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Runtastic Butt Trainer Workout 1.8
Get the free Runtastic Butt Trainer, Exercises & QuickWorkoutsapp and start defining your backside! Follow the lead oftheRuntastic avatar in high-quality, HD butt exercise videostocomplete intense butt and leg workouts at home (oranywhere!).Bikini butt alert: best exercises for butt right here inyour app!Get the ultimate butt toning and fat burning workouts.Fitness isnot one size fits all & your fat burning workoutsshouldn’t beeither. It’s time to sculpt your sexy bikini butt!ABUTT WORKOUT INYOUR POCKET. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.No time to hit thegym for yourbooty workout? Do you prefer to do your daily workoutat home?Unsure how to complete new butt exercises in a safe,effectivemanner? Kick your butt workouts into high gear with theRuntasticButt Trainer app! Lifelike avatar, Angie, guides you in50+ HD buttexercise videos to help you get the most out of yourbutt workout.Get ready for these killer leg and butt workouts toget that bikinibutt tone and improve your overall fitness! DownloadRuntastic ButtTrainer today. These are the best exercises for butttoning outthere! Your booty workout will never be the same.APPFEATURES &BENEFITS:* Virtual Trainer with great HDinstructional buttexercise videos to get your butt tone!*Expert-developed trainingplan with fat-burning butt workouts youcan do at home. These buttexercises require absolutely no fitnessequipment* Track your bootyworkout and your overall progress usingdetailed graphs* 10 unique “Tip of the Day”messages for dailyinspiration* Voice Coach to guide you througheach butt exercise:Get your butt tone in English, German, French,Spanish, Italian,Portuguese, Japanese* Compatible with your tablet:Butt toningworkouts anywhere...because who doesn’t love a killerbuttworkout?* Upload workouts to your MyFitnessPal account: Keeptrackof your daily calorie intake in addition to these fatburningworkouts for the best resultsBENEFITS OF FULL VERSION:* 50+HDinstructional butt exercise videos. These are the bestbodyweightexercises for butt toning and lifting – get the booty ofyourdreams* Three levels of expertly-developed training plans*Filterleg and butt exercises for your personal fitness level*Predefinedbutt and leg workouts, including: The 7-Minute Workout,Junk in theTrunk and more* My Workouts: Create customized butt andlegworkouts tailored to your target areas (like the hips!),weightloss goals & daily schedule* 50+ unique “Tip of theDay”messages for daily inspirationWhether you’re a nutrition&fitness junkie that loves to exercise, a busy stay-at-home momor abusiness traveler who is always on the go – the RuntasticButtTrainer app is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the muffintop,develop that bikini booty & get your butt tone by followingourinstructional videos & easy-to-use plans -anytime,anywhere.Remember: Don’t keep your hard work &personalprogress to yourself! Share your completed sessions, “MyWorkouts”custom results and “Tip of the Day” favorites on yourfavoritesocial media platforms. You can also upload your favoritefitnesspics to to monitor your exercise progress andshareresults. Get ready to transform your body and sculpt asexybackside with this incredible training plan full of exercisesforthe butt of your dreams.
Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout & AbTrainer 1.8
Get those abs out of hiding. If you want sexy abs forsummer,thetime to start is now! Download Runtastic Six Pack AbsWorkout&Ab Trainer to define your abs at home. These abworkoutsareamazing! Your abdominal muscles will never look thesame.Followyour ab trainer & complete an intense, customizedabsworkoutfor men & for women at home! SIX PACK ABCHALLENGE!ABSTRAINING ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. No time for working out?Notenoughcash to hire a personal trainer? Want to work out athome?Unsurehow to perform a new ab exercises (i.e. sit ups andplanks)in asafe, effective manner? Ab challenge for everyone!Keepyourambitions high with the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout&AbTrainer! Lifelike avatars, Daniel & Angie, guide youthroughanabs workout for men & for women. 50+ HD tutorialabexercisevideos help you maximize your core strength andoverallfitness.Get the Runtastic Six Pack app today & get yourabs andcoredefined like never before! APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:*Male&female avatars take you through a variety of sixpack&abexercises step-by-step to make the most out of yourabstraining.Yup, there are specific abs workouts for men &absworkouts forwomen!* 50+ HD instructional ab workout videos(bicyclecrunches,planks, sit ups and MORE)* Three levels ofascientificallydeveloped training plan for your abs andcoreworkout* Chromecast:Say goodbye to small screens &convenientlywatch all abexercises on your PC or TV screen viaChromecast.*10-week TrainingPlan full of amazing & effectiveabs workoutswith yourpersonal ab trainer* Pre-defined abs workouts,including:The7-Minute Workout, Insanity, Shape Up, Six Pack Junkieandmore!Perfect way to pump up your abs training.* My Workouts:Createyourvery own customized abs workouts. Set your abdominalmuclesonfire!* Filter ab exercises by level and specificabdominalmuscles*50+ unique “Tip of the Day” messages to keep youfocused& ontrack* This ab trainer app works with smartphones&tablets!*Absolutely no gym equipment required for your abworkout –use thissix pack & ab exercises app anytime, anywherefor yourabsworkout for men & women.* Improve overallfitness,abdominalmuscle definition and weight management* Track sixpacktrainingsessions & overall progress using detailedgraphs*Share yourfitness accomplishments, photos & tips onFacebook,Google+ andTwitter directly from your abs training app*IntegrateyourRuntastic Six Pack ab exercises and sessions withyourMyFitnessPalaccount* Upload all Six Pack *** Someapp features only available in FullVersionABS AND CORE EXERCISESINCLUDE: * Classic sit ups*Cross-bodycrunches* Oblique crunches*Planks* Mountain climbers* Hipdrops*Leg raises* Core twist* Sidebridge* Plus, many more core andabexercises to strengthen anddefine your abdominal muscles.Whetheryou’re a nutrition &fitness junkie, a busy stay-at-homemom ora business traveler whois always on the go – the RuntasticSix Packapp is perfect for youand the best ab workout app outthere! All abexercises will helpyou lose weight, strengthen yourabdominalmuscles, ditch the belly& get the flat tummy you’vealwayswanted. Follow ourinstructional ab workout videos &easy-to-useplans - anytime,anywhere. Remember: Don’t keep your hardwork &flat tummyaccomplishments to yourself! These ab exercisesare foreveryone!Motivate your friends to try this ab workout toobysharing yourcompleted sessions, “My Workouts” custom resultsand“Tip of theDay” favorites online via Facebook, Google+ andTwitter.Runtasticis all about health & fitness apps! Check outmore ofour appsto help you reach your fitnessgoalsat
Runtastic Leg Trainer - Workouts & Exercises 1.8
The best lower body exercise plan for killer leg training rightonyour mobile device! Define & strengthen your legswithRuntastic Leg Trainer, THE app for quick & effective lowerbodyworkouts. Your very own personal training Avatar helps yougetactive and take the challenge towards toned legs and sexycalves!The workouts are available in 3 different training planlevels andtailored to your individual needs and fitness level.Squats workoutparty - plus lunges, glute bridges and more! You cando these legworkouts ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Squeezing in a leg trainingsession isno longer a problem. With 50+ exercise videos, hot andtoned legsand calves are inevitable. Toning thighs has never beenmoreconvenient or effective. There are tons of variations ofclassicsquats, plus leg exercises you’ve probably never heard of!Defineyour thighs and calves with Runtastic Leg Trainer! Your lowerbodyexercise trainer in the comfort of your own home. APPFEATURES& BENEFITS: * Chromecast: Say goodbye to small screens&conveniently watch all exercise videos (like squats andlunges) onyour PC or TV screen via Chromecast. * No equipmentnecessary: Usethis app to sculpt toned legs anytime, anywhere! Youcan do yoursquat workouts and thigh workout from home. * Appoptimized forboth smartphones and tablets. Choose whichever deviceyou’d likefor your leg workouts and squats workout. *Easy-to-followinstructions thanks to voice coach available inEnglish, German,French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Japanese* Boost yourfitness, strength and balance & reduce your bodyweight witheasy exercises that are super effective and work wondersfor toningthighs! * Share your success from your leg training andthighworkout or the helpful tips on Facebook, Twitter, G+ orotherchannels like WhatsApp * Upload your leg workouts toyourMyFitnessPal account (squat workouts burn tons of calories andis atop lower body exercise) * Analyze your legs workout &monitorprogress with detailed graphics on BENEFITS OFTHEFULL VERSION: * 50+ HD leg exercises with a training videoguidedby lifelike avatar, Angie: step-by-step instructions for awidevariety of leg exercises to make a great leg workout! *Differentleg workouts, including the 7-Minute Workout, PilatesLegs,Lunden’s Leg Workout & more. Each thigh workout packsitspowerful burn! * Each leg workout is part of ascientific,three-level training plan with customizable elements toadjust toyour personal fitness level and give you a challenge * MyWorkouts:Create custom workouts targeted to your problem zones(e.g. theinner thighs or saddlebags), set weight loss goals &work outaccording to your personal, daily plan. * Select exercisesbased onyour personal fitness level * 50+ unique “Tips of the Day”Whetheryou’re always on the go or working long office hours, theRuntasticLeg Trainer app suits your lifestyle with a great legsworkout nomatter your fitness level. Each legs workout is differentandchallenging. Train your calves, thighs and butt and say goodbyetoyour problem zones with these squat workouts. Be sure tofolloweach training video so you know how to perform each legexercisesafely! Start your journey to get that dream body and thosetoned& defined legs you’ve always wanted. Use the appanytime,anywhere: Create a custom workout routine to challengeyourselfthat fits your individual needs, includingeasy-to-followinstructional videos. Runtastic Leg Trainer: Yourlegs have neverbeen hotter thanks to this squats workout app.Runtastic is allabout health & fitness apps! Check out more ofour apps to helpyou reach your fitness goalsat
Runtastic Push-Ups Counter & Exercises 1.13
Get stronger and do more push ups with the free Runtastic PushUpsapp!The Runtastic push ups app turns your Android device intoyourPERSONAL PUSH UPS TRAINER for a top-of-the-line chest workout.It’sperfect whether you’re about to get started or already a pushupworkout fan. Use the push up app to strengthen and toneyourmuscles anywhere, anytime. No gym or equipment needed forastrength workout - just get started! A scientificallydevelopedpush up workout training plan guides you towards your goalusingone of the most effective chest exercises. Plus, forgetaboutcounting your repetitions: The proximity sensor inyoursmartphone/tablet is your reliable push up counter. You justfocuson your form and body strength, your push ups app will dotherest.APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Push up counter countscompletedpush up repetitions using proximity sensor or by your nosetouchingthe display!* Access to Level 1 of the scientificallydevelopedpush up workout training plan for a great chest workout*VoiceCoach for constant feedback during your upper body workout*Beatyour best and set personal records with the help of your pushupstrainer (soon to be one of your favorite chest exercises!)*Uploadpushup workout activities to* IntegrateRuntasticactivities to your MyFitnessPal account* Share yoursuccess onGoogle+, Facebook, Twitter or via email* Collectmotivating badgesfrom your push up counter for your strengthworkout performance*Automatic countdown timer for your rest betweenexercise setsduring your push up workoutSIMPLY MOTIVATINGStatsabout yourcompleted push up repetitions are not only highlymotivating, butoffer you a great and useful overview of all yourstrength workoutsessions. Make use of your personal records toboost yourmotivation even further and keep setting new PRs for thisclassicupper body strengthening move. Got to love your push up appandcounter! Did you know that push ups for your chest workoutalsooffer an awesome core workout, too!UNIQUEYour push-upsareautomatically recognized using the accelerometer ofyoursmartphone/tablet OR by touching the display with your nose.Readyfor a killer pushup workout? Let’s increase yourbodystrength.Practical & informative: You can upload your pushupapp strength workouts to, if you want. There youcanaccess your activity log anytime as well as all your statstomonitor your progress.Runtastic is all about health &fitnessapps! Check out more of our apps to help you reach yourfitnessgoals at yourjourney towards your dream body and increased bodystrength! Startthe Runtastic Push-Ups Workout app and let yourtraining begin -whenever & wherever you feel like it….justdrop down and do apush up! Always focus on proper form when doingyour reps and engageyour entire body! You’ll be getting a greatcore workout, too!.Ready, set, pushups!Push ups for chest: Yourticket to yourstrongest self! Push ups for the chest are one ofthe bestexercises. Not only do they give you a great upper bodyworkout, butalso an incredible core workout as well. You’ve got toadd them toall your upper body strength workouts!Runtastic is allabout health& fitness apps! Check out more of our apps to helpyou reachyour fitness goalsat’mon, getyourpushups on!
Abs Sit Ups Workout 2.123.49
Sit Ups! Train with your Device! Your personal trainer for free.Thebest Sit Up app is coming with its unique design andpowerfulfunction. This is a real personal fitness trainer. This isa coolbody builder. Sit Ups not only helps counting the number ofSitupsyou do, but also calculates the calorie you lose duringeveryexcise and makes the training plan based on your dailytraining andbody status. In training mode, Sit Up app will make areasonabletraining plan based on your age and body status. The planwill bedivided in to six levels with each level containing severalgroupsof Situps. Training plan for next group or level will bebased onyour current training result. In each new level the appwillre-evaluate your body status to make sure the plan iscustomized.You can not only count the Situps using proximity sensorbut alsoenter the training data manually. Check out how this apphelps youbuild up your body through doing situps. It will notdisappointyou. Features: * Gravity Induced Counting * Entertraining datamanually * Graphs and Statistics * Training mode *Freestyle Mode *Training data back up and restore * TrainingNotification How touse: Hold your phone above the chest with twohands. Tag: situps ,sit ups , pushups , push ups , squats , pullups , pullups
Runtastic Results Fitness: HIIT & Home Workouts
Ready for a change? Get your dream body! Tailor your strengthorHIIT training and bodyweight workouts to your schedule andfitnesslevel. Start your first home workout without equipmenttoday! *Create a custom 7-45 min bodyweight workout with theWorkoutCreator. * Workout without equipment anywhere & anytime:athome, outdoors, in the gym. * 180+ HD bodyweight workoutvideosincluding detailed instructions and a demo by a fitnesstrainer forevery exercise. * Muscle and HIIT workouts with varyinglevels ofintensity tailored to your fitness level. * Home workouton the bigscreen using the app on your tablet or Chromecast. *Follow alongwith your muscle workout from your wrist on your WearOS device. Todo so, please make sure that you have the mobile appinstalled.Start with one of the many bodyweight exercises of theWorkoutCollection (push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats and more)for freeor unlock your personalized training plan and more withtheRuntastic Premium Membership: * Kickstart strength trainingbychoosing to complete 2, 3, 4, or 5 workouts a week. * Get oneofthe 5 personalized training plans adapted to yourbodyweightfitness level & availability. * Create a custommuscle workout:just pick your target zone & set the duration.Choose from avariety of exercises targeting different body zones,e.g. butt,abs, legs or arms. * Get real results with strengthtraining andwithout any equipment! Join the community & getinspired bymillions of fellow fitness fans worldwide. Losing weightorbuilding muscle has never been easier with free andcustomizedbodyweight training plans! Unleash your full potential:TheRuntastic Premium Membership will unlock all Premium featuresinResults and other Runtastic apps too. APP USAGE INFO &PREMIUMMEMBERSHIP DETAILS The Results app is free to download anduse.Some features, such as your custom 12-week training plan,areunlocked only with the purchase of a Premium Membership.YourMembership renews automatically if you do not cancel it within24hours prior to the end of the subscription period. The renewalofyour Premium Membership will be charged to your account up to24hours before your current Membership expires. The cancellationofan in-app Membership subscription is not permitted. The optiontodisable the automatic renewal of your Premium Membershipisavailable to you in your Google Play account settings. Do youhavefurther questions about our apps? Contact usvia
Runtastic Road Bike Trails & GPS Bike Tracker 3.6.2
Join millions of Runtastic users who have experienced roadbikingonawhole new level with the free Runtastic Road Bike app,one ofthebestcycling apps. This handy bike computer is ideal foralltypesofcycling activities, be it a casual ride across thepark,anintervaltraining on your road bike, a race like Tour deFranceorany otherbike route. Turn your smartphone into your veryownGPSbike tracker.ROAD BIKE APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:(limitedinfree version) *Track bike routes with GPS:Distance,duration,speed, elevation gain,pace, calories burned,etc. rightin yourbicycle ride tracker. As youcan see, it’s morethan just acyclingtracker. It's a handy bikecomputer* LIVETracking &Cheers: GoLIVE and show your friendswhere and howfast you’recycling &let them cheer you on for moremotivation*Routesearch: Browse& search thousands of bike routes&biketrails (availablein the bicycle app and*VoiceCoach: Keeps youposted on speed, distance,elevation gain,etc.while you arecycling* Maps (Google Maps):Details on yourcurrentlocation &bike route in your GPS biketracker* OfflineMaps:Download &save cycle maps to yoursmartphone* ColoredTraces(speed,elevation, climb rate, heart rate,etc.)* Displayyourcurrent rateof climb during a tour (elevationgain/minute)*Showcurrent gradein % * Determine cadence & speedduring yourvelotours (withthe Runtastic Speed & CadenceSensor)* Heartratemeasurement(with additional hardware) in yourbicycle ridetracker*Configureyour display: You choose which valuesare shownduringyour bicycleride* Auto Pause: No need to manuallystop &startactivitiesduring short breaks with Runtastic Speed&CadenceSensor inyour bicycle ride tracker* Music: Create aplaylistforyour tours& activate Powersong to boost motivation!*Wind&weatherconditions available right in yourcyclingtracker*Detailedpost-tour analysis incl. time rodeuphill,downhill, flat,as wellas graphs & training progress -it’s yourpersonalbikecomputer and is much more than a cyclingtracker*OpenStreetMap/Open Cycle Map Integration: Plan bikeroutes&discover newbike trails* Share your bike routes &ridewith GPSon Google+,Facebook, Twitter and via email directlyfromyour biketrackerYoucan upload all your cycling workouts fromyourGPS biketracker appto where they’reautomaticallyadded toyour traininglog. Detailed information on yourroadbikeactivities, comparisonswith your friends, as wellasfurtherbenefits help you staymotivated, improve your racetimes&reach your personaltraining goals. This app is one ofthebestcycling apps! Get thefree Runtastic Road Bike appnow!Runtastic isall about health& fitness apps! Check out moreofour apps tohelp you reachyourfitnessgoalsat
0-100 Pushups Trainer 4.41
◎ Join the millions completing the Zen Challenge Series! ◎ 0 to100Pushups in 8 weeks using a proven program! ◎ Featured onGlamourMagazine, Yahoo!’s Appolicious, Popsugar Fitness, Apple’s“What’sHot”, Apple’s “New & Noteworthy”, and doctor recommendedonhealthTap! "Could barely do 20 pushups, but this programchallengedme and got me to my goal! Easy straightforward program.Just pressstart and the voice coach guided me through!" Are youready for the100 Pushups Challenge? Train your body and build up tocompleting100 pushups with same people that brought you theOFFICIAL #1 5KTraining app C25K® (Couch to 5K). Using a provenprogram, the 100Pushups Challenge builds up your upper bodystrength, having youperform specific reps of pushups with a periodof rest in between.Just simply follow and perform the instructednumber of reps, andafter 8 weeks, you will be able to do 100pushups straight! Manyfitness experts and personal trainers willtell you that push-upsare among the best exercises EVER. Somebenefits of pushupsinclude: ◎ Push-ups are a compound exercise:pushups work out anumber of different muscles simultaneously,including abs, lowerback muscles, as well as quadriceps! And ofcourse, your tricepsand chest! This means that pushups are actuallya full bodyworkout. ◎ Pushups boost your cardiovascular health:pushups helpto circulate blood through the entire body, are greatfor yourheart and cardiovascular health. ≈ It's easy andstraightforward tostart ≈ 1. Just open the app and start! 2. Listento the voicecues! ≈ Features ≈ ◎ Achieve badges and awards forfinishing aworkout! ◎ Intuitive user friendly interface ◎Integrated withFacebook/Twitter/Instagram communities, so shareyour progress andachievements! ★ Love this app? We have a completesuite of healthand fitness apps that covers all your fitness needs.C25K (Couch to5K) Trainer: 10K Trainer- 7 Minute Workout - Situps Trainer - ★Join the communityfor help, tips, and advice!★ The Forums are a great place toask all your fitness questions! ★Read our blog for great healthtips! Questions/commentsregardingthe app? Please email us at,or visitus at Zen Labs is a proud supporterof theNational Breast Cancer Coalition. We are passionate aboutfinding acure for breast cancer and proudly donate to “Never doubt that a smallgroup ofthoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed,it isthe only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead LegalDisclaimerThis app and any information given by it or by Zen LabsLLC are foreducational purposes only. They are not intended norimplied to bea substitute for professional medical advice. Youshould alwaysconsult your healthcare provider before beginning anyfitnessprogram.
BodBot Personal Trainer: Workout & Fitness Coach 5.18
BodBot is your own digital personal trainer, providing AIworkoutscustomized to your goals, equipment, physical abilities,desireddifficulty and much more. BodBot provides you withstep-by-stepguidance for each exercise and progression, and yourplan adaptsover time as you complete or miss sessions. Just as agood personaltrainer will personalize your workout plan, BodBotcreates anindividual program for you and adapt it as you progress.Limitedrange of motion in the shoulders? We can work to correctthat.Weaker in the back than in the chest? We can addressthat.Hamstrings too tight? Want to develop the biceps or theglutes? Canonly workout in a few windows during the week? BodBotcan handle itall, and your workouts will reflect all of theseneeds. We'recommitted to providing you with the best possibletraining plan andthe very best workouts. More than this, if youmiss a workout, orif you decide to go hiking on a whim, we canintegrate this newinformation and update your training planaccordingly. The planlives and breathes with you and for you. Sowhat distinguishes amodern, science-based, intimately personalizedtraining system?What does BodBot do - and why does this matter? ■Personalizationmatters. If you broke your leg this morning, youprobably shouldn’tbe attempting heavy squats at night. Similarly,if your sleep hascratered for the past week, or if you suddenlycome down with afever, the previous trajectory of your fitness -along with lastweek’s view of this week’s best training plan -becomes obsolete.You need a recommendation that reflects your newcircumstances. ■While changes are rarely this dramatic, a missedworkout, anunexpected hike, a bout of insomnia or any of life’sothercurveballs should not derail you from your training plan oryourgoals. BodBot can and will handle these changes. ■ Peoplenaturallyprogress at different speeds. Rather than breakingyourself on theyoke of a program that’s either too slow or too fast- tooinefficient or wildly risky - it is possible to respond toyourrate of progress and adapt the training to reflect your ownuniquework capacity. BodBot will work with you to set the best paceandrate of progression. By contrast, most apps today eitheruseabsolutely no system of progression, or static fixedpercentageincrements. ■ Everyone has a different history:variations inposture, strength, cardiovascular fitness, range ofmotion, jointstability, joint mobility and much more. Thesevariations matter.Rather than overloading a weak and unstable jointor hammering analready shortened and tight muscle, BodBot will workwith you toimprove performance and increase efficiency - throughtargetedfitness tests and objective assessments. This is notthehand-waving personalization of other fitness apps. This ismodern,high quality physiology and kinesiology realized inintelligenttraining recommendations. ■ Accessibility matters - ifyou’reworking out at home you should still be able to get ahigh-quality,targeted workout - not an arbitrary infinite loop ofburpees,wall-squats and crunches. BodBot’s database of broad anddeepexercise profiles, together with the sophisticated algorithmsthatrun over the top of them, seamlessly handle changes in locationandequipment. Similarly, schedules can run tight and can change -ifyour default Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern is interrupted,oryou suddenly have less time available than expected, BodBotwillimmediately adjust your training plan. ■ Specificity matters-beating about the knees with a tire iron will certainlyprovokesoreness and perhaps even work up a sweat - but it willnotgenerate favorable improvements in performance(assumingself-assault does not become the new fad) or bodycomposition andcertainly not wellness. It’s the type of stimulus,not themagnitude of pain, that dictates results - BodBot will useeach andevery drop of sweat to help you achieve the results youwant.
Freeletics Running 1.9.15
Freeletics Running is the most effective and progressiverunningtraining program to help you become faster, increase yourstaminaand concretely burn calories, no matter your initial fitnesslevel.➝ Workouts based on interval running and distances, tocovereverything a runner needs. ➝ Audio cues and vibration featurestohelp you focus on your run and maximize your performance. ➝Adaptedto all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced runners. ➝Stoptracking data. Run and observe real progress. ➝ Share yourrunningexperience with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, withourcustomisable social sharing feature. Top athletes have trainedwithinterval workouts for decades. This is the best way to improveyourrunning performances quickly and sustainably. It is time foryou touse them too. Besides the free version and its selected poolofworkouts and runs, you can get the Coach, your personaldigitalrunning trainer who will provide you with a 100%personalizedtraining plan: ➝ Weekly training plan, customized toyou, youravailability and your goal. ➝ Your training is based onyourinitial fitness level, and adapts to your progression week byweek.➝ Be guided through every step of your training, with advicesonthe pace and the way you should run every week, to maximizeyourprogression. ➝ Observe and feel concrete results like youhavenever experienced with any other running app before. ➝ Seeyourprogress by comparing your times and beating your lastperformance.Freeletics Running is not an app for just tracking yourruns. Itmotivates you, and enables you to become confident, fitandhealthy. Furthermore, should you decide to subscribe to theCoach,you will also get access to all Freeletics Training Coaches–Running, Bodyweight and Gym, without any additionalsubscriptionfee. That’s right. 1 subscription, 3 differentTrainingCoaches! In order to use your other Coaches, downloadtheFreeletics Bodyweight and Freeletics Gym app on theGooglePlaystore. Subscription Information The download and useofFreeletics Running is free of charge. Users can choose topurchasea Coach subscription to receive a completely customizedtrainingplan. If you decide to subscribe you will pay the price setforyour country, as shown in the app. Furthermore, yoursubscriptiongives you access to all 3 Freeletics Training Coaches -BodyWeight,Gym and Running, without any additional subscriptionfee. In orderto use your 2 other training systems, download theFreeleticsBodyweight and Freeletics Gym App on the GooglePlayStore. Thesubscription automatically renews if it is notcancelled within 24hours before the end of the current subscriptionperiod. Youraccount will be charged for the next subscriptionperiod up to 24hours prior to the current subscription expiring. Itis notpossible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You candisablethe automatic renewal function at any time via yourGooglePlayStore account settings. Still have questions aboutFreeleticsRunning? Find out more at Note:Prolonged usage of GPS canimpair the durability of a rechargeablebattery.
Cycling - Bike Tracker 1.2.4
Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burnedcalories,crush training goals and more with the Cycling - BikeTracker app.Stay on track, no matter where you are, on the trail orstreets.Whatever your goal be it to lose weight, shape and tone,buildstrength, bike race, get faster or improve endurance or justridethe bike, this fitness bike computer app will help you achieveyourgoals faster. With this app, you can track all of yourexerciseusing GPS, check your stats, and reach your goals. Longerdistancescovered equals more calories burned, too! Take your firststeptoday, download the free Cycling - Bike Tracker app on yourphoneand push yourself to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. On topofbeing a bike computer, cycling tracker, bike tracker andfitnesstracker, this app provides you with many more features toimproveyour fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your exercise. APPFEATURES& BENEFITS: * Map workouts in real-time with GPS &monitorexercise progress * Calculate route distance, duration,speed andcalorie burn for your activity - in high accuracy and realtime,it’s your personal bike computer and is much more than acyclingtracker. * See your time, distance, calories burned, averagespeed,max speed, average pace, elevation gain , graphs with speedandelevation and map with route you biking, in the workout summary*Track your Road Bike, Mountain Bike, bmx or any other bike.*Advanced graphs for distance, time and calories burned, in4different intervals (week, month, year and all) * Cycling -BikeTracker app allows you to set a goal that's right for you(numberof burned calories, distance traveled or riding bike timeduringthe day) and get notification when they accomplish. * NolockedFeatures, all features are 100% FREE. You can use allfeatureswithout having to pay for them. * No wristband, bike gear,or otherhardware required, no website login, just download for freeBikeTracker app and start tracking your exercise right away.ThisCycling app works entirely from your phone. * Completechallengesthat app provide and stay motivated to riding bike more *This BikeTracker app offers everything a hobby biker, BMX rider,road bikeor professional mountain bike rider could ever need. *Keep trackof your personal records in the app. * Calculate your BMIwithbuilt in BMI Calculator * Small size (below 5MB) * Fast, lightanduser-friendly bike computer app * Voice feedback letting youknowyour progress as you cycling. A motivating voice that youcancustomize to relay your speed, pace, distance, time andcaloriesburned, also customizable per distance / time.
Map My Fitness Workout Trainer 19.18.1
Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey oraseasoned runner, you’ll find the features and tools needed tostayon track and motivated to hit your goals. Get customizableTrainingPlans, personalized coaching tips to make running feeleasier, andmore. Stay inspired with a community of over 60 millionathletesall supporting your shared commitment to health andfitness. -HOVR™ Infinite named one of the Best Wearable Tech of2019 byOutside Magazine - Featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch,Wired, andTIME - Voted Best Running App Readers' Choice CONNECTWITH APPS AND WEARABLES - Track runs directly fromyour AndroidWear device and get visual, haptic, and audio progressupdates inreal-time. - Connect Under Armour connected shoes to theapp for apremium experience, more data to improve your run, androutetracking. - Sync with the latest apps and most wearables,includingGoogle Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, andmore. - Takecontrol of nutrition by connecting with MyFitnessPalfor acomprehensive look at your calorie intake and burn. TRACK ANDMAPYOUR WORKOUTS - Get real-time audio coaching on GPS-trackedruns,with customizable voice for stats like pace, distance,andelevation. - Log over 600+ activities with the largest selectionofactivities, including: running, cycling, walking, gymworkouts,cross training, yoga, and more. - Connect with 400+devices toimport and analyze all your data in one place. - Trackyour shoes'mileage with Gear Tracker. Get notified when it’s timefor a newpair to avoid injuries. - Use Routes to find nearby placesto run,save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share withothers. JOINTHE COMMUNITY - See what friends are doing on yourActivity Feed.Whether just getting into fitness or competing towin—there’salways someone there to motivate you. - Get social andshareworkouts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - JoinChallenges tocompete with others, climb the leaderboard, and winawesome prizes.TRAIN LIKE A PRO WITH MVP PREMIUM FEATURES - Unlockthe best toolsto turn your goals into achievable plans with aPremium membership.- Use Live Tracking to share real-time runninglocation and giveloved ones peace of mind. - Execute Training Plansand reach weightloss or distance goals with personalized plans thatadaptdynamically to your fitness level as you improve. - Monitor&analyze heart rate zones to adjust your intensity based ongoals. -Set a goal for your run and stay on track with audiocoaching onpace, cadence, distance, duration, calories, and more.If youupgrade to a Premium MVP subscription, payment will becharged toyour Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Themonthlysubscription costs USD 5.99 per month, while theyearlysubscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 per month.Yoursubscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24hoursprior to the end of the current period. There is no increaseincost when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed andauto-renewalturned off in Account Settings under ‘Subscriptions’ inthe GooglePlay Store after purchase. Once purchased, the currentperiodcannot be canceled. Any unused portion of a free trial periodisforfeited if you choose to purchase a premium subscription toMVP.Find full terms, conditions, and our privacy policyat Note:Continueduse of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecreasebattery life. MapMyFitness is part of the world’s largestdigitalhealth & fitness community, Under Armour ConnectedFitness:MapMyFitness, UA Record, Endomondo, & MyFitnessPal.Apps builtto empower healthy and active lifestyles with onemission—to makeyou better.
Home Workout - No Equipment 1.0.30
Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all yourmainmuscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can buildmusclesand keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym.Noequipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed withjustyour body weight. The app has workouts for your abs, chest,legs,arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workoutsaredesigned by experts. None of them need equipment, so there'snoneed to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutesaday, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get sixpackabs at home. The warm-up and stretching routines are designedtomake sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animationsandvideo guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you usetheright form during each exercise. Stick with our home workouts,andyou will notice a change in your body in just a few shortweeks.Features *Warm-up and stretching routines *Recordstrainingprogress automatically *The chart tracks your weighttrends*Customize your workout reminders *Detailed video andanimationguides *Lose weight with a personal trainer *Share withyourfriends on social media Bodybuilding App Looking for abodybuildingapp? No satisfied bodybuilding app? Try our buildmuscle app! Thisbuild muscle app has effective muscle buildingworkout, and allmuscle building workout is designed by expert.Strength TrainingApp It's not only just a build muscle app, butalso a strengthtraining app. If you are still looking for musclebuilding workout,muscle building apps or strength training app,this muscle buildingapps is the best one you can find among themuscle building apps.Home Workouts for Men Want effective homeworkouts for men? Weprovide different home workouts for men toworkout at home. Thehome workout for men is proven to help you getsix pack abs in ashort time. You'll find the home workout for menthat most suitablefor you. Try our home workout for men now! FatBurning Workouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts& hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fatburningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the bestresults.Multiple Exercises Push ups, squats, sit ups, plank,crunch, wallsit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges...Fitness CoachThe best fitness apps and workout apps. All sport andgym workoutin this workout apps and fitness apps are designed byprofessionalfitness coach. Sport and gym workout guide through theexercise,gym workout and sport, just like having a personal fitnesscoach inyour pocket! 4.56
Completely ad-free! Perfect timing for all situations ofdaily(sport) life with this HIIT interval timer app! FEATURES: *CreateTimer with different phases: * Warm Up * Workout * Pause *Resttime * Cool-Down phase * Google Fit Integration * Speed trackerviaGPS (location service) * Heart rate monitor HRM devicessupport(Bluetooth Smart 4.0 / ANT+ / Mi Band 1 / Mi Band 2) * Enteryourtarget heart rate * Backup function * Select for each phaseaseparate alarm * Choose your own music as a backgroundduringtraining * Plan your workouts with calendar entries * Allcompletedworkouts can be visualized in the calendar * Timer runningin thebackground (screen off), to reduce accu consumption *Real-timealerts for lock screen and status bar * Audio / Vibrations/ VoiceFeedback: the view of the smartphone is not necessary *Create yourown timers, save and use these again and again *Determine sets ofworkout and pause phases and how often you want torepeat this *Display of total time and remaining time * Supportlandscape modefor tablets (activate in settings) * Speech output ofcompletedsets or to the respective phases of the workout * No ads,nounnecessary permissions The Tabata Timer app is more than justastopwatch. Whether you workout in yoga and meditation exercisesorlearning: Define multiple timers on your smartphone, store themanduse them again and again. Define your time intervals(preparation,workout, pause) itself and showcase your customworkout together.Connect your heart rate monitor device with theapp and check yourpulse (Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth4.0, ANT+ or yourXiaomi Mi Band). In addition, maximum and averageheart rate duringthe workout will be displayed. Your pulse valuesduring workout arealso recorded in the calendar. Optimal Trainingrange perindividual pulse zones adjustable. Alerts via sound orspeechoutput for exceeding or falling of the target heart rate. Usethissport timer app in addition for your training in the gymwithweights, kettlebells, for spinning, jumping jacks or for manyotherfitness activities! Perfect for sport like intervaltraining,boxing, martial arts, crossfit, freeletics, HIIT, MMA,tabata,cycling, running, sprints, push-ups, weightlifting andotherfitness activities. Use this fitness timer for training in thegymwith weights, bodyweight exercises, TRX, spinning,calisthenics,jumping jacks, boot camp, circuit training, or anyother highintensity intervals training. Connect with Google Fitandautomatically track all your workouts and activities. Choose oneofthe over one hundred activities to personalize the training andtosynchronize with Google Fit. WIKI information:High-intensityinterval training (HIIT), also called high-intensityintermittentexercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is aform ofinterval training, an exercise strategy alternating shortperiodsof intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recoveryperiods.HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Usual HIITsessions mayvary from 4–30 minutes. These short, intense workoutsprovideimproved athletic capacity and condition as well asimprovedglucose metabolism.[1] Compared with other regimens, HIITmay notbe as effective for treating hyperlipidemia and obesity,orimproving muscle and bone mass. Some researchers also notethatHIIT requires "an extremely high level of subject motivation,"andquestion whether the general population could safely orpracticallytolerate the extreme nature of the exercise regimen.Metaboliceffects: HIIT significantly lowers insulin resistancecompared tocontinuous training or control conditions and leads tomodestlydecreased fasting blood glucose levels and weight losscompared tothose who do not undergo a physical activityintervention. Thecountdown is running!
Personal Training Coach 3.10
Your personal coach for gaining strength, building muscle,andburning fat. Follow the best and well known training programstogain strength, build muscle, and lose fat. This app is likeastrength and muscle building coach in your pocket. It will letyouknow which exercises to do on which day, how much weight youneedto lift for how many sets and reps and how much you need tolift.Apart from being able to create your own workout, thefollowingworkout routines are built-in: - StrongLifts 5x5 -GreySkull LP -Pull Push Legs - Wendler 5/3/1 including Building theMonolith andmany other variations - lvysaurs 4-4-8 - nSuns 531 LP -Madcow 5x5Training Program - Texas Method - Ice Cream Fitness 5x5NoviceProgram - GZCLP Many more coming soon. Or even start anemptyworkout and add exercises on the fly. Free features: -Freedownload. - Integrates many workout programs includingStrongLifts,Starting Strength, GreySkull LP, Push pull legs,Wendler 531, andmany more coming soon. - Records weights, sets, andreps. - Seeyour progress in graphs. - Know which exercises you needto performwith the associated weights, sets, and reps. - Autoincrementweight for each workout. - Auto deload/repeat on failure.- Kg/Lb -switch anytime. - Exercise descriptions and progress. -Ability tostart an empty workout. - Dark and light theme. - RestorefromStrongLifts app Premium features: - Make your own workoutroutine -Warm up sets. - Make your own warm-up routine - Modify anybuilt-inprogram - Backup and restore using cloud/phone memory-Edit/reorder exercises inside a workout - ad free Permission-Internet to send crash reports so we can improve the app.-Vibrator when the rest time is over - In-app purchases tounlockextra features. Support If you have any suggestions toimprove thisapp, we'd love to hear from you. Just contact us usingthe lasttab.
Freeletics - Workout & Fitness. Body Weight App 5.35.0
Lose weight, build muscle and improve your fitness level withtheFreeletics digital coach and tracker. Personalized plans letyouexercise anywhere - no gym required. Set your goals and developabetter body in weeks through powerful HIIT bodyweight exercisesorthrough a running for weight loss plan. WHY FREELETICS? ★Acommunity of 38 million users and proven results ★ Hundredsofbodyweight, HIIT & running workouts, customized for you★Adaptive coaching and tracking keeps your body challenged ★ 24hourfitness: train at home or anywhere, anytime FREELETICSFEATURES:HIIT training, bodyweight workouts & fast results: ★Get yoursweat on and achieve your personal goals using justyourbodyweight. Abs, arms, butt & legs - our plans cover allmusclegroups Customized coaching: ★ 10-60 minute workoutspersonalized toyour schedule, level and goals ★ Plans designed tobuild muscle andbulk, tone & lose weight, or getting fitterFlexible activity:★ Say goodbye to classes and gym sessions. Getfit at home oranywhere with HIIT & bodyweight workouts ★ NEW:Quick Adapt ishere to help you make #NoExcuses a reality. You say,“I have notime, space or equipment”, we say “NO EXCUSES!”. Whateveryourlimitation might be, just hit Quick Adapt and your Coachwillgenerate a whole new workout day. Training anytime, anywherehasnever been easier. Community & knowledge: ★ Deepenyourinterest in health, sports and nutrition with hundredsofFreeletics Blog articles. From the secret to strong abs torunningfor weight loss, diet myths and weightlifting tips ★ Connectwithother athletes, join local Freeletics groups & traintogetherPremium – the Coach: Get to work on your abs, legs, butt& armswith a fitness planner. Subscribe for personalizedtracking andadvanced features: ★ Take a detailed fitness test for abettercoaching experience ★ Choose your availability - 2, 3, 4 or5sessions per week ★ Get a weekly plan tailored to your level&schedule ★ Receive feedback to track your performance ★Givefeedback to the Coach to adjust your training planTrainingJourneys: Each Training Journey is designed to help youreach aspecific goal, and includes workouts and exercises thataretailored to you and continuously adapt to your progress.Regardlessof your level (beginner to advanced), your goal (weightloss,muscle gain, running further or faster), or yourtrainingpreferences (cardio or strength training), we’ve got aTrainingJourney for you. Running for weight loss, run faster orfurther: ★Choose a training plan for your running goals whetherthat's to runfaster, for endurance or running for weight loss ★ GPStracks yourrun distance & time WHO IS FREELETICS? Freeletics isa leadingbrand in the digital fitness scene that has revolutionizedtheindustry since its launch in 2013. Our mission is to make a fitandhealthy lifestyle available to everyone, free of limits. Today,38million users across the world train with Freeletics apps onsportsgrounds, in parks, at home or in the gym. TALK TO US! If youhavequestions or you need any assistance, please contact ourCustomerEngagement team at Keep up with us:★ Oursite: ★ FreeleticsWear: ★Facebook: ★Instagram: ★Twitter: DOWNLOAD NOW! FREELETICS –ANYWHERE,ANYTIME.
Runtastic Workout Timer App 1.0.1
Perfect interval training timer - free Runtastic Workout&Interval Timer app. The practical, simple and easy-to-useintervaltimer app with voice feedback. The free Runtastic Workout&Interval Timer app is more than a stopwatch, countdown ortimerclock. Whether it’s for your HIIT or tabata workouts,circuittraining, interval training or at-home bodyweighttrainingworkouts, this app is for you. Set as many timers onyoursmartphone as you desire, save these settings, and useyourcustomized timers again and again. Define your workoutintervals(workout, rest periods, sets, reps) and constructunique,personalized workouts! This workout interval timer is soeasy touse. TIMER APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Customize yourtimerclock with various activity phases:- Workout- Rest period-Reps-Sets* Voice feedback: Constantly looking at your smartphoneandclock is a problem of the past* Create an infinite numberoftimers, save them, and use these again and again* Determine setsofworkout phases and rest periods, and how often you want torepeatyour routine* Displays both total time and remaining timeright onyour interval training timer Use our free timer app fortraining atthe gym, lifting weights, kettle bells, spinning,bodyweighttraining, tabata or other fitness activities! TheRuntastic Workout& Interval Timer app is also a great fit forthose engaging inHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training,intervaltraining, or boot camp style circuit training! Thisworkoutinterval timer is completely customizable for you! Thecountdown ison! Download the practical Runtastic Workout &Interval Timerapp today, and enjoy the unique timing benefits ofthis timer clockduring your fitness activities and in your everydaylife! Try thisinterval training timer, it’s the best of the best!Gone are thedays of staring at the clock on the wall or basic timeron yourphone – start training with this workout interval timertoday!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check outmore ofour apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise 1.0.7
Arm Workout, designed by professional fitness coaches, is createdtohelp people around the world obtain stronger arms. It offersshortand effective arm workouts for developing arm muscles. Withonly 10minutes a day, your biceps and triceps will be pumped up.Noequipment needed, all workouts can be performed with yourbodyweight at home. Workout Plan with Different Levels 3 levelsofworkout plans help you build arm muscles step by step. Whetheryouare a beginner or a pro, you can find workouts that aresuitablefor you. Different exercises are prepared every day to keepitfresh and exciting. 30 Days of Workout Routines Amazingresultswill be achieved earlier once you set a clear goal. ArmWorkouthelps you set exercise goals by providing systematic andscientific30-day workout routines. Exercise intensity increasesgradually, soyou can easily make exercising a daily habit. Westrongly recommendyou to follow our workout schedule for the bestresults. YourPersonal Trainer at Home Is hiring a personal trainertooexpensive? Have no time to go to the gym? Arm Workout isyourpersonal trainer at home. Based on the high-intensitycircuittraining principle, these workouts are as effective asgymworkouts. Animations and Video Guides Each exercise comeswithanimation and video demonstrations, and also coach tips (TTS)thattell you how to breathe, how to avoid injuries and how toperformthe workout right. It's just like your personal trainer inyourpocket! No equipment needed, so you can easily do your workoutsathome or anywhere at any time. Daily Tips Diet tips that teachyouhow to eat healthily and effectively, and health tips that helpyouform good habits and keep fit. You get different tips everyday.Features √ Short and effective arm workouts for men maximizeeffect√ Special tips in every exercise help you use the right formto getbetter results √ All exercise performed with body weight √Workoutsfor biceps, triceps, forearm, etc √ Warm-up and stretchingroutines√ Detailed animation and video guidance for each exercise√Gradually increases exercise intensity √ Suitable for bothbeginnerand pro, men and women √ Customize your workout reminder√Records training progress automatically ArmWorkoutwithout Weights Looking for effective arm workout withoutweights,arm workout for women or arm workout for men no equipment?This armworkout without weights is suitable for both men and women.Try thebest arm workout for women and arm workout for men noequipment.You'll recommend this arm workout for women and armworkout for menno equipment to your friends. Fat Burning Workouts& HiitWorkouts The best fat burning workouts & hiitworkouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Couch to 10K Running Trainer 116.25
◎ The Official 10K Trainer App - Official partners and the ONLYC25K- Couch to 5k app featured on FITBIT and SAMSUNG smartwatches! ◎Recently featured on AMC Network! ◎ Featured on GlamourMagazine,Yahoo!’s Appolicious, Popsugar Fitness, Apple’s “What’sHot”,Apple’s “New & Noteworthy”, CBS News, Fox News, Macworldandmany more! ◎ Doctor recommended on 10K Trainer istheeasiest program to get beginners from couch potatoes to 10Kdistancerunners in just 14 weeks. By the same experts who createdthe #1C25K (Couch to 5K) training app! Don’t worry, if you arealready a5K graduate, you can skip ahead in this app and pick upwhere C25Kapp leaves off! See thousands of real success storiesand racephotos of your fellow runners using these running This proven 14 week plan will allow userstoslowly build strength and stamina by alternating between walkingandrunning. The blend of walking and running together reducestheoverall impact and risk of injury, makes training more fun,keepsyour body guessing, and prepares you to go the distance. Bythe endof the program, you will be fitter, stronger and healthierthan youhave ever been and will be able to run a full 10k! Listento yourfavorite music while you train and follow the program’sconvenientaudio alerts. Along with voice/audio alerts and musiccontrols onyour headset, just press “start”, put your device inyour pocket,and you are ready to go. NEW smart alerts will tell younot onlywhen to walk or run, but will also tell you for how long!★Features ★ 🎵 BRAND NEW MUSIC curated from top DJ's, builtrightinto the app (subscription)! Scientifically proven toincreasemotivation by 35% 🎵 ◉ Proven 14 week program to get yourunning 10k◉ Easiest 10k program at only 3 times/week ◉ Track yourcaloriesand distance for each workout! Tap the center dial to cyclethroughyour stats! (Pro version) ◉ Listen to your own favoritemusic andplaylist while you train ◉ Easy and intuitive interface.Nothing tolearn! Just press START and go! ◉ NEW and IMPROVED audiocoach andalerts ◉ Compatible with Nike+GPS ◉ Integrated withFacebook andTwitter communities. Meet other fellow runners andracers! ◉ Brandnew look and skins! Choose the color scheme you likebest. ★ Wantto train for 5K first? Here’s our award winning C25Kapp: ★ Love this app? We have a complete suiteofhealth and fitness apps that covers all your fitnessneeds.Half-Marathon Trainer - 7 MinuteWorkout - 0-100 Pushups Trainer - Situps Trainer - ★Join the communityfor help, tips, and advice!★ The Forums are a great place toask all your fitness questions! ★Read our blog for great healthtips! Questions/commentsregardingthe 10K Trainer app? Please email, or visit Zen Labs is a proud supporter oftheNational Breast Cancer Coalition. We are passionate aboutfinding acure for breast cancer and proudly donate to Legal Disclaimer This appand anyinformation given by it or by Zen Labs LLC are foreducationalpurposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be asubstitutefor professional medical advice. You should alwaysconsult yourhealthcare provider before beginning any fitnessprogram.
com.clearskyapps.fitnessfamily.Run5K 8.000
5K Run Training for beginners: go from sitting on your couchtorunning 5K, losing weight and getting in great shape. 5K Runnerisa guided training program that will get you in shape in only8weeks. Its a Walk / Run inteval training program, guided byanaudio coach. Just plug-in your headphones and the coach willtellyou when to walk and when to run, helping you build stamina andgetto 5K in 8 weeks. 5K Runner® is the most effective 5K runtrainingapp, and is highly recommended by health & fitnessexperts.FEATURES ● 30 minutes, 3 times a week, 8 weeks ● Theeasiest way torun 5K ● Alternating walk / run intervals ● Outdoorsor treadmill ●Burn calories and lose weight ● Audio coach tells youwhen to walk/ run ● Listen to your music and the run training coachwill blendin ● Compatible with all music apps ● Earn achievements&badges ● Great way to boost your cardio and get you ready foryourfirst 5k race! ● The best & most effective 5K trainingappPRAISE & PRESS - 4.2 Million People successfully did it-Awards: Best 5K Training App, Best Running App, Editor'sChoice,Top fitness app, Best Beginner App, Top Quality App, Bestfitnessand nutrition apps. - Featured on CNN, Fox, USA Today,Times,Fitness Channel, AppAdvice, AppCraver, Best10Apps,Appolicious,Daily Motion, AppOfTheDay, MakeUseOf, the App Review,Remix YourHealth, AppShopper, and so many others. - Recommended bydoctors ★ 5K Runner community★ ★ Our Fitness Blog★ ----- CONTACT US -----Dearcustomers, we are here for you! Got Questions about our 5Krunningapp, cardio, run training, fat loss or running can burncalories?Comments? Ideas?
5K to 10K
Constance, Billie and Sergeant Block are back in this follow-uptothe award-winning Couch to 5K® training app (2012 Appy Awardforbest Healthcare & Fitness app). Designed to continuethetraining experience for people who finish the Couch to 5K plan,orfor those who are already 5K-ready, this app usesmotivatingvirtual coaches to get you ready to run a 10K (6.2-mile)race in 9weeks.Spend just 25 to 70 minutes, three times a week, fornineweeks, and you’llbe10K-ready!------------------------------------------------APPFEATURES------------------------------------------------✓Choosefrom 3 different virtual coaches—Constance, Billie, andSergeantBlock—who give you motivation and support in every workout✓Hearreal-human audio cues to guide you through each workout✓ Listentoyour favorite playlists with in-app music player✓ Calculateyourdistance & pace and map your routes with FREE GPSsupport(built-in GPS hardware required)✓ Gradually challengeyourself withprogressively faster paces ✓ Log your workouts andshare yourprogress on FacebookTHIS APP AND ANY INFORMATION GIVEN BYIT OR THEACTIVE NETWORK INC. ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.THEY ARENOT INTENDED NORIMPLIED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONALMEDICALADVICE. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERBEFOREBEGINNING ANY FITNESS PROGRAM. IN PARTICULAR, THE ACTIVITIESANDEXERCISES DESCRIBED IN TRAINING PROGRAMS AND ARTICLES ON ACTIVECANBE DANGEROUS AND MAY RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH. YOU MUSTCONSULTWITH A LICENSED PHYSICIAN BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN ANY OFTHEACTIVITIES DESCRIBED IN THE APPLICATION.
com.axiommobile.running 2.08
Planning running sessions with the highest efficiency haveneverbeen easier with Start Running. This jogging tracker appprovidesyou with some workout routines in different levels to makesure youare getting fit while enjoying running and walking andjogging.Start Running, the free coach for beginners app comes witha cleanand neat design and the interface is so user-friendly thatyou’llget the whole idea browsing through the menus for a coupleoftimes. After that, you just need to focus on training and leavetheplanning, timing, and tracking to the experts. So, if youarelooking for a versatile running training app and have access tothefree built-in pedometer, workout statistics, and charts (tofindout how much you’ve trained in different sessions),professionaltraining plans for running and walking, and accuratecalorie burntcounter, you’ve come to the right place. Give thisrunning coachapp for beginners a try and explore all the featuresfor free.Track Covered Distance and Receive Detailed StatisticsWhen itcomes to running, finding out the distance you’ve coveredandhaving access to easy to learn statistics matter the most.Thisfree running coach app delivers full and detailed statisticsabouteach training session separately. You get to see the route yourunor jogged in the map, as well as the number of calories yourburnt,distance your run or steps you walked. The statistics arereallyeasy to understand, so you get to easily track yourperformanceover time. Ready-to-go Training & Running Plans forBeginnersFor now, there are 4 workout plans in 4 levels and withdifferentgoals. Each level takes 4 weeks with 3 runs per week andafterfinishing the entire 4 levels you are expected to bewell-trained,fit and healthy. Each training session, consist ofdifferent setsof walking and running to make sure you are gettingthe most out ofyour training. Start Running: Jogging Tracker MainFeatures at aGlance: • C25K alternative Run/Walk/Run training plan• 4 levels oftraining sessions • Custom workouts • Accuratebuilt-in pedometer •Calorie burnt counter • Detailed statistics andeasy to understandprogress charts • Clean and neat design with theuser-friendly andfresh interface • Set up running schedules • Seeyour route on themap for every training session (using GPS) •Enable voice feedbackfor providing instructions and saying theremaining time •Customize app’s theme (Blue, Red, Green, Orange,and Black) •Useful for beginners So, Smart Running deliverseverything youshould expect from such jogging tracker and personalcoach apps andit even sets the bar to a higher level by offeringfresh interface,easy to understand statistics and charts, accuratepedometer, easyto follow training plans for beginners, calorieburnt counter and alot more. Download Smart Running for free andlet us know about anybugs, questions, feature requests or any othersuggestions. Staytuned for a whole new set of features to enjoyyour work-outsessions even more. Join us running and have fun beingfit andhealthy. Follow us on Facebook: →
Home Workouts Personal Trainer 3.530
Workout at home and get amazing results. This appincludeseverything you need to get great results - use Home Workoutas yourpersonal trainer and see your body improve, fast! WORKOUTS●Multiple workouts to choose from ● Beginner, Intermediate&Expert routines ● Home Workouts for women & menWORKOUTSINCLUDE: ● Get in Shape ● Get in Shape Fast ● Fat OffMuscle On ●Full Body Weight Loss ● Sexy Body ● Fat Down Tone Up ●Athlete'sBody ● Female Athlete ● Upper Body Strength ● Sexy Legs ●AwesomeAbs EXERCISE DATABASE ● Lots of exercises with manydifferentvariations ● Rich photos and hi-res videos of eachexercise ●Easy-to-understand detailed descriptions ● Search bymuscle group,equipment type or keyword FEATURES: ● Create, or add,your existingroutine to the app ● Save all of your favoriteexercises ● Modifyand save any of our pre-made routines ● Accessyour workout history● Audio cues for your rest time in between sets● Smooth designallows for easy navigation ● Entirely Ad Free!Designed byFitness22, the fitness and and health brand trusted bymillions. ●Get inspired with real life successstories CONTACT US ----- Dear customers, weare here for you! GotQuestions? Comments? Ideas?
Kegel Trainer - Exercises 5.0.9
Easy to follow Kegel exercises and daily reminders making thistheeasy way for both men and women to strengthen their pelvicfloormuscles! Bored of doing the same routine and feel you'renotpushing yourself? This app has 10 different sessions toworkthrough meaning your pelvic floor muscles are alwaysbeingchallenged by a new routine. Quick and easy - all sessionsarebetween 30 seconds and 3 minutes long making it perfect forthosewith a busy lifestyle. Do you know you should be doingKegelexercises but always forget? Daily reminders to alert youtoperform the exercises The ultimate in discretion: Choosefromvisual audio or vibration cues to guid your pelvic floorexercise:Follow the on screen commands, audio cues, or use thevibrationcues to exercise while no one around you is any the wiser.Discreteicon and name so anyone browsing your phone would be unableto seewhat the app is for. Kegel trainer is the simple, easyandeffective way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It's freesodownload now!
Resistance Bands by Fitify 1.6
Resistance Band Workouts by Fitify is a video coaching app,whichgives you full workout sessions with Resistance Band (a.k.aTherapyBand). Increase muscular strength, posture and balance aswell.Features • over 30 exercises • 4 unique workout programs •voicecoach • clear HD video demonstrations • works offlineCustomWorkouts Create your own workouts from our exerciselibrary.Adaptable difficulty We adjust your training level up ordown basedon your feedback. Be stronger, leaner, healthier withFitify – yourvery own personal trainer. Check other Fitify appswith differentfitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball,Bosu or FoamRoller).
Fitplan: #1 Personal Training App 2.7.6
Get instant step-by-step personal training from the world’stopfitness experts. Lose weight, build muscle and sculpt yourphysiquewith Michelle Lewin, Jeff Seid, Amanda Cerny, Jen Selter,LinnLöwes, Mike O’Hearn, Brittne Babe and more. Whether you’reabeginner or a pro, Fitplan has over 50 personal trainingprogramsfor every level and goal. - Weight Loss - Tone and Sculpt -BuildMuscle Mass - Functional Training - HIIT Cardio with STRONGbyZumba® Find Your Fitplan Choose from dozens of personaltrainingprograms, aka Fitplans, designed by your favorite fitnessexperts.Work out at the gym, at home, or anywhere life takes you.GetStep-by-Step Instruction Follow your daily workouts withHDstep-by-step instructional videos and pro tips. Track yourprogressKeep tabs on your weights, reps and time, and watch yourresultstake shape. Stay Motivated Visit our in-app feed forexclusivemotivational content, plus fitness and nutrition tips,giveawaysand more. Try Fitplan free for 7 days. Every subscriptionincludesfull access to our growing library of 50+ Fitplans andtrainers. Webelieve that fitness lays the foundation for achievingyour goalsin all areas of your life. By following the trainingmethods of topathletes, you can elevate your physical performanceand achieve anyfitness goal you set. Join our Fitplan communitytoday and level upyour fitness Access all Fitplans with a monthly,quarterly, orannual subscription. All single day workouts are free.Note: Cancelany time by visiting settings in the app. If you cancel24 hoursbefore the 7-day trial is over then you will not becharged. If youcancel during the month period for which you'vealready paid (up to24 hours before the next period starts), yoursubscription willcontinue until the end of that period. ViewFitplan's privacypolicy at and terms ofuse at
Butt Workout Lumowell Trainer 1.8.2
Best butt workouts to lift and tone your glutes, the exercisescanbe done wherever you want (at home or at gym)withoutequipment,.The personal trainer will guide you during theworkoutsby showing you how to perform the exercises correctly. Afun way toeffectively train your buttocks. To get a perfect buttyou need totrain consistently, but monotony is one of the majorcauses offailure. The app will help you to be constant and thevirtual coachwill make your glute workouts fun and different. Toget round butt,in addition to training, it’s important to follow aproper diet toburn fat by speeding up your metabolism. For thisreason, byunlocking the advanced version, the application willoffer you ameal generator to create a healthy eating plans to burnfat anddefine muscles.Train harder by testing your limits, and testyourprogress with the Butt Challenge, a 30 day glute exerciseprogramto follow day by day. The increasing intensity workout willallowyou to gradually increase effort, avoiding stalling musclephases.At the end of the 30 days your butt will be rounder, tonedandlifted. In summary, this app provides:A 3-level program thatwillguide you along the way by indicating the weekly frequency andthetime required to move on to the next level. Detailed explanationofthe exercises with videos and descriptions to avoidmistakes.Alternative lower intensity exercises for those who want aslowerapproach. A meal and diet planner to burn fat. The ButtChallangefor an even more intense training. Cool-down stretchingexercisesfor glutes. Motivational phrases to push you to try yourbest andachieve your goals.Butt workout application made ​​byEgo360 forthe LumoWell / LumoFit project. Material Designinspired.Followus:- YouTube channel: Facebook:
Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO 1.13
Get stronger and do more push ups with the RuntasticPush-UpsWorkout PRO app!The Runtastic Push-Ups app turns yourAndroiddevice into your PERSONAL PUSH UPS TRAINER. Whether you’reabout toget started or already a push-ups fan, you’ll be delighted.Use theapp to strengthen and tone your muscles anywhere, anytime.No gymor equipment needed - just get started! A scientificallydevelopedtraining plan guides you towards your goal. Plus, forgetaboutcounting your repetitions: The proximity sensor inyoursmartphone/tablet reliably counts all your push-ups. You justfocuson your form!APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Accurate countofcompleted push-up repetitions using proximity sensor or byyournose touching the display* Access to Level 1 of thescientificallydeveloped training plan* Automatic countdown timerfor your restbetween exercise sets* Voice Coach for constantfeedback* Beat yourbest and set personal records* Upload workoutactivities* Integrate Runtastic activities to yourMyFitnessPalaccount* Share your success on Google+, Facebook,Twitter or viaemail* Collect motivating badges for yourperformanceFEATURES &BENEFITS PRO VERSION:* No advertisement*Three individuallyadaptable levels based on scientificallydeveloped training plan toreach 100 push-ups* Set a reminder foryour next workout* Personalrecords & exercise statistics (i.e.monthly or yearly stats)*Leaderboard for personal records andoverall repetitions: compareto others and see how you rank withyour Runtastic friendsSIMPLYMOTIVATINGStats about your completedpush-up repetitions are notonly highly motivating, but offer you agreat and useful overviewof all your sessions. Make use of yourpersonal records to boostyour motivation even further and keepsetting new PRs for thisclassic upper body strengtheningmove.UNIQUEYour push-ups areautomatically recognized using theaccelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet OR by touching the displaywith yournose.Practical & informative: You can upload yourfitness datato, if you want. There you can accessyour activitylog anytime as well as all your stats to monitor yourprogress.Kickoff your journey towards your dream body! Start theRuntasticPush-Ups Workout PRO app and let your training begin -whenever& wherever you feel like it. Always focus on properform whendoing your reps; engage your entire body to tone yourcore, too.Ready, set, go!Runtastic Push-Ups: Your ticket to yourstrongestself!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps!Check outmore of our apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
sixpack.sixpackabs.absworkout 1.0.11
Want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs for the summer?Startsculpting your abs with this super effective abs workoutapp.Workouts are suitable for all levels, and you can easily dothem athome or anywhere, anytime. Just a few minutes a day to getthe absyou have been dreaming of! Workout Plan with DifferentLevels LoseBelly Fat, Rock Hard Abs and Six Pack Abs - these 3levels ofworkout plans help you lose belly fat and build abdominalmusclesstep by step. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you canfindworkouts that are suitable for you. Different exercisesareprepared every day to keep it fresh and exciting. 30 DaysofWorkout Routines Amazing results will be achieved earlier onceyouset a clear goal. 6 Pack Abs - Abs Workout helps you setexercisegoals by providing systematic and scientific 30-dayworkoutroutines. All exercises are free and they can help you burnbellyfat as well as tone your abs. Exercise intensityincreasesgradually, so you can easily make exercising a dailyhabit. YourPersonal Trainer at Home Is hiring a personal trainertooexpensive? Have no time to go to the gym? 6 Pack Abs - AbsWorkoutis your personal trainer at home. Based on thehigh-intensitycircuit training principle, these workouts are aseffective as gymworkouts. Animations and Video Guides 6 Pack Abs -Abs Workout hasbeen scientifically proven to help strengthen allyour abdominalmuscles. With animations and video guides, you canmake sure youperform each exercise safely and effectively. Features*30-dayworkout routines for six pack abs and a stronger body*Amazingtraining for weight management and muscle building*Exerciseintensity increases step bystep*Customize your workout reminders*Records training progress automatically*Suitablefor everyone, beginners, pro, men, women, teens andseniors Workoutat Home Take a few minutes a day to get six pack abswith ourworkout at home. No equipment needed, just use yourbodyweight toworkout at home. Belly Fat Burning This app has bellyfat burningworkouts, core workout, lose belly fat workout. Thesebelly fatburning workouts, core workout, lose belly fat workoutproved tohelp build abdominal muscles. Sweat with our core workoutand losebelly fat workout! Home Workout No Equipment You can usethis homeworkout app anywhere, because all of these home workoutnoequipment needed. Home Workouts for Men Want effectivehomeworkouts for men? We provide different home workouts for men.Thehome workout for men is proven to help you get six pack abs inashort time. You'll find the home workout for men that mostsuitablefor you. Try our home workout for men now! Fat BurningWorkouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts &hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fatburningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the bestresults.Fitness Coach All workouts are designed by professionalfitnesscoach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like havingapersonal fitness coach in your pocket!
Running & Jogging 1.2.4
Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burnedcalories,crush training goals and more with the Zeopoxa Running&Jogging app. Stay on track, no matter where you are, on thetrailor streets. Whatever your goal, be it to lose weight, shapeandtone, build strength, get faster or improve endurance orjustjogging or running, this fitness app will help you achieveyourgoals faster. With this app, you can track all of yourworkoutsusing GPS, check your stats, and reach your goals. Longerdistancescovered equals more calories burned, too! Take your firststeptoday, download the free Zeopoxa Jogging & Running app onyourphone and push yourself to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Ontopof being a run tracker and fitness tracker, this app providesyouwith many more features to improve your fitness and ensureyou’reenjoying your workout. APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Mapworkoutsin real-time with GPS & monitor exercise progress *Calculateroute distance, duration, speed and calorie burn for yourrunningand jogging activity - in high accuracy and real time * Nolockedfeatures, all features are 100% FREE. You can use allfeatureswithout having to pay for them. * Small size (below 5MB) *Fast,light and user-friendly app * See your time, distance,caloriesburned, average speed, max speed, average pace, elevationgain,graphs with speed and elevation and map with route you run, intheworkout summary * Advanced statistics with graphs in 4differentintervals (week, month, year and all) * This app allowsyou to seta goal that's right for you (number of burned calories,distancetraveled or running time during the day) and getnotification whenthey accomplish * No wristband or other hardwarerequired, nowebsite login, just download for free and starttracking yourexercise right away. This app works entirely from yourphone *Complete challenges that app provide and stay motivated *Keeptrack of your personal records in the Zeopoxa running &joggingapp * Calculate your BMI with built in BMI Calculator *History ofall recorded workouts. * Voice feedback letting you knowyourprogress as you run. A motivating voice that you can customizetorelay your speed, pace, distance, time and calories burned,alsocustomizable per distance / time * Insert workout resultsmanually.Ready to let this app be your run tracker, jogging trackerandfitness tracker? 7.5.9
Exercise is even more fun with our Basic-Fit Fitness app. Freetouse for all our members! The ideal App for a fit and healthylife.Reach your goals and stay motivated with the new andimprovedBasic-Fit app. Take care of yourself with a healthierlifestyle,track your workouts and progress and let us help youalong: Withthe Basic Fit app you can: View the class schedules andopeninghours of your club; Track your daily fitness activities;Enter yourweight and other statistics and track your progress; Viewclear 3Dexercise instructions (the app includes over 2000exercises!); Usetons of ready-made workouts; Earn over 150achievements. Choose theworkout that’s right for you and start yourideal workout regimen:in the gym or at home. Keep track of yourfitness performance, fromstamina to strength, from weight loss togroup class: this App isyour own Personal Trainer and will give youthe motivation youneed! Upgrade to the PRO-version and receive evenmore features!DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW, COME ON!
PumpUp — Fitness Community 6.0.1
Achieve and celebrate your health goals with the world’smostpositive community! PumpUp is a safe and supportive space toshareyour journey toward a healthy body and healthy mind. Fromsharingyour challenges & triumphs, to tracking your fitness, tohiringa Certified Coach, PumpUp has you covered. With millionsoflike-minded people cheering you on, it’s never been easiertobecome the best version of you! Join over 5 million people whohavedownloaded PumpUp! SHARE YOUR JOURNEY & STAY MOTIVATEDPumpUpis the most positive community on the Internet. With millionsofmembers from over 150 countries cheering you on, any goalispossible. Start sharing your journey and in no time you’ll havea24/7 support group that’s always there to keep you motivated!GETHEALTHY & ACTIVE Whether it’s workouts, weight, oractivities,PumpUp has the tools you need to lead a healthy life.Discover thebest workout routines created by members of thecommunity, and getguided through your workout with videodemonstrations and voiceprompts for over 700 exercises. HIRE APUMPUP CERTIFIED COACHPumpUp Certified Coaching matches you with aworld-class, onlinepersonal trainer who will provide you with acomprehensive fitnessplan, daily check-ins, and personalizedfitness coaching. Receivementorship and accountability from yourPumpUp Certified Coach soyou can reach your goals – all at anaffordable price. FIND THEPERFECT ROLE MODEL From Olympic athletes,to personal trainers, tocertified nutritionists, to people justlike you, there’s someonefor everyone to look up to. You’ll be sureto discoverknowledgeable people who will give you advice, tips,workouts, andencouragement along your fitness journey! Joinmillions of positivepeople in the PumpUp community and take yourfitness to the nextlevel!
Intermediate Full Body Workout 1.4
Intermediate Full Body Workout Are you ready to lose fat fast,toneup and strengthen your abs, core, legs, butt, arms, and more?Thisfull body workout combines the most effective exercises to helpyoulose weight fast and get in shape, right from your home. Ifyouwant an effective exercise routine to shape and strengthenyourbody, this workout is a great choice to help you accomplishyourfitness goals. Start to lose weight and get the lean bodyyou'vealways wanted with this intermediate full body workout,designed toburn fat and build lean muscle. This exercise routine isyour bestbet if you want to lose weight and burn body fat fast. Forbestresults do this fat burning workout at least four times a weekandyou will be amazed with the results.
Runtastic Road Bike PRO 3.6.2
Join hundreds of thousands of Runtastic users who haveexperiencedroad biking on a whole new level with the Runtastic RoadBike PROapp. Runtastic Road Bike PRO is ideal for all types ofcyclingactivities, be it a casual ride across the park, anintervaltraining on your road bike or race like Tour de France.ROADBIKEAPP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Track bike tours via GPS:Distance,duration, speed, elevation gain, pace, calories burned,etc.* LIVETracking & Cheers: Go LIVE and show your friendswhere and howfast you’re cycling & let them cheer you on formoremotivation* Route search: Browse & search thousands ofbikeroutes (available in the app and on* VoiceCoach:Keeps you posted on speed, distance, elevation gain, etc.*Maps(Google Maps): Details on your current location* OfflineMaps:Download & save maps to your smartphone* Colored Traces(speed,elevation, climb rate, heart rate, etc.)* Display yourcurrent rateof climb during a tour (elevation gain/minute)* Showcurrent gradein % * Determine cadence & speed during your velotours withthe Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth LowEnergy) *Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)*Configure yourdisplay: You choose which values are shown duringyour rides* AutoPause: No need to manually stop & startactivities during shortbreaks (with Runtastic Speed & CadenceSensor)* Music: Create aplaylist for your tours & activatePowersong to boostmotivation!* Wind & weather conditions*Detailed post-touranalysis incl. time rode uphill, downhill, flat,as well as graphs& training progress * Open Street Map/OpenCycle MapIntegration: Plan bike tours & discover new routes*Share yourroutes & success on Google+, Facebook, Twitter andviaemailCOMPATIBLE BIKING HARDWARE:* Runtastic Heart RateComboMonitor* Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (BluetoothLowEnergy)* Runtastic Bike Case for Android Smartphones*RuntasticSports ArmbandYou can upload all your cycling where they’re automatically added to yourtraininglog. Detailed information on your bike activities,comparisons withyour friends, as well as further benefits help youstay motivated,improve your race times & reach your personaltraining goals.Hello, Tour de France!Get the Runtastic Road BikePRO app now!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Checkout more ofour apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
Body Building Trainer 5.2.7
Body Building Trainer is like having a Personal Trainer inyourpocket. You’ll quickly improve fitness, strength, tone, muscleoruse it to count the calories you burn as part of your weight loss/weight gain program. Features:This app will contain Varioustypesof Categories line 1. Bulky Body & Six Pack: If you wanttobecome bulk with big muscles, you can go with this category.Thiscategory contains various types of work outs. Each andeveryworkout is represented in Image. 2. Lean Body & Fitness:If youwant to become Lean with muscles, you can go with thiscategory.This category contains various types of work outs. Eachand everyworkout is represented in Image.
Runtastic Running App: Fitness, Jog & Run Tracker
Start tracking your workout & fitness training activities!TheRuntastic Running App allows you to map your activity'smileage,distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned, andother stats.Benefit from numerous useful features in the freeversion of therun & mile tracker: * Get training guidance &audiofeedback from your customizable Voice Coach. * Monitor yourrunningstatistics to analyze your exercise and training patterns.Whetheryou're jogging / running for weight loss, or a beginnerlooking toimprove your running technique & habit, or even a prolookingto compete in a 5k, 10k, or marathon run, tracking &knowingyour progress is step one! * Set fitness milestones &goals foryour running, walking, hiking, cycling, and exercisingactivities.We'll help you reach them! * Further motivate yourselfby joiningany of our challenges. * Track miles for your runningshoes &we’ll let you know when it’s time to get a new pair. *Join adidasRunners - become an active part of a running group andbenefit fromfree running & training events offered by acommunity offitness experts! * Engage in a little friendlycompetition &check the Leaderboard to see your performanceagainst your groupsor friends. * Have a 3D look on your runafterwards by connectingyour account to the Relive app. * Start anactivity directly fromyour wrist. Runtastic is fully optimized forAndroid Wear 2.0,integrated with Garmin Connect (Garmin Forerunner,Fenix,GPS-enabled Vivo or Edge bike computer), Polar Flow, GoogleFit& Runtastic Wearable Connect. Unlock all featuresincludingrunning training plans with the Runtastic PremiumMembership: *Start your running or marathon training with one ofour trainingplans adapted to your fitness level. * Track & saveyourfavorite routes through the route planner or discover newrunningroutes from other users. * Take your run sessions to thenext level& start interval trainings. * Set & keep track ofyourpersonal achievements & records. * Get drawn into anotherworldwith Story Runs. * Send personal encouragement and custommessageswithin the Runtastic community via LIVE Tracking &Cheering. *Push through those moments when you run out of energywith a boostfrom your favorite Powersong. Join the community today& getinspired by millions of fellow fitness fans worldwide!Vamos acorrer & registra tus carreras. APP USAGE INFO &PREMIUMMEMBERSHIP DETAILS The Runtastic running app is free todownloadand use. Some features, such as your running trainingplans, areunlocked only with the purchase of a Premium Membership.YourMembership renews automatically if you do not cancel it within24hours prior to the end of the subscription period. The renewalofyour Premium Membership will be charged to your account up to24hours before your current Membership expires. The cancellationofan in-app Membership subscription is not permitted. The optiontodisable the automatic renewal of your Premium Membershipisavailable to you in your Google Play account settings. Do youhavefurther questions about our apps? Contact usvia
ABS Workout - Belly workout, 30 days AB 2.0.5
Everybody wants six packs when they take off the shirt, but timeistoo expensive to waste on gyms if you can train from home!Ourtraining program will allow you to have a virtual andloyaltrainer, so you can get even eight packs! The exercises forabswill be challenging and hard so you would need to sweat a lotforyour perfect result with us. Everything comes with a cost, letusshare your pain and help you gain!
com.tinymission.dailylegworkoutfree 6.02
Daily Leg Workout Free is a great 5 to 10 minute daily legroutinethat steps you through some of the best lower body exercisesyoucan do in the comfort of your own home. This workout isdevelopedand demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, andspending justminutes a day can strengthen and tone your legs. Theroutine'ssimple interface, complete with video and timer, allowsyou toeasily follow along and understand each exercise. FEATURES: •Twodifferent 5 to 10 minute lower body workouts • Great for bothmenand women • Video showing how to do each exercise • Developed byacertified personal trainer • On-screen instructions and timer •Nointernet required to do the workouts If you like Daily LegWorkoutFREE, check out the full version which features: • Moreworkouts •Random & custom workouts • Landscape mode • Ad-freeOR>>> Check out the "DAILY WORKOUTS" full versionformultiple workouts including ab, arm, butt, cardio, legandfull-body routines. Daily Workouts now also has Pilates,stretch,kettlebell and ball workouts and more!
Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner 1.0.26
★Have your personal trainer AT HOME★ Home Workouts will helpyouscientifically get in shape. No expensive equipment orcoachneeded, just use your body weight and take a few minutes aday, andyou'll have a better body in no time! It has workouts foryour abs,legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. Allworkouts aredesigned by experts and suitable for both men andwomen. With voiceguidance (TTS), detailed descriptions, animationsand professionalvideo guidance, you can make sure you use the rightform duringevery exercise. Warm-up and stretching routines are alsoavailablefor scientific exercise. You can design your own workoutto buildmuscles or lose fat efficiently, and it’s easier for you tokeepexercising every day. The calendar will log your workoutprogress,so you will stay motivated. Also, you can see your weighttrend onthe weight chart. 10 WORKOUT ROUTINES ARE AVAILABLE ✓Classic FullBody in 7 Minutes ✓ Toned Abs in 5 Minutes ✓ Slenderlegs in 7Minutes ✓ Sexy arms in 7 Minutes ✓ Tighten butt in 7Minutes ✓Upper Body ✓ Lower Body ✓ Full Body ✓ Strength Body I ✓StrengthBody II WORKOUT DESIGN BASED ON ✓The training balancesdifferentmuscle groups ✓Workouts of varying difficulties ✓Workoutsfor menand women FEATURES ✓ Warm-up and stretching routines areavailable✓ Record training progress automatically ✓ The charttracks yourweight trend ✓ Customize your workout reminder ✓Detailed video andanimation guide ✓ Share with your friends onsocial media HOMEWORKOUT DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE This most effectivehome workout formen, also home workout for women, anybody can findtheir workoutplan to build muscles or lose weight. HOME WORKOUT NOEQUIPMENT Youcan use this home workout app anywhere, because all ofthese homeworkout no equipment needed. WORKOUT AT HOME Take a fewminutes aday to keep fitness and shape your body with our workoutat home.No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight to workout athome.FAT BURNING WORKOUTS & HIIT WORKOUTS The best fatburningworkouts & hiit workouts for better body shape. Burncalorieswith fat burning workouts, and combine with hiit workoutsto getthe best results. FITNESS COACH All workouts are designedbyprofessional fitness coach. Workout guide through theexercise,just like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket!
Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise at Home 1.6
Stretching results in a feeling of increased musclecontrol,flexibility, and range of motion. Stretching is also one ofthebasic parts of sportsman recovery, used therapeuticallytoalleviate cramps. According to ACSM guidelines you shouldstretch5-7 times a week especially after workout for afasterregeneration. Combine stretching app with other apps byFitify!Stretching & Flexibility Routines provides 4 uniqueworkouts: •Full body Stretching • Upper body Stretching • LowerbodyStretching - Stretches for Legs • Back Stretching & Release-Stretches for healthy Back Features • over 65 bodyweightexercises• 4 unique romwod trainings • no equipment needed • voicecoach •clear HD video demonstrations • designed for men and women,youngor old • works offline Custom Workouts Build your own workoutwithcustom workouts. Choose exercises, duration, rest intervalsandchallenge yourself with your own training. With Fitify you haveonecustom workout for free. Fitify Apps Be stronger, leaner,healthierwith Fitify – your very own personal trainer. Check outotherFitify apps with fitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell,SwissBall, Foam Roller, Bosu or Resistance band).
3D Squats Home Workout 2.0.8
***PLEASE, READ BEFORE INSTALLING***This app is FREE , but youcanchoose to upgrade to the PRO version and unlock all content ONLYIFYOU WANT TO. Please, do not install if you do not agree.Otherwise,thanks for the support and enjoy the app! Get Fit andIncrease yoursquat count and endurance. Perform as many squat asyou can whilefollowing a 3D trainer. Several squat variationsincluded. Duringthe workouts the exercises are animated so you cansee ademonstration on how to perform the exercise. You can trackyourprogress and add notes, so that you can push yourselffurtherduring each new workout session.Features:• TakeChallengesThere areseveral challenges for you to choose from tohelp you achieve yourfitness goals. The challenges have variouslength and goals. Youtell the app what your current fitness levelis and it customizesthe challenge specifically for you!• Createmultiple workoutsYoucan create custom workouts and choose which oneyou would like toperform.• Add exercises to your workoutYou cancustomize eachworkout by selecting which exercises you would liketo perform andhow many reps you think you can perform at eachexercise. Thisallows you to push yourself to your max whilebuilding muscle andendurance at the same time.• Add breaks betweenexercisesYou havethe option of taking breaks between exercises bysetting how longthe break should be so that you recover before thenextexercise.Taking breaks ensures that you have plenty of energytoperform the next exercise with good form.• Follow your 3Danimatedworkout partnerEach exercise feature a 3D model that insome sortworks out with you by showing you how the exercise shouldbeperformed.• Voice announcements during workoutsThe apps giveyouthe option to have voice announcement during the workout to letyouknow where they are in the workout.• Pause the workoutYou canpausethe workout at any time and resume it whenever you’re readyagain.•Share your accomplishment with othersAt the end of theworkout youcan decide to share your accomplishment with friends andfamily onsocial media or other apps.• Add notes about anyexerciseYou candecide to create some notes about how you performeda particularexercise and what you can do to improve yourperformance nexttime.• Option to login using FacebookYou can decideto login toFacebook so you can share your accomplishment onFacebook.• Verybeautiful user interfaces
com.grinasys.weightlossgoogleplay 6.8.6
Verv Inc
SLIM DOWN WITH WEIGHT LOSS RUNNING APP BY VERV The first runningappon Google Play designed specially for weight loss. Make yourrunningserve your goals! Running app featured in WashingtonPost,AppleInsider and Huffington Post. 🔥 STRONG FOCUS ON WEIGHTLOSSRunning for Weight Loss is a unique weight loss plan, a mixofeffective interval running, jogging, walking and sprints. Agreattool for achieving different fitness goals and levels: it’srunningfor beginners and those who are intermediate and advancedrunners.Includes a running map, an activity tracker and a caloriecounter.🗓️ DIFFERENT TRAINING PLANS WALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: one oftheweight loss plans, aimed at burning calories, improvinghealth.Made up of warm up, walking and cool down. Great for thosewho haveany health conditions or prefer sedentary lifestyle. STARTRUNNING:training program designed for those who are new to running.RUNNINGFOR WEIGHT LOSS: a weight loss plan which helps you burn fatandlose weight fast. RUN 5K: a running plan, guided by a couch to5k.RUN 10k: 10k running plan, guided by a couch to 10k. HALFMARATHON:a half marathon training plan for those who want to getready for21k running. Your individual couch to half marathon.MARATHON: amarathon training plan for those who want to get readyfor 42krunning. Your individual couch to marathon. 🏃🏻 FREE RUN Agreatworkout option if you want keep running without sticking toanyworkouts plan but tracking your runs. You will track your runwithgps running and an activity tracker. 🍏 MEAL PLANS ANDHYDRATIONYou’ll get a meal plan for weight loss with 4-course meals(dietmenu) and step-by-step food recipes + a shopping list for eachmealplan. Water tracker serves as your hydro coach and helps youdrinkwater throughout the day (water reminder), maintain healthandnutrition balance. 🏆 FITNESS MOTIVATION BODY TRANSFORMATION isagreat fitness motivation! Multiple Before-After picturescombinedin a video allow see your visible weight loss. PERSONALCOACH:choose a running coach up to your choice, from nice andcaring torough and military. A personal trainer guides you througha runningexercise and helps you keep on track. WORKOUT MUSICincludes 1000+fresh mixes of different genres, from classical tohip-hop. Workoutmusic is your true fitness motivation: it fuels youwith energy andmakes your fitness workouts effective. With TIPS youwill learn howto lose weight fast and properly, how to burncalories, chooseshoes and apparel, create running route and runningplan etc. Thereare also nutrition and diet tips to help youmaintain health, getaware of diet plans and meal planner advice.DETAILED WORKOUTSTATS: your pace tracker, calorie counter, distancetracker (km andmile tracker), time tracker. Running workout can bedone both on atreadmill and outdoors. SYNCHRONIZATION with Fitbitand Runkeeper.If you upgrade to a Premium Membership, payment willbe charged toyour Google Wallet account at confirmation ofpurchase. Yourmonthly subscription is $9.99 per month, while theyearlysubscription is $49.99 per year. (Price may vary bylocation.) Yoursubscription renews automatically unless cancelledat least 24hours prior to the end of the current period andcancellation ofthe current active subscription period is notallowed. Auto-renewalmay be turned off in your Google Walletaccount after purchase.Weight Loss Running by Verv PrivacyPolicy: Weight LossRunning byVerv Terms ofUse: of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecreasebattery life. This app is developed for informationalpurposes only.You must always consult your doctor before startingany fitnessprogram. Follow us! Facebook: @vervlife Instagram:@vervlife
Runtastic Pull-ups Workout PRO 1.13
You’ve made up your mind: You’re going for strong arms and atonedupper body. Good thing you found Runtastic Pull-Ups WorkoutPRO!Get the app and voilà, you’ll have a PERSONAL PULL UPS TRAINERonyour smartphone. Pull-ups are among the most famousbodyweightstrength moves ever, plus they require minimal equipment.No bar athand? You can do your pull-ups with rings, a tree branchor bars ata park, get creative! A scientifically developed trainingplanmakes the most of your efforts while keeping you motivated onyourway towards your goal. What else? You don’t have to counteveryrepetition - let the accelerometer of your Android devicetakeover. And now, there’s one thing left to do: Try it out. Youcan dothis!PULL UPS APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Accurate countofcompleted pull-up repetitions using accelerometer * Threelevelsbased on scientifically developed training plan to reach30pull-ups* Automatic countdown timer for your rest betweenexercisesets* Voice Coach for constant feedback* Personal records&exercise statistics (i.e. monthly or yearly stats)*Leaderboard forpersonal records and overall repetitions: compare toothers and seehow you rank with your Runtastic friends* Uploadworkout activitiesto* Integrate Runtastic activitiesto yourMyFitnessPal account* Share your success on Google+,Facebook,Twitter or via email* Collect motivating badges foryourperformanceGET THRILLEDStats about your completedpull-uprepetitions are not only highly motivating, but offer you agreatand useful overview of all your sessions. Make use of yourpersonalrecords to boost your motivation even further and keepsetting newPRs for this classic upper body strengthening move.Pull-ups are anideal move to complement your push-uptraining.UNIQUEYour pull-upsare automatically recognized using theaccelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet.Practical, interesting,informative: You canupload your fitness data to, ifyou want. There youcan access all your stats anytime, as well asmonitor your successthanks to your personal training log. Remember,you can also shareyour achievements with your friends, in socialnetworks or via email!Pull-ups mainlytarget your back, but are agreat move to strengthen your arms andcore as well. Not manyexercises challenge your upper body asintensively as pull-ups.Can’t wait to tone your muscles and watchthem grow? Let’sgo!Runtastic Pull-Ups: Pull your fitness to thenextlevel!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Checkoutmore of our apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
Runtastic Squats Workout 1.13
Life has its ups and downs - we call them SQUATS! Target yourglutesand thighs with the best squat workout ever - at home! Wantstrong,toned legs and thighs and a firm butt? Get the freeRuntastic SquatsWorkout app for men and for women and get readyfor squatschallenges - no equipment needed! Turn your smartphoneinto aPERSONAL SQUATS TRAINER who accompanies you, step by step,duringyour daily squat exercise. Challenging? Yes. Too difficult?Not atall! Squats not only challenge your legs, thighs and glutes,theyalso train your core. Let Runtastic help you show off thatstrong,sexy butt you’ve always wanted!APP FEATURES &BENEFITS:* Countscompleted squat repetitions using accelerometerduring your squatworkout* Access to Level 1 of the scientificallydeveloped squattracker app training plan* Voice Coach for constantfeedback fromyour squat tracker* Beat your best and set personalsquat counterrecords* Upload squat exercise activities* Shareyour squats challenges success on Google+,Facebook, Twitter or viaemail* Integrate Runtastic activities toyour MyFitnessPal account*Collect motivating badges for yourperformance* Automatic countdowntimer for your rest betweenexercise setsEFFECTIVE SQUATCOUNTERHaving a squat app with a squattracker is great for stronglegs! Yup, you don’t have to count yourrepetitions during yoursquat workout - the Runtastic SquatsWorkout app is here to assist.The app counts all your squats,gives you a real challenge andprovides you with interesting stats.Check out an overview of yourfitness activities to see yourprogress towards toned legs. Plus,beat your own records and setnew personal bests - you’ll besurprised of how fast yourperformance improves and how strongyou’ll get!UNIQUE SQUAT APPYoursquats are automatically recognizedusing the accelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet. These squatworkouts are the best way to getstronger legs even by doing yoursquats at home. And for all yourunners out there, squats are agreat challenge to strengthen yourlegs, glutes and thighs!There’smore: You can upload your fitnessdata to, if youwant. There, you can access all yourstats anytime, as well asmonitor your progress towards strongerlegs thanks to your personaltraining log. Remember, you can alsoshare your achievements withyour friends! Hey, maybe they’ll evenwant to have a squat challengeto see who has stronger legs.Properform: When training your legsand glutes with squats, make sureyour back is always straight, coreactivated and knees do not gobeyond your toes. Use the RuntasticSquats Workout app to up yourmotivation and reach your goal…evenwhile doing squat exercise athome! We’re convinced you’ll get theresoon and be proud of yourachievement. Now, get going!RuntasticSquats: Your start into afitter life with toned and strong legs.Let’s do some squatschallenges!Runtastic is all about health &fitness apps! Checkout more of our apps to help you reach yourfitness goals at
Runtastic Squats Workout PRO 1.13
We’ve got that extra boost of motivation you need to knock outyourbest squat sets. Want strong, defined thighs and a firmbutt?Download the Runtastic Squats app and get started - noequipmentneeded, only yourself and a good attitude. Turn yoursmartphoneinto a PERSONAL TRAINER who accompanies you, step bystep, towardsyour goal. Challenging? Yes. Too difficult? Not atall! WithRuntastic, you’ll be able to do 150 consecutive squats inno time.By the way, squats not only strengthen your legs, they alsotrainyour core. Let Runtastic help you show off that sexybacksideyou’ve always wanted!APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Accuratecountof completed squat repetitions using accelerometer* Access toLevel1 of the scientifically developed training plan*Automaticcountdown timer for your rest between exercise sets* VoiceCoachfor constant feedback* Beat your best and set personalrecords*Upload workout activities to* Share yoursuccess onGoogle+, Facebook, Twitter or via email* IntegrateRuntasticactivities to your MyFitnessPal account* Collectmotivating badgesfor your performanceAPP FEATURES & BENEFITS:*No advertisement* Three levels based on scientifically developedtraining plan toreach 150 squats* Set a reminder for your nextworkout* Personalrecords & exercise statistics (i.e. monthly oryearly stats)*Leaderboard for personal records and overallrepetitions: compareto others and see how you rank with yourRuntasticfriendsEFFECTIVEKnowing how many squats you’ve justcompleted is ahuge motivator. You don’t have to count them, though- theRuntastic Squats Workout PRO app is here to assist. The appcountsall your squats and provides you with interesting stats.Check outan overview of your fitness activities to see yourprogress. Plus,beat your own records and set new personal bests -you’ll besurprised of how fast your performance improves!UNIQUEYoursquatsare automatically recognized using the accelerometer ofyoursmartphone/tablet.There’s more: You can upload your fitnessdata, if you want. There, you can access all yourstatsanytime, as well as monitor your success thanks to yourpersonaltraining log. Remember, you can also share yourachievements withyour friends!Proper form: When training your legsand glutes withsquats, make sure your back is always straight, coreactivated andknees do not go beyond your toes. Use the RuntasticSquats Workoutapp to up your motivation and reach your goal. We’reconvincedyou’ll get there soon and be proud of your achievement.Now, getgoing!Runtastic Squats: Your start into a fitterlife!Runtastic isall about health & fitness apps! Check outmore of our apps tohelp you reach your fitness goalsat 1.12.9 Store The Store app is thefastestway to shop for your favorite vitamins, supplements, andsportsnutrition products. Use Wish List or Quick Reorder to getin, getout, and get back to your workout! Browse for the bestproducts (andsales!) in categories like protein, multivitamins,pre-workouts, andmore. Support all your health and fitness goalswith this fast andsimple shopping app from, thelargest onlinesupplement store in the world! Shop the LargestSelection ofSupplements Online: • Whey Protein Powder, CaseinProtein Powder,Soy Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder, • andProtein Bars •Pre-Workout Boosters and Nitric Oxide Boosters • FatBurners likeGarcinia Cambogia • Stimulant-Free Fat Burners likeConjugatedLinoleic Acid (CLA), and L-Carnitine • Post-WorkoutRecovery,Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and Glutamine •Vitamins andMultivitamins • Weight Gainers • Natural TestosteroneBoosters •Creatine HCL, Creatine Monohydrate, and MicronizedCreatine •Intra-Workout Supplements • Fish Oil and Flax Oil •Shaker Bottles,Lifting Belts, Wrist Wraps, Lifting Gloves, and GymBags • JointSupport • T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Shorts •Anti-Oxidant Supplementsand Green Foods • Growth Hormone Boosters• Low Carb Food • SleepAides • Digestive Health • AppetiteSuppressants • Diuretics We’veGot All Your Favorite Brands! •Optimum Nutrition • JYM by JimStoppani • MuscleTech • BSN •Cellucor • MusclePharm • Dymatize •BPI Sports • UniversalNutrition • Animal • RSP • EVL • QuestNutrition If you have anyquestions about your order, we encourageyou to talk to ourcustomer service team at 1-866-236-8417 (tollfree) or+1-208-377-9994 (international) before placing your order.
30 Day Squats Challenge - Get fit now 1.11
Every girl dies for sexy butt and legs every time she seessomeonewith curvy butt and killer legs. Now, you can have them too!Trythe 30 day Squat Challenge for FREE!!The 30 Day Squat Challengeissimple 30 day exercise plan, where you need to do a set numberofsquat exercise every day for next 30 days without any fail.Theworkout increases the intensity over time, and day 30 willtestyour performance. you may include rack, dumbbells, hack andmore tosquate. Both men and women can use this app, and have strongandsexy legs. You can track your progress, and can also shareyourachievement with your friends through Facebook, twitter andemails.The 30 day Squat Challenge app includes 6 intense squatbasedworkouts for beginners and experts. You can also check ourotherFree 30 days challenge app:Please seek medical advice priortocommencement.
Fitway: Daily Abs Workout free 1.2.1
A simple and effective free ab workout app to achieve thebestresults in no time at home or anywhere. Fitway Daily AbsWorkoutcontains three different abs workouts: 5, 8 and 10 minutes.Workingout your abs couldn’t be simpler: just follow the detailedvideoinstructions and get better abs in a matter of weeks. The bestpartof it: no equipment necessary, no excuses, get started now andgetthe abs you always wanted to have.FEATURES:° Short ab workouts:5,8 or 10 minutes° HD Videos showing you exactly how to performtheab exercise° Developed by professional personal trainers° FREE:nopayment or subscription requiredThese exercises are not onlymadeto help you get a six pack but also to strengthen the musclesyoualready built and increase their endurance.The app is madeforeveryone, men and women, three different difficultiesareavailable: beginner (level 1), medium (level 2) and advanced(level3).Different types of ab exercises are used in theprograms:crunch, plank, sit-ups, medicine ball twist, legraise…DownloadFitway Daily Abs Workout today and see how easy itwill help youget the perfect abs eliminate any belly fat.
Keep Trainer - Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach
Keep Inc.
★ Google Play Best App of 2018 ★ ★ Google Play Best SelfImprovementApp of 2018 ★ Keep Trainer - Home Workout & FitnessTrainer, aneasy-to-use free app for you to keep fit and healthy,also a homeworkout trainer - no equipment app. 400+ exercises willhelp youtrack your workouts and transform your bodies. Here youcan find Fatburning & Weightloss and muscle gaining exercise-- HIIT andCardio, Ab ripper workout, Legs Glutes toning, abstraining, bodyweight and weight training exercises for toning,strength training,slimming, more muscle-focused workouts and fullbody workouts. 🔥WhyKeep Trainer- Home Workout & FitnessTrainer? ★Multiple FREEWorkout & Fitness routines andExercises 400+ exercises databasewith detail descriptions 100+workouts designed by experts:Expanding workouts database designedand demonstrated by pros. Justfollow these exercises to keephealthy, burn fat and gain muscle.★Video guidance of Home Workout& Fitness Trainers Experts willhelp you focus your workout& fitness routine and make progresstowards your goals withvoice guidance, detailed descriptions,animations, and professionalvideo guidance. Your workout &fitness guide will give you allthe info you need. ★Personalizedtraining plansBased specifically on your own routine andgoals, our homeworkout & fitness trainer will develop adedicated plan foryou. Just start training with a personal planthat guidesyou while adjusting to your progress, schedule, andotheractivities. ★Workouts for all levels No matter you are aseasonedathlete or just getting started, you can find the workoutthat'sbest for you. We provide different levels of workouts:Beginner& Pro workout routines. ★Workout anytime, anywhere Noequipmentneeded, just use your bodyweight to workout. Take a fewminutesevery day, then lose weight, gain muscle and keep fiteffectivelywith our Keep Trainer - Home Workout Trainer's workouts.★Savemoney and time All workouts and exercises are free for users.Ifyou have no time to go to the gym, then Keep Trainer - Homeworkout& fitness trainer is the best choice for you to keep fitandhealthy. What you can enjoy in Keep trainer? ✓ Getstronger,leaner, healthier with your Home workout trainer. ✓ Loseweight,gain muscle, burn your fat and get leaner with Keep Trainer– yourhome workout fitness trainer. ✓ Stay healthy with differentlevelsof workouts. ✓ Follow professional real person tutorials,witnessthe changes in your body and share your achievements withtheworld! Other features are Coming Soon: 🎉🎉 👉 Moreprofessionalworkouts – Later you will find Zumba, Yoga, boxing andotherworkouts for users to keep healthy. 👉 Workout together -Makeworkouts plan with your friends and Keep fit together. Findnewfitness buddies in our community and compete with fitnessbuddies.What else? Here you can find stretching Exercises which canprovideyou flexibility training. Also, some plans can help you losebellyfat and some abs workout will help build Six Pack muscle insomedays. Besides, in our Keep - workout trainer, you also canfindpush ups workout, pull ups workouts, abs sit ups workout,squatsworkout and so on. Keep Trainer - Home Workout Trainer willhelpyou reach your health, strength, weight and fat loss, andtraininggoals from beginners to advanced level. If you want to loseweight,get a six pack, strengthen your core or tone your abs, Keeptraineris definitely a must have on your app list. Try theHIIT(high-intensity interval training) and TABATA training andburncalories. Start training and transform your body! For moreinfo,follow us on Facebook: @keeptrainer Instagram: @keeptrainerFor anyquestion or suggestion, please feel free to send us For terms & privacy details, pleasereferto