamesIntense shooting missionsInstant Kill Strikes fromcrimesimulatorCollect guns and ammunitionPolice vsgangsterjobsRealistic sound effects & graphics
Counter Terrorist Swat City Fire 1.0
Counter Terrorist Swat City FireBe ready as swat police forcounteragainst strike shooter of enemies in citySwat policeshooter, youare facing terrorist having Gatling guns and otherdeadly weapons.counter terrorist and stop their rapid fire attackin the city andtry to be stealth from the enemies using your sniper3d skills andour military forces are using assault weapons and gunsto fire andengage the enemies where as you hiding to spot then mostactive ofthem . Use airships and cannon shooter as your heavy valuetargetand complete all the shooting action missions. This is therealfury game with real shooter king and fire shooting experience.Getthe medal of counter terrorist agent by using your brave movesinthe battle as battlefield is as much deadly as one canimagine.Enemies are using all sort of heavy weapons like bazookaandmachine guns. This is the worst battlefield after WW2 and youforthe survival of our people, you have to become as rise as herosothat you will be remembered as a legend in the history. Fightinbattle with a real legacy and fight like a mighty hero. It's notacall for performing your duty but it's a call of dead.completeyour assault fury missions. counter against the terroristin thecombat. be a hero of shooting.Counter Terrorist Swat CityFire isabout a hero who is assisting his squad as a stealth killer.andperform all of his duty more than his duty. => progressthelevel in 3 regions of desert , mountain and city gunner modewith areal story based game=> actual war battlefield=>SNIPER=>NON STOP ACTION=> BEST ACTION GAME=> THE BESTGAME=> SHOOTAND KILL=> SHOOTING GAMES FOR FREE=> HARDLINEBATTLEFIELDACTION=> top controls like a shooting pro=>PERMAINAN SNIPER
Police Bike - Criminal Arrest 1.0.3
Join special police squad and enjoy adventures police bikegangsterchase missions to secure town from street criminals. Let’sMove& arrest the most wanted criminals with crime controlpolicesquad. Drive police bike to chase down criminals andarrestgangster vehicles. The city criminals, gangsters and robbersspreadall over the city hideouts. This ends now as you ride superspeedpolice motor-bike to finish crimes in sin city. Showprofessionalmotorcycle riding skills to complete gangster chasemissions. Livelife as an honest police officer and stop crimes ofunderworldmafia gang.Enjoy endless action to arrest criminals,robbers andjailbreak prisoners in police bike criminal arrest 3Dgame. Arrestall city criminals who escaped from jail and involve incriminalactivities. Robbers are trying to get away from crimescene.Criminals are driving fast on city highway but your duty istochase & arrest them before escape. Now it's up to you, howfastand quickly you get them back to jail lockup. Drive anamazing,super charged, police bikes. You are the police it’s yourduty tostop the robbers.Police Motorbike riding is an excitingcitysheriff heavy bike driving simulator game. You can drive thepolicemotor-bike in heavy traffic to perform exciting, amazing rideandmaintain furious speeds like nitro boosts. Your job as atrafficpolice officer is to chase & arrest the city gangstersto bethe best police motorbike driver. Arrest criminals behind barsanddon’t let prisoner escape from jail. Your duty is to controlcrimein the crime city. Drive fast to chase the prisoner, criminalsandgangsters crew and save yourself from their counterstrikingattacks. You are the city traffic police of a city, it’sinclude inyour duty now to watch out prison escape by criminalcells. Playthis motorcycle racing & criminal chasing game anddo not letany prisoner escape. Use police traffic bike rush skillsto ridesuper-fast motorbikes after prisoners escaping fromprison.Playthis extreme police bike vs. gangster chase game and donot let anycriminal escape from the city border. This cop bikechase isultimate action packed game where your duty is to chasegrand cityrobber’s theft & do not let them violate city laws inthispolice auto super rider bike driving simulator game. Keepfollowingthe direction arrows and remember not to lose them fromyour sight.They must try to escape away when sited you so be quickto chase orarrest them. Don’t let the city turn into a crimecity.Police Bike- Criminal Arrest Game Features:• Police BikeGangster Car ChasingMissions• Police Sargent Heavy Bikes Driving& Drifting• Find,Identify and Chase city criminals• ExtremeThrilling andChallenging Missions• Interesting Game Play in AmazingCityEnvironment• Smooth and Intuitive Controls of Police HeavyBike•Police Siren, Lights & Multiple Camera Views• Stunning&High Quality 3d Graphics with Amazing SoundsDownload PoliceBike -Criminal Arrest to play real cop sergeant motorcyclegameplay.Chase criminals, arrest gangsters and stop thugs torestore citypeace.
Police Encounter : Crime City Police Crackdown 1.6.3
Police Encounter: Crime CityHave you ever dreamed of becoming acop?To be a hero? Do you love police games? and want to open acriminalcase? Do like police chasing down city criminals andstreetsgangsters? Do you like police car chase games & cop’sgames andcops driving in the criminal’s streets. Have you everwished to be alaw enforcement officer to encounter the crazycriminals andgangsters on the spot without going to criminal caseand FIR? Do youwant to catch the most wanted criminals and streetsrobbers andbring theme behind the rods of the prison? If youranswer is yesthen download Police Encounter and start the actionin which youshould catch the thieves, robbers, gangsters andcriminals. Be thepolice intervention duty driver to chase andarrest all the lawbreakers, Underworld gangsters conductingillegal business ofdrugs.Perform your duty for the glory andrespect to be your nationhero to encounter the underworld mafia onthe spot red handed. Sendthe grand gangster and criminals behindthe rods.It’s now the timeto law come and clean up the city!Showthe gangsters, bandits, mafiamembers and other outlaws thepunishing hand.Use your Cops skill tofind the best cars andweapons, different ammunition and advancedmilitary technique.Everything is at your command! Your only task isto eliminate thecrime and make the city safe for ordinarycitizen.Grab the chanceto be a city cop in police car gangsterescape & chasecriminals.Kill Down the godfathers like PabloEscober in ColumbusState, the biggest drug dealer in the world. Youneed to be policecop and vigilante at the same time to free frenchquarter fromdrugs, illegal weapons, smugglers, grand gangsters andmafiagodfather. Arrest the mafia and gangster and get them inprison intheir criminal case.Keep in mind that you are doing asplendid job,and you have to fulfill your duty at any cost..Rootthe bad seedsout with an iron fist loyal only to the law. Miamicity crime is athis peak so get the smugglers and mafia down atMiami city .Play AsMan's Best Friend On A Mission scrimmage To HelpRid The City OfCrime!Whether your sniper rifle to kill criminals,contact yournearest you use your binoculars if you wish.Remember,apart fromyour job to catch notorious criminals, criminals followthe path ofthe police car and then descend on your exact policecar, pull yourweapon and kill criminals. prisoner transport vehicleused totransfer the prisoners from one prison to another. Be awarethejail criminals they are so dangerous and they can kill you atonceyou get alone to them always keep the deadly weapon. Use thepoliceBus to get the prisoners save from attacks. Car chase modeisawesome Police Encounter: Crime City game featuresEarn cashandpoints during police pursuitsShow your driving skills and don’tgetshaking offBuild up your own car collection of unique and rarecopcars in this extreme This exciting and dynamic game is suretobring you hours of funPolice chase car racing action with oneofthe best racing physics Walk around the streets and clean upthecity from Mafia and gang lords.Play at Miami Beach &Chicagocity Environment for real funDeadly Weapons toHuntGangstarRealistic police radio conversations and many featuresthatwill amazed you.Open World & tribunal EnvironmentHurryupdownload now for free , be a cop and get a chance to clean upthecity from criminals and Mafia's with deadly weapons. As a copyourprior duty is to Root the bad seeds out with an iron fistloyalonly to the law.
Vegas Theft & Escape 1.3
Play this newest Vegas Theft & escape game withthrillingadventures and enjoy exciting gangsters missions.Professionalrobbers have planned a new theft. Police cars arrivedat therobbery crime scene to capture criminals. Prepare for grandclashof cops and robbers in wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifleandkill all officers of the police to escape. Gangsters grouphasplanned a grand bank theft to steal cash, gold and diamonds.Playas a robbers against bank guards to execute city grand banktheft& museum theft. Be the skilled robber and get outfromdangerous crime scene. Drive crazy, smash and hit the policecars.Grab your gun, shoot at them and keep running to escape.Enterbuilding and hack the security system & fill money bagswithcash, gold & diamonds. Exhibit skills of professionalcriminalsand take advantage of the hostile situation. Vegas Mafiakinggangsters are back in urban town with their underground forceandthey are doing heist & crime in the main city full ofpeople.Become ruthless Vegas Mafia and make yourself ready for gangwar ofgangster and robbers in wildest crime chase. Plan your escapewithyour crime squad and shoot all Vegas gangster in city of crime.Youhave spend a hard time in prison now it's time to takerevenge.Steal cars from streets and do your theft mission. Be acriminaland don't let the crime stoppers and armed forces catchyou. Don'tgo near the police drivers and vehicles or they will pullover andarrest you for shooting and killing people. Park yourvehicle farfrom cops car. Become toughest mobster in Vegas theft& escape3D simulator game. Kill your rivals and city police torebuild yourterror on citizens. Use treachery and exploitation,start earningreputation as crime boss of underworld mafia. Capturerivalterritory, rule the hood and expand your crime squad. Stealcarsfrom streets, drive to museum and steal unique and expensiveitems.Put your fear in the hearts of dangerous mobsters and cops intown.Shoot & Kill Police in auto theft missions play Vegastheft& escape and build up your own lawbreaker empire. Surviveas areal hero in extreme city open environment, avoid police carchaseand take over control of urban town turf as mafia king.Escapecrime scene before more police car reach to take you down.Can youescape as soon as possible in this newest violence and fullofaction crime simulator 2017. Just load your gun and let therealgang war begin. Enjoy thug life by extreme rob, shoot andescape.Manage gangster escape from police before they kill you.Rushtowards store exit rapidly, shoot guards and become a realVegasgangster. Take vendetta from crime city police squad and killcopsin combat shooting mafia war. Features Of Vegas Theft &Escape:Action based gangsters missions to become Mafia King Amazingcityenvironment with realistic ghetto lifestyle Smooth andintuitivecontrols Epic & High Quality 3D Graphics Outstandingreal lifeweapons and gangster cars. Realistic open world cityenvironment.Real life sound effects Engaging game play
SWAT Anti Terror 1.0
andy bush
The most interesting first-person perspective of the FPS game,thegame has a variety of weapons and equipment waiting foryourchoice, such as: AK47, P90, M4A1, etc .; into the game wewillassume an important task to obtain a certain amount of goldcoins.By eliminating the number of enemies, gold coins can bepurchasedin the mall more advanced weapons, including offensiveanddefensive weapons, improve combat effectiveness. Complete thetaskmore, the difficulty of the level will increase, you cancontinueto challenge their own limits.SWAT Anti Terror is game hasarealistic battle scenes, 3D perfect scenes, including simpleandsmooth operation of the game, the game has a rich fightingposture,will let you have a more realistic and thorough feeling,what areyou waiting for? Let us quickly join the battlefield, fightit!-the best fps (first person shooter)- Real 3d shootingbattlefieldenvironment- radar vision to locate the enemy'sposition- Challengetasks increase with difficulty- Very highquality attractive sound-Effective weapon control and smoothmovement- easy to shoot theenemy
Police Motorbike : Rider Crime Patrol Robber Chase 1.0
Police Motorbike : Rider Crime Patrol Robber Chase is the bestcitydriving game as the user will ride the motorbike in thecitystreets and roads of this huge metropolis city. The user willhaveto perform multiple mission as the user will chase theescapeeprisoner. The police motorbike can get into narrow streets,androads to chase that escapee. Chase criminal Prado and sports carathigh speed and maneuver through city traffic in rush hour. Theuserneeds to pull over the cars by gaining high speed as the userwillget ahead of that criminal. The game features mostrealisticcontrols for the motorbike in the roads of the city. Theuser canapply gyroscopic technique and hydraulic controls, whilechasingthe criminals to stay ahead of them. The city is full ofcriminalsand thief’s as the user needs to control the law andordersituation of the city, eliminate mafia gangs and control themobfights. Arrest anyone who tries to destroy the city, the gamehasvarious missions as the user will be able to unlock multiplelevelsin the game.Drive armored police bike to attack prisonbreakoutgangs with Bullitt and destroy gangster cars. Recruit inNYPDsurvivor’s crew and do valiant cop duty to end mayhem and chaosinmotorbike simulator game. Experience real motorbike drivinglikenever before, with realistic physics, you get to drivemotorbikethe way their meant to be. Get ready to hop on to someseriouspolice motorbikes as you blaze through city streets and jumpoffhuge stunt ramps! Get all the thrills and action righthere,explore all the huge open world all for free. See the busycitylife and drive past traffic filled with police cars, taxi cabs,icecream trucks, ambulances and more. Go really fast with the helpofnitro so the bike can accelerate to extreme speeds and zoomthroughthe city streets and perform amazing stunts on hugstuntramps.Following are the features of the game:👮 High Definition(HD)display.👮 Physics engine for more realistic ride.👮 Realisticopenworld environment graphics.👮 Sensitive tilt controlswithintegrated tilt sensor.👮 Police bike chase and cop smashmode.👮Complete urban environment.👮 Bike racing Sound effects(SFX).👮World famous Low rider and hot wheels.👮 Real race Visualeffects(VFX).👮 Specialized Robber chase missions.👮 Shader andLEDlighting.👮 Illegal racing encounter missions.👮 Attractivehomescreen and menu screen.👮 Three controls schemes.👮 Free forallgame.👮 No internet or Wi-Fi required.
Counter Sniper Shoot: SWAT Team Fps Operation 1.0
Counter Sniper Shoot is a free 3D military army action game fullofgun shooting and explosive missions. Enter full of actionandthrilling shooting action FPS game of 2017. Get ready to feelthemodern action fps shooting adventure of 2017 by completing allthechallenging missions specially designed for modern action.Completeall army training tasks and achieve the highest rank ofgorillacommando skills in this guerilla warfare game. Soldier!!Your armytraining will be over in first mission and you will becomea partof US Army commando squad. Now this is real battle you aregoing toexperience some real war. Get your guns out and ready tofight foryour country. Shoot, throw grenades & perform yourduty like abest army military hero in this thrilling action packedgame.Inthis game you are an army military soldier commando wholovesshooting & is known as the finest army sniper shooter. Youarea trained Special Forces agent, your job is to eliminatethesuspects by a counter terrorist strike right now. This iscounterterrorist open war with best special operations forces whichareready to step in the modern arena battle. This country doesnotneed any super hero with amazing super powers because thiscountryhas army soldiers like you. Eliminate all the terroristsandgangsters from the country and enjoy the best FPS shootinggame.There are many deadly criminals in this commando shoot strike,soyou have to be careful and fully use the army check posts,troopsbarracks and health bonuses. Dangerous killing spree are alsoinsome missions beware of them and kill them by planingbeststrategy. Your task is to fight against terrorists indifferentenvironments like desert, town & city with modernweapons ofall quality. They wanton looting, sabotage, kidnappingordinarypeople is happening every other day. Town People's livesare indanger. SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, thisis themoment of your bravery. Join the counter sniper team in thisarmygunner shoot war 3d and kill global terrorists in moderncombatarena. You must use all of your specialized skills to survivetheonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Itis time to load out your firearms. Let the bullets fly now!FromtheM16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access To a varietyoflight and heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenade too! Sokillall the peace destroyers.★★Counter Sniper Shoot: SWAT TeamFpsOperation Features★★★ Action packed challenging missions★Realisticaction packed battle field with swimming, jumping,stealth, rollingand more ★ Escape Gun Shot & Dodge Enemy AirStrike★ Thrill ofPlaying the Role of a War Survivor★ Battle againstworld’s bestmilitary forces
Counter Terrorist Strike 2017 1.02
Game Mobbi
Modern Counter Terrorist SWAT Shooting Games Fans, WelcometoCounter Terrorist SWAT Strike, SWAT action game. World isfacingterrorist attacks and a special operation unit has beenformed tocounter terrorist operation. You are a playing thiscounterterrorist shooting game as a SWAT Special Forces agent, yourjobShoot terrorist by counter terrorist strike along with bottocounter attack terrorist during anti-terrorist operation. It isaCounter Terrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shooting gameinwhich a commando fps shoot terrorists, A 3D counterterroristshooting simulation game. The game is about counterterroristmissions, counter strike on enemies to destroy enemies andkill allterrorist through counter attack with rapid shootingmachine guns,hand grenades and other weapons.As a SWAT commando,counterterrorist shooter with a soldier support in combat actionagainstterrorist during the anti-terrorist operation, your job iskillterrorists, and shoot all the terrorist to deathbrutally.Terrorist has occupied some high strategic Place, and theyareplanning terrorist attacks, you are assigned on aspecialanti-terrorist mission by by SWAT Counter Terrorist unit.Now it’stime to put a counter attack on the terrorist and shootallterrorists to death.Terrorists are in a banker, enter intobankerand start shooting, head shoot all the terrorists now.usersniperrifles, head shots terrorist, throw hand grenades , do itquicklythere is short time to do the job, be a super hero and fightdeadlyshooters. This is the best counter terrorist sniper shootinggamesin 3d for mobile shooting games. You are a secret agentkillenemies by counter attack .do a gunship strike on theterrorists,you mission is to shoot and terrorist take down,terrorist willattack back to you, do a deadly anti-terroristcounter attack onthe terrorists and take down all. Counter strikethe dead terroristand fight hard as a solider of army forcesfighting with terroristattacks on the border games and counterterrorist games. This gameis so addictive , you will be hooked upin this war game. KillTerrorist let them scream. Hit them with gunbullets like hitman.Take perfect sniper shots.Terrorist work likecontract killers.takeaction, kill shot bravo shooting man. Killshot firing combataction and war against terrorism guild war.AimBrilliant ,takeaction like hero, Fire Furious way, you are ananti-terroristcommando, do panic attack on terrorists,head shotterrorist.Counter attack like action hero, do good service to yourpeoples.kill terror beast taking head shots, its modern ware fare,booststrength before action use machine gun , ak-47 Snipershootinggames. in which the soldier fight with the enemy with a gunforsniper shooting games 3d . counter strike terrorist by bulletforcecombat strike forge terrorist & missioni counter-strike.Takeswat cs attack on terrorist counters strikes,cs , Playstrikecounter in csgo mobile an anticipation game. blast it allbysignificant commando counter attack and Shooters.counter-strikefirst person co-op swat counter cta cs ks games withanti terroristgames cs global terrorist action game. counter strikethe terroristand counter-strike with counters strike militairecommandos botsfor hostage rescue. counter sniper team for shootingand fight inreal counter strike.counter strike enemies with botsstrike counterin critical mission to offensive terrorist strike.counter striketerrorists and kill them all.This is the best snipershooting gamesin 3d for shooting players. You are a secret agent,kill enemies bycounter terrorist attack.Game Features:Realistic 3Dsimulation andchallenging missions to accomplishMulti Weapon gameRealisticcombat action Enemies’ destruction with handgrenadesAddictive gameplay and environment. Counter Terrorist SWATStrike is a counterterrorist attack SWAT war shooting game. enjoyand share feedback.
6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase 1.0.5
3Dee Space
Get ready for amazing 6x6 Police Water Surfer GangsterChase,featuring offroad 6x6 truck or astonishing police car inthrillingpolice chase adventure. In this police truck game, youwill begiven an opportunity to become city cop or professionaltruckdriver which has to chase real gangster or dangerous vegasgangsterfrom group of city gangsters from miami crime. In thispolice vsthief game, you will get engaged in police chase orthrilling hotpursuit on water surfer car from thrilling water gamesnear beachwhere you will display water stunts using water surfingskills tomake each gangster chase a success. In 6x6 Police WaterSurferGangster Chase you will perform police car chase duty ashighlytrained police petrol driver on amazing 6x6 pickup truckoradvanced police car along with police monster truckhavingexceptional driving simulator or highly advanced actionsimulatorand capture most wanted vegas mafia deadly gangsters onblue sea,which are running away from beautiful crime city.In this6x6 PoliceWater Surfer Gangster Chase adventure, you will play ascity cop orprofessional police truck driver which is part of crimecity policesquad, and has been assigned police car chase duty onbeautifullydesigned highway near blue sea beach. In this policetruck game,you will drive GPRS based advanced police car orcolorful offroad6x6 truck in highly thrilling hot pursuit tocapture real gangsterrunning away from crime city. Do you likeplaying amazing policecrime games or highly engaging car racinggames, then this gamewill fulfill your requirement. In this policevs thief game, getinvolve in amazing police car chase with highlydangerous vegasgangster from miami crime, while expertly utilizingadvanced actionsimulator or real physics based driving simulator.Get succeed inthis test of chasing of culprit, which will try torun you out inblue sea on water surfer car or latest police carfrom water gamesand will also try to distract you while displayingwater stunts, asexpert water surfer or professional police driver.Expertly useyour water surfing skills to knock him out to makepursuitsuccessful. In this police vs thief game, you will performpolicecar chase duty, on offroad highway with 6x6 pickup truck or4x4monster truck along with amazing police truck, and capturegangsterfrom miami crime as police petrol driver. Prepare yourselfforamazing 6x6 Police Water Surfer Gangster Chase adventure, whereyouwill get engaged amazing hot pursuit or thrilling police chaseascity cop or professional truck driver on offroad 6x6 truckorastonishing police car along with offroad pickup truck tocapturereal gangster or vicious vegas gangster in highly speedygangsterchase. In this police truck game, you will have to expertlyutilizedriving simulator or highly advanced action simulator ofoffroadpickup truck or colorful police truck or amazing policemonstertruck to capture the culprit which will try to run away inblue seausing exceptional water surfing skills on highly advancedwatersurfer car.Features: - Top quality HD graphics &animationsfrom police crime games.- Best sounds & effects frompolice cargames.- Different thrilling levels of police vs thiefgame.- Smoothcontrols for making water stunts movements aroundcrime city fromwater games.- Highly amazing police racing gamebased play mode.
Modern Counter Terrorist Swat Shooter 1.0
Do you love playing FPS shooting games? Welcome to ModernActionCommando Shooter which is action oriented first personshootergame. The city is in terror, as counter terrorist open warwithsquad of swat team to kill the terrorist. In counter gameperformFPS gun fire combat against terrorists with modern guns,snipers,shot guns and AK-47 to finish terrorism. Dare to Be modernactioncommando to prove yourself as the best anti terroristshootingassault. The terror city needs a superhero shooter.Feeltherealistic FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets. Asatrained special forces your combat mission is to eliminatehostileforces with latest military gear in the battlefield. Movethroughthe enemy territory to eliminate terror threats by survivingfullenemy attack. As a elite killer of special training swatyourmilitary duty is to rescue people trapped in the citytown,fightagainst terrorists; The task is very arduous you need tokeep calmwith gun in hand, pull the trigger to shoot andkill.Terrorist hasoccupied the high strategic Place where they areplanning terroristattacks in the sensitive areas of city. SWATCounter Terrorist unithas assigned you a special anti-terroristmission to put a counterattack on the terrorist and shoot allterrorists to death. As aSWAT commando perform the role of counterterrorist shooter with asoldier support in combat action againstterrorist during theanti-terrorist operation to shoot all theterrorist to give themtaste of brutal death. You are a playing thiscounter terroristshooting game as a SWAT Special Forces agent. Inthis counterterrorist strike FPS shooting game destroy enemies andkill allterrorist through counter attack with rapid shootingmachine guns,hand grenades and other weapons. In this war make theterroristscream by killing them with gun bullets like a bravearmysoldier.Game Play for Modern Counter terrorist Swat:🔫 Tap onleftscreen for moving, tap on right screen is for aiming andshooting.🔫Once you aim the target, press shoot button for firingbullets fromyour deadly weapon.🔫 Aim for headshot to kill shoot therivals in.Modern Counter terrorist Swat Features:🔫 Realistic FirstPersonShooting Game experience🔫 Various Deadly assassin sniperweapons,assault rifles, machine guns and modern weapons🔫 Guerrillacombatmissions for swat shoot killer🔫 The shooting sound effects,bringsyou ultimate shooting experience. Shot, headshot,sniping andbombexplosions.
Gangster Crime Police Chase 1.0
Gangster Crime Police Chase:Get escaped before policecopsarrival.The central police department is recruiting policeofficerto catch runaway prisoners and criminals. This is a dreamjob toenforce law and apprehend the criminals in police chasegames. Sodo not waste time, hurry up and wear your police officeruniform ofpolice chasing car games. Your duty is to drive super carin thispolice officer gun game and catch the criminals as you areon mudroad and bumpy chase of trickiest thief game on endlesshighway.The thief is driving illegal and fast highway of cityracing 2018.If you planing to play games on mission impossibletheme ofsuperagent escape block king and grand chase of highwayprado ascop city. Racing for real escape is not good thing but youshouldface law. The game does not include mud bay upon which youmay restor hide your bumpy racing car from the grandchase. youshould bemaster of street drifting and have extreme street drift onmud bay.Swipe car and chase top crimes. The outlaws are verypowerful andhave extreme cars as well in this gangster police chasegame. Theyare going to give you very tough time in this policehelicopterdriving game. Your cop car driving skills are going tohelp you outin every critical situation in this police strike game.All policechasing car games are not same, here you have to do morethan justchase. As a law enforcer, you have to chase and smash carto stopthe outlaw criminal in this gangster police chase game.Thegameplayof this police officer gun game is very interesting. Therealisticstoryline and close to reality missions makes it one ofthe bestpolice operation games. The police car chasing games comewith openworld environment do not get you bored. This cop cardriving gamegives you endless time of fun with open world city.There are twomodes to play this police chasing car race game. Thecareer modegives you a full story with continues mission script.Whereas, thechallenge mode comes with different tasks to test yourskills inpolice chasing car games. The missions of this policehelicopterdriving game are different every time you continue toproceed incareer mode. The difficulty level also rise to advance inthispolice strike game. You need to stay focused on gangster vspolicecar chaser to complete all missions of police chase games. Asyouwill get money on completion every mission and survivor contestinthis cop car driving game. There is a variety of super carstochoose in this gangster police chase game. Each car hasaremarkable reputation in racing police car chasing games.Thecontrols of this police officer gun game are very easy anduserfriendly. The domestic steering wheel with paddles of policechasegames makes it fun to play. Player can choose steering wheelorbuttons to control the car in this police chasing car racegame.There is a timer indicator as you have to complete eachmission ofthis crime action: cops chasing cars game within giventime. Thecamera icon changes the view same as in police operationgames. Theplayer can adjust the camera at a comfortable angle toplay thiscop car driving game. Your grip is the key to success inthispolice chasing car race game. The thieves are expert driversinthis police strike game. Therefore, you need to get used tothecontrollers and every inch of the city. Only then you will beableto make your name in police car chasing games.Best of Luckforpolice post car chase! drive police car action: crimechaseFeatures: Realistic 3D Graphics.Multiple police cars tochoosefrom. Open world environment.Real police chasesimulation.Stunninggraphics and visuals.Extreme pursuitdriving.Smooth and easycontrols.If you have no WIFI, you can playvegas crime chase policecar games, absolutely free.So quicklydownload this interestingcriminal chase police car driving game of2017 offered by HatcomInc. from Google Play Store on your androidsmart phones.
Hill Police vs Gangsters Chase 1.0.5
Hill Police v/s Gangster Chase is a game full of exciting levels.Itis having total ten levels in count. And in order to get intothenext level you have to fulfill the task before specifictimeduration given in every stage. And every stage itself ishavingsome tasks full of thrill. In this game, Bad criminals havetakenover this mountainous region and your duty is to arresttheseentire villains and send them back to the jail. You have todriveyour police car to complete your mission. And after thecompletionof some levels some new police machines will be unlockedfor you tohave a remarkable approach over criminals. Chasingcriminals inthese dangerous hills is not an easy duty. As a policedriver youhave to drive your machine and help in controlling thecrime inthis region. You have to prove yourself a true hill climbracinglegend in this simulation in grand hill stations. Expressyouraction packed hill racing skills and don’t let a single thieftoescape. Best part is that this is absolutely a FREE game.Yourcriminals chasing duty in this game is a bit challenging. Someofyour police mats have locked some gangsters at some spots andyourtask is to reach there in a specific time. Be the fastestdriver inthis hill racing game and earn money on completion of eachlevel.It gives you a realistic police driving experience game. So,catchand smash thieves in this exciting game. This game is acombinationof driving, racing, and parking. You can be the cop herobyperforming your tasks with perfection. This 3D simulation wouldbean excellent thriller for you. Come! Let’s have a fightwithenemies. Let’s start this game. Key Features: • Excellentoffroadenvironment with scenic views • Multiple police cars and 4x4jeeps• Smooth controls with realistic brake system • Multipledrivingcontrol which include arrow and steering • Police siren andsounds• Combo of driving, racing and parking • Realistic carphysics •Thrilling gameplay.
Police Secret Agent Crime Gang 1.0.2
Let’s Jump into the criminal mafia gang war in this policesecretagent and spy escape secret mission. Operate under thePolicespecial squad to complete secret missions in challengingspystealth game. Trained as ghost in public places forstealthoperation to steal information. Shoot criminal mafia guardsandmove under Shadows to strike enemies with deadly revenge.Showgunman aim with silencer weapon, assault shooting rifles andsnipergun.Let’s download Police Secret Agent Crime Gang and livelife ofspy agent breaking enemy hard time security and disarmedplantedbombs or eliminating criminals for city rescue mission.Shootgangster squad, carry out theft missions, assassinatemafiacriminal gods, abandon criminal’s survival escape mission andwinthe world gang war. Sneak away from an attack & escape likeahero to rule the underworld mafia downtown streets. Be preparedtofight & attack your rivals like Russian spy cops agentandspecial army combat squad. Escape, Run, Fight & shoot tostopdifferent criminal activities. Police Secret Agent Crime GangGameFeatures: • Highly challenging police secret agent missions•Run,Shoot, Criminal escape, master stealth mode• 15 Thrillingandchallenging Missions• Real time 1st Person gameplayControls•Stealth escape & Assault Shooting adventure•Eliminateterrorist trying to planting bomb in subway station•Weapons Aim,Shoot and take clear headshots• Amazing 3D City anddowntown streetEnvironment
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D 1.0
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D is thebestpolice driving game as the user will have to performmultiplepolice car driving challenges. Get ready to fight the realgangsterin the Miami city of crime police games. The user will havetoperform various robber chase tasks. Being the policeman of thecityyou are assigned a top secret mission to capture and imprisonthereal gangsters in this crime simulator. The gamefeaturesexclusively designed for newly recruited police officers tolearnamazing driving skills that will help the user to learnthetechniques of driving. Complete levels and different missionstoearn money and purchase new cop cars with exciting upgrades.Apolice driver is not just a simple driver, the cop driver needstobe highly skillful, attentive and gutsy because that policewilllater be chasing criminals in the street. Drive police carsthroughtraffic. Get in your car, chase enemies, earn money and buybettercars. Control your squad car in the streets. In this newestandimproved police car parking game.Criminals and robbers are smartsouser needs to match their level and come up with somethingthatmatches there smartness is the courage and skill. You will notonlybe driving a police car you will also have to chase downsomereally bad criminals. This driving test will help the user tolearnboth of these things. You have to be a great driver and shootatcriminals and destroy their cars. The cones and tracksarespecially arranged for the user to learn various drivingtechniquesthat will eventually be helpful for the user to learnevery trickin the book. Taking the role of the police, you drivearound thecities in a fast racing around the city as you want. Oncethe userwill become a trained driver than user can serve policeforcewhenever force needs him/her. Street racers and criminalsaregetting away with crime so fulfill your duty as a trainedpolicecop driver to chase criminals.Let’s explore some amazingfeaturesof the game :🚔 Realistic Open world city environment.🚔Ultra HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚔 Chase Supersonic fast cars.🚔Accuratephysics in the drive.🚔 Ultra-sensitive controls withsensitivitymeter.🚔 Smooth and easy drive options.🚔 EfficientGame-play withoutany lagging.🚔 High rate of Frames.🚔 Metro citysound effects(SFX).🚔 Specially designed 3D Visual Effects (VFX).🚔Various 3DDynamic Camera angles🚔 Realistic animations and cutscenes.🚔 1stand 3rd Person camera mode.🚔 No internet or NetworkRequired.🚔Super-fast Police cars in world famous tracks.
Police Bike - Gangster Chase 1.0.3
Police bike rider in US Police motorbike police chase gamehasendless action in modern motorcycle police chase game toarrestcity criminals, bank robbers and Alcatraz jail prisoners inmodernpolice bike gangster chase 3D game. Arrest all Alcatrazjailescaped prisoners and now involved in criminal activities inbikesimulator. In modern police bike games Bank robbers are tryingtoget away from city crime scene. Criminals are driving fast butyouas modern US Police hero indulge in police chase game andchasegangster on city roads but your duty is to chase, arrest&shoot them before safe escape. Now it's up to you, howsecretlychase motorcycle and quickly capture them back to jaillockupcustody in US police chase games in city bike driving andbikechase games. Drive an amazing, super charged, policebikes,motorcycle in police chase games. You are NYPD police officerwithmodern motorbike at your disposal. US police motorbike duty istostop the bank robbers. Police Motorbike riding is an excitingcitysheriff heavy bike driving simulator game. You can drive thepolicemotor-bike in heavy traffic to perform exciting, amazing rideandmaintain furious speeds like nitro boosts in US Police chasegame.Your job as a traffic police cop is to secretly chase &arrestthe city gangsters to be the best police motorbike driver.Playthis extreme police bike vs. gangster chase game and do not letanycriminal escape from the town boundary. This cop bike chaseisultimate action packed game where US police cop duty is tochase,arrest & shoot grand city criminals theft & do notlet themviolate city laws in this police auto super rider bikedrivingsimulator game. Be an expert traffic police cop driver ofAmericanpolice motorbike rider and keep following the directionarrows onpolice motorcycle and remember not to lose them fromyoursight.Arrest criminals behind bars and don’t let prisonerescapefrom jail. Your duty is to control crime in the crimecity.American police motorbike rider drive fast to chase theAlcatrazprisoner, criminals and gangsters crew and save yourselffrom theircounter striking attacks. You are the city traffic policeof acity, it’s include in your duty now to watch out prison escapeinpolice bike simulator. Play this police motorcycle racing&criminal chasing game and do not let any prisoner escape.UseAmerican police traffic bike rush skills to ridesuper-fastmotorbikes after city prisoners escaping from prison.Join specialpolice squad and enjoy adventures police bike gangsterchasemissions to secure town from street criminals in Americanpolicebike gangster chase 3d game bike simulator.Let’s Move yourpolicemotorcycle & arrest the most wanted criminals withcrimecontrol police squad. Drive NYPD police bike to chasedowncriminals and arrest gangster vehicles. The citycriminals,gangsters and bank robbers spread all over the cityhideouts movingon police motorcycle This ends now as you ride superspeed policemotor-bike to finish crimes in sin city. Showprofessionalmotorcycle riding skills to complete gangster chasemissions. Livelife as an honest police officer and stop crimes ofunderworldmafia gang.Police Bike - Criminal Arrest Game Features: •PoliceBike Gangster squad Car Chasing Missions• Police SargentHeavy BikeDriving & Drifting• Secretly find, Identify andarrest citycriminals• Extreme Thrilling and Challenging Missions•InterestingGame Play in Amazing City Environment• Smooth andIntuitiveControls of Police Heavy Bike• Police Siren & LightEffectswith Multiple Camera Views• Stunning & High Quality 3dGraphicswith Amazing SoundsDownload Police Bike - Gangster Chase toplay asreal cop’s sergeant motorcycle rider gameplay. Chasecriminals,arrest gangsters squad and stop thugs to restore citypeace.
Police Moto Bike Real Gangster Chase 1.2.0
Prepare yourself for amazing Police Moto Bike Real GangsterChaseadventure featuring city cop criminal chase on real policebike inbeautifully designed crime city. In this police chase game,youwill get engaged in criminal escape missions with realgangstergroup in crazy city traffic which are causing terror invegas city.In Police Moto Bike Real Gangster Chase, you will beinvolved incriminal chase or realistic police bike chase withvarious citygangsters as police bike officer of NYPD city drivingforce onmodern fast police motorbike and police moto bike usedforcontrolling miami crime. Expertly utilize action simulatororrealistic car driving simulator from bike driving simulator gameoncop car from city police and capture gangster squad quickly oncitystreets before they kill innocent people of gangster city. InthisPolice Moto Bike Real Gangster Chase you will be engaged invariouscriminal escape missions where you will have stop realgangstergroup activates in crime city on real police bike. In thispolicechase game, expertly perform various criminal chase or policechasemissions as city cop of NYPD city driving police utilizingcardriving simulator from car driving simulator game oradvancedaction simulator of cop car. Do you like playing extrememoto bikerider games along with thrilling police car chase gamesthen thismotorbike game will fulfill your requirement. In thispolice bikegame, you will take up police patrolling officer driverduty orpolice city cop duty in crazy city traffic of vegas city.Expertlymove on police motorbike in city streets & capturegangstermafia criminals which will try to avoid you by overspeeding andmoving through steep turns and obstacles. In thisracing game, youwill have to intelligently move on police moto biketo prominentlocations of the survival city where gangster mafiacriminals areplanning activities including bank robbery &killing innocentpeople. In this gangsters vs cops driving game,capture allgangster squad members using your city police or procriminal chaseskills & 4x4 jeep driver along 4x4 monster truckdrivingabilities to become best city cop of NYPD. Police Moto BikeRealGangster Chase lets you play as city cop or highlyprofessionalpolice patrolling officer of city police which will beengaged invarious criminal chase or thrilling criminal escapemissions withreal gangster group on real police bike in crazy citytraffic ofcrime city. In this police chase game, expertly drivelatest policemotorbike or advanced equipped police moto bike onstreets of vegascity for controlling miami crime with city drivingskills utilizingaction simulator or realistic car driving simulatorfrom bikedriving simulator game on cop car. So prepare yourselfforthrilling gangsters vs cops driving game full of realisticpolicechase excitement. Features: - Best quality 3D HD graphicsfrompolice games. - High quality sounds & effects from extrememotobike rider games. - Realistic vegas city environment basedlevelsfrom police car chase games. - Smooth controls for movementsaroundthe survival city. - Highly addictive gangster chasing gamesbasedplay mode.
Miami Police Crime Simulator 2 1.3
Miami Police Crime Simulator 2 is another proud addition underthehood of city crime simulator by Crazy Neuron Studios. If youlovethe living the Miami city life of a Miami gangster inpoliceshooting games & enjoy the action missions in the crimecity ofsome Miami gangster games, then this police crime simulatorwillkeep you indulge in the hours of playing Miami police chaseingangster city. The real gangster crime simulator offers auniquegameplay from famous crime police games &extraordinarymissions of Miami shooting from maimi crime city gamesfor itsusers to fully entertain them with police vs crime story.Are youready for all the unique challenges at performing miamicrime inthe mad gangster city from police crime games in thisMiamisimulator? Working with cops & running in the gangstarstreetswhile police car driving with the intense police shootingmissionswill make this Miami police simulator; the part of bestcrimegames. Join the Miami Crime police to chase the criminal todestroythe crime lords at a Miami city. We assure you that the funofcrime city simulator will not be present in any othergangstercrime games.If you enjoy playing crime simulator games toenjoydriving the police car & having fun with Miami shootinggamesto become a cop fighting a real gangster, then Miami PoliceCrimeSimulator 2 will take you to the adventure from best crimegames inorder put an end to the crime empire of mafia lords.Combination ofthe car driving present in all police shooting games& theaction thriller of police car shooting in miami gangstergamesmakes this crime simulator with complex achievement as thefinestof all Miami city games. Miami police simulator delivers theactionfrom crime city games with the thrilling of real gangstermissions& miami crime of police crime games for users whocherish thegangstar life in the maimi crime. What make this policesimulator,one of the best gangster games, are the interesting crimedrivingand instant shooting & highly advanced weapons frompoliceshooting car games. Be the best police cop to eliminatecriminalactivity & Miami crime during the police chase at themafiastreets in top gangster city unseen in crime policegames.Collectweapons from the game play & enjoy easy controlsin thisGangster crime simulator. The HD environment is better thanmanyMiami crime games & enjoy interesting police vsgangstermissions & sharp your Miami shooting skills in maimicrime.Download now to have extreme fun to play Miami PoliceCrimeSimulator 2.Features:Challenging levels not seen crimepolicegamesPolice Cars from gangster crime gamesSuper sounds betterthanMiami simulatorFight real gangster from gangstertownHighlydetailed models of police cars during miami crimeCrimelords in madgangster city
Wanted Thief Escape Police 1.0
Get inside US police modern stunt racing with thief for arrestanddrive fast to escape police. Russian duty police crime adventureinpolice car thief city chase simulation. Play police citychaseadventure drift to beat NY super police stunt driving anddon'tpolice chase wanted robber. Carry out police vs. dangerouscriminalrace and precise dangerous roadway SUV parking. airbornecityperfect asphalt parking and police drag criminal car simulatorandother xtreme police asphalt car chase driving. Keep upflyingfuturistic police car furious driving from border NY policecopchallenge 3d to safe house in police traffic car gangstertourdriving. Miami 3D police gang crime adventure you will be deadorextreme stop crazy criminal car simulator.Welcome to sin cityofmultiplayer furious car hurdles race 2017. This time hugecitycondition has turned police chase group of street racer andpolicesquad dog chase gangster. Subsequent to taking a break incrazypolice illegal criminal race. You successfully got away fromhighsecurity highway police arrest criminal. Time to get revengefromcriminal car furious stunt drifting. police car vs. 4x4criminaljeep and gangster new zone adventure game. Show guts forstupendousGod father mafia group 3D game and NY crime storyadventure race inrural town. Drive police thief city chase cardriving from bankrobbery police chase driving of present day cityroads in the wakeof city police car chase duty 3D and drive citytraffic policechase simulation from ultimate police car robberchase driving.Drive through stunning real police cop city crazydriving and snagsto escape from city crime police car chase 3D.Finish real policecity race robber chase and police vs thief chasechallenge drivemissions from squad car offroad police chase carluxury driverbefore they got you once more police car gangsterchase driving.Like an extreme police car robbery chase 3D andescape from squadcar police hill high stunts driving 3D by safedriving inmulti-story police car race driver and police shoot mafiachasecars. Handle 4 engine vehicles to assume control LAcriminaladventure robbery and mad city revenge of robbers thepolice redzone helicopter attack in luxury thief robbery cardriving andthief crime police car town driver. Driving gangstershopping mallrobbery crime, mafia criminals police bike fight afterbank theft,super criminal crime war plan game through police carcriminalsurvival mission snags and Offroad police bike & carcopsriders! Have contract terrorist police sniper attack to risethehighest police sniper killer crime car shooter of US citytrafficelite criminal hunter in mountain police sniper gang warshootingand escape criminal car busted police chasing while epiccrimebattle police terrorist simulator design change?
SWAT Shooter 1.0
Swat Shooter is a challenging FPS shooter.In the game youwillincarnate the elite commando elite players, in order to fighttheferocious terrorists, you will fulfill the task of the Commandotoyouyour shooting missions, terrorists hidden in every corner oftheworld, you will penetrate one by one in You will be in thedrydesert, in the terrorist control of the subway center andthecruise on the confrontation, you have to at all costs tocompletethe commando to give you the mission, I believe you As themostelite shooter in a deadly commando, you will break down thestrongcounterattack of the terrorists, which is to better proveyour bestshooting skills. I'm sure you will not let theorganizationdown.The most deadly elite striker who will be anunprecedented waragainst terrorists, what are you waiting for, I amsure you are Isready to pick up the weapons in yourhands.Features:* shootingweapons* A variety of assault rifles andsecret weapons for playersto choose* artificial intelligence AI*Three game modes, allowingyou to start at any time rhythm of thehot shooting journey* Googleglobal ranking list* All-roundsimulation of realistic scene modeof war* first-person shootercontrol .* anti-terrorist shootingassault game
Grand Gangster : City Mafia Action Games Simulator 6.0
Games Laft
Grand Gangster : City Mafia Action Games Simulator is the bestopenworld story based crime simulation game as the user gets thechanceto play various mission in the city. Dominate the criminalmafiacartel with intense gun shooting with powerful weaponry atyourdisposal in gangster city crime. User will join variousgangs’bosses and eventually would end up with Mafia gang who arethe lordof crime in the city. In the Las Vegas city which is famousfor thecrime city and the gangsters, thugs, robbers and rivals areroamingfind your target but be careful from other gangsters inthegangster game. Become a blue collar criminal but first do allthenecessary mission to reach to the top. Become a dangerous thuganddo whatever you want in the grand game about gangsters ofMiamicrime. The game features an open world city where user canpickweapons and car from various location and collect missionsfromvarious missions. In this Miami, Gangster starts stealing carsandbe lawlessness crime guy on streets of the grand city. Theuserwill perform missions which user will become various gangfightsand mob fights, there will be multiple turf disputes in whichuserwill get himself involved in.  Unleash your fear andsaveresidents of San Andrea’s & fight and destroy target forthismodern critical survival mission warfare.  The gamefeaturesmultiple high speed cars and motorbikes in this city. Stealany caror motorcycle that you like or snatch it from the citizens,thegame becomes difficult in the shootout missions. Take controlofthe mafia mobster crown, shoot the enemies, strike them hardatnight and take revenge in the name of your brother blood fromtheunderground mafia world. The game follows a storyline astheuser was betrayed by his friends in bank robbery and they lethim,high and dry but now the user is a new city with no friends.Usermakes new friend and strengthen his position so he can takebackrevenge from the friends that betrayed him.Let us exploreamazingfeatures of the game:🔫 Ultra realistic 3D graphics.🔫Innovative 3Dcamera angles.🔫 Smooth controller.🔫 Epic cityenvironment withrealistic infrastructure.🔫 Become the mafia bossand performvarious missions. 🔫 Ultra High Definition display.🔫ChallengingShooting battles against rivals.🔫 Amazing storylineswith cutscenes. 🔫 Detailed Control options.🔫 Multiple advancedweapons.🔫Various animations.🔫 Mad fury shooting in the missions.🔫Guidelinesfor the Drivers to follow the tracks🔫 Various drivingchallenge.🔫Gangster fights and mob fights.🔫 Visual Effects (VFX).🔫Realisticsound effects (SFX).🔫 Specially designed soundtrack.
Counter Terrorist - FPS Shooter
Counter Terrorist is #1 3D first person shooter game ofcounterterrorism. Fight the global terrorism and become theultimatecounter terrorist!Now step into a world full of terrorists,make ablitz attack, secure a location, defuse a bomb or justrescuehostages! Can you keep steady aim under heavy fire and strikeoutterrorists while grenades are exploding all around you? Gundownyour enemies using a variety of heavy weapons. Or switchtobutterfly knife to finish them off. It’s all yourcall!GameFeatures:- Breathtaking 3D graphics and exciting soundeffects-Hundreds of thrilling missions and tons of weapons- Findthe playstyle that suits you best: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper,Support,or Commander
swat sniper 3d 1.3
swat sniper 3d swat sniper 3d is best sniper 3d assassinshootinggames Swat sniper 3d Game features:- - dozens of modernguns andweapons - realistic 3d environments and cool animations -addictivegameplay - best aiming and shooting experience in fpssniper 3dswat shooting Download swat sniper 3d, swat shooting gameright nowto kill terrorists and mafia gangsters. And also leave areview forus.
Police Moto Bike City Bank Robbery Gangster Chase 1.0.3
3Dee Space
Get ready for highly engaging Police Moto Bike City BankRobberyGangster Chase providing exceptional experience of citycopcriminal chase on cop car or real police bike in highlydisturbedcrime city. In this police chase game, get involve inthrillingcriminal escape missions involving numerous crime citychase withreal gangster group in crazy city traffic which areinstigatingpanic in vegas city. In Police Moto Bike City BankRobbery GangsterChase feel the realistic thrill of criminal chasewith bike racingor engaging police bike chase involving capturingof city gangstersrunning away after bank robbery in city bank astraffic cop orpolice bike officer belonging to police force of NYPDcity drivingforce on police car or police moto bike along withpolice patrolcar utilized for monitoring miami crime. Become partof policeforce using police motorbike simulator from bike drivingsimulatorgames or police chase simulator along advanced actionsimulator toimprison bank robbers or gangster squad to rescueinnocent peopleof gangster city. Features: - Highly colorful 3D HDgraphics frompolice games. - Top notch sounds & effects fromextreme motobike rider games - Highly engaging vegas cityenvironment baseddesigned levels from police car chase games -Customized sensitivecontrols for movements around the survivalcity. - Highly engaginggangster chasing games based play mode.
Police Bike Shooting - Gangster Chase Car Shooter 5.0
Games Bow
Are you ready to play extreme police bike shooting car shootergame.This Gangster car shooter is the battle action of gangstervegascrime and one of the best car shooting with excellentgangster carchase experience. Crime mafia is the city and thepolice bikeshooting are ready to shoot gangster and to police bikechase.Realistic 3d gangster car chase bike shooting police bikeshootingare equipped with heavy machine guns to destroy and wingangster carchase and to shoot gangster mafia. Realistic 3d bikeshooting gamewith expert police car shooter and gangster carshooting arena ishere now. Crime mafia and gangster vegas mafiaare roaming here andthere you need be best bike attack riderequipped with heavy gun andpolice car chase the gangster escape inthe police bike shootingarena. Police attack can have fun thepolice bike shooting 3d ingangster chase shooter game theme.Battle is against criminal mafiaand police motorbike should bevery care full while riding racerbike game 3d. Police Bike chasetraining will also be given to thereal police car shooter to chasegangster and to experience bikerace 3d gangster car chase game carshooter operation 3d. Playersmust have played many bike simulatorgames but real excitement ishere of this free police bike shootersimulator with overallgangster car chase game Police bike shooterand super fast car chasegame should always be extreme fast ingangster escape chasing 3dseries. Free 3d Police shooting officerwill have unlimited bulletsfor endless real police car chase realgangster shooting 3d era.Bike attack simulator should be verycompetent enough to chase carshooting bike attack smoothly incrime gangster car chase city. 3dPolice attack should have prioraction game background so he may bepolice car shooter against allgangster vegas and enjoy bikeshooting. 3d police bike attack racerwith prior crime mafia andgangster escape chase experience willmake you the in police bikechase 3d series. Real 3d car shootergame has number of action andbest police car chase missions. Eachlevel with variety of policebike chase mission will amaze thepolice car shooter extremely inbike racer game and Gangster carshooting. Do not forget the battlesis always against gangstermafia and police bike shooting battle isagainst gangster vegascrime in the city Police Bike Shooting -Gangster Chase CarShooter: ✓ Police car shooter 3d game ✓ Car chaseenvironment ✓Real bike shooting with survival battle ✓ Smooth bikeshootingcontrol ✓ Variety of gangster car shooting and best freegame level✓ Real police bike chase sound effects ✓ Realisticphysics ofpolice car chase
Drive Police Car Gangsters Chase Crime 1.0
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Police Car Gangsters Chase CrimeBecome a police car driveraroundthe city, police escape the criminals.You are an elitepoliceofficer who always helps the citizen of the town. Go out androckthe streets in your super elite police race car. Feel the realfunas a police cop in this extreme police car criminals chaseandarrest police game. Arrest the rival race car drivers and takethemas your prisoners. Lead the elite police commando force withfastracingPlay police car gangsters chase crime and become arealpolice cop of this epic police game. Drive any car you havedreamedof as an elite force extreme commando. There are so many ofhighspeed cars from different crazy race car manufacturingcompanies.Dress up in your police uniform suite and burn the tiresof yourpolice patrol race cars. Hit the cop lights on, and let theoutlawshear the police siren. Your swat commando vehicle is thesuperextreme racing car. With a top need for racing speed of 190milesan hour. You would be a jet formula 1 real super cargamedriver.police car chase challenging mission gives you a full3drace car game graphics for the best experience feels likerealstunt police luxury car racing games. Police vs criminal carracemost fun crazy stunt car parking game gives you a very closetoreality police car parking gaming experience. You play the roleofa duty full policeman race car. The highway stunt race driversarebreaking traffic rules and you have to find them to stopfromviolating law. Start some fun with chasing down the fastmovingrival racing vehicles and hit them to pin them off the speedracetrack on the off road race track slowing them down and thenarrestthem. There are different luxury off road trucks and smallroadcars along with suv vehicles in police super car drivingchasesimulator real four wheel drive off road jeeps and extremestreetracing cars on the real vice city streets. Take out thedriedshrimps in this fun extracting off road drive stunt carsgame.Thebrave police chief is patrolling the town streets in hisextremeoff road sports action car and ready to go head to head withanyrival. The law enforcement officers are along with him and theyaregetting ready to raid the hide out of a mafia gang. Become asuperpolice cop and lead the police antiterrorist squad to completethisimpossible mission. Choose your companion vehicle among thediversecollection of different police vans and police land cruiserracingjeeps. When you arrive the crime scene take out all of thearmedterrorist and chase down the running thieves in your superspeedpolice cars in this real mafia chase game.police cargangsterschase crime Features Real speed racing game 3dgraphics.Extremehighway pursuit stunt car driving.Real policechasesimulation.Extreme modern hot pursuit road rage car chase.Offroadextreme uphill racing 3d.It’s totally free to play.So getenjoythis Police Car Gangsters Chase Crime game from Google playstorefor your android devices.Quickly download this interestingpolicecar driver simulator game 2017.
Modern SWAT Combat Multiplayer 1.6
Try Modern SWAT Combat multiplayer in the great battle fpswithoption of playing team vs team or free for all match withfriendsand mate around the world.For Best performance usewirelessrouter.Enjoy !
San Pedro Army Crime Vendetta 1.8
San Pedro Crime City is under fire and you have to clean up thecityagain with all the power you have.Can you stop the criminalswho arehaving the city under their control? In this game you willact as amilitary policeman. In San Pedro Army Crime Vendetta youcan dodifferent kind of missions to lock up the criminals. Play20different kind of Army missions in this amazing armycrimesimulator. End your personal vendetta with the San Pedrogangcriminals. Join the Army and stop the gangster war now! Yourhelpis needed to cleanup this city.Features of San Pedro ArmyCrimeVendetta • 3 different police cars from Russia, Germany andaspecial army one each with different unique features• Improveyourdriving skills to catch the San Pedro crime city gang criminals•Play different Missions like, Catch the criminals by running andanarmy car chase • Play as a Military Policeman in thiscrimesimulator • Cleanup the city in the crime vendetta game •Moremilitary policeman army games and police games will follow soonWehope you will enjoy San Pedro Army Crime Vendetta and offcourseour other military policeman army games and don’t forget tofollowus on Twitter, Google+ or like us on Facebook so we can keepyou upto date with our latest newgames.👉👉👉
Army Counter Strike Gun 1.0.2
Sasu studio
The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strikeonenemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist throughcounterattack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades andotherweapons.As a swat commando, counter terrorist shooter withasoldier support in combat strike action against terroristduringthe anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect thecity, andcounter attack and shoot all the terrorist to deadbrutally.counters strike counter terrorist missions in gocasescounter-strike cases cs and ca operations.Go counter-strikegameand clicker counter strike shooting to eliminate enemy. palycombatstrike game clicker idle clicker fps delta strike casesimulatorcliking counterstrike counter strike attack with skilledcounterstrikers gun war fire games and gun shooting fps game go forbestskins best shooter and best shooter games sniper battleterroristswith modern specialforce bullet force modern strike/swatstrike toshoot ennemy.Features:- Variety of modenr weapons guns-Challenging3d first person shooting gameplay.- Thrilling excitingmissions.-Immersive 3d environment- Multi Weapon game - Realisticcombataction - Enemies’ destruction with hand grenades- Addictivegameplay and environment.
Swat 3.0
AG games
Tome And Scorpion Fire with Water Spray Articulating Or you candothe task , or you can park your car .
Police Traffic Highway Gangster Chase - Car Rider 1.0
Gangsters are increasing day by day in the town and the localpolicehave decided to do something against it. The mayor hasannouncedthat new department will be established in the policejust to catchthese gangsters. This police department will have thelatestammunition as well as the cars. The car drivers have beenchosenfrom the existing police force and these police officershave beentrained to drive fast on the city highway trafficCityHighways arealways full of cars and this is the main reason thatmost of thegangsters successfully escape. The new police force hasbeen trainedto drive in these busy city highways where there isheavy traffic.In Police Traffic Highway Gangster Chase - CarRider, you will actas one of these trained police officers who candrive fast in thehighway traffic.Your objective will be to catchall these gangstersand also make sure there are no more futurecrimes in the city. Youwill have a fast car which you can driveand catch the gangsters.But this won’t be easy, these gangsterscamouflage their cars andnever travel alone. They use identicalvehicles and only one of themusually have the gangster. Make sureyou use your driving skills tothe fullest as the city security isnow on your shoulders.We wishyou a good luck and do not forget tous