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Photo Background Eraser 3.0
Looking for FREE Background Eraser foryourphotos? You've come to the right place!Main Functionality :- Photo Background Eraser is a great choiceforAndroid users who wish to easily create images withtransparentbackgrounds. It’s also great for extracting objects outof acertain picture so you can use that object as a clip art,collageor stamp. Furthermore, this app will also serve as a greatphotoeditor for those who collecting stock photos. So go ahead andcheckit out...# Application Features ##Easy to use#Stable and responsive interface#WITHOUT ADOBE PHOTOSHOP USE (This is a Real PhotoBackgroundChanger)#Features a wide range of tools and options for removingimagebackgrounds – ex. Pinch Zoom, Reset, undo, redo, cursoroffset,eraser circle size, etc.#Select a photo via the Choose File button from gallery or takeanew picture with Camera.#Unlimited undo and redo, free rotation option.#Adjust Effect - 3 ADJUSTMENT tools (opacity,brightness,contrast).#You can adjust the size of the eraser circle and cursor offsettooland move the target symbol over the image, and starts erasingthebackground, NOW!!#Apply Multiple effects to make your photo look realistic.#Add Background Photo - Remove & Change your photobackgroundvia Select Background button.#Share your creations via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, andonOther Apps and surprise the loved one.....The Background Eraser is, without a doubt, one of the besttoolsin Photo Editor for removing unwanted areas of a photo. Looksgreatdoesn't it?Thank You......
Space Eraser 1.0.1
You can easily erasing a variety of objects from photographusingthis application.However, this application has a verydifferentpart than the other eraser tools.It is not just objecterase, isthat you can erase the space.Not only erasing people andobjects,the layout of a photograph is also changeable if thisapplicationis applied.This application is effective forlandscapes.Steps :Pen(Red): Select an erase region.Pen(Green):Select a form-protectregion.Eraser: Correction Pen.Note :May notwork properly dependingon the model.
Photo Effect Eraser - Blur With Style 7.30
/**Go through the help screen first - view the video link inthehelp screen**/Photo Effect Eraser is a unique stunning photoeffectapp which makes your photo beautiful than ever. Choose aeffecttemplate and and intensity - you are done. But wait , its notjustan traditional photo effect app, it's more than that. Choosethedesired shape from eraser menu and let the app do the magicforyou. It will erase the desired area's effect. Variety ofeffectsare available through template - blur, box blur, glass,black andwhite, sketch and more. Each of the image effects makesyour photobeautiful. Try it to believe it.Features- - Simple anduserfriendly interface.- All available effects come with atemplate. -Lots of image /photo effects like blur effect, blur 2(try it youwill love it), glass effect, box blur effect , greyeffect, TVnoise effect, pixelate effect , watercolor effect andmore.- Cuteffect with a desired shape - android, apple, love,circle,polygon, flag, like, unlike, flower, butterfly and lotmore.- Nowshapes edges are visible with white colors - seescreenshots- makesmore beautiful than ever. Try it withexperimental mode.- Variouseffects are available for original imageas well (not template) -grey effect , glow effect, water coloreffect etc. - Set as workWallpaper and amaze friends.- Move to SDcard is available.- Saveto SD card with your desired name.- Shareyour work to socialnetworking sites - like Facebook, twitter,Instagram , Google plusfrom the app itself.Photo Effect come asfree version and paidversion as well. Free version come withadvertisement. And fewfeatures are disabled in free version.Supportme to bring more andmore beautiful apps/games with liking Facebookpage, rating thisamazing app.Facebook Page: touse:!!!!Important:: Share your opinion with comments, fb page, orwrite to me. I willtry to answer earliest.
Photo Eraser 2.1
Photo Eraser lets you erase unwanted content in a photo whereitspeople you don't want in the photo or objects that you wanttoremove the photos. Photo Eraser is the best Mobile Photo Editortoremove content from Photos. Are you bummed by Photo Bombingfrompeople? Selectively erase the Photo Bomb from the photo. Deleteanyunwanted content in the photo with Photo Eraser. Best PhotoEditorfor People who want to remove content in their photos. PhotoErasergive 4 options to select from when you erase a content in thephototo chose the best photo option.
Background Remover 2.0
Background Eraser - Not just an ordinary photo editor app, it’sasmart photo background eraser app for your android devices.Withour photo background Remover app you can smartly erasebackgroundcolor or object easily. Instead of downloading manyphotobackground remover apps, download our photo Background Removerappand easily remove or add background to your image. Key Featuresofour Background Eraser App: 1. Smart Crop option:- Most oftheapplication provides default square crop option, but in thisphotoediting app we custom crop option. With our smart crop toolyou canselect crop location by marking crop location by using yourfinger.2. Erase Image Background:- Use the background eraser optionofthis photo background remover app to erase photo background.3.Fill Erased Location back:- Mistakenly erased some otherlocation?then don’t worry. You can always fill erased location backtonormal by using our fill tool. 4. Magic Tool:- Remember Magictoolon Adobe Photoshop software? With our Pic Eraser app you cangetMagic selection tool so that you can easily selectparticularregion on your image by just one click. 5. RegionselectionIntensity:- This option works with magic tool. If ourmagic tool isselecting only small region then you can increase theintensityusing this option. 6. Zoom:- Some times small areas alsomatterswhile editing, that time you can use our zoom option of thisphotoeditor to work with your image carefully. 7. Increase ordecreasebrush size:- Select erase or fill tool and click on settingto getthis option and drag the slider to increase or decrease brushsize.8. Increase or decrease offset size:- To get this optionselecteraser or fill tool and click on settings. With this offsetsizeyou can make brush far away from the working location so thatyoucan easily see the location which you are editing. 9. Reset:-Don’tlike the changes made from this photo background remover app?thenuse the Reset option. 10. Image Editing option:- In this toolyouwill get smoothen, brightness, opacity, contrast andsaturationtools. 11. Change Background:- In this photo editor appyou willalso get an option to change background. You canchoose-withoutbackground, take background image from camera, piccolor from colorpicker or use background images provided by the appitself. 12.Save or Share option:- Once you are done with editingusing thisphoto editor app, you can save image to camera roll orshare it onany social networking site like Instagram, Facebook.Finally, thisis one the best app to consider for working withremovingbackground in the image. Background remover is one of thebestphoto editors for background removal. Download this topbackgrounderaser app for free to erase photo backgrounds. 12. Saveor Shareoption:- Once you done with editing you can save image tocameraroll or share it on any social networking site likeInstagram,Facebook. Finally, this is one the best app to considerfor workingwith removing background in the image.
Photo Healer - Erase People 1.3
Photo Healer help you Cleanup photos by removing unwanted contentinphotos. Whether you are looking for Pimple Removal, BlemishEraseror to Erase People from photos, Photo Healer is the appforyou.Photo Healer is easy to use:1. Select a Photo you want toFixwith Photo fixer.2. Highlight the Area you want to erasefromphoto. This can be Pimples to be removed, People in photo thatneedto be deleted, Blemishes that need to be removed.3. Click onHealto correct the photo.4. You can repeat 2 and 3 multiple timestoerase people, remove Pimples and Erase Dimples etc.5. Saveyouredited photo and share with friends and family.Photo HealerHelpsyou Fix makeup in photos by removing ugly features in aphoto.Photo Healer can be used as Photo Makeup tool to removePimples andother unwanted content on photo faces.Photo Healer isthe bestimage fixer.
Auto Background Eraser 1.0.0
It has never been so easy to maketransparentbackground image in your mobile phone.Showcasing automatic white background area removal (magic handtool)and free rotation of the workpiece when you use brushes,thisandroid app is a class leader.Background eraser removes among the last productivity frommobiledevices so that you can cut out and save transparent imagesto usewith the cool background image editors and much more is essential to create a picture's backgroundtransparentcorrectlymake your picture adventurous with our exciting varietyofbackground
Auto Photo Background Changer 1.5
Photo background eraser lets you erase any part of the photoyoulike. You can erase the whole background and replace it withother.Just imagine a photo of your taken in a room, you can erasetheroom background and replace it with a outdoor background. Thisapplets you erase with perfection and allows you to placetheremaining portion on any other background. You use youinnovativemind to using this erasing app in many ways you like. Appfeatures: - Select a photo using mobile gallery or camera forediting. -Crop the portion which is the main object of the photo. -Erase theboarder lines of the object to get the perfection. - Easyerasingtool with Cursor Offset size and Erasing size adjusting toolbars.- Erase using your finger tip. Move your finger on the screentoerase the photo. - Undo function on case you have done anymistakein erasing. - Add different background to the edited photoaftererasing the background. - Use default background or use yourownbackground. - You can easily place the cut and editedphotoanywhere on the background. You can move it using your fingertip.- Opacity, Brightness and contrast tool to adjust and suityourphoto with the new background. - Apply different photo effectslikePhoto Negative, Black & White, Sketch effects, NeonEffects,Mirror effects, Oil Paint, Sun Burn, Television Effect, OldPhotos,Multiple Sepia Color effects and many more. - Easy save yourfinalphoto and share it through whatsapp, facebook and othersoicalapps.
Auto Photo Background Changer 6.1
Change Photo Backgrounds with new backgrounds with the HelpofMagical Eraser tool for backgrounds. Auto Photo BackgroundChangeris the most advanced Photo Editing tool to remove photobackgroundsand Change Photo Background Auto Photo BackgroundChanger Has 6main tools: 1. Background Eraser : Background changercomes withBackground Eraser to remove photo backgrounds. ImageBackgroundChange can be done first by Erasing Photo Background.Auto Tooleasily Erases photo background. You can use Manual ToolforBackground Change. Zoom Tool in Background Changer lets you zoominand out to accurately erase background. 2. BackgroundEditor:Background Editor lets you edit erased backgrounds tochangebackground. After editing backgrounds we Auto Crop toremoveadditional content. Image background changer is the best waytoedit backgrounds. 3. Paste Photo Editor: Paste backgrounderasedPhotos on any background you chose with Paste Photo Editor.ChangeBackground colors easily by choosing new photo background. 4.PhotoCollage Editor: Free form Photo collage where you can PhotoswithErased Backgrounds and Regular photos into a single collagewhileadding Text and Photo Stickers to your photo collage. 5.NaturePhoto Collages: Download our Nature Photo backgroundsincludingWaterfall photo backgrounds, Nature Backgrounds, BeachPhotoBackgrounds, Animal Backgrounds and set them as background foryourPhoto Backgrounds or Photo Collage backgrounds. 6. Cover ArtMaker: Make your own Cover Pages for Social Media with Cover PhotoMakerto amaze your friends with Copy Paste Photos, Collages, TextonPictures, Draw on Photos and more tools. Photo BackgroundErasernow with 500+ photo stickers and Text Editor to Add text toyourphotos. Auto Photo Background Changer is the most advancedphotoseditor for Replacing photo backgrounds.
Eraser 1.9
New image can be used as stamp and share with others.FeaturesInclude • Import photo from Gallery or Capture it fromcamera •Crop images • Rotate Images 360 Degree • Erase imagewithfingertips • Zoom in Zoom Out image • Create transparentimageaccurately • Undo-Redo Changes • Set your favorite newimagebackground • Save and Share image
Background Eraser - bg remover and photo editor 1.14.0
Are you looking for an easy to use picture and photo editor? 📸Doyou want to remove background from any image? ✂️ Look nomore!Background eraser, bg remover and photo editor is the perfectappto remove, cut out or erase any photo background. Download theappfor free! 🤑 Background eraser, bg remover and photo editor istheultimate background remover tool. Cut out and crop anyunwantedimage, easily remove background from any photo anderaseimperfections on your best images and any picture. If you wanttoremove background from any photo, image or picture,BackgroundEraser, bg remover and photo editor has your back! It isan easy touse photo editor for background removal, that will easilyallow youto get rid of any imperfections on your image or simplyremove thebackground and make it transparent. Once you have editedyourphoto, you can save the image in PNG or JPG format.<2>Howdoes Background eraser, bg remover and photo editorwork? 1.Download the app for free! 2. Choose any picture you wantto editand start working! 💪 Choose the eraser option in order toremoveand make the background transparent from any image. You canremove& erase any object, background, color, people orwatermark fromyour favorite photo with just a few taps. 3. Restorethe photo forultimate perfection! 👌 4. Make any photo, picture orimage in pngor jpg format and save it. 📲 Background eraser, bgremover andphoto editor is an easy to use background eraser app,remover andeditor for any photo or image. If you are looking for aneasy touse app tool to edit and crop your photos, this is theone!Download for free and enjoy this bg eraser and remover thatwilldefinitely help any picture look better than ever!Backgrounderaser, bg remover and photo editor is the perfect appfor peoplethat want their pictures to turn out flawless. Try usingouradvanced eraser tool, change width, offset and thresholdformaximum perfection. This app is not only a background removeranderaser, but it is also an editor for any picture, photos orimages.You can remove & erase any object, background, color,people orwatermark from your favorite photo with just a few taps.Makepicture’s background transparent, remove and eraseanyimperfections in your photo, use the editor to removewatermarks,people or any other parts of an image. All of this andmore in thisbackground eraser, bg remover and photo editor. Whatfeatures doesBackground eraser, bg remover and photo editor offer?- Advancedbackground erasing tool like Target Area, Target Color,Brush Tool!- Undo-Redo actions! - Restore/Reverse Tool! - Save asPng or Jpgformat! Cut out photo background, erase color from anypicture andimage, make png and jpg formats, or crop any people orwatermarkfrom your favorite photo with just a few taps. Remember,this isnot an app that will allow you to add filters to yourpicture. Itis an app that allows background removal and allows theuser toerase any imperfections, crop objects, remove color, peopleorwatermark from your favorite photo with just a few taps. Wehavespent hundreds of hours perfecting every part of our bg removeranderaser free app in order to bring you the best qualitypossible.We’re passionate users of editor apps as well! If you haveanyquestions or comments, please let us We’d love to hear from you! Thank youfordownloading Photo Background Eraser & Background RemoverApp.
Cut Paste Background Changer 1.0.9
Cut Paste Background Changeris a photo editor app withphotobackgrounds & stickers. It has a wonderful collection ofninetypes other backgrounds. It has 60backgrounds and 200+stickerstotally. It means fun is unlimited in this app. This app isequalto 10 different types of apps. It is because 9 more differenttypesof apps’ backgrounds and stickers have been given in this apptogive unlimited entertainment to users. In single download, youwillget ten different types of apps’ features. The app size isalsovery less when we compare with any other same category apps.Nowthe choice is yours. Will you download this app to gettendifferent types of apps’ features or ten different apps to getthesame features? If your choice is first one then you willdefinitelydownload this Cut Paste Background Changerapp to get allthefeatures. This Cut Paste Background Changerapp has worldfamousphotos collections available as photo backgrounds and to setasphoto frames. By adding these world famous photos with yourphotosyour photos will be more beautiful. Each background in thisapp isdifferent. Each background is beautiful. Use cut paste tooltosetthese pictures withyour photos in this Cut PasteBackgroundChangerapp and Impress your girlfriend or friends withthe photosedited by this app. Set beautiful backgrounds or blurbackground toyour photos in this Cut Paste Background Changer may getconfusion which background is to be set. It is becauseall areselective backgrounds and all are beautiful. Either youerase thebackground of your photos &selfies and directly setthesebackgrounds or else crop your image and set on any backgroundinthe list to make it as a photo frame. Cut PasteBackgroundChangeris a user-friendly app. just Crop your image,erasebackground, set any background from the list, add stickers,flip tosuit to your image, add text and apply color effects. That’sit. Wehave taken more care while designing and developing each&every functionality. Our only aim is, this Cut PasteBackgroundChangerapp must be a user-friendly app and it must beeasilyoperated by anyone. Download this app and definitely youwillrecommend it to others. Cut Paste Background Changerhasninecategory Backgrounds Nature photos Village images Wildanimalimages Garden image collections Love images Green hill imagesMissyou images. Snowfall images Waterfall backgrounds City –worldcities images List of Stickers in Cut Paste Background Changer•Snowfall sticker • Dog ears, mouth and Tongue sticker • Catearsand mouth sticker • Candy stickers • Love • Mouth • Beard•Mustache • Tie • Sunglass • Man hairstyle • Woman Hair style•Women Hat • Tattoo • Smiley sticker • Wedding flower crowns •Clownmask • Carnival face mask • Comic • Good morning • Good Night•Photo frames • Shayari stickers Features:- • Take Selfie orTakepics with your camera or select gallery photos • CutPasteBackground Changerapp has Crop image option to remove unwantedpartfrom it • Unwanted background can be removed by eraser or cutpasteoption • Select and set any photo background with yourphotointhisCut Paste Background Changer. Alternatively either leaveitwith white background or add any single color background fromthelist. • Select a Mustache or Beard or Hair or any otherstickerfrom the list and drag it to the right position, rotate it,multitouch to resize it and fit on your face. • Cut PasteBackgroundChangerhas flip effect to apply on images & stickers• Coloreffects will make your pictures colorful & Beautiful •CutPaste Background Changer has text option to add text on yourphotos/ selfies / background images • Final image can be set asdevicewallpaper. • You can save the final image edited by thisCutPasteBackground Changerand share with your friends or girlfriendson anysocial media network.
Background Eraser 2.0.0
Aboten Apps
Still using Photoshop on your laptop? Still handling withthecomplex procedures? Stop! Wait a minute! This so calledBackgroundEraser is an app which can tailor your photos and erasethebackground. Just few steps to make your photo’sbackgroundtransparent and then you can use it as sticker and makeacollage.Powerful Features:* Easy to cut your pics.* Adjustablesizeof eraser and magnifying tip chart help you precisely erase.*Undobutton and Repair button help to recover improper operation.*Automode help to erase similar pixels quickly.* You can zoom inyourpics to erase details.* Add other pics as background tobeautifyyour photos.* You can share resulting photo to yourfriends.How touse:This app is easy to use, so just download it andtry tobeautify your photos without using Photoshop onyourcomputer.Keywords: Background eraser; Eraser; Photoeditor;Background cutting.
Auto Photo Background Eraser 1.0
Change Photo Backgrounds with newbackgroundswith the Help of Magical Eraser tool for backgrounds.Auto PhotoBackground Changer is the most advanced Photo Editingtool toremove photo backgrounds and replace them withnewbackgrounds.App features :- Select a photo using mobile gallery or camera for editing.- Crop the portion which is the main object of the photo.- Erase the boarder lines of the object to get theperfection.- Easy erasing tool with Cursor Offset size and Erasingsizeadjusting tool bars.- Erase using your finger tip. Move your finger on the screentoerase the photo.- Undo function on case you have done any mistake in erasing.- Add different background to the edited photo after erasingthebackground.- Use default background or use your own background.- You can easily place the cut and edited photo anywhere onthebackground. You can move it using your finger tip.- Opacity, Brightness and contrast tool to adjust and suityourphoto with the new background.- Apply different photo effects like Photo Negative, Black&White, Sketch effects, Neon Effects, Mirror effects, OilPaint, SunBurn, Television Effect, Old Photos, Multiple Sepia Coloreffectsand many more.- Easy save your final photo and share it through whatsapp,facebookand other soical apps.
Erase Background from Photo 1.2
Bizo Mobile
Erase Background from Photo app allowyouremove backgrounds from any of your pictures. Put your bestselfieanywhere in the world! It will create silhouette in simpleway.Just select colors form the background (using red marker)andcolors from the element you want to keep (using green marker).Weare using special algorithm that is much easier to use andmoreeffective than lasso tool. You do not have to select the wholebodysilhouette any more, clipping is automatic (looks likemagictrick)! Of course, if you need, there is possible also tousetraditional erase tool.Behind your result pic will be transparency color. Thanks thatitwill be very easy to put yourself on other photo or view.Imaginethat you can add yourself in front of Eiffel Tower orbeautifulbeach! Our background eraser is perfect for thispurpose!Then you can change the background using your backgroundreplacerapp, check out "Put yourself on Photo" app.
Cut Paste - Photos Eraser 1.1.0
Cut Paste - Photos Eraser help you create custom photo funny,romantic, truly impressive... ♥Cut Paste - Photos Erasercreatephoto by cutting from photos and paste content to otherphotos. Youcan edit or make up photo by more tool in app. ♥You cancutcontent( Animal, flower, face, body, or a part body ... ) andpasteto other photo very easy. ♥ Cut Paste - Photos Eraser is abestphoto editor & cut paste application ,help you haveawesomephoto collage from multi cut photo you took. With Cut Paste-Photos Eraser, you can combine your ordinary photos tocreatebeautiful collages. ♥ ♥ Includes over 50+ frame, sticker withphotogrid, square, heart, star, enough for you to combine thephotos theway that is the most beautiful. ♥ Cut Paste - PhotosEraser allowyou to add text, stickers to your custom photos. How touse: 1.Choose your photo you need cutting. 2. Crop and Cut. 3.Choosephoto to paste content. 4. Add your notes: draw or with text.5.Save and Share your Collection in Social. Features: ♣ Morephotoborder templates and background HD. ♣ Import photo fromGallery orCamera apps. ♣ Touch gestures to resize, rotate. ♣ Addtext,stickers to the photo ♣ ♣ Share photo to Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and other socials. ♣♣♣ More beautiful collagetemplateswill be always update ♣♣♣
Image Eraser 1.3.4
Image Eraser can help you remove the background of your imagesandphotos. You can save your cutout result either in PNG formatwithtransparency background or choosing another image asthebackground.Image Eraser provides an extremely handy selecttoolpowered by smart edge detection. With smart edge detection, youcancutout your images and photos quite quickly and easily.ImageEraseralso provides a very powerful Photo Editor for you to dofurtherediting. 3.6.0
☆ This app can find missing images saved by "Background Eraser"or"PhotoLayers" app. ☆ Please try this app in case that youcan'tload photos to photo editing apps. ★ This is just a photopicker /viewer app. So features such as "Delete", "Rename" arenotimplemented yet. x_x
Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.04
Toolwiz Photos is a superior way to make creative andgorgeousphotos on Android. Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-onePRO photoeditor providing 200+ powerful tools. This freeware istrying tooffer a whole edit toolkit for you. *Key Features*MagicFilters:40+ style filters, Let’s rock your GPU.Art Filters:Landscape,People, Glamour Glow, Grainy Film, LOMO, Flatten, Art,Strong,Vintage, 50+ Fast Filters, 80+ perfect Feeling tonefilters.ImageProcess: Blending Mixer, Layers, Rotate, Crop,Perspective, Resize,Reshape, Flip, Expand, Shrink, Patch, Healing,Lens Correction,Refit, Deskew, Lasso, Magic Cutout, Magic wand,Draw, Mosaic.ImageTone: Levels, RGB Curve, Brightness, Temperature,Tint, Contrast,Toning, White Balance, Color Balance, Color Effect,Color Transfer,Auto-Tone, Gradient Map, Day lighting.Image EnhanceDay, Spring,Night, Dark, Landscape, Underexposure, Portrait, Fogmode.ArtEffect: PIP, Double Exposure, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, FishEye, PolarCoordinates, Target, Color Splash, Spatial, WaterReflection, SoftSmudge, Deep Render, Urban, Texturizer,WatermarkDecorate: Sticker,Frame, Border, Square Fit, Texture,Flare, DUO, Clip-artHDR:Global, Partial, Keep, High Contrast, 30+othersBlack White:Classic, High-Contrast, Max Channel, Min Channel,General, 50+others20+ Blurs: Box, Linear, Gaussian, Zoom Blur,Radial, Motion,Cross, Surface,10+ Paintings Style: Fire, Freeze,Color LeadPainting, Quick Sketch, Line Drawing, Oil Painting,Gouache,Abstract, Wall Painting, Crayon Drawing,Claborate-stylePainting.Drawing: Doodle, Mosaic, Free Draw, Text,Line, Circle,Rectangle, Smudge, Eraser.Selfie and Polish: SkinPolish, FaceSwap, Face Rater, Whiten, Dermabrasion, Face Tune, SlimFace, FaceChange, Makeup, Slim Body, Height Stretching, Bright Eye,EnlargeEye, Whiten Teeth, Blemish, Red-Eyes Removal.Text: Moviesubscript,MEME, Free Input, Decals, all with shadow and masksupport.FreeOnline Resource: 150+ PIP frames, 400+ layouts, 2000+Stickers,200+ texture, 200+ Flare, 100+ Light Leak, 200+textfonts.Congratulations, you finally found the right tool. Let'srockthe world!
Background Eraser 2.6
Change Background & Photo Eraser of pictures helps to erasethephoto of yours. --> Import photo from Gallery or capturefromcamera. --> Crop and rotate Selected Picture as yourneed.--> Eraser tool erase the image using your finger tip.-->After erasing image click done button and show chooseyourFavourite Background Picture. --> you can Add Text andeasyincrease Textsize,change Font and color. --> Easy saveyourfinal image and share Gmail,Facebook,Whatsapp and othersocialapps. --> In case of any query or problem you couldsend-mail ason given mail id.
Background Changer/Eraser 1.1
your photo background is not lookinggood,ifyou want to change your image backgrounds thanchoose"BackgroundChanger/Eraser" application to edit your picturesandcreate photocollages. You can remove any area in your imagesthanchange thatarea with beautiful backgrounds and editwithcolorfulcorrections...We have included hd beautiful backgrounds as predefined.Important things given below..★ You can take the pictures from gallery or through camera★ Select the Erasing brush size decrease or increase★ Choose the erasing brush visibility areahorizontalorvertical★ Multiple images also applicable to remove the backgroundsandmakethe photo groups★ Insert the backgrounds from predefined,gallery or camera★ Apply the color corrections for images★ Make it set as wallpaper,send,share the edited images★ Falling animation effects will get after set as wallpaperYour ratings and comments must be appreciating, sopleaseencourageus with your ratings to publish morefreeapplications...Thanks for download "App2Game" apps...
com.fgsoft.pimpleeraser 1.5.0
Pimple Eraser Pimples, moles, scars and other spots on your faceina photo can be clearly removed. Use 'Pimple Eraser', andremovepimples on your face naturally, clearly, and completely.(Watchpromotion video to see how to use app) It is easy and simpletouse. 1. First, zoom in/out and move the photo so that a scar canbeseen closely. 2. Adjust the size of a blue circle. Drag thecircleand place the center of the circle on the scar. 3. Pressthe“Remove” at the bottom right, then the scar will beclearlyremoved. Make your face flawless with 'Pimple Eraser', andbeconfident about it. - Save1 : Picture saved in 'Camera' folder-Save2 : Picture saved in 'EditedPhoto' folder
Photo Eraser Change Background 1.0
Edit to transparent background andremovesomecharacter in the picture and you think the Photoshoponthecomputer can do that. But the developer teams haveproducedthePhotocopy Eraser Change Background helps you cleartheimagebackground very simple on the Android deviceThe photo eraser and background change application canhelpyouchange photo background to white, bleach background ofpicturesandcollage images. Create the unique pictures inthepicturebackground eraser software for crop the image pasteintodifferentbackgroundUsing photo background change app for blurring thepictureverysimple. Choose pictures from the library andblurringbackground asyou want. Don't worry about the difficulty,you justtouch andtouch to bleach background, if you get fail youcanrestartbackground eraser and edit applicationThe features of background changer of photo editor :- Remove any part of image easily in photo editingandbackgroundchange apps- Allow undo the clear, auto photo background eraser,addbackgroundto photo- You can change size of remove tools to change backgroundofmyphoto- Transparent background photo editor layer- Easy to use on you screen, cut photo and pasteintobackground,photoshop for android background change- Photo editor add photos on photos with transparency,photoeditorto remove background- Save the images to your SD card memory- Easily share via email, Facebook, Instagram..- FREE image background removerDownload and rating 5* if you like background eraserappforandroid.
Point Eraser (photo editor)
You can cut out the pictures by simply touchingJust touchtheunnecessary portions of the photoYou can make a fun photowithcropped photoPOINT ERASERIt is very simple app. This app isallfree☆ ※ actual testXperia Z3 Compact SO-02G(Androidversion4.4.4)GALAXYSⅢα (Android version 4.1.1)GALAXYSⅡ (Androidversion2.3.3)Been checked only.Although there is scheduled to gotoincrease the check actual future,It does not have to checktheoperation of the other models.Please use after acknowledging.