Top 13 Apps Similar to Utripjpr

Facedrive 1.0.560
Facedrive is the first emissions neutral ride sharingplatform.Riders can choose electric, hybrid or gas powered vehiclesvaryingtheir carbon footprint and the impact made frompersonaltransportation. Simply, start the app; - Select your pickupanddropoff destinations. - Choose your emissions profile. - Orderacar. And away you go... Estimated emissions are calculated foreachjourney and then offset by the journey fare. And we are stillthecheapest ride share app on the market today. Otherfeaturesinclude: - CO2 neutral rides through offset or ridingelectric. -Order vehicle pick-up day or night. - No surge pricing!- Alldrivers vetted with rider safety tracking. - Driverperformancerating and commenting. 2016 is seen by many in theclimate changecommunity as the hottest year on record in terms ofglobal mediantemperatures and the point beyond which there is noeasy way to fixthe irreparable damage already done to our planet.Our view isthat, given the choice, people like us will makesustainabletransportation choices in order to reduce our collectivefootprinton the environment. We wanted to take something asubiquitous andcommonplace as hailing a ride, and turn it into acollective forcefor change. And so Facedrive was born.
FULL DESCRIPTION The new RSL Driver helps you move around thecityand allows you make more money on your schedule. It comes withafull range of options, ranging from trip estimator, cash orcreditcard payment, real-time navigation system, an option to viewotherdrivers who are on the queue etc. BENEFITS OptimalReal-timeNavigation System You can track your earnings easily RSLDriveroffers the latest features that makes you focus on drivingandmaking money.  24 hours help support is guaranteed byoursupport team You will be paid by either cash or creditcard,depending on the option your rider chooses. For card option,youwill receive the payment in your personal bank account. Youwillhave access to periodic training and benefits WANT TO GETSTARTED?Why not give it a try and see whether you wouldn’t likeit!Download RSL Driver, and sign up to drive in the app. We’llguideyou through the steps and notify you when you’re all set todrive.
DTC 1.908
DTC App is Dubai’s smartest transport mobile application. TheDTCApp allows you to discover Dubai and to travel around the cityin avery simple and quick way, through our range of affordableTaxi,Limousine and other transport services. The DTC App hasbeendeveloped with “You” in the heart of its operations to achieveyourcomfort and happiness, while enjoying a greattransportationjourney and a pleasant experience! Reasons toDownload & Usethe DTC App: 1. User Friendly: Quick setup &easy to use 2.Range of Taxi, Limousine & other transport /delivery services3. Instant / schedule your booking in 3 clicksonly 4. Real-timefare calculation & live trip tracking 5.Professional male& female drivers 6. Comfortable, modern &safe cars 7. Cash/ credit payment options 8. Packages for moresavings 9. Track yourtravel history 10. Quick customer support 11.Rewards loyaltypoints 12. Secure payment 13. Perfect hygiene 14.Affordable cost15. FREE WiFi Download to discover more coolfeatures! About DTCFounded in 1995, Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) isa subsidiary ofthe Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) thatprovides itscustomers with a range of Taxi and Limousine smarttransportationservices within the highest levels and internationalqualitystandards, aiming to improve the customers experience intheEmirate of Dubai and achieve their happiness. DTC App isHuawei2020 Gold Developer Competition Award proud winner, competingwith4,900 participants in the Middle East & African regions.
QEEQ - Car Rental : Easy Rent A Car 5.2.1
🌟QEEQ🌟 connects you to the 🚗Global Car Rental brands (Avis,Budget,Enterprise, Alamo And More) and boutique 🚗Local Car Rentalbrands(Yesaway, Nippon Rent-a-car, ORIX Rent a Car, etc. ) aroundtheworld. Rent any cars, anywhere. 💡Trusted by 7M+ customers,QEEQoffers the best car rental service in 110,000+ locations.📲Download and access 1,000+ car rental brands with 7M+ carrentalselections Now! 🚙 Our car rental partners include Alamo,Thrifty,Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Budget, Europcar, National, Dollar,EnterpriseRent A Car, Yesaway, Firefly, you name it! Here are someof thebenefits you will get at QEEQ.COM: ★ QEEQ Rewards® ClubSimply signup and earn double points on each car rentalreservation, then turnpoints into cash, gifts, coupons, miles, andmore travelessentials! More QEEQ Members’ exclusive benefits arewaiting foryou! ★ Price Drop Protector We will automatically trackyour carrental rates and re-book for you at the best price. ★AmendReservation Modify your car rental bookings anytime withoutservicefees ★ Cryptocurrency Payment You can now pay for your carhireorder with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP and more! ★BestPrice Guarantee 100% refund of the difference when you find alowerprice online for the same itinerary. ★ Free Cancellation ★24/7Customer Service ★ No credit card fees ★ Debit Card Payment📲Download Our Car Rental App & Travel Smarter With QEEQ Today!
HireFare – Free Taxi Meter 3.2.0
HireFare is a FREE live meter taxi app that allows driverstotracktrip fare based on trip distance and trip time using GPSinrealtime. HireFare provides accurate, reliable anduserfriendlyservices for both drivers and passengers byeliminatingdailytaxi-riding hassles faced by both parties byprovidingdistance andfare in real time. HireFare is capable ofissuingdigital QRreceipts for their passengers and comes with thefacilityto scanQR receipts to help passengers to keep track oftheir rides.Knowyour options : • Tuk Tuk • Car • Van • Bus • Lorry• Boat •BikeWhat are the features available in HireFare: • QRReceiptHireFareis cable of issuing QR receipt to passengers. Byusing thesameapp, passengers can scan and store them in their smartdevice.•Precise Fare Calculation HireFare was optimized togenerateprecisefare calculation by using GPS • User friendly moderndesignEntireapp has 2 clicks. All you have to do is start the tripandend it.We used modern interfaces to give you handy experience.•Detailedhistory trip details Both drivers and passengers canviewtheirhistory trip details in very detailed manner. •Configurablefareamount Driver has the full authority to decide thefare amount.Atthe beginning of the trip, passengers can see thefare details.•Continue the last known location when device crashesSave thetripdetails periodically to continue the trip when devicecrashesorsudden shutdown. • Trip earning summary Drivers caneasilychecktoday's earnings, yesterday's earning and earning fortheentiremonth as a summary in "Hire History" section. Are youhavinga taxicompany and need a customized meter solution, wecancustomizeHireFare for your needs. Drop us an email and zaotecteamwillcontact you soon. We are constantly trying to improve forabetteruser experience. Feel free to share your HireFareexperiencewithus and suggestions to make it better. We For more details visit ourofficialwebsite
Skeddy For Lyft Drivers 3.0.0
Lyft Drivers Use Skeddy. Earn more money by driving with Lyft.Ifyou have the Lyft Driver app installed, then you need Skeddytoorganize rideshare scheduling and get more scheduled rides.Skeddyis a ridesharing app for Lyft drivers that helps you scheduletripsnear you and organize driver rides through the app intoaprofitable chain. We help rideshare drivers (Lyft partners)drivesmarter by auto-scheduling rides within the rideshare app bythedrivers’ preferences. It helps to combine the ridesharingscheduleand takes only the trips drives want from the list ofrequests onLyft – such as lengthier trips to the airport, whileeliminatingunprofitable or irrelevant trips. If you use Skeddy forrideshareservices scheduling, you’ll will get more trips you canorganizeand experience less downtime with the Lyft Drivers app.Skeddysupports the Lyft Driver app only. Our mobile app does notsupportUber, Taxify, Gett, Bolt, Le Cab, Via, Curb, Ola, or anyother taxiridesharing service for drivers. FEATURES: ===RIDESHARINGAUTOMATION === Skeddy discovers Lyft rides in advanceand combinesthem for Lyft Drivers into a profitable chain trip. ===RIDESSCHEDULING === With Skeddy, a Lyft driver choose frommultipleavailable rides in advance, and build a driving schedule. ALyftdriver just need to make rides using Lyft driver app. ===RIDESPLANNING === Skeddy allows Lyft drivers to plan their Lyftpickupsfor up to a week ahead. With Skeddy, Lyft drivers plan alltheirrides with less the downtime. === SAFE DRIVING === Hands-freedrivescheduling allows for less distracted driving experience.Skeddy ismanaging your rideshare location pins automatically, soyou do notneed to refresh your Lyft app for drives on the go, orswitchbetween other ridesharing services like Uber for Drivers,Bolt forDriver, Taxify for Driver and so on. Skeddy helps you tofocus moreon safe driving. Keep your passengers, street-sidecivilians, andyour driving record safe. HOW DOES SKEDDY WORK: 1.Skeddy discoversthe rides scheduled by passengers in 10-miles zonefrom thearbitrary location (Search Pin) defined by the Lyft driver.Thedriver can create and save search pins as favorites, andre-usethem in the future for the next ridesharing trips. 2.Discoveredrides are displayed on the map (day and night mode), aswell as ina list with the corresponding time, length, and estimatedearnings.3. Skeddy automatically accepts the ride by using thetimeframe anddistance criteria previously entered by the Lyftdriver. 4. TheLyft driver can either drop any previously acceptedride, ormanually accept the ride, which was filtered out by thefiltercriteria previousle entered by the driver. ABOUT SKEDDY:Skeddy isbrought to you by a team of top mobile engineers from NewYork. Weare not associated with Lyft in any way. At that, we workin closecollaboration with hands-on Lyft drivers to make Lyftridesharingwork for you, and not vice versa. If you are looking fortheridesharing app for drivers that helps you to organize yourrideson Lyft, you are in the right place. Top states where Skeddyispopular the most: New York, California, Texas, Wisconsin,NewJersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia,Florida,Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Illinois. You canbe thefirst in your local area or the whole state to start earningmorewith Skeddy and Lyft for Drivers! Skeddy ridesharing app forLyftdrivers is growing every day: it is currently serving over7,000cities across the United States. We also plan to launch Skeddyappfor Lyft drivers in Canada by the end of 2020. With Skeddy,theridesharing and ride scheduling experience in mobile appswilldramatically change soon! To stay tuned, pleasevisit If you have questions or ideas forSkeddyridesharing community, pleasevisit app for Lyft drivers today!
Dubai Bus on Demand 3.25.1
Dubai Bus on Demand is a quick, affordable, smart and efficientwayof traveling within Dubai’s major zones and get connected withthecity, brought to you by the Road and Transport Authority,poweredby Via and United Trans. Just download the Dubai BusOn-Demand apptoday, sign up, book your ride and go where & whenyou wantwithin the areas. It is as easy as click, pay and go.Ourintelligent service allows passengers to share their journeywithothers on similar routes. Book a journey and our powerfulalgorithmmatches you with a premium vehicle that will pick you upat theclosest convenient spot. Dubai Bus on Demand is a new modelofon-demand transport; a technology-enabled vehicle to a streetnearyou, when and where you need. How does Dubai Bus On- Demandwork?Dubai Bus On-Demand is an on-demand travel concept thattakesmultiple passengers heading in the same direction and bookstheminto a shared vehicle. Using the Dubai Bus On-Demand app,inputyour address and we’ll match you with a vehicle going yourway.We’ll pick you up on a nearby corner and drop you off within afewstreets of your requested destination. Our smart algorithmsprovidejourney times that are comparable to a taxi and muchmoreconvenient than other modes of travel. How long will I wait?You'llalways get an accurate estimate of your pick-up ETA beforebooking.You can also track your minibus in real time in the app.How manypassengers will I share a vehicle with? The number ofpassengersyou will share a journey with varies based on capacityand yourchosen destination. Our comfortable minibuses caneasilyaccommodate up to 14 people. What else do I need to knowaboutusing the service? If you require the use of a wheelchairspace,you can mark yourself in the app under your rider profile.Try thisnew on-demand transport app that is guaranteed to changethe waythat you think about travelling. We look forward to seeingyou onyour next journey. Just click, pay, go! Love our app? Pleaserateus! Questions? Please contact us at
Android Zipsters can now find and book aZipcarfaster than ever before with our new and updated app. Searchforavailable Zipcars nearby, book a car or extend a reservation.Ofcourse, you can also honk the horn, and lock or unlock the doors—all from your Android phone. Download it now and the openroadawaits…10 COOL THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE ZIPCAR APP:1) View available Zipcars on a map or listed using yourcurrentlocation, a favorite location or a location you want tosearchfor2) Reserve a Zipcar any time, 24/73) Sort cars by proximity, time available, car type and model4) View your upcoming reservations at a glance5) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn6) Unlock and lock your Zipcar after scanning your Zipcard atthestart of each reservation7) Get directions to your Zipcar using maps8) Tap to call Zipcar if help is needed during a reservation9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go10) Play around with the virtual key fob and make sounds evenwhenyou're not in a reservationNOT A MEMBER YET?Download the app and kick the tires. See which Zipcars live nearyou(we're in 16 major cities and on university campuses acrossNorthAmerica and the UK), make fun sounds with the virtual keyfob! JoinZipcar and the app gets even cooler, because then you canreserve,honk and unlock Zipcars straight from your Android. Tohear whatcurrent members are saying, find us on Facebook. To learnmore aboutZipcar or to sign up, visit!FOR EVERYBODY:Get the free app now. If you're a fan, tell a friend and rate us.Ifyou think there's a way we can make it better, we’d love to hearallabout it - join our beta group and telluswhat you think! Our Android team love hearing yourfeedback!