Top 48 Games Similar to Commando Sniper Killer Platoon

Mountain Assault Shooting Arena 1.2
Mountain Assault Shooting ArenaReload Your Assault Gun, More Enemy Army Troopers are Coming.Welcome to a brand new shooting game of 2018. The enemy hasswarmedin the jungle and are conducting offensive strikes againstourcountry. The armed forces cannot engage with any fullfledgefrontline pvp battle. Because this could rage war betweentwocountries. But this thing need to be tackled within no time tostopcover strike commando. The enemy has also build up hideouts andareattacking from behind. Now the strategic reply should be givenfromour side by our commando. For this, the high command has hiredacommando to crush the enemy forces. You have to play thecharacterof war strike commando. Your ultimate duty is to retaliatetheenemy attack. The jungle is very dense with a lot of cover, sowarstrike commando needs to be very careful.The gameplay of this game is very thrilling. Players of everyagewill definitely enjoy with dozens of sequenced frontline pvpbattlelevels. The initial missions are very easy as compared tolastones. Because the difficulty level increases as you proceedmoreinside the war strike commando game. You are the only best mantoconduct operation in a jungle swarming with hostile forces.Thereare different weapons in the armory that you can use incoverstrike commando game. But only primary gun is available andyouhave to buy other stuff. The mission tasks are different ineachmission of this covert ops commando game. This will definitelytestyour shooting skills to a whole new level. Furthermore, thegadgetincludes mini radar to show your position on the ground inthiscovert ops commando game. You will also get paid with cashoncompleting each mission. Spend it to buy new weapons, med packsandgrenades to win cover strike commando game. You should bepreparedevery moment, because the enemy is battle hardened andwelltrained.The controls of this frontline pvp battle game are very easy.Evenplayers of every age will enjoy their spare time with fun.Thebutton placement is ideal in this war strike commando game.Youhave one section for movement and other to perform actions.Theaction buttons include fire, reload, change stanceandmiscellaneous to provide ease of playing this commando pvpshootinggame. You can also have a strategic look via radar showingenemypositions. So paly more and enhance your experience incommando pvpshooting games.Best of Luck…! Commando Grand Shooting Mission 2018 Features:Realistic 3D graphicsDifferent weapons availableDozens of missionsReal in-game soundsDifficult tasks with a lot of coverSequenced missionsMed pack, guns and grenadesIf you have no wifi, you can play Commando Extreme Deadly Attack3D,absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting Commando Extreme DeadlyAttack3D game of 2018 offered by Gamers Pulse Inc. available onGooglePlay Store on your android smart phones.
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 0.8.9
Sniper! Enter the arena and become the#1SHARPSHOOTER in this thrilling ‘sniper vs. sniper’ LIVECOMBATgame! Compete against more than 500K SNIPERS worldwide, climbtheleaderboard, and ENJOY EVERY BATTLE in this premiermobileexperience! Feel the pure adrenaline rush, and lifelikecombatemotions in the heat of the battlefield, right in your handsonyour mobile screen. Jump into the action and join the battlerightaway, it’s FREE TO PLAY!• Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS: the world’s best SNIPERRIFLES,superbly realistic and authentic in every little detail, and4spectacular combat locations with authentic sniperfiringpositions, beautifully designed in terms of game logic andthebalance.• Try intuitively easy controls - SWIPE, ZOOM, SHOOT! Compete in3game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Domination with upto8 real opponents on the map, whoever shoots the most enemieswinsthe round.• Develop your SNIPER CAREER, from recruit all the way to therankof Phantom, with a variety of daily tasks and a detailedrankingsystem. Unlock and upgrade modern PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT:sniperrifles, ammunition, camouflage and special equipment.• Ally with your friends and create an UNSTOPPABLE SQUAD! Leadthemto the top of the leaderboard, defeat other teams andwinterritories in Domination mode.This game requires stable INTERNET CONNECTION to play. Thegameplayinvolves real-time online match ups with players across theglobe,shared server for any mobile device, and LIVE-CHAT.For more info and all the latest news checkout:
Spider Hero Shooting Battle VS Mafia Gangs 1.1
Spider Hero Shooting Battle VSMafiaGangssuper war spider hero! you are bot against the crime & heroofcity battleNow! it's new adventures action filled amazing shooting gamewhereyou are fighting against crime of gangster as a real superSpiderHero. Choose your modern weapon and best simulation fortheshooting. Hero you are having a real list of arsenal. Real3Dgraphics and a city with real mafia gangster and futuristicbattleweapons. Target your enemies.City battle from the mafia gangsters are turning into brutal&terrifying war. Grand immortal Gods of crimes and terrorismarepenetrating into the red lines of safety. Crime is reaching toskyhigh levels. terrorist mafia has been start ruling the citybattle.Our peace keeping forces prove as a sandy wall against theGangstercity battle. Our nation is vulnerable against terroristandcriminal mafia gangster destruction plans. Only a Super Herocanfight against these brutal street crimes.It's the optionforsurvive. Super Spider Hero city battle hero - fightagainstdeadliest war and crime saga plans of mafia.It's time toeliminateinjustice, terrorism and crime from the city.Complete your secret missions as a military Super Hero scout.focuson your warfare duty no matter you have to fight, blast orshoot.In these city battle, there are no laws but you havewrestleagainst crime. Support your military with your awesome SuperHeroSkills. You are having the flash lighting speed. All you needtoupgrade your specification & prove action shootingskills.Don't wait to enjoy the crazy action games.Legend super hero fight along the cop squad. gangster have therealstriking action combat skills. You are the Fight Champion, nowtestskills in the battle arena. train your warrior. Save yourheroineand heroes in the battle. Martial arts is your faith. Thesecrimecity battle needs flying superhero against the street champandmafia lords. Fight along the panther hero and iron hero. Towncrimecan only be ended if you could get down the super villain intheultimate crime battle. You are Super spider Hero Crimebattlesoldier. Unlike special Ops forces, lead your nation againststreetfighting crime.New York city has been turned into Crime City. Super Hero youhaveto give survival plans and make peace on survivor's clans.Showyour tactical skills along side of your immortal powers.Super Hero Spider city battle is about rules for survival ofthenation. But, even a superhero will need to escape sniper rangesasGangster Crime Battle has exposed that criminals are floodedwithmarksmanship weaponry and skilled shooters. Rules of survivalinwarfare are simple, take cover and shoot like a flashhero.Accuracy and precision like the real winter offensive soldier.It'sa dangerous fighting game, where as a superhero you have toendcity battle and complete critical missions against terroristandincredible monsters. It's a large battlefield, defuse thebombbefore the destruction. End in this war in the favor of ournation.Critical strike against the modern warfare terroristsoldier.Counter against the action shooters.Features:=> Action filled third person shooting game=> Real optimized superheros=> Amazing superhero transformation and shooter skills=> Real 3D graphics=> best sounds effects
King Of Shooter : Sniper Shot Killer 3D - FPS 1.1.4
Welcome to the "KOS" world. 2017 hottesttopfree shooting game.You will play a League recruit, follow allies to fight evilforcesaround the world.On your favorite passionate rocket scene, or theexcitingassassination plot, "king of shooter" will satisfy you allfor theshooting gamelook forward to. Take away your kindness, and fight with theplayersaround the world!FIGHT AGAINST EVIL· More than 375 exciting non-repetitive tasks· Exciting story line· Shocking 3D graphics that will bring you to the tropicaljungle,sea islands, skyscrapers and many other scenes· Morning fog, sunshine, twilight, night and otherweathersystem· Various kinds of soldiers, armored vehicles, tanks, fighterplanesand other enemy arms that cover land, sea and airMODERN FIREPOWER WEAPON· Shoot sniper rifle, assault rifles, and pistols· Collect weapon parts to create the ultimate weapon· Exclusive gunfire sound, different shooting experienceA VARIETY OF EVENTS· Strategy and marksmanship are both required by KingOfSniper· Drive chariot break into enemy base· Guard against the invaders battle· Relax and fun in Shooting rangePVP CHALLENGE· Build your base defense and battle against global players· Top ranking list to prove yourself
Gun War: Shooting Games 2.7.2
Offline shooting game, small size butnotsimple, just download and enjoy it!Game feature:- More than 124 exciting shooter tasks,including 6+ special type: (rival shooting/sniperassassin/savehostage/endless zombie/uncharted treasure/BOSS battleandmore)- 50+ featured scenes and maps.- 50+ weapons, epic weapons waiting for you.- Weapon upgrade system, even ordinary weapons also havetheopportunity to upgrade.- Unique mercenary and team system.- World Championship leaderboards, together to challengegameplayers around the world.EASY TO GET STARTED:- Optimized for mobile device operating, smooth controllingandexciting battle sound, experience the console gameshooterfun!- Flexible artificial intelligence behavior so that each enemyisunique!Compatibility and supportWe're continuously working (hard) so that all Android device runthegame smoothly. Please report any issue you may experience byemailus.DisclaimerGun War: Shooting Games is a free game but it containsmaturecontent and optional in-app purchases for real money. You maywantto keep away it from your kids.Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve thegamecontinuously.
Winter Survival Mountain Commando BlackOps Mission 1.0
Terrorists have occupied the area , yourdutyas a special trained mountain commando force in the wintersurvivalof this blackops mission is to carry out such deadlyoperations toeliminate terrorists from the area . Your ultimateduty is toprotect your country men & fellow officers, commandosoldierson the land to control combat from the ruthless enemyforces andterror attacks.Find yourself in diverse situation, on a winter survival missiontosave the nation for evil plans before making an escape inthisultimate war. Hired on a contract to kill terroristsquad,infiltrate the enemy lines and survive the stealth spymission as amilitary secret agent mountain commando of the US Army.Eliminate enemy in this survival shooting game by joining thearmycamp. Enjoy epic & complex last day survival missionwithamazing shooting military skills. You have modern equipmentwithup-to-date different weapons to shoot enemies.Relive thefpsshooting adventure and offset the enemy with critical attacksinfront line terrorist battle. You are expected to defendthefrontier at all cost in fast action game.Modern War in the world of Winter survival has unique featuresandoptimal gameplay for FPS game players. It has amazing 3Dgraphicsfor fighting and artillery choices to select M1911, MPS ,AK47, M4,short-gun, sniper rifle and many more.Follow the gamingrules ifyou want to be victorious in this fight between powerfularmies inwinter mountain season of this black ops mission.Step intotheboots of world war hero and fight in the battleground.FEATURES:• First person shooter action packed game play• Marvelous & realistic 3D graphics• Astounding audio & visual sound effects• Smart AI troops• Smooth & steady controllers to play
IGI: Military Commando Shooter 1.2.1
Do you want to be an army death invaderforyour enemy wave? Than your wait is over, IGI: MilitaryCommandoShooter is the best army shooter 3d action rouge game toexperienceand complete secret agent elite mission. You are a lonewolf inthis 3d commando mission’s game to wipe out enemy wave withthebrave heart and fire master skills.In this best IGI: Military Commando Shooter rouge game you are inawarzone to give your 3d commando silent killer 3d action. Intheresult of that you will wipe out each and every threat toyourcountry by acting as a frontline commando shooter with thatbraveheart. Ready your assault sniper lone wolf and wipe out yourentireenemy in this warzone with those fire master skills yougot.BATTLE FIELDS:There are 10 levels in this by far best “IGI: MilitaryCommandoShooter” game in which you are fully loaded with deadlyweapons, sodeath invader get yourself prepare for some 3d commandoaction inthat warzone for commando silent killer 3d action. Somefields areas follows: Destroy enemy ammo: with that fire master + army shooterskillusing the best advance weapons to enjoy 3d commandoaction. Stop enemies to get in your country: So it means you as alonewolf have to use that assault sniper skills to eliminate youentireenemy wave. Capture their base: which requires your commando silent killer3daction with that dead weapon. Hostage Rescue: you need to act as a good soldier with thebraveheart to play this rouge game commando missions. Save your base: from barracks you need to wipe out that enemywavebecause of their mutiny act and best weapon for this ismachine gun(FN M249E2 SAW).ENVIRONMENT :Death invader army shooter, you are provided with threedifferentenvironments to give your commando silent killer 3d multiactionskills. Environments include village in mountain area inwhich youcan be attacked from uphill, dessert and off course yourbase andenemy base.Best WEAPONS for war zone1. Glock 19 (pistol)2. G33. Dragunov (Machine Gun)4. FN M249E2 SAW5. MP5_SD6. RPGFEATURES: Variety of weapons to enjoy shooting 3d Action-oriented TPS shooting game Best warzone graphics Accomplish commando mission to become best assassin Shoot to killFollow us at:
Mountain Shooting Sniper 1.2
Mountain Shooting Sniper can let youdirectlyjoin the battle, in this new first-person action shootinggame tobecome elite sniper.Accept the mission and find the best sniper point to take actiontodestroy all goals. A man, a war. Now you are cold killer.Protectyour allies and innocent civilians, and destroy all theterrorists.Pick up your sniper rifle, aiming at the enemy's head,causing afatal blow to the enemy.Before the eradication of all the enemies, be careful of theaction,pay attention to the surrounding environment, to ensuretheir ownsafety. Every task is full of crisis, you need to quicklykill theenemy, before attracting more enemies, one by one todestroy all theenemies.Do you want to be an elite sniper and experience the pleasureofshooting in battle? Do not hesitate to join the gamerightnow!Mountain Shooting Sniper Features:- thrilling fightingYou will face the brutal terrorists, but this does not stop youfromdestroying the enemy's confidence, heroic to kill the enemy,andcomplete the challenge.- perfect touch operationThis game gives you an amazing control interface, highqualityvisual effects, precise control, advanced physical anddisruptiveeffects. Slide your screen, join the fierce battle init.- Advanced weapons and equipmentThe game has many advanced weapons, these high-quality weapons,canmake you better kill the enemy, to the enemy to bring afatalblow.- dangerous tasksChoose your task, you will face a different number ofenemies,destroy more enemies, so you can get more rewards.What are you waiting for, let's join the game together andstartshooting!
American Block Sniper Survival C20s
Aeria Canada
Become a celebrated sniper hero inAmericanBlock Sniper Survival. This brutal running and shootingaction gamestars you as a sniper of a deadly operation. Trekthrough adevastated war torn city in pursuit of the enemy. Onlyonce yourobjective has been met can you all the mission asuccess.****READY YOUR WEAPONS****They would descend upon villages, bringing fire and death withthem.Grave after grave... I couldn't bear to be a part of thatanymore.The issue was so big, so consuming, and the world hadforgottenabout the horrors confronted on the battlefield: achild's burntsock on the side of the road, blood spatteredalleyways, thehaunting stench of death and the ring of a reportplaying on repeatin your head as you try to sleep at night... andthe look on thetarget's face as the blood drained from his body.But it this waswar, and the law of a good soldier was a lack offeeling. Numbing myemotions and attachments to the people andplaces I visited was achallenge, but I soon realized thebenefit... because now I wasunstoppable.**** INTENSE GAME PLAY ****Launch a fun, fast-paced 3D mobile gaming experienceupondownloading this addictive FPS game. Strike fast and killenemiesin this combat challenge. Collect ammo and HP pickups asyouadvance. These pickups will decrease though, while the numberofenemies increases significantly. This ultimate battle offerstheoption to go at it hand-to-hand or with a range of meleeandfirearm weapons. The choice is yours. Choose your difficulty,earnpower-ups by completing quick tasks and unlock levels onthemission map select.Features:-Pixel cube graphics-Six levels to conquer-Precision aiming-Radar map-Health meter-Perks & power-ups-Blocky weapon collect
Sniper Shoot Traffic 1.2
Sniper Shoot Traffic is a very challengingFPSsniper action game! Urban traffic is facing threats and crimegraband escape. Take the best shot to kill and eliminate everyescapecrime in the car.In the game, you accept the mission to destroy the terrorists inthecity. Terrorists use vehicles to escape, and your mission istodestroy them on the way they leave, and do not let them escape.Useyour superb shooting skills, the perfect kill all the terroriststoescape. Prove that you have the best sniper andhuntingskills.Aiming, shooting, using modern sniper equipment and riflestoeliminate the enemy, to complete the mission. This sniper rifleisdesigned for such a mission, it has an extremely powerful zoom,apowerful puncture bullets.As an elite special police sniper, equipped with sniper riflesinsecret action, to eliminate long-range goals, to become aperfecttraffic sniper.So are you ready to accept the challenge? In each environmentwhichbecame an excellent sniper assassin. Use a variety ofpowerfulsniper rifles to eliminate the target.Sniper Shoot Traffic Features:- thrilling fighting- Real environmental effects- Exciting shooting mission- powerful and advanced weapons- obsessed game- Simple and intuitive manipulation- Shocked music and sound effects- Real and challenging FPS sniper experience
Blazing Sniper - Elite Killer Shoot Hunter Strike 1.6.0
Happy Fish
Welcome to enjoy the best offlineshootingexperience on mobile phones and tablets!Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assaultrifles,machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covertcombatmissions deep inside enemy territory!YOU ARE THE ELITE SNIPER:Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigatesecretmissions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces thatstand inthe way of a peaceful world.From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, to reconmissionson Mediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world in searchofterror threats.Commandeer vehicles to turn the tide of battle! Navigateclosequarter combat down narrow alleys in the back of a jeep, ortakeout hostile threats by air in hazardous helicoptermissions!Complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and clearthemof any threat! Survive a full on enemy attack inmultiplayerassault missions and outshoot your opponent.Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage pointsandtake the all-important Kill Shot!Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminateenemythreats. You are the frontline of battlefield defense againstthemost dangerous threats to world security!READY TO FIRE?AAA quality modern graphicsRange of weapons from Desert eagle, AK-47,Mp5, M87-T, M79,Stw-25,Sniper, RPG and Pro-Knife!Smooth controlling that you’ve never experienced beforeonMobile!Optimized for low end devices. Works on any device!50 maps/6 battle modesUnique sound effect/character action for each weapon.Realistic graphics with more sophisticated lightings.ENEMIES:Encounter different enemy types each with their own strengthsandcombat objectives.Seek out and neutralize Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers,Mechs,Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, andCommandoBombers.LIVE PVP SNIPER DUELS:Test your skill against other real snipers in live rankedPlayerVerses Player matches in PVP mode!Be the hunter before you are the hunted!Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat.Find your target. Take aim. Fire!CUSTOMIZE:Customize your avatar and get Perks to help in the battle!Unlock and equip cool Gear, including helmets, uniforms, bodyarmor,goggles, facemasks, gloves, boots, and more.Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory! Now YOU gettocontrol the Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towardsitstarget for the ultimate hit!Feature:50 New Maps!Brand New Weapon Skins!New Shop System!New Ranks and Rank Icons!World champion leaderboard!Compatibility and support:If you have any problems,pleas contact us: luckkump@gmail.comGive us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve thegamecontinuously.Disclaimer:The game is a free game but it contains mature content andoptionalin-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep awayit fromyour kids.2017 Happy Fish Games
Counter Terrorist Shoot 1.7
Doing Studio
===== Best First-Person Shooter ActionGame====Welcome to play Counter Terrorist Shooting Game!Multiplayer character fighting game, a scene up to 5 players.Youcan train your shooting skills and improveyour weapon operation ability. Only good operational control inthewar game mission in order to play the power of a varietyofweapons. In this first-person shooter game, you can unlock andopenall maps. As a member of unity to play the soldiers assaulteffect.Action shooting game, only aim and shoot, and the modernenemytough soldiers, assault soldiers, commanders fighting. Justfirewith your guns and kill the enemy, let us start to play theworld'sgreatest military attack game. Command the national army ,bravebattle!Modern Shooting Combat Assault Games, First Person ShooterandShooting, Action Shooter Battle Campaign.Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles in a realistic3Denvironment, shoot crazy, and then get more items and weaponsfromthe award.Counter Terrorist Shooting all functions:● Shooting weapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assaultrifles,main and auxiliary weapons● AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles,● Mission mode, Defuse bomb mode, zombie mode● Realistic 3D environment, high-quality 3D graphics,Download Counter Terrorist Shooting Game, Modern ShooterFightingGame.
Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops 1.0
Army Frontline Mission Special ForcesCommandoOps is an action packed Fps Shooting game of Special Forceswhohave joined hands to eliminate the terrorism in US. This war isasdestructive as any World War. Call of commando has been madetocarry out this maritime special operations.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops brings to uaSpecial Forces team, which includes the US Army Team, UsMilitary,Army Special force, Us Army Primary Special Operationforce, USnavy and CIA agents against Afghan warlord, Iran warlordand ISISTerrorist. The mission is to counter the Taliban andovercome thebrutal crime of terrorist on US. Become the war hero.It would beadvisable to get behind the enemy lines and kill thebrutalcriminals. There are no Rules of war here, only Attack Deathshouldoccur for your enemies.The ISIS terrorists have attacked the countries IranandAfghanistan. US Army Special Force Commando has sent theirbestteams to these both countries for war against terrorist. Theyhavebeen assigned special mission to fight against evil andeliminateISIS terrorist group. A secret agent collect informationand hasinformed that the ISIS group has been joined by somemastermindbehind 911 operation and he has been leading theseterrorists. Sothe frontline command mission is to locate theseterrorists andkill them. Army Frontline Mission Special ForcesCommando Opsenables you to lead the US sniper assassin team intothe battlewar. Let them see your frontline fury attacks.The Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Opsfeaturesintense action against the terrorist mafia. It gives youexperienceof traffic sniper You have been given proper training bythe UsArmy Training School, the shooting and training includedcovershoot, sniper shooting, rescue hostages, counter terrorismattack,strike force training and mountain shooting. Now you have toshowyour skills in the battle field. A call of sniper has beenmade.Sniper hunter team has also been appointed to carry out snipershot3d operations and to train them in sniper king shootoperations.Being the sniper stick shoot killer you have to lead theteam. Youare the best sniper shooter onboard.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops is a free,TopShooting game. This counter attack mission is deadly and thereisno chance to lose it. This Special critical ops mission isverycritical, so the navy seal has also been included in thisfpsaction game. You have been assigned the frontline mission bytheelite commando. Be aware of your surroundings as well as a spyonsecret duty is constantly on your watch and sharingyouractivities. Show the criminal mafia that you are thebraveassassin. In this Special Forces Mission make Gun Strike atfirstopportunity, don’t let the enemy attack you. This operationagainstterrorist can lead to lots of loss of lives and injuries. Oneveryenemy attack make Counter terrorism attack.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops offers amodernwarfare, with the most amazing team of advanced sniperShootKiller, commando, frontline shooter and deadly army combatgunner.The force of war and the World War II survival stories hadnostrategic impact on this war. Already many terrorists areconvictedand no way is possible for the escape the deadly prisoner.This isthe battle of freedom and this is going to be the finalbattle. Theterrorists cannot escape your final commando strike, sothere wouldbe no chance of their survival battleground. You have todestroyall their secret weapons, hidden in the secret basementstorage oftheir base. These steps are necessary for the security ofyourcountry and the welfare of your fellow countrymen.Game FeaturesSpecial Real Sound EffectsChallenging levels and exciting missionsHD quality audio and videoRealistic graphicsEasy and smooth gameplayInteractive user interface
Secret Agent Sniper Shooter 2 Army Sniper Assassin 1.0.1
Introduction:Secret Agent Sniper Shooter 2 Army Sniper Assassin is the bestArmySniper 3D Game of the Secret Agent. An Army Sniper 3D becomesaSniper Assassin in these shooting games of the sniper shooter.Thisis a secret agent game of an Army sniper 3D where snipershootingand kill shot is required by the sniper shooter.How this 2nd Secret Agent game started:Our sniper shooter had moved from sniper hunting games to 3Dsnipersituation in shooting games. The sniper assasin was nowhandlingdangerous fighting games. Though our sniper assassin hadseenshooting games and now with sniper shooting skills he hadbecome asniper 3D. The challenge of shooting games is not a hardtask forour sniper assassin in this sniper shooting game.What is the purpose of these fighting games?This sniper hunting, shooting and fighting game is all aboutsnipershooting and kill shot by a sniper assasin. This fightinggame hasdifferent sniper assasin kill shot levels. Each level oftheseshooting games has an interesting mission for the sniperassasin.There are a total of 30 sniper shooting kill shot levels.Yourobjective in fighting games as a sniper assasin is toperformprecise kill shot to stay safe.Guidelines for playing this fighting game?You are going to have your sniper rifle on you for the killinginthis fighting game as you will need to shoot to keep yourselfsafefrom the enemies. You need to use the sniper rifle infollowingmanner to shoot in fighting games:1. Click on the Zoom button in left bottom corner of the screeninthis shooter game.2. Once you have enabled zoom, a bullet button will appear ontheright bottom corner of the screen for sniper hunting.3. You can click the bullet button to fire at this stage inthisshooter game.4. Aim well with sniper rifle and try to finish your enemy inoneshot in this shooter game.5. Touch the bullet button to eliminate your enemy.6. As this shooting game has different levels so accomplishthemission set for a certain level to successfully unlock nextlevelof this sniper game.7. Once you have cleared a level, you can always come back andgiveit another shot to better your previous mission accomplishmenttimein this shooting game.Superiority of this shooting game:You are surely going to love this sniper game over the others duetofollowing salient features:1. Totally Free: This shooting game is totally free!2. Delightful graphics: This sniper game has awesome graphics.Thegraphics are high quality as well as very smooth so you aregoingto have your best gaming experience while playing thisgreatassassin game.3. Entertaining music: This sniper game has a veryentertainingmusic for your pleasure.4. Very realistic sound effects: The sound effects in thisassassingame are very realistic and they keep you fully involved inthissniper game.5. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to play this assassin game astheaim is to get better and better until you are totally safe fromthesoldiers acting as your enemies.6. Realistic Missions: The mission associated with each levelofthis killing game is very realistic and it throws you in therealworld while keeping you fully engaged. Each mission is timeboundwith a specific elimination target of enemies to keep youfocusedon the job at hand.7. Player Feedback: We are at all times looking for yourfeedbackand try our best to make your gaming experience more andmoreinterestingWho is this killing game for?Anybody who wants a shooting challenge should play thiskillinggame. Everyone else looking for endless shooting with sniperriflecan also play this killing game.What is the best time to play this killing game?A great thing about this shooter game is that it can be playedatanytime. You are at office or at home, whenever you have freetimejust pull out your sniper rifle and enjoy playing thisshootergame.Please don't forget to rate our game/ provide feedback.Go enJoy & Thank you!
Sniper FPS Fury - Top Real Shooter- Sniper 3d 2018 1.0
This sniper fps fury - top real shooter-sniper 3d 2018 game is an exciting and new action game to dosomesniper shooting as a sniper real assassin in the gun shootinggameof action game 2018. You have to become a sniper shooter anddoingsniper commando strike as the fps shooting of becoming afrontlinesniper of the gun shooter to do gun swat strike in thesniper game.The role of the fps sniper is not easy so you have tobe good interrorist game. You have to do real enemy strike andclean yourcity from the terrorist by doing counters gun strike ofthe sniper3d game of shooting game in the sniper mission game.Beforestarting the strike counter with terrorist, take your gun andstartfree gun shooting in the gun games 3d of best action game andkillall the terrorist in the free shooting game of sniper combatgame.Try to focus on your target and not missed any chance of thesnipershoot to stay in the top shooting game and perform well intheaction game all 3d of the shooter game in the combat gameofmilitary sniper game. Try to stay in the shooting game as muchasyou want to enjoy gun shooting game.In this sniper 3d hitman shooting games, you have to be quick onthecity roads to find the terrorist and kill them by doingsnipershooting as the fps sniper in the terrorist shooting game.You havefull aim on the terrorist and shoot them as a sniper realassassinin the sniper game of sniper combat game. This contractassassinkiller sniper 3d game is like a sniper game have a featureofshooting game with gun and become a frontline sniper by doingfpsshooting to do strike counter with terrorist and remove themfromcity and clean your city from terrorist to become a snipershooter.Make sure you not missed single terrorist in the sniper 3dgame sodo counter shoot in a proper way in the new action game ofsnipermission game. The free shooting game will allow you to dosnipercommando strike in the terrorist game and doing real enemystrikein the combat game of top shooting game. In gun games 3d, youhaveto do free gun shooting as the counters gun strike in theshootergame. So, are you ready to take the experience of gun swatstrikeof the sniper shoot in the shooting game with gun and becomea gunshooter in the best action of action game all 3d in themilitarysniper game.This call of sniper 3d killer shooting games will make you abletodo gun swat strike with terrorist and kill all of them andcleanyour city from the terrorist in the terrorist shooting game.Thesniper game will made you fps sniper of doing sniper shootingonthe terrorist in the new action game. This contract sniper 3dfreesniper games is a new action game to become you a snipershooter inthe terrorist game by doing counters gun strike in thesniper 3dgame of sniper mission game. While doing counter shoots,don’tmissed your target in the free gun shooting as the sniperrealassassin in the sniper combat game. In gun game 3d, you have todoreal enemy strike as the sniper commando strike of the snipershootin the shooting game of action game 2018. The free shootinggamewill make a strike counter with terrorist to improve yourfpsshooting as the frontline sniper in the combat game ofmilitarysniper game. Make a good impact in the action game all 3dandbecome a gun shooter in the shooter game of best actiongame.Have fun playing this exciting death real shoot 3d assassinmissionsgame offered by build solid. This modern new sniper 3dgame is notonly a free game but it also an offline game. Fun islocked in theinstall button. Cheers
Yalghaar: Action FPS Shooting Game 3.1.0
The fate of future generations depends onthistop military commando operation. Get a chance to rescuehostages,neutralize terrorist attacks, diffuse bombs and mines,eliminateenemy suicide bombers and snipers in this modern combat.Take downterrorists in front-line battlefield with powerful guns inthis FPSshooting game.Equip yourself with state of the art military weapons and leadyourarmy to glory in this army adventure shooting game. Chaseenemyboss and show them the way to hell in this action packed bestFPSshooter game full of thrill. Combat against militantsandterrorists groups in realistic graphics.Features◉ Powerful classic infantary weapons to choose fromincludingmachine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, sniper andpistols.◉ Tactical military adventure maps set in arealisticenvironment.◉ Serve Justice, earn medals and unlock powerful guns.◉ Encounter variety of threats including stealth, gunners,snipersand suicide bombers.◉ Compete against the Leader board and make it to the topamongother high caliber players.◉ Earn medals and raise you ranks.In this army FPS game, you are an elite commando and whendutycalls, you stand second to none in eliminating terrorist incombat.War against terror is in full swing and your company ofheroesneeds you in this Battlefield. Lead your squad in thisrealistic 3DFPS shooter. Shoot em up!You are a master of stealth, kill enemies and counter terrorisminthis offline adventure shooting game. There are no rules inthisbattlefield. Risk your life in this fast paced army FPSgunshooting game, fight for domination! You are a ruthlessterroristhunter. Strike your blow in this one of a kind Pakistan'sfirstmodern warfare FPS shooter game.In this war on terror, live the life of an SSG Commandoequippedwith Grenades and Sniper Rifles, You are on a secretmission behindenemy front-line.
Commando IGI Gun Shooter 3D 1.1
Soldiers are you ready for the deadlywarcombat mission of real army shooting game? If you are then gearupand lets go to the valley of death where sun of peace neverrisesand darkness of evil kill every voice, where enemies will notgiveyou another chance to survive on the frontline battlefieldneitheryou can come back without having victory in your hands. Letburryyour victory flag in the bases of terrorists in deep warmdesert.This is the most dangerous mission of your whole army gunshootcareer. Survive in warm deserts of Africa and live the lifeofsuperb elite killer.Infiltrate enemy base with your modern weapon and ammunitionsforaction shooting in first person army commando shootergame.Commando IGI gun shooter 3D game contains multiple missionstoenhance your commando shooter war tactics. You are highlytrainedcommando shooter to complete all the military war survivalmissionsand to become sniper assassin to deadly war enemies. Shootall yourenemies conquered their bases with highly upgraded weaponsandammunition. Save hostages, pickup your guns and fightforfreedom.It’s an army warzone one does not fight individually since it’sanation wars. A super rescue mission id under way and its codenameis Battle of heroes for glory. War heroes always lovebecauseheroes never die. So let’s get it started it’s an armyfightinggame for real glory and victory of your country bycompletingsecret missions as an undercover army officer. You havebeenintentionally sent to the desert for a raft survival missionsothat you can continue collecting information from enemies,enemyauthorities are well known from your tactical, combat andalsosniper shooting skill specially on mountains.In commando IGI gun shooter 3D you assume as a retiredfieldoperative ranger with most experience war and combat skillsyou arebriefed by your seniors to rescues the VIP personalitieskidnappedby mafia and gangsters kept in south African desert in abase.Rescue the VIP and kill their boss named john born and raisedinLos Angeles, make sure he have big contacts and they are awareofyour visit to their heavily guarded army base. Destroy and killallenemies come in your path in this military game. This is themostintense and complete free action combat game for those wholoveplaying commando shooter games. There are many advance snipergunsfor modern 3D commando to hit in battle front target likeultimatesniper, MP4, M5, AK47 and many more. From guerrilla battleinwilderness mountain extents, to recon us military missionsonMediterranean islands, you’ll have the best venture game to thefarcorners of the planet looking for deadly dangers.Why you need to install Commando IGI Gun Shooter 3D on yourAndroidsmart phone or tablet:- Best FPS (First Person shooter) Game- Realistic 3D sniper Shooter Battlefield environment- Challenging mission with increasing difficulty level.- Great 3D beautiful graphics and environment.- Face challenges and improve your commando snipershootingskills.- Extremely quality engaging sound effects.- Modern weapons used in this game.- Easy tap to shoot and kill the enemies.- Touch the controls to move and aim the gun.What are you waiting for? Download now this frontline battlefieldgame and strike on the army grand war bases using modernactioncommando skills.
Rules of Modern World War Winter FPS Shooting Game 1.1.5
Gear up to play the ultimate world warasamazing war commando shooting hero hunting terrorists andkeepshooting as free global war duty. Go on shooting first withfastbullets with precision at enemy troops in the cold weatherbyselecting different weapon from artillery and complete eachmissionto win the war. Download this intense free to play onlineandroidgame and apply your awesome sniper skills to defeatopposingteam.Follow the gaming rules if you want to be victorious in thisfightbetween powerful armies in winter season.Modern World War Winter Chapter has unique features andoptimalgameplay for FPS game players. It has amazing 3D graphicsforfighting and artillery choices to select M1911, MPS, AK47,M4,short-gun, sniper rifle and many more. Numerous missionsandassignments must be achieved. This game has smooth controlsthatare easy to handle for precise shooting. This game alsohasastonishing sound effects and background music for shooting inwarground.
Major GUN : War on Terror 4.0.9
byss mobile
Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths areaplague of today's world. They plan to nuke you and infect theworldwith a deadly virus, but you're gonna shoot them, slash them,tearthem apart (or convince them to vanish in any other way).Armoryis going to be a like real gun shop for you: machineguns, rifles,shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles... plus some deadlystuff ofcourse. Every second you hesitate incredibly evilterroristsgrow stronger taking over harbors, subways, oilfields... Dosomething! Push that bloody download button and beatthem all!4 Player Real Time PVP MatchesWhen you're tired of shooting to terrorists, try your skillsagainstother players in 4 Player Real Time PVP Matches. Use yoursniperrifle to scope perfect shot or fight with them on the closerangewith your assault machine gun! Gain advantage by shootingdownhelpful drops and ... oh well, just be quick and precise:)Get all the way to Legendary League and get huge rewards!!This is FPS you are looking for!You'll love Major GUN addictive arcade-style gameplay thatbringsyou the best endless gun shooting experience!Improve your skills as a one-man-army solution for theterroristsituation. Upgrade your arsenal of cool weapons and pickthe rightone for the task. Sniper rifles, shotguns, assault andheavymachine guns - you can play with all of them. Test yourfightingskills against all enemies.Amazing 3D GraphicsDifferent locations, environments, explosions we got it allcovered.Fight with Bosses and stay alive to unlock each location.Each stageis unique, beautifully arranged 3D environment with itsownidentity. And all of this is packed in excellent comic artstyleyou’ll love.Game modesOver 100 missions await! MAJOR GUN has multipleGameplaymodes.Clear area from enemy soldiers and rescue hostages inassaultmissions. Test your speed and accuracy in survivalmode. Showwho’s the best in FPS sniper mode. Try to completeultrahard special ops or meat the final challenge and defeatBoss.Major GUN has everything to keep you entertained for weeks.Unique levels and enemiesMajor GUN is challenging FPS!- Improve your shooting skills during stressfulconflictsituations- Find, prepare to eliminate various enemies: outlaws,savageassassins and psychopaths- Finish Daily Challenges to collect boosts, funds andweapons- Search for first aid kits and adrenaline- Earn maximum 3 stars for each finished mission. Compete withyourfriends to see who is the best Major GUN!- Increase your rank from a recruit; someday you'll becomeamajor?Huge Arsenal of WeaponsNo blank cartridges!Don't miss the rare opportunity to test in action over 30bestweapons used by special forces all over the world!Try 4 handguns, 6 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, 4 shotguns,heavymachine guns (including minigun), 4 sniper rifles, everymachineyou need.All weapons you can upgrade! Buy the crates full of goods:guns,ammo or sets of weapons.Multiple LocationsMajor Gun missions are located in few thrilling areas buildinaesthetic of action movies.Take over the harbor, clean occupied subway station fromallenemies, fight in the desert heat!Only dangerous enemies from XXI century battlefields!Alpha! Bravo! Charlie! Where are you? Join specialoperations,sniper and survival missions, find and defeatdangerousbosses.The aim, shoot, take over the places, save thecomrades-in-arms,protect the hostages, prevent the nukes from anexplosion, testvarious guns, rifles and much more!Check our reviews - Players told it already - it'sbestfirst-person shooting game ever.Don't forget it, soldier! You can play our FPS anywhere - offlinenowifi mode works even in an airplane.Game is free to play, but you can buy virtual guns forrealmoney
Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission 3D 1.0
Lead your metal brigade of heroes to awarbattalions against Tetracorp corporation team squad inthistactical shooter Special Commando Squad - Anti TerroristMission3D blazing commando black sniper. Build your frontlinekillboxonline combat strategy in the battlefield criminal attackdata bomband kill your enemy juegos de accion from all sides asanAnti-Crime Squad. IGI face limitless ops action coolfish intheconflicts tournaments rules clash of survival game day battlemode.Take your super bravo squad modern weapons framed for murderfrom akilling arsenal soak & dunk and level up your soldier’sroyalgame with unique shooter skills to kill feg gang &cowardgangsters. Do you accept brothers in Vegas duty rules thecall dutychallenge from black criminals? Deadly TETRACORP assassinisoccupying several areas over the planet suppressing d daythevillages & war of army taking duty over their medal ofhonorand controlling every single call of agent’s covercommunicationsoldier game. Combat Special Squad border project.ProjectWednesday is a fast-paced Tactical First Person Shooterworldborder war like you have never seen before!Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission 3Disequipped with modern weapons including Sniper specialmissionforces for extreme gun shooting to end the era of counterterrorismsmart game in fast paced 2gun FPS shooting knives game. Bebraveagainst zombie fighting reaper, ruthless criminal who sneakintobank security van Vegas Schedule against assault sniper. ByHackingin system terminal before security guards extreme combatshootingbegins bullet attack deadly squad. You don’t have enoughbob evansadvance cs go technologies you have to kill your enemiesin wargame before your best unique conflicts murderer weaponsends.Commando Victory Battle unique counter sniper tacticalenemiesmeans more killing chances to survive war into the armywararea.You are trained Victor commando in such environment. You havetakenairforce Commando SSG training from existent enemyForce.Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission 3D isa realgang war city Russian mafia mission game with a hard hittingbestgrand city god father land game. In this ultimate frontiercommandofury unit strike mission game you have to shoot the armyepicstrategic extreme battle simulator on the rough and armycombatmountain man killer. Army unit is on a skillful deadlyzombietarget survival 3D mission and resident to listen the call ofyournation extreme sniper evil fury counter assassin shooter.Smartcommando have to attack just like spy army border realjungleshooting marica mission i.e. taking hide in the commandotargetswat blazing secret agent adventure killer in to death.--- Kidnapped Mission ---On a business tour, the great business tycoon Mr. Mike: is inthecrime town blazing Vegas rules with his daughter Lara. WhileMr.Mike was busy attending a Miami charity conference his Russianarmydaughter got kidnapped inside his own metal mansion shadowlockerby some enemies. As soon as Mr. Mike got informed about thefearkidnapping he sent his one of his best ninja commandomanadventure: Secret Delta Agent Warrior Special CommandoSquadto save Lara in this Anti-Terrorist Mission and wealthytreasuresas well. Lara is the missing key to all the possessions ofMR Mikeso she is going to be rescued by modern army agent actionAgentDelta. Special commando boom is a IGI brave Modern commandoactionTrustworthy employee and reliable resource. Create andcustomizeyour own squad then control and command the entire squadof five inbattle.Special Commando Squad - Anti Terrorist Mission3DFeatures:• Thrilling sound effects• Challenging War Missions• First Person Shooting Game• Commando shooting simulator• Efficient & Smooth weapon control• Latest shooting and Blast weapons• A lot of Advanced Guns & Weapons
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.0.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are The HotSniperKiller.*There you play the game was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As thesolesurviving special forces of a renegade attack against aruthlessterrorist organization, you are stranded on the battlefieldandhell-bent on payback.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Facedwith thissituation of you have no choice but to grasp thenettle.From the M16to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toa variety of lightand heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenadetoo!In the battle youwill be sent to different locations toperform the difficulttask.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.Game Features:**Fight in difficult terrainYou will face different environmental challenges spacingcase.Butnothing can stop you to destroy the enemy'sconfidence.**Providing advanced weaponryMany full power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400.**Experience the perfect touch operationThe awesome 1rd person shooter with stunning consolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics anddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push your Androiddevice to thelimit!**Complete Dangerous MissionsThe number of enemies and the AI you face are different dependingonyour selected tasks in each level.In short, the more theenemykilled, the more reward you get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
War Games Blitz : Tank Shooting Games 1.1
Get ready for tank war in the real warzoneandfight with your brutal enemy tanks which are in try to findanddestroy your tank. You have to shoot enemy machine tanks ineachlevel and complete the missions successfully to become thebesttank warrior. Modern tanks are available in this world warfaretankgame you have to select your high powerful tank fordefensiveattack. this is one of the best army games for kids theycan enjoythis war fighting as fun battle game. Modern warzoneenvironmenthas been designed to have real tank fighting withenemytanks.Enemy tanks will try to find you and destroy you but you have touseyour smart war strategy skills and destroy their tanks to winthemission. This is a multi featured army tanks war game, ride onthemodern tank and combat with enemies. Your revolution should betoconquer your area from the enemy tanks war attack. Enemy tanksarehidden behind their check posts and explode missiles on yourarea.Peoples living in your area are calling you to save orprotect themfrom the brutal enemy attack.Your health and coins collection is very important in this game.Towhich tank you will destroy in this tank war game it will giveyoua pack of bullet, health or coin to collect and your tank'shealthand life will be increased to fight and kill more enemies ortodestroy enemy tanks. You might have played different battleship,gunship helicopter, hunting, commando shooting and manyotheraction games. I recommend you to play this tank war game youwillfind it more interesting, thrilling, strategic and addictingtankbattle game. You have to load Cannon balls in the cannon andtunethe limber of cannon towards the exact target on the enemy'stankby using aiming facility.Shoot and enjoy the tanks fighting war, destroy enemy tanksandtheir check posts. Different modern tanks e.g. coral tanks, ATGunTanks strike, Cannon Tanks strike are available to have bestandreal time tanks fighting experience. You also learn tankdrivingand usage of army tanks. Smooth and realistic controls willalsohelp you to drive tank right and safe. Infinite cannon ballsandbullets are available in each level to load and shoot. Firethecannon like epic war firing and become legend tank hero.Features: Multiple Different tanks for fighting Infinite cannon balls in the tank's cannon Tanks war in the desert and city Multiple challenging and thrilling levels with increasingenemytanks Thrilling and adventurous sounds of cannons Zoom in and Zoom out aim target Map navigation to find enemy tanks Real warzone environment with check posts Smooth and realistic war tank controls It is free to play tanks war gameJust install and play this tank game and feel the real thrillsofwar. Give your effective feedback after playing thisincredibletank game.
US Criminal Mafia Crime Plan 3D 1.3
Logic Rack
The destiny of future eras relies uponthismilitary operation in us criminal mafia city crime plan 3D.Infpssniper 3D shooting commando king You will get an opportunitytosafeguard prisoners, kill fear monger assaults, diffuse bombsandmines, dispense with foe suicide aircraft and expertsharpshootersin first person sniper strike shooter game. At thepoint whenobligation calls, bring down psychological militants inforefrontfront line with firearms in this city crime murder caseadventure3D diversion, this is a different game from othe chainedcars, limochained, chained prado or chained break games .Play frontier shooting attack master free and Equip yourselfwithcutting edge military weapons and lead your armed forcetogreatness in this escape spy shooting survival gameamusement.Pursue adversary supervisor and demonstrate to them thebestapproach to hellfire in this activity stuffed best secret agentfpsgangster crime story amusement ful of excite. Battleagainstaggressors and fear based oppressors in stunningdesigns.In this allowed to play us criminal mafia city crime plan 3Droundof 2017 chase, hold point and target merciless foes todemonstratethat you are the best armed force shooter, sharpshooter,marksmanand assassin.In fps sniper battle 3D You have been verymuchprepared by military armed force naval force for thisexcellentmission. A mystery specialist from commando military powerhasadvised and alarmed that bad habit fear based oppressors,hoodlumsand mafia are covered up in the edges of the city in thisultimatebank robbery escape mission. It's a great opportunitytodemonstrate and utilize your best real assault commandostealthbattle shooting aptitudes and capacities for this extremefight tosecure your outskirts. You won't have a simple way tostroll on soconfront each test as a talented armed force shooterwith anger andfury in this island commando elite force war. Thereare diversebase camps of underhandedness scoundrel psychologicaloppressorswhich are situated in edges and inside the city. Prepareto battleshoot, hit with your duns and explosive bomb assault eachand everyfierce foe in this special swat forces crime shooter. Howabout wedemonstrate your definitive commando expert sharpshootershootingabilities in death combat igi. The executioner deadlypsychologicaloppressors are outfitted with current weapons andfirearms to forcity demolition. As a war legend in gangster mafiasurvivor missionit's your obligation to influence your city to freeof wrongdoingand underhandedness adversaries by deliberatelybattling andutilizing your best battle expert sharpshooterprofessional killershooting aptitudes to beat basic fear basedoppression. By and byencounter the exciting and daring FPS shootingin this best armysniper assault battle 3D where you will have manyobstacles andimpediments in transit yet be a genuine military armedforcecommando legend to overcome adversary and win this war foryourcity and individuals.***Cyber Crime Gangster Defense 3D Game Features:***There are a few amusement modes accessible to players inelitearmy combat strike mission. Time constrained Mode which youhave arestricted time to pulverize the foe, regardless of whetherthoseassignments fall flat.chained cars, chained break and limochainedare quite different games.***The fast shooter forest zombie killer amusement offersanassortment of battle maps, for example, the Desert II, IceandSnow, the Persian Town, Dilapidated City.You will encounterthephenomenal battling knowledge on this maps and will be stunnedbysensible splendid fight, chained cars and the chainedbreakscenes.***Arsenal will give appealing guns to you. Whichincorporatefirearms, for example,AK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5et cetera. All firearmsare exceptionally practical, I trust itwill give you a sense clearshooting background.
SNIPER WAR - island shooter 1.3
sniper warisland is full of sharpshooter pirate & gangster. Only deathcanend sniper warDo you love sniper games? do you want to have a hardcorebloodshedbattlefield war with brutal pirates wanted to kill ourking. Ifyes! then enjoy this army sniper war against pirates in thenearisland with full of action.
Mountain Sniper Shoot 1.2
Doing Studio
Mountain Sniper Shoot is a striking actionFPSsniper game! True 3D graphics and sound effects, allowing youtoexperience the real sniper experience. The game brings anexcitingexperience to complete the task. Keep your breath, lock theenemy,aim, shoot, kill the crazy enemies. In a limited time, therationaluse of your limited ammunition, aimed at distant enemies,killthem.Once you start shooting, the enemy will know your presence,searchfor you everywhere, attack you. No way to turn back, so youhave tobe very careful, fast, accurate, ruthless shooting.Make sure you keep your attention. Stick to the end, completethetask!You will be an elite sniper, shooting in different hillsandterrible hindrance points, you accurately identify the targetandlock the target, quickly destroy the enemy.In this sniper game, you will get real shooting gameexperiencesniper game quest and realistic shooter quests.The game is completely focused on the best shooting game, sothatthese sniper games are really loved by shootingenthusiasts.Do not hesitate to join the game and become a real sniper!How to play:- Touch and slide the screen to aim and kill the enemy- Use sniper mirrors to zoom in and out and aim at andkillenemies- Click the Shoot button. Launch bullets- arbitrarily switch weapons in combatFeatures:- Various types of weapons, sniper rifles- realistic 3D screen, show the sound of the environment,theintense fighting effect, make you excited- First Person FPS Action Shooting Game- Simple and smooth control
Frontline Commando FPS Shooting Game: Army Mission 1.0
Frontline Commando FPS ShootingGame:ArmyMission where user will be turned into a Freedom Warriorwhoisfighting for his nations as the terrorist force hascapturedthetown of user and now user is trying to reclaim theareabyunleashing the attack at their military base.Taketheresponsibility and become the best Frontline Sniper intheFreedomForce. After taking the control of area assemble an armyanddefendyour premises because It is a defined role of anysolider,todefend all military settlements and logistics from enemysotheuser will be involved in various missions mostlyinspiredfromthese situations. Hit the military bases in dessert andtakethebest shot at guards hit the moving Convoy. Play majorroleinmultiple missions like Hostage Rescue Mission,SurveillanceMissionand Search Operation. Take care of the difficultsituationson theBorder and deal with any possible trouble that maycome likeaskillful Frontier Sniper. Take the position in highertowerormountain and aim at enemy like a professional MountainSniper,useshooting skills to neutralize the opponents. Unleashthesnipershooting fury with items like Armor, Pistols, Guns,Grenade,Bombs,Sniper Rifles, Rocket & Missile Launcher, Flamethrower,PoisonGas and Knife/Dagger. Fight like a warrior andreclaim allareafrom terrorist and become ultimate freedomhero.Become the best City Sniper Contract Killer and unleashtheattacklike professional Hitman in the town. The user willalsobeinvolved in various offensive attacks where he/she hastodestroysmilitary logistics and settlements, become theultimatelydangerousDesert Sniper. The game is based on various realworldwarsituations where the user has to invade and defendvariousArmyBase Camps. As a Cop Sniper take the responsibilitywithcourageand show great amount of bravery and help Police Forcetoovercomeagainst Terrorist. Create an Ambush or disguise asaCamouflage tounleash the attack. Game is by far the mostadvancedgame in termsof performance, the game also provides themostrealistic userexperience. Gain the ultimate respect in sniperarenaby killingthe enemy, kill the terrorist and mobsters to keepthepeace in thetown.Following are few among many exciting featuresofthegame:⚔️Ultra Realistic gameplay.⚔️War Based Cut Scenes.⚔️High Definition (HD) Display.⚔️Detailed Gameplay Options.⚔️Smooth and easy controls.⚔️Attractive Menu Screens.⚔️Hit the blacklist terrorist and gain extra points.⚔️Accurate Physics behind the working of Sniper Rifles.⚔️Use advanced sniper scope to locate the target and getagoodshot at it.⚔️To create multiple Climate Conditions a WeatherEnginehasbeen incorporated.⚔️Become the sniper counter terrorist force andkillallterrorists.⚔️Absolutely Free Game with No In-App Purchases.⚔️No internet required to play this game.⚔️Smooth and easy aim, shot and reload process.⚔️Multiple challenging maps andterrainstoconquer.
भारत-पाक युद्ध Assassination - Commando Mission 1.0
MyMu Inc
Want to become the best army commandobravoshooter? This game lets you develop the sets of skillsrequired tobecome the fps combat commando shooter. The sniper enemyinvasionhas been taken place in the elite sniper city. The fpsshootingsoldier is given a task for the counter attack. The armysilentkiller is ready for the combat shooting strike. Don’t letthesniper enemy take control on the army shooting war zone. Deadlyanddisastrous environments let you feel the hype andadrenalinepumping from your heart.Every level of the game requires different planning proceduresandstrategies. The military commando shooting let you allowthedestruction of the enemy base camps. With your elitecommandosurvival squad you have to finish the terrorists’ camps.Also sneakbehind enemy lines to prepare for combat revenge attack.Theenemies are loaded with ammunition and heavy missiles. Theyalsohave apache gunship helicopter. Don’t consider yourterroristsniper enemy weaker than you. Use your AK 47 rifles wiselyanddestroy the enemy tanks with bazooka. The commando revengewarmission has been started. Destroy all the tanks of the enemywithRPG 7 and use grenade for long battle.User friendly controls let you swap from primary weapon tosecondaryweapon for sudden close quarter elite commando fight.This is notonly a shooting game commando survival but a series ofarmymissions. Make every impossible sharp shooter mission apossible oneand get promoted to the next rank. This militarysoldier game isbasically the race towards the highest rank and toend this warwhich was started by the enemies.Don’t let the thunder storm stops your commando survivalmissions.The shooting shoot down mission has started by the enemy.Destroythe marksman camps and arrest the army elite killers. Thebravoshooter is a one man army so you alone has to destroy allthecamps.Use every kind of weapon available in the game includingsnipers,rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenade launchers etc and somedeadlyvehicles like tanks, trucks with machine guns mounted on themetc.The enemies has some different weapons which you can get bykillingthem and then picking the guns up. There are ammo cratesatdifferent place so that if you run out of ammunition then youcanfill it up from there.Make an army commando sniper Squad and fight for the safety ofyourcountry. Invade the areas from the enemies and make yourwaytowards victory and prove yourself to be the ultimatemilitarysniper shooter. Drive vehicles, shoot enemies, drop fromrescuehelicopters and elite black commando mission to do forthecountry.FEATURESBest 3D shooter gameExciting regionsHuge range of weaponsInsane bullet physics
Street Crime Target killer 1.4
Let's start for a real shooting mission inacriminal city streets !If you are courageous enough to fight and want to shoot yourcityenemies, then this is best shooting game ever. In this modernandlatest shooting competition you are equipping with the latestnewsniper shooting guns in the different city locations. Do youlovefirst person shooting(FPS) games? If yes, then test you’reshootingskills and shoot down the enemies whose captured the townareas.Completely enemy killing and gun shooting based for fans oflatestsniper with stylized stunning graphics. You can also feel therealamazing weapons shooting effective bullet sounds in this game.Thisassassin simulator is here for your great enjoyment time withLotsof astounding and action packed levels.Some enemy is hiding in buildings, city streets and other placestoattack on you and other civilians’ persons and want to destroyyourlovely home land. Most enemies with heavy weapons are waitingtokill you. Choose your special weapons to kill gangster.Enemieshave dangerous and power full weapons like rifles, sniperguns andpistols. There destruction is so important because that aremostunsafe for you. In this shooter 3D addictive game your task istocaught all terrorists to stop this war and safe yourwonderfulcountry from this kind of dangerous evils. They are comefrom theenemy state areas and want to disturb the innocentpeoples.Terrorist attacked from all sides but commando faced them. Yourjobis to protect your homeland country at any cost. You arecommandofrom army force. As a professional shooter, you are calledto losethe enemy, find your enemy which may available into hiddenstreetplaces.In this real sniper, you can face multiple difficult missionsinthree type different modes free, contracts and survival mode.Insurvival mode you will have to face many criminals so now dependonyou how to you will survive yourself from this mission. The mostofthe enjoying scene of the game is to see zigzag bullet movementsinzooming. Game is best in shooting games. Download now thisfreegame.Features of this shooting game:- Realistic and super 3D city environment- Very smooth control of sniper guns- Improve your skills and achieve critical levels- Addicting FPS game play- Lethal sniper guns- Multiple missions for your enjoyment-Thrilling sound effects-Realistic 3D graphics
Counter Terror Sniper Shoot 1.2
Doing Studio
Do you want to join an exciting actionclassshooting game?Counter Terror Sniper Shoot is a new action class firstpersonshooter game. It is full of action, war and combatmissions.Are you ready to fight the terrorists on the real battlefield? Itistime to attack, pick up your weapons, move forward, fight onthebattlefield. Destroy the brutal enemy, complete themission.Your city is threatened. Terrorists sneaked into your city andmadechaos. You as a commando striker, accepted the mission of thearmy.Destroy all terrorists who have sneaked into the city, savetheinnocent people and restore the peace of the city. the isadifficult mission, you must use your superb shooting skillsandcombat capability, survive on the battlefield and completethemission.Counter Terror Sniper Shoot Features:- Real battlefield environment- modern weapons and various equipment- Challenging shooting mission- HD graphics- amazing music and sound effects- Smart AI- Play anytime, anywhere
Grand Gunner War Shooter 3d 1.0
Gunner War Shooter 3dIt's time for best war shooter game in desert storm with topactiongamerobot warrior! it's time to start new war shooting game inthedesert storm where eye's can't see more than a certaindistance.But we are using best possible technology to destroy ourenemiesfrom our gunship gunner weapons. Commando! you are on yourhumveeand helicopter to start attacking the enemies in the battlewhereenemies are holding strong hold and as the robo fighter, youhaveequipped your gunner warrior of most deadly war shooter3dgame.Gunner assassin missions are looking for you. You have toshowyourself as gunner king in the battle. Commando! we are inwarconditions on both side of the border as well criminal gangsterarealso working as spy agent of enemies and striking a war againstourmilitary forces. Battleground is ready in this free war gameandall you have to do is to start infinite shooting on youenemiesforces and turn this grand battle into the best shootinggames forfree. Enemies are well trained and equipped with machinegun ,bazooka , best sniper shooter machines and they are havinglot's ofenforcement like tanks, humvees and helicopter. Dur toextreme warconditions and lot's of frontier war shoot missions andarmy menstrike eing busy in the real missions, headquarter can onlyhelpyou in airstrike and best fire power at the moment. But,literallyyou are out numbered by the enemies. So, be ready forfiring fromyour heavy weapon and enjoy this army games ofwar.*** Gunner War Shooter features ****** realistic controls*** best shooting missions and free to download game*** top free to play action game*** realistic sounds*** Gunner reloaded missions in lot's of different regionsandenvironments*** Amazing fun free game*** Best counter terrorist region with 20+ levels*** critical strike for counter the enemies coming wavesafterwavesThumbs Up team have put all of their effort to produce this gameina best possible form which is user friendly and addictive. Wewouldlove to have your valuable response. Your appreciationandcriticism is highly appreciated. make gun strike againstyourenemies.
GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD 2017: COUNTERTERRORISTWARGunners Battlefield 2017 is an action filled gun shooting 3Dgamefor your android devices.The third installment of the famous Gunner’s Battlefield is heretotake you on a crazy killing spree right in the middle of a warzonefull of shooting & bombing. Set in a beautiful immersible3Denvironment this game provide the best war simulation youcanexperience on a mobile device. With a lot of different missiontocomplete & modern weapons & guns to use for shootingtheenemy & terrorists this thrilling action adventure gamewillkeep you hooked to your mobile, shooting for hours. Go to waronceagain to win it & be the best & a true soldiercommandohero.It is 2017 version of the best gunner & sniper shootinggameGUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD. There are eye catching war scenesandchallenging missions & duties for you! Your main objectiveisto save & defend your military base. You have to avoidenemystrikes at all costs to survive. Enemy is going to attackswithhelicopter gunships, F16 aircraft missiles, tanks,humvees,infantry soldiers, sniper shooters and even cruel terroristsuicidebombers. So you need to win this war at all costs to put anend toenemy’s evil games.It’s not just a gunner shooting game it’s a complete wargunshooting arena for you to rule. You army military base is attheoutskirts of your city which means that if the enemy orterroristsget hold of your base they get hold of your city too& that youcannot allow to happen. Defend your base using yourfighting, warcombat, gun shooting & survival skills to save it& yourcity as well. It’s an opportunity for you to take yourrank from anelite military army commando soldier to a hero militaryarmycommando soldier. You are not alone in this fight. The wholearmymilitary, navy & air force is at your disposal. Usetanks,missile, air strike from fighter jet air crafts to destroy&kill your enemy & terrorists in a blink of an eye.Download this amazing 3D war gunner gun shooting game now toprovethat you are the best sniper shooter, gunner, rifleman&marksman. Win the war by killing all your enemies &terroriststo save your military army base & city. Be the trueherocommando soldier your army military & city needs.Enjoy this amazing 3D shooter game GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD 2017!AndPlease do not forget to leave comments about this free wargame!Your comments are so valuable to us!Features:- 3 shooting points- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game- Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- Well built storyline- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- First person shooting- Real war battlefield- Amazing Graphics- ADDICTIVE GAME- GREAT ACTION GAME- GREAT SNIPER GAME- NICE ENVIRONMENTS- UNIQUE GAMEPLAY-- TOTALLY FREE- FOR ALL AGES- SNIPE THE ENEMY- STYLIZED GRAPHICS- THE BEST GAME- TRICKY LEVELS- SHOOT AND KILL- EXTREME ACTIONS- REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE- 3D HIGH-TECH TACTICAL GUNS- ATTACK ENEMY WITH MODERN WEAPONSHow to Play:- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim yourshootingweapon- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot andstartyour assaultFollow us at facebook to be aware of best androidgames: : any questions and issues please contact us via e-mail.Top Action Games 2015 Team!
Sniper Counter Terrorist Strike - Force Attack 1.2.8
In this sniper counter-terrorist coolarmygames - force attack you will have to use all your skills tofighton the battlefield. Shoot at dangerous criminals. Show skillsforshooting as the best sniper shooter. Don't let the enemiesescape.It is time to load out your weapons and show youraggressionagainst your country enemies. Enjoy the biggest uniquesnipercounter-terrorist shooting hams - force attack 3D game in2017.Become a deadly shooter, enter to the war field againstenemies tokill the terrorist with the test of your best snipingskills andshow your real assassination experience. In this moderntpsshooting games competition, you are walking alone in thatareawhere enemies are hidden, equipping with unique killingweapons,aiming at the dangerous terrorists around the areas.This ultimate battle is between you and crazy terrorists, you asthebest commando must complete the mission because you have beenchosento take part in this mission against the terrorism. In thisgame,you will get modern sniper weapon to fight the enemy and winthiswar. So use your sniper gun to shoot them. In thissnipercounter-terrorist shooting fames game, you have to shootcriminalswith your sniper gun or riffles during the shootingtheseterrorists can attack you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down the enemies and save yourselffromtheir counter attacks.This action sniper counter terrorist enemies shooting has avarietyof challenging missions and multiple amazing levels to play.Acceptthe mission and do your duty to fight, shoot, kill and tocompletethe missions. Prove your shooting skills, fight against theenemy,finish them and become a hero of your country. Immersivegameplayphysics and interesting features make this action shootinggamemore addictive, quite unique and fun. This wonderful simulatorwithLots of action levels, stunning graphics, and realisticbackgroundsound effects, easy and smooth control is here todownload. You canalso feel realistic thrilling environments, theaffective sound ofmultiple weapons in this addictive simulation.Now download thisexciting action shooting game and get a lot of funto play.Features:Multiple thrilling missionsAmazing multiple levelsHigh definition 3D graphicsImmersive shooting battlefield environmentSimple and smooth controlMultiple advanced sniping weaponsBest quality attractive background sound effectsImmersive gameplay physicsPRIVACY POLICY:
Modern Army Sniper Shooter 1.1
Dirk Game
Modern Army Sniper Shooter is anaction-typefirst-person shooter. It is full of all kinds ofadvanced anddestructive weapons. the is more than just a game, italso takesyou into the world of battle and glory.Each step of the game has different challenges, how do you dealwiththese challenges? You may have played a lot of shooting games,butthe game will bring you a different shooting experience.The military base town occupied by your criminals. Now that youarea well-trained warrior, your job is to eliminate criminals.Holdyour gun and pull the trigger to shoot them. Kill allnearbyenemies. mission accomplished. Become a battlefieldhero.Modern Army Sniper Shooter Features:- Real shooting effect- realistic battlefield environment- Simple and smooth operation- a variety of powerful weapons- challenging mission- High quality music and sound effects- Exciting shooting game