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QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics 3.9.0c
QuickLyric is a top quality lyrics app for Android fromdevelopersyou can trust! Countless lyrics apps either bother youwith anotification or force you to manually type the name of thesongevery time it changes. QuickLyric solves that issue and bringsthelyrics to you instantly! With a focus on its users, QuickLyricisthe lyrics finder that is the most pleasant to use. Get rid ofallthe hassle and instantly access your favorite lyrics. On topofthat, QuickLyric makes it easy to store lyrics for offlineaccessand supports synchronized lyrics (karaoke). HIGHLIGHTS •Offlinelyrics for free • The fastest lyrics finder • Synchronizedlyrics -the ultimate karaoke experience right in your pocket! •Floatinglyrics to enjoy your lyrics without interrupting whatyou're doing• Display an (optional) notification to access yourlyrics evenquicker • Quickly download the lyrics for your wholelibrary ofsongs (Google Play, Spotify or your own files) • Identifysongswith your microphone: hold your phone to the music and thelyricswill appear! • A top-notch support team that will gladlyanswer allyour questions PREMIUM FEATURES • A night mode to restyour eyes atnight • Exclusive new themes • Remove all ads - enjoyyour karaokewithout advertising • Support for Android Wear devicesSUPPORTEDMUSIC PLAYERS • Spotify • Google Play Music • Apple Music• Napster• Shuttle Music Player • Phonograph • PowerAmp • PlayerPro•BlackPlayer • GoneMAD • VLC • Rocket Player • Many others!Mostmusic players are supported. If your player doesn'tsupportQuickLyric, please get in touch with its developers.UNSUPPORTEDMUSIC PLAYERS • SoundCloud is not yet supported. •Youtube willeventually be supported through floating lyrics. • WynkMusic is**partly** supported. Some songs will work, some will not.This isentirely their responsability. ISSUES? SUGGESTIONS? We'realwayshappy to hear from you! Get in touch with us via email orsocialmedia if you have any problem, request or suggestion. We wanttomake sure you get to enjoy the world's #1 Lyrics Finder.COMMUNITYFacebook: G+Community: This app is free and ad supported. Ads can beremovedeasily by buying a subscription. The subscription model isimposedto us by the music industry and allows artists to getpaidadequately. We thank all our premium users fortheirmuch-appreciated support. QuickLyric will request the"Notificationaccess" permission only to listen for music. Wepromise we'll neveraccess, read, or save your notifications. Werespect your privacy.QuickLyric is Open Source and its code ispublicly available onGitHub. The code is licensed under the GPLv3.Developers whoinfringe on our copyright will quickly see their appsremoved fromGoogle Play. Anyone can improve theapp: Anyone can helptranslatethe app:
50 Top Hamsalekha Kannada Movie Songs
Times Music
Hamsalekha is an Indian film composer and a songwriter who worksinSouth Indian cinema, predominantly in the Kannada filmindustrysince the late 1980s. He is also a screenplay writer,dialoguewriter, instrumentalist and a conductor. Composed andwritten forover 300 feature films.Hamsalekha is usually referred toby thetitle Naadha Brahma (English: The Brahma of Music) whoisconsidered to be the major cause for the change in themusiccomposing and lyric writing style which would appeal much totheyounger generation. He integrated folk and introducedwesternmusical sensibilities into the mainstream cinema. He isalsoaccredited for introducing many musical talents (singers,composersand lyricists) to the industry. Download this app andlisten to the50 Hamsalekha Kannada Movie Songs from moviesabsolutely free.Soundtracks of the biggest movie hits from theKannada filmindustry like Joot, Nagara Havu,Roja, Romio Juliet,Aajay, Appu andPappu, Dakota Express and many more. Features:- 1.50 HamsalekhaKannada Movie Songs Free Download 2. Works on 2G/ EDGEnetwork aswell. 3. User friendly Interface. 4. Add favorite fromdifferentplaylist to play favourite songs. 5. Downloaded song canbe playedwithout streaming. 6. Simple to use and Easy to Navigate.So,Download the app now and groove on, on your favouriteHamsalekhaKannada Movie Songs all in one app!! Rate the app andshare yourvaluable feedback at
Dadju Lyrics Music 1.0
Edhol Tribune
Lots of Dadju songs and lyrics that can listen and memorizehere.Free installation of apps, choose songs and lyrics that youlikeand play. This app only provides the current MP3 and nodownloadfeature as it may infringe copyright.This app is not ownedby theartist, it was created by fans for Dadju fans.Dadju DjunaTsungulabetter known by the mononym Dadju or at times Prince Dadju(born 2May 1991 in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, France) is a Frenchsingerof Congolese origin. This application Feature:Songs,Lyrics,Profiles, and more from Dadju.15 songs and lyrics containedin thisapp:-Ma fierté-Reine-Par amour-Comme si de rienn'était-BobMarley-Django-Trouvez-la moi-Lionne-Monica-Souscontrôle-Jenny-Déjàtrouvé-Moi je vérifie-Déjà donné-PauseJUSTREMINDER:=============This apps and its content aren't formallysupportedor created by, nor related to or connected with the musicartist(s)or any associated entities of the artist(s), likemanagement orrecord label. All logos and copyrights square measureproperty oftheir various homeowners. This application has adsthataccommodates Google Play Policy and Please support the artistsandtheir firms. Thank you.*Please support the musicians bypurchasingconcert tickets, CDs, vinyl and originalmerchandises.Enjoy thisall my friends!
Haryanvi Best Songs & Dance Videos 2018 1.19
Haryanvi Songs & Videos 2018 - app comes with thefinestcollection of New, Top, Latest, Old, Hit, Best HaryanviSongs. Hereyou will get best Haryanvi dance videos instantly. NewHaryanviSongs Best Haryanvi Songs Sapna Video Songs Latest HaryanviSongsTop Haryanvi Songs Pooja Hooda Songs Haryanvi Hit SongsAnjaliRaghav Songs Preeti Choudhary Ragni Ajay Hooda Songs HaryanviFolkDance Anu Kadyan Songs Haryanvi Love Songs All HaryanviSongsHaryanvi Sad Songs Andy Dahiya Songs Binder Danoda SongsAakashJangra Songs Dev Kumar Deva Songs Kavita Joshi Songs In thisappyou will get Haryanvi Video songs. Exceptional music alongwithhighly creative lyrics add to mesmerizing voices ofyesteryears'singers. I hope you will have fun using this app bywatching LatestHaryanvi video songs. This App helps listen to 2000+of the bestHaryanvi Songs right on your mobile device. Best audiostreaming toenjoy the perfect piece of exceptional musical workswithoutinterruptions. Get this App and listen to the evergreenHaryanviSongs non-stop Music-Friendly Features: • Wide range ofplaylistsof your favorite Haryanvi Hit Songs • Watch music videosin HDquality • Very smooth and nice user-interface for quick accessofyour beautiful songs • Mark your favorite songs and accessthemquickly from a favorites section instantly Disclaimer: -Thecontent provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and isavailablein public domain. We do not upload any videos to YouTubeor notshowing any modified content. This app provided the organizedwayto select songs and watch videos.
AR Rahman Songs & Lyrics 6.6
A R Rahman is an versatile Indian composer, singer-songwriter,musicproducer, musician and philanthropist. A R Rahman's works arenotedfor integrating Indian classical music with electronic music,worldmusic and traditional orchestral arrangements. OurCloud-basedApplication is a tribute for this Legendary musician,It will beupdated on regular basis. Key Features: Playable SongsTamizh LyricsEnglish Lyrics Favorites You don't have to store anyof his songsand fill your storage as we give cloud-based access tolisten all ofhis songs.
Best of Elvis Presley 3.0
Now you can hear and enjoy Elvis' best hits from anywhereandanytime using this free, light, and easy-to-use music playerapp.Titles included:Little Sister.. Jailhouse Rock.( From themovieJailhouse Rock.1957.) HD.Anything That's Part of You (take8)TreatMe NiceI Got StungAin't That Loving You BabyI Need YourLoveTonightDon'tStuck on you.Lonely man (solo version) AllShookUpTreat Me Nice TAKE 3 RARE VERSIONIndescribably blue(vocaloverdub take 1) JUST TELL HER JIM SAID HELLO Lovingyou(lyrics)Love Me Tender (1956)My Wish Came True+lyrics FameFortuneSub. EspañolYouTubePlease don't Drag that String Around(take 2)IBeg Of You (1957)Dontcha Think It's Time..and manymore!!ElvisAaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was anAmericansinger-songwriter and actor. Regarded as one of themostsignificant cultural icons of the 20th century, he isoftenreferred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply"theKing".Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and relocatedtoMemphis, Tennessee with his family when he was 13 years old.Hismusic career began there in 1954, when he recorded a songwithproducer Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Accompanied byguitaristScotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was anearlypopularizer of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusionofcountry music and rhythm and blues. RCA Victor acquiredhiscontract in a deal arranged by Colonel Tom Parker, who managedthesinger for more than two decades.
Ultimate Roulette Bet Counter & Predictor Tool 2.6.1
Try this smart roulette counter, predictor & analyzer tool tobemore successful player in online casino games and win moremoney.The house's advantage is only 2.70% with single zero and5.26% withdouble zero, this must be overcome with this tools. It'snotimpossible, just need a good strategy and some attention. Justaddthe hit numbers, and this super tool always counting andpredictingwhat fields to play in the next round. Suggesting highpossibilityfree live roulette numbers, warning if the zero cameout a long timeago (usable in American and European table too).The program says inEnglish what to play in the next round in theonline casino. Thisultimate Roulette Bet Counter & Predictortool highly increasingyour winning chance. FEATURES: 1. Countingthis type of bets on thewheel table: ★ Red / Black / Zero ★ Odd /Even ★ Low (1-18) / High(19-36) ★ Dozens (1st12, 2nd12, 3rd12) ★Columns (Col1, Col2, Col3)2. Monitoring alert levels: ★ Alertlevels can be set up by bettypes. ★ If the certain bet countreached the previously set alertlevel, the program will mark thebet with yellow and red colors, tohelp the player to decide whatbet should play next. 3. Hot &Cold numbers ★ See the previousnumbers occurrences in a niceordered scrollable list. 4. American00 support 5. Charts ★ Two freepowerful charts 6. Suggestingfields and numbers: ★ Based on theprevious numbers (from theyellow and red coloured fields). ★ Zerofield prognosis andsuggestion, warning if Zero number limitreached. 7. CSV Export forcreating professional excel statistics 8.Speaking Playing outsidebet system will return you less money, butyour chances of winningare significantly higher. If you would liketo win more you shoulduse this one of the best live tracker tool tomaximize the outsidebets winning chances. This is not a simpletrainer or gamblercheat, this is only pure statistics andmathematics. With this #1calculator and predictor gambling tool youwill predict the nextspin with greater probability chance. Using agood free trainer,counter, calculator, simulator or a predictortool always helps theplayers to be more successful. This greatroulette counter trackertool will help you to make successful betbankroll managementsystem. With a good betting strategy you willwin more money inthis really nice gambling game. Fulfill youronline roulette casinostrategy to win more money. With this simpleand smart calculatortool you will never miss a good chance to winwith the next ballspin. The house edge matters when you areplaying. Always playEuropean roulette if you can choose. Become asuccessful long-termlucky player with us.This is one of the bestandroid strategy toolfor all roulette player. You have to practiceyour own strategy andpay attention to the bankroll management. Inthe first few timeplease use it on only demo accounts and democash. Have a good luck& fun with my counter and predictorcalculator app!
Marco Antonio Solis 1.0
In this application there are all the songs and lyrics of thetopsingers Marco Antonio Solis.This application will allow youtolisten to or memorize the songs you like.Song & LyricsFullAlbumwe wish you happy and entertained.Download now and enjoyit.Have a nice day....features :* Songs from The most popularsinger*Small Sized app* Good designDownload for free and enjoy themusicand lyrics of Marco Antonio Solis your favoriteartist.Thisapplication is designed for those who want alightweight, easy touse and attractive user interface.Top SongList- - - - - - and manymore....So what are you waitingfor....Download for free and enjoy
Das Coleguinhas Music Lyrics 1.2
Mr Day Studio
If you are a fan of Das Coleguinhas? you will find lyrics andmusicDas Coleguinhas in this application ! Do you still rememberhersongs are amazing. This application is your solution to listentoher song, in this application there are also lyrics.We arelookingforward for Your positive comment.desclaimer:Thisapplication isonly for music player Das Coleguinhas, no downloadfeature becauseit may violate copyright.
Larissa Manoela Music New 1.2
Mr Day Studio
If you are a fan of Larissa Manoela Music New? you will findlyricsand music Larissa Manoela Music New in this application ! Doyoustill remember her songs are amazing. This application isyoursolution to listen to her song, in this application there arealsolyrics.We are looking forward for Yourpositivecomment.desclaimer:This application is only for musicplayerLarissa Manoela Music New, no download feature because itmayviolate copyright.
Genius — Song Lyrics & More
Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyricsandcrowdsourced musical knowledge. SEARCH 1.7 MILLION+ SONGSFindannotated lyrics for all your favorite songs, or browse what'shoton Genius. TAP HIGHLIGHTED LINES TO READ ANNOTATIONS Exploreaworld of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans–the Genius community. GET THE FACTS BEHIND THE TRACKS Withverifiedcontent from artists and producers. FIND LYRICS FOR THESONGSPLAYING AROUND YOU NEW: Get Genius lyrics for currentlyplayingmusic on your phone! Let Genius match lyrics with your songsonyour favorite music services. Or hold your phone up to themusic,tap the soundwave button (powered by ACRCloud), and lo,theannotated lyrics appear. *Genius requests the "Notificationaccess"permission only to listen for music. We promise we'll neveraccess,read, or save your notifications.
Maher Zain Lyrics Music 4.1.1
It will never been so easy view the lyrics of Maher Zainwhilelistening to the songs, and surely now, it doesn't even taketimeto load.Different than other similar app, not it has a newfeatureintegrated music player that enable you easily use this app.Youcan simply choose by tapping the song you want to hear fromThankYou Allah and Forgive Me. We hope you might fully enjoy, singalongwith your friends or maybe learn the new song you have neverheardbefore.Note for you : Turn on your internet connection tolisten tothe song. To view the lyrics, you simply just run directlyfrom theapp. Please submit us your positive comment or review forfuturedevelopment of this app, and share to your friends. Thankyou!
Chica Vampiro Songs Full 1.2
Mr Day Studio
If you are a fan of Chica Vampiro Songs Full? you will findlyricsand Chica Vampiro Songs Full in this application ! Do youstillremember her songs are amazing. This application is yoursolutionto listen to her song, in this application there are alsolyrics.Weare looking forward for Your positivecomment.desclaimer:Thisapplication is only for music player ChicaVampiro Songs Full, nodownload feature because it may violatecopyright.
All Songs R. Kelly 1.0
Lieder Dev
Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967), knownprofessionallyas R. Kelly, is an American singer, songwriter,record producer,and former professional basketball player. A nativeof Chicago,Illinois, Kelly began performing during the late 1980sand debutedin 1992 with the group Public Announcement. In 1993,Kelly wentsolo with the album 12 Play. He is known for a collectionof majorhit singles including "Bump N' Grind", "Your Body'sCallin'", "IBelieve I Can Fly", "Gotham City", "Ignition (Remix)","If I CouldTurn Back the Hands of Time", "The World's Greatest","I'm a Flirt(Remix)", and the hip-hopera "Trapped in the Closet".In 1998,Kelly won three Grammy Awards for "I Believe I Can Fly".Hisdistinctive sound and style has influenced numerous hip hopandcontemporary R&B artists. Kelly became the first musiciantoplay professional basketball, when he was signed in1997.TopSongs:I Believe I Can FlyI'm A FlirtCookieBump N' GrindUSavedMeIgnitionSame Girl (feat. Usher)When A Woman's Fed UpThat'sthat(Snoop Dogg ft R.Kelly)The Storm Is Over NowNumber One (Feat.KeriHilson)I'm Your Angel (feat. Celine Dion)The World'sGreatestWhen AWoman LovesYou Remind Me Of SomethingIf I Could TurnBack The HandsOf TimeRadio MessageIgnition RemixForeverSign Of AVictory.RobertSylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967), knownprofessionally as R.Kelly, is an American singer, songwriter,record producer, andformer professional basketball player. A nativeof Chicago,Illinois, Kelly began performing during the late 1980sand debutedin 1992 with the group Public Announcement. In 1993,Kelly wentsolo with the album 12 Play. He is known for a collectionof majorhit singles Including "Bump N 'Grind," "Your Body'sCallin'," "IBelieve I Can Fly," "Gotham City," "Ignition (Remix)","If I CouldTurn Back the Hands of Time "," The World's Greatest ","I'm aFlirt (Remix), "and the hip-Hopera" Trapped in the Closet ".In1998, Kelly won three Grammy Awards for "I Believe I Can Fly".Hisdistinctive sound and style has Influenced Numerous hip hopandcontemporary R & B artists. Kelly wurde the first musiciantoplay professional basketball, When He signed what in the1997thTopSongs:I Believe I Can FlyI'm A flirtationcookieBump N'GrindU SavedMeIgnitionSame Girl (feat. Usher)When A Woman's FedUpThat's that(Snoop Dogg ft R.Kelly)The Storm Is Over NowNumber One(Feat. KeriHilson)I'm Your Angel (feat. Celine Dion)The World'sGreatestWhen AWoman LovesYou Remind Me Of SomethingIf I Could TurnBack The HandsOf Timeradio MessageIgnition RemixForeverSign Of AVictory.
Lyrics Mania - Music Player 3.5.5
Eight Signs
With Lyrics Mania you can have in your pocket millions oflyrics,wherever you are, whenever you want. Search for lyrics tomillionsof songs You can search for an artist or a song in theworld'slargest lyrics database. Listen to music With the integratedmusicplayer, you can listen to your music and get lyrics in realtimewhile you're enjoying your favorite songs. Are you listening toasong with an external player (Google Play Music, Spotify,etc...)and you wish to read the lyrics? With Lyrics Mania it'sdone: youget a real-time notification that directly brings you tothe lyricsof the song you're listening to, even in streaming!Identify thesong playing near you With MusicID you can identify andget thelyrics of the song is playing near you in a second Spotifysupport:be sure that in Spotify settings, the "Device BroadcastStatus"option is turned on Problems? Please don't leave anegativefeedback but contact us with the Feedback function in theapp orsend an email to We are here tohelp you!
UC Music Player 2018 1.0
UC Music Player 2018 with powerful equalizer, Quick search allmusicfiles, custom background skin, free to get this perfect audioplayerand media player.UC Music Player is Stylish , Powerful andFastMusic Player with elegant design . Music Player lets youmanage allyour music files quickly and easily .This audio playersupportsalmost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac filesand otheraudio formats . Easily browse and play music songs bygenres ,albums , artists , songs and folder .One of the mostgorgeous andpowerful music player for Android! You can manage yourmusicseasily, UC Mp3 Player will guide you easily to find all themusic inyour phone.This new uc music player is not only based onartists oralbums, but also based on the folder structure. KeyFeatures:*Easily accessible to the lyrics of every song.Just Swipeto viewlyrics of songs in Play Screen.* Get the Lyrics of the songand singalong with a song.* Support all the most popular musicfileformats.* Browse and play your music by albums, artists,songs,playlists, folders.* Support genre list.* Music Library wideSEARCH.Find all your music never been so easy.* Powerfulequalizer. Morethan 22+ pre-set music tone styles for yourchoice(Normal, Classic,Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop,Rock... etc)* Custom tonemusic style and manually adjust theequalizer. * Support Lyricfiles. Automatic scanning all the lyricfiles , and matching. *Replaceable background skin, 22+ Gorgeousbackground skins for yourchoice. You also can set your galleryphoto as background. * Supportnotification status: show albumartwork, play/pause, skip forward innotification status.* Free tore-edit album and artist name.*Support music file Multi-selectoperation.* Headset support. * CoolSeamless transitions andanimations.* Easy SEARCH. Find all yourlocal music files neverbeen so easy.* Customise your Playlist.*Headset/BluetoothControls.
Anisics Stream 2.5.8
Anisics Mobile is an mobile application for streaminganimemusic.This application allow you to reading the lyric,reviewingsome anime music, bookmark your favorite anime, andmuchmore..Reading lyrics while playing anime music is available inthemusic page and can only be loaded if network is available, youcanreview every music but keep your words clean and avoidharshconversation in the comment section.Any music added toplaylistwill be downloaded, so you can play it when offline. Tofind themusic saved you can search for Anisics Folder in the SDCard.Forthe web version, visit at
Westlife Lyrics 3.0
No need to browse the internet to find Westlife songslyrics!Getthis app installed on your android phone !Full AlbumLyrics List:"Westlife" (1999)"Coast To Coast" (2000)"World Of OurOwn"(2001)"Unbreakable V.1: The Greatest Hits"(2002)"Turnaround"(2003)"Allow Us To Be Frank" (2004)"Face To Face"(2005)"The LoveAlbum" (2006)"Back Home" (2007)"Where We Are"(2009)"Gravity"(2010)other songs Lyrics........Disclaimer :This isan unofficialapp, doesn't intend to violate the trademark, doesn'tcontain audioor video. It only contains the lyrics, the title andthe name ofthe artist.
Los Angeles de la Guarda 8.0.0
Los Ángeles de la guarda son los encargados de velar y de cuidarentodo momento de la persona a quien han sido designados comosusprotectores. Es un ser inteligente dotado de una gran purezaysirve de puente entre Dios y su protegido. El ángel tambiéncomomisión, la de ser la voz de la conciencia la cual siempre tratadeayudarnos y guiarnos en nuestro camino de aprendizajeconsolarnosen momentos de tristezas o dificultad y concedernosnuestros deseoscuando le hacemos algún pedido en especial. LosÁngeles de laguarda tienen una misión muy especial y es lainducirnos a laOración, la mejor fuente de encuentro con Dios. Paranodefraudarlos debemos entonces orar mucho, ya que es la luz quenosilumina el buen camino, por donde ellos siempre nos conducirán.
Learn English with Music 1.4.5
Paolo Vinci
This application will help you learn English much more quicklybyusing music.This app can find the lyrics of the songyou'relistening to, so you can read along when the music isplaying.Thenyou can translate the words (or sentences) that youdon'tunderstand.The best way to:- learn english words- understandthepronunciation- listen music in english- improve yourlistening-memorize terms, words and sentencesEasy search andfindlyrics.Streaming search.Easy music translation.Details:The appiscreated to learn English by using music.One of the best waystobecome familiar with a language is by hearing it sung.Themelodyhelps to memorize words and their pronunciationeasily.LearnEnglish with Music can:- play your music- automaticallydownloadthe lyrics- store the lyrics (so that you only have todownloadthem once)- translate the words that you selected (or eventhesentences)
Joan Sebastian Músicas & Letra 1.6.6
You can now listen to the Joan Sebastian musics while singingwiththe lyrics José Manuel Figueroa Figueroa with integratedmusicplayer feature.It comes with a simple tap, you can magicallyplaythe song that you want to hear such as Un Idiota, MeGustas,Diseñame, Te Ira Mejor Sin Mi, Rumores.We hope you canenjoy, learnthe new song and sing Banda, Ranchera, Latin Ballad,Mariachi withyour loves one with Thalia, Prisma, AlbertoVazquez.Note:You haveto make sure that your internet connection(via 4g/3g/wifi) is onlisten to the song. If you want to viewlyrics only, just rundirectly from the app. For future improvement,please give us yourpositive reviews if you like this app.
Arijit Singh Songs
Download the free app brought you by Sony Music and get videosandsongs sung by Arijit Singh. Arijit Singh is a leadingIndianplayback singer mostly known by his love songs. He is bestknownfor Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 that won him Filmfare and IIFAbestmale playback singer. Have an immortal collection of songs sungbyArijit Singh in your Android phone through this app. Downloadthisapp and get a wonderful collection of Bollywood Hindi Songsbroughtto you by Sony Music.Songs are collected from various movieslikeZid, Barfi, Holiday, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Citylights,Samrat& Co, are there. Some of the biggest romantic hitslikeSamjhawan, Muskurane, Shukr Tera, Saanson Ko,Shairana,Mareez-E-Ishq, Soney Do, Saawali Si Raat, Ek Charraiya,Phir Le AyaDil are included here. The songs are directed by bigmusicdirectors like Pritam, Jeet Gannguli, Sharib-Toshi, JawadAhmed,Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon, Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan, RayyanAmeen,Suneel Darshan.Download the FREE Arijit Singh Songs App andgetimmersed into a heart-warming music experience.Connect withSonyMusic Entertainment Like us on Facebook- us on Twitter- Exclusive HDVideoson VEVO– Us à Rate Us In case of any issues, reach us on, sendfeedbackto : All content available onthisapplication is legitimate and duly licensed by SonyMusicEntertainment India Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.
Adexe y Nau Music New 1.2
Mr Day Studio
If you are a fan of Adexe y Nau Music? you will find lyricsandmusic Adexe y Nau Music in this application ! Do you stillrememberher songs are amazing. This application is your solution tolistento her song, in this application there are also lyrics.Wearelooking forward for Your positivecomment.desclaimer:Thisapplication is only for music player Adexe yNau Music, no downloadfeature because it may violate copyright.
Finish The Lyrics - Free Music Quiz App 3.0.2
World of Quiz
"When I was in the third grade I thought that..." Can you finishthemusic lyrics by Macklemore? How about other songs and artists?Howmany songs can you sing?🎤 Let's find out! Join other musicquizplayers now and have fun! Steps to prove your music knowledge:1)install this awesome free music trivia app 2) read yourfavoritesong's lyrics 3) try to finish them! How much do yourememberwithout your mp3 player? 🎵 *Perfect for karaoke fans* Doyou lovemusic and karaoke? Then you'll also love Finish The Lyrics!*Widevariety of artists* Inside the game, you'll find hundreds ofsongsby many different artists, such as Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson&Bruno Mars, Nice For What by Drake, Happy by Pharrell Williamsandeven Let It Go from Disney's Frozen. Download now and show mewhatyou've got! Also remember to check out our other music games!
Alpha Blondy Mp3 1.0
iscover great new music with special playlist from our editorsthatfit your taste and mood, anytime anywhere.Alpha Blondy is areggaesinger and international recording artist.Download Now !TOP20letras de Alpha Blondy ::: I Wish You Where Here::Jerusalem::Marijuana:: Cocody Rock:: Multipartisme:: Politiqui::Sweet FantaDiallo:: Heal Me:: Come Back Jesus:: Amour PapierLongueur:: When Ineed you:: New Dawn:: Masada:: Vanite::Superpower:: Rendez-Vous::Banana:: Apartheid Is Nazism:: CrimeSpirituel (Mytic Power)::Fulgence KassyBest Apps Alpha Blondy Songand Lyrics free :~ NewAlbum Alpha Blondy 2017~ Alpha Blondy Musica~Top Music and LyricsAlpha Blondy~ Free download~ The latest andmost popular songs andLyrics Alpha Blondy~ Easy to access~ Gooddesign~ Full Albums AlphaBlondy~ Top Songs Alpha Blondy
Lounes Matoub Music&Lyrics 1.0
Top hits songs from Lounes Matoub you can listen mp3 musicwithlyrics. This app free for install, select the song to Lyricyoulike and play.Set list Songs and Lyrics by LounesMatoub:AyenAyenTiyri N TaggaltA TamghartImcumenQelev ElmetimAtsiliHadjaNezga(l'amour fou)KenzaMonsieur Le PrésidentTabrat i lehkwam(lettreouverte aux...) Avrid IreglenayatyetranRwah RwahSserhassAyaduTaeKment N Tegrawla (Epreuves de Révolution)Features:MP3LounesMatoubMP3 streamingFree Songs with LyricsBest Music fromLounesMatoubThis apps that allow you to listen and know the lyricsofyour favorite song artist.we provide the latest and mostpopularsongs at this time, this application is very easy to canget it for free.Download now and enjoyit.DISCLAIMER==========Thisapp is not an official application of anartist. All lyrics andsongs are copyrighted by owner. Thisapplication provides forentertain, educational purposes anddistributing the knowledgeonly.Not an official application, just afan-made.
Hatsune Miku Songs Lyrics 1.0
We proudly present find a song based on lyrics to new hits appforHatsune Miku fans.Songs App for Hatsune Miku with musical lysongsand Lyrics : Top Hits music and User Friendly to use.InstallnowHatsune Miku songs and Lyrics with new music online this freeapps,easy to use and take it wherever you go. This app exists tomeetthe needs of you find all About lyrics of musicHatsuneMiku.Download free lyrics for songs now! Hatsune Miku Songslyricsapp.In this apps you can get info about Hatsune Mikubiography,Tour Dates, with links to social media singer, Facebook,Twitter,Fan chat, add notes, play music with stream online andlyrics onsongs Hatsune Mikudoriko feat. Hatsune Mikuryo(supercell)feat.Hatsune Mikudj-Jo feat. Hatsune Miku (dj-Jo Remix)HatsuneMiku(初音ミク, Hatsune Miku) is the first installment in theVocaloidCharacter Vocal Series released on August 31, 2007.Best ofHatsuneMiku Songs :*World Is Mine*Triple Baka*Black RockShooter*GlassWall*Romeo & Cindirella*Magnet*Rollinggirl*Popipo*Lightsong*Two Faced Lovers*Freely tomorrow*Deep SeaGirl*Tell YourWorldDISCLAIMER:This is an unofficial apps. This appsand itscontent are not officially endorsed or produced by, norassociatedwith or affiliated with the music artist(s) or anyassociatedentities of the artist(s), such as management or recordlabel. Alltrademarks and copyrights are property of theirrespective owners.This application has ads that comply with GooglePlay Policy andPlease support the artists and their companies.Please to giveratings for this apps, as we always work topresenting you ourbest. Thank you.ENJOY WITH THIS APPS. Thank You!
Dil Diyan Gallan - Atif Aslam Lyrics & Music 1.0
Enjoy songs and all the lyrics from your favorite artist, AtifAslamThis app is not an official application of an artisthai DilDiyanGallan Tiger Dil Diyan Gallan Zinda Disclaimer:~ All media /picture/ song is copyright of the copyright holder.This app is notanofficial application of an artist. All songs provided forentertain,educational purposes and distributingthe knowledge only
Davido Song&Lyrics 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs Davido. This app does notfeaturedownload songs for copyright violation. Install this the song MP3 with internet connection.Features:infoaboutDavido biography, Tour Dates, social media singer,Facebook,Twitter, Chat with fan Davido, notes, calendar. Play musicwithstream online and lyrics on songs Davido.MP3 StreamingLyricsSongsfrom Davido If Lyricsworld, afro-beat, afro-pop,rock musicmp3player easy listeningDaVido ft Meek MillDaVidofeat.MafikizoloDaVido ft. SinaramboSkales, DaVido & TimayaKCeefeat.DaVidoDavido (born David Adeleke) is a performing andrecordingartiste andalso a music producer. Davido was born inAtlanta GA,USA on November21st to Mr. And Mrs. Adeleke.Davido hasbeenrecording with artistes like Dotstar, Lynxxx, Sauce Kid, DJSkales,Tiwa Savage, Mo’Cheddah, DJ Neptune,FlxeFit, Wizkid, Shank,andmany more in preparation for his debut album, which iscurrentlyuntitled. With the debut single entering countdown chartsacrossthe country, Davido is almost set to release a follow upsingle toensure that his fans always have something new toenjoy.Top Hitssong by Davido Song,Lyrics :*IF*Money*TheSound*Coolest Kid InAfrica*How Long*Aye*Fans Mi*Skelewu*All ofYou*1 2Bang*Biko*Dodo*Gbagbe Oshi*Ajaga*Let Me KnowDISCLAIMER.Thisis anunofficial apps. This apps and its content are notofficiallyendorsed or produced by, nor associated with oraffiliated with themusic artist(s) or any associated entities ofthe artist(s), suchas management or record label. All trademarksand copyrights areproperty of their respective owners. Thisapplication has ads thatcomply with Google Play Policy and Pleasesupport the artists andtheir companies. Please to give ratings forthis apps, as we alwayswork to presenting you our best. Thank you.
Daniel Padilla Song&Lyrics 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs Daniel Padilla. This app doesnotfeature download songs for copyright violation. Install thisappfor the song MP3 with internetconnection.Features:infoabout Daniel Padilla biography, Tour Dates,social media singer,Facebook, Twitter, Chat with fan DanielPadilla, notes, calendar.Play music with stream online and lyricson songs DanielPadilla.MP3 StreamingLyrics Songs from DanielPadillapinoy popmusic mp3 player easy listening,Daniel Padilla,Khalil Ramos &Enrique GilDaniel Padilla feat. MorissetteDanielPadilla feat.Kathryn BernardoDaniel Padilla & KathrynBernardoKathrynBernardo & Daniel PadillaMorissette feat. DanielPadillaDanielJohn Ford Padilla, popularly known as Daniel Padilla,is a Filipinoactor and recording artist. He is a talent of ABS-CBNand StarMagic, and currently stars as Gino in the primetimeFilipino dramaPrincess And I.Top Hits song by Daniel PadillaSong,Lyrics :*WalangIba*Can't Help Falling In Love*Simpleng TuladMo*Isn't SheLovely*It Might Be You*Kasama Kang Tumanda*Nasa Iyo NaAngLahat*Hinahanap-Hanap Kita*Ako'y Sa 'yo,Ika'yAkin*Everything*Gusto Kita*Binibini*Kisapmata*For Once InMyLife*Langit Na NamanDISCLAIMER.This is an unofficial apps.Thisapps and its content are not officially endorsed or producedby,nor associated with or affiliated with the music artist(s) oranyassociated entities of the artist(s), such as management orrecordlabel. All trademarks and copyrights are property oftheirrespective owners. This application has ads that comply withGooglePlay Policy and Please support the artists and theircompanies.Please to give ratings for this apps, as we always worktopresenting you our best. Thank you.
GOT7 Song+Lyrics 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs GOT7. This app does notfeaturedownload songs for copyright violation. Install this the song MP3 with internet connection.Features:infoaboutGOT7 biography, Tour Dates, social media singer, Facebook,Twitter,Chat with fan GOT7, notes, calendar. Play music with streamonlineand lyrics on songs GOT7.MP3 StreamingLyrics Songs from GOT7hardcarry mp3J-Pop Music playerK-Pop Music Mp3 PlayerSunmifeat.Jackson of GOT7Top Hits song by GOT7 Song&Lyrics:*Gimme*She'sa monster*I like you*Something Good*Follow me*고백송ConfessionSong*Back To Me*Playground*U Got Me*AROUND THE WORLD*IfYouDo*Mayday*Nice*Like Oh*MineDISCLAIMER.This is an unofficialapps.This apps and its content are not officially endorsed orproducedby, nor associated with or affiliated with the musicartist(s) orany associated entities of the artist(s), such asmanagement orrecord label. All trademarks and copyrights areproperty of theirrespective owners. This application has ads thatcomply with GooglePlay Policy and Please support the artists andtheir companies.Please to give ratings for this apps, as we alwayswork topresenting you our best. Thank you.
S Janaki Tamil Hit songs
Download the app, S Janaki Tamil Hit songs and listen to TamilHitsby S Janaki, the songstress who played a prominent role intheworld of south Indian film music. Soundtracks of the biggesthitsongs from the Tamil film industry like Enippadigal,SikappuRojakkal, Neeya, Azhiyatha Kolangal, Aarilirunthu ArupathuVarai,Irayil Payanangalil, Thisai Maariya Paravaigal, Priya,PanneerNathigal, Krotham, Pournami Alaigal, Valampuri Sangu,KaathalKiligal, Koocham, Velundu Vinaiyillai, OthayadiPaathayilae,Mangala Nayaki, Kalyana Paravaikal, MalargaleMalarungal,Ullasapparavaigal, Nenjathai Killathe, Jhonny, AzhageUnnaiAarathikkiren, Kaali, Rishimoolam, Enakkaga Kaathiru,PuthiyaVaarppughal, Manippoor Maamiyaar, Uthiripookkal, Nenjil OruRaagam,Annapparavai, Tharayil Vaazhum Meengal, Guru, PoottathaPoottukal,Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, Garjanai, Oruthalai Raagam,Shankarlal,Suvarillatha Chithirangal, Raagam Thedum Pallavi,Malligai Mohini,Nangooram, Soundaryame Varuga Varuga, Neechal Kulam(SwimmingPool), Thandikapatta Nyayangal, Oomai Ullangal, SriRamajayam,Amarakaviyam, Oomai Kanavukandaal, Vangaien Maindan,PenninVaazhkkai, Nenjil Aadum Poo Ondru, Madhu Malar, Poramai andmanymore. You can also download Hit Tamil Songs by S. Janaki forFREE!Features:- 1. Hit Tamil Film Songs by S.Janaki 2. Works on 2G/EDGEnetwork as well. 3. User-friendly Interface. 4. Mark yourfavoriteTamil Songs and create a playlist. 5. The downloaded songcan beplayed without streaming. 6. Simple to use and Easy toNavigate.So, Download the app now and groove on, on your favoriteTamil hitSongs by S Janaki! Privacy Policy-
Diamond Platnumz Song&Lyrics 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs Diamond Platnumz. This app doesnotfeature download songs for copyright violation. Install thisapp the song MP3 with internetconnection.Features:info aboutDiamond Platnumz biography, TourDates, social media singer,Facebook, Twitter, Chat with fanDiamond Platnumz, notes, calendar.Play music with stream onlineand lyrics on songs DiamondPlatnumz.MP3 StreamingLyrics Songs fromDiamond PlatnumzDiamondPlatnumz nanaDiamond Platnumz ft tiwasavageDiamond Platnumz feat.FlavourAKA & Diamond PlatnumzIYOfeat. Diamond PlatnumzJahPrayzah feat. Diamond-PlatnumzIyanyafeat. Diamond PlatnumzLuminofeat. Mohombi, Diamond Platnumz &FrankoTop Hits song by DiamondPlatnumz Song&Lyrics :*DiamondPlatnumz - Marry You*DiamondPlatnumz - Kidogo*Diamond Platnumz -Nana*Diamond Platnumz -Salome*Diamond Platnumz - Kokoro*DiamondPlatnumz - Chacun poursoi*Diamond Platnumz - Utanipenda*DiamondPlatnumz - NtampataWapi*Diamond Platnumz - I Will MarryYou*Diamond Platnumz -Kesho*Diamond Platnumz - Coco Baby*DiamondPlatnumz - Nakupenda (ILove You)*Diamond Platnumz - Colours OfAfrica*Diamond Platnumz - MyNumber One*Diamond Platnumz - NatakaKulewaDISCLAIMER.This is anunofficial apps. This apps and itscontent are not officiallyendorsed or produced by, nor associatedwith or affiliated with themusic artist(s) or any associatedentities of the artist(s), such asmanagement or record label. Alltrademarks and copyrights areproperty of their respective owners.This application has ads thatcomply with Google Play Policy andPlease support the artists andtheir companies. Please to giveratings for this apps, as we alwayswork to presenting you ourbest. Thank you.
BTS Song&Lyrics 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs BTS. This app does notfeaturedownload songs for copyright violation. Install this the song MP3 with internet connection.Features:infoaboutBTS biography, Tour Dates, social media singer, Facebook,Twitter,Chat with fan BTS, notes, calendar. Play music with streamonlineand lyrics on songs BTS.MP3 StreamingLyrics Songs from BTSalsoknown on stage (Bangtan Boys)Korean Music Mp3 playerK-Pop,dance,hip hop/rap, korean - hip gop Songs Top Hits song byBTSSong&Lyrics :*BTS - 피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears*BTS-Butterfly*BTS - Run*BTS - I NEED U*BTS - Danger*BTS - 쩔어 DOPE*BTS-호르몬 전쟁 War of Hormone*BTS - Awake*BTS - 쩔어*BTS - Lie*BTS -Lost*BTS- Converse High*BTS - Ma City*BTS - FOR YOU*BTS -Whalien52DISCLAIMER.This is an unofficial apps. This apps and itscontentare not officially endorsed or produced by, nor associatedwith oraffiliated with the music artist(s) or any associatedentities ofthe artist(s), such as management or record label. Alltrademarksand copyrights are property of their respective owners.Thisapplication has ads that comply with Google Play Policy andPleasesupport the artists and their companies. Please to giveratings forthis apps, as we always work to presenting you our best.Thank you.
Nicky jam letras y musicas 4.2.0
It will never been so easy to view lyrics of Nicky Jam NickRiveraCaminero musics and also listen the while both access them,and itdoesn't even take time to load which make it difference fromanyother similar app. It comes with its feature, integratedmusicplayer that enable choose you want to listen or view.Maybeyoumight able to learn the song of El Perdón, Travesuras or, VoyaBeber, and enjoy sing the songs together.Note for you : Pleaseturnon your internet connection is listen to the song. To viewthelyrics, you can simply run direct from the app. If you likethisapp, please give us your comment and share to your friends.
Wally Seck Music&Lyrics 1.0
Top hits songs from Wally Seck you can listen mp3 music withlyrics.This app free for install, select the song to Lyric youlike andplay.Set list Songs and Lyrics by WallySeck:-Paradise-Stay-Chercheen toi-Si vous saviez-MameBoye-Dérangé-Lo Beugue-Only Love-BambaTouba-DjigueneFeatures:MP3Wally SeckMP3 streamingFree Songs withLyricsBest Music from WallySeckThis apps that allow you to listenand know the lyrics of yourfavorite song artist.we provide thelatest and most popular songsat this time, this application is veryeasy to use. you can get itfor free.Download now and enjoyit.DISCLAIMER==========This app isnot an official application of anartist. All lyrics and songs arecopyrighted by owner. Thisapplication provides for entertain,educational purposes anddistributing the knowledge only.Not anofficial application, just afan-made.
Teddy Afro Songs+Lyrics 1.0
K3bon Media
This app top hits songs from Teddy Afro you can listen withmp3music. Download free for song, you can download and listen tomusicmp3.Hits Songs and Lyrics by Teddy Afro:-Anaa Nyaatu (LeEneYaregew)-Yasteseryal-Emma Zend Yider (Amsale Tobit)-Mar EskeTuwaf(Fiqir Eske Meqabir)-Lambadina-SileFiker-Minilik-KorkumaAfrica-Fiyorina-Menta Wedije-HilmAydegemem-Chewatash-BesebaDereja-Des Yemil Sikay-LemanLemashFeatures:MP3 Teddy AfroMP3streamingFree Songs with LyricsBestMusic from Teddy AfroThis appthat lets you listen and know thelyrics of your favorite songartist.We provide the latest and mostpopular songs at this time.You can get it for free.Download now andenjoy it.NOTED=====Thisapp is an official application of an artist.All lyrics and songsare copyrighted by owner. This applicationprovides forentertainment, educational purposes and distributingthe knowledgeonly. Not an official application, just a fan-made.
Don Moen All Song Lyrics 2.0
Meshack Apps
Praise The Lord To Every One My Dear Brothers And SistersThisAppsDedicated to Every One Worship and Praise Lyrics of ArtistDonMoen.Donald James "Don" Moen (born June 29, 1950) is an USGoodWorshipsinger-songwriter, pastor, and Musician of ChristianworshipSongs. Itis a dedication to our God and Jesus-Christ. Thisandroidapps is usefulto the Christian people to help themWorship.ThisApps included Don Moen All A to Z Songs lyrics...
Oumou Sangare Songs 1.0
The app is a streaming mp3 songs Oumou Sangare. This app doesnotfeature download songs for copyright violation. Install thisappfor the song MP3 with internetconnection.Features:infoabout Oumou Sangare biography, Tour Dates,social media singer,Facebook, Twitter, Chat with fan Oumou Sangare,notes, calendar.Play music with stream online and lyrics on songsOumou Sangare.MP3StreamingLyrics Songs from Oumou SangareWorldmusic mp3 player easylisteningOumou Sangaré (born February 25, 1968in Bamako) is awassoulou musician from Bamako, Mali, sometimereferred to as "TheSongbird of Wassoulou." Wassoulou is descendedfrom traditionalhunting songs, and is accompanied by a calabash.113feat. OumouSangaréNah Traoré - Mariam Tounkara - Pamela BadjogoMapaha -Mariam Maïga - Ibrahim Maïga - Jules Minck - Alice Minck -OumouSangare - Idrisaa SoumaoroHerbie Hancock feat. P!nk,Seal,India.Arie, Jeff Beck, Konono Nº1 & Oumou SangaréDisizLaPeste, Mokobé, Oumou Sangaré & HawaTop Hits song byOumouSangare Song,Lyrics :ImagineDiaraby NeneDonsoNe BiFeDjorolenVoixdu MaliSeyaSaa MagniMogo Te Diya Bee Yeiyo djeliyalaahNdiyaLabanWele Wele etcBi furuDISCLAIMER.This is anunofficialapps. This apps and its content are not officiallyendorsed orproduced by, nor associated with or affiliated with themusicartist(s) or any associated entities of the artist(s), suchasmanagement or record label. All trademarks and copyrightsareproperty of their respective owners. This application has adsthatcomply with Google Play Policy and Please support the artistsandtheir companies. Please to give ratings for this apps, as wealwayswork to presenting you our best. Thank you.
Bad Bunny Songs Lyrics 1.0
We proudly present find a song based on lyrics to new hits appforBad Bunny fans.Songs App for Bad Bunny with musical ly songsandLyrics : Top Hits music and User Friendly to use.Install nowBadBunny songs and Lyrics with new music online this free apps,easyto use and take it wherever you go. This app exists to meettheneeds of you find all About lyrics of music Bad Bunny.Downloadfreelyrics for songs now! Bad Bunny Songs lyrics app.In this appsyoucan get info about Bad Bunny biography, Tour Dates, with linkstosocial media singer, Facebook, Twitter, Fan chat, add notes,playmusic with stream online and lyrics on songsBadBunnyDISCLAIMER:This is an unofficial apps. This apps anditscontent are not officially endorsed or produced by, norassociatedwith or affiliated with the music artist(s) or anyassociatedentities of the artist(s), such as management or recordlabel. Alltrademarks and copyrights are property of theirrespective owners.This application has ads that comply with GooglePlay Policy andPlease support the artists and their companies.Please to giveratings for this apps, as we always work topresenting you ourbest. Thank you.Suggestion:Please supportmusicians by purchasingconcert tickets, CDs, vinyl and theiroriginal merchandises.
Superior Tactics RTS 3.2.0
Superior Tactics RTS is a real time strategy game where yourfleetof space ships and tanks does battle with increasinglydifficultywaves of enemy fleets. As you defeat the enemy, you earncreditsand research points which can be used to buy stronger,largerships, increase your fleet size, buy better weapons andequipment,or to upgrade the capabilities of existing weapons andequipment.Superior Tactics RTS features real-time strategy combatwith theoption to pause at any time to carefully consider yourstrategy andtactics. You can give orders at your own pace when thegame ispaused. A large variety of weapons and equipment areavailable soyou may choose your own strategy to win: - lasers -homing missiles- unguided bombs - cannons - force field shields -tractor andrepulsor beams - fighter-launching carriers - repairbeams -floating space mines In the research menu you can upgradeyourequipment. For example, you can increase the range or damageofyour lasers, or make your missiles more heavily armored toresistpoint defense lasers. Which upgrades you choose couldgreatlyinfluence your effective strategy and tactics. Anotherspecialfeature is the 'Perk' system. Perks are one-time specialupgradesthat affect your whole fleet. For example, the auto repairperkcauses all your ships to slowly repair damage over time.Anotherperk upgrades carrier-launched fighter weaponry, and yetanothercauses friendly reinforcements to arrive in each battle tohelp youfight. Online multiplayer pits your fleet against the bestfleetsfrom real players around the world and includes aladder-basedranking system. The campaign mode presents a non-linearsectorbased mission grid for you to work your way through andunlockaccesss to purchasing newer, large ships to make your fleetmorepowerful. In Superior Tactics, it is up to you to choose thebeststrategy that will counter each enemy fleet you face.
Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader 1.395
Free MP3 music downloader. Music player for YouTube. ATPlayer:download MP3 music free from Creative Commons sites. FMRadio,offline MP3, 70 million+ downloads! Discover and listen to150million+ free songs! 🎧 Keep your music playing while usingotherapps 🌟 Note: this app downloads music for offline listeningfromDropbox, Jamendo, and podcasts. YouTube and SoundCloud musiccan bestreamed but NOT downloaded. This app is NOT YouTubemusicdownloader and this app is NOT SoundCloud music downloader.No.1app in Trending Music & Audio 2020 💎 Music downloadertakesdownload enabled music offline to play anytime withequalizer,variable speed, bass boost. Download 5 million+ songswith fast MP3downloader engine. Listen to SoundCloud, offlinemusic, FM Radioeven when the screen is off. Online streaming playsfrom free musiccatalog any song. Listen to free music discovered bysmart AIrecommendation: personalized playlists for your taste. 💖Millionsof free songs, artists, playlists from YouTube for any moodoractivity. Discover new & trending free music inhigh-qualityusing search or music recognition with the best FreeMusic Player& Downloader! Totally free music 🎉 Totally free allthe appfeatures 🎉 No limited skips, no accounts, no purchases!Lightweightand powerful Free Music Player improves 🚀 YouTube musicvideos withstate of the art music player features like Chromecast,Dropbox,Podcasts, light/dark themes, sleep timer, equalizer,bookmarks,lyrics, playlists, etc. Free Music Player multitaskingexperience:listen to YouTube free music with a floating playerwhile texting,chatting, gaming, using maps and any other apps.Player lock modeand battery saver prevent accidental taps and savepower. It helpsto listen to the music without turning off yourphone. (playingonline music when the screen is off is not allowedby YouTube - useoffline or radio tabs for that) ⭐️ Enjoy free musicwith AT Player:• Search with suggestions for songs, FM radiostations, playlists,albums, artists, singles, covers, podcasts andremixes • Identifymusic playing nearby • Floating popup player formultitasking withan ability to change size and many other options •Listen to otherusers' playlists or import your own playlists fromYouTube • Freemusic continuous play using AI recommendation, musicrecognition,or search based playlists • Discover free music withtons ofpredefined genres: Popular Music, Hip Hop, Rock,Classical,R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country, etc • Use Chromecast toplay on TV •Live music / FM radio streaming • High-Quality videomode (wifirecommended) • Music alarm • Audio Books, ScienceFiction, Romance,etc • Powerful and tiny, optimized for low systemresources usage,uses minimum possible wifi or mobile data •Discover best freemusic by mood, activity, genres, daily updatedtop charts, weeklytop playlists ⭐️ Playlists • YouTube playlistsimport •Personalized playlists: favorites, history, recommend •Shareplaylists and tracks • Auto-backup ⭐️ Music player •Minimalisticand stylish design • Shuffle/repeat • 5 bandsequalizer. Presets:Classical, Dance, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop,Jazz, Pop, Rock,Electronic, Small speakers, Flat, Normal • Bassboost, virtualizer,reverb effects • Local music background playback• Rich audio videolossless music format support: mp3, flac, m4b,mp4, 3gp, mid, ogg,etc • Variable speed playback • Lyrics • HeadsetBluetooth controls• Sleep timer • Auto add all local music • Albumart downloader •Battery saver with reduced brightness andaccidental tapsprevention • Set as ringtone This app: • providesdownloading andstreaming for non-commercial use only • does notdownload YouTubeor SoundCloud videos • does not cache YouTube orSoundCloud contentfor offline playback • does not play YouTube inthe background •does not play YouTube when the screen is turned off
Arabic Songs & Music Videos 2018 1.0.14
Arabic Songs & Music 2018 - app comes with the finestcollectionof New, Top, Popular, Old, Hit, Latest, Best Arabicmusic videos.MUSIC VIDEO CATEGORIES : New Arabic Songs, ArabicVideo Songs,Famous Islamic Songs, OLD Arabic Songs, Arabic TurkishMusic, EidSongs 2018, Arabic Gospel Songs, Holy Quran Songs, BestArabicSongs, Arabic Love Songs, Elissa Arabic Music, Amar DiabSongs,Arabic Music Videos, Modern Arabic Music, Asmahan Songs,BeautifulIslamic Songs, Arabic Quran Songs, Arabic Pop Music,Aziza JalalMestaniyak, Top Arabic Songs, Islamic Arabic Songs,Fairouz ArabicSongs, Arabic Quran Songs, Arabic Qawwali Songs,Haifa Wehbe Songs,Arabic Music Hits, Lebanese Songs, Arabic RapSongs, ArabicTraditional Music, Arabic Singers Songs, Arabic PopMusic, MaherZain Songs, Kazem Al Saher Songs, Najwa Karam Songs,Arabic AlphabetSongs, Arabic House Music, Nancy Ajram Songs,Arabic BollywoodSongs, Arabic EDM Songs, Nawal Al Zoghbi Songs,Arabic Songs, ArabicCartoon Songs, Umm Kulthum Songs, SaadLamjarred Songs, Greek musicvideo, Arabic Ghazal Songs, ArabicEgyptian Songs, Arabic KaraokeSongs, Sabah Fakhri Songs, KuwaitSongs, Samira Said Songs, YanniArabic Music, Arabic Lullaby Songs,Arabic Violin Music, ArabicNursery Rhymes, Arabic Melody Songs,Zumba Arabic Music, Wadih ElSafi Songs, Samira Tewfik Songs, WardaArabic Songs and many morearabic songs presents in this app.Listen to top arabic video songsfrom your phone anywhere andanytime. Play music with largest andbestever collection of Arbisongs from arabic singers. This app isone of the best countrymusic video player, play your favoritecountry music genre, jazz,rock, hip pop, raggae, electronic,classical and so on. APPFEATURES : + Watch latest arabic videosongs + Get notification onaddition of new arabic videos + Quickaccess of arabic music online+ Daily updated arabic music videos +Listen to top arab songsonline + Easily manage your favorite videosongs + Play musicvideos in arabic language Disclaimer : Thecontent provided in thisapp are available in public domain. We donot upload any videos ornot showing any modified content. Youtubechannel owners are theoriginal owner. All content is copyrighted bythey respectiveowners. This app provides organized way to selectsongs and watchvideos.
Free Music - MH Player 8.0.5
MH Music Player, the best video music app in 2020 for you to enjoyanearly endless catalog of free music online. With MH MusicPlayer,you can watch and listen to the world's largest catalog offreeonline songs provide by YouTube. You will easily discover newsongsand top songs from top charts in different genres, albumsorartists. You are able to create your own playlists based fromyourfavorite songs, singers, genres or mood. Key features: ☆Up-to-datemusic from Recent Hottest Track. ☆ All-time top musicfree from topcharts. ☆ Discover new music and popular songs in hotgenres suchas Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, EDM, Country etc. ☆ Discovernew musicby new artists, classic favorites, and everything inbetween. ☆High localization for more than 98+ countries. Recommendtop songs,hot music genres, popular singers according to yourcountry. ☆ Bestmusic finder, which let you search music and playmusic easily. ☆Best playlist maker to let you create your ownplaylists. ☆ Bestmusic streaming experience. Floating player windowfor multitaskingexperience. Disclaimer: MH Music Video Player is athird party apppowered by YouTube API. All the content is providedby YouTubeservices, MH Player does not have direct control over thecontentdisplayed. Please use the following link to report anycontent thatmay infringe copyrights: Inorder to meet YouTubeTerms of Service, MH Music Player • Doesn'tprovide videos downloadfunction(not a music downloader), whichmeans it does not cachevideos or support offline playback. •Doesn't play music inbackground, while you can use the floatingplayer window formultitasking experience. • Doesn't play musicwhen the screen is offor when the screen is lock.
Christina Perri Musics Lyrics 1.5.0
In this application you will find all the lyrics and musicsofChristina Perri?! Christina Judith Perri is an American singerandsongwriter from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Please findyourfavorite songs, such as : A Thousand Years, Jar of Hearts,Human,Arms; The Lonely etc.Enjoy and download it for free!
Sidiki Diabate Music&Lyrics 1.0
Top hits songs from Sidiki Diabate you can listen mp3 musicwithlyrics. This app free for install, select the song to Lyricyoulike and play.Set list Songs and Lyrics by Sidiki Diabate:-Jesuisdésolé-Joyeux anniversaire-Inianafidebena-Douaoudjabira-Mariage-L'enfant béni-Fais moiconfiance-Teriya-Dieumerci-Pardon bébé-Itimiya-Dis le moi-Mylove-C'est ma vie-C'est bon!Features:MP3 Sidiki DiabateMP3streamingFree Songs with LyricsBestMusic from Sidiki DiabateThisapps that allow you to listen andknow the lyrics of your favoritesong artist.we provide the latestand most popular songs at thistime, this application is very easyto use. you can get it forfree.Download now and enjoyit.DISCLAIMER==========This app is notan official application ofan artist. All lyrics and songs arecopyrighted by owner. Thisapplication provides for entertain,educational purposes anddistributing the knowledge only.Not anofficial application, just afan-made.
PlaYo PRO Unlimited Free Music
NOW WITH WIDGET AND SUPERSIZED PLAYLISTS!Play music, choosesongsand build playlists without syncing or downloading. We have ahugemusic library. Now it’s yours.PlaYo streams all yourfavoriteartists without ad breaks. Install and you'll have accesstomillions of songs at MP3 quality. With agreements with majorrightsholders and implementation of the SoundCloud API, we haveartistsfor every taste, from rap to rock and from Bruce SpringsteentoJustin Bieber. You’ll be able to choose music to match yourmood,find the genres you love and enjoy your playlists oneverydevice.With PlaYo, you keep your music with you -always.KEYFEATURES:*** Unlimited music. PlaYo has all the music youwant.***PRO Music Player for Android.*** Build playlists and createyourown radio station from all your favorite artists.*** Openanaccount to keep your playlists on phones and tablets.***Enjoyplaylists based on genre, mood and your own preferences.***Smoothstreaming to keep your storage space clear and massiveamounts ofmusic always available.*** PlaYo will continue to playmusic whenminimized. Keep working and it will continue playing inthebackground.*** Add a Playo widget to your phone and enjoyeasyaccess to your music.*** Build more playlists than ever… andmakethem bigger than ever. Never run out of the musicyoulove!***COPYRIGHT INFORMATION***All music and any othercontentaccessible through PlaYo are supplied by SoundCloud.We havenocontrol over the content shared on SoundCloud. We simplyprovidelinks that allow users to access that content using theprovider’sAPI. All trademarks and copyrights related to thecontentaccessible on PlaYo belong to their respective owners andare usedhere under the terms of Fair Use and the DigitalMillenniumCopyrights Act (DMCA). If you believe that any contentavailablethrough PlaYo breaches copyright, please ask for thecontent to beremoved at have anyquestions, do write to us at:info@appsaround.netInstall PlaYo PROnow.
Anderson Freire Letras 2.1
Nursasi Media
Anderson Freire nasceu em Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, 22 de junhode1981 foi um evangelho cantor, compositor e produtor musicalemulti-instrumentista Brasil. Ele é um ex-membro da banda Giomecomeçou a lançar seu primeiro álbum solo em 2010. Em relaçãoaaplicações, este é um aplicativo que contém as letras.Esperemosútil ... IMPORTANTE: Este é um aplicativo criado por fãsnãooficial. Todas as letras são propriedade e copyright deseusrespectivos autores, artistas e etiquetas. Todo o conteúdoéfornecido apenas para fins educacionais. Anderson Freire wasbornin Itapemirim, June 22, 1981 was a gospel singer, composerandmusic producer and multi-instrumentalist Brazil. It is a bandofGihon former member and began to release his first solo albumin2010. For applications, this is an application that containsthelyrics. Hopefully useful ... IMPORTANT: This is anapplicationcreated by unofficial fan. All lyrics are property andcopyright oftheir respective authors, artists and labels. Allcontent isprovided for educational purposes only.
Music Tube 1.4.0
Horizon. Team
Wellcome to Music Tube +. MusicTube Play all music and videoonYoutube via Youtube API player. +. Search video, playlist,channel.+. Playlist managerment. +. Manage youtube account andmanager youraccount. +. Support playing in background +. RepeatingandShuffling +. Share your favorite videos with your friendsviaFacebook, Twitter ,Gmail ... ------------------------Policy:--> YouTube logo (if any) is used for informationalpurposeonly. YouTube and YouTube Logo are trademarks and propertiesofGoogle Inc. YouTube logo are trademarks and properties ofGoogleInc. YouTube logo is used for informational purposes only.This appdoes not allow for downloading YouTube content.