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Bring! Grocery Shopping List 3.34.0
Bring! simplifies grocery shopping for millions of people.Withshared shopping lists, integrated recipes, loyalty cardsandindividual shopping suggestions, Bring! helps users aroundtheworld save time, money and energy while organising theirgroceryshopping. Try it out now – it's free! ★Two-time winner ofGooglePlay «Editors' Choice» Award★Recommended by Android PIT,AndroidCentral, TechCrunch, Android Police and many more★ LATESTUPDATES:💳 Save all your loyalty cards in your Bring! wallet now 💳THEFEATURES: ★Create and share shopping lists with yourfamily,colleagues and friends. ★TOP: Send clever, ready-mademessages toinform your contacts that you are going shopping or havechangedthe list. ★Create shopping list templates for any occasion –athome, in your office, holiday cabinet or for travels withfriends.★Add your own photos to the items on your shopping list toalwayslet your friends know what brand to buy. ★The Bring!catalogueincludes many hundred articles. If something is missing,you justadd articles yourself. GOOD TO KNOW: ★Bring! is optimisedforsmartphones, tablets and smartwatches, and is compatible withthevoice agents Alexa and Google Assistant. ★Collect & sendsupercool 🍩WhatsApp Stickers🥦 #WAStickerApps. ★The Bring! App canbedownloaded for free. YOUR FEEDBACK: We are keen to know whatyouthink & need when you do your daily groceries. Your inputswillhelp us steer Bring! in the right direction and create thebestshopping experience for you. Contact: feedback@getbring.comWecan't wait to hear from you, Your Bring! Team
Listonic, the smart grocery shopping List is a free appthatimproves the quality of your grocery shopping by making iteasier,faster, and most importantly smarter. It is all you wouldwant outof a shopping list and more. All for free! Why use Listonic- Weknow you appreciate your free time, we know you want tomakegrocery shopping as fast as possible. And we know that about70% ofproducts on your shopping lists are repetitive. That’s whyyourgrocery list now suggests your favorite products first. Andyou’reable to add quantities with one simple tap at the same timenow! -It makes shopping with family and friends much easier. Yourlistsare synced, so any changes are instantaneously seen byothers.Also, it's easy to share your shopping list with a friendwhodoesn’t use Listonic app via email or a text message! - Needachange? Not in the mood for your fav zucchini pasta? Stopcryingand start organizing your weekly menu with Listonic. Browseourcatalogue: you will find many product inspirations categorizedbyaisle order. Easy swipe, easy choice! - Now Listonic canrecognizeunits! Write a number and a product, and you’ll getsuggestionsimmediately! - What’s bought and what’s not? Now youwill clearlysee! You will see how much you’ve already spent as wellas how muchyou’re going to spend on missing products. - Yourgrocery listprovides hundreds of useful tips and hacks on buying,preserving,and cooking to help you make healthy grocery list. -Enjoy all ourfeatures for free! Listonic for Android Wear is asmart shoppinglist app - exactly where it’s most handy - right onyour wrist.Check off items without taking out your phone, getjust-in-timenotifications and use smart voice input. Listonicsupports allAndroid smartphones, tablets, Android Wear devices andis alwaysavailable in your browser. People all over the world arealreadyenjoying the convenience of our grocery list – with over 8000 000products added to lists each month. If you see anything wecanimprove, please, let us know! New reviews and support emailsarereally helpful to make our app better and smarter! Contact usviaTwitter (@listonic) or at Listonic
OurGroceries automatically keeps your family’s grocery list insyncwith the latest changes—on every family member’s phone orwebbrowser. Highest-rated grocery list app! (4.7 stars in thePlayStore as of May 2019.) “Our Groceries Shopping List is one ofthevery best grocery list apps for Android.” — Joy of Android“It'ssimple to setup, free to use and it's integrated with GoogleHomeas an Assistant app.” —CNET “I can only say one thing aboutthisapp, it is awesome.” — Fishers Android App Reviews “Ilovetechnology, but I also love simplicity. I've found the best ofbothin OurGroceries.” — The Kitch review “After more than a yearofusing OurGroceries, we have been very satisfied.” — Anne vs.Homereview “So far OurGroceries is my app of choice.” — AndroidMomreview “It really shines when dealing with multiple familymembersor roommates that are responsible for splitting up thegroceryshopping.” — Talk Android review Every change to yoursharedshopping list is visible in seconds. See items being checkedoff asyour partner shops! • Share your shopping lists withfamilymembers, even if they have an iPhone. • Share your recipestoo; addthem to your shopping list with one tap. • Add items usingyourAmazon Alexa device, such as the Echo. • Add items usingyourGoogle Assistant device, such as the Google Home. •Convenientshopping with your Android Wear watch. • Add photos toitems(premium version only). • Add items by scanning barcodes(premiumversion only). • Ad-supported, but upgradable to turn offthe ads.• iPhone and web versions are also available. Keywords:MyGroceries
Out of Milk
Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List in a small,intuitiveand easy-to-use app. With Out of Milk, your Shopping Liststayswith you everywhere you go and you'll have it on-hand onceyou'reready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you tokeeptrack of your pantry items (spices, essentials, etc...) so thatyoualways know what you have at home. The To-Do list helps youkeeptrack of any other items on your daily list. ★ Creatingshoppinglists, syncing and list sharing is completely FREE ★ Whattheexperts are saying: 'The Out of Milk app is straightforwardandoffers three main list functions: shopping, pantry and to do.'WallStreet Journal '#1 of Top 25 Apps For Moms' Babble 'Top10Most-Used Shopping Apps' Nielsen 'How To Simplify yourgroceryshopping on Android' CNET 'Grocery List Apps That MakeShopping,Syncing Lists Simple' Mashable Our Features: ★ Multipleshoppinglists ★ Sync and share your shopping lists with others inreal-time★ Access your lists online from anywhereon ★ Save time by grouping itemsintocategories ★ Easily scan or enter items in your shopping lists★Make a To-Do list ★ Shopping list history remembers items ★Pantrylist lets you inventory anything so you always know what's inyourpantry ★ Share todo, pantry and grocery lists by text or email★Move or copy items between shopping list and pantry list ★Displaysgrand total and running total on your shopping list Note:Hey,List-Makers ! We have temporarily taken the Pro version ofourshopping list app off the Play Store to work on some issuesthathave been reported, and are working on getting it back up thereasquickly as possible. If you had already purchased the Pro,youstill have the Pro version of your favorite grocery list app.###Permission Information ### For detailed information regardingthepermissions used by Out of Milk Shopping List,visit
Shopping List - ListOn Free 1.7
Probably the easiest, the quickest and attractive shopping listinthe whole Play Store… ListOn will make your supermarket visitsmuchmore efficient, with:✔ Allows quantities and prices for anyitem.✔2 visual styles to choose, with personalized sounds.✔Uniquemanagement system among sliding sections for greaterflexibilityand control.✔ More than 600 suggestions of items to makeyour listsquickly (English only).✔ Items classified by categories.✔Multiplelists.✔ Share your list via WhatsApp, Line, E-Mail and SMS,orimport items that have shared with you.✔ Import/Export lists toSDcard.✔ 100% free.Therefore if you go to the supermarket, tothestreet market, to a shopping centre, as a greengrocery onthecorner, try carrying ListOn, and you will see you’ll neverforgetanything. ListOn is going to help you to remember each one oftheproducts you need and store them in your own virtual pantry.Forthe next time, you should just have a look to your pantry andmoveproducts into your list just pressing on them.ListOn let youadditems, erase and move them to the pantry in order to recoverthemfor the next shopping time. Everything it, on a friendlyandintuitive interface, giving you the possibility to chooseamongseveral visual themes in flawless finish. Furthermore, whileyou’reintroducing a new item, ListOn suggests you before-createdwords inorder to not write too much. Food, snacks, babies,drinks,butchery, home, frozen products, cold cuts, fruits andvegetables,bakery, dairy, pets, perfumery and fish are included.Take note ofyour next recipe on ListOn and let it to became yourideal cookingassistant.You will also be able to, just in a click,share yourshopping list with your relatives and friends throughSMS, e-mailor whatever system available on your Android, as well asWhatsApp,Line, etc. ListOn will send the list immediately in orderto notlose neither a product. Having your shopping needs on datewillhelp you to keep control on your outgoings and save infutureshopping times. What’s more, ListOn is completely free andit’scurrently available in English, German, French, Spanish,Portugueseand Italian.
com.buymeapie.bmap 3.5.23
Best grocery shopping list ever!
makro 3.8.6
makro is an application of promotions and services. Easy tobrowse,search, get product detail. Features: - Get alerts aboutmakro news& activity. - Purchase the products from makro click.- Findnearest makro store. Enjoy it!
Maple Media
Are you out of milk? Need to make a trip to the store? 🍎🍇🌽SuperSimple Shopping List is the most simple shopping listappavailable! * To add an item to your shopping list, press the+button. Type the item and select a color. That's it - shopsimplywith this free shopping list app. * Edit, add, and deletemultipleitems on your list, as well as label them with colors tokeep yourshopping list super organized. Your weekly grocery tripsjust goteasier with this free shopping list organizer. In thisshoppinglist app, a variety of Colors are used to representCategories,which are all customizable to your needs. Whether it'snames ofgrocery stores, celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries,holidays),or shop sections (dairy, vegetables, drinks), you’ll beable tocreate a checklist that’s suited for you. While shoppingwith SuperSimple Shopping List, you can also cross off items as youpick themup. Just tap the item to check it off. You can also shareyourgrocery list with your friends or family and sync betweenyourdevices. Easy, fast, & free shopping list organizerwithreal-time sharing: - No more hassle. ❌ - No moredisorganization. ❌- Shopping simple ✅ Note: When you install theapp, it will benamed "Shopping List”. Download Super SimpleShopping List FreeToday! We hope you enjoy using our simple grocerylist app tosimplify your grocery shopping process! For support,please emailus at
TK Solution
Never again note chaos ... An easy-to-use shopping list app. Youcancreate your shopping lists directly by speaking. It is possibletocreate multiple lists,e.g. for various shops. Functions: • Twovoiceinput modes, single or multiple items • Drag and drop a list•Manage multiple shopping lists • Synchronisation between devices•Strike out while shopping • Notifications for lists • Shareashopping list • Import text split by lines • Recipe modus •History• Change the typeface, size and color from fonts • Changeabackground Have fun with this intuitive shopping list app ...Forquestions or comments please contact me
Color Checklist 1.8
Kenzap Ltd
Color Checklist is an extremely simple and easy to use todolistapp. Perfect for storing multiple long shopping lists. Controlwhatyou need to buy and have already bought. Use checklist asyoureveryday reminders and set notifications. Features: -Check/Uncheckitems, products from list - Color customization. -Organizechecklists by color. - Status bar notifications (PUSH) -Font sizeand style adjustment. - Different sorting methods. - NoInternet orGPS permissions, so no third party that can upload yourprivatenotes. - Edit text files sent from other devices and savechangeslocally.​ - Set reminders. - Global search through allnotes. -Backup/Restore notes. FAQ: Q: How do I put a checklistwidget onthe home screen (sticker)? A: Under the home screen holddown yourfinger on an empty space once the new window arise choosewidget.Find Color Checklist from the list and position it on yourhomescreen. Q: How do I rename my checklist, change color or font?A:Open desired checklist. Under the top right corner of yourscreenfind three vertical dots menu. Click on menu and findappropriateoption from the list. Depending on your android versionmenu listmay show up by pressing options button down on your screenor phonepanel. Q: How do I password protect my lists? A: Open mainappwindow where list of all notes is located. Long press ondesirednote and wait till new options menu show up. Selectpasswordprotect. Q: How do I enter master settings? A: Open mainapp windowwhere list of all notes is located. Under the top rightcorner ofyour screen find three vertical dots menu. Depending onyourandroid version menu list may show up by pressing optionsbuttondown on your screen or phone panel. Q: How do I find backedupchecklist notes? A: All you backed up notes are stored in asinglefile. Which is usually located here: "/data/KenzapChecklist"orhere: "/Android/data/com.kenzap.checklist/files"
Kinguin 4.0.2
Kinguin - a global marketplace for digital games and in gameitems.Our mission is simple: to offer you the best games at thelowestprices possible! But that’s not all: we simply love videogames andthis is what keeps us pumped. We are actively operating onthee-sports market, working with the best players and biggestteams,creating incredible events and bringing all the best into theworldof gaming. With the Kinguin App you can get your skins atanytimefrom anywhere. Reach for your phone...and jazz up yourweapon! Wehave over 40,000 CS:GO items to choose from. It doesn’tmatterwhere you are, all you need to do is to launch your app andstartbrowsing!
RedMart - Grocery Delivery
Enjoy hassle-free online grocery shopping and home deliverywithRedMart, leading online supermarket shopping app forgrocerydelivery in Singapore! Shop on the go for a wide varietyofgroceries, food items, drinks, alcohol, baby products,householdessentials, Marketplace products & more delivered atyourdoorstep. Shop anytime, anywhere for a huge range of drinks,meat,seafood, beauty products, wine, beer, alcohol, snacks, milk,eggs,fresh fruits & vegetables, pantry essentials, bread&bakery, baby formula & essentials and much more ateveryday lowprices from Redmart. Buy your favourite brands likeSainsbury,Nestle, Huggies, Pampers, L’Oreal, Pepsi, Dasani, Dove,Yankees,Oreo, Coca-Cola, Sprite and more at great discounts fromRedmart.EASY TO USE GROCERY SHOPPING APP - RedMart app featuresauser-friendly interface and seamless supermarketshoppingexperience - Great search function lets you find groceryitems andhousehold essentials instantly - Add/remove items andmanage yourfavourites in "My List" effortlessly - Convenient homedeliveryislandwide, 7 days a week, 7am to 10pm AMAZING RANGE OFSUPERMARKETPRODUCTS & MORE - 10x the selection of a regularsupermarket ateveryday low prices - All you need and more! Fromfarm-freshgroceries, household essentials, heavy & bulky items,babygoodies, curated Marketplace products to gourmet superfoods!SUPERBSAVINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Only the best deals in town!We'velowered our prices so you can save up! - Over 13,000deals,discounts and sale items – up to 75% OFF! - Get notifiedforexclusive discount codes, Flash Sale alerts and specialoffers!SECURE CHECKOUT - Easy and safe! - Secure payments via majorcreditcards and PayPal ***Download the RedMart app today. Andenjoyonline grocery shopping and delivery made easy!***>>>Whatare people saying about online grocery shoppingwith RedMart…“Awesome app, prices are just as good as stores,excellent range.Love the new improvement where after purchase youcan now addforgotten items.” “Love it. The price is competitive toothersupermarkets. Free delivery and even further discount whenusinglive up. Some of the food are fresh and better thansupermarket!Very convenient and worth it.” “Best service ever yet.Promptdelivery. Good to have a reminder in my calendar for busy beelikeme.” “Super love the variety of items available. The app isuserfriendly. Great shopping app!” “Best shopping app in SEAsia.Excellent choice of merchandise, prompt delivery, reasonablepricesand a great user interface.” “Good affordable onlineshopping”
com.mistminds.pakka 2.4.5
PAKKA is the smart way of healthy living. Use this app forthefollowing purposes: Create your personalized health plan offoodand exercise for your specific fitness goals. Or follow ourexpertrecommended plans to achieve different goals of bodyfitness,general health, ailment recovery or regional flavours.Createhealthy shopping list and share it with your partner/ friendwho isout in the market. Once they purchase an item and mark itdone, youcan see that in your mobile immediately. Thus, you canensure noneof the items on your list get missed. Choose healthySouth Indian,North Indian recipes that get cooked in the time youcan spend, thedieting objective you want and the way you wish tosizzle yourtaste buds. Just apply your preferences in the filter.Pakka appwill display recipes of your choice. Order nearby grocerystores inyour locality. Simply share your grocery shopping listwith anynearby smart super/hypermarket. They will inform you oftheir priceand availability. Once you confirm order they willprepare youritems and deliver to your home. Buy combos the smartway. Explorethe healthy combos available under Dry Fruits and Nuts,Breakfastcombos, Organic Grocery combos, Healthy Snacks andCookwarecategories in the app and purchase it in one click, whichcan savecost and as well as time. - No more face ingredientsunavailabilityfor lack of meal planning. - No more carry paper-penin the bustleof grocery shopping market. - No more use books andnotes to writeor prepare new recipes. - No more waiting in thesupermarketcounter to buy groceries. - No more travel longdistances to grabcombo offers. Use Pakka App and enjoy the smartway of healthyliving. Download Now!
Grosess - Online Grocery shopping 3.6
Order groceries online for home delivery within shopping made easy. shop anytime, anywhre for ahuge rangeof groceries.... easy to use Grosess shoppingApp-----------------------------------------------------------Grosessapp offers user friendly interface and seamlesssupermarketshopping experience .easy search function lets you findgroceryitems easy and add/remove items easily....
تسوق 1.92
مواد غذائية ولحوم وداجن وخضروات وفواكه ومواد تنظيف والعنايةالشخصيةوالمستلزمات والاكسسوارات تطبيق تسوق يمكن المستخدم من شراء كلمايتوفر لدينا دون أي مصاريف إضافية أو زيادة في السعر تسوق عبرالتطبيقFood, meat and domestic, vegetables, fruit, cleaningproducts,personal care supplies and accessories Shoppingapplication enablesthe user to buy all our available without anyadditional expensesor increase in price Shopping through theapplication
Mighty Shopping List Free
Mighty Pocket
Notes and usability tips for the new v4.0: Grocery Shopping List is so much morethan a grocery listapp. This is an incredibly powerful, highlycustomizable,full-featured grocery manager that you will use allthe time. Itdoes everything short of cooking you dinner. As for itsextensivefeatures, it allows for multiple shopping lists, masterlists, andfull customization. It accounts for price, quantity, andtaxes. Ithas a coupon indicator, aisle customization, intelligentvoicerecognition, Favorites lists, an accessible history, and acatalogof preset items. It even syncs with other lists, backs up totheCloud, scans barcodes, and stores recipes. The app streamlinesyourgrocery experience, taking all the work out of it. You'llnowalways have your grocery list and key recipes with you, savingyoutime and effort. It turns your shopping experience into themodelof efficiency. And new features are on the way, such asPantryManager, Meal Planner, Tasks, and more. You'll wonder how youevergot on with the groceries before this app. Features: * MealPlanner† * Pantry Manager † * Todo lists with reminders † *Multipleshopping lists * Price / Quantity / Taxes * Couponindicator *Aisle (shopping categories) customization * Intelligentvoicerecognition * Barcode Scan † * Undo * Favorites * History *Catalogof products in (your language). * Master shopping list*List-specific favorites * Search * Backup to SD Card *Designthemes * Configurable Tabs † * Screen/Rotation lock †Premiumfeatures: * Sync shopping lists * Backup on Cloud * Recipes*Photos of items, shopping lists, recipes * Compare store prices*Premium design themes * Basic Web UI†Available in Free version with enabled Ads NOTE: keep Freeversioninstalled on your device while upgrading to migrate allgrocerydata to Full version. After successful migration Freeversion canbe uninstalled from your handset. DO NOT uninstall theFree versionbefore migration because the existing data will getlost. Found abug? Have a suggestion? Please contact us will help us make the app even better.Join our Beta testingteam at
"Shopping list" is an application that helps you organize,sharewith others, and manage your shopping or grocery lists usingyourphone. Easily add new items you need to buy, set quantity, andpicka category. When organizing your products, you can addprices,pictures and barcodes to items you need to buy! In store,just openyour list and tick off every item you bought. Depending onyourpreferences, items are marked as "bought", moved to the end ofthelist or deleted from list. Synchronize your Shopping listwithanother person. Let one person enter shopping items on onephone,and see them appear on another one! Coordinated shopping atitspeak! If the other person has not installed this app, you cansendyour list via text message or email. Advanced features toenhanceyour trip to purchase groceries like management of itemswith samename across different lists from one place and more...Highlights:* Categories * Instant synchronization between twophones * Barcodescanner * Remembers what you put on list once,reuse it again *Backup and restore your data * Many customizingpossibilities * Appdesign for quick manipulation Privacy: We takeyour privacy veryseriously. Our app never saves your data to ourservers unless youuse Synchronization feature. If you useSynchronization feature,your data is stored on our servers inanonymous way and ispermanently deleted after no longer than twomonths time. Datastored on our servers is only used to enableSynchronizationprocess and is not and will not be used in otherpurposes. Requiredpermissions: * SD card access is used to allowyou to backup yourshopping lists, products and preferences. *Internet access is usedfor synchronizing with other users.
John Lewis & Partners 6.13.0
Browse our extensive range of fashion, homeware, gifts andmore.Shop on the move or in store. Our app lets my John Lewismembersaccess their rewards vouchers digitally through the app – noneedto remember paper vouchers to enjoy a ‘free hot drink andcake’when you’re next in-store. You won’t have to worry aboutlosingreceipts again. With Kitchen Drawer, your receipts, ordersandguarantees are safely stored in your account. Effortlessonlineshopping • Browse our range of over 300,000 products, fromclothes,toys, and electricals, to appliances, home furnishings andbeauty •Create, share and edit wish lists of your favouriteproducts •Share the products you love through social media,WhatsApp, emailor message • Stay up to date with our latest offersand seasonalevents • Checkout quickly and securely usingFingerprintAuthentication • Select from a range of deliveryoptions, or chooseto ‘Click and collect’ from a range of John Lewis& Partners,Waitrose & Partners and other collection pointsEnhancedin-store experience Make the most of your visit by usingthe appto: • Scan product barcodes in-store to view detailedproductinformation, plus ratings and reviews from other customersand ourexpert Partners • Check stock availability in shops on mostof theproducts in our assortment • Shake to display your my JohnLewiscard Easy account access • Sign in using FingerprintAuthenticationto view your account instantly and glide throughcheckout Enjoydigital rewards Join my John Lewis for exclusiverewards, availablethrough the app: • View and redeem your my JohnLewis digitalrewards, including ‘free hot drink and cake’ vouchers• my JohnLewis is more than just a membership card; enjoy seasonalrewardsand treats throughout the year • Exclusive invitations andaccessto members-only shopping events • Shake your phone to accessyourmy John Lewis card in the app • Use the Kitchen Drawer functiontosafely store and access all your online orders, in-storereceiptsand guarantees (my John Lewis members only) John Lewis&Partners, anywhere, anytime Our departments and brandsavailable atyour fingertips • Home & Garden • Furniture &Lights •Electricals • Women • Men • Beauty • Baby & Child •Sport &Leisure • Gifts Visit for
Geek - Smarter Shopping 2.4.0
Wish Inc.
Get trending products at 50-80% OFF what you would pay at yourlocalstores. Get the smartest deals on headphones, watches,speakers,phone upgrades, car accessories, and electronics directlyon yourphone. We go directly to the manufacturers to get you thebest dealson stuff you want. So don't get up, keep sitting andshop smart andwe'll take care of the rest.
com.cjwowshop 1.1.7
Asia’s 1# & Malaysia’s Leading Home Shopping CompanyMostTrusted I Free Shipping I Secure I Simplified Payment CJ WOWSHOPis Malaysia’s leading multimedia retailer. CJ WOW SHOP offersthebest shopping experience for Malaysian audience with aninnovativeand exciting way to shop, hassle-free in the convenienceof theirhomes anytime, anywhere. Great deals, multiple paymentoptions,fast after-sales service, quality & reliable products,freeshipping & free returns. We offer exciting WOW selectionofKitchen, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Sports&Leisure, Fashion, IT & Gadget and many other productsthroughour TV, E-commerce & M-commerce platforms. Our hostswillengage with the audience via a new immersive worldof“shoppertainment”, showcasing quality & trusted productswhiledemonstrating features that makes these products suitable forourlifestyle. What’s WOW in here? - Seamless & Securemobileshopping experience - App Exclusive Rewards & Offers -Completeproduct details & videos - Easy search & browsingbyProducts, Categories & Brands - Personalisedproductrecommendations - Create your favourite product &category wishlist - Informative - Q&A, Customer Ratings &Reviews -Express Checkout - Order Tracking - Single sign-on -Social Mediasharing WOW Your Life with CJ WOW SHOP Asia's first #&Malaysia's Leading Home Shopping Company Free Shipping MostTrustedI I I Simplified Secure Payment CJ WOW SHOP is Malaysia'sleadingmultimedia retailer. CJ WOW SHOP offers the bestshoppingexperience for the Malaysian audience with an innovativeandexciting way to shop, hassle-free in the convenience of theirhomesanytime, anywhere. Great deals, multiple payment options,fastafter-sales service, quality and reliable products, freeshippingand free returns. We offer WOW exciting selection ofKitchen, Home& Living, Health & Beauty, Sports &Leisure, Fashion,Technology & Gadgets and many other productsthrough our TV,E-commerce and M-commerce platforms. Our hosts willengage with theaudience via a new immersive world of"shoppertainment", showcasingquality and trusted products whiledemonstrating features thatmakes these products suitable for ourlifestyle. WOW What's inhere?  - Seamless and Secure mobileshopping experience - App Exclusive Rewards & Offers - Complete productdetails and videos  - Easy search andbrowsing by Products,Categories & Brands  - Personalizedproductrecommendations  - Create your favorite productcategory wishlist  - Informative - Q & A, Customer Ratings&Reviews  - Express Checkout  - Order Tracking -Single sign-on  - Social Media Sharing Your Life withCJ WOWWOW SHOP
OurGroceries Key 1.0.2
PLEASE NOTE: This application is only a key. You must alsodownloadthe OurGroceries application, which is free. NormallyOurGroceriesshows ads. When you purchase and install this keyapplication,OurGroceries will no longer show ads.OurGroceriesautomaticallykeeps your family’s grocery list in sync with thelatest changes—onevery family member’s phone or web browser.Everychange to yourshared shopping list is visible in seconds. See itemsbeing checkedoff as your partner shops!iPhone and web versions alsoavailable.
Chaldal: Online Grocery 5.1.5
Chaldal will make your life in Dhaka easier. We believe timeisvaluable to our fellow Dhaka residents, and that you shouldnothave to waste hours in traffic, brave bad weather and wait inlinejust to buy basic necessities like eggs! You can ordergroceries,baby products, personal care products, pet food and otherdailyneeds through your phone. Simply select the items you want andwewill deliver them to you within 1 hour, or at your chosentimeslot. Currently available in Dhaka only, with 1-hour deliveryinmost areas. We deliver within 4 hours in other areas aroundDhaka.We handpick fresh fruits and vegetables of the best quality,but ifyou are unsatisfied with your selection you can returnthemimmediately. We offer completely free delivery on orders overTk.200 and you will likely find our product prices to be lowerthanyour neighborhood store. We promise you a very fastandprofessional delivery, may be the same amount of time it wouldtaketo do it yourself. Give us a chance to work for you.
Organizy Pro Shopping List App 2.17.0
Organizy Ltd.
What is the problem that must be solved by a truly greatshoppinglist app? Making the buying of products a snap! And that'sexactlywhat you will get when you use the Organizy to assist youwith yourshopping. Use Organizy to: ⇒ Quickly add products to yourlist withthe help of our auto-complete feature – you will bepleasantlysurprised to see just how diverse and complete theOrganizy'sinventory is. ⇒ Strike out items from your list usingonly one hand– leaving the other free to take products off theshelves and putthem into your shopping cart. ⇒ Save time by usingthe ideal routein a store to get your shopping done quickly andefficiently –Organizy automatically groups the products on yourlist accordingto sections/isles of a store. ⇒ Choose to see the"must-buy"products at the top of your list – this is especiallyhelpful forlong shopping lists. ⇒ Have no fear of accidentallystriking out anitem on your shopping list. You will find theOrganizy intuitiveand well-thought out. Once you use Organizy, youwill wonder howyou ever got along without it! == Support Links== (formerly known asa Tote Bag grocery list app)
Cinnamon Grocery Shopping List 1.5.9
Gary Wong
Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping listapp.Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to improve yourgroceryshopping and grocery list building experience. Here aresomeamazing features that make that possible:• Sync and shareyourshopping list with others. Shopping lists sync within meresecondsof each other.• Bundles allow you to group multiple groceryitemstogether and add them to your grocery list all at once. CreateaBundle for your weekly grocery staples, create a Bundle for alltheingredients you need for a recipe, the power is in yourhands.•Keep track of what you already have and never buy the sameitemtwice. Purchased items are automatically sent to your Pantry.Onceyou've used up an item in your Pantry, you can send it back toyourshopping list with a single swipe.• The "Next Time" feature isasection in addition to your Buy List and Cart. You can senditemsthere that you have decided to buy the Next Time (out ofstock, tooexpensive, etc) so that you only keep items that you needto buy inyour shopping list. The items will be sent back to yourshoppinglist on your next shopping trip. (Enable this feature inSettings)•Add items to your grocery list via barcode scanning orvoicerecognition. • Organize your grocery list by using thepredefinedcategories or create your own.• Sort your grocery listanyway youlike.• Keep track of the total price of all the items inyourshopping cart.• You can enter the amount and unit of thegroceryitem directly when adding.• Automatic unit conversions.•AndroidWear smartwatch support.• And many more for you to discoveron yourown!
SabjiCity 1.0.3
This is a revolutions way to order online grocery. You caneasilyget it ordered through Sabjicity and have it delivered atyourdoorstep. Now dont worry about going to market. Save yourselffromthe hassle
Bantoa 2.3.1
No more complicated searches among the endless shelves ofonlinedigital fashion stores Trust our outfitters and discovernewoutfits every day for every style and occasion, to alwaysbetrendy! > Browse our outfits for occasion, style, specialandfind what you like. > How is it? Find out if the outfitfitsyour body, your height and your style. > Buy the productsyoulike most directly from the best online shops. > Save alltheproducts and outfits that you like the most. > Coupon!Receiveour special coupons for discounts and benefits on ourpartnerstores.
FlexiPlan 2.6
Introducing Grameenphone FlexiPlan app. Now, make your ownplanaccording to your own needs of Internet, Talk-Time, SMS,Validityand also get great savings! Whether you have a Prepaid orPostpaidconnection, this app will simplify your life. Otherfeatures: -Gift FlexiPlan pack - Purchase History of last threemonths - Shareoption with friends FlexiPlan Validity/Volume istotally separatefrom Regular pack Validity/Volume. Volume ofFlexiPlan validity (1,7, 15, 30 days) will not be added with othervalidity packs. Useyour own GP SIM & GP internet for GIFT. Giftis allowed inlatest version (2.1) only available in Play Store. Fordetails,visit 4.0.4
CITRUSS is the leading home shopping multi-platform network(TV,e-commerce and m-commerce) in the Middle East for more than10years. Shop trusted brands and latest products anywhere,anytime.Special deals, discounts and exclusive offers for kitchen,beauty,home, fashion, jewelry, electronics and more!. Yourshoppingcompanion with you 24/7, giving you professional advice,livedemonstrations, tested and reviewed products, beauty secretsandtips. Features: Free to download Watch our live streamingTVbroadcast Never miss out on our Golden Deals Full TV programguidewith all product shows and details Shop items on air andrecentlyon air directly from your phone Search capability byreferencenumber, brand, product, and category Browse the full rangeofproducts and place your orders Choose from easy and 100%securepayment options Catch the latest products, special deals,andexclusive offers Call your country 24/7 customer service foranyinquiries Speed Buy your favorite products instantly Create anewaccount or use your own account Our payment options are easy:cashon delivery means you pay only when you receive your order atyourdoorstep, and our credit card payment means your detailsandpayment is 100% secure.
MarketApp 2.1.4
MARKET APP gives you an online platform where anyone can buyhighquality products through their Smartphone from the localtrustedsellers. MARKET APP is an easy to use platform that helpsyou getproducts at discounted rates. You can buy products directlyfromtrusted sellers without paying any additional charges just onachat. The biggest online marketplace allows you to buyproductsonline from your favourite local and national stores.Nowbuyers andsellers are able to ask and answer questions instantlywithouthanging on calls and emails. From local shops tointernationalbrands, you can buy anything only on MARKET APP. WithMARKET APP,you can buy clothes, beauty products, mobile phones,camera,furniture, books, art, fashion accessories, electronics,footwearand you can also order food from your favourite places.Getdiscountoffers on your favourite products and grab exciting dealsfromanywhere. All deals are made through highly secure privatechats soyou can buy and sell easily.MARKET APP helps you choosefrom a hugecollection of high quality products offered by trustedsellersaround you. MARKET APP makes your online shopping easyandconvenient. No need to wait for delivery and those out ofstockitems when you can directly buy them at lower prices. When youjoinMARKET APP, you should forget those extra charges you payforshipping and packaging.With MARKET APP, both buyers and sellersarepushing to maintain high quality standards. The commitmenttowardsquality and fair price makes MARKET APP unique in everysense.MARKET APP is a trusted online platform where buyers lovebrowsingthrough thousands of products and sellers are activelyprovidinghigh quality products at lower prices.MARKET APP is theeasiest andsafest way to find sellers. Buying products on MARKETAPP is assimple as chatting on any social website. What MARKET APPcan dofor you?● Shop for new products at lowest prices withinyourneighborhood. If you love saving money with great deals, MARKETAPPis for you.● Keep your conversations secure. MARKET APP enablesyouto chat privately with buyers and sellers to sell and buyproductsor negotiate the prices.● Make safe transactions. See thefullprofile of seller and pay for the products at mutuallyconvenientplace. ● Quick Registration. No need to fill lengthyforms. Ittakes a few seconds to register on MARKET APP.● Search foranythingyou need. The huge marketplace enables you to search forproductsfrom categories like fashion, electronics, accessories,food,sports, books, furniture, and a lot more.● Buy and sell on thego.Enjoy the freedom of online shopping.Why Choose MARKET APP toBuy:●Be Informed. Keep yourself updated with the new products anddealsavailable in your nearby stores. Get notified about offersonproducts in your wish-list.● Safe Shopping. Buy productsfromtrusted stores in a risk free environment.● Chat Privately.Avoidmaking costly calls, time consuming emails and keep yourcontactinformation secure.● Wait for nothing. Pick the item at yourownconvenience. No need to wait for shipping companies to getyourproduct.● Browse almost unlimited varieties of products. Checkandbuy products within your neighborhood, city or country.●Getproducts at fair price. No hidden cost. No additionalchargesbuying products. In fact you can get unbelievable discounton manyproducts.● It’s fun. Shopping is not always fun. But, withmarketapp you can enjoy great online shopping experience in easyand funway.
Picnic Online Supermarket 1.15.16
Picnic B.V.
Picnic is the cheapest and most exciting online supermarket intheNetherlands. You benefit from a huge range of products atyourfingertips, where we offer you the lowest price and free nextdaydelivery. The Picnic app saves you time and money, and removesthehassle of carrying your weekly goods home from the store. Thisisan entire supermarket within your own smartphone. Are you missingaproduct that you love? Submit your suggestion within the app.Ourusers have contributed over 1000 items to our product range sofar.We make Picnic together! You can pay easily through iDEAL, andallorders before 22:00 will be delivered for free the next day.Ourdrivers use environmentally-friendly electric vans, and ourlivemap radar allows you to watch the delivery truck as itnavigatestowards your doorstep. We are precise about your deliverytimeslot, so you don’t need to wait around all day. Customers areatthe heart of Picnic. We’re delighted to answer questions andhearyour feedback. Send us an email at or contactuson WhatsApp on 06-45742642. 
Please note: This app is availableinDutch and German and it’s only applicable to residents oftheNetherlands or Germany. Don’t worry if we don’t deliver toyourpostcode yet. We’re expanding quickly. Leave your email onourwebsite ( and we’ll inform you when the Picnictrucksroll up in your town.
shareList! - Shopping lists 1.0.1
Amalgam Apps
Now you can create shopping lists and share it with yourfriends.Youcan write notes to products and add a list of storesand prices toalways know where to buy cheaper.You can also chatwith theparticipants of each shopping list.Features:* Createshoppinglists.* Write notes product.* List of stores and prices toalwaysknow where to buy cheaper.* Chat with the participants ofeachshopping list.* Indicate that the product is purchased.*Putproducts back to buy.* All friends added can update theshoppinglist.* Notifications of changes in
OI Shopping list 2.1.3
OI Shopping List is a powerful application which makes it easytocreate and manage checklists. OI Shopping List makes it easy toadditems to a list, check the item off, and remove it from thelist.The application can track separate prices for each store thatyouuse, and features a high level of customization. Font size,sortorder, list columns, and list cleanup behavior are allsettingscontrolled by the user. All of these features are broughttogetherin a crisp layout that is customizable through a variety ofthemes.The source code of this free and open source applicationisavailable at: Thisapplicationis ad free and does not require the internet permission.For thecomplete list of changes and a list of frequently askedquestions,please visit: You can help toimprovethe translation into your language atLaunchpad: *Add, edit and delete lists. * Create, delete, and checkitemsquickly and easily. * Variety of themes. * Customizable fontsizeand sort order. * Keep track of separate prices for each store.*Customizable list columns. International versions: IO قائمةالتسوق,Lista de cumpărături OI, OI Alışveriş listesi,OIBoodschappenlijst, OI Einkaufsliste, OI Lista Zakupów, OI ListadeCompras, OI Shopping List, OI Shopping list, OI lista dellaspesa,OI Список покупок, OI списък за пазаруване, OI шопинг листа,OIسېتىۋېلىش تىزىمى, OI 購物清單, OI 购物列表, OI 쇼핑 목록, Ol Seznamnákupů,Popis za kupovinu, Λίστα αγορών OI Shopping list, لیست خریدOI
com.galwaykart 9.9.2
The Shopping App brings to the Distributors ofGLAZETRADING INDIA PVT. LTD, a brand new platform, to shoptheirfavorite products, at great costs. Galwaykart is an e-commercesite wherein, a distributor and anyone can place an orderdirectlywhich are of premium quality and at a reasonable price. Itsmainobjective is to reach out almost all parts of India. Hence,itprovides delivery at door step across all over India.Preferredcustomer can place orders. Offers will be valid till 25thdate ofevery month. You can place order by last date of every monthtill11.30 PM. Online ordering facility is unavailable on the 1stdateof every month. Payment Methods- Internet Banking,Debit/CreditCard, UPI, Wallet. Online Tracking - Information aboutthe statusof your order is constantly Return - Free and easyreturns if thefault is from our end (Damaged product, Packagingissue etc).Galwaykart deals with wide range of products like: 1)GalwaySrigunam- This is a section for men’s grooming from shavingcream,fairness cream to hair styling gel. Groom your beard withourshaving cream and then use our after shave splash topreventinfections from cuts that may occur on the skin whileshaving.Also, get a fair skin by using our fairness cream. 2)GalwayRupabham- Under this section we have everything from haircareproducts to body and skin care products. The hair careproductslike Bhringraj Hair Oil and Herbal Panchtatva Shampoo aremade upof pure herbs. Apart from these, Rupabham includes rosetoner,haldi chandan face cream, bath soap, body lotion, body wash,facewash etc. 3) Galway Kalkim- This category is specificallydesignedto enhance your beauty with its lavender night cream androse daycream. It’s fairness cream gives you a fair and glowingskin. 4)Galway Nutriflow- This section includes protein powder mixandSpirulina. These products give you the necessary protein whichwelack behind. If your purchased amount is more than 4000 thenyouare entitled for free home delivery. However, if the order isbelowRs 4000 the courier charge of Rs 75 is levied. The courierchargeis for the amount of the order and not for the number ofproductsplaced. We provide delivery in 16000 pin codes which comeunderserviceable area of Galwaykart. In case we do not miss outanyarea, we have extended our delivery to 1500 more pin codesrecently(serviceable area). We keep updating our pin code list onregularbasis so that we cover up all parts of India. For a smoothandtimely home delivery we have tie up with reputed couriercompanieslike- Fedex, Bluedart, Shipyari and DTDC. SatisfactionGuaranteedEnjoy Safe and Secure Shopping
Shopping List 1.2.3
Simple app to manage shopping lists.Create shopping lists andaddprodutcs you want to buy.Nevertheless, keep a record of pricespaidfor purchased products.Contact: vansuita.jr@gmail.comBuy MeaCoffee
sunsky 4.5.3
The SUNSKY Mobile App makes shopping easier on your phone, anditallows you to easily search, shop, compare prices, readreviews,and make purchases on SUNSKY. You will be able to followSUNSKYwhenever and wherever you are. SUNSKY is an e-commerce with awideselection of products, as Mobile phone, Tablet PC, Gaming,HomeCare and so on.
com.project.CK 46.0
Discover the latest in shoes, bags and accessories and shop atyourconvenience with the CHARLES & KEITH mobile app. SHOP WITHEASEQuick & easy browsing Find a store no matter where youareEARLY ACCESS Be the first to hear about latest news andpromotionsReceive notifications on new product releases APPEXCLUSIVE Enjoyapp-only promotions and giveaways View exclusivein-app content
PriceSpy compare prices & shop 2.28.2
Compare prices from thousands of shops and get smart guidance totheright product at the right price. It could save you hundredsofpounds a year. It doesn’t cost anything to use PriceSpy. WiththePriceSpy app on your mobile, you'll find thousands of productstocompare. With our smart filters you can find the products withjustthe features you think are most important. Save time and moneywithprice alerts directly to your mobile. You get pushnotificationswhen prices have dropped and you do not have to checkyourself.Find the best promotional prices with the Daily Dealsfunction, andcreate lists of your favourite products. With thePriceSpy app youcan: • Find the products you want to buy and seewhich shops havethe lowest prices • Price monitor with pushnotifications and email(requires login) • Create and open productlists in the app and (requires login) • Compareproducts to see how theydiffer • See price history of how priceshave changed over time •Voice search when looking for products inthe app • Use barcodescanning to compare the price of a product inshop • Write and readreviews for products and shops • Check all theproduct's features •See suggestions for related products ThePriceSpy app works in themarkets where PriceSpy is found: Sweden,Norway, Finland, GreatBritain, Ireland, New Zealand, France andItaly. You can change themarket and app language through the mainmenu. Bear in mind thatthe region selection changes the language ofthe app. Our goal isto give you the full PriceSpy experience directto your mobile. Weare constantly developing the app to make itbetter and expandingthe number of features. Please feel free tohelp us in making theapp even better. Contact us, via, or reach uson Facebook[] orTwitter[].
BRANDS2HOME(B2H) is the first Multistore Mobile App in Kollam.Youcan Now order through our mobile app brands2home Special Delivery Services availableforFunctions, Organisations,Schools and Colleges.We Undertakebulkorders for Corporate Gifting. FREE HOME DELIVERY FORPROVISION,BAKERY, FOOD, VEGETABLES, MEET PRODUCTS & MORE.. Wedeliver AllGrocery items in association with Dhanya Supermarket,Bakery &Food items from Supreme Bakers. We also deliver FreshVegetables& Fruits, Fresh Mutton, Beef, Chicken (Nadan &Broiler),All Frozen products of Milky Mist, Sumero,Mcain and SugunaChicken.For Orders Whatsapp : +91 8281136422 Web:www.brands2home.comAndroid:
Abdullah AlOthaim Markets 2.5
Abdullah Al Othaim MarketsGet the official application of“AbdullahAlOthaim Markets” to save more with it and know more aboutit.browse all Abdullah AlOthaim Markets products via itscataloguewhich is categorized to many categories for yourconvenience,Categories includes fresh, baby needs, grocery, healthbeauty, homecare and electronics ,then you can find the product youneed withits price, rate your favorite products.Do not miss ouramazingpromotions and offers festivals as well as the cornerspromotions,hyper and super markets promotions, really you will feelas you areinside the store exactly from your mobile!.Explore andfindAbdullah AlOthaim Markets stores quickly, Find the neareststorefrom you , We are taking your shopping experience to a wholenewexperience as you can now buy directly from your mobile...Toomanyproducts and brands? Do not worry, you can search all theproductsby brands or price and you will find the suitable productsfor yousimply and quickly.Know all Abdullah AlOthaim Markets latestnewsand announcements, besides you can submit all your suggestionsandinquiries directly. Abdullah AlOthaim Markets Marketsapplicationsupports Arabic and English Languages.
Shopping list 0.0.10
"My Shopping List" - is the most convenient and easy to useshoppinglist on Google Play.This minimalist, intuitive applicationthatremembers what you need to buy.Forget the paper leaves andnotes isthe last century. With our app shopping trip has becomemuch easierand more enjoyable!The application is very easy to use,just starttyping the name of the product that you need and the appwillautomatically give you a huge list of recommendations whichhaveapplications in memory.A simple click on a list item youzeropurchased product.Our application will be indispensableandwonderful decoration for you and your phone, as well asfacilitateshopping.Features of the app:• Beautiful and intuitiveinterface•Simple input products• A large number of tips• Createmultiplelists• Search the list by date• Edit list items• Verysimple andclear operation with a list• Ability to choose language•Automaticgrouping of products on the list
Brands For Less 2.7
The mobile shopping app of Brands For Less. Brands For Less hasapresence across the Middle East. Brands For Less ownsthirtyoutlets in countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait,SaudiArabia, Yemen and the Qatar. What is it that sets us apartfromother retail stores? Our constant endeavor to bring shoppersthelatest and most innovative products. Of course, this is besidethefact that we always ensure that our customers get what theycomefor.
Pixyfi 5.0.0
Pixyfi is a social network of Shopaholic people, who love toshoponline and give review about the products they purchase.NormallyE-commerce Apps shows dresses on models which looks a lotdifferentwhen normal people wear it. Pixyfi brings you solution forthis.Pixyfi is an app on which you can see real images for productseg:Dresses. By real images we mean images of dresses worn bypeoplelike you. So Shop and Share 1.12.2
Bus tracker for Taichung. * Route search * Route planning *Nearbyroute * Airport Intercity * Bus transfer information * Busrunningstatus Winterfell 4.0
An E-commerce venture by brains dipped in inks for past 25years.With presence on both Online and Offline platforms, UrbanPitara isamong the biggest printers in the country with a Gamut of25+printing and processing machines. True to its words, We canprintAnything on Anything
Simple shopping list 1.1
- simple, fast, effective, intuitive shopping list, - createmoreshopping lists if you need to - shopping has never beensoorganized, - food products automatically added to theproductdictionary database - easy introduction of new products -theability to send a ready list for shopping, eg via SMS -voiceintroduction of products - the shopping list recognizesseparators,the separator can be any word - shopping list has amodern simpleand nice design Shopping with this grocery list hasnever beeneasier. In this grocery list you will not find shoppingsharingbetween devices, sending to friends, information on thequantities,the icons of food and other of useless things. The ideais simple -like the old days - grocery shopping list and end.Instead of cardsgo shopping with this simple application. Only somuch and so much.Shopping list based on material design, theavailable themes colorschemes, the introduction of voice andvocabulary that teaches youup to date on the basis of theprovisions introduced products.Dictionary tells the most popularproducts which have been enteredon previous lists and voice inputwith the possibility ofseparating the products using keyword makesthe introduction of newshopping has never been so easy and quick.Purchases can easilydistinguish and segregate.
Supermarket Tycoon 1.45
Kristy is helping her Uncle Bob to run his supermarket businessandto be the best Supermarket Tycoon in the city. RunningaSupermarket Tycoon game chain and a grocery store game can be alotof fun!! Dive into this highly addictive timemanagementSupermarket Tycoon game based on our real-timeSupermarketmanagement concept and prepare to stay on your toesevery singlesecond. Join players across the globe who are alreadyfans ofKristy! In this Supermarket Tycoon game you have to arrangeitemsin the store on time so that customers can easily do shoppinginthis store game, manage your store perfectly to be the beststoremanager of this Supermarket Tycoon game. Help Uncle Bobtostrengthen the Grocery store’s economic development. Roll upyoursleeves, open Supermarket Tycoon and help Kristy to keep themfoodcounters stocked. Manage multiple stores, groceries and otheritemsthrough multiple challenging yet amusing levels, servedifferenttypes of choosy customers and upgrade your shelves andfreezers sothat they can hold more inventory. Upgrade your shoppingparadisetime to time to give your customers best shopping gameexperience.Sell the foods, desserts, drinks, snacks, fast food andothergoods. Experience the joy of serving customers. It seems thattheSupermarket Tycoon business is very good! To be a beststoremanager sell as much as grocery and products you can. Alwaysfillyour empty store carts in this shopping game. SupermarketTycoon isa time management game so handle it best to earn moreinsupermarket game. It’s going to be such a great time working atthesupermarket. You’ll get to show off your skills as the bestworkerever. Now you have a chance to show everyone! Become themanager ofa small roadside shop and end up as the owner of acompetitivegrocery chain in this addictive time management game.Servecustomers quickly to keep them happy and earn more coins. Withitstrue-to-life scenario and gripping pace, Supermarket Tycoonrevealsyour true leadership abilities in a highly entertainingmanner!Features of Supermarket Tycoon: Help customers don’t letthem waitfor their products! Add baskets to pick up bin (basketcounter).Fill player cart from store. Keep your floor clean to earnbonus.Don’t let your customers to wait on cash counter. Reset pickoffbin. Upgrade food counters, Customers cart and cleaner. Get ACtofreeze customer waiting bar. Get TV to increase customerwaitingtime on cash counter. Get CCTV to prevent theft and pranks.
This is an Insurance Premium Calculator. * I designedthisapplication to meet the requirments of INSURANCE AgentsandDevelopment Officers. * its my website, soonIwill provide all the information regarding INSURANCE. * If youhaveany queries you can mail to, Features oftheApplication *Calculates the premium. *Calculates theReturns*Calculates the Medical Report Details. *Calculates theAgentCommission. *Bonus,Loyality Addition & FAB can beeditable.*Easy to use. *Agents can send Premium,Returns DetailsviaSMS,WhatsApp,Email
in.hopq.hopq 2.2.1
HopQ Team
HopQ shopping application provides app-based scan-pay-goexperienceto avoid queues once and for all. Its a smart way to beatthe lineat the stores , Simply scan your product on the app, payonline andbreeze through that billing counter. Yeah, it is thatsimple! HopQ– Wait for none
YouBeep is the first APP that allows you full control overyourshopping experience YouBeep lets you: - Create and manageyourshopping lists - Scan products directly from the shelf totheshopping cart using the app - “Mobile checkout” - Check outyourcart and pay in under a minute - Get personalized promotionsThisis the first version of YouBeep and it will be available soonin asupermarket near you. Follow us on togetall the latest news.