Top 49 Games Similar to Don't Get Eaten

Grow Forest
Ah, the forest, such a magical place! In this particularforest,Banja and her friends are waiting for you to help them buildawonderful, healthy forest community. Plant and chop down treestocreate wood that you can use to build houses, roads andrenovatebuildings. You can also create comic books and other funstuff. Theforest provides a wealth of things to do and produce.Ifthe forestis feeling good, the inhabitants of the forest feel good- and notjust the animals and humans. The supernatural beings ofthe forest,such as imps and trolls, will also be delighted and willthank youwith their love. So step into the magical forest andstartplaying!The game is free to download. If you like it and wanttobuy the full version then you can make a one time purchaseinsidethe app. You will be able to continue building the worldyou'vecreated in the free version.FEATURES:- Build, craft, paint,play -explore a child's creativity - Create a large, magical forestworldand watch it develop and grow- Play 14 differentminigames-Interact with fun characters and creatures in the forest-Learnabout the forest, sustainable forestry and climate change inasimple and fun way- Enjoy the hand-made graphic style andtheharmonious sounds of the forest- No elements featuring stressortimers- Kid friendly interface - easy to understand andnavigate-Kid-safe environment: totally free from 3rd party adsandcommercialsGrow Forest is a game specially developed forchildrenaged 3 to 9 years old. The main purpose of the game istoentertain, but also to pique the player's curiosity of theforestand the part it plays in creating a sustainable society forus all.There are no stressful moments in the game, and children canplayat their own pace, never risking getting stuck at anypoint.STAYTUNED Facebook: Website:
Path Through the Forest
Path Through the Forest - An enchanting puzzle adventureCan youhelpAmy find her path and overcome the challenges that lie aheadin thisenchanting puzzle adventure? 🎄A PERILOUS JOURNEYEachof PathThrough the Forest's worlds introduces a unique Runestonewith newmechanics to master and new ways of solving puzzles.Fromilluminating the way forward to moving entire platforms, Amymustharness the power of each new Runestone to complete herjourney.Only you can help her find the courage within and discoverwhatlies beyond the Path Through the Forest.  🎄EXPLOREBEAUTIFUL WORLDSFive gorgeous worlds to journeythrough, each witha unique set of challenges.  Set out as Dawnbreaks, feel theTwilight sun, traverse the enchanting Night and thebeautifulValley, and finally bask under the gaze of the myriad ofStars.🎄HELP AMY DISCOVER WHAT LIES AT THE EDGE OF THE FORESTEachlevelcontinues the compelling narrative of Amy’s journey. PathThrough the Forest's bewitching soundtrack and charmingambientsound effects create a evocative atmosphere leave you withalasting experience.🎄LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILDEasily createyourvery own Path Through the Forest with the level editor,thenpublish for the world to enjoy.  Let your imaginationloose bygrabbing new skins and experimenting with layouts to createnewchallenges."Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the onelesstravelled by, And it has made all the difference"-RobertFrostBuild a Path to your destinytoday! Facebook:
Slendrina: The Forest
It's time again with a new scary adventure with Slendrina.Thistimeit will be your mission to find out the dark secret that hidesinthe dark forest.You need to find some keys and tools tosucceed.Andas always, watch out for Slendrina and turn around assoon as yousee her.You must also be careful so you do not faceSlendrinasmother.If you want to send an email to me, please writein Englishor Swedish.Thank you all for your kind ratings you havegiven me!You are the best!The game is free but it Containsadvertising.Goodluck!
(3D VR Panoramic) Forest oxygen bar Theme
This is a Forest oxygen bar 3D VR Theme (3D VR Panoramic) whichcanbring you a VR 360 ° view on your phone . When you move yourphone,it will showing the feeling of VR panorama.This is a 3D themewithnew technology, an out-of-the-box design.What you can enjoywiththe Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme (3D VR Panoramic)? ApplyForestoxygen bar 3D Theme (3D VR Panoramic) on your screen. Forestoxygenbar 3D Theme will use enthusiasm miraculous 3D dynamic effecttopersonalize your phone.Apply Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme youwillget fantastic passionate enthusiasm miraculous gorgeous effectsonyour phone.These 3D themes will make your phone moreunite.Forestoxygen bar 3D Theme is on your phone now!When you applythis themeon your phone, you can feel the Forest oxygen bar style!To feelthe warmth of the summer!360-degree Forest oxygen bar iswaitingfor you! Just download and enjoy Forest oxygen barpanorama.Wannahave the appealing of Forest oxygen bar on yourphone? Move thescreen and the Forest oxygen bar will show theappealing! Featuresof Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme (3D VRPanoramic):We wish you couldenjoy this fantastic passionate 3Dtheme on your phone.Our themesuits different resolutions and screensizes of enthusiasmmiraculous phone.All the theme elements will bea enthusiasmmiraculous presentation of a unite screen.It customizesmobilephone with fantastic passionate 3D high technology.Forestoxygenbar 3D Theme is for free for you to enjoy unite 3Dthemeimmediately.A magic 3D theme:Using it you can feel the mysteryofthe island, as if you can see any place on the Forest oxygenbar.Itwill move enthusiasm miraculous fantastic passionatephonelocation, feel the summer sea styleIt has a enthusiasmmiraculousstyle, and fantastic Forest oxygen bar cultureIf you loveForestoxygen bar 3D Theme, please get this fantastic passionate 3Dthemenow.With the enthusiasm miraculous background, your phone willlookmore attractive.It is battery power saving and fantasticpassionateenthusiasm miraculous 3D theme.What’s more for you indownloadingthe fantastic passionate Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme (3DVRPanoramic)? Install the Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme (3DVRPanoramic) to apply keyboard themes that areenthusiasmmiraculaous, unite and fantastic passionate. Give yourphone acomplete makeover!Theme Center: various free themes, likethepopular and luxury enthusiasm miraculous theme, a listofenthusiasm 3D, neon theme and lovely audio themes.WallpaperCenter: offering HD wallpapers of different styles andGrand RobotBattle Live wallpapers. Thousands of HD wallpapers willbe updateddaily for your choice.DIY theme center: you can shareyour ownenthusiasm miraculous fantastic passionate theme with yourfriendsfor fun.More enthusiasm miraculous unite weather showeffects,providing a pleasant interface of weatherforecasts.Beforeinstalling Forest oxygen bar 3D Theme (3D VRPanoramic) , you haveto first install our launcher. Things toexpect in 3D Launcher:Thelatest 3D themes, along with a largevariety of golden themes, VRthemes, cartoon themes, with customizedrecommendations based onyour preferences.With over a thousandthemes and thousands ofwallpapers, you're bound to find somethingyou like! Don't wait,come install it now!
Rain in the forest Video LWP
Rain in the forest Video Live WallpaperThe most efficient videolivewallpapers that runs smoothly on Android devices.Enjoy therain inthe forest on your phone or tabletFeatures: Optimizedmemory usageSaves to the SD card by default Adjustable speed(frame rate) Do notaffect battery lifetime Compatible withsmartphones and tabletsFree! BONUS: nice widget!FEEDBACK: If youhave any suggestedfeatures or improvements please leave a comment,or send email.Please post comments and feedback. When posting lowrating pleasedescribe what is wrong to give the possibility to fixthatissue.NEWS: Twitter: INSTALL: 1. Installvideowallpaper from Play Android market; 2. Go to Home -> Menu->Wallpapers -> Live WallpaperPersonalize your smartphonewiththis beautiful live wallpaper!ADS INFORMATION: To develop morefreegreat video live wallpapers, we have implemented some adsinsettings.
Bird Savior
Have you ever wanted to free caged birds? Here is a chance to beaBIRD SAVIOR?Help rescue every caged-bird in the forest. Youcanjump high or super slide to avoid obstacles. Fun game withsuperstrong savior of birds, mind-blowing forest scenes,unseenobstacles and super engaging game-play.
Forest Sounds - Nature & Sleep
Enjoy the beautiful forest sounds and relaxyoubody and mind. We have selected finest forest melodies so youcanfeel the nature. You can simply adjust sound characteristicsand mixthe forests sounds you like most.Some of the great features:★ High quality forest sounds★ Simple and beautiful design★ Adjustable sounds★ Timer - so the app turn off automatically★ Beautiful background images★ Install to SD CardSounds of the nature can help you relax better and fallasleepfaster. No more stress or depressions.If you have any comment or suggestion please let me know so Icanimprove this app for you.
Lovely animals lived in the forest that had strayed off.It isthelive wallpaper which the scenery of the forest filled withlightsoothes you.FreeTrialVersion!!by★Lovely animalssuch asthe deer, the rabbit and the woodpecker react to the touch.Touchit :-)★(The deer and the rabbit turn around to you bytouch!)★Thebear taking a nap appears at random!★The squirrel climbsup anddown on the tree! Don't miss out!★The leaf and the butterflythatflutter down produce the healing forest.★Movement aftertrialperiod (Animals do not appear).★It corresponds to ahorizontalscreen.★Able to store it on the SD card.(*OS2.2 ormore)(*When youset it as wall paper, lease save (move) it in themain body. Thesetting may returns to a default when youreboot.)※Settingmethod:home screen>menu>Wallpaper>LiveWallpaper※Please enjoy afree trial period for two days. ※Accordingto memory conditions,itmay not be able to set normally. In thatcase, please restart yourportable terminal and set it again.※If youexit live wallpaper,itmay not be able to exit normally by usingtask end applicationprogram such as task killer. Please exit itafter setting otherlive wallpapers.※When not normally working byupdating it, itimproves it when doing by reinstalling it afteruninstallingit.※When updating it with setting the wallpaper, thescreen mayturn black in the case of OS2.1.You can set it correctlybyresetting after setting other live wall papers. It's a featureforOS, and it contains improved OS2.2.
Save The Forest Guard
Poaching and forest depletion are illegal activities whicharecarried out at some Forests. These criminals continue to dothissince a long time. The only men to stop them are theforestrangers. So the poachers trapped a ranger in a cell. Help himgetout of there and gather other officials and stop them. Goodluck...
Forest 2
Forest 2 is the remake of my first game I've made in 2012calledForest. It includes a new AI, upgraded graphics, bettercontrolsand a bit more content. This game is basically a hauntinggame butthe difference is that the evil one is a white ghost withlongblack hair. Your quest is to escape and finally find a waytobanish the ghost.Be careful and quiet. You can hear her breathwhenshe approaches.
Five Nights At Horror Island
Welcome to the forest! You play a role of lone survivor,who’strying he’s best to stay alive in this mysterious anddangerousplace! You have to use all your survival skills andknowledge to beready to face the challenge. In Five Nights AtHorror Island allyou need to do is to stay alive as long as it ispossible and foundall the secrets that this place hides. HOW TOPLAY: Find food, ammoand other resources. Use cameras for findingdangers! Remember, youcan’t escape this place, so just do your bestto survive anothernight!Five Nights At Horror Island gamefeatures:+ Perfect islandsurvival simulator;+ Many resources;+Night vision cameras;+ Coolvisual effects;+ Big horror island;+Great mystery hidden in theforest;If you like survival and horrorsimulator games, then FiveNights At Horror Island will be pefectpick for you! Play the game,enjoy it and let’s see how long can yousurvive at five nights!Good luck!
Survival Hunt
You are running fast to get out of the forestFor survival, avoidallthe tree obstacles and collect melonsThe more you score, themoresurvival skills you got..
Finding Key
Hi gamers, welcome to the thrilling experience. The objectiveofthis gatme is to find the key which is hidden inside theforest.But that's not easy folks. You have to solve puzzles to findthekey. Forest is full of danger. So get the key soon and get outofdanger. Take the challenge and enjoy the experience.
RealDepth Forest Free LWP
Look around the forest using sensors! Realistic 3D forest - onyourhome screen.RealDepth Forest Live Wallpaper: A beautifulforestscene with a cool 3D depth effect.Not just a picture - thisis adynamic wallpaper. Look around by just moving your phoneortablet.On day time it's an amazing green, lush forest with raysofsun light coming through the trees, and turns into anenchantedlooking forest at night.• Less than 2% battery usageonaverage!Only in the FULL version you get:• Day and nightmodes.•Showing sun rays.• Customize the scene and movement.• Usingboththe accelerometer and the compass.In the FULL version youcanCUSTOMIZE:• Show and hide visual effects.• Use accelerometer tonotjust look around but also rotate the scene around its axis.•Changethe speed, rate and smoothing of sensors and movement.• Addmoretrees and grass or hide them.• Switch between day and nightmodes.•Change the frame rate.• Show the background in highresolution(mostly for tablets).TOUSE:Home->PressMenu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers->RealDepth Forest* Workswith devices with a compassand/or accelerometer sensors. Otherwiseonly home screen transitionswill be used for animation.* Fordevices that support livewallpapers.* Compass calibration could berequired if the wallpaperdoesn't move well.Become a fan onFacebook:http://fb.forest.olegapps.comWebsite:http://forest.olegapps.comMore Apps:
Slenderman: The Curse
Things went wrong after the party. Drinks, recklessness andyournumbness caused by alcohol made your friends have fun ofyou,taking you to the forest. Seems funny?Maybe yes, at first.Butthings not always go the way you like. Things are not good inthatforest, neither in the town you live... They neverwere.Stuffhappens in towns, a little one means nothing.Long ago,after whathappened, the curse lasted through the years. He failed,and isnever going to forgive ‘em. For him, anything neverremainoutstanding.Slenderman don’t forgives.Escape as fast as youcan,find the keys, don’t waste your flashlight, and above all,stayaway from him.- Terror, horror and suspense! Same director from“ElLaberinto del Demonio 3D”- Horror game, now in English!-Upcomingnew difficulty levels coming soon!
Forest Photo Frame Multi
Forest Photo Frame is a Collection of Forest Photo frames appwithbest pic editor tool to keep your memorable pictures inframes.Forest app provide tons of frames for all yourmomentsunforgettable. Enhance your photos in the best possible waybyusing this Forest Photo Frame that will help you becomeaprofessional very easily and very quickly. Let select theForestphoto frame you like best. Then, add your photos fromgallery. Youcan move, zoom, flip, mirror, rotate the photo and addlovelystickers and Text Style.Decorate your photos with theseincrediblejungle photo frames and you can save the photo, sharewith friendsand family.After make your creative photo frame, it’stime to showyour creation to the world. Share your photo frame toany socialmedia app.Forest Photo Frame App Feature ::• FrameCategory:->Many Different jungle Photos are included to createdframes inHeart ,Round, Star, Square Photo Frames and more areincluded.>choose your photos from gallery and set you want toappear onjungle backgrounds with lots up frames and shape.> Addmultiplestylish photo frame and shape to make nice your photos.>chooseyour beautiful frame from 60+frames in different shape.•AwesomeFilters:-> We give you 50+ best filter effect foryourphoto.> Make your image stylish by many filter effect.>Thereare lots up filter that you try like: Lomo, Hefe,Toaster,Earlybird, Hudsun, etc.• Sticker & Emoji:-> DoggyFace forswitch your face for free and create smiley Doggy Face.>AnimeCartoon - cute rabbit - ears - nose stickers to make yourfunnyframe.> Flower Crown Stickers.> Emoji smiles will makeyourphotos more fun.• Stylish Text:- > Add cool and stylish fonttoyour Forest Photo Frames.> Give your text to Color,Shadow,metal background etc.> We give your different textbackgroundlike candy, metal, texure etc.> Have any suggestion oranyimprovement for All In One Photo Frame Collection app ?? Thenmailus. We love to hear everyone. Finally, Don’t forget to giveyourvaluable comment and rating, it help us to make better andcreativeapp.> Graphics, sticker and other vector taken fromFreepik.comunder the guideline personal and commercial use.>Photographsused for the icon and screenshots in the application areunderCreative Commons License.
Escape The Forest Tiger
Games2Jolly - Escape The Forest Tiger is a point and clickescapegame from games2jolly family. Wild life poachers are evilmoneyminded brutal criminals who hunt down wild animals for theirskin,claws, trunks, horns, etc... Those culprits have kidnapped atigerfrom nearby forest and locked him up inside a cage made out ofthetree log of a huge tree. Help the tiger get out of that cage.Thepoachers are away from their hide out so this is the perfecttimefor rescue mission. Use the objects nearby, clear the puzzlesandget the cub out. Good Luck...
The Forest Conservation Act
The Forest (Conservation) Act,1980 as amended from time totimechecks the indiscriminate diversion of forest land fornon-forestpurposes in India.The State Government/Union Territoriesarerequired to submit formal proposals to the CentralGovernment(Ministry of Environment and Forests) for diversion offorest landfor non-forest purposes in the prescribed proforma alongwithdetails such as flora,fauna,map of thearea,compensatoryafforestation proposed etcApp Features-- Complete'The Forest(Conservation) Act,1980' in digital format. Doesn'trequireinternet connection to read act once downloaded.- View datasectionwise / Chapter wise- Advanced User friendly Search for anykeywordwithin section/chapter- Ability to view Favourite sections-Resizethe font for better readability- Ability to add notes toeachsection ( Users can save note, search note, share notewithfriends/colleagues ). In order to use this feature user need toBuyvia Google Checkout.Ministry of Environment, Forest andClimateChange Website : any queries, writeto usat: contactus@rachittechnology.comFollowusat: web:
Deer in the forest theme
Deer in the forest theme, free, beautiful, stylish Android theme,isspecially designed for APUS Launcher. This theme includesunified HDicon pack, beautiful wallpaper and helps make yourphonepersonalized and stylish.★ Introduction1. This theme is freebutonly compatible with APUS Launcher. To apply, please make sureyouhave installed APUS Launcher in your phone.2. Choose and installanAPUS Launcher theme.3. Apply theme in the APUS theme page.★AboutAPUS LauncherAPUS Launcher is a small, fast, stylish launcherappfor Android. This free launcher provides more than10,000wallpapers, themes, and HD icons for users to personalizeAndroidphone and make phone stylish. Easy, simple, APUS Launchergiveusers access to real time information, news, and othercontextualservice. Even better, APUS Boost will make your phonefaster.
Wheels Of Survival
Have you ever been walking by the forest and all of suddenjustfallen into a deadly mechanical pit filled with cogs and acid?No?Well, it is good to be prepared! Which you can do in thissimpleand fun game containing hundreds of fun and challenginglevels!Helpa fellow miner survive in this pit of hopelessness. Tapthe screento jump from one cog to another and collect points aroundthemwhile not falling into the acid. You can temporarily stop theacidby picking up the totally unsuspicious glowing yellow light.Trynotto hit shielded areas or you'll get reflected back!
Bash The Bear
Hedgehog commandos at the defense of the forestLead the squadofhedgehog commandos in reclaiming the mushrooms stolen by thelazybear from the forest animals. Work out a plan, put yourpricklyfriends in place, and light the fuze! Teach the old rascal alesson– show him who is the boss here!"Get ready to have real fun!Leadthe squad of hedgehog commandos in reclaiming the mushroomsstolenby the lazy bear from the poor forest animals. Work outanelaborate attack plan, put your prickly friends in place, lightthefuze – and let the explosive fun begin!Use powerfulcannons,baseball bats, and everything else you have at hand toright thewrong in your own home. Teach the old rascal a lesson –show himwho is the real boss in the forest!""Get ready to have realfun!Lead the squad of hedgehog commandos in reclaiming themushroomsstolen by the lazy yet ravenous bear from the poor forestanimals.Time to restore justice! Work out an elaborate attack plan,putyour prickly friends in place, light the fuze – and lettheexplosive fun begin!Unbreakable shields, strong magnets, evenbugspray – make every effort to reach the bear! Use powerfulcannons,baseball bats, and other cool equipment from the commandos'arsenalto right the wrong in your beloved forest. Keep in mind thatacouple of dynamite crates can solve any problem! Teach theoldrascal a lesson – show him who is the real boss in the forest!"
Forest Holidays
Enjoy the simple luxury of a Forest Holiday. Choose your cabinatone of our 9 stunning UK locations. Explore the forest,discoverthe delights of the local area and reconnect with a slowerpace oflife. Now, for the perfect break, add in your hot tub underthestars, a cosy log burner and an Entertainments Packagethatincludes free Wi-Fi, Sky TV and a pile of must-see movies.Theperfect holiday for couples, families and groups offriends.Withour easy to use App, wherever you are, you can searchand book, addextras and activities and keep up to date with all ourlatestoffers.Using the App is as natural as a Forest Holiday.
Autumn Forest LWP
Autumn is the Golden season of the year, which carries amaturity,ripeness and perfection. It transforms meadows, forests,fields,city squares into true works of art. The last warm Sunnydays, Iwant more to enjoy these Golden colors of nature, get somefreshair in anticipation of winter. Our app is a beautifulanimatedpicture of Golden autumn, the forest where presented to usin apurple-gold color. Easy falling leaves application laid ontheground, creating a multi-colored soft carpet. The number, speedanddirection of which you choose in our settings.Interestingspectacleof our Wallpaper is the flipping of the screen, where themovementof your finger move and our leaves, making our applicationmoreinteractive, dynamic and interesting. No less interesting isthepressing of a finger on a leaf, invented by our developers forabigger splash your emotions. To install our Wallpaper is veryeasy– click on the “Install” button. They are suitable forbothsmartphones and tablets, not drain your battery when the screenofyour gadget is turned off. Installed without distortion ofthepicture have been tested on many modern smartphones andtablets.The Wallpaper is carefully selected by our designer in HDquality.Loaded and work well even on low-powered devices.Optimized, quickto install and take up little space on your device.Settings aresimple and clear. Fully free.THE APPLICATION CONTAINSADVERTISING!Image taken from the website name:Micky**.License: wasadapted.All rights belong to the author.
Animal Runner
Welcome to the Kingdom Of The Forest ! Run ! Run ! Run !Thisgamefor ALL AGES! Run for the Kingdom Of The Forest , collect coinsandmake highest score. Race with other players all over the worldwithonline score - leaderboard. Animal games for kids. If youwantrunner games or if you want animal games , this game isforyou.Animal Runner: Kingdom Of The Forest Features:NEW:-LionandDragon added in animals-New Achievement added-Old achievementeditand improve score limit-Rain / weather mod added ingame-Optimizegraphic-More colored graphics-Optimize gamemechanics-Fix slowfps-Remove some ads ! GENERAL : - Different maps-Online Scoresystem (Online Leaderboard)- Online achievements andbadges-Missions- Store system (new animals and power ups)- You canflywith some animals (bird or rooster)- All animals have bonus-Veryfun game system- Easy control just swipe,jump and slide - Powerupsystem (Speed,Invincibility,Double coin and coin magnet)- Fungameplay,cute animals- If you run over to 6000 ,you cancollect"treasure"!- Total 26 achievement- Endless runner -Exclusive 3Dgraphics!- Compatible with Tablet and Phones !- AnimalgameAnimalRunnerFacebook: GamesWebsite:http://www.moddingtr.comIf you have a problem orquestionplease contact us:Contact :
Shoot the targets and conquer the forest – in the newgameBang!!Show your reflexes and face the challenge. Figure out whoisthe quickest among your friends! Hit every target in thearcadegame within the time and compare your highscore with others.Becomethe ruler of the forest! The beginning seems easy, but howfar willyou get?*Bang!! Is a free game*Playing the game does notrequire anactive internet connectionYou like the game? Learnmorehere: have a question?Pleasecontacte me
Mr. Adventurer : Smasher
The jungle boy is the most powerful person in the forest. Helivesin a dense forest since childhood, and he can run a gyroscopeinparticular. Become the king of the forest, control him to openyouradventure story, there will be a lot of well-designed level,thereare mysterious props, and a variety of monsters. They arewaitingfor you to explore and experience on the forest road.Thisadventurestory has five different scene styles and three differentmodes ofplay: classic mode, running cool mode and underwateradventuremode.This game is easy to control but also very addictive.Verydetails of classic platform games been remade in Marco World.Thesuper awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Marco is thehiddenDungeon world.Finish the adventure story will have to jumpand runover many obstacles, fight and shoot against nob bees,clumsysnakes, ted birds, jabber mushrooms, leps bug and manyothermonsters.Climb up huge mountains and stairs, fight againstenemies,collect coins and diamonds, explore lot of challengingandaddictive jungle worlds and lands and defeat all cruel enemiesandbosses.How to play:1. Control keys control all actions ofthejungle boy (run, jump and shoot ...).2. Collection of gold tobuythe necessary things, access to all kinds of props.3. Completethetask as quickly as possible.4. The jungle boy has three hearts.
Forest Animals Arts and Crafts
Four little forest animals invite kids to play and learn inthemagical forest! Your new pocket friends - Squirrel, Mole, MouseandHedgehog - will teach you how to make a yummy cake, do forestartand craft works, collect forest gifts like berries and nuts,andgrow your own forest goodies!Don’t get tricked by the looksofthese forest animals. They love to get messy while playingandworking but they always tidy up, even after taking a bath!Togetherwith forest animals, you will learn how to clean up fastand keepyour things neat!Game featuresBake a CakeCute little mouseandhedgehog will show you how to bake a super delicious cake withwildstrawberries. Don’t eat too much because you’ll have to cleanuptoo! Wash the dishes and keep the kitchen tidy aftercooking!Mushroom CareLittle hedgehog likes to grow his own forestgoodiesin his mini garden. He will teach you how to plant, grow andtakecare of the most delightful forest mushrooms!SquirrelCraftsCraftysquirrel is here to teach you forest arts and crafts.Make a toyfrom things you can find in the forest and don’t forgetto clean upyour workspace! Clean the table, throw away garbage andput arttools in their places after fun time of creation!Laundry&Dress UpUh-oh, squirrel’s fur got covered in paint after artsandcrafts time. Help her look neat and cute again. WashSquirrel’sfur, dry it, play dress up and create a nice new outfitforher!Pick the NutsHelp the little hedgehog pick hazelnutsandblueberries. Remove tree leaves and icky slugs form theseforestgoodies. Wash berries and nuts carefully so that forestanimalswould have some nice snacks!Bath TimeMr. Mole was diggingall dayand got dirty. Help him relax after a long day of work: givethelittle Mole a warm bubble bath, dry and brush his fur, cleanhisteeth and take care of the nails. Clean up the bathroom whenMole’sbath time is over!Trophy RoomGet rewarded for helpingforestanimals do their chores. Play more, reach new levels andcollectall forest trophies!Lucky HourVisit the old forest clock andspinit. You can win up to 500 extra coins if it’s yourluckytime!MoviesTurn on an old TV and watch kids movies with yourlittleforest friends. Play video and get 200 coins!WHAT’S INSIDE -9super fun forest activities and cleanup games- 4 charmingforestfriends- 70 furry clothes and accessories for squirrel’sdress up-8 collectible forest trophies- Stunning animations andbeautifulgraphics- Catchy sounds and music- Easy to play even forsmallkidsDiscover more fun with TutoTOONS!Play ourgames: us onTwitter: us onFacebook: ournewsletter:
Meet The Animals: The Forest.
This app includes:Bilingual narrations, sounds, music and 3D animated andinteractivecharacters.15 incredible puzzles with 4 levels of difficulty.Free Augmented Reality animated scenes .15 Augmented Reality animations.Educational Game “Identify the animals”.Please note: This free App works with our “Meet the Animals”bookcollection. If you don’t have one of the books at this timeandyou’d like to try out the augmented reality animals, pleaseprintthe image target that you can download free at our website.Lookfor “Free Samples”at Download the free app “Meet the Animals: TheForest”available for Android devices, install it on yoursmartphone; placeyour device over the book cover or over any of thecharacters inthe book and begin to enjoy the surprising augmentedrealityanimations. The 3D animals will jump out of the pages ofyourbook!
Escape Games - Diamond Forest
Escape Game: Diamond Forest is an adventurous game developedbymirchi escape games. In this escape game you are stuck insidetheforest when you went their to find hidden diamond treasure.Willyou explore the place to find hidden objects and clues and getthediamond before escape. Are you ready to take thechallenge?Download now.Features:-Beautiful graphics.-Attractivepuzzles.-Autosave option.-100% free.-No In-app purchases.How toplay:Touch onthe objects to interact, search for the hidden cluesand solvepuzzles!
Forest Photo Frames
Forest Frames for Photos includes forest from all over theworld.Create Best looking photos with Forest Frames that are uniquetoour application. These Nature forest Photo Frames areuniquecollection of frames.- Effective user interface- You canchoosefrom multiple creative frames.- Pick images from gallery ortakephoto from camera.- Give Awesome effects to make your photomorebeautiful and realistic.- Add text on frames with differentcolorsand styles.- Use wide range of smiley and stickers to makeyour picclassic.- Share your photo with social media.- Save imageswithhigh resolution - Give photo effect like grey scale, hue,contrast,many color effects and more..- Adjust your photo, drag,rotate,pinch zoom in, zoom out- You can add text on frames withdifferentstyles and colors.- Use classic collection of smiley andstickersto make your pic wonderful.Any Feedback and suggestions aremostWelcome And Appreciated
King of the Forest Lion Theme
King of the Forest Lion Theme, free, beautiful, stylishAndroidtheme, is specially designed for APUS Launcher. This themeincludesunified HD icon pack, beautiful wallpaper and helps makeyour phonepersonalized and stylish.★ Introduction1. This theme isfree butonly compatible with APUS Launcher. To apply, please makesure youhave installed APUS Launcher in your phone.2. Choose andinstall anAPUS Launcher theme.3. Apply theme in the APUS themepage.★ AboutAPUS LauncherAPUS Launcher is a small, fast, stylishlauncher appfor Android. This free launcher provides more than10,000wallpapers, themes, and HD icons for users to personalizeAndroidphone and make phone stylish. Easy, simple, APUS Launchergiveusers access to real time information, news, and othercontextualservice. Even better, APUS Boost will make your phonefaster.
Bromulo's Forest - Beta
You will get in the skin of Bromulo, a forest keeper whoseforesthas been choosen to build a new and masive Mall by the OMG(GenericMalefic Organization, in spanish)Your objective is to keepthemaway by defeating all hunters and lumberjacks they've senttodestroy your forest!The game is in early Beta state, so wewouldappreciate any kind of positive feedback you can bring to us,byleaving a review in the comments or sending it directly to usviaInstagram or Facebook!Enjoy! - Bear Slap -
wonder forest LWallpaper
The LiveWallpaper which expressed the fantastic world of★Effects of the light appear fromyourfingertip.★Lights out of the fire or lighting is possible whenyoutouch the candle.★The fairy will escape when you touchthefairy.★When you touch flowers and mushrooms, actions occur suchasshining.★It corresponds to a horizontal screen.★Able to store itonthe SD card.(*OS2.2 or more)(*When you set it as wall paper,pleasesave (move) it in the main body. The setting may returns toadefault when you reboot.) ※Settingmethod:homescreen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper※According tomemoryconditions,it may not be able to set normally. In that case,pleaserestart your portable terminal and set it again.※If you exitlivewallpaper,it may not be able to exit normally by using taskendapplication program such as task killer. Please exit itaftersetting other live wallpapers.※When not normally workingbyupdating it, it improves it when doing by reinstalling itafteruninstalling it.※When updating it with setting the wallpaper,thescreen may turn black in the case of OS2.1.You can set itcorrectlyby resetting after setting other live wall papers. It's afeaturefor OS, and it contains improved OS2.2.【New functionaddition! Livewall papers and themes are all you can use!】Livewallpapers andthemes are all you can use when registering to themonthlymember!Let's customize with live wallpapers and themes!■Whatismonthly membership?It is profitable limitlessly usable serviceoflive wallpapers and the themes that uistore delivers for amonthlyfee.・Contents for the monthly will be addied one afteranother.※Apart of contents is excluded.It is necessary to downloadhomeapplication "Final Launcher" for the monthly memberregistration.・Final LauncherdownloadURL・Compatiblemodels:Android 2.3.3 over■Monthly member registration method・Youcanregister from "Monthly member" in Home setting after pressingthemenu button of Final Launcher.・You can register fromtheadvertisement displayed on the home screen of live wallpaperoffree version for the monthly member.※If you have uninstalledtheFinal launcher during the monthly member, all live wallpapersyouhad installed will automatically be turned to limitedversion.Theuse of full version of live wallpaper and the theme bythe monthlymember registration operates only by "FinalLauncher".Please notethat other home applications return to thelimitation version.
Leopard Live Wallpaper
Today we want to present you a gorgeous picture leopard resting onatree in the forest, animated in live Wallpaper. Animal leopard–wild, the beautiful and agile cat, in nature, very cautious.Thisbeast's got excellent hearing and eyesight, it isextremelyhandsome: the fur of an adult animal, short and notmagnificent,the red color leopard yellow with black spots. Animalpossessesgreat agility and swiftness of movement. It reactioninstantaneous,lightning fast attacks, fear it does not know.Beautiful animationeffects, our developers live Wallpaperbrightened the picture, thenumber, speed and direction of which youchoose yourself in thesettings of our application. It installsquickly, without anydefects and takes up minimal space on yourdevice. Wallpapers areenergy saving and have passed all testing onmost of the devicesare working properly. The highlight of ourapplication would beclicking on an animation object. The flippingof the screen will benot less interesting. The app is completelyfree. Download our liveWallpaper, the most perfect of cats, supercat – the leopard,waiting for meeting with you, but not in gallonsof nature, and onyour gadget.THE APPLICATION CONTAINS ADVERTISING!Image taken bythe license: CC0PublicDomain edited.
Escape Games Day-793
In this game, you went to the forest with your friends andforgotthe way to go out. You are going to explore the forest tofind thebasketball of a kid and get a key to escape. Find the cluestosolve the interactive puzzles. Are you ready to take thechallenge?Download this escape game now forfree.Features:-Beautifulgraphics.-Attractive puzzles.-100% free.-NoIn-app purchases.Likeus on Facebook and get instant gameupdates:
Wolf Craft
Craft your very own wolf and survive in the forest! Huntanimals,recruit wild wolves to your pack, and face off againstfiercebosses! Collect materials to build customizations for yourwolfincluding new fur colors, helmets, colorful auras, andmuchmore!Download Wolf Craft at the very special 50% OFFsaleprice!INCREDIBLE FEATURESCRAFT YOUR WOLFCollect craftingmaterialsfrom defeated animals and hidden treasure chests! Buildexcellentarmor and accessories to Mix and Match on your wolf foraone-of-a-kind look! Bat Wings and a red Mohawk? Sure! SparkleAura,Sunglasses, and a Turtle Shell? Why not?LIVE AS YOUR WOLFLifeishard on a wild wolf. Finding food and water while staying safeisno easy task. You will have to keep yourself fed and hydratedorrisk the death of your wolf!HUNT YOUR PREYSprint throughanincredibly large open-world forest inhabited by deliciousanimaland fierce predators. Hunt and fight for your life to keepyourpack well fed and happy!BATTLE BOSSESTry your luck againstfearsomeboss wolves like BlackFang and ThunderPaw! They are notyouraverage enemies so be brave and fight with all yourmight!BUILDYOUR WOLFPACKRecruit a family of wolves to fight by yourside andhelp you defeat even the most difficult of opponents! Watchthemgrow in size and strength as your pack fights for dominance oftheAnimal Kingdom.LEVEL UP YOUR WOLFGain experience and earnlevel-upswhich will increase the strength and speed of yourwolf!EXPLORE THEWILDERNESSGrab fish from streams, fight foxes onmountain tops, andcare for your family in the safety of a rockcavern. An incrediblylarge and beautiful world awaits you!3DANIMATED VOXEL ANIMALSLoadsof block-style animals with realisticanimations bring the wildworld of Wolf Craft to life! Wolves,foxes, deer, skunks, raccoons,owls, snakes, fish, birds and moreare waiting to challengeyou!SIMULATED WEATHER AND ATMOSPHEREPlayall day and through thenight and watch as the world changes aroundyou! Twinkling starsand realtime sunsets add realism and beauty toyour experience thatto our Advanced Weather Simulator!NO ADS ORIN-APP PURCHASESDon’tworry about any bothersome ads popping upwhile your in a fight foryour life!Craft your wolf and start theadventure of a lifetimetoday, the most unique crafting game in theworld is finally here,Wolf Craft!
Forest Live Wallpaper
How nice to be dissolved in the majestic beauty of the forest.Ourapp is a part of this greatness. He reveals to you his hug, andyoufreeze in shocked amazement. How many interesting things youcansee and hear. The air filled with the smell of herbs andheatedwood, voices of the birds: what you can feel, looking at ourliveWallpaper.Animated leaves gently fall, the picture comes tolifeand takes you to the edge of the forest, where they couldescapefrom their cases, to relax. Choosing in the settings of thenumber,size, direction of the falling leaves, you create a pictureof thevision. A pleasant surprise will be the moment you pressyourfinger on a falling leaf, when he suddenly turns intosomethingelse – the imagination of our application developers.Delights andobedient leaf movement by swiping your finger. All thiscreates agreat mood and positive emotions.Install the app will notbe muchdifficulty.They are suitable for both smartphones andtablets.Don'tdrain your battery when the screen is off.Installedwithoutdistortion of the picture. Have been tested on manysmartphones andtablets. Take up little space on your device.Innature begin tounderstand that life is diverse, multifaceted, andhow beautifulthe world around us. Admire the silence and stillnessof the air,bright green decoration of trees, soft grass creepsalong theground. Forest, tightly wrapped in damp and impenetrablesmoke fog.Such emotions cause our Forest Live Wallpaper. Downloadour app andgive it your family and friends.THE APPLICATIONCONTAINSADVERTISING !Image taken from the website name: Scott Wylie, title: Forestlight. License: wasadapted.All rights belong to the author.
Forest Critters Hola Theme
The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effectisbased on installation.★Notice:This is not a stand-alone app -Youmust have "Hola Launcher" touse!DL:★HowtoApply the Theme:1. Download and install this theme; 2. MakesureHola Launcher is open; and3. Go to Personalize, Theme, choosethistheme and apply.★Hola Launcher: Google Play Best of 2015Winner!★Experience a clean, simple launcher with beautifulthemes,wallpapers, and fonts!★ Enjoy hundreds of free high-qualitythemes,wallpapers, and fonts. Updated every Friday! ★ Get 10,000elegant,high-definition icons to set your device apart from therest.★Automatically delight you with a new, free, and gorgeouswallpapereach day & make different day from the one before.★Use HolaShine, a simple swipe from a bottom corner opens a smartmenu ofyour frequently used apps and settings.Visit our Facebooksite: you have any question,pleasecontact us:holalauncher@gmail.comOr visit our official website:
Cat in the woods
Protect the forest and the animal friends from the people! Ifyouhelp Digi, the Leader Cat, you can guide and decorate the forestasyou want! - You can upgrade adorable animal friends. - Defencetheforest from the people and - Strengthen the forest's ownstrength!- Intense battles with enemies! - Hours of gameplay withincreasingnumber of collections! - Endless farming and continuousbattleplays!
Forest 2 Premium
Forest 2 is the remake of my first game I've made in 2012calledForest. It includes a new AI, upgraded graphics, bettercontrolsand a bit more content. This game is basically a slendergame butthe difference is that the evil one is a white ghost withlongblack hair. Your quest is to escape and finally find a waytobanish the ghost.Be careful and quiet. You can hear her breathwhenshe approaches.Difference to free version:-BetterTextureResolution-No Advertising-Play Day-Mode Instantly
Poweramp Skin Green Forest
***** READ ME ***** LEER ANTES DE INSTALAR *****In order toapplythis skin, you must have the app "Poweramp Music Player"installed.Para aplicar este diseño debes tener instalada laaplicacion"PowerampMusicPlayer"****************************************************************Followformore themes:Check all mythemes:****************************************************************INSTALL:1-DownloadGreenForest Skin from google play.2-Install Green Forest andopenit.3-Follow instructionsINSTALACION:1-Descargar Green Forestdegoogle play.2-Instalar Green Forest yabrirlo.3-SeguirinstruccionesIf you have any problems withinstallation or you findany bug, please contact me so that I canhelp Thank you!
Escape games zone 77
The theme of the game is to escape with the bicycle from theforestwhere you have been trapped. Assume that one day you went totheforest which is so silent. Try to unlock the door and getescapewith the cycle soon from that place. find the objects hiddenin theforest and solve simple puzzles. All the best.Have more fun.
Amazing Forest - Summer
3D Live Wallpaper Amazing Forest - Summer enable enjoy thebeautifulpanoramic 3D landscapes.Do you have a view from the shoreof a calmlake with floating lilies, where you can see thereflection of therelaxing summer woods, around the butterflies,and for bridge youcan see the fabulous waterfall. After dark, thesky will light upthe stars in the forest seem to fire thetravelers and their tents,and the forest will light multicoloredfireflies. Morning in theforest, thick fog and light wind ripplesappear on the water,socalised grass. Turning you can see theforest path, around theflowers bloom and butterflies - looking atthis picture one can notrelax!3D Live Wallpaper Amazing Forest -Summer has a lot ofsettings that allow to create a uniquelandscape to your taste. Inthe settings there are differentviewpoints, types of butterflies,multicolored fireflies, fog. Youcan turn the bloom-effect whichwill give fairy-tale forestlandscape, as well as the saturation ofwallpaper to create abright, juicy colors live wallpapers orlandscape in soft mutedshades.3D Live Wallpaper Amazing Forest -Summer can be changed inreal time, depending on the time of dayreplacing the starry nighton a gentle dawn and a bright sunny dayat the colorful sunset. Inthis case, you can always leave on yourstatic desktop wallpaperwith the pleasant view, time of day, andother settings.3D LiveWallpaper Amazing Forest - Summer enablerelax, watching from apeaceful and harmonious picture of the fairyforest.Depending onyour device, you can choose the most suitablefor you graphicsquality that will increase productivity.Set 3D LiveWallpaperAmazing Forest, and every time, looking at the screen, youwillhave a good mood, and bright landscape reminds of the summer!
Forest Wallpaper 1.0
App Basket
Beautiful collection of natural thick forest.You can directly setaswallpaper from your android device.Best collection ofHDwallpapers.You can share wallpaper on your favorite social mediaormessaging like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.Application allow youtodownload images to your device.Magical forest wallpaperFoggyforestwallpaper
Escape games zone 50
The theme of the game is to escape with the trophy fromtheforest.You have to overcome the challenge in the forest toescapewith the trophy.You need to get escape from this forest byclickingthe objects that is hidden from that forest. So there is nodoubtthat you will surely find the way out.All the best.Have morefun.
Forest Defender
Defend the forest from the ROBOTS!!!Shoot every robot with thesamecolor of his body to kill him.