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GM Music 1.0.75
GM Music Player will guide you through all the audio files onyourphone. You will have access to all the audio files of yourphonethrough one application and you will enjoy the pleasure ofmusic!Crop your songs, create your ringtone You can use your songsas aneditable ringtone, alarm tone, or notification tone in thedesiredrange. Equalizer Types You can listen to your songs inNormal,Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz,Pop, Rockand GM Booster equalizer modes and you can manually adjustyoursound settings in user mode! 7 Types Interface In the GMMusicPlayer application; You can choose the design that suits yourtastewith 7 different theme features: Blue Dream, Dark World,GrayClouds, Green Island, Red Line, Go Theme and Dark theme.Fastaccess Access all your songs in one screen! Song One-touchaccessto all songs on one screen. Playlists Personalize your musiclistby simply creating playlists of selected songs! Album AllAlbumsare in one screen! Artist Just listen to the songs of theartistsyou choose. Genre GM Music Player lets you easily find themostappropriate songs by dividing your sound files into 16differentcategories like Rock, Pop, Blues, Chill, Electronic,Hip-Hop, Soul,R & B, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Punk, It provides.Translation HelpYou can support us for translationat
Mp3 Player 1.8.4
"MP3 Player" - A simple and beautiful Mp3 Player with apowerfulequalizer for your Android device. It is one of the BestMp3 playerwith a stylish UI design. This is just a Free Mp3 Player,not amusic downloader. Note: The app size is less than 5 MB. So, itwillnot consume too much of your Phone memory. You can also movetheApp to SD card if you are running out of phone memory. Featuresofthe App 1. Widget support helps to play songs directly fromthewidget without opening the App. 2. Browse songs in 6 differentways(Playlist, Genre, folder, Artist, Album and songs). 3. Playsongsdirectly from folder inside the App. 4. Select frommultiplethemes. 5. Create new playlists as per your need. 6. SetSleeptimer to stop the App after a defined time to save battery.7.Remove small clips. 8. 5-band equalizer with powerful bassandvirtualizer. 9. Set any song as ringtone from the music player.10.Play selective songs in the way you want by adding songs toqueuethrough Add to Queue feature. 11. Share the track you arecurrentlylistening on social media. 12. Available in 40 differentlanguages(English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese etc.). Installthe musicplayer and enjoy your favourite songs like never before!Also,share your feedback on Google Play Store if you like theMusicPlayer App. Explanation for Permissions • Read the contents ofyourUSB storage --> To read songs from USB • Modify or deletethecontents of your USB storage -->For delete feature of the App•Receive data from the Internet -->To show ads • Changeyouraudio settings -->For equalizer and volume control •Preventdevice from sleeping -->To run music player • Modifysystemsettings -->To set ringtone from App PS: Share yourfavouritetrack on social media and let your friends know what youarelistening! PPS: Development of this app is supportedbyadvertisements. However, you can remove ads from in-apppurchaseavailable in the setting page of the mp3 player. FollowUsFacebook: GooglePlus:
Mp3 Player 1.2.1
High quality music player with powerful equalizer . Musicplayerlets you manage all your music files easily . Browse and playmusicsongs by artists , genres , songs , albums and folder . --Features-- * Supports almost all types of mp3 , flac ,midi ,wav ,aac filesand other audio file formats * High quality equalizer withbass andtreble control * Music visualizer support * Mp3 ringtonemakersupport * Sleep timer * 50 + vibrant color themes * Musictageditor support * Playlist reorder * Wearable support *Controlplayback by shake * Material design * Music search support*Default playlist support * Music resume on reopen
Stylish , Powerful and Fast Music Player with elegant design .MusicPlayer lets you manage all your music files quickly andeasily .Thisaudio player supports almost all types of mp3 , midi,wav , flac rawaac files and other audio formats . Easily browseand play musicsongs by genres , albums , artists , songs andfolder . Features : -Support for Google cast apps - Plays allaudio files - 5 bandgraphical equalizer with presets - Bass and 3Deffect - MP3 editorsupport - Play , next or previous playback byshake - Sleep timer -Color theme select option - Plays song byfolder - Queue with playlist reorder - Support for play list -Change album art - Tag editorsupport - Attractive widget andandroid 4.2 lock screen playback -Library scan
Music Player Pro 6.6
Music Player Pro is one of the best app for music and audioplayerfor Android By using music player, you can listen to allaudio filetypes. Play your favorite music mp3 and others files!Features: -Play local music - 4 tabs: songs, music, album, artist,genres... -Search all songs. Music Library wide search. Find allyour musicnever been so easy. - Beautiful designed, beautiful userinterface- Graphic equalizer - Home screen widgets - Favoritesandplaylists. Custom Playlist - Play any artist, album, or playlistonshuffle mode - Play any song, any time on anydevice--mobile,tablet, or your computer - Hight quality. - Playsmp3, ogg, flac,wav, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff,m3u, m3u8, pls,wpl playlists... - Play, pause, stop, replay... -Plays songs fromfolders and from own library - Dynamic queue -Lyrics support,including lyrics search via musiXmatch plugin -Embed andstandalone .cue files support - Download missing album art- Customvisual themes, lot of skins available on play screen -Headsetsupport, automatic resume on headset and/or BT connection-Scrobbling - Tag editor - Set time for sleeping - Edit mp3,soundfiles (coming soon) Let's download mp3 player, music playerrightnow. The application will bring you great feeling. Not wasteyourtime when downloading the music player Importance: App doesnotsupport downloading music, and not playing wma file format.
com.dywx.larkplayer 3.2.2
Lark Player is a top-rated, 100% free, and lightweight musicandvideo player that will change the way you watch videos or listentoyour favorite songs. A complete video and music player app,itsupports music and videos of all the major formats. It willfetchall kinds of saved content on your Android device and willeven letyou play YouTube music videos as well. There are tons ofscreen andmusic controls, making it a must-have music player forAndroid. √Numerous inbuilt controls (for playback, volume,brightness, speed,etc.), preset modes, and powerful equalizers tocustomize yourmusic experience √ Watch tons of videos and listen toall kinds ofmusic (in different formats) from your device, SD card,or YouTube√ A great place to discover all genres of music,including theBillboard Hot 100, iTunes Top 100, K-pop, Latin music,Indianmusic, J-pop, USA, Brazil, and Worldwide charts. √ Supportsafloating music player so that you can do more with your timeandmultitask like a pro √ Share your favorite songs and videoswithyour friends on social media and IM apps √ Users can loadasubtitle file and watch their favorite videos withsubtitleseffortlessly √ Sleep timer to turn off the playerautomatically DOMORE WITH LARK PLAYER! Get your daily dose ofentertainmentDiscover the new and trending content from charts likeBillboardHot 100, iTunes Top 100, etc. Lark Player features musicin all theleading genres like pop, rock, jazz, blues, hip-hop,country, andmore. Users can also discover local music in differentlanguages aswell. All popular formats supported Supported videoformats: MKV,MP4, M4V, AVI, ASF, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MPG, MOV, OGV,MPEG4, XVID, WMV,RM, TS, and more. Supported audio formats: MP3,MIDI, APE, WAV,FLAC, AC3, AAC, APE, WMA, ACC PLUS, and more.Customize your musicexperience With our preset modes and powerfulequalizers, you caneasily personalize the way you listen to yourfavorite songs. Thereare dedicated modes for Normal, Classical,Dance, Flat, Folk, HeavyMetal, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.Manage everything in oneplace You can fetch audio and video filessaved on your phone or SDcard. It can also be used as a freeYouTube music video player aswell. Browse the saved music by songs,artists, albums, genres,etc. You can also create and manage yourplaylists. Easy gesturecontrols for playback, volume, speed,brightness, and so on.Floating video and music player You caneasily multitask byadjusting the size and position of Lark Player’sfloating window.In this way, you can do other things while watchinga video orlistening to any song. Set sleep timer Fall asleepwithout anyworry while watching videos or listening to yourfavorite songs onLark Player. Simply set a sleep timer and the appwillautomatically shut down. Watch movies with subtitles Loadsubtitleswith a single tap and watch any video with the rightcontext. Youcan even adjust the subtitle timing as well. Sharemusic with yourfriends Liked a song and want to share it with yourfriends? Withjust one tap, you can share music via Bluetooth orsocial apps likeFacebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Message, etc. ---Please Note --- LarkPlayer is a third party app. All kinds ofYouTube music content areprovided by the YouTube music services.Therefore, Lark Player doesnot offer the direct control over anykind of YouTube contentdisplayed. You can stream and listen tounlimited YouTube content,but will not be able to download it.Furthermore, according toYouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowedto display YouTube musicvideos when the screen is locked. Hope youwill enjoy your timewith Lark Player! If you have any suggestionsor face any problemwhile using the app, please send your
Dub Music Player - Audio Player & Music Equalizer 4.0
Ξ Play songs & listen to good music with Dub FREE musicplayernow! Get stereo quality sounds with our audio enhancerfeaturessuch as eq and bass booster. Moreover, Dub MP3 Player forAndroidhas a stunning interface. Dub is an OFFLINE music player!You don’thave to be connected to the internet to enjoy downloadedsongs orsoundtracks in your phone’s music library. All around theworld,Android users have voted us as the best sound music &MP3Player for Android. You can try to Google Music player and ournamewill consistently come on top! Here are some featuresthatdistinguish us from other MP3 player for Android: ☆ CrossfadeandCrossfader Use this awesome features to mix mp3 files andyoursound music to enjoy in gapless playback. ☆ Audio EnhancersWant toenjoy good music & play songs with stereo qualitysounds?Adjust your sound music volume with a five-band musicequalizer and9 professional music genres presets for your choice.The presetsinclude Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal,Classical etc. Ouraudio enhancers are what set us apart from otherfree musicplayers. ☆ Audio player for all music formats in yourmusic libraryEnjoy various sound tracks & format! Our Androidmp3 playersupports all popular sound tracks such as MP3, WAV, AAC,FLAC, 3GP,OGG, MIDI etc ☆ Beautiful Visual & Stunning InterfaceAsidefrom advanced & powerful features, we make sure tocreateawesome interface & visual for you. You will be amazed byoursound spectrum graphic equalizer bars, analog VU meter,circularsound bars and vinyl records turntable. All the musicspectrumsbars move according to the audio rhythm when our app playsongs ofyour choice. ☆ Offline music player Listen to yourdownloaded songsin your Music Library easily. There is no need towaste data chargejust to listen to good music. ☆ Dub Share FeatureDo you want toshare your playlist, songs, albums, or artists? Nowyou can! DubShare is a cross-platform music sharing feature poweredby SendAnywhere. This feature enables you to share your favoritemusic andsongs with anyone in the world! Now you don’t have toGoogle Musicplayer that allows you to share music with your friendsand familybecause you can use Dub Share! ☆ Other Features of DubFree MusicPlayer for Android: ✔ Create and edit playlist ✔ Browseand playsongs by title, artists, albums, playlists, folders, andgenres ✔9themes (Classic, Material, Studio, Genesis, Gold, StudioOrange,Studio Green, Studio Red, Silver) ✔ Easy search function:Searchmusic by songs, artists, and album ✔ Simple andeffectiveinterface, faithfully showing the visualization of yourmusicplayed. ✔ Background music play (to keep play songs while youuseother apps, or while your device is in standby mode) ✔ 9predefinedpresets, based on different music genres ✔ Save anddelete custompresets ✔ Music progress bar for an easy navigationwithin the songyou're listening to ✔ Repeat function to keeplistening to yoursong over and over ✔ Shuffle function to playsongs in a randomorder ✔ Media volume control ✔ Home screen widget✔ Lock screenwidget ✔ Supports headset / Bluetooth controls foreasy listening.✔ Material design interface ✔ Edit tags ✔ SleepTimer ✔ Set song asa ringtone ✔ Volume Balance control ✔ Loudnessenhancer (Only forAndroid version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Speed control(Only for Androidversion 6.0 and higher) ✔ Pitch control (Only forAndroid version6.0 and higher) Music equalizer presets include: ✔Hip Hop ✔ Rock ✔Dance ✔ Pop ✔ Latin ✔ Metal ✔ Classical ✔ Flat ✔Normal So, youdon’t have to Google music player to find other appsto satisfyyour needs for an awesome offline music player forAndroid. Playyour downloaded songs and share songs with Dub MusicPlayer. (^_^♪)
AIMP v2.90, Build 845 (06.06.2019)
ATTENTION! 1. App may works unstable on Xiaomi devices based onMIUIfirmware. 2. App does not have built-in music library and usesoldschool playlist-based approach to music playback ABOUTPERMISSIONSAn access to phone is required to pause / resumeplayback after callif actions on audio focus change are disabledPlease, report aboutall bugs into ourforum: or write mailtosupport. + Supported formats: *.ape; *.mpga; *.mp3; *.wav;*.ogg;*.umx; *.mod; *.mo3; *.it; *.s3m; *.mtm; *.xm; *.aac;*.flac;*.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.mpc; *.wv; *.opus; *.dsf; *.dff;*.tta +Support for Android Auto + OpenSL / AudioTrack / AAudiobasedoutput methods + CUE Sheet support + Playback speed control+Balance control + 29-band graphic equalizer + Volumenormalizationvia replay gain or peak-based + Themes: built-inlight, dark andblack themes + Themes: custom themes support +Themes: an abilityto change theme hue + Bookmarks + User definedplayback queue +Automatic detection of tags encoding + Album Artssupport (fromtags / from file folder / from the Internet) +Multiple playlists +Smart-playlists based on folders + Internetradio + Lyrics support+ HTTP Live Streaming + An ability tocross-fade tracks + Anability to down mix multi-channels audiofiles to stereo + Anability to down mix audio files to mono(optional) + An ability toregister playing track as ringtone fromplayer + An ability torepeat playlist / track / playback withoutrepeating + An abilityto play music from File Managers + An abilityto control playbackfrom notification area + An ability to controlplayback via Headset+ An ability to switch the tracks via volumebuttons (optional) +An ability to share audio files + An ability togroup files bytemplate + An ability to sort files by template /manually + Anability to search files in filtering mode + An abilityto deletefiles physically + An ability to load files from selectedfolder +An ability to quick add all music from all SD-cards + Anability toplay files from the File Manager applications +Integration withstandard lock screen (for Android v4.0 and newer) +Widget for thedesktop (4x1, 4x2 and 4x4 with resize ability) +Widget for thelock screen (for Android v4.2 and newer)
S Music Player 3D 4.0.0
Features:✪ Support all kinds of music as other music players (Mp3,Wav , Aiff , M4a , Ogg , Acc , Flac … etc)✪ Can play musicfromyour device and support scan folder✪ Support beautifulvisualizers,you can download them free on theme store ✪ Supportmanagesplaylist with image✪ Support 3D Reverb (12 settings),Equalizer (5bands), BassBooster (up to 1000 strength), Virtualizer✪Support 30languages (we are updating)PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:✪RECORD_AUDIO:-To capture outgoing audio data from playing a songforvisualizationpurpose.( data is not stored nor send anywhere from yourdevices✪READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- To read audio files from storage.-To readalbum art picture files from storage.✪WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- Tosave our visualizer theme images tostorage.✪ WAKE_LOCK:- Toprovide stable audio playback. Specialthanks to: - AndroFanaticosfor Promo video. - By Burhan 2010 forTurkish language support. -Majida Whale for chinese languagesupport.Hope you can enjoy thismusic player!!!!
GO Music Player Plus - Free Music, Radio, MP3 2.4.1
GOMO Limited
GO Music Player PLUS is the best partner to find yourfavouritesingers and genres. You will also get a personalizedplaylist thatplays what you love. Powerful and abundant free onlinemusic andradio would bring you the best acoustic entertainment.——★★★★★——🤩New Function Online 📻Massive radio resources for yourfavoritesinger and genres. 🎧Provide free music with high quality toofferyou a better music experience. 🔥Hot song delivery everyday.👯Findthe one has same music taste with you and enjoy music togetherinGO Music Plus now ! New lucky game You just need to paly songsandyou can win real cash prizes! 100% Free to play! ——★★★★★——KeyFeature: ♪ We know what you love ♫ - Automaticallygeneratepersonalized according to your listening history. - SmartMusicalDNA knows what you love and continually evolves with yourtastes. ♪Enjoy lyrics to millions of songs ♫ - Read lyrics in realtimewhile enjoying your favorite songs. - Display the FloatingLyricsWidget and get the current track's lyrics while using otherapps ♪Easy to play and manage your music files ♫ - Add all musicfilesfrom your SD card and phone memory automatically (manuallyalsosupport) - Browse and play your music by songs, albums,artists,folders and exclusive playlists created by yourself. -Missingalbum & artist artwork is automatically downloaded(though youcan edit tags manually). ♪ Share your love to idols withmillion ofmusic fans ♫ - Besides listening to the music, you canwrite yourfeeling and view what others say about them. - Thecomments youagree with can get your vote. ♪ Much more amazing freeonline musiccentre ♫ - Connected with abundant music library, youcan easliyfind any music you like. - Automatically recommend thehotest,latest and interesting content for different kinds of you.♪Powerful Equalizer ♫ - 5 bands equalizer and pre-set musictonestyles for your choice (Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Normal,Classic,Dance, Folk, Heavy...) - Support Bass Boost, VirtualizerandReverb. ♪ Fashion design and beautiful themes ♫ - Thecontinuouslyupdated themes library provides you different styles ofthemes. -Beautiful light effects and flashlight make your musicshining. ♪Perfect Support Performance ♫ - All popular Androiddevice typesincluding PAD & PHONE. - All the Most Popular MusicFileFormats (AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, Vorbis,PCM/WAVE,Opus, lossless music) - Headset/Bluetooth Controls ♪AbundantAdvanced Functions ♫ √ Support Notification Status √ HomeWidget √Music Locker √ Music Alarm Share & discuss Facebook company : Hopeyou can enjoy this musicplayer!!! There will be ad content shown incertain scenes in ourapp. For more details, visit
jetAudio Music Player - Free Mp3 Flac Audio Player 9.9.2
Team Jet
jetAudio is the highest rated and most downloaded media playeronCNET.COM and now you can listen to same high-quality sound onyourAndroid phone using jetAudio. -- Sound Effects plugins --*Crystalizer * AM3D Audio Enhancer ( *BongioviDPS ( (Sound effectplugins willbe sold separately through in-app purchase.) (Someplugins can bepurchased in Plus version only.) It plays almost anytype ofdigital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a,.mpc,.tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma* and more) and,itprovides a very high quality sound with various effectsandenhancements such as Wide, Reverb, X-Bass. It comes with32equalizer presets that will provide a wide array oflisteningexperience. For those who would like to customize theirown soundexperience, it also allows 10/20 bands graphic equalizerand otheradvanced playback functions including playback speedcontrol,crossfading, AGC and much more. It can play music via Wi-Fifromshared folders on local home network. It works with sharedfoldersfrom Windows, USB drive attached to router or Network drives(NAS).Free Basic version provides same features with Plus versionexceptadvertisements and some features. To enjoy full featuresofjetAudio, please purchase Plus version. -- Features forPlusversion only -- * 20-bands graphic equalizer * Tag Editor(MP3,FLAC, OGG, M4A) * Display lyrics in tag (Unsynchronizedlyrics) * 2lock screens * 14 app widgets : 4x1 (#2), 4x2 (#3), 4x3(#3), 4x4(#3), 3x3, 2x2, 2x3 * Pitch shifter * Precise playbackspeedcontrol (50% ~ 200%) * Light Gray/White theme for browser(Plusonly) * Grid mode for Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser *AdjustFF/REW interval * Expanded notification bar (for JB) *MIDIplayback (using jetAudio WaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine)--Features for Basic/Plus version -- * Play music via Wi-Fifromshared folders on local home network * Can choose between 3Listmodes or 10 Grid modes for layout style (In Basic version,layoutstyle can be chosen in Album browser only) * Find on YouTube* (requires official app) * X-Wide, Reverb,X-Basssound effects * AGC (automatic gain control) to avoidvolumefluctuations between tracks * Speed control from 50% to 200%(pitchadjusted) * Crossfading, Gap-less playback * Fade-in/Fade-out*Repeat A<->B * Browser and play music by artits,albums,songs, playlists, genres and folders * Balance/Volumecontrol *Sleep timer up to 24 hours * Flick up to post what you'relisteningto on Facebook/Twitter * Flick down to show Now Playing *Flickleft/right to play next/previous * Lock screens * Headsetbuttoncontrol (Bluetooth headset) - press to pause/resume -double/triplepress to play next/prev - long press to mute or TTS(time, title) *Bluetooth headphone button control * Send trackinformation viaBluetooth AVRCP 1.3 * Multi-select function(Delete/Add toplaylist) * Keep screen on, Lock orientation options* Shake toplay next/previous track * Supporting formats: MP3, WAV,OGG, FLAC,M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE, MOD (module formats S3M, IT),SPX, OPUS,AIFF (WMA may not be supported on some devices. Pleasecheck yourdevice specification for WMA support) (If you want tolocalizejetAudio for your language, for more information)
GO Music - Free online&offline music,on demand 4.4.1
GOMO Limited
Enjoy online & offline music streaming of millions oftrendingsongs on demand. GO music is one of the MOST DOWNLOADEDmusic appin the world (over 50 million people's choice). Want todiscovernew music? Welcome to GO music! ⭐Millions of music andmusic video⭐With GO music, you have access to a world of music andvideo. Playany songs on demand. ⭐Offline music⭐ On GO music you canstream ordownload your favorite songs to listen to them anywhereandanytime! Enjoy music without wifi and Internetconnection.(Note:All of our online music can be downloaded exceptYouTube video) ⭐Discover new music ⭐ IF you want some suggestions,there are a lotof playlists made by our specialists at GO music.You can discovernew music by Mood, Genres, Chart, Activities andArtists. ⭐Searchand manage your favorite songs⭐ You can search forany songs youwant. Besides, you can search by Artists, Album,Playlist and MV.With your favorite songs and artists, you're ableto create YourOwn Playlists! ⭐Powerful Equalizer⭐ Includes Normal,Classical,Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop andRock . Itprovide you powerful equalizer and different tones. ⭐PerfectSupport Performance ⭐ - Perfectly support Android 8.0 &SamsungS8&S9 - Supports AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MIDI,Vorbis,PCM/WAVE, Opus, including the lossless music. ⭐Auto-Scan&Importing songs / audios files⭐ Adds all local songs/ musicfilesjust by a clicking from your SD card and phone memory. BrowsesandPlay your songs and music by playlists, songs, albums , artists,folders. Abundant Advanced Functions : 1. Visualiztion 2.Lightseffect 3. Support Notification Status 4. Home Widget 5.MusicLocker 6. Music Alarm 7. Headset Support 8. PAD & PHONESupport9. Headset/Bluetooth Controls 10. Color theme select optionShare& discuss your ideas:gomusichelp@gmail.com company : http://www.gomo.comHope you can enjoy this musicapp!!!! There will be ad contentshown in certain scenes in our app.For more details, visit
Shuttle Music Player 2.0.11
Shuttle Music Player is an intuitive, lightweight and powerfulopensource music player for Android. 🔹 Features: • Modern,Materialdesign • Built in 6-band equalizer with bass boost •Gaplessplayback • Lyrics (embedded lyrics only, for legal reasons)•Automatic artwork downloading • Tons of theme options,includinglight & dark mode • Sleep timer • Extremelycustomizablewidgets • Scrobbling • Open source "Shuttledoesn't try toreinvent the music playing wheel — it embraces it" "Shuttle Music Player builds on the strengthsofGoogle Play Music and adds useful, everyday features." "... the right balance between simple andintuitive,and feature rich at the same time." Note:In-app purchase is available forupgrading to the pro version ofthe app. 🔹 Paid Features: (Shuttle+)• ID3 tag editing • Folderbrowsing • Chromecast support • Extrathemes Shuttle Music Playercontains everything you need in a musicplayer... and a little bitmore. It is the music player of choicefor your Android device!Check out http://www.shuttlemusicplayer.comfor more info. ---Social Links: Github Google+ /Betatesting on Facebook:
S9 Music Player 4.7.18
S9 Music Player is a unique music player in the play store foranyandroid device with an simple yet amazing UI.S9 Music Playernotonly has amazing UI it also has best in the class soundreproducingcapacity, it is much clear and louder when compared tootherapps.It is lightweight with the app size being less than 5mb.Itcomes with a powerful 5 band equalizer with 10 presets foranamazing musical experience.Note :This is a music player whichplaysthe songs downloaded in your device NOT a Musicdownloader.Featuresof S9 Music Player★ All the songs are presentedin a dividedmanner, division takes place along the dimensions ofalbum, artist,folder, genre, playlist and all tracks.★ Add yourfavorite songs tothe playlist and listen to them whenever yourequire.★ Share yourfavorite songs from the app itself.★ Use sleeptimer and set thetime when you need music to stop automatically.★Powerful 5 bandequalizer.★ Powerful bass and virtualizer.★ Comeswith 10 presets.★You can set ringtone through the application.★ Andmanymore....This app is especially created by keeping S9's curveshapedscreen in mind. Not only for S9 this app works equallyexcellent inother devices like 1+ too.Galaxy s9 music playercarries all thefunctionality but we have added the gesture supportto the musicplayer which makes the your s9 more user friendly andusable.Pleaseprovide all the required permission in galaxy s9 forthe s9 musicplayer to work properly.Notification panel consist ofgesturebutton which requires an overlay permission in s9.Thepresentgalaxy s9 music player now comes with air gestures, you candrawgestures anywhere on your screen to play musicPS : If you likedtheapplication please share it with your friends and give us areviewand feedback :) and don't forget to enjoy your songs throughS9Music Player.Keyword : Galaxy music player, best music player
HD Music Player 2.0.1
HD Music Player is the 2017 new best music player for yourAndroidphone.If you want to listen and feel the beat of music likemusicvideos of EDM - dance music - club music, this is thebestchoice.HD Music Player has so many gorgeous visualizerscreensavailable for downloading and will be updated frequently.Ifyou area music lover you should try it once!KEY FEATURES:✪ Supportallkinds of music as other music player (Mp3 , Wav , Aiff , M4a ,Ogg, Acc , Flac … etc)✪ Have more than awesome 17 visualizerscreenfor downloading and will be updated(try it!!!)✪ HavepowerfulEqualizer that supports so many presets: Dance, Pop,Classic, Jazz,Hip-hop,Flat...✪ Have perfect Bass Booster andVirtualizer.✪ Canedit the information of track(ID3 Tag).✪ an changethe backgroundof application depend on album art.✪ Have 3 gorgeousskins:Default, Dark,Light. ✪ Can play hidden songs in your device✪Suportmore than25languages:English,Arabic,French,German,Czech,Chinese,Bengali...Specialthanksto: - By Burhan 2010 for Turkish language support. - MajidaWhalefor chinese language support. 5.0.6_r3
Eon Music Player is a minimal, feature packed, highlycustomizableand one of the cleanest Material Design Music Player.Home Screen:Option to customize home screen which by defaultincludes followingsections: Tracks, Albums, Artists, Playlists,Genre and Folderview. You have the option to remove any page youwant from homescreen or change the order in which they appear. Easynavigation& Quick controls: Eon Music Player gives you easy tousenavigation, quick controls and nicely formatted drop downmenus.You don't have to wander around in complex menus to findanything,everything is right where you need/expect it to be. Thereis noclutter and there are hardly any hidden or complex menus whichmakeit one of the cleanest Material Design Music Player. FolderView:Eon Music Player gives you access to all your audio files withalist of all folders which contain audio files. You can alsoswitchto Hierarchical folder view after upgrading to Eon MusicPlayerPro. Themes: Eon Music Player gives you 4 preset themes(Light,Dark, Black and Transparent) to customize Eon Music Playerto makeit your own the way you like it. Eon Music Player Proupgrade alsoincludes many more theme presets and a built-in ThemeMaker whichallows to create as many themes as you want. PlayerScreen Themes:With Eon Music Player you have the option tocustomize Playerscreen, two Player skins (themes) provided in freeversion andthree more options with Eon Music Player Pro upgrade.StandardFeatures: • Eon Music Player supports all common formatslike mp3 -aac - ogg - wav - m4a - flac • Clean and clutter freeMaterialDesign Music Player. • Equalizer • Folder filters • Unifiedsearch.• Tag Edit. • Homescreen widget in 12 sizes.• Notification/Lockscreen controls. • Create, edit and listen toplaylists. • AutoDownload missing album arts in high quality.• Customize homescreen. • Quick navigation. • Eon Music Playersupports AndroidJellyBean to Android Pie. #AudioPlayer, #MP3Player,#Offline MusicPlayer Coming soon: Tablet support. More Languages.PermissionsExplained: Eon Music Player needs following permissions:To readaudio files. android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Tosavedownloaded album arts for To Download To keep on playing when device isinsleep mode. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK To set a clip asRingTone. android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS To check if there's isanytype of data connection before attempting to download get notified when a callcomes in or when you hang up an If you have any issueregardingEon Music Player Pro upgrade or anything payment relatedpleasedrop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon aspossible.Also if something does not work please report it using EonMusicPlayer contact menu, you can also request new featuresthrough'Feature Request'. If you want to help in translating EonMusicPlayer to your native language get in touch using Eon MusicPlayersettings 'Contact > Contribute Translation'. You will getcreditfor your help in the Eon Music Player's 'About' section.NotePlease note that: • Eon Music Player does NOT let youdownloadMusic, nor do we encourage illegal Music downloads. • EonMusicPlayer does NOT let you stream Music. • Eon Music Player is alocalMusic Player/Music Library Manager. Looking forward toyourfeedback, hope you enjoy using Eon Music Player.
DiscDj 3D Music Player - 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio v4.007s
DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with a super cool 3DDJuser interface in a virtual 3D world where the Dj machineisfloating in the virtual area. This virtual dj app supportsAndroid2.3+ Experience a music player in the form of a virtual DJmixerapp where you can use it to do the DJ work in a party ORNormallyplay continuous music where the dj shifts songs from oneturntable/ deck to another without any breaks OR You can use anyoneof thetwo turntables / decks as a normal music player. DiscDj 3DMusicPlayer is a music player with the looks and a lot of featuresof areal DJ. Its hard to get precise control over it as the screensaresmall but hope you will enjoy the mini DJ mixer app. KeyFeatures:-* 3D DJ user interface like a real dj machine where thevirtual djmachine is flying and where you can move around thevirtual djmachine for seeing its beauty from different angles byjustscrolling. Lock and reset feature is available at thetop-rightcorner of the screen to reset to the original position *Discs withalbum arts * Central control to play/pause next/previousboth thediscs * Autofade ( Automatic Crossfade ) with adjustabletimer& ON/OFF feature * Button click fade – it's like autofadeonclicking the buttons * Manual song shift slider / crossfader*Mixer with playlist, equalizer, volume controls and many features*Browse and play your music by albums, artists, folders,composers,genres, playlists, songs, more advanced browsing likealbums ofparticular artist & genre * First ever virtual dj appwith 10Band Equalizer - Under the Dj push-button-sliding,beautifullyanimated 10 Band Equalizer for Android 2.3+. 10 bandsgive you moreprecise control with more accuracy. 17 in-builtpresets in theequalizer - Classical, Club, Dance, Full Bass, FullBass andTreble, Full Treble, Headphones, Large Hall, Live, Party,Pop,Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock & Techno * Sampler Addon- 4sets (Default, 808 Drum Kit, Drum Kit, Rise n Drop - each having6sound samples) with 3 modes of play - Play/Cut Play, LoopandPlay/Stop * Record - Record your performance / mixes / remixes/music with the record feature at the top-center of this dj app*Pre-cueing / Pre-listening / Split Audio Output * Pitch Slider*Sound Effects / SFX * Low Pass Filter & High Pass Filter *BPM* 4 Hot Cues per turntable / deck * Loop features - In/Out,Seconds& Reloop/Exit * Cue Buttons * Play/Pause Next/Previousperturntable / deck * Shuffle / Play All / Play Single
Bass Booster & Equalizer 1.4.3
Improve the sound quality of your android device with theBassBoost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music and videosoundslike never before. Bass Booster lets you adjust sound effectlevelsso that you get the best out of your Music, Audio or Videocomingout of your device. Main Features: * Bass Boost effect *Stereosurround sound effect * Five bands Equalizer * 10presetequalizations(Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, HeavyMetal, HipHop, Jazz, Pop, Rock) * Customizable preset * 16 ColorfulThemes *Notification control * Cool Spectrum * 3 Widgets(1x1, 1x1,2x2)Works with most Music and Video players. Simple Installationandusage: 1. Effect for Music or Audio * Turn on the Music playerandplay your music * Turn on the Bass Booster application andadjustsound level and frequency. * Put headphones for a bestresults * Toclose application and revmove from Status Bar press theclosebutton of notification. 2. Effect for video * Just like effectforMusic or Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, than, letitrun in background. * Turn on the Video player and play your video*You must get a good effect sound results for video
Bass Boost + EQ 1.4.4
Effect of BassBosster + the Equalizer Enhances the soundqualitycoming out of your android.This application recommendationfor youwho like the sound of optimal volume level sounds muchlouder.BassBooster effect and Equalizer making media files producequalitysound in a Digital DTS surround support.Features:♒ BassEnhancer♒Five band equalizer♒ DTS Digital surround♒Spectral Effects♒ WidgetdesktopAll compatible media players like Google Play music,Mp3player, music player, Radio, Video Player, JOOX, SpotifyMusic,SoundCloud etc.♒♒♒ Use with headphones for best results ♒♒♒♒♒
Music player 6.5
Mp3 player, music player, one of the best app for music andaudioplayer for Android By using mp3 player, music player, youcanlisten to all audio file types. Play your favorite music mp3andothers files! By music player, you will easily to find allthemusics in your phone. Features: - Play local music - 4 tabs:songs,music, album, artist, genres... - Search all songs. MusicLibrarywide search. Find all your music never been so easy. -Beautifuldesigned, beautiful user interface - Graphic equalizer -Homescreen widgets - Favorites and playlists. Custom Playlist -Playany artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode - Play any song,anytime on any device--mobile, tablet, or your computer -Hightquality. - Plays mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mp4/m4a (incl. alac),ape,wv, tta, mpc, aiff, m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists... - Play,pause,stop, replay... - Plays songs from folders and from ownlibrary -Dynamic queue - Lyrics support, including lyrics searchvia plugin- Embed and standalone .cue files support - Downloadmissing albumart - Custom visual themes, lot of skins available onplay screen -Headset support, automatic resume on headset and/or BTconnection -Scrobbling - Tag editor - Set time for sleeping - Editmp3, soundfiles (coming soon) Let's download mp3 player, musicplayer rightnow. The application will bring you great feeling. Notwaste yourtime when downloading mp3 player, music player Note: Thisis secondgeneration of our mp3 player, music player that will bekeptmaintaining and updating frequently. The old version wasstoppeddevelopment so please download this version to get yourbestexperience. Importance: App does not support downloading music,andnot playing wma file format.
Free Music - Music Player, MP3 Player 8.2
One of the best free music player in 2018, let you listen toendlessfavorite free music. You can find every song you want here.You caneasily listen to the trending songs, chase your favoriteartists,pick your beloved genres and create your own playlists.Free Musicis also an excellent MP3 player to play your local songsoffline.Key feature of online free music: ♪ Millions of free musicpoweredby YouTube Services. You can almost find every song orevery artistyou want. ♪ Discover new music and popular songs inhot genres suchas Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Latinetc. ♪ Bestmusic finder, which let you search music, artist andplaylisteasily. ♪ Easy-to-use playlist maker. You can one click tofavoriteyour music, artists and playlist. You can also make yourownplaylists. Key feature of MP3 Player: ♪ Browse and play yourmusicby songs, albums, artists, folders and exclusive playlistscreatedby yourself. ♪ MP3 Tag editor allows you to edit the tagsof yourmusic files easily such as title, artist, and album name. ♪Add allmusic files from your SD card and phone memoryautomatically. ♪Support all the Most Popular Music File Formats(MP3, AAC, AMR-NB,AMR-WB, FLAC, MIDI, Vorbis, PCM
Bass Equalizer & Pod Music 2.3.3
Dreams Room
Not only a Professional pod style music player, but also aIntuitiveEqualizer and Bass Booster to improve your music soundquality.Built-in powerful Bass Booster and Equalizer, Lets youadjust soundeffect levels so that you get the best out of yourMusic or Audiocoming out of your device. The New InteractiveExperience you havenever had before. Use with headphones for abest results. Features:* Real Ipod style music player * Play yourmusic by track, artist,album, folder or playlist * HD RotationVinyl style playbackinterface * Multiple dynamic visualization ofthe spectrum * BassBoost sound effect * Virtualizer 3d stereosurround sound effect *Intuitive five bands Equalizer * 10Equalizer presets (Classical,Dance, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Folketc.) * Media volume control *Stereo led VU meter * Lyric support,Automatic scanning all thelyric files, and matching the mostappropriate lyrics file for yoursongs. * Notification STATUSsupport: display title and artist,play/pause, equalizer, next songand stop CONTROLS in notificationstatus.
Music Player - Mp3 Player v3.6
Best of 2018 🔥Top Rated App 🌟Stylish Design 🎧Free Music App 🎵Listento your favorite music with #1 Music Player App. Audio Beatsis Thebest music player for android with tons of features andbeautifuldesign. This mp3 player built-in top quality equalizertakes yourmusic listening experience to next level. Beats app letsyou easilymanage all your offline music at one place, browsethrough quicksearch and supports playing in all music format. ItsStylish,Powerful and Fast Music Player, It takes very less memoryandprovides perfect music experience. Its the most useful eqmusicplayer for android. ★ Fashion Design - 30+ Best MusicThemesReplaceable background picture. Choose your own picturefromgallery. Gorgeous free background skins. Customise with tonsofcolors. ★ Powerful Beats Equalizer Boost your music experiencewith10 amazing presets, 5 bands, bass booster, music virtualizer&3D reverb effects adjustments and much more. ★ Built-in Mp3cutter- Ringtone Maker Easily cut the best part of the audio songsandsave it as Ringtone/Alarm/Notification/Music file etc. KeyFeature:⭐Supports all music file format - MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC,3GP,OGC etc. ⭐Browse and play your music by Albums, Artists,Playlists,Genres, Folders etc. ⭐Playlist Auto/Manual Backup - Neverlooseyour playlist. ⭐Music player with Lyrics Support(embeddedlyrics).⭐Headset/Bluetooth support. ⭐Music Duration Filter.⭐IntelligentSleep Timer. ⭐Smart Shake to Change Song. ⭐BothPortrait/LandscapeMode Support. ⭐Background Picture - Choose yourown pictures.⭐Built-in free JAudio Tag editor support. ⭐WidgetsSupport(4x4,4x2,4x1,4x1) ⭐Playing queue with reorder - Easily addtracks& drag up/down to sort. ⭐Track all your listening smarterwithSuggested Dashboard at one place. ⭐Smart Auto Playlists -Recentlyplayed/Top Played/History Fully playlist support &Build yourown playlist on the go. ⭐Mark Favorite songs option ongo. ⭐Choosefrom Multiple Player Designs. ⭐Powerful search - searchquickly bysongs, artist, album etc. ⭐Beautiful Lockscreen controlswith fullscreen album art support (enable/disable). ⭐Last.fmIntegrationAutomatically fetch artist information such as artistart orbiography. ⭐ Scrobber support. ⭐Powerful Mp3 Cutter&Ringtone Cutter. ⭐Folder support - Play song by folder.⭐PartyShuffle Music - shuffle all your tracks. ⭐Genius Drag toSortPlaylist & Play Queue. ⭐Play now screen Swipe to changesongs⭐Easily customisable best themes -light/dark/black/color/picturethemes. ⭐Download missing album art& artist image. ⭐Wearablesupport. ⭐Perfect workout music app.⭐Play songs in shuffle,repeat, loop & order. ⭐Easy Navigation& Minimalisticdesign. ⭐Beats guide to find all your songs andmusic. ⭐The bestfree music offline app and media player. ⭐Sharesongs easily.⭐Notification control - control track fromnotifications. ⭐Morethan 35+ languages support. This free mp3player with eq and highvolume app allows you to play music withbest sound and minimalusage without draining battery. Itsoutstanding features make itTop Mp3 Player of 2018. Perfectalternative for default musicplayer. If you are confused to choosereplacement for default musicapp, Audio beats is here for you. Itstons of amazing musicfeatures with free equalizer, makes it perfectchoice. Please note:Beats media player is offline local mp3 playerapp. It dont supportonline music download or music streaming. Welisten to our usersPlease feel free to reach out to us for anysuggestions/queries We appreciate yourkind support andpatience. Please feel free to download and have atry.
in.krosbits.musicolet 4.1 build157
------------------------------------ PLEASE READ THISBEFOREINSTALLING 1. This app plays only local audio files (mp3 etc)thatyou already have. This app does not support music streamingordownloading. 2. As this app doesn't have internet permission,Itcan't have any feature that usesinternet.------------------------------------ Musicolet is simple,light yetpowerful music player with all essential music playingfeatureswith some advance features like... ✅ Multiple Queues Now itispossible to create/manage one Queue while listening songsfromanother Queue. Musicolet is the only music player in androidmarketwhich supports multiple Queues. You can create maximum 20Queues. ✅Simple GUI with Minimalistic design & Easy navigationFor fastand easy navigation we placed all important components ofthe app(like Main player, Queues, Folders, Albums, Artists,Playlists) injust one row. So you can access them with just 1-Tap!✅ Tageditor+: Can edit tags and album-arts of multiple songs atonce. ✅Move/Copy songs, Rename folders directly in app ✅ Folderbrowsing 📁2-types of folder structures: 1) Linear (all folders atonce) and2) Hierarchical(folders within folders) ✅ PowerfulEqualizer🎚🎚🎚:Separate presets and settings for Speakers🔊,Headphones🎧, Bluetoothetc. ✅ Gapless playback ✅ 🎧Earphone controls🎧Single click forpause/play. Double click for next and Triple clickfor previoussong. On each press >=4 you can Fast-Forward thesong. ✅Embedded Lyrics + LRC support Supports offline lyricsembedded inaudio file as ID3 tag. You can edit embedded lyrics fromID3 tageditor. Musicolet also support .lrc files for synced lyrics.(Note:Musicolet doesn't fetch lyrics automatically from internet.Youhave to manually write or paste lyrics in tag editor, if thereisno embedded lyrics. It doesn't fetch lrc file automatically.Forlrc files, You have to find lrc file from internet, put it inthesame folder and rename to exactly match it with audio filenamemanually.) ✅ Sleep timers 2 types: 1) close app after hh:mmtime or2) close app after N songs. ✅ Add shortcuts ofanyalbum/artist/folder/playlist to your HomeScreen (Launcher) app.✅Stunning Widgets Control music right from your home screenwithawesome looking widgets, without opening the app. ✅ LockScreen(with controls, Queue and Lyrics) ✅ 🚘 Android Auto support 🚘Fromyour 'Android Auto' enabled car, you can control music andaccessyour playlists, queues, folders and whole music library.✅🎉Changenotifications appearance🎉 ✅ You can also enableFast-Forward andrewind buttons in notifications from settings. ✅Light and darkthemes ✅ Backup and Restore Automatic and Manualbackups. Restoresettings, playlists, play-counts from any backupanytime on anydevice. And much more... 🚫No Ads🚫 No internetpermission,Completely offline Musicolet doesn't even use Internetpermission(a.k.a. network access permission). (You can check thisin 'Apppermissions' at the bottom of this description in PlayStore.) Soit cannot send/receive even a single bit of data to/fromtheinternet. Not even in background. Full respect of yourprivacy.Dedicated to Music lovers 🎶 all around the world. 🌎 Createdwithlove ❤, lots of code and sleepless nights. Hope you will likeourwork. ------------------------------------ Tosendfeedback/suggestions, report bugs or for other queries...Contactus:
Free Music Video Player for YouTube-Floating Tunes 9.0.1
⭐ Free Music Player for YouTube: Floating Tunes - discoverandlisten to millions of free songs on YouTube in high-qualitymode!You can keep the music playing while you use other apps. ⭐ 1️⃣AIBacked Categories ⭐ 2️⃣ Free Online Music ⭐ 3️⃣ Millions of Songs⭐4️⃣ On-to-Go Offline Play Mode ****Key Features of Floating Tunes-Free Music & Music Videos**** ♫ Listen to Free Online Music.♫Background Play Mode. ♫ Amazing Song Recommendation. ♫SearchMillions of Songs. ♫ State of Art Music Player. ♫ DataManagement.♫ Music Locker Feature. YouTube Content: - Search amongmillions offree music videos for free - Browse Top Charts songs -Smartrecommend your similar songs, guess your liked songs -Accesspersonal for your music that you've recently played andlikedDisclaimer: To meet YouTube Terms of Services Free MusicPlayer forYouTube: • does not download YouTube videos or mp3 files.• doesnot play videos in the background. • does not cache videosorsupport offline playback. • does not play videos on the lockscreenor when the screen is turned off. • All the content isprovided byYouTube and Floating Tunes is only a 3rd-party clientand does nothave control of this content. • Floating Tunes requiresan internetconnection either wifi or cellular. • Draw over otherapps: Playvideos in a floating popup window
Y Music - Free Music & Player
Y Music provides you a unique app to listen to your favoritemusicfor free, and it play music for HD quality. Y Music helpsyouSearch and stream millions of freely available songs amongmillionsof songs in the vast SoundCloud® catalog and discover newandtrending music by genres, Pop, Rock, Hip-hop...You canorganizesongs into unlimited playlist, and review your recentlyplayedmusic in My Library part. Y Music is the best free musicdiscoveryapp, which has beautiful and intuitive user interface. Itis also apodcast player, which allows you listen to music, news,podcasts,sports, talk and comedy shows. Y Music Highlights: - Overmillionsof tracks form emerging and established artists - Searchand streammillions of freely available songs online - Discover newandtrending music by genres, Pop, Rock, Hip hop... - createplaylistsof your favorite songs and audio tracks - Use keywords tosearchdirectly for tracks, songs, albums and playlists - Browse andplayyour music with Music Charts (BillBoard, iTunes, BBC Music) -Editmetadata about tracks, albums, artists, genres - Repeat andshufflesongs play - Sleep Timer Please Note: Y Music is poweredbySoundCloud® API, all the content of Free Music is providedbySoundCloud®. Y Music is not a music downloader, and unabletodownload music for offline playback. Y Music for SoundCloud mayuselarge amounts of data and carrier data charges. For bestresults,we recommend you connect your device to trusted WiFinetworks whenavailable. Thanks for using Y Music, and your feedbackalways keepsus improving with more and more cool features. If youlike Y Music,please rate it 5 stars.
Volume Booster - Music Player with Equalizer 2.0
Volume Booster - Equalizer, let you press just one key to boostallyour phone sound volume to maximum including music,games,ringtone, notification, voice call, system & alarmsounds. Itis absolutely the most amazing sound booster and musicequalizer in2018. You can not only boost your volume and controlvolume, butalso play music with equalizer and bass booster, watchthebeautiful music spectrum. You can use all theseprofessionalfunctions free in this app.Volume Booster forandroidSound Louderwill boost volume to max and increase soundquality according toyour android device.Volume Control & ModeProfilesYou cancontrol each Android sound stream separatelyincluding music,games, ringtone, notification, voice call, system& alarm. Ourapp provides 5 common used sound mode profiles foryourconvenience, they are music mode, Sleep mode, meeting mode,outdoormode and silent mode. Of Couse, you can also DIY your ownsoundmode.Music Equalizer EQMusic booster enables you to adjustyoursound tracks with a five-band equalizer. There are 10professionalmusic genres presets for your choice; they are Hip-hop,Rock,Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, Flat, Normal, andCustom.BassBoosterThanks to the professional audio decodingtechnology, thebass tuner and virtualizer will improve your soundquality to letyou enjoy the best music free.Music Spectrum &MusicVisualizerYou can watch the wonderful visual sound spectrum atthesame time you listening to songs. All the sound spectrumsmoveaccording to the audio rhythm.Music Player - MP3 PlayerYou havenoneed to download a music player and equalizer separately fromnowon. Embedded music player allow you to play all your musicandusing the EQ and music spectrum at the same time.
com.jrtstudio.AnotherMusicPlayer 5.9.48
Enjoy your music with the best music player. Features include:• Display by song, album artist, album, artist, playlist,composer,genre •  10 Band graphic equalizer •  30+ themes • Embedded lyrics•  Tag editing •  Play many formats (wav, ogg, mp3,3gp, mp4, m4a,alac, tta, ape, mpc, wav, flac, wv and wma ) •  Batchselection –for selecting multiple songs at once to add to playlist,eq • Custom lockscreen •  Sleep timer •  Podcast bookmarks • Scrobblingsupport •  Chromecast support •  Android Auto support
MX Audio Player- Music Player 1.22
Free Music Player for Android device users that haveadvancefeatures in playing & listening songs.Come forward andgetsmart and one of best music player for android device is MXaudioPlayer . DOWNLOAD FREE..!! “MX Audio Player- free musicplayer" isa powerful music player for android device users, it canplay mostof the audio files , such as MP3 , WAV , AAC , APE , WV ,WMAetc.It will be the best way to enjoy your music and yourvoicerecorded files. Makes it easy to discover , play the music youloveto listen on your Android device. It has a beautiful,fastandintuitive interface, alongside powerful audioconfigurationoptions. MX is music player that have attractivefeatures. AdvanceFeatures: - Streaming from Internet - Supportsmany formats ofaudio files. - Audio Equalizer for sound qualityenhancements -Plays songs from folders and from own library -Built-in stereowidening effect ,top-bottom slider volume control,replay gain,loopmode - It provides High Quality sounds in playingaudio files -Easy to use and astonishing user interactive interface-Application controls are on touch gestures for changing songs-Headset Controls -User can set songs as ringtone,deleterparticular songs from list - Go back or forward in yourlists.Hurry up..!!! Don’t wait just grab it…
Hi Music-Free music app for millions songs
QianXun Team
Hi Music is a free music app,you can enjoy your favoritemusicvideos for free! Millions of free music from youtube! Best of2017songs! Download Hi Music for free music right now! #Features-Search among millions of YouTube music videos for free.-Latestmusic and hottest music listbymood,activities,genres,trending,artist and more. -Musiccoverscountries around the world: USA,Brazil, UK, France,Canada...chooseyour favorite! -Including dozens of musicgenres:Electronic,Soul,Hip-Hop,Reggae,Rhythm&blues,Disco,Jazz,Classical,Dance,Flat,Folk,HeavyMetaland more. -Music radio for slacker: whether you want tosleep,party, work or do physical training,there is a radio foryou. -Watchmusic videos in full screen or use the floating formultitasking.-Move the floating player wherever you want on thescreen. # Comingsoon -Creat your own playlist. -Share the songs orplaylists youlike with your friends through Facebook or Google.-Create yourmusic account (through Facebook or Google) and syncyour music onother devices at once. -Play your own mp3 files.-Power saving mode.# Recently popular -Hottest songs -Popularalbums -Popular singers #NOTICE Hi music is a third party musicplayer app, all the contentis provided by YouTube services. HiMusic does not have any directcontrol of their content. If thereare any content that may infringeupon anyone's copyrights, thefollowing link can be used to reportthe content: If you have anyfurtherquestions, please feel free to contact us
Music Player - Audio Player & Music Equalizer 1.7.8
Dreams Room
Music Player is a perfect audio player and media playerwithBeautiful background skins, Its powerful equalizer &bassbooster, can fulfill all your musical needs! 🎊💯 MusicPlayerbuilt-in edge player, switch seamlessly anytime, anywhere! 🎉🎉 🎉 🔊Features : ♪ High-Quality MP3 Player ♪ Easy to play songs ♪Headsetcontrols ♪ Desktop lyrics ♪ Lock screen music play ♪DesktopWidgets ♪ Edge Music Player ♪ Set as play next song ♪ Playssong byfolder ♪ Drag to sort the playlist ♪ Music Alarm, Sleeptimesetting ♪ HD Vinyl style, Gorgeous Themes ♪ Auto-Scan&Importing songs/audios files ♪ Automatic scanning all thelyricfiles, and matching ♪ Browses and Play your music byplaylists,songs, albums, artists, folders 💿Support all the MostPopular MusicFile Formats - Support all music and audio formats:like MP3, WAV,FLAC, AAC, APE, etc. 🚀 Powerful Equalizer & GreatSound - 10band graphic equalizer: Presets Includes Normal,Classical,Hip-Hop, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Pop &Rock ❤️Free download this perfect music player & audio player!Thepowerful equalizer makes your music sounds more professional,Youare free to control the music style now! 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻
Music Player - Colorful Themes & Equalizer 2.0.4
A audio player with gorgeous playback, local music searchandpowerful equalizer. Stylish, Stable, Efficient and FastMusicPlayer with elegant design. Easily and High-quality to play,enjoyand manage all your music files. Auto-Scan & Importingsongs /audios files Automatic adds all local songs/ music filesfrom yourSD card and phone memory. Category Classification Browsesand Playyour music by playlists, songs, albums, artists, folders,Recentlyplayed and favorites. Local Music Search Powerful searchengine forsearching the local music by albums, artists, songs. HighQualitySound Effect 5 band graphical equalizer with presets(Normal,Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop, Jazz,Pop andRock), Bass boost and Virtualizer, enjoy your high-qualityplaymusic experience. Multiple Playback A Powerful music playerwithmultiple beautiful playback interfaces for you choice.ColorfulTheme Customize your exclusive theme Abundant AdvancedFeatures: -Lyric Support - Support Notification Status - DesktopWidget -Music Lock Screen When Playing - Sleep timer - HeadsetSupport -Magic playing bar - Headset / Bluetooth Controls - ShuffleandRepeat mode - Tag editor support - Plays song by folder
audio.virtualizer.equalizer.bassbooster.musicplayer 1.6.7
Music Player with powerful music equalizer, bass booster andgreatsound virtualizer, Quick search all music files, free to getthisperfect audio player and media player. Tune yourself withrealaudio effects and enjoy your favorite tracks on this all-in-oneMP3music and audio player. Music player can quick to show youtracksby artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folderstructure.Access your music library directly from the app. Improveyour musiclistening experience easily thanks to the easy to use UIand theBass Booster option. You are free to control the music stylenow.Key Features: * Browse and play your music by albums,artists,genre songs, playlists, folders. * Powerful equalizer. Morethan22+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice(Normal,Classic,Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock...) * Customtonemusic style and manually adjust the equalizer. * A powerfulbassamplifier. * Home screen WIDGETS Player. * Support Lyricfiles.Automatic scanning and matching. * Sleep time setting. * Freetore-edit album and artist name. * Add to queue feature. *Customyour Playlist * Headset/Bluetooth Controls Bass Booster&EQMusic Player makes it possible for you to mix, edit andcustomizethe sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal musiclisteningexperience.
BlackPlayer Music Player 2.56
BlackPlayer is a Free MP3 Music player that plays localcontent.Highly customizable, smooth and snappy with modernminimalisticMaterial design. Elegant tasteful animations throughoutthe mp3music player interface. Top audio quality. You can tweak thedesignto your liking with the powerful settings available. Swipe inthemiddle of the screen to navigate between the pages. Tap on thetoptitles for additional options. The mp3 music player keeps tracksofyour most played Artists and Albums giving you a smartstartpagecalled 'Play Now' with suggestions what to play. Keyfeatures:. ★Supports standard local music player files such as MP3,WAV, OGG,FLAC, M4A 🎵 ★ 5 Band Equalizer, BassBoost, 3D SurroundVirtualizerand Amplifier. You can also use your external Equalizerfor bestaudio quality ★ Gapless audio playback. ★ View & Editembeddedlyrics, supports synchronized .lrc files. ★ HD Albumcovermanagement, auto and manual. ★ ID3 Tag editor, edit Tracks,Albums,Artists & Genres ★ Customizable Themes, fonts, colorsandanimations ★ Supports Android Auto and Wear OS (previouslyAndroidWear) ★ Supports mp3 music player scrobbling. ★ 3 widgets. ★Sleeptimer (activate in Interface Settings) ★ Crossfading Join thebetachannel if you want faster updates! New Free beta versions comeoutoften to BlackPlayer MP3 Music Player. Please read the FAQ ifyouhave any issues,here:
Crimson Music Player - MP3, Lyrics, Playlist 3.9.8
Crimson Music Player is a Free Audio MP3 Player, withBeautifulModern Design and has powerful features like Lyrics,SmartEqualizer and Gesture Controls. Crimson Player is totally FREEandAd Free for a better User Experience. Stylish, Powerful andLagfree Music player with widgets and better than defaultmusicplayer. Share Music with your friends with Crimson, The bestmusicPlayer for Android. The Lyrics Finder, Built-in SmartEqualizer andTag Editor adds a great value to your music hearingexperience.Organize your music by folders, artists, albums genresandplaylists ★ Beautiful yet Simple and Light User Interface ★OfflineLyrics, Search and save Lyrics ★ Backup / Restore Lyrics ★TagEditor ★ Gesture Controls ★ Album Art Change ★ PowerfulSmartEqualizer ★ Song and Sleep Timer ★ Folder Music Player ★ArtistInformation and Details finder ★ Advanced Song Sharing ★Easyorganization of your songs in Playlist ★ Totally Free (Ad Free)ProFeatures ★ Floating Lyrics ★ Infinite Themes ★ Font Changer★Backup and Restore PlayLists ★ Customizations Thanks tothefollowing- Harsh Sheth, For you immense help in testing of theappAlbum Art and Artist Information is provided byLastFm( Icon Resources - Various Authorsfrom you see youricons, resources or services used in Crimson,but you are notlisted here, I assure you it wasn't deliberate.Please contact me,and I would happily add your deserving mentionhere in thedescription.
AudioVision Music Player 2.8.5
AudioVision is modern designed music visualizer, which can beusedas fully-featured music player at the same time. It allows youtoorganize your music by albums, artists, genres, manageplaylistsand more. The visualizations currently contain a bunch ofcarefullyprepared design patterns with endless customizationpossibilites.The playback can be controlled also by using wigets,notificationor from the lock screen. The user interface is designedwithmaterial design in mind for seamless user experience.Somefeatures:- organize music by artists, genres, playlists, albums andmore -built-in highly customizable music visualizer with userdefinablebackground and colors - enhance playback by usingequalizer toadjust sound levels - fresh designed material styleuser interface- small app size - multi-size widgets and lock screencontrols -seamless songs playing using queue - mark best songs asfavourite -create, delete, rename or modify playlists Note: If youhave anyproblems or questions, please, read the FAQfirst:
Equalizer: Bass Booster & Volume Booster 1.3.2
Bass Equalizer is a easy-to-use Equalizer with Bass Booster,Volumebooster and 3D Virtualizer effects ,can improve the soundqualityof your Android device, Implying unprecedented soundquality! 🎊 🎉💯🚀 Improve the sound of your music on a whole newinterface evensimpler and elegant. Perfect for maximizing soundvolume, listeningto your favorite songs and playlists andrevisiting your music! 🚀Use professional audio, video decodingtechnology that allowshigh-fidelity music and video playback. Inaddition, mostProfessional EQ will help you manually set the musicfor yourexclusive property. 🔊Features for Equalizer: ----- ★★★★★----- ♪Media volume control ♪ 10 Equalizer presets ♪ Bass Boosteffect ♪Lock media volume ♪ Stereo led VU meter ♪ Home screenwidget ♪Equalizer sound booster ♪ Five bands Music Equalizer ♪Musicvisualization Spectrum ♪ Bass booster for headphones 💎 4Reasons toIncrease Equalizer & Bass Booster for Android: 🚀AmazingEqualizer is an all-in-one bass booster - volume booster,thatoffers brilliant sound quality 🚀 Increase volume of anyaudiodevice with just one touch. 🚀 Sound Booster really perfectyourmusic listening experience with EQ 🚀 Music Visualizer playsmusicand renders beautiful visualized effects 💿 Bass Booster letsyouadjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out ofyourMusic or Audio coming out of your phone. 💿 Volume Booster isanexcellent volume control app that controls Android phone volumeforall sound streams. 💿 Virtualizer making media files producequalitysound in a Digital Surround Support! ❤️ Customize musiclisteningexperience with Equalizer & Bass Booster and feel likeneverbefore!🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻
Free music for YouTube: Stream 2.12.02
You've been waiting for it's here: THE free YouTubesmartmusic player! Stream gives you access to all of YouTube videosandlets you play them in a handy floating popup for amultitaskingmusic listening experience. Search your favoriteartists, createyour own playlists, discover new music genres andbrowse the dailyTop Charts of your country, unlimited musicstreaming! No need todownload your songs anymore, you finally havea free YouTube playerthat lets you check your newsfeed or answeryour messages whilewatching your favorite videos! NB: we had toremove the possibilityto listen to your music in lockscreen inorder to respect YouTube'sTerms of Use. Stream is a music streamingapp, not a downloader,and cannot play your own mp3 files FLOATINGPOPUP PLAYER - YouTubeplayer: watch your videos in full screen oruse the floating popupfor multitasking - Customize the size of thefloating popup to yourneeds - Move the floating popup playerwherever you want on thescreen YOUTUBE CONTENT - Search amongmillions of YouTube musicvideos for free: smart search withsuggestions - Browse the dailyTop Charts songs: USA, Brazil,UK...choose your Top! - Access 100music genres: Electronic, Soul,Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm &blues, Disco, Jazz and more - Discoverour special radios: whetheryou want to sleep, party, concentrate ordo some workout, there isa radio for you - Start a radio from anyvideo for hours of freemusic, no need to download your tracksanymore, get unlimited musicstreaming - Access in a click a tabdedicated to your music wtihcontent you've recently watched andliked - Enjoy simple one touchand drag & drop gestures tomanage and listen to your musicPLAYLISTS & CURRENT QUEUE -Create your own playlists - Easilyre-order your playlists with asimple drag and drop - Share yourplaylists and the music you lovewith your friends - Create yourStream account (through Facebook orGoogle+) to save and accessyour playlists from one device toanother - Directly import theplaylists of your YouTube account onStream - Add songs and manageyour current queue easily WIDGET - Setup to 3 widgets to accessdirectly from your home screen : - the TopCharts songs list - therecently watched and favorites videosADDITIONAL FEATURES -Customize your Stream experience with Themes:dark or light (free),gold, blue neon, or emojis world (in-apppurchases) - Schedule yourmusic stop with the Sleep Timer feature:5 min before bedtime? 10min music break? Just choose, Stream willautomatically stop whenneeded :) - Battery Saver: automaticallyreduces the brightness tosave your battery PLEASE NOTE Stream is athird party musicstreaming player app, not a downloader. It doesnot allow to listento your own mp3. All the content is provided byYouTube services.Therefore, Stream does not have direct controlover the contentdisplayed. "Please use the following link to reportany contentthat may infrige copyrights: is not a mp3downloader." You can stream and listen tounlimited songs but willnot be able to download them. An internetconnection is required(wifi or cellular data). According toYouTube's Terms of Use, we arenot allowed to display videos whenin lockscreen, nor to let youdownload songs. PERMISSIONSINFORMATION You will be asked toauthorize two accesses within theapp: - one to allow Stream tomodify the brightness of your device(for the Battery Saver) - oneto enable the floating popup playerABOUT US: Follow us onFacebook: Join ourGoogleCommunity: youare experiencing any issues or have comments and suggestionspleasecontact us at, we will do our best tohelpyou!
Music player 1.67.1
Music player app is one of the best mp3 player for android.Music,audio files are played smoothly. It is beautiful and free.Appsupports music formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, etcAppwas organized to help listen to music easier, "Music player"scansall music in your mobile rapidly. Best audio equalizerimprovesyour sound on speaker in any space Supports the latestDolby Atmosaudio technology (but on some devices this feature isnotavailable). Listening to songs on "Music player" will givebettermood and better life. Features of free music player - mp3player: *Almost music formats are supported (mp3, m4a, wav, flac...).Detect all music files in android mobile. * Offline musicplayer,song player, audio player, powerful mp3 player with highquality. *Browse and play audio, music via a convenient menu. Themenu hasmany items such as: album, artist, genre, song, playlist,artist,directory and album. * Notification bar - mini music playeron lockscreen. Show album artwork, titles and artists. Includebuttons incontrol bar like: play, pause, skip and stop. * Play nextsongautomatically. Queue of songs is supported. Add music tothewaiting list very easily. * Send or share your favorite songstoyour friends via emails, social networks ... * Has equalizerwithgreat sound. This MP3 player has bass boost, reverb effects,etc,built-in equalizer will enhance your music listeningexperience. *Many backgrounds to make mp3 music player morebeautiful * Edit -Crop or Trim music, cut audio. make better andsmaller size, setmusic as ringtone or notification tone. * Edit thesonginformation, you can change song details for example: songtitle,album name or the artist name. * Work well with headsetorheadphone. All buttons on headset was supported. Don't needtotouch on your device. * Music library. All of audio music, songsinlibary will be shown. * Search feature. Search by title(songname), album , artist, playlist. * Playlist. Users are able toadda new playlist, edit or delete an old playlist. Add album,artist,song, genre directory to playlist. Has recent playlists.*Bluetooth control. Compatible with bluetooth headphone orheadset.Support all controls like rewind, next, pause, stop, play *Musicplayer widget. Let's pick widgets to home screen forbetterexperience. * Support mp3 file. Mp3 is the most popularmusicformat. So we also call as mp3 player or audio player. * Showphotoof song, artist and cover of album. Please download andexploremore functions. We hope this free music player bring youmorecomfortable in listening audio files. If you love music playerappplease write some reviews to encourage us. We always want togetyour feedback about the Music Player. Hope you get best moment.
Free Music - MH Player 7.4
MH Music Player, the best video music app in 2017 for you to enjoyanearly endless catalog of free music online. With MH MusicPlayer,you can watch and listen to the world's largest catalog offreeonline songs provide by YouTube. You will easily discover newsongsand top songs from top charts in different genres, albumsorartists. You are able to create your own playlists based fromyourfavorite songs, singers, genres or mood. Key features: ☆Up-to-datemusic from Recent Hottest Track. ☆ All-time top musicfree from topcharts. ☆ Discover new music and popular songs in hotgenres suchas Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, EDM, Country etc. ☆ Discovernew musicby new artists, classic favorites, and everything inbetween. ☆High localization for more than 98+ countries. Recommendtop songs,hot music genres, popular singers according to yourcountry. ☆ Bestmusic finder, which let you search music and playmusic easily. ☆Best playlist maker to let you create your ownplaylists. ☆ Bestmusic streaming experience. Floating player windowfor multitaskingexperience. Disclaimer: MH Music Video Player is athird party apppowered by YouTube API. All the content is providedby YouTubeservices, MH Player does not have direct control over thecontentdisplayed. Please use the following link to report anycontent thatmay infringe copyrights: Inorder to meet YouTubeTerms of Service, MH Music Player • Doesn'tprovide videos downloadfunction(not a music downloader), whichmeans it does not cachevideos or support offline playback. •Doesn't play music inbackground, while you can use the floatingplayer window formultitasking experience. • Doesn't play musicwhen the screen is offor when the screen is lock.
Free music listen to online 2.1.2
Alan First
Listen to your favorite music, build playlists without payingandregistration. Now millions of tracks are yours absolutelyforfree!Our key features are:√ Our app finds albums of yourfavoriteartists, just type artist name and choose the most favoritealbum!√Beautiful collection of music for any taste!√ Ability tokeep trackof increasingly popular music and sound√ Noauthentication, or anyother actions that require username orpassword√ Streaming musicover WiFi or mobile connection√ If youwant to listen to musicoffline, our app scans your device's memoryand finds all yourtracks, so you can listen to them offline√Ability to play, pauseand switch tracks from the lock screen√Ability to play, pause andswitch tracks from the drop down menuscreen√ Ability to composeand edit your own playlists for anyoccasion√ Ability to add tracksyou liked to the list of favorites√Search album covers of yourfavorite bands and singers√ Search tipsthat make it fast andconvenient√ High-quality sound, and it's allfree!√ AdvancedequalizerOur app has artists for any taste, like:★AlternativeMusic★ Anime★ Blues★ Brazilian★ Children's Music★Religious Music★Classic★ Comedy★ Country★ Dance Music★ EasyListening★ ElectronicMusic★ Fitness★ French pop music★ German folk★German pop★ Hip-Hop/ Rap★ Music for the holidays★ Indian music★Instrumental★ J-pop★Jazz★ K-Pop★ Latino★ New Age★ Pop Music★ Rhythmand Blues / Soul★Reggae★ Rock★ Chanson★ Soundtracks★ Speaking★Vocals★ Music fromaround the worldNote: This app doesn't provideMP3 download evenyou cannot download music of any kind. This appdoesn't containsmp4 songs.This is to confirm my affiliation withthe website
InShot Inc.
Music Player is the best music player for Android. Withgorgeousequalizer, all formats supported and stylish UI, MusicPlayerprovides the best musical experience for you. Browse allsongs onandroid device, listen to music without wifi, you deserveto getthis perfect offline music player for free now! Equalizerwithgreat sound This MP3 player with bass boost, reverb effects,etc,built-in equalizer will enhance your music listeningexperience.Audio Player for All Type of Audio Formats Not only anMP3 player,Music Player supports all music and audio formatsincluding MP3,MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, etc. And play them in highquality. NiceUser Interface Enjoy your music with stylish andsimple userinterface, Music Player is a perfect choice. You canalso choose acolor theme or player theme you like in this MP3player. KeyFeatures: 🎵 Support all music and audio formats, likeMP3, MIDI,WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, etc. 🎵 Offline music player, songsplayer,audio player, mp3 player with high quality. 🎵 Powerfulequalizerwith bass boost, reverb effects, etc. 🎵 Play songs inshuffle,order or loop. 🎵 Scan all the audio files automatically,manage andshare songs. 🎵 View by all songs, artists, albums,folders andplaylist. 🎵 Favorite songs and custom your playlist inmp3 player.🎵 Easily search songs by keywords. 🎵 Lock screencontrols and playsin notification bar. 🎵 Set songs as ringtone inoffline musicplayer. 🎵 Useful for workout. 🎵 Sleep Timer. 🎵 Stylishlayout andthemes. 🎵 Widget supported in this powerful audio player.PleaseNote: Music Player is for playing local music files, it’s notamusic downloader. Hope you enjoy your music with Music Player.Anyideas or suggestions? Please feel free to contact
Best Music Player - FairPlayer 5.0.1 Fluro Green
Best music player - exactly what you've been looking for!Featuringa powerful equalizer that is based on solid foundationsand supportfor thousands of themes, this is the top music playerexperience! 🎶The best music experience is here! Get this perfectaudio and mediaplayer today and enjoy the best music playerexperience with theleast amount of ads of any other top musicplayer out there. Wevalue you, as a customer, greatly and we wantyou to have the bestaudio player experience there is, and that iswhy we introduced theLoyalty Program - the more you use our bestmusic player to listento your favorite offline music, the less adsyou will see. 🎶 Notethat this app is an audio player with highsound quality foroffline listening that allows you to play localmusic, this is nota music downloader! 🎶 A music player withequalizer, bass boost,headset support and thousands of playerskins, FairPlayer is alight yet powerful audio player that is readyfor any gym workoutroutine. Best music player supports most commonmusic formatsincluding mp3 and wav etc. 🎶 Group songs in playlists.Weautomatically add the songs you enjoy most in the"favorites"playlist. 🎶 Make it your own. Enjoy your music more withthousandsof themes that match your mood. Set yourself apart withthe bestmusic player animated themes. 🎶 Get the best music playerand youwill enjoy: - the most customizable top music player -support forall common audio formats including mp3, wav, flac, aacetc. - apowerful equalizer with lots of presets - bass booster,widgets,themes and more... 🎶 Why settle for less when you canenjoyeverything the best music player has to offer plus access tothebest high quality animated themes? 🎶 You get full access to allthecurrent features and future updates to your top music playerforfree. Enjoy the best audio player for Android with bestequalizerand heavy bass. Play more!
Music Player - Mp3 Player 7.0
Music Player - Mp3 Player with powerful built-in equalizerwillhighly improve your sound quality and allow you to enjoyyourfavorite songs anytime, anywhere without networks. TheMusicEqualizer enables you to adjust your sound tracks with a 10bandequalizer and enjoy a powerful bass amplifier. ☆ Built-in 10BandMusic Equalizer Music EQ enables you to adjust your soundtrackswith a 10 band equalizer. It provides 18 professional musicgenrespresets for your choice(Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin,Metal,Classical, Folk, Headphones...) ☆ Support all weird audioformats.This MP3 Player supports all popular sound formats such asMP3,WAV, WMA, AAC,FLAC etc. ☆ Quick search all music files. Youcanbrowse and play your music by albums, artists, songs,playlists,folders. And you can also search your music. ☆ ImproveSoundQuality - Bass boost & Virtualizer effect Withprofessionalaudio decoding technology, the music booster willimprove yoursound quality to let you enjoy the best music. ☆ 20wonderfulvisual sound spectrum styles You can watch the wonderfulvisualsound spectrum at the same time you listening to songs. Allthesound spectrums move according to the audio rhythm. ☆Othergoodfeatures: 2 home screen WIDGETS (Black and White styles).Easilyset any song as your default Ringtone. Sleep Timer. Supportsaudioheadsets control. Thank you so much for your patience andsupport!
Music Player 1.15
See Below the long list of unique feature that this MusicPlayersupports. Unique Features: NO OTHER MUSIC PLAYER SUPPORTSTHEMSmart & Unique Play list management. Part play a song orsoundclip (Extremely useful when your want to memorise something)LatestDJ Support for mixing song like in professional DJ Searchmusiconline download them and add them to playlist all insidemusicplayer ( We strongly discourage downloading copy rightedmusicOther Features * Latest equalizer. 10 - 5 bands as per device*Browse and navigate music and video by by albums, artists,songs,playlists, folders. * Easy and pleasing to use sleek UI. *Allformat supported * Smart Play list based on songs rating *VideoPlayer and Browser * Sleep Timer * Shake the phone supportMusicplayer, mp3 player is a free mp3 and all music player forAndroid.By using Music player mp3 player you can listen to allsongs. Nowplay all you songs and music free with best music playerof 2108Download this amazing and unique Music Player, mp3 playerenjoy allyour song free. Please give your valuable feedback so thatwe canimprove this application.
Music Player - just LISTENit, Local, Without Wifi 1.6.58_ww
Free to Get this Perfect Audio Player and Media Player. TinyMusicPlayer with Awesome UI, Built-in Powerful Equalizers,Multi-formatSupport, Theme Color, Night Mode, Ringtone Cutter, 3DReverbEffects, etc. It can fulfill all your need about LOCALMusicPlaying. Over 12,000,000+ fans have joined LISTENit in oneyear.They enjoy the best music experience with best high qualitysound.Browse and play LOCAL music on android device faster[LISTENitMusic Player Key Features] ★ Browse & Play MusicBrowse alllocal music files in seconds from a variety of localsources: SDcard folders, Gallery app, ID3 tags. Play all your musicsorted byplaylists, artists, albums and folders. Create all yourfavouritemusic as LISTENit playlists together with your own mixes.★Powerful Equalizer Professional and friendly equalizer tofulfilyour various demands. Equalizer with Bass Boost, 3D ReverbEffects& 23 Equalizer Presets based on music Genres,likeJazz, Blues, Pop, Country, Rock, R&B, Hip-hop, Dance, Classical,DJ,Folk, Heavy Metal, Electronic, Piano, Normal, Custom… ★Multi-formatSupport Support all the popular music file formats,such as MP3,MP4, MIDI, AAC, FLAC, OGG and more. ★ Ringtone CutterCut any audioyou like precisely to make your personal ringtone,and set it asdefault ringtone / alarm / notification. ★Customizable Theme ColorChoose whichever color you like. We'velisted the Androidrecommended colors for your selection. What'smore, you can createan exclusive LISTENit for yourself byadjusting the hue andbrightness to customize any color you like. ★Night Mode Night Mode,the cool black theme, protects your eyes. ★Support headset controlHelps to control music when you don't wannapick up your phone.★Support Notification Status "Play/Pause","Skip forward" and "Stop"Controls. Display music title, artist andalbum artwork. LoveLISTENit? Like us on Facebook. If you have anysuggestions orcomments on LISTENit, feel free to tell us onFacebook. Weappreciate your feedback.” 1.8.7
The best online & offline music player! Millions oftrendingmusic, top music. ALL FREE! Download this powerful musicplayer andenjoy NOW! Free Music Player – Online & Offline MP3Player is apopular free music player & song app which lets youplay yourfavorite music, audio files and YouTube music video.Listening toyour favorite and new trending music, free songs andwatching hotmusic videos have never been easier. With this freemusic player,mp3 player, music fm, you can listen free unlimitedsongs, searchyour favorite artists, create your own musicplaylists, anddiscover new music genres. Want to play free musicanytime,anywhere? Download Free Music Player – Online & OfflineMP3Player and enjoy endless music. Free Music Player – Online&Offline MP3 Player knows what you want to listen! ♬FreeMusicPlayer – Online & Offline MP3 Player Features: ♬Listen toFreeOnline Music: Discover New & Trending music,automaticallypersonalized according to your preference. ♬LocalOffline MusicLibrary: Manage your favorite songs in one place,listen to musicfiles from your SD card or phone memory. Great wayto enjoy offlinemusic. ♬Auto-Scan & Import Local Songs/AudioFiles: AuroraMusic automatically add all local songs, music audiofiles fromyour SD card and phone memory. You can browse and playyour songsand music by playlists, songs, album, artists or folders.♬PowerfulMusic Search: Easily find online music from bestresourcesincluding YouTube or Soundcloud. ♬Background Play Mode:Enjoy yourfavorite songs with superb background play mode feature.No moreinterrupt when listening to your favorite music when phonelocked.♬Customize Music Theme: Choose music player theme based onmusicgenre and your current mood. Customize Music Equalizer:IncludesNormal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip hop,Jazz,Pop and Rock. It provide you powerful equalizer anddifferenttones. Powerful Music Alarm: Music alarm feature to remindyou thatit's time to relax and listen to your favorite music. Youcan alsouse music alarm feature as normal alarm clock to wake youup withfavorite music. Never miss any important events and getrelaxed!DEAR USERS ♬PLEASE NOTE:♬ 1. Free Music Player – Online&Offline MP3 Player is using the third-party API sourcefromSoundCloud®, YouTube and SHOUTcast. All the free music isprovidedby SoundCloud services and YouTube services. By the way,you cansearch and play the songs on SoundCloud or YouTube. 2.AURORA MusicPlayer is not an online music downloader. We do notsupport cacheor download songs. 3. For more details aboutSoundCloud, pleaserefer to details about YouTube, please referto in this Free Music Player – Online & Offline MP3Playeris provided by the third-party. If you find any infringementrelatedissues, please contact us via We willfix itas soon as possible. Thanks for your support! Feel free tosendmessage to us on Facebook or Twitter:Facebook:
Indian Music Player 2.0
Indian Music Player is a simple lightweight mp3 music &audioplayer with amazing features like Stylish Material UIDesign,amazing equalizer & Quick search for all music files.Few MindBoggling Features : Lightweight & Super Fast MusicPlayer -Music Player designed to be light on your phone with lessthan 4 MBspace. Super Smooth UI - Super Smooth Music Player UI withalbumcover image & quick access to most required controls ofmusicplayer. Shuffle & Repeat Mode - Supports Shuffle mode toallowyou randomly switch between songs in playlist & repeatoptionto keep the music rolling, Unlimited Playlists - CreateunlimitedPlaylists as per your needs with Indian Music Player &listento your favorite music all the time. Set as Ringtones&Notification Tone - With Indian Music player at hand, you cansetany song as your ringtone or notification tone just with aclick.Background Music Player with Notification Panel - It alsocomeswith background playing capability so you do not need to be intheapp all time & supports a notification panel that allowstoquickly go to next,previous,pause song. MP3 Music Player -Itsupports all types of MP3 files & even other formats.BassBooster & Equalizer - It comes with customized bass boostertohelp you enjoy music the way you like. Search Support -IndianMusic Player auto scans the system & takes all musicfiles todisplay in one place. You can also search for any fileright withinthe player. Download Indian Music Player now &start enjoyingyour music ! Note- All product and company names aretrademarks™ orregistered® trademarks of their respective holders.Use of themdoes not imply any affiliation with or endorsement bythem.Permissions Explanation: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : This is usedtodownload various themes and store it on your externalstorage.WRITE_SETTINGS: This allows you to set an song as ringtone&save in your phone settings. CAMERA & FLASHLIGHT : Thisallowsyou click your own image & set as background for yourmusicplayer.
Music Player 1.9
This Music player contains beautiful user interface withawesomedesign, themes and skins !This audio player is inspired byClassy,Glassy and Eye Catching Design approach. This is yet anotherUniqueand Best designed UI/UX Music App & Most beautiful MusicPlayerto give your phone a classy look. You will love the graphicsandfunctionality of this mp3 player.【Incredible SoundControl】►Classic► Dance► Flat► Folk► Heavy metal► Hip-hop► Jazz►Pop►Normal【Shake Detection】► Shake your phone toplaynext,previous,pause,stop currently playing songs【SleepTimer】►Sleep timer to stop played music anytime (music autooff)【Equalizer& Bass Booster】 ► Smart virtualizer► Powerfulmusic equalizer►Mega bass booster【Widgets and Lock Screen】►Attractive lock screen& widgets to control whole mp3player【Supported media files】►OGG► WAV► MP3► FLAC► MAC ► APE► M4A►AAC► & many more【Fastestmedia scanner】► You can scan all mediafiles in few seconds withthis music player mp3 .【Personalization】►Contains 8 themes and 3iPlay Music Player Playing Skins !【Bluetoothcontrol】► Listen viaBluetooth or using head phone, earphone【Playlist and Ringtonemaker】► Create your favorite playlist ofsongs using this musicplayer in a single touch and set yourpleasing song as yourringtone contact wise , ringtone cutter helpsyou to make new ringtones► You can Cut any of the song as this appcomes with Mp3cutter & Joiner. Use Mp3 Cutter to create yourfavoriteRingtone included in this application.【Browsing andSearching】►Browse and play mp3 songs, via album, artist, playlist&folders► Search any songs in list view or grid viewThis musicappfeatures the most modern yet classical interface. The style ofthismusic app is simply elegant & this music player is free.Goodreviews will motivate me to work harder & will help metoimprove this Music Player continuously. This is the mostpowerful& fashionable free mp3 music player for androidThisaudioplayer is in beta version and is under development, if anyoneofyou find a bug or if the player crashes please let us know tofixthe bug before placing a bad review or rating.Your suggestionsforthis Quick Mp3 Player are always welcome and will beappreciatedfor the improvements of the app, we thank you for yourkind supportand cooperation.Enjoy this Audio Player with 3D soundeffect &feel the experience of audio players with highequaliser. Theseclassic themes are drawn from iPlay Music player& Swipe MusicPlayer inspirations.We promise you that this mp3player with eq andhigh volume will win your heart & this is anawesome MusicPlayer for android as per the Design &Functionality isconcerned.【Disclaimer】 ► This music player classicis neitheraffiliated nor endorsed by Samsung & android™ is aregisteredtrademark of Google Inc. We have used some ads to supportourdeveloper team in this app & we hope for the cooperation.Thisis not a Music Downloader or is not for Mp3 Music Download ,Youcan`t free music download via this application.Thank you forusingthis La Musique or Music Player Apps ! We are soonintegratingSwipe Music Player Functionality and iPlay Music Playerthemes inthis Music Player App. 【open source libraries used】 ► Lastfm►Ringdroid► Volley► Circular arreveal► Nine oldandroid►Picasso【Contact us】► Let us know if you have any queriesorfeedback`s regarding this mp3 player for android phone ?Gettechnical support 24x7 or contact us at panache.labs@gmail.Com ?