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Phases of the Moon Free
Love the Moon? Get this 3-D simulation, with Atlas,MonthlyCalendar, Live Wallpaper, Widget and more to track theupcomingFull Moon, New Moon, and Eclipse. Hold the Moon in yourhand withthis 3-D simulation of Moon phases with data updated inreal time.Swipe back and forth to move through the phases of theMoon. Thisapp has all the data you need including moon rise and settimes,moon illumination, phase name, zodiac location and thedistance tothe Moon, all in a beautiful, elegant app that's fun touse. It'seven got a monthly calendar so you can see what the Moonwill looklike over time.Key Features:- Track all cycles of themoon(including full moon, new moon, waning gibbous, waxingcrescent,first quarter, and more) through live moon wallpaper orthroughmoon phase calendar app. See how the moon looks during everystage,including the total solar eclipse.- See the current lunarphasewith a 3-D simulation made by NASA data: You can even seetheshadows change. Includes a Live Lunar Wallpaper and a Widget soyoudon't need to enter the app to always know what phase it is.-Moonrise and moon set times: View for today or look into the pastorfuture for updated times.- Find the next Full Moon or New Moon:Youcan click a button to take you to the next Full Moon orNewMoon.Interactive and informative free moon app: Smoothly dragtheMoon phase back and forth with your finger, or even "spin it"toquickly advance forward or backward. - See the currentdate,distance, phase name, zodiac location and moonilluminationpercentage: updated in real time. GPS detection of yourhemisphereand location to make sure the Moon looks right for you.-See theMoon's libration (wobble) as it completes an orbit aroundtheEarth.- View craters and moon landing sites: Pinch-zoom the Moontosee a full lunar atlas with spacecraft landing sites, mare,andlarge craters- Share with friends: Share your images on allthepopular social networksDeveloped by M2Catalyst. Please email usifyou have any questions or if there are any problems withyourspecific version of Android. We'd also love to hear yourfeatureideas.Moon images created by NASA/Goddard Space FlightCenterScientific Visualization StudioPlease, support developers ofthisapp and buy the ad-freeversionhere:
Digging - Dig Earth
manage Cheol Su Company"Dig Earth" is the purpose of CheolSuCompanyUpgrade Drill Hire MinerFind Mineralif you want toknowabout inner earth , download!!
Dünya Mobese HD
Uygulamayı android cihazınıza indirerek tüm dünyanınülkelerinicanlı olarak izleyebileceksiniz. Bazı kameralar seslidir.HDkalitedeki görüntüleri izleyerek güzel vakitgeçirebilirsiniz.Uygulama hakkındaki fikirlerinizi yorum ilebizeiletebilirsiniz.İçerisindeki ülkeler:AlmanyaAmerikaArubaArapEmirlikleriBosna HersekBrezilyaBulgaristanDominikCumhuriyetiFransaHırvatistanHollandaİngiltereİrlandaİspanyaİsviçreİtalyaİzlandaJaponyaKanadaMısırRusyaSlovenyaTürkiyeUngarnYunanistanDünyamobese,dünya kameraları, canlı kameralar, world live cameraYouwill be ableto watch all the world's countries by downloading theapp to yourandroid device live. Some cameras have a voice. You canhave a goodtime watching the images in HD quality. You can send usyourcomments and ideas about the application.Inothercountries:GermanyAmericaArubaArab EmiratesBosniaandHerzegovinaBrazilBulgariaDominicanRepublicFranceCroatiaNetherlandsBritainIrelandSpainSwissItalyIcelandJapanCanadaEgyptRussiaSloveniaTurkeyUngarnGreeceWorldMoBeSeworld cameras, live cameras, live camera in the world
ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಭೂಮಿ - Karnataka Land Records
Karnataka Land Record :-View,Save,Print and Share :-1) LandRecords【 RTC - Records - Map 】2) IMPORTANTSERVICESTATUSADHARCARD,PANCARD,PASSPORT AND PNR STATUSNotes :-1)The landrecord provided here is only for general information.2)Ifyou wantoriginal copy ,Please contact your goverment office.
Blueturn Earth Player
This is the real Earth.Check our website for our visionandachievements: is the most completeandreal video you can get on a screen today. It is generatedusingreal images from deep space, by a satellite of NASA calledDSCOVR,located at Lagrange point L1, one million miles away fromus. Thisvantage point is at a gravity equilibrium between the Earthand theSun, always on the line between them. Therefore its camera,calledEPIC, always see the fully sun-lit, day side of ourplanet,rotating in 24 hours.*See the past*. You can browse thevideointeractively, and access a public database of images of theEarthat every instant since August 2015. See how the Earth tiltanglefrom the Sun changes through the seasons. You canbookmarknoticeable events, like solstices, weather events, eclipsesor evenMoon crossings.Clouds are moving. It may be hard to see atfirst,but clouds are moving, just relatively slowly compared to theEarthrotation. However if you sit and watch the Earth as itturnsaround, you will see the "fluidity" of the atmosphere. It isanunprecedented, mesmerizing, addictive viewing experience.Knowwhereyou are (and who you are). Using an accurate 3D model of theEarthand its neighborhood, the app now allows to switch betweenvantagepoints. Zoom out enough and you will see the satellite, theMoon,the L1 point and the Sun. You will see the Moon's orbit atwell asthe exact path of the satellite around L1.Choose yourreference.See the real Earth from a geostationary viewpoint, tobetter seethe clouds moving, and get a 3D interactive weatheranimation. Youcan even unfold the Earth into a 2D map, usingvarious projectionspatterns (Mercator or Plate-Carrée).Enhance yourview. You canswitch away from the real images and apply some filterto bettersee the lands.Use for your own good, the good of Mankindand thegood of the Earth, by extending your environmentalconsciousnesswhile seeing it everyday and everywhere. The app isfree, theimages are public, and we refuse to put ads, as we want tokeep theview as pure and naked as possible. That was a lot of workfor sucha gift. Maybe we'll add a donate button in a later version,it wasjust not in our priorities so far. We just needed to havethis done😃More details on ourFAQ: contentgenerated by thisapplication are licensed underCreativeCommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0International (CCBY-NC-SA4.0)
ISS HD Live: View Earth Live
Have you seen the Earth from International Space Station liketheastronauts? It is visible in a 24/7 live video streaming!Ifyoulike space or astronomy, you will like the ISS HD live app.ISSHDlive will show you a live video feed of the EarthfromInternational Space Station directly on your android phoneortablet. ISS HD live offers you an exciting experiencewhereeverything is thoroughly thought and designed, the completeappthat shows Earth video streaming about 400 km above it, with alotof options fully customizable.You will have available astunninglive HD video streaming to your device screen, directlyfrom theInternational Space Station cameras.The app has integratedthenative Android Google Map (ISS tracker) in it, where you canfollowthe ISS orbit around our planet, zoom, rotate, drag, tilt themap.Also, you can choose between different types of map, likeSatelliteor Terrain, and an information window is also presentedwith datasuch as ISS speed, altitude, visibility, country abovewhich ISS isright now, latitude and longitude. Everything iscustomizable fromsettings menu.You have seven different source oflive videostreaming:1. Live HD camera - a wonderful HD videostreaming viewof our planet2. Live Standard camera - this is notHD, but it showsa live streaming of the Earth and from time to timedetails of theISS, like tests, maintenance and communication withEarth3. NASA TV- is the television service of the United Statesgovernment agencyNASA (National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration).4. NASA TVMedia.5. Spacewalk (Recorded) - BeautifulHD images from cameras ofastronauts outside the ISS.6. Inside theInternational SpaceStation - Take a video tour of each moduleinside the ISS, allexplained by the astronauts.7. Eventual Channel- Temporary livecameras from NASA, European Space Agency (ESA) andRussian SpaceAgency (Roscosmos) You can watch these live feeds inyour televisorusing Google CastYou will be notified when nextsunset or sunrisewill occur allowing you to watch it live directlyfromInternational Space Station. Do you want to see the ISS in theskyat night? This is the easiest way to spot the station. Withthebuilt-in ISS detector tool, ISS HD Live will tell you whenandwhere to look for the International Space Station. You get analarma few minutes before a pass. And you will get a notificationwhenit will pass over your region during the daylight. By this way,youcan admire your country from space.You will be also notifiedwhenspecial events, such as spacewalk will occur.ExploretheInternational Space Station with Google StreetViewAspiringastronauts can now pretend to float on theInternational SpaceStation (ISS), thanks to Google. The companyworked with astronautson the orbiting complex to provide a GoogleStreet View of the loworbit satellite, from its science labs to itsbeautifulEarth-facing Cupola window. Note:When ISS (InternationalSpaceStation) is on the night side of Earth, the video image isblack,which is normal.Sometimes video is not available duetotransmission issues or when the crew is changing cameras. Insuchcases, usually you will have a blue or a blank screen. Infewminutes the transmission should return, so, please be patient.Thisis not an app issue.Twitter: @isshdlive - You can find news,aboutISS, Nasa, Space, Earth and the video streamingInstagram:isshdlive- Pictures taken of the earth by the streaming of the HDCamera, SDCamera and Nasa TVFacebook: isshdlive - Pictures, newsandInformation of ISS HD live app
ISS onLive
Do you like Space or Astronomy? Did you know you can seetheInternational Space Station with your own eyes passing overyou?And see Earth from International Space Station liketheastronauts?Then you will like ISS onlive App.ISS onLiveprovidesyou with the most spectacular of the International SpaceStation onyour phone or tablet: watching the Earth live from space.You canenjoy watching the land from ISS cameras in HD quality. Seeplaceslike Africa or Australia from space over 400km above sealevel!Itis the closest experience to seeing the earth throughtheEarth-facing Cupola window of the ISS.Through the integratedmapyou will be able to see the position of the ISS at all timesandknow exactly where it is. The map is configurable (map type)anddisplays information about ISS telemetry such aslatitude,longitude, altitude and speed.You can also configure thevisibilityof the orbits, the night/day zone of the earth and thevisibilitylimits of both the ISS and yours.In addition, in thedrawing of theorbits will also appear in yellow the visible pathsof the ISS, toknow when you can see it with the naked eye.There are4 videostreams available: - HDEV (HD Live Earth Viewing Experiment)Camera- Live HD Video streaming view of our planet. - ISS SDsecondarycameras / onboard cameras - Another live video stream thatprovidesEarth views, ISS interior views, astronaut experiments,etc. -NasaTV Channel - TV service of the United States governmentagencyNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). -NasaTVMedia ChannelYou can watch two channels at the same time inyourdevice, feature specially designed to follow spacewalks, orwatchthe two live cameras.Includes Chromecast support to send thevideostreams to your TV, and watch 3 video channels at the sametimeincluding your device.You can also capture images and recordvideosto share them on social networks.Have you seen theInternationalSpace Station?This is the easiest way to spot thestation, with ISSVisible Passes Detector.ISS onLive App will tellyou when and whereto look for the International Space Station. Youwill never miss apass of the ISS.With ISS onLive you can getnotifications of thefollowing events: - Sunrise and sunsets in ISS(about 15 times in aday) - When ISS passes over you to see yourlocation from space(day passes) - When ISS will be visible with thenaked eye! -Special events like spacewalks, spaceships launchesandothers.Twitter: @ISSonLiveNotes for video transmissionproblemsfrom ISS:When ISS (International Space Station) is on thenightside of Earth, the video image is black, which isnormal.Sometimesvideo is not available due to transmission issuesor when the crewis changing cameras. In such cases, usually youwill have a blue ora blank screen. In few minutes the transmissionshould return, so,please be patient. This is not an app issue.Aboutvideo stream:-Black/Blue Image = International Space Station (ISS)is on thenight side of the Earth.- No Audio = Normal. There is noaudio bydesign.
Earth Weather Live
Let's stop watching boring and unvisualized news for aweatherreport, Know your 3D live weather report with Earth weatherLiveapp, with passing clouds and winds...Sometimes we need to knowtheprecise weather condition where we're living in, Earth WeatherLiveis a weather app, which is used to display the live weatherreportof our region as well as worldwide. Especially we can searchby thecountry/region/locality to see the live weather report oftheplace.In rainy or story times Earth weather live will bemoreuseful for finding what's happening in weather.Noregistration/Nologin and no details getting from user apart fromlocation todetect the current location of the user.Height:Atmosphericpressure corresponds roughly to altitude severalpressure layersare meteorologically interesting they show dataassuming the earthis completely smooth note: 1 hectopascal (hPa) =1 millibar(mb)Surface - the "Surface" layer represents conditionsat groundor water level this layer follows the contours ofmountains,valleys, etc.• 1000hPa ~100 m, near sea level conditions•850hPa~1,500 m, planetary boundary, low• 700hPa ~3,500 m,planetaryboundary, high• 500hPa ~5,000 m, vorticity• 250hPa ~10,500m, jetstream• 70hPa ~17,500 m, stratosphere• 10hPa ~26,500 m, evenmorestratosphereOverlay :Show another dimension of data usingcolorsome overlays are valid at a specific height while others arevalidfor the entire thickness of the atmosphere• Wind - wind speedatspecified height• Temp - temperature at specified height• RH-relative humidity at specified height• WPD - InstantaneousWindPower Density. Measure of power available in the wind: ½ρv3,whereρ is air density and v is wind velocity• TPW - TotalPrecipitableWater. Total amount of water in a column of airstretching fromground to space• TCW - Total Cloud Water. Totalamount of water inclouds in a column of air from ground to space•3HPA - 3-hourPrecipitation Accumulation. Amount of precipitationover the nextthree hours• CAPE - Convective Available PotentialEnergy fromSurface. Indicates the buoyancy of air, a measure ofatmosphericinstability and predictor of severe weather• MSLP - MeanSea LevelPressure. Air pressure reduced to sea level• MI - MiseryIndex.Perceived air temperature as combination of heat index andwindchill• SST - Sea Surface Temperature. Temperature of theoceansurface• SSTA - Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly. Differenceinocean temperature from daily average during years 1981-2011•HTSGW- Significant Wave Height. Roughly equal to mean wave heightasestimated by a "trained observer"• COsc - Carbon MonoxideSurfaceConcentration. The fraction of carbon monoxide present inair atthe earth's surface• CO2sc - Carbon Dioxide SurfaceConcentration.The fraction of carbon dioxide present in air at theearth'ssurface• SO2sm - Sulfur Dioxide Surface Mass. Amount ofsulfurdioxide in the air near the earth's surface• DUex -DustExtinction. The aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of light at 550nmdue to dust• SO4ex - Sulfate Extinction. The aerosolopticalthickness (AOT) of light at 550 nm due to sulfateProjection:•Atlantis (A)• Azimuthal Equidistant (AE)• Conic Equidistant(CE)•Equirectangular (E)• Orthographic (O)• Patterson (P)•Stereographic(S)• Waterman Butterfly (WB)• Winkel Tripel(W3)Longitude :•Longitude (-360 - 360). Example: -214.68Latitude :• Latitude (-360- 360). Example: 14.2Zoom : • Zoom (0-3000)Let'sfly with thewind..
Live Earth Map – Satellite Map View, GPS Tracker
Live Earth Map – Satellite Map View, GPS Tracker Navigation isbestapp for your trip. Street view map Street Live Map View app canletyou search famous places maps view determine your 3d locationofwonderful places of the world map 2018. View satellite earthroutefinder map Street view online location maps traffic routeguidefind building GPS route finder around you street panorama 3dviewcity maps street view live my location or satellite earth livemapstreet view every maps in any point all over famous streetworldmapalso best maps traffic Status live global earth maps streetviewand Updated Maps. StreetView World Map GPS: Live SatelliteEarthMap application also has the facility of finding shortest andeasyroute, your current location, path between two given points etcinZoomed EARTH MAPS.EARTH LIVE MAPS 2018:StreetView World MapGPS:Live Satellite Earth Map is best app for your trip. Street viewmapStreet Live Map View app can let you search 谷歌地图 and see yourarea谷歌街景. Street Live Map View is designed to help you understandandnavigate live map data. “Live street map”.Live streetviewsatellite. “gps satellite” map goes to street and cities live.Livesatellite map quest. Live satellite map. World map live.StreetView Live. Sukhumvit Bangkok. Sukhumvit Road. StreetViewWorld MapGPS: Live Satellite Earth Map app is designed to help youandunderstand your exact location with live map view. 3D Streetviewapp is very amazing and helpful app for see live streetandsatellite view of places. StreetView World Map GPS: LiveSatelliteEarth Map has amazing features: determine any locationseebuildings, discover nature street & earth view, streetbystreet route finder, 2D map, 3D map, hd map navigation mapmakedriving & walking route quest, Satellite map, sharesyourlocation, search nearby public places best place to live withlivestreet view map and indoor map quest. Live street is bestroutetransit app.Discover world map view with street finder maps,asstreets viewer you can check 谷歌街 live maps of every countryonlatest live street view and every street view on Street ViewMapsLive with look of streets and with help of map live,panoramastreet and maps of google and street view map live. How toviewstreet view on map? street view traveler on streetview carwithview and street view map of my house, thestreet map of yourstreetand street finder maps, the direction of your street view andgpsmaps, through live earth map satellite with streetviewmap, atinlive maps and directions with street finder maps. Watch freemapsstreet view app, Install app maps exact live map satelliteservicesvia gmaps works like streets viewer in visual earthmaps.ZOOMEDEARTH MAP:StreetView World Map GPS: Live Satellite EarthMap useslive map satellite view to decide your present maps streetview,world guide, earth maps live, live street view map picture,谷歌地球and realtime traffic movement and conditions on street viewmapearth map. Look at the live earth maps and street view map ofyourstreet to comprehend the variables of various live mapssatelliteview, for example, live view, real time activity, livestreetviewpicture, online maps live and free maps for thegeostrategic areaon earth outline. Maps are anything but difficultto utilize andcomprehend by all android clients for solid guide seeon earth map.StreetView World Map GPS: Live Satellite Earth Mapcauses androidclients to see information on liveview, live picture,road see,real time activity, online mapas and live maps on earthdelineatelive guide satellite earth maps.Features:- All the mapsare alwaysupdated through live map satellite- The view data isconcrete onstreet view, realtime traffic conditions, earthmap.-Touch mylocation button and see the street panorama view ofyourlocation.-Search address and see preview of the address, thenpress"Full Screen Button" to view it in native maps application.
Space Planet 3D Earth Theme
Cosmic Star Earth 3D theme with Earth live wallpaper and iOS10iconpack invitation3D Star Earth Theme is a free 3D space themesforthe universe. In the galaxy in the non-stop rotation of theearthwallpaper and ios10 icon package invitation, rotating theEarthshine special effects will your Android phone dressed up asthereal universe of the universe 3D phone themes.Welcome totheUniverse First Planet Earth theme gpsYou can get the firstPlanetEarth 3D phone theme invitation with the cool Earth WorldMaps LiveWallpaper and 3D Earth Lock Screen and the iOS 10 StyleIconPack!gps sale All application icons are iOS 10, giving youaspecial cool phone for free. Is a very beautiful universespacetheme with the universe universe galaxy lockscreenwallpaper!indeed I love the Milky Way Earth widget in theweatherand the nice Star Clock widget.invitation I believe you willlikethis cool space planet Earth mobile phone themespersonalizedAndrews mobile phone and the universe Galaxy theme!This prettycool 3D Earth phone theme is beautiful for girls, likethe superchoice for the cool 3D color planet Earth Planet. We havebeencompatible with Samsung \ Sony \ Huawei \ Microsoft and othergreatAndrews phone, download now!Theme hand-painted iOS 10 iconpackageand luminous effects, 3D live earth world map wallpapers. 3DEarthApplication Lock, Space Star Space Earth gave me theinspiration tocomplete this cool first planet Earth 3D theme.indeed If you likethe Ocean Aquarium 3D theme or 3D universe themeand 3D deep-seaworld theme or submarine live wallpaper theme and 3DEarth themegps, you will love this colorful first planet earthwallpaper themeindeed. 3D Earth animations and 3D maps Game designis a cool gamein the Earth world. The graffiti walls depict someunique andwonderful space universe invitation, which is consistentwith 3DGalaxy Wallpapers. It looks so cool.gps I'm so. Love it, Ihope youcan like this universe galaxy lock screen gps.Weatherdecoration isa space theme elements, the Earth outside the spacedynamicwallpaper background and with a cool 3D animationtransitionindeed, 3D Earth fashion art wallpaper to make it classicEarth 3Dtheme, so it looks is not very cool?Weather widget designwithspace cosmic clock clock widget gps iris.You can alsoDIYwallpapers or themes there and replace your bad wallpaper withanywallpaper you want for Cosmic Star or Moon or Mercury orVenus.Ifyou would like us to make a special DIY wallpaperwallpapersinvitation you just need to contact us by e-mail. 3DPlanet EarthWallpaper Galaxy Lock Screen, Space Starry SceneWallpaper and iOS10 Theme Icon Pack to get a 3D space theme withcolorful space. Soget this 3D Earth Space theme now for free!Thiscool 3D world maptheme is a safe launcher theme designed for CMstartup. You need toinstall the CM launch successfully to applyit.gps We do notcurrently support the GO desktop. SeaWorld StartupTheme Free foryou to become a leader in the free universe or spacetravel! MoreDIY festive themes to celebrate Halloween happy andMerry Christmasholiday theme. Hope you enjoy your stay at our GoldRising home. Atthe same time we can also provide more space traveltheme and thetheme of the iceberg snowman, if you like it! This isnot the themeof Space Earth applock or 3D Earth keyboard.✪To usethis theme, youcan follow these steps as follows:  1.Download andinstall the theme;  2. Install the CMtransmitterdesktop;  3. Launch the theme desktop, go to"Theme -My", open the theme, and apply it to your phone.✪Please donotforget the rate and comment. Thank you!
ISS Live - HD Earth viewing and NASA library
ISS Live allows you to watch live video feed of the EarthfromInternational Space Station directly on your android phoneortablet. ISS live offers you an exciting experience whereeverythingis thoroughly thought and designed, the complete app thatshowsEarth video streaming about 400 km above it, with a lot ofoptionsfully customizable.You will have available a stunning liveHD videostreaming to your device screen, directly from theInternationalSpace Station cameras.The app has integrated thenative AndroidGoogle Map in it, where you can follow the ISS orbitaround ourplanet, zoom, rotate, drag, tilt the map. Also, you canchoosebetween different types of map, like Satellite or Terrain,and aninformation window is also presented with data such as ISSspeed,altitude, visibility, country above which ISS is rightnow,latitude and longitude. Everything is customizable fromsettingsmenu.- This app is Google Cast-enabled, so you can enjoythe spaceright on the big screen of your TV by using yourChromecast deviceor anything else that support this technology.-Take picture of thestunning views you like the most and share withyour friends. Viewand manage your previously saved screenshots atany time with thebuilt-in explorer.- Get notified whensunrise/sunset events occurby the app notification system, set itto not disturb you duringspecific hours as you wish- Use the app asan ISS tracker. Tracksatellite position on map with the veryprecise ISS tracking systemand see it's position on map in realtime- Use our online chatsystem to discuss with fellows that areinterested in satellites,ISS, space, astronautics- Know when youare going to see asunrise/sunset with the advanced predictionsystem of ISS Live-Pause the live feed if you want to preserve yourbandwidth, resumeit at any time- Watch the outsanding real timevideo transmissionof the earth- Access to tens of thousands of NASAmultimediaarticles (it includes audio/image/video about space,spacewalks,launches, NASA, SpaceX, ISS, planets and much more).-ISS Streetview, a virtual tour inside International SpaceStation.You havefour different source of live video streaming:1.Live HD camera - awonderful HD video streaming view of our planet2.Live Standardcamera - this is not HD, but it shows a live streamingof the Earthand from time to time details of the ISS, like tests,maintenanceand communication with Earth3. NASA TV - is thetelevision serviceof the United States government agency NASA(National Aeronauticsand Space Administration).4. NASA TVMedia.Note:When ISS(International Space Station) is on the nightside of Earth, thevideo image is black, which is normal.Sometimesvideo is notavailable due to transmission issues or when the crewis changingcameras. In such cases, usually you will have a blue orablank/blue screen. In few minutes the transmission shouldreturn,so, please be patient. This is not an app issue.The app thatoffersyou everything you need if you are a space lover or want toenjoybeautiful view of our planet.
Earth 3D
Dokon Jang
You can have the 3D earth on theyourphone.Earth 3D App provide various earth type and manynationinformation.- Features1) You can zoom 3D earth on the your phone.2) The auto-rotate feature and the user can rotate the3Dearth.3) 3D Earth and Google Maps can be viewed in conjunction.4) You can see the borders of the country on the 3D earth.5) If you touch the flag of searched nation, you will seemanyinformation of the nation.
Earth Live Wallpaper HD
Earth Live WallpaperNew improved version released:- Added visual effects;
Free 3D Earth Space
The Free 3D Earth Space theme is made for CM launcher tocustomizeyour phone with Free 3D Earth Space live wallpapers andFree 3DEarth Space screen lock.The Free 3D Earth Space theme notonly hasHD Free 3D Earth Space wallpapers, but also Free 3D EarthSpacelock screen themes, to help you make your Android phonebeautifulwith something you love. All the Free 3D Earth Spacethemed iconsare specially designed for all apps. Stylize yourAndroid homescreen with this 3D dynamic Free 3D Earth Space themenow!Customize your phone with a cool keyboard theme to get the Free3DEarth Space launcher theme for Valentine's day, MapleSugarFestival, Easter, Songkran Festival, Mother's Day, Father'sDay,International Children's Day, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Day,Halloween,Hallowmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Yearcelebration.We all love the Free 3D Earth Space HD live wallpapersand themedbackgrounds. Get this Free 3D Earth Space theme for freeto meetyour Valentine lover, friends, family, mother, father andchildrenin new year 2017. Enable the Free 3D Earth Space themetopersonalize your Android screensaver with cool, love, gold,glitterand diamond designs. If you love hot and new launcher themesandwallpapers, you should get this exclusive Free 3D Earth Spacethemenow for cute emojis, tattoos and kawaii emoji stickers.InstalltheFree 3D Earth Space theme to get Free 3D Earth Spacefashionablehomepage and website searches. The Free 3D Earth Spacethemecontains Free 3D Earth Space lock screen wallpapers with miniFree3D Earth Space app icon on the launcher background. The Free3DEarth Space theme's Free 3D Earth Space live wallpapers allinclude3D dynamic app icons, Free 3D Earth Space diamond frameicons andspecial default kiss icons for 56 popular apps. Add theFree 3DEarth Space wallpapers to your favorite security locker tokeepprovicy data safe from intruders. Furthermore, the theme alsohaveFree 3D Earth Space themed weather widget designs with lovecoupletheme and Free 3D Earth Space clock widget. The Free 3D EarthSpacelock screen protects the privacy of all Android devices. Youcanalso lock your cool apps easily on the Free 3D Earth Spacethemed3D dynamic launcher home screen using the special luxuryluminoustheme.
Mantou Earth
A Live Wallpaper with LIVE earth taken from satellite just30minutes ago.Accelerating with Qiniu CDN and using WebP toreducenetwork traffic.==========FAQQ: How to set as a lockscreen?A: Instock Android, wallpaper also displays in lock screen.This actsdifferently in different third party ROMs. Please contactyour ROMprovider.Q: Is it possible to show the other part of theearth?A:No. In the mean while, Himawari-8 is the onlygeostationarysatellite can take colored photos.Q: Why doesn't itupdate after Iset it as my wallpaper?A: I may be our servercurrently encountereda failure. Or please check if your securitysoftware preventsMantou Earth from connecting to the Internet inthe background.Q:Why it falls back to my default wallpaper a fewseconds after I setit as my wallpaper?A: Please check if yoursecurity softwareprevents Mantou Earth from running in thebackground.==========Ifyou have any other question, please contactus via can read only Chinese or English).
Earth Live Wallpaper (DONATE)
Earth Live Wallpaper with lots of customization!This is adonateversion of our Earth Live Wallpaper which does not contains3rdparty Ads, and thus no Internet/Networkpermission.AppHighlight------------------------------------------------------------✔Earthmap with topography and ocean depth✔ Map of night citylights✔ Bumpyearth surface simulation✔ Set sunlight colour and sunXYZ position✔Moving cloud over earth globe✔ Option to show or hidemoon✔Background animated stars✔ Custom background scene using ownimage✔Extra effect with Meteor & Santa Claus & UFO✔ Allplanetsfrom our solar system✔ Change earth map with swipe✔ Zoomearth withdouble tapWe hope you will like our beautiful earth, andalways loveand protect her!Set this earth live wallpaper bypressing theWallpaper button in the app, or go to Home -> Menu->Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper, and then select BeautifulEarth LiveWallpaper.
Planet Earth Locker Live Theme
New Free Planet Earth Cheetah Locker Theme will bring your CMLockerAppLock & Lockscreen a real new look & feel. Checkthis FREEpersonalized design for your CM Locker AppLock &Lockscreenright now! You obtain the key information such as time,date,location and weather in the most obvious place of yourAndroid cellphone. Besides, tons of customized dynamic lockerthemes are also ontheir way to you, which make your Android phonenot only safe asusual but much more elegant and unique! Go and getit! Hundreds offree and beautiful themes and wallpapers arewaiting for you. If youcan’t bear boring Android default systemstyle anymore, switchingyour lock screen with our interesting andelegant CM locker themesRIGHT NOW!Key features- Display of time,date, location andweather.- Personalized design for your CM LockerAppLock &Lockscreen- Protect safety of your cell phone- Quickaccess tophone, camera and message- Quick access to newnotifications - nevermiss important messages- User friendly musiccontrols - melodiousmusic is only one touch away- Create your ownpattern for encryption- prevent snoopers from seeing your privateinfoNotice-To activatethe New Free Planet Earth Cheetah LockerTheme, you need CM LockerAppLock & Lockscreen 4.5.6 or above,which is chosen by over 700million people worldwide.-Click here toinstall CM Locker AppLock 7Lockscreen for free.How to use?-Installthe New Free Planet EarthCheetah Locker Theme ---> Press itsicon ---> It would beenabled by CM Locker AppLock &Lockscreen automatically!-TheCheetah Locker Theme will lead you toGoogle Play of CM LockerAppLock & Lockscreen if you stilldon't have it in phone.Install and activate the highest rated andmost downloaded PrivacyGuard to apply the theme!Want morethemes?-Tap CM Locker AppLock& Lockscreen’s desktop icon, tonsof fancy hot themes and fancywallpapers there.-You can also followus on Google+: or Facebook: Tell us yourfavorite themes, perhaps nextweek you will find it in ourstore.Free Features of CM LockerAppLock & Lockscreen-A largevariety of styles and themes,which you can customize to yourliking, giving you a pleasantwelcoming when you switch on yourscreen!-Secures your phone fromintruders with PIN and pattern locksecurity, fingerprint lock isalso available on supporteddevices.-AppLock can lock and protectapps such as Facebook,WhatsApp, Line and pretty much any apps fromintruders.-Use AppLockto prevent others from checking yourdevice's photos, videos,messages and contacts without youknowing!-Snaps photos of intruderswho enters the wrongpassword.-Be packed full of awesome HDwallpapers, themes andpassword modes, where you can mix and matchto create your uniqueLockscreen. -HD wallpapers are updatedautomatically. -The DailyWallpaper Changer function helps youchange your Lockscreenwallpaper to something new every day.-LockScreen News-Weatherforecasts***If you like this locker theme,please support us byrating it★★★★★.
Earth Live Wallpaper HD
The successor of Earth Live Wallpaper !!watch lots of planetsonyour main screen, more than 200 with real and fictive ones.findsome star wars planets, star trek ones, avatar, futuramaetc...(and still the death star 2 model)-navtive opengl2 code-realtimemode/rotation-satellite clouds refreshed every 3hours-pinch tozoom-use gps to show your location-custombackground-hd compressedtextures (etc1 forcompatibility) the video to see themain features
3D Earth Live Wallpaper PRO HD
3D Earth Live Wallpaper PRO HD Free:This is a amazing 3Dlivewallpaper which about the amazing earth. Yeah, this is ourearthwhich we live. Earth give us for Loves, warm, life. We alllove ourearth. In this live wallpaper, you can find that the veryamazing3D earth display in the phone. And the 3D Earth whirling inthephone screen. If you slide your phone screen, you would findtheearth would whirling to the direction which our slide . And itisso true that I believe you must like this 3D live wallpaper. AllmyLive Wallpaper are Free for youThis free app is adsupported:Admob. In order to keep this app free and allow me tokeep workingon improvements you will periodically receive asponsored ad. Iappreciate your understanding and support. I hopeyou enjoy it.Thanks.Rate and comment, we appreciate youropinion.Installationinstructions:• Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers-> LiveWallpapers• Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaperand setupit.
Earth Online: Live World Webcams & Cameras
The best collection of live public webcams.Enjoy great viewsofnature or fabulous city views in real-time from all parts oftheworld.Very easy to use.You can filter webcams bydifferentcategories.Find your favorite places and put them in theownlist.All cameras are geocoded. Just open the map, choose theplaceand go!New webcams are constantly added.In the nearest futureyouwill have an opportunity to control the cameras - the feature isonthe way!Some of cams work time to time.Keep your finger onthepulse of the life!YOU SHOULD TRY IT!LET'S GO!
Flat Earth Clues -Mark Sargent 1.1
Metatron Inc
Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of mileswide?This app contains videos, articles and audio that shows notonly isit possible, but likely.Get your head around this for even60seconds, and you'll start to see it. This is the Mother ofallConspiracies.Flat Earth introductionBefore you wereborn,beforeyour parents, your grandparents, before you even had afamilylineThere was the illusion, the trick, the lieThat you livedon asmall spinning rock, flying through space.You thought it wastrue,because children don't believe in lies.And you grew up, and itwasstill true, because science is never wrongExcept for smallthingslike, Lead Gasoline, Lead Paint, DDT, Cigarettes notcausingcancer, and what the core of the earth looks like.You knowthatfire burns, water is wet, drop something and it falls to thefloor.We can all test these things. What shape is the world? That'snotsomething you know, it's something you're TOLD. To put itsimply,you just have to take their word for it.And there's the realcruxof the problem, the weight of their word, it's really abouttrust.Most of us trust science to some degree. To be fair, ithasproduced some modern conveniences, like airconditioning,lightbulbs, and smart phones.But it also made thingslike atomicweapons, nerve gas, and napalm. Make no mistake, thegreatestadvances in science have been in different ways to killeachother.What if, after centuries of preaching the globe asareligious icon, "the powers that be" found out that it wasactuallynot a sphere, but instead something much different? Wouldthey riskunravelling 500 years of science doctrine by informing thepublic?Could a government still retain it's authority if therewereactually proof of a higher power?It's about proving the FlatEarth,but more importantly, it's about disproving the globe, andthatshouldn't be possible, but there are several big questionswhichscience has a difficult time with.Why was there only onebluemarble image used for 43 years? Where are the videos of theearthrotating from space? Astronauts can't turn around in spacewith thecamera running? Not even by accident? Are the Van Allenradiationbelts dangerous? Why does the Orion Trial by Fire videoexist? Whywas the space shuttle program cancelled? Why does theMars missionkeep getting postponed? Why are they closing down theISS? Why isPsalm 19:1 on Werner Von Braun's headstone? Why is themoongenerating a light that is sometimes 12 degrees colder thanthemoon shade? How is that possible if it's reflecting the sunsrays?And if the moon is generating it's own light source, then whatwasthat dark grey thing we landed on?We can beam back crystalclearphotos of Pluto, but the Global Positioning System doesn'ttrackplanes in the Southern oceans?And why does this topic,compared toANY other, conspiracy or not, make people excited,angry, orscared? Some of you are getting anxious just listening!Why?Because it's the greatest trick of all, and we all fell for it.Youshould be excited, because it's going to change the world.Youshould be angry, because you were fooled your entire life, andyoushould be a little scared, because this is unchartedterritory.Thisis the Flat Earth theory, that the world is easy tounderstand,more intimate, and very deliberate. It didn't justhappen, it wasbuilt, and more importantly built for you. Open youreyes andsmile. You have never been alone.
Sun, moon and planets
For sun, moon and planets you can calculate things like★Position(azimuthal and elevation angle)★ Distance to earth★ Riseand set★Daylight★ Moon phase★ EclipsesGraphical displays of★Current lunarphase★ Objects now above the horizon★ Solar system(Currentposition of planets and other objects)★ Moons of Jupiter(Currentpositions as seen from earth)★ Moons of Saturn (Currentpositionsas seen from earth)★ Moons of Mars★ Moons of Uranus★ MoonsofNeptune★ Moons of Pluto★ Ílluminated earth (as maporglobe)Graphical Widgets for Android's home screen★ Currentlunarphase★ Objects now above the horizon★ Solar system(Currentposition of planets and other objects)★ Ílluminated earth(as mapor globe)Get this astronomy app now!
Mother Earth
Mother Earth is as much puzzle game as it is interactive story.HelpEarth grow and flourish, by aiding her evolution from aninanimaterock to a thriving planet. Explore the caringly craftedgame worldand discover all of its interactive elements. Solvepuzzles and letoceans, plants and animals emerge - but be warned;progress is ablessing and a curse at the same time…● Approx. 10minutes gametime● Easy touch controls● 6 puzzles● Surprisingending with amessage● Suitable for all ages● 3 geographical zonesand 3evolutionary phases of Earth● HelpsystemFacebook:
Earth Live Wallpaper
Preview all the maps here : VERSION IS UP, LOOK FOR"EARTH LIVE WALLPAPERUNITYFREE" your screensee the site for full map list!! IT'S BETTERTOINSTALL THE MAP PACK !!
3D Dreamy Earth Natural Theme
Welcome to 3D Dreamy Earth Natural Theme!3D Dreamy Earth Naturalisa 3D launcher theme with 3D Dreamy Earth Natural livewallpapersand designed icon packs. Download and apply 3D DreamyEarth Naturalfor free to decorate your Android phone in 3D DreamyEarth Naturalstyle, you will get a 3D weather and 3D clock to enjoya 3D themevisual and interactive experience. 3D Dreamy EarthNatural isdesigned for better using experience. 3D Dreamy EarthNatural isdesigned especially for Launcher users. Long press toactivate eachtheme’s unique set of 3D theme live interactiveeffects. You willbe amazed by the endless surprises.What’s more foryou to downloadthe natural 3D Dreamy Earth Natural theme?1. Coolblue black lockscreen with active color. natural wallpaper will bethere once youswipe up the vitality lock screen. This providessecurity for yourprivacy. 2. Using blue black 3D theme willautomatically applysorting function. Sort your apps into foldersand make your desktoptidy.3. vitality blue black skin with blueblack natural icondesigns for 56 popular apps4. natural active 3Dtheme’s app iconpacks give your phone a brand new look5. Animatedactive naturalvitality decorates your phone screen6. Stunninginterface: 3DMotion weather forecast plus blue black 3D DreamyEarth Naturalwallpapers and vitality app icons, vivid and lovely.7.Dozens of 3Dtemplates with high-tech effects present you 3Dfeel.Features ofFree 3D Dreamy Earth NaturalUse 3D Dreamy EarthNatural, no need toroot, you can easily protect apps from peepersby hiding them inspecial folders.3D Dreamy Earth Natural has worldleading 3Dtransition effects on screens and folders, elegant andsimple inswitching and screen navigation.vitality screen lockerprotectsyour phone from strangersHere comes the new natural activetheme!With vitality 3D Dreamy Earth Natural wallpaper and delicateicons,making your phone more attractive.3D Dreamy Earth NaturalDIYthemes: be a designer and create your own theme here!What’smorefor you in downloading the natural 3D Dreamy Earth Naturaltheme?Theme Center: various free themes, like the popular andluxury blueblack theme, a list of cool 3D, neon theme and lovelyaudio themes.Wallpaper Center: offering HD wallpapers of differentstyles and 3DDreamy Earth Natural Live wallpapers. Thousands of HDwallpaperswill be updated daily for your choice.DIY theme center:you canshare your own blue black vitality theme with your friendsforfun.More natural active weather show effects, providing apleasantinterface of weather forecast.♦ Features:Rich in themecontent,such as tech, 3D, cool, cute, cartoon, neon, etc., andmore.Themes,wallpapers and icons of different styles will beupdated daily,offering a wide range of choices based on yourpreference. Newhigh-tech features will be added constantly.Beforeinstallingactive 3D Dreamy Earth Natural, you have to install ourlauncherfirst. If you love this theme, please rate and let us knowyourfavorite features! 3D Dreamy Earth Natural Theme is created tomakeyour phone unique!
3D Moving Earth Live Wallpaper
3D Moving Earth LWP Find multiple settings in each singlesettingoption of 3D Moving Earth live wall paper. The 3D image oftheEarth, comets and stars is definitely the most realistic one.Thecolor texture movement and display of the earth has plentyofoption to choose from.To get the whole world in your hands allthatyou need 3d moving earth live paper on your cell phone screen.Fivedifferent gradients will give a defining change to wall paper.Makesure that you choose the best combination of comet type,directionand speed. Earth settings include background, galaxy,rotationspeed and direction and last but not the least zoom onearthoptions. Behind the moving earth you will always find starsinmotion. How To Set:- go to your home screen;- press the menubuttonon your device;- select "Wallpaper";- select "LiveWallpapers";-search and select for " Live Wallpaper"- select"Settings" to seethe settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activateit.I hope youenjoy this Lovely Live Wallpaper and encourage me forfurther apps.
Earth Atmosphere Wallpaper
Enjoy our new live wallpaper with beautiful high resolutionearthphotos. There are clouds moving smoothly. There is galaxy inthebackground,and stars are falling down. The whole scene lives.Tosetit as live wallpaper => tap on desktop => choosewallpapers=> choose animated wallpapers => find thiswallpaper on thelistand activate.
3D Tech Earth Theme Launcher
Welcome to get 3D Tech Earth theme!You can get 3D Tech Earththemefrom personalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screenandexquisite icon packs! It includes dozens of uniform iconsandwallpaper art, with which you can easily personalize yourdevice.All artistic app icons are to give you a distinctivelystylizedphone for free. It is 3D Tech Earth theme with 3D TechEarth screenwallpaper! Install this 3D Tech Earth theme right awayand feelyour new 3D Tech Earth live wallpaper.3D Tech Earth isdesignedespecially for launcher users. Long press to activate theuniqueset of live interactive effects of each 3D theme. You willbeamazed by the endless surprises.Features of Free 3D TechEarthTouse 3D Tech Earth, there is no need to root. You can easilyprotectapps from peepers by hiding them in special folders.3D TechEarthhas world leading 3D transition effects on screens andfolders,elegant and simple in screen switching and navigation.solidscreenlock protects your phone from strangers.Here comes the newbluelens dreamy theme! With solid 3D Tech Earth wallpapers anddelicateicons, the theme makes your phone more attractive.3D TechEarthincludes 3D Tech Earth wallpapers, dreamy lock screen, bluelensicons, providing solid experience and so on.1. dreamy lockscreen:once you have set the lock screen, it offers full protectionoveryour privacy, making your phone more secure.2. blue lensicons:decorate every folder and icon well for you, pretty coolandfashionable.3. 3D Tech Earth elegant interface: 3D effectweatherforecast and dynamic 3D clock, these stylize your phone aswell. 4.Theme Center: You can find all kinds of free themes inCenter, suchas the cool skull or lovely cartoon themes, etc.Additionally, youhave a list of cool 3D, Halloween and Christmasaudio themes tochoose from.5. Wallpaper Center: There are variousHD and dreamydynamic live wallpapers.6. After installing 3D TechEarth theme,you can set up line blue dreamy blue lens solidkeyboard theme, sothat your phone will be totally dressed up.3DTech Earth themesupports a variety of Android phone models.3D TechEarth LiveWallpapers’ blinking lights and dynamic effects keepupdatingcontinuously over time. You can enjoy- Plenty of differentsolidthemes. - HD graphics and Open GL. - Optimized battery use. -Morethan 99% of the mobile phone devices that are compatible. -dreamyWallpaper that supports the horizontal screen fully andlooksamazing and blue lens on the tablet as well as on the phone.Makethe most of your phone with dreamy wallpapers andadvancedfeatures. Enjoy this free and solid dynamic wallpaper!Find3D TechEarth and line blue wonders in one of the best wallpapers.The funis worth trying. Download dreamy wallpaper for free andenjoy thehigh resolution wallpapers with surreal parallax effectsfrom allover the world, improved blue lens beauty. Also, with linebluesolid backgrounds, your Samsung or Huawei phones will be solidanddreamy.Before installing 3D Tech Earth, you need to installourlauncher. Have fun with us!
Earth Online: Live World Webcams & Cameras Pro.
The best collection of live public webcams.Enjoy great viewsofnature or fabulous city views in real-time from all parts oftheworld.FreeAds version. Works much betterr.Very easy to use.Youcanfilter webcams by different categories.Find your favoriteplacesand put them in the own list.All cameras are geocoded. Justopenthe map, choose the place and go!New webcams areconstantlyadded.In the nearest future you will have an opportunityto controlthe cameras - the feature is on the way!Some of cams worktime totime.Keep your finger on the pulse of the life!YOU SHOULDTRYIT!LET'S GO!
Satellite Tracker
App provides several search methods to track satellites inrealtime. You can search from a database of over 15,000 trackedspaceobjects, including the International Space Station, HubbleSpaceTelescope, surveillance satellites, and other popularsatellites.1. Radius Search: Specify a search radius and satellitecategory tobe used in the search. You then selected between GPS orcustomcoordinates to set the center of the search. Afterconfirming, theapp locates all the satellites over the area andcontinuallyupdates their locations. 2. Globe Search: Tracksatellites in 3Dspace. Realistic globe appearance with satelliteobjects orbitingearth with real-time satellite data. 3. Search BySatellite: Thismethod provides three different methods for trackinga individualsatellite. You can search the entire database bysatellite name, bycommonly searched satellites, or search bycountry. 4. Custom MapsSearch: In this method you specify yousearch with gestures on themap. Click to set center of search anddrag to increaseradius.Note: If you have any questions,suggestions, or complaints,email me and I'll do what I can.
Lunar Eclipse Camera
Don't miss the opportunity to see the lunar eclipse ´SuperBlueBlood Moon´ this year on jan 31, 2018 use our special Cameraapp toto take the perfect pictures for the lunar eclipse .A lunareclipseoccurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth intoitsumbra (shadow). This can occur only when the sun, Earth, andmoonare aligned (in "syzygy") exactly, or very closely so, withtheEarth in the middle. Hence, a lunar eclipse can occur onlythenight of a full moon. The type and length of an eclipse dependuponthe Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes.Super BlueBloodMoon Coming Jan. 31 2018If you live in the western part ofNorthAmerica, Alaska, and the Hawaiian islands, you might set youralarmearly the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 31 for a lunar trifecta:apre-dawn “super blue blood moon.” “For the (continental) U.S.,theviewing will be best in the West,” said Gordon Johnston,programexecutive and lunar blogger at NASA Headquarters inWashington.“Set your alarm early and go out and take a look.”TheJan. 31 fullmoon is special for three reasons: it’s the third in aseries of“supermoons,” when the Moon is closer to Earth in itsorbit --known as perigee -- and about 14 percent brighter thanusual. It’salso the second full moon of the month, commonly knownas a “bluemoon.” The super blue moon will pass through Earth’sshadow to giveviewers in the right location a total lunar eclipse.While the Moonis in the Earth’s shadow it will take on a reddishtint, known as a“blood moon.” If you live in North America, Alaska,or Hawaii, theeclipse will be visible before sunrise on Jan. 31.For those in theMiddle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia andNew Zealand, the“super blue blood moon” can be seen during moonrisein the morningon the 31st. Features :#The focus ofsecme#spectacular effects isformed#Night mode#Emoloji onvarious#The automatic flashfeature#Dispose of and zooming#Videowould#White balanceadjustment#Front and back cameras#Higherresolution andquality#selfie#Various filters#Easy menu andbeautiful design
Vyomy 3D Hologram Earth & Moon
Vyomy 3D Hologram contains 3D hologram videos to be viewed using3Dhologram projector created using Vyomy 3D HologramProjectorApp.Ii's not fake. It is not prank. It is not a joke. Itisreal.Try out just once and you will love it.Use biggerscreendevice for best experience.Do share with your friends byG+.Enjoy!!! **** THANKS ****** Thanks you all who use ourapplication.Please contact us at - We'rehappy tohear from you.* Send us photos of 3D Hologram displayed inyour 3DProjector. They will be displayed on our app page.
100T Earth Defender S
In year 20xx, an unknown evolving lifeform known as PopipuattackedEarth.Facing total extinction, humankind had united andformed theEarth Defender Corps, and eventually defeatedPopipu.However, peacedidn't last long. As they looked up into thesky, they know theirfight is not yet over...Gear up soldiers, we'regoing toSPACE!!================================100T Earth DefenderSfeatures:- Head to space! Battle under zero G!- Meet thelatestspace technology, from gravity platforms to space-ageunits!-Troops will be on duty 24-7! They will keep fightingnon-stop, evenif you are away!- Board the mothership and give theorder to usethe anti-monster armaments! Upgrade the ship for morefirepower!-Overwatch the battlefield to boost the morale among thetroops andincrease their combat efficiency!- 4 special units withexceptionalpowers are always ready for dispatch to turn the tide ofthebattle!- Extended storyline and more monsters to confront!Whatwill be the fate of the Earth!?
Balls Blast
Balls Blast is uniquely designed to release your stress. Youronlytarget is to shoot the balls before they get to the bottom ofthescreen.Controls are super smooth and easy, just drag left righttoaim, tap for bomb and swipe up for a wipeout. That's it.Thedefaultis one bullet but you can pick up 2 and 3 bullet powerupswhichwill last for 5 seconds but there will be plenty of them tokeepyou entertained.Try to top the leaderboard.Have Fun and sharewithyour friends. Thank you!
Live Street VIEW : Satellite Maps & GPS Navigation
Live Street View Satellite: GPS Maps Locations app can let youfindlive map and see your area view street live view both function.Asit is to earth maps live locations. It is absolutely freetodownload. With visual maps realize your exact location withlivemap earth view. 3D Street view app is very fantastic andhelpfulapp. Live Street View Satellite: GPS Maps Locations hasamazingfeatures: point out any location see buildings, discovernaturestreet & live satellite street view earth view, findcurrentlocation Street Live Earth Guide, live satellite view 2Dmap, livesatellite view 3D map, make route, Satellite map, sharesyourlocation with visual maps, search nearby public places withinstantstreet view map and indoor map satelite en tiempo real. LiveStreetView Satellite: GPS Maps Locations 3D Street View Panoramaand LiveMaps Allow you to find your gps maps and other locationsand showStreet Live Earth Guide real time street view with 3DPanorama 360degree & Street View. Find world landmarks StreetLive EarthGuide discover satellite maps view street live houseusing instantstreet view and also explore location live satellitemap such aslive satellite street view museums, arenas, restaurants,smallbusinesses, satelite en tiempo real universities,tourists,hospital, shopping, train stations, airport with visualmaps,casino, club with 3D Street View Panorama.It live satellitestreetview feed for these particular sites in Live Street ViewSatellite:GPS Maps Locations takes edge of GPS maps & latestNetworkconnection to give your current location position visualmaps onthe satellite Earth, and provide worldwide map informationsateliteen tiempo real and current location with live street viewandsatellite map view near your current location via Street LiveEarthGuide. Who have been three big live satellite view providersoflive map satellite view and live 3D street map viewVoicenavigation live street map route finder app just needs theinternetconnection, turn on your location and take the look ofbeautifuland live satellite street view historical places aroundthe worldthrough this gps navigation live street mapia viewapplication.Nowdownload instant street view which supports livestreet map with.Live Street View Satellite: GPS Maps Locationssupport gpssatellite map goes to street and cities live. You canuse Livesatellite map with world map live shows current satellitestreetview. With live street view satellite you can checksatellitestreet view and also show current satellite street view.Who havebeen three big providers of satellite maps view street livehouse.By using current satellite street view you can see reallivesatellite street view and real time satellite street viewsforfree.Satellite maps view live Maps range from satellite mapstobike maps and street view. Traffic conditions and transit mapsarealso available:• “Street view” – See outsides formuseums,restaurants and more• “Traffic maps” – See currenttrafficconditions to avoid traffic jams and all road condition•“Cyclingmap with bike routes and contour lines” - Plan your nextcyclingtour with friends • “Walking maps” – Discover your cityon-footwith full walk-friendly maps and directions• “Hiking GPS” –Findhiking trails or plan your next backpacking trip• “Satelliteview”from “ maps” – Enjoy the view of earth from the space•“Maps”,“Navigation” & “Directions” & “Locations” usesmapsFeatures of Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation :- 2D, 3Dandsatellite Map- See live buildings, streets and road- Showdistanceand travel time during route map- Search any place and addintoyour choices- Up-to-date map
Squashy Bugs
When you're walking the streets of Los Angeles. People comingandgoing. what? So many super stars today! Oh my God! The newSquashybugs is released! Embark on an epic journey of dodging feetandcollecting coins. Get a bugs eye view of the world as youhustleand bustle to survive!FEATURES- The new Russia World Cup mapwentonline. There is also a beautiful chameleon.- The newChristmasedition has arrived. There are dune maps.- Intense arcadegameplay-Awesome minimal graphics- 20+ bugs to collect. Include:ants,snakes, beetles, bees, caterpillars, mantises, dragonflies,snails,Christmas ants, Scorpions ... - 10+ super starsarewalking.Reminder Players Friends: After placing gold coins inthehole. You try to bring the bugs close to one side of the foot.Thiswill prevent the two feet from gathering in the middle so thatyoucannot escape. :)Welcome to our studio's Facebookpage: explore thisbuggames!
Planet Zoo Live Wallpaper 2.0
Events unfolding on our planet Earth. From the North Pole totheSouth. In South America, you will see the Mayan pyramids,Brazilianparrot. As part you will meet African rhinos, giraffes,lions andpyramids hiopsa. Asian elephants and pandas you meet onitsterritory. Moving on .. After falling to Australia kenroruanddolphins will be happy to see you. The last stop north pole.Polarbears and penguins live in great company Eskimos. Theincredibleworld of adventure awaits you.Just install thiswonderfulapplication "living wallpaper" app on your Android mobiledevice.And enjoy! I hope you like my application, and I want tokeep itfree for you. Please contact us if you have any problemswith ourapplication.
Helix Jump
Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helixtowerlabyrinth.One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effectsandaddictive gameplay mechanics.
Ninja Tobu
In Ninja Tobu, speed and accuracy are key, as you guide yourninjathrough platforms, enemies, and spikes!Tap and drag fromanywhereon the screen to power your ninja jump, then let go toshootthrough the air. Aim for any surface not covered in spikesandyou'll stick to it like glue; ready to go again.Master thedoublejump, slow motion and slamming into enemies for extra points.Playthe Challenges mode where you have to navigate manydifferentlevels that feature coins and chest rewards.Collect coinsto unlocknew ninjas with different abilities, effects andaccessories. Ifyou are good enough, you'll unlock an achievement,or even make iton to the leader board!
DIG EARTH -to earth's opposite
Famous game in KOREANow available in EnglishUpgradeDrillHireMinerAnd Dig until opposite side of Earth!
Javelin Fighting
Javelin Fighting - an exciting game based on ragdoll physics.Inthis game you need to kill all other stickmans bythrowingjavelins.Simply drag and drop your finger for targeting andfiring.Shoot the javelins fast and have fun beheading your enemieswithheadshots.- Realistic physics- Dynamic gameplay- Leaderboard-Greatsound effects- Simple controls- Archery likegameplayJavelinFighting supports high resolution for an optimalgaming experienceon both phones and tablets.Leave a review withyour ideas andsuggestions to improve the gameplay or add more bloodand gore. Wehave planning to add archers as enemies.Good luck andhave a fun!
Italian Political Fighting
Welcome to the Italian political arena!The struggle for powerwasand remains the main purpose and occupation of manyItalianpoliticians. The methods of their political struggle acquirethemost desperate forms.Parliamentary elections areapproaching,during which the leading representatives of politicalparties willmeet in a tense battle. All Italy froze in anticipationof astruggle in which the stronger will win. Only one will win -thestrongest one, who will be able to protect his beliefs and leadthegovernment of our country.It will be the one who will receiveallthe levers of influence and from whom will depend the internalandexternal policies of Italy. On the way to the primeminister'schair, you will have a hard and thorny way: you will havetocompete with the most influential and famous politicians.Goodluckin your fight!Features of the game:• 15 characters created onthebasis of real Italian politicians and public persons;•uniquecombat ability of each character; • live audio phrases ofrealpoliticians;• various gaming locations;• available campaignmodeand fast combat option;• record statistics: fight with friendsinthe fast game passing!
Bug Jam Adventure
The acclaimed action tower defense game is now availableforAndroid! Your quiet little town is infested with bugs! And allyouwanted to do was sit down and have a nice slice of cake. Andsomeberries. And ice cream. Nachos would be good. A big box ofcandy,too.Now you have to defend your goodies against hordes ofgreedybugs. Funky Flies, Furious Flies, Slugger Slugs, thegrotesque BigMamma. Even Splitters and the almost invulnerableTanker. You andyour trusty bug-squashing finger.Travel throughfarmland, forestand desert, over oceans and tundra. Discover thatonly you and yourfriends can save the world from being overrun bybugs.Customizeyour defensive strategy. Deploy bug-beating frogallies. Collectenough bug juice from your defeated foes to power-upan awesomearsenal of weapons and defenses. From The God Finger toNapalmNuke, you can rain down fire on your foes!Only then canyoucelebrate with a nice big slice of....Bug Jam Adventurehighlights:• 6 chapters with total number of 180 levels• Over adozen ofpower-ups! Burn, freeze, blow up your enemies! • Over 27differentenemies from Slugs to Termites, each with their ownskills! (Bewareof the Cockroaches!) • Intensive boss fights at theend of eachchapter! • Hours of gameplay with almost 30 achievements• Awesomecartoon art of high definition• In-game encyclopediawithinformation about your power-ups and bugs.
Pukk is a treasure hunter in search for gold way up north inSweden.This ice cool and unique runner lets you smash your waythroughchallenging levels looking super swag or utterlyridiculous!But itdoesn't matter how you look, the lovesick polarbear will stillchase you till the end of time. Use all your skillsas master iceglider to smash treasures and avoid obstacles!» Smashand grab goldgalore» Use your gold coins to open loot boxes» Styleand swag yourPukk in all kinds of ways» Defeat the horrible bossesthat stands inyour way» 80 challenging levelsPukk is a premiumgame for free.Maximize your experience and buy the PremiumEdition!Extra PremiumEdition features are:» Open Premium lootboxes containing rareitems» Save your level progress without ads»Save all your cool andcrazy styling looks» Get a Premium-only item(The Royal Crown)Pukkis delivered to you with love from TeamItatake <3Enjoy!
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developedbyMarti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7years.Thereare 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerfulmoves.Hero Fighterprovides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:- StoryMode: Play withdifferent characters of your choice against enemiesand fight towatch their stories unfold.- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.-Team VS Mode:Group-vs-group fighting- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100men in abattlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier campsandcastles.- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round astheychallenge you one by one.- Mission Mode: Survive therelentlesswaves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.- Training Mode:Receivespecial cards and earn extra experience points.
Skate Lines
This skateboarding game has very simple and intuitive controlsfordoing a large variety of tricks. You can do 36 differentflatground tricks in regular, fakie or nollie stance and combinethemwith rotations to do tricks like nollie bs-flips or fs-flips.Youcan also do 20 different slides blunts and grinds and flip inandout. Skate down handrails and flip down stairs. You can nowskatein Oslo as well as in a morning and night scene. Skate Linesallowsyou to record your favourite tricks and lines and share themtoFacebook, Instagram, Youtube and Everyplay. In turn, you gettodiscover and copy runs that other players have created – givingyouaccess to an endless feed of new ideas to explore.
The Bad Cat Runner
The Bad Cat Runner is an Endless talking cat runner game. A dayfullof joy. Everyone is in good mood. But wait a minute! What thehellis that? Fueled by a burning desire for vengeance, theCartoonistkidnaps Taco talking cat! Bouncing from one rooftop toanother,Shero talking cat hunts down the Cartoonist to save hisson Tacotalking cat.Bad Cat Runner is a crudely funny,action-packedanimated motion picture destined to become a cultmovie classic.